jam__so, I just plugged my laptop into a monitor (via VGA). and the task bar (task manager) disappeared. When I go in to "add widgets" it says there is still one there, but I can't get to it00:05
jam__I tried also adding a new one, but it is super tiny and floating in the middle of the desktop for some reason and I can't remove it00:05
Roeyso so so weird...01:42
RoeyI have two hard drives, both are mounted yet... both have the same drive designation (/dev/sdd, and the other is /dev/sdd1 and /dev/sdd2... what gives?)01:42
Roeys/have/get assiged01:42
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[Relic]sounds more like partitions on a single drive  like sda1/sda2/sda3 sdb1/sdb2 etc.02:15
luis_Does anyone one know how I can save the passpharse for my ssh key04:08
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for its homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)04:51
valorieluis_: ^^^04:51
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acheronuk!info keychain05:10
ubottukeychain (source: keychain): key manager for OpenSSH. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.1-0.1 (yakkety), package size 26 kB, installed size 80 kB05:10
acheronukluis_: I tend to use that05:11
[Relic]any wayland instructions / debug how-to type of pages for 16.10?05:30
[Relic]when I try to use wayland plasma it just blinks and goes back to the login screen, so looking for some slightly more indepth ideas for figuring it out or debugging05:33
valorie[Relic]: during euro-work hours, please ask the plasma devels in #plasma05:35
valorieor even #kwin05:35
valoriethey want lots and lots of tester05:35
valorieand debugging05:36
[Relic]can't test or debug if it just blinks and returns to the login screen05:38
[Relic]I think I should just go back to 14.04 and stop playing with this stuff.05:47
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BluesKajHowdy folks10:57
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user|93197Hi guys.14:15
user|93197I need some help in installing kubuntu.14:15
user|93197Have a hard time how to dual boot from windows.14:15
user|93197anyone can guide me about it?14:16
hateball!dualboot | user|9319714:16
ubottuuser|93197: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot14:16
user|93197in ubuntu the install program was easy because it offers install ubuntu side by side. but in kubuntu installer it doesn't have one. How could I set it up that i don't need to format my drive like ubuntu installer.14:19
himcesjfHey BluesKaj, just reporting another instance. Running Kubuntu off USB on a new system. Same lag problem when on AC which normalises when on battery14:20
himcesjfSysinfo for 'TuxStick': Running inside KDE Plasma 5 on Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) powered by Linux 4.8.0-34-generic, CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3217U CPU @ 1.80GHz at 1800 MHz, RAM: 3584/3845 MB, Storage: 27/56 GB, 270 procs, 0.44h up14:20
BluesKajhimcesjf no point, think you should research that on your own14:22
himcesjfBluesKaj: Right14:22
himcesjfBluesKaj: How about you testing it by yourself?14:25
BluesKajhimcesjf, why ? I prefer to run off sata drives hdds or ssds. USBs are for temp files IMO14:26
himcesjfBluesKaj: Well, if you are interested to help identify cause14:27
BluesKajnot really , I'm busy testing 17.04..I'll leave the USB research and testing to you , himcesjf14:30
hateballuser|93197: The Kubuntu installer should offer that as well14:31
hateballuser|93197: is this a windows 10 system?14:31
user|93197its windows 10. it only show 4 options14:42
user|93197there is no side by side offer install.14:43
user|93197this is just the example. but i downloaded the lates version of kubuntu.14:43
BluesKajuser|93197, choose manual14:44
user|93197then after i choose manual what should i do next? please guide me thank you.14:44
BluesKajthat will give a list of the partitions availble to install to14:44
user|93197if use manual. will my hard drive will be formatted right? or how can i set up it to be in side by side by my windows?14:46
BluesKajif you haven't partitioned the drive already I recommend you do so with gparted live media before you try to install14:46
BluesKajuser|93197, do some research about partitioning hard drives if you want to dual boot, it's worth the effort14:47
user|93197Ok thank you.14:48
BluesKaj!dual boot14:49
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot14:49
hateballuser|93197: for one, 15.10 is EOL so dont install that14:53
hateballuser|93197: only 16.04 or 16.10 (or 14.04 or 12.04 I guess but dont)14:53
hateballuser|93197: also I think you need to disable the fast startup stuff in Windows prior to install, otherwise the drive is marked "dirty" or something, and the installer wont detect another installed OS14:54
hateballhmmm, just booted 16.10 on a windows10 machine next to me, it did not have fast startup disabled, and the installer sees the partitions just fine and offers resizing etc14:57
user|93197I see. So I need to disable the fast startup so the installer will detect the OS inside of it.15:06
user|93197I'll try it.15:06
hateballuser|93197: Like I said, it worked for me without doing so. I just recall seeing it mentioned before15:07
hateballuser|93197: the main thing is that you should not install 15.1015:08
user|93197here is the screenshot of my USB ready to boot for install.15:09
hateballuser|93197: you're fine then. just the image you linked showed 15.10 installer15:10
EvilRoeymy system upgraded to the Development version (11.04)... I thought I had Prompt=normal in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades... yet it skipped past 10.10!!!15:10
hateballuser|93197: so yea, try disabling fast startup I guess15:10
EvilRoeyI DO have Prompt=normal15:10
user|93197ok thank you. I'll be back. I'll try it.15:10
hateballEvilRoey: which means you were on 10.04? which is not supported either15:11
EvilRoeyoh arghhhhhhhh I did do-release-upgrade -d15:11
EvilRoeyis there a way I can roll back to 10.10 from here?15:11
EvilRoeyI hope stuff doesn't break fundamentally15:11
hateballNot really. And 10.10 is not supported15:11
EvilRoeyalready I see that I am having trouble installing Virtualbox.15:11
EvilRoeyhateball: what do you mjean?15:11
hateballEvilRoey: That 10.10 is EOL15:12
EvilRoeysorry I meant 16.1015:12
hateballanything before 12.04 is, and 12.04 goes EOL in some months15:12
EvilRoeyheh :)15:12
EvilRoeyI'd like to roll back to 16.10 if that's possible15:12
hateballWell there is no supported way of doing so15:13
hateballIs anything broken in 17.04 for you?15:13
EvilRoeyI just want to get past this little thing trying to set up Virtualbox's latest dpkg:15:13
EvilRoeyyeah there were broken things15:13
EvilRoeythat's why I upgraded15:13
EvilRoeyI asked in #vbox but no one is answering15:14
hateballok lets get this straight... you were on 16.04 then?15:14
hateballbut instead of upgrading to 16.10, you went to dev release 17.04 ?15:14
EvilRoeyI was on 16.04, upgraded mistakenly with the -d option to 1.0415:14
EvilRoey17.04-devel, rather15:14
EvilRoeyhateball: yes15:14
hateballyeah well there will be no easy way to roll back, chances are you'd break even more stuff15:15
hateballI am guessing vbox hasnt been updated to build its modules against the kernel in 17.04 then15:15
hateballat any rate, I'd ask in #ubuntu+115:15
acheronukvbox 5.1.14 seems ok here on 17.04, or at least I've not hit issues15:16
hateballEvilRoey: do you have kernel headers etc installed?15:17
acheronukkernel 4.9.0-11-generic15:17
EvilRoeyhateball: I should yeah..15:17
EvilRoeyI mean, it's worked every other time.15:17
EvilRoeyI don't even see what the error is that is causing it  to fail15:18
acheronukthe /lib/modules/4.9.0-11-generic/misc/vboxdrv.ko built here clearly15:18
EvilRoey is what I tried installing.15:18
acheronukthat is what I have15:19
EvilRoeyI mean.15:19
EvilRoeyI upgraded from 16.04 -> 17.04.15:19
EvilRoeymaybe it is missing something from in between15:19
EvilRoeyheh shyeah15:20
hateballperhaps there is no package for zesty, but that clearly says yakkety at least15:25
hateballbut if it works for acheronuk...15:25
EvilRoeyright, I know15:26
acheronukI've only rarely found issues running vbox for a previous release on one version newer15:33
EvilRoeyhow do I make an install USB?15:51
SmurphyWhat you want to install ...15:53
Smurphy"make an install USB" makes no sense.15:53
EvilRoey16.10! :)15:53
EvilRoeyI want to boot off this thing15:53
EvilRoeythat's why I said make in install USB.  With the Kubuntu 10.10 image.15:53
EvilRoeynot 10.015:53
lordievaderEvilRoey: Kubuntu includes a usb image maker.15:54
SmurphyCheck the startup disk creator.15:54
lordievaderCopies the iso to a usb stick for you.15:54
vo1pbxcopies any distro to your usb bootable15:55
EvilRoeylordievader: yes!  How do I invoke it?15:55
EvilRoeySmurphy: cool, what's the command?15:55
lordievaderEvilRoey: You start it and follow the steps...15:56
EvilRoeyOH MY GOD just gimme the command lordievader15:57
EvilRoeySmurphy: thankknk you15:57
BluesKajunetbootin is hit and miss15:57
EvilRoeyI come in here and five minutes until someone actually tells me.15:57
lordievaderEvilRoey: Search for the program, I don't know the command to launch it.15:57
EvilRoeysorry, I'm smiling while I say this, I don't mean to be antagonistic :)15:57
EvilRoeylordievader: ahhh got it15:58
EvilRoeyso usb-creator-ke, as Smurphy says15:58
Smurphyin the start-menu, search for creator (Just type it).15:58
EvilRoeyso right off the bat it presents this status box saying Installing, which is blank save for a horizontal gray line16:01
EvilRoeywhen I try to close it, I get asked if I want to quit the application16:01
EvilRoeyI ignored it and clicked "make usb" or something like that on the window behind it16:02
EvilRoeyit wrote to the usb stick16:02
EvilRoeyit now says "finishing"16:02
EvilRoeyok...rebooting, brb16:02
EvilRoeywell that went quicker than I expected16:32
EvilRoeyyeay USB16:32
EvilRoeythat was my first time installing via USB16:32
BluesKajusb is fase than dvd/cd16:33
BluesKajif disk creator doesn't work dd is a good alternative, just have to be more careful16:35
EvilRoeyI thought about dd but then I had no idea about the boot sector portion.. I can't just dd an .iso to a usb device and expect it to boot, right?16:36
BluesKajyou can16:37
EvilRoeyoh interesting.16:38
BluesKajdd if=path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX(USB) bs=4M , for example16:39
BluesKajactually /path/to/iso would be more correct16:40
BluesKajEvilRoey, dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX(USB) bs=4M , for example, but there are many options one can add to the command. I jsut like to keep it as simple as possible due to my terrble typing abilitiy :-)16:44
EvilRoeyah :)16:45
EvilRoeyBluesKaj: btw, good morning :)16:45
EvilRoeyBluesKaj: so reinstalling is less a hassle than it used to be, I foudn out today16:45
BluesKajyes 'mo rning EvilRoey , yeah I used a plop cd on this old machine so i could install via USB16:47
EvilRoeyis there a "maxi" version of the installation iso?16:47
EvilRoeylike, 5+ GB?16:47
EvilRoeyI have a 14 GB stick.16:47
EvilRoeyand this installation image uses 1.1 GB of it :P16:47
BluesKajwas almost twice as fast iirc16:47
EvilRoeyBluesKaj: yeah!!16:47
BluesKajmost kubuintu iso's are between 1 and 1.6 GB16:48
geniiThe Lubuntu image still fits on a regular CD but not any others16:52
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derrecksHi. Could someone help me with getting my Audio working? The onboard audio is Realtek ALC892 and it's detected my hardware and I can control it through kmix and I can see that it receives audio but it doesn't come throught my headphones. What should I do?18:39
AceKingI just installed 16.04 64 bit on my new Dell laptop. I am up to date on all my updates. I started Discover to install some software, and no matter which catagory I click on it comes up blank. Does anyone know the command to manually install  Synaptic Package Manager?19:03
BluesKajAceKing, install muon with apt19:06
AceKingOK, just figured out the command. I was putting in to much info to install. I just ran sudo apt-get install synaptic19:06
AceKingBluesKaj: OK19:06
derrekseh I guess that my 5+ years old card just doesn't work on linux19:12
BluesKajderreks, which card?19:16
derreksBluesKaj: ALC892 from Realtek19:17
BluesKajderreks, open alsamixer inb the terminal and make sure auto-mute is disabled then run sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel, a reboot may be needed19:22
configuringMOUSEHello. I'm trying to remap my mouse thumb button. I've tried xte, xbindkeys, imwheel, and a few more. They all bind the mouse thumb to a key correctly, but there is an issue: when I am holding another mouse button (ie left click) and then I press the thumb button, then the thumb button will do nothing.19:23
BluesKajthe modprobe command loads the driver so there won't be any output, derreks19:23
configuringMOUSE tested it with xev, having thumb_1 remapped to SPACE key, and while pressing thumb in fact printed space, pressing thumb while holding left click printed button 8 (default mouse thumb button), so  S O M E H O W  the sole act of holding a mouse button DENIES EVERY REMAP TOOL AVAILABLE FOR LINUX.19:24
derreksBluesKaj: I'll reboot now.19:24
configuringMOUSEI've googled for hours and there are some people who had my same issue, but no one provided an answer!!!!! i'm going crazy. I've been 4 hours on this. I just want my mouse thumb to behave as a keyboard key, why is it so complicated?19:24
BluesKajconfiguringMOUSE, cross posting is frowned upon on feeenode19:25
derreks_BluesKaj: still doesn't work19:27
configuringMOUSEBluesKaj: *huh?*19:28
R13oseI am closer to my internet box and I am able to connect wireless but not when I am further away, how come?19:29
BluesKajderreks_, do you have your settings in system settings> multimedia>Device Preference and hardware input tabs set up?19:30
BluesKaj!crosspost | configuringMOUSE19:30
ubottuconfiguringMOUSE: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.19:30
derreks_BluesKaj: I think so.19:31
BluesKajmake sure19:32
configuringMOUSEBluesKaj: please, blow me19:32
derreks_How should it look like?19:32
derreks_It sees audio cards.19:32
BluesKajconfiguringMOUSE, I'll ignore that, but your attitude needs adjutment19:33
configuringMOUSEBluesKaj: yeah, we could argue about what's more disrespectful, "blow me" or trying to restrict another person freedom so that person will speak only about what you want where you want it19:35
BluesKajderreks_, use the test button in device preferences on each one listed , choose the one works and move it to the top then apply19:35
derreks_None works.19:35
BluesKajconfiguringMOUSE, it's the rules , the info bot is invoked for a reason when you try to hof =g support from seberal chats at once19:36
configuringMOUSEis invoked? you invoked it.. leave me alone, man, i'm not in the mood19:37
BluesKajderreks_, in alsamixer, make sure your vol ctls are turned up to at least 80%, with no MM in the little box, that means mute19:38
derreks_BluesKaj: nothing is muted and everything is at 100%19:40
BluesKajauto-mute is disabled ?19:40
BluesKajit's on the far right beside loopback19:42
derreks_BluesKaj: Woah.19:43
derreks_That was it!19:43
derreks_Thank you!19:43
R13oseAny thoughts on my question?19:46
BluesKaj R13ose , how far away?19:47
BluesKajand which wifi frequency settings, 2.4 or 5Ghz?19:49
lordievaderR13ose: Out of signal?19:57
R13oseBluesKaj: I am not sure how far away but I am one floor away for sure.  Yet my phone gets the connections in the same spot. Frequency is 5.785 GHz19:58
BluesKajphone over wifi I assume, R13ose20:00
lordievaderR13ose: What signal strength does the laptop(?) receive?20:01
R13oselordievader: how do I check?20:01
R13oseBluesKaj: yes my phone gets wifi20:01
lordievaderR13ose: sudo iw dev <dev-name> station dump|grep signal20:03
R13oselordievader: -70 [-70, -81] dBm20:06
R13oseI am connected wireless now20:06
lordievaderThat is quite low indeed.20:06
BluesKajR13ose, 5Ghz doesn't penetrate floors and walls as well as the 2.4Ghz  channels do , try the lower 2.4 Ghz channels , especially below ch6 since you're in Canada20:06
lordievaderYour phone probably has an antenna with slightly more gain, making it just enough to connect.20:07
R13oseIsn't 5Ghz better?20:08
lordievaderNot necessarily, has its downsides.20:09
lordievaderSmaller range being one of them.20:09
BluesKajif you're closer to the rourter yes, because there's less traffic, but 2.4 has more range20:09
R13oseWhy can other laptops work in the same area?20:10
lordievaderDifferent antenna's20:10
BluesKajwe just told you , alot of laptops default to 2.4Ghz20:10
BluesKajsome don't even have the 5Ghz option like mine20:11
R13oseOh, I misread20:11
R13oseHow do I change to 2.4?20:11
BluesKajI have to change it in my router if I had the 5Ghz option , my laptop can use only 2.4 , so i don't know about yours20:15
lordievaderWouldn't be surprised if NetworkManager has an option for it.20:16
lordievadernmcli shows '802-11-wireless.band' and '802-11-wireless.channel'.20:17
R13oseI don't see anything in networkmanager myself20:20
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lordievaderR13ose: Do you know the 2.4GHz channel the router operates on?20:23
lordievaderIf you do, you can set it through: nmcli conn edit <network-name>; set 802-11-wireless.channel <channel>20:24
lordievader; save20:24
R13oselordievader: channel 1120:28
R13oselordievader: can you put that in a pastebin, I will try that later.  I just moved the laptop and wireless failed.  I will take a break20:29
lordievaderR13ose: There are irc logs...20:33
lordievaderR13ose: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2017/01/26/%23kubuntu.html20:34
BluesKajR13ose, also if your router has antennae the move around to get the best signalpropagation , sometimes at a 45 degree angle to either side of the router works well like so \ /20:37
R13oseBluesKaj: none20:38
BluesKajright, you have that white bell router with no antennae , I had one of those..worked well on 2,420:39
R13oseBluesKaj: nope, it is black20:39
BluesKaja something stream?20:40
R13oseModel: Fast 5250. Home Hub 200020:41
BluesKajbell fibe20:46
R13oselordievader: I tried the command and goes inti nmcli > which if I quit says usage for save.22:13
valoriemy sympathies to R13ose for having to resort to nmcli22:16
R13osevalorie: is this that bad?22:17
valorieI found it endlessly frustrating to use22:28
valoriebut I assume once you know all the commands, it's much easier22:28
R13oseYes but I want to see if I can fix my wireless22:38
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R13oseSeems everyone is gone23:41
valorieR13ose: it might be good to restate your problem, and a short list of how you have tried to fix it so far23:53
valorienot that I can help23:53

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