Bashing-ommigmolrod: Hello. A support request ?00:01
migmolrodnah. just saying hello00:01
kunwondoes ubuntu run on macs?00:59
YankDownUnderkunwon, Yes.01:00
YankDownUnderkunwon, Nice read...http://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac/how-install-linux-on-mac-3637265/01:00
chelIf I'01:08
chelif I'm trying to dual boot with an existing windows partition, where do I install the boot loader?01:08
unholymachineto the MBR01:09
atralheavenHi, I have ubuntu installed with encrypted home, can I split the home partition in two with gparted? or because of encryption it will break?01:10
atralheavenI mean using the resize option in gparted01:10
YankDownUnderatralheaven, If you're going to attempt it - BACK UP...01:12
atralheavenYankDownUnder: I have a backup but if its going to break because of encryption, I wont do it01:13
YankDownUnderatralheaven, I've seen "minor things" break encryption...ergo, I advise caution...have you "researched" into resizing encrypted volumes/directories?01:14
chelunholymachine, would that be where the windows 10 loader is installed? (it's an ntfs partition)01:15
atralheavenYankDownUnder: no, I think it depends on the encryption type, idk the ubuntu default encryption is block level or not01:16
Easyrideratralheaven: I've had zero success cloning encrypted volumes much less expanding/shrining them.  I would not try to shrink or split an encrypted file system.  To increase it, I'd create a new mount point and then link it to $HOME01:23
atralheavenEasyrider: thank you01:24
skweekHey, I have a file with a list of sensitive information (sensitive to me, at least, and perhaps unfounded paranoia) that I wouldn't want to share to the chat... but a question regarding installing packages that were saved to a file... can I ask someone to private message with me about a question I have?01:30
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azizLIGHTI'm on 14.04 and I'm stuck in workspace overview mode. It won't go into workspace02:33
azizLIGHTI tried pressing start/meta key, alt tabbing02:34
azizLIGHTAlt tab switches windows in the workspace I was on, all in this weird workspace selection screen where I can see all the workspaces and their  windows in an overview02:35
azizLIGHTHere is what it looks like http://i.imgur.com/scWAxlY.jpg02:36
azizLIGHTI also tried switching workspace with ctrl alt left right etc and all it does is highlight the workspace in this overview mode02:37
jaythelinuxguyI'm having trouble viewing the *actual* DNS servers assigned to my laptop, which is running Ubuntu 16.04. Every command I run is telling me that localhost is the resolver. I am troubleshooting my internal DNS server, so I need to make sure that DNS requests are going to the right server. Using dig shows that the local resolver is answering but I know that it forwards requests to the local DNS resolver. nmcli dev show isn't working either03:31
Easyrider@jaythelinuxguy /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/resolv.conf are the files that control dns lookups04:28
jaythelinuxguyThanks Easyrider. I ended up figuring it out, sorry I forgot to post back. /etc/resolv.conf isn't used anymore in Ubuntu desktop. But the answer was: nmcli dev show <interface> |grep DNS04:29
jaythelinuxguyI forgot to add the interface name when I ran it the first time04:29
EasyriderHard to believe that.   /etc/resolv.conf has been around since my Grandfather was in short pants04:30
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ultramanHi, why when i'm trying to compile a program i got this error /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lX11 collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit. Thanks :)05:11
Anonalyhi, how do I search for all video files using a GUI application ?05:56
Anonalynautilus works, but I can only search one extension at a time   (.avi,  .mp4  ect)05:57
Anonalywhat would be great is a way to get nautilus to list all video files,05:57
Anonalyor have a program that recursively searches for videos and stores the results in a database,05:58
Jordan_UAnonaly: I expect that Gnome's "Tracker" can do that, though I don't have experience with it myself.06:07
MrokiiHello. Can I use the regular (K)Ubuntu-Live-CD to install the OS on a usb-stick, just as I would install it on an HD? So that I can boot from a USB-Stick?06:10
knightwiseMrokii: you can06:11
knightwiseYou can make it a persistant live cd. That way the live cd stores the OS but also any info you put on it06:12
knightwiseThere you go06:12
Mrokiiknightwise: Thanks.06:14
J3553 #btrfs is very quiet atm. Is there anyone here conversant that could help with repairing btrfs fs?06:16
J3553Its on Ubuntu 14 but currently I am live DVD to it with manjaro due it its more recent 4.10 btrfs tools.06:16
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yasserHi there. I am utrying out openVPN as arch client and ubuntu server. Do you think this is sufficient? https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openvpn.html06:28
BinaryEvolvedyasser: I'd say so, it looks like it has almost everything.06:32
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mutsyHi there. I have a macbook pro with ubuntu which worked well and I was going to bless it but accidently did reset the NVRAM and now I can't boot from my bootable USB since the startup manager is taking forever to load... it just hangs and I can't do anything anymore ...07:52
mutsycan someone please help ... I can't do anything anymore on my macbook now ... no usb is recognized, can't get into any OS...07:53
yellabs-r2hello all08:13
yellabs-r2i made a shortcut to a program on my desktop, and gave it an icon , used to work fine, but now the icon does not show and i cant give it an new icon , does any one know what would / could be causing this ?08:14
Johnson1977When I am running a bash script, and after a certain point, I keep getting 'command not found' errors08:19
Johnson1977for simple things like 'sudo' and 'cat'08:19
Johnson1977Is this a valid command? PATH="$(find /home/pi/firmware -name $1)"08:20
linerrorset -x ?08:20
Johnson1977whats set -x?08:20
linerrorBash will write the trace output generated when ‘set -x’ is enabled08:22
Johnson1977ok and then? I see many +08:23
linerrordo you see the commands as your script is running?08:24
Johnson1977I still get the same errors08:25
Johnson1977when I remove that find command, everything works08:25
Johnson1977but if i add it, i get 'command not found' on things like sudo08:25
linerrorok so you know where it's breaking down08:25
Johnson1977Ok, any advice on how to use find and save it to a variable?08:26
Johnson1977my current line looks like this :  PATH="$(find /home/pi/firmware -name $1)"08:26
Johnson1977I pass a parameter to the script when starting, and then use this parameter to find the path08:26
linerrorPATH=$(find . -name "/home/pi/firmware" | wc -l) ?08:27
Johnson1977what wc -?08:28
linerrorignore that  PATH=$(find . -name "/home/pi/firmware")08:29
Johnson1977no i dont think this is correct08:29
Johnson1977the name to search is the parameter08:29
Johnson1977and the search base folder is  "/home/pi/firmware"08:29
linerroryou're passing a variable to the command?08:30
Johnson1977PATH="$(find /home/pi/firmware -name $1)"08:30
fribwhat do I have to do to install this dependency? wine1.8:i386 depends on wine1.8-i386 (= 1:1.8.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10.1~ppa1).08:32
Johnson1977of course08:40
Johnson1977setting PATH08:40
Johnson1977variabe PATH08:41
Johnson1977is a system var08:41
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ZtaI'm installing a system from qemu. I later dd the installation image to a USB stick and boot it in a different machine. The problem is, that the network interface found upon installation in qemu (eth0) is not named similarly on the real hardware (esp2s0).09:33
ivaathas anyone tried pinebook? looked from here, looks to good to be true https://www.honestlyreview.com/2017/06/07/pinebook-laptop/09:33
ZtaWhat's the easy, future-proof and bullet-proof solution?09:33
ZtaCan I somehow bring up ALL network interfaces without specifying their name?09:33
ivaatrestart network from cli?09:34
ZtaThis image on the USB stick is supposed to run on a headless server.09:34
EriC^^Zta: add the command you need to the image maybe?09:35
ZtaYeah.  I was thinking about exiting to a terminal during installation and do cat <<EOF>/etc/network/interface\nauto enp2s0\niface enp2s0 inet dhcp\nEOF.  That will add an extra line that will make the image work on hardware, while still working on qemu.09:36
ZtaBut what I really want is "auto  ANY\niface ANY inet dhcp"09:37
EriC^^Zta: can you write a script that gets the name of the interface and uses it?09:43
ZtaYes, I probably could.  I don't know what hack is the uglies =)10:01
ZtaMy plan is to install Docker on this box, so I'll end up having all sorts of weird virtual bridging interfaces.  On second though I should probably not automate this.10:02
cristian_cEriC^^: hi10:07
cristian_cEriC^^: I've made many tests, including xrandr -s and xrandr with --crtc010:10
cristian_c--crtc 010:10
EriC^^aha what was the result?10:10
cristian_c-s modeline_name causes an immediate loss of video signal10:11
EriC^^what about --crtc  stuff?10:11
cristian_cthe only way of restore is rebooting10:11
cristian_c--crtc argument doesn't show differences, alwaysxrandr: Configure crtc 0 failed10:12
cristian_cEriC^^: but I've found some information, looking at /var/log/syslog10:12
EriC^^cristian_c: i think you have to put the crtc stuff at the beginning of the command for it to make a difference or something10:12
cristian_cEriC^^: it doesn't make differences, there is a reason10:13
EriC^^cristian_c: with --crtc it's the same error like without it?10:13
cristian_cyeah, same error message10:13
cristian_cEriC^^: but if I look at syslog, I read some lines10:13
cristian_cdrm:ironlake_crtc_mode_set *ERROR* Couldn't find PLL settings for mode10:14
EriC^^what lines?10:15
cristian_cEriC^^: the above line, repeated in syslog10:15
cristian_cI believe if the xrandr output command is repeated10:15
cristian_cEriC^^: it looks like a drm / intel driver issue, about missing PLL settings for a particular modeline10:16
cristian_cI've made a search, I don't know exactly but it looks dependent by intel_display.c for i915, maybe10:17
cristian_cEriC^^: I guess, it could be fixed with a workaround adding pll settings to the driver for a not-standard modeline/ display resolution10:18
cristian_cbut it's another story10:18
cristian_c*patching the driver*10:18
cristian_cEriC^^: what do you think about it?10:18
cristian_cah, sorry the error message I've pasted before, has a kernel: prefix in syslog, so it's a kernel message10:19
cristian_cEriC^^: I don't kn0w if you've read10:23
cristian_cEriC^^: if you want I repeat what I've said10:25
fribI can use Japanese input in wine when I run `WINEPREFIX=~/.winejp LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine program.exe` but when I run `sudo ip netns exec alt sudo -u john WINEPREFIX=~/.winejp LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine program.exe` I lose Jap input capability. What could be causing this? thanks10:39
fribI assume there is something wrong with my sudo command?10:39
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vltHello. Our xrdp servers on Ubuntu 16.04 sometimes stop listening to port 3389 and no more logins are possible while all the old sessions are still running. Any idea what causes this? How can I reload the xrdp server without having to close the existing sessions?10:54
joze_why windows clients nslookup returns timeout but ping to google.com or ping or any other local ip or domain does not fail also everything gets resolved by browser meaning local domains / ip or external?!?11:14
joze_I've reset dns cache and problem remains.. server running linux ubuntu do i need to provide any extra service for windows machines?11:14
ANubCan someone suggest how can we save Firefox buffered videos ?11:17
ANubEarlier we could pgrep FF process and then copy contents from "/proc/FF process ID/ fd". But that procedure is not valid anymore in 16.0411:18
TheLawyerI went through every suggested solution to run Mustek 1248 with sane/xenial but I couldn't do it. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo#Permission%20issues11:25
TheLawyercan anyone help? I don't want turn off ubuntu on windows everytime I need to scan a document!11:26
MonkeyDustTheLawyer  ubuntu on windows has its own channel11:29
mircx1someone can help to me11:39
mircx1i try inside to config iptables11:39
mircx1nano /etc/iptables.conf?11:39
mircx1this true or is have else commands11:39
vltmircx1: Can you try to rephrase your question?11:44
niko1990Hello everyone =)11:45
mircx1i try inside to config11:45
mircx1to iptables11:45
mircx1nano /etc/sysconfig/iptables11:45
mircx1and i not see nothing11:45
mircx1even i try write sudo11:45
vltmircx1: Does the file you try to edit exist?11:46
vltmircx1: If it doesn't nano creates an empty one for you that you can save later (with sufficient permissions).11:46
mircx1ok but i need to do there11:47
mircx1you know commands please?11:47
niko1990I'm looking for an alternative software like Win32DiskImager for Ubuntu. I  found Etcher and it looks very nice, the only thing that I am missing is the function to create an ISO from a Memory-Card. Could someone recommend me a good software for this?11:47
vltmircx1: What is it you want to accomplish?11:48
mircx1i want inside to there11:48
mircx1i see this a not commands11:49
vltmircx1: This is the part I don't understand, sorry.11:49
mircx1for iptables11:49
mircx1nano /etc/sysconfig/iptables-config11:49
vltmircx1: As a non-native English speaker unfortunately I have no idea what "i want inside to there, i see this a not commands" is supposed to mean.11:50
mircx1edit the config inside there with commands from terminal gedit nano /etc/sysconfig/iptables11:53
vltmircx1: Ok. gedit and nano are both editors. If you type `nano your_file`, what do you expect to happen and what happens instead?11:54
tomreynniko1990: use 'dd' to create raw disk images from a block device ('storage') and to write such images to such a device.11:57
Jean-PhilippeWasuu   bruuhhh11:58
ErminI have a prblm in Ubuntu11:59
ErminAny one pls help me11:59
ErminCouldn't right bytes broken pipes12:00
niko1990tomreyn: thank you for your help. Is there not maybe a gui software for that. Not that i don't like CLI, but I need to set this up for someone who is not so good with that...12:01
ErminThis msg shows when I turn on Ubuntu12:01
ErminPls reply me12:01
tomreynniko1990: gnome-disk-utility is a graphical general purpose disk partitioning utility which also allows for creating and restoring disk images12:03
niko1990tomreyn: I didn't even know that gnome-disk-utility can do that... That sounds very good =) Thank you very much, I'm going to take a look at that =)12:04
tomreynErmin: can you take and upload a photo of said message?12:04
tomreynniko1990: https://www.maketecheasier.com/backup-hard-drive-gnome-disk-utility/12:05
niko1990tomreyn: Thank you very much =)12:05
tomreynErmin: does your computer still start up fine or is this the last thing it prints on screen and then it is stuck there?12:05
tomreynniko1990: welcome ;)12:06
niko1990tomreyn: I'm testing it right now, and it works like a charm =) Exactly what I was looking for =)12:06
tomreynvery well12:06
niko1990have a nice day =) bye12:07
ErminHow can I send a picture in irc12:10
tomreynyou can upload it to imgur.com and post the link here12:11
IchimusaiErmin: You don't. You send a link to the picutre.12:11
tomreyn!paste | Ermin12:11
ubottuErmin: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:11
tomreyn!paste | Ermin12:13
tomreyn<ubottu> Ermin: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:13
Ermin!pastebinit http://imgur.com/oLAKKkv12:29
tomreynErmin: please kindly talk on the channel only. you can direct your messages to people here, too, by starting a line with the nickname (like i did here).12:34
ErminOk .actually I new to this i don't know much about it ..sry.12:35
tomreyni just looked at your screen shot. so this message shows when you boot and the boot process gets stuck there?12:36
Lorne2017Hey Guys - I've messed up my monitor screen resolution/zoom...and cant see enough of the screen to fix it...is there an easy way to fix?12:36
donalsdHey guys, I need some help in shifting my Ubuntu to a new SSD I got. This is my question right here:12:37
ErminAny solution ?12:37
tomreynErmin: which ubuntu version is this? are you now using this system to chat also? if so, how were you able to boot it nevertheless? if not, do you use a different system to chat?12:37
donalsdCan anyone help?12:37
TheLawyerMonkeyDust: I don't know whether your answer indicates high level of evil or stupidity, in both cases it doesn't answer my ubuntu related question.12:38
ErminI'm using 12.04 version12:38
ErminI'm chatting through mobile12:38
donalsdAnyone willing to help me out with the SSD question?12:38
ioriaErmin, that's not supported anymore ,  but iirc   (more details might help) it's a Xorg/lightdm/video driver issue12:39
ErminSo wat do u want me to do12:39
ErminAny commands to type in the terminal12:40
ioriaErmin, you can try from recovery mode ; what did you do before the problem happened ? what card do you have ?12:40
tomreyndonalsd: do you have both the old HDD and the new SSD connected to the same computer?12:41
ErminI actually instal kali linux and made some updating ..that much I know..afterward this happend12:42
ioriaErmin, game over12:42
donalsdtomreyn: Yes. I replaced the Optical Drive with an SSD with a caddy in my laptop today. (And is this the correct way to mention in IRC?)12:42
ErminWhat u mean game over..12:43
ioriaErmin, you don't use kali on ubuntu12:43
ErminSo there is no way to get it back?12:44
Lorne2017Im in 17.04 - I've messed up my monitor screen resolution/zoom...and cant see enough of the screen to fix it...is there an easy way to fix? Terminal cmd?12:45
ioria!precise | Ermin12:46
ubottuErmin: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) was the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 28th 2017. See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2017-April/003833.html for more information12:46
donalsdtomreyn: Should I be creating another partition?12:46
ioriaErmin, eol + kali = reinstall12:46
tomreyndonalsd: yes, well done about IRC. ;) so since the SSD is small than the HDD you will have to (a) select only some pasrtitions form the HDD to copy to the SSD, totalling to less than the SSD's available storage, (b) shrink some of the partitions on the HDD before copying them to the SSD, (c) create (smaller) file systems on the SSD as they are on the HDD and copy only select data from there (you would also need to copy the boot sector seperately12:47
tomreynthen) or (d) a combination of these.12:47
ErminWhere should I type this12:48
ErminIoria: ?12:48
donalsdtomreyn: Ubuntu is on a 40 GB partition of my HDD, so I will be copying that to the SSD. And what about the boot partition, how do I do that and which one is it?12:49
ioriaErmin, please , install a supported version (16.04 or 14.04) and don't use kali on that12:49
donalsdAlso, will MBR create an problems?12:49
donalsdtomreyn: Also, will MBR create any problems?12:50
ErminIoria:So which version in which I can use kali12:50
akikdonalsd: one thing to note is that you will be copying the UUID of the source partition on the new disk, so keep that in mind when you have both the source and target disk connected12:50
ioriaErmin,  you don't use kali on ubuntu12:50
akikdonalsd: UUID of the source partition, i meant12:51
donalsdakik: How do I copy that?12:51
Erminiora:Can I use fedora12:51
ioriaErmin,  idk, ask #fedora12:52
Lorne2017Im in 17.04 - I've messed up my monitor screen resolution/zoom...and cant see enough of the screen to fix it...is there an easy way to fix? Terminal cmd?12:52
donalsdI boot from the boot options menu in my BIOS setup. Since UEFI goes directly to Windows (can't help, HP things). So I need to press f9 when I boot and then I have two drives shown on the boot options menu (HDD and SSD), although the latter one is total blank12:53
Erminioria:thank u..if I have any doubt can I ask u?12:53
ioriaErmin,  about ubuntu, sure12:53
donalsdioria: About HDDs to SSDs?12:53
ioriadonalsd, not much, sy12:54
tomreyndonalsd: MBR won't cause problems by itself, no. i tried to create a simple partitoon list based on the information you provided on askubuntu,.com and here so far.12:54
tomreyndonalsd: https://pastebin.com/index/HNN8WAt612:54
akikdonalsd: your paste references that gparted can change it (the UUID)12:56
tomreynLorne2017: press ctrl-alt-f1 to login to the terminal. use "DISPLAY=:0 xrandr" (and add some options to xrandr) to temporariliy fix your resolution. then make it permanent on the GUI.12:57
donalsdtomreyn: Yes, they are almost the same, except that the linux partitions in the HDD have one for swap. (they will be created automatically?) And there are a few more partitions on the HDD as well (GPT).12:57
Erminioria, where should I type eol+ kali= reinstall12:58
donalsdakik: GParted doesn't seem to be able to do anything to the SSD, the last time I opened it. I did make the SSD fs to NTFS for Windows to read it as well, but it seems like Windows sees it as an unallocated space rather than a partition, unlike Gparted.12:59
Ermintomreyn, ?12:59
Lorne2017tomreyn OK will try that (rebooting now)...what options do you suggest?13:00
akikdonalsd: windows sees the same partitions but by default can't do anything with the linux partitions13:00
akikdonalsd: the problem you might see is that after you copy the partition, you will have two UUIDs that are the same13:01
donalsdakik: So could you tell me the steps how to do what I need to fix this?13:01
donalsdAlmost a noob at this.13:02
akikdonalsd: after you copy your /boot and / on the ssd, are you planning to keep the old disk connected?13:03
tomreyndonalsd: please run 'lsblk --output NAME,LABEL,SIZE,FSTYPE,UUID | nc termbin.com 9999' and post the url here.13:03
tomreyndonalsd: also discuiss whether you plan to keep booting off the HDD or wish to boot off the SSD instead.13:04
donalsdakik: Yes. The HDD will serve as a file storage while SSD will be the OS storage and high performance app storage.13:04
tomreynErmin: yes, what's your question?13:04
ErminHow to unistall kali now13:05
tomreynLorne2017: no need to reboot for this. if oyu'll reboot you could instead hold down left shoift key and select the emergency / recovery boot option.13:05
Erminioria told about eol+ kali=reinstall13:05
donalsdtomreyn: I will be booting from the SSD. Since UEFI takes me to directly to Windows, I need to use Legacy in the BIOS and boot from the SSD manually.13:05
ErminI don't get it13:05
tomreynErmin: make a fresh installation of ubuntu13:06
tomreynErmin: that's of a current, supported ubuntu release13:06
ErminHow..I can get in to it13:06
donalsdtomreyn: I will need to switch to Ubuntu for sending you the url, is there a way that I can restore the chat while I am offline in IRC? I am windows now.13:06
tomreynErmin: you don't uninstall an operating system, you just overwrite it.13:07
tomreynErmin: of course, you'll loose any data in the process.13:07
akikdonalsd: you can save the log in your irc client13:08
slavanapHello. Could you please explain how this command is computed: [ ! -z ${BACKEND+x} ] && echo "YES"13:08
tomreyndonalsd: since you currently boot from the HDD to windows, bootiong from the SDD to windows might cause trouble to that OS. but this is not something we can sort out here.13:08
donalsdakik: How do I do that? I am on the web browser.13:08
akikdonalsd: offline messages will wait until you're back :)13:08
tomreyndonalsd: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2017/06/17/%23ubuntu.html13:10
tomreyndonalsd: you can find the IRC logs there.13:10
donalsdtomreyn: I manually boot from the "Notebook hard drive" when I boot after pressing f9 to go see the boot menu. It takes me to the grub. If I don't do that, I go directly to windows as a regular boot up. So I guess I will be doing the same with the SSD as well, which is again "Notebook Hard Drive" but as the second option in the boot menu.13:11
tomreyndonalsd: you can do this, or you could install ubuntu's UEFI boot code.13:12
donalsdYou guys are really nice, thanks for all the help. I am rebooting from Ubuntu now. I will be back. Just one minute.13:13
donalsdtomreyn: btw is there a way to see hourly logs of IRC?13:14
Lorne2017tomreyn OK - executed command...how do I esc the terminal screen to go back to GUI?13:14
tomreyndonalsd: not unless you write logs yourself, also, there will be some delay for the irclogs.ubuntu.com service.13:14
tomreynLorne2017: ctrl-alt-F7 usually13:15
donalsdPlease provide me the logs once I come back online. Can't afford to lose them. Thanks!13:15
Lorne2017tomreyn OK I'm back into the UI - but no screen resolution changed13:17
Lorne2017tomreyn I'm pretty sure the biggest probelem is the zoom factor...I'm zoomed right in.... can I adjust that somehow?  (or even can I TAB down to the setting in the monitor>)13:18
tomreynLorne2017: did you experiment with xrandr options then?13:19
tomreynLorne2017: https://askubuntu.com/questions/379123/can-i-zoom-out-windows-or-scale-the-whole-desktop13:21
Lorne2017tomreyn I have no idea what options exist.... i'll google it13:21
tomreyn^ always a good plan13:21
tomreynLorne2017: you can also run 'xrandr --help' to get a list of available xrandr options.13:22
tomreynLorne2017: maybe this is what you want (just a guess): DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output LVDS1 --scale 1x113:23
donalsdtomreyn: Hey, I am back!13:25
donalsdCould you provide me the logs?13:25
Lorne2017tomreyn ok the first command seemed ok...but when I went back and tried the others, I got an error...something like no output detected13:26
Lorne2017tomreyn so...I'm rebooting again.. (sorry)13:26
Guest64448no wonder my system is "sluggish", somehow it uses 97% of swap, which makes no sense13:27
Guest64448the memory listed in the task manager adds up only to <1.5 GB and the physical+swap are 4 GB total13:28
Guest64448any idea to where my memory has leaked and how to restore it?13:28
donalsdtomreyn: What was the command again you asked me to execute?13:28
tomreyndonalsd: sudo lsblk --output NAME,LABEL,SIZE,FSTYPE,UUID | nc termbin.com 9999' and post the url here13:30
Lorne2017tomreyn OK - I got "Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 keyCan't open display :0"13:31
tomreyndonalsd: irc logs are still at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com13:31
akikdonalsd: here's the text your wrote http://paste.ubuntu.com/24880953/13:31
donalsdtomreyn: http://termbin.com/rhrgt13:31
tomreyndonalsd: very well. please discuss again which partitions you would like to copy to the SSD (and in which order you would like them placed there)13:33
tomreynLorne2017: plea always provide both the command you ran and the the error message you received.13:34
tomreynLorne2017: also, which ubuntu release version is this?13:35
tomreynlsb_release -sd13:35
donalsdtomreyn: Ubuntu is on sda9, the SSD is sdb, so I would like to create partitions on sdb to have an ext4 around (60 GB) for Ubuntu and the rest an NTFS for shared access to Windows apps.13:35
Lorne2017tomreyn I ran your exact command suggested : DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output LVDS1 --scale 1x1 and got : Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 keyCan't open display :013:36
Lorne2017tomreyn 17.0413:36
akikdonalsd: now i understand what you meant by "ssd fs to ntfs for windows". you haven't partitioned /dev/sdb13:36
donalsdtomreyn: So, sda9 goes to maybe sdb1 (ext4) along with another swap partition. Another NTFS partition (sdb3?) stays for Windows.13:37
tomreynLorne2017: try this and provide the url: xrandr -d :0 | nc termbin.com 999913:37
donalsdakik: Yes, I haven't done that yet. Also, is it a good idea to keep the home directory in the HDD? Since they will just be files and configs. SSD doesn't do very well with writes, I guess.13:38
Guest64448I think SSDs support writes13:39
akikdonalsd: i use my ssds as normally as a hdd13:39
Guest64448they have evolved a lot since the beginning many years ago13:39
Lorne2017tomreyn http://termbin.com/qjfg13:40
donalsdSo, it's fine to have the home in SSDs?13:40
tomreyndonalsd: current consumer SSDs are no more limited in writes than consumer hdds are, so you can ignore this factor.13:40
tomreyndonalsd: so you can safely place /home on an SSD, yes.13:41
Guest64448I think you should be fine with your home on an SSD13:41
donalsdAlrighty, that's great!13:41
donalsdtomreyn: So, how do I solve my little problem here? Detailed steps are very much welcome :D13:42
tomreynLorne2017: so try this: xrandr --output DVI-I-0 --scale 1x113:42
donalsdI don't want to mess something up with my new SSD, costs a lot. Can't afford to get another (college fees!!) xD13:42
tomreyndonalsd: did you say whether you'd like a gpt or msdos partition table on the ssd?13:43
Lorne2017tomreyn after that comand i see "can't open display"13:43
donalsdtomreyn: is an MBR and msdos same?13:43
tomreynLorne2017: so try this: DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output DVI-I-0 --scale 1x113:43
Lorne2017tomreyn OK.  it seemed to take that.  should I F7 out?13:44
donalsdIf MBR doesn't create a problem, then that's fine. It's only 110 usable gigabytes, so I don't think I will need more than 4 partitions.13:45
tomreynLorne2017: sure you can always switch back and forth13:45
Lorne2017tomreyn ok - I'm back in the GUI and the screen is still zoomed (top qtr of the screen is visible - with no way to scroll around)...as before13:46
donalsdtomreyn: I just need partitions to get Ubuntu running and a shared NTFS partition for Windows apps.13:46
Lorne2017tomreyn - I guess I mean top qtr of the desktop is visible in the screen....13:46
tomreyndonalsd: do you know gparted? there's a live cd called 'gparted-live' which lets you do this stuff graphically. it'd be better for you to learn to do it with command line utilities (and maybe sopmeone lese here is happy to guide you through the process) but i'm afraid i need to leave.13:47
tomreynsopmeone lese -> someone else13:47
donalsdgparted doesn't seem to do anything to the ssd13:47
tomreyndonalsd: at least you know how to describe what you'Äd like to do now, and you could update your post with the lsblk output13:48
tomreyndonalsd: gparted will work on it, once you use it to delete the existing ntfs file system and created a new partitiont able13:48
donalsdSo... Someone else?13:48
Lorne2017tomreyn Is it possible to TAB or Cursor down past the btm of the screen?  I feel like I could re-set it blind viw the UI if I could just navigate below the bottom of the screen13:48
tomreynLorne2017: sorry, i'm not sure what elese to try. and i need ot go.13:49
donalsdOkay gparted seems to be working13:49
Lorne2017tomreyn - thx for trying mate :)13:50
tomreynLorne2017: please sum up the issue again and what you have tried so far to handle it, maybe someone else can help.13:50
donalsdtomreyn: One last thing. Should I resize it now? Or after?13:50
tomreyndonalsd: if you'd like to keep the ntfs partition on sdb (the SSD) you'll best resize it now. be sure not to touch anything on sda, gparted is a potent weapon.13:51
donalsdtomreyn: So I will keep some space unallocated for Ubuntu installation and make some of it NTFS then. Sounds good?13:52
tomreynunpartitioned space to take the ubuntu partition you'll copy, right13:52
* tomreyn over + out13:52
donalsdtomreyn: Thanks!13:53
Lorne2017OK - I have a screen-zoomed-in problem.  In Display- I can't seen anything below: "Rotation: Normal Stickey Edges: ON"..I need to chnage the zooming back out.  I tried DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output DVI-I-0 --scale 1x1 - but didn't do anything13:53
Lorne2017OK - I have a screen-zoomed-in problem. 17.04  In Display- I can't seen anything below: "Rotation: Normal Stickey Edges: ON"..I need to chnage the zooming back out.  I tried DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output DVI-I-0 --scale 1x1 - but didn't do anything14:05
donalsdIt seems like /dev/sdb is one partition and it has an unallocated space. Any ideas how to create a partition out of that unallocated space in gparted?14:13
akikdonalsd: you need to create a new partition table on it14:14
donalsdakik: How do I do that?14:15
akikdonalsd: save the data that is saved there now, then use "sudo fdisk /dev/sdb"14:15
ruicruzhello. what's the best way to install Windows alongside ubuntu without destroying my current ubuntu instalation? I need to run an app and virtualbox dosn't run it properly.14:15
akikdonalsd: you need to umount it first, before fdisk14:15
donalsdIt's not mounted yet.14:15
akikdonalsd: did you already copy data there from your source disk?14:16
codecuttersudo php7enmod mcrypt -> sudo: php7enmod: command not found14:16
donalsdakik: http://imgur.com/a/S9LP314:16
akikdonalsd: there problem you're seeing is because there's no partition table per se14:17
donalsdI want to make sure that there's one NTFS partition for Windows to see, and another unallocated space for Ubuntu to install. How do I do that?14:17
donalsdakik: does fdisk do the job?14:18
akikdonalsd: "sudo fdisk /dev/sdb", then use "o" to create a new partition table. "m" gives you help14:19
akikdonalsd: "n" will ask you details for a new partition14:19
donalsdakik: Should I create a gpt or mbr?14:20
akikdonalsd: you said that mbr is ok?14:20
akikdonalsd: actually it wasn't you sorry. it was tomreyn14:21
donalsdakik: one for windows, and two for ubuntu (swap and the os itself). Will it do?14:21
akikdonalsd: yes, perfectly14:21
donalsdSo mbr it is14:21
donalsdI am converting it now14:22
donalsdakik: Wish me luck!14:22
akikdonalsd: good luck!14:22
donalsdakik: First step: Make it mbr with 'fdisk', 2nd: shrink the space and create two partitions (NTFS and Unallocated). Correct me if I am wrong.14:23
akikdonalsd: by partitioning the disk anew, there's no shrinking needed. did you save all the data you had on that ntfs partition?14:24
akikntfs .. thing14:24
donalsdthe ntfs is empty, just some typical "System Volume information" thing from Windows. Can afford to lose.14:24
akikdonalsd: ok then just use "o" in fdisk, followed by "n" which asks you for the new partition detail14:25
donalsdakik: You did see my screenshot, right?14:25
akikdonalsd: yes14:25
akikdonalsd: the one where the whole sdb is one area without partitions14:26
donalsdakik: I should be selecting Primary, right?14:26
akikdonalsd: yes three primary partitions is ok with possibly a fourth partitition as extended14:26
donalsdOkay, then14:26
akikdonalsd: you can create more partitions under the extended partition if you need14:26
donalsdakik: Partition number?14:27
akikdonalsd: they go from 1 to ..14:27
donalsdYeah, what do I write?14:27
akikdonalsd: yes14:27
donalsdakik: Should I be writing 1?14:28
akikdonalsd: yes14:29
akikdonalsd: you know, this thing you're trying to do is really not for new users. even most experienced users would just reinstall on a new disk14:29
donalsdI think I would at least create the partition on the ssd, in case I fail, I will just reinstall. For now, I need the partition.14:30
donalsdakik: Also, there are a whole lot of configs that will take a lot of time for me to set up. That's 2 years worth of files.14:31
akikdonalsd: sorry for calling you a new user :)14:31
donalsdakik: I have been in Linux for a while, but this SSD is a new thing. I have fiddled with the HDD a lot though. xD14:32
donalsdakik: First sector?14:34
akikdonalsd: 204814:34
donalsdakik: Wouldn't cause problems, right?14:34
akikdonalsd: 2048? no14:34
donalsdakik: Last sector?14:35
akikdonalsd: you can play with the partitions until you get them right. it will be written on the disk with "w"14:35
donalsdakik: Should I set the last sector to the default value?14:36
akikdonalsd: you can tell the size with "+20G" or similar14:36
akikdonalsd: if you use default, it will occupy the whole disk14:36
donalsdOkay, +60G for the Unallocated space, is that okay?14:37
akikdonalsd: yes. you make the decisions now14:38
donalsdakik: And +50G on Partition 2 for NTFS.14:38
codecutterwhat does the -C option do here 'sudo tar xzvf apache-tomcat-8*tar.gz -C /opt/tomcat --strip-components=1'?14:40
codecutterwhat do i after 'sudo tar xzvf libsodium-1.0.11.tar.gz -C /opt/libsodium'?14:41
leftyfbcodecutter: according to the man page for tar, it's "change to directory DIR"14:42
leftyfbcodecutter: what are you trying to accomplish exactly?14:42
donalsd_akik: Okay, tell me one thing. Will I have to put a partition for swap or will it come into the unallocated space automatically during the migration?14:42
codecutteri'm trying to install the tar file14:42
akikdonalsd_: you can create a partition for swap. it doesn't hurt14:43
codecutterwhat do i do at this stage? ./configure?14:44
leftyfbcodecutter: why are you installing from source as opposed to the package manager?14:44
codecutteri don;t think package is available14:44
leftyfbcodecutter: sudo apt-get install libsodium1814:44
donalsd_How much? Is 4 GB fine?14:44
akikdonalsd_: do you have an ubuntu installation usb stick? you'll need it later14:44
codecutteris that latest version?14:45
donalsd_I do have one. I guess.14:45
leftyfbcodecutter: why do you think you need that package anyway?14:45
donalsd_akik: Ubuntu 16.04, yes14:45
leftyfbcodecutter: sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin14:45
leftyfbthat's all you need14:45
akikdonalsd_: yes 4 gigs is fine. you wouldn't want to ever use 4 gigs of swap, though14:46
Dreamanakik  just install win part 2 for ubuntu  unetbootin download iso ubuntu  install part 2   swap /boot /  is root14:46
codecutter 'mcrypt' is depcracated, and i belieave 'libsodium' is its replacement14:46
leftyfbcodecutter: sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin14:46
codecutteri did that14:46
leftyfbok, so what is the issue exactly?14:47
codecutteri need an alternative to 'mcrypt'14:47
donalsd_akik: Shit, nautilus doesn't show my drives.14:47
leftyfbcodecutter: why?14:47
leftyfbcodecutter: again, what is your end goal here?14:47
codecutterread this https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-secure-phpmyadmin-with-nginx-on-an-ubuntu-14-04-server14:48
leftyfbcodecutter: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/phpMyAdmin14:48
codecuttergo to teh line 'sudo php5enmod mcrypt'14:48
akikdonalsd_: what do you mean? are you editing the wrong disk?14:48
Dreamanhttp://imgur.com/a/9c2h6   https://paste.ubuntu.com/24881363/  akik   is simple14:49
codecutteri'm using php 7, mcrypt is now depcrected14:49
codecutter#php suggests using libsodium as an alternative14:49
leftyfbcodecutter: sudo apt-get install libsodium1814:49
codecutterdo i delete the uncompressed files in /opt/libsodium?14:50
leftyfbcodecutter: Why do you need phpmyadmin btw? Do you need to be constantly managing your mysql db through a web interface?14:50
leftyfbcodecutter: yes14:50
donalsd_akik: Here, http://imgur.com/a/0qDby, left side bar used to show my drives (Store, Backup, Works, SSD etc.). My USB stick doesn't show up either.14:50
codecutterits a nice thing to have14:50
codecutteri do it mainly through the console14:50
adrian_1908Hey folks, does anyone have a ~/history/history.db file? I wonder where that came from, it's like a day old on my system.14:50
leftyfbcodecutter: then don't bother with it14:50
leftyfbcodecutter: "nice to have" != correct/secure14:51
adrian_1908(the folder is a day old I mean)14:51
codecutteractually, you might be right14:51
codecuttertaking up extra disk space that i'm paying for14:51
leftyfbcodecutter: the problem is, you're basically trying to make things "easy" on yourself by following instructions you don't quite understand. All of this is doing nothing but taking time away from learning how to do things properly14:52
codecutterwise man14:52
donalsd_akik: Can I close fdisk with ctrl+c and see if that's the problem?14:52
akikdonalsd_: use "q"14:53
donalsd_akik: I need to put the last sector first. Okay14:53
leftyfbIf you want to learn how to compile from source, that's great. If you want to learn how to install phpmyadmin and make it secure, that's great. But if the end goal is to run something like wordpress that uses mysql in the backend and you're not afraid of working in a mysql prompt, then focus on that.14:53
donalsd_akik: Nope, not showing up.14:54
codecuttersudo apt-get purge phpmyadmim -> E: Unable to locate package phpmyadmim14:54
akikdonalsd_: does "lsblk" show everything?14:54
leftyfbcodecutter: because you spelled it incorrectly14:54
donalsd_Yes, I did lsblk two minutes ago14:55
leftyfbcodecutter: these are the things you should be focusing on, not compiling a library you don't need from source which you don't know how to do14:55
codecutterits been some time since i used linus14:55
donalsd_akik: http://termbin.com/bi5o14:55
sector_0how do check which video driver is currently installed on my system?14:56
akikdonalsd_: so nautilus is not working? can you still access everything in a terminal?14:56
sector_0and I'm not asking what GPU i'm using...I know which GPU I'm currently using...I want to know the DRIVER14:56
leftyfbcodecutter: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/0596007604/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_dp_T1_BmurzbTB06Y4R   This helped me get started14:57
donalsd_akik: Nautilus just doesn't show my drives. Everything else is fine.14:57
sector_0because I've look at some SO question about this, and everyone give a method on how find find info on the GPU14:57
akiksector_0: "sudo lshw -c video" probably will work. it mentions driver in use14:58
Lorne2017Hey - I have a screen-zoomed-in problem. 17.04  In Display- I can't seen anything below: "Rotation: Normal Stickey Edges: ON"..I need to change the zooming back out.  I tried DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output DVI-I-0 --scale 1x1 - but didn't do anything14:58
donalsd_I will reboot and try14:59
=== mortalius__ is now known as mortalius
MonkeyDustsector_0  try   lshw -c video15:01
codecutterleftyfb: do you need step 5 https://medium.com/@ldclakmal/deploy-a-java-web-application-in-digitalocean-882226dcdbd5 if you already have https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-nginx-on-ubuntu-16-0415:05
donalsdakik: Okay, the drives are back on nautilus15:06
donalsdakik: Let's get this clear, in fdisk, I will be creating partitions for 1. Ubuntu 2. Swap 3. Windows app storage. Right?15:07
codecutteri also have https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-secure-nginx-with-let-s-encrypt-on-ubuntu-16-0415:07
Bitnovaanyone know how to install Xen hypervisor on Ubuntu 16.04?15:07
akikdonalsd: looks ok15:07
donalsdakik: Or should I leave the space for Ubuntu unallocated?15:08
donalsdakik: Also, I have an 8 GB RAM, do I need a 4GB swap?15:08
akikdonalsd: no. weren't you going to use clonezilla to do the copying?15:08
donalsdakik: Clonezilla, yes15:09
donalsdakik: So, I will have to create a partition rather than just an unallocated space?15:09
akikdonalsd: yes clonezilla works with partitions15:09
donalsdakik: Any problems if the new SSD partition is bigger than the earlier HDD Ubuntu partition?15:10
donalsdakik: Like do they need to be exact or can the destination be bigger?15:11
akikdonalsd: no. just make the same size partition if that's ok with you15:11
akikdonalsd: bigger is ok15:11
donalsdakik:  Also, really appreciate for helping me out so long. Can't thank you enough. :D15:12
akikdonalsd: i was thinking of how to tell you this but i need to soon leave for groceries :)15:12
donalsdahh, okay, gimme a ping back if you return. :D I will see to what I can do15:13
donalsdakik: Thanks man! :)15:13
donalsdYou have been real patient.15:14
akikdonalsd: but the process is as follows: make the partitions on the ssd, boot clonezilla live and copy the partitions you want, then use gparted live to change the uuid on the ssd's root and swap, then boot ubuntu live to recreate the grub on the ssd15:14
octo8what do this do in terminal ? :(){:|:};15:14
donalsdakik: Got it! Thanks!15:14
akikdonalsd: there's people here to help you15:15
akikocto8: please stop15:15
akikocto8: that's a fork bomb if i know one15:15
octo8akik: i really don't know what it is15:16
octo8i don't recommend that anyone use it15:16
akikocto8: don't run it, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fork_bomb15:16
Lorne2017Hey - I have a screen-zoomed-in problem. 17.04  In Display- I can't seen anything below: "Rotation: Normal Stickey Edges: ON"..I need to change the zooming back out.  I tried DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output DVI-I-0 --scale 1x1 - but didn't do anything15:17
akikdonalsd: when you change the uuids, you need to also change them in /etc/fstab of your copy15:18
donalsdakik: part of /etc/fstab which relates to the SSD or the HDD?15:19
akikdonalsd: the copy on the ssd15:19
BluesKajHi all15:19
akikdonalsd: this process is pretty involved. hope you make it15:19
donalsdakik: I am trying my best, thanks!15:20
Lorne2017Hey - I have a screen-zoomed-in problem. 17.04  In Display- I can't seen anything below: "Rotation: Normal Stickey Edges: ON"..I need to change the zooming back out.  I tried DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output DVI-I-0 --scale 1x1 - but didn't do anything15:20
donalsdakik: Since my system is UEFI, someone on Askubuntu suggested me to use gpt. Should I do it?15:21
Lorne2017...I also tried to "Teamviewer" into it remotely to try to chnage the zoom- but it won't connect for some reason15:21
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donalsdI can do whatever is in fdisk with Gparted as well, right?15:24
Paulieas pri and pub keys per user or for the server?15:25
vltPaulie: Both.15:35
Pauliethanks I think i worked it out, I done cat id_rsa15:36
PaulieCopied the output into a file on my laptop15:36
Pauliethen pointed mobaxterm to that file15:37
Paulieseems to work15:37
donalsdWhat's the difference between Partition name and partition label in Gparted?15:40
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beefjoeI get an invalid symbol error when trying to unrar using archive manager and it happened with seveeral .rars so they're not corrupted..15:57
CoderEuropeHiya need a hand installing virt - manager http://paste.ubuntu.com/24881691/15:58
leftyfbCoderEurope: follow the instructions16:00
CoderEuropethese instructions ? sorry I am a n00bhttp://elopio.net/blog/install-ubuntu-in-vm/16:03
CoderEuropethese instructions ? sorry I am a n00b http://elopio.net/blog/install-ubuntu-in-vm/16:03
tomreynCoderEurope: have you read the error message?16:03
tomreynthe one you posted16:03
leftyfbCoderEurope: the error message tells you the exact thing you need to type16:03
CoderEuropedoing the correction now - although you cud 've typed that for me :( to coy & paste.16:04
leftyfbYou copy and pasted it to us. Do we really need to copy and paste it back to you?16:05
Lorne2017Hey - I have a screen-zoomed-in problem. 17.04  In Display- I can't seen anything below: "Rotation: Normal Stickey Edges: ON"..I need to change the zooming back out.  I tried DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output DVI-I-0 --scale 1x1 - but didn't do anything16:09
Lorne2017...anyone interested in Skyping to see my screen?  I'm sure this is an easy fix for someone who knows what they're doing....16:14
Lorne2017is no one on?16:18
Lorne2017...there's like 200 people in here!!!16:18
CoderEuropeyes dawg here - but I am a noob16:18
=== Zren_ is now known as Zren
Lorne2017CoderEurope Sure man... I'm a noob too - but I keep thinking there's gotta be a simple solution to my prob....16:19
CoderEuropeLorne2017: so ask your problem, then (?)16:20
Lorne2017CoderEurope problem is (somehow) I have zoomed in my screen to only see the top qtr of my desktop!!  And there's no scroll bars or any way to get to the btm menu itema in the Display settings16:20
Lorne2017Hey - I have a screen-zoomed-in problem. 17.04  In Display- I can't seen anything below: "Rotation: Normal Stickey Edges: ON"..I need to change the zooming back out.  I tried DISPLAY=:0 xrandr --output DVI-I-0 --scale 1x1 - but didn't do anything16:20
Lorne2017CoderEurope - I thought I could plug in a second screen to get more visibility to desktop - but it just resizes the qtr screen I can see across both screens!16:21
CoderEuropeLorne2017: so reboot ?16:21
Lorne2017CoderEurope  done that like 10 times already... no change16:21
CoderEuropeLorne2017: eyond me then - search askubuntu for "repair packages".16:22
Lorne2017CoderEurope I've tried keyboard shortcuts to TAB down to the other menu items...but it won't....I've tried to resize the window...but it won't go any smaller....16:23
leftyfbLorne2017: tried rebooting?16:23
Lorne2017leftyb   only about 10 times :/16:23
Lorne2017CoderEurope - ok I'm trying a repair package...16:28
Lorne2017CoderEurope (but I kinda feel like its not "broken"... its just a "screen zoom" setting that I must have accidentally put outta wack....16:29
Lorne2017CoderEurope In broswer I can use ctl+alt+-  (or +) to zoom in and out of the browser...if I could do that to my whole desktop, it would solve the problem!16:30
vltHello. Our xrdp servers on Ubuntu 16.04 sometimes stop listening to port 3389 and no more logins are possible while all the old sessions are still running. Any idea what causes this? How can I reload the xrdp server without having to close the existing sessions?16:32
rictaslixvlt: Have you checked your xrdp logs?16:34
anddamhello, on 16.04 /usr/bin/python is still python2.7, is that right?16:37
anddamthere's not alternatives to set it to python3, it will follow the suggested naming from PSF16:37
rud0lfanddam: /usr/bin/python --version16:38
rud0lfjust to be sure :)16:38
anddamrud0lf: yeah, I checked that already16:38
anddampoint is I was somehow recalling a news saying that "blahblah ubuntu moved its internal scripts to python3 blahblah"16:39
usurahello every body16:39
anddamand so I inferred the idea that python  -> python3 would happen16:39
XtremeAs cross-channel posting is not good, requesting someone to assist me in ##linux16:39
usurathis is working?16:39
anddamXtreme: why not jsut ask in the proper channel?16:40
anddamXtreme: I may be missing some context here tho'16:40
Xtremeokay. well pasting it here then.16:40
Xtremehttps://pastebin.com/Pcxu3aT1 => can someone help me with this?16:40
anddamXtreme: topic?16:40
XtremeLooks similar to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1627539 with [    0.221754] acpi PNP0A08:00: _OSC failed (AE_ERROR); disabling ASPM error.16:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1627539 in linux (Ubuntu) "iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: Microcode SW error detected. Restarting 0x2000000." [Medium,Triaged]16:41
vltrictaslix: Yes. I don't see anything suspicious.16:41
XtremeAnd the most weirdest part is, I get that error only when my laptop lid is closed16:41
JerbotI accidentally moved everything out of my home directory16:41
Jerbothow can I move everything back?16:41
EriC^^Jerbot: where did you move it to?16:42
Xtremeso anddam now you have everything.16:42
XtremeJerbot, not an expert, but i belive moving everything back and chown will solve your problem.16:42
Jerbotand it created a folder named Frogger16:42
Jerbotthe problem is, I don't know how to target the home folder.  I think I can just use mv16:43
Xtremeyou can find it in /etc/passwd16:43
JerbotI can't do ../home because it's two directories up16:43
Xtremenext to your username16:43
JerbotXtreme: and I also can't figure out if I should write home or home$ or home\$/16:43
Xtremeand you can just to mv /opt/a/frogger /home/whateverusername16:43
anddamXtreme: that llooks beter in ##linux or a wireless-linux channel16:44
JerbotSo I'm actually supposed to move it INTO a username?!?!!16:44
anddamJerbot: you're not making much sense16:44
Jerbotbut why is it when I go to /home I don't have to type my username?16:44
Xtremeanddam, thats where i was16:44
Jerbotthat's so bizarreo16:44
anddamJerbot: describe your problem as it appears now16:44
JerbotWhen I moved it to /home, that worked.16:45
akikJerbot: your home directory is /home/username16:45
anddamlike "I type ls, I expect my files to show but nothing's there instead"16:45
JerbotMy biggest problem, today, was that I couldn't move any files using file explorer.  I thought that should be very easy just to move some files around.  Because the app I wanted to use wasn't in the pkg manager.16:45
akikkde's dolphin obfuscates this, calling /home/username your "home"16:46
Xtremeakik, i think many explorers do it.16:46
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
Jerbotthat's weird.  Every time I go to the /home directory I hae always seen all my files there. I never saw my username there.16:49
akikJerbot: it's "always" been like that16:49
SlartJerbot: nautilus the shortcut for your home folder is called "Home" ie the left panel shortcuts. The directory is actually called "/home/yourusername" though.. is this what the confusion is about?16:51
Slart*in nautilus16:51
HJLmacos does the same thing16:59
HJLfools you into thinking otherwise16:59
anddampoint is an user should make difference between '/home' and 'Home'17:12
LogicalDashI'd like to run an apt update and upgrade on my hard drive while actually running ubuntu from a USB. When I chroot into it to use apt, I get a bunch of Temporary failure in name resolution. This was also happening when booting from hard disk, which was why I was booting the USB to begin with17:19
LogicalDashI'm using 17.04 btw17:20
vltLogicalDash: What does /etc/resolv.conf look like?17:21
HJLI see Lubuntu is minimalist gui.  Does ubuntu have a flavour of non-gui live?17:21
compdoctheres ubuntu server, but I dont think it can load live17:24
LogicalDashvlt: it's empty. weird17:24
HJLcompdoc: cant, that was my first try too17:25
LogicalDashvlt: Ok, I copied the resolv.conf from the bootdisk and now I'm hitting the servers but it's also giving me E: Method store has died unexpectedly!17:25
LogicalDashE: Sub-process store received signal 7.17:25
LogicalDashMaybe I should just reinstall17:28
Bashing-omLogicalDash: Ypu loose the symlink " lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 29 Oct 16  2016 /etc/resolv.conf -> ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf " ?17:29
LogicalDashI guess so17:29
LogicalDashI put it back, thanks Bashing-om17:30
Bashing-omLogicalDash: :) my bit to try and help .17:31
LogicalDashSo what's sub-process store? there's no command line utility by that name17:33
LogicalDashOh, my temp directory is missing? Bizarre17:34
LogicalDashWell, empty17:35
LogicalDashThe strace shows a bunch of missing files in /var/lib/apt/lists17:36
LogicalDashThe last thing I remember doing before this was changing to the nvidia graphics drivers17:38
tgm4883HJL: what would be the point of a non-gui live ISO?17:40
Kaixxlliveterminalcd sounds like a thing17:45
akikHJL: stop the login manager and get a non-gui live?17:45
tgm4883Kaixxl: Still not sure I understand the point. The reason for the live cd is to try it out before installing.17:56
deadc0rpstechnically yes17:56
deadc0rpsbut also to do some other things like install grub, or do a rescue17:56
deadc0rpsbasically is a linux to do stuff, and show that ubuntu is pretty flexible17:57
tgm4883deadc0rps: Which can all be accomplished from the regular live cd...17:58
deadc0rpsi used the live cd on a usb to change my disk partitions17:58
=== AntiSpamMeta2 is now known as AntiSpamMeta
deadc0rpsyes, but with ubuntu you have all the tools already installed, like gparted and others17:58
tgm4883deadc0rps: yep, more a reason to use the regular live cd than need a terminal only cd17:59
deadc0rpsyeah, sure. i mean, there's no need for a ubuntu live cd, but is a nice thing to have because it's easy to use18:00
deadc0rpsthat's all, i'm agree with you, a linux live cd is the same18:00
tgm4883deadc0rps: correct. I was just trying to figure the need for a ubuntu terminal only live cd, which makes zero sense to me18:01
deadc0rpswell... have you ever used archlinux?18:01
|\nhello, after update to 16.04 hostapd is shutting down claiming [SMPS-STATIC] is not supported, previously it worked with this certain config, any hints appreciated, thanks18:01
tgm4883deadc0rps: yes18:01
|\n(iw proves it is supported)18:02
tgm4883deadc0rps: I've installed archlinux before (the hard way) and used it for awhile18:02
deadc0rpswell, then you know the good thing about having a desktop environment and all the wireless tools intalled from the go18:02
deadc0rpsthat's what i think is the best thing about ubuntu live cd18:02
tgm4883deadc0rps: we're both in agreement then18:03
Richard_CavellHello everyone. I have an iMac5,1 (late 2006). I'd like to install an LTS version of Ubuntu. Is anyone here familiar with running 16.04 LTS on the metal of an iMac5,1 ?18:06
HJLdeadc0rps: yes, to do hard drive testing actually18:09
|\nokay, i've discovered this one https://lists.openwrt.org/pipermail/openwrt-devel/2015-January/030939.html18:10
|\nbut still i don't get it, previously it worked fine18:10
|\nnot sure if it has anything to do with ubuntu instance18:11
ZtaAnyone who can help me with enabling the swap flag using parted?  https://pastebin.com/GYJk3Y5e18:13
Bashing-omZta: Swap is controlled from /etc/fstab - make sure the UUID agrees with ' sudo blkid ' .18:16
ZtaOk, so need to set the flag?  It's peculiar because (parted) help set  knows of a swap type, but obviously fails to set it.18:17
tomreynyou dont need to set the flag18:18
HJLI thought swapon was the command?18:18
mattjnt3SUP NOOBS :)) :)) :))18:18
|\nsup ;_;18:18
mattjnt3so how's going figuring out what linux is18:19
|\nmy wlan is borken, updated to 16.04 and hostapd now says that ht capab [SMPS-STATIC] is not longer supported, but iw still says it is and it was working previously18:20
beaverubottu: info nvidia-cuda-toolkit18:21
mattjnt3i suppose you should repeat it 4 times before someone ever gives attention to a such question18:21
beaver!info nvidia-cuda-toolkit18:21
ubottuPackage nvidia-cuda-toolkit does not exist in zesty18:21
tomreynmattjnt3: do you have an ubuntu support question?18:21
=== Guest22821 is now known as kspencer
mattjnt3tomreyn, no, i am offtopic18:22
tomreynmattjnt3: then please stop.18:22
mattjnt3tomreyn, please don't tell me what to do18:22
mattjnt3i will decide it by myself kthx18:22
oerheksbeaver, it should, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-cuda-toolkit18:25
mattjnt3nice article https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Linux_for_Niggers18:25
tomreyn!ops mattjnt318:25
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu18:25
mattjnt3!ops tomreyn18:25
oerheksmattjnt3, you are free to leave now.18:25
mattjnt3oerheks, no you18:26
ZtaHJL: swapon is the command to manually enable swap. I'm editing my partition table; it's the step prior to "swapon" it =)18:26
mattjnt3why kick18:27
mattjnt3or what it was18:27
mattjnt3fucking dictators18:27
vahid@mattjn3, where are you from ?18:27
mattjnt3wtf such a disrespect18:28
tomreynZta: IIRC i've seen the actual process of enabling swap setting that flag on msdos partition tables. but i could be wrong.18:28
mattjnt3fuck your mother whoever bans me18:28
tomreynvahid: please just ignore the troll.18:28
popschstrange problem: Lenovo E470 laptop, bluetooth is detect, but the wifi is not. any ideas?18:28
Novice201yHello. Are there any problems with installing Gnome on default Ubuntu 17.04?18:29
SlartNovice201y: I've never had any problems installing gnome.. haven't tried it on 17.04 though but I would be very surprised if it was problematic18:29
Ztatomreyn: I read that these flags aren't really used in modern partitions (gpt).  But they can be used by tools to figure out what the overall purpose of a partition is, e.g. raid or swap, and act upon it.  So I thought that since swap is pretty straight-forward it would be useful to set. But nevermind. I'll get its blkid and add it to /etc/fstab18:29
mattjnt3what a gay lmao18:30
mattjnt3kline / ban more18:30
pavlosZta: you defined the partition as linux-swap(v1). I looked at my disk, my swap is defined liked yours but the flag column is blank. I think you're ok.18:31
Ztapavlos: Thanks =)18:31
mattjnt3i can't talk18:31
mattjnt3help !ops18:31
popschis this bug still a problem in ubuntu 16.04? https://blog.hyperexpert.com/how-to-get-killer-wireless-ac-1525-working-with-ubuntu/18:32
popschspecifically this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/138318418:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1383184 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu Wily) "Atheros Qualcomm Killer N1525 Wireless-AC [168c:003e] is not supported" [Medium,Fix released]18:32
mattjnt3you will need to ban many US subnets today18:33
mattjnt3prepare for a long trip18:33
Slartpopsch: seems like the latest comment was almost a year ago.. can you try it on a live cd?18:34
ZtaCan't I mount using partition label instead of partition uuid?  I find labels more readable18:34
|\n!gay hes here again18:34
ubottu|\n: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:34
tomreynZta: i think you still can, but surely uuids ar emore unique18:35
|\ni mean !ops18:35
SlartZta: if it is readability you're after you can always add comments to the fstab file.. I'm not sure if there is a way to mount by label18:35
mattjnt3just because i love you!18:36
popschSlart, no, because the machine is 8000 km away from me :)18:36
popschseems like the bug is still happening18:36
Slartpopsch: ahh =) that makes it a bit more troublesome18:36
popschthere's nothing like debugging your parent's machine on a weekend18:37
ZtaSlart: Good point.  Well, the mount points themselves explain everything pretty well.  It's just the partition uuids that are ... unreadable18:37
mattjnt3because i love you!18:37
mattjnt3so can we talk about niggers now?18:38
SlartZta: this seems to suggest there is a way to mount using labels.. at least on arch.. and 8 years ago.. but still =) https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=8108918:41
johncena_we'll talk about niggers now18:41
SlartZta: I seem to recall there being a push to use uuid's instead... not sure if it's disabled though18:41
johncena_let's talk bout niggers18:42
Ztanevermind, I'll use uuid. Might as well get used to those.18:43
ZtaSometimes I miss the old /dev/hda1 days ;)18:44
Slartuntil you changed something and it moved your disks18:44
TheMasterWell you can still use  /dev/sda1  /  ext4...But not really a point to doing so.18:44
johncena_so this channel is racist because i can't talk about niggers.18:45
mircx1hello i need please help18:46
Slartschools are out for summer.. it's to be expected18:47
HJLtrolls.  No matter how old irc is, still has em18:47
mircx1how i edit iptables from terminal18:47
HJLI expected irc to get better, people that want to be here stay and the morons leave, but alas, I am wrong18:47
Slartmircx1: there is a iptables command18:47
mircx1is have commands from terminal like nano /etc/sysconfig/iptables18:47
mircx1i want to know if this right18:47
mircx1this a commands18:47
Slartmircx1: but afaik any settings you make will be lost when you reboot.. there are other ways to do this18:48
ZtaHow nice, mkswap also prints the newly generated UUID =)18:48
mircx1you know commands?18:48
Slartmircx1: are you sure you need to use iptables in a terminal though? there are easier ways18:48
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo18:49
mircx1i want edit iptables from text18:49
thewillois there an upgrade ability from LTS to normal release?18:49
mircx1this not very much help to me Slart18:50
Slartmircx1: there is a command that exports iptables settings to a text file.. I think it is iptables-save18:50
Flannelthewillo: yes.  You can upgrade from LTS to the next release, or from LTS to LTS.18:50
Slartmircx1: you can edit that file and load it back in with iptables-restore18:50
compdocmircx1, this isnt really a good place to learn iptables.18:50
mircx1i need a commands there is no have commands to terminal like it gedit /etc/sysconfig/iptables18:50
spacecumyou know what18:50
spacecumi will talk about that anyways18:50
thewilloFlannel, what is the comannd to upgrade to next non-LTS or current version18:50
spacecumn1gg3rs is a good topic18:51
Flannelthewillo: There's no different command, you just need to change your configuration slightly (to make the upgrade stuff look for "any" new release instead of just "lts" releases, and then run the regular tools.18:51
deadc0rps 18:52
Slartmircx1: there is no easy way to do this that I know of18:54
gr8manit's impossible18:54
Slartmircx1: there are other ways of managing your firewall18:54
* HJL is a fan of fwbuilder18:56
mdelislehi. I need help. I have 6 GPU on my board. when I run lspci | grep VGA. I see my 6 cards. but when I open nvidia, I see only 2 gpu. when I run the command lshw -C video, I see the list of my display but I have 1 onboard display, + 2 display nvidia, and I see 4 display mark as Unclaimed.18:59
Jean-Philippe6 GPU lol wtf\19:00
Slartthat's it.. I refuse to help anyone who has more gpus than I have cpu cores.. I will now go cry in a corner ;)19:00
Jean-Philippelol who needs 6 GPU??19:01
Slartmdelisle: no.. not seriously.. I would help if I could..19:01
SlartJean-Philippe: there are probably lots of people out there doing special things with gpus19:01
Slartbig simulators.. number crunchers etc19:02
migmolrodfrying eggs etc19:02
Jean-Philippefrying eggs lool19:02
mdelisleyeah its to compile many video in same time19:04
mdelisleusing gpu is faster19:04
Slartmdelisle: is this a new install? or it stopped working?19:05
mdelislenew install19:05
ioriamdelisle, you could  paste sudo lshw -C video  ...19:07
Slartdid you disable nouveau? ( the open source nvidia driver )19:07
Slartmdelisle: this might be useful https://superuser.com/questions/956868/ubuntu-box-with-multiple-nvidia-graphic-cards19:08
ZtaI was playing around with mkswap and lsblk and I discovered something rather disturbing: Sometimes there's a delay before lsblk can read the correct data, specifically the UUID! https://pastebin.com/eYB9PTWX19:09
Ztamkswap does print the correct UUID after creating the fs.  But lsblk output is easier to parse, so I wanted to use that.   But now I think I'll be okay with a little grepping and cutting =)19:10
ZtaLabel is also out of sync.  See lines 1, 11, 14, 17.19:11
SlartZta: ah.. tricky.. that would have taken some while to realise19:11
ZtaNow... what were we talking about... something about UUID vs /dev/sda2? ;)19:12
Slartat least the "hello-1" and the 52 uuid matched up..19:14
Slartit feels like it's just handing that stuff over to a background process.. "here.. do this when you have time"..19:14
ZtaJup.  man blkid says it's preferred to use lsblk because it doesn't require root.  But it also seems this comes at a price.19:16
ZtaI wonder if blkid gets the right info19:17
RealPanVHello! Running Ubuntu on an external hard drive, (/dev/sdc*) , bootloader used to be on /dev/sda* (the hard drive also had Windows installed) but- tl;dr grub rescue, I'm on a live usb, can't mount /dev/sda1 (location of the bootloader) because the NTFS partition is in an unsafe state.19:18
RealPanVAnd ro access would be useless considering I want to run grub-update19:19
Ztayeah, blkid seems reliable (based on two runs).19:19
ZtaSlart: Heh, man lsblk has a little note at the end of its description section ;)19:21
codecutterhow do i cancel a stalled sftp transfer?19:21
migmolrod@RealPanV have you already seen this? https://itsfoss.com/solve-ntfs-mount-problem-ubuntu-windows-8-dual-boot/19:21
Ztasyncing with udev19:21
RealPanVNope, didn't search around enough I guess19:21
migmolrod@RealPanV I've a similar problem actually. using ubuntu now, can't mount c: where windows is installed19:21
RealPanVJeez, how could I possibly forget the ntfsfix command19:22
RealPanVI need some caffeine19:22
ZtaRunning udevadm settle before lsblk helps.19:23
ZtaRealPanV: Me too!19:23
tomreyncodecutter: have you tried pressing Ctrl-C?19:23
tomreyni guess it dpeends on the client you use19:24
tomreynyou can always kill the process.19:24
codecutterit just goes to the next line containing the contents of the previous line19:24
ShaRoseSo, I've basically given up coaxing dracut to work with a luks-encrypted zfs root for 16.04... anyone want to guess at how much fun I'm going to have converting a dracut script to initramfs?19:24
migmolrod@RealPanV if you want to avoid it in the future, it seems you can actually disable that "Fast Start" """feature""" from windows that is causing the ntfs unsafe state19:24
codecutterjust did that19:24
RealPanVmigmolrod: I was playing around with the BIOS settings and accidentally turned on Fast Boot.19:25
|\nupdated to 16.04, result: hostapd now says that ht capab [SMPS-STATIC] is no longer supported, iw is showing it, was working previously, maybe someone knows when exactly it happened because i believe i'm not the only one with such thingy19:25
migmolrodmy BIOS doesn't even have that option, yet i get the error hahaha19:25
RealPanVI think you can turn it off on windows19:25
RealPanVdont quote me on that19:26
migmolrodyep. looks like that as i'm reading19:26
migmolrodwill try it next time i boot windows. like next month or so hahaha19:26
Bashing-omZta: To clear cache and get new view: ' sudo blkid -c /dev/null -o list ' .19:26
tomreyncodecutter: what you describe is not the behaviour i would expect to see when hitting ctrl-c on an ongoing sftp (the CLI utility of the openssh package) transfer. maybe check dmesg.19:27
ZtaBashing-om: Yes, well.  First: I've fixed it with "udevadm settle". Secondly: lsblk is interesting because it has nice output and doesn't require root.  Neither does udevadm settle.  But your solution does =)19:28
codecutterwhen making a ssh connectiion i have to enter  " eval `ssh-agent -s` " and " and ssh-add ~/.ssh/project" else i get Permission denied (publickey).19:29
codecutterhow do i fix this?19:30
pavlos|\n: see this, not sure if it helps ... https://github.com/wifiphisher/wifiphisher/issues/21919:30
akikZta: do you get the FSTYPE and UUID columns with "lsblk --output NAME,LABEL,SIZE,FSTYPE,UUID" without using sudo? i don't19:30
|\no/ pavlos thx19:30
Ztaakik: I do.19:31
akikZta: ok it's a change between 14.04 and 16.04. on 14.04 i don't see them without sudo19:32
Ztabut only for devices that have uuid.  My stupid snap squashfs loopbacks don't have uuid.  But everything has an fstype.19:32
Ztalsblk is neat-o.  You should dist upgrade ;)19:33
|\nnah, pavlos, unfortunately hostapd -d explicitly states that it fails at this certain capab, removing it from old previously working config makes things spin heh19:33
|\nbut thanks19:33
ZtaGreat!  My swap partitions seem to mount.  But I messed up my RAID array somehow, so ... there's  that =)19:35
pavlos|\n: the hostapd config file should list the HT_capab and it could be an issue, see ... http://forum.ipfire.org/viewtopic.php?t=1451319:35
MarkB2After loading 16.04 LTS 64-bit, the system was quite snappy... that is, it was fast, everything popped up near instantly.. good stuff.  After a few  sudo apt-get update and upgrade cycles though... it acts like cold molasses flowing uphill.19:36
sebsebsebMarkB2: hmm nope  should work well enough even after some upgdates installed here and there etc19:37
MarkB2Right-click on background, wait 15 seconds for the little popup.  Select terminal.. and wor, does that take FOREVER (at least a minute).19:37
sebsebsebMarkB2: how much RAM, what kind of computer etc?19:37
MarkB2Intel i5 (quad core pentium class) at 1.7 GHz, 4 GB RAM.19:38
MarkB2I have it on the table behind me...19:38
sebsebsebMarkB2: how did you install Ubuntu?19:39
oerheksMarkB2, disable some indexing sevice in the background usually helps > systemsettings > privacy > file/applications - off19:39
MarkB2The directions say to insert target media into the slot, get the image written to an SDHC device, and use the BIOS to boot the SDHC image.19:39
MarkB2That starts up an installer.. and in it goes.19:39
MarkB2There's an INDEXING service running???19:40
oerhekswait, you load a live iso and you run updates ???19:40
MarkB2Give me a minute to fire the thing up.19:40
MarkB2It's not a "live ISO".  The image is an installer and it puts itself into the installed drive.19:40
MarkB2Let me get the thing fired up... one moment.19:41
|\npavlos, this certain line used to work with ralink on pci bus since idk 12.04 probably (can't remember well) until 16.04 "ht_capab=[SMPS-STATIC][GF][SHORT-GI-20][SHORT-GI-40][HT40-][HT40+][RX-STBC12][TX-STBC1]"19:41
MarkB2Well as much as a moment this thing takes...19:41
|\nafter proceeding to 16.04 it is enough to remove [SMPS-STATIC] from it to make it work, i wonder what is the reason for it, since iw lists it19:42
tomreyncodecutter: "man ssh_config" - you can add 'Host' records in ~/.ssh/config which indicate the SSH public key to authenticate with ('IdentityFile')19:43
pavlos|\n: idk, seems things changed in hostapd moving to 16.0419:43
MarkB2It comes up with this big purple screen with "Ubuntu 16.04" right in the middle and four little blips below.. one blipping up after another.  It's STILL doing it.19:43
MarkB2Blipping, that is.19:43
|\npavlos, thank you for that assumption!19:44
MarkB2Okay.. turned off the app-usage recording.   Ran  systemd-analyze blame   and got a list of startup applications and the time it took for them to run.19:46
MarkB2This one startup thing..  systemd-rfkill.service takes 10 seconds to run.19:47
tomreynMarkB2: which directions are you following (URL)? which installer / image are you using?19:48
MarkB2Let me get the URL ... one moment.19:48
tomreynand maybe discuss the overall goal + purpose and choices you have taken, too19:49
MarkB2Look about two-thirds down the page to the "Alternative install".19:49
MarkB2The computer is an Intel Joule 570x with Intel's expansion board.19:50
MarkB2It's being used to control a bunch of stuff via i2c .. and I've managed to interface a joystick to the GPIO pins.19:51
MarkB2This thing used to fly along... then doing the update/upgrade started installing stuff ...19:51
MarkB2then the performance just croaked.19:51
tomreynMarkB2: i see. it's good to immediately point out that you use non standard installations when asking questions here. otherwise people will have different expectations.19:55
MarkB2tomreyn: Ubuntu/Canonical does provide those instructions for installing 16.04 onto this platform and what I described is exactly what they call for.19:56
MarkB2..called for.. and what was done.19:56
AlexPortableHow do I make my external disk actually stay spinned down after removing it in 'Computer' ?19:58
AlexPortableI click on 'safely remove', then it'll spin down for 2 seconds, and then spin up again and get mounted again19:58
tomreynMarkB2: i understand that this is a development (beta) installation method for specific hardware. i don't know the details of this installation media and cannot tell how it'll behave. but we can just assume (guess) that it'll behave just like an official image and go from there.19:58
tomreynMarkB2: what size is the flash media?19:58
MarkB216 GB.19:59
n-iCewhich ons is more lightweight, xubuntu or lubuntu19:59
MarkB2More than that.. and the Joule can't handle it.19:59
MarkB2tomreyn: Both installed and installer media are 16 GB Class 10 microSDHC cards.20:00
ZtaI'm new to RAID and still trying to learn how the configuration fits together. I've made my partitions (parted...), I've assembled my array (mdadm --create --verbose /dev/md44 --name=data --level=raid1 --metadata=1.2 --raid-devices=2 /dev/sd{a,b}1), I've formatted the array (sudo mkfs -t ext4 -L myserver-data /dev/md44)  and I've setup /etc/fstab to mount by UUID.  And then there's /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf...20:00
tomreynMarkB2: okay, maybe it's already quite full, and maybe it's a bad file system. you could use 'df -h' on the running system to check both.20:00
tomreyn*bad file system choice for this storage media20:01
tomreynMarkB2: also check 'dmesg -T' for any issues suggesting that I/O may be impacted.20:03
ZtaWhat's mdadm.conf? Why does /dev/md44 become /dev/md127 after reboot? And /dev/md/hostname:data instead of /dev/md/data like I named it? I've tried appending the output of mdadm --examine --brief /dev/sd{a,b}1 to mdadm.conf, but this command says the device is caled /dev/md/data but like I said, this doesn't exist, so mount fails.20:03
MarkB2tomreyn: Ah.. Thank you... I'd nearly forgotten about dmesg.   -T?  Will do..  Thank you  brb.20:04
ZtaStuff is not referenced properly.20:04
tomreynMarkB2: -T shows records in your local time zone.20:04
tomreynMarkB2: btw. i imagine there can be dedicated B2B support available through either Intel or Canonical for your work on this device. Just a guess.20:06
MarkB2tomreyn: apparmor is recording a TON of notices to the kernel ring.20:09
tomreynMarkB2: maybe it's just not designed for use with this special Intel Atom (not core i5) SoC20:10
MarkB2tomreyn: I suppose I deserved that... I picked up this thing after learning of an opportunity with a shop using it.  Hiring manager said, "Figure this out and there's a job here."20:10
MarkB2Hm.  it's a quad-core Intel SoC.  apologies.. it "looked" like a slow i5 equivalent.20:11
tomreynno worries, it doesn't really matter that much.20:11
MarkB2But, I see your point.  I should not be using this forum to advance my chance of finding work.20:12
MarkB2Not fair to everyone.20:12
tomreyni'll have to leave unfortunately, good luck. check also /var/log/syslog and consider stopping apparmor.20:12
MarkB2Thank you .  Will check into it.20:12
MarkB2And, oh yeah, Intel is hip deep into this "snap" stuff.20:13
=== Guest64448 is now known as FManTropyx
ZtaAh!  It seems like I can live without modifying my mdadm.conf, and simply rely on mounting by UUID once it fs has been assembled and created.20:16
pavlosMarkB2: for reference, https://communities.intel.com/community/tech/intel-joule/20:17
oerheksMarkB2,  when i run snap find Joule there are 2 files popping up20:18
oerheksjoule-linux  4.4.0-1000.0+joule21-8  canonical  -      linux kernel for Intel Joule20:18
oerheksjoule        16.04-0.8+3             canonical  -      Joule system package20:18
MarkB2pavlos:  +10 Internetz to you.  I ONCE found that link... and haven't been able to find it again!!  DANKE!20:20
MarkB2oerheks: I've found both snap and apparmor on the machine.  They must have come along for the ride with updates.  Gah.  Must everything be wrapped up like this?20:21
MarkB2And snappyLand ... I have YET to take the source code for a program, compile it, and turn it into a snap.20:22
MarkB2pavlos: oops.  I misread the URL.  I know the Intel communities site.  (1) they don't support Ubuntu any more and (2) I've found so many problems that my head hurts.20:25
MarkB2The Joule platform was released a little too early for the software.20:25
oerhekslots of issues were solved with a bios update, i read too20:26
Kaixxlbios updates feels like lotto at times20:26
oerheksand there are more pi users i guess, so more documentation available20:27
MarkB2Those BIOS updates are the worst.  Burning a new BIOS requires a USB A to Type C cable, special software that's only runs well on a WinTel box.20:28
pavlosMarkB2: np, I sent it hoping it would be good ref ... I use pi320:28
MarkB2I *LIKE* the Pi3's.  Had one job where I had to do the "build a reinstallable system" thing.20:29
MarkB2Pi3's are, compared to the Joule, Very Well Documented.20:29
MarkB2The Joule BIOS has a ..special.. bug built-in: There is NO way to reset BIOS parameters to the original install state.20:31
MarkB2It requires reflashing the BIOS.20:31
|\ncould you please name the bios chip?20:31
MarkB2In the Joule?  It's built-into the compute module.. and Intel has never released a schematic of the compute module.20:32
AlexPortableHow do I make my external disk actually stay spinned down after removing it in 'Computer' ? I click on 'safely remove', then it'll spin down for 2 seconds, and then spin up again and get mounted again20:32
MarkB2And if anyone wants to see an Intel support person backpedal faster than the speed of typing:  https://communities.intel.com/thread/11337620:34
MarkB2Messages #2, #3, and #4 in that thread are ..illuminating.20:34
MarkB2And can someone clue me in as to what "Plymouth" is in Ubuntu-Land?20:36
TheOneMenzieMarkB2: The splash screen.20:36
MarkB2You mean that Really Pretty Purple thing with all the moving symbols??20:36
MarkB2I saw that purple thing ONCE after install.  It's taking up twelve seconds of time during boot.  How can I turn it OFF??20:38
|\nnice thread!20:38
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
TheOneMenzieMarkB2: Remove the Plymouth package and update your initial ramdisk.20:38
MarkB2|\n: Brought to you by the DROIDS at Intel.20:38
airkingokay, panicing a bit here.  i installed new case fans and now my rig wont post20:39
MarkB2TheOneMenzie:  You mean   sudo apt-get remove plymouth   followed by a purge is all I need??20:39
airkingi get to the ASrock screen where I can do things like press f11 for the bios, but it doesnt accept keypresses20:39
|\nMarkB2, i'm not kind of intel consumer myself, but the fact that it take a month to show something to "the group" looks familiar to me, even though wasn't related to ubuntu or intel heh20:39
airkingand never leaves that screen20:39
TheOneMenzieMarkB2: Pretty much, but don't forget to run update-initramfs20:40
MarkB2|\n: MRAA is a "standard" package for getting at the GPIO, PWM, and UART interfaces.  But Intel quality control is starting to show wear and tear (a LOT) on this platform.20:40
MarkB2I mean, the guy ADMITS it works nice ONCE... but not TWICE!!20:41
MarkB2TheOneMenzie: I've written that down and am gonna set it up.20:41
MarkB2Trimming THAT off the startup will be a *PLUS*.20:41
pavlosairking: disconnect fans, does it post? connect one fan, does it post? and so on ...20:41
TheOneMenzieMarkB2: One more thing: Get rid of "splash" in /etc/default/grub 's GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line, and then do [ sudo update-grub ]20:42
codecutterdo i need to reload anything after editing /etc/ssh/ssh_config?20:43
TheOneMenziecodecutter: [ sudo service sshd restart ] would be a good idea if you don't wanna reboot20:43
pavloscodecutter: ssh_config is the client component so I dont see the point of bouncing sshd ...20:44
phunyguywhoops, wrong chan  ☺20:44
MarkB2TheOneMenzie: You won't believe this.. but removing plymouth will remove all of X-Windows!20:46
TheOneMenzieCan you pastebin the output?20:47
MarkB2The result of the apt-get remove ?20:47
TheOneMenzieYeah, but hit ^C before accepting the remove20:47
airkingpavlos: I pulled CMOS and waited then reinstall CMOS, now it works.20:48
airkingCould the CMOS battery be going?20:48
airkingrig is approaching 3 years old20:48
MarkB2Oh, I type 'N' at the "want to proceed" question.. but I need to get the Joule up on chat.freenode.net to do it.20:48
TheOneMenzieMarkB2 : Pressing "N" is technically cleaner20:48
MarkB2Hm.  Maybe webchat.freenode.net will work?20:48
TheOneMenzieWhat are you trying to do?20:49
TheOneMenzieYou can use a program like pastebinit to generate a link and then type the link in here20:49
MarkB2Have to log out of here to use the Joule...be right back.20:53
MarkB2TheOneMenzie: NickServ is getting particular on how I log in...20:59
MarkB2Should I copy/paste the result? Or pastebin it?20:59
MarkB2Done.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/24884126/21:00
TheOneMenzieSeems to be tied to lightdm somehow21:01
|\nfor a looong time already21:01
MarkB2It looks like removing plymouth would cripple ubuntu on this platform.21:01
TheOneMenzieProbably due to the .service21:01
TheOneMenzieMarkB2: Try the other suggestion I gave.21:02
MarkB2Removing it from the /etc/default/grub ?21:02
mentazoondoes ubuntu mean something african?21:03
mentazooni mean related to black people?21:03
mentazoonsounds black idd21:03
mentazoonor let's say, DARK21:03
pavlosmentazoon: https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu21:04
TheOneMenziementazoon: It is a Zulu word... but you are warned that racism is forbidden21:04
MarkB2TheOneMenzie: If "quiet" is removed, do I get the nice noisy startup racket?21:04
mentazoonoh nice21:04
TheOneMenzieMarkB2: yep21:04
mentazoonwell i am reading this book https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Linux_for_Niggers21:05
mentazoonand learned a lot21:05
MarkB2TheOneMenzie: I have DREAMED of getting THAT back.  No kidding.  Truly.  I WANT to see what's going on..21:05
mentazoonthanks guys21:05
MarkB2Updating now.21:05
TheOneMenzie!ops | mentazoon (racism)21:05
ubottumentazoon (racism): Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu21:05
mentazoon!ops TheOneMenzie (racism)21:05
ubottumentazoon: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:05
mentazoonTheOneMenzie, what, you hate black people or something?21:06
|\ni did something bad to plymouth, it sopped doing anything, but i still can bring up what exactly21:06
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mentazoonplymouth was written by the white to discriminate black21:07
pavlosairking: cmos battery life 3-5 yr, maybe replace it21:08
mentazoonphunyguy, Hello21:09
mentazoonwas it you who just banned me?21:09
mentazooni'd like to appeal21:09
snkcldim on ubuntu 17.04, using the vanilla upstream kernel. i dont even _have_ the powersave governor included in my build, not even as a module. but sometimes when i boot, powersave is the default governor. how exactly is that? lol21:11
sebsebsebmemorynoise: one of the ops and you can appeal in #ubuntu-ops21:11
sebsebsebfor mentazoon21:11
phunyguymentazoon: appeals are in #ubuntu-ops21:11
snkcldwow nevermind, i just realized that with pstate, the cpufreq governors arent related.. my bad21:12
MarkB2Getting rid of the "splash" removed that PURPLE screen at the start.  Now I'm seeing the errors that might be causing this mess.21:16
MarkB2Is there a way to record all those startup messages somewhere?21:16
tgm4883MarkB2: look at dmesg21:16
MarkB2Here's one "cute" error message:  6.920316] intel-ipu4 0000:00:03.0: Direct firmware load for ipu4_cpd_b0.bin failed with error -221:18
MarkB2Followed by:     6.920328] intel-ipu4 0000:00:03.0: Requesting signed firmware failed21:19
MarkB2Another boot time-eater is systemd-rfkill.service21:22
pavlosMarkB2: dmesg -T | pastebinit should give you a link21:22
MarkB2Hmm... that many-second plymouth seems to be gone.Okay, let me do  a systemd-analyze blame and21:24
MarkB2... sorry.. dmesg -T to pastebinit coming up.21:24
xblcsorry phunyguy21:24
xblci am not going to talk about niggers21:24
MarkB2Hm.  I don't have "pastebinit"... back to using Chromium and copy/paste.21:25
TheOneMenzie[ sudo apt install pastebinit ]21:26
MarkB2That's next.  Thank you.  Here's the output of dmesg for this boot.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/24884296/21:27
MarkB2Apologies... it's a big paste.21:28
MarkB2I wonder if the startup stuff is output to the debug port.... (goes looking for a microUSB to A cable..21:30
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gwillemthese racists21:47
gwillemare censoring me21:47
codecutteris there redis package available, this article seems to suggest building it from source https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-configure-redis-on-ubuntu-16-0421:50
oerhekscodecutter, yes, redis server is not in our repos21:54
codecutterwell, thats a shame21:54
codecutterperhaps you should add it?21:54
oerheksow, i am wrong, https://launchpad.net/redis21:54
codecutterhow do i install it?21:55
pavloscodecutter: https://www.rosehosting.com/blog/how-to-install-configure-and-use-redis-on-ubuntu-16-04/21:55
Bashing-omcodecutter: apt list php-redis >> php-redis/xenial 2.2.7-389-g2887ad1+2.2.7-1 amd64 .21:56
oerheksit is not the latest, but got all security fixes21:56
sigyyni'd like to talk about how black ubuntu is21:58
sigyynso a single nigger can use ubuntu righ21:58
codecutterpavlos: thx22:01
codecutterBashing-om: i don't know what that was but no thx22:02
John[Lisbeth]I am building an application for ubuntu and I am wondering where in the filesystem I should put the files for my program22:07
pavlosJohn[Lisbeth]: to test, ~/bin, to made it production /usr/local/bin22:10
John[Lisbeth]I am not exactly looking to put it in my bin folder because I will be mutating this folder alot and so I am looking to put these executbales in their own folder22:13
John[Lisbeth]basically something like /usr/lib22:13
John[Lisbeth]or maybe /usr/lib is the correct place22:13
blkadderJohn[Lisbeth], It's generally under /usr/local or /opt22:13
blkadder /usr/lib wouldn't be the right place for executables AFAIK...22:14
John[Lisbeth]it would be like /usr/lib/mycustomfolder or /usr/opt/mycustomfolder22:15
John[Lisbeth]basically when you apt-get install something it installs a series of files for that package to a folder, and I am curious where people put their files for their packages22:15
blkadderWell, exec files would go in /usr/local/bin, libraries in /usr/local/lib, config in /usr/local/etc and so forth.22:16
John[Lisbeth]is it appropriate for me to make a package that on another user's computer makes a new file in /usr/local/lib/mynewfolder?22:17
blkadderIf you had library files that you needed to place, you could.22:19
John[Lisbeth]thank you for the help22:20
codecutteris there a go to place to search for a package? I'm looking for solr22:21
glitsj16codecutter: apt-cache policy *solr* is one option, search via https://packages.ubuntu.com is another22:26
codecutterthere is a few, which one do i need?22:28
glitsj16codecutter: they both offer the same info, and both are official repo interfaces, for PPA's you can go to launchpad.net22:29
codecutterall these are old22:30
codecutteri need solr v 622:30
glitsj16codecutter: in that case I'd look for a PPA first and save building from source as another option22:31
codecutteri can't seem to find it, perhaps i missed something can take a look?22:32
glitsj16codecutter: that's always possible when you need the latest version of a package? i'm not familiar with solr to give yoy anything useful on that. Have you looked at upstream website, git repo or something similar, they might have a PPA of their own22:34
codecutteri'm not familiar with any of these sites22:35
codecutteri'll build it from source22:36
glitsj16codecutter: seems to be your best option, you can always use checkinstall (a package you'll need to install) if you want to turn the build into a .deb that integrates nicely with apt22:37
FManTropyxmy swap usage is still 65% after closing down everything except qBitTorrent22:51
alex-therapyI'm going to reinstall Ubuntu for unrelated reasons on my daily driver soon. Is there a good reason as to switch to 17.10 already, due to the new changes?22:51
sebsebsebalex-therapy: as a dialy driver 17.10 is to early really22:51
sebsebsebalex-therapy: since its not even had a alpha 1 yet22:51
sebsebsebits just dialy builds for now22:51
sebsebseband even alpha 1 and even 2 would be early as daily driver22:52
tgm4883Daily driver time is when it's released22:52
tgm4883eg. octobor22:52
sebsebsebor a bit before for some people, but for most final release yes22:52
tgm4883sebsebseb: there is zero reason to recommend installing it early22:52
alex-therapysebsebseb: would you say that it would be unstable to the point where I could lose my work if I use it?22:52
sebsebsebalex-therapy: you can get used to GNOME in Ubuntu GNOME in 17.04 in the mean time, ( or even smoe other distros Fedora etc )22:52
sebsebsebalex-therapy: yes to unstable to rely on22:53
tgm4883alex-therapy: if you have to ask that question, then 17.10 is not for you22:53
sebsebsebfor now for daily use22:53
sebsebsebeven though Ubuntu has had so many releases etc22:53
alex-therapyis the transition from 17.04 to 17.10 going to be smooth enough as to not have to make a clean reinstall in October?22:53
sebsebseband gone through these development release cycles so many times22:53
alex-therapytgm4883: sure22:53
sebsebseband even though they decided not to release an Ubuntu untill alpha 2 for that reason to, but community flavours get alha 122:53
sebsebsebalex-therapy: yes put 17.04 on, and you can upgrade to 17.1022:53
sebsebseband upgrade should go fine22:53
sebsebsebtgm4883: I disagree with that, some of us are more technical when it comes to Ubuntu and Linuxi n general, so have reasons to run it early, but for everyone else, wait untill final yes22:55
tgm4883sebsebseb: What are you disagreeing with?22:55
sebsebsebtgm4883:  your comment,  zero reason comment22:55
tgm4883sebsebseb: check the channel you are in and tell me why you would "recommend" anyone install 17.10 early22:56
alex-therapythanks everybody that answers my 17.10 concerns, however I wish to ask about 17.04 as well. I'm already used to GNOME since I'm a concurrent Fedora user, but I also like Unity's scaling much better as well as handling of some effects. Should I stick to Unity on 17.04 or try to manually force GNOME on it since it is the future for Ubuntu?22:56
sebsebsebtgm4883: developers, bug testers,  expereinced running development releases early people etc,  those are the kind that should do it early, but everyone else so this alex-therapy  for example, well no22:57
sebsebsebtgm4883: qa as well for early22:57
tgm4883sebsebseb: again, you wouldn't be recommending it to people in this channel. Heck, you probably wouldn't need to recommend it to those people you mentioned either, since they know full well what they are doing22:57
alex-therapyI'm a dev too you guys, a student at UC berkeley. Just tired of wasting time with messing around with distros and want apple-esque experience with the freedoms of FOSS22:58
tgm4883alex-therapy: there will be no reason to force it to gnome. The upgrade to 17.10 will install gnome for you or you can install 17.04 gnome now22:58
sebsebsebtgm4883:  my point is some people have valid reasosns to put it on early, some of which do come to this channel by the way,  but everyone else no they don't really so should stay to stable,22:58
glitsj16alex-therapy: why not install both unity & GNOME and compare22:58
sebsebsebalex-therapy: 17.04 gets Unity 7 by default22:59
sebsebsebalex-therapy: and also a updated Unity 8 previewer for desktop, which actsaully is quite useable really, depending on what programs are used with it22:59
HankbonkCan one ask questions on Damn Small Linux here ?22:59
alex-therapysound advice. Last main question: does 17.04 use Ubuntu software center of GNOME software for software distribution?22:59
tgm4883Hankbonk: no22:59
sebsebsebalex-therapy: however thats been dropped, won't  get Unity 8 like that in future releaes, just like Unity 7 won't be there by default anymore either22:59
Hankbonkok, bye23:00
alex-therapysebsebseb: any point to the unity 8 previewer if it is going to be dropped, come 17.10?23:00
alex-therapysebsebseb: nvm23:00
alex-therapythanks everybody for the advice, I'm off to work.23:01
* sebsebseb is actually planning on doing this with this lap top, but not yet :d. Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 17.10 ( that one will get upgraded to 18.04), and Mageia 6. it's currently. Windows 10 upgraded from 8.1, and Ubuntu 17.04 upgraded from 16.10, and Mageia 5, but hey I have my reasons for doing that kind of set up :d23:01
sebsebsebalex-therapy: the unity 8 previewe is fun23:02
sebsebsebit just doens't work as well as the Unity 8 on the phone or tablet, those have also been dropped, but theres a community fork keeping things going ubports :)23:02
sebsebseboh just left oh well23:02
beefjoeI'm getting this in terminal on apt-get update23:09
beefjoeE: Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/23:09
Ichimusaibeefjoe: Is it already running in another window/terminal?23:10
beefjoeno, and I just logged out and tried again..23:10
geniiUsually means automatic updates are running23:11
beefjoeE: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)23:11
Ichimusaibeefjoe: It may be running in the background. If you are certain it is not, then you may remove the lock file /var/lib/lists/lock and try again. But only when sure.23:12
beefjoehow to check if it's running in the background ?23:12
Ichimusaips aux | grep synaptic23:13
Ichimusaips aux | grep apt23:13
IchimusaiIf its running wait for it to complete23:13
Ichimusaiif it is stuck give it some time and send kill signal to the process23:13
beefjoeAll good now, thanks :)23:15
beefjoesynpatic was running for some reason..23:15
IchimusaiIt does that regularly unless you tell it not to update your system23:15
codecutteri can't connect to http://MY_IP:8983/solr/, this maybe because of the firewall23:29
codecutterif so how do i enable it?23:29
blkaddercodecutter, Are you sure the service is up?23:30
blkadderAnd listening on that port?23:30
codecutterstatus shows its up23:30
blkaddernetstat -a | grep 88323:30
blkaddernetstat -a | grep 898323:31
codecuttertcp6       0      0 [::]:8983               [::]:*                  LISTEN23:31
blkadderThat IPv623:32
blkaddernot ipv423:32
blkadderAre you attempting to access it via IPv6 addresses?23:32
blkadderWell, that's a problem.23:33
codecutterhow do i fix it?23:33
blkadderMake Solr listen on the IPv4 interface.23:33
codecutterI think I need to do tje following? https://www.webfoobar.com/node/5923:40
=== LjL is now known as vrms
blkaddercodecutter More likely you need to tell java to prefer IPv423:49
codecutterjava or solr?23:49
blkadderI am not sure how you installed solr, what webserver you are using, etc. so YMMV: https://guides.wp-bullet.com/install-solr-ubuntu-14-04-for-faster-wordpress-search/23:49
codecutterthis is how i did it https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/how-to-install-and-configure-solr-on-ubuntu-1604/23:50
blkaddercodecutter, Well technically java but within the context of solr. :-)23:52
ppetewhat is alien?23:52
oerheksalien is a RPM tool23:53
oerheks!info alien23:53
ubottualien (source: alien): convert and install rpm and other packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 8.95 (zesty), package size 53 kB, installed size 166 kB23:53
codecuttertcp        0      0 *:8983                  *:*                     LISTEN23:54
ppete!info alien23:54
ubottualien (source: alien): convert and install rpm and other packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 8.95 (zesty), package size 53 kB, installed size 166 kB23:54
blkaddercodecutter, Progress.23:55
blkadderCan you access the admin page now?23:56

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