tatertotsQuenz: my creator turns his nose up at things, so i only know of the implied expression00:00
TJ-new_user_123: can you show us "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"00:01
new_user_123TJ-, https://imgur.com/a/wmlAJ00:03
new_user_123oh, sorry00:03
new_user_123TJ-, here: http://termbin.com/reub00:03
Budgiinew_user_123 what flavor of linux is that?00:04
subcoolok, ive learned ignored issues means is something people should just know. But i dont. Why in the hell is plasma shell, or kwin using 3gb of memory00:05
new_user_123Budgii, lubuntu 17.1000:05
CuriousErnestBrodoes ubuntu support intel DVMT?00:05
CuriousErnestBrobecause I changed my pre alloc DVMT from 32MB to 128MB (hackintosh purposes)00:06
CuriousErnestBronow I'm going back to ubuntu and I was wondering what effect this would have00:06
TJ-new_user_123: nothing helpful there, all looks correct00:07
subcoolTJ-, your a god here.. im sure my question is easy.00:08
TJ-new_user_123: the only thing I can imagine is there's insufficient video memory, but I cannot imagine how it'd result in what you are seeing00:08
Docfxitnacc, I am only trying to copy from one location to one location.00:08
new_user_123neither can I...00:09
Docfxitnacc, From etc/asterisk00:09
naccDocfxit: ok, then your comment is rather wrong00:11
TJ-new_user_123: good news... you're not alone, and with a similar Samsung monitor too. See https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/samsung-monitor-cuts-off-edges-of-desktop-627413/00:11
naccDocfxit: if you are trying to copy SRC to DEST, you only specifcy SRC and DEST, you currently have three paths specified00:11
Docfxitnacc, To the PC at   The shared folder that can been seen on my LAN at backup/asteriskbackup/00:11
TJ-new_user_123: there it talks about the VGA connector: " The problem is an incompatibility with the motherboard and the Samsung display ..."00:12
Docfxitnacc, Please let me know how I am supposed to correct that.00:12
naccDocfxit: on the machine you are running rsync, you want to sync a local directory to some network path?00:12
new_user_123TJ-, okay, but my display is not connected to the mobo00:12
QuenzGoing to shower while stuff installs, then I might be busy in town for a bit00:12
TJ-new_user_123: in that case the AMD GPU was on the mobo itself00:13
new_user_123oh, i see00:13
naccDocfxit: rsync -avzP path/to/local/directory user@host:/path/to/remote/directory. To know whether you want or not the trailing slashes on paths, read the manpage00:13
Docfxitnacc, Yes00:13
naccDocfxit: specifically under 'Advanced Usage'00:13
naccDocfxit: yes, what?00:13
subcoolthats my KDE login.00:14
subcoolim so tired of this00:14
TJ-new_user_123: it seems it's the monitor... here's another: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2667487/native-resolution-screen.html00:14
naccsubcool: you probably should change your password(s)00:14
TJ-new_user_123: there the reporter says "If i take a screenshot it still shows the areas I can't see."00:14
new_user_123TJ-, yeah, but the problem only occurs with kernel newer than 3.1300:14
subcoolnacc, yea....00:14
new_user_123TJ-, it's clearly my issue, but still, I got *perfect* picture w/ 3.13 on 14.0400:15
Docfxitnacc, Is user@host: replaced by the IP address or is that a reserved word?00:15
naccDocfxit: user@host would depend on how you connect ot he remote; it'd be a username on the remote and the remote hostname (or IP)00:15
new_user_123TJ-, which means something changed in the way the kernel handles radeon open soruce drivers00:15
subcoolTJ-, please.. im about to smash shit.00:15
naccsubcool: did it start all of a sudden?00:16
subcoolnacc, yea.00:16
TJ-new_user_123: right, so it must be a timing issue. Do "xvidtune -show | tee xvidtune-bad.log" then  reboot into a working kernel and do "xvidtune -show | tee xvidtune-good.log"00:16
TJ-new_user_123: then pastebin the content of both files for us to compare00:17
TJ-subcool: I can only deal with one issue at a time, especially when it's complicated like new_user_123's issue is00:17
new_user_123TJ-, here, the broken one http://termbin.com/kdf3600:17
naccsubcool: no updates installed, or anything?00:18
naccsubcool: new updates, i mean00:18
subcoolTJ-, nah, i understand. Youre just the shit.00:18
new_user_123reloading into older kernel00:18
new_user_123(meaning I will have to plug another hard drive)00:19
subcoolI had a login issue last week. Googled it, most respnoses lead to updating the KDE to a beta. So i did. Still didnt help. So, i thought about it, instead of googling. And realized somehow, i ran our of storage. So i cleand it up... and... evetually it started working again.00:19
naccsubcool: 'a beta'?00:20
naccsubcool: are you still running a beta of kde?00:20
subcoolThe beta of KDE..00:20
naccsubcool: what exactly did you do to get to that beta?00:20
subcoolofcourse.. im not great at uninstalling interfaces.00:20
naccsubcool: my guess thats what is broken00:20
naccsubcool: betas are generally ... well, beta00:20
naccsubcool: not meant to be used except for testing00:20
subcoolyeah... agreed00:20
TJ-new_user_123: isn't the older kernel alongside the current kernel?00:21
Docfxitnacc, So if I understand it now it would look like sudo rsync -avzP /etc/asterisk docfxit@
naccDocfxit: with a : between the IP and the path00:21
naccDocfxit: otherwise that whole suffix gets interpreted as a host00:21
subcoolBrb, just found out my dad had a Heart attack.. brb00:21
LuMintcould you please remind me the " * tee " command?00:23
naccLuMint: ... we don't have any context to remind you of something00:23
LuMintnacc: could you please copy backlog of the 20 last messages in PM?00:25
nacc!logs | LuMint00:25
ubottuLuMint: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/00:25
LuMintoh, nice00:25
naccLuMint: it might take a bit to catch up to exctly now, but the channels are logged00:26
LuMintTJ-: please remind me the tee command00:26
LuMintTJ-: i rebooted into another PC with 14.0400:26
metastableman tee00:27
LuMintTJ-: (i'm the guy with the Samsung problem)00:27
TJ-LuMint: OH!!!!00:28
TJ-LuMint == new_user_123 ?00:29
LuMintI don't have the backlog here00:29
TJ-LuMint: ...  right, so it must be a timing issue. Do "xvidtune -show | tee xvidtune-bad.log" then  reboot into a working kernel and do "xvidtune -show | tee xvidtune-good.log"00:29
TJ-LuMint: hang on, you rebooted on another PC?00:29
subcool Ok, nacc SO... WOuld it be best just to reinstall the OS? Thats my Goto honestly.00:29
LuMintbecause I can't have a "good" kernel on that one00:30
TJ-LuMint: a different PC to the one with the problem?00:30
LuMintTJ-: oh, sorry. It's the same PC. Only the hard drive is different.00:30
TJ-LuMint: Oh, OK, I was gonna say :D00:30
naccsubcool: i still don't know what you did to install the beta00:30
naccsubcool: to know if it's revertible, or not00:30
LuMintTJ-: is there any difference? I mean, I don't have the previous pastebin at hand00:30
TJ-LuMint: no difference!00:31
LuMintwas my impression, too...00:31
Docfxithow can I change dir in Ubuntu.  CD doesn't work.00:36
TJ-LuMint: Which kernel are you on now, and which version has the issue? There may be a clue in the commit history for the radeon driver00:36
TJ-Docfxit: "cd path/to/dir" - lower case always00:36
LuMintTJ-: 3.13 doesn't have it. 3.16 already has it.00:36
TJ-LuMint: so whatever is wrong is between 3.13 and 3.1600:37
LuMinthowever, grub is also affectec00:38
DocfxitTJ-, cd home    doesn't work.00:38
TJ-LuMint: that doesn't make sense /unless/ GRUB is being put into a GFX mode that causes the issue.00:39
DocfxitTJ-, No such file or directory.00:39
TJ-Docfxit: "cd $HOME"00:39
subcoolnacc, Its cool. I keep this OS to a very simple Setup due to nonsense like this. Ill just reinstall. Thanks though.00:40
subcoolTJ-, hey.. sorry to pressure you dude. I know youre busy. I was just trying to get an experts opinion. Ill see ya around. I appreacate you though. Help or not. YOu are the shit. keep it up man.00:41
DocfxitTJ-, ls gives me files and folders that I don't think are in home.00:41
LuMintTJ-: thanks for your researches00:42
LuMintTJ-: i guess the article you linked indicates that using DVI could help00:43
LuMinte.g. with a DVI-HDMI cable00:43
TJ-Docfxit: "pwd" will tell you the Present Working Directory (like Windows cwd)00:43
TJ-LuMint: Yes, I'd go that way, digital is always bettter00:44
DocfxitI have a shared folder that I can see from windows called myfiles.  I can't find it in Ubuntu.00:45
naccDocfxit: shared how?00:46
Docfxitnacc, I found it.00:47
Docfxitnacc, Thanks00:47
Docfxitpwd shows me I'm currently in /home/docfxit   When I do cd Dnload it doesn't change to that folder.00:49
naccDocfxit: are you typoing?00:49
nacc"Dnload" seems like it's probbly wrong00:49
fghytrrtyfghjoin #ethereum00:49
DocfxitThe first letter of Dnload is capatalized.00:49
tatertotsDocfxit: case sensitivity matters00:50
DocfxitI see the Dnload folder with ls00:50
tatertotsDocfxit: Hi does NOT equal hi00:50
DocfxitWhen I try cd dnload it comes back with No such file or directory .00:51
naccDocfxit: dnload != Dnload00:51
tatertotsDocfxit: you seem like a smart screen name, i'll give you 3 minutes to figure it out on your own.00:51
DocfxitI got it.00:52
tt21can someone help me with ubuntu as a quest system in virtualbox (windows 7 host)?00:52
tatertotsDocfxit: after 3 minutes i will be targeting you.00:52
Docfxittatertots, What am I the target for?00:53
Docfxittatertots, What does that mean?00:53
tatertotsDocfxit: for "help" or "assistance"00:54
tatertotsDocfxit: duh!00:54
brahimthis is my first time on IRC :)00:54
DocfxitI am trying to run a file called BackupFiles.sh.  I'm getting an error saying Permission denied.00:55
brahimrun with sudo00:55
tt21welcome brahim00:55
naccDocfxit: well, is it executable?00:56
LuMintHas meltdown been fixed in x86 ubuntu systems? I'm running an x86 system on a 64bit CPU and would like to know if I'm vulnerable00:56
naccLuMint: #ubuntu-hardened00:57
TJ-LuMint: not for 32-bit no00:57
LuMintTJ-: can I install a 64-bit kernel on a 32-bit system or it's a stupid idea?00:57
tatertotsDocfxit: you have a technical problem or inquiry. true or false00:58
TJ-LuMint: yes, of course, 64-bit kernel + 32-bit userspace is entirely possible00:58
Docfxitnacc, I added the properties to execute.  Now I'm getting an error unable to execute.  sudo ./BackupFiles.sh00:58
Docfxittatertots, True.00:58
LuMintTJ-: okay, how do I go about it? I would prefer the package manager to handle the updates as it does now...00:58
naccDocfxit: `ls -ahl BackupFiles.sh` in a pastebin00:59
TJ-LuMint: you'd have to add amd64 as a foreign architecture then install the "linux-image-lowlatency:amd64" package00:59
tatertotsDocfxit: you are chatting from the computer that exhibits your problem or symptom(s) right now. true or false01:00
Docfxittatertots, false.01:00
TJ-LuMint: so "sudo dpkg --add-architecture amd64" then "sudo apt update" then "sudo apt install linux-image-lowlatency:amd64"01:00
LuMintTJ-: generic woudln't do?01:00
tt21can someone help me with ubuntu as a quest system in virtualbox (windows 7 host)?01:00
nacctatertots: are you actually tryingto help?01:00
TJ-LuMint: well, for desktops, lowlatency is better. -generic is OK on servers non-interactive PCs01:01
nacctatertots: rightnow, it sounds like spam01:01
naccDocfxit: please just pastebin the output01:01
LuMintbeen using generic all along...01:01
TJ-LuMint: it's the default, not sure why01:01
tatertotsnacc: i think you and everyone else knows full well beyond a reasonable doubt that i am NOT spam. true or false01:01
TJ-LuMint: -lowlatency makes the desktop much more responsive under load01:01
LuMintthank you!01:02
nacctatertots: you are not being helpful right now.01:02
LuMintwill I be able to install statically linked software built for amd64?01:02
LuMinte.g. firefox builds01:02
TJ-nacc: I quite like Mr Binary tatertots  :)01:02
naccDocfxit: it doesn't feel like this should take quite this long, are you still there?01:03
TJ-LuMint: you can install full 64-bit linked binaries. To install 64-bit versions you just add the :amd64 suffix to package names when installing them01:03
Cr0hi i installed wine , when i run a program i got this wine: '/home/crypto' is not owned by you, refusing to create a configuration directory there01:04
tatertotsDocfxit: sorry for the "interruption"01:04
Cr0any solution?01:04
tatertotsDocfxit: it happens in this "environment"...my creator is aware of the "bugs" in the environment01:04
LuMintTJ-: okay, thank you. Let's see how the new kernel works for me.01:04
Larg8ohello, can someone explain to me why I can only send mail since my vps with telnet, but that I use mail then I always have an error of the smtp receiver? 550     Unroutable sender address (in reply to RCPT TO command)01:04
Docfxitnacc, I'm here.01:05
naccDocfxit: ok, have the pastebin?01:05
naccDocfxit: did you remove the pastebin?01:06
naccDocfxit: says it has been removed, are you sure on the url?01:06
DocfxitMaybe it's https://pastebin.com/1aAW2R5C01:07
Cr0any answer?01:07
naccDocfxit: can you pastebin the script itself?01:08
* TJ- suspects script is missing shebang01:08
naccTJ-: yeah01:08
tatertotsLarg8o: appears you have trouble "routing to an address"01:10
LuMintTJ-: it did work! However, I seem to be unable to delete the older x86 kernel.01:11
tatertotsnacc: are you one of the mod/op humans?01:11
nacctatertots: no01:11
TJ-LuMint: keep it, it won't hurt01:12
naccDocfxit: sh -x ./BackupFiles.sh01:12
LuMintthe suggested solution in synaptic looks like it would break everything https://imgur.com/a/kRqZT01:12
LuMintTJ-: i'd rather get rid of it.01:12
tatertotsnacc: so you have no "group" behind you, it's only the 1 opinion that's between those ears of yours that have determined that "i am NOT helpful"? true or false01:13
TJ-LuMint: In which case you need something like "sudo apt remove linux-image-<version>-generic"01:13
TJ-tatertots: leave it; nacc doesn't need a 'group' behind him, he's one of the best supporters and Ubuntu developers01:13
tatertotsnacc: is there at least one other human in here that you could get to "co sign" or at least bribe to lie to agree with that statement?01:14
LuMintTJ-: http://okturing.com/src/2064/body it looks weird.01:14
TJ-tatertots: your style sometimes comes over as petty01:14
LuMintespecially this bit: After this operation, 63,5 kB disk space will be freed.01:14
TJ-LuMint: maybe it was autoremoved? Check what is installed: "apt list 'linux-image*'  "01:15
Docfxitnacc, That worked much better.  Thanks.  Now I'm getting ssh: connection refused.  I guess it's trying to FTP the files.01:15
stan7somebody can help me? im on linux, but cant fix a problem with my grpahic card, i have a 09:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM108M [GeForce 930M] (rev a2)01:15
TJ-LuMint: ooops, this would be better: "apt list 'linux-image*' --installed "01:16
Docfxitnacc, I have a shared folder on the windows machine.  I don't have an SSH server running.01:16
naccDocfxit: i don't know how to rsync to windows, you would need to ask the windows channel01:17
naccDocfxit: rsync by default uses ssh, you'd need to specify a different protocal01:17
Docfxitnacc, Great.  Thank you very much for all your help.01:18
TJ-Docfxit: or, if possible, install the Windows Subsystem for Linux and run the openssh-sever (if it provides it)01:18
naccDocfxit: you probably need samba otherwise01:18
Docfxitnacc, I have samba01:19
stan7how can i find my driver? 09:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM108M [GeForce 930M] (rev a2)01:19
LuMintTJ-: i'll probably leave it be for the time being... Just had a weird bug - the text input was slowed down enormously, could barely type. Restarted X - but it didn't help. So i had to reboot.01:20
LuMintTJ-: and there was nothing in  iotop that could explain it.01:21
TJ-LuMint: hmmm! shoot 1 bug and another pops up01:21
LuMintshould I probably replace all my packages with amd64 versions?01:22
TJ-stan7: "lspci -nnk -s 09:00.0"01:22
naccDocfxit: if you have samba, then you don't need rsync01:22
naccDocfxit: just moutn the samba share and copy the files01:22
TJ-LuMint: no, you might end up with many more issues!01:22
* TJ- runs away01:22
tatertotsTJ-: you've been in here for a while...i've seen you...and dude..you couldn't judge my style if you wore bi focals, and if my creator told you about your style..it'd be that you lack it and you've been found to be "incorrect" on multiple occasions01:23
Bashing-omstan7: 'dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' for what is installed .01:23
LuMintTJ-: actually, I thought of a command like: dpkg -l | xargs apt install --reconfigure $1:amd6401:23
tatertotsTJ-: creator says he will start to "highlight" your mistakes or gaps in knowledge if you continue to bother me01:23
TJ-tatertots: if you carry on like this you will be removed, You're breaking the Ubuntu Code of Conduct01:24
tatertotsall you had to do is resist "pack mentality" started by nacc ...but not mentally strong enough01:25
tatertotsso do what you will01:25
tatertotsi'm on high ground...intellectually....and you know it01:25
* LuMint is on high ground... geographically...01:26
Docfxitnacc, What would the copy command look like?01:26
naccDocfxit: well, if you have samba shares mounted, then `cp -R /path/a /path/b`01:26
TJ-LuMint: that command you suggested give me the shivers :)01:28
stan709:00.0 3D controller [0302]: NVIDIA Corporation GM108M [GeForce 930M] [10de:1346] (rev a2)01:28
stan7Subsystem: Toshiba America Info Systems GM108M [GeForce 930M] [1179:f842]01:28
stan7Kernel driver in use: nouveau01:28
stan7Kernel modules: nouveau01:28
LuMintTJ-: the input issue  is back01:28
tatertotsTJ-: if you want these people to continue to think you're a smart guy..back off01:29
LuMintTJ-: can only type one letter a second or even slower01:29
LuMintmouse and scroling not affected01:30
TJ-LuMint: this is with the 64-bit kernel?01:30
stan7when i type: dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia01:30
stan7, i got nothing01:30
TJ-LuMint: must be an input/event issue01:30
Bashing-omstan7: ^ says you are using the open source driver nouveau . Is there a problem with it ?01:30
LuMintTJ-: howdo  fxt01:30
Docfxitnacc, What would the mount look like?01:30
LuMintTJ-: howw do Ifix it?01:31
naccDocfxit: i dont' use samba, but i think you can do it from the file browser if it's visible on your network01:31
Docfxitnacc, I'll try to figure it out.01:32
stan7everything fine, problem is when i use an ide for example like lazarus, or pyqt, or some software like those, the buttons are too small and i cant work , but everything else is great, its not a big problem for everyday use, but sometimes when i need to use a software looks strange, small buttons01:32
Docfxitnacc, Thanks a bunch.01:32
TJ-LuMint: return to the 32-bit kernel? Or switch to running a full 64-bit install. I wouldn't recommend just installing the :amd64 packages on the :i386 install though, there are things that will break01:32
Bashing-omstan7: I do not know what to advise in such a case .01:33
stan7maybe its not the driver, right?01:34
stan7what is nouveau? is a driver?01:35
Bashing-omstan7: Sounds more to me a theming issue .01:36
TJ-stan7: that sounds like a desktop DPI/scaling issue. What resolution is the display using? what does "xvidtune -show" report ?01:36
stan7everything is fine, problem is when i use some software01:36
gt8ost4ldoes anybody know why libre office writer opens twice on the gnome panel?01:36
stan7dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia01:36
stan73840x2160, y tried the other ones, but it is the best01:36
TJ-stan7: aha! you've got a HiDPI display01:37
stan7what do you mean?01:37
TJ-stan7: so I bet the desktop is scaling as if it's only HD which is why some components look very small at times01:38
stan7sorry but im not very good at linux yet, i try to do my best, what do you recommend to do?01:38
TJ-stan7: the desktop defaults to assuming 96 pixels per inch, which is OK for up to 1920x1080 on most displays, but on yours 96 pixels is 1/2 inch!01:39
Bashing-omTJ-: stan7 : this : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/HiDPI .01:39
TJ-stan7: which desktop environment are you using?01:39
stan7kali linux01:39
huppensuhnwhy does paste.ubuntu.com require a login for plain text view? and why does it block the back button on that login page?01:40
stan7i really dont know if its driver, maybe is not the drivers, i dont know01:40
stan7so is it not about drivers?01:40
TJ-stan7: Kali? that's not Ubuntu!01:40
stan7my laptop is a toshiba01:40
stan7mmm come on my friend, anyways. help me pls01:41
stan7i used ubuntu it was the same01:41
stan7just for this time01:41
TJ-stan7: different distro's use different configs and methods, we don't know Kali. A web search for "kali gnome hidpi" will help you though01:42
stan7do you think if a use ubuntu i will not have this problem?01:42
TJ-huppensuhn: log-in is to prevent easy scraping01:42
stan7because if it is the solution i can change it01:42
bray90820Would this be a good place to het help with ubuntu subsystem for windows01:42
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
TJ-stan7: check out the web search, it'll give you something like this: https://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?20806-Kali-Linux-with-HighDPI-devices01:43
stan7i can change to ubuntu distro, is it the solution?01:43
stan7what can i do?01:44
=== Budgii_ is now known as Budgii
stan7do i need to change my resolution to 1600x900?01:46
tertle-_yes change to 1024x76801:47
tertle-_then install randr01:47
nacc!ubuwin | bray9082001:47
ubottubray90820: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide01:47
LuMintTJ-: couldn't reboot for some reason so I had to chroot to delete it %)01:48
stan7i already tried, but it doesnt look good01:48
stan7apt-get install arandr?01:49
stan7it looks same01:50
stan7ohh i need to use the arandr01:51
stan7one min01:51
=== one is now known as Guest16308
stan7what do i need to do with arandr?01:52
Guest16308ubuntu is ok but i install win 1001:53
hosedandconfusedHi. I hosed my hdd from the command line.01:54
Guest16308but i use ubuntu from live cd01:54
hosedandconfusedI'm using 14.04.01:55
Bashing-omhosedandconfused: what does " hosed my hdd from the command line." mean ?01:56
stan7hey guys01:56
stan7the arandr is solving my problem01:56
stan7y trying what is the best01:57
hosedandconfusedI tried to remove a directory from the command line.01:57
hosedandconfusedAnd I made it recursive and forced.01:57
hosedandconfusedBut, I plugged in a USB stick with PuppyLinux on it and I can still see my files on the hard drive.01:58
hosedandconfusedI'm wondering what I hosed to make my machine unbootable.01:58
TJ-hosedandconfused: can you access the user's home directory on the hard drive?01:59
Bashing-omhosedandconfused: To be honest, if you removed a system directory - you back up your personal data and RE-install .01:59
TJ-hosedandconfused: if so, can you see a file called .bash_history (if using a GUI you may need to tell the file manager to show hidden files)02:00
TJ-hosedandconfused: if you open that file we can see exactly what command you executed and figure out what the damage might be02:01
Bashing-omhosedandconfused: ^^ that is why we follow him :)02:02
hosedandconfusedHmm... using Geany to open .bash_history from my userland acct, I get: The file "mnt/home/home/<user>/.bash_history" does not look like a text file or the file encoding is not supported.02:05
hosedandconfusedLooking at root's bash history...02:06
hosedandconfusedI did the rm -rf *.*02:07
hosedandconfusedSo, how hosed am I?02:08
hosedandconfusedI thought I was user, but I see I was wrong.02:08
hosedandconfusedAnd if I did remove everthing, why can I still see all the files when booting from a linux USB stick?02:10
TJ-hosedandconfused: did you issue the rm -rf *.* in the /  (root of file-system) directory ?02:12
hosedandconfusedLike a powerful idiot. Yes.02:13
TJ-hosedandconfused: you're VERY lucky then, 'rm' by default does  "--preserve-root"02:13
=== Zren_ is now known as Zren
LuMintwill something break if I copy the /etc/ from 14.04 to 17.10?02:13
TJ-hosedandconfused: so it looks like, if you see all files, the boot failure may be caused by something else02:13
LuMinti mean, apart from obvious init differences02:14
TJ-LuMint: probably; config files will have changed syntax over that period02:14
=== capella_ is now known as capella
DanielPowerNLHi. For the past year I've been using xfs as my file system on my desktop and laptop. There have been a couple of times where I accidentally struck my computer while it was running, causing the hard drive to miswrite, and resulting in an unbootable system. The two times this happened, I ran xfs_repair, and it automatically fixed the issue. I'm trying to decide whether to use xfs again, or to switch to ext4 for my next install. D02:15
DanielPowerNLand how does it compare to xfs for repairing corrupted data?02:15
DanielPowerNLThe reason I'm considering switching is because xfs does not support shrinking partitions. It's the only downside I've found in years of use, but it is annoying.02:16
Bashing-omhosedandconfused: in / a " ls -al *.* ] only shows that the initrd.img, initrd.img.old, and vmlinuz.old are affected :)02:16
TJ-DanielPowerNL: causing corruption via knocking the disk suggests it suffered surface damage. Have you done a SMART health check on it?02:16
DanielPowerNLTJ: Yes, the drive is completely healthy according to its SMART data. It continued working fine after the two times this happened. I'm not asking for a solution to that. I'm simply asking if ext4 has similar repair capabilities to xfs.02:18
TJ-DanielPowerNL: that's good to hear! I'd be concerned it might suddenly die. Seen that too many times for comfort.02:20
TJ-DanielPowerNL: ext4 has fsck.ext4 which repairs the FS in the same way I presume, although I'm not familiar with precisely what xfs_repair does.02:21
stan7mmm now i fixed the qt designer resolution but now my xchat resolution is not good02:24
hosedandconfusedYeah... I think the best option for me is to offload my files and the reinstall.02:28
hosedandconfusedThanks TJ!02:28
hosedandconfusedThanks Bashing-OM02:29
nmrhhello, I'm looking for a pointer to get past an install issue for lubuntu02:29
nmrhi've tried the #lubuntu channel and was suggested to ask here...02:30
stan7i already could fixex with arandr, thanks a lot guys for your support02:31
nmrhafter sudo swapoff -a and apt-get install lvm2, i get "An error occurred while configuring encrypted volumes"02:31
Bashing-omhosedandconfused: I would think ' sudo update-initramfs -u -k <vbersion>-generic ' to be effective ??02:32
nmrh syslog: https://ptpb.pw/K2CB02:33
nmrhmount output: https://ptpb.pw/ywhS02:33
nmrhthe line: Jan 23 01:51:33 lubuntu partman-crypto: Cannot format device /dev/sda5 which is still in use.02:34
nmrhin syslog looks like a symptom, I just don't know the cause...02:34
nmrhdevice is a dell e6220 FWIW02:36
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=== thaumavorio_ is now known as thaumavorio
phillijwI'm trying to run this docker setup but the original script used ubuntu 15.04 and I'm on 16.04. Can someone help me get this updated properly? The wine-mono setup is confusing me: https://github.com/phillijw/ynab02:58
=== capella_ is now known as capella
phillijwplease :)03:04
nmrhwell, I'll try vanilla ubuntu 16.04 lts and if that fails as well then I'll pester here again03:06
=== capella_ is now known as capella
phillijwthis place sure is dead tonight :)03:26
alpha_Aq1ilaNobody knows who they are03:28
BudgiiId say!03:28
alpha_Aq1ilaI saw a microscopule part human code source and...03:33
phillijwE: Unable to locate package wine-mono4.5.603:33
=== Nicmavr is now known as Guest24899
=== xdb_ is now known as xdb
electricguitaranyone got problems using ubuntu?03:46
phillijwI can repeat my question from above03:46
BudgiiI don't know much but my flavor is working, worth asking again so I can try03:46
alpha_AquilaJust theme test03:46
nmrhnmrh: thanks for suggesting to try regular ubuntu 16.04 lts to install, that seems to work03:47
nicolasubuntu the best of the best03:47
electricguitarwhat question?03:47
phillijwI'm trying to run this docker setup but the original script used ubuntu 15.04 and I'm03:49
phillijw                  on 16.04. Can someone help me get this updated properly? The wine-mono setup is03:49
phillijw                  confusing me: https://github.com/phillijw/ynab03:49
phillijwthe docker script was written around 15.04 but that is no longer available so I was trying to switch it to 16.04 instead03:50
electricguitarmy apologies03:53
phillijwI forgive you03:53
electricguitarhave you tried other alternatives?03:54
phillijwsuch as what?03:54
=== kevr_ is now known as kevr
eskimoErmm, so every time I reboot, my /etc/resolv.conf is overwritten with just one line nameserver which makes me unable to resolve any dns04:25
eskimoHow the hell can I get it to stop doing it04:25
hz_dns-nameservers in etc network interfaces probably04:26
TJ-eskimo: I think that is systemd-resolved04:26
=== [2]KrisWood is now known as KrisWood
shubhamhi i am a new user of ubuntu mate for raspebrry pi. is there any better version of ubuntu for raspberry pi?04:37
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
=== Apachez- is now known as Apachez
jackxnAttention! If you are using FreeNode, consider that you *must* obey scientific, political and historical beliefs of a small group of people that own that private network, otherwise you will be restricted access, read more: https://pastebin.com/E7QNnjDR05:21
jackxnAttention! If you are using FreeNode, consider that you *must* obey scientific, political and historical beliefs of a small group of people that own that private network, otherwise you will be restricted access, read more: https://pastebin.com/E7QNnjDR05:21
jackxnAttention! If you are using FreeNode, consider that you *must* obey scientific, political and historical beliefs of a small group of people that own that private network, otherwise you will be restricted access, read more: https://pastebin.com/E7QNnjDR05:21
GizmoRomickI am running Ubuntu 16.04 using the Plasma 5 desktop.  I used to be able to mount my NAS smb share to a folder in my home folder using "sudo mount -t cifs -o...", but now I get mount error(5): Input/output error.  Any idea what may be causing this?05:44
lotuspsychjeGizmoRomick: input/output error are mostly hd getting bad/broken05:48
lotuspsychjeGizmoRomick: perhaps start with a SMART test on that harddisk?05:48
GizmoRomicklotuspsychje: the drive is a NAS with 4 HDDs in RAID 6.  I wouldn't think it was having problems.  When my Plasma 5 desktop won't connect, I turn to my MATE laptop and it seems to work fine.  I don't use the same terminal command on the laptop, when I open the smb share, it automatically mounts it to /run/user/1000/gfvs05:50
lotuspsychje!samba | GizmoRomick doublechecked this?05:51
ubottuGizmoRomick doublechecked this?: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html05:51
energizerdo i have to log out to update my indicators?05:55
lotuspsychjeGizmoRomick: while you play around, try a tail -f /var/log/syslog to see whats going on05:56
Mr_CyclopsGizmoRomick, Mate rocks ;-)05:56
lotuspsychjeenergizer: normally yes, but try?05:56
energizerfor some reason my dropbox indicator isnt showing up after relogging in,05:57
energizerand my google-tasks-indicator isnt showing up yet but havent relogged in for that one yet05:57
lotuspsychjeenergizer: wich package did you install on wich ubuntu version?05:57
GizmoRomicklotuspsychje: I'll try that, thank you05:57
energizerlotuspsychje: google-tasks-indicator/artful,artful 0.6.1-extras15.10.0 all05:57
GizmoRomickMr_Cyclops: I think so, definately my first choice for most uses05:58
nsnzeromorning / afternoon/ evening all05:58
energizerlotuspsychje: "application already running"05:58
energizerwhen i run it from terminal05:58
Mr_CyclopsGizmoRomick, well year, in my opinion, somethings are best kept simple and to the point :-) anyways I wont spam this room with non-productive comments. Good Luck! :)05:59
lotuspsychjeenergizer: not all indicators work, the same like xenial on artful05:59
lotuspsychjeenergizer: have you installed gnome-tweak-tool to see if your indicator extension is enabled?05:59
lotuspsychjewelcome nsnzero05:59
energizerlotuspsychje: the one that's called "Ubuntu appindicators" ?05:59
lotuspsychjeenergizer: yes06:00
energizerlotuspsychje: yeah it's enabled06:00
lotuspsychjeenergizer: allright the only indicator ive seen working so far is teamviewer06:00
nsnzeroguys i am trying to remove the 4.4.* kernel but when i use sudo apt remove 4.4.* apt wants to re-install the kernel - i am running the 4.13-hwe kernel at the moment06:01
nsnzerohi lotuspsychje06:01
lotuspsychjeenergizer: so im unsure what works & what not06:01
energizerlotuspsychje: "Multi Monitors Add-On" also works06:01
lotuspsychje!mainline | nsnzero06:02
ubottunsnzero: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds06:02
lotuspsychje!kernelcleanup | nsnzero06:03
ubottunsnzero: For information about removing old kernels to free up space on /boot, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RemoveOldKernels06:03
nsnzerothanks guys06:06
lotuspsychjeenergizer: where did you install that indicator package from?06:14
nsnzeroafter some reading i now know that ubuntu will keep a stable/mainline kernel and another - so best i just leave it has it is - thanks for the knowledge and thanks for the quick responses06:14
energizerlotuspsychje: ataaeraroaoe (you know the one) ppa06:17
lotuspsychjeenergizer: we cant support external ppa's here mate sorry06:18
lotuspsychjeenergizer: its a risk for the ubuntu system06:19
_kmh_i was wondering is there any  (default) software in a kubuntu 16.04 installation that send larger amounts of data (as crash reports or for other reasons)?06:20
energizerlotuspsychje: no worries, thanks06:20
energizerlotuspsychje: is this channel operated by canonical?06:20
RajRajRajhow to degrade to ubuntu 16.04 from 17.0406:21
EriC^^you cant06:21
EriC^^you can back up your data and fresh install 16.04 and copy them back06:22
lotuspsychje!apport | _kmh_06:22
lotuspsychjeenergizer: #ubuntu has both volunteers and devs/helpers from canonical06:23
lotuspsychjeenergizer: why do you ask?06:23
_kmh_lotuspsychje,  yes but would any other prpgram/process do something likr that if apport is not activated06:24
lotuspsychje_kmh_: whats your real issue exactly?06:25
_kmh_the default setting for apport is off afaik06:25
lotuspsychje_kmh_: you can still use ubuntu-bug06:25
_kmh_lotuspsychje, after a few application crashes in short period, some prpgram started sending maasive amount of data according to ksysguard06:26
_kmh_lotuspsychje,  so i'm wondering whether that was a possible appropriate behaviour for ubuntu with apport deactivated06:27
lotuspsychje_kmh_: perhaps the #kubuntu channel can help you better on this06:27
_kmh_due to the app crashes or whether it is more like that the installation was hacked06:27
_kmh_lotuspsychje, i don't think it was kde specific06:28
_kmh_lotuspsychje,  but let me  heck there06:28
energizerlotuspsychje: i see. "Sorry, we can't support ..." sounds a little more official than e.g. "That's off-topic" :)06:28
nsnzerowait - i run neon06:28
lotuspsychje_kmh_: wich kubuntu version?06:29
lotuspsychje!ppa | energizer ; )06:29
ubottuenergizer ; ): A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge06:29
_kmh_lotuspsychje,  16.04.306:29
energizerlotuspsychje: yeah im familiar06:29
lotuspsychje_kmh_: kubuntu ran fine before?06:30
nsnzeroplasma version ? energizer06:30
lotuspsychje_kmh_: check your crash, syslog and dmesg logs06:30
_kmh_it it seems to run fine after a reboot06:30
energizernsnzero: me?06:31
_kmh_lotuspsychje,  where do i find them?06:31
nsnzeroyes energizer06:31
energizernsnzero: what are you asking about?06:31
lotuspsychje_kmh_: /var/log/..06:31
nsnzeroi use a widget net monitor that tells the network usage and even iftop can help find the culprit sending data06:32
nsnzerolotuspsychje: just let me extend my thanks and appreciation to you for taking the time to assist everyone - including myself06:39
=== gms is now known as Guest21475
lotuspsychjensnzero: your welcome mate06:43
someone_Hi, I noticed recently on my kubuntu 16.04 there are more than process are repeated with different id such as bioset it is repeated 11 times, Is there any explanation for this ?06:45
=== daniel is now known as Guest62986
_kmh_nsnzero : unfortnately i had nothing handy when it happened (only kysguard)06:53
What-a-melonHow do I install the latest stable version of emacs on ubuntu?06:59
lotuspsychje!latest | What-a-melon07:00
ubottuWhat-a-melon: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.07:00
What-a-melonMost stable then...07:01
lotuspsychjeWhat-a-melon: we reccomend you to use the version specificly meant for your ubuntu version07:01
lotuspsychjeWhat-a-melon: see also !backports or snaps07:02
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OnkelTemHi folks. Can I upgrade from 17.04 to 17.10? I ran do-release-upgrade and it just failed07:26
=== nicolo is now known as Guest50997
qawsedoes someone know the following problem? KVM, host Centos 7.4, host Ubuntu 16.04, and in virt-manager (over spice) the keyboard and mouse do not respond. Any workaround?07:36
isensalut les potes07:39
isen@Drone tu voles lol ?07:39
isenou t'as plus de batterie ?07:39
isen^peter^ t'as péter ? xdddd07:40
isen@YuGiOhJCJ C'est l'heure du dudu ududududu dududud duel !07:41
YuGiOhJCJoui en effet mais moi je fais des duels sur Rocket League07:41
isenMon frigo ne marche plus07:41
isenAidez moi svp07:41
isen@rubick where is your cube ?07:42
isenrubick's cube07:42
YuGiOhJCJisen, I think it is an english language channel07:42
YuGiOhJCJby the way07:42
cloudbudwhat is the location /usr/lib/apt/methods/ in ubuntu07:51
=== al2o3-cr is now known as c5h8no4na
frechdachs69Q: how do I install and use KDM on Xenial? apt-cache does not give me any useful results for kdm?07:56
ducassefrechdachs69: kdm is now called sddm, i think08:06
hateballsddm is the standard login manager in Kubuntu (and other Plasma distros) yes08:08
hateballsince Plasma 508:08
hateballfrechdachs69: ^08:08
frechdachs69hateball: and it doesn't support XDMCP as far as I can tell :-(08:09
hateballfrechdachs69: correct08:09
frechdachs69hateball: KDM did08:10
What-a-melonHow  do you get emacs to work on your terminal?08:11
ducasseWhat-a-melon: 'emacs -nw'08:12
What-a-melonWhat about opening a specific file?08:13
ducasseWhat-a-melon: 'emacs filename'08:14
What-a-melonThanks ducasse08:15
DerDildoDenkerWie Gehts?08:15
DerDildoDenkerWhats up?08:15
evg1838Nichts bei dir08:16
What-a-melonWhat about opening the file on emacs on the terminal?08:16
evilxyzguys, how to use smartctl detect bad sector on ssd ?08:16
DerDildoDenkerWho are ya peeps08:17
ducasseWhat-a-melon: then use them both, 'emacs -nw filename'08:17
bazhangDerDildoDenker, this is support only08:17
bazhangtake the chatter elsewhere please DerDildoDenker08:17
What-a-melongot it08:17
nopcodemy xubuntu keeps forgetting my monitor settings done in nvidia-settings08:21
nopcodeany ideas?08:21
OnkelTemIs there a tool which just takes a list of bad block numbers and shows what files they belong to?08:28
OnkelTemI found an article where EVERYTHING is supposed to do by hand: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Identify_damaged_files08:28
obiwlanHi. Can you reproduce this behaviour? It looks like a bug to me. I want to use the command mhn from the mailutils-mh. Before installing it i get the message "The program 'mhn' can be found in the following packages: mailutils-mh". But installing it doesn't change anything.08:29
OnkelTemI just wonder is there a more quick way to just know what files have been ruined08:29
obiwlanI see the same behaviour on Ubuntu 16.04.3 and 17.10. Am I missing something?08:30
geirhaobiwlan: https://packages.ubuntu.com/artful/amd64/mailutils-mh/filelist   for some weird reason it installs the commands in a subdirectory of /usr/bin/ which you likely do not have in PATH08:34
wargarrrblllHey there, I'm looking for a Vidcap32 alternative for a science class in my local school, any  The goal is to record a small video clip using a webcam, then replay it at a lower speed to measure for instance the acceleration of a falling ball08:55
wargarrrblllany idea? *08:55
Ben64wargarrrblll: cheese?08:58
=== r0Oter is now known as r00ter
wargarrrblllIsn't that for stills only?08:59
wargarrrbllloh- nope08:59
ablestwhats the last ubuntu that i can download/install along windows?08:59
Ben64just grab 16.04 and install normally, or use a VM09:00
ablesti dont have dvd09:00
ablesthow i get an vm?09:00
Ben64install virtualbox09:00
ablesti have windows 709:00
VolundHuzzah! I am back on Ubuntu as my Desktop OS09:00
Ben64and you could use a flash drive to install instead of dvd09:00
ablesti have neither09:01
Ben64flash drives are like $109:01
ablestuse to be able to download and install from windows09:01
Ben64and it never worked properly09:01
Ben64the dollar store09:01
Ben64no, its a store09:02
ablest$200 to ship lol09:02
ablestlike 99 cent store09:02
ablesti know09:02
ablestim in the bronx09:02
ablesthow do install ubuntu with wubi?09:15
DARKmy desktop screen is  flickering too much09:21
DARKLinux akagami-H110M-S2 4.13.0-31-generic #34~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 19 17:11:01 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:22
DARK00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation Device [8086:5902] (rev 04) DeviceName:  Onboard IGD Subsystem: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd Device [1458:d000]09:22
DARKdoes anyone know how to fix this ?09:23
=== c5h8no4na is now known as al2o3-cr
hateballDARK: what do you mean by flickering? constantly? or tearing in videos?09:28
DARKscreen goes on and off09:29
jpeWhat could be the reason for chmod failing? I see that a file is owned by a group of which my user is also a member. However, performing "chmod -w" on this file results in the message "chmod: file.ext: new permissions are r--rw-r--, not r--r--r--"09:45
=== HerrPfoetchen is now known as Fuchs
agoodmin 17.10 how do I enable both of my super keys at the same time?09:51
sine0hello folks I want to web dev on a spare machine and Im trying to pick a distro for it, would ubuntu server be a good out of the box solution10:06
sine0I just want the lamp stack with all modules asap10:07
hensemasure, any mainstream disto would work.10:07
hensemacertainly ubuntu is fine10:07
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
frechdachs69Q: when preseesing 'apt-setup': can I use an HTTPS url for a repo key?10:14
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
VolundOkay guys I'm having a weird issue. I'm currently running Wayland with Ubuntu 17.10.1 and I've been TRYING to switch to something X-based so I can make use of some kind of remote desktop software. I don't care how it's done: TeamViewer, RDP, VNC, whatever...10:29
VolundWhen I ATTEMPT to login with an Xorg session using the gear icon at the login screen... the screen flashes black a few times, I get a hint of a desktop, then it returns to the login screen as if I hadn't logged in. I can, for some reason, only get a Wayland session running10:30
=== thorre_se is now known as thorre
sveinseWhat do I do on 17.10 if the daily apt updater hangs and I need to install a package (and cannot reboot just now)? It hangs on dpkg, dkms_autoinstall, plymouth --ping10:34
oerheksdkms .. that builds a driver, be patient10:35
=== daniel is now known as Guest11292
sveinseoerheks: I doubt that. No gcc, cc, make or any of the normal build tools running anywhere10:36
oerheks"The package compiles and installs into the kernel tree. "10:37
sveinseoerheks: does it setsid the build process and run them separately? because this is the process tree: https://bpaste.net/show/12e7471e4a2d10:38
oerheksmore subtile would be: unpacks and configures10:38
sveinsewhere does the unattended upgrader log to?10:41
sveinsefound it, but no indications why the process is hanging10:42
sveinseCan I kill it?10:42
sveinseWhen I killed the plymouth --ping process, then dkms proceeded building. Until plymouth --ping is run again. Kill it and then it works a little bit longer. New plymouth, kill it, and so on. Eventually the apt unattended upgrader finishes successfully10:48
=== multi_io_ is now known as multi_io
=== SysGhost is now known as chee
obiwlangeirha, oh yes. You're right. Thank you.10:51
sine0ubuntu server installation is failing from a unetbootin usb install, it did warn about it during install10:53
sine0im on windows with no cd driver whats my next step10:53
oerheksunetbootin is known for giving issues, try rufus10:54
Ben64sine0: write it directly to the usb drive, you can use win32diskimager according to google10:54
sine0ok thanks chaps ill try both now10:55
oerheksBen64 +1 that should work too, as the iso is hybrid10:55
agoodmHow do you enable both right and left super keys in 17.10 ?10:59
Ben64what do you mean enable10:59
cakilhow to install and run metasploit in ubuntu 17.10?10:59
agoodmBen64, the right super key doesnt do anything. I can change the super key from left to right side in gnome tweak tool, but I want both super keys as per Unity.11:00
=== dell is now known as Guest86080
oerheksthere is just 1 superkey=windows key11:00
sine0oerheks: does it matter what FS I use11:01
sine0rufus etc11:01
oerhekssine0, fat32 please11:01
agoodmoerheks, some keyboards have two11:02
agoodmoerheks, I have a laptop with a left super only, and when I have it on the dock I use a keyboard that only has a right super key, hence wanting both to work again.11:03
SircleCan anyone recommend good vps providers? Simple ubuntu and good internet?11:03
agoodmSircle, Rackspace Cloud or AWS11:03
banisterfiendhi guys, where do i put programs i want to run on startup on systemd? I want to run a shell script in the background to monitor files that change using inotify11:06
alpha_Aq1ilaalpha_Aquila: tu fais 1 test?11:06
Sirclecan anyone recommend 3 vps providers?11:10
Ben64Sircle: wrong channel for that11:10
mezodhey sorry to bother again with this, I just need to find someone using firefox 57 on ubuntu 17 to doublecheck something :p11:21
Volundwhew, got it working.11:24
VolundI had to add 'nomodeset' to my grub boot options, and install the proprietary nvidia drivers. then I was able to launch a Xubuntu session instead of the 17.10.1 Wayland session11:24
hateballan unfortunate state of affairs, but the blame is with nvidia11:26
Volundwell, I had no problems with Wayland.11:26
VolundI was LOVING the Wayland desktop that came with 17.10.1. I just couldn't get any of my remote desktop session solutions to talk to it...11:26
VolundSOOOO yeah.11:27
VolundQuite happy to be back on Ubuntu11:29
Volundwas running Windows 10. which is nice for games and a lot of useful programs of great convenience, but I learn a heck of a lot more about Linux when I'm actually using it. And god, do I love apt-get11:33
steenmancan i downgrade 17.10 to 16.04?11:33
Ben64in a few months you can upgrade to 18.0411:34
Volundthe best way to do that is to back up your files and do a clean install from media.11:34
iskorptixhey, I'm trying to upgrade from 17.04 to 17.10, so running 'kdesudo "do-release-upgrade -m11:34
iskorptix                   desktop -f DistUpgradeViewKDE"' , but upgrade fails with this error:11:34
iskorptix                   https://pastebin.mozilla.org/9076489 , how I fix this error or is there another way how I11:34
VolundI am not aware of any way to downgrade from the CLI though11:34
steenmani want to upgrade from 17.10 to a lts11:34
iskorptixis there another way how I can upgrade from 17.04 to 17.10 ?11:34
Ben64iskorptix: can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list11:35
iskorptixBen64: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/907649011:36
steenmanit would be nice if apps would just update themselves in the bg i want to have to upgrade every week11:36
steenmani dont want*11:36
Ben64iskorptix: where are the jessie sources coming from in your previous paste? those shouldn't be there11:37
wolf-rayetSure, fresh ubuntu mate install11:38
PCatineanhey guys11:45
wolf-rayetHi! May I ask? each time I login or I plug the charger the keyboard illumination turns on. Is there any way to disable this?11:46
konovalov-nkHello, I'm looking for people that could help with AMD's Raven Ridge support for new devices, i.e. if they are working okay on latest desktop Ubuntu: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/7scfr7/raven_ridge_laptops_support/11:47
sine0guys when installing ubuntu server it didnt ask for a root password just a regular user.11:55
sine0does this mean I sudow ith this one11:55
hateballsine0: yes11:56
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo11:56
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo11:56
sine0lollerbeans at the matrix reference11:57
PCatineanWhen inside a kubernetes cluster, how can one get the cluster ip range? I think it's bascially all ip that start with the first two digits?12:02
bodaai need help with openssh server running on my ubuntu. im trying to tunnel through putty from work to my openssh server but it doesnt work. it works perfectly at home to ssh session.12:03
toshiroanybody willing to take a stab at helping me get my usb wireless adapter working in Ubuntu? i'm really strugglin here12:15
Ben64toshiro: usually get best results by asking a question and providing as much detail as possible12:16
CrazyHtoshiro, start gathering / pasting the output of the following: lsusb, lspci, uname -a, dmesg12:17
gopal20% battery drain in 20 hours , when laptop is off , no usb device connected . usuntu 16.0412:18
Ben64if laptop is off, how is it an ubuntu issue12:18
=== romance is now known as Romance
akiki installed btrfs-tools yesterday. for some reason it modified my initramfs and added some btrfs file system scan. is this normal? i don't have btrfs file systems in use currently12:18
toshiroBus 001 Device 003: ID 050d:815c Belkin Components F5D8053 N Wireless USB Adapter v3000 [Ralink RT2870]12:19
toshiroI just want some wifi :(12:19
hateballtoshiro: do you have a wired connection available ?12:19
PCatineanIf I get this output: how can I return a string that would match the entire range of 10.60? using the terminal12:20
PCatineanBen64, I mean ever for 10.60.0 for example12:21
toshirohateball: technically yes, but it requires a lot of moving/unplugging/replugging/etc12:21
Ben64PCatinean: not sure what you're asking12:21
toshiroso i'm trying desperately to figure out why the wifi card's driver isn't working12:21
toshiroor whatever12:21
PCatineanBen64, that's a node within a kubernetes cluster and I want to configure the posix inside to accept connections from all other nodes within the cluster. And those nodes can have ips like 10.60.0.xx 10.60.2.xx12:22
gopal20% battery drain in 20 hours , when laptop is off , no usb device connected . ubuntu 16.0412:23
PCatineanAnd I just want a command I can execute to isolate just the first two ip numbers so I can allow any ip from the cluster to access it12:23
=== andrey_ is now known as acrap
blackflowPCatinean: you mean "postfix"? And what Ben64 wrote is correct, if you want the /16 subnet, just ignore the last two components (set to .0)12:23
PCatineanpostfix yes sorry12:23
PCatineanblackflow, yes but what bash command can I execute to get that result?12:24
Ben64PCatinean: your question doesn't make sense. configure postfix to accept connections from
PCatineanSo far I have: ip route | grep -v default | cut -d ' ' -f112:24
acrapgopal just take a look to htop(or another task manager). May be there is a process that uses so much resources and works in background.12:24
oerheksgopal, not an ubuntu issue, try ##hardware12:24
oerheksacrap, laptop is off, he says12:25
blackflowPCatinean: echo "" | awk -F. '{print $1 "." $2 ".0.0/16"}'12:25
Ben64blackflow: lol12:25
PCatineanBen64, the postfix is inside a docker container and when the container is initialized it runs and entrypoint script that gets the ip and sets the config12:25
gopali cant send msg in hardware12:25
ubottuFor information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.12:25
acrapoh, it is really seems like hardware issue12:25
blackflowPCatinean: of course, replace ecoh with whatever command that generated that output12:26
PCatineanoh ok...wow that seems to work12:26
PCatineanNow I have to read the man to understand what it does :D12:26
PCatineanthank you12:26
PCatineanwhat awk does12:26
=== gopal is now known as s10gopal
oerheks Aho, Weinberger, Kernighan (authors) Function: Scan each input file for lines that match any of a set of pattern12:28
blackflowPCatinean: it's a complex but very useful beast. it can do stuff. it's worth learning it ;)12:28
oerheksyes, brilliant12:28
PCatineanawesome, thanks for the help, I'm trying it now12:29
StephenLynxhey, any suggest of software to use to create FLJ files?12:29
StephenLynxits something related to laserjet fonts12:29
hateballtoshiro: well probably due to missing firmware, which is why I asked about ethernet. then you could probably install the missing firmware with ubuntu-drivers12:31
iskorptixBen64: 17.04 is now EOL, how I can upgrade to latest 17.10 ?12:34
PCatineanblackflow, it works yay!12:34
* PCatinean huggles12:34
toshirohateball: i'm attempting to usb-tether to my 4g connection and grab the required firmware12:36
toshiroany idea what that would be?12:36
hateballtoshiro: you can start by running ubuntu-drivers and see if that finds something automagically12:36
toshirohateball: thanks12:38
angry_routehi! anyone knows the correct I/O scheduler for a HDD Ubuntu 16 headless server? And how to set it? Could someone please point me at some documentation or just good advice? Thanks in advance!12:45
akikangry_route: not sure of the correct one, but it's controlled by the elevator= kernel parameter. you could try elevator=deadline12:46
angry_routehi! from what I was reading the deadline one is great for SSD right?12:47
akikangry_route: you'll have to test it yourself according to your work load12:48
angry_routeI'm on the HWE kernel, I was originally trying to use Kyber, but it seems it's not compiled into the kernel yet12:48
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
danrikubuntu 17.10 - why cnt I connect to vpn? Getting `Connection reset, restarting [-1]` in network manager  logs13:15
s10gopalHP AY008tx , ubuntu 16.04 battery drain when laptop is off .13:15
scorchupgraded to 18.04 on two of my machines, can not ssh to either of them now. Both reporting "fatal: privsep_preauth: preauth child terminated by signal 31". Still not working after 8 days, google is not helping13:16
kostkon!ubuntu+1 | scorch13:18
ubottuscorch: Bionic Beaver is the codename for Ubuntu 18.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+113:18
BluesKajHey folks13:19
danrikDoes anyone know if ubunut still supports md5 signed vpn certificates?13:30
scorchdanrik: in networkmanager?13:31
danrikscorch: yes13:32
danrikIm seeing this in logs - cant connect: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/e803G-wWGJodWMDNZKa2vg13:33
scorchseems openvpn will support it until march 2018, don't know about ubuntu; but apparently it's extremely unsecure13:33
scorchyou have the ability to upgrade the certificate on the server?13:34
danrikscorch: :( no13:34
danrikscorch: been pushing my company to update for 4 years now. extremely frustrating13:34
scorchI'm not an ubuntu expert, but since openvpn.org said it will support it until march, maybe worth checking if you can connect using the openvpn client instead of through network manager13:34
scorchmaybe ubuntu dropped support in networkmanager but the openvpn package should still be usable; I'm using it manually from time to time13:35
scorch(though not with md5)13:35
danrikscorch: now sure what u mean by openvpn client. nm is openvpn client13:35
jimb_danrik, `apt-cache show openvpn` - `sudo openvpn --config <config file>`13:38
scorchdanrik: I have no idea how networkmanager uses openvpn protocol, but openvpn is in the repo and can be used manually13:38
scorche.g.: sudo openvpn --config /home/scorch/.openvpn/client.ovpn13:39
danrikscorch: , jimb_ tried this approach, getting the same: "Connection reset, restarting [-1]"13:40
jimb_danrik, Ok.13:41
scorchdanrik: https://github.com/fabio-d/openvpn-MD5-hack "The workaround (if you run OpenVPN through NetworkManager)"13:41
scorch"Magic environment variables and .so hook to allow MD5 certificates in OpenVPN and OpenSSL 1.1.0+ in Linux"13:42
scorchdunno, maybe worth a try13:42
linux_may I13:42
scorchbut... definitely your company should get a new certificate heh13:42
jimb_linux_, Did you have a question or a suggestion?13:44
linux_yes about danrik13:45
jimb_linux_, go ahead13:45
scorchdanrik: maybe tell tell your company you can't work until they've upgraded :)13:45
danrikscorch: I did. been trying for eyars13:46
linux_hmm thanks13:46
danrikscorch: good thing is - upgrade supposedly scheduled for mid-february - unfortunately I really really need to connect remotely like right now :(13:46
linux_Do U guys anyone know13:46
danrikscorch: but the thing is - I dont get `VERIFY ERROR` in logs. so that make me suspect this might be something else13:47
linux_how to improve the youtube subscribs13:47
rreck_docfxit: i think trying it is essential rather than trying to get it the first time13:47
akiklinux_: this channel is for ubuntu support, not for sharing youtube info13:48
linux_I know yet13:48
linux_I just asked dont minds13:48
scorchdanrik: my best guess is that networkmanager does not user the 'openvpn' package from the repo, and has already discontinued md5; so might be worth installing the package and connecting from the command line13:49
danrikscorch: sigh. compiling that package didnt work for me in ubuntu13:54
scorchdanrik: using apt?13:55
scorchor from source?13:55
scorchtry using apt instead?13:56
danrikscorch: is it in apt?13:56
danrikscorch: u're talking about this right? https://github.com/fabio-d/openvpn-MD5-hack13:57
scorchdanrik: no, the one in apt: sudo apt-cache search openvpn14:01
scorchdanrik: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openvpn.html#openvpn-simple-client-configuration14:02
danrikscorch: right - I've installed openvpn from apt and tried connecting from cli - getting same error14:02
scorchI assume you need "auth md5" in the config file14:03
danrikscorch: ? no. srruy i must ahve missed it14:03
danrikscorch: still the same : "ue Jan 23 09:04:13 2018 Connection reset, restarting [-1]"14:04
scorchdanrik: https://pastebin.com/bU6NzBnQ14:04
scorchthere's my openvpn config (but we didn't use md5, so maybe you have to play around; apparenty the auth config defaults to sha1, so I think you have to add "auth md5" in your case)14:05
scorchthen run as sudo openvpn --config /path/to/config.ovpn14:06
eoli3ni need to deploy 800 nodes with kickstart on dualboot setup, problem is that kickstart make Win7 unbootable everytime kickstart run14:07
eoli3nhere is the kickstart file -> https://ptpb.pw/TMJt14:08
eoli3nhere are my tests -> https://ptpb.pw/Uc7_.png14:08
eoli3nand here the log of win7 cdrom repair tool -> https://ptpb.pw/fxvz14:08
eoli3ni don't understand what make Win7 not booting properly without repairing14:09
eoli3ni even don't understand why blkid is giving me PARTUUID, as my partition table is msdos14:09
=== daniel is now known as Guest14619
eoli3nis there anybody which works on kickstart dualboot deploy ?14:14
eoli3nwho worked rrr14:14
s10gopalbroadcom wifi is still not working in 17.10?14:18
hateballs10gopal: you probably need to connect to the internet and fetch firmware for it is all14:21
neurei try to install xpra but it seems that would seriously break X1114:26
neureinstalling it says "... The following packages will be REMOVED: ubuntu-desktop xorg  ... The following NEW packages will be installed: xpra xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg-input-void xserver-xorg-video-dummy ... "14:26
neurethat doesnt sound right14:27
neurethis is ubuntu 114:27
neurethis is ubuntu 16.04 (lts)14:27
misty5tune2fs isn't showing whether something s mounted with the acl flag (each ext volume has a default acl flag predefined that's used by mount). Any insight on that, how to see whether mount mounted with acl?14:32
s10gopalwhich flavour of ubuntu is best for laptop ? i5 6th gen 12gb ram14:32
neoncontrailsThere's a utility I use in my local macOS terminal called boom, which is basically just namespaced, persistent lookup tables for the bash shell. I use it to store pointers to directories mostly. Is there an equivalent for Ubuntu?14:32
mquguys, I do need help, 'apt-get update' returns an error: The repository 'http://ru.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu zesty Release' does not have a Release file.14:47
mquhow do I fix it?14:47
die7Hi, how I can address eth1 on boot prompt during install14:49
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
die7installer just looks for first interface, is there any chance before starting a install to say ip=eth1 etc?14:53
rainbowhow can i use andorid studio on a x86 linux?15:00
LinpassionI'd like to try ubuntu, so I say: it's possible to run it under a laptot whith 4gb ram and Intel Celero 1.2ghz?15:00
=== vitalkanev_ is now known as vitalkanev
Linpassionletest version?15:01
StephenLynxif unity is too slow for your specs you can just use a different DE, btw15:01
StephenLynxusually the DE is what impact performance the most in desktops.15:01
Linpassionand Kubuntu?15:01
StephenLynxi tried KDE these days and found it literally unusable.15:01
s10gopalwhich flavour of ubuntu is best for laptop ? i5 6th gen 12gb ram15:02
StephenLynxany of them should be equally practical.15:02
StephenLynxsince ubuntu itself is focused on desktop.15:02
RochvellonLinpassion: Ubuntu should work with that. But I would prefer Xfce (Xubuntu) with this laptop15:03
StephenLynxbut you shouldnt have issues with unity.15:03
StephenLynxI also use xfce.15:03
StephenLynxeven though its completely busted on my centos desktop.15:04
LinpassionNow I use slakware 14.2 but slackware not  resolle packge depends15:04
akikStephenLynx: it would be more constructive to say which problem you had with kde, than say it's unusable15:06
StephenLynxthe usability.15:07
StephenLynxeverything was extremely weird and counter intuitive15:07
StephenLynxand yet it didn't let me even customize the taskbar properly15:07
Linpassionok thanks15:07
StephenLynxplus it made noises out of the ass15:08
StephenLynxextremely obnoxious15:08
akikStephenLynx: i use kde and find it fully usable15:08
StephenLynxconfiguring the taskbar is hellish too, you just drag a bunch of crap, you can't input values.15:08
StephenLynxthe desktop behaviour is bananas too15:08
StephenLynxyou click on something and a giant ass menu opens15:09
funabashican you encrypt a homedir after an installation?15:09
banisterfiendhi can someone help me debug a bash script?15:10
ioriafunabashi, yes15:11
banisterfiendbasically --- the file that gets passed to curl *LOOKS* fine, but it causes errors. When i type out the curl command manually, itworks, but in the script it doesnt :(15:11
ikasleabranza team15:11
soogyhow can i get turionpowercontrol working on elementary os loki (ubuntu 16.04 based)15:13
soogyit worked on 14.0415:13
soogyand also on latest arch linux15:13
soogybut on elementary it gives this error Interlagos.cpp: unable to write MSR15:13
die7does Ubuntu (server iso) installer support multiple network interfaces ?15:14
soogydie7, why wouldn't it15:14
wodimbecause it's the server iso, not the multi-network-interfaces server iso15:15
soogyin ifconfig i can see both wlo1 and eno115:15
die7soogy: since I do not get the choice to choise eth315:15
soogysoogy, during install ?15:15
soogyi think you should connect using command line then15:15
die7soogy: jepp during the install15:15
die7soogy: this works but my install should work using kickstart15:16
soogydie7, connect with command line then15:16
die7soogy: it does not help since I can not retry kickstart install to continue15:16
die7soogy: it looks like installer looks just for first interface whitout choice to chose other one, and if you use kickstart you loose15:17
die7soogy: any chance to tell kernel on install boot prompt to use eth3?15:18
die7I mean if you guys steal everything from debian then also steal completly since debian installer supports multiple netowrk interfaces and provide poss to chose one of them15:21
soogydie7, https://askubuntu.com/questions/174603/how-to-connect-to-wired-connection-from-the-terminal15:22
StephenLynxany particular reason you are using ubuntu on your server?15:22
pankajI am addicted to watching youtube videos. Just wanted to get rid of web browser functionality in ubuntu. Is their any way to achieve this task?15:23
die7StephenLynx: company wil15:23
kalibHi guys, I've been trying with no success to run a script at a certain time every last day of each month. I tried different ways so far... 55 23 28-31 * * [ $(date -d +1day +%d) -eq 1 ] && /tmp/script.sh ..... 55 23 28-31 * * [[ "$(date --date=tomorrow +\%d)" == "01" ]] && /tmp/script.sh .... Any help?15:23
StephenLynxdid they evaluate other options? centos is usually the go to server distro.15:23
die7soogy: im familiar with network config, my issue is the installer15:23
soogypankaj, sudo apt-get remove firefox15:23
soogydie7, just open terminal from installer and run commands to connect15:24
soogythen installer shouldn't ask anything about connecting15:24
die7StephenLynx: its alway my pref distro but this shitt project will ubuntu15:24
akikpankaj: you could use youtube-dl15:24
pankajsoogy: I just want to remove permanently so that I cannot install it again.15:24
die7soogy: I cann connect but installer (using kickstart) will not continue15:24
pankajpankaj: But I think that it is for donwloading videos?15:24
soogypankaj, make a account which can't install software15:24
soogyor better block youtube in hosts file or router15:25
pankajsoogy: How to do that?15:25
soogyassuming this isn't sarcasm15:25
pankajsoogy: But how?15:25
akikpankaj: heh i completely misunderstood you :)15:25
soogypankaj, https://askubuntu.com/questions/99081/need-to-prevent-a-package-from-being-installed15:25
soogydo that for firefox or whatever browser15:26
soogyand youtube-dl15:26
soogyand vlc15:26
soogyand wutever can watch youtube15:26
pankajsoogy: So, I can block myself for any habit I have. Correct?15:27
TJ-pankaj: why not just block network connections to youtube.com using entries in /etc/hosts of the form " www.youtube.com youtube.com <any other youtube domains you want to avoid>"15:27
soogypankaj, yes15:28
pankajTJ-:  That seems to be easy.15:28
pankajsoogy: Thanks. I will try that.15:28
soogyyt addict15:28
pankajTJ-: But, I know that it is weird. I want to remove something that I cannot install it again. You know : Bad habit.15:29
die7TJ-: any cnahce to address other as first net interface in installer?15:31
TJ-die7: are you using "d-i netcfg/choose_interface=<interface-name>" ?15:34
die7TJ-: no15:34
die7TJ-: any chance that this can be done in boot prompt like ip= bla bla bla15:35
greenbigfrogTrying to set up an AP on my laptop that uses a bridge. I can authenticate/connect fine with the AP, but somehow DHCP isn't working (I'm not getting an IP)15:35
greenbigfrog/etc/network/interfaces: https://hastebin.com/joxulinere.pas15:35
greenbigfrogifconfig: https://hastebin.com/darucofepe.go15:35
greenbigfroghostapd conf: https://hastebin.com/isoyidataw.makefile15:35
greenbigfrogAny ideas wtf could be going wrong?15:35
TJ-die7: try it... a long time ago around 14.04 there was a bug with that where it had to be passed on the kernel command-line if doing PXE net-installs, not sure what the status is now though15:35
die7TJ-: ok, tnx15:36
TJ-die7: some background Bug #85592115:36
ubottubug 855921 in orchestra (Ubuntu Oneiric) "does not honor netcfg/choose_interface in preseed" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85592115:37
die7TJ-: nice, tnx15:38
helpmepleaseeeehi, ive come to a linux server and all i have access to is grub. Boot command doesnt work, cant locate kernal.15:44
helpmepleaseeeehow do i get ubuntu server to boot or can i reinstall with usb and keep all my data?15:44
orgasmixhelpmepleaseeee: With a live usb you can access the disk, save the important data and then reinstall15:47
orgasmixhelpmepleaseeee: a simple grub reinstall must be feasible though15:47
TJ-Sounds like GRUB was fine but couldn't see the /boot/ directory where the kernel images should be15:48
Ianhello :)15:48
CuriousErnestBrowhat window manager does ubuntu 17.10 have?15:48
=== Ian is now known as Guest32860
orgasmixCuriousErnestBro: GNOME, version 3.26.115:51
frechdachs69Q: has anyone used the 'include' statement inside of a custom preseed.cfg ?15:53
=== nat is now known as Natkeeran
frechdachs69I need to know whether this 'include' statement accepts URLs ?15:56
CuriousErnestBrothanks orgasmix15:57
TJ-frechdachs69: yes, if the path is relative, as in d-i preseed/include string additional/config/foobar.cfg16:00
frechdachs69TJ-: and if use 'http://.../preseed2.cfg' ?16:00
TJ-frechdachs69: sorry, 'yes' as in it'll use the same base URL the original came from. 'no' if you want to hardcode and absolute URI16:00
TJ-frechdachs69: actually, I'd test it, it might do that.16:01
frechdachs69TJ-: so you mean the relative files are retrieved from the remote server if the original one came from one?16:01
frechdachs69TJ-: or is this only valid for local files?16:01
TJ-frechdachs69: relative to the original. if you start with http://host/preseed.cfg and have d-i preseed/include string additional/config/foobar.cfg it'll fetch http://host/additional/config/foobar.cfg16:02
frechdachs69TJ-: I'd like to have a look into sources for 'include' but where to find them?16:03
frechdachs69TJ-: ahh ... okay, I'll give it a try16:03
die7TJ-: does ubuntu installer not support ks=hd:fd0:/ks.cfg?16:03
RomanticHi, I am getting an error that boot is full (it is.) 1. Why does this happen? 2. How can I resolve permanently?16:03
youtahOkay, I thought I would never had to turn here, but here I am.... after immense googling, I am stuck.16:03
youtahHow in the world do I migrate from 16.10 to 17.10?16:04
youtahdo-release-upgrade doesn't work16:04
youtahas that is an unsupported migration path16:05
youtahand I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to upgrade to 17.0416:05
ApicultorHello, world!16:05
n-iCecan anyone help me with a 128GB sdcard16:05
n-iCecan't make it work in my linux system16:05
EriC^^!eolupgrades | youtah16:05
ubottuyoutah: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:05
n-iCeI see thins like [ 1168.167616] sd 2:0:0:0: [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk16:06
n-iCebut gparted does not show it16:06
diogenes_Romantic, do you have a separate /boot?16:06
youtahThanks EriC^^16:07
Romanticdiogenes_, yes, /boot is a 500mb partition. 16.04TLS16:07
EriC^^youtah: no problem16:08
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
diogenes_Romantic, you need to purge old kernels16:08
Romanticdiogenes_, Sure, why does that have to be done manually?16:09
diogenes_Romantic, you didn't have to make /boot partition16:09
ApicultorDoes anyone here use the c-c-c-combo of GPG, PKCS#11, and smart cards?16:09
nemohttps://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/ubuntu/java  so - I'm wanting to install oracle java7 for a mostly-oracle server that needs it.  Sun has made this a massive pain, but I now have 7u156 - unfortunately web upd8 team stopped bumping at u80, probably due to Sun locking off access to the package16:10
Romanticdiogenes_, I didn't really _choose_ to make a /boot.  I believe that was a default at time of install.16:10
nemoI'm wondering where I can do the apt-get source for this package, or, alternatively, if it is hard to emulate what the package does, myself16:10
nemoI kinda would like to have the sun files properly tracked and managed16:10
nemoI tried apt-get source oracle-java7-installer and was told there were no sources available16:11
Romanticdiogenes_, is there a way to verify that the last kernel was installed correctly?16:11
nemoand. I can't just copy u156 over to u80 in their cache folder 'cause they sha256 check16:11
diogenes_Romantic, ubuntu doesn't clean the old kernels automatically16:11
diogenes_Romantic, uname -r16:11
nemooooh maybe I can unpack the .deb16:12
n-iCehttps://paste.debian.net/1006639/ this is what I get in dmesg but I can't see the 128GB sdcard in gparted, any idea?16:12
RomanticIndeed, the last kernel downloaded failed to install16:12
naccnemo: to be clear, oracel java is not supported here16:12
naccnemo: you ca tallk to the ppa ower, if you want, but if oracle doesn't want to support linux, there's not much we can do16:13
RomanticI am afraid of rebooting and having to deal kernel modules issues again. aargh!16:13
diogenes_Romantic, because lack of space16:13
frechdachs69TJ-: I can confirm that it works :-)16:13
youtahEriC^^, giving me the same errors16:13
naccRomantic: diogenes_: without readign scrolllback; if /boot is full, you can probably just manually delete some initrd or kernel, then let apt do its thing16:14
nemonacc: yeah. I know. that's why I was focusing on apt-source - so far dpkg -R looks extremely promising16:14
nemonacc: er. dpkg-deb -R16:14
diogenes_Romantic, clean old kernels and update16:14
nemogonna make a brand new u15616:14
youtah"Can not upgrade16:14
youtahAn upgrade from 'yakkety' to 'artful' is not supported with this16:14
zarzarhow do i get list of archs for mkimage?16:14
nemoer. u171 - whatever ☺16:15
naccnemo: either way, not for this channel presumably16:15
tommasoHello, I'm having problem with the connection. Every like 5 mins, firefox begins to returns hostname not found when opening new pages. Then, i try to ping google.com and it won't work. To fix this, i start chromium and search anything, then internet works again, wtf is happening?16:15
nemonacc: well. I was focusing on apt-source and package manipulation which is channel appropriate.16:16
nemonacc: but anyway. figured it out myself16:16
OnkelTemHi folks16:17
OnkelTemI'm trying to create a list of badblocks of my hdd16:17
Romanticoh boy, I ran a purge and got a ton of errors.16:17
OnkelTemAnd I ran badblocks w/o specifying the size of the block16:17
OnkelTemSo it took a default of 102416:17
OnkelTemNow, if I need to convert them into real blocks (tune2fs says 4096) what do I do?16:18
hotbakedpotato[mhas anyone use the gnome encfs? I had trouble transferring files the /ecrypted folder it was saying permission denied? I have gotten ecryptfs-setup-private  to work good but I was looking for a little more flexibility with an encrypted folder like naming the folder any name i want instead of /private and /.private16:18
OnkelTemI wrote a simple PHP script which converts the list by MOD 416:18
OnkelTemecho (($number - ($number % 4)) / 4) . "\n";16:18
OnkelTem^^^^ Does it look fine for you?16:19
akikRomantic: did you remove a previous initrd to free up space in /boot ?16:19
davesevhi, i am working on VPS ubuntu 17 and im trying to use xnee or xmacro to record but i get the error Xlib extension RECORD is missing on display 116:19
RomanticI ran sudo apt autoremove --purge16:19
naccnemo: to be clear, it is supported, but really not generally considered on topic. For the most general case, you don't ever need to do that in a supported release. So the only reason you need to do that is becuase you are doing sometingn unsupported :)16:21
nemonacc: yeah, but that's entirely Oracle's fault unfortunately... don't have much choice tho. gotta stay on 7 for this environment16:21
nemonacc: so. basically the "unsupported" thing I'm doing is "maintaining the 7 packaging myself" which so far doesn't seem to be too painful16:22
naccnemo: which in turn ... well, not ubuntu's fault, but EOTOPIC :)16:22
nemonacc: you wouldn't happen to know what DEBIAN/md5sums does do you?16:22
nemowondering if I need to update that as well16:22
naccnemo: capital DEBIAN?16:22
nemoin a package16:22
rektideuhhh i'm getting 404's from my main zesty repo-- what's going on? this is my source.list: 'deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ zesty main restricted multiverse universe partner'16:22
naccnemo: it's the extracted hashes, i assume16:22
nacc!eolupgrade | rektide16:22
ubotturektide: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:22
naccrektide: zesty is eol16:22
rektidedoes EOL mean i can no longer download packages for my OS?16:23
nemonacc: well that seems very likely, was just wondering if they had to be generated too. maybe I'll play it safe16:23
rektideI'd just like to install scala today. I don't want to risk undergoing an OS update right now, just to get scala installed. :/16:23
naccrektide: read the links16:23
naccrektide: you are vulnerable to CVEs already16:24
naccrektide: and if you don't want to do this, go back and install 16.0416:24
rektidei am never installing anything but debian unstable on a box ever again16:24
naccrektide: your choice, not our fault if you didn't read the release notes16:24
rektidethis was a horrible mistake16:24
rektideblame hte user thanks16:24
naccwell, I also gave the upgrade path, but ok16:24
whaleyinstalling scala is pretty trivial outside of packages too, fwiw16:25
naccwhaley: well, they have more serious issues than just scala, but yeah :)16:26
RomanticWhat's the utility that you can pipe output to for a quick pasty?16:29
hggdhRomantic: pastebinit can be used16:30
jimb_Romantic, another option is along the lines of...   echo "something" | nc termbin.com 999916:31
Romanticnacc, I completed the update but purging the old kernels generated some errors. I'm not sure if these are important, I'd find a second look very useful! http://paste.ubuntu.com/26445085/16:32
naccRomantic: looking16:32
naccRomantic: the one error is because you no longer have headers installed for that package, so dkms is unable to remove its built drivers16:33
naccRomantic: i only see the one error; although it does look like you might have an unnecessary kernel still16:34
Romanticcorrect, I have -96, -109 (current) -112, not running16:35
Romanticshould I purge again?16:35
naccRomantic: just see if autoremove wants to remove -9616:36
naccRomantic: it *may* not, because it hasn't succesfully booted 112 yet (I guess)16:36
Romanticnope: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 19 not upgraded.16:37
naccRomantic: yeah, so finish the upgrade first, I guess, then reboot16:37
naccRomantic: (would be my first suggestion); to the -112 kernel16:37
RomanticIs there a way I can confirm that the kernel modules are installed correctly?16:38
RomanticSpecifically, last time I had a reboot issue, the nvidia module was complete whacked.16:38
zarzar1anyone know about mkimage package on ubuntu 16lts?16:38
die7TJ-: on boot prompt interface=enp3s0 worked for me16:40
rektidenacc:  i don't see anything at all in these release notes or on the releases page that in any way specifies that repositories are going to be removed & dropped as soon as the EOL happens. and it's not at all my expectation. in node.js for example i can easily go download Node.js v0.1.0.16:40
rektidethis was a huge shock and very frustrating. i don't care that you think i should upgrade up from zesty- this machine works and i just want to do one little thing, and having the entire distro vanish last week is not how i as a user want to be treated and i feel like i can have some small sympathy for that16:41
rmooreHey everybody. Currently running 3 VM's on a host with 64 gigs of ram. 20 gigs of it is being used by said VMs. Irregularly but frequently enough the host is crashing with no clear reason why.16:42
sweinhas anyone seen a problem with 16.04 server doing apt upgrade? the system becomes unresponsive when installing libapt-pkg5.0 last step it shows in processing triggers for libc-bin (2.23-0ubuntu10)16:42
rektideinstalling a new kernel for this upgrade is forcing me to delete some of my old kernels, which is terrifying. if this thing doesn't boot that would be very bad.16:43
rektideoh i guess it's linux-tools packages that have to be removed. ok that's less scary16:43
sweinrektide: next time LVM and increase /boot size16:43
oerhekszarzar1, uboot-mkimage?16:44
naccrektide: you also didn't bother to read the faq from ubottu.16:44
rektideswein: this dual boot macbook may not like me messing with the uefi partition16:44
naccrektide: which told you how to add repositories so that you can install packages (not supported) and how to upgrade properly.16:44
rektidenacc: i also didn't read the entire manual before i installed it. this sass you keep finding for a very sensible user desire is silly mate.16:45
zarzar1oerheks: yes, supposedly mkimage -A -h should list available architectures, doesn't work on my ubuntu 16lts16:45
naccrektide: honestly, your attitude is terrible. The *first* think I did was give you the exact answer you wanted.16:45
rektidenacc: i'm reading hte bloody EOLUpgrade page that you told me to read! and now you're making fun of me for not having read some other page?16:45
oerhekszarzar1, dead project, deleted https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/uboot-mkimage/+publishinghistory16:45
naccrektide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZestyZapus/ReleaseNotes -- "Support lifespan", the first subnote of Introduction.16:45
zarzar1oh, bummer16:46
naccrektide: also, I don't control the archive, nor do you. So when something goes EOL, you have no *idea* when it disappears.16:46
rektidenacc: again i had no idea that means PACKAGES WOULD ALL BE DELETED16:46
naccrektide: they were not, they were moved. again, as the EOL upgrade page indicates.16:46
naccrektide: i'm not unsympathetic; i gave you the exact info you wanted16:47
jordilahi #ubuntu , a friend of mine broguth me a Ubuntu 16.04 - Unity with the given problem : it (apparently) boots fine... but when to be prompted for user / passwd ... blue screen, with just mouse pointer is shown. No dialog box (!). The weirdest thing is that if i push 'space bar' e.g. , i get to see for some miliseconds the dialog box... which is apparently there, but not shown. Any hints ?16:48
rektidenacc: what am i not seeing on this EOLUpgrade page that could tell me where this zesty archives have moved?16:48
zarzar1oerheks: isn't it part of u-boot-tools now?16:48
rektidei happened to recall dealing with some old Lucid systems, and having to use http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ . but it's just blind luck i remembered that, and experience. i don't see anything in the EOLUpgrade or release notes or other that would let me know the repositories just moved, that in spite of having a 404 the repos have not been deleted outright- only moved16:50
oerhekszarzar1, indeed, good find https://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/amd64/u-boot-tools/filelist16:50
naccrektide: Upgrading -> Update sources.list16:51
zarzar1oerheks: any idea how to get the list of archs mkimage works for?16:51
naccrektide: we aren't going to make it *easy* to run eol releases. they aren't supported in the first place.16:51
naccrektide: e.g., you're not geting spectre/meltdown fixes at all.16:51
zarzar1oerheks: i am trying to create scripts for u-boot for an armhf architecture (i.mx6)16:52
rektidethankfully i don't let other people run code on my box, so i have no spectre/meltdown issues to be warry of16:52
naccrektide: uh, what?16:52
naccrektide: that's not the attack vector, unless you mean you don't use a browser and javascript16:53
rektidethe browsers mitigated these attacks16:53
rektidethey decreased timing resolution, disabled sharedarraybuffers.16:53
naccthe *known* attacks.16:53
rektidei am highly unconcerned. people don't run code on my system. specrtre/meltdown do not affect me.16:53
naccand firefox, e.g., in zesty may or may not have gotten it16:53
naccrektide: alright, have fun16:53
rektidei'd rather have the performance frankly than the security16:54
oerhekszarzar1, indeed -A -h should show architectures16:56
zarzar1oerheks: doesn't seem to work anymore16:56
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jordila#ubuntu (16.04) ... i cannot get Unity to work.. restarted it logged in from an ALT-CTRL-F1 termninal, no joy ... any hints ?17:02
oerheksctrl alt F7 to get the gui?17:03
* jordila ^^ FYI : boots fine... but when to be prompted for user / passwd ... blue screen, with just mouse pointer is shown. No dialog box (!). The weirdest thing is that if i push 'space bar' e.g. , i get to see for some miliseconds the dialog box... "17:03
jordilano GUI ... just blue screen... oerheks .17:03
jordilawith mouse pointer... only .17:03
jordilaI mean... no Desktop environment... nothing but mouse pointer.17:04
sweinno idea on my libc-bin freeze lock?17:05
oerheksjordila, what did you do before this happened? update, or installing something?17:05
jordilano clue, is not my laptop ... is one of my neighboorhood  School's ... i¡ve just got17:06
* jordila tried ..."unity &> /dev/null " ... no joy17:06
* jordila tried ..."compiz --display :0 --replace" .. .still no joy when CTRL-ALT-F7 ...17:07
HackerHarmoniehi hi17:08
jordilamay i try to restart lightdm or gdm ... ^^?17:08
Jordan_Ujordila: Yes, "systemctl restart lightdm". (Trying to compiz --replace won't help with the login screen as compiz is not used there).17:09
jordilauops ... tried 'lightdm restart' ... no joy17:10
TJ-jordila: it sounds like the greeter and plymouth-splash are arguing over the active tty. Which tty is the greeter on (from a text console are you doing Alt+F7 to get to the greeter  on tty7 ) ?17:10
jordilaemmm, i justr jumped to Alt+F7 in order to try some fix ...17:11
jordilathus from there, restarted lightdm ... Unity ... too , but no joy17:12
TJ-jordila: I'm asking since in 17.10+ with wayland the GUI has moved from tty7 to tty1 so we can't assume which the GUI is on any more17:12
jordilaBTW , Unity throws 'Segmentation Fault (core dump) from ALT+F7 session17:12
jordilaah... nice to know, GUI seems to be ( blue screen :-/ ) on ALT-F7 ... and terminal is found on tty1 - ALT-F717:13
* jordila we are on 16.04 ...17:13
jordilai'm wondering... may i just try to connect to the Internet somehow and just swithc to XFCE e.g ?17:14
=== andreslara501_ is now known as andreslara501
TJ-jordila: try "nmcli con" to list connections17:15
jordilaTJ-  i see ... but none of them is useful now17:15
TJ-jordila: you can do "nmcli con up <name>"17:15
jordilahow to create a new (SSID) WPA2 protected connection ?17:16
TJ-jordila: use "nmtui" and create the new connection17:19
jordilawow, never new about "nmtui" before... great tool17:20
jordilaOK, I'm connected now ... may try to replace / reinstall Desktop Environment ( i prefer XFCE ... in fact) ?17:23
Docfxithow can I find the file smb.conf17:24
TJ-jordila: hang on! your issue with greeter is not the DE, so adding another DE/session may not solve it17:24
TJ-jordila: check the logs in /var/log/lightdm/  for clues17:24
jordilaah ... TJ- , ok ...17:24
jordilauh... just tried simple 'apt update & upgrade" ... and found :17:25
Neo4Hi! I've made list of apps that must be needed for create mail server, is it full list what I need? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X3azb3yyFc3vOyUefcTpKVUlEWdXc4Stw9to2KB_eKg/edit?usp=sharing17:26
jordila"dpkg was interrupted... need to manually run «sudo dpkg --configure -a» ... ongoing17:27
jordilaTJ- after ^^ i've got partially Unity back ... ah17:28
=== xpete_ is now known as xpete
Neo4is this enough for create real server like gmail.com ?17:28
jordilai'm missing just some icons ...17:29
naccNeo4: you probably want to ask in #ubuntu-server, and use a paste, not gdoc17:30
Neo4nacc: doesn't matter ask about this anybody don't know anything17:31
thesebhelp! in new 17.10 install can't do printing...CUPS gives Internal Server Error17:31
thesebhow fix/debug?17:32
TJ-theseb: check /var/log/syslog and /var/log/kern.log to start with17:32
TJ-theseb: then look at /var/log/cups/ logs17:32
DocfxitTo find a file from root I used find / -iname 'smb.conf'  But it lists a lot of other files with permission denined that I don't want.'17:34
rreck_i usually make a single file with the output of a big find and then grep in that17:35
rreck_find  .  / -print >/mybigfilelist.txt17:35
Docfxitrreck_, it should only give me one file17:36
Jordan_UDocfxit: If you're sure that the file you're searching for is in a directory / path that can be listed by your user, then you can add "2> /dev/null" to your command to throw away the error messages.17:36
rreck_grep smb.conf /mybigfilelist.txt17:36
thesebTJ-: thanks17:36
rreck_grep smb.conf /mybigfilelist.txt |grep -v "somefileidontwant"17:36
TJ-Docfxit: config files in-use are usually under /etc/ so "sudo find /etc -type f -name smb.conf"17:36
TJ-Docfxit: if you want a package-supplied example file, that will be under /usr/share/<package-name>/17:37
EriC^^Docfxit: there's always 'sudo update-db && locate smb.cnf'17:37
DocfxitJordan_U, That worked great.17:38
rreck_yeah i personally think smb.conf  example is hard to work with, i start with a blank one and add what i need to it17:38
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thesebTJ-: i see messages about apparmor="DENIED" for cups-deviced17:40
TJ-theseb: well spotted! let me check for known bugs17:40
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
theseb TJ-: possible to somehow "turn off" apparmor for cups to see if fixes?17:45
TPTi agree!17:45
TJ-theseb: as a workaround/test try "sudo apt install apparmor-utils; sudo aa-complain cups"17:46
TPThello everyone! I am having trouble running kivy on ubuntu. what might the problem be?17:46
TPTcan someone help me?17:46
naccTPT: using the ubuntu pacakge?17:48
naccTPT: to be clear, afaict, kivy is a library17:49
nacc(for python)17:49
TPTyes, i understand that17:49
frechdachs69Q: can multiple 'preseed/include' statements given in one 'preseed.cfg' ?17:50
TPTI couldn't install it from the terminal, then i installed it using the software center.17:50
naccfrechdachs69: yes, i beleive so17:52
naccTPT: what did you try installing from the terminal?17:52
naccTPT: and what is your actual issue?17:52
cruzadorHey guys, I'm trying to add postgres key for installing it. Can someone help me diagnose why I'm getting "gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found"? Here's the command I'm using: wget --quiet -O - https://www.postgresql.org/media/keys/ACCC4CF8.asc | apt-key add -17:53
frechdachs69nacc: do you of any example? in my case only the last given statement is used, i.e. the last file is downloaded from my Apache17:53
cruzadorI've also tried this with --no-check-certificate17:53
naccfrechdachs69: i do not, on17:53
TPTnacc : $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kivy-team/kivy17:53
naccTPT: that would be a PPA, not the ubuntu package17:53
naccTPT: you would need to talk to the ppa owner17:54
frechdachs69cruzador: did you check the content of the downloaded file?17:54
TPTnacc : actually i've installed using the software center17:54
hawa7hi, do you know if is there any reason why the eclipse package is still in version 3.8 and accordingly 6 years old? beside the reason nobody investing time to work on it17:54
naccTPT: those are two very different things17:54
naccTPT: the software center doesn't use the PPA17:54
thesebTJ-: is apt same as aptitude17:54
naccTPT: unles you added teh PPA first?17:54
nacctheseb: different frotneds to dpkg17:54
TPTnacc: it showed an error while I was using the PPA17:55
naccTPT: ... you need to be more specific than that17:55
naccTPT: what error, what happened, etc.17:55
nacchawa7: that's what is in Debian17:55
TPTnacc : E: Problem executing scripts APT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success 'if /usr/bin/test -w /var/cache/app-info -a -e /usr/bin/appstreamcli; then appstreamcli refresh > /dev/null; fi'17:55
hedinHey, I have a python-* "not-configured" issue on 16.04... https://dpaste.de/FXWp any idea how I can fix this?17:55
TPTnacc : E: Sub-process returned an error code17:56
hawa7nacc: correct. but some packages are also newer than debian in ubuntu17:56
naccTPT: that isn't from the add-apt-repository17:56
naccTPT: that is from a package installation after that?17:56
nacchawa7: some are, sure17:56
nacchawa7: that one is not, it's sycned from Debian17:56
TPTnacc : yeah!17:56
naccTPT: ok, that's not what you said, so it's hard for me to have known that17:57
naccTPT: so the PPA package failing, is the PPA owner's responsibiilty17:57
hawa7nacc: six years old sounds like real debian packaging :D17:57
nacchawa7: it's also inn universe in Ubuntu, meaning community maintained17:57
nacchawa7: if someone wants to step up and maintain/test it, they probably can17:57
naccit's probably easier to build it as a snap, though17:57
TPTnacc: after it failed, I installed it from the software center17:57
TPTnacc: but i can't run it now17:58
naccTPT: did you install the PPA version nor the Ubuntu version?17:58
naccTPT: run what?17:58
hawa7nacc: right, motu maintained. i heard there, that it is supposed to be hard to package17:58
cruzadorfrechdachs69: silly me, my server has something wrong with DNS. Thank you for the tip17:58
TPTnacc : i installed the ubuntu version17:59
naccTPT: so you purged the PPA?17:59
TPTnacc: no17:59
naccTPT: what package did you install in the software center?17:59
TPTnacc : Kivy- multimedia/ multitouch framework - python 3.x modules18:00
naccTPT: `apt-cache policy python3-kivy` in a pastebinn, please18:01
naccTPT: are you asking for kivy support? as in, how to use kivy?18:03
TPTnacc : python3-kivy:   Installed: 1.10.0-0~stable0+201708191146~pkg175~ubuntu16.04.1   Candidate: 1.10.0-0~stable0+201708191146~pkg175~ubuntu16.04.1   Version table:  *** 1.10.0-0~stable0+201708191146~pkg175~ubuntu16.04.1 500         500 http://ppa.launchpad.net/kivy-team/kivy/ubuntu xenial/main amd64 Packages         100 /var/lib/dpkg/status      1.9.0-3build1 500         500 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial/universe amd64 Pa18:03
nacc!paste | TPT18:04
ubottuTPT: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:04
naccTPT: you ahve installed a version from the PPA18:04
naccTPT: not the ubuntu version; please either purge the PPA or seek support from the PPA owner18:04
nacc!ppa-purge | TPT18:04
ubottuTPT: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html18:04
TPTnacc: I can't run it, that's the problem.18:05
TPTnacc: OK, I'll try18:05
oerheksthere is #kivy here on #freenode too18:05
naccTPT: run *what*?18:06
naccTPT: kivy is a python library; you don't run pythonn libraries, you import them into your code18:06
TPTnacc: Oh, there must be some application too, isn't it?18:07
naccTPT: ... no18:08
naccTPT: it's a library18:08
naccTPT: there are examples in a separate package, i think18:08
TPTnacc : oh my god, I'm so sorry. I didn't know that. i thought of just installing it and then watch the tutorials18:09
naccTPT: i might be wrong, but the python3-kivy package does not contain any binaries18:10
wafflejockTPT, libraries are chunks of code that are used by application developers to build applications there are likely applications that use this library but the library itself isn't a full application (just a set of functions for developers to use)18:11
wafflejocklooks like nacc is right though there's no UI to the framework or corresponding editor you just use whatever editor you like and import it like a regular python library https://kivy.org/docs/guide/basic.html18:12
TPTwafflejock : thank you, mate. I'm new to linux and python. I understand there are some modules but there has to be a kivy application too for designing, isn't it?18:13
wafflejockTPT there could be I'm new to python myself but in most cases you just import and start using objects/functions defined in the lib didn't see anything on the table of contents though https://kivy.org/docs/18:14
naccTPT: no, I don't think that's what kivy is (it's not an apolication, i'ts a framework/library)18:15
naccTPT: at this point, it sounds like you need to learn about kivy, so i'd use #kivy, as oerheks said, and read their docs; not really an ubuntu support topic18:15
TPTnacc: wafflejock: thank you, you guys.18:16
DexterFwhat's the most minimalistic desktop environment that has a network-manager applet? lighter than xfce18:17
TPTnacc: I would be better if i just watch a tut first and ask doubts if there are any. Thanks!18:17
TJ-DexterF: the console. See nmtui and nmcli18:17
DexterFTJ-, did not do what I needed. sees the 4G modem but won't connect it. whatever is different when doing it in xfce via the applet does the trick.18:18
TJ-DexterF: the system will also need packages modemmanager and ofono18:19
TJ-DexterF: I've configured 4G modem this way18:19
DexterFTJ-, would a standard install of xubuntu 16.04 have these?18:19
DexterFTJ-, it works on this laptop with 16.04 xub and ofono is not installed.18:21
DexterFmodemmanager is, though. ok, I know what I'll try18:21
TJ-DexterF: it /should/ do; try "mmcli --help-manager" to see the console-based options for config18:21
DexterFnmcli, got it18:22
TJ-DexterF: there's docs on how to configure a GSM connection using nmcli here (note they're using snaps so whereever you see "modem.manager.mmcli" just use "mmcli"  ) https://docs.ubuntu.com/core/en/stacks/network/network-manager/docs/configure-cellular-connections18:27
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whaleyin Gnome on 17.10, is there a keyboard shortcut to move focus to the dock? I don't see one anywhere in Settings->Keyboard18:31
whaleyOk, fumbling around shows that ctrl+alt+tab -> Dock is it.  Not sure if there is a quicker way to do it or circumvent that intermediate modal18:33
mbntHi, my root folder is full. I am not sure why. I have 21 gigs, which should be plenty. How do I clean it out...maybe there are some junk files in there or something18:37
mbntOr how do I get a break down of what is eating all the space18:38
jimb_mbnt, I would suggest starting by clearing out your apt-get cache via `sudo apt-get clean`18:40
mbntjimb_, Is 21 gigs for root enough?18:41
jimb_You can see how much is being used by those archives by issuing `du -sh /var/cache/apt/archives`18:41
mbntjimb_, I cleaned up archives, which had four gigs18:41
naccmbnt: doyou mean / is full, or /root ?18:41
mbntWhat else can I do?18:41
mbntnacc, / is full18:42
naccmbnt: well, not anymore if you removed 4 Gb of data :)18:42
mbntI just took out four gigs18:42
mbntwhat else?18:42
mbnt21 gigs for / shoudl be more than neough18:42
mbntI should have L O T S of elbow room18:42
naccmbnt: `sudo du -h --max-depth=1 /` may help you see what is going on18:42
naccmbnt: depends on what you do, how your system is configured, etc.18:43
Mathistoo bad that partitioning limits your free disk sizes :-/18:43
MathisI prefer the old way: one partition for everything18:43
jimb_mbnt, You may want to try https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/oneiric/gdmap/18:44
mbntnacc, https://pastebin.com/xJQ9pXrx18:45
naccjimb_: that is ... dead? ... or why are you linking to an oneeric version?18:45
jimb_nacc, that was a mistake. I went with the first link to it I could find.18:45
* nacc hasn't seenayone use a.u.c for a while :)18:45
naccjimb_: np, i see it's in universe in all ubuntu already18:46
mbntpff, gdmap shows nothing18:46
jimb_I know there is a better program than that one, but I can't think of the name.18:46
mbntI just see a balnk screen18:46
naccmbnt: and perhaps a pastebin of `mount` ?18:47
naccmbnt: fwi, you have about 13G in /usr18:47
naccmbnt: means you've installed a lot of applications, most likely18:47
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ash_workhow do you search inside an applications menu... I know there was some way to just go directly to a command; it pops up in the dash overla18:48
BaronesHi, I'm trying to use the ubuntu 17.04 zetsy ppa and it is not working saying - 404  Not Found [IP: 2801:82:80ff:8000::5 80]18:48
gordonjcpBarones: which PPA in particular?18:49
Baronesubuntu zetsy/main18:49
mbnthow do I remove all kde apps?18:49
ash_workanyone know what I'm talking about?18:50
OnkelTemI don't get how can I write something on my flash usb drive with Kubuntu Live 17.1018:51
OnkelTemI created the flash drive using Unetbootin18:51
BaronesI didn't change anything gordonjcp and when I try to update it says - E: The repository 'http://br.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu zesty Release' does no longer have a Release file.18:51
OnkelTemi.e. the live cd18:51
OnkelTemSo WHERE that persistent space is supposed to be?18:51
mbntnacc, I have no idea what program is eating that much space. I just purged kde and I still have 13 gigs eaten up18:52
mbntnacc, What program is so huge that eats that much space?18:52
mbntmbnt, /usr should be just a couple of gigs, not 1318:53
mbntnacc, /usr should be just a couple of gigs, not 1318:53
gordonjcpmbnt: "du -hd1 /usr"18:53
gordonjcpmbnt: and narrow it down from there18:53
gordonjcpBarones: could be that this particular PPA is out of date, but without knowing what the PPA is it's hard to day18:53
Baroneshmm, I see, is it common to ubuntu disable they own ppa? I'm using ubuntu gnome 17.40 zetsy18:54
Baronesshould I upgrade to another release gordonjcp ?18:55
gordonjcpBarones: no idea, sorry18:55
Baronesok, thanks gordonjcp18:55
TJ-!eol | Barones: 17.04 is end of life, no longer supported18:56
ubottuBarones: 17.04 is end of life, no longer supported: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:56
TJ-Barones: so the packages have been removed from the archives which is why you get that error18:57
BaronesTJ-, thanks man, didn't know it ended today18:57
TJ-Barones: ended on January 13th18:57
TJ-!eolupgrade | Barones18:57
ubottuBarones: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:57
TJ-hmm, two factoids with the same text, didn't realise they were aliases18:58
mbntgordonjcp, https://pastebin.com/PYL0SS8X18:59
gordonjcpmbnt: so, 6.2GB in /usr/share, so do the same trick in /usr/share and see if you can chase down what's taking up the space18:59
gordonjcpmbnt: did you read the man page for du?19:00
oerheksOnkelTem, not standard usb creator, but mkusb can https://help.ubuntu.com/community/mkusb/persistent https://launchpad.net/~mkusb/+archive/ubuntu/ppa19:00
OnkelTemoerheks: thanks19:00
OnkelTemoerheks: I actually just remounted usb19:00
OnkelTemunetbootin created casper-rw file in the root, but it's not mounted19:01
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oerheksuh, unetbootin is known for issues19:02
DovidHi. I have all my interfaces set to auto dhcp. If they are all not connected it can take 5 min to boot. Is there any way to lower this from say 5 min to 30 seconds?19:04
mbntgordonjcp, something is off, I know of no program that can take that much space19:07
mbntor programs19:07
gordonjcpmbnt: well, keep digging19:08
naccmbnt: have you figured it out yet?19:08
webuser5224Hello everyone19:08
DocfxitWhen I try to connect from Ubuntu to a windows share with this find / -iname 'process.txt' -print  I get this error: Called name not present19:08
mbntnacc, all I know is that user has 12G and /lib has 4 g19:08
mbntThere must be a glotch or error log that is eating the space19:09
naccmbnt: logs don't go in /usr19:09
DocfxitPlease igmore my last post19:09
mbntthat has happened before, where error logs eat space19:09
webuser5224I'm using Ubuntu 16.04.3 and I'm trying to connect and few webcams and view their image through some UVC software, in my case guvcview19:09
naccmbnt: that wouldb ein /var/log usually19:09
webuser5224All but one work flawlessly19:09
naccmbnt: did you do the du in /usr yet?19:09
webuser5224And that one works perfectly under Windows 1019:09
webuser5224As UVC device19:09
webuser5224Has anyone worked with those small and cheap "SQ" cameras and maybe has a clue?19:10
webuser5224SQ8, SQ12 and what they're all called19:10
mbntnacc, Share is eating up 7 gigs and lib is eating up four gigs19:10
DocfxitWhen I try to connect from Ubuntu to a windows share with this: smbclient -d \\\backup -U gary -P I get an error: Called name not present.19:11
naccmbnt: share?19:11
naccmbnt: you mean /usr/share?19:11
mbntnacc, Yes19:11
naccmbnt: please use actual paths and pastebin the outputs19:11
mbntnacc, https://pastebin.com/PYL0SS8X19:11
naccmbnt: ok, /usr/lib is pretty normal to be that size19:12
naccmbnt: but /usr/share is about double what i have here19:12
naccmbnt: so go look there19:12
webuser5224Ah, one thing19:12
webuser5224Connecting the came to the same OS version through VirtualBox 'Webcam' function works19:12
webuser5224That's a bit strange19:12
mbntnacc, what am I looking for?19:13
naccDocfxit: what windows is samba server running?19:13
naccmbnt: same command but in /usr/share?19:13
Docfxitubuntu running samba to win7 shared files.19:14
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wasutton3where is the option to set "-j=4" as a makeflag19:16
naccDocfxit: first just see if you can access (are you sure onn that IP?)19:17
naccDocfxit: e.g. smbclilent -L
mbntnacc, /usr/share/doc is over a gig, games are over a gig...19:18
naccwasutton3: most people would not do that19:18
Docfxitnacc, I'm positive on the IP19:19
Docfxitnacc, I just tried with the IP only with the same error.19:19
naccDocfxit: iwth -L?19:19
wasutton3nacc, i found it in /etc/environment19:19
wasutton3but why would most not do that?19:19
mbntnacc, I don't see anything else eating up that much space. The game is just 0ad, that is all I have19:20
naccwasutton3: what did you find in /etc/environment?19:20
wasutton3nacc, thats just where i can set system variables19:20
mbntnacc, I don't see how the numbers are coming up to 6.8 g19:20
naccmbnt: i haven't seen an updated paste, so it's hard to hellp19:20
naccmbnt: also a `ls -ahl /usr/share` may help19:20
naccwasutton3: are you just trying to not forget to set -j4 or whtever?19:21
naccwasutton3: you don't usually put that in a Makefile, because then your Makefile becomes wrong for systems with more or fewer processors19:21
naccwasutton3: are you adding MAKEFLAGS to your /etc/environment?19:21
naccwasutton3: normally, you'd just put that in your .bashrc19:22
naccwasutton3: it's specific to your user, not all users (i'm assuming)19:22
mbntnacc, https://pastebin.com/WTVDjRUS19:22
Docfxitnacc, smbclient -L Session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE19:22
Docfxitnacc,  https://pastebin.com/ts7Yw0p219:23
wasutton3nacc, i meant more for the specific machine. on arch its in /etc/makepkg.conf19:24
naccDocfxit: did you use Backup earliler to backup?19:24
nacc*or backup*19:24
naccmbnt: hrm, i don't hav ea /usr/share/games here, tbh19:25
naccmbnt: and i'm not really willing to do the math if the rest adds up to a few extra gigs or not19:25
Docfxitnacc,  No19:25
naccmbnt: but i could see it doing so19:25
naccDocfxit: no, which way ?19:25
naccDocfxit: i didn't ask a yes or no question :)19:25
naccwasutton3: i still don't follow19:25
naccwasutton3: you want to change the value of -j for all invocations of `make` on a system?19:26
Docfxitnacc,  I did try it with the Backup folder earlier.  Just now I tried it without the Backup folder and got the same results.19:26
naccwasutton3: then you can set MAKEFLAGS i think in /etc/profile.d/19:27
DexterFTJ-, mm is designed to work with nm, right?19:27
naccDocfxit: you wrote earlier "backup" not "Backup"19:27
Docfxitnacc,   Sorry.  I meant Backup19:28
samcameronHi, do you know the name of this file manager? https://youtu.be/1E3jGWUdtPY?t=12519:30
samcameronThe one with the dark theme19:30
naccDocfxit: you don't usually pass any arguemnts after the host to -L19:30
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naccDocfxit: i beleive you should be able to do `smbclient \\\\<host>\\Backup -U gary -P` and it hsould leave you at a smb: \> prompt19:31
mbntnacc, I purged games, so now /usr/share is 5.3G19:33
mbntnacc, Does that sound reasonabel?19:33
rmakAnyone here running 17.10 and Terminator?  I just updated and I can't find it using wmctrl or xdotool.  I'm guessing it's an x related error.  "xdotool getactivewindow getwindowpid" returns "XGetWindowProperty[_NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW] failed (code=1)"19:33
naccmbnt: more reasonable, mine is at 3.7G, but I don't have too much installed19:34
mbntnacc, Thank you for your help19:34
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mbntmbnt, One function I use Ubuntu is as an audio production studio, so I need to have that function sorted19:35
Docfxitnacc,  https://pastebin.com/j9M9yee019:35
mbntgames can go19:35
naccDocfxit: wait, why are you using -P (i copied it from your old invcation)19:37
naccmbnt: agree19:37
naccmbnt: if you are using it solely as that utilty (audio production), i would strip out everything else19:37
Docfxitnacc,  Without the -P it worked.  I'm now at smb: \>19:38
naccDocfxit: note also that using the IP may or may not be rigt, depending on how you configured the shares in windows; you amy need to be using hte NetBIOS name19:38
naccDocfxit: right, why did you think you needed to pass -P/19:39
Docfxitnacc,   I copied your example.19:39
naccDocfxit: and i copied yours -- so originally, why?19:39
naccDocfxit: this is still just for doing a backup of your sytsem?19:40
Docfxitnacc,   I copied it from a web page that I later found out was to debug the connection.19:40
Docfxitnacc, Yes  I'm still trying to backup the files so i can build a new Ubuntu.19:41
naccDocfxit: you know you coulld just have put a thumb drive in and been done with it probablly two days ago, right?19:41
naccDocfxit: that seems way easier than all of this stuff19:41
naccDocfxit: to be clear -P is not about debug19:43
jimb_-P is password, right?19:44
naccjimb_: it tells smbclient to use the machine account locally to query the remote19:44
naccjimb_: so not exactly password19:44
Docfxitnacc,  I originally tried to back it up to a folder on the hard drive.  I was directed to use rsync.  Which I didn't know at the time required an ssh server on the other end.  Then you suggested I use the copy to a windows share.  If I knew how to mount and copy it to a thumb drive I could have easily.19:45
naccjimb_: but that is, i think, why it tried to lookup the samba secrets (which would be th elocal machine auth)19:45
naccDocfxit: if you have it on a thumb drive, just use cp?19:45
jimb_makes sense19:45
naccDocfxit: s/it on /19:45
naccDocfxit: ok, wait19:46
naccDocfxit: you were trying to backup something locally to somehwere else locally?19:46
naccDocfxit: that was definitely not what your AU question said19:46
naccDocfxit: tbh, if you are having this much trouble ... get a big enough thumb drive, plug it in, format it (using disks, probably), drag and drop stuff with nautilus you want, and then wait until its done19:47
Docfxitnacc,   I know.  I started this question on the fourm.  It evolved before I came here.19:47
Docfxitnacc,  What is nautilus?19:48
naccDocfxit: the GUI file browser in gnome19:48
naccDocfxit: i ahve no idea why windows is relevant to your use case19:48
naccDocfxit: or why you ever brought it up19:48
Docfxitnacc, I'm just trying to get it off the current Ubuntu and put some place so after I create a new Ubuntu I can copy it back.  That's all.19:49
naccDocfxit: right, so plug a thumb drive inn, copy stuff over19:49
naccDocfxit: you don't need the network at all19:49
Docfxitnacc,  I had to deliver the machine back to it's home in Los Angeles.  That's an hour drive from me.  Currently the windows share will be easier.  From the last command you gave me I can now see the windows share folder.19:52
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TJ-rmak: "XGetWindowProperty[_NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW] failed " on 17.10 - the session is probably using the Gnome Wayland compositor not X20:04
rmakOh, you're right it is20:05
Docfxitnacc,  I just tried the copy. I didn't get any errors but it didn't copy any files.  https://pastebin.com/b4phW80d20:05
naccDocfxit: wait waht?20:05
rmakTJ: Odd that most every other application correctly reports itself20:05
naccDocfxit: you don't need to use samba if you're doing it that way (a usb drive)20:05
naccDocfxit: and if you are using samba, then you need to use samba-aware toolling, or sambafs20:06
Docfxitnacc, The machine is now 1hr driving time away from me.20:06
Docfxitnacc, What is the cmd line to install the software I need?20:08
naccDocfxit: sorry, I have to pivot to some other work-realted stuff. Someone else might be able to help you learn to use Samba, which is what you need to do at this point20:09
naccDocfxit: tbh, it will be faster to drive to the computer, plug a thumb drive in and download everything to the drive20:09
naccDocfxit: than to set up samba and copy it, probably20:09
Docfxitnacc,  Thank you very much for all your help.20:09
Docfxitnacc, That would be 2hr drive time and I really don't know how large a USB I would need.  Plus I'm not sure I don't need more folders.  I will only find out when I start building the new machine.20:12
jimb_Docfxit, `du -sh /etc/asterisk` That will tell you how much space is needed, uncompressed.20:14
jimb_Docfxit, I would suggest you tar/compress those files prior to transfer as well, especially if being moved to a non-*nix like filesystem.20:15
jimb_Docfxit, `tar cvzf ~/asterisk-backup.tar.gz /etc/asterisk`20:15
Docfxitjimb_, Thank you.  now I know it will fit on a usb.20:16
jimb_unless that USB is using something like ext4 (not NTFS or FAT/32), I still suggest using tar to create a compressed copy20:17
sirru5hHey guys having an odd issue with curl, currently on Ubuntu 17.10, I included the error on https://paste.ubuntu.com/26446262/20:21
sirru5hI have found nothing that gives me the slightest idea of what it could be on google20:22
leftyfbsirru5h: are you behind a proxy?20:22
sirru5hNope no proxy20:22
leftyfbsirru5h: your error messages indicate your system trying to go through a proxy port on your local machine20:23
sirru5hI saw someone say it could be a proxy but it's a direct connection20:23
sirru5hwould that be a config in the bash_profile?20:24
sirru5hor is there a config I just can edit?20:24
TJ-sirru5h: "grep google /etc/hosts"20:25
leftyfbI'd grep the port # in all of /etc, but that's me20:25
leftyfbsudo grep -R 8123 /etc20:25
TJ-sirru5h: if nothing there try "sudo iptables-save | grep 8123"20:25
sirru5hgrep google /etc/hosts ( nothing )20:26
bunnyman123Hey everyone20:27
TJ-sirru5h: I think you've had a SOCKS 5 proxy configured at some point20:27
sirru5h@TJ-, nothing for the sudo iptables-save | grep 812320:27
ioriasirru5h, container ?20:28
jerichowasahoaxsirru5h: env | grep -i proxy20:28
sirru5hNope not using docker20:28
TJ-sirru5h: try leftyfb's command ("sudo grep -rn 8123 /etc/" )20:28
sirru5h env | grep -i proxy20:28
amazoniantoadI recently ran an upgrade and now my computer takes an inordinate amount of time to boot. 16.0420:29
amazoniantoadAnyone have a fix for this?20:29
sirru5hShould I unset these environmental variables here20:29
jerichowasahoaxsirru5h: yep20:29
DexterFTJ-, nmtui shows me for activation DSL, Ethernet, Infiniband and others but nothing like "broadband". mmcli tells me I have ports: 'ttyUSB0 (at), ttyUSB1 (at), wwan0 (net)'20:29
TJ-amazoniantoad: start with "systemd-analyze critical-chain"20:29
amazoniantoadI saw that editting the uuid of the swap space worked for some people but I didn't see any set in fstab20:29
DexterFwhere do I go from here?20:29
amazoniantoadTJ-, how do I start with that?20:29
sirru5hpimp @jerichowasahoax I'll hit it right now20:29
amazoniantoadSorry...need coffee20:29
jerichowasahoaxsirru5h: and make sure they aren't being set in ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile while you're at it20:29
TJ-amazoniantoad: sorry, as in 'start your diagnosis with..."20:29
amazoniantoadRight. I got it haha20:30
amazoniantoadStill tired20:30
TJ-DexterF: did you read the linked instructions I gave you for using "nmcli" to create/activate the connection ?20:30
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
sirru5hI just unset them but I will double check both of those20:31
amazoniantoadTJ-, https://paste.ubuntu.com/26446295/20:31
DexterFTJ-, saw that just now20:31
leftyfbsirru5h: I thought you said you didn't have a proxy? That is clearly configs for a proxy of some sort20:31
sirru5hleftyfb, never set one20:32
TJ-amazoniantoad: how long does the boot take?20:32
ioriasirru5h, it does not set by itself20:32
TJ-amazoniantoad: and when you say boot, do you actual mean "until the desktop is ready after I log-in to the GUI" ?20:32
sirru5hI think I may have installed tor though a while back like when I was first setting up the machine20:33
ioriasirru5h, is that your machine ?20:33
amazoniantoadTJ-, well actually it takes like 15+ seconds but that's after it fails to boot a couple of times. By boot I mean to get to the login screen. So including the couple initial boot failures (just a black screen) it brings it to almost a minute20:33
amazoniantoadIt used to be pretty instantaneous20:33
sirru5hnot sure if it is "residual"20:33
sirru5hioria, yup my machine20:34
TJ-amazoniantoad: your critical-chain shows the NetworkManager-wait-online.service takes 12 seconds so that would explain it. It's taking some time to bring up the network connection which I assume is WiFi ?20:34
TJ-amazoniantoad: for the failed boots, there may be clues in /var/log/kern.log20:35
amazoniantoadTJ-, let me check that20:35
sirru5hjerichowasahoax, for the no_proxy=localhost,,::1,,,
sirru5hShould I leave those as well and do I need to restart the network manager?20:35
amazoniantoadTJ-, https://paste.ubuntu.com/26446320/20:36
TJ-amazoniantoad: and to further analyse the network-online delay you'd need to look at all the messages NetworkManager writes to /var/log/syslog (compare the timestamps to figure out where the delay is)20:36
jerichowasahoaxthose variables just say "don't use a proxy for those addresses"20:36
amazoniantoadTJ-, okay20:36
sirru5hYup I left them just double checking20:36
jerichowasahoaxsirru5h: removing them would be "cleaner" but leaving them should have no effect until you try to use another proxy somewhere20:36
TJ-amazoniantoad: that pastebin isn't very useful since it's effectively a screenshot. Just do "pastebinit /var/log/kern.log"20:37
sirru5hWell I'll take them off just because generally I have just a direct connection20:37
amazoniantoadTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/26446335/20:38
amazoniantoadTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/26446338/20:38
sirru5hI'm gonna reboot I appreciate the help20:39
on3pkOn my system, Ubuntu doesn't seem to ever run the CPU fans.  It makes it quiet but very hot.  How can I find out which fans are installed and why they don't run?20:40
TJ-amazoniantoad: drat! Looks like the logs were just rotated out! try this: "pastebinit <( tail -n 2000 /var/log/syslog.1 )"20:40
TJ-on3pk: sounds like an ACPI issue, this may help: http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html20:40
amazoniantoadTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/26446351/20:41
ioriaon3pk, not a specialist, but your pc shuts down if the cpu fan not running20:41
on3pkioria, it has been throttling the CPU20:44
TJ-amazoniantoad: OK, for network... the Wifi association starts at  "15:23:57 Nostromo wpa_supplicant[1363]: wlp1s0: SME: Trying to authenticate with 80:e0:1d:43:4e:9f (SSID='MASON-SECURE' freq=5805 MHz)" and completes at " 15:24:05 Nostromo dnsmasq[2168]: using nameserver wlp1s0)" so that's 8 seconds20:44
TJ-amazoniantoad: actually, that's not the correct association, that's a later one. The log looks a bit messed up near the start too20:45
amazoniantoadTJ-, hm20:46
GalaxorHi.  What kernel options can I use at boot to tell it NOT to mount root?  I just want the initramfs command prompt.20:46
TJ-amazoniantoad: for the boot delay, there's an unexplained delay between 9.641603 and 13.989464]20:46
GalaxorI can't find anything about it on the internet because I get too many pages of people saying "Ono, root won't mount , I'm at the initramfs prompt, help!"  I'm trying to get INTO that situation, not OUT of it.20:47
TJ-Galaxor: break=mountroot20:47
GalaxorTJ-: Thanks!20:47
sveinseAnyone here knows what source the /boot/grub/unicode.pf2 font is generated from? I'm on a HiDPI and I'd like to generate much larger fonts.20:47
TJ-Galaxor: you can find other places to break with "grep maybe_break /usr/share/initramfs-tools/init"20:47
TJ-Galaxor: 'init' is the init script run in the initrd.img20:48
on3pkHm.  If I gotta pretend to be a different OS.  Maybe it's just time to get a new PC.  This one is ~10 years old now20:48
GalaxorTJ-: Thanks!20:48
amazoniantoadTJ-, so what do you suggest I do?20:49
GalaxorI'm renting a server, and they flash it with ubuntu.  I want full-disk encryption, but I have no ability to mount to a cd or anything.  I do have console access, though.20:49
GalaxorSo my plan is to put all the repartitioning tools I need into the initramfs and then boot there and.20:49
Galaxorand set up everything I need and reboot and hopefully it'll work??20:50
TJ-amazoniantoad: for the network, it looks like the connection starts with "15:17:59 Nostromo NetworkManager[1159]: <info>  [1516738679.2439] policy: auto-activating connection 'MASON'" and ends at "15:18:07 Nostromo NetworkManager[1159]: <info>  [1516738687.4543] device (wlp1s0): Activation: successful, device activated." which is 8 seconds (again!)20:50
GalaxorI'm rehearsing with a VM I have locally.20:50
sirru5hLooks like it sets the env variable everytime20:50
on3pkI'm actually 90% sure I could switch to a SBC like the OrangePi and I wouldn't notice a difference between that and this PC.  Ick.20:51
jimb_on3pk, ouch.20:52
TJ-Galaxor: yes, it'll work. Create your hook-script in /etc/initramfs-tools/hook/<myscript> (chmod +x) start with "#!/bin/sh" and then call the hook-function "copy_exec path/to/executable" -- that's defined in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hook-functions and it will ensure all required libraries (.so files) are copied into the initrd too"20:54
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on3pkjimb_, it is what it is.  But I Ubuntu definitely makes this easier to work with than Windows20:54
TJ-Galaxor: e.g. "copy_exec /sbin/cryptsetup" will copy that binary and all it's required libraries in for you20:55
GalaxorTJ-: Doesn't debootstrap have stuff in /usr/share or something too?20:56
TJ-Galaxor: you're planning on using debootstrap from the initrd?20:56
TJ-Galaxor: you might find this handy, it's an in-place LUKS conversion tool https://github.com/johndoe31415/luksipc20:57
TJ-Galaxor: you could then just convert an unencrypted rootfs in-place from initrd20:58
GalaxorTJ-: Ohh, that sounds like a good plan yes!20:58
GalaxorTJ-: I guess another option would be to create the encrypted filesystem and then wget debootstrap onto it and run from there...20:59
TJ-Galaxor: or, you could initially not allocate all space to the unencrypted Ubuntu rootfs - give it say 40%, then you can create another encrypted FS and copy into it. In that approach I'd use LVM so you can easily add the space from the unencrypted rootfs to the encrypted rootfs once you've converted20:59
GalaxorTJ-: Hm.  The hosting provider will give me a fully-allocated unencrypted partition.  But I could shrink it with resize2fs, and then make the second partition, copy things over there, and then make that the root...21:02
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TJ-Galaxor: Can't you choose how to use the space? I'm used to being able to do that :)21:02
TJ-Galaxor: but yes, if you can work from the initrd you can use resize2fs to shrink it before it is mounted21:03
=== jottr_ is now known as jottr
GalaxorTJ-: Hm.  I don't see any fancy allocation options like that in their purchasing/provisioning UI.  It looks like I'm gonna hafta do this dance.21:04
TJ-Galaxor: would installing dropbear (the ssh server) into the initrd and bringing up the network help, or do you already have sufficent access at the initrd stage?21:04
xapakHello. I have an inquiry, not Ubuntu specific (I hope), but some of you probably can help me out with: I have this AWS Ubuntu AMI, where the `ubuntu` user seems to start its session-based dbus daemon, but new users do not. "mynewuser" gives me a "Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory" whenever I try something with systemctl --user, whereas with `ubuntu` I get no issues at all.21:05
AngelKdehello everyone I wanted to ask if it is normal that on ubuntu 16.04 you have to upgrade the kernel a la ves 4.13?21:05
TJ-AngelKde: 4.13 is the HardWare Enablement kernel21:05
GalaxorTJ-: Yes, dropbear would help.  I was planning on following these instructions:  https://stinkyparkia.wordpress.com/2014/10/14/remote-unlocking-luks-encrypted-lvm-using-dropbear-ssh-in-ubuntu-server-14-04-1-with-static-ipst/21:05
Bashing-om!hwe | AngelKde21:06
ubottuAngelKde: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack21:06
TJ-Galaxor: looks like you're ahead of me :)21:06
sirru5hWhere would the environmental variables that are set each time on bootup be kept?21:07
TJ-Galaxor: which hypervisor is in use, is it KVM booting your choice of kernel?21:07
TJ-sirru5h: /etc/environment and/or /etc/profile /etc/bash.bashrc21:07
kostkonAngelKde, in other words, it is normal21:08
sirru5hAwesome thank you21:08
AngelKdekostkon, sorry so just follow the guide in the link or can I give sudo apt-get dist-upgrade directly?21:08
TJ-Galaxor: does the host not provide an emergency recovery boot option that boots something like finnix ?21:09
kostkonAngelKde, if you are asked already to upgrade to that kernel then just dist-upgrade21:09
TJ-Galaxor: if so, you could use that to redo the partitioning etc.21:09
AngelKdethanks konimex21:10
AngelKdesorry thanks kostkon21:10
kostkonAngelKde, np21:10
sirru5hnothing there regarding proxy21:12
GalaxorTJ-: I do get to use my own kernel.  I don't know what they're using.  Could be anything - kvm, virtualbox, xen, or even vmware.  Access to the console is the only emergency boot option I've got.21:13
sveinseI have a Lenovo P51 with 17.10 and I'm having occational problems rebooting and shutting down. ACPI stuff? Is there anything I can do?21:15
TJ-sveinse: yes, I'd agree, ACPI21:16
TJ-sveinse: how about suspend/resume and all devices still working?21:16
sveinseTJ-: Yes, the little I've tested it seems to be working ok21:17
TJ-sveinse: you might want to try this: http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html21:17
sveinseTJ-: Do you know what win10 is identified as?21:19
sveinseok, I'll try it. brb21:19
TJ-sveinse: No, it's the mobo/firmware that is responsible, not the OS.21:19
akiksveinse: there's also the reboot= kernel parameter21:20
sirru5hOkay this is odd but in the network setup I had a proxy listed (very odd)21:22
DocfxitI'm getting an error saying \mnt\win does not exist.  /mnt/win does exist.  with this cmd: sudo mount -t cifs -o gary \\\\\\Backup\\AsteriskBackup //mnt//win21:26
DocfxitSorry this cmd: sudo mount -t cifs -o gary \\\\\\Backup\\AsteriskBackup \\mnt\\win21:27
naccDocfxit: uh21:27
naccDocfxit: well, one, you're using windows path separators to a unix path21:27
naccDocfxit: seriously, you could have fixed this by now21:27
Docfxitnacc, If this was a one off copy I would drive down there.  It isn't.  I would like to have this capability in place.21:29
sveinseakik: just reboot= ?21:29
sirru5hWorked .. it was an odd setting in the settings>network>network proxy .. it wasn't trying to use the old tor config it was trying to go through 812321:29
akiksveinse: no, it's described in the doc21:29
naccDocfxit: then you should learn about paths inn general, and read the mount manpages (including mount.cifs, is eriously doubt 'gary' is an option for it.)21:30
Docfxitnacc, I'm just trying to duplicate what I found on the internet for examples.21:31
sirru5hI want to thank leftyfb, TJ- , jerichowasahoax , ioria , and everyone else who helped me Thank you everyone21:31
akiksveinse: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/x86/x86_64/boot-options.txt search for reboot=21:31
naccDocfxit: that's not generally a good idea for things you actually care about :)21:31
naccDocfxit: unless you have a fully isolated test environment that does not affect your remote computer21:32
Docfxitnacc, If I change \\mnt\\win to //mnt//win I get a bunch more errors.21:32
naccDocfxit: well, // is still wrong, but whatever.21:32
sveinseakik: yeah, I googled the same. Not sure what to chose thou21:32
naccDocfxit: you aren't reading docs to understand why you are passing what you are, so you're going to end up making a mistake eventually, it feels like21:32
naccDocfxit: what errors do you get?21:32
DexterFdo nmcli/mmcli commands stay permanent?21:33
akiksveinse: did you activate the acpi_osi parameter already? it might help too21:33
sveinsee.g. what is the difference on warm, cold, hard and soft reboot on x86? I'm not very familiar with this arch on a low level21:34
akiksveinse: just test them21:34
Docfxitnacc, The errors: https://pastebin.com/XuCiW0vH21:36
sveinseon the acpi_osi setting, is it always best to chose the last item which the script does? My system returns Windows 2001 through Windows 2015 and then Microsoft Windows NT which gets picked by the script21:37
naccDocfxit: read `man mount.cifs`, as i said, 'gary' is totally incorrect21:37
naccDocfxit: and i have no idea where you thought it would be right21:37
DexterFTJ-, got it working. whopee. no clue though if the cli commands stay or have to be reentered on every reboot?21:38
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: your command is bogus and you should forget you ever learned it21:38
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: now, what are you *actually* trying to do21:38
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, I am trying to copy files from Ubuntu to a windows share.21:39
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: okay. can we have more details about the windows share?21:40
naccDocfxit: you want something like (read docs to knnow for usre) `mount -t cifs -o username=gary,password=... // /mnt/win`21:41
naccjerichowasahoax may know more, i never use windows or samba21:41
Docfxitnacc,  Thank you.21:41
jerichowasahoaxi haven't used cifs in a long time either21:42
jerichowasahoaxbecause oddly enough, the weak link every time i tried to use cifs was always the windows boxes21:42
jerichowasahoaxand my solution more often than not ended up being "give up and use sftp"21:42
sveinsenah, the acpi_osi didn't work. not with the first attemt at least21:42
TJ-DexterF: if you've used "nmcli con add"  then you've a permanent connection, you can check with "nmcli con" to get a list21:45
sveinseTJ-: Nice work with the ACPI DSDT reverse engineering :P21:45
DexterFTJ-, 4 gsm lines, first green, device is ttyUSB0 ehich is my modem21:46
TJ-DexterF: best thing is to reboot and check :D21:46
akiksveinse: yes for 2015, no for nt :)21:47
sveinsedidn't help anything unfortunately21:48
sveinseand I don't know if I'm missing any HW. I'm not using everything on it. Like the fingerprint reader or the pantone color calibrator21:48
ayeeI have a few hundred machines. I have a package list for all of those machines. Is there a way I can say download some file from USN or something, basically a hashmap telling me this package version has an active CVE or doesn't have an active CVE21:48
ayeeI don't want a complicated binary, or api or something, I just want a simple hashmap, to lookup packages in ubuntu repos21:49
TJ-sveinse: best too look at the kernel logs for clues, /var/log/kern.log will capture multiple boots21:49
ayeeLike can I just download this database: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/ ?21:49
TJ-ayee: you mean packages that have a CVE patch in them which you've not yet applied to your fleet ?21:50
ayeeTJ-: yes21:50
ayeelike old packages with a security update21:50
TJ-ayee: I don't know of one, but I suggest you join #ubuntu-hardened and ask the security devs there21:51
sveinseTJ-: Isn't my kernel line working? ACPI: [Firmware Bug]: BIOS _OSI(Linux) query ignored21:52
TJ-sveinse: look further on :)21:53
TJ-sveinse: check "cat /proc/cmdline" to ensure the entry is there, too21:53
sveinseit is21:53
TJ-sveinse: you should see something like "ACPI: Added _OSI(Windows 2015)" in the kernel log21:54
nomicis it possible to get a command like grep to always run with a switch like grep -s21:54
nomicneed it to run with -s all the time21:55
nomicsome alias21:55
TJ-nomic: you can create a shell alias21:55
nomicnot an alias21:55
nomicbut it is alias grep=?21:55
sveinseTJ-: I don't. Only the _OSI(Linux) I pasted above21:55
walnut_burlnomic alias grep='grep -s'21:56
sveinseIs the kern.log sensitive? Can/should I paste it?21:56
nomicok that worked21:56
nomic        $("#packets1").css("background-position",""+ packets1.position +"px 0px");21:56
TJ-sveinse: it's fine to paste, we need to see it frequently21:56
nomicalias grep="grep -s"    neeto21:57
nomicthat worked21:57
nomicfantastic .21:57
walnut_burlthat will only last in that instance of the terminal21:57
walnut_burlif you want it forever21:57
walnut_burlput that line in your ~/.bashrc21:58
sveinseTJ-: https://bpaste.net/show/d99d6cc2470d21:58
nomicok i put it in bashrc21:58
TJ-sveinse: line 322 "[    0.113390] ACPI: Added _OSI(Windows 2015)"21:59
TJ-sveinse: sorry, line 33221:59
sveinseTJ-: wow, din't see that22:00
TJ-sveinse: I notce around line 1025 a bunch of Device Specific Method erros due to firmware bugs, which might not be helping22:01
TJ-sveinse: it's worth testing with the latest mainline kernel from the kernel-team PPA, you could try v4.15-rc922:01
TJ-!mainline | sveinse22:02
ubottusveinse: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds22:02
TJ-sveinse: I have a shell script which automates fetching the mainline kernels, verifying the checksums, and installing @ http://iam.tj/projects/ubuntu/wget_kernel_mainline.sh22:03
sveinseTJ-: Is this, safe, on a production laptop? Well, I do know nothing is safe, per se, but I hope you understand what I mean22:04
sveinseIt's my daily work laptop22:04
TJ-sveinse: well it's for testing it installs /alongside/ all existing kernels, it doesn't replace them; once tested you can choose to continue booting with it or remove it22:04
TJ-sveinse: I generally use the latest mainline kernels on some systems I rely on22:05
shazbotmcnastyHello - I was wondering if anyone knew how to set up an SMB share on Ubuntu 16.04 that is not password protected on the LAN22:08
shazbotmcnastyI was to be able to \\hostname\sharename from any windows machine in the network and get to the files22:08
DexterFTJ-, whopee. survives reboot22:08
TJ-DexterF: :) Yay, nice one22:10
DexterFTJ-, thanks a bunch. I tried this the classic way, drove me sheer nuts22:10
TJ-shazbotmcnasty: does this help? https://askubuntu.com/questions/781963/simple-samba-share-no-password22:11
lateniteHi folks, I updated to 17.10 and now when I get a DHCP lease my /etc/resolv.conf remains empty. What am I missing here?22:11
TJ-latenite: there might be clues in /var/log/syslog from NetworkManager22:12
DexterFTJ-, one thing I haven't tested: NM is per user, right? because headless no user gets logged in...22:12
TJ-DexterF: it can be both, system or user. Check if your GSM connection file is in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/22:13
azizLIGHTif i do dd if=/dev/sdb of=/media/ubuntu/image-of-sdb.img , and if /dev/sdb is like 50% empty, total size 100gb, will the image file be 50 gb or 100gb22:14
DexterFTJ-, it is, belongs to root with 600 rights22:14
TJ-DexterF: or you can do "nmcli con show <name>" but I'm not sure which key indicates system vs user22:15
TJ-azizLIGHT: 110GB22:15
TJ-azizLIGHT: hahaha, 100GB sorry22:16
azizLIGHThow do i make dd image without free space taking up so much space22:16
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memphistoazizLIGHT: you can't22:16
memphistodd does block copying22:16
azizLIGHTcan i compress it to make it smaller at least22:17
TJ-azizLIGHT: you'd have to shrink the file-system in it and limit the dd to the number of blocks the FS required22:17
akikazizLIGHT: you could compress it22:17
memphistoyou don't know how your data is spread across the device so you can't limit it that way22:17
TJ-azizLIGHT: on the 'dd' command-line you can use "conv=sparse" which will seek over all NULL blocks in the output22:17
memphistobut you can compress it22:17
azizLIGHTTJ-: yes so if sdb is 100gb but sdb1 is only 50gb and the remaining space is free space not allocated to any partition, will the sdb img still be 100gb?22:17
shazbotmcnastyThanks TJ- , reading it now22:18
TJ-azizLIGHT: yes, but in that case you could just "dd if=/dev/sdb1 ..."22:18
shazbotmcnastyoh that's what I just was reading22:18
shazbotmcnastyno it didn't help22:18
shazbotmcnastyit still asks for the password22:18
TJ-shazbotmcnasty: :D darn22:18
azizLIGHTTJ-: well i might need the mbr and such22:18
akikazizLIGHT: dd if=... | gzip > file.gz22:18
Ben64dd bs=1M count=10 if=/dev/sdb of=sdb22:19
azizLIGHTakik: ah i see. so should i write zeros in the empty space so its easier to compress?22:19
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, The mount worked great.  Thank you.22:19
Ben64azizLIGHT: that would work but theres still no point22:19
TJ-azizLIGHT: save the mbr separately, or tar them together, e.g. "dd if=/dev/sdb count=1 of=path/to/mbr.bin"22:19
shazbotmcnastyI wonder if it makes a different that my windows PC is on a domain22:19
sveinseTJ- where do I find the keys for this?22:20
azizLIGHTBen64: this command "dd bs=1M count=10 if=/dev/sdb of=sdb" takes image of the mbr?22:20
TJ-sveinse: which keys? the kernel PPA signing certificate?22:21
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, I tried to copy the files.  With some of the files I'm getting an error saying Permission denied.  Most of the files copied just fine.  cp -R /etc/asterisk /mnt/win/AsteriskBackup22:21
memphistoazizLIGHT: no, TJ- told you already22:21
memphistodd if=/dev/sdb count=1 of=path/to/mbr.bin"22:21
memphisto[23:19] <shazbotmcnasty> I wonder if it makes a different that my windows PC is on a domain22:21
azizLIGHToh i see22:21
akikazizLIGHT: to save the original data, just use that pipeline. it'll get compressed22:22
sveinseTJ-: Your script wants to run gpg verification on it, and then it sais sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com <KEYID>22:22
sveinseIs keyid what is printed a few lines above?22:22
akikazizLIGHT: not using of= with dd makes it output to stdout and through that pipe to gzip22:22
TJ-sveinse: right, and if you look it tells you the command to run - yes, that's the command ... look up about 4 lines, on the end of a line is the hex key ID it needs22:22
sveinseTJ-: perfect, thanks22:23
azizLIGHTakik: well im afraid that because the disk has been in use for so long, that hte img will be 100gb not 50gb (sdb1 is 50gb, whole disk is 100gb), even with compression22:23
azizLIGHTbecause its block level22:23
azizLIGHTam i making sense?22:23
shazbotmcnastyHmm. Any other ideas for the samba share with no password? Accessing machines will be Windows, and are on a domain.22:23
TJ-azizLIGHT: does /dev/sdb only have a single partition sdb1 of 50GB now?22:23
memphistodon't think youll get much less size with compression22:24
azizLIGHTTJ-: yes22:24
memphistothen dd the sdb1 only22:24
TJ-azizLIGHT: why not create a 2nd partition using all the free space then do "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb2 bs=50M" to zero it all then you can do sparse block compression22:24
azizLIGHTTJ-: that was my original thought22:24
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Ben64seems like a waste of time though22:25
memphistosave mbr22:25
memphistodd the sdb122:25
memphistoshould be enough22:25
azizLIGHTseems good. i will do that22:25
sveinseDarn, I have the same issue now I had earlier this day: dkms hangs forever. It hangs on "plymouth --ping"22:26
sveinseI can kill it, and that will advance the dkms build until plymouth --ping is called again. Kill it and repeat and eventually the dkms installation is complete22:27
sveinseShouldn't be like this, right?22:27
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: that's probably a permissions error on the system hosting the share and you'd have to go there to fix it22:27
Ben64sveinse: right22:27
TJ-sveinse: we've seen a few reports of that recently22:28
sveinseIs it a known 17.10 issue? Because my installation is only a few days old22:28
memphistosveinse: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/160647222:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1606472 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "boot scripts hang in plymouth --ping (aka: Plymouth's bug returns)" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:28
sveinselogged as affecting me22:29
shazbotmcnastyI just tested to see if it made a difference if the accessing computer is on the domain and it doesn't seem to - machine both on and off of the domain are still being prompted for a password for my smb share.22:29
shazbotmcnastyAny ideas for the samba share with no password? Accessing machines will be Windows, and are on a domain. The samba machine is not on the domain.22:30
shazbotmcnastyThat's my smb.conf22:30
TJ-shazbotmcnasty: any clues in /var/log/syslog or any samba log? enabling verbose samba logging might help22:31
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, Most of the files did copy.  If none of the files copied I could understand it could be on the windows machine.22:31
memphistoshazbotmcnasty: https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/samba-server-ubuntu-16-04/22:31
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: well what are some examples of files that didn't copy, if you don't mind me asking?22:32
TJ-Docfxit: presumably you need to run the command as 'root' using "sudo ..."22:33
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, Happy to share.  It looks like they really did copy over.  I just got the errors with a few of the files.  I just tried it again with sudo and received no errors.22:36
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: ...which files were they again22:36
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, It could be those files that I got Permission denied on could be in use right now.22:37
sveinseTJ-: After a few reboots, it seems the new kernel works much better. Thanks!22:37
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: linux doesn't lock files for being in use22:37
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: i'm starting to get concerned that maybe you're backing up files you really don't need to be backing up22:37
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, ztscan.conf   h323.conf  etc.22:37
sveinseTJ-: To update to a newer kernel I just rerun the wget script I got, right?22:38
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: i don't know what those are but they're config files according to their names so that's fine22:38
DexterFiptables -A POSTROUTING -o usb0 -j MASQUERADE and with ppp0, too, both say no chain/target by that name. ifconfig tells me there is wwan0 (4G modem) and ppp0 which has a 10.241. IP address (weird now that I think of it, who has 10...?) so I'd assume ppp0 is my "internet" interface, right?22:38
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, I think all files in that folder are text files.22:39
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: i thought for a second you were copying files from like, /proc or somewhere equally goofy22:40
TJ-sveinse: yes, or you can tell it which version you want. use the -h option to see more22:41
sveinseTJ-: thanks22:41
akikDexterF: you have "-o usb0" there which might not be a network interface?22:41
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, Just in case, I think you gave me a command to put everything in a tar file.  I have been looking for it but my cache wasn't big enough.22:41
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: no, but i'll give you one anyway22:41
DexterFakik, hence I tried ppp0 which appears in ifconfig. same result22:42
akikDexterF: i wonder if you need -t nat with POSTROUTING22:43
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: tar cfjv ~/tarball-name,22:43
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: ignore that22:43
=== Nicmavr is now known as Guest10784
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: tar cfjv ~/tarball-name.tar.bz2 /path/to/directory/full/of/stuff22:43
DexterFakik, I'll give it a shot, I'm terrible with iptables22:43
DexterFakik, looks like you're right, that goes through22:44
DexterFsame here, akik? iptables -A FORWARD -i ppp0 -o eth0 -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT22:44
akikDexterF: sorry not sure about that22:45
akikDexterF: don't think you need -t nat with that22:46
DexterFakik, those go through22:47
TJ-akik: DexterF correct, the FORWARD rules are for allowing packets in or out, the 'nat' table is about doing masquerading22:48
shazbotmcnastyTJ-, memphisto I think my issue has something to do that if I uncomment the "security = share" then samba won't start - no info in /var/log/syslog22:48
TJ-shazbotmcnasty: I haven't used samba for almost 10 years now but it has a reputation for being difficult to configure, rather like NFS :)22:50
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, I must have done something wrong.  It didn't write the file.  sudo tar cfjv ~/asteriskfolder.tar.bz2 /mnt/win/AsteriskBackup22:51
TJ-Docfxit: put the 'f' last in the list of options since it has to be followed by a filename22:53
sdsfasdaI like ubuntu22:54
sdsfasdado you liek ?22:54
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memphistoshazbotmcnasty: can  you try this https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=196261722:57
gordonjcpsdsfasda: not particularly but it's the best of a bad bunch22:57
gordonjcpfrankly, Ubuntu sucks22:58
gordonjcpit's just that everything else sucks *worse*22:58
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: there's no "asteriskfolder.tar.bz2" in your home directory?22:58
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: ~ is a shorthand for your home directory22:58
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: also you didn't need sudo22:59
DocfxitTJ-, I understand this cmd has the name of the file to create and the folder to put it into.  It doesn't have the folder to copy it from.22:59
Docfxitsudo tar cjvf ~/asteriskfolder.tar.bz2 /mnt/win/AsteriskBackup22:59
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit, TJ-: Also, the thing about "f" being last is incorrect.22:59
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit, TJ-: I can confirm on 16.04 LTS that list of options, "cfjv", exactly as I had written it, works fine.23:00
Disaster_Areahey how do I get hdmi to work?23:01
Disaster_Areai plugged my laptop into my tv via hdmi cable23:01
Disaster_Areathere is a display but it's just showing my laptop background23:01
jerichowasahoaxDisaster_Area: try and drag a window off to the left or right side of your laptop screen23:01
Disaster_Areathat did nothing23:01
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, What part is the from folder and what part is the file name to put the files into?23:02
Disaster_Areastill just showing the background + launchbar23:02
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: the first argument after "cfjv" is the tarball ("asteriskfolder.tar.bz2"), and the second argument is the source directory ("/mnt/win/AsteriskBackup")23:03
jerichowasahoaxDocfxit: it can take absolute paths if you would prefer /mnt/win/AsteriskBackup/asteriskfolder.tar.bz2, but I don't recommend making that a regular practice, or you'll keep putting the old ones inside the new one23:04
TJ-jerichowasahoax: ahhh, you used the BSD method (no - prefix). I always use the POSIX form with leading -, in which case it fails23:06
jerichowasahoaxi thought the - prefix was a gnuism23:06
Disaster_Areaoh hm I can drag stuff and that does help in a way23:08
shazbotmcnastythanks memphisto!! Wherever you went. it was just the deprecated file in the default smb.conf23:08
shazbotmcnastydumb dumb dumb23:08
TJ-jerichowasahoax: not sure now you've said that; I recall it because it also affects 'ps'23:09
TJ-shazbotmcnasty: all fixed?!?23:09
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, Now that worked really sweet.23:10
shazbotmcnastyTJ-: yeah all fixed - just had to change the security = share to security = user23:11
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, It's perfect.  it went directly onto the windows share and I can open it in windows to see all the files.23:11
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, You are a genious.23:11
Budgiianybody know an equivalent 'paint' program in ubuntu?23:12
Budgiijust something to draw..23:12
wafflejockBudgii, gimp or inkscape23:14
akikBudgii: maybe pinta23:14
BudgiiI just found pinta, i'll try it! thanks guys. doing a test with PyAutoGUI23:14
Docfxitjerichowasahoax, Thank you very much.23:15
Docfxittj-:  Thank you for your help.23:16
SummerRain\j piccc23:21
Jordan_Usveinse: /usr/share/fonts/X11/misc/unifont.pcf.gz (converted using grub-mkfont, where you can change the font size).23:41

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