puffGood afternoon, I'm looking for some more info on the gitolite3 package.  The existing ubuntu gitolite docs have alot of configuration steps that clearly the gitolite3 install does automatically.  I'm not sure what to donext.00:00
buggaboosanchezbazhang: my computer froze up and I had to restart. Can you please paste the link again?00:02
minimecbuggaboosanchez: 01:54       bazhang : https://askubuntu.com/questions/860145/set-title-for-each-terminal-tab-in-gnome-terminal-using-a-bash-script buggaboosanchez00:02
bazhanghttps://askubuntu.com/questions/853140/how-do-i-configure-gitolite3-to-use-the-git-account-on-ubuntu-lts-16 puff00:03
puffminimec: Yeah, I have that page open already... not much there.00:03
puffminimec: Thanks.00:05
buggaboosanchezminimec: but that is to do it on the command line. Is there a menu item ( because the last time I did it - a few years ago - it seem to me there was _00:07
n1amrHi, does anyone knows if it's possible to create a script that determines whether the colors on screen are dark or light in order to inverse colors if it is light?00:10
lordcirthn1amr, on the whole display?00:11
n1amrlordcirth: yes00:11
lordcirthn1amr, this might be useful: https://github.com/adrieng/xrandr-nightmode00:11
minimecbuggaboosanchez: I simply use a 2nd terminal program for this. In my case mate-terminal. As example... 'mate-terminal --profile=Irssi --title="Irssi IRC Client" -e irssi &'00:12
minimecbuggaboosanchez: This would be the command I use as a .desktop launcher.00:13
n1amrlordcirth: I get a 'undefined refernce to xcb_{ALMOST EVERYTHIN}' when I compile it. I can't find a solution to this error. Did you have this before?00:25
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lordcirthn1amr, I have never used this, I just searched for 'xrandr invert dark'00:28
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n1amrNo problem, that was not exactly what I was searching for. I wanted something to analyze the screen colors only00:36
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GlamdeskI'm having trouble figuring out how to use Xephyr or xinit. I get a mouse that's just an X and no real display.00:54
GlamdeskHow do I do this right?00:54
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lordcirthGlamdesk, what arguments are you running it with?01:05
GlamdeskXephyr :1 -ac -screen 1280x800x8 & (linebreak) DISPLAY=:1 xterm , as per https://wiki.winehq.org/256_Color_Mode01:06
GlamdeskOr the xinit instructions below it.01:07
lordcirthGlamdesk, ok, and xterm doesn't show up?01:07
GlamdeskI guess not, if the symptoms I described mean that.01:08
GlamdeskCertainly I don't get a usable interface.01:08
lordcirthGlamdesk, is it just a black window with the mouse being an X? nothing else?01:08
GlamdeskHrm. No, not quite true of the Xephyr. You also get a text terminal.01:09
lordcirthGlamdesk, well, that's the point of the command.  xterm is a basic terminal emulator01:09
GlamdeskDarn. I was hoping for a proper GUI.01:09
lordcirthGlamdesk, with what in it?  Aren't you just trying to run an application in wine?01:10
GlamdeskYessss, but, uh... it's kind of a uniquely bad fit.01:10
lordcirthEither substitute xterm with your wine command, or run the wine command in the xterm.01:10
GlamdeskFrom appdb.winehq.org: The problem most people have encountered that prevents them from starting the game is the "unable to create a surface" error during startup. This is an error that occurs both in Wine and native windows, and is a result of the game being unable to run in a 16/24 bit display environment. Configuring your display to run with 8-bit color depth (256 colors) should allow the game to start normally.01:11
GlamdeskWill do.01:11
GlamdeskI'll give that a shot right now, see what happens.01:11
GlamdeskHoly crap, that's the ugliest thing I've ever seen.01:13
GlamdeskIt looks kinda like the time I, out of blatant morbid curiousity, tried to run OpenTyrian from the terminal and got a display entirely made of seemingly arbitrary text symbols in the right colors and orientations.01:14
GlamdeskTechnically it works. I hear the sounds.01:14
GlamdeskSo, I need a window manager. ^_^01:16
lordcirthGlamdesk, I'd suggest Openbox01:16
GlamdeskSo if I'm already using lubuntu, how would I go about using Openbox from that term?01:17
lordcirthGlamdesk, oh, well LXDE is fine too01:17
lordcirthAny light one will do well01:17
GlamdeskHeh. Same question, really.01:17
lordcirthGlamdesk, just tack on '; startlxde &' I think,01:18
* Glamdesk frowns.01:19
GlamdeskI'll be right back, gonna start fresh.01:19
Jim121Someone's butthurt.01:19
lordcirthJim121, no, and that's not helpful01:23
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fishcooker$ cat /dev/null > *.mkv the output is bash: *.mkv: ambiguous redirect01:33
fishcookerhow to nullified the files i've tried to find exec but doesn't work01:33
wedgiefor file in *.mkv; do : > "$file"; done01:38
GlamdeskSorry, started working on my shoulders and suddenly all my computer woes seemed so far away.01:39
Al3xG0awk '{curl -s "http://post.site.com/post.php?site="$0"> /dev/null"}' ip.txt what is problem in command?01:46
wedgieAl3xG0: ... what are you exoecting that to do? why is awk involved at all?01:52
Glamdeskwhiskey tango foxtrot!01:58
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bubbelyHi. I tried burning an ubuntu iso with rufus to a usb drive to install on my x205t. i chose the usb drive at boot menu and it just restarts. help03:13
bubbelynm, fixed.03:17
GlamdeskOkay, silly question. I'm running lubuntu 16.04, at least I have every reason to think I am, and it's saying I don't have startlxde because I don't have lxde-common. Is that reasonable?03:38
GlamdeskI'd ask in #lubuntu, but it's been quiet there for an hour, so I figured I'd ask here.03:41
Ben64Glamdesk: really hard question to answer03:44
GlamdeskI thought lubuntu was called lubuntu *because* it uses lxde, though.03:44
Ben64well yes03:44
GlamdeskHrm. Can you explain this like I'm 5?03:45
Ben64ubuntu uses unity (currently), kubuntu uses kde, xubuntu uses xfce, lubuntu uses lxde, ubuntu-gnome uses gnome03:46
* Glamdesk nods.03:47
GlamdeskMore answer is inbound, I assume.03:47
GlamdeskOh. Okay.03:48
Ben64not sure what you're wanting03:48
GlamdeskOh. So, if I'm running lubuntu, like, I downloaded the lubuntu disk, burned it, installed it, etc., I should have lxde-common and the startlxde command, right?03:48
GlamdeskFair enough.03:49
GlamdeskUh. Right. Remind me, uh, not to do that again.03:51
illuminatedI'm using linux on the desktop for the first time in many, many years.   I'm using ubuntu.  Upgraded it to the 17.10 devel branch.  I'm really liking gnome3.03:58
murlidharhello all. i am trying to install a new theme called mobo and i extracted the files to .themes folder too but i don't the see the theme in tweak-tool app.04:10
murlidharam i missing something ?04:10
murlidharthis is the theme that i downloaded and trying to install.04:11
murlidharcan anyone please look into the file and check if the theme is working at all in 16.04 ?04:11
pepeedoes this channel have public logs?04:14
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/04:14
zesnitchis Shia LaBeouf in here???04:32
zesnitchi must get in contact with Shia LaBeouf!!!!!!!!04:32
zesnitchi need help from Shia LaBeouf!04:32
zesnitchbecause he is the world's most undivisive man!04:32
zesnitchi need his help to undivide #concatenative from its Father, Slava Pestov, the Abandoner!!!04:33
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marcisbWhat is purpose of var folder in ubuntu05:43
JimmyStevemarcisb, that's where the OS writes data that is specific to itself05:45
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marcisbHow i can fix chrome flash bug it loses connections in websites where flash05:55
dna6ahi all, https://docs.ovh.com/au/en/cloud/dedicated/network-ipaliasing/#requirements which of these guides do I follow for Ubuntu 16?06:50
stranglerfishanyone know how i can store aliases in a file other than .bashrc?07:00
stranglerfishfor example, i have a script folder, and in .bashrc i do a for loop through the folder to source each of my .sh scripts07:00
TomyWorki wonder, how does muon updater (and ubuntu in general) tell whether available updates are normal updates or security updates?07:00
stranglerfishi'm looking to do something similar with aliases as i like to store stuff like that in separate files07:00
TomyWorkstranglerfish you already have a solution then :)07:01
stranglerfishi guess just use .sh instead of an alias?07:01
stranglerfishsorry, i've slacked on computer stuff for a while so i'm a bit derpy07:01
stranglerfishi'm trying to get over my anxiety / imposter syndrome by getting back into it, just reinstalled ubuntu and i'm working from scratch lol07:02
TomyWorkyou could put your aliases into separate files into that script folder07:02
stranglerfishwould they be stored as .sh as well?07:02
TomyWorkextensions dont matter07:02
TomyWorkexcept for stubborn programs, mostly on windows :)07:02
stranglerfishcould you clarify a bit? like say i just want to add an alias to cd to a commonly used directory07:03
stranglerfishand i have ~/Documents/scripts/*.sh07:03
stranglerfishand i want to add aliases to that folder as separate files07:03
stranglerfishhow do i make my .bashrc find the aliases as well?07:03
TomyWorkstranglerfish ok you said you have a for loop that sources ~/Documents/scripts/*.sh right?07:03
ducassestranglerfish: ~/.bash_aliases is sourced by the default .bashrc, iirc07:03
TomyWorkstranglerfish so you just put the aliases in files that match  ~/Documents/scripts/*.sh07:04
TomyWorklike ~/Documents/scripts/cd-to-commonly-used-directory-alias.sh07:04
ducasseTomyWork: you can tell if the updates are security updates because they come from the -security repo07:04
stranglerfishah ok07:04
stranglerfishyeah i guess i wasn't fully understanding how source worked, i got that solution off SO a while back07:05
TomyWorkducasse ah, what happens if they get superseded by a regular update?07:05
stranglerfishlemme try that out now07:05
ducasseTomyWork: the older security patch is still there, of course - patches are cumulative07:06
stranglerfishthe files don't need any privileges right?07:06
dna6ahi all, https://docs.ovh.com/au/en/cloud/dedicated/network-ipaliasing/#requirements which of these guides do I follow for Ubuntu 16?07:06
TomyWorkducasse i mean, will that cause muon to no longer flag the package as securityupdatable?07:06
ducasseTomyWork: i'm not sure i understand you. if an update is a security update, it is in the -security repo. if something else (non-security) is fixed later, that will come through the -updates repo07:08
TomyWorksorry had a call...07:13
TomyWorkducasse an example: on monday, a security patch 1.2.3 gets released to the -security repo. on tuesday, a regular update 1.2.4 gets released to the -updates repo. what do i see if i havent booted all week and refresh muon on wednesday?07:13
TomyWorks/booted/used the machine/07:14
ducasseyou see 1.2.4 if both repos are enabled07:14
TomyWorkand will muon show the green icon (only non-security updates available) or the red icon (security updates available)07:15
TomyWork(assuming no other package had an update)07:15
ducassei don't know muon, but that will register as a normal update. the security fix is still included in 1.2.4, though.07:16
TomyWorkso to recap, if muon (or, let's say, the default motd, which also shows available updates) says "no security updates available", there could still be security updates available?07:17
TomyWorkhttps://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/xscreenshot_02.png.pagespeed.gp+jp+jw+pj+ws+js+rj+rp+rw+ri+cp+md.ic.NRRm_ATz-X.png <--- that is the motd i mean07:18
ducassein this specific scenario, there might still be security fixes to the code you're currently running, yes.07:18
TomyWorkducasse hmm, do you see a problem with that? :)07:19
ducasseno, as it would be exceedingly rare.07:19
TomyWorki really hope it's not done the way you describe07:21
ducasseapt will still _see_ both versions, though07:21
TomyWorkand hopefully whatever does the determination will also check if the latest -security version is higher than the currently installed version07:22
ducassethat would be up to whatever does the check, but afaik in most cases you will only be notified of the latest version.07:24
stranglerfishdoes anyone else find they're most productive past midnight?07:25
edge226stranglerfish: I do yes.07:26
stranglerfishthis is becoming a serious issue for me, i know part of it is my mood disorder but still07:26
edge226stranglerfish: part of it for me is that everyone is sleeping, its silent and there is little to distract me irl away from being productive.07:26
stranglerfishyeah i get that, though i usually have headphones on anyway but that's how it used to be for me when i lived at home07:27
stranglerfishso it's probably just conditioning at this point07:27
thermomanmy ubuntu 16.04.3 unity desktop this morning has light grey window bars and a light grey top bar - but the active theme Ambiance used to have black window decorations and top bar. Any idea what happened here?07:40
brainwashthermoman: a relog did not fix it?07:41
thermomandidn't do it yet - but coworkers with same machines report same behaviour. just crawled unattended-upgrades.log but nothing suspicious there07:42
CreativeWolfHeya all :)07:42
thermomanbrainwash: you're the man! I did change theme and then changed it back to Ambiance - nothing changed. but after relogin the black bars are back07:43
brainwashthermoman: still odd07:43
brainwashmaybe a new bug07:43
brainwashespecially since it happened on several machines07:44
CreativeWolfI'm trying to lock down desktop users from changing settings...upon searching I came across recommendations for Pessulus but it's not available for 16.04 - Is there a GUI alternative please?07:46
loppy2any good programs or options in ubuntu to split gui screens similar to terminator for terminal?07:46
ducasseloppy2: split how? like a tiling wm, you mean?07:47
loppy2i guess tiling could work07:48
loppy2how you do that07:48
loppy2if you seen terminator kind of like that07:48
ducasseinstall a tiling wm07:48
ducassei3, awesome, bspwm, herbsluftwm...07:48
ducasseif you just want to do this with terminals, just maximize a terminator window07:49
ducasse(or any other terminal and tmux)07:49
loppy2well i have terminator ..this is for guis07:49
hateballif you use KDE Plasma there's this script for tiling https://github.com/faho/kwin-tiling07:51
ducasseat least some other de's also have (limited) tiling options07:51
hateballYeah Plasma wont be as good for tiling as a pure tiling WM07:52
hateballBut at least it's possible!07:52
ducassegnome has an extension called shellshape, iirc, the xfce wm can tile left/right half by default, etc07:55
CreativeWolfAny alternatives for Pessulus for Gnome 3?08:08
JudaBwhat about notepadqq08:10
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hosasplease I need help to help a friend manually download wireless drivers. what command should i use to see his wireless card? thanks08:31
lotuspsychjehosas: sudo lshw -C network08:31
hosaslotuspsychje: that didn't come up with wireless info only ethernet08:32
hosasany command?08:32
lotuspsychjehosas: do you know wich card chipset is inside?08:34
ducassehosas: see what 'rfkill list' says08:35
hosaslotuspsychje: he's at why i'm in school08:36
hosasmaybe he's typing it wrong08:37
hosaslet me tell him to try it again08:37
hosaslotuspsychje: only ethernet08:38
lotuspsychjehosas: lspci -nn08:40
lotuspsychjehosas: you sure there's a wifi card inside yes?08:41
hosaslotuspsychje: i know that command didn't help08:41
hosashe can connect on windows08:41
hosashe just dual booted08:41
hosasso it has to be there08:42
lotuspsychjehosas: some chipsets of wifi have a weird windows active in bios setting, maybe check bios too?08:42
yeeveI'm using Dash to Dock with Gnome, does anyone know if it's possible to un-group the applications so they show as multiple icons/titles on the panel?08:42
ducassehosas: which release is this?08:42
hosasducasse: it's not my system i have to physical access to it08:45
hosasit belongs to a friend at home08:45
ducassehosas: then ask him08:46
ducassehosas: lsb_release -d08:47
hosasducasse: ubuntu 16.0408:47
ducassehosas: see if 'rfkill list' can see a blocked wifi08:51
noccoWhen opening an application for the terminal e.g. pycharm with charm, and then I exit the terminal window, it shutdowns pycharm application. How am I suppose to use "charm" to open programs?09:00
ducassenocco: try 'nohup' in front09:01
noccolike "nohup charm ."09:02
noccodoesnt seem to work09:02
ducasseput an & at the end09:02
noccovisual studio code  also has a short command and that seems to work. Could I somehow "fix" charm instead09:03
noccowith an & it did work. But you would prefer if I could do this without nohup and & -sign09:04
noccoBut I would *09:05
ducassethis is how things work09:05
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noccoalright :(09:06
__martin__greetings folks; any idea why the "Display Settings" gui ignores any changes made except turning on/off night light mode? e.g. swapping primary/secondary screen, mirroring, shutting down one of them..09:12
Ben64__martin__: what gpu09:12
__martin__Ben64: 330m gt (rebranded 260m)09:13
Ben64optimus? dual gpu? like intel/nvidia09:13
__martin__it did on propr. nvidia at ubuntu artful since two days ago and at fresh budgie install with nouveau as of now09:13
__martin__just this one dedicated, no igpu present09:14
Ben64are you on 17.10?09:14
Ben64then support is in #ubuntu+1 until release09:14
__martin__I did try to post in +1 channel, without response09:14
__martin__yesterday or even day before; all I could find was this https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/389785/dual-monitor-confusion-in-ubuntu-gnome-17-1009:16
ducasseweekend is very quiet there (and here), try again today09:17
Lachezar(How) Can I add an 6-in-4 tunnel to Network Manager (using nmcli)? (How) Can I make the said 6-in-4 tunnel connect when a specific conenction is connected first? (x-post #linux)09:38
CreativeWolfAny alternatives for Pessulus for Gnome 3 please?09:43
SimonNLLachezar: would this help you.   https://www.sixxs.net/faq/connectivity/?faq=ossetup09:47
LachezarSimonious: TYVM, I have already set the tunnel in /etc/network/interfaces.d, but I'm on a laptop, and the ifup must come *after* the _parent_ connection has been connected.09:56
yosefrowanybody here have experience with MAAS?10:41
roryDon't ask to ask - Just ask your actual question (giving as much detail as possible), and wait. You may need to be patient.10:43
yosefrow@rory ok then https://askubuntu.com/questions/952596/maas-forces-wrong-root-dns-ip10:43
roryworth asking also in #maas10:44
yosefrowyeah i tried that. no response yet10:44
yosefrowthanks for suggestion10:44
amnayHi, I'm having hang up issues with an NFS server (on which I have to privilege, I'm merely a client using the debian nfs package). I'm having a fair load of IO, and I get read timeouts: https://pastebin.com/rJ7qu2hV  u got any idea? :)10:46
linux_explorehello, is Xubuntu 17.04 unstable. I installed it today. I stops responding frequently. I am forced to manually reset my laptop.10:51
linux_explorelosing all the work I could not save before it stopped responding.10:51
linux_explorethis happens especially when I open a browser.10:51
linux_exploreor media player.10:52
ppangcan any1 share your stat alias, if any10:55
hateballlinux_explore: What sort of hardware are you using? Is this an older machine with a low amount of RAM?10:56
linux_exploreno. It is a new laptop. has 4 GBs or RAM and runs on intel core i3 2 ghz cpu.10:59
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tomreynlinux_explore: you can now either spend time on trying to find out what is actually going wrong (by inspecting log files), download and try ubuntu 16.04 LTS instead (which can be more compatible), update the firmware, return to vendor (if they had claimed linux support).11:02
linux_exploretomreyn: the laptop cam with freedos installed. I installed Xubuntu myself.11:04
linux_exploreand I have tried other distros before. Like Mint.11:04
linux_exploreit doesn't have this problem.11:04
linux_exploretomreyn: is xubuntu lts more stable than xubuntu 17.04?11:05
ppangthats what lts mean11:05
tomreynlinux_explore: it can be11:05
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.11:05
linux_exploreppang: doesn't lts mean just long term support?11:05
tomreynLTS is not explicitly about stability, it's about long term support, right.11:06
linux_exploreit doesn't mention anything about its relative stability.11:06
ppangyes.. non lts versions are rather less stable ( 11.10 for eg)11:06
linux_explorewish I knew this before.11:07
linux_exploreso much time and effort was spent in installing xubuntu 17.04 and all the needed packages.11:07
ppanglive up to ur name..11:08
linux_explore and it stopped responding not once but four times since I set it up today morning.11:08
tomreynyou could check "dmesg -T" and /var/log/syslog* to possibly determine the cause of this error.11:09
linux_exploreevery time forcing me to manually reset my laptop.11:09
linux_exploreI will have to log into xubuntu for that.11:09
linux_explorebut, since you suggested xubuntu lts, that option seems to be a better one.11:10
tomreynyou can always try the live system before you install, same with 17.0411:10
tomreynbut before you reinstall you should ensure to have the system fully updated11:11
tomreynjust to see whether this issue wa still fixed / worked around11:11
tomreyn...just to see whether this issue was since fixed / worked around11:11
linux_exploreyes. I did that multiple times. full update and upgrade.11:11
tomreynand you rebooted since, too?11:12
tomreynokay  well if it's fully up to date and the system is still not stable then you probably either need a firmware / microcode update or should try a supported LTS release.11:14
Lachezarlinux_explore: I'm on Xubuntu 17.04, and am having a few issues, but nothing too serious (although I've had lockups too). What Video Card are you using? NVidia Optimus?11:15
Lachezarlinux_explore: When the laptop hangs can you use SysRQ-REISUB?11:15
blakes5Question for you guys more experienced with LVM. I have a logical volume of multiple disks. The volume is encrypted. One of the disks is in the process of failing. There's no way to remove the old drive and add a new drive to the volume without redoing the whole thing, is there?11:16
Lachezarlinux_explore: Recently I've been experiencing Kernel Crashes, but no lockups.11:16
linux_exploreLachezar: no. Not NVidia.11:16
linux_explorethe os freezes and never responds after that.11:17
Lachezarlinux_explore: Do you know how to SysRQ-REISUB?11:17
tomreynblakes5: where's the encryption layer? between partitions/disks and lvm PVs or on top of some LV?11:17
linux_exploreLachezar: no. what is that?11:18
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key11:18
blakes5tomreyn,  The LV was created first. Then the encrypted file system.11:18
Lachezarlinux_explore: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reisub basically this is a very low-level reboot procedure11:18
Lachezarlinux_explore: After a REISUB you should look at /var/log/kern.log for tips what went wrong.11:19
tomreynblakes5: okay. so "pvs" lists multiple disks / storage devices sdding to the same VG?11:19
linux_exploreLachezar: I will try that next time.11:19
Lachezarlinux_explore: Other than some driver whoes I've had little problems with Xubuntu.11:20
blakes5tomreyn, "pvs" means physical volumes? I'm going to add a new physical volume to the group and then remove the failing physical volume.11:21
linux_exploreLachezar: ok.11:21
linux_explorebut, I don't see that problem in Mint.11:21
linux_exploreand may be even xubuntu lts also doesn't have this problem.11:21
tomreynblakes5: pvs is a LVM command to list LVM physical volumes and their relations to LVM volume groups11:21
boxrickI need to make a simple edit to an Ubuntu ISO by way of inserting a preseed for auto installs. Is there a command line tool which retains the ISO bootable parameters and allows me to edit an existing ISO rather than needing to build my own from scratch ?11:23
tomreynblakes5: you said "I have a logical volume of multiple disks", which, if I interpret it correctly, suggests you have, in the "sudo pvs" output, multiple "PV" devices relate to the same "VG". is this so?11:23
Lachezarlinux_explore: It is possible, that newer version of a driver is worse than the previous. You _may_ try 16.04 instead, but it's a band-aid.11:24
Lachezarlinux_explore: Check in /var/log/kern.log* (some may be .gz)11:24
blakes5tomreyn, you are correct. Multiple physical volumes are making a single logical volume.11:24
linux_exploreLachezar: I will do that.11:24
Lachezarlinux_explore: I'm commonly using this: ls -1tr /var/log/kern.log* | xargs zgrep -A100 'cut here'11:25
tomreynblakes5: 'pvs' does not list logical volumes, just physical volumes and volume groups.11:25
karab44Guys I get login loop but when I run sudo startx it works11:25
Lachezarlinux_explore: It's a long-shot, because the kernel may have died without logging, but lines like this are sign of problems: ------------[ cut here ]------------11:25
tomreynblakes5: would you like to share the 'sudo pvs' output?11:26
tomreynblakes5: i'm trying to ensure wthat i correctly understand your configuration. misunderstanding it could make me provide suggestins which would result in data loss. so this is a relevant step.11:27
blakes5tomreyn, one sec11:27
tomreyn!paste | blakes511:28
ubottublakes5: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:28
blakes5tomreyn, sent.11:31
karab44guys, getting login loop on nvidia drivers 17.0411:32
tomreynblakes5: what did you send where?11:33
tomreynblakes5: oh i dont receive personal messages11:34
tomreynblakes5: also it's better to keep things on the channel so everyone can help out11:34
tomreynthis should not include sensitive information11:34
blakes5Ok, then thank you for your time and have a nice day.11:36
tomreynwelcome, good luck11:36
tomreynboxrick: you'll need to rebuild the iso, but that's less complex than you seem to think https://askubuntu.com/questions/806820/how-do-i-create-a-completely-unattended-install-of-ubuntu-desktop-16-04-1-lts11:41
BluesKajHowdy folks11:43
boxricktomreyn: Hmm ok so from that its literally just a mount and a mkisofs which is fairly trivial.11:47
boxrickCheers for that11:47
linux_explorehello, does updating or upgrading ubuntu lts installs newer versions of packages?12:09
linux_exploreand what makes lts version more stable than the regular one?12:10
EriC^^linux_explore: yes upgrading installs newer versions of packages12:13
linux_exploreis the update policy followed by ubuntu lts and mint the same or similar?12:13
linux_exploreI installed xubuntu 17.04 today. It turned out to be a little unstable. I was suggested to go for xubuntu lts.12:14
chindyfor some programs such as my irc client or emacs the standard font is a lot smaller than for the terminal for example12:14
chindyany idea why ?12:14
geirhalinux_explore: by upgrade do you mean running  apt-get upgrade?  if so, then the answer is "no", packages will not get newer versions, though with a few exception12:18
aliswHiya! I have a question about Nvidia Drivers. I have an GeForce 840M, but it refuses to be recognized when i try to do stuff like gaming (for example, Civilization 6 has an option for witch graphics card it should use, but in my system the only one that shows is the inbuilt Intel chip). I have nvidia-375 currently installed.12:30
=== NotKyros is now known as Kyros
aliswIf anyone knows the answer? The nvidia drivers confuse me. (Also, i'm on Ubuntu 17)12:37
CreativeWolfalisw, There's a Beta version of the driver available - http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/74888/en-us12:42
CreativeWolfalisw, You might want to try and install that12:42
aliswIsn't that from 2014?12:43
aliswBut okay, let me try it12:43
CreativeWolfalisw, Also take a look at this thread - https://askubuntu.com/questions/518985/ubuntu-14-04-and-nvidia-geforce-840m-compatability-on-64-bit-laptop12:44
linux_exploreI am new to linux. are ubuntu lts and mint similar as far as stability is concerned?12:45
CreativeWolfalisw, Generally, Nvidia has a bit of trouble with Linux :D12:46
Lachezarlinux_explore: The LTS is just 'supported' for longer. I don't think stability is inherent, but due to LTS being 'slower' to update it _may_ be more stable.12:46
ducassealisw: don't do that12:46
Lachezaralisw: I have all my hardware with nVidia VCs, and *none* of those have the nvidia driver. It's just too much hassle.12:47
linux_exploreLachezar: as you suggested earlier, switching to lts is the only option for me then. I am using xubuntu  17.04.12:47
Lachezarlinux_explore: I'm not suggesting to switch to LTS, but checking if LTS has the same issue, if not, than you *should* report a regression, otherwise it's probably a hardware incompatibility/issue. You can try a few live variants and see if there are differences12:49
ducasseCreativeWolf: please don't tell people to download the driver from nvidia, they should use those that are packaged for ubuntu - either in the repos or the graphics-driver ppa12:49
Lachezarlinux_explore: Also *make* *sure* you to check your memory with the MemTest in the GRUB menu (at booting).12:50
CreativeWolfducasse, My bad, will remember that, thanks =)12:50
linux_exploreLachezar: what does that do? checking the memory?12:50
TJ-linux_explore: have you discounted temperature problems (overheating) ?12:51
linux_exploreI have read about the update policy of mint? does that policy make it more stable?12:51
CreativeWolfFolks, any alternatives for Pessulus for Gnome 3 please?12:51
CreativeWolfI'm looking for a gui solution to prevent users from changing desktop settings etc, appreciate any recommendations please.12:52
linux_exploreTJ-: there is no such problem. Even when I start my laptop after sufficient time gap, I still encounter that freezing issue on xubuntu 17.0412:52
Lachezarlinux_explore: You may be having bad memory blocks. Those tend to generate unexplicable reboots, lock ups and crashes.12:53
Lachezarlinux_explore: Uncommon, but then again your situation seems uncommon too.12:53
TJ-linux_explore: ^^^ as Lachezar says. But, on temperatures, a CPU core can overheat in a couple of seconds. Best to check/monitor the temps to be sure. There are known issues, especially with laptops, where the motherboard BIOS ACPI doesn't support Linux, disables some functionality, and therefore causes this kind of result12:55
linux_exploreTJ-: after installing xubuntu 17.04 and fully updating/upgrading I installed tlp also.12:56
DK2what happens if i assign the same ip on the same interface with different subnets?12:58
aliswNow i can't get past the login screen13:03
aliswIt's giving me two messages when i log in the terminal13:03
upfy57hey, somebody knows why scanning woudn't work from virtualbox? (guest: xubuntu tested both 32 and 64 bit 16.04, and two hp-lip versions) (hplip), printing with the same printer works, also printing and scanning works from host(kubuntu). hp-scan ends with: "error: SANE: Error during device I/O (code=9)"13:08
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ducassealisw: you didn't install the driver from nvidia, did you?13:10
ducassealisw: i said not to do that, but you quit right after. i was hoping you saw it.13:11
aliswYeah i rebooted13:12
aliswi installed nvidia-384 from the nvidia site13:12
ducassealisw: you should _always_ use drivers that are properly packaged for ubuntu, not download them from nvidia etc13:14
StrangeNoisesThe 384 driver isn't in the main repo I think. It is in a ppa the name of which I forget (on phone now) but iirc comes up readily on a search13:17
aliswOkay, i fucked up. Now what the hell do i do?13:17
ducassefirst of all, watch the language :)13:18
aliswI'm sorry :S13:18
ducassethe ppa is ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa, but i'm not sure how to best get rid of the driver you installed13:19
StrangeNoisesIf they have instructions on uninstall, do that13:21
CreativeWolfalisw, My bad, i recommended that13:22
aliswIt's fine, CreativeWolf13:23
CreativeWolfalisw, ctrl+alt+f1 should take you to TTY13:23
aliswI ran the uninstall program13:23
CreativeWolfalisw, apt remove --purge nvidia*13:23
techsynthi guys need ur help13:24
techsynti cannot install this gnome-shell-extensions 3.18.3-2 source package in Ubuntu13:24
techsynthow should i do this13:25
aliswIt still dosen't get me farther than the login screen.13:27
CreativeWolfalisw, apt-get autoremove ; echo "nouveau" | sudo tee -a /etc/modules13:27
CreativeWolfalisw, then reboot13:27
CreativeWolfalisw, are you able to get to TTY?13:28
aliswAlso, xorg.conf is empty?13:28
aliswI'm on the TTY.13:28
DK2i have a ubuntu server that lets me login via ssh for awhile but then ill get thrown it via connection reset13:28
DK2the server is not available for some time and then lets me login again13:29
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techsyntI asked a question13:30
techsyntis here anybody who can help me ?13:30
ducasse!patience | techsynt13:30
ubottutechsynt: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:30
CreativeWolfalisw, okay, apt install ubuntu-desktop and then rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf then reboot13:31
ducassealisw: no, stop. wait.13:31
aliswThere's no xorg.conf already, apparently13:32
ducassealisw: i just looked back at your original question, i suspect you need nvidia-prime or bumblebee, whatever is the right thing for your gpu13:32
aliswHow do i discover witch is rightv13:32
ducassei think it should be nvidia-prime now, but i'm not familiar enough with nvidia to say for sure. i suggest you wait for someone who actually knows for certain.13:34
CreativeWolfducasse, for now alisw can get past the login screen with the nouveau driver though?13:38
aliswit still dosen't work13:39
ducassealisw: for now, try 'sudo apt install --reinstall nvidia-375'13:39
demophobiaIs it normal to receive a permissions denied error when trying to install something from the Synaptic Package Manager while booting lubuntu from liveUSB?13:51
demophobia(specifically the broadcom wireless driver)13:51
demophobiaI saw this reported in 2015 or 2016 as a bug13:51
demophobiabut maybe that was a bug for an installation, not a live boot?13:51
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BobOkiMorning wonderful nix peeps. I am hoping you guys can provide me what I hope is very quick help. I am trying to bond two nics (17.04) in bond-mode 2. I can find tons of info on mode 1 and 4.. but nothing on mode 2 (BalanceXOR). Does nayone have any sample configs?13:51
BobOkiCurrent config is bond-mode 2 | bond-miimon 100 | bond-slaves enp2s0f0 enp2s0f113:52
demophobiaand does it matter whether i install lubuntu 16 from within the live boot vs the boot menu?13:52
thneeLooking for 16.04 AWS AMI's. When browsing AWS Marketplace, there is ami-9c1db3f3, but when browsing https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/locator/ec2/, there is ami-958128fa. Why are there different AMI's with different build dates of the same release?13:53
ducassedemophobia: the live iso is probably not running a policykit auth agent, so start synaptic with sudo or gksudo13:54
BobOki(My ghetto switch does not support full 802.11ad so I have to use balancexor.. I created the lag group already for the two ports)13:56
shambatI have a bash script that runs other scripts by sourcing them. One of the scripts exits earlier than expected. What could cause an early exit from a sourced script? I suspect that an ssh-command inside the script is to blame, but I'm not sure.13:57
aliswWell damn13:57
demophobiaWhat does the blue xbox-like symbol mean in the Synaptic Package Manager? (it's also on the 'start button' in the lower left corner)13:58
demophobiaducasse: within LXTerminal I entered "gksudo synaptic" and then in the Synaptic Package Manager (may I say 'SPM'?) tried installing the package(s) but still got that error "W: Can't drop privileges for downloading as file '/var/cache/apt/archives/partial/libcc1-0_5.3.1-14ubuntu2_i386.deb' couldn't be accessed by user '_apt'.-pkgAcquire::Run (13: Permission denied)14:01
BobOkiI guess my large question is am I supposed to use bond-slaves none or bond-slaves nic1 nic2 for bond-mode 214:02
demophobia"the package(s)": tried to install bcmwl-kernel-source. now it's showing up as checked in the SPM with Apply greyed out, as if it's already installed, but i still have no wireless signal or change to the bottom-right connection applet14:04
DolanyeahI am using ubuntu 16.04 and i am having problem with postfix14:05
Dolanyeahmy message_size_limit is 4000000014:05
Dolanyeahbut it never takes effect14:05
Dolanyeahwhen i telnet my smtp server it always capped to 16 MB14:06
BobOkiHmmm I just switched to bond-slaves none and networking still fails to start that bond014:06
ducassedemophobia: that looks like an old bug where it fails to drop privileges, does it fail to install from command line?14:06
aliswHow do i create a default xorg.conf14:06
Dolanyeahi have try to find solution at #postfix, the ask me to ask here14:07
demophobiaducasse: I don't know how to do anything from the command line without following others' instructions. The only commands I really "know" are "cd" and "ls" for change directory and list contents.14:07
hateballdemophobia: "sudo apt install bcmwl-kernel-source" would do the same as the GUI14:08
ducassealisw: you shouldn't need to14:08
demophobia(neat, bcm tab-completed to bcmwl-kernel-source)14:09
crazyzurferHello guys... I've issues with my ubuntu, I think they are kernel issues because the problems vary from different versions of the kernel. Now.. I've seen that the latest kernel version according to kernel.org is 4.12.10 and my current kernel version is 4.10.0... How can I update to the latest in order to see if my issues are fixed?14:11
demophobiahateball: ducasse - thanks; it says it's "already the newest version", apparently thinking the SPM GUI's installation was successful. if it was successful and that W error message was wrong and everything's fine, then how do I proceed to connect to my wireless signal? rather than detect it automatically, it appears i must click Edit Connections then 'Add', but it asks for a ton of info I have no idea about (e.g. BSSID, Cloned Mac add14:11
demophobiaress, security type)14:11
EriC^^!mainline | crazyzurfer14:11
ubottucrazyzurfer: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds14:11
crazyzurferEriC^^: thanks14:12
EriC^^crazyzurfer: np14:14
techsynthelp me with https://askubuntu.com/questions/928997/gnome-unable-to-install-extention i did what they tell but it didn't help14:15
hateballdemophobia: did you reboot after installing the driver?14:16
demophobiaiwconfig says 'no wireless extensions' for lo and enp9s0 ... must I install it to hard drive to download available updates from Software Updater to fix the problem? (i'm looking at askubuntu.com where another guy with a Dell D620 is having no-wireless-detected problem)14:16
demophobiahateball: No, I haven't installed the OS yet: I thought I should 'test' it somehow via liveUSB boot.14:16
hateballdemophobia: well, installing that package builds modules, but they dont load until reboot (or manually modprobing)14:18
hateballand rebooting on a live-session wont work so well :)14:18
demophobiaGooderham on this askubuntu page is saying i should sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer and sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source. I don't understand that because bcmwl-... appears to be the package I need ... Should I just partition my Windows C drive, install lubuntu, and try Software Updater first?14:19
demophobiaDoes it matter whether I install from this live boot vs from the boot menu?14:20
hateballdemophobia: it does not matter, no14:21
hateballdemophobia: And the installer will offer to resize14:21
demophobiaThanks. Please revise the help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/InstallingLubuntu page as it is apparently 4 years old14:22
aliswsystemd-modules-load is failing14:23
Squarismif i just want to encrypt part of my harddrive - what is the best approach to accomplish that?14:26
ducasseSquarism: you mean a partition?14:27
ducasseSquarism: or part of a filesystem?14:27
Squarismducasse, not necessarily. Ive read about folder encryption, LVM and partitioning14:28
Squarismnot sure what i should go with14:28
unholymachineso i recently installed Kubuntu 16.04 and the sound output is intermittant14:28
unholymachinei checked and my sound card is being detected14:29
unholymachinesometimes it takes a reboot to turn the sound on and sometimes a reboot does not help at all14:29
unholymachineany idea as to where to go from here?14:29
Squarismnoone using encfs?14:32
demophobiaWhat is the difference between Boot Device Priority and Hard Disk Priority? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/InstallingLubuntu is unclear whether in both menus USB needs to be #114:32
demophobia(I want to preserve dualbooting between Win7Pro & Lubuntu so I don't want to make any mistakes.)14:34
demophobiaI only have 'Boot Sequence' as an option so is that distinction only present on certain machines?14:35
TJ-demophobia: the difference is subtle. *usually* HDD priority means the order the disks attached to PATA/SATA/IDE/SCSI ports are scanned for a bootable image when their turn comes. Boot Device priority is the order of devices/device types to try, E.g. if the PC has 2 SATA hard drives S1 and S2, and a USB, then HDD priority S2 S1 would mean that Boot Device prioroty HDD,USB would try S2 first, then USB14:36
TJ-demophobia: some BIOS don't offer the distinction and just directly create a list of all boot devices14:37
demophobiaIs there anything in particular I should be looking for in the release notes? The desktop icon to install Lubuntu 16, I clicked on it, its first screen tells me I may wish to read the release notes; I check Ubuntu 16.04 XenialXerus (is it the same release as Lubuntu 16.04 XenialXerus?) and there's a bunch of changes but it's not clear to me the significance of any of them.14:48
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BobOkiomg... /wrist14:55
BobOkiwell got it working...14:55
BobOkiEvidently my config was 100% correct.... but I needed a reboot is all.. bringing the nics and bonding interface down and up did not work.. and doing service networking stop or start also.. but a reboot poof working14:55
Madsy_Anyone of you know how to get SD cards mounted in ubuntu with a fixed path? Instead of the stupid automounter making a random path name based on the card UUID14:58
demophobiaFollowing https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/InstallingLubuntu I chose the option to intall Lubuntu alongside Win7; the next screen of the installer says "Where are you?" but on top of that an error message window, "Failed to create a swap space: The creation of swap space in partition #6 of SCSI3 (0,0,0) (sdb) failed." Did this default Lubuntu installer just corrupt my boot menu? My only choice is to click 'OK' on the error m15:02
demophobiaessage, but nothing happens when I click 'OK'.15:02
demophobiaThe X button to close the error message also doesn't work. What should I do?15:02
demophobiaI logged off, and then (after being unable to log back in due to not knowing the liveboot's username or password) restarted successfully into my Win7 partition.15:11
lordcirthMadsy_, you can umount and remount yourself, or you can look into making/editing udev rules15:16
Madsy_lordcirth: Ah, thanks. I tried setting up an fstab rule. While it works, an fstab rule doesn't automatically unmount the card15:21
lordcirthMadsy_, yeah, so look into disabling automount15:23
ducasseMadsy_: you can still unmount it from your file manager, usually either by a right-click menu or an eject icon15:23
blackrabbitwas there any new update regarding hostname?15:26
blackrabbitI did update/upgrade and since then sudo is throwing this error: sudo: unable to resolve host localhost.localdomain15:27
blackrabbitalready checked /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts15:27
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=== fossvbn is now known as fossguy
fossguyWe're really going to ditch unity in 18.015:48
tesla_poor unity :(15:49
* [n0mad] ditched unity in 16.0415:49
tesla_another waste of time from the ubuntu team sadly... mir didn't turn out well either when wayland is the new protocol15:50
fossguyBut I'm using 16.04 LTS it is still there15:50
[n0mad]there are other flavors though15:50
fossguyFor official ubuntu15:51
lordcirthThey could have spent a lot of time fixing crashes instead of making unity15:56
lordcirthStill, you can't always know how a project will turn out15:57
Invader_Borkthey should have stuck with mate imho15:57
Invader_Borkwhat will they go with now? gnome 3?15:58
eater9Hello! On a laptop with 16.04, how can I make a script run every time it wakes from suspend? Putting it in /lib/systemd/system-sleep doesn't seem to do anything16:00
eater9Likewise /etc/pm/sleep.d16:01
JimmySteveeater9, you need the thaw|resume in your script within /etc/pm/sleep.d16:04
eater9JimmySteve: yes, I have that16:05
JimmySteveoh. 16.04 pre and post are the commands. post for resume and pre for sleep16:07
JimmySteveand those should work in /etc/systemd/system-sleep (which is actually where they belong)16:08
demophobiaGiven that the installer from within a liveUSB boot failed to create a swap partition, and then failed to respond to 'ok' and 'x' clicks, is my only choice to manually partition the drive?16:09
eater9JimmySteve: I have case "$1" in   resume|thaw|post)16:09
ducassedemophobia: as long as there is free space on the drive the automatic partitioning should do it's thing correctly16:11
ducasseInvader_Bork: from 17.04 the default will be gnome3, yes16:12
demophobiaducasse: there was ~27 GB free but the automatic partitioner failed when i tried "install alongside Windows 7" from the installer16:12
demophobia(the computer has only one hard drive)16:12
ducassedemophobia: odd. can you pastebin the output of 'sudo parted -l'?16:14
JimmySteveeater9, just do the case "$1" in post) part16:17
GlamdeskSo. Um. I'm looking at the man lxsession page, and it doesn't seem to accept any arguments, so I really, really don't know what I'm doing.16:19
ducasseGlamdesk: try 'lxsession --help'16:20
Glamdeskducasse: oh much better.16:20
GlamdeskI was a little worried, since the man page didn't list --help, either...16:20
GlamdeskOkay, looking at these, I'm definitely out of my depth, since I don't see anything that restricts it to a specific display.16:21
ducasseGlamdesk: maybe it would help if you tell us what you want to achieve? :)16:22
GlamdeskI'm trying to start a second X windows session in Xephyr, or xinit if it comes to it. I've got to the point where I mostly understand what I'm doing in terms of starting an xterm in Xephyr, but so far starting a graphical interface in it is beyond me.16:22
GlamdeskSorry, was in the process of doing so.16:22
demophobiaducasse: I will try in about an hour; I must finish other business firs.16:22
Invader_Borkducasse: did they consider other de or was it just a go with the flow like systemd16:23
GlamdeskIdeally I want a 256 color X windows session so I can run Missionforce: Cyberstorm, an old 90s game which hasn't ever played nice with Wine. There might be ways to hack the game directly so it doesn't return the unusual "couldn't create a surface" error, but fact is I'm told this might be easier.16:23
ducasseGlamdesk: it might be easier to just start a wm directly there. there's also a way to do this through lightdm, iirc16:26
ducasseInvader_Bork: i don't think any other de was seriously considered, but that is above my pay grade16:28
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ducasseGlamdesk: check out 'dm-tool add-nested-seat' (check man page) if you're running lightdm16:29
Glamdeskducasse: I have no idea how to do that, really. I'm using lxde as my X windows (lubuntu), I think that also uses OpenBox?16:29
eater9JimmySteve: hmmm still not doing the trick16:31
ducasseGlamdesk: openbox should take '--display :1' as an argument, might also be '-display :1'16:31
Glamdeskducasse: I'll check the man page first or what-have-you.16:32
ducasseGlamdesk: or try 'DISPLAY=:1 lxsession'16:33
GlamdeskOh. What an interesting notion. Just that, nothing else in the line?16:33
GlamdeskIf I disappear, it's because it tried that.16:33
ducasseGlamdesk: it works here, but i'm not running lxde already16:37
GlamdeskHrm. xterm: Xt error: Can't open display: :116:38
GlamdeskOh silly me.16:39
GlamdeskJust a sec.16:39
GlamdeskHelps if all the numbers match up.16:39
GlamdeskNah, same problem. Can you parse that for me?16:40
ducasseGlamdesk: try this - first 'Xephyr :1 &', then 'DISPLAY=:1 lxsession &'16:42
Invader_Borkducasse, ty16:44
Glamdeskducasse: Bah, screwed it up. Misread the instruction you gave, threw in an extra : and now it's confused.16:47
GlamdeskNew error! Much better.16:48
GlamdeskGDBus Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: An authentication agent already exists for the given subject16:48
ducasseif lxsession doesn't work, replace that by 'openbox-session' or just 'openbox', leave everything else the same16:49
ducassei don't know if a single user can run two lxde sessions simultaneously16:49
GlamdeskFigured that was the problem.16:50
GlamdeskThanks. Might have to go soon.16:50
GlamdeskOpenbox-Message: Unable to find a valid menu file "/var/lib/openbox/debian-menu.xml"16:51
GlamdeskI'll leave this window up and check back in later, but this is definitely progress.16:51
ducassei didn't get that error here, but i'm on 17.10 on this box16:52
Glamdesk16.04, so maybe that's related.16:52
ducassewas that openbox-session or just openbox?16:53
GlamdeskJust openbox.16:53
ducasseaccording to a quick search, you need the 'menu' package16:55
ducassethen run 'cp /etc/xdg/openbox/* .config/openbox/'16:57
Guy1524_I am using dd to put an iso on a USB w/ status=progress, it is finished (copied to whole iso) however the command won't exit and my usb is still being written to17:04
Guy1524_what does this mean?17:04
SwedeMikeGuy1524_: after dd is done, run "sync" and wait until that returs.17:05
SwedeMikeGuy1524_: that wont return until everything in write cache has been sent out to permanent storage17:06
Guy1524_ok thx17:08
Guy1524_how do I use lm-sensors from a live-usb17:10
multifractalJust got a Dell xps13 2in1. After disabling secureboot and entering legacy mode, I am able to get to the Live Ubuntu installer environment. But it says "You need at least 8.6GB to install Ubuntu. This computer only has 2.1". I have not selected any particular partition. lsblk shows "loop0" with 1.4GB, sda2 with 2.4MB and sda1 with 1.5G (I'm assuming sda is the memory stick itself).17:27
akikmultifractal: this askubuntu article mentions that it could be the ide/ahci setting in the bios https://askubuntu.com/questions/696413/ubuntu-installer-cant-find-any-disk-on-dell-xps-13-935017:30
multifractalakik: ah-ha! thanks, so the cleanest thing is to reinstall Windows. Damn it came with Win10 but I only have a Win7 installer. Oh well I quite like Win7 as Wins go...17:34
akikmultifractal: you can also change windows from ide to ahci17:34
multifractalakik: yeah but a lot of fiddly windows registry nonsense... it's not for me i don't think. thanks for the link.17:35
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donofriomultifractal, why not both w10 and wsl got ubuntu 14.04 on both...w/xfce - here is my daily driver - https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsBlZbBf72iNm54HRrGo_Wa3BUs1pw17:42
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
nbusroneHi , what command lin for nvidia to check for GPU usage ? checking which application using the GPU ?17:51
demophobiaI only have 74.5 GB total, but the 'Install Lubuntu alongside Windows 7' option wants me to allocate drive space as if I had 80 GB17:52
demophobiais that okay?17:52
demophobia(i.e. divide the 74.5 GB drive between Win 7 and Lubuntu as if there were 80 GB available)17:53
akikdemophobia: ubuntu needs about 8 gigs of space17:53
akikor was it 617:53
demophobiaakik: I was going to do 50 GB & 30 GB, respectively, but my concern is that I don't actually have 80 GB, but rather 74.5: Will this cause an error, corrupt the Win 7 installation, since it's less than the 80 GB this automatic partitioner is presenting me?17:54
djdnbthere is, an issue with fonts17:54
djdnbi changed the forn, to tahoma17:54
akikdemophobia: don't worry about it17:55
akikdemophobia: just don't let the installer touch your windows partitions17:55
djdnbthrough the gnome tweak too and it looks very bad17:55
djdnbvery dirty17:55
demophobiaakik: What do you mean? It has to "touch" it -- i.e. resize the partition -- to create space to install Lubuntu17:55
akikdemophobia: ah ok now i understand17:56
djdnbhinting, set to full17:56
akikdemophobia: resizing an os partition is always risky. make backups17:56
demophobiaakik: Why is it risky? (I created a Win 7 32-bit system repair disc, a Windows 7 backup, and a system image copy.)17:58
akikdemophobia: the difference in those numbers comes from the fact that one value is based on 2^10 and the other 10^3. i would trust the ubuntu installer to do the right thing17:58
demophobia(The Amazon.com seller upgraded XP Home to 7 Pro; the XP Home product key is still stickered under the laptop, but the seller refused to give me the 7 Pro product key.)17:59
akikkilobytes vs. kibibytes17:59
djdnbdemophobia: try "wmic os get serialnumber"18:01
jhutchinsdemophobia: Yeah, it's just a different rounding/reporting.18:01
nbusroneThanks , I found the command line to check nvidia application usage incase someone wants to know. ps f -o user,pgrp,pid,pcpu,pmem,start,time,command -p `lsof -n -w -t /dev/nvidia*18:02
jhutchinsdemophobia: The software works with the actual size of the drive, so you should be safe.  You've done well to make backups, there's always the chance for 'oops' when you're messing with partitions and formatting.18:02
demophobiadjdnb: you mean from lubuntu terminal after the installation's finished?18:02
mindofmateoHi.  I'm having a serious problem when I suspend my computer.  Ubuntu 16.04.  When I suspend the computer, it goes into this weird purgatory between being asleep and awake.  Whether I manually click suspend from the menu, press the sleep button on my keyboard, or lock the screens then put it to sleep it does the same thing.  The computer "sleeps" b18:03
mindofmateout it isn't actually "off."  The status lights, fans, etc. don't change, and by all accounts it seems to be on... except the monitors, peripherals, etc. are all completely unresponsive and I can't get it to wake.  I've already had issues losing work because of this crap and I don't know what to do.  Even though I save before leaving or suspending,18:03
mindofmateowhen I eventually reboot and try to pick up where I left off it will say stuff like "name.file is already in use by program.util."  and it's f-ing things up even though I've saved my progress.  What is wrong with my system or what am I doing incorrectly myself?18:03
jhutchinsdemophobia: I think he means from the windows command prompt.18:03
djdnbdemophobia: from win7 pro18:03
mindofmateoAlso I should add, network connectivity is not present either, and if it's relevant, the computer is a Franken-dell Optiplex 745.18:04
demophobiajhutchins: thanks; i was surprised how much self-discipline it took to force myself to wait until i'd made the backups to begin tinkering with lubuntu on this $80 laptop (i had to wait to get flash USB drive, CD-R, WD USB drive)18:04
akikdemophobia: there's also produkey and magical jelly bean that can get you the key code18:05
jhutchinsmindofmateo: The problem is that manufacturers don't implement the hardware/BIOS level of suspend consistently, so sometimes it just doesn't work without their custom (Windows) software.18:05
jhutchinsmindofmateo: It sounds like you're getting a bad suspend-to-ram, which expects to use some power, rather than suspend-to-disk which can be completely halted.18:06
mindofmateojhutchins: any idea why it would start happening all of the sudden?  seemingly without cause?18:06
jhutchinsmindofmateo: You mean it used to work but now it doesn't?18:06
mindofmateoI mean, yeah.  I would come back, tap the power button, it would spin up and I'd log in.18:06
mindofmateothat makes sense, what you're saying, but even tapping the power button when this happens doesn't appear to do anything.18:07
jhutchinsmindofmateo: Possibly there was a kernel update that isn't working with the hardware, possibly some hardware component has deteriorated, possibly the BIOS has become corrupted, or possibly there's a problem with your Ubuntu code.18:08
mindofmateoI'll unplug everything, plug it back in, plug it into a different port, check the network for it's static IP, the only thing I haven't checked is eht0 connectivity because, unfortunately, I don't have a crossover cable at my disposal.18:08
mindofmateough, such is life.18:08
jhutchinsmindofmateo: I would say make a habit of either a full shutdown or disable "hibernate" until you figure it out.  Maybe next kernel update will fix it.18:08
djdnbwhy fonts look broken in uubntu gnome?18:09
mindofmateoWell now when I look in settings, under Power, it says "Suspend when inactive for [Don't suspend]"18:10
mindofmateo...could that be an issue? IDK18:10
demophobiaWhy is there 88.8 MB of updated software to install via Software Updater after I selected the option to download updates during the install? (I've just booted the fresh installation for the first time.)18:11
mindofmateodemophobia: was there an update pushed in between when you made the boot disk and when you installed it?18:11
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demophobiamindofmateo: I have deselected the unsupported updates and reloaded the cache; 88.8 MB of updated software remains. I don't know how to check whether an update was pushed in between August ~24th and today.18:13
multifractaldonofrio: oh i definitely want to use ubuntu 90% of the time and just have windows for certain windows-only programs.18:13
multifractalnice set up though18:13
bugaloohi all! I installed ubuntu 17.04 last week, and I have an issue with my HDMI connection. It worked fine in previous version of ubuntu, and now it just doesn't detect my TV via hdmi cable. Is there any reason to ubuntu 17.04 not find it just automatically?18:15
demophobiabugaloo: missing driver may be a reason18:15
bugaloodemophobia, I have a Intel board on my HP laptop. I tried to install the drivers correctly, even 01.org drivers already. But nothing worked yet18:16
bugaloodemophobia, question: if the problem is driver, xrandr would say hdmi is disconnected?18:16
demophobiabugaloo: You probably know more than I. Sorry for answering your question too literally.18:17
bugaloono problem18:18
donofriomultifractal, I use ubuntu about 90% of the time with my workflows......10% for outlook and visio18:18
Glamdeskducasse: I found the same thing! We're making a lot of progress today!18:20
ducasseGlamdesk: :) is it working yet?18:21
GlamdeskNope, was reading that same page, I'll bet, before I got back to this window.18:22
GlamdeskWhat does & do?18:22
GlamdeskThat was an incomprehensible sentence in most contexts.18:22
ducasse'&' after a command runs the command in the background18:25
ducasseotherwise, if you just do 'Xephyr :1' it would occupy the terminal and not return you to the prompt until it finishes18:26
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chindySince I installed the nvidia driver on my laptop, adding a second monitor changes my DPI settings for both screens, how can i change that? I found something in changing "xorg.conf" file18:36
dcypherCan anyone confirm/know if any version of Ubuntu supports the Dell Wireless 1820 card (Dell Precision 5520) ?18:36
chindybut then, it seems like i can only change the settings on 1 of the 2 screens and on the other one its totally screwed up18:36
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plushyShould PPA description contain license information?18:47
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plushyI want to repackage a 3rd-party binary as a deb and I'm a bit afraid about license infringment (the binary is FOSS)18:48
demophobiaHow do I get lubuntu to detect my wireless internet signal?18:51
ducasseplushy: setting up a ppa on launchpad involves building the package from source, aiui18:52
plushyalright, that can be done. What about licence information?18:53
ducasseplushy: you need to include the licence in the package18:54
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ducasseplushy: you then upload the source to launchpad and it builds the package for you (or at least that's how i understand it)18:55
demophobiaducasse: I don't see -l as an option for parted listed at https://www.gnu.org/software/parted/manual/parted.html18:58
hatch789hello guys I have a question pertaining to making an Ubuntu Build on a VM Box so I can get everything setup easily and then write that .vdi out to an .img file for installation on real PC's. Is this the proper IRC Channel to ask such a thing?18:58
ducassedemophobia: try 'parted --help'18:59
jhutchinshatch789: That's not really a recommended method, there are things like GPG keys that need to be uniquely generated.18:59
jhutchinshatch789: If it's VMWare, you can clone a VM to a template and use that.19:00
jhutchinshatch789: There are also preseed and kickstart which will allow you to run an automated install with pre-defined answers.19:00
hatch789well this is for a build I'm doing to try to make crypto coin mining rigs19:03
hatch789so they will not be exposed to the outside ever19:03
hatch789Every access to them has to be from behind my firewall19:03
ducassehatch789: will they be using ssh internally? if so, you also need unique keys19:04
hatch789yes the unique keys are already generated in the Master Build as I call it19:05
hatch789So I did a very clean (no frills) ubuntu Desktop install. some simple stuff open-ssh, screen, gparted. Then generated my openssh keys19:06
haolezI have two network interfaces (xenial using /etc/network/interfaces) set to auto/dhcp, and the default gateway is being set to the wrong interface... how do I change that without using static IPs?19:06
ducassehatch789: they need to be be generated for each host19:06
hatch789so then I shut down my VirtualBox and use the VboxManage to write the .vdi out to an .img ...that all works perfectly19:07
Glamdeskducasse, So, I have a mouse cursor, but no real interface in there.19:07
GlamdeskIt definitely tried to start stuff.19:08
hatch789then when I burn the image onto a USB stick and boot up on the other PC (a real PC) it just hangs. I hit alt-F7 and found an alert! about my uuid not existing.19:08
ducasseGlamdesk: did you start openbox? try clicking left and/or right button.19:08
GlamdeskOH WOW! A menu on right-click!19:08
ducasseGlamdesk: bingo19:08
GlamdeskI have Thunar!19:09
hatch789tried several SAFE Boots ...it goes to desktop fine. but then a sudo reboot and I'm stuck again. Is there a way to wipe or PREP a build to be exported to another system? So it doesn't hit these snags?19:09
GlamdeskThat's what I've got so far.19:09
GlamdeskThat, and Thunar operational.19:10
GlamdeskWhat?! Oh no, did I manage to screw up the 8 bit color in that command?19:11
ducasseGlamdesk: some errors are to be expected as you've already got lxde (and thus openbox) already running. you could use another wm, or just ignore them.19:11
GlamdeskDangit! After all that, I forgot to make it 256 colors.19:11
ducasseGlamdesk: you didn't specify 8-bit afaict19:11
GlamdeskBut hey, I now have a familiar error in an unfamiliar environment. That's a *good* thing.19:12
ducasseGlamdesk: but just kill them, the same two commands should work when you run them again19:12
hatch789I feel like I'm missing something so simple here, don't people do this all the time?19:13
hatch789Again, if this is the wrong channel for this sort of question, I am happy to move to a better channel. Just not sure which is the appropriate one.19:13
ducassehatch789: people mostly use preseeding, for example19:14
Glamdeskhatch789: Sorry, I'm probably monopolizing the attention of the most active helper person in here right now.19:14
ducasseGlamdesk: np19:14
GlamdeskI figured I'd explain the silence regarding his problem.19:15
jhutchinshatch789: UUIDs are one of those uniquely generated things.19:15
ioriahatch789, i know almost nothing about vm, but i guess the OS installed on that IMG is expecting to see the virtual hardware that the vm provides19:16
GlamdeskHrm. This Wine wiki page says run Xephyr with -ac. The Xephyr help page says, -ac  disable access control restrictions. What's that mean?19:16
hatch789Ioria, right19:16
hatch789I am thinking that as well. so ignore the VM part. Let's say I'm building on a master machine. Then want to back this .img up and load it on 10 other machines for crypto mining19:17
hatch789that's essentially what I'm trying to do19:17
hatch789guys like nvOC, SimpleMiner, and several others, do this19:17
hatch789I wanted to custom make my own19:17
hatch789customize it to my needs and then save a lot of hassle single-configuring everything all the time on each new box19:18
hatch789Glamdesk, thanks for the explanation19:18
ducasseGlamdesk: it allows you to access the Xephyr session from 'outside' it. i just looked, seems you need a long -screen line to set 8bpp19:19
hatch789I know IRC can be hit & miss sometimes. I just have literally put over 100 hours into my build and got it down to something nice, small and REALLY efficient. Now that I'm ready to start exporting it to my other machines, it's failing :( It's heart-breaking if I'm stuck at this point. Others seem to do it just fine.19:19
ioriahatch789, i'll try to make a custom dvd and thenuse automation19:20
Glamdeskducasse: long -screen line? Like this? Xephyr :1 -ac -screen 800x600x8 &19:20
hatch789Ioria, does that let me put pre-built directory structures (and my code) into them already?19:20
ducasseGlamdesk: it doesn't need the other parameters? maybe not, try it :)19:21
GlamdeskI'd learned so much about what all these things mean today, and copy/paste alone hadn't gotten me as far as actually learning what's going on in this channel (thank you, ducasse!), so I asked about -ac so I could understand a little better.19:21
ioriahatch789, guess so (tried it just one time)19:21
GlamdeskHrm. Interesting. Is there a webpage which covers what that -ac, and its omission, would mean?19:21
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ducasseGlamdesk: http://www.bu.edu/tech/services/security/server/vulnerability-management/xprobe/xauth/19:23
GlamdeskThanks! Also, I *just* realized, anything I screw up in here screws things up elsewhere if I go too far, right?19:23
ducasseyou're still working in the same basic environment, yes19:24
ducassethink of it as an extra login19:24
GlamdeskOh. Oh man this is fugly. It works, but it isn't pretty. Sound's great, *no* visuals.19:24
GlamdeskWhat's that longer -screen that we would do?19:24
ducasseno, yours is probably right, i just misread it: -screen WIDTH[/WIDTHMM]xHEIGHT[/HEIGHTMM][+[-]XOFFSET][+[-]YOFFSET][@ROTATION][X][Y][xDEPTH/BPP[xFREQ]]19:26
GlamdeskOh man! The colors are awful, when there's visuals at all!19:26
GlamdeskWow. Technically it works, but it's visually literally unplayable so far.19:27
GlamdeskThink it might be any better via xinit?19:27
ducassethat's what i was typing :) it very well might, i've honestly never tried what you're trying. especially not with wine involved.19:28
ioriaGlamdesk, what is ? if i may ask ...19:30
ducassetrying to run a wine program in a 2nd 8bpp x session19:33
ioriai see19:34
ducasseGlamdesk: are you using lightdm?19:34
demophobiaI've been unable to get wireless working on this lubuntu 16 Dell D620 installation. :( Do you have any advice?19:39
ioriademophobia, sudo lshw -c Network19:42
hashingitoutAnyone here ever had any success with setting up a AMD Vega 64 card on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS ?19:44
demophobiaioria: should i search the Synaptic Package Manager for BCM4311 and install a package hoping it's a driver?19:45
ioriademophobia, sudo lshw -c Network19:45
demophobiaioria: i did that and got a list of devices19:45
ioriademophobia, plese, paste it19:46
demophobiaerm, before i can i'd need help getting on IRC on lubuntu19:46
demophobiai'm on a different computer ere19:46
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ioriahashingitout, have you tried the proprietary amdgpu-pro ?19:48
hashingitoutioria: yes i have ... it gets me half way but the OpenCL will not work with the card19:50
ioriahashingitout, what version ?19:50
hashingitoutAMDGPU-PRO Driver 17.3019:52
hashingitoutdont know what ethash is ?19:53
EriC^^try the kernel made for blockchain mining, it's similar to the one released for windows by amd except for linux19:53
EriC^^ethash is the algorithm for ethereum19:53
hashingitoutoh sorry .. yes ethereum19:54
EriC^^it fixes the drop in hash rate due to bigger dag size too, so you want it anyways19:54
hashingitouthow do i go about finding info on how to get that kernel for mining19:55
EriC^^search google for "amd driver for linux finally"19:56
EriC^^hashingitout: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1433925.msg21305411#msg2130541119:57
hashingitoutthank you19:57
egrainis there still a skype version in the repositories? i can't seem to find it.19:59
egraini mean, one where the calling still works.19:59
ducasseGlamdesk: i've got to quit soon, getting late here - might not be here when you get back20:00
akikegrain: download it from microsoft20:03
egrainso no repository skype then.20:03
egrainthank you.20:03
kostkonegrain, you need to download the new beta from skype https://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-linux/20:03
akikegrain: i don't know if it's in the repositories. but if you searched, i trust you20:03
kostkonegrain, it will add its own repo during install so you will be kept up-to-date20:04
egrainVersion: is in there. but it says 4.3 and older don't work anymore.20:04
akikegrain: yes microsoft ended their support in july20:04
egrainbut what i downloading then from skype.com?20:05
kostkonegrain, the linux deb version20:05
akikegrain: it's a deb that installs fine on 16.0420:05
kostkonegrain, then double click on the file20:05
egraini'm not amused.20:05
egrainthanks though.20:05
akikegrain: i just tested the skype call testing lady and she worked20:06
egrainmuch appreciated.20:07
hashingitoutEriC^^: i did that and rebooted and still get the error "GPU0, OpenCL error -48 (0) - cannot create DAG on GPU"20:07
EriC^^hashingitout: do you have swap enabled?20:07
EriC^^sudo swapon -s20:07
EriC^^try creating a swap20:08
EriC^^i think 16gb is the recommended size by claymore20:08
egrain16gb swap?20:09
hashingitoutEric^^: is there an easy way to do that from command?20:13
EriC^^hashingitout: sudo fallocate -l 16G /swap && sudo chmod 600 /swap && sudo mkswap /swap && sudo swapon /swap20:15
Glamdeskducasse: Funny, just got back.20:19
hashingitoutEriC^^: Done ... thank you ... still get the same error when trying to start Claymore20:19
Glamdeskducasse: Duly noted. I am not using lightdm. Should I get that? What would be the particular benefit?20:20
ducasseGlamdesk: any progress?20:20
Glamdeskducasse: Nah, it was wife snuggle time.20:20
Glamdeskducasse: I've hit an impasse where the game is running fine, but visually indistinguishable from utter garbage.20:20
ducasseGlamdesk: ah :) i suggest you try the xinit way, just give -bpp 8 as an argument to the server20:22
GlamdeskIndeed. Should it mostly look like the Xephyr command, just with xinit?20:22
GlamdeskAlso, why did you ask about lightdm?20:23
ducasselightdm has a tool that would just give us a handy way to start sessions, it's really not important.20:23
GlamdeskWell, it's not like running OpenBox in two different iterations is proving all that useful to the process, so if this doesn't work, should I try lightdm as well?20:24
ducassenah, let's not add to the confusion :)20:25
GlamdeskWell, again, that'd only be if the endgoal hadn't been achieved already.20:25
GlamdeskBah. Okay. Mucked it up. How do I restart TTY1 from another terminal?20:29
GlamdeskAlmost feels like old MS-DOS days where I'll have to make a boot disk to run this.20:32
ducasserestart tty1? can't you stop what is running there with ctrl+c?20:35
GlamdeskNope. Really mucked it up, seems.20:35
silvianGlamdesk: reset?20:36
silvianas in actualy type reset20:36
GlamdeskA little knowledge is a dangerous thing.20:36
GlamdeskTried. Basically, no command line there.20:36
ducasseGlamdesk: try 'sudo systemctl restart getty@tty1.service'20:37
silvianGlamdesk: ok well in that case open another terminal then find the program that's running using ps and kill it20:37
Glamdeskducasse's worked, thanks.20:39
Glamdesk"If no specific client program is given on the command line, xinit  will look  for a file in the user's home directory called .xinitrc to run as a shell script to start up client programs." Well. Hrm.20:41
GlamdeskSo, I mean, if I was feeling cheeky I could try to make a .xinitrc folder... but then, it might muck up my usual startup? I assume xinit is called as part of usual startup.20:44
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Glamdesk(Mind, it *might* have the easy fix of just deleting that folder.)20:45
silvianGlamdesk: what do you need to do? if you don't want to run any clients then maybe you could just touch .xinitrc in your home folder?20:46
ducasseGlamdesk: it's a file, not a folder, and it's not used when starting an x session from a display manager20:47
Glamdeskducasse: Sorry, could you rephrase that? silvian: Trying to make a 256 color GUI x windows session to run a Wine game that's really, really, really persnickety.20:48
Glamdesksilvian: In Xephyr, I can get it running, but it's unplayably ugly. Literally can't see what I'm doing most of the time.20:49
ducasseGlamdesk: i've been doing some tests here, hence sow to respond. xinit on ubuntu is unsupported and kind of broken...20:49
Glamdeskducasse: That explains a lot.20:49
silvianGlamdesk: ah I see what you're trying to do... right20:49
Glamdesksilvian: Yep, so I'm trying to do it in, like, TTY1 for example, since running it in a Xephyr window resulted, among other things, in palette terror.20:50
silvianlolz yeah20:50
GlamdeskMost video sequences were invisible, which was visible from the start, and it's an interesting use of visuals, so that's a diverse set of circumstances (and thus diverse yet identical results.) The HERC base pic, a mildly animated thingy, was visible but horrible, and there was text at the bottom right that was readable when I moused over something in the inky blackness.20:52
GlamdeskThe final nail was that the sprites that make up every part of the battlescape were inky blackness, too.20:52
GlamdeskCouldn't even read the reactor and battery power.20:52
ducasseGlamdesk: i'm double-checking xephyr, i think that would be better...20:52
GlamdeskThis would be so not worth it if this didn't happen to be one of the best games I've ever played.20:53
kostkonGlamdesk, which game is it20:53
Glamdeskkostkon: Missionforce: Cyberstorm 1.20:53
Glamdeskducasse: Sounds like "better than xinit" is a low bar here. Can Xephyr be used as a way to make a display on a whole other TTY?20:54
ducasseGlamdesk: considered setting up a windows vm?20:54
ducasseGlamdesk: no, it needs to run on another x display20:54
Glamdeskducasse: It did, admittedly, work well in a Win95 virtualbox. I still have that drive.20:55
GlamdeskI'd have to reinstall virtualbox. For what it's worth, I'm learning a lot this way, though, and am still interested in seeing it through.20:55
GlamdeskSo, hrm. An x session means what, basically? If I log into tty1, does that start an x session?20:56
ducasseGlamdesk: ok, but i don't think i can continue much longer tonight20:56
Glamdeskducasse: Understood, you had warned.20:56
tubalHello. Having trouble accessing my iPhone on 16.10. The file browser shows a mount point, but no contents there. The mount command shows nothing relevant. The iPhone asked me to indicate that the U. box it is connected to is a trusted device, but only after rebooting it while connected. Did so. Any thoughts?20:57
ducasseGlamdesk: by 'x session' i mean an x display with wm and programs running inside20:58
tubal* rebooting the Iphone.20:58
ducassetubal: 16.10 is eol20:58
=== BrAsS_mOnKeY is now known as g2
tubalducasse: I know.20:58
ducassetubal: you need to upgrade to 17.0420:58
tubalducasse: I know.20:58
GlamdeskI should ask about upgrading from 16.04, just not today.20:59
ducassetubal: ...? then do so and come back? we don't support 16.10 anymore.20:59
silviantubal: iPhone works fine on 16.04 for me. Never used 16.10 so I don't know if there are any issues with support on that version.20:59
tubalducasse: I don't think this is a problem specific to 16.10.21:01
ducassetubal: 16.10 is still not supported here anymore, for good reasons21:01
zztoplesshi smarter people :)21:03
tubalSo I would have been better off lying.21:03
zztoplessTrying to access a shared (smb) folder from one ubuntu vm (lubuntu) to another (mint kde), no matter what, I just can't seem to get it to work.  sshfs does work, but I can't mount it to a folder, which I need to be able to do :/21:04
ducassetubal: lying to get support is not really constructive, and likely to be seen through quite quickly21:05
zztoplessI have no issues accessing windows shared folder (from either the win10 host os, or a win7 guest).  All on the same internal subnet of course21:05
silvianzztopless: ugh smb is never fun...21:05
silvianis the folder hosted on a windows system the one you are trying to access?21:06
zztoplesssilvian: 3 hours of googling and failure would have me in agreement...21:06
zztoplessnope (the folders on windows ARE accessible, for whatever reason)21:06
silvianyeah to be honest i just ssh/scp most of the time. :D21:06
zztoplessI'm trying to access a folder on the lubuntu vm from the mint-kde vm21:06
zztoplessboth 14.0421:07
silvianah ok so this is smb linux to linux21:07
silvianare they both running the same samba version?21:07
zztoplessim happy use use ssh/scp if I can mount the network folder to a local holder21:07
ducasseGlamdesk: anyway, i think a vm is probably your best bet for actually playing that game. i can understand wanting to get it working this way, i'm just not sure how/if wine affects things etc21:07
tubalducasse: Well, that was my second question anyway. The  upgrade process: trust the GUI stuff, or best to use apt-get? Hurdles? Surprises?21:08
zztoplessI'm honestly not sure, but they are both using the same core repos (trusty), will check though21:08
ducassetubal: i always use do-release-upgrade, but since 16.10 is eol you might need to use this:21:08
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:09
ducassetubal: and properly purge any ppas first21:09
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html21:09
silvianzztopless: if you are using the shared folder only between linux systems have you considered NFS?21:09
* Glamdring takes notes.21:09
zztoplesshmmm, it's possible I am the dumbest person you've seen in here for a while.. bear with me while I confirm said learning disability...21:10
silvianwhat you mean zztopless?21:11
silvianNFS or Network File System is a way to mount network drives as network shared folders within Unix systems.21:12
Glamdringducasse: I should try a working Linux game as a control in Xephyr. I'll try that later.21:12
zztoplesssilvian,  samba wasn't installed on lubuntu21:12
Glamdring:D Been there done that, zztopless.21:12
tubalducasse: thanks.21:12
silvianzztopless: oh lolz... well that may explain some of the connectivity issues you were facing :D21:12
zztoplessstill getting the same error though21:12
zztoplesshoping a reboot might help21:12
ducasseGlamdring: i would investigate the xephyr route a bit more, it has options to affect visuals in various ways.21:13
ducasseGlamdring: did you also have an upgrade question?21:13
Glamdringducasse: Yeah to upgrade question, but I will read eolupgrades and ppapurge first.21:14
GlamdringThose might be exactly what I need.21:14
ducasseGlamdring: you would need to go via 16.10 to get to 17.04, so it would be two steps. make sure that you actually need/want to upgrade rather than simply staying on an lts release. if you upgrade you'll need to keep doing so every six months.21:16
silvianzztopless: here's a simple guide if you wanna give NFS a go for the lulz http://www.wikihow.com/Share-Files-Between-Linux-Computers-Using-NFS21:16
GlamdringIndeed, didn't realise it's per 6 months.21:17
zztoplesssilvian thanks, will do, samba still isn't working21:17
silvianzztopless: i think its far less pain man especially if youre just doing linux to linux file sharing21:18
ducasseGlamdring: regular releases come every 6, supported for 921:18
zztoplessI don't want the shared content in question exposed to the host for a bunch of reasons (sensitive client data and some dev work), just don't trust windows (or me with windows).  Failing nfs, I guess I can create a veracrypt container in windows and decrypt it on mint, as well as lubunt, but only read only on lubuntu (can copy still)21:20
TJ-zztopless: for quick easy sharing sshfs (SSH file-system) might be an option21:20
silvianTJ-: I believe zztopless already mentioned trying sshfs but it doesn't do what's needed21:21
zztoplessTJ - yeah it is better than nothing (as is ftp), but ideally I would like to mount the share to /media/<share>21:22
zztoplessor it might do it, but I haven't figured it out21:22
silvianzztopless: yeah NFS is specifically for mounting :D that's like the entire point of NFS21:23
ducassezztopless: you can mount sshfs, that's kind of what it does...21:24
TJ-zztopless: you mean as in: "sshfs tj@otherhost:/path/to/shared/files /media/tj/otherhost" ?21:25
zztoplessok, will finish the NFS tutorial first21:25
silvianhorray for choices. never used sshfs myself :D21:25
silvianbut sounds great that you can do it using both... the more you learn.21:25
zztoplessthough step 4 of http://www.wikihow.com/Share-Files-Between-Linux-Computers-Using-NFS tells me portmap isn't installed, despite installing in the previous step successfully...21:26
TJ-silvian: it is very useful for quick sharing of trees when scp isn't sufficient and NFS/CIFS isn't available or worth the pain of setting up21:26
zztoplessyeah for sure21:26
TJ-zztopless: is portmap and rpcbind both configured and active, and no firewall blocking them?21:26
silvianyeah NFS is kinda teh go to permanent solution for shared mounted file systems21:27
zztoplessthis is a new set up for me (the two nix vms) and the next stage will be either a regular ubuntu host, or esxi for better performance21:27
TJ-zztopless: also, be aware that there are two incompatible versions of NFS: v3 and v4, and it can sometimes be difficult to know which is active21:27
zztoplessno idea regarding portmap or rcpbind (though sudo dpkg-reconfigure portmap is where I get: dpkg-query: package 'portmap' is not installed)21:28
zztoplessNFS is being install fresh on both, hopefully that will help21:28
ducassezztopless: be aware that nfs trusts the client security-wise, unless you bother with kerberos21:28
zztoplesssecurity isn't much of an issue in this particular environment21:29
ducassein that case nfs is great :)21:30
silvianalso very very fast and efficient21:31
zztoplessah, when attempting to install portmap, it actually did: "Note, selecting 'rpcbind' instead of 'portmap'" - i missed it as i just scanned for the usual 0 to newly install etc, which usually means it's installed already21:31
silvianzztopless: nice one :)21:31
zztoplessyeah, i tried switching from pfsense to a regular router, just to make sure it wasn't something to do with my router config - no difference21:32
ducasseGlamdring: any other questions before i call it a night? :)21:33
zztoplessdo I need to source portmap and install it, or does rpcbing do the same thing?21:33
ducassesame thing21:33
pavloszztopless: is samba running on the vm1? what's the smb.conf ... you can sudo mount -t cifs //vm1/public /media/fromvm121:34
Glamdringducasse: Nah, I'm out of stamina for now anyway. Good night, and thanks!21:34
zztoplessah, night - pfft :P 7:30am here, sleep time has come and gone :(21:34
ducasseGlamdring: you're welcome, have fun if you continue messing with it :)21:34
GlamdringWill do.21:34
TJ-zztopless: can these two VMs 'see' each other for other protocols? I assume you've bridged them or are you routing?21:35
zztoplessTJ-, yes they can21:36
TJ-zztopless: is it bridged or routed?21:36
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zztoplessTJ-, I can get into the shared folder with sshconnect (the filemanager plugin/addon) and I can get to a prompt for login with samba in pcmanfm (or dolphin or nautilis, both of which I also installed in lubuntu just to try them)21:38
zztoplessusing bridged mode NIC in vmware workstation21:39
zztoplessI also have IPs allocated to their MACs in the router21:39
TJ-zztopless: OK, so nothing in the host that might be interfering21:40
zztoplessnope and like I said, they are both accessing shared folders on the host through samba21:40
TJ-zztopless: in these cases it's always best to check the basic 'wiring' first; 8 times out of 10 it is the culprit :)21:40
zztoplessyeah for sure21:40
TJ-zztopless: which version of ubuntu are you using?21:40
psychoticwarriorwhats up21:41
psychoticwarriorjust got my ubuntu rock and rollin21:41
TJ-zztopless: I recall when setting up a similar NFS system some time ago I had lots of fun getting portmapper sorted out with user id mapping etc21:41
zztoplesslubuntu is DISTRIB_CODENAME=trusty | DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS"21:42
zztoplessmint is DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa" (almost identical to kubuntu 14.04)21:42
zztoplessboth use trusty as their default repos21:45
pavloszztopless: both vm's on the same subnet, no firewall21:46
silvianzztopless: still no luck setting up NFS?21:50
zztoplessand I doubt the firewall is the issue, as I can see the shares when i browse through the network to the other vm and can see the shared folder (the name I gave the share), and get a login prompt when clicking on it21:51
zztoplesstrying to mount with fstab (first thing I tried, as it's how I access the windows smb shares), or in the console also gives a permission error21:52
zztoplesssilvian, no failure yet, just about finished the walk-through21:52
silvianzztopless: ah cool :)21:53
silvianyeah there is a bit of manual configuring to be done but once its done it should be solid21:54
silviannamely editing fstab stuff.21:54
silvianzztopless: I highly recommend that you always do a backup of the fstab file before touching it. :)21:54
mindofmateoHello everyone.  I don't remember the usernames of the folks I talked to earlier, but I'm having a problem with my computer suspending and freezing or something (16.04 LTS).  Basically it stays on, but it never goes fully to sleep and it does not respond in any way even though it's still on.21:57
TJ-mindofmateo: sounds like an ACPI issue; unfortunately rather common21:58
mindofmateoMy question is, would it be possible to write a script that activates when I suspend/sleep the computer to wake it after a period of time (like two minutes or something) and see if that does anything?  or is that impossible?21:58
SpotInTheSkyI'm not too familiar with linux, is there a way to get a newer version of fuse installed on my ubuntu 14.04 host?21:58
SpotInTheSkyI found this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/667790/how-to-upgrade-libfuse-dev-from-2-9-2-to-2-9-4-ubuntu-server-14-0421:58
SpotInTheSkybut am curious if there is an easier way21:58
mindofmateoDamn, I don't even know what an ACPI is or stands for21:58
TJ-mindofmateo: it's part of the motherboard firmware: Advanced Configuration and Power Interface21:59
TJ-mindofmateo: most motherboard manufacturers tune it so all functionality is only available if the OS is Windows; Linxu often gets a reduced set of functionality which can cause these kinds of issues21:59
mindofmateoOh, that makes sense.  Are you familiar with it at all?  as in, if I peek around, do you have any suggestions for what to look for?22:00
TJ-mindofmateo: the Linux kernel has an option to make it pretend to be Windows to enable such functionality which often fixes ACPI issues like that22:00
mindofmateoYeah I've heard about that happening with UEFI systems, but only dealt with it on a laptop almost 2 years ago22:00
mindofmateoTJ- cool!  Any pointers or suggestions where I could learn how to do that?22:01
tunamani33i'm brand new to ubuntu. my network card is not recognized by ubuntu and i'm trying to compile a driver that i found.22:03
psychoticwarriorhey whats up22:03
TJ-mindofmateo: hang on whilst I grab my notes22:03
mindofmateoTJ- MyMan.jpg22:04
tunamani33however, i'm getting this error "linux kernel source not configured - missing version.h. stop." when i run the make command22:04
mindofmateoand ultimately, if I couldn't sort out the issue it's not the end of the world, I could just disable suspend.  Not ideal as my desktop is in my bedroom now because I had people move into my extra rooms.  Easier to sleep without the noise, but whatevs22:05
tunamani33can anyone help me resolve this problem?22:05
mindofmateotunamani33 have you run `sudo apt-get update` and upgrade?22:05
netsrotHi, will it work if I change all zesty to artful in sources.list? or is it called testing or something else?22:05
TJ-mindofmateo: do a search on the ACPI table for the Windows-specific OSI names with "sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows" and try the most recent Windows string, e.g. acpi_osi="Windows 2012"22:06
tunamani33mindofmateo,  correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't the apt-get command only work if i have internet access?22:06
mindofmateotunamani33: I'll shut up, I have my own issue to deal with and I'm probably only going to make yours worse XP22:07
tunamani33don't worry.22:07
tunamani33i foolishly threw away a bunch of old pci network cards that i had22:07
tunamani33and i'm running ubuntu now on an old board with the old pci slots on it22:08
tunamani33the pc is powerful enough, i think, but this would be so much easier to just put another card in22:08
mindofmateoTJ-: Cool, I'll try that. Also, what do you mean "your notes?"  Just asking because I would love to be as knowledgeable as some of you experts22:08
TJ-mindofmateo: once you've identified the latest supported Windows version use these commands to add it (replace "Windows 2012" with whatever seems to be latest on your PC: "sudo sed 's/\(GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=".*\)\("\)/\1 \\"acpi_osi=Windows 2012\\"\2/' /etc/default/grub  " then "sudo update-grub" if you want to add it22:08
tunamani33than painfully try to compile a driver on my first day.22:08
TJ-mindofmateo: I've specialised on ACPI for over a decade and this particular workaround is something I've finessed over a long time, but I always forget the specifics of how to implement it :)22:09
mindofmateoit printed "Windows 2001\n Microsoft Windows NT\n Microsoft Windows"22:10
TJ-mindofmateo: so your's would need "Windows 2001" I'd guess. If that doesn't improve things you can try others too.22:10
TJ-mindofmateo: you can test those without changing the grub config manually if you'd rather22:10
mindofmateoTJ- can you elaborate what you mean by "replace 'Windows 2012' with whatever seems to be latest on your PC"?  I technically have WinX as dual boot, but I only use it when I'm facing a task confined to that OS.22:11
TJ-mindofmateo: that entails rebooting and holding down the Escape key to get to the GRUB boot menu, then pressing 'e' to edit the boot entry, navigating to the line beginning "linux ..." and adding to the existing options the string (including the double quotes): "acpi_osi=Windows 2001"  and then pressing Ctrl+X to boot with that option. Then test the system see if suspend/resume works22:11
TJ-mindofmateo: don't worry about other installed OSes; this is just a bit of text that Linux kernel uses to fool the motherboard into thinking the booting OS is actually Windows, which causes the motherboard to enable additional functionality for power control in most cases22:13
zztoplesssilvian, yeah I always back-up fstab :)22:13
zztoplessgetting the error: mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting22:13
TJ-mindofmateo: when I said replace, I mean replace the string "Windows 2012" in my example command, with your "Windows 2001" - since that seems to be the latest windows version that the motherboard is programmed to recognise22:13
mindofmateoI understood what you meant by replace, just not the part about "whatever seems to be the latest on your PC" Yikes, I didn't think this PC was that old... really Windows 2001?22:14
TJ-mindofmateo: could be, that's in the motherboard's BIOS ACPI DSDT table22:14
TJ-mindofmateo: in most cases it probably matches on the "Microsoft Windows" when a Windows OS version boots.22:15
TJ-mindofmateo: what make/model is the PC?22:15
mindofmateoIt started off as a Dell Optiplex 745, lol22:16
blkadderzztopless, Do you have the server configured to allow mounting from the client?22:16
silvianzztopless: perhaps is there another process trying to mount it?22:16
blkadderIn /etc/exports?22:16
zztoplesssilvian It worked!  reinstalled rpcbind on mint (the vm with the shared folder) as it wasn't restarting (sudo /etc/init.d/rpcbind stop/start didn't work)22:16
TJ-mindofmateo: I think those are quite old aren't they?22:16
zztoplessblkadder, all good now :)22:17
mindofmateoI understood it was 2007-ish, but Maybe I'm wrong?22:17
silvianzztopless: screen Hi5 :D22:17
blkadderzztopless, Good deal.22:17
tunamani33oh good22:17
TJ-mindofmateo: could be but the BIOS tables don't necessarily have to sound quite so up to date22:17
tunamani33i just found a wifi card22:17
tunamani33and it sees networks22:17
tunamani33i'll try using it and updating22:18
* zztopless missed the high five due to sleep deprivation at hits silvian in the face, then hugs instead22:18
silvianso you used rpcbind instead of portman yeah?22:18
mindofmateoJust to be clear because I'm unfamiliar with sed, this is a single command, correct? ->     sudo sed 's/\(GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=".*\)\("\)/\1 \\"acpi_osi=Windows 2012\\"\2/' /etc/default/grub22:19
zztoplessportman has been removed/deprecated from the main repo22:19
zztoplessfor trusty (and I assume onwards)22:19
silvianzztopless: sweet nice one. get some rest now. :)22:19
silvianjob well done22:19
TJ-mindofmateo: correct; it makes it easier for me to tell users how to change the setting rather than trying to talk them through a manual edit of the file!22:20
mindofmateoI tried to read the man page, tried, lol22:21
TJ-mindofmateo: it looks complicated because of all those escaped characters \( \) \\ etc22:21
TJ-mindofmateo: but basically it ensures it leaves the existing contents of the line intact but inserts the required text inside the existing quote marks at the end whatever is already there22:22
mindofmateoI got this after sudo update-grub, if that matters:   https://thepasteb.in/p/X6hBo6qQGQ2i322:23
TJ-mindofmateo: that's good; it's reporting the list of OS kernel versions it's added to GRUB's config file22:23
mindofmateoWas I supposed to see Windows 2001 anywhere?22:24
TJ-mindofmateo: no, but if you read the generated file you will: e.g. "grep Windows /boot/grub/grub.cfg"22:24
mindofmateogrep only showed "Windows 10 (loader)" no lines with 200122:25
TJ-mindofmateo: hmmm. best to check then. "grep Windows /etc/default/grub"22:25
TJ-mindofmateo: it is possible the 'sed' command didn't match on your system and needs tweaking22:26
TJ-mindofmateo: sed won't change anything if the pattern doesn't match22:26
mindofmateobummer, no grep output searching /etc/22:26
mindofmateoTJ- Well, that's good to know, lol22:26
TJ-mindofmateo: pastebin /etc/default/grub, let's do it manually22:27
mindofmateoUh, IDK why that sent 4x22:28
mindofmateomy bad22:28
mindofmateough, I did it wrong, hold on22:28
TJ-mindofmateo: yup, hehehe :D22:28
TJ-mindofmateo: I'd best check that sed command hasn't got errors - i copy-pasted it from notes so it should be correct!22:30
mindofmateoI will paste everything between the double quotes:   "sudo sed 's/\(GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=".*\)\("\)/\1 \\"acpi_osi=Windows 2001\\"\2/' /etc/default/grub "22:31
TJ-mindofmateo: Duh! the sed command is correct, *but* as a safety precaution I left out the sed switch option that does an inline replace. After "sudo sed" insert " -i " (including spaces) then run "grep Windows /etc/default/grub" to confirm it worked, then redo "sudo update-grub"22:32
mindofmateohm, same output with both update-grub and with cat /etc/default/grub22:32
TJ-mindofmateo: without "-i" sed only outputs the changes to the console22:32
mindofmateothe -i flag makes sense!  Just to confirm in case I misunderstood, there are two spaces in between -i and 's, and a space at the end, correct?22:34
mindofmateoI didn't think whitespace mattered like that, but I don't want to assume22:34
psychoticwarriorita ita22:34
TJ-mindofmateo: well, we just some whitespace to seperate the command and other options as with all commands22:34
TJ-mindofmateo: as in "sudo sed -i 's/..."22:34
mindofmateoI just manually edited the line, lol saved and did update-grub22:37
mindofmateoTJ- now I just need to reboot and see if suspend freezes?22:37
TJ-mindofmateo: correct22:39
TJ-mindofmateo: after booting confirm the setting was picked up by the kernel by...22:39
TJ-mindofmateo: ... doing "cat /proc/cmdline" and confirming you see the acpi_osi=Windows 200122:39
mindofmateowhen I log in run that in terminal?22:40
TJ-mindofmateo: correct22:40
TJ-mindofmateo: and additionally...22:40
TJ-mindofmateo: ... you can check the kernel log to confirm the setting was taken by looking in the dmesg kernel log output, but on some kernel versions the new setting isn't reported so you can't rely on that22:42
mindofmateosweet.  Alright, thank you so much for the guidance.  I'll be back.22:42
psychoticwarriorwhat sup22:45
psychoticwarriorhey junkie22:54
mindofmateoYJ- I looked at those files and tried it a few times and everything seems good :) ty ty ty23:04
TJ-mindofmateo: Yay! that's great news23:04
TJ-mindofmateo: So annoying though, that Linux gets hobbled like this and usually gets the blame too23:05
mindofmateoit's a love hate relationship lol23:07
TJ-mindofmateo: I've wasted the last 2 days due to a similar issue, thanks to Intel!23:08
TJ-mindofmateo: in my case a dual-band 802.11ac capable PCIe wifi card is prevented from being an Access Point or Ad-Hoc network in the 5GHz band, by it's firmware - friggin' useless23:08
mindofmateoI'm still tryin to fix network drivers on my rasperry pi, I know the pain23:09
TJ-mindofmateo: for USB wifi ?23:10
mindofmateoits a 2 b+ or whatever, not the new buily in bt/wifi23:10
TJ-mindofmateo: I've not thought to try these USB RTL-based 802.11ac dongles on the Pi, I ought to. I think I once built the RTL8812au driver on the RasPi too23:10
TJ-mindofmateo: so much to fix, and so little time :D23:11
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mindofmateoidk what the issue is, also 8812au.  it was working, router took a shit, all the sudden the rpi doesn't work now23:11
bazhangmindofmateo, no cursng here23:12
bazhangTJ-, mindofmateo lets take the offtopic chatter elsewhere please23:12
mindofmateooops sorry23:12
oerheks_there is a proper dkms for that https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=8812au23:14
TJ-oerheks_: yeah, and it has fatal bugs23:16
hashingitoutAnyone here have any experience with mining on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS with AMD Vega 64 cards?23:18
TJ-oerheks_: the best RTL8812/RTL8821 driver I've found, still with issues due to not using mainline facilities for cfg80211, is from https://github.com/abperiasamy/rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux. I'm hacking on that currently to improve it23:21
_Sym_does anyone know if I can update the BIOS on my laptop with a portable windows installation using WinToUSB?  I have ubuntu on my laptop now, and my bios updates require windows.23:37
_Sym_WinToUSB seems to be able to create a bootable windows usb stick23:37
_Sym_I assume I could just boot into windows with the usb stick and run my bios update23:38
oerheks_Woeusb works, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/06/create-bootable-windows-10-usb-ubuntu23:40
_Sym_is that safe to update my bios from that?23:41
_Sym_thats what i wasnt sure about23:41
oerheks_to make a windows usb to install windows, there is no live image or something23:41
_Sym_WinToUSB makes a live image23:41
TJ-_Sym_: does the PC use EFI rather than BIOS? if so, Linux now has support for installing EFI update packages23:42
oerheks_if it could be done in DOS, freedos could be a help23:42
_Sym_like enterprise windows23:42
_Sym_enterpise windows has a Windows to Go version for a portable usb stick23:42
_Sym_TJ-, its UEFI23:42
TJ-_Sym_: see https://fwupd.org/23:42
_Sym_I was able to create a bootable UEFI usb stick to update my bios, but I must manually select the correct firmware update that matches my system board id.  The problem is that the exe that contains my firmware update supports 5 revisions of my laptop and I dont know the correct file to use.23:44
_Sym_the windows installer knows what to choose correctly23:44
_Sym_Im afraid that I wont be able to manually update my BIOS safely because I cant get HP to confirm the correct firmware revision to use for my system board id.23:47
TJ-_Sym_: UEFI updates usually come in 'capsules' (like a ZIP file) and the board ID recognition is done by fwupd, it won't upgrade to incompatible versions23:48
_Sym_the exe used to update my bios contains 5 revisions and I dont know which one to use because none of those match my board id23:48
bazhang_Sym_, this sounds like a windows issue23:48
bazhangbios update etc23:48
_Sym_yah, windows does some kind of detection that I dont know23:49
_Sym_I know I cant update my bios from a virtual machine, but could I update my bios using a window "live" use boot stick?23:49
_Sym_I see its possible to make those23:50
TJ-I'd extract the capsules from the Windows exe, and then use fwupd on Linux :)23:51

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