knomea wild micahg appears06:30
flocculantreminded by knome's early morning appearance, flocculant checks dev tracker for qa blueprint and is sad 06:31
knomeinteresting then06:32
knomeand meh06:32
flocculantyup not sure there :)06:32
flocculantwonder if it's because not tasks on that yet?06:32
flocculantjust whiteboard06:32
knomeyes, very likely06:33
flocculantthat's easy then - we can keep the bp off the tracker \o/06:33
flocculantback to waking up06:33
knomei don't remember much any more, but i think there was something about LP not mentioning the whole blueprint in an API call if only the whiteboard existed06:34
knomebut i might remember wrong...06:34
knomeone thing that has been broken for a bit is the assignee dropdown06:35
knomeand i have again no idea why06:35
flocculantwill check again - got tasks now06:36
knomelet me run the script manually06:36
knomenow this gets interesting06:38
flocculantyou've broken it?06:39
knomei have no idea06:39
knomeagain it's a long time since i touched this06:39
knomewell there it si06:43
knomei'll call it on LP API slowness this time06:43
knomebut the assignee stuff is still borked06:43
flocculantyup 06:44
knomebut that's no surprise :P06:44
knomeoh hello password06:44
flocculantdidn't use that bit much (if ever other than testing) personally06:44
knomethe filtering works though06:45
knomeand the data is correctly in the db...06:45
flocculantprobably more useful :)06:45
flocculantand it's not like we never have meetings06:45
flocculantor at least talk to each other :D06:46
knomeand interesting06:46
knomejust sigh06:57
knomele sigh of the sighs06:58
knomenow it works06:58
knomeno wonder it wasn't working06:58
knomei was poking at code that wasn't ran on production06:58
knomebecause... i just was06:58
knomeoh well!06:58
flocculantyou fed it didn't you :p06:59
knomeflocculant, contr docs should be fixed now...07:23
knomenext fix the logo in them07:24
flocculantok - thanks 07:24
knomewell actually hmm07:24
knomenvm that comment07:24
knomethat's for 1804 :P07:24
knomeanyway, if you see anything weird there, let me know07:24
flocculantre that - not doing facebook till I have a cover image for it - seems wrong to have different logos next to each other07:25
flocculantwe agreed :D07:25
knomeso you'll need a logo and a cover photo07:25
knomelet me check how it looks now in full07:25
knomeso the new logo didn't make *any* splash on twitter07:27
knomegood i guess07:27
knomeflocculant, if you try to make this the cover photo, does it look bad or good? https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_banners/430282295/1453414413/1500x50007:29
flocculantno time now - just off to work, will check later - after I've got the current one to revert to :)07:29
knomethat then -> https://scontent.fhel1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/523898_392463877469192_753070295_n.jpg?oh=c9c2cb328f7250cbf2b2b2ea6d033ada&oe=5A7734DC07:30
flocculantok - thanks - will look this afternoon :)07:31
knomesure, no hurry07:31
knomei could theoretically make sure the image works by then too07:31
knomeflocculant, ygm re: fb images07:40
flocculantknome: ack11:15
flocculantwhy that cover?11:15
flocculantother than it not needing to be changed because something in 'it' changes11:24
flocculantknome: did you want to lose the text in the current cover?11:30
knomeflocculant, we have the same on twitter14:35
knomeflocculant, we can revisit at some point14:35
flocculantknome: ack - doing that now then14:35
knometa :)14:36
knomethe logo looks like the old one on my phone14:51
flocculantdownloaded what you mailed me then uploaded it there 14:53
flocculantno idea what it is other than that :D14:53
knomei'll lookon desktop lter :P14:53
flocculantokey doke 14:54
flocculantknome: didja look?19:57
knomebut looking now19:58
knomenope, it's still the old one19:59
knomeor to be clear: the cover photo is ok19:59
knomethe profile picture not19:59
flocculantloks the same to me as the one in the Updated Xubuntu logo mail20:03
knomeyou mean *exactly* same or sameish?:P20:04
flocculantsend it me again 20:04
flocculanteg the whiskers look right20:04
knomebut they look wrong to me20:04
flocculantwe can play the game till one of us dies - all I'm doing is uploading what you send :D20:05
knomein the mail they look fine20:05
knomebut in fb they look not fine20:05
knomeso maybe it can be some weeeeird fb thingy20:05
flocculantha ha ha ha 20:05
flocculantgot the mail20:05
knomeeg. because i'm not logged in...20:05
flocculantoh maybe 20:06
knomebut why would they show me "your" old profile pic even then?20:06
flocculantwho knows20:07
knomethe who?20:07
flocculantwhat about now?20:07
flocculantdoubtful - they are all older than my mum ... 20:07
knomenow i also see a message saying you updated your profile pic20:07
flocculantyea - worked it out - not concentrating earlier - some crop stuff cropped up20:08
flocculantthen I think I might have not saved it cos didn't want to crop20:08
knomeso while you are there20:08
knomego edit the about thing20:08
flocculantanyway - done that20:08
knomemake everything say https:// instead of http://20:08
flocculantwhere's the about thing lol20:09
flocculantoh nvm20:09
knomeand for the story, i'd probably lean towards the website intro...20:09
knomeXubuntu is a community developed operating system that combines elegance and ease of use.20:09
knomeXubuntu is an elegant and easy to use operating system. Xubuntu comes with Xfce, which is a stable, light and configurable desktop environment.20:09
knomeXubuntu is perfect for those who want the most out of their desktops, laptops and netbooks with a modern look and enough features for efficient, daily usage. It works well on older hardware too.20:09
knomeand something about reading more at website ;)20:09
knomenow you have one finished work item ;)20:10
flocculantinstead of the really long description?20:11
knomeand if we feel like there is some interesting and important information20:11
knomethat isn't on the website...20:11
knomewell you know what we should do in that case ;)20:11
flocculantknome: what about adding something about contributing - where the 'For Support' bit is?20:14
flocculantalso I guess https://xubuntu.org/ instead of https://www.20:17
knomeyes please for the latter20:20
knomeand yes, a contribution link would be nice too20:20
flocculantI'll point to the simple webpage one for that 20:21
flocculantknome: ok - anything else?20:22
knomenot for fb20:22
knomebut want to proofread something $else?20:22
flocculantok - all done then20:22
flocculantcan do :)20:22
knomelet me send you a quick mail then20:22
knomeFro contributing20:23
knomei'd probably say "To get involved, see"20:23
knomethat's kind of the thing we keep saying20:24
knomeor at least i do :D20:24
flocculantnot a little bit of proofreading then lol20:26
knomei didn't say the task was quick... :P20:27
flocculantyou in a hurry? 20:27
knomemostly to check there aren't any loose ends in the thought20:27
knomewhenever you have time20:27
flocculantget it to you tomorrow then :)20:27
flocculantnot easy to strikethrough in tbird :p20:27
knomethe first draft of this article was written october 4th20:27
flocculantaah ok :p20:27
knomeand this has progressed quickly to this stage compared to what articles usually take :P20:28
knomeand i've published part of it... as a separate article20:28
knomebecause i had to get that out :P20:28
knomefor other reasons20:28
flocculanthad a quick run through - not much to do, will look again tomorrow and no doubt find something else - getting a bit shot now :)20:33
knomethanks already20:33
flocculantnp as always :)20:33
knomei have no pending commits for the website20:38
knomeusually they rot from a few months to half a year20:38
knomethat said,20:38
knomelet's create some20:38
flocculantbluesabre: can we set some time by soonish to talk package testing/ppa's and stuff? 20:40
* flocculant wanders off into the night for now 20:41
knomenighty night!20:41
flocculantnight knome 20:41
knomeslickymaster, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-b-documentation is set up for you21:03
bluesabreflocculant: predictably, our schedules do not align23:12

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