daniellimws[m]sergiusens: hi, can you check my task? I believe my pull request was already merged01:16
daniellimws[m]Accelerator: what happened? XD01:18
daniellimwsHi, what's the matter?01:33
wash_HI actually i am doing the task in google code in and it ask me for run ubuntu iso on GCE so i want to know what is GCE is that a google compute engine.01:35
daniellimwssounds like it, perhaps you can link the task here01:36
wash_Here's The link of that task.01:38
daniellimwswash_: have you clicked on the link to the github issues? https://github.com/canonical-websites/tutorials.ubuntu.com/issues/45801:48
ubot93Issue 458 in canonical-websites/tutorials.ubuntu.com "Running an Ubuntu desktop on GCE" [Open]01:48
wash_Ok Thank-You very much for your time01:59
daniellimwspopey: hi can you check my snap? https://github.com/daniellimws/uber-cli/02:06
RAIplease help!04:44
RAIi ned help04:44
daniellimws[m]Help on?04:44
wxlhere's your first piece of help: walk away from the computer, take a deep breath, relax. then come back.04:44
RAIRun the Ubuntu MATE image (iso) tests and report your results ( Ubuntu )04:44
RAIplease help04:45
wxldid you do what i asked?04:45
wxlhere's your first piece of help: walk away from the computer, take a deep breath, relax. then come back.04:46
RAIno i am there04:46
RAIhey please help04:46
wxlok, next piece of advice:04:46
wxldon't demand help. don't beg for help. just ask your question and wait patiently. a question with a complete explanation of what your specific problem is.04:47
RAIin that i have my launchpad profile and i have downloaded the ubuntu amd64 version just now04:47
RAIand after that i dont know what to do04:47
wxlclick the link that says "walkthrough" to understand how the tracker works04:48
RAIi have done everything but i didnt understand04:48
wxlat what point did it not make sense?04:48
RAIshould i abandoam the task04:48
wxlthat's a question only you can answer.04:49
wxli have no reason to believe you're incapable of accomplishing the task, so i see no reason to tell you that you should abandon it.04:49
RAIin complete submission 2nd and 3rd point not understand and i have amd64 ver04:49
wxldid you read the walkthrough?04:49
wxland did you understand it?04:50
RAIxwl i was doing thisk task from 12 hours04:50
RAIand you are saying you are not taking ionterest04:50
RAIits bad04:50
wxlyou spent 12 hours reading?04:50
RAIno not one reading downloading and creating launchpad profile04:51
wxli said nothing about my interest. i'm trying to help you here, but you have to help me to help you.04:51
wxlwhat did you download?04:51
RAIubuntu amd64 version04:51
daniellimws[m]RAI: everyone here is helping you out of free will, please be grateful04:51
RAIsorry for troubling you04:51
wxlbut i thought you were doing the Ubuntu MATE task?04:52
wxlUbuntu ≠ Ubuntu MATE04:52
RAIbut in that it was written either amd64 or i386 ver04:52
wxlso what?04:52
wxlthe task is titled Ubuntu MATE04:53
wxlso clearly you have to use Ubuntu MATE04:53
wxlnothing else but Ubuntu MATE is going to work04:53
RAIYour task is to complete a testsuite for a daily Bionic Beaver image of Ubuntu MATE. Either i386 or amd64 is fine04:53
RAIthis was written04:53
wxlyes, that's correct04:53
RAIEither i386 or amd64 is fine04:53
wxlyes, that's correct04:53
RAIso i have downloaded amd6404:54
wxlbut you said you downloaded Ubuntu04:54
wxlyou did not say you downloaded Ubuntu MATE04:54
wxlthey are not the same04:54
RAIhey just see on my profile i have sended a screenshot please see04:54
wxlwhat profile are you referring to?04:54
RAIi think you are the mentor04:54
wxlI'm one of them04:55
wxlbut you are not the only student in GCI :)04:55
wxla link would be helpful04:55
wxlthat's Ubuntu, not Ubuntu MATE04:55
RAIhave you seen the screenshot04:56
wxlthat's why i said:04:56
wxlthat's Ubuntu, not Ubuntu MATE04:56
RAIthen i have to download again such a large file04:56
wxlthat is one of the requirements, yes.04:57
RAIif i do testsiute on amd64 its fine04:57
wxland then you need to go through every testcase on the ISO tracker04:57
wxlMATE has 6 testcases04:57
wxlone of them is a live testcase04:57
wxlthe other 5 are installation testcases04:58
wxlwhich means you will boot the image 6 times and install it 5 times04:58
RAIplease tell me what to do first04:58
wxlyou download the image04:58
wxlthen you open a testcase04:58
RAIi have04:58
wxlthen you perform the steps in the testcase04:59
wxlthen you report the result04:59
wxlthen you move on to the next testcase until you're done04:59
RAIthats what i didnt understand04:59
wxlwhich part?04:59
RAIthen you perform the steps in the testcase04:59
wxlhere's an example test case: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/384/builds/164081/testcases/1301/results05:00
wxlit has 19 steps05:00
wxlyou follow them in order05:00
RAIshould i reinstall my ubundu amd64 ver05:00
wxlif you read the walkthrough, this should all be very clear05:00
wxlyou have the wrong image05:00
wxlyou have to download again05:00
RAIyou have said you can do05:01
wxlwhich we already established05:01
wxl2056 < RAI:#ubuntu-google> then i have to download again such a large file05:01
wxl2057 <+wxl:#ubuntu-google> that is one of the requirements, yes.05:01
RAIcan i do in amd64 versio please05:01
wxldidn't you say the task said either i386 or amd64 is fine?05:02
wxlso you can answer your own question, right?05:02
RAIi am saying that can i do in ubuntu amd64 version please05:02
wxlif a recipe calls for sugar, would chili powder work instead?05:03
RAIno you are right05:03
RAIcan it work on another task05:03
RAIthere are many05:03
wxlthere is an ubuntu task05:03
wxlthe version you report on and the version you use need to be the same05:04
wxland new images are built every day05:04
RAIso can you send the link05:04
wxlyou can find it by going through the tracker05:04
wxlwhich you should have read if you had read the walkthrough05:04
wxlopen up the testsuite and click on the appropriate link05:05
wxlnow i'm going to tell you a secret05:05
wxlhow to download the whole file without downloading it all05:06
RAIoh oh05:06
RAIplease tell05:06
wxlhere's the list of test suites for the current image (may not be the same as you have, i don't know-- you need to check!) http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/384/builds/164116/testcases05:06
RAIi want to download ubuntu mate image05:06
wxlah good05:06
wxlbecause ubuntu has a ton of testcases and you'd probably never get finished in time XD05:06
wxltestsuite http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/384/builds/164081/testcases05:07
wxlif you click on the download link05:07
wxlyou'll notice a zsync link05:07
wxlyou can read more about zsync here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ZsyncCdImage05:07
RAIyes noticed05:07
wxlbut look at the tail end of the link05:07
wxltake your downloaded image and rename it to bionic-desktop-amd64.iso05:08
wxlthen, while in the same folder containing that file, run the zsync05:08
wxlit will download only the differences between the two05:08
wxlsince ubuntu and ubuntu mate are both built with a similar core, it will save you some time05:08
RAIhey i have copied the link now what to do05:09
wxlread everything i said above and follow it05:09
RAIhave you done this05:10
wxldone what?05:10
wxldo you think i would suggest it if i didn't know what i was doing?05:11
RAIplease tell me after copying the link what to do05:11
wxlscroll up and look. what did i say?05:12
RAIbut plesase05:12
RAIhere it is saying to install zync05:12
wxli've given you the information. if i tell you and you ignore the information, that makes me feel like i'm wasting my time.05:12
RAIno no05:13
RAIi am not like that05:13
RAIi am student and i study in class905:13
wxlthen read what i said and follow the instructions. if something doesn't make sense, ask a  question about that specific something.05:13
RAIin ununtu we have to download the zync05:14
wxlyou need the zsync software in order to use the zsync link05:14
RAIwhich software05:15
wxlyou need the ***zsync*** software in order to use the zsync link05:15
RAIso how to install05:15
wxlyou can read more about zsync here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ZsyncCdImage05:15
RAIi have read05:15
wxlhere's the upstream link http://zsync.moria.org.uk/05:16
RAIi am asking that it will in ubuntu terminal05:16
wxlzsync is not a GUI05:16
RAIbeacuse it saying in terminal05:17
wxlit's all done on the command line which is why in the documentation the commands appear to be in a "code" format05:17
RAIcommand promt05:17
wxlall ways of saying something different, yes05:17
RAInow i have opened command promt05:18
RAIin that sudo is not the command it is saying05:19
wxli don't understand your question05:19
RAIin command promt we have to download05:20
RAIplease tell i want to do thish task in any case05:20
wxlyou install the software05:20
wxlthen you rename your file to match the name of the file you are going to download05:21
wxlthen you enter the zsync command05:21
wxlthat's all there is to it05:21
RAIhow to intstall the software tell only that05:21
wxlyou said you read what i sent05:22
RAIi have read05:22
RAIin that it is saying do in terminal05:22
wxlit's the 6th sentence05:22
RAIhey can you send the screen shot please there is no point05:23
RAIthere are 4 content which one i choose05:24
tsimonq2RAI: sudo apt -y install zsync is your best bet05:24
RAIwhere to type this05:24
tsimonq2In your terminal05:25
wxlthat is what the screenshot says, no?05:25
tsimonq2RAI: Have you executed it yet?05:26
tsimonq2RAI: (It should go fairly quickly)05:26
RAIwhere to exceute it i am asking that05:26
tsimonq2In your terminal windo05:27
tsimonq2The one you just opened05:27
tsimonq2Ctrl + Alt + T05:27
tsimonq2Got that?05:27
RAICtrl + Alt + T not coming05:28
tsimonq2How so?05:28
tsimonq2Nothing is happening?05:28
tsimonq2Or is there an error?05:28
tsimonq2What OS are you using?05:28
RAIwindos 8.1 with bing05:28
RAIand ubuntu in vm05:29
tsimonq2So go to Ubuntu05:29
tsimonq2In that VM05:29
tsimonq2Press the following:05:29
tsimonq2Ctrl + Alt + T05:29
tsimonq2A window will pop up05:29
tsimonq2At the top it will say "Terminal"05:29
tsimonq2Got it?05:29
RAIin ubuntu na05:29
tsimonq2Got it?05:29
RAIyes please wait for some time05:30
tsimonq2Although it doesn't take long05:30
tsimonq2If you have the VM up, like you said :()05:30
RAIyes i have05:30
tsimonq2Is it up yet?05:30
RAIit is hanging so much05:31
tsimonq2Then why did you allocate a small amount of resources to it?05:31
tsimonq2Is the terminal up yet?05:32
tsimonq2(With a flashing cursor in the window?)05:32
tsimonq2What are you waiting on?05:32
tsimonq2Is Ubuntu being slow?05:33
RAIyes i have amd6405:33
tsimonq2By the way, what version of Ubuntu do you have in there?05:33
tsimonq2arch is irrelevant :)05:33
RAI arch ??05:33
tsimonq2Is Ubuntu being slow?05:33
tsimonq2What version of Ubuntu is it?05:33
RAIubuntu amd64 ver05:34
tsimonq2I know05:34
tsimonq2That's your architecture05:34
tsimonq2What I want to know is your version05:34
tsimonq2LTS or non LTS?05:34
tsimonq216.04 or 14.04?05:34
tsimonq2Or maybe 17.10?05:34
tsimonq2(Maybe you're on the development release?)05:34
RAIi have downloaded from the task website05:35
tsimonq2What site is that?05:35
tsimonq2And what did the ISO say?05:35
RAIand i have 14.04 save in my disk05:35
tsimonq2So 14.0405:35
tsimonq2That's right?05:35
tsimonq2Does Ubuntu have Unity with the taskbar on the left?05:35
RAIbut in vm i have deleted05:35
tsimonq2I thought you had a VM?05:35
RAIi have but there is no more space05:36
tsimonq2So what changed in the past 10 minutes?05:36
tsimonq2I thought you had one ready?05:36
RAIso i have deleted kali linux and ubuntu 14.04 and intalled new05:36
tsimonq2I thought it was just being slow?05:36
tsimonq2So what's happening now?05:36
tsimonq2Is it installing?05:36
tsimonq2(Is that why it's being slow?)05:37
tsimonq2Or is it already installed?05:37
tsimonq2Or do you have yet to start it?05:37
RAIi have installed just restarting05:37
tsimonq2Shouldn't take long to restart05:37
tsimonq2I mean, you do have amd64 right?05:37
RAIhey please see the screenshot in task05:37
tsimonq2I can look right now05:37
tsimonq2RAI: So, first thing05:39
tsimonq2RAI: Ubuntu MATE is not Ubuntu05:39
tsimonq2RAI: You need an Ubuntu MATE ISO to successfully complete the task05:39
tsimonq2RAI: So it seems you *didn't* click the link in the task05:39
tsimonq2RAI: Also05:39
RAIthats why i am downloading the zync05:40
tsimonq2But then how are you going to get that ISO to the host machine?05:40
RAIgotcha ??05:40
tsimonq2Gotcha = Got it05:40
tsimonq2RAI: In fact, here's what I'd recommend to you05:40
tsimonq2RAI: In Windows, open a web browser05:41
RAIhey its open05:41
tsimonq2RAI: Download the ISO there05:41
tsimonq2RAI: Then install it in the VM05:41
tsimonq2RAI: You know what, forget zsync05:41
RAIwhich version05:41
tsimonq2RAI: Just try to download the ISO that way :)05:41
tsimonq2What does the task say?05:41
tsimonq2Does it say Xenial or Bionic?05:41
tsimonq2Maybe an upgrade test?05:41
tsimonq2I don't know05:41
tsimonq2You tell me05:41
tsimonq2That's the first step05:42
tsimonq2Find me the ISO QA site05:42
tsimonq2You know, the one linked on the ask05:42
tsimonq2Got it?05:42
RAIno i am not getting anything05:43
tsimonq2Why not?05:43
tsimonq2What's the problem? :)05:43
tsimonq2Let me help you05:43
RAItell what to do first05:43
tsimonq2I just did05:43
RAIdo you my terminal is open05:43
RAIinb vm05:44
tsimonq2That's irrelevant05:44
tsimonq2Look at what I said before05:44
tsimonq2Read my words :)05:44
tsimonq2What doesn't make sense?05:44
RAIbut it take too long to download05:44
tsimonq2Forget the VM and the terminalo05:44
tsimonq2Then why are you doing the task if it takes you too long to download?05:44
tsimonq2Like, what's the use?05:45
RAIbecause by mistakes i have downloaded am verd05:46
RAIwhich is too long05:46
tsimonq2What do you mean?05:46
tsimonq2Could you clarify?05:46
RAIi have downloaded just now amd version of ubuntu which is too long05:47
tsimonq2amd version?05:47
tsimonq2We have the amd64 architecture05:47
tsimonq2But there's no amd __version__05:48
RAIshould i leave zync05:48
tsimonq2What were you referring to?05:48
tsimonq2Forget it for now05:48
tsimonq2What were you referring to?05:48
RAIhave you seen the task05:49
tsimonq2Have you seen what I sent here?05:49
RAIno not now05:50
tsimonq2What were you referring to?05:50
tsimonq2Could you clarify?05:50
tsimonq2Did you read what I said?05:51
tsimonq2That's what we're focusing on now05:51
RAIfor not reading05:51
tsimonq2Why aren't you reading my words?05:51
tsimonq2(What's the point in me continuing to talk with you and answer your questions if you won't read the words I take the time to type?)05:52
tsimonq2So rectify it05:52
RAI hour05:53
tsimonq2Read what I had to say05:53
tsimonq2Answer my questions, and we'll be good :)05:53
RAIone min05:53
RAImy head is paining05:53
tsimonq2Alright, take the time you need, but when you're better, come see me, ok?05:54
RAIbecause i am working continuing till 12 hours and whole night05:54
tsimonq2So then sleep :)05:54
RAIno no please wait05:54
tsimonq2I'm always here05:54
tsimonq2I may sleep but I'm always here if you have questions05:54
RAIso lets start05:54
tsimonq2You just have to be willing to answer mine05:55
tsimonq2So answer mine, and we can continue.05:55
RAItell what to do now05:56
tsimonq2Read this discussion over from when I first started talking05:56
tsimonq2Every single question I asked that's unanswered, you answe05:56
tsimonq2Or we're done here05:56
RAIread everything05:57
RAInow what05:58
tsimonq2Answer or please leave.05:59
RAIare tell me what to do now05:59
tsimonq2Please leave.06:00
tsimonq2Please leave.06:00
RAIwhy what happen06:00
RAIi am really sorry06:01
RAIplease reply06:01
daniellimws[m]RAI: You haven't even answered his questions06:02
RAIwhich question06:02
daniellimws[m]Everything he asked in the past hour06:03
RAIok tell him i am answering06:03
RAIplease tell talk to me06:03
RAIanswers are06:04
RAIleave zync06:04
RAIopen a browser06:04
RAIdownload the iso06:04
RAIthen install in vm06:05
daniellimws[m]Can you mention the questions you are answering06:05
RAIi have answere all that you have told06:05
RAIhe knows06:05
RAInow say him to talk06:06
daniellimws[m]At least make it easier for him to know what you are referring to06:06
RAIhave you talk with him06:06
RAInow say him to tlk06:08
RAIok i am going06:10
RAIplease answer m tsimonq206:12
RAIplease talk to me i need help06:15
wxlRAI: what do you need help with?06:17
coolpolygonshey guys, im currently working on a kubuntu iso test08:34
coolpolygonsand all the download for bionic has a 404 not found error right now08:34
coolpolygonsshould i just pick another task?08:34
coolpolygonsjust abandoned the task, but im probably going to reclaim it once the 404 is fixed.08:35
AcceleratorWell you could ask wxl once he is back08:37
coolpolygonsi guess so :P08:41
coolpolygonsi was surprised when i saw the 404 xD08:41
coolpolygonsim working on xubuntu now08:41
omairqazipopey: can you help me with a snap?09:49
omairqazielopio there?09:49
omairqazimy snap works in devmode but not in strict confinement10:49
daniellimws[m]If so try classic confinement10:51
daniellimws[m]Use classic confinement when your snap needs to write outside the snap folder10:51
omairqazithanks bro!10:51
omairqazii was asking kyrofa what to do if snap needs to write outside the snap folder10:51
omairqazii will try it in a while10:52
popeyAlso. Home plug allows writing in home directory10:53
omairqazipopey: home plug is there already10:55
=== Daniel is now known as Guest22319
omairqazipopey: hi! please take a look at this https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/need-classic-confinement-for-backslide/3446 i need to finish this task as my exams are going to begin for a week11:13
omairqazielopio: hi11:29
popeyI am away from keyboard. Will look in a couple of hours11:29
coolpolygonshow many days do we have left until the end?11:48
popeyGot another bunch of tasks to publish later today11:53
coolpolygonswow xD11:55
daniellimws[m]Hi there12:35
=== Daniel is now known as Guest254
daniellimws[m]konrad11901: just now popey said he will be adding more tasks later13:49
konrad11901daniellimws: yeah, I saw that, I'm looking forward to them :)13:51
daniellimwsAccelerator: you ran out of tasks?13:55
omairqazidid anyone of you do write tutorial tasks13:56
daniellimwsomairqazi: I haven't, which is a sad thing, but planning to do during this weekend13:56
omairqazicoz i have done only one till now13:56
konrad11901I've also written only one tutorial13:56
omairqazidaniellimws: i have done the old one to install ubuntu desktop on your machine13:57
Acceleratordaniellimws: The list that we have looks boring13:58
daniellimwswhy, I don't think so at all13:58
AcceleratorWell too many tutorials...13:58
konrad11901yeah, I agree with Accelerator13:58
daniellimwswell I beg to differ 😠13:59
AcceleratorAh it's ok...everyone has a different opinion 😉13:59
konrad11901There are some interesting tasks actually, I wanted to do this with Phabricator (but I then changed my mind because of my PHP skills, or rather the lack of them :D )14:00
AcceleratorMe too...no experience with PHP14:01
konrad11901I really liked snapcraft related tasks14:01
Acceleratordaniellimws: this task worked?14:02
daniellimwsyup, got it approved14:03
daniellimwsactually I also have little to no php experience14:03
AcceleratorHmm wonder why it's not working for me...14:03
konrad11901daniellimws: by the way, have you managed to set up Phabricator?14:04
daniellimwsor should I say, we millenials don't have experienec with php14:04
daniellimwskonrad11901: actually haven't really got to that, was working on other tasks hehe14:04
daniellimwsAccelerator: what's wrong14:04
konrad11901ok :)14:04
Acceleratordaniellimws: I'm stuck at npm install14:05
Acceleratordaniellimws[m]: Wait...i will take a screenshot14:06
daniellimwsor pastebin14:07
AcceleratorUm yeah but i have to start at the beginning first XD14:07
daniellimws[m]Ah anything is ok? Just need to know what's wrong14:09
AcceleratorYeah give me a sec14:11
omairqaziAccelerator as a suggestion use a vm14:14
omairqazior else you will get tired with nodejs and npm14:14
daniellimws[m]yea it's a problem with the version14:14
daniellimws[m]very annoying14:14
omairqazidaniellimws[m] also had a problem14:14
AcceleratorAww..but i'm using 16.0414:14
omairqazinode version14:15
AcceleratorOh...well nvm14:15
daniellimwsnvm also stands for node vm ;D14:16
omairqazinvm is now include with node14:16
omairqaziAccelerator: do you already have a ubuntu vm14:16
daniellimwsor you meant nevermind14:16
AcceleratorI meant nevermind guys14:16
omairqazioh he he14:17
Acceleratoromairqazi: I dual-booted14:17
daniellimwsok one fast way of running a vm, is to use vagrant14:17
daniellimwsit does not have a gui, which is something we all don't really need14:17
daniellimwsit takes up around 1gb of space only14:17
omairqazithanks for the info14:18
AcceleratorYeah thanks14:18
omairqaziAccelerator try this command curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_9.x | sudo -E bash - and then run this sudo apt-get install -y nodejs14:18
omairqaziand let me know if it fixed your problem14:18
AcceleratorYeah ok14:19
AcceleratorNope....still the same....but nvm...i will do the other tasks14:21
omairqazidid you run npm run build before running npm install14:22
omairqazioh leave it14:22
omairqazitry a vm as it is very annoying14:23
daniellimws[m]Accelerator: i can lend you my vps if you want14:23
Acceleratordaniellimws[m]: No let it be...thanks for the offer though14:24
omairqaziAccelerator did npm install14:25
omairqazisudo apt-get install -y nodejs what does this command output14:25
AcceleratorAlready have the newest version installed14:26
omairqazirun this node14:28
omairqaziwhat does this say14:28
omairqazi$ node14:29
omairqazidoes this display >14:29
AcceleratorWell i'm not the first one with this issue....maybe i will file an issue on github14:31
omairqazitry removing node js 'sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove nodejs' and then reinstalling14:32
AcceleratorAlready tried this one14:33
omairqaziuse a vm. nodejs is very annoying14:35
omairqazii am sorry i wasted your time and didn't fix the problem14:35
AcceleratorNah it's ok..thanks14:36
AcceleratorI just wanted to do them to stay on the leaderboard :)14:37
omairqaziare your completed tasks less than 20? if not then you will be on the leaderboard and you are much ahead of me :)14:38
omairqazii mean if +yes14:39
omairqaziinstead of not *yes14:39
omairqaziif yes then you.....14:39
Acceleratorit's ok i understood14:42
Acceleratoryup i have less than 20 completed tasks14:42
daniellimws[m]me too14:45
omairqazii have 17 and my mom will not let me use my laptop because of exams14:45
konrad11901my parents are quite similar14:46
daniellimws[m]just curious, what is the composition of your submitted tasks, for example mine is around 70% snapcraft, and 20% follow snap creation tutorials, one of autopkgtests, one coc signing14:47
AcceleratorSame they will put a limit once the competition is over :(14:47
=== SAGAR is now known as Guest93761
daniellimws[m]what limit?14:47
daniellimws[m]oh parents14:47
daniellimws[m]well, my parents are quite supportive xD14:48
Acceleratordaniellimws[m]: Same here although i didn't do the autopkgtests14:48
Guest93761anybody know me14:48
daniellimws[m]snapcraft as in packaging or the snapcraft repo?14:48
Guest93761guess it?14:48
omairqazii guessed you are a human :))))14:48
AcceleratorA mix~14:48
Guest93761guess me??14:49
daniellimws[m]but shouldnt be so childish?14:49
Guest93761i will give you chocalate14:49
omairqazichocolate :)))14:49
Guest93761do you want to know me14:49
omairqazii know you are a human14:49
AcceleratorNo please14:49
Guest93761take a long breathe14:49
Guest93761i am RAI14:50
omairqaziopen you eyes14:50
omairqazisee the messages of daniellimws14:50
Guest93761what happen14:50
daniellimws[m]well I guessed it on first try14:50
Acceleratordaniellimws[m]: Your friend XD14:50
omairqaziha ha14:50
konrad11901daniellimws: mine is 70% snap/snapcraft (creating snaps + tutorials + snapcraft repo), 20% testing, one coc, one tutorial, one ubuntu hour, one bug reports improving14:50
Guest93761good guess14:50
konrad11901oh god14:50
daniellimws[m]ah looks like most of us have the same composition xD14:51
Guest93761hii knorad14:51
konrad11901umm, hi...14:51
daniellimws[m]I think shuld be because in the first few weeks the snapcraft mentors were more active14:51
Guest93761hey tsimonq2 is not talking to me why?14:51
omairqazimine are 70% snapcraft 30% ubuntu coc test images etc14:51
Guest93761hey tsimonq2 is not talking to me why?14:52
daniellimws[m]RAI, what are you here for, exactly?14:52
omairqazibecuase you are not opening your eyes he he he14:52
omairqazihe is offline14:52
omairqaziok sorry14:52
daniellimws[m]why do you want him to talk to you?14:52
omairqaziwhat is your problem let us know if we can fix it14:52
Guest93761beacuse in morning he get annoyed with me and said please go14:53
daniellimws[m]yes, but do you know why?14:53
AcceleratorWell hmm we 3 did similar tasks with the exception of the autopkgtests14:53
Guest93761please tell why14:53
omairqaziis that the reason you changed you username14:54
daniellimws[m]well, i gotta say autopkgtests was challenging ;)14:54
omairqaziyou rai14:54
daniellimws[m]rai, are you here to ask questions?14:54
omairqaziautopkgtest i dont know about them14:54
Guest93761hey how can i change my nickname14:54
omairqaziearlier you wer RAI now you are Guest...14:55
daniellimws[m]what client are you using14:55
konrad11901webchat propably14:55
omairqaziwell we will let you know when tsimonq2 come online14:55
omairqaziwebchat asks you for a nickname (the first box i guess)14:56
Guest93761hey i have a question14:56
daniellimws[m]I don't think tsimonq2 will be too happy....14:56
daniellimws[m]if you saw what happened eearlier14:56
konrad11901yeah, you have many questions, but when other people ask you questions, you are not answeting them.14:56
konrad11901great approach14:56
Guest93761but i have answered all14:56
omairqazidid he troubled tsimonq2 or misbehaved14:56
omairqazidaniellimws: what did he do i am going to see the logs hehe14:57
konrad11901omairqazi: go on irclogs.ubuntu.com and read it by yourself14:57
omairqaziya i am doing that only14:57
AcceleratorAm i missing something here?14:58
daniellimws[m]but not something important14:58
daniellimws[m]RAI, so what do you need help with?14:58
Guest93761i have dowloading ubuntu mate amd6414:59
Guest93761how to include bugs14:59
konrad11901you have to report them on bugs.launchpad.net14:59
konrad11901and then14:59
konrad11901while sending the test result15:00
konrad11901you have two fields15:00
Guest93761should i tell you a good joke15:00
konrad11901"Critical bugs" and "Bugs"15:00
konrad11901and you put bugs there15:00
konrad11901I don't think I want to hear it..15:00
omairqaziyou remeber the conversation with wxl about this toic15:01
Guest93761hey i have thought in my mind15:01
Guest93761a good thought15:02
Guest93761now no one want to listen very bad15:02
AcceleratorNot a place to make jokes15:03
Guest93761no i15:04
Guest93761i have a good thought15:04
omairqazirai you know ctr + alt + t opens a terminal15:05
Guest93761what happen15:05
daniellimws[m]rai, are you even here to ask for help?15:06
Guest93761how can i change my nickname15:06
konrad11901We've told you already rai.15:06
daniellimws[m]do /nick rai15:06
Guest93761do /RAI15:07
* Accelerator facepalms15:07
Guest93761do /nick RAI15:07
* konrad11901 double facepalms15:07
=== Guest93761 is now known as RAI
AcceleratorFinally and congrats15:08
omairqaziopens a terminal in ubuntu or windows :)15:08
RAIare i have not won a match15:08
AcceleratorU overcame a hurdle15:08
RAIi know but i forgotted15:08
omairqazirai you are an indian right? coz you said sorry bhai to tsimonq215:09
omairqazibhai means brother15:09
RAIya you are right15:09
omairqazilet me tell you i think tsimonq2 is not an indian and may not know hindi15:09
omairqaziit is better to use english15:09
omairqaziok rai remember to read the question and answer15:10
RAIbut you understand how??15:10
omairqazii am an indian and i read the logs15:10
RAIso wher do you live15:10
omairqazirai did you complete any beginner tasks15:10
AcceleratorNo asking for personal information15:11
omairqaziis that important where i live?15:11
RAIi have completed total 6 tasks15:11
Acceleratoromairqazi:Link me the ubuntu logs15:11
RAIdoing now also15:11
omairqazido you want to come at my house hehe ino order to get your task completed15:11
omairqaziAccelerator: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2018/01/06/%23ubuntu-google.html15:11
RAIno i want to be independent15:11
omairqazihehe just joking15:12
omairqaziwelcome Accelerator15:12
RAIi know indians are like that only15:12
omairqazirai i think wxl and tsimonq2 both are unhappy with you15:12
RAIso now what to do15:13
RAIhow can i get them feel happy15:13
RAIany idea15:14
AcceleratorThe best thing you can do is start being patient15:14
omairqazii agree15:14
daniellimws[m]and stop flooding the chat15:14
omairqaziand say sorry when they are online15:15
omairqaziyes daniellimws[m]15:15
AcceleratorAnd no being rude to the mentors..be polite15:15
daniellimws[m]no one pays them to help you15:15
daniellimws[m]they gain completely nothing by helping you15:15
daniellimws[m]and everyone of us15:15
heesen_elopio, hi \15:15
daniellimws[m]we all owe a lot to the mentors15:16
heesen_elopio, i need your help15:16
daniellimws[m]heesen_ I don't think he is online. Anything you need help with?15:16
RAIbut i always polite15:16
daniellimws[m]Is it regarding your pull request?15:16
RAIpull request is in github15:17
RAIi think15:17
daniellimws[m]that's not relevant at all, if you need help just ask, if not we will end up flooding the chat with irrelevant talk again15:17
daniellimws[m]yes you are right15:17
RAIhey i have a question that how can we see who are all online15:18
AcceleratorThat's not important at all...if the mentors are online they will reply15:19
RAIok bye everyone good night wish you a happy day15:19
daniellimws[m]so are you going to ask anything?15:20
RAIhey how to syncronize the video15:21
RAIit is in the task15:21
heesendaniellimws[m], actually i need to ask him something regarding a bug15:21
omairqazirai why sending personal messages to me15:21
omairqaziyou need a personal help?15:22
daniellimws[m]heesen, what is it, perhaps we can help?15:22
omairqazii dont think so15:22
daniellimws[m]if not you will need to wait until Mondat15:22
omairqaziwill kyrofa come online today15:22
RAInothing happening to chat prsonally i think15:22
omairqazior on monday15:22
daniellimws[m]yes on monday15:23
omairqazioh man15:23
daniellimws[m]All mentors except popey and wxl come during weekends15:23
RAInothing happening to chat prsonally i think15:23
daniellimws[m]sorry I mean don't come15:23
omairqazirai have patience i read your statement15:23
omairqazino i think other guys than me can also solve your question15:24
RAIyou cannot15:24
omairqazii mean me also15:24
omairqazidaniellimws also15:24
omairqazietc also15:24
RAIyou live outside the country na15:24
omairqazisee rai if you need help as a question dont flood the chat15:25
omairqazidont force me to ignore you15:25
omairqaziif you need help with me ONLY you can chat with personally15:26
omairqaziif it is a valid question15:26
omairqazii fell15:26
daniellimws[m]rai, just saying there is a ban command in IRC, although us students can't do it, perhaps you should try to avoid the mentors from doing it15:27
omairqaziya but there is ignore command for students also15:27
omairqaziand you should be thankful to wxl and tsimong2 that they didn't ban you15:28
omairqaziif you understand and really have a question you can ask here15:28
omairqaziwell will definitely try to solve that15:28
omairqazii mean answer that15:29
omairqazi* we will15:29
omairqaziguys just ping me if you need my help coz i am using libre office15:30
omairqazito complete my school project15:30
AcceleratorWill do~15:30
omairqazirai sorry for my frustation. i got more frustated because i was doing some work15:31
RAIsorry i am going now have a good day15:35
konrad11901I'm sorry for caps lock15:36
* Accelerator is super relieved15:36
* daniellimws[m] feels that we are a bit too mean15:37
konrad11901daniellimws: why do you think so?15:38
AcceleratorHmm idk but he did not apologise for his behaviour yesterday15:39
daniellimwsthat's true15:40
omairqazibtw think again he didnt come here to ask something. he just came troubled us flooded the chat and went15:48
daniellimws[m]Hi Daniellivingston15:52
omairqaziDaniellivingston: sorry to see you out of the leaderboard15:52
daniellimws[m]same 8 letters at the start of our names15:52
daniellimws[m]he kicked me out :(15:52
omairqazibut happy to see daniellimws[m] back15:52
omairqaziat first i thought you changed your name15:53
AcceleratorMe too15:53
omairqazihey you were going to sleep RAI, right?15:53
RAIbut i am not saying anything to you all15:54
RAIyou are inserting me15:54
omairqazino its ok15:54
omairqazii think you meant insulting15:54
Daniellivingstoncan anyone give me an exampler working screenshot of your snapcraft.yaml15:54
RAIyes sorry15:54
omairqaziits ok15:54
omairqaziDaniellivingston: is it ok if i pastebin my snapcraft.yamk15:55
Daniellivingstonyes no prb15:55
omairqaziits of python15:55
omairqaziwait a moment15:55
omairqaziDaniellivingston: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26332895/15:56
omairqaziare you having any problem regarding snapcraft feel free to ask and please ping me if you need help15:57
RAIlink is wrong15:57
konrad11901no, link is working15:57
RAIbut in my brws its not working15:58
AcceleratorThat's impossible...15:58
RAIdo you i am using jio thats why internet is slow15:59
omairqazijio is in india16:01
RAIyes i think16:01
RAIjio is in india only16:01
omairqaziRAI remember no need of extra information16:02
RAIyou are only asking16:03
daniellimws[m]Daniellivingston: or send us your yaml so we can see what is wrong16:03
Daniellivingstonok plz wait16:04
omairqazidaniellimws[m]: i asked him to pastebin his yaml16:04
omairqaziwhen did i ask rai???????16:05
omairqazii just informed them that others dont know what is jio16:05
omairqazi*them him16:05
daniellimws[m]haha justraithings16:06
AcceleratorInteresting guy huh konrad1190116:06
RAIi think mentors should treat like a friend16:08
RAItreat us16:08
daniellimws[m]you are not treating them like a friend16:08
AcceleratorMentors should be treated like a friend16:08
konrad11901they really tried to help you16:08
konrad11901but you didn't want to cooperate16:08
konrad11901and that's the problem16:08
RAIbut i think every should in the world always fell happy16:09
AcceleratorUh what?16:10
omairqazibut you dont let them feel happy16:11
RAIi just want to clear my doubts16:12
RAIand nothing else16:13
AcceleratorWe understand but in trying to do so u were rude yesterday16:14
Daniellivingstonhey omar16:14
RAIyes i realise my mistake16:14
RAIbut you also i think16:15
konrad11901what do you mean RAI?16:17
RAIyes i realise my mistake16:17
RAIbut you also i think16:17
AcceleratorUh what did i do wrong?16:17
konrad11901yes, where is our mistake?16:17
RAIi never get annoyed beacuse i think it can let to a destory16:18
RAIdont take it seriously16:19
* Accelerator thinks it's a lost cause and would prefer not waste his energy16:20
RAInow what i have done wrong plzz tell16:21
konrad11901don't you really see what you've done wrong?16:21
RAInow what plzz tell i aplozise16:22
konrad11901I'd suggest then to go on irclogs.ubuntu.com, read the discussion between you and the mentors and come back after reading everything CAREFULLY16:22
Acceleratorkonrad11901: It's a lost cause16:23
daniellimws[m]Daniellivingston: sorry for the delay, can you let us know what error are you getting?16:24
daniellimws[m]the yaml looks ok16:24
RAIok i aplozise now dont get angry16:24
Daniellivingstonthe command is not working for other users you download and installl my snap [21:49] <Daniellivingston> you try it [21:50] <Daniellivingston> sudo snap install dev-time-cli [21:50] <Daniellivingston> and try the command $ dev-time elopio<or any github user [21:52] <omairqazi> ok [21:53] <omairqazi> in the apps section you have chosen dev-time-cli [21:53] <omairqazi> so you have to run dev-time-cli16:25
omairqazican you tell me what all is there in the bin folder of you snap directory16:26
RAIbye have a good day16:26
Daniellivingstonbin folder?16:26
omairqaziin the prime folder16:27
omairqaziand then bin16:27
daniellimws[m]Daniellivingston: I'm not sure but shouldn't the source be https://github.com/DanielLivingston32/dev-time-cli.git instead of https://github.com/DanielLivingston32/dev-time-cli16:28
konrad11901Accelerator: Yes, I realize that, but I sometimes have a feeling which forces me to help him at least a bit16:29
omairqaziDaniellivingston also in the parts sections it should be dev-time-cli instead of my-part16:29
konrad11901I know it's a waste of time :/16:29
AcceleratorWe tried our best anyways16:30
Daniellivingstoni'll check16:30
omairqaziDaniellivingston see this https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26333073/16:31
daniellimws[m]yea you left it as my-part16:32
AcceleratorA number of mentors are missing today...16:38
AcceleratorHope kyrofa gets the time to review my task...16:39
daniellimwsAccelerator, yea they are not around during weekends?16:40
daniellimwsare you waiting for him to approve?16:40
AcceleratorDo they review tasks during the weekend?16:41
omairqazisafe here Accelerator :)16:41
AcceleratorAh guess i will do another one in the meantime~16:41
daniellimwsactually now almost all of the tasks are multi-instance, so no need to worry about losing it16:42
daniellimwsexcept for tutorials, qatracker and phabricator tasks16:42
Daniellivingstonhow about this16:43
daniellimwsdoes it work on your side?16:46
omairqazidaniellimws: i am having personal chat i told him the plugs problem16:48
daniellimwsI think the parts itself dont even work16:48
daniellimwscan you try the latest yaml?16:48
Daniellivingstoni am not sure i installed the same dev-time from official website so if i give the command it works in that pc i dont know from whick dev-time it takes instructions from snap or install16:48
Daniellivingstonok i will try16:48
daniellimwsno I was referring to omairqazi16:49
daniellimwsDaniellivingston, for omairqazi to try your latest yaml16:49
daniellimwsyour source tag is fine16:49
daniellimwsI'm gonna go sleep in 20 mins time16:49
omairqazisame here daniellimws16:50
omairqazi ya i will do that16:50
Daniellivingstonwait before that i will send you the updated details16:50
daniellimwsDaniellivingston, but have you tried it on your own machine first before sending us?16:50
daniellimwsI am getting error16:50
Daniellivingstoni am not sure i installed the same dev-time from official website so if i give the command it works in that pc i dont know from whick dev-time it takes instructions from snap or install16:51
Daniellivingstoninstall it from my beta channel16:52
Daniellivingstonsudo snap install dev-time-cli16:52
daniellimws[m]I think it takes from the one installed via node16:53
daniellimws[m]can you uninstall that one16:53
omairqaziDaniellivingston: i am trying to snapcraft you snap16:55
omairqaziwill let you know if it is working or not16:55
Daniellivingstonits working16:56
Daniellivingstonuploded to the store16:56
omairqazithis snapcraft.yaml is working? https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26333193/16:58
Daniellivingstonyes it got snapcrafted16:58
daniellimws[m]Daniellivingston, snapcraft may work, but it may not actually work, especially since you probably didnt get to test it16:58
daniellimws[m]the snap may not actually work*16:58
omairqaziit says dev-time not found17:00
Daniellivingstonwhat should i do plz help?17:00
omairqazithere is nothing in bin folder17:01
omairqaziright? daniellimws[m]17:01
daniellimwsyes, weirdly17:02
Daniellivingstonwait i will see17:02
daniellimws[m]that's not your fault17:02
daniellimws[m]but we need to know what's wrong17:02
daniellimws[m]sorry, nodejs snaps do not need a bin/ folder17:04
daniellimws[m]it's because your command is different from your part name17:05
omairqazidaniellimws[m] what about putting npm run cli.js in the command17:05
daniellimws[m]I try changing the app command first17:06
Daniellivingstonworking on it? daniellimws17:08
wxlcoolpolygons: i do not get a 404. what specific link are you trying?17:10
omairqaziwxl: hi did you see my python script17:11
wxlwhich python script omairqazi ? if i'm not a mentor on the task, probably not.17:11
wxland if i am i haven't went through my dashboard yet :)17:11
daniellimws[m]it's not a task :)17:12
daniellimws[m]wxl: it's this https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26325992/17:12
omairqaziwxl: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26333473/17:12
daniellimws[m]ah I pasted the wrong one17:12
omairqaziits ok17:12
wxloh nev ermind i got a little excited17:13
wxli was only looking for coc signing XD17:13
omairqaziwxl: i will try coc signing17:14
wxlthere's no way to directly edit {Jabber,IRC,Languages,Time zone}?17:14
daniellimws[m]Daniellivingston: I'm sorry I still cant get a working yaml17:14
daniellimws[m]I need to go now, will try to help tomorrow17:14
wxland for that matter you probably could do at least the SSH keys using a filename17:15
Daniellivingstonok bye good night17:15
wxlomairqazi: i did find some python wrappers around gpg so i think it's possible17:15
omairqaziwxl: i will try using scokets and http requests instead of launchpadlib after my exams17:15
wxli didn't look much deeper than a quick web search tho17:15
Daniellivingstonwxl: wait i will do the coc signing task17:15
wxlDaniellivingston: please do. it's a fairly simple one.17:16
omairqaziDaniellivingston i will try to fix your snapcaft file tomorrow17:16
Acceleratorwxl: I think everyone did that task XD17:16
daniellimws[m]omairqazi: sorry I was looking at the wrong place, there is a bin/ folder :)17:16
wxlthey should!17:16
wxlwe've got lots of bug reports that way and i think it helps a lot17:17
daniellimws[m]but please dont be like someone called Foxy17:17
omairqazidaniellimws[m] ya its in prime folder17:17
daniellimws[m]my bad17:17
wxlshhh daniellimws[m] we all have our strengths :)17:17
omairqazidaniellimws[m]: i know this problem i will fix it tomorrow17:17
omairqaziwxl are on snapcraft forum17:18
daniellimws[m]omairqazi: that's good17:18
omairqazican you test my snap wxl17:18
popeyomairqazi: backslide? Why do you need classic?17:19
daniellimws[m]wxl: my bad :)17:19
wxlsorry not really a snappy person :(17:19
popeyIt should be sufficient to write to home17:19
omairqazipopey: classic confinement does not allow plugs17:19
popeyI don't think you need classic17:20
popeyMost applications do not17:20
omairqazipopey: it is working with classic confinement17:20
omairqazii have replied on forum and also a video17:21
omairqaziplease check17:21
daniellimws[m]popey, what if the snap needs to write in the directory the user wants? because it may defeat the purpose of the snap17:21
popeyNo. Hang on.17:21
omairqazipopey: the user can specify the output directory17:21
daniellimws[m]because I also have a snap that needs it17:21
popeyIf the snap is configured as strictly confined, and has the home plug then it can write to and read from the home directory just fine17:21
popeyit doesnt need classic17:21
omairqazipopey: this doesnt work17:22
popeyclassic isn't for reading and writing outside the snap folder17:22
omairqazimy snap works with classic or develmode only17:22
popeywait, let me try and build it without classic17:22
omairqazikyrofa told me to put the home plug in but it didnt work17:22
omairqazi* i mean plug17:23
DaniellivingstonPopey: Plz help me with this it gets snapcrafted but doesnt work https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26333549/17:27
popeyomairqazi: it doesn't even build here if I clone https://github.com/omairqazi/backslide and change classic to strict and add a home plug17:28
popeyI'm doing "snapcraft cleanbuild" and it crashes during build, so I need to look more at it.17:28
popeyDaniellivingston: looking17:29
omairqaziDaniellivingston put npm run in parts section17:29
Daniellivingstoncan you plz correct and sent in paste bin?17:30
omairqazii am working on it17:32
popeyomairqazi: in backslide you may need to specify the node/npm version17:33
popeyas it's using an old version and isn't building here17:34
popeyi think you need to specify "node-engine" as in "snapcraft help nodejs"17:34
omairqazipopey: trying that17:36
omairqazipopey: not related to my snap how can i put a command like cd in  snapcraft.yaml17:40
popeyCan you give an example where? Like when you're executing the snap?17:40
popeyI know some people package a "launcher" script and add commands to that before launching the application itself.17:41
omairqazilike if i run the command dev-time it should run cd ......... && npm run index.js17:41
omairqaziDaniellivingston it is related to your snap17:41
popeycommand: cd $SNAP/foo && npm run17:41
omairqazii did so17:42
popeylike that ^17:42
omairqaziit says command cd is not executable17:42
omairqaziwhat about using sh -c\"..............................................\"17:42
Daniellivingstonwait i will try17:43
omairqaziDaniellivingston: i am doing so17:44
DaniellivingstonThe specified command 'cd' defined in the app 'dev-time' does not exist or is not executable17:46
Daniellivingstonthis is the error17:46
Daniellivingstoni got17:46
popeyYou might want to bundle a separate launcher script which launches the application17:46
popeyDaniellivingston: does it work now?17:47
DaniellivingstonYou might want to bundle a separate launcher script which launches the application... didnt understand17:48
Daniellivingstonthis dev-time program actually shows the local time of any user in github so can you give command correction according to that17:49
omairqaziDaniellivingston i think i got it working17:50
omairqazilet me snapcraft it again17:50
Daniellivingstonyou did?17:50
omairqaziIt is not giving any result now17:52
omairqaziwait let me do npm run build17:52
omairqaziDaniellivingston: i will test your snap tomorrow17:58
Daniellivingstonok what time?17:58
Daniellivingstonpopey:are you there atleast can you help in my snap17:59
omairqaziit is currently 11:28pm in my country17:59
omairqazipopey: now npm has error17:59
omairqaziit is working only with classic dont know why?17:59
Daniellivingstonsame omair i am from chennai india17:59
omairqazioh yeah17:59
omairqazime too indian18:00
Daniellivingstonpopey: any soln yet18:00
Daniellivingstonhow much time it will take roughly18:01
omairqazipopey: backslide is not working now. it works only with devmode or classic18:01
popeyomairqazi: did you update the node version?18:02
omairqazipastebin my snapcraft.yaml?18:02
omairqazipopey: daniellimws had the same problem. kyrofa suggested him to use classic confinement18:03
popeysure, but that's not a great solution in every case18:03
popeyI need to take a look18:03
daniellimws[m]No kyrofa didn't suggest me to18:03
daniellimws[m]I read this https://insights.ubuntu.com/2017/01/09/how-to-snap-introducing-classic-confinement/18:04
omairqazipopey: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26333751/18:04
popeyhmm, dev-time doesn't seem to be a great thing to snap18:05
daniellimws[m]So I could be wrong18:05
popeyit's a library / module, right?18:05
popeynot a stand-alone application18:05
konrad11901wxl: could you take a look at my submission, if you have some spare time? :)18:05
daniellimws[m]I'll try to use home plug on my snap tomorrow18:05
wxlgetting there @konrad1190118:05
popeyomairqazi: for me backslide fails to build because it can't find a build of hummus for linux18:06
elopioheesen: hello18:07
omairqazipopey: for me it gives many npm errors18:07
wxlOMG m4sk1n and his changing VM theming XD https://i.m4sk.in/image/Ggw18:07
wxlhahahah even the prompt18:07
heesenfor this task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5800996720607232/ i got the error snap is not found in 16 series hence i registered he snap in the store but i am still getting he same error18:08
heesenthe same error18:09
omairqazipopey: i even trien v 8.9.418:09
heesenelopio,for this task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5800996720607232/ i got the error snap is not found in 16 series hence i registered he snap in the store but i am still getting the same error18:09
Daniellivingstonelopio can you plz suggest me some other nodejs program to snap18:10
Daniellivingstoneasy one18:10
heesenelopio,what can i do to fix it18:11
omairqaziDaniellivingston dont snap this one as popey said18:11
elopioDaniellivingston: no luck with that one? You can make a post in the forum asking for help18:11
elopioheesen: I think you need to learn more python before trying to fix the bug18:11
omairqazipopey: so should i keep the classic confinement18:11
konrad11901wxl: this theme is awesome :D18:11
daniellimws[m]heesen: is it test-unexistent-snap18:11
konrad11901what's the name of it m4sk1n?18:11
wxl> "Terrible OS"18:12
elopioheesen: on the pull request, I left you a link to the book where I learned18:12
Daniellivingstonelopia: popey did everything he could not working so plz suggest another one18:12
popeyomairqazi: I honestly don't believe classic is necessary, but elopio may disagree. It's an application which looks to me like it can only use the home directory18:12
heesenelopio,ok thx18:13
Daniellivingstonelopia: popey did everything he could not working so plz suggest another one18:13
omairqaziok popey, thanks for your help18:13
elopioDaniellivingston: I would love to have this one snapped: https://github.com/orbitdb/orbit-db-cli18:13
Daniellivingstonok thx working on it18:14
heesenelopio,also for the https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/1567524 bug, i have been working on it.  I have created some python code to select a tar.lzma file and then extract the files to a folder18:15
ubot93Launchpad bug 1567524 in snapcraft "Support tar.lz" [Wishlist, Triaged]18:15
heesenelopio, is this what is being required18:16
omairqazielopio please see personal messages18:17
elopioheesen: it's to implement a new source in https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/tree/master/snapcraft/internal/sources18:17
heesenelopio, does it mean i need to modify the tar.py file to extract tar.lzma file18:19
omairqazipopey: for the alias https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/alias-for-backslide/3430 please reply on the forum as i have to sleep18:21
popeyI'll have to look later, I'm off out for the evening18:21
wxloic working ahead eh konrad11901 ? good job :)18:21
elopioheesen: yes.18:21
heesenelopio, thanks18:22
konrad11901wxl: thanks :)18:22
Acceleratorelopio: Since kyrofa is not here...think you could have a look at my task? https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5319977328443392/18:23
elopioAccelerator: I will to do it later.18:23
AcceleratorOk thanks18:23
AcceleratorWell then I'm off too18:24
DaniellivingstonCan there be more than one command in snapcraft.yaml18:25
m4sk1nkonrad11901: raleigh-reloaded, icons – afair the name was classic9518:25
alex12elopio,for this task https://codein.withgoogle.com/tasks/4908508128477184/?sp-organization=5133577048031232&sp-is_beginner=False&sp-categories=1 which one should i choose18:25
konrad11901m4sk1n: ok, thanks :)18:26
alex12elopio, are you there ?18:27
m4sk1non my actual MATE session I also use the actual ms sans serif font and no shadows18:28
janekyrofa, are you here i need really need your help URGENT18:32
heesenjane, i think kyrofa is away can i help you18:32
janeheesen, no i need kyrofa BYE18:32
RAIplease i need help18:38
RAIplease can anyone help me18:39
RAIi need help in one task18:40
heesenrai, what do you need help with18:43
RAIi have downloaded ubuntu mate image amd6418:44
heesenwhat is the problem18:45
heesenwhat do you need help with18:48
heesenRAI, wha do you need help with ?18:55
RAIi have downloaded ubuntu mate image amd618:56
RAIand after that??18:57
RAIi think i should run in morning18:58
RAIare u there18:59
heesenthen start testing it18:59
heesenfollow the tutorial19:00
heeseni sent you yesterday19:00
RAIhey come on private for 1 min19:02
m4sk1npopey: chances to see new tasks today?19:27

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