mparilloWith Alpha 2 on 2018-02-01 (https://wiki.kubuntu.org/BionicBeaver/ReleaseSchedule), is there likely to be an Alpha 1 at all?02:06
valorieI've not heard02:11
valorieI guess this is a good time to ask02:11
valorieno alpha 102:13
valoriewhich is good because no freeze02:14
valoriebad because less testing02:14
mparilloThanks, and since Ubuntu manages to have a Beta without an Alpha, it should not be too strange to have an Alpha 2 without an Alpha 1.02:28
valorieI mean, I think there are a few people doing tests of the daily images02:32
valoriewhich is very helpful02:32
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IrcsomeBotnauticalnexus was added by: nauticalnexus03:17
valoriewelcome @nauticalnexus03:18
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> Thanks :D03:18
valoriepretty silent this time o day03:19
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> I'd imagine haha03:19
valorieof course backlog is always available via the logs03:22
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/03:22
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> Yup!03:23
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> I um.. I wanna help05:18
valoriehey @nauticalnexus -- our todos and stuff are in the topic05:18
valorienot sure you can see that in Telegram05:19
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> cannot05:19
valorielemme copy05:19
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> can't you05:19
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> !topic05:19
valorieFirst KCI nightly running in a week or two, *things could very well break*. | Bionic Beaver 18.04 LTS | Support in #kubuntu | Development Home Page : https://kubuntu.org/1 | Task Board : https://kubuntu.org/2 | Packaging Status : https://kubuntu.org/3 | QA links: https://kubuntu.org/4 | Packaging Docs: https://kubuntu.org/5 | Calendar https://kubuntu.org/6"05:19
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> packaging :305:20
valoriewell, I do it via IRC which I think only I can see05:20
valorieunless I paste it, so that's what I did05:20
valorieso for phabricator you will need a KDE identity to login05:20
valoriemaybe not to look at it though05:20
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> I think I have one of those05:20
valoriethen it should Just Work05:21
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> aaaaaaaaa I don't remember my sign in05:22
valorieidentity.kde.org might help05:22
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> google passwords helped ;P05:22
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> I thought it'd be like.. nauticalnexus.. but it isn't05:23
valorieshould be some variant of your Real Name05:23
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> Yeah05:23
valoriebecause you use it to do commits05:23
valoriefor copyright assignments etc05:23
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> am there05:23
valorieso there is loads to see in phab05:25
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> indeed05:25
valoriebut dunno about specific packaging stuff05:25
valorieI do the release manager stuff there05:25
valorieand a few of the council plans05:25
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> What is this channel on irc?05:27
IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> #kubuntu-devel?05:27
nauticalnexustemp for now. Bouncer is a joke.05:28
nauticalnexusAnyway.. Packaging is definitely my thing when it comes to .deb05:29
valorieI imagine that there is some new stuff which isn't packaged yet05:30
nauticalnexusAs long as I don't have to write anything.05:30
nauticalnexusGod.. that made me nervous..05:30
valoriewell, you have to write good descriptions within the control files I believe05:31
valoriebut those are generally a few words05:31
nauticalnexusThat's good.05:31
nauticalnexusI can work with that.05:31
valorieimo comments are always important05:32
valorieso, I know that we have some packaging docs, because I've worked on them05:32
valoriethose are in phab I believe05:33
nauticalnexusI've packaged before.05:33
nauticalnexusBut.. stuff that was already in the repos. Like more up to date versions05:33
valorieif you can't find those, they will be in the kde wiki05:33
nauticalnexussorry, talking about *buntu in general.05:33
valorieI've heard that we do things differently than Ubuntu05:33
nauticalnexusPackaging .deb packages is just really easy to me haha05:33
valoriebut nobody has ever explained to me HOW we are different05:34
valorieif you look at those docs you might be able to explain to me05:34
nauticalnexusI mean I figure it's no different than Debian05:34
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> @valorie, Just a little bit different to Ubuntu and Debian, there's similarities and differences 😉05:34
valorie@tsimonq2 yes, but WHAT is different?05:35
nauticalnexusI won't be sleeping for a while so if anyone needs anything packaged I'm here05:36
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> @valorie, We use a Git-based workflow heavily while Ubuntu support is coming for all packages and it's the maintainer's choice for Debian.05:36
nauticalnexusjust give me instructions and I'll do it.05:36
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> The branches have different names too05:36
nauticalnexusI'm much better with a command line than I am with people :P05:37
valorietsimonq2: what the heck are you in IRC for05:39
valorieso late05:40
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> @valorie, Still... Working... >_<05:40
valorieget off IRC and concentrate!05:41
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danttihi, when is the dead line to get new packages into 18.04?13:53
IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> feature freeze is 1st march14:11
acheronukdantti: here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeatureFreeze14:32
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IrcsomeBot<nauticalnexus> I-I like win10..17:08
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valoriehi folks, it has come to my attention that all of the i386 bionic isos tested so far -- including Kubuntu - are non-booting20:56
valorieif you are interested in helping to test, please join #ubuntu+120:56
mamarleyI thought the 32-bit ISOs were being dropped?20:58
valorieUbuntu will not ship them, but all or most of the flavors still are20:59
mamarleyAh, OK.20:59
acheronukdrop them21:00
* acheronuk hides21:00
valorieI've threatened to stop releasing them, but got a lot of pushback21:00
valoriebut not much help testing21:00
acheronukthat is the problem21:00
nauticalnexusacheronuk: I still use 32-bit systems.21:00
nauticalnexusYou cannot just leave us in the dark.21:00
valoriewell, we need some help pinning down the problem21:01
nauticalnexusUnfortunately my 32-bit system is a potato21:01
acheronukwell the old laptop I have which I thought was just 32 bit, seems to actually have 64bit flags in the CPU info, so that's no good to test21:02
valorieperhaps you could test xubuntu or lubuntu?21:02
valorienauticalnexus: ^^^21:02
valorieproblem is that unless it's a VM, how does one get the boot logs21:02
nauticalnexusvalorie: it's so tiny and hard to use..21:02
nauticalnexuslike 7" screen21:03
nauticalnexusit's a computer for ants ;P21:03
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valorietesting the new plasma in the beta ppa on my travel lappy23:46
valorieif all goes well I might try the wayland sessions too23:47

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