lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:24
lordievaderGood morning06:10
ducassegood morning06:24
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BluesKajHowdy al10:55
BluesKajerr, Howdy all10:56
lordievaderBrr php13:16
marcoagpintoHello BluesKaj and everyone!13:19
marcoagpintoI am editing video, sorry for not being active13:20
lotuspsychjehi kenperkins13:54
kenperkinssome commentary in the news today regarding DNS over HTTPS and how browers are going to enable this directly. Any discussion/issues that I can go read up on for native support for this at the OS level in ubuntu?13:54
mgedminOS-level support would probably rely on systemd-resolved, which would need to add support for it first14:00
kenperkinsperfect! that's what I wanted to read up14:02
kenperkinsnow that i think about it tho, it doesn't really matter what my os supports, it's my local dns resolvers that need it14:04
lordievaderConsidering how firefox handles this case, that doesn't matter.14:08
lordievader(per default it uses cloudflare)14:08
katnip`i believe that can be shut off though14:09
kenperkinsi guess tho, I don't want my apps making decisions on a per-app basis14:10
kenperkinsI want it all done at the network level14:10
katnip`ars had an article about it a day or two ago, or zdnet, one of those14:11
kenperkinsisn't that what I just linked above?14:11
katnip`yes, sorry14:12
katnip`like you, i use my pi hole and opendns for a backup per my vpn; i dont want an app resetting that14:13
lordievader> i guess tho, I don't want my apps making decisions on a per-app basis14:14
lordievaderThis is one of the arguments against DoH (and DoT for that matter).14:14
kenperkinsas I think about it, what I really want is DNS with encryption, I'm not sure I'm concerned with exactly how14:14
lordievaderIt becomes even more fun when you consider that different resolvers may give different answers.14:15
katnip`i thought about encryption and the only thing i could come with was a vpn14:15
kenperkinsas soon as i saw comcast was doing injection of javascript in unencrypted http i switched my resolvers14:15
lordievaderThe way chrome solved is much more acceptable. Check if your current resolver supports DoH, if so start using DoH with that resolver. (Might have been DoT, not really sure)14:15
kenperkins(probably 5 years ago+)14:15
kenperkinsstill tho, I don't want my browser deciding14:16
katnip`chrome is bad though14:16
kenperkinsi use chrome and ff14:16
katnip`i use brave14:16
katnip`ff for a backup14:17
kenperkinsi just despise the UX in FF14:17
kenperkinsswitching gears; building a conatiner in docker atm from ubuntu:xenial, and it's taking _ages_ to get throug the apt-get update && apt-get install step. what could be going on?14:19
lordievaderHow is the io-wait?14:20
kenperkinson the host or docker?14:20
kenperkins<newish to ubuntu, so help me out>14:21
lordievaderWith the old build process that would usually let it grind to a halt for me.14:21
kenperkinsdo I need to install iotop or something?14:21
lordievaderkenperkins: `vmstat 1`14:21
lordievaderThe `wa` column is your interest.14:22
kenperkinshovering between 35-9014:22
kenperkinsnow up to 95-9914:23
kenperkinsok, so i'm waiting a ton14:23
kenperkinsnext step to find out why?14:23
lordievaderYeah, that is way to high.14:24
lordievaderiotop or htop can tell you that.14:24
kenperkinsi mean this is a super hend end machine14:24
lordievaderYou won't notice that if your cpu is busy waiting for IO all the time.14:25
lordcirthkenperkins, what drive is this writing to? Is it an SSD?14:25
kenperkinslordcirth: yes14:25
lordcirthYeah, try iotop.14:26
kenperkinsnothing in iotop with much more than ~0.5% io14:26
mgedminwell, apt installs do a lot of fsyncs(), you might want to try out libeatmydata?14:26
mgedmin(assuming docker builds don't do tricks that would break LD_PRELOAD)14:26
kenperkinsmgedmin: sorry, I don't quite follow that14:26
mgedminI was wonderin if https://github.com/stewartsmith/libeatmydata#libeatmydata could speed up your apt installs14:27
kenperkinsok, before I go do something like that, i'd like to narrow down what's going on first14:29
kenperkinsi haven't had a literal line of progress in ~15m on my docker build14:29
kenperkinsso in iotop, what should I be looking for14:30
lordcirthkenperkins, have you checked dmesg for errors?14:30
lordcirthAlso, smartctl on your SSD14:31
lordievaderkenperkins: Top talkers, in terms of bandwith or iops.14:31
kenperkinsalmost no disk read/write going on14:33
kenperkinstbh I don't know what I'm looking for in dmesg, the rest of my system seems completely normal14:34
lordcirthkenperkins, well, mostly that it isn't spamming IO Errors14:35
lordcirthIf you run 'dmesg -wT' are new entries being added?14:35
kenperkinsthis sounds dubious14:35
kenperkins[Mon Sep 30 01:22:01 2019] docker0: port 1(vethb83d919) entered blocking state14:36
kenperkins[Mon Sep 30 01:22:01 2019] docker0: port 1(vethb83d919) entered forwarding state14:36
kenperkinsthat's from a while ago, disregard14:37
mgedminif there's no disk io, it might be waiting on the network14:37
mgedmindstat is nicer than vmstat: it shows network as well as disk i/o14:37
mgedmintry making the docker build use your local ubuntu mirror instead of the main archive?14:38
kenperkinsok dstat shows 0 cpu wait and ~98 idle, vmstat 1 shows idle of 4 and wait of 9514:40
kenperkinssomething doesn't make sense14:40
kenperkinsmgedmin: I'm willing to try that, once I figure out why it's not doing seemingly *anything*14:42
kenperkinsand it just finished14:47
kenperkinsi did see this before it ended14:47
kenperkinsdoesn't really tell me anything14:47
mgedminit's waiting on a mutex or some other synchronization primitive14:49
kenperkinsyea but no insight into why I mean14:51
kenperkinsI think I want to run it again to see14:53
mgedminthen be sure to strace all processes, not just the main one14:54
mgedmin(e.g. strace -f -o /tmp/trace.log docker build whatever)14:54
mgedmin(note that strace might slow things down considerably)14:54
kenperkinsok so I think this is the problem: > 0 upgraded, 403 newly installed, 0 to remove and 4 not upgraded.14:59
kenperkinsmaybe it was just slowly working through the install of 403 packages? (apt-get install was with -qqq)14:59
kenperkins@mgedmin > try making the docker build use your local ubuntu mirror instead of the main archive? can you expand or link me to something on that?15:00
kenperkinsdo you mean adding mirror://mirros.unbuntu.com stuff to my apt sources?15:01
mgedminno, I mean using http://COUNTRYCODE.archive.ubuntu.com/ instead of http://archive.ubuntu.com/ in /etc/apt/sources.list inside the docker container before you do the apt update && apt install steps15:02
mgedminI've never seen mirror:// before?  does it autodetect the nearest mirror somehow?  where is it documented?15:03
kenperkins> Using mirror protocol as part of your /etc/apt/sources.list entry will instruct apt command to fetch mirrors located within your country only. In order to use mirror protocol update all lines within /etc/apt/sources.list file from the usual eg.:15:03
kenperkinsfrom https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-select-the-fastest-apt-mirror-on-ubuntu-linux15:04
kenperkinstrying to find more official docuemtnation15:04
mgedminI wish https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors mentioned this!15:05
mgedminthe ubuntu wiki feels abandoned at times15:05
kenperkins> feel free to join us at #ubuntu-mirrors on Freenode15:05
kenperkinsbrb :D15:05
mgedminhuh did you notice that the mirror:// option was the slowest in the "comparing results" section of that linuxconfig page? ;)15:07
mgedminmaybe it's not mentioned for a reason15:07
kenperkinsinteresting that the us mirror was only 8 seconds slower than the au one, while the mirror protocol was 1.5 orders of magnitude slower15:08
mgedminmaybe it spent 4 minutes 40 seconds finding the fastest mirror and then 5 seconds downloading the things :)15:09
mgedminopinion: apt install foo failing with 'package foo has no installation candidate' when you tried it in a live session (or a fresh docker container) with an empty /var/lib/apt/lists/ is bad ux15:10
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tomreynif danielrc14 returns to #ubuntu, please point them to the bottom of https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2019/10/02/%23ubuntu.html - thanks!20:29
sarnoldtomreyn: what should be at the bottom? right now it's lordcirth's unrelated comment..20:30
tomreynsarnold: my latest comment to them (not yet, but the log file should update soon)20:31
sarnoldtomreyn: okay cool :)20:31
tomreynthanks, ttyl20:33
sarnoldtomreyn: nice, thanks, gnight :)20:34
tomreyni'll have. :)20:34
OerHeksnaughty /dev/urandom https://lwn.net/SubscriberLink/800509/c46eba62a7bda958/21:27
hggdhOerHeks: I was sort of expecting something like that to happen one day...22:07
OerHekswell.. wait22:09
OerHeks2018 ?22:09
grygood morning23:36
OerHekshi gry23:42
OerHeks01:44 am .. making pancakes ..23:44
OerHeksNOOOO! i am not telling you i live on Jan van Zutphenstraat 310, Haarlem, Netherlands ... no way23:45

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