khalella9its L2 to start with, but I've seen it done both ways, I've never been a fan of l2tp00:07
khalella9no input was consumed and try ensured that no input was consumed (trivially)00:07
khalella9wheres this real time00:07
khalella9eg 'postgres', 'wordpress' (bad example)00:07
khalella9The current block height is 1,661,662. Difficulty is 71,749,701,810. Hashrate is 597.56 MH/s.00:07
victorSN20IRCnew: maybe try messing with https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/listfiles00:19
ubrlvictorSN20: ⇪ Arduino - Listfiles00:19
victorSN20if i just want to setup a page for easy monitoring on a remote server, no dns or any crap like that, do i still have to setup nginx or apache? or is there a hacky way to do it?00:19
victorSN20like magic windows doesn't install00:19
victorSN20I made some tiny circuits where a single DIP micro was the substrate for all the other parts00:19
vantagex413Xunie - ok, so original push has two overloads, push(const T&) and push(T&&), for copy and move00:31
vantagex413You can make a piece of metal optically flat to within a quarter of wavelength, then just go and sandblast it and make it appear dull and nonreflective.00:31
vantagex413just now ran it for the first time and it died right away00:31
vantagex413or group, if you already have an account00:31
vantagex413ooh.. it's a whole new world, lopid00:31
frode16thats good to know Skipp_OSX, i love my ipad00:44
frode16yes dhcp is sort of an odd layer straddling protocol00:44
frode16Mr-Potter: why would you do that?00:44
frode16forced bj00:44
frode16it wouldnt hurt00:44
^k^新  服务器基础应用 • ubuntu18.04.1离线包制作异常  http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php?t=488564 ubuntu18.04.1制作离线包制作离线包,无法使用错误 Get:1 file:/home packs/ InRelease Ign:1 file:/home packs/ InRelease Get:2 file:/home packs/ Release Err:2 file:/home packs/ Release File not found - /home/packs/Release (2: No such file01:22
^k^ ─> or directory) Reading package lists... Done E: The repository 'file:/home packs/ Release' does not have a Release fil …01:22
phirephly18autopsy: yep, me and another guy at work are keen to resolve this, we are both pretty big fedora users haha01:27
phirephly18Jan-: memcmp()01:27
phirephly18as the pastebin show, the readme is in the parent, and in the public i can curl favicon for the example01:27
phirephly18what changed..?01:27
phirephly18without even need to send01:27
codyst4The exec syscall is involved, that's for sure.01:34
codyst4i guess the IP was wrong01:34
codyst4Dice24: can you paste the sudo ufw status (if you have sensitive stuff, dont01:34
codyst4Branes https://cdn2.desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/g/image/1332/83/1332830641799.jpg01:34
codyst4madnight: That uses Template Haskell to generate and compile C at compile time01:34
^k^新  Ubuntu 16.04 LTS • 请问UBUNTU能做嵌入式应用吗?  http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php?t=488565 平台是PC104主板,资源足够安装UBUNTU系统,加上显示器就变成桌面系统。去掉显示器,可以用ubuntu做嵌入式应用吗? 在此先谢谢各位高手的回复。 统计信息: 发表于 由 清秋枫叶 — 2018-09-27 102:18
^k^ ─> 0:1602:18
dp_nai: yes, and it appears to have no error in these cases.02:39
dp_inb4 !because02:39
dp_2i and -i02:39
dp_regarding the version02:39
dp_quxgyver, mate is cool and menu driven02:39
stttsWhat if he's been out of diapers for a REALLY long time?02:43
sttts* !ppa02:43
stttsDoes anyone know how to change audio profiles via terminal?02:43
stttstimemage, yeah I think your code would work, even better than xor because it accounts for two inputs going up at the same time02:43
stttsit might, but it actually isn't02:43
josuebc27seems one perhaps could accomplish with .SECONDEXPANSION:02:45
josuebc27GenC: what does this have to do with bash?02:45
josuebc27Axman6: but that's the point; writing code that doesn't allocate (or free) in Haskell is tricky02:45
josuebc27yeah, I see :)02:45
josuebc27and then listen with02:45
burp_20please no contempt02:53
burp_20ok, maybe you can think of what happens when you multiply by the 2x2 matrix representation of T02:53
burp_20cim209: So while I, for example, may mildly chide vegans who are a bit too militant for my tastes, I would never use the term to describe them because it itself implies something about what I believe which is untrue.02:53
burp_20i dont trust crypto that requires trusting commercial entities02:53
burp_20you mean in their servers?!02:53
^k^新  初学者园地 - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) • 笔记本固态+机械双硬盘,使用RD阵列会降低性能吗?如果会,关闭RD阵列是否一定要重装Linux系统?  http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php?t=488566 以下内容出自https:// www.i5seo.com/dell-inspiron-7472-and-inspiron-7572.html 4、戴尔7472/7572笔记本为何屡遭黑02:56
eofs5you use it in a framebuffer console03:05
eofs5also true03:05
eofs5Except, I don't need to disconnect my network cable.03:05
eofs5well X could have a left inverse03:05
eofs5"According to a study published by the Journal of American Medical Association, men who use testosterone supplements are 29 percent more likely to die from a heart attack or stroke after just three years of use. The androgens in synthetic male testosterone supplements may increase your heart attack risk by increasing arterial inflammation and raising your LDL “bad” cholesterol."03:05
cgray16whereas in a given session, it's in memory and that distinction can be made03:21
cgray16Every few weeks ill revise a design i am working on and send it off to get made. 0.4... 0.5... 0.6 ... finally got to 1.0. Thinking yayyyy its finally at a complete stage ..... only to be too cocky enough to check the gerbers ...... looks like i'll be reordering! :(03:21
cgray16Yeah I see it.03:21
cgray16yep thats what the message says but youre actually quieted or unvoiced03:21
cgray16Psynthax: See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physics_of_magnetic_resonance_imaging#Radio_frequency_system03:21
ubrl⇪ t: Physics of magnetic resonance imaging - Wikipedia03:21
makije25then i realised it wasent that03:29
makije25and i'm god...03:29
makije25mbwgh: ah, sorry again, sloppy at midnight03:29
makije25djtyml: It compiled before but not after, yes? HasField' implements hLookupByLabel', HasField implements hLookupByLabel, I'd guess you need to take that into account somehow03:29
makije25RhodiumToad: hey, do you have any info on that bug i hit saturday night? I looked through the rel notes for 9.6.9 and didn't see anything that looked like it?03:29
argusbr0is there a way to test out each color of a .vim file03:30
thorre12perhaps cp'ing the timer file to /etc/systemd/system and editing it would work. or I can just not use the timer and use cron :)03:30
thorre12if I talk about installing apps only?03:30
thorre12sounds a bargain.03:30
thorre12dumb AI might take coding jobs03:30
thorre12# touch file{10..12}; echo rm file*03:30
idimmu2bomb-on: very slow03:31
idimmu2I cant figure out why it claims this.03:31
idimmu2use >> to append03:31
idimmu2{writing a C program to output instructions to a shell-style frontend to a C library}++03:31
ubrlidimmu2: ⇪ 取标题 404 Not Found03:32
^k^暂无新帖 讲个笑话吧: http://xiaohua.zol.com.cn/detail1/10598.html 不需要柜子 : 一个旧家具商人对正在市场上闲逛的莫斯特高声喊道:"莫斯特先生,快买下这个柜子吧,很便宜。只要原价一半的钱," "我要柜子做什么。" "您可以在里面挂衣服。" 莫斯特笑问道:"难道您要我光着身子到处跑吗?"04:15
ricardoamaroThe Doctor’s Runaway Bride by Sarah Morgan05:29
ricardoamaroI don't like installing apps I know nothing about05:29
ricardoamaroDagmar: the expect perl module only works in the mingw version.05:29
ricardoamaromaker select v205:29
ricardoamaroSo I wouldn't even know what to try blacklisting in this case.05:29
jelle1janisozaur: however be prepared that for most of the mainatiners, this would not be apriority05:43
ubrljelle1: ⇪ Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2000=100) : December 2008 | Philippine Statistics Authority05:43
ubrl⇪ t: f-number - Wikipedia05:43
jelle1If it doesn't have a tiny switch, then it's time to throw it away05:43
=== aisaer is now known as huangjingbo
bwasti7  -        stop handling options and execute stdin06:40
bwasti7Psi-Jack: Well thats what I meant ^06:40
bwasti7idn16: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.06:40
ubrlbwasti7: ⇪ Nickname Registration - freenode06:40
bwasti7hey cacherules06:40
bwasti7hi all, is there a way to put the ubuntu 18.04 iso into a USB stick using the old method?06:40
malwar3hun73r22but then vim does alot of weird things, e.g. set history=5006:44
malwar3hun73r22"firefox" is often a fairly complex wrapper06:44
malwar3hun73r22generally, I find gently removinf the platters and placing them in the microwave for 10-15 seconds makes data recovery much easier06:44
qeedif theres any issue, the message will likely go there06:51
qeedSimples: Thanks for the advice. Now I'm trying hard to understand the basic principles of C and programming in general, step by step.06:51
qeedⅿoon іѕ nഠt doiᥒg Aⅼⅼah is ԁoiᥒg06:51
qeedsorry but its real06:51
qeedShariff: and the smbclient command which succeeds?06:51
^k^暂无新帖 讲个笑话吧: 一番胡话 : 拥有百万家产的富翁欧里病倒了,看样子病得不轻。他对医生说:"大夫,如果我康复了,我就捐款50万美元给您的新医院。" 医生很高兴,竭尽全力为他看玻几个月后欧里恢复了健康,医生说:"您感觉良好,我很高兴,我想和您谈谈为新医院捐款的事儿。" 欧里惊奇07:03
^k^ ─> 地说:"您记得是我亲口答应的?" "是啊,是您亲口对我许诺的。" "我病得多厉害呀!甚至 …07:03
Bruk0ut1inquisitiv3: I'm happy with Haskero07:20
Bruk0ut1I don't think they have an irc channel07:20
Bruk0ut1arguments, parameters, however you call it07:20
Bruk0ut1yeah, freebsd names the interfaces based on the driver07:20
Bruk0ut1troozers: is it touchpad speed sensitivity you want, or tap sensitivity?07:20
minthos2i feel old now - thanks07:28
minthos2You might have pressed another key, which would pause it.07:28
minthos2and a few sesame seeds07:28
minthos2Alaska prolly.07:28
minthos2its on pull tho07:28
^k^新  因特网相关软件 • Mldonkey安装时设置了开机自动启动,怎样设置用mlnet启动?  http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php?t=488567 Mldonkey安装时设置了开机自动启动,怎样设置用mlnet启动? 因为自动启动的话,mldonkey自动设定temp和incoming目录都去了/var/lib下面, 我希望是在username/.mldonkey目08:05
markmcd1oh wait no, i need to ensure ffmpeg gets the images in the correct order =/09:12
markmcd1elh: Just start the "Driver Manager" in Ubuntu09:12
markmcd1big-o vs small-o09:12
markmcd1so would it be a thing to learn for the sake of learning?09:12
^k^暂无新帖 讲个笑话吧: 真乃神对啊 : 一MM发了条微博:姐不是蒙娜丽莎,没必要对谁都微笑! 一位朋友很有才,居然对了一个下联:哥不是巴黎欧莱雅,你不值得拥有!09:29
^k^暂无新帖 讲个笑话吧: 女子五部曲 : 小学 --- 妈,我长大不要嫁了!我要待在你的身边! 初中 --- 妈,我会和你住在一起! 高中时 --- 妈,我会常回来看你的。 大学时 --- 妈,有空常来看我啊! 嫁人后 --- 妈,没事别来找我啊!10:50
gwaewion|wrkrafasc: problem lies between fetch and checkout. for some reason the fetch isn't making the commit available for checkout11:30
gwaewion|wrklife is like math, if it goes to easy something is wrong11:31
gwaewion|wrkThe presence of two colors might confuse some11:31
gwaewion|wrkHello o/11:31
blallo19Longer compilation times, and maybe the dependency solver has a harder time finding a solution.11:40
blallo19markasoftware: :world11:40
blallo19Then Dₜ = [-100,100], so it is compact. Since p and q take arguments from Dₜ, their images are compact, yadda yadda.11:40
blallo19if you already have stuff running (eg with docker-compose) you could mess things up when running latest and pulling a newer version11:40
^k^暂无新帖 讲个笑话吧: 结婚前后 : 女人: 订婚前,象燕子,爱怎么飞就怎么飞。 订婚后,象鸽子,能飞,却不敢飞远。 结婚后,象鸭子,想飞,但已力不从心。 男人: 订婚前,象孙子,百依百顺。 订婚后,象儿子,学会顶嘴。 结婚后,象老子,发号施令。 12:10
hunterlabs6it is not officialy supported by Nvidia12:40
hunterlabs6-git(weechat.org)- FlashCode: Use bold for important note about unsigned Raspbian packages12:40
hunterlabs6the betterlockscreen outputs cp: cannot stat '': No such file or directory12:40
froggey26Grr... sqlfiddle hangs again. Let me migrate somewhere else, a minute...13:01
froggey26cocoa, i just looked at my list of fonts in gnome-terminal - it's large.   just add some more monospace fonts (I'm guessing the fonts you're not seeing are proportional & thus make no sense in a terminal)13:02
froggey26Is there a way to get the sequence number of a TCP connection in userspace?13:02
froggey26yeah, custom parser13:02
froggey26an ordered pair is called a tuple. is there a shorthand for 'unordered pair'?13:02
edgars_The parameter _ is often used as a dummy variable in read commands to discard unwanted fields. It should not be used this way in portable scripts due to known conflicting usages in several common shells. See also: $_13:21
edgars_[[ has more powerful syntax than [/test13:21
edgars_Frogging10112: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.13:21
^k^暂无新帖 讲个笑话吧: 竟然是图片 //i0.xiaohua.fd.zol-img.com.cn/t_s600x5000/g4/M05/0B/00/Cg-4WlI2qEaIXXwmAAGoeHCZzKIAALrOwO8zHQAAaiQ196.jpg 藏私房钱的最高境界13:29
Lucy25xingu: my windows box  60-45-CB-64-xx-xx13:51
Lucy25ok, I also see on that page, for example `virtual ~Shape() = default;`13:51
Lucy25I'm learning! wth13:51
Lucy25looks like api is down13:51
Lucy25Actually matrix (and even matrix.org) has been pretty good on performance and stability this month IMO13:51
chicocvenancio13what does this condition means: [[ ${DOCKER_IMAGE} = *"${REGISTRY_URL}"* ]]13:59
chicocvenancio13I have tried it on Twinkle.13:59
chicocvenancio13if you want division to not truncate you would need to use a float/double or a cast13:59
chicocvenancio13eh is it really reasonable to expect a URL to open from a terminal window?13:59
drewc11not even science14:14
drewc11the component attaches to the metal pad14:14
drewc11PTECH: I think they deserve *whatever is required* to keep them healthy and modestly happy, be that 35k or 350k. It will change depending on year and geography.14:14
Wuher25i have vengeance ram14:24
Wuher25When you talk about ordered abelian groups, for example, you NEVER mean an abelian group that has some total ordering unrelated to the group operation.  Same for fields.  The ambiguity they highlighted is technically there, but it's just not relevant in any general situation where the topic of discussion is "ordered fields" or "field orderings".14:24
Wuher25velco: the same object is push_backed to the vector so it should be the same14:24
Wuher25right, so you should be able to `git clone http://example.com/git`14:24
Wuher25since my laptop doesnt have an nvram entry for it14:24
Wuher25where is that file with aliases ?14:24
^k^Wuher25:. .., 别刷屏,超过6行 大段文字 请贴至paste.ubuntu.com +q 23s14:24
ubrlWuher25: ⇪ 取标题 404 Not Found14:24
kour1er8X230t, does it have that one as well? https://www.mouser.de/datasheet/2/256/MAX6954-92491.pdf14:42
ubrlkour1er8: ⇪ type=application/pdf ; 长度=1.20 MiB14:42
kour1er8Compu-Celebi: why did i do that, i could have just checked first gosh14:42
kour1er8bvargo2, not sure how to do that to a vir bridge.  Are you running a VM then through a tunnel ?14:42
kour1er8forums.macrumors.com has entire discussion about application compatibility14:42
^k^暂无新帖 讲个笑话吧: 休息的秘密 : 甲:"真把我忙坏了,累死了!下班以后,我要给老岳母买药,找 木工做家具,给孩子们补习功课,还要买菜、洗衣服……" 乙:"这样不影响你休息吗?你什么时候休息呢?" 甲:"噢,上班的时候。"14:55
josef_kaccidentally closed the window14:58
josef_kand during winter lots of snow14:58
josef_kIRC won't really get popular without atleast serverside backlog14:58
josef_kMaybe it's Québécois14:59
spacepluk9Solar - a byproduct of fusion!15:00
spacepluk9only 90s kids will remember15:00
spacepluk9well, I do have a 100 MHz XTAL oscillator15:00
spacepluk9clyde542, firewall?15:00
ubrlmestre_killer:点点点.  00:0616:06
pabgan_bemo: [!faulty_merge] If you have published a merge commit that turned out to be faulty and you'd like to get rid of it, you're probably not going to have a good time. Here's the full story: https://raw.github.com/git/git/master/Documentation/howto/revert-a-faulty-merge.txt16:07
ubrl⇪ t: type=text/plain; charset=utf-8 ; 长度=3.94 KiB16:07
ubrlpabgan_: ⇪ Samsung Gaming Dot 32" Curved LED Monitor pp: $199916:07
pabgan_there would be no point for the pro16:07
pabgan_They make a big improvement in sound quality16:07
Dabutiwhen that pls?16:10
Dabutijust different density16:10
=== Sevk is now known as ^k^
Guest38250ah, it's a bashrc16:16
Guest38250indeed, but it should be acceptable for installation16:16
Guest38250sorry, LGBT16:16
Guest38250my keyboard works well on the slave machine16:16
hemstock8I load my module, I'm on my own sure but I have MSR registers and all that fun stuff I can pull data out of to get an idea of where various things are, I can hook the GDT, I have the same memory view as the kernel.16:27
hemstock8Z-module: i have some function that mixes addition (mod 2^n) with addition in F_n. i was hoping to "unify" both with Dih_{2^(n+1)}16:27
hemstock8la verdad no, osea yo soy alta y pos xDDDD16:27
mlg900023but you know better, just a open discussion here, to give you some insights17:22
mlg900023hmm, clicking around in there, it's under "not supported by this compositor"17:22
mlg900023It's also not listening on port 631 or 9100.17:22
hehehe5and was fused at 13A17:27
hehehe5fromBeyond: quotes aren't really need to variable assignment either.  Bash knows to not process spaces as word delimiters on the right hand side of the assignment17:27
hehehe5blame it on the head beancounter.17:27
DarkMukkethis has been an ongoing annoyance for me, since there are a few things that can go wrong, if you have to trigger a clean up manually17:34
DarkMukkeraspberry SID player ?17:34
DarkMukkecocreature, Thanks. I will give it a try. I thought I could use multiple "catch", even though it's not efficient as the docs say.17:34
DarkMukkeif you do that you gotta squirt lemon in yer eye and snort some tequila17:34
DarkMukkeNGC3982: this is Firefox, by the way17:34
HotSwap`25codecutter: how are you adding the key right now?17:40
HotSwap`25since it's only using few milliamp average17:40
HotSwap`25rIRC: did you enable --system-site-packages when creating the venv?17:40
HotSwap`25after I had in txt file... can import into OfficeCalc... easier to remove what I don't want (filtering)17:40
mudphoneYes, that is better.18:08
mudphonethat's f-droid18:08
mudphoneOh, hrm.... Konsole does _something_ when I press it, the cursor flickers.18:08
somepoortechAre you a girl?18:17
somepoortechnot absolute accuracy no18:18
somepoortechkremator: chances are you disabled it to avoid annoying beeps18:18
somepoortechglguy: you could perhaps use malloc and free to (de)allocate IDs?18:18
squarebracket13no it is service worker of facebook , which causing freeze18:21
squarebracket13I also specified /dev/sdc1 as device for boot loader installation at the bottom (the same partition used for /)18:21
squarebracket13akdev: I can't figure how to do it from cmd on a dos machine I mean no ipconfig available etc only net so I guess I need help on how to get it done18:21
squarebracket13(also it needs to be registered.)18:21
squarebracket13who has the right #irssi?18:21
gyre00717bn_work: attempting to open a file with : in its name on a mounted vfat file system gives an error.18:25
gyre00717brb still measuring the motor current18:25
divadsn18hmm lol18:26
divadsn18and do you mean .destop, or .desktop?18:26
lif3Aktive there are companies that make linux laptops18:33
lif3yeah but your buffer overflow that isn't could just as well exist without them18:33
lif3it results in "mode">n or "mode">\n or whatever18:33
Krast23fredrikh1: I don't think I need it often enough yet.18:43
Krast23instead of: home       -fstype=nfs,rw,soft,intr
Krast23texas breaks the USA18:43
Krast23what you think isn't really relevant to the specific part18:43
Krast23welcome texla18:43
Krast23they only use haskell for transformations.18:43
Veejay8mandating insulation19:36
Veejay8*going to be19:36
Veejay8i don't fully understand lithium chemistry, but it seems that if the cell is capable of supplying 4.0v and i float it at 4.0v, no current will flow and it should be good, but i rarely see this setup19:36
sleepyheadlukano: I need to be able to connect to the host machine on the same display the current user is logged in to?19:45
=== sleepyhead is now known as Guest84758
Guest84758well a VM is 100 times better than the docker container19:46
Guest84758the package isnt available19:46
Diablo-D325well, it's up to you, of course19:48
Diablo-D325phadej, type families (and GADTs) have all sorts of rough corners19:48
Diablo-D325seems about as close as you're going to find for something like that.19:48
Diablo-D325fromBeyond: don't use ctrl-w_n19:48
Diablo-D325Shibe: sudo can be configured to allow specific commands without entering a password19:48
Diablo-D325dmwit: Yes.19:49
hypercore11but then you try to go diagonally or left and right20:08
hypercore11hey_joe: higher-end models do20:08
hypercore11littlebit, what's the output of :echo has('clipboard') ?20:08
hypercore11sizeof doesn't evaluate its operand except if it's a VLA20:08
hypercore11cousteau: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-prime/+bug/1757180 + https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-prime/+bug/1765363 (you might wnat to say 'thanks' to nvidia the torvalds way)20:08
ubrl⇪ f: Bug #1757180 “nvidia-prime can't switch off the discrete GPU” : Bugs : nvidia-prime package : Ubuntu20:08
vitoravelino14yes i'm looking for rule to detect flapping, after increase(node_network_carrier_changes_total[1h]) i got a bunch of values like '2.033334' or "10.167576" for interfaces20:37
vitoravelino14BlueProtoman: yeah20:37
vitoravelino14Maybe you meant: pl bf20:37
vitoravelino14PTECH: huh?20:38
vitoravelino14hapax: Stop insulting me over your nonsense20:38
andreykurilin5Hell, I can even use alt-f, alt-b to jump across words.20:58
andreykurilin5there's still human trafficing going on20:58
andreykurilin5its not at all uncommon for a company to build a war chest of code for a particular platform, and stick to that platform in most of their products, regardless of it being the most competitive part in terms of unit price for that specific product20:58
andreykurilin5how can I get question and options as array in a single query?20:58
andreykurilin5well what would be a large class of rings for which gcd exist20:58
Telsin29fb is very hungry. like every page there is a script from them.20:59
Telsin29I haven't googled.20:59
Telsin29always my definite intergal intergration question have the top limit as sqrt3 and bottom as 020:59
larme17this might very well be impossible but you keep saying I'm telling it to do this and that, instead of saying its impossible.21:10
larme17Hello, [Khurt]21:10
larme17(i'm not going to ask what that actually does)21:10
janx8There is not ever a single server or website written in c i have seen so far. Yes there are webservers like tomcat nginx apache etc written in c but they serve apps written in different languages like java python etc21:13
janx8I recently updated partition details and had boot issues leading to booting in grub rescue, to sort that i used "update-grub" and also "tried "grub-install"I, but now I can see that grubx64.efi under /boot/efi/EFI/manjaro directory and also under /boot/efi/EFI/grub directory. Is this norma to have two grubx64.efi?21:13
janx8this seems to be posix: http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/functions/getrlimit.html21:13
ubrl⇪ f: getrlimit21:13
janx8is there reason for concern?21:13
boxmein4rmbeer: B -> D?21:24
boxmein4too bad the probes i bought were pvc21:24
boxmein4works around it?21:24
boxmein4and a similar question about why not then do the same with mzero...21:24
Guest28797timemage: i just want to light the build-in led when communication fails21:44
Guest28797on whether its "fixed"21:44
Guest28797A round of mojitos for everybody !21:45
numans4Ganwell: why do you need x and y to be both String and Char?21:56
numans4So it also blocks real matrix users, and I decided that I really don't care who is sending the spam since we are trying to filter out the messages.21:56
numans4because i ws a bit confused at first since we're talking mac installs not ios21:56
xnox12j2mb0, you reformatted so no.22:26
xnox12a____ptr, #latex maybe22:26
xnox12today I saw mr. rat again22:26
xnox12lin_noob: short form, that's not a limitation in package managers, but an end result of maintainers' laziness and carelessness22:26
xnox12the nick and the account .. theyre loosely connected22:26
kjsnavely1well i am interested in them22:26
kjsnavely1Icookie gib petrol22:26
kjsnavely1I'm having trouble understanding how to pass in a tuple into a function, then evaulate the internal values22:27
Meta14a____ptr: I'm really not a person to ask about such calculations, sorry23:02
Meta14merlincorey: SOMETYPEDEF foo23:02
Meta14Boyette: it does not matter how you read it. Still, please do not repeat here23:03
Meta14Despite beiing involved with computing technology since the mid-1970's, I don't actually /like/ computers very much, even if I'm actually quite competent with their use and understand how they work. In and of themselves, there is no fascination for them, but it is what they can be made to *do* that makes me passionate.23:03
jklare14sorry, I meant of the six remaining nonzero elements in the field23:39
jklare14nai: how would bash know what to autocomplete if it doesn't run functions?23:39
jklare14for good HF reception you idealy want to turn off every computer in your house :)23:39
kidon28hey guys, is there a way to insert at cursor the current line number?23:53
kidon28!select > afernandez_23:53
kidon28I think `*(int *)ptr = b` should work23:53
kidon28available or not23:53
faceman23DaniG2k: When you use an expression as a table you can think of it as making a temporary table.  (sorta)23:54
faceman23ye, breathing starts to suck pretty soon to :)23:54
faceman23mniip: https://lpaste.net/821807827342747238423:54

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