lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:33
lotuspsychjethe ice has vanished this morning, yay!04:33
ubot5Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/04:33
lotuspsychjedax: can we have a trigger for !logs so users are pointed to /var/log/syslog or dmesg foor deeper investigation of their trouble?04:34
lotuspsychjeor do we have something like this?04:35
ubot5dmesg is a console command which outputs the kernel ring buffer - an important log for diagnosing problems in  Linux. Often when something errors with hardware it will result in additional lines reported which can be seen by running dmesg in a console.04:35
ducassegood morning07:13
Bashing-om\o ducasse top 'o the morn to ya too .07:19
ducassehiya Bashing-om - how has your day been?07:22
Bashing-omducasse: Been good ,, a bit slow . Maybe picking up now ?07:24
ducasseBashing-om: it usually does around this time.07:26
Bashing-omducasse: generally headed off to bed before this time . Just sticking around to see what happens :)07:30
ducasseBashing-om: sounds like a plan :) i'm grabbing a fresh cup of tea and read through my backlog :)07:33
Bashing-omducasse: Good way to start the day .. then decide in what next :)07:36
ducasseBashing-om: just opened the window to let the cat out, she walked onto the porch, looked around for a few seconds then decided it was too cold and ran back inside :)07:44
Bashing-omwho says cats are not smart ! - we picked up a feral kitten, and now that cat has decided it wants the domesticated life .07:47
ducassei read somewhere that cats are the only domesticated animal that pretty much "chose" to be domesticated. dogs were domesticated through breeding, but cats were attracted to humans because of shelter and food, and we let them stick around because they drove away pests.07:52
Bashing-omducasse: A fact . And I find that cats will not stay where not wanted, or they are not satisfied . Have ya petted your cat this morning - 1st thing I got to do when I am doing the coffee thing .07:56
ducasseBashing-om: yup. the cat i had before this one just moved in on his own accord, he must have liked it here. i know his previous owners did not treat him well, so...07:58
ducasseBashing-om: this one starts climbing on me when she feels she's not getting enough attention :)07:59
Bashing-omTinker awaites patiently by my chair when the keyboard is out . When it is petting, lots of patience to get her turn :)08:01
ducassenow that i have my new desk there is enough space for her to sleep beside the keyboard so she can keep an eye on things :)08:03
Bashing-omNow Ebony ( the feral one ) .. she is soooo insistent .. no waitimg there !08:03
ducassei was thinking of getting another one, but the center i got luna from said she had not been treated well in her previous home and got anxious by other animals. don't want to do that to her.08:08
Bashing-omI can understand that .. took a while for Tinker to adjust to having another cat in the her domain // the dogs she tollerates :).08:13
daxsame with my cats. it worked out better for ours, but for one that gets anxious with other animals i'd indeed pass on adding another08:20
Bashing-omYall keep up the good fight .. me for R&R be back soon . G nite.08:20
ducassemine arches her back if she just sees a cat/dog walk by outside, so it's probably a bad idea.08:20
ducassesleep well Bashing-om !08:20
Bashing-omthanks . will .08:20
BluesKajHowdy folks10:57
Bashing-omSee, does work out - back now from my R&R state :)19:02
BluesKajHey Bashing-om , what works out ?19:04
BluesKajI'm curious19:05
Bashing-omBluesKaj: Well, leaving IRC last morning and returning this day ! Also took delivery of the Buick this AM . World is all rosy .19:06
BluesKajnice! :-)19:07
Bashing-omBe a period of adjustment driving such a nice ride .19:09
BluesKajyay, finally some sunshine here, been dreary for almost 2 weeks19:09
nicomachussnow here. :/19:10
nicomachusand not even good snow.19:10
nicomachusjust super light flurries and COOOOOOLD19:10
Bashing-omcooler here, but 2nd day of sun . No Winter in the immediate forecast L)19:11
OerHeksplease global warming, come back!19:11
BluesKajwe're not sun worshippers , but some sun sure picks the mood up after all these grey skies19:12
OerHeksDrabber runs to the open spot where sun shines :-D19:12
BluesKajheh, Northern Ontario feels like the banana belt , been above freezing for 10 days  :-019:13
Bashing-omUh Huh .. I hear that the polar bears are not too happy .19:14
BluesKajit's usually -10C average temps in Jan19:14
OerHeks"you can't always get a great philosopher you want"21:06
Bashing-omBut if ya ask micely, you may get what you need :)21:07
OerHekssymlinking, i did not see libpng as requirement.21:08

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