sakrecoercongratulations on the release!08:41
sakrecoersuper fresh!08:41
Eickmeyersakrecoer: Thanks! Gave you some credit too, for your advice.20:58
EickmeyerOvenWerks: coolgames is here and has been testing with midi clocks and such, and wants to help test in the future as well.20:59
coolgamesJust going to ask how to see historical chat if it makes sense to do.20:59
Eickmeyercoolgames: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/21:01
coolgamesI am using 3 screen System 76 Lemur with HDTV and VGA for separating work. The active Midi are new Akai MPK mini play with internal general Midi to save cycles on (eventual) Pi or Beagle.21:02
coolgamesFuture external Midi is from Roland Go:61k with 16 channels of Midi and Midi clock.21:03
coolgamesErickmeyer: I see logs so need to figure how to search next.21:04
Eickmeyercoolgames: Excellent. If you run into any obvious bugs, open a terminal and typ "ubuntu-bug {package name}". So, for instance, if zynaddsubfx does something unexpected, you'd type "ubuntu-bug zynaddsubfx".21:04
EickmeyerThat said, there's not much we actually develop here aside from Ubuntu Studio Controls and Ubuntu Studio Installer. The rest is just packaging stuff from upstream projects.21:05
EickmeyerOh, and in IRC, if you want to type someone's name... oh, I'll let ubottu expain it.21:05
Eickmeyer!tab | coolgames21:05
ubottucoolgames: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.21:05
Eickmeyer coolgames: Sadly, there's no search function in the logs. :/21:06
EickmeyerJust remember: we're not responsible for every piece of software. Just because it's bundled doesn't mean we write it.21:07
coolgamesI am beginning to understand. I met Linus in 1995 DC DECUS 55 while he was in college. He gave me a copy of 64 bit DEC Alpha V2 Red Hat as he worked out how to work with Bob Young. I started there and left Linux in 2008 for OS yuks Apple. That failed to stick to Linux so came back in 2014 with the Lemur.21:07
EickmeyerOvenWerks (in this chat) is the developer of Ubuntu Studio Controls and primary contributor to Ubuntu Studio Installer. He's also an Ardour developer, so he wears a few hats.21:09
coolgamesAlso HACKING at / in Android Studio and ADB for Oculus Go VR. 21:09
coolgamesI have messed with Rosegarden as Ardour was too steep to learn. Latest is LMMS and Sunvox.21:10
Eickmeyercoolgames: Okay, so you're used to taking proverbial sledge hammers to software and beating them up? :)21:11
coolgamesOvenWerks: What's a simple control surface to use with Ardour ? Akai seems more friendly than Roland.21:11
Eickmeyercoolgames: He might not be around at the moment.21:12
EickmeyerI use a Behringer X-Touch Mini myself. I'm a 25-year audio engineer.21:12
coolgamesI think I was almost at that thought. I am on Github as CoolGames as well.21:13
EickmeyerCool. Our development is done using git in Launchpad, so if you want to get your hands dirty, that's one way.21:13
EickmeyerMyself and Rosco2 do much of the packaging and repo uploading. Rosco2 isn't typically in IRC, he's a pretty busy guy. He also leads our testing, with me filling that role in his absence.21:14
coolgamesI been learning Node.JS with the Github for Scratch 3 which is rewrite from old flash version. Midi will be added sometime this summer I hope. Roland has new Scratch blocks for their devices expected as well.21:15
EickmeyerYou and OvenWerks should definitely chat. I couldn't code my way out of a paper bag.21:15
EickmeyerI know he could definitely use some help implementing ideas in Controls and Installer.21:16
coolgamesIn 1980-185 I did release testing and customer demos of interactive TV. I got a Roland Juno 106 and had built serial to Midi to connect mainframe to the synth.21:16
EickmeyerWow. Uh... you're making me feel young. (I was born in '80).21:17
EickmeyerThen there's tsimonq2 (he's primarily with the Lubuntu team but gives us advice from time-to-time) who makes me feel old.21:18
tsimonq2(I'm 17, started contributing to Ubuntu when I was 13.)21:18
Eickmeyer^See? SEEE???21:18
coolgamesAlso got a cheap Best Buy Insignia running re-mixed 16.04 with Studio post-installed. It has 32 bit EFI then 64 bit Atom cpu so cludged. I can't get the Silead touch to work using mssl at Github. 21:19
tsimonq2Eickmeyer: The first OS I used was Windows XP.21:19
coolgamesMy first was Apple 621:19
Eickmeyertsimonq2: Microsoft Basic on a Commodore VIC-20 here. :P21:19
coolgamesOS 6 not iPhone 621:19
coolgamesAltair , Imsai here21:20
coolgamesStill have my subscription issues announcing them in 1960 +-21:20
EickmeyerWow. coolgames, that's impressive!21:21
EickmeyerWhere I live (near Seattle), we have Paul Allen's Living Computer Museum. They might have an Altair there.21:21
coolgamesDEC in 1980 is PDP-11 that became X11 when sent to MIT. 20 meg hard drives were the size of washing machines !21:22
EickmeyerI've seen one of those! Huge monsters.21:22
coolgamesI think that was moved from Boston Computer Museum ?21:23
EickmeyerI don't think so. It was something Paul Allen started.21:23
coolgamesHigh speed paper line printers wee static grounded due to flying reams of tracter fed supplies ! 21:24
EickmeyerOh yes. I've seen those.21:25
coolgamesJust Googled and the Boston is in Mountain View. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_History_Museum21:26
coolgamesDualing largest collection status !21:27
coolgamesI see Ubuntu search is Oct 20, 2004 so a decade after Linus gave me a copy of Red Hat V2.21:34
EickmeyerYep. Ubuntu Studio came 2 1/2 years later, mostly as an add-on with instructions in a wiki article.21:35

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