akikOrvalvisje: it can be fixed in /etc/default/locale. the installation sets it for me for finnish and i change it to english afterwards00:00
Orvalvisjeubuntu 16.04 ... my date in the right upper corner is in portuguese, my rightclick in desktop is english, and during an auto update suddenly appeared a portuguese mesage  (my geographical situation is that i reside in brazil, but am not brazilian)00:00
Orvalvisjei tried the language setting (apply system wide -> english uk) however, nothing changed00:01
janne2Orvalvisje: what happens if you type "locale" in a terminal?00:02
janne2what is the result?00:02
Orvalvisjehow can i show the result?00:04
Orvalvisjehow does the bin thing works?00:04
tomreynOrvalvisje: just copy and paste it here if it's 2 lines or less. if it's more, use a !pastebin00:04
tomreyn!pastebin | Orvalvisje00:04
ubottuOrvalvisje: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:04
xs2has that oracle package been updated yet?00:06
BillD73can anyone tell me what the /dev/loop0 and loop1 are for from df -h output?  I dont have konversation installed, failed attempt through Ubuntu gui app store http://paste.ubuntu.com/26419777/  no idea what core belongs too00:07
tomreynThaelim: i would think installing ubuntu with FDE next to another OS is a lot easier nowadays since the ubuntu installer has learnt to  do FDE. still, whenever you operate on a storage which already has data on it, you *must* ensure to have that data backed up. no backups, no pity.00:07
janne2Orvalvisje: and that tells you what your problem is00:08
tomreynxs2: what is "that oracle package" and which ubuntu release are you referring to?00:08
Svetajanne2: where does Orvalvisje's problem come from?00:09
Orvalvisjethat's what i am wondering as well :s00:09
janne2Sveta: His problem of parts of the system using portuguese and other parts english?00:09
Svetayes, and also the problem of wrong environment variables being set00:09
janne2Well, they’ve set language to english for text, text sorting; and to portuguese for numbers, time, money, paper sizes, names, addresses, phone numbers, measurements and identifications00:09
xs2 oracle-java9-installer, XUbuntu 17.1000:10
Svetajanne2: why is it like this?00:10
janne2those variables can be changed in the regional settings depending on your desktop environment00:10
Svetaah good00:10
janne2I don’t know where his environment sets them, in KDE you’d set them in system settings -> regional settings00:10
BillD73nevermind, figured out the one, just dont know why I still have a konversation loop1 since I dont have konversation /snap/core on /dev/loop0 pertains to libre office00:13
Orvalvisjei don't have "regional settings" ... i have language support (inside system settings) and then regional formats. However, portuguese does not appear there, nor does it seem that the portuguese language is installed at all00:13
tomreynrun: snap list00:14
tomreynBillD73: ^00:14
tomreynBillD73: i think you have konversation installed as a 'snap' package (as opposed to a .deb package)00:16
BillD73tomreyn: hmm idk, I attempted to isntall it from Ubuntu App store, it failed and I found pidgeon00:17
BillD73i ran snap disable konversation00:18
xs2oracle-java9-installer, XUbuntu 17.10, package cannot be installed for 10 days so far. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oracle-java9-installer, XUbuntu 17.10, package cannot be installed for 10 days so far. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oracle-java9-installer, XUbuntu 17.10, package cannot be installed for 10 days so far. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oracle-java9-installer, XUbuntu 17.10, package cannot be installed for 10 days so far. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00:18
tomreynBillD73: you may want to 'snap remove konversation' instead00:18
naccxs2: did you mean to complain to oracle instead of spamming the channel? That's not an Ubuntu package :)00:19
xs2who's guilty?00:20
tomreynxs2: spamming the channel won't increase the probability someone is going to assist you.00:20
xs2I don't need assistance00:20
naccxs2: it's not an ubuntu issue, sorry00:20
xs2I need people to know that you can't install the biggest package on the biggest linux distribution00:20
nacc... not the biggest package, by any means00:20
naccxs2: and you should talk to whomever maintains the package00:20
xs2BOO is for both ubuntu and oracle00:21
xs22 mil people can't focus themselves to change a URL00:22
hggdhxs2: OK. Point made. Now please stop00:22
BillD73tomreyn: I did found it after snap --help lol   just not understanding what its doing   its a like a directory structure with nothing in it on the core by canonical00:22
janne2great, on artful kubelet just crashes00:22
janne2I’m starting to get mildly annoyed at this00:22
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tomreynBillD73: loop* are loop devices, if you have the 'man-db' package installed then 'man loop' should explain what that is.00:24
Abr1ltomreyn, PING00:24
tomreynAbr1l: PONG!!1100:24
tomreynBillD73: the 'core' snap is discussed if you run: snap info core00:25
DexterFcan I use 3G modems with nmcli?00:28
DexterFthe networkmanger applet in xubuntu does lots of nice things, like let me activate mobile broadband, then setup the modem, I don't have to usb modeswitch and all this00:28
DexterFon server it's in mass storage mode. will it auto switch when NM talks to it..?00:29
marcoscosmosSo apparently my peak download speed for Kubuntu is 35kbps00:29
marcoscosmosAnd for some reason my connection forbids torrenting most of the time.00:30
BillD73tomreyn: so what I gather of the man page is that its basically a "911 address" that any program that employs snaps can obtain a loop# to keep itself running smooth.... guess it didnt work for konversation lol  course that was a kde? app that problem should have not showed up for  aunity enviroment when I attempted to isntall it00:30
tomreynDexterF: i suggested to try nmtui earlier, which provides a somewhat similar 'wizard'-like interface as the GUI. did you give it a try? on the overall question, i have to admit i do not actually have first hand experience on whether you can manage a 3g modem using netwokr manager in general, and the text based interfaces specifically.00:31
Abr1ltomreyn, /etc/X11/xorg.conf no existe00:32
DexterFtomreyn, hence the question, I do not see mobile there or even config options for that.00:32
tomreynAbr1l: meaning?00:32
DexterFoh wait.. will nm spawn interface on a headless machine when the user isnt logged in...?00:34
whiskey_kittenAudacious/banshee/clementine/rhythmbox - votes?00:36
whiskey_kittenI currently have rhythmbox as it comes with00:36
marcoscosmosHey is it possible to change the drivers of an install externally? (e.g. from a live usb)00:36
whiskey_kittenbut pondering a change.00:36
tomreynBillD73: loop devices have uses beyond snaps. the most comon use case is to make content of a file archive or file system image available without actually unpacking it. that'd be a "loop mounted image". snaps are actually just that, which is why they need to create loop devices to provide functionality.00:36
DexterFtry all see what you like best and keep them00:37
whiskey_kittenI have tried them all, but a while ago (years) and I didn't really have a favourite then.00:37
whiskey_kittenSo I just wondered if anyone had any preference, and why.00:37
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tomreynBillD73: even if you use unity you can still use kde applications as long as the kde libraries are installed (this would happen automatically if you installed kde applications using 'apt', i don't know whether it would work with snaps)00:38
Abr1ltomreyn, I do not understand00:38
tomreynAbr1l: have you tried to get ubuntu support in your native language? this may be much easier. which languages do you speak?00:39
Abr1ltomreyn, spanish00:40
tomreyn!es | Abr1l00:40
ubottuAbr1l: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:40
BillD73tomreyn: since I could never get konver to run i apt removed it,,, may have just been alingering loop for it in snap   not going to worry just curiousity00:40
Abr1lubottu, seee, pero hasta ahora no he logradoconseguir una solucion >S00:41
ubottuAbr1l: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:41
tomreynmarcoscosmos: explain "drivers of an install"00:41
Abr1ltomreyn, ouch lol thanks00:41
tomreynAbr1l: de nada00:42
marcoscosmosI can't boot linux off my HDD atm, something about a firmware bug and microcode version. Which I assume refers to intel drivers.00:42
marcoscosmosI was going to reinstall a different flavour since I need something other than gnome anyway but I can't seem to download a new image00:43
marcoscosmosso I was wondering if I could do a repair00:43
tomreynBillD73: well, it doesn't matter now since you removed it since. and only have the 'core' snap available now, and this will have to remain as long as you keep snap installed.00:44
marcoscosmosdoes that clarify things, tomreyn ?00:44
tomreynmarcoscosmos: i'm reading ;)00:44
BillD73tomreyn: its all good00:45
tomreynmarcoscosmos: i'm aware this issue exists, and i'm sure there must be a bug report on launchpad and a workaround, too. have you searched for this, yet?00:47
marcoscosmosah sorry not yet00:47
tomreynmarcoscosmos: does this sound like the issue you have encountered? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/174193400:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1741934 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) "Kernel trace with xenial 4.4 (4.4.0-108.131, Candidate kernels for PTI fix)" [Critical,Fix released]00:48
blackflowmarcoscosmos: uninstall or downgrade intel-microcode package00:49
blackflowmarcoscosmos: 20180108 is broken00:49
tomreynblackflow: i assume you would need to provide instructions on how to uninstall or downgrade it if the system won't boot.00:49
blackflowtomreyn: chroot from a live usb?00:50
marcoscosmostomreyn: nope my error message is only one single line00:50
tomreynmarcoscosmos: do you know what it says?00:50
marcoscosmosblackflow: I do not have the proprietary driver installed SFAIK00:50
blackflowthough, 20180108 update (afaik) doesn't have issues with boot, it has issues with page faults and REboot(s)00:51
tomreynblackflow: yes, but he might need this a bit more verbosely ;)00:51
blackflowthey can ask if they do :)00:51
tomreynfirst of all we need to pinpoint the issue, though00:51
marcoscosmossomething like "[firmware bug] could not... due to errata. Please update to microcode version.."00:51
marcoscosmosI could boot back into it and get the exact text I suppose00:52
tomreynmarcoscosmos: which ubuntu release is it, and what computer model?00:52
marcoscosmos17.10.1 and I built this rig from parts00:52
tomreynmarcoscosmos: how about this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/intel-microcode/+bug/172465000:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1724650 in intel-microcode (Ubuntu) "[Firmware Bug]: TSC_DEADLINE disabled due to Errata; please update microcode to version: 0x25 (or later)" [Undecided,Fix released]00:53
marcoscosmosyeah that sounds like the one!00:54
blackflowthat shouldn't block boot tho'00:54
blackflowmaybe it's just the last/only output you see? boot jus thangs after that?00:54
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TheDistif I change a dir's group from root to a group that a user is part of, can that user access all files within that folder regardless of they're still part of the root group?00:56
marcoscosmosblackflow: yeah now that you mention it I think actually I've been getting that message as the first message at boot for a while back when I was running arch, but on ubuntu it hadn't been showing console during boot at all lately. You're probably right. It's the first and last message, after that it just hangs.00:57
tomreynmarcoscosmos: which graphics card do you have there, in case you can remember?00:58
marcoscosmosnvidia GTX 770. I think the drivers had started to corrupt as I was getting a popup in previous boots last night and had to force it to load00:59
Thaelimlol soooooo much faster installing on hdd rather than usb00:59
tomreynTheDist: that's not the immediate result of such a change, no. permissions on directories only enable or disable a user from entering (changing into) and viwing the contents of a directory (directory listing).01:00
tomreynTheDist: accessing what's inside a directory does require directory permissions, however.01:01
marcoscosmostomreyn: do you think removing the proprietary drivers might allow me to boot? And if so, how do I do that in this situation?01:03
tomreynmarcoscosmos: in comment 50 on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/intel-microcode/+bug/1724650  (close to the bottom), Zachary Habrat (idea2form) mentiones that he has 2x gtx 780ti, which is very similar.01:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1724650 in intel-microcode (Ubuntu) "[Firmware Bug]: TSC_DEADLINE disabled due to Errata; please update microcode to version: 0x25 (or later)" [Undecided,Fix released]01:03
TheDistThanks. Permissions are a little confusing as I'm using letsencrypt for ssl certs, at first my app couldn't read them as they were root only, so I set the files to a group I had access to, which worked. But now when new certs are generated I can still access them despite them being the root group01:04
tomreynmarcoscosmos: didnt you say you have no proprietary drivers installed or did i just make this up?01:04
marcoscosmosI have nvidia drivers, just not the intel microcode drivers01:05
tatertotsmarcoscosmos: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no01:05
tomreynmarcoscosmos: oh ok, i misunderstood. well i think it'll be related to the nvidia drivers, yes.01:06
blackflowmarcoscosmos: nvidia proprietary requires you to disable splash in grub, did you do that?01:06
marcoscosmostatertots: yes I'm running windows in a dual boot scenario. Windows boots, Ubuntu doesm01:06
tatertotsmarcoscosmos: oh i see, you are chatting from windows now and ubuntu will NOT boot.01:07
blackflowmarcoscosmos: you can try this, from the grub menu, hit F10 on the default entry, then in the editor that opens find the line that starts with "linux /vmlinuz ....", remove "splash" and hit "e" to continue booting.01:07
marcoscosmostatertots: precisely01:07
blackflowmarcoscosmos: actually remove both "quiet" and "splash" words, that'll give you kernel output so you can see where it fails.01:07
marcoscosmosblackflow: I'm not sure, I'll try that. It had been running earlier in the day though.01:08
marcoscosmosbut yeah removing quiet should help anyway01:08
tomreynmarcoscosmos: this may help: https://askubuntu.com/a/969382 - maybe you only need to add "nvidia-drm.modeset=1" (without quotation marks) to the 'linux' line on the grub editor.01:12
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tomreynTheDist: so you are trying to make those files inaccessible for the restricted user?01:16
tomreynor was your issue solved? i'm not sure.01:16
TheDistI want them to be accessible to that user. I just don't know why when the first set of certs were created, only root could access them, yet after I changed the directory permissions all new certs created are readable, despite still being root group01:18
tomreynTheDist: maybe the files' owner changed? by 'access', do you mean 'list them in their directory' or 'actually access their contents'?01:20
tomreynTheDist: if user and owner are the same, chances are that other users have read access to the files, i.e. they are mode 644 or similar.01:22
TheDistI mean read their contents. originally the files were -rwx------ root root. I created a group called 'certAccess' and changed the folder to root certAccess, and now certs are being generated with -rw-r--r-- root root01:22
tomreynTheDist: okay, i also would not know / understand why the newer files are created with different access restrictions then. i could only guess that the 'old files' (only root can access) are actually private keys and the 'new files' are actually certificate files.01:24
Thaelim2So I decided to install Ubuntu on my HDD (backed up important files) and I get a purple screen. I've tried looking at guides but the method of getting to grub isn't working for me. I have tried holding and mashing shift to get there. I get logged in before the purple screen is stuck.01:24
tomreynTheDist: having -rw------- on a private key but -rw-r--r-- on a certificate would be most sensible.01:25
tomreynThaelim2: which methods for getting to grub have you tried?01:26
tomreynThaelim2: sorry, you said so.01:26
TheDistBoth the old set and the new set contain both certificates and private keys. So I have no idea why it's now generating them broader permissions01:26
tomreynThaelim2: i'm getting tired. ;) try holding (not mashing) the left hand shift key during boot, so after the bios / hardware advertisement screen switches to where ubuntu starts.01:28
tomreynTheDist: hmm, neither, sorry.01:28
Thaelim2Okay I'll try that01:28
marcoscosmosOkay well non-quiet definitely got more output; I'm not sure if it's helpful but one of the messages was about bios with 0 devices found? trying to upload an image from my phone atm01:28
tomreynThaelim2: the other option is mashing Esc01:29
Thaelim2Am I supposed to get to the unlocking my disk that is encrypted?01:29
TheDistSo ideally, if I want a web server (not running as root) to use the certs, I should set the certs and private keys to -rwxr----- root certAccess, and have the web server part of the certAccess group?01:29
tomreynmarcoscosmos: this may help: https://askubuntu.com/a/969382 - maybe you only need to add "nvidia-drm.modeset=1" (without quotation marks) to the 'linux' line on the grub editor.01:30
tomreynmarcoscosmos: it'll be good to see your image, though01:30
tomreynThaelim2: no that's too far already.01:30
eskimoHey all, so I had clamav installed and removed it, but now I'm getting messages about dependencies related to it whenever I try to install anything else. Any ideas?01:30
Thaelim2Okay thanks. I'll keep trying01:31
Thaelim2I got grub! Haha thanks01:31
tomreynThaelim2: is this a zfs file system?01:32
Thaelim2No. ext3 or 401:32
eskimoIf I try to remove clamav-daemon then I get this https://paste.ubuntu.com/26420110/01:32
tomreynThaelim2: sorry, zwswap i snot fzs ;)01:33
tomreynThaelim2: sorry, zswap i snot zfs ;)01:33
Thaelim2Idk. I didn't manually do it so I didn't add swaps myself. Just used the erase entire disk with encryption checked for whole disk but not /home/ yet01:34
marcoscosmoseskimo: looks like it's partially removed or expects to be running when uninstalled. What's the output of dpkg -L clamav-daemon?01:34
Thaelim2But I wouldn't think so01:34
tomreynThaelim2: hmm then i guess ubuntu now uses this by default and i just didn't see this, yet. well possible.01:34
eskimomarcoscosmos: lots of stuff https://paste.ubuntu.com/26420118/01:35
marcoscosmosokay perfect, and the output of ls /lib/systemd/system/?01:35
eskimomarcoscosmos: Nothing matching "clam" in there01:36
marcoscosmosyeah that's what I thought01:37
tomreynmarcoscosmos: wait, you are the one with zswap :)01:37
marcoscosmostomreyn: I have zswap?01:37
tomreynmarcoscosmos: that'S what it says on the screenie you posted01:38
marcoscosmoseskimo: Try force-reinstalling clamav-daemon and run ls /lib/systemd/system/ again. If the two files listed by dpkg are there after that you may be able to uninstall01:38
marcoscosmostomreyn: okay cool I don't know what that means though?01:39
tomreynmarcoscosmos: hmm then maybe it's really default01:39
eskimomarcoscosmos: No luck :/01:39
eskimoSame output as the 2nd paste01:40
marcoscosmostomreyn: I'd say so.01:40
tomreynmarcoscosmos: its for compressing swap memory, to not consume so much RAM and not swap so much to disk.01:40
marcoscosmoseskimo: rats. In that case I'd try manually creating fake/empty files for those two. I'01:40
eskimoHrmmm, not a bad idea01:41
marcoscosmosI'm not 100% sure that systemd will be happy about it but it should be fine01:41
tomreynmarcoscosmos: i agree that the 0 edd devices message may be an issue.01:41
marcoscosmoseskimo: wait01:42
tomreynmarcoscosmos: actually, not an issue, i have it too, and i booted fine. ;)01:42
* eskimo is waiting01:42
marcoscosmoseskimo: Alternatively. does sudo service start clamav-daemon do anything?01:42
marcoscosmostomreyn: strange.01:42
eskimostart: unrecognized service01:43
marcoscosmosokay yeah try the manual thing01:43
tatertotseskimo: open terminal01:43
tatertotseskimo: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit01:44
tatertotseskimo: let me know when done01:44
marcoscosmosI think this is probably a bug in clamav though, or the daemon was unintentionally marked as manually installed and should have removed itself with the main app for example01:44
marcoscosmostomreyn: any other hints from the image?01:44
marcoscosmosoh wait I'll try the nvidia-drm.modeset=101:45
eskimotatertots: can't install anything01:45
marcoscosmosoh eskimo, can you run uh01:45
marcoscosmoswhat's the command01:45
marcoscosmossudo apt configure -a?01:45
tomreynmarcoscosmos: no. i'd say try "nvidia-drm.modeset=1", if this doesn't work just use "text" and make sure you install the latest nvidia drivers and intel-microcode package (assuming that's an intel cpu).01:46
eskimoE: Command line option 'a' [from -a] is not understood in combination with the other options.01:46
tatertotseskimo: open termial01:46
tatertotseskimo: journalctl -p 3|nc termbin.com 999901:46
tatertotseskimo: share url/link here01:46
tomreynmarcoscosmos: that's a kernel command line / boot parameter01:46
eskimoWhat does that do tatertots ?01:47
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eskimoOh just gives a link01:48
marcoscosmoseskimo: sorry it's hard to figure out the correct command from windows. tatertots wants you to do a pastebin of the output of journalctl -p 3.01:48
tatertotseskimo: hypothetically, lets say you followed instructions, you would be able to view the url/link "PRIOR" to sharing it here01:48
tatertotseskimo: this would answer your question also by proxy01:48
tomreynmarcoscosmos: you can also try zswap.enabled=001:48
tatertotseskimo: and reveal more of the mystery01:48
eskimotatertots: http://termbin.com/51h301:48
tatertotseskimo: "hypothetically" speaking01:48
blackflowtomreyn: not latest microcode one tho'. see bug #174293301:49
ubottubug 1742933 in intel-microcode (Ubuntu Bionic) "Regression in 2018-01-08 updates" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/174293301:49
tatertotseskimo: of course you'd have to actually follow instructions to observe any of what i just said...01:49
marcoscosmosokay thanks tomreyn: do I just add them on the same line where I removed the other stuff?01:49
eskimotatertots: Ermmm what did I do wrong?01:49
eskimoI copy/pasted the command you asked?01:49
tomreynblackflow: hmm right, you have a point.01:49
marcoscosmosMaybe I'll try one more time to download a new iso whilst I'm here..01:50
tomreynmarcoscosmos: yes. but add them one by one, to know which one results in which change. you should  always remove 'quiet' and 'splash' thoufh.01:51
marcoscosmosreinstalling all the software I use is a pain but the upgrade from xenial to artful left like 150 unsupported packages behind anyway01:51
tatertotseskimo: apt list --installed|grep clam|nc termbin.com 999901:51
marcoscosmosyeah kk.01:51
tatertotseskimo: share url/link here01:51
eskimotatertots: http://termbin.com/yfhs01:52
tomreynmarcoscosmos: also *don't* install intel-microcode, this was a bad suggestion.01:52
tatertotseskimo: lots of "Jan 18 20:46:33 jordankoch systemd[1]: Failed to start LSB: ClamAV daemon."01:52
blackflowtomreyn: marcoscosmos: you can install the 20170707 version tho', see "apt policy"01:52
tatertotseskimo: just rock with /follow me....we iron out the wrinkles01:53
blackflowI wish the november update was in the packages, that one has some fixes01:53
marcoscosmostomreyn: yeah I picked up on that the moment you said it haha01:53
tatertotseskimo: you know how you said "i removed clamAV"01:54
tatertotseskimo: i call BS01:54
eskimoI apt remove'd it01:54
tatertotseskimo: this is important because else people start talking about "bugs" and stuff01:54
eskimoAnd then all this happened01:54
tomreynBS = bachelor of science, obviously.01:54
tatertotseskimo: without realizing the most important rule01:54
tatertotseskimo: there is a "human" sitting in front of most computers01:55
tatertotseskimo: and humans are NOT perfect01:55
tatertotseskimo: and humans usually think they are smarter than they really are01:55
michael2hi all. I have a default install of ubuntu 16.04 and I would like to play a mp4 on totem media player. when I try I get a prompt indicating more dependencies are needed, but whenI click [install] I get many lines of error messages like:01:55
michael2** Message: Missing plugin: gstreamer|1.0|totem|MPEG-4 AAC decoder|decoder-audio/mpeg,01:55
eskimoI'm not following tatertots o.O01:56
tatertotseskimo: so now this makes more sense01:57
tomreynmichael2: can you run this on a terminal: dpkg -l libgstreamer\* | nc termbin.com 999901:57
tatertotseskimo: Jan 18 23:36:47 jordankoch systemd[1]: Failed to start LSB: ClamAV daemon.01:57
eskimoWell yeah, it just didn't remove all the way?01:57
tatertotseskimo: you never removed ClamAV in the first place as per http://termbin.com/yfhs01:58
eskimoWell, I did. It just didn't actually do it and said it did?01:58
michael2tomreyn: per your request http://termbin.com/wajd01:59
marcoscosmostomreyn: no dice for either nvidia-drm.modeset=1 or text01:59
tatertotseskimo: so what do you want to do?....do you want to "actually" remove/uninstall clamav?02:00
marcoscosmosAnd I'm guessing text not working is a very bad sign02:00
eskimotatertots: Thats the plan yeah. That's what I tried to do that caused this.02:00
tatertotseskimo: oops sorry you are NOT following me...i'm a slow reader...soorry....goood luck02:00
tomreynmichael2: okay, now run this and follow thorugh with the installation, then try restarting totem and playing the video again: sudo apt update; sudo apt install libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-002:00
eskimotatertots: ......what?02:00
KuroganeHi, i've a problem with install libapache2-mod-fastcgi i'm not sure why gives this error https://paste.ubuntu.com/26420205/02:01
tatertotseskimo: j/k02:01
eskimotatertots: I mean I don't follow as it, I don't get it -_-02:01
michael2tomreyn: will do. the termbin.com trick is pretty cool BTW02:01
tomreynmarcoscosmos: weird, what about zswap?02:01
eskimoI'm getting really close to just wiping the whole server -_-02:01
marcoscosmostomreyn: how do I do that one again?02:02
tomreyn<tomreyn> marcoscosmos: you can also try zswap.enabled=002:02
tatertotseskimo: well i'm not a psychic and cannot see the future....but uh you gonna remove clamav...and then let us know if you actually have a issue technical in nature?02:02
eskimotatertots: Well... How do I remove it then.... because I can't use apt...02:03
tomreynmarcoscosmos: and here's yet another (also to be tried seperately): vga=79102:03
marcoscosmoseskimo: did you try "sudo dpkg --configure -a"? which is the command I was trying to find for you earlier02:03
=== sz0_ is now known as sz0
marcoscosmostomreyn: okay thanks.02:04
eskimomarcoscosmos: yeah, nothing02:04
marcoscosmoseskimo: I wish I could just wipe at this point. Well, I could but, I'd be installing a bunch of software I don't want (gnome)02:05
marcoscosmoseskimo: damn. what's the output if you try like02:05
marcoscosmossudo apt install clamav?02:05
marcoscosmos(or any other package)02:05
eskimomarcoscosmos: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26420234/02:06
marcoscosmosand what was the output of -f install?02:06
eskimoSame with -f install02:06
michael2tomreyn: I did apt install libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0  - now when I launch totem I get a dialogue box saying [install multimedia plugin?]02:06
marcoscosmosI swear I've had a similar issue before and fixed it somehow..02:07
vfweskimo: What happened when you ran 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'?02:07
eskimovfw: Nothing at all.02:07
marcoscosmosoh, if you're getting "is not going to be installed"!02:07
tomreynmichael2: i guess you should02:07
michael2and it wants to install libgstreamer-1.002:07
tomreynmichael2: which you have already, right?02:08
marcoscosmoseskimo: what's the output of "sudo apt-cache search clamav-freshclam"? and which version of ubuntu are you using?02:08
michael2tomreyn: yeah, I did that the first time and it failed02:08
tomreynmichael2: can you run 'file' on mp4 file?02:09
eskimomarcoscosmos: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26420245/ and it's 16.04.302:09
tomreynmichael2: can you run 'file' on the mp4 file?02:09
marcoscosmoseskimo: okay I'm starting to think your repo/sources lists have a problem with them02:10
marcoscosmosuh sec02:10
michael2why_are_dogs_noses_wet.mp4: ISO Media, MP4 Base Media v1 [IS0 14496-12:2003]02:10
michael2tomreyn: output of file above02:10
eskimomarcoscosmos: I think you're right. This is the only thing inside /etc/apt/sources.list - deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ xenial main universe restricted multiverse02:11
michael2tomreyn: ah now its running - thanks - your awesome!02:11
tomreyneskimo: sudo dpkg --remove clamav; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -f install02:11
tomreynmichael2: :) glad i could help02:12
eskimoLol dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove clamav which isn't installe02:12
marcoscosmoswhat about the sources.list.d/sources.d/whatever?02:12
tomreyneskimo: oh, so you have an inconsistent package database state. reinstall.02:13
vfweskimo: How did you install clamav in the first place?02:13
marcoscosmosIt's strange, normally you'd have more entries even though that's theoretically all you need02:13
eskimotomreyn: Well, reinstalling kinda is not really a good option02:13
marcoscosmosreinstall the whole distro?? tomreyn02:13
marcoscosmosSurely it's not that dire02:14
eskimovfw: I have no idea, it was years ago02:14
michael2tomreyn: so I can understand what happened. did the libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0 package install some codecs or something? and if thats all that was needed why didn't the dialogue box totem launched install that in the first place?02:14
michael2instead of trying to install libgstreamer-1.0-libav or whatever?02:14
tomreynmarcoscosmos: unless eskimo is able to undo this by manually editing the package database *again* (which he or a utility he used must have done before to create the inconsistency in the first place).02:15
tomreynmichael2: yes, the 'plugins' are actually codecs02:16
tomreynmichael2: i assume that mechanism is buggy, it has been working sometimes for me but not others.02:16
vfweskimo: sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq clamav02:17
tomreynmichael2: ...over the years / on different linux distributions and releases02:17
marcoscosmosoh so wait. eskimo: it may be possible that none of those clamav-daemon files exist, or any of the other clamav packages? In which case yeah you'll need to figure out how to inform dpkg that it's actually uninstalled or else start over02:17
eskimoI fixed it I think02:17
=== derek_ is now known as Guest284
eskimoFound a sources.list https://askubuntu.com/questions/863933/ubuntu-16-04-messed-sources-list02:18
eskimoAnd update/and then did the -f install thing02:18
marcoscosmosI had a similar issue with pacman and python packages but in reverse and it didn't prevent installs02:18
eskimoAnd it kinda helped02:18
Guest284Hello, I'm having a problem with a failed dist upgrade from 16.04. Based on eskimo's message I'm not the only one?02:18
marcoscosmosokay so, I'm gunna resume my own troubleshooting. What were the commands, tomreyn ?02:19
vfweskimo: Let's see, try:  sudo apt update02:19
tomreynGuest284: it is most likely, almost definitely, unrelated.02:19
michael2tomreyn: ah so the totem "fix missing dependencies" launcher is actually programmed by the totem upstream project? and is essentially a wrapper around the many different distro's packaging managers? apt, yum, pacman etc?02:19
tomreynmarcoscosmos: which commands?02:20
vfwGuest284: What error(s)  do you get?02:20
Guest284I was notified of an OS upgrade to 17.04. I was on 16.04 LTS. I'm not sure why I was asked to upgrade to non-LTS but I mistakenly did anyway. So now I'm partially on Zesty but with Zesty's repos down I can't dist-upgrade02:20
eskimovfw: Ermmm well not quite02:20
Guest284What is the recommended way to force dist-upgrade to 17.10 in spite of the "no release file" error on 17.04 repos atm?02:20
tomreynmichael2: yes, without having verified, that's how i think it is.02:20
marcoscosmosdisable zswap and uh vga=179?02:20
vfweskimo: what errors do you get now?02:21
blackflow!eol | Guest28402:21
tomreynmarcoscosmos: they're on the channel logs02:21
ubottuGuest284: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:21
eskimoThe same thing if I try to remove clamav*, but I can install other stuff at least now02:21
blackflowGuest284: that last link02:21
tomreynmarcoscosmos: (aka don't make me repeat what i said before,once again)02:21
tomreyn!irclogs | marcoscosmos02:22
ubottumarcoscosmos: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/02:22
Guest284Is it normal to be asked to upgrade to from LTS to non-LTS a week before that non-LTS is EOL?02:22
vfweskimo: Try some of the previous commands...02:22
blackflowGuest284: nope02:22
eskimoIt gives me an error if I try to remove saying files don't exist, but if I try to install it tells me it's already the newest version -_-02:22
eskimoI have, nothing works02:22
vfweskimo: sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq clamav02:23
eskimodpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove clamav which isn't installed02:23
eskimoSame shit02:23
blackfloweskimo: install --reinstall clamav02:23
blackfloweskimo: and all the other packages mentioned in that list, then remove them02:23
tomreynGuest284: especially not from an LTS release to a non-LTS release which is two steps ahead.02:23
eskimoThis is the problem https://paste.ubuntu.com/26420297/02:24
eskimoI can't get around it no matter what02:24
Guest284tomreyn: yep I was on 16.04.3 LTS, then I got the notif to upgrade, I didn't carefully check the version proposed and now I'm partially on 17.04. This was before it became EOL. My machine has been up since. Now I can't finish it. Lots of mistakes on my part02:25
Guest284I'll follow the linked instructions to EOL Upgrade02:25
marcoscosmosokay. cool. Tsk two hours to download a measely 1.2 gb..02:25
blackfloweskimo: did you try the install --reinstall  way?02:26
tomreynGuest284: sounds like a plan, follow them thoroughly, since you have only partially upgraded to 17.04 as you say.02:26
eskimoYeah, not helping02:26
blackflowwhat's the output of it?02:26
eskimoI can't install02:26
eskimoErrors were encountered while processing:02:26
eskimo /var/cache/apt/archives/clamav-daemon_0.99.2+dfsg-0ubuntu0.16.04.2_amd64.deb02:26
eskimoE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)02:26
eskimoSame shit02:26
tomreynthat's a different error02:27
eskimoIt's the identical error02:27
eskimoAlso mentions /usr/bin/deb-systemd-helper: error: unable to read clamav-daemon.service02:27
eskimoand Failed to stop clamav-daemon.socket: Unit clamav-daemon.socket not loaded.02:27
eskimoIt's literally the same shit over and over again no matter what you guys tell me to do02:27
blackfloweskimo: reinstall. :)02:27
=== al2o3-cr1 is now known as al2o3-cr
tomreynpreviously you were stuck with the clamav package missing dpeendencies., now it's clamav-daemon02:28
eskimoIt's been clamav-daemon the whole time02:28
tomreyneskimo: okay, but that was listed 2nd before, now it's first?02:28
vfweskimo: What does 'less /etc/issue' say?02:28
eskimoUbuntu 16.04.3 LTS \n \l02:29
Guest284tomreyn: Downgrading is not recommended right? I never wanted to be on non-LTS but I have no issue with artful if it's just easier that way02:29
vfweskimo: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade02:29
tomreynGuest284: release downgrading is neither recommended nor supported nor a sane concept to begin with.02:30
blackflowGuest284: did you try out artful already somwhere? it changes a few...... things...02:30
eskimovfw: Yeah everything up to date, nothing exciting02:30
Guest284backflow: nope but I'm stuck with it now haha02:30
vfweskimo: reboot02:30
eskimoToo early02:31
eskimoI host too much stuff02:31
blackflowGuest284: well, watch out for systemd-resolved. if your DNS starts having issues, that's most likely the cause. I just remove it altogether. also networking is now handled by netplan (see ubuntu wiki for it).02:31
Guest284backflow: I have no choice but to finish this dist-upgrade. In case you didn't see my first msg: I was on xenial and I got partially upgraded to zesty. Zesty is EOL now02:31
tomreynGuest284: your choices are: 17.10 (non LTS) for the next 3 months, then upgrade to 18.04 LTS, or reinstall now to 16.04 LTS.02:31
blackflowhmm, maybe the bot has a link02:31
vfweskimo: 'ldconfig && depmod -a'02:32
marcoscosmostomreyn: the vga one worked. Side-note: I think I've got an .xinitrc file which launches my window manager. I'm surprised it wasn't breaking things earlier but could it be related?02:33
eskimovfw: K, now wut02:33
blackflowGuest284: yes, I got that. I was just trying to warn you that artful does a few things differently now, so you're not (unpleasantly) surprised, since you were.... pushed into this so to speak.02:33
vfweskimo: sudo ldconfig && sudo depmod -a02:33
tomreynmarcoscosmos: i don't think so, no, the boot seemed to get stuck much earlier.02:33
Guest284backflow: thanks, I copied your msg down on my phone02:33
Guest284wish me luck02:34
eskimovfw: Yeah, I'm root right now02:34
vfweskimo: Oh, ok... well I dono...02:34
Guest2841360 packages to upgrade from my xenial/zesty frankenstein02:34
blackflowGuest284: that's two biggest WTFs, the rest is same old, just newer :)02:34
vfw(I'm all washed up.)02:34
* eskimo commits suicide02:34
marcoscosmostomreyn: true. it definitely seemed to be display drivers02:34
tomreynmarcoscosmos: this vga=791 should just be a temporary workaround, of course. this is failsafe low performance graphics.02:34
vfweskimo: RIP02:34
marcoscosmosthat's about what I thought02:35
tomreynmarcoscosmos: you can inspect your /var/log/syslog.1 and /var/log/Xorg.?.log.olg to maybe get a clue on where it failed.02:36
tomreynthat's /var/log/Xorg.?.log.old02:36
tomreyn(had a typo there)02:36
bens_linuxhey guys im need some help02:38
Abr1ltomreyn, thanks for the help, I could fix it02:38
Abr1ltomreyn, :*02:39
bens_linuxhas any one had any problems changing to a custom theme on linux lite?02:39
tomreynAbr1l: i already forgot what 'it' was :) but i'm glad you succeeded.02:39
tomreynbens_linux: what is "linux lite"?02:39
bens_linuxits the Linux  OS im using02:41
tomreynbens_linux: ok, and what's the name of this IRC channel?02:41
bens_linuxoh ubuntu02:41
tomreynbens_linux: well done!02:42
marcoscosmostomreyn: what's the irc logs link again? the ubottu info site seems to be down02:43
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/02:43
tomreynmarcoscosmos: and yes it's down. i tried to reach someone to bring it up again, but so far no one has responded.02:44
Abr1ltomreyn, jejejejeje xorg ;)02:47
marcoscosmostomreyn: so apparently upgrading to 17.10 flipped back to nouveau drivers, probably the root cause of my issues xD02:49
tomreynmarcoscosmos: could well be ;)02:49
marcoscosmosAlso running apt install nvidia-current probably made it worse... by having both drivers together. I forgot about blacklisting noveau since I normally just use the additional drivers page.02:51
Bashing-ommarcoscosmos: Bear in mind that 17.10 has wayland as a DE, and wayland/nvidia do not play nice - thus the default to nouveau - maybe ?02:52
tomreynwhere "do not play nice" seems to be a honorable understatement.02:53
marcoscosmosPossibly. is wayland use determined by the DE or by the DM? Bashing-om02:54
Bashing-omtomreyn: lOl .. yeah that too .02:54
=== derek_ is now known as Guest41212
Bashing-ommarcoscosmos: well .. they are separate sessions . one chooses which to boot at the login .02:55
Guest41212Hello, I was guest 3something before, sorry I forgot. I finished the dist-upgrade and now my display settings are messed up. I am stuck on a low resolution02:55
Guest41212I was using proprietary nvidia drivers before the upgrade. I tried switching to the noveau drivers and it didn't change anything02:55
marcoscosmosGuest41212: you're in luck02:56
tomreyn!irclogs | Guest41212 in case you would like to review the past events and nicknames02:56
marcoscosmosI'm having the same issue and I think I'm getting closer to a resolution. been at it since yesterday02:56
ubottuGuest41212 in case you would like to review the past events and nicknames: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/02:56
Guest41212didn't someone say 10 minutes ago that the logs were down?02:57
Bashing-omGuest41212: Skow the channel in a pastebin ' sudo lshw -C display ' .02:57
marcoscosmosthey aren't down, just a bit out of date. ubottu.com is down though02:57
marcoscosmosbrb I'm going to try the proprietary drivers again02:58
tomreynGuest41212: you are right, sorry.02:58
marcoscosmosoh wait02:58
Guest41212*-display UNCLAIMED02:58
Guest41212       description: VGA compatible controller02:58
Guest41212       product: GM206 [GeForce GTX 950]02:58
tomreynBashing-om: you can't fix ubottu's webserver by chance?02:58
marcoscosmosI need update my grub to disable quiet and splash02:58
Bashing-omtomreyn: I am sonmetimes real glad I do not have that power :)02:59
tomreynin the end it's probably just the letsencrypt script not working03:00
V7Hey all :)03:00
Apachezin 17.10 the "show applications" (the 9 dots) are in the lower left - how do I make it appear in the upper left instead (similar to how it was in 17.04)?03:00
Bashing-omGuest41212: Well, we know the cause now .. for the dix - we work on it ... is this a hybrid graphic's system ?03:00
V7So an issue. The ethernet connection jsut dissapeared. It says the link is not ready.03:00
Guest41212Bashing-om: if you're asking if I have more than one GPU, nope03:01
V7I'm connected to machine via iKVM (BMS|IPMI feature) so it has connection to cable, but OS doesn't get an ip from dhcp server ofrotuer03:01
Bashing-omGuest41212: L . makes things easier with onlu the nvidia chip . OK now what session do we have ' echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE ' ?03:03
tomreynV7: and this happened all of a sudden while the OS was still running?03:03
V7tomreyn, Nope, the power was lost, so it was rebooted03:04
Bashing-omGuest41212: Try ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt purge nvidia ' . reboot. This should bring you up on the nouveau driver .03:05
tomreynV7: so the likely suspect is a change which mainfested between the last but one reboot and the last reboot. which could be a manual configuration change, or a software update.03:06
V7tomreyn, Is it possible to reinstall network configuration ?03:06
vfwBashing-om: He may also need to get rid of /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:06
V7To defaults03:06
tomreynV7: you can restore it from your backup, if it was a static configuration03:07
V7tomreyn, Yeah, I didn't change any configuration of network03:07
V7So where're backups for it ?03:07
tomreynV7: which ubuntu release is this?03:07
Guest41212Bashing-om: I'm assuming you meant purge nvidia*. Sure I'll give that a go. These proprietary drivers are finneky sometimes but I'm worried it's my xorg conf03:07
Bashing-omvfw: is a good thouhgt .. though with but the single chip . I would not expect the config file to exist .03:07
tomreynV7: i don't know where you keep your backups ;)03:08
vfwV7: systemctl status  #Look for enp8???03:08
Guest41212Bashing-om tomreyn: I have an xorg conf. Should I just delete it? I know for a fact I don't have anything important in it03:08
vfwV7: systemctl status  #Look for your network interfae...03:08
tomreynGuest41212: i would rename it, just to be safe.03:09
V7vfw, https://i.imgur.com/T43GtuY.png03:09
vfwBashing-om: Nvidia install creates one...03:09
Bashing-omGuest41212: see above . a config file is not expected . but if it exist - /etc/X11/xorg.conf - remove it  ..03:09
Guest41212vfw: if I uninstall nvidia drivers it should be safe to remove then, yes?03:10
vfwGuest41212: Yes03:10
Bashing-omGuest41212: as above if you are concerned .. just move it . But now-a-days that fikle us depreciated as the kernel does discovery and setting .03:11
Guest41212ok I will remove the drivers, remove the xorg conf, reboot, and see if I can get the display working properly on OSS driver03:11
vfwGuest41212: sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:11
tomreynV7: When "It says the link is not ready", what does it say exactly?03:11
V7tomreyn, https://i.imgur.com/7dRMXcq.png03:12
vfwtomreyn: https://i.imgur.com/AeYgUI6.png03:13
tomreynV7: what does 'ip link' say?03:13
Apachezanswer msyelf: gsettings set org.gnome.shell.extensions.dash-to-dock show-apps-at-top true03:13
multi_ioapt-get update fails with various 404s in current 17.04 (the Docker image at least). Bug??03:13
vfwtomreyn: https://i.imgur.com/MMpgecu.png03:13
tomreynvfw: are you the same person as V7?03:13
vfwtomreyn: No, just forwarding what he already sent us.03:14
tomreynoh, i must have missed those earlier posts03:14
V7Sorry, I'll copy the name before sending03:14
Bashing-om!zesty | multi_io03:14
ubottumulti_io: Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2018. See !eol and !eolupgrade03:14
V7If you prefer03:14
vfwtomreyn: Sorry for the confusion ;)03:15
tomreynvfw: well thanks for sharing :)03:15
multi_ioubottu: hm ok03:15
* multi_io switches to 17.1003:15
tomreynV7: so enp8s0f0 does not have a cable connected - "NO-CARRIER" and enp8s0f1 does but is not configured.03:16
tomreynV7: however, the dhclient is trying to configure enp8s0f003:17
marcoscosmosWhat the frick. How and why am I now in gnome-shell03:18
vfwtomreyn: It seems that enp8s0f0 and enp8s0f1 show same errors03:18
tomreynV7: how do you manage the network configuration on this system? in /etc/network/interfaces, via netplan, or via netwokr manager?03:18
Guest355Hello it's me again. The problem is the nvidia drivers. Uninstalling them and rebooting, everything was working fine on OSS driver. I added the nvidia drivers, bad again03:18
marcoscosmosI reinstall the nvidia drivers and now my default se03:18
marcoscosmosOH NVM03:18
V7tomreyn, it's ubuntu server and I didn't manager any configurations in this service03:18
V7s/smanager/manage *03:18
marcoscosmosI'm still stuck in low graphics mode though03:18
marcoscosmosI guess I'll try the novueau drivers..03:19
tomreynV7: did you say which ubuntu release this is? sorry, if so.03:19
vfwmarcoscosmos: You may need to just download Nvidia drivers direct from nvidia.com03:19
Guest355vfw: I will do that as well haha03:19
vfwmarcoscosmos: Or stick with OSS03:19
tatertotsmarcoscosmos: wow still dealing with that eh?03:19
V7So ... it's strange. It was working before. It was connected to router and router showed two ip's One for BMS and other for OS. Now it shows only BMC's which one works now and I'm controlling system through it, but OS doesn't want to connect to server or what's going on then ) ?03:19
marcoscosmostatertots: Yeah -_-03:20
V7tomreyn, Nope, I didn't. Btw it's Ubuntu Server 16.04.303:20
marcoscosmosvfw: I suppose. The nouveau drivers just aren't performant enough to run steam games without throttling (regardless of quality settings), not last I checked.03:20
marcoscosmosI'll see if they work anyway03:20
tomreynV7: ok, so we can rule out netplan. when you say "It seems that enp8s0f0 and enp8s0f1 show same errors", where do you see  errors for enp8s0f1? i have not seen those, yet03:21
vfwV7: vbox03:22
V7vfw, Said that. Btw vfw where you've seen those ?03:22
vfwV7: vbox ?03:22
V7What do you mean vfw ?03:22
vfwV7: Are you running a virtual machine?03:22
vfw!info vbox03:23
ubottuPackage vbox does not exist in artful03:23
V7vfw, Nope. This's machine.03:23
Svetait's virtualbox03:23
vfw!info virtualbox03:23
ubottuvirtualbox (source: virtualbox): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 5.1.30-dfsg-1 (artful), package size 15950 kB, installed size 72743 kB03:23
tomreynV7: sorry, you're right, vfw is who said "It seems that enp8s0f0 and enp8s0f1 show same errors"03:23
tomreynvfw: what made you think V7's enp8s0f1 interface shows errors?03:24
vfwtomreyn: https://i.imgur.com/D5G7bAe.png  and https://i.imgur.com/AeYgUI6.png03:25
tomreynvfw: thanks03:25
tomreynV7: do you see ip addresses in /etc/network/interfaces ?03:26
vfwtomreyn: I'm good on the issues, just no good on the fix03:26
tomreynvfw: :)03:26
marcoscosmosokay nouveau doesn't work either it's not drivers03:27
V7tomreyn, https://i.imgur.com/QE0O8WV.png03:28
tomreynmarcoscosmos: if you are currently trying to get nourveau to work you may need to edit the grub configuration and remove nomodeset (if it's currently configured there). check the output of: cat /proc/cmdline03:28
vfwmarcoscosmos: what do you mean nouveau doesn't work either?03:28
tomreynV7: is there also something about enp8s0f1 in there?03:29
tomreynV7: and if not there, then maybe in /etc/network/interfaces.d/ ?03:30
V7tomreyn, I've sent you the whole /etc/network/interfaces file03:30
marcoscosmostomreyn: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.13.0-26-generic root=UUID=55887564-1185-4ce0-b345-5edd9947cf86 ro; vfw: doesn't work either. there were a bunch of other failed in the boot terminal stream that were too fast to read actually03:30
V7tomreyn, https://i.imgur.com/F1n7vhL.png03:31
tomreynV7: thanks. cna we see the output of: ls -l /etc/udev/rules.d/03:32
V7tomreyn, that's some example of scheme how it looks like: https://i.imgur.com/5ktslPD.png03:33
V7Also it's connected through *one* cable03:33
tomreynmarcoscosmos: okay, you can ignore what i said about nomodeset then.03:33
V7And it was connected through one cable before03:34
V7tomreyn, total: 003:34
V7total 0 *03:34
tomreynV7: is it possible that you moved the cable from one port to the other?03:34
marcoscosmostomreyn: figured ;); lightdm is definitely failing to start.03:35
V7tomreyn, Could be that someone moved it, but how we can check that ?03:35
=== NyanCat is now known as Sans
marcoscosmoswith result 'exit-code', informatively -.-03:35
V7Also it was wokring about ~3 hours ago03:35
tomreynV7: no need, but this would have explained it. i suggest you just edit /etc/network/interfaces, replacing all occurrences of enp8s0f0 by enp8s0f103:36
=== hkumar006c_ is now known as hkumar006c
V7tomreyn, So now ifconfig shows two ethernet interfaces03:37
V7tomreyn, https://i.imgur.com/3XakTDk.png03:38
tomreynV7: since i don't know what ifconfig showed bfore that's semi helpful03:38
V7tomreyn, it was showing only enp8s0f0 an lo03:39
tomreynV7: but if you now run "ifdown enp8s0f0; ifup enp8s0f1" then hopefully you'll get a link, as indicated by 'ip link'03:39
vfwV7: dhcpcd enp8s0f103:40
tomreyn(i.e. please run this)03:40
vfwor dhclient ?03:40
marcoscosmostomreyn: any ideas left?03:40
tomreynvfw: dhclient, and it should be automatic03:40
Guest355Bashing-om: I saw your post last week on the forums about the nvidia drivers, I'm giving that a go03:40
vfwV7: dhclient enp8s0f1 && ip link03:41
Bashing-omGuest355: reference ?03:41
tomreynmarcoscosmos: hmm, not really without logs.03:41
Guest355Bashing-om: I'm followed the instructions you gave me a few minutes ago to uninstall the nvidia drivers and reinstall them. They still don't work03:42
marcoscosmoswhich logs do you want me to paste?03:42
tomreynmarcoscosmos: the ones which were written last time you tried to boot using the configuration you want to get working (and which failed)03:43
V7tomreyn, waits03:43
V7Might be dhcp timeout03:43
tomreynV7: on which of these commands?03:43
V7on dhclient nic03:43
Guest355Bashing-om: brb03:43
tomreynV7: you can cancel and run them again one by one03:43
tomreynV7: it should never take smore than a second or two03:44
vfwV7: ifconfig enp8s0f1 && ifconfig03:44
marcoscosmoswell, the current logs have the current issue I'm having03:44
tomreynV7: it seems that vfw wishes to guide you, i don't mind passing over to him03:44
marcoscosmosso log/syslog?03:44
vfwtomreyn: NO, you go...03:45
V7tomreyn, vfw https://i.imgur.com/8TNVeNg.png03:45
V7This's dhclient -v nic03:45
vfwtomreyn: I would just test to see ...03:45
tomreynV7: i say reset the BMC (as in: reboot it, not a vendor reset), then do an OS reboot. then post ip link; ip a03:46
V7Yeah, I had an idea that bmc didn't configured there something on boot03:47
Guest355Okay so installing nvidia drivers from the ppa didn't fix it. Not sure why nvidia drivers don't want to work after upgrading to artful03:47
Guest355I tried running nvidia-settings and it says "ERROR: NVIDIA driver is not loaded" as well as "Xlib: extention 'GLX' missing on display"03:48
tomreynV7: BMC reboot since my understanding is that BMC and Host OS share the same NIC and ethernet cable (an ugly configuration if you ask me), which could cause things to go wrong from both ends.03:48
V7tomreyn, it was working all these days mb, just now03:48
vfwGuest355: You would have to reboot after installing Nvidia driver03:49
Guest355vfw: I did03:49
petterri cannot find the keyboard settings to change shortcuts....03:49
tomreynV7: yes, but you rebooted in between, applying changes made since the previous reboot, which may have been long ago.03:49
Bashing-omGuest355: what shows ' echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE ' ?03:49
petterri just upgraded and it changed my shortcuts but now ш сфттще аштв03:49
vfwGuest355: Then the driver you got from the ppa is more-than-likely broken.  You will need to download and install Nvidia driver from nvidia.com03:49
Guest355Bashing-om: x11. Not wayland03:50
V7tomreyn, No, it has been reconfigured physically so it has no power and battery about 3 hours or more, after that it was working too03:50
Guest355vfw: I tried that but the install failed because it said the distrobution's pre-install script failed as well as the fact that I'm missing linux headers (I'm not). So I gave up on it and tried the PPA03:50
V7tomreyn, Do you know what's cold or warm bmc's resets ?03:50
tomreynmarcoscosmos: sorry, i didnt follow up... i'm getting really tired now, so i'm afraid i cannot help debugging this now, we could try in 10+ hours, though.03:51
petterrubuntu sucks03:51
tomreynV7: okay, that's information i did not have previously.03:51
Bashing-omGuest355: Let's see what the gpu-manager has to say ' cat /var/log/gpu-manager.log ' in a pastebin .03:51
ferretsatsumaThe Ubuntu Core for Nano Pi Neo 2 seems to be missing the ‘dm-crypt’ modules from the kernel modules directory. Is there a HOWTO somewhere on rebuilding the Ubuntu Core kernel from sources & tweaking the Makefile/config file to make it create the dm-crypt module, perhaps?03:52
marcoscosmosNoted. Fair enough. I'd prefer not to be stuck on windows for 10 hours. the kubuntu iso is now only taking an hour to download so I might just wipe and reinstall03:52
V7Also there's hard bmc reset03:52
V7So now I'm chooseing between these03:52
tomreynV7: about cold/warm reboot: yes. i'd do a cold one, full initialization (based on your configuration, not vendor presets).03:52
Guest355Bashing-om: Way ahead of you https://pastebin.com/JG83cE6d03:52
marcoscosmosand hope that I didn't forget about any game files etc03:52
vfwGuest355: sudo apt install build-essential03:52
Guest355vfw: Already installed03:52
tomreynV7: hard reset will be vendor default reset, you dont want this03:53
vfwGuest355: But if you download and isntall from nvidia.com, you will have to re-install after each kernel upgrade.03:53
Guest355vfw: Yeah, which is another reason I didn't want to use it if I could get the Ubuntu one working03:53
vfwGuest355: lspci |nc termbin.com 999903:55
tomreynmarcoscosmos: do you have your home directory on a seperate files system? i.e. does 'df -h' list /home ?03:55
Bashing-omGuest355: Well ! " Is nvidia loaded? no --- nouveau loaded? no " . what shows ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' ?03:55
tomreynmarcoscosmos: if so, then you can install 16.04 easily.03:55
Guest355vfw: http://termbin.com/djh103:56
marcoscosmosNo but I have parts of my home stuff symlinked out to a HDD. I plan on pushing the whole of home onto the external HDD in my next install03:56
Guest355Bashing-om: nvidia 390, opencl-icd, prime installed03:56
vfwGuest355: 17.10?03:57
Guest355Bashing-om: All of this seems exactly like your forum post, except the PPA didn't fix it :(03:57
Guest355vfw: yep03:57
marcoscosmoscurrently it's just local game saves and some other dotfiles that I'll lose. more important dotfiles I have backed up on git. tomreyn03:57
tomreynmarcoscosmos: oh i see. well then you'll need to make sure you don't miss thing, right. this gives you a rough idea of which packages you installed manually (it's not perfect, but gets close): comm -23 <(apt-mark showmanual | sort -u) <(gzip -dc /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz | sed -n 's/^Package: //p' | sort -u)03:57
tomreynmarcoscosmos: okay this sounds like you know how to get along well ;)03:58
marcoscosmosoh great. that'll come in handy, I was planning on writing myself a reinstall script since this seems to be a common scenario now03:58
marcoscosmosthanks c:03:59
vfwGuest355: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^03:59
Guest355vfw: ?03:59
Bashing-omGuest355:  - linux-headers-generic linux-image-4.13.0-26-generic linux-image-extra-4.13.0-26-generic installed ? And is secure boot disabled in bios ?04:00
vfwGuest355: Are you getting the right driver / version?04:00
Guest355vfw: yes that was the version I tried04:00
tomreynmarcoscosmos: welcome :)  you can use 'preseeding' to automate a custom installation btw.04:00
marcoscosmosoh? neat04:00
marcoscosmosSome packages I'll need to install from source. But, most I should be able to preseed04:01
Guest355Bashing-om: Yes those are all installed. And I'm not sure if Secure Boot is disabled. I'm pretty sure it is since I've been running Ubuntu with no problems for 12 months04:01
tomreynmarcoscosmos: it involves a good bit of work, though, not neccessarily worth it for a single system. but it can be, if you like the idea of a reproducible configuration,04:01
Guest355vfw: actually I just noticed you linked a different driver version. You linked 346 and I had downloaded 384. Why 346?04:02
tomreynV7: how are you coming there?04:02
V7What do you mean ?04:03
marcoscosmosYeah I do. I haven't managed to settle my installation yet and I've been at it for like a month. I'm also inclined to doing a small amount of unsupported things like apt pinning, so, it'd be good be able to hit reset04:03
tomreynV7: you wanted to choose between BMC reboot options04:03
V7Yeah, so now I'm trying to reset it04:03
V7Web based console doesn't seem to be able to do that mb04:03
tomreynV7: which server model is this?04:04
V7So now I'm trying to conenctto ipmi, but I can't somehow04:04
V7tomreyn, GT350-F104:04
tomreynV7: oh a supermicro then i guess04:04
tomreynipmicfg -nm reset04:05
tomreyn"ipmitool mc reset cold" would probably suffice, though04:06
V7In OS or in BMC's shell ?04:07
vfw marcoscosmos: So this is a fairly new install?04:07
tomreynV7: those are form the host OS. but if you have shell access to the bmc that's probably better. i don't remember the commands then, though04:07
V7I'm in04:08
marcoscosmosthe 2nd or 3rd this month, vfw, but technically an upgrade from xenial. For pretty much the entirety of last year I was using Arch. I'm still getting used to ubuntu I guess.04:08
V7There're 5 commands04:08
V7ipmitool command not support now.04:09
V7It said04:09
tomreynV7: cd mc04:09
V7Invalid Targets!.04:09
vfwmarcoscosmos: So you've jumped from the frying pan into the fire.04:09
tomreynV7 show04:10
V7there's system104:10
marcoscosmosvfw: pretty much.04:10
tomreynV7: just that?04:10
V7So now04:10
tomreynhmm i think that's the wrong target04:11
marcoscosmosI ran into a string of issues with arch for university study related stuff. So I figured I should move to the most targeted distro in preperation for the coming semester. Hopefully I'm through the learning curve in a month's time04:11
vfwmarcoscosmos: I'm pretty happy with my Arch boxen04:11
marcoscosmosvfw: I was very happy with arch. For personal use, I'd prefer it04:12
vfwmarcoscosmos: What issues in particular?04:12
marcoscosmosPlus I'm a fan of TWMs and I've gotten attached to a bunch of DE-packages from the arch community04:12
vfwmarcoscosmos: I've been running my mythtv box on arch for going on 3 years now...04:13
marcoscosmosIt was all niche software (but not corelated) I was trying to run for an AI research course04:13
Svetamarcoscosmos: you already repaired your install right ?04:14
marcoscosmosUh, the main one I remember is trying to install an autodated project which had a customised version of an outdated Caffe and another library. I basically would have needed an old compiler.04:14
marcoscosmosSveta: nope.04:14
Svetawhat is the latest status of that ?04:15
marcoscosmosstill stuck in low graphics mode, but can boot04:15
marcoscosmosno clue why04:15
Svetapastebin `lspci -vmmnn` ?04:15
Svetai would like to find out what video card you're using by supplying this command output to the text box at the bottom of https://h-node.org/search/form/en04:16
vfwSveta: He has GeForce GTX 95004:16
Svetayes, but their non-lspci search is a bit bad, so i prefer to paste that command output04:17
vfwmarcoscosmos: lspci -vmmnn |nc termbin.com 999904:17
Svetaif that's https://h-node.org/videocards/view/en/1830/NVIDIA-Corporation-GM107M--GeForce-GTX-950M---rev-a2- then nouveau should work with it04:17
tomreynV7: it doesn't seem to be possible via the console.04:17
V7Yeah we need ipmi04:18
V7So how is it possible to connect to ipmi through internet ?04:18
Svetamarcoscosmos: do you have nvidia driver or nouveau driver ?04:18
V7I can open ports but which ?04:18
marcoscosmosSveta: I've tried both now04:18
V7Already opened 62304:18
Svetamarcoscosmos: you could describe symptoms to #nvidia and #nouveau and stay online for a few hours in each until you get a response.  what are the symptoms with nouveau?04:19
marcoscosmosvfw: see previous post for the paste04:20
Svetait says `GK104 [GeForce GTX 770] `04:20
marcoscosmosSveta: eh, I'm just as happy to do a reinstall. I'd actually like to switch back to arch linux if I'm honest.04:21
tomreynV7: 623 UDP is for ipmi, 623 tcp for virtual media mounting, 5900 for the remote console when started via web interface (or ukvm)04:21
tomreyn5900 TCP that is04:21
tomreynso i guess oyu only need 623 UDP, maybe 5900, not sure.04:22
V7Rpger that04:23
V7Roger *04:23
V7Works !04:23
V7udp was missed04:23
V7I thought that only tcp was needed04:23
V7So ipmi has bmc reset button04:23
tomreynV7: 623 is udp only, not tcp04:24
tomreynV7: push the button04:24
vfwSveta: That's interesting. We see GeForce GTX 770, AND, Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller04:24
V7Pressed cold reset04:26
V7MBC connection already exists04:31
V7BMC *04:31
V7Trying to restart OS and connect to dhcp server04:31
V7uh tomreyn The same04:33
V7It looks like something with cable could it be ?04:34
V7Btw then how I'm communicating with it via ikvm ?04:34
marcoscosmosvfw: I think you meant to ping me04:34
tomreynV7: :-/  on a side note, you may want to familiarize yourself with the SOL 'serial on lan' access the ipmi ssh console provides. this way oyu can get a textual OOB access to the host system without networking, niot just graphical.04:34
tomreynV7: the ipmi uses different ip address configurations, so it can be online while the host doesn't make it.04:35
V7tomreyn, I know so that how I'm connected now04:36
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest3081
V7So isn't sol only in local ?04:36
V7I'm trying to, but it's tried to connect to local address rather than hostname ( wan )04:37
tomreynthere are two ways to get the OOB chip connected, https://www.thomas-krenn.com/en/wiki/ASPEED_AST2400_IPMI_Chip_with_ATEN-Software04:38
tomreynthe two images on the right hand side. i think you're using the 'share' mode04:38
V7tomreyn, look04:39
tomreyni recommend using the dedicated mode04:39
V7What's the configuration whouls be in network in ipmi ?04:39
V7Shared or failover ?04:39
V7or dedicate ?04:39
V7shared isn't it ?04:39
vfw!viarualbox | marcoscosmos04:39
vfw!viarualbox > marcoscosmos04:40
tomreynV7: i assume you are using shared. i suggest using dedicated. but dont change this now.04:40
vfw!info viarualbox > marcoscosmos04:40
V7tomreyn, look04:40
tomreynV7: it will just complicate matters.04:40
V7I have failover set now04:40
=== Wulf4 is now known as Wulf
V7Maybe this's the case of problem04:40
tomreynV7: maybe the mikortik router is configured to only do dhcp for a specific MAC address?04:44
V7tomreyn, It was, but not now. I've removed these options now04:45
tomreynV7: also, can you show 'ip link' again04:45
tomreynV7: okay this looks like before. first iunterface is unconnected (no cable), second is down.04:48
V7I've changed failover to shared04:48
tomreynV7: does this change the ip link output? propbably not?04:49
V7Connection dissapeared04:49
tomreynV7: which connection disappeared?04:49
tomreynoh you lost connection to the bmc?04:50
V7After changing to shared04:50
tomreynbut you can reconnect?04:50
V7idk mikrotik doesn't show any dhcl lease04:51
V7dhcp lease for it yt04:51
tomreynuh oh.04:51
V7So might be that it was conencted to LAN2 ?04:51
V7So now it's shared and there's no connection cause of that ?04:51
tomreyni dont really know :-/04:53
V7"first iunterface is unconnected (no cable), second is down."04:53
V7So could that mean that LAN2 had noe cable ?04:53
V7no *04:53
V7Is that LAN1 ~ enp8sf0 ? LAN ~ enp8sf1 ?04:54
tomreyni assume LAN1 is left, LAN2 is right: https://www.thomas-krenn.com/de/wikiDE/images/3/3c/X8DTL-3F-IPMI-ATEN-mode-share-en.png04:54
V7tomreyn, This's GT350 f104:54
tomreynshared would be that BMC is connected to LAN1. in which case, the host OS wuold also see something plugged into LAN1.04:55
tomreynthis was not the case, so i guess you ahve the BMC dedicated.04:55
tomreynin the extra port to the left04:55
V7So if there's no conenction then cable is in lan2 ?04:55
tomreynand i think that the OS is connected via LAN204:56
tomreyni could not tell by this image, it's too small04:56
tomreynprobably LAN2 = bottom, LAN1 above it, and BMC topmost04:57
tomreynwe're well off topic here ;)04:58
tomreynand i should get some sleep soon04:58
V7Roger that tomreyn04:58
tomreyndo you see a chance of getting it back online now?04:58
V7Btw thank you very much really04:58
V7tomreyn, nah ... I think it needs to be manually changed from LAN2 to LAN1 now04:59
tomreyn:-/ possibly04:59
V7So OS is only on LAN1 always by deafauly ?04:59
V7default *04:59
tomreynbut you had it configured this way05:00
tomreynwe changed it to be LAN2 only05:00
V7Where ?05:00
V7I didn't change this setting05:00
tomreynin /etc/network/interfaces05:00
V7So I've changed it after reboot05:00
tomreynthat is assuming LAN" = enp8sf105:00
tomreynthat is assuming LAN2 = enp8sf105:01
V7back to f005:01
tomreynand LAN1= enp8sf005:01
tomreyni'm only guessing, though05:01
tomreynyou should be able to tell when you check the cabling on site05:01
tomreynand the mac's on the nic's of mikrotik and the OS05:02
oreo_minisSo... I completely forgot that copying files to my external drive was going to chmod 777 everything. How do I undo that mess? I completely forgot how I did it last time and my Google-fu is piss poor, at best.05:02
V7Btw ... really. Thank you very much fro trying tomreyn ... you're relly in that ;)05:02
tomreynV7: well i didnt save you, i made things worse, sorry about that.05:02
tomreynV7: it was fun though ;)05:02
V7Btw is it okay to set static dhcp lease for those ?05:02
V7tomreyn, You didn't05:03
V7You've not told me to change mbc to shared05:03
V7It's me so )05:03
tomreynV7: sure, you can set dhcp static lease05:04
tomreyntrue ;)05:04
V7tomreyn, I've tried, but after that mikrotik told that dhcp expire time is ~30 seconds and I've not been able to connect to bmc so05:05
tomreynoreo_minis: you chmod them again. it happens not because this is anexternal drive, but because your external drive uses a file system which does not support storing these details. probably FAT or NTFS.05:05
V7For exatly this lease05:05
V7Btw good night there tomreyn, really, thank you )05:08
oreo_ministomreyn: OK. I'll get to work.05:08
tomreynV7: before i leave, let's make sure we mean the same thing when discussing 'static lease', can you explain what you meanby it?05:08
tomreynoreo_minis: it won't work while the files reside on the external drive / on the same file system they are on now.05:09
V7By that I mean to set ( reserve ) some local ip address for MAC address so after reconnect it'll be the same05:09
tomreynV7: okay static ip address assignment via DHCP05:10
oreo_ministomreyn: Oh, they're already back. I was just doing a fresh install because I embarrassingly forgot that 17.04 hit EoL.05:10
tomreynoreo_minis: you could also !eolupgrade05:10
oreo_minisI wanted to get rid of some crap I had done anyway. :)05:10
tomreynV7: yes that's a good thing to do.05:10
V7tomreyn, Yup, so after setting this one, it just disconnects and then dhcp lease expire time sets to ~30 seconds and no connection05:10
V7This's strange though05:11
tomreynV7: 30s is default, that'snormal. that it doesn't provide a lease is a problem, though.05:11
tomreynV7: maybe you have not configured the ip address mac address pairing in the router.05:12
V7tomreyn, Yup, but mikrotik is set to give 5 miutes without static and 10 minutes for statics05:12
V7tomreyn, it was set mb05:12
tomreynV7: that's once a leave was obtained, yes05:12
V7Are you here frequently ?05:13
V7I hope I'll catch you here if'd permit me ofc to tell you if it was successful05:13
V7you'd permit *05:14
tomreynoreo_minis: i see. well good luck. check the chmod manual for -R (recursive operation), and search the web for how you can combine this (chmod -R) with the 'find' command to operate on both files and directories recursively - fixing the entire directory tree with one command.05:14
tomreynV7: i'm here mostly on weekends, but not always.05:14
tomreynsee you soon05:15
* tomreyn will remain connected but is AFK05:15
oreo_ministomreyn: Yeah, I had to find out that it was -R not -r. Silly me.05:19
untorehon ubuntu doing CC=musl-gcc go build ... complains about undefined reference to `__fprintf_chk`05:27
johnhuangwhat is this05:30
=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
glitchdis there a way to configure thunar to show a dvd drive when its empty?05:44
=== Nicmavr is now known as Guest50985
tertle-when does 18.04 come out?05:51
Ben64tertle-: 18.04 refers to the year and month it will be released, so April 201806:02
tertle-i see06:08
tertle-im glad they dropped mir or whatever06:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest745
lotuspsychjeGuest745: can we help you06:32
=== himcesjf_ is now known as him-cesjf
Scytaletrying out the VLC Snap, is it possible to open video files outside home? atm i get only errors trying to open files on different HDD06:44
tatertotsScytale: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no06:46
tatertotsScytale: open terminal06:47
tatertotsScytale: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit06:47
tatertotsScytale: let me know when done.06:47
Scytalewas already installed06:48
tatertotsScytale: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit06:48
tatertotsScytale: share url/link here...if you do not get a url/link..say so06:48
Scytaletatertots: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26421233/06:49
tatertotsScytale: journalctl -p 3|pastebinit06:50
tatertotsScytale: share url/link here...if you do not get a url/link..say so06:50
Scytaletatertos: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26421239/06:51
lotuspsychjetatertots: how is inxi relevant for a vlc snap issue?06:51
Scytalei am asking this question to myself06:52
lotuspsychjeScytale: what kind of error does vlc give you?06:52
Scytalemaybe just a issue with permissions where to read files?06:52
ScytaleYour input can't be opened:06:53
ScytaleVLC is unable to open the MRL 'file:///mnt/Daten/Videos/DragonBall/%5B1-13%5D%20Pilaf%20Saga/013%20-%20Neue%20Wege.avi'. Check the log for details.06:53
tatertotsScytale: did your symptom(s) or error occur in between the following time Sat 2018-01-20 07:02:38 CET, end at Sat 2018-01-20 07:48:50 CET ? yes or no06:53
Scytaleno, it was always this way. Copying the same file somewhere in /home starts normal playback06:53
lotuspsychjeScytale: are yo logged as admin06:54
tatertotslotuspsychje: you think his video files that don't play might be on one of the "partitions" shown here????   huh???   https://paste.ubuntu.com/26421233/06:54
tatertotslotuspsychje: the error message says "verbatim" check the "logs".....https://paste.ubuntu.com/26421239/06:55
tatertotslotuspsychje: I think i should be asking you how YOU questioning ME is "relevant".06:55
Scytaleyes, logged in as admin06:56
tatertotslotuspsychje: i mean feel free to question me...but when i back my hypothesis up with info directly from the system/kernel and you just shoot from the hip.....06:57
tatertotsremind me how you questioning me is helping this dude....but i'm going to let you two gentlemen figure it out since you're obviously so smart06:58
ScytaleNontheless thank you for your time and effort, tatertos. Appreciate it.07:00
=== Thaelim-U is now known as Thaelim
Thaelimhey guys. keep getting this error while trying to install wine: sudo apt-get update07:00
ThaelimErr:1 https://d1.winehq.org/wine-builds/ubuntu trusty InRelease07:00
Thaelim  Could not resolve 'd1.winehq.org'07:00
ThaelimHit:2 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu artful InRelease07:00
ThaelimHit:3 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu artful-security InRelease07:00
ThaelimHit:4 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu artful-updates InRelease07:00
DalekSecTrusty winehq but artful other repos? :)07:02
Thaelimhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/26421268/ - i get this when i try to apt-get update after installing wine repository and following this, generally: https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu  is it down or what am i doing wrong?07:02
shanuNeeded help in solving a problem I am facing since morning. I upgraded to ubuntu 17.10 and since then, I am unable to log into various websites like amazon. Some other sites like netflix do not open at all.07:02
lotuspsychjetatertots: feel free to discuss is in #ubuntu-discuss07:02
Thaelim@DalekSec are you saying that artful shouldn't be with trusty? still new to this07:05
DalekSecThaelim: You'd want  'deb http://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/ubuntu/ artful main'07:06
Thaelimthat's because i accidently grabbed the one meant for mint07:08
Thaelimi see07:08
tatertotslotuspsychje: out of curiosity, are you a mod/op and i did something over and above the average mod/op system admin/eng skill level and warranted "investigation"?07:11
daxtatertots: he isn't.07:11
lotuspsychjetatertots: lets not discuss it here07:11
daxtatertots: /msg chanserv access #ubuntu list, to see who is07:11
OlanzapinHello! I'm running Ubuntu 17.10. I can't get gnome shell extensions to work. I have been copying to gnome-shell. Gnome-tweak-tool does not show any extensions[3~07:13
Thaelimthanks dalek got it figured out now07:14
tatertotsdax: thanks..i didn't know that...i'm not irc savvy07:20
sobersabrehi, what is the location of ubuntu zesty packages now? I don't see it in http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists07:26
sobersabreI would like to update to 17.10, but I'm on 17.04 now.07:27
EriC^^!eolupgrades | sobersabre07:33
ubottusobersabre: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:33
sobersabreEriC^^: I managed, thanks.07:43
EriC^^sobersabre: no problem07:43
MarkB2Hello.  I'm trying to install maven into Ubuntu 17.10 .  The package is available from launchpad but fails installation with a long long java stack trace on a module named "jetty9".  My next attempt was to download jetty9 source using apt-get source jetty9 and building from there.  That failed with an ominous message:  "Some files do not have the expected license header"  Does maven need jetty9?07:47
EriC^^!info maven07:49
ubottumaven (source: maven): Java software project management and comprehension tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.0-6 (artful), package size 17 kB, installed size 118 kB07:49
EriC^^MarkB2: install mazen from the repos07:49
MarkB2"mazen" ??07:49
MarkB2Sorry... nearly 3 AM here.  I did do that... but the install fails with the jetty9 dependency.07:50
EriC^^type 'apt-cache policy maven jetty9' and pastebin the results07:51
MarkB2Sir, you are a breath of fresh air.  Thank you.  Working...07:51
EriC^^MarkB2: great, no problem07:51
MarkB2!info pastebin07:52
ubottuPackage pastebin does not exist in artful07:52
MarkB2<groan>  Which pastebin to use...?07:52
senapsso im getting a disk error on boot, i can't boot using a live cd. i think my laptop is dead. i need my hard disk, i used a convert cable to stick it as a external hard to another laptop(fedora thing), it identifies the hard disk, gives me the sdb1-6, but can't mount them. is there any way around it?07:58
MarkB2Eric^^ : The jetty9 build seems to fail because its missing licenses.08:01
dolapevichHello there. I have a requirement to run a certain process when system is idle. ¿Any idea on how to do it without hacking around uptime output?08:06
tatertotssenaps: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no08:07
senapstatertots no, im on another machine. that machine doesn't even boot.08:08
tatertotssenaps: oh yeah...possible "hardware" eh?08:09
AntiSolHi. I cannot make my laptop honour the CPU governor I'm setting. I want it to stay in performance mode all the time, but sometimes the speed drops dramatically. When I notice this if I look at the CPU speed I'm seeing speeds like 300Mhz. The machine has an intel processor and used the intel-pstate driver by default. I have disabled this since I wasn't able to make it do what I want. It's more reliable than it was but still it08:09
AntiSoldrops to low speed every now and then. I've tried about a million things. I'm pretty sure it's not any daemon running or anything like that - I have disabled thermald. Any thoughts?08:09
senapsthats hardware, and my laptop machine is dead, or isn't worth spending on fixing! im worried about my hard drive. i can see it on another machine, but can't mount it. is it dead too?08:09
tatertotssenaps: well i hear you can't even eliminate the "internal" hard disk via process of elimination, and cannot even successfully boot a LiveCD/LiveUSB.08:10
tatertotssenaps: that means even if you "physically" removed the "internal" disk drive, you'd still not have a computer that boots "successfully".08:11
senapsyup, i'd have to buy another machine. but what about the hard disk?08:12
tatertotssenaps: also suggests the "internal" hard disk may NOT be your only "physical" "hardware" problem.08:12
dolapevichAntiSol: Bios can limit the speed of the cpu too. If it gets too hot it will lower the freqs at which the cpu can run. Check the thresholds with cpufreq-info08:13
tatertotssenaps: so you have this drive connected via external usb?08:13
senapsi have all my wedding and 7-8 month of fun life pictures in this hard. i always tell other people how silly they are to not have backup drives, and here i am. not having a backup.08:13
tatertotssenaps: does the computer have internet? yes or no08:13
senapsyes i connected it via external usb.08:13
senapsyes it has.08:13
tatertotssenaps: open terminal08:13
senapsi don't have it yet. ishould go back home to use it. what should i type? or do you want me to paste a result of a command?08:14
tatertotssenaps: i'm going to give you two instructions to accomplish the same 1 objective, I expect 1of2 to produce an error, i expect 2of2 to accomplish the objective....do you understand? yes or no08:15
senapswhat are the instructions?08:15
tatertotssenaps: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit08:15
tatertotssenaps: let me know when done08:15
MarkB2Eric^^: been digging through logs.  /usr/share/jetty9/logs/2018_01_20.stderrout.log contains complaints .. probably the worse one is "Address already in use".  So something else has already seized an address.08:15
AntiSoldolapevich: Thanks. What am I looking for in the output of cpufreq-info?08:16
senapstatertots will, i don't have my machine and hard drive right now, id have to paste the problem later. if you just could tell me what to look for.08:16
tatertotssenaps: ah i understand, we cannot "operate" or perform "procedure" in "realtime".08:17
senapstatertots, so, what command you wanted me to paste the results of?08:18
AntiSoldolapevich: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26421549/08:18
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shanu_Needed help in fixing a problem I am facing since morning. Since upgrading to ubuntu 17.10, I am unable to log into sites like amazon. Other sites like netflix do not open at all.08:54
Mahesh_Apache Ubuntu Server - Traffic falls down08:55
Mahesh_Please someone help me to fix it08:55
brotherBoxhey guys, im getting a weird error message that http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu zesty Release does not have a release file09:00
xs2has that oracle package been fixed yet?09:03
xs2does anybody at Linux still care about Ubuntu?09:04
Borw3Does anyone care about Ubuntu?09:05
brotherBoxat Linux?09:10
Borw3Even Google dropped Ubuntu09:10
MarkB2It had no choice.09:11
voidDotClasshttp://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-lxc/lxd-stable/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/binary-amd64/Packages is still broken and has been for several days, i can't run apt-get update. What's going on?09:11
xs2why did google drop ubuntu?09:12
Borw3MarkB2: How?09:12
MarkB2You're kidding, right?  If the Chocolate Factory wanted a hardened reliable OS they would have built it from the ground up.09:13
MarkB2None of this hobby stuff.09:13
Borw3MarkB2: LOL, they switched to Debian.09:13
MarkB2Lock down your bits...09:13
AntiSolLOL, hobby. Thanks for letting everybody know that we can safely ignore everything you say.09:14
auronandace!zesty | brotherBox09:15
ubottubrotherBox: Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2018. See !eol and !eolupgrade09:15
MarkB2<sigh>  Easy does it.  I admit it: I had an interview Friday with a DoD house using nothing but Linux (almost every flavor out there)...09:15
Borw3Ubuntu is no Hobby, It's backed by a company that makes money out of it.09:15
brotherBoxauronandace i see, thanks09:15
MarkB2The hiring manager pulled "message passing" out and started asking me about it.  But it was the mechanism he used for describing it that was the blow to the kidneys.09:16
brotherBoxauronandace: i just tried do-release-upgrade and it still failed with the known error message09:18
auronandacebrotherBox: do-release-upgrade would only work on supported releases09:18
MarkB2The software system he coordinates has multiple modules developed around the world.  His concern to me was that his knowledge "expert" are disappearing and the code they write is incomprehensible... so he has to get someone to rewrite the code.. and sometimes it gets re-written in the favorite language of that "Expert".09:18
brotherBoxauronandace: so what are my options, re-install ubuntu?09:19
auronandace!eolupgrade | brotherBox09:19
ubottubrotherBox: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:19
Borw3MarkB2: LOL, why everyone forcing javascript to do everything?09:19
auronandacebrotherBox: i would prefer a fresh install myse09:19
MarkB2The way he kept pushing the idea of "an Expert disappearing", he didn't want to hire an older worker.09:20
brotherBoxfor any particular reason?09:20
auronandacebrotherBox: just my preference, i have simple needs. it gurantees a clean state09:21
MarkB2Sometimes I wish managers would just say, "Look, buddy.  You're twice the age of my father's oldest brother, HR would fire me if I so much as thought you might be able to make a contribution before keeling over from cholesterol poisoning."09:21
Borw3MarkB2: LOL, you are one of those old guys too? 60+?09:22
MarkB2His comment would smart... but we'd shake hands and I'd head for the door.09:22
MarkB2Borw3: I wrote one of the first linux installers.09:22
Borw3MarkB2: Jesus, LOL... which one?09:23
MarkB2My name is in the comments at top.  You can Google "rawrite.c" for it.09:23
Borw3MarkB2: Which Distro you recommend for programming?09:23
MarkB2I've only used four.09:24
MarkB2There are hundreds.09:24
Borw3MarkB2: What are this 4?09:24
MarkB2Slackware, RedHat, SUSE, Ubunto 16.04.  Was working on Yocto builds.09:25
MarkB2RaWrite was originally written when Dr. Tananbaum (of Minix fame) put out a request for a program that would scribble a bootable image to a 360K floppy.09:27
MarkB2The Linux crowd saw that.. and it's still on a couple of distributions.09:28
Borw3MarkB2: You are knowledgable man, I must say.09:29
MarkB2It nearly ruined my career.09:29
Borw3MarkB2: RaWrite ruined your career?09:30
Borw3LOL, How?09:30
MarkB2I gave RaWrite away, source code and all.09:30
Borw3Shit!!!! Free?09:30
tatertotsyou live and learn09:30
xs2what's RaWrite?09:30
xs2I heard Tanenbaum09:30
MarkB2Think of it as a stripped down version of dd(1) for DOS.09:30
Borw3Disk Destroyer without the bad parts. :D09:31
xs2so Tanenbaum wrote it09:31
xs2is that what you were saying?09:31
MarkB2I wrote RaWrite, the original version.09:31
xs2ah I see09:32
xs2so how do you get to be in touch with Tanenbaum?09:32
MarkB2Tanenbaum had asked the net for a utility for a binary write to create a bootable floppy.09:32
xs2I see09:32
xs2usenet or something?09:32
MarkB2I haven't said boo to Dr. Tanenbaum since around the time the utility was written.09:32
Borw3MarkB2: Linux world amazes me.09:33
MarkB2The problem with "giving the code away" is that hiring managers are in the business of making money.  When they learn of rawrite via Google searches on my name, they say, "Buddy, you gave it away.  I can't hire people that don't know how to make money.  GTFO my office."09:34
Borw3Is it possible to make money off developng for linux?09:35
xs2it's possible to make many doing anything09:35
xs2just make sure you're really good09:35
xs2what are these kinds of questions today09:35
xs2RFID chip instead of the brain09:36
MarkB2Oh yes.  Embedded Linux (Yocto for example) is very popular for things like media servers and players, routers, all kinds of stuff.09:36
MarkB2Last year I worked on a pipe inspector that was prototyped with Ubuntu Linux.09:37
Borw3MarkB2: What programming languages you find to be more demanded for in Linux programming.09:38
MarkB2But the supervisor picked a device from Intel (the "Joule") that Intel killed 9 months after release, Upper Management threw in the towel, and had the entire project outsourced to houses having experience in releasing embedded Linux systems and getting around the various license agreements.09:39
MarkB2Borw3: I'm biased.  My background is BSEE + BSCS + MSEE.  All my software deals with stuff down in the 1's and 0's of electronic hardware.09:39
MarkB2Nice for what?09:40
Borw3MarkB2: You use raw bits to program?09:40
_Dbug_It's better than cooked ones09:40
xs2nice background sir09:40
MarkB211-1/2 years in academia doing all that stuff.  Hiring managers don't have degrees.  "Buddy, watta you, some kind of dumb egghead?  Hey, buddy, if you so smart, how come you ain't rich.. like me?  MUHAHAHAH"   <ouch>09:41
Borw311.5 years ago, I didn't even know how to Google.09:42
MarkB2Friday's hiring manager had a subordinate introduce me to "message buffers", and something called RocketMQ.09:43
MarkB2I'd never heard of it before.. so got back home and started reading up on it.09:43
MarkB2Downloaded it... and it fails.09:44
MarkB2So I start digging.09:44
MarkB2It's Java-based.  The startup for it tells the JVM that it must allocate 8GB for various buffers and such.09:45
MarkB2But the show-stopper is the JVM throwing an exception about an address already in use.09:45
Borw3MarkB2: LOL, 8GB RAM? XD09:46
MarkB2The Apache people claim that ubuntu is a supported platform and that's good...09:46
_Dbug_It's not really surprising, if it was designed by Alibaba, it was supposed to support super large infrastructure with Facebook/Google/Amazon style performance :)09:47
MarkB2... but it does not run under 17.10 .  So what did the hiring manager do?  I have no idea what he did to his computers to run RocketMQ.. But what I've just done is wipe out several hours of time thinking I could run myself through the tutorials on it.09:48
MarkB2Dbug: Written by Alibaba.... but now part of Apache?09:48
MarkB2What the company does is create test stations for testing products.09:49
_Dbug_https://www.quora.com/topic/RocketMQ  "Every day at Alibaba, RocketMQ clusters process more than 500 billion events. The Alibaba Group also uses RocketMQ to provide message services for more than 3000 core applications."09:49
_Dbug_"In November 2016, Alibaba donated RocketMQ to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) as an incubator project."09:49
MarkB2When I look at the application... and look at this "Message Buffer" framework... now I know there was no way I'd get the job.09:50
_Dbug_Maybe your manager got it wrong, and was thinking of ZMQ instead of RocketMQ09:50
MarkB2Not sure.  He kept talking about broker software... but when he described the architecture, I was thinking it was some mashup between Java's addListener methods and sockets.09:53
littlekittyHi, I'm a bit confused09:54
littlekittyshould I install ubuntu 16 or 17 ?09:54
littlekittythe 'until July 2018' part throws me a bit off for Ubuntu 17.10.109:55
Borw3LOL, me too.09:55
Borw3but you will upgrade to 18.04 LTS from it.09:55
Flannellittlekitty: right.  16.04 is an LTS (Long-Term Support) release.  The other releases (like 17.10) is only supported for nine months (it's expected that you'll upgrade to the next release before those nine months)09:56
Borw3And 16.04LTS will also upgrade to 18.04LTS, so......09:56
Flannellittlekitty: 18.04 will be an LTS, 16.04 will upgrade cleanly to 18.04, 17.10 will also upgrade cleanly to 18.04.  LTS releases are supported for three years each.  So you can go LTS to LTS, etc.09:56
MarkB2FYI on 16.04: glade for GTK is seriously broken.09:57
littlekittyand upgrading means the need of a wipe and clean install ?09:57
Flannellittlekitty: Nope09:57
Borw3MarkB2: What is glade?09:57
MarkB2glade is a GUI-builder for GTK.09:57
littlekittyOkay thank you both I think I'll install the LTS version then09:58
Flannellittlekitty: Going from version to version is painless (unless something goes wrong).  It's pretty robust, but there's always a chance...09:58
Flannellittlekitty: Most people stick with LTS09:58
Borw3Hmmm, I been using wxwidgets, does it touch glade anywhere?09:58
MarkB2I was using glade at last employ... there were licensing issues with Qt and glade was a no-brainer.  But glade's bug turns up when putting a button onto a screen.09:58
MarkB2The program goes into some kind of wild refresh loop and starts eating memory.09:59
MarkB2The system runs out of physical RAM and starts thrashing itself to pieces.09:59
littlekittyFlannel: alright, thank you for your answers09:59
Borw3Just 1 button? LOL!!!!09:59
MarkB2Yes.  There are a few UI elements that track the button. A search for the error showed that the gtk crowd was aware of it.. and they fixed it in the release for 17.10.  But the fix wasn't backportable to 16.04's version.. and so Management went with Qt.10:01
MarkB2The Qt crowd showed up on the doorstep and wanted $70000 for two development seats AND a royalty on every unit the firm sold.10:01
Borw3LOL!!!! what was the product?10:02
MarkB2A pipe inspector.  It has two cameras, an xray emitter, and some lights.  And a bunch of switches.10:02
MarkB2The supervisor thought that he could take code samples from the camera vendor, mangle them into the product, then say that since the camera vendor had given away the code, that he could take it and sell it with the product.  "Free software", right?10:03
MarkB2Upper Management heard "$70000" and nearly peed itself.10:04
Borw3LOL!!!, but why not just use java for the GUI parts?10:05
MarkB2Both Oracle and Open_whatever_its_called are both encumbered (sp?) by licenses that make them unsuitable for the purpose. Oracle especially. They want royalties, too.10:06
MarkB2Reading Oracle's licensing terms is an education.10:07
MarkB2Reading the various LGPL licenses is a headache.10:08
Borw3MarkB2: LOL, OpenJDK is free, I thaught.10:08
Borw3No paying anyone anything.10:08
MarkB2Here's the problem you run into with the various licenses...10:09
MarkB2LGPL 2.1.1 (hope I have it right) attempts to preserve the sanctity of the libraries by saying, "you cannot prevent the end user from patching our libraries and relinking with  your secret sauce modules."10:11
MarkB2... to create the executable.10:11
MarkB2LGPL 2.1.1 makes a distinction between statically and dynamically linked programs.10:11
MarkB2A statically linked program is a no-no, because the end user cannot patch a GNU library to repair a deficiency in that library.10:12
MarkB2The upshot here is that the firm selling this product must supply either object relocatable or source modules.10:12
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MarkB2You say that to a hiring manager ... and he will wet himself.  You're asking him to give away the secret sauce he's spent company money creating.10:13
Borw3MarkB2: LOL!10:13
MarkB2Feel free to laugh... but there are "reverse compilers" that, given some smart people that know compiler insides, can reverse an object relocatable back to C source code.10:14
GiletteSeems like I managed to register my nick name. It wasnt easy.10:14
GiletteYes, I know about reverse compilers10:16
MarkB2Borw3: Imagine a company selling a product for $100K.  Someone buys it, reverse-engineers the hardware (easy) then throws the .o files at a reverse-engineering house... who then recreates enough of the code to recreate the executable.10:16
Gilettealso called reverse engineering10:16
Borw3MarkB2: LOL!!!, so your manager still isn't safe.10:16
Borw3No matter the license10:17
MarkB2New unit goes to market for $10K.10:17
MarkB2Borw3: Neither is the software engineer working for him.10:17
Gilettefinances and technology is basically two different things10:18
MarkB2So they went hunting for a software house that knows "ways" around the LGPL and creates a statically-linked executable that incorporates Linux code and can be sold.10:18
MarkB2That's their "secret sauce", the knowledge of how to get around GNU's restrictions.10:19
Gilettesimple program can cost a lot and at the same time, advanced program can be free. There isnt ant relation unless we put it both on market10:19
MarkB2The firm's previous product does a fraction of what this one does... but that was written from the OS up to the GUI, in assembly language from a vendor that could not care less what is down with their libraries.10:20
MarkB2It wasn't x86 or ARM based.10:21
Borw3MarkB2: LOL!!!!10:21
MarkB2Can you imagine the engineering effort to create a massive GUI-based program from absolute scratch?10:21
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Borw3MarkB2: LOL!!, My small mind can't even start processesing.10:23
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MarkB2While researching Qt's licensing agreements, I watched a video of a German lawyer weasling all over the place trying to describe the difference between Qt's opensource version and commercial licenses.10:23
MarkB2His English was perfect.10:24
ikoniaperhaps we could take this discussion to an offtopic channel please, and keep this channel for suport discussion10:24
MarkB2It was so good that he was able to further confuse the issue...10:24
MarkB2Yah, this has gone on long enough.10:25
adsasdis anyone around?10:25
ikoniamany people10:25
adsasdmy keyboard isn't working in GRUB10:25
adsasdI installed the latest ubuntu.10:26
adsasdAt first it was working so I can choose Windows.10:26
adsasdSometimes it would fail yesterday so I just reboot10:26
adsasdBut now the keyboard just completely fails.10:26
ikoniasounds like a hardware error more than software10:26
ikoniamore so if it was on/off now it's just off10:26
adsasdI'm using the keyboard right now.10:26
adsasdIt works while booting up and after the grub screen.10:27
ikoniais it a standard wired keyboard ?10:27
adsasdit just won't function when im about to choose between ubuntu, memtest, and windows.10:27
ikoniado you see the numlock light flash when you power on10:27
adsasdMech KB, wired.10:27
adsasdIt's ON when i boot up.10:27
adsasdThey say to enable USB support with Legacy but I don't have it on my BIOS.10:28
ikoniaI could only think its not initialising10:28
ikoniawho is they ?10:28
adsasdThe forums, I've been searching for almost an hour now and it seems to be the fix.10:28
adsasdIt's working at the start since I can go to BIOS then when I'm about to choose in the pink screen (lol) or GRUB (if that's what it's called) it's not functioning.10:29
ikonia(lol) ?10:29
kostkonadsasd, is it a usb keyboard? a laptop one? ps/2?10:29
adsasdcuz im not sure what to call it10:29
ikoniayou're talking about the black and white menu screen to select your OS to boot ?10:30
adsasdUSB keyboard, im using desktop. It's wired.10:30
adsasdThe pink screen where I can select Ubuntu, memtest, memtest86, and windows.10:30
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ikoniapink screen - grub is normally black and white10:30
ikoniahave later versions of ubuntu changed the grub colour scheme ?10:31
ikoniaadsasd: what version of ubuntu is this exactly10:31
adsasdidk it's pink. I'm using the latest Ubuntu btw.10:31
ikoniaadsasd: which one exactly10:31
ad_Sorry about the disconnect. I'm the guy with the keyboard not working in GRUB.10:45
ad_Ubuntu freezes after a couple of minutes in me idk why.10:45
tatertotsad: open terminal10:46
tatertotsad: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit10:46
tatertotsad: let me know when done.10:46
ad_It's loading.10:47
tatertotsad: let me know when done.10:47
tatertotsad: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit10:47
tatertotsad: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so10:48
tatertotsad: lsusb -tv &> ~/nip.pir10:48
tatertotsad: you may not see anything just let me know when done10:49
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ad__tatertots im on my iPAD now because my pc just crashed again.10:50
tatertotsad: let me know when done.10:51
ad__it seems like it's crashing after 2 mins or so.10:51
ad__what is? i missed ur chat.10:51
ad__it crashed after i gave u the pastebin link10:51
tatertotsad: what is the last action / instruction you followed successfully?10:51
ad__the pastebin link10:52
ad__sorry about that10:52
tatertotsad: lsusb -tv &> ~/nip.pir10:52
tatertotsad: you may not see anything just let me know when done10:52
tatertotsad: let me know when done.10:52
ad__what is that for tho, just so i know10:52
ad__done now, no loading or anything10:53
tatertotsad: did you have an opportunity to view the previous url/link above PRIOR to sharing it here? yes or no....do you think i may "routinely" do that?10:53
ad__i dont get what u r saying but I did preview it.10:53
ad__It is a list of my hardware stuff.10:54
ad__Done with the lsusb, btw,10:54
tatertotsad: okay10:54
ad__whats next10:54
ad__this is a fresh install ubuntu and I havent done any updates yet.10:55
tatertotsad: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log &>> ~/nip.pir10:55
tatertotsad: you may not see anything just let me know when done10:55
ad__my pornoe10:56
tatertotsad: journalctl -p 3 &>> ~/nip.pir10:56
tatertotsad: you may not see anything just let me know when done10:56
MegalepozyHi all, just installed 17.10 after 16.04 started to freeze (blackish screen) yesterday after I login, sadly, the same issue happen with 17.10 and the only way for me to login and do anything is by loading the recovery mode and then immediately select the first option of continuing to boot normally, all in all even like that the entire display feel really clunky10:56
ad__my problem is that keyboard is not functioning in grub10:56
tatertotsad: I understand your keyboard not functioning in grub.10:56
tatertotsad: have/show follow through10:57
tatertotsad: pastebinit ~/nip.pir10:57
tatertotsad: share url/link here...if you do not get a url/link..say so10:57
MegalepozyI also get an error report which tell me that the linux kernel got KernelOops problem type (at previous attempt it told me that systemd-logind crushed)10:57
tatertotsad: routines...routines..."verbatim"...10:58
Megalepozyand honestly I don't know what I should even do now in order to investigate the cause of my problem10:58
Megalepozyanyone got a clue?10:59
ad__I dont get what u are trying to say, sorry.10:59
ad__I hope there is a fix to this.11:00
tatertotsad: xinput list|pastebinit11:01
tatertotsad: i haven't said much outside of the "instructions"11:01
tatertotsad: i expect to see some info about your mouse/kb in the url/link11:02
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Megalepozyjust did sudo lshw -C video and found out that both my GPU and my nvidia card are UNCLAIMED, maybe thats the problem?11:05
ad_tatertots: I swear im not trolling but there'/11:09
ad_there is a power outage in my location right now11:09
tatertotsad: lol...i believe you are NOT trolling11:09
ad_Philippines, so ...11:10
ad_I hope ur still here when it comes back. I looked at the last link I sent u and it was a lot of errors.11:11
sl4ckhi all. does enyone can help me, please. I have a new i3 HP laptop and I just installed 16.04 and I can't see the wifi interface. I've checked in google, but nothin specific comes up11:13
sl4ckis like the wifi interafce does not exists11:14
sl4cki am not sure how to enable it11:14
tatertotssl4ck: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no11:14
tatertotssl4ck: open terminal11:14
tatertotssl4ck: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit11:14
tatertotssl4ck: let me know when done.11:14
tatertotsad: Just say something to me when the power outage has been cleared.11:15
tatertotssl4ck: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit11:16
tatertotssl4ck: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link...say so11:16
sl4ckin the trminal or here in the chat room?11:16
ad_it is back now. Hold on  a sec.11:16
sl4cktatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26422298/11:17
sftrabbitUsing mutter 3.26.1 and libinput 1.8.2 (with Ubuntu 17.10) and two finger scrolling on my touchpad seems to only move in large increments (like a scroll wheel) so doesn't feel natural. Is this expected/known behaviour? Interested in contributing if there's no existing work to fix this.11:20
ad__tatertots: what is the next command?11:20
ad__my last was the errors link.11:20
ad__The last thing I followed through was sending you the link for a pastebin of the errors.11:21
ad_tatertots: my computer just froze again.11:26
ad_What was the next command11:26
tatertotssl4ck: i understand11:28
tatertotssl4ck:            Card-2: Intel Device 24fb bus-ID: 02:00.0 chip-ID: 8086:24fb11:28
tatertotssl4ck: ubuntu-drivers devices|pastebinit11:29
sl4cktatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26422345/11:30
tatertotsad: xinput list|pastebinit11:30
tatertotssl4ck: did your wireless/WLAN function as designed when booted to LiveCD/LiveUSB? yes or no...11:31
tatertotsjust yes or no11:31
sl4cktatertots: no11:32
tatertotssl4ck: rfkill list|pastebinit11:33
sl4cktatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26422364/11:34
morsnowski_hi there is have a hash mismatch when doing an 'apt update', I tried to delete the old list and pull down new ones but this "...dists/xenial-security/universe/binary-amd64/by-hash/SHA256/3c14735e35450b11bec246ca4152195ccbaf65ef74be0e3580377a47b154de06  Hash Sum mismatch" doesn'tgo away11:35
ad_Can anyone help me? Keyboard is not working on Grub menu.11:36
morsnowski_now I'm somewhat concerned that someone managed it to place a faulty security related file on my laptop11:36
ad_tatertots are u still around11:36
TJ-sl4ck: can you show us "pastebinit <( sudo lspci -nnvvvk -d ::280 )"11:37
tatertotssl4ck: you are responsible for obtaining driver software for your device from the manufacture or you can also (re)search here https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/11:37
tatertotssl4ck:            Card-2: Intel Device 24fb bus-ID: 02:00.0 chip-ID: 8086:24fb11:37
tatertotssl4ck: your device info is above11:37
tatertotssl4ck: you can use it in your (re)search11:37
sl4ckthx tatertots. Do you think the problem can be solved if I am installing 17.07?11:37
TJ-tatertots: the iwlwifi declares modalias for that device (for 4 variations) so we need to check if sl4ck's device is something different11:38
sl4ckTJ I am listening11:38
TJ-sl4ck: show us the pastebin I asked for above ^^11:38
sl4ckTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26422381/11:38
tatertotssl4ck: you can simply boot LiveCD/LiveUSB....if it works in that "environment" then you can "reasonably" expect it to be "identical" "post" installation...post means AFTERWARD11:39
ad__Grub not responding on keyboard, help. dual boot win1011:39
sl4ckgot you tatertots11:39
TJ-sl4ck: what does "uname -r" show you?11:39
sl4cktatertots: thank you very much for your help11:39
sl4ckTJ-: 4.4.0-109-generic11:39
tatertotsTJ-: scroll up for more info that you will ask in 1 hour11:39
ad__tater what is the next command11:40
TJ-tatertots: already got it thanks11:40
sl4ckTJ and tatertots you working for ubuntu?11:40
saberuhey guys I'm trying to route all DNS requests to my web server on my Android based Ubuntu11:40
tatertotsTJ-: here i'll help you out https://paste.ubuntu.com/26422298/ nice and "pretty"11:40
saberuI setup the iptables commands to do it but all it does is stop DNS requests from working at all11:40
saberui also tried doing the same with DNSmasq and got the same result11:41
tatertotssl4ck: lol...canonical paying a real "$alary" for someone to help in IRC.....i've just died laughing11:41
tatertotssl4ck: where's the "profit" in that????...companies do things (motives) for "profit(s)"....11:42
sl4cklol. its my first time here and I thout you guys willing to help so much...11:42
ad__Anyone here with the same issue as me? USB keyboard not working only in GRUB menu.11:42
TJ-sl4ck: OK, the iwlwifi module does support your device ("pci:v00008086d000024FBsv*sd00002110bc*sc*i*") which is 8086:24fb 2110 - support was added in January 2016 so it looks like it just missed out on being included in the original 4.4 kernel.11:43
TJ-sl4ck: so, all you need to do is this: "sudo apt install linux-image-lowlatency-hwe-16.04" and reboot and you'll have it working11:44
sl4ckTJ-: I will come back with the output11:45
TJ-sl4ck: there is no output to report - this installs the kernel that supports your Intel wifi device. So simply reboot after the install and it's fixed11:46
sl4ckTJ-: I was referring as I am gonna conect back to ubuntu chanel after rebooting to let you know if it works11:46
TJ-sl4ck: OK, but I know it will :D11:47
ad_Is there a way to force ur boot to Windows? Im done with Ubuntu.11:47
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sl4ckTJ-: it works11:50
TJ-sl4ck: I know :)11:50
sl4ckTJ-: wow, yhank you very much for your help11:50
sl4cki think wouldn't be able to sove the problem by myself or maybe yes in about 2 or 3 days11:51
TJ-sl4ck: that's why we're here - short-circuit the web-search merry-go-around and give authoratitive advice11:52
MarkB2DBug, are you still here?11:53
_Dbug_MarkB2, yes, idling, but yes :)11:55
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MarkB2Can we chat in private?  I'd rather not clutter #ubuntu with off-topic chatter.11:56
TJ-!ot | MarkB211:57
ubottuMarkB2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:57
TJ-MarkB2: ha, didn't mean that to sound repremanding... just we have #ubuntu-offtopic especially for you :)11:58
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mm8990how this work12:14
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DonmelHello guys12:17
DonmelThis is Zion control. Do you read me? Over12:18
DonmelClient: HexChat 2.12.4 • OS: Ubuntu "artful" 17.10 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU         T5300  @ 1.73GHz (800MHz) • Memory: Physical: 2.9 GiB Total (1.9 GiB Free) Swap: 2.0 GiB Total (2.0 GiB Free) • Storage: 17.9 GB / 247.7 GB (229.8 GB Free) • VGA: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller @ Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/PM/GMS, 943/940GML and 945G12:18
DonmelT Express Memory Controller Hub • Uptime: 34m 25s12:18
lotuspsychjeDonmel: welcome, how can we help you?12:19
DonmelHi Lotus12:20
DonmelHow are you?12:20
DonmelThis is my first day on Lubuntu12:20
DonmelI moved here from Linux Mint12:20
DonmelLinux Mint Desktop12:20
lotuspsychjeDonmel: welcome to the ubuntu community, this channel is only used for ubuntu support12:20
lotuspsychje!discuss | Donmel if you like12:20
ubottuDonmel if you like: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!12:20
Donmelthanks! Much appreciated12:21
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lotuspsychjehey MonkeyDust12:31
renlanyone noticed for ubuntu on arm computers, attempting to read from 2 ttyACM devices will hang the system and create a kernel panic?12:32
lotuspsychjerenl: perhaps the #ubuntu-arm guys might know more of your issue?12:32
renlcool thanks12:33
lotuspsychjehey EriC^^12:33
fk-x260hi all12:34
EriC^^hey lotuspsychje12:44
MegalepozyHi all, I just installed nvidia-387 drivers and when I try to reboot or change to a different tty I get a black screen with a blinking underscore cursor at the top left, anyone got an idea what to do? (btw, without the drivers the system wont even start most of the times)12:44
Megalepozyoh I'm using 17.1012:44
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: is 387 reccomended for your card?12:44
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: you can check the drivers available in your system with ubuntu-drivers list12:45
Megalepozylotuspsychje: I dunno about recommended, but it is listed as supported12:45
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: have you tested other driver versions that do work?12:45
Megalepozylotuspsychje: nope, I only tested nvidia-387 and of course the default nouveau12:47
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: could you check ubuntu-drivers list ?12:48
Megalepozybtw lshw -C video gave me 2 unclaimed displays with nouveau but now the unclaimed state is gone12:48
MegalepozyI'm not sure what u mean by that... lshw?12:48
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: in a terminal type: ubuntu-drivers list12:48
Megalepozylotuspsychje: nvidia-39012:49
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: try the 384 as a test perhaps+ reboot?12:49
Megalepozylotuspsychje: so I need to d/l it like the 387? or its already at my system?12:50
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: yeah its available for your card GUI, or sudo apt install nvidia-38412:51
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: (from software&updates tab additional drivers gui)12:51
Megalepozylotuspsychje: k, will install, reboot, and come back to tell the tale (if the system will load up of course ;))12:51
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: if its getting black screen, sudo apt purge nvidia* to go back to nouveau ok12:52
Megalepozylotuspsychje: nouveau is worse, the system usually dont even load up after login12:53
MegalepozyI'm using a laptop with a gpu and a display card if it matter12:53
Megalepozyok, rebooting, brb12:54
BluesKajHiyas all12:57
Megalepozylotuspsychje: back from reboot, same thing when I change to tty, how can I check that I actually using 384 now?12:58
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: sudo lshw -C video12:58
Megalepozylotuspsychje: well the nvidia card just state nvidia with no number as the driver13:00
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: how about modinfo nv13:01
EriC^^Megalepozy: what does driver= say?13:01
BluesKajMegalepozy, its most likely the driver being used, otherwise it would say nouveau13:01
Megalepozylotuspsychje: btw, as far as I'm concerned I really don't care if the nvidia card or the intel gpu will be working, I use Ubuntu for work13:01
EriC^^+1 on BluesKaj13:01
morsnowski_hi there is have a hash mismatch when doing an 'apt update', I tried to delete the old list and pull down new ones but this "...dists/xenial-security/universe/binary-amd64/by-hash/SHA256/3c14735e35450b11bec246ca4152195ccbaf65ef74be0e3580377a47b154de06  Hash Sum mismatch" doesn'tgo away13:01
morsnowski_now I'm somewhat concerned that someone managed it to place a faulty security related file on my laptop13:01
Megalepozylotuspsychje: modinfo: ERROR: Module nv not found13:01
MegalepozyEriC^^: configuration: driver=nvidia latency=013:02
MegalepozyBluesKaj: yeah but b4 that I used nvidia-387 and now switched to 384, how can I be sure that it actually switched versions?13:02
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: nvidia-smi perhaps?13:03
EriC^^Megalepozy: what does 'dpkg -l | grep nvidia' give ?13:03
MegalepozyJust want to be sure that it switched in order to be sure that this version exhibit the exact same bug (if at all connected...)13:03
BluesKajMegalepozy, to make sure run this,  lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use' , include the quotes13:03
Megalepozylotuspsychje: nvidia-smi13:04
MegalepozySat Jan 20 15:03:47 201813:04
Megalepozy| NVIDIA-SMI 384.111                Driver Version: 384.111                   |13:04
Megalepozy| GPU  Name        Persistence-M| Bus-Id        Disp.A | Volatile Uncorr. ECC |13:04
EriC^^!paste | Megalepozy you'll be unmuted in a minute13:04
ubottuMegalepozy you'll be unmuted in a minute: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:04
lotuspsychjemorsnowski_: have you added external ppa's of any kind to your system?13:04
morsnowski_lotuspsychje, yes very likely13:05
morsnowski_you recon that smuggled some stuff in?13:05
Megalepozyoops, sorry for that everyone :)13:05
donalsdHello guys. I had set a specific allowed IP for SSH in a server via ufw. I'm going to have to use another ethernet cable to the server, that lan cable won't be used, but I'll be in the same subnet. Is there a way i can use the same IP from another port?13:05
Megalepozylotuspsychje: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26422742/ - nvidia-smi13:06
lotuspsychjemorsnowski_: we cant support externally added ppa's cause they scramble the ubuntu system13:06
=== dmitry_ is now known as Ralph
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: yes, driver in use 384 like you asked13:06
morsnowski_ok so what you are saying is I need to disable externals?13:06
lotuspsychjemorsnowski_: we reccomend a clean ubuntu with the default sources.list yes13:06
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | morsnowski_13:06
ubottumorsnowski_: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html13:06
MegalepozyEriC^^: dpkg -l | grep nvidia - https://paste.ubuntu.com/26422745/13:07
donalsdIs the IP managed by the router or can I specify an IP to my card from my network manager?13:07
MegalepozyBluesKaj: lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'  -> Kernel driver in use: i915  (so it doesnt use nvidia at all?)13:08
morsnowski_lotuspsychje, thanks  I'll try that13:08
lotuspsychjedonalsd: perhaps a question for #openssh or ##networking?13:08
=== [1]KrisWood is now known as KrisWood
donalsdUmm, I'm using an ubuntu pc to connect to a ubuntu server.13:09
lotuspsychjedonalsd: just trying to widen your options13:09
donalsdSo, I'll need to know if I can simply connect through the network manager by manually changing the IP to the allowed IP.13:09
acheronukmorsnowski_: before you start purging ppas, are you source pointing at a local mirror? if so, did you try switching to the main ubuntu archive mirror? sometimes the local ones can be a bit out of sync and give mismatch errors13:09
Megalepozylotuspsychje: ok so it use 384 but still exhibit the same issue (of black screen with blinking underscore at the top left, also, as b4 when going back to the gui I need to relogin)13:10
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: have you tried from the xorg session instead of wayland?13:11
morsnowski_lotuspsychje, I checked I have no PPAs actived that are not Ubuntu themselves13:11
lotuspsychjemorsnowski_: try also what acheronuk suggested13:11
Megalepozylotuspsychje: I tried before to disable wayland (with nouveau), didnt change anything13:12
morsnowski_lotuspsychje, acheronuk thanks I'll try that too13:12
Megalepozylotuspsychje: maybe with nvidia it will work? (btw didnt BluesKaj test showed that I actually use the intel driver and dont use nvidia anyway?)13:13
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: you have hybrid graphics, meaning you can switch from intel/nvidia13:13
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: the package nvidia-prime can switch from intel to nvidia and back13:14
Megalepozylotuspsychje, so u want me to install nvidia-prime?13:14
Megalepozyand then switch to nvidia?13:14
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: i would reccomend to test all your drivers available in your system also nouveau, and all test both with xorg and wayland13:15
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: if you install an nvidia driver, prime should be installed with it13:15
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: from nvidia-prime you can set to performance mode or not13:16
Megalepozylotuspsychje, how can I be sure thats that even the cause of my problem? (seems logical... but what do I know? :))13:16
Megalepozylotuspsychje, I cant find any nvidia-prime13:16
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-prime | Megalepozy13:17
ubottuMegalepozy: nvidia-prime (source: nvidia-prime): Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.5 (artful), package size 10 kB, installed size 66 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)13:17
Megalepozylotuspsychje, ok so I'll apt-get install it now13:18
Megalepozylotuspsychje, ok so I'll apt-get install it now and try13:18
Megalepozyhmmm.. no edit here :)13:18
=== arthur is now known as Guest92825
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: you get it working?13:28
Megalepozylotuspsychje, first of all sorry for all the questions... I changed at nvidia-x server at the prime profiles from nvidia to intel, it asked me to log out so I did but when I tried to login it just continuously gave me the login page again, so I rebooted (which btw worked with no black screen! ;)) and now I got an additional mouse pointer stuck at at the middle of the monitor and nvidia-x server doesnt even load up anymore, also the tty's doesnt show13:30
Megalepozyup as well13:30
Megalepozyall I want in life is dockers and an ide, do I ask too much? ;)13:31
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: there are known issues with wayland and nvidia atm, hence why i asked to also test the xorg session13:32
lotuspsychjehey cfhowlett13:33
cfhowlettgreeetings lotuspsychje13:33
Megalepozylotuspsychje, how do I test the xorg session? (sorry, but never really passed the newbie stage with linux...)13:34
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: at gdm (login window) when you enter your name, you can choose ubuntu or ubuntu on xorg13:34
Megalepozylotuspsychje, ok, will log out and try that out, will return to update shortly13:35
V7tomreyn, Hey there :)13:36
tomreynV7: hi ;)13:37
V7So it was in LAN0 or smth like this13:37
V7Btw which's the CMOS Error template in supermicro13:38
GiletteI'm running ubuntu mate 1.18 and it works ok to me13:39
V7I can't find it in internet13:39
tomreynV7: let's move to -offtopic, i (off-topic) abused this channel too much already last night13:39
V7Roger that13:39
aroraI have two commands, docker start "name" && docker attach "name" which I want to alias, as docker starch "name",13:40
arora                    how would I do that?13:40
geirhaarora: you use a function for that. starch() { docker start "$1" && docker attach "$1"; }13:43
Megalepozylotuspsychje, ok so with intel (power saving mode) + xorg session I get the tty's and I can reboot!13:44
Megalepozylotuspsychje, seems like I still keep getting all kind of weird display glitches here and there but I dont know how to reproduce them yet13:44
Megalepozylotuspsychje, so should I just forget about using the nvidia? (honestly I dont really care about graphics)13:45
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: ok, and on wayland and nouveau?13:45
arorageirha: I am on zsh, and it doesn't seem to work13:46
Megalepozylotuspsychje, oh, forgot about that... but isnt that the default? (I just reinstalled today on an installation from yesterday)13:46
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: yeah the default should be wayland, have you seen both at login? ubuntu & ubuntu on xorg?13:47
Megalepozylotuspsychje, good point, I saw the xorg option which make it work only for intel13:47
geirhaarora: Ah, perhaps ask #zsh for help creating such a function, then. I assumed bash, since it's the default in ubuntu13:47
Megalepozylotuspsychje, so maybe nouveau will allow xorg?13:48
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: weird worg doesnt liek nvidia neither?13:48
Megalepozylotuspsychje, no option to change to xorg with nvidia13:48
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: aha ok13:48
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: i would more suspect on nvidia you dont see the option for wayland and it falls back to xorg13:49
Megalepozyso should I try nouveau (srsly this name is horribly hard to spell...)? will it allow me xorg session?13:49
geirhaarora: wait, won't docker start -a "name" do both in one command already?13:50
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: i reccomend testing every possible layout to see what actually working and what not13:50
Megalepozylotuspsychje, but one sec, I already tried nouveau without wayland (uncommented the disable line at conf)13:50
arora*drum rolls* ahaan right, geirha Thanks for the help13:50
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: you dont need to mess in confs mate13:51
Megalepozylotuspsychje, that will take some time... but I guess there is no option is there?13:51
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: when purging nvidia drivers, you fall back to nouveau automaticly13:51
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: i suspect what you experiencing is the nvidia:wayland issue not ready yet13:52
Megalepozylotuspsychje, well it was just to remove a comment  to disable wayland... followed an article... newbie...13:52
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: also keep in mind 17.10 is non-lts, if you need stable keep on ubuntu LTS version13:52
Megalepozylotuspsychje, but I had even worse problems without nvidia, usually couldnt even login13:53
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: but intel mode + xorg works right?13:53
Megalepozylotuspsychje, I had 16.04 up till yesterday, it started to have the exact same symptoms as 17.10 default (basically blank screen after login)13:53
BluesKajMegalepozy, wayland and nvidia don't get along well , yet, altho nouveau does work to some degree13:54
Megalepozylotuspsychje, so far it seems ok so I'll keep it as is, saw some glitches b4 but hopefully they happend only at the switch...13:54
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: allrighty13:54
Megalepozylotuspsychje, ok thanks a lot for ur time, I'm really grateful :)13:55
MegalepozyBluesKaj, thank u as well :)13:55
Megalepozyoh oh and EriC^^ :)13:55
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: 16.04.3 have you tried different drivers there aswell?13:56
Megalepozylotuspsychje, nope, I just moved to 17.10 since I couldnt make 16.04 display on a second monitor connected with HDMI no matter what I did... and I remembered (already a bad start) that I saw that the issue is cause of the dual display drivers and that it got better at 17.1013:57
Megalepozylotuspsychje, btw I still didn't check if the second monitor work with 17.10... will check now... cross ur fingers13:58
Megalepozyif not, then screw it, i'll just use the laptop monitor13:58
Megalepozybrb, rebooting to check if the 2nd monitor get identified14:01
MegalepozyNope, it doesnt identify it, I guess that the hdmi exit belong to the nvidia card so without drivers it doesnt work... maybe...14:03
BluesKajMegalepozy,, just be sure, install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau14:05
MegalepozyBluesKaj, whats that? :)14:09
MegalepozyBluesKaj, its already installed14:09
BluesKajMegalepozy, that's the default open source nvidia driver, if your nvidia proprietary driver doesn't work properly it's your fallback14:11
Megalepozybtw, I disabled wayland by uncommenting the line at /etc/gdm3/custom.conf14:11
MegalepozyI later reenabled it14:11
Megalepozyre-enabled it14:11
Megalepozyhow can I change to use it (I want to test it with xorg session)?14:12
BluesKajno idea, don't have that conf file14:13
zomaarZesty and Yakkety's package appear to have been removed from the old-releases pool, is this correct?14:15
MegalepozyBluesKaj, sorry my mistake, I meant, how can I switch to use the nouveau drivers ?14:16
BluesKajMegalepozy, h=jkust remove the nvidia driver you have installed, but check first that it works with X without wayland in the mix14:18
BluesKajthe nvidia driver that is14:19
ppf!info linux-image-generic14:19
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (artful), package size 2 kB, installed size 14 kB14:19
ppfi'm on the latest artful kernel. i can't send anything via ethernet14:20
cfhowlettnot released yet so not supported here, ppf. ask #ubuntu+114:20
ppfeven if statically configuring (v4). can't ping the world, but i see incoming traffic in tcpdump14:20
ppfcfhowlett: ?14:20
MegalepozyBluesKaj, the nvidia driver dont display the option to switch to X, as I uderstood from lotuspsychje  its because wayland isnt supported and it automatically use X, but I may misundestood14:21
ppfdhclient doesn't receive a response14:21
ppfand i don't see the discovers in tcpdump14:21
BluesKajMegalepozy, did you try switching at the login page?14:21
ppfsame machine works on the same network on windows14:21
MegalepozyBluesKaj, yup, didnt had an option to switch when I was using nvidia14:22
ppfhow do i even debug this?14:22
Megalepozynvidia-384 to be precise14:22
ppfi don't see anything relevant in the journal14:22
ppfany tips?14:23
BluesKajMegalepozy, don'try switching drivers, just switch sessions at the login page14:23
MegalepozyBluesKaj, but that's the point, I can't switch session at the login page if I'm using nvidia since the option doesnt show up, it show up though when I use intel14:26
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: BluesKaj theres a known bug for that on some graphics cards, the wayland session doesnt show at login14:27
MegalepozyBluesKaj, lotuspsychje  though I didnt check that with neaveou14:28
zomaarCorrection, all of the universe packages from Yakkety and Zesty have been wiped from the servers.14:28
BluesKajMegalepozy, the wayland session won't run with the nvidia driver, there's nothiong advantageous about wayland atm especially with nvidia, just use X if you want proper functions14:28
zomaarFrom old-releases I mean14:29
grkblood13for some reason i can no longer resize windows14:29
grkblood13folder windows14:29
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: i think with nouveau you will have both choices xorg/wayland14:29
MegalepozyBluesKaj, with nvidia I can't choose session14:29
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-session/+bug/170234514:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1702345 in gnome-session (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-wayland: login fails if nvidia drivers are installed" [Undecided,Invalid]14:30
zomaarThey are still there for earlier old-releases14:30
lotuspsychje!who | zomaar14:30
ubottuzomaar: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:30
BluesKajlotuspsychje, yeah , I'm well aware of nvidia not working with wayland ..it's well known  that nvidia hasn't provided any support for it yert14:30
Megalepozylotuspsychje, sounds hopefully promising, how do I switch back to neaveau? purge nvidia drivers?14:30
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: sudp apt purge nvidia* yes14:31
zomaarI was asking a question lotuspsychje, feel free to answer.14:31
Megalepozylotuspsychje, will it also switch from intel to neaveau?14:31
BluesKajoh lord, oprimus ...Ididn't know14:32
BluesKajoptimus even14:32
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: nouveau is the opensource driver i dont think you can switch there14:32
ppfi feel like i ran out of buttons to press for the kernel to actually tell me the problem14:33
ppfliterally the only symptom i see is 'does not work'14:33
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: another bug on it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/170536914:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1705369 in gdm3 (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 17.10 boots to black screen when using Nvidia drivers (on a desktop with an Intel GPU)" [High,Confirmed]14:34
Megalepozylotuspsychje, so it will return to the default state of not being able to pass the login (unless I go through recovery mode and the boot normally... god or u guys know y :))14:34
Megalepozylotuspsychje, all those bugs make me warm and fuzzy inside... ;)14:34
BluesKajMegalepozy, just remove wayland14:35
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: no, when purging nvidia drivers you go back to nouveau and should be able choose wyland or xorg without black screens14:35
BluesKajnevermind , too many cooks14:36
MegalepozyBluesKaj, ahahahah14:36
kostkonBluesKaj, and zero plates on the counter14:36
MegalepozyBluesKaj, lotuspsychje ok ok so I'll purge nvidia now and at login check the xorg session14:37
Megalepozywill brb, hopefully... :)14:37
BluesKajwhy purge nvidia, just purge wayland14:37
* BluesKaj shrugs14:38
ppfv6 stateless autoconf works in fact, but i can't actually send something via this interface14:39
MegalepozyBluesKaj, but lotuspsychje told me to purge nvidia14:39
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: its your system mate, you can try what you feel like14:40
MegalepozyBluesKaj, lotuspsychje I honestly don't know which advice to follow, but since I already purged nvidia I'll restart and check for the X session, if that won't work I'll purge wayland as well, and if that wont work I'll just default to intel14:41
BluesKajMegalepozy, that depends on what you want to do, right now I've lost sight of what it is you want14:41
MegalepozyBluesKaj, that makes the two of us mate14:41
Megalepozyanyway brb, rebooting14:41
Megalepozylotuspsychje, BluesKaj ok so when doing a login with neaveau I don't have an option to switch to X session14:46
Megalepozywhich result in a frozen blank screen14:46
Megalepozythen the only way to actually login is going through the recovery mode14:46
BluesKajMegalepozy, try nomodeset14:47
MegalepozyBluesKaj, whats that and how?14:47
arunkumar413Hi All, I'm having trouble installing the opencv14:47
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:47
arunkumar413can you please help me?14:47
MegalepozyBluesKaj, k, checking14:47
ppfanother fun fact: i've had two kernel panics some time back, after which the network worked14:48
=== skinux_ is now known as skinux
Borw3I have kernel panics everyday since I came to Kernel 4.x :(14:51
MegalepozyBluesKaj, ok will try now, reboot time14:51
skinuxI was told yesterday I have  duplicates of a couple SO files.  (error says they are not symlinks), I'm wondering if a solution is to remove the ones with filenames with something after .so.1 ?14:51
akikskinux: don't go removing those just like that. you can check from which package they come from with "dpkg -S /path/to/file"14:55
MegalepozyBluesKaj, its working! but while writing this line I got an error report and when looking at the details I c that the kernel got kernelOops error?14:57
ppfis there an alternative to the e1000e driver?14:58
BluesKajMegalepozy, as long as it works,. don't fret over the error14:59
TJ-ppf: is the Ethernet onboard the mobo ?14:59
ppfTJ-: yeah15:00
TJ-ppf: try this (since it works in Windows) http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html15:00
MegalepozyBluesKaj, I love that answer!!15:01
kostkonMegalepozy, it might not happen again? the kernel crash/panic that is15:01
MegalepozyBluesKaj, lotuspsychje ok as b4, thanks a lot guys (or girls)! u saved my sanity (i'm messing with OS installations the last 2 days...) :D15:02
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: i find it weird, you have same symptons on 16.04 also15:02
Megalepozykostkon, well sadly I saw this error happen b4 with neaveau15:02
ppfTJ-: you think that's the issue?15:03
Megalepozylotuspsychje, not in regard to the kernel error or at least never arrived to c it.... just started to get a blank screen and decided to just upgrade15:03
ppfit's an asus mainboard on a desktop PC. ethernet worked in the past15:03
kostkonMegalepozy, those dual vga setups always irk me15:03
ppfdefinitely back on xenial, and it worked for some time on zesty and then just stopped at some point15:04
kostkonMegalepozy, also nomodeset is supposed to be a stop gap measure15:04
Megalepozykostkon, stop gap measure? what do u mean?15:04
TJ-ppf: we do see a lot of issues due to ACPI setup of platform devices not being done correctly - more recent kernels have tightened up their adherence to the ACPI specifications so buggy firmware that previously worked sometimes now fails15:05
ppfhm ... i haven't updated the bios in a while15:05
kostkonMegalepozy, well you are supposed to use get you to the desktop and then you supposedly have to fix your graphics issue/install the necessary graphics drivers15:06
kostkonit to*15:06
ppfthough that might not help with the firmware of the card15:06
TJ-ppf: I thought you said the ethernet port is on the mobo? You're saying it's on an adapter card in a PCIe slot ?15:07
ppfTJ-: no, it's on the mobo, i still tend to call it a network card15:07
ppfTJ-: if this is a buggy firmware, should the kernel not tell me that?15:08
TJ-ppf: OK, so yes, try the acpi_osi fix, it's quick and easy15:08
Megalepozykostkon, well lets suppose that I don't really care for high graphics as I mainly care for running an ide... is there any problem with just setting nomodeset permanently?15:08
Jebariwhy are these parentheses ( escaped? find dest/include \( -name .install -o -name ..install.cmd \) -delete15:08
TJ-ppf: if the kernel did that you'd never get past boot! there are so many problems the kernel ACPI interpreter has to workaround, it's full of quirks15:09
kostkonMegalepozy, no, it's just not... normal i guess15:09
TJ-Jebari: because otherwise the shell would interpret them as sub-shell markers15:09
JebariTJ-: thanks15:09
TJ-Jebari: compare "echo  ( echo hello ) goodbye" with "echo \( echo hello \) goodbye"15:10
TJ-Jebari: scratch that! Bad example15:11
Megalepozykostkon, after 2 days of messing with it I think that I'm fine with not normal :D15:11
sftrabbitUbuntu 17.10 on XPS 13 9360, Chrome not detecting touchscreen input. I've found some articles suggesting to use xinput list to find touch input ID and pass --touch-devices=X to chrome, but that hasn't worked (tried every ID in xinput list, no change). Has this changed with Wayland?15:11
ppfTJ-: alright,i'm trying that15:12
JebariTJ-: is there a work i can google or search in man pages, sub shell markers didnt show naything15:12
ppfTJ-: i'm deeply impressed15:14
TJ-Jebari: in "man bash"  "Compound Commands" section, "(list) list  is  executed  in a subshell environment ..."15:15
kostkonMegalepozy, better than nothing that's for sure15:15
JebariTJ-: thanks15:16
ppfTJ-: thank you so much15:16
TJ-ppf: did it fix it?15:16
ppfit absolutely did15:16
TJ-ppf: great :)15:16
=== gms is now known as Guest42203
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: didnt you say you had intel mode+xorg working before?15:17
ppfTJ-: actually :(15:20
ppfi just booted windows and then linux again, back to not working15:20
TJ-ppf: is Windows set to fast boot? That leaves hardware in a strange state15:21
ppfdoes windows 7 support that?15:22
TJ-ppf: I'll bet from a cold boot, or warm reboot Linux > Linux, it'll work fine15:22
kostkonppf, it does afaik15:22
TJ-ppf: not sure! Is the system mobo EFI ?15:22
ppfLinux>Linux didn't help15:23
ppfcold boot didn't help in the past either15:23
Megalepozylotuspsychje, it seemed to show some little quirks, didnt test it properly though15:23
TJ-ppf: does "cat /proc/cmdline" still show the acpi_osi= options?15:23
ppfTJ-: yes15:24
KuroganeHi, anyone can help me with a problem to install apache module, here the error. https://paste.ubuntu.com/26420205/15:24
Megalepozylotuspsychje, is there any advantage for intel+xorg over neaveau+nomodeset ?15:24
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: cause that would still be better then the nomodeset workaround15:24
TJ-ppf: hmmm, can you "pastebinit <( dmesg )"15:24
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: look at it this way, test all layouts and what works best is the best way right?15:24
ppfTJ-: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26423479/15:25
ppfkostkon: i think that was introduced in win815:25
Megalepozylotuspsychje, I'm honestly starting to lose my mind, but I will follow ur advice and allocate few more hours to play with various variations, though I dont understand whats so wrong with the nomodeset solution15:25
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: i didnt say it was wrong, but you said earlier to me you had intel mode + xorg working as a test..15:26
Megalepozylotuspsychje, yup, with quirks15:27
TJ-ppf: this may seem like a strange question but... when you reboot it do you in any way disturb the ethernet patch cable connecting to the switch?15:27
ppfTJ-: no15:27
lotuspsychjeMegalepozy: you also said graphics arent so important for you right, so leave your system to the best solution for you15:27
TJ-ppf: because I've seen this very symptom with a dodgy cable where the Tx line is intermittent but Rx is fine15:28
TJ-ppf: the other thing to do is disable all interface power-saving modes using ethtool15:28
ppfso, i just ran ethtool -s eno1 wol d and ethtool -K eno1 tx off15:29
Megalepozylotuspsychje, what are the cons for using nomodeset? cause so far beside the kernel error (sounds horrible though I dont c any consequences) it seems to work15:29
ppfafter a reboot ethernet is back15:29
TJ-ppf: you could try more logging with "ethtool eno1 --change msglvl <type> on" (see man ethtool)15:31
ppfi think it might be the wol stuff15:31
ppfi'm gonna binary search on the things i tried15:33
ppf(acpi, wol, tx)15:33
ppfbut later, i need to do some shopping15:33
ppfthanks for the help so far, i'll report back!15:33
TJ-ppf: is the link state up ("ip link show dev eno1") ?15:34
ppfTJ-: yes, the link is oky15:34
ppf(was before, when ethernet wasn't working, as well)15:34
TJ-ppf: try a suspend/resume ("systemctl suspend")15:35
ppfto do what?15:35
MegalepozyOK everyone, I feel like I've taken way too much time from everyone, so again, thanks a lot for the amazing help I received from u! lotuspsychje BluesKaj Eric (he was here :)) and kostkon15:35
TJ-ppf: if the device isn't working after boot, a suspend/resume can sometimes kick it into life15:37
TJ-ppf: again, it's down to ACPI15:37
Megalepozyok time to eat something, cheers!15:37
ppfi actually think it's the wake on lan setting15:38
TJ-ppf: I wonder if it related to this: Bug #173055015:38
ubottubug 1730550 in linux (Ubuntu Artful) "e1000e in 4.4.0-97-generic breaks 82574L under heavy load." [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173055015:38
arunkumar413getting this error: E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?15:38
ppfwhen i disable it it seems to get better15:38
arunkumar413but there is no other package manager running15:38
ppfTJ-: as i said, i will experiment with the settings i have now. i'll update you on how it goes15:38
TJ-ppf: hmmm, so related to power state then, sounds like the interface is starting with WoL enabled and not being made active15:39
TJ-ppf: is there a mobo control for WoL ?15:39
BluesKajarunkumar413, could be your unattended upgrades at work in the background15:39
ppfthe bug doesn't seem related, the link is fine15:39
ppfit's up, rx is working15:39
ppfonly tx is botched15:39
BluesKajarunkumar413, usually doesn't take more then 5 mins15:40
TJ-ppf: is it a multiport or only a single?15:40
ppfdon't know if there's a wol setting on the board, will check15:41
TJ-ppf: that rules out the port A is WoL only issue, too15:41
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Guest92608hello, how do you configure keyboard shortcuts in ubuntu 17.10.15:41
Guest92608i upgraded to 17.10 and now i have a keyboard shortcut i don't want and there's nothing in the settings for changing it15:42
TJ-ppf: another possibility is if the system is using Intel AMT enabled in BIOS PHY wakeup doesn't get configured.15:43
TJ-ppf: OK, got it! And I'm stupid, I fixed this a few weeks ago for someone else but forgot. Go into Windows device manager for the adapter and DISABLE The Windows WoL settings15:44
riqdiizhi all is it possible to install ide drive on raspberry pi 3?15:47
lotuspsychjeriqdiiz: the #ubuntu-arm channel might know that one15:48
BluesKajriqdiiz, it's possible but you would need an ide connectable outboard  enclosure with a compatible  power supply15:50
BluesKajriqdiiz, a usb to ide cable15:51
=== padv_ is now known as padv
=== lynn_ is now known as gryphon
BluesKajriqdiiz, something like this should work, https://www.ebay.ca/itm/USB-2-0-3-5-IDE-HARD-DRIVE-ENCLOSURE-EXTERNAL-CASE-NEW/390821008019?hash=item5afebf5293:g:ICMAAOSwLghZt4jI15:56
riqdiizBlueskaj normal ide drive can run on USB voltage?16:01
BluesKajriqdiiz, those ide compataible usb enclosures come with a proper power supply, yes16:03
riqdiizI'll try that though. Thanks.16:04
BluesKaji have 2 usb to sata enclosures16:04
BluesKajwith power suppliea16:04
phillijwalright duders, how do I fix this screen tearing. Happens worst wiht video but also when I'm just dragging a window around16:14
phillijwone monitor is on an amd radeon videocard, other monitor is on intel graphics16:14
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ramizHey there16:37
phillijwhey buddy16:38
ramizwhats up16:38
phillijwoh you know... things16:38
ramizNo, don't. What kind of things?16:38
phillijwjust trying to use linux without hating it16:39
ramizIt's easy when u have windows in other machine16:39
ramizI do16:39
AktronHi. I need help. I am getting for http://cz.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu zesty info that the page is not found.16:39
phillijwI uninstalled win10 because it pissed me off too many times16:40
Aktronso when I do apt-get update I get errors and can't use most of the stuff from apt-get :-(16:40
ramizWhat are u using right now?16:40
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:40
phillijwme? ubuntu 16.0416:41
phillijwScreen Tearing Edition16:41
phillijwI think so16:42
ramizI'm on elementary OS16:42
ramizbased on ubuntu 16.04.316:42
ramizworking there16:42
phillijwuname -a16:43
ramizChecking your kernel ver?16:43
phillijwUbuntu 16.04.3 LTS and 4.13.0-26-generic #29~16.04.2-Ubuntu16:44
ramizI'm on 4.14.11-041411-generic16:44
ramizupgraded after news about meltdown/spectre16:45
ramizIt was patched16:45
phillijwwhat version did they patch?16:45
ramiz4.14.11 and some others16:46
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lotuspsychje!usn | phillijw16:46
ubottuphillijw: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.16:46
ramizGoogle has information about this16:46
lotuspsychje!google | ramiz16:46
ubotturamiz: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.16:46
phillijwI only asked because you brought it up :)16:47
phillijwI need to fix this screen tearing crap16:47
ramizYou think it's because of kernel?16:48
phillijwNope. I think it's because x11 settings have vsync off. I can't figure out how to turn it on without crashing everything though16:48
AktronAnyone knows why I get "not found" for official zesty archives (http://cz.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu) ?16:49
lotuspsychjeAktron: brainwash suggested zesty is end of life for you16:49
Aktronso the repositories were taken down?16:49
lotuspsychjeAktron: end of life means, support is no longer16:50
lotuspsychjeAktron: please install a supported version from our topic16:50
Aktronlotuspsychje: Yep. But taking down a repository because of the version is no longer supported is rather tough. Is it even possible? I have never experienced this...16:51
UrbanecmAktron, maybe because you never expierenced reaching ubuntu it's endoflife? :D16:52
lotuspsychjeAktron: when you installed zesty, you agreed its only support 9months right?16:52
brainwashAktron: please start reading that linked wiki article https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:52
Urbanecmanyway, I suggest looking at sudo do-release-upgrade ;)16:52
brainwashthe information is there16:52
Aktronlotuspsychje: I mean this is a great way to convince people to upgrade :-) But umm... I wouldn't expect the end of support meaning taking down the repo ;-)16:53
Aktronlotuspsychje: But I got your point anyway...16:53
AktronErr https://archive.canonical.com artful InRelease16:53
lotuspsychjeAktron: if you need long time support, choose an LTS ubuntu version next time?16:53
Aktronwell apparently even the new repo is taken down :-(16:54
savelyevhi all16:56
AktronThis looks more like a network issue than end of life of a distro16:56
=== Guest94070 is now known as LaserAllan_
ramizHi, savelyev16:56
ramizsavelyev: what do you think about vjlink?16:56
lotuspsychjeAktron: when you keep using an EOL version, many things can go wrong16:57
savelyevi dont know what is it))16:57
lotuspsychjeAktron: thats why its important you upgrade 'before' its going eol16:57
Aktronlotuspsychje: even when you want to install a new distro to have the repository been missing ;-) ?16:57
yeatsAktron: you are an excellent candidate for using LTS versions ;-)16:58
Urbanecmyeats, how can Aktron upgrade w/o reinstalling?16:59
yeatslooks like they left :-/16:59
yeatsUrbanecm: I was about to recommend a reinstall of 16.04 and was going to offer help in doing so if needed17:00
lotuspsychjeUrbanecm: there is eolupgrade, but that still holds a risk, depending of how long a users has used the eol version security-wise17:00
yeatssystem administration is sometimes learned the hard way :-/17:00
sxo_only sometimes? if it doesn't end up in a kernel panic i've learnt nothing!17:01
koolkalangHi everyone - is there a way to get xfce(xubuntu) keybindings into regular ubuntu-desktop17:01
koolkalangI mean with things like resize, minimize, maximize, etc17:02
yeatssxo_: :-)17:02
Urbanecmlotuspsychje, eolupgrade is...package? Command? Or something else?17:03
lotuspsychje!eolupgrade | Urbanecm17:04
ubottuUrbanecm: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:04
yeatskoolkalang: (assuming 17.10+) the GNOME tweak tool may offer some options for that - you might also look into https://extensions.gnome.org/17:04
lotuspsychjeUrbanecm: its the technique to still be able to upgrade properly17:04
yeatskoolkalang: but GNOME is not nearly as customizable as xfce17:04
Urbanecmlotuspsychje, I've READ that page17:04
koolkalangyeats: ty, will look into those, and yep it's originally a xubuntu ISO that I decided to give ubuntu a try17:04
UrbanecmThere is said some installation should be done. But how, when the repos are gone ;)?17:05
koolkalangin 17.1017:05
lotuspsychjeUrbanecm: thats why you need to add new repos to do the upgrade17:05
yeatsUrbanecm: the repos are available for a brief window after support ends - it used to not be so short17:05
Urbanecmyeats, it is possible to upgrade AFTER the window is over?17:05
yeatsUrbanecm: probably, with difficulty17:06
lotuspsychjeUrbanecm: the longer the user uses the eol version the more risk of !usn17:06
Urbanecmlotuspsychje, what's !usn?17:06
yeatsUrbanecm: btw, this isn't just Ubuntu - all distros are similar this way - even the longer release ones like Debian & CentOS17:06
lotuspsychje!usn | Urbanecm17:06
ubottuUrbanecm: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.17:06
koolkalangyeats: is there a distro out there that's as 'nice' as ubuntu-desktop but w/ the customization of xubuntu-desktop?17:07
brainwashkoolkalang: MATE17:07
yeatskoolkalang: you might look into MATE or Cinnamon17:07
lotuspsychje!flavors | koolkalang17:07
ubottukoolkalang: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours17:07
TJ-Urbanecm: do-release-upgrade is perfectly possibly even years afterwards provided the apt sources.list is altered to point to the http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ server17:07
yeatsTJ-: oh - that's good to know - I haven't hit that issue as an end user in several years17:08
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phillijwrandom question: Do yall install plex in a VM or docker container or something? Seems like it makes more sense to do that than directly on the machine17:13
koolkalangyeats: oh neat the gnome tweaks have cpas-lock options builtin17:15
phillijwIn osx (and launchy for windows) I use alt+space to pop up a "helper" application. Does such a thing exist in ubuntu?17:21
phillijwmaybe that's what synapse is...17:22
nofacetimberHelp please, Ubuntu Server unresponsive on boot black screen.17:27
phillijwhold shift while booting to go into grub boot loader17:27
lotuspsychjenofacetimber: #ubuntu-server to the rescue17:27
nofacetimberOkay so am running a dual boot with windows, and am in the GNU GRUB menu17:28
nofacetimber*Ubuntu, Advanced options for Ubuntu, Windows 10 (loader)17:29
TJ-nofacetimber: highlight "Ubuntu", press 'e' to edit the entry, navigate down to the line starting "linux ...", remove "quiet splash" and add "debug" then press Ctrl+X or F10 to boot with those changes. You'll get verbose logging17:31
nofacetimberThanks TJ- unfortunately its still just a blank black screen.  Once I hit restart on my computer it begins to run but by that point it's shutdown :(17:33
TJ-nofacetimber: do you see GRUB report "Loading linux..." "Loading initrd..." before that?17:34
TJ-nofacetimber: have you connected multiple monitors?17:35
nofacetimberJust one monitor and I am not seeing any output17:36
nofacetimberonce I start the boot up17:36
TJ-nofacetimber: but you get the grub boot menu and can edit the entry as I described ?17:37
nofacetimberYes sir17:37
TJ-nofacetimber: which release of ubuntu is it?17:37
TJ-nofacetimber: Try editing the kernel command-line again in the same way but in addition add " earlyprintk=vga" before pressing Ctrl+X17:38
nofacetimber earlyprintk=vga on the same line as the debug?17:38
nofacetimberI believe its ubuntu server 16.0417:39
TJ-nofacetimber: correct; it's an additional kernel command-lne option, it causes the kernel to report messages very early17:39
osmanhow are you17:39
osmani need help17:40
nofacetimberdang no luck :(, I don't know if this is helpful but this is a fresh install and the first time I go after fresh installing everything works as expected.17:40
TJ-nofacetimber: something very weird there if you get nothing, that sounds like the kernel image is corrupted17:41
nofacetimberWhat I was doing was trying to enable wifi17:41
nofacetimberOnce I enable the wifi adapter I rebooted17:41
nofacetimberand then I got the black screen17:41
TJ-nofacetimber: you'll need to boot from a LiveISO > Try Ubuntu session  so we can diagnose and fix it from a stable platform17:43
nofacetimberOkay i'll give it a go17:46
nofacetimberWhats the difference between Install Ubuntu Server and Install Ubuntu Server with th?17:48
Borw3What is best Ubuntu distro?17:48
ikoniawhich ever one you like the best17:49
Ussatbest is opinion, what do you want to do17:49
Borw3I want to do programming :)17:49
ikoniaso try the ubuntu builds and see what you like17:50
ikoniaalso see which tools you want to use and consider if they support your desktop native17:50
Borw3ikonia: What is your best?17:50
ikoniadoesn't matter17:51
Borw3Ussat: What is your best?17:51
ikoniawhat matters is what you like and what tools you use17:51
senaahello, why my ubuntu 17.10 freeze when watch video ?17:52
UssatI dont have a "best" is use what tool I need for the Job. I manage servers, I run RHEL, Ubuntu and AIX servers17:52
mbntHi, I moved a folder to my trash bin, and the move failed. Then I remembered that there is a folder needed, So the folder is still on my hard drive, but the content is gone. If the move failed, what happened to the content?17:52
senaahello, why my ubuntu 17.10 freeze when watch video ?17:52
UssatREally, if you want to "program" and you need to define that a bit better, ANY *nix will do17:53
UssatHell, even windows + wsl will do.....its not really a Ubuntu question really17:53
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almoxarife[m]mbnt (IRC): the 'locate' command may be of help17:54
Borw3I am on Debian currently, but I am realising all software/games are being made with ubuntu as main target and we don't have repos for them on debian :(17:54
ikoniaBorw3: I don't believe that statement is anywhere near true17:54
UssatWAT ?17:54
TJ-mbnt: is the 'moved' dir/files in "ls -al ~/.Trash-$(id -u)"  ?17:54
Borw3ikonia: For example zeal docs, there is an ubuntu repo for latest version, none for debian :(17:55
ikoniaBorw3: it's in the official debian repo17:56
mbntTJ-, It did not make it to the trash bin17:56
mbntSo I have the files on my hard drive, but the contents are empty17:56
Borw3ikonia: The old one is, :(17:57
TJ-mbnt: that sounds more like a disk failure, move operations just move the dirent to another location, they don't touch the files themselves17:57
BillD73what tty command can issue to see what my "locale" are, the language etc.17:57
Xardon ubuntu 16.04 after the meltdown patches the current virtualbox ( 5.0.40-dfsg-0ubuntu1.16.04.2 ) seems hard lockup the whole os every time I try to start any VM17:58
Xardno network activity, input frozen and no error logs17:59
Borw3Xard: It's the new 4.13 kernel :(17:59
Xardso it's known problem17:59
ikoniaBorw3: the PPA is unsupported18:00
ikoniaBorw3: do you need the latest version with zero support ?18:00
mbntTJ-, It is not a disk failure18:00
ikoniaor do is the one with repo and distro support acceptable ?18:00
Xardif it's kernel panic shouldn't it at least give some output like flash keyboard leds etc?18:00
ikoniathats what a panic is18:01
Borw3ikonia: I don't need direct distro support, it's just some tools even like woeusb have repos on ubuntu, and not in debian :(18:01
almoxarife[m]Borw3 (IRC): debian holds to a higher standard, seems simpler to install ubuntu and enjoy both options18:03
ikoniaBorw3: up to you what you use, but I've found 2 packages for woeusb on debian in about 20 seconds of looking18:04
Borw3Here I come Ubuntu :)18:04
UssatHigher standard of what ? they have different standards, I woul dnot really say higher18:04
ikoniait seems amusing to suggest a higher standard when ubuntu is built from debian18:04
ikoniait's the same actual packages for the base, so how can the standard be different18:04
Borw3Even if Ubuntu have removed a buggy patch for Metldown/Spectre, I don't think Debian have removed anything :(18:08
ikoniaBorw3: you're very incorrect then18:08
mbntOkay, the files I am looking for had an .flv extension, how to I go through the hard drive and find the .flv files? I tried search via Thunar/Dolphin and nothing so far18:13
Borw3If I install Ubuntu 17.10 and upgrade to 18.04LTS, will I still get prompts to upgrade to 18.10 or?18:18
kostkonmbnt, simple:  locate *.flv   more powerful:  man find18:18
TJ-mbnt: "sudo find / -type f -name '*.flv' -ls "18:18
koolkalangSo if ubuntu-studio is just xubuntu+programs, could I just get the ubuntu studio programs as a package into xubuntu?18:19
TJ-Borw3: if you start from 17.10 then likely yes, but it depends on the "Prompt=" setting in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades18:20
ikoniathere used to be an ubuntustudio meta package18:20
ikoniahave a look if it's still there18:20
TJ-!info ubuntu-studio18:20
ubottuPackage ubuntu-studio does not exist in artful18:20
koolkalangah well18:20
TJ-!info ubuntustudio-desktop18:21
ubottuubuntustudio-desktop (source: ubuntustudio-meta): Ubuntu Studio Desktop Package. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.173 (artful), package size 2 kB, installed size 29 kB18:21
koolkalangbut ubuntu-studio didn't extra drivers right? it basically just uses the ubuntu drivers?18:21
Borw3TJ-: Lets say I go from .10 to an .04, and want to upgrade only in the next LTS, will it be possible?18:21
koolkalang*didn't have18:21
akikkoolkalang: there's a repository called kxstudio that has most of the audio programs, compatible with ubuntu18:21
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TJ-Borw3: you mean 17.10 > 18.04 LTS then stick until 10.04 LTS ?18:21
kostkonTJ-, 20.04 ;)18:22
Borw3TJ-: LOL 20.04, yeah18:22
koolkalangakik: is there one that's graphics(3D/compositing/video editing) related?18:22
TJ-kostkon: lol yeah, I thought I was in a timewarp18:22
TJ-Borw3: yes, as long as release-upgrades has "Prompt=lts"18:22
kostkonTJ-, everybody does, 21st century dating is confusing18:23
akikkoolkalang: sorry i don't know. kxstudio is for audio18:23
sanjarkhanhey there! i getting squashfs errors while booting live cd. my ram's are healty i tested with memtest and windows ram diagnostic18:23
sanjarkhanmy pc is msi gp62 6qe18:23
TJ-kostkon: "1" is too close to the "2" on the keyboard :p18:23
kostkonTJ-, also that18:23
ioria!info ubuntustudio-video | koolkalang18:23
ubottukoolkalang: ubuntustudio-video (source: ubuntustudio-meta): Ubuntu Studio video Package. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.173 (artful), package size 2 kB, installed size 29 kB18:23
TJ-kostkon: just like that Hawaii Missle Warning user interface :p18:23
kostkonTJ-, lol that's on a different level18:24
TJ-kostkon: I bet it was "press 1 for real warning, press 2 for test" :D18:25
koolkalangioria: ah I see the related packages in the sidebar, ty18:25
=== capella_ is now known as capella
kostkonTJ-, more red button green button and someone that didn't know he's colourblind at the controls :P18:26
ioriakoolkalang, ok, there is also a ubuntustudio-graphics pkg18:26
koolkalangioria: yep I think I can get everything I need from those packages there18:28
pellefant66hi, probs with ?grapic card? It wont start properly, returns to login screen18:33
TJ-pellefant66: can your user log-in via a console with Ctrl+Alt+F2 ?18:34
ioriapellefant66, some details ? ubuntu version, desktop , kernel , video card and module in use ?18:35
pellefant66TJ, Yes i'm on cli and startx18:35
ioriapellefant66, ls -al ~/.Xauthority18:36
pellefant66ioria, 16.04 radeon HD 5430/5450/547018:37
ioriapellefant66, ok,   ls -al ~/.Xauthority  ?18:37
TJ-pellefant66: "find $HOME \! -user $UID -ls" to check for files not owned by your user18:38
pellefant66sorry iora and TJ please once again, what command should I give?18:42
ioriapellefant66, both, paste tha output on paste.ubuntu.com18:43
TJ-pellefant66: "find $HOME \! -user $UID -ls" to check for files not owned by your user - if key files are owned by 'root' user it can prevent your user from logging in18:43
ioriapellefant66, the first one , you can paste here18:43
pellefant66TJ :root@nilssonbiarese:~# $HOME \! -user $UID18:54
pellefant66bash: /home/biarese: Är en katalog18:54
ioriapellefant66, let's try this :   ls -al $HOME  | nc termbin.com 9999       paste here the url you got18:55
pellefant66root@nilssonbiarese:~# ls -al ~/.Xauthority  ?18:56
pellefant66-rw-rw-r-- 1 biarese biarese   0 jun 19  2016 018:56
pellefant66-rw------- 1 root    root    167 jan 20 09:17 /home/biarese/.Xauthority18:56
ioriapellefant66, your Xauthoruty is wrong18:56
pellefant66ioria ok, what to do?18:56
ioriapellefant66,  you need to   sudo chown $USER:$USER  ~/.Xauthority, but before execute the command above18:57
ioriapellefant66,  this:    ls -al $HOME  | nc termbin.com 999918:58
pellefant66ok ioria i'll try again18:58
pellefant66root@nilssonbiarese:~# ls -al $HOME  | nc termbin.com 9999http://termbin.com/id0ku19:00
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ioriapellefant66,   sudo chown $USER:$USER  ~/.Xauthority     and sudo chown -R $USER  ~/.gvfs19:03
pellefant66iora root@nilssonbiarese:~# sudo chown $USER:$USER  ~/.Xauthorityroot@nilssonbiarese:~# sudo chown -R $USER  ~/.gvfschown: byter ägare av '/home/biarese/.gvfs': Funktion inte implementerad19:05
pellefant66iora: this function is not implemented19:06
BillD73on unity with workspaces, I want to place shortcuts on the desktop, i.e. say workspace 3 I want to put shortcut tty that directly open ssh terms already logged in for local systems, any suggestions?  I have 1 ubuntu tower and 2 Pis running osmc and 1 pi running raspbian. I just want to click their named icon and have it open and login with prompting me for the password.19:06
BillD73err without prompting me19:06
ioriapellefant66,   sudo chown   biarese:biarese   ~/.Xauthority19:07
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pellefant66ioria and then?19:08
ioriapellefant66,   why are you root ?19:08
pellefant66well I really dont know but as it did not start at all I logged in on ICL and then ran startx19:09
ioriapellefant66,  don't do it;   now    .Xauthority is owned by biarese ?   ls -al ~/.Xauthority19:10
pellefant66ls -al ~/.Xauthority19:11
pellefant66ioria: -rw------- 1 biarese biarese 167 jan 20 09:17 /home/biarese/.Xauthority19:12
ioriapellefant66,   ok,  sudo chown   -R biarese:biarese   ~/.gvfs19:12
pellefant66ioria :19:13
pellefant66sudo chown   -R biarese:biarese   ~/.gvfschown: byter ägare av '/home/biarese/.gvfs': Funktion inte implementerad19:13
ikoniayou can't use ~ if you're root19:14
pellefant66Funktionen inte implementerad =function not implemented19:14
ioriapellefant66,   ok,  can you exit from 'root' and login (in text mode) as your user biarese19:14
ikoniaand gvs file system permissions shouldn't be changed or wrong19:14
ikoniawhat has happened to make them wrong ?19:15
pellefant66ok I guess thats a reboot19:15
ioriapellefant66,   nope, sudo login19:16
pellefant66ioria i'm in...19:17
ioriapellefant66,   run 'id'19:18
pellefant66ioria ,uid=1000(biarese) gid=1000(biarese) grupper=1000(biarese),4(adm),7(lp),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),109(lpadmin),124(sambashare)19:18
ioriapellefant66,  ls -alR ~/.gvfs     | nc termbin.com 999919:19
pellefant66ioria, biarese@nilssonbiarese:~$ sudo ls -alR ~/.gvfs     | nc termbin.com 999919:20
pellefant66[sudo] password for biarese:19:20
ioriapellefant66,  ls -ld /home/biarese19:21
pellefant66ioria, biarese@nilssonbiarese:~$ ls -ld /home/biarese19:22
pellefant66drwxr-xr-x 49 biarese biarese 4096 jan 20 19:50 /home/biarese19:22
ioriapellefant66,  sudo chmod 700 ~/.gvfs19:25
pellefant66ioria, and then?19:27
ioriapellefant66,  sudo chown -R biarese:biarese ~/.gvfs19:27
pellefant66ioria, biarese@nilssonbiarese:~$ sudo chown -R biarese:biarese ~/.gvfschown: byter ägare av '/home/biarese/.gvfs': Funktion inte implementerad19:29
pellefant66ioria, it sais, byter ägare= changing owner, funtionen inte implemnterad, Fuction not implmented19:30
ioriapellefant66,     ls -ld  ~/.gvfs19:31
pellefant66ioria, biarese@nilssonbiarese:~$ sudo ls -ld  ~/.gvfs19:32
pellefant66dr-x------ 2 root root 0 jan 20 10:39 /home/biarese/.gvfs19:32
ioriapellefant66,    ok, can you reboot and try to login ?19:33
pellefant66ioria, yes it seems like a good idea19:34
koen_Hey guys19:34
koen_sorry for falling in like this but i have a problem with my nvidia gt520m video card and my old TV19:35
koen_im having a overscan problem and cant fix it in nvidia-settings19:35
koen_xrandr i tried.. but i only managed to get him to allign my top left corner.. but not the size19:36
koen_tv has no pc mode .. its too old19:36
koen_help appreciated19:36
ioriapellefant66,    yes19:38
pellefant66it seems like it works a bit. It did a proper login19:39
ioriapellefant66,    ok, but that folder still owned by 'root' ?19:40
pellefant66iora, what command shall I give?19:40
ioriapellefant66,     ls -ld  ~/.gvfs19:40
pellefant66ioria, biarese@nilssonbiarese:~$ ls -ld  ~/.gvfs19:41
pellefant66drwx------ 2 biarese biarese 4096 mar  4  2015 /home/biarese/.gvfs19:41
VolKwill xubuntu let me run an XMR cpu miner?19:41
ioriapellefant66,    that's ok, now19:41
pellefant66That's it? :-)19:42
ioriapellefant66,  what did you do before the issue ?19:42
pellefant66Well it wasnt me and it was an ordinary shut down.19:43
pellefant66when i started to fix this i managed to login  and ran startx19:44
pellefant66i.e login via CLI19:44
ioriapellefant66, i mean, why did you end up in this condition ? just a normal shutdown   ? really ..19:44
pellefant66well so i've been told19:44
TJ-pellefant66: you ran "startx" or "sudo startx" ?19:44
pellefant66I think sudo startx19:45
TJ-pellefant66: right... and sudo becomes the 'root' user then runs a program, which causes the files in your home directory to be owned by root19:46
TJ-pellefant66: if you ever feel the need to do that again use "sudo -i <command>" because that will switch to 'root' user's home directory (/root/)19:46
pellefant66ok TJ, I did not know of tha19:48
pellefant66Anyhow I'm happy now TJ and Ioria, ioria, Gracias mille!19:49
ioriapellefant66, ok, if you need to start X manually  use sudo service lightdm restart19:50
pellefant66ioria , I followed a guide that told me to use startx19:51
pellefant66ioria, but now I will be a nice boy and not temper wuth commands that I do not understand...I think :-)19:52
PettisI'm in a initramfs shell trying to get my xenial server to boot. When I look at mdadm --detail one drive is listed with State = 'removed' and three as State = 'active' -- is this a sign of something wrong on a RAID10?19:54
ioriapellefant66, :þ19:54
ikoniait shows a device being removed from the array19:55
Pettisikonia: should I try and rebuild the array or ?19:56
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ikoniais the array starting ?19:57
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alpha_AquilaÇa pète comme pseudo , non?19:57
ubottualpha_Aquila, please see my private message20:00
alpha_Aquila!fr | alpha_Aquila20:00
TJ-Pettis: if a drive is shown as removed find out why first, because you risk losing data if something else goes wrong20:01
alpha_Aquila!fr | alpha_Aquila20:01
ubottualpha_Aquila, please see my private message20:01
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Apachezfor software which ubuntu didnt fully converted to wayland, are there any workaround which doesnt involve logout/login to get x11 for a specific tool? like bleachbit (root) among others doesnt work in wayland20:06
Pettisikonia: cat /proc/mdstat says it is active on /dev/md0. When I used the recovery shell on a live USB I could select /dev/mapper/myservername-vg/root as the filesystem and I could access home directories, etc. but in initramfs only /dev/mapper/myservername-vg-swap_1 exists and cannot be mounted to /root20:06
akikApachez: the fix is running: "xhost +si:localuser:root" beforehand20:08
ioriaif it works, because it's not in the design20:09
akikyea i wonder why this was not taken into consideration before the release20:10
akiklast time i ran xhost was some time in 2000 or so20:10
ioriai guess ubuntu 'won't fix' as far as upstream wayland devs 'won't  fix'20:11
ApachezI finally found out how to move the app list from bottom left to top left: gsettings set org.gnome.shell.extensions.dash-to-dock show-apps-at-top true20:18
Apachezodd that things like that wasnt included in the settings20:18
Apachez+1 at least to be able to move close/minimize/maximize to the left or the right through settings20:19
Apacheznow I only need to find out how to get back "Desktop" in the shortlist when you use open file in gedit20:19
TJ-Apachez: isn't that due to Gnome planning to phase out Desktop entirely ?20:20
Apacheznow I need to click on Home, scroll down to Desktop and click on that20:22
Apachezinstead of having it on the shortlist to the left where I already got Home, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, Rubbish bin, + Other locations20:23
Apachezspeaking of which I have no idea why and how my trash bin got renamed into Rubbish bin20:23
Apachezalso would like to have the trash can on the left dock instead of onto the desktop20:23
PettisApachez: sounds like British English is selected as the language...20:24
Apachezbut when I try to drag and drop the trash can from the desktop onto the dock in 17.10 it just doesnt stick20:24
ApachezPettis: not according to settings -> region & language20:24
ApachezLanguage: English (United States)20:24
PettisApachez: lol, no idea then20:24
TJ-Apachez: Gnome are phasing out the Desktop metaphor support: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/nautilus/merge_requests/4620:26
ioriaApachez, renamed where ? in ~/.local/share      ?  instead of Trash  ?20:27
XardLANG=en_US.UTF-8 Trash is Trash at least in ubuntu 16.0420:28
Apachezioria: when you run gedit and select open file20:28
Apachezin that shortlist to the left with Home, Documents, Downloads etc you see Rubbish bin instead of Trash can20:29
Apachezseems related20:29
Apachezwill have to logout and verify what language the loginscreen has20:29
Apachezfound a fix20:31
ioriatell us20:31
Apachezin settings region & languages make sure "English (Australia)" is BELOW "English" (that is it becomes grayed out)20:32
Apacheznow "Rubbish bin" is named "Trash" in nautilus20:32
Apachezalso after you change the region & langugages reboot the box (logout/login would probably work too)20:32
ioriaok,  no aussi then20:33
Xardso you probably were using en_AU.UTF-8 locale20:33
ApachezTJ-: darn, I really hate that they removed Desktop from the shortlist - do you know of any way to adding it back without recompiling stuff? like some conf file or such?20:33
ApachezXard: funny thing is that English (United States) was first in that list20:33
Apachezand also the selected langauge20:33
Xardthough locale issues can be very annoying20:34
ApachezNow that list have "English (United States)" first and "English" second20:34
QuenzI just enabled the nvidia-340 driver (proprietary, tested) in Additional Drivers in Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 LTS and now when I boot, all I see is some test in the corner with some green "[ OK ]"s that flashes every five seconds.20:34
Apachezand the other installed languages is grayed out (because they are below "English")20:34
ApachezQuenz: how many monitoroutputs do you got?20:35
Apachezperhaps it was switched which is first monitor output20:35
Apachezand since you newly installed the drivers the other outputs are disabled by default20:35
Apachezonce you enable them you can make them into expanded or mirrored mode depending on your needs20:35
Apachezjust a thought..20:35
TJ-Apachez: I've never used Gnome20:36
Xardi hope they didn't remove the desktop folder though20:36
ApachezTJ-: so no 17.10 and onwards for you? ;)20:36
QuenzApachez just one, it's a laptop with no other monitor attatched20:36
Apachezthe Desktop folder is still within your home folder20:36
Xardi know they had some technical issues with the current desktop implementation20:36
Apachezbut now I need to click one extra time and scroll and look for the desktopfolder20:36
Apachezinstead of just leftclick on the shortcuts to the left20:36
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ioriaQuenz, 340 it's a bit old ... what's your card ?20:37
Xardi'm using desktop icons extensively with the things i'm working with like as in... the desktop20:37
TJ-Apachez: I've never used Unity either; I use console or Xubuntu primarily20:37
Apachezbah! :)20:37
Apachezalso how to move the clock to the right side in gnome? :P20:37
Xardso i really hope it's a temporary stray in from the "DESKTOP" paradigm ;<20:37
Apachezfor the past days my eyes go to the right and my brain gets a context switch of "wait what wheres the clock!?"20:38
Apachezand I start to look for it just to find it in the middle of the screen =)20:38
TJ-I don't see the point of a desktop because to see/interact with it the applications have to be mimised/hidden, so keeping things in a 'regular' directory makes more sense20:40
Quenzioria NVIDIA GeForce 9400M20:40
ioriaQuenz, so you can't login at all ? are you in console right now ?20:41
QuenzNo console, just like some messages that show on boot ioria20:41
ioriaQuenz, ctrl+alt+f1  (or f2)20:42
skinuxHey guys, I've been searching around and cannot find full instructions for solving this problem. https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/dfab81bbf1183339fcc7e881c156fd2b20:42
Quenzioria Doesn't do anything, still have flashing messages20:42
ioriaQuenz, are you on xenial 16.04 ? or what ?20:43
QuenzI can hardly read them because they only flash every 5 secs for a split second20:43
zhaoliangliu12:43 *** untoreh JOIN20:43
Quenzioria Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 LTS. I dunno if that's xenial20:44
Apachezdidnt locate any setting in gsettings to move the clock to the right20:44
ioriaQuenz, and you are not able to open a console ?20:44
Quenzioria that's right20:44
ApachezTJ-: sure but for us who occansionally stores things at the desktop its very annoying to have that shortcut being removed20:45
ApachezI mean it should be optional if you want it or not20:45
QuenzI could get a console by going into recovery mode20:45
Apacheznow it seems like its being removed from the sourcecode all together so I need to recompile gnome to get it back?20:45
Xardand speaking of locales it would be nice to change only the dates to display in iso 8601 format20:45
ioriaQuenz, it's weird, but ok ...    mount -o remount,rw /20:46
TJ-Apachez: I think it'll be handled by some kind of plug-in rather than being a core part of the file manager20:46
ioriaQuenz,  when you're in root shell , i mean20:47
Apachezfound a workaround :)20:47
Apachezlocate the desktop icon in your home folder20:47
Apachezdrag and drop it to the left side of nautilus20:47
Apacheznow its being stored as a "bookmark"20:47
Apachezand is visible when you try to open file through gedit etc :)20:48
Apachez"problem solved, NEXT!" :D20:48
Quenzioria done20:48
ioriaQuenz,  apt-get purge nvidia*20:48
Quenzioria done20:50
ioriaQuenz,  rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:51
Quenzioria No such file or directory20:52
ioriaQuenz,  ok .... exit and reboot20:52
ioriaQuenz,  also sudo reboot20:52
Apachezgreat, next problem with 17.10...(upgraded from 17.04) - I have ntp installed and configured, it works when I start/stop it through /etc/init.d/ntp start   and ntp stop, its S03ntp in rc2-520:56
Apachezbut it still doesnt start up after I reboot this box20:56
Apachezso what am I missing?20:56
Quenzioria I did get a system error dialogue when I logged in, but everything is working again. Problem is, I wanted to switch to the proprietary driver, because the open source when seems to be pretty slow20:57
ioriaQuenz,  ls  -la /var/crash20:57
Quenzioria What do you want from this? I can't copypaste it because I'm on IRC on another computer. It says "total 448" "whoopsie" and "nvidia-340.0.crash"20:59
=== puchacz_ is now known as puchacz
ioriaQuenz,  you have an outdated card, i guess ...21:00
brainwashApachez: do maybe have ntpdate installed also?21:01
=== DrWatson_ is now known as DrWatson
pavlosskinux: sudo apt-get install --reinstall libssl1.0.021:02
Quenzioria Where does that leave me?21:02
=== ptetteh227_ is now known as ptetteh227
Apachezbrainwash: seems like the upgrade snuck that in21:03
brainwashApachez: furthermore, old sysvinit services are managed by a systemd service generator, so maybe you need to run "systemctl enable ntp.service" in case it's disabled21:03
Apachezhad it removed now (again) and ill try another reboot21:03
ioriaQuenz,  can you paste ubuntu-drivers list   ? or really not ?21:03
=== baz-z is now known as z-baz
Bashing-omQuenz: ioria : nvidia says will support 340 'til the end of 2019 : http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3142/~/support-timeframes-for-unix-legacy-gpu-releases .21:04
Quenzioria I can, just give me a second21:04
Amm0nApachez, use timedatectl which comes with systemd, no need for ntpdate/ntp21:04
ioriaBashing-om, ok...21:05
Apachezdidnt work :S21:05
Apachezntpdate is removed21:05
Apachezverified through         dpkg -l | grep -i ntpdate       and     find / -iname "ntpdate"21:05
brainwashApachez: well, check "systemctl status ntp.service"21:05
ioriaQuenz,  you could install nvidia-340 from command line (wuth apt  i mean) and check for erros if any21:06
Bashing-omioria: Just looking over your shoulder, see what I can learn :)21:06
Apachez   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/ntp.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)21:06
Apachez   Active: inactive (dead)21:06
ioriaBashing-om, lol.... i'am in shutdown too21:06
Quenzioria https://paste.ubuntu.com/26425585/ okay, I'll try that21:07
Apachezdmesg doesnt really tell anything21:07
Apachezso any suggestions on how to dig into why ntp service doesnt start after reboot?21:08
ioriaQuenz,  if it fails, purge again (as above) and try 30421:08
jrabeApachez: read the systemd service file, some ntpds check if there's another ntpd installed (even if disabled) and bail out21:09
jrabealso make sure systemd-timesyncd is disabled if you want to use ntp.service21:09
jrabeoh, looks like this was already discussed, should've scrolled up..21:10
Apachezjournalctl doesnt give anything obvious21:11
Quenzioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26425611/ 2 errors towards bottom21:12
pavlosApachez: does "ntpq -np" gives you any info?21:12
Apachezjan 20 22:04:22 nuc systemd[1]: Started ntp-systemd-netif.service.21:13
Apachezjan 20 22:04:52 nuc systemd-timesyncd[571]: Synchronized to time server (ntp.se).21:13
Apachezpavlos: nope, ntpd doesnt start automatically after reboot - but it works if I start it manually like     sudo /etc/init.d/ntp start21:13
Apachezthen ntpq -p  works21:13
ioriaQuenz,  are you using  4.13.0-26-generic  on xenial 16.04 ?21:14
Quenzioria OS is Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 LTS21:14
Apachezhttps://pastebin.com/0QUPxHcg  this cant be good?21:14
ioriaQuenz,  uname -r21:15
ioriaQuenz, nvm, sudo apt-get purge nvidia* &&  sudo apt-get install nvidia-30421:17
pavlosApachez: do you have an ntp user in your /etc/passwd?21:17
Apachezpavlos: yup21:18
ApachezI reinstalled ntp too21:18
Apachezdidnt hel21:18
Quenzioria would you like the log when it's done?21:18
Apachezdidnt help21:18
Apachezfound a fix for that apparmor problem21:18
ioriaQuenz, yup21:18
ioriaQuenz, btw, cd /var/crash  and remove what's in there21:19
=== z-baz is now known as QuenzOnGnome
kirillkhhello! suddenly, I started to get this error when trying to apt update: The repository 'http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu yakkety Release' does no longer have a Release file.21:20
kirillkhwhen looking at http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/, I see yakkety is not there. was it removed?!21:20
ioriakirillkh, passed away21:20
kirillkhioria: huh?21:20
ioriakirillkh, it's dead21:20
Bashing-om!yakkety | kirillkh21:21
ubottukirillkh: Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) was the 25th release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 20th, 2017. See !eol, !eolupgrade and https://ubottu.com/y/yakkety21:21
kirillkhioria: no it's not. it's installed on my machine21:21
Apachezthere we go21:21
kirillkherm, so works as designed?21:21
Apachezfixed the apparmor problem and disabled timesynced21:21
Apacheznow ntp starts when rebooting the box21:21
Apachezthanks for your help!21:21
kirillkhioria: what if I need to do some work as opposed to work a few hours on upgrading ubuntu?21:22
kirillkhand I need to install some packages for that?21:22
ioriakirillkh, old-release21:22
brainwashApachez: mmh. I thought that the timesyncd service checks if ntpd is present21:22
kirillkhioria: huh?21:22
brainwashApachez: and only runs if it isn't21:23
ioriakirillkh, you need to upgrade, mate21:23
CrazyTBHello! I still have 17.04 (I've been postponing the upgrade for too long). Is there any ubuntu mirror that still has zesty packages?21:24
QuenzOnGnomedone and done ioria https://paste.ubuntu.com/26425679/21:24
CrazyTBI'd like to use that mirror, then I'll dist-upgrade.21:24
ioriaQuenzOnGnome, looks good, reboot21:25
QuenzThough I did remove the stuff from /var/crash after purging and installing21:25
ioriaQuenz, oky21:25
Quenzioria I have a blinking _21:26
Quenzioria nevermind, it just took a sec21:26
brainwashCrazyTB: read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:27
ioriaQuenz, if we're still alive...   can you paste sudo lshw -c Video   ?21:28
Quenzioria Sure just a sec21:28
CrazyTBbrainwash: Sounds like exactly what I need, thank you very much!21:29
Quenzioria The bar at the top is unresponsive now, I can't click it or anything. I can get to terminal though and will see if I can do a paste21:29
ioriaQuenz, sy, have to leave,  other can help, gl21:30
QuenzLast command I did was sudo apt-get purge nvidia* &&  sudo apt-get install nvidia-304, then rebooted. Now the bar at the top is unresponsive21:32
Bashing-omQuenz: U hgave beem following and will pick up . show us ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' . as a place to start looking .21:32
Bashing-omI have been following *21:32
tatertotsi know a little also21:34
tatertotsor following a little21:35
QuenzBashing-om I tried to open firefox so I could go to the ubuntu paste website but now its frozen and I just have a text select cursor stuck21:36
Bashing-omtatertots: 2 heads are better then one, even if this one is a goat's head :)21:36
QuenzDon't know how to reboot from here21:36
QuenzWithout just holding the power button21:36
Quenzctrl+shift+F1 produces a blank screen I can't type anything on21:37
Bashing-omQuenz: ctl+alt+T get a terminal ? we can do with out a browser then .21:37
QuenzAh that works, thanks21:37
QuenzBashing-om how am I gonna get this paste here? Pastebinit?21:38
Bashing-omQuenz: Great ; do ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia  | nc termbin.com 9999 ' .21:39
Quenz'nc: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known'21:39
QuenzI forgot the .com21:40
Bashing-omQuenz: verifing my command . wait one .21:40
pavloscommand is good21:41
Bashing-omQuenz: workie for me ... you loose inter net connection ? what results ' ping -c3 ubuntu.com ' ?21:42
QuenzAs I said I just forgot the .com, it works now21:42
QuenzI don't know if I'm lagging or something, I already sent the paste http://termbin.com/ypvr21:42
Bashing-omQuenz: Naw no lag - is me not paying attention . I see no fault there ..If you boot an older kernel what results ? ( seeing a lot of issues with the latest kernel ) .21:44
casi27hi can anyone help pls ;-/ i have got problem with toshiba bios 1.0 and i cant boot nothing a part of live ubuntu or grub and i dont know how to update bios like that any answers?21:44
rikamahow do i start cinnamon, it crashed and wont restart21:45
QuenzYou meant from advanced options in grub Bashing-om?21:45
Bashing-omQuenz: Yes , just as a test that the fault is not in that latest kernel or related to that kernel .21:46
QuenzBashing-om now I have the flashing screen from earlier21:47
QuenzNot booting to login screen or anything21:47
pavlosrikama: pkill -HUP -f "cinnamon --replace"21:47
QuenzJust a short log with some [ OK ]'s in green text flashing every five or so seconds21:47
QuenzShould i do what ioria told me to do when I got this before?21:49
QuenzSo it seems to produce different results based on what kernel I pick21:50
QuenzCuz if I boot normally, it boots fine21:50
QuenzIf I choose the next kernel down, I get a flashing log, and no login screen21:51
Bashing-omQuenz: So we know it is a system issue . and we also have the old error of module not building . so we need to find out the why .21:51
Bashing-omQuenz: I am a bit confused " Cuz if I boot normally, it boots fine " .. what kernel version is this that boots fine ?21:53
casi27(casi27) hi can anyone help pls ;-/ i have got problem with toshiba bios 1.0 and i cant boot nothing a part of live ubuntu or grub and i dont know how to update bios like that any answers?21:53
ikoniacasi27: read the toshiba docs21:53
ikoniathey will tel you how to upgrade your bios21:53
QuenzBashing-om I don't know, it's just the one it uses by default21:53
Bashing-omQuenz: K. boot the one that boots fine - and show ' uname -r ' .21:54
casi27ok so can anyone tell me why boot live distro ubuntu or grub bit fredos or windows not ?21:54
QuenzBashing-om also, not exactly "fine" because it's frozen on a lock screen right now, and I didn't login. I'm not sure how to reboot or anything. Only thing I know how to do is power off and power back on again, but that's probably not the best thing to do21:55
ikoniacasi27: what is the actual problem you see21:55
banisterfiendhi there -- what is the systemd equivalent of putting something in 'rc.local' ? i need to run some commands at that point21:55
ikoniabanisterfiend: really depends what you're trying to do21:55
Bashing-omQuenz: A fact no a good thing . waut for the following bot's directive :21:55
QuenzBashing-om Wait for what?21:56
banisterfiendikonia:i run an mbp and my keyboard map is busted so ihave to run 'setxkbmap -option apple:badmap' after startup21:56
Bashing-om!sysrq | Quenz21:56
ubottuQuenz: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key21:56
QuenzBashing-om I don't have a PrintScreen key21:57
ikoniabanisterfiend: I'd suggest you run that as part of your desktop session, but in 17.04 you could create a file called rc.local, there is a systemd unit that parses it, I believe you can still do that on 17.1021:57
banisterfiendikonia: how do i run it as part of my desktop session? sorry, noob here. What file should i edit?21:58
Bashing-omQuenz: Do you have the prt scrn key ? same same .21:58
ikoniabanisterfiend: you need to do it in the sessions menu in the desktop21:58
casi27(casi27) ok so i have got bios 1.0 and try to install ubuntu install perfec but not bootable at all so i have read need update bios21:58
ikoniait's not a file21:58
ikoniacasi27: define "not bootable"21:58
casi27(casi27) but dont no how becouse nothink bootable anymore21:58
QuenzBashing-om No, I do not have a printscreen key21:58
casi27Ikonia)yes they said update bios but how nothing work freedos nothing21:59
ikoniawho is they22:00
ikonianot the fix22:00
ikoniawhat is the PROBLEM22:00
banisterfiendikonia:where do i find the 'sessions menu' ?22:00
ikoniabanisterfiend: what desktop are you running ?22:00
banisterfiendi'm on 17.10 btw22:00
banisterfiendikonia: standard gnome desktop i guess, it's a fresh 17.10 install22:00
QuenzBashing-om Nevermind, somehow got it to turn off after the screen went black22:01
Bashing-omQuenz: Then I am out of good ideas .. ,maybe enable the key sequence ctl+alt+del to reboot ???22:01
casi27ok try install ubuntu instal good but not bootable only live distro i have info reboot and select proper boot device heh funny is i cant change nothing in bios becoise is old vr 1.022:01
ikoniabanisterfiend: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/172179/gnome-shell-running-shell-script-after-session-starts22:02
ikoniacasi27: I'll ask one final time - then explain this is not an ubuntu problem, how is it not bootable, what is the PROBLEM22:02
Bashing-omQuenz: Hood deal .. when you cpome bacl up from the reboot, ' dpkg -l | grep linux- | nc termbin.com 9999 ' see if a lack of headers is the cause .22:03
QuenzBashing-om 4.13.0-26-generic22:03
tatertotsQuenz: is this the same computer i've seen before?22:07
Quenztatertots Yeah, but fresh install22:07
Quenztatertots same OS22:07
tatertotsQuenz: do you remember your previous computer name/hostname?22:07
=== ptetteh227_ is now known as ptetteh227
Bashing-omQuenz: tatertots Maybe see what the log has to say .. headers are in place : ' cat /var/log/gpu-manager.log | nc termbin.com 9999 ' .22:08
Quenztatertots uuh, I think it would be the same as the current one, because I used the same names and everything during installation22:08
DJAnonimohow to resize partition /dev/mmcblk0p1 to 4GB?   /dev/mmcblk0p1   15G  2.9G   12G  20% /22:08
DJAnonimoanyone can help?22:09
QuenzBashing-om ^22:10
ZombieWhat package  contains the PAM module for DoveCot in 16.04.3?22:10
banisterfiendikonia: turns out that wasn't the proper way to do it :( The comments on that post even say "you have to jump through hoops to execute an arbitrary shell script"22:10
ikoniabanisterfiend: as I said, it's one way of doing it, I also gave you an alternative22:11
tatertotsQuenz: okay just didn't want to reinvent the wheel if i didn't have to22:11
ZombieI'm having multiple PAM issues with Samba 4.x in  16.22:11
ikoniaZombie: samba has nothing to do with dovecot22:11
Zombieevery time I su to a Samba 4 Authenticated user, I get s system error22:11
ikoniaa "system error" ?22:12
Zombieikonia, I'm trying to use the OpenLDAP method/.22:12
ikoniawhy don't you actually explain the problem, rather than titbits of generic statements22:13
ZombieI'm trying to setup DoveCot. I have a functioning RFC2307 Enabled Samba 4 AD.22:13
tatertotsQuenz: i just closed my browser tabs anyway lol, do you have internet access, can you install stuff? is the answer to all of the above/previous YES?22:13
ZombieI want DoveCot to be able to use GSSAPI Authentication.22:14
ikoniaso it doesn't sound like you have a fully functioning samba authenticated domain22:14
ikoniaas you said when you switch user to a samba user you get a "system error"22:14
ikoniathat doesn't strike me as fully functioning ?22:15
Quenztatertots yes22:15
baTedHello. I am getting :22:15
baTedErr:14 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu zesty Release22:15
baTed  404  Not Found22:15
tatertotsQuenz: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit sosreport22:15
tatertotsQuenz: let me know when done22:15
ZombieThe Samba AD is working.22:16
ZombieI can ldapsearch, I can kinit, I can smbclient with the -k parameter.22:16
ZombieSSSD is installed and running/.22:17
ikoniathat doesn't mean it's working22:17
ikoniathat means part of it is working22:17
Quenztatertots done22:17
ZombieIt enumerates users in getent.22:17
ikoniaor it means it is working and your clients auth setup is broken, it depends on what you mean by "system error"22:17
ikoniagetent just means it can query the state22:17
baTedFull log : https://paste.ubuntu.com/26425989/ . How can I fix the issue ?22:17
tatertotsQuenz: sudo sosreport22:17
tatertotsQuenz: use your chat screen name, press enter for everything else until it begins22:18
tatertotsQuenz: again...press enter for "everything" else22:18
tatertotsQuenz: let me know when done22:18
ubuntu-struggler[A Difficult Installation Question!] --> I'm trying to install Ubuntu through a USB 2.0 thumb drive. After the Ubuntu logo finishes, I'm sent to a black screen with some of the following text: "Busy Box .... (initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system" My guess is that all USB ports (2.0 or 3.0) decided to stop working. I think this because it that message sounds like Ubuntu can't find the thumb drive a22:19
ubuntu-strugglerAfter grabbing a PS2 keyboard from Goodwill, I can now enter commands at the prompt: (initramfs)   ... What do I do from here to get this working?22:20
Quenztatertots Done, though I already typed Q Quenzington for the name22:20
tatertotsQuenz: no worries :)22:20
tatertotsQuenz: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit22:21
moxxomecho "Hello World"22:23
ubuntu-strugglerHello World22:23
greglubuntu-struggler, Is the motherboard a uefi or legacy boot?22:25
ubuntu-strugglergregl, I have switched all settings to Legacy22:26
tatertotsQuenz: got it22:26
TJ-ubuntu-struggler: start with "lsblk"22:26
=== ptetteh227_ is now known as ptetteh227
baTedCan someone please take a look at this paste : https://paste.ubuntu.com/26425989/ . It will be appreciated.22:27
ubuntu-strugglergregl, (one second, let me boot her back up)22:27
greglubuntu-struggler, The error you are getting I had once when i didn't create a uefi partition..22:28
TJ-!eolupgrade | baTed22:28
ubottubaTed: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:28
TJ-baTed: you're on 17.04 which ended suppport on 13th Jan22:28
ubuntu-strugglergregl, that doesn't sound like something I've done-- how can I do that?22:28
squealingcodebaTed: 17.04 is EOL.22:29
ubuntu-strugglergregl, I was about to try to install through a CD with the minimal ISO (the minimal ISO doesn't use (initramfs) from what I've heard), but that's not ideal22:29
baTedthank you TJ- and squealingcode22:29
tatertotsQuenz: you okay?...22:30
ubuntu-strugglergregl, .... it's now at the usual installation page .... I didn't crash to (initramfs) ...22:30
* tatertots checks Quenz pulse.22:30
ubuntu-strugglergregl, I guess that's problem solved! don't question good fortune!22:30
* tatertots searches for smelling salts22:30
Quenztatertots Yes, what now22:31
QuenzYou got my paste, now what?22:31
greglubuntu-struggler, ok cool,have fun22:31
baTedstill getting an error on do-release-upgrade : https://paste.ubuntu.com/26426095/22:32
Bashing-om!eol | baTed22:33
ubottubaTed: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:33
baTedSo i'll have to do a fresh install of the system ?22:34
tomreynbaTed: no, you need to read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#Update_sources.list22:34
tomreyna fresh install is always an option,. though22:34
baTedoh damn ... I didn't see the "old-" in deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/22:35
baTedsorry about that22:35
Neo4I installed postfix22:36
Neo4can I send mail using thunderbird? What is my smtp url?22:37
Neo4port is 543?22:37
Neo4where take server hostnames for smtp and imap???22:37
Neo4shall I create subdomains for it?22:38
brainwashNeo4: I would ask in #postfix22:38
Neo4brainwash: there is silence22:39
brainwashhow long did you wait?22:39
Neo48 minutes22:39
brainwashcertainly not enough then22:39
Neo4brainwash: do you know how in general work postfix?22:40
Neo4where that IMAP and SMTP hostame I should take?22:40
conallHi. I am trying to pair with a bluetooth headset and play sound through it. I can seem to pair ok, but the device does not show up in sound settings. I have tried the various solutions on google but to no avail22:40
baTedafaik your ISP/hosting provider should provide the IMAP/smtp server22:40
brainwashNeo4: sadly no, but I would search for a tutorial22:41
baTedor allow you to use SMTP22:41
Neo4baTed: I have my own server, kselax.ru and there installed postfix, it use SMTP for send message, Can I somehow connect to my server22:41
Neo4should be some adress for example smtp.ksela.ru:54322:42
Neo4brainwash: I see indian tutorial there in /etc/hosts file should put something like this ip mail.kselax.ru22:43
baTedIt works locally ? (ie. can you use the server for sending mail)22:43
Neo4587 is SMTP and 143 is IMAP22:43
Neo4baTed: for sending yes, you can give me email and I'll send you mail22:44
ZombieWhat provides PAM support for dovecot in Ubuntu?22:44
baTedso you need help pointing the subdomain to the service22:44
Neo4baTed: it works for users on VPS, apache2 and other users can send mails22:44
Neo4baTed: do you think that is subdomain?22:44
ZombieWhat provides PAM support for dovecot in Ubuntu?22:45
Neo4baTed: there decided port, 143 and 587, they both are reserved22:45
Neo4baTed: try any saite run with :587 or :14322:46
baTedyour server should be set to allow external connections to the certain port (by firewall). Than try with the website's IP:port just to rule out the tld's subdomain issue.22:46
baTedNeo4, kselax.ru:587 port is closed22:48
Neo4baTed: how you test it?22:48
Neo4how did you test?22:49
baTedNeo4, http://ping.eu/port-chk/22:49
tomreynuse netcat: nc -vv kselax.ru 58722:49
Neo4baTed: run in browser both http://mail.kselax.ru:587 and http://mail.kselax.ru22:50
Neo4see difference22:50
Neo4that port is reserved22:50
tomreynthat's a message your web browser provides. it has a local list of restricted ports.22:51
tomreynit does not even try to connect there before it reports it22:51
redphantomI'm having problems switching from one VPN server to another one with the Network Settings Manager. Can anyone help?22:53
redphantomIt always fails to connect and I have to restart to get my internet connection back, which is wired ethernet22:53
tomreynredphantom: this suggests something is wrong with the vpn profile.22:54
tomreynverify the configuration against the vpn service providers' documentation.22:55
redphantomIm getting the configuration directly from the provider, it's auto-generated22:56
tomreynredphantom: /var/log/syslog probably contains some lines which may provide a hint on what is failing exactly.22:56
redphantomtomreyn: im using mullvad, if it makes any difference22:56
redphantomk ill check that log out22:56
tomreynredphantom: journalctl -u NetworkManager.service22:57
redphantomtomreyn: I also have a problem getting the connection to auto-start when I restart. I always have to click"Connect" manually on my wired connection22:57
tomreynthis may provide a better access to the relevant logs22:57
redphantomit's setup to automatically connect to my preferred VPN server22:58
tatertotsQuenz: looks acceptable on the "surface"22:58
tatertotsQuenz: looks acceptable on the "surface" http://paste.ubuntu.com/2642602322:58
tomreynredphantom: same about auto-connection, check the logs.22:58
tatertotsQuenz: well besides the "dormant" wifi..but you know how to address that from previous experience(s)22:59
redphantomtomreyn: i'm a big newb but this is some red text that showed up a couple time "Jan 20 17:28:31 redphantom NetworkManager[884]: ((src/devices/nm-device.c:1452)): assertion '<dropped>' failed"23:00
tomreynredphantom: which ubuntu release do you run there? lsb_release -ds23:00
redphantomtomreyn: 17.1023:01
tomreynredphantom: it is probably a bug in ubuntu https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/172506223:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1725062 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu) "Network Manager Applet can't connect to VPN, but nmtui does" [High,Triaged]23:02
redphantomtomreyn: would this explain why it's not auto-connecting?: NetworkManager[884]: <info>  [1516487295.6369] management mode: unmanaged23:02
Quenzso where does this leave me tatertots?23:03
tomreynredphantom: maybe, i'm not sure23:03
tomreynredphantom: i suggest concentrating on one issue at a time23:03
tomreynredphantom:for connecting to mullvad the bug report provides a workaround in post #223:04
tomreyni suggest you give that a try.23:04
tomreynif that solves the problem, you can look into why the vpn connection wont start on login23:04
redphantomtomreyn: i did, thank you for the help. wish I could've found that on my own cause I have spent sooo long trying to find this bug. My google-fu needs more work, apparently23:05
ubuntu-strugglergregl, are you still there?23:05
tomreynredphantom: i simplay searched for the error message (but i admit you needed to know how to find that message first of all)23:05
redphantomthat is true, hehe thank you23:06
tomreyni did a web search for "network manager ((src/devices/nm-device.c:1452)): assertion '<dropped>' failed""23:06
TJ-redphantom: you can also use "nmcli con ..." to bring up a link. "nmcli con" will list all connections. "man nmcli" for additional info23:07
ubuntu-strugglerQuestion --> I've just managed to get Ubuntu installed through a USB thumb drive. Now that Ubuntu 14.04 is installed, my USB ports are not working. I have access to a PS/2 keyboard but not a mouse. I currently do not have a network connection, but I cannot click on the network button to see what's going on. What do I do from here?23:09
tatertotsQuenz: you here buddy?23:11
QuenzI was waiting for your terminal dump to stop flooding me in PM23:12
QuenzTook forever23:12
QuenzAnyway, the GUI is still unresponsive somewhat23:12
QuenzI can't click on anything on the bar at the top23:12
QuenzWindows are responsive to the mouse, but almost nothing else is23:13
QuenzYou there tatertots? Anyone?23:15
tatertotsQuenz: yep23:19
tatertotsQuenz: thought you fell off the earth23:19
QuenzPlease don't flood people with terminal dumps23:20
QuenzUse a pastebin nextime23:20
tatertotsQuenz: oops sorry23:21
tatertotsQuenz: http://termbin.com/l1ve didn't see any FAILED's and that's good23:23
Quenztatertots Cool. Just not sure where to go from here in terms of the GUI not being properly responsive23:24
tatertotsQuenz: you just said the words i was looking for23:24
QuenzWell, anyone else?23:25
TaaTT4hello everybody23:25
tatertotsQuenz: and you do have some other symptom(s) i noticed outside of the "crashes" http://termbin.com/s7eu23:25
QuenzI wouldn't know what to do with that23:27
tatertotsQuenz: say your "x-session" is "unresponsive" eh???? http://termbin.com/h3xu23:27
tatertotsQuenz: i believe that23:27
QuenzYep, that looks like a correlation23:29
Bashing-omQuenz: Any hints in the .xsession-errors file ?23:29
QuenzLet me just boot again and check23:29
QuenzBashing-om is that in ~/ ?23:30
Bashing-omQuenz: Sorry, yes in your /home .23:30
tatertotsQuenz: your Xorg logs contains NO errors http://termbin.com/2bhs23:31
QuenzJust have to wait for something to finish before I reboot (I'm in a different OS on that computer atm)23:33
tatertotsQuenz: yeah i totally believe you when you say you have "inconsistent" unresponsiveness http://termbin.com/623d23:33
QuenzWhat I meant was that some small things work, and applications work, but most of the other basic GUI elements of the desktop manager don't23:34
QuenzI can use the arrow keys to navigate some things, but can't click on most things23:34
QuenzAnd this is also because of the particular driver I'm using23:35
QuenzThe open source one is fine, it's just slow.23:35
Bashing-omQuenz: As the 304 driver is out of nvidia support, how about we install as recommneded by nvidia the 340 driver : http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_32667.html ?23:38
ubuntu-strugglerCan anyone help me figure out why my USB and Ethernet ports are not working?23:39
ubuntu-strugglerfresh Ubuntu 14.04 install23:39
TaaTT4I need to fix package dependencies (which are completely broken) of a system I became administrator. I want to develop a script that automatically solves this issue. This command (https://paste.ubuntu.com/26426542/) should print list of packages which are dependency of another one. The problem is the command doesn't take in account circular depende23:40
TaaTT4ncies (e.g. python3-apport Recommends apport and apport Depends python3-apport). How can I avoid to print the packages which are in a circular dependency loop?23:40
ubuntu-strugglermy guess is that I switched a setting in the BIOS, but I can't seem to find it23:40
QuenzBashing-om I think that may have been the one that produced the flashing log, but I can try it again23:40
Bashing-omQuenz: At this point we do not know what is causinbg the issue - but I do think having the reommended driver is a good thing .23:43
QuenzBashing-om I'll change it as soon as I boot23:43
QuenzBashing-om and I'll check .xsession-errors too23:44
Bashing-omQuenz: This time, let's have the sytem choose what it want's - ' sudo apt purge nvidia ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' then reboot to see the effect .23:45
QuenzBashing-om Still want me to check .xsession-errors?23:48
QuenzBooting now23:48
JunkMailRoxwhat kind of computer is good for ubuntu?23:48
Bashing-omQuenz: As we are re-installing the driver anyway - I see no use of looking at old info :)23:49
JunkMailRoxis it worth it to get a gaming computer?23:49
QuenzJunkMailRox Do you want to play games on it? If so, then probably yeah.23:49
JunkMailRoxnot games, c++ programming23:49
JunkMailRoxi want to create a cryptocoin23:49
QuenzJunkMailRox No need for a gaming PC then, though you might want hardware that's good for cryptography. System requirements for Ubuntu are here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements#Ubuntu_Desktop_Edition23:50
carverhcreating a cryptocoin doesnt make sense unless you have a special feature23:50
QuenzMaybe they do23:50
JunkMailRoxits for academic reasons23:50
Bashing-omJunkMailRox: My 2 cents : if ya want the service and durability of a server, get a server .23:52
JunkMailRoxi'm leaning towards minimum, and then upgrading when i get there23:52
QuenzJunkMailRox For example if you want to do something like mining, you might want a good GPU or ASIC for crypto, but you might not need that if you're just coding a coin for academics23:52
JunkMailRoxi'm interested in the mining aspects as well23:53
JunkMailRoxthanks guys23:54
QuenzJunkMailRox I don't know enough about crypto to know whether you would need powerful hardware if you're just doing theoretical stuff, but maybe. In any case, the Ubuntu Desktop requirements are in the link above23:54
JunkMailRoxyep, i read that23:54
JunkMailRoxthat should get me started23:55
QuenzJunkMailRox An Ubuntu server is just below that, scroll down a bit23:55
QuenzI'd ask in a crypto community about the other aspects23:55
JunkMailRoxyeah, i started there23:55
QuenzThey probably have a batter idea about what hardware you'll need in terms of crypto than us23:55
JunkMailRoxapparently, i will need to learn ubuntu first23:56
JunkMailRoxand c++23:56
JunkMailRoxso, it should be some time before i'm mining anything23:56
QuenzWell as long as you meet the system requirements, you should be able to install Ubuntu Desktop fine. I've never done any coding in Ubuntu, so I don't know what programs you'd use for C++, but someone else here might know.23:57
QuenzBashing-om commands finished. A "System program problem detected" dialogue popped up. Should that be looked into?23:59
QuenzBashing-om Or should I just reboot?23:59

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