tomreynLynysys: hard to tell, either it's the application playing back the video, or graphics drivers, or X03:23
tomreynsee if you have some hints on your system journal: journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 9999 03:23
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SmedlesHi all, fresh install of 19.04 on the weekend, was working fine until updating and rebooting today, now got a desktop where the mouse pointer moves, but keyboard input and mouse clicks do nothing....07:54
SmedlesAny suggestions?07:54
lotuspsychjeSmedles: tail -f /var/log/syslog and plug out keyboard & mouse and plug back in please07:55
lotuspsychjeSmedles: lets see if we can trace errors07:55
SmedlesIt's a laptop, so can't unplug keyboard/mouse07:56
SmedlesI can't get a command prompt to run tail, other than from recovery07:56
lotuspsychjeSmedles: tryed a reboot yet?07:56
SmedlesMultiple reboots, same behaviour07:56
lotuspsychjeright okay07:57
SmedlesI can try plugging a USB keyboard in to see if it changes anything07:57
lotuspsychjeSmedles: can you pastebin us your dmesg?07:57
SmedlesDoes http://smedley.id.au/tmp/smedles.log help?07:58
SmedlesThis is from recovery console07:59
lotuspsychjeuse a pastebin please07:59
SmedlesHow about https://termbin.com/p7sr08:02
lotuspsychjeah thinkpad..08:03
lotuspsychjeSmedles: take a look at this bug please: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/178777508:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1787775 in linux (Ubuntu Cosmic) "touchpad not working on lenovo yoga 530" [Undecided,New]08:04
SmedlesNote that this specific ThinkPad has worked perfectly with older Ubuntu builds08:05
lotuspsychjeSmedles: try to boot an older kernel too as a test08:05
lotuspsychjeill be back in 30 Smedles lunch08:06
SmedlesTrying 4.18.0-16 now08:07
Smedles5.0.0-7 was the same as 5.0.0-808:08
Smedles4.18.0-16 is freezing at boot08:08
SmedlesReinstalling 18.10 now, will test dingo live iso again soon08:40
lotuspsychjeSmedles: ok08:52
cmyrlandhi. originally posted in #ubuntu, and was told to come here instead, so I'll repost here:09:24
cmyrlandHello all. I've been out of the Ubuntu-game for a while, but I'm trying to get back at it. I realise there are tons of forums and other sources where I might find answers, but after being away from the community for a while, I figured I'd start here.  I've bought a Huawei Matebook X Pro, and Ubuntu 19.04 runs nicely out of the box, but there are a few minor issues: 1) Ubuntu doesn't allow gestures 09:24
cmyrlandother than two-finger scrolling. 2) It's a hidef panel with 3000x2000 resolution, which means I need to scale stuff up for it to be readable. the 200% setting works nice, but when I attach my 2nd screen, a 1080p standard old desktop monitor, I either have to choose readability on the one or the other. 200% scaling on the desktop screen looks ridiculous, and 100% scaling renders the laptop screen 09:24
cmyrlandunuable. 3) I'd love to use the finger print reader to log in, like I do in Windows, but it doesn't appear to work. Other than that, things are looking pretty good! Any help with those questions is greatly appreciated.09:24
lotuspsychjecmyrland: for additional mouse settings you can try: gnome-tweak-tool09:25
lotuspsychjecmyrland: for your scaling, do you have the correct graphics driver installed?09:25
lotuspsychjecmyrland: software&updates last tab additional drivers09:31
cmyrlandlotuspsychje: the gnome-tweak-tools doesn't give me the option to enable gestures. I might need some plugins or another touchpad driver? I have installed the latest nvidia binary blob from the repository for graphics, so I figure it should be all good. It used nouveau as default, but the behave the same way in this resepct.09:31
cmyrlandlotuspsychje: yeah, it only listed the nvidia drivers.09:31
cmyrlandok, gtg, but I'll read all suggestions and try them/answer them later in the afternoon.09:32
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cmyrlanduh, upon losing my internet connection, I also lost all history after my earlier questions. sigh.11:15
lotuspsychjecmyrland: we were discussing your nvidia driver version11:15
Peppepcmyrland: https://snag.gy/oVzwrM.jpg11:25
lotuspsychjecmyrland: ^11:48
cmyrlandthanks, so nothing more since I left. does nvidia still provide a "control center" blob for their drivers?12:01
lotuspsychjecmyrland: you didnt say yet wich graphics chipset you have, neither your driver version12:04
tomreynsome kind of gui apparently still comes with the proprietary drivers, yes12:04
cmyrlandits a MX150 chipset, with the 418 driver12:20
cmyrlandthe control center only enables switching between the nvidia and intel gfx chip12:20
lotuspsychjecmyrland: i dont think an mx150 likes driver 41812:21
cmyrlandbut the question is, does Gnome/Ubuntu allow for independent scaling between screens?12:21
lotuspsychjecmyrland: i would go for a 390 test for starters12:21
cmyrlandI'm not on my home setup atm, so I wont be able to test for any effects until tonight, but I'm installing the 390 now12:22
lotuspsychjecmyrland: all you need for scaling is in the system settings, or dconf-editor12:24
cmyrlandman, there's a really terrible connection here. but ok, I'll but the scaling issue on hold until I get home so I can test it. Any ideas on how to resolve the mouse gestures? I've also discovered that the touchscreen also lacks gesture recognition, not even two-finger scrolling. Tapping and moving stuff around works fine. 12:37
lotuspsychjecmyrland: 2 finger scroll 'should' be finded in the systemsettings/devices/mouse12:41
lotuspsychjecmyrland: (if) your touchpad is found/enabled..12:42
cmyrlandyes, two ringer scrolling on the touchpad is OK. it's on the touch screen (the laptop has a really good tablet-like touch screen) I'm having issues. And other gestures like pinch to zoom 13:05
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Zuverinkis enabling the wayland support in 19.04 going to provide me with any benefits? I have it installed on a laptop? Maybe I'm confused as to Waylands intended purpose. I like early adoption15:19
OerHeksZuverink, you can test it:  out, logout, change session, login15:20
ZuverinkOerHeks, You've talked me into it with you persuasive arguments!15:21
OerHeksthe only thing that prevents wayland session, is when you have nvidia drivers installed15:22
ZuverinkOerHeks, Whats a reinstall, just another chance to do it closer to perfect. Totally loving the minimal install option!15:22
ZuverinkOerHeks, No Nvidia here, just good old intel15:23
OerHeksoke, then you are good15:24
ZuverinkOerHeks, Gnome 3.32 has breathed new life into standard Ubunto for me, quick, responsive... Renewed my passion for the distro15:25
ZuverinkNot sure where to report this but for as long as I've used the Online Account section of settings it continues through release after release to lose google account credentials resulting in having to remove the google account and reenter it. Ill do whatever to report this officially, just point me to how and to who.18:05
ZuverinkIts a bug passed on to all Gnome spin odd like Mint.  Maybe it's upstream Gnome???18:06
ZuverinkNot a programmer but wanna help.18:06
PeppepIs it possible to disable the Nvidia card without the Nvidia driver? My approach so far has been to install the driver and select "Intel (power saving mode)" in nvidia-settings to reduce power consumption from 14-15W to 7-8W18:24
* Zuverink is away: I'm busy20:06
leonarduswill 19.04 have wayland again?20:09
Eickmeyerleonardus: Yes, and it will be installed, but it will not be the default.20:11
leonarduswill it ever be default in the near future versions of ubuntu?20:11
Eickmeyerleonardus: There's no way to tell.20:11
Bashing-omleonardus: Wayland is not projected as default in 20.04 - but that is way in the future - lots can change :P20:12
Bashing-omleonardus: See: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=No-Wayland-Default-20.04-LTS .20:14
leonardusthank you20:14
ckopnI use DD on acer swift 1 , and it is going so smooth that i want to upgrade my home pc from 18.0422:00
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