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CroranI installed the calf-plugins package but (just looking through the file names) it doesn't seem to include the calf 30 band equalizer. How can I get that?00:37
EickmeyerCroran: Did you add the PPA first?00:43
EickmeyerAnd, no, it might not appear in the filenames.00:43
EickmeyerYou might have to actually run it first, or run carla and add the plugin.00:44
Croraneickmeyer: I did00:48
EickmeyerCroran: I have the Calf 30-band EQ, so it's definitely there.00:51
Croraneickmeyer: i just installed carla and did a rescan with all the boxes checked. no 30 band.00:51
Croraneickmeyer: do i also need to install the calf-ladspa package?00:52
EickmeyerCroran: Avoid the calf-ladspa package like the plague.00:53
EickmeyerCroran: Do a "sudo apt full-upgrade" from the command line.00:54
Croraneickmeyer: ok it's fixed. i have kxstudio repos also and it has a 'higher' version of calf-plugins. I had to force the ubuntu backports version.00:58
Eickmeyer!kxstudio | Croran00:58
ubottuCroran: KXStudio is an Ubuntu-based operating system and a repository for Debian-based operating systems for audio production. Development is on hiatus until late-2019 as of this writing.  It is not supported by Ubuntu or Ubuntu Studio, and using its repo is discouraged. Support in #kxstudio.00:58
EickmeyerCroran: What you are doing with the KXStudio repos is NOT supported here.00:58
Croraneickmeyer: i didn't realize i had them installed. i think I did that to get a working version of linuxsampler.00:59
EickmeyerCroran: That's probably why. Linux Sampler development has ceased, which is why we don't include it.00:59
Croraneickmeyer: linux sampler is still great though. what do you use in place of it?00:59
EickmeyerCroran: That's a question OvenWerks would answer.01:00
EickmeyerI don't use synthesizers. I'm an audio engineer.01:00
EickmeyerEither way, if you have the KXStudio repos, do not seek support here. It messes with the default Ubuntu system and we can't be working with something where we don't know what's going on.01:00
EickmeyerSupport is in #kxstudio.01:01
EickmeyerCroran: That said, I'm glad it's working.01:02
CroranCan anyone recommend a free parametric EQ with 'Q' adjustment capability?02:10
EickmeyerCroran: The EQ10Q plugins have that, as do the EQs in Calf. Also the X42 plugins work really well.02:13
Crorangreat. eq10q looks really nice. the 30 band from calf doesn't have the bands I want, and I didn't see a way to adjust 'Q' per band02:15
EickmeyerCroran: I'm also working on getting the lsp-plugins into Ubuntu and our backports PPA.02:16
EickmeyerThey include a 16-band parametric EQ.02:17
Croranthank you02:17
EickmeyerYou're welcome.02:18
Croraneq10q seems incredible. It's at 5% CPU usage with all 10 stereo filters active.02:28
CroranFar lower usage than Calf 30-band or Jamin with only EQ active.02:29
CroranTangential, but the 'a/b eq comparison switch' in EQ10Q seems bugged. Switching it to 'B' increases CPU usage by 2x-10x.02:48
EickmeyerI never noticed. I'll have to look.03:00
psychlemHi everyone ! I have a Focusrite Clarett 2 Pre and I can't use my interface with sample rate superior than 48kHz, I have too much XRuns. Do you know how can I do ? :)07:21
vanderaallehi, I am getting a bit crazy with compose key in xfce. I have set alt-right. But it does not work for Atom. Atom settings say it's body.native-key-bindings. Any suggestion? Thx08:57
rosseireHi. I installed Ubuntu Studio two days ago. I've been having trouble getting things setup. Using a HP laptop and M-Audio midi keyboard. I tried using the getting started section from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/AudioHandbook. I have no sound on my computer. I tried playing a video on youtube and an mp3 file using the parole media player. I think there might be an issue with my sound card not being detected.08:57
M_aDvanderaalle: i guess the question is Xfce specific and not related to Ubuntu Studio things, best ask in their channel or.... xubuntu09:01
vanderaalleM_aD: ok. Is there a way to have standard gnome destop in ubuntustudio?09:03
M_aDpersonally i wouldn't mix desktop environments and Gnome is resource heavy, unless you have enough RAM. I would opt for a clean install of ubuntu with gnome and add the ubuntu studio stuff.09:07
vanderaalleok, thanks for the info, noob here09:09
M_aDIf you want install gnome on top of Ubuntu Studio, there's enough info on the web on how to do it but since you say you're new to linux i woldn't go that route. :)09:11
vanderaalleactually I'm happy on xfce but some behaviors are a bit bizarre. All apps ask for ctr+q, but it does not work at all...09:17
m_ad[m]vanderaalle: Keyboard --> Application shortcuts09:26
m_ad[m]anyhoo, got to go now, might be back later09:27
rosseireThe only program that I can hear sound from is hydrogen. Is there some configuration I can do to get the sound working properly for all applications?09:30
m_ad[m]rosseire: i guess no one is around at the moment, i'd try again in a few hours. Different timezones ect....09:32
rosseirem_ad[m]: Ok. Thanks.09:33
HumpelQuick question about upgrading to 19.04. Just hit the "Upgrade" button ? That's all ??13:34
HumpelNo changes to the sources.list or anywhere else ?13:36
silkairwaysHello it's anyone in today14:01
silkairwaysStudio 19.04 is very cool, i know it is trivial but i thought ubuntu 18 wallpapers were supposed to be included14:02
OvenWerksI think there is an extra package with older backdrops.14:03
silkairwaysOh i will have to find it14:06
silkairwaysDo you know what i can do if a program is downloaded through software store but does not show up in the start menu anywhere? But it launches fine consistently from the software store14:07
OvenWerksDoes it show up in accessories->Application Finder?14:09
OvenWerksSoftware stricks again :P14:10
OvenWerksI generally install synaptic and use that to install.14:11
OvenWerksIt will give much more information ab9out the package14:11
OvenWerksby highlighting the package name after it has been installed one can look at the files that have been installed14:12
silkairwaysDoes synaptic have all the stuff that the software store does? The software store is snap store right?14:12
OvenWerksit has both snap and deb packages. I think synaptic does as well14:12
OvenWerksany time I have a choice I do not use snap packages.14:13
OvenWerks(snap packages are pretty much useless for audio)14:13
silkairwaysOkay i see14:13
OvenWerksVideo may not be a problem14:14
silkairwaysPerhaps i will try to find another place to download the same app14:14
silkairwaysIt's electron player which can connect Netflix and YouTube and stuff it's pretty awesome14:14
OvenWerksIn any case you are looking for the *.desktop file in /usr/share/applications/14:15
OvenWerksif it is there it should show up in the menu.14:15
silkairwaysHmm let me check14:19
M_aDHumpel: the internet is your friend: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseNotes#Upgrading_from_Ubuntu_18.1014:22
M_aDif you didn't add any PPA's yourself, just hit the upgrade button and see how things go14:24
silkairwaysWho is humpel14:24
OvenWerkssilkairways: no worries, someone hwo asked a question before you came14:25
M_aDgood afternoon OvenWerks14:25
silkairwaysOh sorry14:26
silkairwaysThe app actually doesnt show up there at all14:26
OvenWerksThat is why it does not show up in the menu.14:27
silkairwaysCould i add it somehow?14:27
OvenWerkshow do you start it from the command line?14:27
silkairwaysI open the Software store and click launch lol14:28
OvenWerks(yes you can add it)14:28
OvenWerksyes, I got that part. :) but you need to know the command that they use.14:28
OvenWerksWhat is the name of the app?14:28
silkairwaysIn was trying to figure out the v command by looking at task manager while it opened14:29
silkairwaysIt is electron player14:31
silkairwaysPossibly ElectronPlayer14:31
OvenWerksif you open a terminal and type electron and then hit tab a few times, does it complete?14:35
OvenWerksor show a list?14:35
OvenWerksSorry I have to go and get breakfast for my son will be back later.14:36
silkairwaysNo problem14:36
silkairwaysI will try that14:36
silkairwaysThank you for help14:36
silkairwaysIt worked i put in electron and hit tab and it filled in electronplayer and came up the list14:43
silkairwaysI hit enter and let me see what it's doing14:43
silkairwaysYea it opened14:44
OvenWerkssilkairways: In that case we can make a electronplayer.desktop file14:54
OvenWerkssilkairways: if you open the file manager, it should have a location entry box like a browser does.14:57
OvenWerksit should show /home/<your_user_name>/ or something like that14:58
OvenWerksYou can add to the end of that .local/share/applications/14:59
OvenWerksand it should go there or it will give an error if the directory doesn't exist yet.... hmm it may be easier to do this from a terminal.15:00
silkairwaysSorry something came up at work15:08
silkairwaysSo i was actually able to right click on desktop and create launcher and when i typed in electron it came up with electron player and the launcher works15:09
OvenWerksIf that works for you and is all you need that is fine.15:10
OvenWerksIf you wish it to also be in your menu... we cqan do that15:10
HumpelM_aD: OK... tnx! I'll give it a try :D15:11
silkairwaysI have become busy at work at the moment i would like to get it on the start menu at some point i will be back soon hopefully.  Thank you so much btw!15:16
silkairwaysOkay disaster averted15:25
silkairwaysSo try the file manager first15:26
OvenWerksin the file manager in your "Desktop" directory you should find the launcher you created.15:27
silkairwaysCopy it to the application folder?15:28
OvenWerksthe actual file name is probably something.desktop15:28
silkairwaysOkay let me find that15:28
OvenWerksyes that will work if it is a desktop file.15:28
OvenWerksYou may want to edit it a bit.15:29
OvenWerksif you right click on it and choose to open it with mousepad it should be easy.15:29
silkairwaysWhat should i edit?15:29
OvenWerksthere may be a Catagories line15:29
OvenWerksif not you should add one as the last line it should look like: Categories=AudioVideo;Player;15:30
OvenWerksThat will put it in the media playback submenu.15:30
silkairwaysLet me try this15:31
OvenWerksyou may also want to add an Icon=parole line if it doesn't have an icon yet15:31
OvenWerksThis what I think the file should look like: www.ovenwerks.net/paste/electronplayer.desktop15:33
silkairwaysOkay thank you15:33
silkairwaysSeems the group is wrong15:40
silkairwaysThe launcher doesn't work it says does not open with group15:41
OvenWerksThis the the same launcher that worked before editing? or the one I sent?15:42
silkairwaysI edited it to what you sent i guess i should have made that a seperate file under applications?15:43
silkairwaysIt launched from the start menu though15:44
OvenWerksThe file I sent should just work. Ity may need to be chmod +x though.15:44
silkairwaysRight chmod +x i have heard of that how would i do that to a file?15:45
OvenWerksif you right click in an empty space in the file manager you can select open terminal here.15:45
OvenWerksthen you can chmod +x electronplayer.desktop15:46
silkairwaysOh okay i see15:47
silkairwaysLet me try15:47
OvenWerksIf your file has a different name use the file name you have15:47
silkairwaysDoes it matter what folder of the file manager im in?15:47
OvenWerksyou can see the file name with ls15:47
silkairways2I lost connection15:56
silkairways2Username taken lol15:56
OvenWerksya your connect hasn't gone away yet on irc... give it a few minutes15:57
silkairways2Oh lol15:58
=== silkairways2 is now known as silkairways
silkairwaysOkay so i just created a new launcher the way i did before16:03
silkairwaysSo i have it in menu and desktop now thank you16:03
silkairwaysFor all the help16:03
OvenWerksyou are welcome.16:03
silkwayI lost my connection and chat history this time16:05
silkwayI messed up16:05
silkwayNo biggie16:05
=== silkway is now known as silkairways
silkairwaysI'm on androirc and clicked use full screen16:06
silkairwaysAnd it reset the whole app16:06
silkairwaysAre you an ubuntu studio developer?16:07
OvenWerkssometimes :)16:07
silkairwaysPart time? Lol16:07
OvenWerksI have other projects I work on16:08
silkairwaysThat's cool16:08
silkairwaysI love ubuntu studio16:08
OvenWerksthe menu in Studio is mostly my work.16:08
silkairwaysWow really16:08
OvenWerksThe icons are all someone elses artwork though.16:09
silkairwaysAwesome thank you and all the team for your hard work16:09
OvenWerksyour welcome.16:09
silkairwaysI used to be a fedora fan honestly but 2 years ago i converted16:09
silkairwaysUbuntu used to be sluggish when installed to a USB not anymore16:10
OvenWerksif you want to see the back scroll for irc you can try: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/latest/%23ubuntustudio.html16:11
silkairwaysOf thanks16:11
silkairwaysDo you know anything about qubes16:12
OvenWerksit only gets updated once an hour though.16:12
silkairwaysThat has what i need thank you!16:13
silkairwaysI am trying to start a small business so ubuntu studio is exactly what i need16:16
cfhowlettgood to hear!  what type of biz, pray tell?16:16
silkairwaysSocial media marketing16:17
silkairwaysThe easiest cheapest business i could think of16:17
silkairwaysI'm a mechanical engineer so it's a side project16:17
cfhowlettconsider doing a write up of your ubuntustudio experience for the magazine?16:17
ubottufcm is THE Ubuntu Community Magazine - find it at www.fullcirclemagazine.org, or #fullcirclemagazine16:17
silkairwaysHey i can do that!16:18
silkairwaysThat sounds fun16:18
cfhowlettexcellent!  quite a few business type experiences in those pages, so you'll be in good company!16:18
silkairwaysI can write it up as a business user or a personal user16:19
silkairwaysWhich would be better16:20
silkairwaysI use it both ways lol16:20
cfhowlettyour choice ... so long as it references when/how/why you do the *buntu16:20
silkairwaysOkay I'll check it out16:20
Eickmeyercfhowlett: Do you know if there's a reason why Ubuntu Studio's logo isn't on the front cover of FCM yet all of the other flavors are (not to mention Mint which isn't an official flavor but a derivitive)?16:20
cfhowlettEickmeyer, I do not and that is my most aggravating angsty issue with ubuntu reporting16:21
cfhowlettI have told them more than once.  bear in mind that fcm is an UNofficial ubuntu publication.16:21
Eickmeyercfhowlett: Then I'm glad we're on the same page.16:21
cfhowlettI even emailed the logos once16:23
EickmeyerDid they ever answer?16:24
EickmeyerI mean, I'd love to know the rationale.16:24
silkairwaysThat's annoying16:25
silkairwaysUbuntu studio is one of the most important projects for the common people and becomes i feel16:26
Eickmeyersilkairways: I agree. That's why I got involved in the project to begin with.16:27
silkairwaysI dont even like linux mint personally16:28
silkairwaysIt's way overrated16:28
silkairwaysI'm literally about to buy a nexus 5 to install ubuntu touch16:29
EickmeyerWell, this is a place for Ubuntu Studio discussion, so if we want to talk about other distros or topics, we have #ubuntustudio-offtopic for that. :)16:29
EickmeyerThis channel is intended to be support only, but I tend to be a bit lenient about that since it's never super busy.16:30
silkairwaysI came here for support16:31
silkairwaysAnd got it so thank you guys16:31
EickmeyerYou're quite welcome. OvenWerks is the man.16:32
silkairwaysYes awesome16:34
silkairwaysNot to b off topic but where do. I submit a write up for the zine16:35
silkairwaysIll figure it out thanks guys16:39
vanderaalle is there anyone using Atom? I have this strange thing, my compose key doesn't work there, while it's ok in all other apps. Just curious if it was happening to someone else20:27
OvenWerksvanderaalle: are you talking about the development software? ( https://atom.io/ ?)23:01
OvenWerkswhich compose key? I don't have anything like that.23:02
vanderaalleOvenWerks: no, the compose key (also deadkey) to get e.g. ß on a US keyboard. I have set AltGr as a compose key23:13
vanderaalleand sorry, yes, Atom.io23:14
vanderaallein Italian we have a lot of ù, à, è, é, so it's crucial to have a keyboard shortcut23:16
OvenWerksSo it sounds like atom does a key grab23:24
OvenWerksWhich sort of makes sense, I have seen the oposite problem where the DE grabs the key combo and the application never sees it.23:26
vanderaallewell, maybe, but it's the only application that actually does it, preventing me from using it :). On OSX it worked like a breeze, I find it a bit bizarre23:28
vanderaalleof course, it's an Atom issue, just asking, thanks!23:28
OvenWerksDoes atom have its own way of asigning shortcuts that could work?23:29
OvenWerksThe mac DE eco system is different in a lot of ui ways.23:30
OvenWerksmacos has standard ways of linking to a number of system tools23:30
OvenWerks Even audio plugins are dealt with using system tools23:31
OvenWerksvanderaalle: have you noticed if you have the same trouble with the chromium browser?23:32
OvenWerks(says it runs on electron which uses code from chrome)23:33
vanderaalleOvenWerks: thanks, I'm also asking Atom community. I haven't chromium installed23:33
OvenWerksunless electron has changed, it uses chrome code for gui23:34
vanderaallechromium works fine23:35
OvenWerksok, thats about as far as I know.23:35
vanderaalleok, thanks!23:36
* OvenWerks uses Geany for a sw editor.23:36

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