jformanhi all, i'm trying to get kube-router running on an 18.04 LTS ubuntu cloud image but having troubles with iptables where it claims a chain/target/match doesnt exist. i feel like i'm missing some kernel module but cant figure it out. any guidance on this output? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RvFXxBvSgk/. thanks00:19
ChiLLabiSjforman: I guess it's the wrong time on the day/night. I tried asking a question too earlier00:24
jsmith-INSI am running Proxmox which is based on Debian/Ubuntu but my question isn't directly related to that. I had a NAT setup that stopped working. https://pastebin.com/raw/07dgEBMX00:36
jsmith-INSI have tried logging and everything and it seems the POSTROUTING on the nat table just is never being reached anymore?00:37
jsmith-INSI have no other rules setup except the masquerade. i would love any ideas00:37
JonelethIrenicustrying to update results in a TON of 40400:59
JonelethIrenicusis this related to the whole 32bit thing ?00:59
Bashing-omJonelethIrenicus: "a TON of 404" sounds like an EOL release , what shows ' lsb_release -a ' ?01:01
JonelethIrenicusUbuntu 18.04.2 LTS01:01
JonelethIrenicusE: Release file for http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-security/InRelease is not valid yet (invalid for another 2h 28min 47s). Updates for this repository will not be applied.01:02
JonelethIrenicusE: Release file for http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/InRelease is not valid yet (invalid for another 2h 29min 21s). Updates for this repository will not be applied.01:02
JonelethIrenicusE: Release file for http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-backports/InRelease is not valid yet (invalid for another 2h 30min 14s). Updates for this repository will not be applied.01:02
Bashing-omJonelethIrenicus: Oh your system clock is out of sync.01:03
JonelethIrenicusthats why?01:04
JonelethIrenicuswow good catch01:05
Bashing-omJonelethIrenicus: Yeah real good bet -> "invalid for another 2h 30min 14s" .01:05
JonelethIrenicusso restricting updates based on geographic location?01:05
Bashing-omJonelethIrenicus: Not that .. just a bit more security // make sure that the respective data bases are in agreement.01:07
Lost66hey o/01:17
Lost66everyone sleeping or busy?01:22
SpiritHorseI should be sleeping01:23
SpiritHorseLost66: hello01:23
Lost66I see qwq01:24
Lost66well, I am here to try my luck to find someone who can help me with an ubuntu server and podman qwq01:24
SpiritHorsetry your luck and ask the question while being as descriptive as possible01:27
SpiritHorsein a channel of 1000+ people you never know who might have the answer01:27
Lost66So I try to run a discord bot, that uses podman and postgres, I could run postgres and the setup, but I can't activate the .service file - it always says " podman-idlerpg.service: Control process exited, code=exited status=125" and Process: 1912 ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/podman build -t idlerpg:latest PATH_TO_IDLERPG (code=exited, status=125), I litera01:30
Lost66lly changed the file now about 40x times with different paths01:30
ponyriderLost66: what does journalctl stay?01:33
Lost66-- Unit podman-idlerpg.service has begun starting up.01:34
Lost66 systemd[1]: podman-idlerpg.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.01:34
Lost66I changed the path in the .service, dunno why it don't accept it01:35
ponyrideryou can start the container without systemd tho right?01:38
ponyriderwhy podamn build? not podman start?01:39
Lost66I don't know, I am not the developer, I just want to selfhost it and since the developer is more likely not cooperative, I have to ask everywhere01:41
lbracherHi there! I had an issue with my trackpad and I installed xserver-xorg-core to resolve this, and this uninstalled a lot of packages. My trackpad now works, but the keyboard works until I login. Thereafter it doesn't work anymore. Do you have ideas on how to solve this? TIA!01:44
Bashing-omlbracher: ' dpkg -l xserver-xorg-input-libinput ' shows "ii" as fully installed ?01:47
lbracherIt says no package corresponds to xserver-xorg-input-libinput01:49
lbracherDo I install it?01:50
lbracherBashing-om, any ideas?01:59
lbracherOh, it came back to life mysteriously!02:00
lbracherThank you! :)02:00
Bashing-omlbracher:  xserver-xorg-input-libinput install resolved ?02:01
nt0i added a logical volume to fstab and startup hangs with a message that the system is waiting on /dev/mapper/<vg-lv>.  everything works well when i mount the lv manually and i amended the fstab file in the same way i've done it on non-ubuntu systems.02:03
nt0"A start job is running for /dev/mapper/vg01-lvname02:09
ayewwhat does /lib/systemd/system/local-fs.target say02:29
realieswhat's the best (most native feeling) remote desktop server/client for ubuntu?03:36
realies(remoting in ubuntu from cross-platform devices)03:36
_h3x4what key combo for utf803:39
ayewrealies: i use vnc just because its very easy to setup and theres plenty of clients available. There are arguments for spice or freerdp.03:46
ayewonce again, i use xvnc because its easy and ships with debian03:46
ayewaunless you have some specific needs it doesn't matter from my experience.03:47
ayewKRDC is my favourite linux client03:47
hexchat this is going to somebody elses android ohone03:48
hexchatthe bullshit didnt worrk and now it looks like somebody sits there and configures interfaces manually03:49
hexchatthis is public log03:50
hexchatmore trash03:50
hexchatwhat needed to rebuild android from ubuntu03:51
hexchatpaid $10 to join the club03:51
hexchathow enter utf803:55
hexchatwhat combo03:55
realiesrunning 18.04, can I log in to the default GNOME theme somehow? the cog wheel on the login only has Ubuntu and Ubuntu on Wayland03:59
realiessorry, meant 18.0404:00
realiesand that's what i've written above 🤷04:01
appais there a way to pre-install an iso to a drive without actually booting the iso?04:04
ponyriderappa: i suppose you could clone an existing installation04:04
appayeah I was thinking that... maybe build a vm and figure out how to convert the vm to an image... I'm sure that's a thing04:05
ponyrideryeah you can just mount the VDI and dd --> parition. you would have to maybe configure the bootloader tho04:07
hexchatrealies looks like unifont is nmot working04:08
realiesis freerdp a server or a client?04:09
hexchat i.e.  🤷04:09
realiesinstalled xrdp according to a guide that also wanted mate-core and am confused by what's going on atm :)04:09
ayewxrdp is a server implementation of microsft RDP04:11
hexchathello ayew04:11
ayewrealies (forgot to tag you)04:11
hexchatwhere are you working these days?04:12
realiesayew i think i'll just try a better vnc client :/04:13
ayewhttps://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-configure-vnc-on-ubuntu-18-04 if you want to setup vnc04:14
realiesstill getting some weird input lag that I would not expect from a VM on the same machine04:14
realiesayew, the host provides a VNC server into the ubuntu VM04:14
ayewthe client shouldn't make a difference afaik04:15
ayewin performance04:15
ayewalthough i know in some clients KRDC you can lower the bandwidth settings to improve stability04:15
ayewlike KRDC*04:15
realiestrying tightvnc from a win10 vm on the same host atm lol04:16
realiescould it be that the ubuntu vm does not have a gpu assigned to it?04:16
ayewpossible if its from a host04:17
hexchatayew do you speak hausa04:23
realiescan you make the top bar black when the window is maximised instead of the ubuntu gradient it goes to atm?04:25
ChiLLabiSrealies: try installing gnome-tweaks04:29
ChiLLabiSand gnome-shell04:30
realiesChiLLabiS, I think I have the tweaks04:30
ChiLLabiSah ok04:30
realiesisn't the shell coming by default?04:30
ChiLLabiSgnome-chrome-shell or someting.. And then you can download themes from gnomes website04:31
CryptoSiDHi, im getting the follow mail every night and I'm not sure why: 2019-09-02 23:37:40 1i4zdU-0004rS-7a Failed to create spool file /var/spool/exim4//input//1i4zdU-0004rS-7a-D: Read-only file system04:31
CryptoSiDThe file system is not ready only and I haven'T changed the permission of /var/spool/exim4. Could someone let me know what are the correct permissions?04:31
realiesChiLLabiS, I need another theme?04:32
ChiLLabiSFor the topbar yeah04:32
ChiLLabiSThough it might change the whole look04:32
ChiLLabiSNevermind me, i'm a newb04:33
realieseh :?04:33
realieshow to activate the theme? do you select the css file?04:42
ChiLLabiSIn Appearence04:45
realiesdidn't know about the .themes folder04:48
ChiLLabiSrealies: You need some extentions too for it to work. Just install everyone and you can tweak it some more! 'sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension*'04:56
ChiLLabiSI had to reboot some sometimes for it to work properly04:56
realiesall good, looks awesome04:57
ChiLLabiSI removed the dash and only use the topbar :)04:59
OerHekskernel update bionic
realiescan I get sound from Ubuntu over VNC?05:16
realiesmeh, might not be easy...05:17
realiestrying to get sound from a ubuntu vm over to a win10 box05:17
ChiLLabiSAnybody knows if this will be fixed for Bionic? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/183813305:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1838133 in linux (Ubuntu Disco) "realtek r8822be kernel module fails after update to linux kernel-headers 5.0.0-21" [Undecided,In progress]05:19
Ouyes_is it possible to know who downloaded the project on github.com private repository?05:32
realiesseems like i only have dummy output for audio05:37
OerHeksOuyes_, reask in #github perhaps?05:37
OerHeksVNC does not support sound. maybe you can push PulseAudio over SSH05:38
realiespassed through the chipset audio controller05:41
realiesnow having digital stereo out in the settings but not getting it through via teamviewer05:42
OerHeksteamviewer is something different than vnc05:44
realiesit is05:44
OerHeksask the teamviewer channel perhaps?\05:44
NegativeFlareTeamviewer uses port 80, where as VNC uses 590005:45
lotuspsychjeand be careful with both05:45
NegativeFlare^ PLEASE secure your VNC if you're going to use it. I don't know HOW many people I've seen get jacked up because they didn't have a pass setup on their VNC Server05:46
realiesI have no issue with ports and security, all I need is sound over the same protocol as the picture05:47
NegativeFlareTeamviewer would be your best bet then05:48
realiesfor some reason it ain't coming through05:49
realiesboth with the chipset audio device and dummy output05:57
realieswonder if reinstalling ubuntu would help with that...06:13
realieswelp, time to reinstall06:23
jaggzwhat does your /etc/ld.so.conf.d/oiio.conf contain?06:23
jaggzis there a website that lets me look at the file contents within packages?06:23
jaggzin debian jessie it has just /opt/lib/oiio/lib in it06:24
realiesjaggz is that related to the above?06:24
jaggzrealies, aww, no, sorry.06:24
geirhajaggz: https://packages.ubuntu.com06:24
OerHeksget the source? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openimageio06:25
geirha(assuming you meant the list of files a package installs)06:25
OerHeksi think such config is generated, not static06:26
jaggzgeirha, heya :)  hrm.. no I'm familiar with that -- but I don't think that lets me look at what's inside one of the files (actually a search for the file isn't even showing me the package.. not sure what I'm doing wrong)06:26
realiesLVM or not for an Ubuntu VM?06:27
jaggzOerHeks, was worried about that..06:27
jaggzso, can you confirm that it's the same as my file's contents?06:27
jaggzcontaining the one path06:28
jaggzoh I'm not in jessie, I'm in buster.06:28
OerHeksoh debian, wrong channel?06:29
jaggzOerHeks, no in ubuntu06:29
jaggza dev for blender wants to know so he can make some stuff compatible I think06:29
jaggzthis page says the maintainer is "debian phototools maintainers" though .. seems like it's likely not changed then.. but anyway, if one of you could let me know I'd appreciate it06:30
rfmrealies, yes, that's right.06:31
realiesrfm, what's right?06:31
jaggzseriously, do none of you have /etc/ld.so.conf.d/oiio.conf  or the time (or security knowhow :)) to tell me what your ubuntu version has in it?06:32
OerHeksjaggz, i am not going to install it.06:32
rfmrealies, either LVM or not, those are the choices.06:32
jaggzOerHeks, you fall into the first category of not having :)  thanks bud06:32
realiesrfm, was questioning what's best :)06:32
rfmrealies, and I was pointing out that there isn't one best...06:34
jaggzactually I'm not finding any package providing it anywayy06:34
jaggzI don't know where mine came from06:34
jaggzand trying to find packages with the package search for oiio.conf turns up nothing in either debian nor ubuntu06:34
jaggzOerHeks, how did you find openimageio ?06:34
jaggz(how'd you know the file came from or was created by it?)06:35
OerHekslooking for oiio.conf gave me a clue06:35
OerHeksit is just a config file, genereated by the installer, you could wipe and reinstall to get the original file again06:36
realiesrfm cool06:36
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realiesaaand no sound over teamviewer after reinstalling either06:52
lotuspsychjerealies: what exactly are you trying to with catching sound on the remote?06:53
realieslotuspsychje, playing soundcloud for example06:53
lotuspsychjerealies: you want to remote another pc to hear sound locally?06:54
realiesI'd like to remote into a Ubuntu VM and hear the sound it plays06:55
InnerUbuntuHow can I tweak the "Problem Reporting" value from terminal? (Gnome Settings > Privacy) I tried tweaking the following two keys but the value doesn't "graphically change" each time I re-open Gnome Settings07:24
InnerUbuntuI hope you understand °_°07:24
EriC^^InnerUbuntu: are all the configs in your home owned by your user? "sudo find ~ ! -user $USER" what does that return?07:26
InnerUbuntuEriC^^ It returns all the files located in my home folder, but wait: I said "the following two keys" but I actually didn't post them xD07:30
InnerUbuntuhere they are $ gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.privacy send-software-usage-stats false$ gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.privacy report-technical-problems false07:30
InnerUbuntubasically, running these two commands doesnt seem to switch the "Problem Reporting" value07:31
jnuitdoes anyone know how to configure the default network interface, i mean the one where the default route is added? or is it assigned automatically to the first interface?07:32
jnuitto clarify: i want to be able to configure on which network interface the default route is added07:33
jnuiti search the docs but can't find anything07:33
EriC^^InnerUbuntu: are you sure you put a "!" in that command?07:34
InnerUbuntuEriC^^ ye but did you understand my problem? I mean, should that command do? Probably I didn't express myself correctly c:07:36
InnerUbuntuwhat should*07:36
EriC^^InnerUbuntu: yes i understood what you said, it's clear, however if the config files arent own by you then any changes you make won't be saved07:37
EriC^^InnerUbuntu: if you do "gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.privacy send-software-usage-stats" what does it give?07:38
EriC^^seems saved then07:38
InnerUbuntuye but I dont have the "feedback" in the "graphical side"07:39
InnerUbuntumeaning that Gnome Settings doesn't seem to switch the value07:39
ryuoInnerUbuntu: not all settings are exposed.07:39
InnerUbuntumaybe it's just not the right key, that's why im asking07:39
EriC^^InnerUbuntu: anyway, try "sudo chown -R $USER:~ ~/" just to make sure the files in your home are owned by you07:41
InnerUbunturyuo Ik, for example you cant change "Connectivity Checking" value (which is in the Privacy tab as well) using gsettings, its config file is '/var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager-intern.conf'07:42
ryuosounds like something to override in the system level config.07:43
erle-how to check what version Ubuntu was installed with?07:44
InnerUbuntuEriC^^ chown: invalid group: ‘<myusername>:~’07:44
ryuowhat's the goal here? disable all automated outgoing connections?07:44
EriC^^erle-: "head /etc/apt/sources.list" should say07:44
erle-(for example I have 19.04, but it was upgraded from supposedly 16.10)07:44
InnerUbunturyuo being able to tweak privacy settings from terminal07:44
ryuoi see.07:44
EriC^^InnerUbuntu: sorry typo, sudo chown -R $USER: ~/07:45
erle-EriC^^, but there should be an "official" way, because automatic bug reports also contain this information07:45
InnerUbuntudone :D07:45
erle-the apt.sources can be changed by the user07:45
EriC^^erle-: maybe the installer log?07:45
OerHeksls -lt /var/log/installer # gives the install date, or sources list, see commented out cdrom07:45
EriC^^also the ...installer/media-source file07:46
InnerUbuntuEriC^^ does that command prevent the root user to see my files?07:47
EriC^^InnerUbuntu: no07:47
InnerUbuntuok :c07:47
ryuoInnerUbuntu: no. root can see everything that isn't nailed down.07:47
InnerUbuntuok thanks for the info07:48
erle-EriC^^, I think the media-info is the correct way to go07:49
erle-thanks a lot07:49
EriC^^erle-: no problem07:50
InnerUbuntuOk i've come a step further, basically I ran $ gsettings monitor org.gnome.desktop.privacy and I tried to switch its value using the graphical interface - and nothing happened. At least I'm sure that it's not a key I can modify using gsettings :D07:58
InnerUbuntuMaybe it's a setting related to a package such as 'ubuntu-report' or 'ubuntu-bug' or 'whoopsie' or 'apport', which should be all canonical stuff07:59
OerHeksyou might need to logout/login again to let it take effect?08:00
Mathom123Hello! I just installed Ubuntu on my new laptop, and its unable to pick up any external screens I attach to it on HDMI. Could anyone help me with this please? Xrandr doesn't list the external monitor. Log is here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mdDtdykhPq/08:05
OerHeksMathom123, does that laptop have a FN key internal/external/both screens?08:06
OerHeksor some machines want the monitor attached before boot08:07
Mathom123OerHeks Yes, the laptop has FN keys.08:07
Mathom123(asus tuf fx505du)08:07
OerHeksfn F9 i guess? https://www.willwork4games.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/asus-tuf-gaming-fx505du-first-impression-02.jpg08:09
Mathom123OerHeks It doesn't seem to have any effect. :(  (some of my FN keys are working, like volume, but some are not, like keyboard backlight)08:13
Mathom123I cannot open the link you sent. :\08:13
OerHeksthat was just a screenshot of the keyboard08:14
OerHeksanyway, i see you have nvidia onboard ? did you install any driver yet?08:14
EriC^^InnerUbuntu: there's some xorg program that has some options, 1 sec08:16
EriC^^InnerUbuntu: xdiagnose08:16
InnerUbuntuok I'm installing it08:17
Mathom123OerHeks I installed the nvidia driver at additional drivers. I opened nvidia x server, that was behaving strange too (no VGA detected and cannot edit settings)08:17
EriC^^InnerUbuntu: oh, i have it installed by default08:17
EriC^^InnerUbuntu: are you using wayland or xorg?08:17
InnerUbuntui'm on xorg right now08:18
InnerUbuntuI removed it completely in the past so that's probably why I didnt have it08:18
InnerUbuntuhow can it help? :D08:19
EriC^^InnerUbuntu: there's an option to do with program crash reporting in it08:21
EriC^^InnerUbuntu: oh nevermind, you want to use the cli to disable right? i forgot :D08:21
InnerUbuntuoh :308:22
InnerUbuntuEriC^^ However, I did some research around the web and from what I've understood I should be fine by removing the 'apport' package, which contains an executable named "apport-bug", renamed "ubuntu-bug" by canonical08:26
EriC^^InnerUbuntu: oh ok, cool08:28
OerHeksjust disable woopsie; sudo systemctl stop/disable whoopsie08:28
InnerUbuntuye, I just have to see if any reporting bug dialog pops up in the near future :|, if it doesnt then i solved :D08:29
InnerUbuntuoh I'll try it as well08:29
Mathom123OerHeks should I disable it, or was the meant for InnerUbuntu?08:30
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OerHeksMathom123, for InnerUbuntu ..08:31
OerHeksabout your issue, did you try to boot with monitor attached? this sometimes helps08:32
EriC^^Mathom123: also maybe try adding some acpi_osi stuff to grub to get all the laptop functions running properly08:33
InnerUbuntuOk let's hope I solved °_° Thanks for your patience and have a nice day <308:34
Mathom123EriC^^ what options should I add? I tried this script, but after applying, I recieved a black screen and couldn't boot: https://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html08:34
EriC^^Mathom123: what's in grub right now? type "grep LINUX /etc/default/grub"08:38
Mathom123https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/359ShM9FHJ/ (I had to reinstall Ubuntu, so default)08:39
EriC^^Mathom123: ok, type "sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows"08:40
EriC^^what is the latest version of windows there?08:40
Mathom123EriC^^ Windows 2015 https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tVg6Fyp8h6/08:41
EriC^^Mathom123: ok, reboot, hold shift to get grub, then press "e" over ubuntu, go to the line that says linux /boot/vmlinuz ......quiet splash08:41
EriC^^Mathom123: after quiet splash type acpi_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2015"     then press F10 or ctrl+x to boot08:42
Mathom123EriC^^ ok, I'll try that now08:42
EriC^^Mathom123: also try leaving the hdmi monitor attached as OerHeks said, we can see the xorg log for any clues about it08:43
EriC^^it could be a bad EDID or something08:43
Mathom123EriC^^ I tried adding acpi_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2015", but Ubuntu wouldn't boot this way (only seen a purple empty screen for half a minute, then I restarted). I left the HDMI monitor connected, as you asked.08:54
EriC^^Mathom123: alright, worth a shot08:57
EriC^^Mathom123: what does "sudo lshw -c video" and "cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log" give?08:58
lotuspsychjeMathom123: got 2 graphics cards in there?09:00
Mathom123lotuspsychje I believe i have a dedicated geforce 1660TI and an integreted GPU on my AMD 3750H processor09:01
_dbuggerI cant seem to open "Settings" on 18.04... Does anyone know why? I already reinstalled gnome-control-center but it did nothing09:01
lotuspsychjeMathom123: are you using both, or only your nvidia?09:01
lotuspsychje_dbugger: what happens when you launch gnome-control-center from terminal?09:02
Mathom123lotuspsychje I have no idea. It's a clean Ubuntu install. I just choose nvidia 430 proprietery driver from additional drivers, and that's all09:02
ryuoMathom123: has anyone suggested checking if there's a bios update available?09:02
_dbuggerlotuspsychje, (gnome-control-center:2514): GLib-CRITICAL **: 11:02:36.801: g_strsplit: assertion 'string != NULL' failed09:02
lotuspsychje_dbugger: doesnt launch from terminal neither?09:03
Mathom123ryuo yes, I already updated my bios, because it didn't detect all my RAM. (that fixed it)09:03
_dbuggerlotuspsychje, and then I get a segmentation fault (core dump)09:03
_dbuggerlotuspsychje, nope09:03
ryuoMathom123: i see.09:03
lotuspsychje_dbugger: your ubuntu version and kernel version please?09:03
lotuspsychjeMathom123: maybe the cards are conflicting somehow, did you check bios if you can disable onboard graphics?09:04
_dbuggerlotuspsychje, "4.15.0-58-generic" for "18.04.1"09:04
ryuosay what? .3 is out now09:04
Mathom123lotuspsychje Yes, i didn't find any option for that. (In fact, i don't have too many bios config options even in advanced mode)09:05
EriC^^Mathom123: is it picking up the monitor at all? try "udevadm monitor" and plug it in09:05
lotuspsychjeMathom123 EriC^^ maybe amdgpu black list could be worth a shot? since not using onboard graphics?09:06
Mathom123EriC^^ No, it doesn't. (i tried Xubuntu yesterday, installed gdm3 on it, that picked it up strangely though, but still couldn't display anything on it)09:06
EriC^^Mathom123: hmm09:07
Mathom123lotuspsychje I tried amdgpu.dc=0 in bios, but then I booted to a black screen. Or isn't that what you mean by blacklisting?09:07
EriC^^Mathom123: maybe a different kernel might help?09:07
Mathom123EriC^^ which one do you propose?09:08
EriC^^Mathom123: which have you tried?09:08
EriC^^Mathom123: type "dpkg -l | grep linux-image"09:08
Mathom123EriC^^ none yet, just the newest one that comes with 18.04.309:08
EriC^^Mathom123: i had an issue lately, it wasnt really the same, i couldnt play any music on my hdmi tv, i ended up using an older kernel from grub and it worked again, maybe it's similar somehow09:09
lotuspsychjeshould be 5.0.0-27 on hwe bionic09:09
EriC^^lotuspsychje: he is according to xorg log09:09
lotuspsychjeMathom123: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1080217/how-to-blacklist-amdgpu-driver09:09
EriC^^lotuspsychje: i'm not sure entirely amd blacklist will help, maybe in the future, but right now udev isnt even picking it up O.o09:10
lotuspsychjehmm weird09:10
_dbuggerlotuspsychje, that was for me?09:11
EriC^^Mathom123: did you try the 4.15 kernel?09:11
murthycan anyone recommend me a bluetooth 4.0 or 5.0 dongle with aptx that works well in Ubuntu09:11
EriC^^Mathom123: also, sorry to ask but you're sure 100% of the cable it's not intermittently working or something?09:11
lotuspsychje_dbugger: can you check if your system is up to date please?09:11
Mathom123EriC^^ no problem, sure, I tried it with my previous laptop, it had no problem with the screen09:12
lotuspsychjemurthy: this is the only source we have for certified hardware: https://certification.ubuntu.com/09:12
EriC^^Mathom123: oh ok09:12
lotuspsychjemurthy: think most dongles should work nicely with blueman or gnome BT, if not you can always file a !bug09:13
Mathom123I'll give a try to 4.1509:13
EriC^^Mathom123: alright09:13
lotuspsychjeMathom123: does other drivers show in: ubuntu-drivers list ?09:13
murthylotuspsychje: I have a 4.0 bt dongle, but I need a one that has aptx09:13
lotuspsychjemurthy: perhaps #ubuntu-offtopic and #ubuntu-discuss you could ask other users for experiences?09:15
_dbuggerlotuspsychje, yes it is09:17
lotuspsychje_dbugger: is your graphics card driver loaded?09:17
_dbuggerlotuspsychje, i think so. Any way I can check that?09:17
lotuspsychje_dbugger: sudo lshw -C video, its showing after driver=09:18
_dbuggerlotuspsychje, https://hastebin.com/asamucatoh.sh09:19
lotuspsychje_dbugger: ok looks good09:19
Mathom123EriC^^ I booted with 4.15 generic. I had no luck with that, also as a bonus, my main displays resolution was reduced to 800x600, and I couldn't change that back to fullHD09:19
Mathom123(by main display I mean the laptop screen)09:19
lotuspsychje_dbugger: did this start to segfault after an update?09:20
_dbuggerlotuspsychje, i dont know when it started... I just noticed it right now09:20
lotuspsychje_dbugger: but it worked before? can you confirm that?09:20
_dbuggerWell, yeah, I mean. I have used my settings before, of course :P09:21
_dbuggerjust not sure when was the last time09:21
_dbuggerprobably a long time ago09:21
lotuspsychjeMathom123: another idea rising is the nvidia 430 could cause issues too, did you try another driver version yet?09:21
lotuspsychje_dbugger: could you try booting another kernel and another user please?09:21
_dbuggerWell, id like to avoid a restart right now...09:22
lotuspsychje_dbugger: well we could file a bug but..we always want to try debug as much as possible first09:22
EriC^^Mathom123: aha09:23
lotuspsychje_dbugger: if another kernel or user doesnt fix this, we can proceed with a bug09:23
_dbuggerlotuspsychje, ok, I will try to wrap everything up in the next hour, and try a reboot09:23
EriC^^Mathom123: did you try "udevadm monitor" by any chance?09:23
Mathom123lotuspsychje I haven't I'll try switching between drivers as a last result though. What's strange to me is this line in journalctl : Sep 03 11:19:22 ASUS kernel: nvidia-gpu 0000:01:00.3: i2c timeout error e000000009:25
Mathom123EriC^^ Yes, but no luck :\09:25
lotuspsychjeMathom123: as 430 driver is pretty new, id reccomend a switch try to lower version09:25
EriC^^Mathom123: maybe if you use some acpi settings like acpi_osi=Linux it might help?09:27
lotuspsychjethere was alot of acpi issues in his dmesg for sure09:28
EriC^^Mathom123: aha it seems the hdmi on nvidia isnt wired to udevadm09:28
EriC^^Mathom123: maybe try a different nvidia driver as lotuspsychje suggested, it might be picking it up but not doing other stuff09:29
Mathom123EriC^^ lotuspsychje I have to go to work now, but thank you very much for your help and patience!! :) I will try experimenting with different driver and kernel versions (also might give a shot to 16.04 ubuntu) tonight, and come back if it still doesn't help.09:33
lotuspsychjegood luck09:33
EriC^^Mathom123: no problem, good luck09:33
=== Karasu is now known as Raven
freakynlHi, have a 16.04 server that no longer boots. For some odd reason grub-mkconfig writes root=/dev/sda2 on the latest kernel, all previous versions it's using (and still generating) it by UUID10:26
freakynlnvm, does it because the initrd file is missing, will recreate it10:29
Surfer2011is this command correct? because it still scans /sharedfolders  ... du -h --max-depth=2 --exclude=/sharedfolders/ / >/sharedfolders/TV-Recording/systemplatte.txt11:14
Surfer2011i want to exclude the folder /sharedfolders ... in this scan11:14
EriC^^Surfer2011: try du -h --max-depth=1 --exclude="/sharedfolders/*" /11:17
Surfer2011ok i will try11:18
BluesKajHi folks11:29
IarlaJust doing some spring cleaning on my childs laptop and I see the Ubuntu browser from Ubuntu touch on here. How do I purge all that stuff again? The links Iḿ finding now relate to Android or UBports but this is stuff I put on around the time the BQ E4.5 was released. Thanks.11:32
leftyfbIarla: what version of ubuntu?11:33
ayewwhat...version is the laptop running to get that package11:33
Iarla16.04 LTS11:34
ioriaIarla, webbrowser-app iirc11:34
ayewhuh, its not in the xenial repos. how the hell did it get installed11:35
IarlaThanks ioria. Was there a ppa-purge command to just get rid of everything associated with it too? Just a little tight on disk space.11:35
ioria!info webbrowser-app xenial11:35
ubottuwebbrowser-app (source: webbrowser-app): Ubuntu web browser. In component main, is optional. Version 0.23+16.04.20161028-0ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 772 kB, installed size 2220 kB11:35
Iarlaayew: I don remember, but itś possible that this was a 14.04 laptop which was since upgraded.11:35
ioriaIarla, apt-cache policy webbrowser-app11:36
Iarlaioria: cool command, thank you :) archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-updates/main amd64 Packages is what comes back.11:36
ioriaIarla, do you want to remove it ?11:37
ioriaIarla, sudo apt purge webbrowser-app11:37
IarlaBut.. I was sure the link had ci-train in it when I added the PPA.11:37
ioriaIarla, apt-cache policy webbrowser-app   | nc termbin.com 999911:38
Iarlaioria: https://termbin.com/r3bmo11:38
Surfer2011can someone help me find the problem where my systemdrive diskspace has vanished11:39
ioriaIarla, ok, go ahead with the purge cmd11:39
leftyfbSurfer2011: try ncdu11:42
Surfer2011what is ncdu?11:42
Iarlaioria: ppa-purge or apt purge?11:42
Iarlaoh, the one you mentioned above. Thanks.11:43
ioriaIarla, ok11:43
leftyfbSurfer2011: sudo apt install ncdu && sudo ncdu -x /11:43
Surfer2011After this operation, 94.2 kB of additional disk space will be used.11:44
Surfer2011E: You don't have enough free space in /var/cache/apt/archives/.11:44
Surfer2011sry wrong line ^^11:44
leftyfbSurfer2011: sudo apt clean ; sudo apt-get autoremove11:45
Surfer2011nope nothing changed11:47
ioriaSurfer2011, sudo du -Sh / --exclude=/proc --exclude=/home| sort -rh | head -311:47
Surfer2011it's a 22GB SSD and i put nothing on it (nothing knowingly) besides OMV + OMV-Docker + 7 containers which all run and have mounted volumes on USB disks11:47
Surfer2011ioria: i should exclude the svr and sharedfolders also ?!11:48
ioriaSurfer2011, try it11:48
ioriaSurfer2011, dpkg -l | grep ^ii| wc -l11:55
Surfer2011what does this do? 55611:55
ioriajust the num of pkgs installed11:56
ioriaSurfer2011, i guess you have some big pkg installed11:57
Surfer2011its OMV running on this server and nothing else but OMV-docker and 7 containers11:57
Surfer2011but those have mounted volumes on seperate disks so they should not be the problem?11:58
ioriae.g. i have 164M/usr/bin  for 1942 pkgs11:58
Surfer2011but still not explaining the gone 21 GB of HDD11:58
Surfer2011or sdd11:58
ioriaSurfer2011, idk, paste dpkg -l | grep ^ii11:59
dajjui have a .desktop file which is not opening intended application12:01
dajjui have mate desktop installed on ubuntu12:01
OerHeksSurfer2011, looks like debian to me12:02
Surfer2011yes debian with openmediavault running on it12:02
ioriaSurfer2011, dpkg-query -W --showformat='${Installed-Size;10}\t${Package}\n' | sort -k1,1n12:02
Surfer2011and i installed the docker plugin of omv and there are 7 containers running in docker ... that's all12:02
ioriaSurfer2011, at the bottom, you'll see the biggest pkgs; you might try to remove something12:04
Surfer2011but those are KBs? so 261 MB package size`?12:06
dajjuapplication icon is showing in menu but on clicking the application nothing happens12:09
dajjuplease help12:10
leftyfbSurfer2011: wait, this is debian, not ubuntu?12:11
leftyfbSurfer2011: then why are you asking for support in #ubuntu?12:11
Surfer2011good question because i'm struggling12:12
leftyfbSurfer2011: try #debian or ##linux12:12
leftyfbSurfer2011: we cannot support anything other than Ubuntu here12:12
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freannrakI'm running 19.04 and having trouble with my Apple magic keyboard. Media keys (volume control + stop/play/forward/back) were working out of the box. I paired it with another device and after repairing it they no longer work. I've tried completely forgetting the device under bluetooth options and repairing, but same result. Any advice?12:23
ayewIf you do sudo showkey -k and press them, what happens12:26
freannrakayew: no output. It's very interesting/weird, because it was working out of the box before for months :S.12:29
ayewhmm, that makes it worse. If there was an output its just Ubuntu isn't telling the player what to do, but this is to do with it not inferfacing correctly.12:30
ayewThe keyboard that is12:30
wedrHello, was wondering if Ubuntu supports closing windows using mouse scroll wheel click like on Windows 10?12:31
ioriafreannrak, it's try from the command line (sudo bluetoothctl ; remove <mac address>)12:32
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MudchainsHi all12:50
MudchainsHas anyone experience with nfs and copy ownership of files? I used rsync and cp to copy local data to the nfs share..but the ownership is still set to the user who copied the files (me)12:52
JimBuntuHi Mudchains ! If you have a question for volunteer support, please speak away :) Otherwise, we would love to chat you up over in #ubuntu-offtopic or discuss Ubuntu in general over in #Ubuntu-discuss12:52
JimBuntuMudchains, did you rsync with the '-a' option?12:53
golden_receiver4.15.0-60-generic <- docker run with dns flag seems to kill the machine12:54
golden_receiverthe host12:54
MudchainsJimBuntu yes (rsync -rqaHpEAXogt and also sync -avz), with cp I used "cp -rp"12:54
golden_receiveronly with -60 .. strange12:54
pizzaburgerHello! Is there a solution to having dual monitors with different resolutions and different scaling? My laptop is 3840x2160 and external monitor is 2560x1440. Need the laptop to be at 200%, and external at 100%. Running Ubuntu 19.04. Thank you!12:55
MudchainsJimBuntu @ /etc/exports I have the following parameters: rw,insecure,sync,no_subtree_check,no_root_squash12:56
JimBuntuMudchains, what FS on the NFS share? Does it support ownership properly?12:57
MudchainsJimBuntu ext412:57
JimBuntuMudchains, sorry then, this is now beyond me. I am sure you will get help though... others, please chime in.12:58
MudchainsJimBuntu thanks :)  I already google for hours, but I am a bit lost haha12:59
Mudchainsas I have to move docker data (projects) its a b*tch to fix all the ownerships of the files & folders manualy13:00
mgedminMudchains: were you running rsync as root?  only root can set file ownership to a different user id13:01
Mudchainsmgedmin I used sudo rsynco ...13:01
Mudchainssudo rsync *13:01
mgedminalso, when speaking rsync, the root'ness that matters is on the destination side (so rsync files-here root@remoteserver:/there or sudo rsync user@remoteserver:/here /there)13:02
mgedmin(for brevity I've omitted the rsync flags such as -a that are also required to preserve file ownership)13:02
Mudchainsits from local to remote, so rsync files-here root@remoteserver:/there i did :)13:03
mgedmin(and then I regretted it hence my verbose comments afterward)13:03
Mudchainswill i didnt use the root@remoteserver, but myownuser@remoteserver13:03
Mudchainsas I am using active directoy sso ^^ let me try the root account13:04
Surfer2011thanks for helping me anyway, we (debian people) found the problem ... my rsync backup was backing up to the system-drive because of ONE letter written in capital letter instead of small ... casesensitiv i know but tiny mistake huge result13:12
MudchainsArgh and ofcourse root isnt enabled for ssh.. :)13:12
gst568923> Why in the ubuntu 19.04 repository the package `pamusb` is not present?13:13
ayewPamusb is super unmaintained13:14
ayewHere's a ppa gst5689 https://launchpad.net/~promasu/+archive/ubuntu/libpam-usb13:16
gst568923ayew strange because the authentication system via usb device is very convenient, especially if you do not want to choose a short password each time to remember and enter13:16
freannrakioria: unfortunately that didn't work either :(13:24
Mudchainsmgedmin yes its working when i use the root account on the destination server :)13:31
Mudchainsyou just saved my day!13:31
JonelethIrenicuswhat is the solution for Linux users and OneDrive?13:39
ryuoJonelethIrenicus: use the browser? or setup synchronization with the onedrive package it seems, but there's no GUI for that.13:43
ayew(not FOSS)13:45
=== fginther is now known as fginther`
ayewRyuo: you can also use rclone I believe which is rsync for cloud services to mount it as a drive13:48
ryuowhy ping me? i don't use onedrive.13:48
ayewBad reading comprehension apparently, sorry13:49
Oolgood answer to JonelethIrenicus's question, perhaps it's: Linux users don't use onedrive :)13:50
JonelethIrenicusOol: It would be great if all the decisions on what to use were my personal choice, but sometimes it doesn't work out13:51
JonelethIrenicusim fine paying for software13:53
JonelethIrenicushaha the shaq image https://www.insynchq.com/blog/insync-3/13:54
JonelethIrenicusits so creepy13:54
ayewThere are cli tools that do it for free, if you don't mind that.13:54
JonelethIrenicusayew: thanks13:55
JonelethIrenicusfunny thing is, I think InSync is probably better than the offical microsoft client13:56
JonelethIrenicusone drive client on windows doesn't have functioning delta sync13:57
JonelethIrenicussupposedly just got rolled out in the beta13:58
leftyfbryuo: can we help you with something?15:06
ryuonah. was just testing something.15:06
JonelethIrenicushi moldy15:40
moldydid the default value / behaviour of systemd's PrivateTmp change somewhat-recently on 18.04?15:41
moldyi have a system here where some docker containers suddenly stopped working (they are using bind mounts for /tmp/.X11-unix). i was able to fix it by explicitly setting PrivateTmp=false in the docker unit file15:42
aienai was just trying out snap. I am curious what happens if you snap install a package under apt management as well do they conflict?15:43
JonelethIrenicusaiena: no\15:45
lordcirth_aiena, they install to different paths.15:46
aienahmm this sounds interesting. SO if I used snap for newer devel packages I could compile newer software without having to worry about the distro15:46
aienaidk if snap is used for devel packages yet though15:47
JonelethIrenicusaiena: that is the idea15:47
JonelethIrenicusappimage is nice as well15:47
JonelethIrenicusit is completely self contained and compressed15:47
JonelethIrenicusdoesn't need install15:47
aienaappimage is nice but it more for bundling apps15:47
aienai think debugging from within an appimage would be harder15:48
JonelethIrenicusdont believe so15:48
JonelethIrenicusand you can use appimage deamon if you want file associations and such15:48
JonelethIrenicusall good to test out for your needs15:49
aienawell I mostly compile to have the latest of select packages in userland while not touching the distro15:49
aienabut its not always possible as you home gets too full15:49
JonelethIrenicus that is why i like the compressed state of appimages15:50
aienai was wondering if snap could potentially solve that problem15:50
JonelethIrenicusit can15:50
JonelethIrenicuslibraries are included with the snap15:50
JonelethIrenicusbut that makes them larger15:51
aienahow do you search for snaps15:51
JonelethIrenicussnap search15:51
JonelethIrenicusor the snapcraft website15:51
JonelethIrenicussame with flatpak pretty much15:51
JonelethIrenicusand similar for appimage15:51
popey_aiena: no, we don't tend to snap libraries or headers15:54
aienawas reading about snaps it looks like each snap is more like a windows setup.exe15:55
popey_more like an android apk really15:55
popey_or mac dmg15:55
aienaso in terms of space apt is more efficient I guess15:55
JonelethIrenicusappimage is more like a dmg15:55
popey_they're compressed on disk, not unpacked.15:55
JonelethIrenicussnap is more like a exe15:55
popey_Not like a setup.exe as they spray files all over the filesystem, snaps don't15:56
aienahmm can you tell me more about how snaps store files on your system15:56
aienaalso I don't know how to snap search something15:56
aienaI'll try reading on snapcraft.io15:57
popey_if you snap install hello-world, you'll find a .snap file in /var/lib/snapd/snaps, which gets mounted under /snap/hello-world/<revision>15:57
aienai think its a bad question here15:57
popey_we have a channel #snappy - if you want to chat more there, but it's fine15:57
popey_(I work on snapcraft)15:57
aienai mean if a support question comes im halting out of respect15:57
popey_aiena: forum.snapcraft.io is the best place for snap related support requests15:58
letterriphi all, is there a way to discover what key combination activate SysRq on my laptop?15:58
popey_or indeed #snappy for users, and #snapcraft for people building snaps15:58
popey_letterrip: usually the printscreen key15:58
letterrippopey_, alas that does various screenshot variants15:58
popey_Just noticed I don't have a sysrq key on my keyboard15:59
letterripi've tried variants with ctrl; alt; fn; etc.15:59
letterripand they all either take a screenshot or nothing15:59
popey_however, if I run "dmesg -Tw" and then press alt+prtscr,r I get this in the log: [Sun Sep  1 21:07:40 2019] sysrq: SysRq : This sysrq operation is disabled.15:59
aienaletterrip: if all fails you could try a liveboot into a distro and chrooting into the baremetal system15:59
mgedminon recent thinkpad models the sysrq is hidden under fn+s15:59
popey_So it seems it's disabled here16:00
letterripi have an ancient vaio16:00
mgedminlol when I press it I get a screenshot16:00
aienaletterrip: you could try chrooting in16:00
aienai forgot the procedure but i know you need to bind mount some parts16:01
letterripaiena - i'm mostly looking for a way to get to a command line to reset my xserver when it freezes16:01
aienaexactly chroot from a liveboot16:01
letterripin the past I've sshed in from my phone16:01
aienaand your in the command line of the other system then you can fix xserver or whatever16:01
letterripbut I'd prefer a way that doesn't require me to use a second device16:01
aienaor at least recover configuration for a reformat16:02
aienaletterrip: you dont need a second device16:02
letterripif possible16:02
aienayou just need a liveboot thumb drive with ubuntu on it16:02
letterripaiena - er how do i liveboot into a different distro if my system is frozen??16:03
aienaboot into the live system chroot into the system giving you trouble that is the one on the laptop hdd then fix whatever there and reboot without the thumb dirve16:03
aienaletterrip: can you remove the battery to reset it16:03
aienathen can you reach the bios?16:03
letterripaiena - the bios is fairly useless on this system16:03
aienaif you can change the boot priority to the usb thats all thats needed or CD I guess since its old16:04
letterripaiena - not currently a frozen system - but wanted to debug why libreoffice is causing freezes16:04
letterripaiena - yeah can do that16:04
letterripwill use that perhaps if i can't figure out how to make sysrq work here16:04
aienawait hmm if libreoffice is causing freezes16:05
aienait may be harder to debug because after it runs its freezing right16:05
aienayou could try flushing LO config files16:05
letterripaiena - well it is freezing xserver - the mouse still moves, but no keyboard input etc16:05
aienahmm I seen that with ubuntu 19 on both vms and host systems16:06
letterripand currently can't get to a terminal - though i can ssh via my phone (though have lost directions on how I did that)16:06
aienai hope you can resolve the issue. 19 is pretty bad on older systems unfortunately16:07
aienaand older versions arent really supported16:07
aienaubuntu 14 was the last ok working version on older hardware16:07
letterripaiena - interesting to know16:08
aienaidk where the issue is though16:08
letterripdon't think I'm willing to use something quite so dated though :)16:08
aienais it the newer linux kernel or other stuff16:08
aienaletterrip: lol i know.16:08
letterripaiena - suspect it is related to using gpu calls16:09
aienabut hardware is costlier to upgrade then leaving software dated16:09
aienamaybe something like puppy linux may be worth trying out :P16:09
letterripaiena - isn't a huge issue - i can can dual boot into the windows partition if need be to use libre16:09
letterripbut is rather absurd :)16:10
aienaletterrip: well its a but annoying when your workflow is interrupted though16:10
aienaI love linux because it has a sane double click for words16:10
aienaWIndows is insane it always adds the trailing whitespace16:10
aienaand WIndows is sweet not to have it user configurable16:10
JimBuntuaiena, We generally don't speak of w ( see GNU speak ) in the Ubuntu support channel ;p16:11
aienaJimBuntu: nods but I think deprecating humout is allowed in response to a support question :P16:13
aienalinux has enabled people to roan freely with dual boots so16:14
aienaI'm Winliberated16:14
JimBuntuMulti-boot for the win. k. I'm done. moving to #ubuntu-offtopic :)16:15
aienaIf there is an ubuntu support question I totally am with you16:15
aienaletterrip: the irony is I have ubuntu running in a vm on a windows box to get the linux goodness minus the reboot16:16
aienaon my work system16:17
moilohi, the screen on my convertible 19.04 budgie system is 90 degree rotated - how can i fix this?16:17
aienamoilo: i remember using xrandr to rotate the screen16:17
aienamoilo: try out https://askubuntu.com/questions/159086/rotate-only-one-screen16:20
aienamoilo: first run "xrandr" alone you will get a list of screens in this case you will get only 1 screen if its connected16:21
aienathen type  xrandr -o "SCREEN-NAME" --rotate left16:21
aienato rotate it16:21
aienawhere screen name is the name of the screen you got16:21
moilo does this work with auto orientation, because when i flip the screen it flips automatically - only 90 degrees off16:22
aienaI dont think so but you could always put it in a shortcut file on the desktop16:22
aienamake 2 .sh file link them to shortcuts and run them when you panic16:22
moldyok, turns out it probably has nothing to do with PrivateTmp. what i am seeing instead: after booting, i need to run ``sudo systemctl restart docker`` once, then my /tmp bind mounts work. without this, they don't. any idea why?16:23
aienae.g. "reset rotation" , "rotate left", "rotate right", "rotate inverted"16:23
mgedminaiena: I don't have rotating screens, but I _think_ the right fix is to update the rotation matrix in the hwdb for your specific hardware16:24
mgedminaiena: https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/5160 is an example of a similar bug16:24
aienamgedmin: I don't know anything about rotating screens tbh16:24
aienai just use xrandr occassionally it seems his system has an orientation sensor too like phones16:25
mgedminsorry that was supposed to go to moilo16:25
moilotnx, that look like my problem16:25
aienamgedmin: i only realised later he had a sensor. I thought he wanted to rotate a desktop screen16:28
aienathanks to your post i learnt something new16:28
ffejjhi, anyone using scrcpy?  i get 'exception on thread' error when trying to connect to anbox (have not tried a real device yet, working remotely)16:33
queuetiprunning ubuntu 18.04: vimdiff command not found, can be installed by apt install vim... okay cool, apt install vim... 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 25 not upgraded.17:04
queuetiphow can i install vimdiff ?17:04
ioriaqueuetip, have you installed vim ?17:06
queuetipioria; apt install vim... 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 25 not upgraded.17:07
ioriaqueuetip, are you sure ? dpkg -l | grep vim17:08
queuetipi mean i'm using it currently17:08
ioriaqueuetip, vimdiff file1 file217:08
queuetipyes i know the command17:08
queuetipi get: Command 'vimdiff' not found, but can be installed with: .. (list of vims)17:09
ioriaqueuetip, what's the problem ?17:09
queuetipvimdiff command not found is the problem17:09
queuetipwhen i have vim installed using apt17:09
ioriaqueuetip, which vimdiff17:10
queuetipi'm running into cicular logic here. vimdiff not found -> try installing vim (vim already installed but okay) apt install vim (nothing to install or upgrade)17:10
queuetipwhich vimdiff returns nothing because it's not installed17:10
ioriaqueuetip, update the system maybe; sudo update && sudo apt full-upgrade17:11
queuetipdid that this morning already17:11
ioriaqueuetip, nope ... 25 not upgraded17:11
queuetipwhereis vimdiff shows /usr/bin/vimdiff but ls /usr/bin/vimdiff shows nothing17:11
ioriait's a link17:12
ioriaqueuetip, ll /usr/bin/vimdiff17:12
queuetipah you're right i updated and didn't upgrade, doing that now to see if it fixes issue17:12
queuetipshows broken symlink17:12
queuetipto /etc/alternatives/vimdiff which shows broken symlink to vim.nox which apt install vim.nox shows already installed17:13
ioriaqueuetip, sudo update && sudo apt full-upgrade ; the sudo apt install --reinstall vim17:13
queuetipwill try that next, thanks17:13
hydroponxHi, can anyone point me to some documentation around running iscsi LUNs with masking enabled ? I have a synology lan that supports it and after some reading, it seems like something that is supported but I haven't found how to enable it on the client (ubuntu) side yet17:14
queuetipioria: thank you! reinstall did the trick after upgrade17:15
ioriaqueuetip, ok17:15
JimBuntu!cookie | ioria17:15
ubottuioria: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!17:15
queuetipthough i did get some weird warnings FWIW during reinstall: update-alternatives: warning: forcing reinstallation of alternative /usr/bin/vim.basic because link group vim is broken17:15
* queuetip shrugs17:16
ioriaqueuetip, you probably installed multiple vim* pkgs17:16
ioriaqueuetip, dpkg -l | grep vim17:16
ioriaqueuetip, you should have 'just' 4 pkgs17:16
queuetipi have 517:17
ioriaqueuetip, yep, *nox (i guess)17:17
queuetipvim, vim-common, vim-nox, vim-runtime, vim-tiny17:17
ioriaqueuetip, you can remove it or (if unlucky) purge them all and just reinstall 'vim'17:19
ioriaqueuetip, remove vim-nox i mean17:19
queuetipyeah i might just do that17:19
ioriaqueuetip, don't purge vim-common17:20
letterriphi all - i got sysreq, but i don't get a terminal after doing sysreq+r followed by ctrl-alt-f117:29
letterripthe sysreq+b definitely works though17:30
letterripany ideas?17:30
iorialetterrip, mmm, what's the valu here ?  cat /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq17:35
letterripioria 17617:35
iorialetterrip, not sure , maybe you need to enable all the  corresponding functions : /etc/sysctl.d/10-magic-sysrq.conf17:36
letterripioria ok will look thanks,17:36
iorialetterrip, you do some maths  in there17:38
letterripit is currently empty, but reading up on it - the '1' apparently enables all possibilities17:39
iorialetterrip, 176 is the default value, that means only reboot-remount-sync commands17:40
letterripioria yepper17:40
iorialetterrip, if '1' is what you  want , then   echo "1" > /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq17:42
letterripyep, but that doesn't work here for some reason...17:43
iorialetterrip, try with 43817:44
letterriplooks like the 176 doesn't enable 'unraw'17:44
iorianope, i tld you17:44
letterripright - didn't understand what you were telling me at the time :)17:45
letterripubuntu is doubley fun - sets the key combo as a screenshot; and disables one of the important parts of the combo17:45
letterripfor REISUB17:46
letterripand apparently older versions of Ubuntu did allow it - so there is documents saying it works :)17:46
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key17:47
letterripand the ubottu documentation even tells us that it works :)17:48
Ben64can change it17:49
iorialetterrip, indeed it works (for reboot); some funcions are disabled for security reason17:50
letterripioria - doesn't work because it does 'screenshot' instead17:50
letterripat least on some systems17:50
iorialetterrip, mmm, wrong tap timing17:51
courrierOn Ubuntu server that has a static IP given by netplan, I temporary need a DHCP address so run dhclient enpxxxx which successfully ends up to "bound to"... but then ifconfig still shows the old static IP, how come?17:52
sarnoldcourrier: if you want to unassign a static IP, you can do so with ip addr del ip.add.re.ss dev whatever18:00
MrMobiushi, I'm thinking about installing Ubuntu on my old Windows 7 laptop next year when support expires. would it be feasible to run a Windows 10 vm on it for things like compilers that havent been ported?18:06
commanderKwhich compilers?18:07
MrMobiuscommanderK, microcontroller and cpld related stuff. the atf150x cpld program is windows only for example18:08
MrMobiusie not games or video editing software18:08
commanderKof course you can run win10 in virtualbox18:09
courrierThank you sarnold18:10
sarnoldMrMobius: ought to work fine https://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Guest_Support_Status#Windows_Family18:13
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ncuxoHello everyone18:41
ncuxois there a way to get gui thru ssh18:42
ncuxosomething like teamviewer vnc18:42
hydroponxncuxo, XForwarding is probably the closest18:43
ncuxoI've tried ssh -X and ssh -Y18:43
ncuxono luck still get a terminal18:43
hydroponxyou'll start with a terminal, and have to launch the app you want18:44
JimBuntuncuxo, a proper GUI, not really18:44
ncuxohydroponx:  I start virt-manager and my vms are not there18:44
ncuxoJimBuntu:  so I should go the vnc and team viewer route ?18:44
JimBuntuew, VNC or team viewer... but possibly, if you must18:45
ncuxoI was hoping to avoid them this is why I was trying to do it thru ssh18:45
hydroponxncuxo, might try this article: https://fabianlee.org/2019/02/16/kvm-virt-manager-to-connect-to-a-remote-console-using-qemussh/18:46
hydroponxfirst hit in searching for using virtmanager remotely18:46
hydroponxseems believable18:46
JimBuntuncuxo, You can run a program via X, in SSH, if you have that configured, but if you want total GUI, you'll neec VNC or something like that... but I can't imagine you would need complete GUI18:46
ncuxoJimBuntu:  I'm still learning linux and serves so I kinda wanna have the gui for back up18:48
JimBuntuncuxo, Ok, might want to look into an XCFE desktop via VNC or such... but I can not really recommend any VNC. BTW: Rule #1, never use a default port18:50
ncuxoI have a monitor keyboard and mouse already connected to the server but I hate always moving hands from one keyboard to the other and vice versa18:50
ncuxoJimBuntu:  its a lan server18:50
JimBuntuncuxo, Oh! If that's the reason... please check out symless.com !18:51
compdocncuxo, does it have a desktop nstalled?18:51
ncuxoI'm not that concern about security but probably you are right once I learn it insecure I'll probably set it up insecure18:51
JimBuntuncuxo, Yeah, My concern was security... but check out the link I provided, i think it's EXACTLY what you need :)18:52
ncuxocompdoc: its a graphical ubuntu with kvm18:52
ncuxoso yes it has graphical interface18:52
JimBuntuncuxo, Note: it's not supported in this channel, I don't think, as it's not part of Ubuntu nor do I think it has an Ubuntu package... but, way worth it and I doubt you'll need support anyway18:52
compdocncuxo, it the desktop is mate or one of the 2D desktops, then x2go server is excellent and copy/paste works between windows. sound too18:54
compdoc*if the desktop18:54
ncuxoI'll probably go the synergy route just that I have to move the desktop more central to the other monitors18:55
donofrio_does ubuntu have a aarch64 image for rpi4b as of yet?18:56
donofrio_I have it but it's only 32bit armhf ;( - http://paste.debian.net/1098602/19:01
JimBuntuHi EriC^ , do you have a support question? ;p19:05
EriC^haha :D19:05
JonelethIrenicusanyone know how to install a new harddrive in an xps 15 laptop19:15
JonelethIrenicusfor some reason it isn't showing in ubuntu19:15
hydroponxwhat's the "right way" to use a standalone wireless NIC as a bridged interface? when i set it up in network manager and define it as the bridge device in /etc/network/interface, it doesn't come up anymore and network manager refuses to manage it19:16
sarnoldhydroponx: with bridges you assign ip addresses to the bridge, not to any interfaces on the bridge19:24
hydroponxsarnold, correct, but i need the interface at least up for KVM to interact with it19:35
hydroponxguessing I'll need to use wpa_supplicant to bring up the interface?19:36
sarnoldhydroponx: yeah I think wpa_supplicant is required if you want to participate in wpa or wpa2 networks19:36
sarnoldhydroponx: also take a look at hostapd -- I'm not sure what you're trying to do, but this package is often used by folks doing funny wireless things19:37
hydroponxoh, i built a new pc... it has wired and wireless NICs, plan was to use the wireless for my VMs and Wired for me :)19:38
sarnoldaha :D nice19:38
olabazHi, ever since I upgraded to 19.04 I've been getting random freezes. For example when I open up terminal it'll freeze for lke 2 seconds or when I try to switch tabs on firefox it'll freeze.19:41
olabazAny ideas what's causing this?19:41
sarnoldolabaz: start up 'vmstat 1' in another terminal and look at the output when you notice these freezes19:46
olabazsarnold: how do I read that output19:47
olabazI'm noticing a spike in bi column it seems19:48
sarnoldolabaz: the bi column is 'block in19:48
sarnoldolabaz: how about si and so?19:48
sarnoldthose are swap in and swap out19:48
olabazthose are both constant 019:49
sarnoldalright, interesting.. I wonder if you're under enough memory pressure to need to re-read executables and libraries from disk, but not enough memory pressure to push data to disk19:51
olabazsarnold:I only have 2 windows open so I'm not doing anything particularly intensive19:52
olabazI just updated my graphics driver too but didn't see any changes19:53
flogGot ubuntu installed on my lenovo t495. needed to create a bash-script to control the brightness. The issue is that i need to run the script as root. How would i go about to be able to execute the script without beeing prompted the root password?19:56
renn0xtk9I have download the image of ubuntuu arm64 server from cloud image20:00
renn0xtk9but I cannot login20:00
renn0xtk9this is my cloud.txt20:01
renn0xtk9anyone can help me ?20:01
sarnoldrenn0xtk9: are you sure about your -default thing? it looks a bit different from this example https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/examples.html20:03
renn0xtk9sarnold: no indeed, let me retry with just default.   The user name and password should then both be ubuntu right?20:08
sarnoldrenn0xtk9: I think so, yes20:10
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xuvatilavvI'm running Ubuntu 19.04 on a Surface Pro 4 and a few days ago I started having an issue with screen jitter where the entire image seems to move up and down a few pixels every frame20:29
xuvatilavvmy install is pretty fresh, maybe 1-2 weeks old20:29
xuvatilavvit goes away when I move the mouse, but sometimes comes back after less than a second20:29
xuvatilavvand it seems to be progressively worse the longer the system's been running20:30
xuvatilavvI'm not sure where to start looking to fix it20:31
xebrahi, my battery indicator shows "57%, charging", but it's stuck there20:50
renn0xtk9sarnold:  hmm not it does not work :S20:51
sarnoldrenn0xtk9: hmm :(20:51
choonit is possible to use dns over tls in ubuntu ?20:51
choonI would like to use DNS over TLS in systemd20:55
choonwill it be available to ubuntu ?20:56
choonlooks like the current version for ubuntu is systemd 23720:58
sarnoldchoon: disco has systemd 240, perhaps it works there? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd20:58
choonsarnold: but i prefer 18.04 LTS20:59
sarnoldchoon: you could try a different dns tool then, perhaps https://dnsdist.org/guides/dns-over-tls.html ?20:59
chooni've actually tried stubby but i would like to use it with systemd21:00
chooni mean it is 2019, dns over tls should be the new "standard" or how to say21:03
Sven_vBone of my cronjobs on xenial complains, what's the problem? /etc/cron.daily/logrotate:¶ smbd.service is not active, cannot reload.¶ error: error running non-shared postrotate script for /var/log/samba/log.smbd of '/var/log/samba/log.smbd '¶ run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/logrotate exited with return code 1"21:04
Sven_vBshouldn't log rotation work rather independent of whether the daemon runs?21:05
Sven_vBwhy would it even try to reload the daemon?21:05
Sven_vBoh, maybe to ensure it starts a new log file21:06
Sven_vBah I see it's a known bug21:06
ubottuDebian bug 838796 in samba "samba: logrotate for log.smbd is too verbose when samba is not running" [Minor,Fixed]21:07
Sven_vBlooks like they fixed it Mon, 10 Oct 2016 22:23:45 +0200 with samba 2:4.4.6+dfsg-1, I'll check my version21:08
Sven_vBI still have 2:4.3.11+dfsg-0ubuntu0.16.04.21 :(21:09
Sven_vB!package samba21:10
Sven_vB!info samba xenial21:11
ubottusamba (source: samba): SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix. In component main, is optional. Version 2:4.3.11+dfsg-0ubuntu0.16.04.21 (xenial), package size 930 kB, installed size 11310 kB21:11
Sven_vBI guess I should use a samba PPA then21:12
Sven_vBany chance we can get a newer samba in regular xenial soon?21:13
HabbieSven_vB, in general, released ubuntus only get security fixes and serious bugfixes for most packages21:14
HabbieSven_vB, 'complete upgrades' of packages are uncommon21:14
Sven_vBHabbie, thanks!21:15
Sven_vBis there a way to check whether this PPA's packages are managed/signed by the same people who supply my current ( = xenial's defaul) samba?21:17
Sven_vBdo the Ubuntu mirrors even use author's signatures for packages, or are all of them signed only by the Ubuntu repo maintainers?21:18
Sven_vBalso I wonder why the samba team hosts a wireshark.21:19
Sven_vBthat PPA won't do anyway, it only goes up to precise.21:21
Sven_vBis there a way to make apt use the debian mirrors just for samba and its dependencies?21:31
flogI need to add a script to the sudoers file to be able to execute it without being prompted for password. How do I do that?21:35
bdonnahuehey all. I am installing ubuntu and very new to it. I am tyring to apt-get install openssh-server and it is asking me for a cdrom21:36
bdonnahuecan i not install this without a cd?21:36
Bashing-omSven_vB: While possible : https://wiki.debian.org/DontBreakDebian <- Advice For New Users On Not Breaking Their Debian System - Don't - just don't :)21:37
Sven_vBBashing-om, thanks.21:38
Sven_vBI guess I'll just unmask samba for now21:38
Bashing-ombdonnahue: Is the CD Rom enabled in the software center ? You no longer ned that source enabled.21:38
bdonnahueBashing-om, no clue... consulting google21:38
Bashing-ombdonnahue: I do not run your desktop version (FUI) - I can guide you terminally if you are so minded :P21:40
bdonnahueBashing-om, im running the server iso... terminal would be great!21:40
Bashing-ombdonnahue: Sources are in 2 directories: /etc/apt/sources.list, /etc/apt/sources.list.d/. The CD will be in ' cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list ' .21:42
Sven_vBflog, step 1, make sure your script is somewhat secure. ;) then ALL ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/your-script21:44
Sven_vBflog, not sure whether this syntax allows any arguments being passed. I think it's verbatim i.e. no arguments allowed.21:44
flogSven_vB: i need to pass arguments though.21:45
Sven_vBflog, man sudoers might know how21:45
flogThe script is to change the backlight on my ryzen based laptop.21:45
Sven_vBflog, are you sure you need root for that? maybe xrandr? or change permissions on some file in /sys?21:46
Sven_vBor even xbacklight?21:46
flogxbacklight dont work with ryzen based gpus.21:46
bdonnahueBashing-om, there is only one line in the file21:46
flogAs far as i know.21:46
bdonnahuei commented it out but now I cant install anything21:46
flogIm trying to do this is i3wm. In the default desktop environment(i assume gnome) the keys work.21:47
flogI've tested my script and it works if i run it as root.21:47
Bashing-ombdonnahue: NOoooo ! really ? I think you best pastebin21:47
flogSven_vB: https://pastebin.com/mrALU7qE21:47
bdonnahueBashing-om, cant get ssh... cant copy pate through xcp-ng console21:47
Bashing-om  /etc/apt/sources.list, And then I show you my working stripped down file.21:48
Sven_vBflog, in case you don't find in the man pages how to pass args, I'd have ideas for how to do it with a service instead of sudo.21:48
Sven_vBflog, your sudo in "sudo echo $SET_BRIGHTNESS > /sys/class/backlight/amdgpu_bl0/brightness" is useless because it only affects the echo, not the file redirect.21:49
flogeven better would probably be to find what the default desktop environent executes when pressing the screen brightness buttons.21:49
Sven_vBflog, try giving your user group access to the file instead21:49
Sven_vBindeed. which DE do you use?21:49
flogim using i3.21:49
Sven_vBah ok, then you probably know how to configure its shortcuts.21:50
Bashing-ombdonnahue: Here is my file: https://termbin.com/a4u1 , Stripped down bare bones for my use case.21:50
Sven_vBoh, you mean "default" DE as in not your setup?21:50
flogI did a standard ubuntu install and installed i3 afterwards. So the loginscreen is still the same as standard ubuntu.21:51
flogSo i can choose between ubuntu and i3 when i login.21:51
Sven_vBflog, anyway, I think it'S probably way easier to just adjust file permissions for /sys/class/backlight/amdgpu_bl0{actual_,}/brightness . if you're lucky it will even persist accross reboots.21:52
flogI dont think i need to change the permissions for actual_brightness since i can read it without sudo.21:52
Sven_vBoh right21:53
flogsimple chmod 755 on the file?21:53
Sven_vBdepends on how likely other people on your network will want to troll you. ;) the secure way would be to assign them to a group of who should be allowed, then set 077521:54
Sven_vBsee man chmod for why to never omit the 021:54
Sven_vBactually why would that be exccutable? 0664 should be enough21:56
flogsorry about that.21:56
flogno i guses it wont need to be executable just writable21:56
Sven_vBno need to be sorry, I wouldn't have been affected anyway. :P21:57
floghm even with 0644 i get permission denied.21:58
ChiLLabiSchown user:user /path/to/file?21:59
DMzCashello...im trying to lear how to compile a software from source...just to know that..im using pidgin to do this21:59
DMzCasthe ./configure runs ok21:59
flogChiLLabiS: dont i want to keep the file owned by root?21:59
DMzCasbut the make returns a lot of error21:59
DMzCascan somebody help me with this?21:59
ChiLLabiSflog: you can write your username there not root22:01
flogChiLLabiS: but is it really correct to change owner of a sys file for this?22:03
ChiLLabiSThat's for someone else to answer i dont know22:04
Sven_vBflog, you need to set the middle digit (group) to 6 as well, or use symbolic permissions (g+w), and you need to be logged in as a member of that group. (i.e. have been a member of that group when you logged in.)22:04
Sven_vBflog, if you added yourself recently, it might work starting next time you log in.22:05
Sven_vBflog, I'd keep the owner and change just the group.22:05
flogchanging the group on the "brightness"-file does allow my script to run without sudo.22:10
Sven_vBDMzCas, https://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/Installing%20Pidgin#WhycantIcompilePidgin22:11
Sven_vB"Why can't I compile Pidgin?"22:11
chooncan someone explain to me why ubuntu 18.04 use systemd 237 when systemd 243 is out? https://github.com/systemd/systemd/blob/master/NEWS22:11
DMzCasSven_vB, thanks man!22:12
Bashing-om!latest | choon22:12
ubottuchoon: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.22:12
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging22:12
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge22:13
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flogSven_vB:was just beeing fooled by the terminal remembering the password from last time.22:13
Sven_vBchoon, probably same reason why my samba is so old: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2019/09/03/%23ubuntu.html#t21:1422:14
choonokay, thanks. But I really want to use DNS over TLS, maybe i have to switch to arch linux...22:16
tomreynchoon: there are other ways to use it, not just systemd doing it directly.22:19
choonokay, i'm using it with stubby on my other computer already but I would love to use it in systemd one day.. I really likes ubuntu22:23
lakituhere's a question maybe more explored by women, at least (stereo)typically: on my android tablet, i have several photo editors which do pretty well for touch ups... a lot is automated & its easy & works surprisingly well. does linux have anything like this - the 'new gen' of especially-personal-shot photo editors?22:23
tomreynchoon: so that's most likely just a matter of time + upgrading. as soon as you're on an ubuntu release which comes with a systemd version recent enough to support it, you should be good.22:24
tomreynlakitu: the shotwell image gallery can do the most basic things: https://i.stack.imgur.com/qTsfT.jpg22:28
flogSven_vB: got it to work. removed sudo inside my script and changed the user group for the brightness file to my users group.22:28
Sven_vBflog, grats!22:28
flogi do feel a bit proud. first bash-script ever and havent used linux the last 15 years :)22:30
lakitutomreyn: anything for face, etc?22:33
ChiLLabiS!cookie | Sven_vB22:34
ubottuSven_vB: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!22:34
tomreynlakitu: i think there are only those effects you can seeon the bottom of the screenshot i posted. if you want more you'd probably need to go for gimp already.22:37
lakitui'm kind of discussing this in another room, & i'll say it here: there's new gen of photo editors, e.g on android, that let you touch up your face, rather than just do a fish lens or red hue22:38
lakitui'd love to find one for linux, or if there isn't, then free idea to make some/one22:39
lakitulinux face touch-up apps would help bring the female element to linux too, one might think22:42
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!22:42
lakituthanks tomreyn22:46
hypercorewhat's the best version of ubuntu for hosting apps?23:05
sarnoldusually the latest LTS release is a good choice but sometimes apps won't have been updated for eg the version of php in the latest LTS..23:07
sarnoldtalk with your app vendors to find out what requirements they may have23:07
hypercorei'm talking generally speaking, i.e. trying to figure out which version i default to when starting a new vps for self-hosting software23:09
sarnoldthe LTS releases are almost always (even year).0423:09
hypercoregreat, thank you23:09
JonelethIrenicuscan you connect a business exchange account to "online accounts"23:11
matlock18.04 and then add a free ubuntu livepatch account23:16
JonelethIrenicusi just installed a fresh version of 19.04 and it doesn't have ifconfig by default?23:40
sarnoldthe iproute2 package has supplanted the old ifconfig tool23:41
sarnoldyou can still install and use ifconfig if absolutely necessary but it's best to learn how to use the new tool to manage the network, as there's a lot that ifconfig can't do23:41
B|ack0phi. i replaced bluetooth device on my laptop. but now ubuntu shows in bluetooth setting 2 unknown devices i had paired with previous bluetooth card.23:44
B|ack0phow can i remove those paired 2 unknow bluetooth devices in ubuntu bluetooth settings?23:45
B|ack0phere is the screenshot: https://i.postimg.cc/q7ZVN5N7/Screenshot-from-2019-09-04-02-47-05.png23:48
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sarnoldcan you click on them or get actions? or can you right-click on them and see actions?23:53
B|ack0psarnold: no they are not clickable..23:54
B|ack0pthat s why i ask here23:54
B|ack0palso i tried bluetoothctl in terminal and tried to remove them but even i remove they appear in the list again23:55
sarnoldare those perhaps devices in the environment?23:55
B|ack0psarnold:  you mean in nearby?23:56
B|ack0phmm let me check23:56
B|ack0pone was bt speaker23:57
B|ack0pother bt mouse23:57
B|ack0pspeaker is turned off23:57
B|ack0pmouse also turned off23:58
B|ack0pi paired mouse again but 2 unknown devices still in the list23:59

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