bazhangforkbomb and the rm etc command from deadbit07:23
deadbitSo I was offering a new guy some help in avoiding random people telling him to run random commands.07:33
deadbitI don't think it's correct - even if it is bazhang and he's an op to tell a member of a community for the official ubuntu support channel to run a random command.07:34
deadbitAlso - as a user of Ubuntu - I don't see why you have banned me from the official support channel.07:34
bazhangyou were the one to post the forkbomb deadbit07:35
bazhangand the rm etc command deadbit07:35
deadbitis this something i can talk to canonical about? seeing as i do have support through them?07:35
deadbityes I said DO NOT RUN commands.07:35
deadbitDo you say no as an official representative of them?07:36
bazhangnever post them07:36
bazhangcanonical has no say over irc #ubuntu deadbit07:36
deadbitAgain are you telling me, that No i cannot ask canonical/ubuntu about the issue i am having from the official support channel?07:36
deadbitfrom what i understand - channel with # are official channel linked to the projects themselves07:37
bazhangdeadbit, let's be very clear, you posted it, you created the issue07:37
deadbitand the channel even states that this is the official support channel for ubuntu07:37
deadbitlets be very clear..... are you denying me access to the official support i'm entitle too?07:37
bazhangdeadbit, thats a privilege not a right07:38
deadbitno it's a right but the terms of agreement in the ubuntu TOS07:38
bazhangdeadbit, this is not the place to argue about such things; you posted some very bad things in the #ubuntu channel and were banned as a result07:39
deadbitThis is exactly the place to talk about it.07:39
bazhangdeadbit, did you wish to resolve that issue or not07:39
deadbitAre you acting as a representative of Ubuntu in this matter?07:39
deadbitSure I do. I stated I was helping a fellow community member to avoid detrimental commands that could disrupt his OS.07:40
bazhangdeadbit, this entire channel is the ops channel for the various ubuntu channels07:40
deadbitI gave examples to avoid. I did not state to run them, in fact I stated to not run them.07:41
deadbitBut I can see you're trying to obfuscate the issue.07:41
deadbitI will consider you an official representative of Ubuntu; You are also violating my rights as a member and user of Ubuntu products since you have effectively rendered a support channel null to me.07:43
deadbitI have asked you clearly if you are acting as a representative of Ubuntu and you do not state yes or no. Yes you have to power to deny my access to an official support channel. I take this to be a violation of my rights to service under the TOS of Ubuntu as the channel has clearly made the distinction of it being a proper and recognized support channel for Ubuntu.07:45
bazhangdeadbit, did you wish to discuss resolution of the ban, or continue as you are presently07:46
deadbitbazhang: Again, are you acting as a representative for Ubuntu? Will you deny me service for Ubuntu Official Channels? I have clearly stated that my comments were meant and intended under good faith to assist a fellow community member under an officially recognized support channel.07:47
bazhangforkbombs are not an assist, ever deadbit07:48
deadbitThe information presented was for assistance - it was clear to the user; from the remark I made to avoid random commands given to members of the community from random individuals.07:49
deadbitIt was so he could recognize a malicious command; and avoid it. This will prevent him from running a command in the future that could and would be harmful to his system.07:50
bazhangdeadbit, if you did not wish to discuss the resolution of your ban, there is no reason to continue this discussion07:51
deadbitI'm sure you have the log - so I will ask a final time. Are you acting as an official representative of Ubuntu - and do you have the authority to deny me access to services which are rights to a user under the Ubuntu TOS on an officially recognized support channel?07:51
deadbitI have discussed it with you.07:52
bazhangdeadbit, irc channels have operators, that moderate07:52
deadbitI will make sure to find the appropriate party and inform them of your actions in violation of the TOS.07:52
bazhang!appeals | deadbit07:52
ubottudeadbit: If you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.07:52
bazhangfeel free to appeal your ban deadbit07:53
deadbitI will seek assistance for this official support channel from Ubuntu and contact my VAR representative... thank you.07:54
deadbitI am currently documenting our discussion - If you remove me from the channel I will consider this an additional violation of the TOS.07:55
deadbitIt is my intention to leave once I have documented my grievance and contacted the appropriate parties.07:55
bazhangdeadbit, there are channel logs07:55
bazhang!1984 | deadbit07:55
ubottudeadbit: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/07:55
deadbitThank you for your time. Have a wonderful night!07:56
bazhangis kegsay threatening something on #ubuntu ?09:34
ikoniano, I don't think so09:34
ikoniaI'm wondering if this is the matrix clean up09:35
ikoniaor if another service is having a similar problem09:35
ikoniathere goes a matrix user09:35
ikoniait must be matrix09:35
ikoniawon't that be the same problem as the gateway timing out idle users09:36
ikoniais this the matrix solution it kicks idle users ?09:36
ikoniamass leave ?09:36
ikoniaor is this just a one off thing ?09:36
elkyikonia: https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-irc/issues/304#issuecomment-271939428 suggests periodic. it's the first time ever this time, they're still figuring out what exactly they'll be doing.15:41
ubottualkisg called the ops in #ubuntu ()17:24
dax^ says Dinner is a PM bot, looks like an android IRC clint to me, and am unable to reproduce the issue17:34

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