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donofriodoes anyone have/use vmware intelligent hub/airwatch?01:15
OerHeksnope, why would we?01:18
sarnoldeh you never know, sometimes folks have excess money on their hands..01:19
hackatheos_Anybody familiar with Ghost Phisher?01:20
Sven_vBhackatheos_, it might help to post a link to the project site. some people might recognize it when they see it. also you might need to pose a more interesting question to motivate more people to take the effort and type a reply.01:27
Sven_vBoh I see it's about the wifi AP faker from Kali Linux. for a walkthrough, you'd probably better ask YouTube than #ubuntu.01:33
Sven_vB(website: https://tools.kali.org/information-gathering/ghost-phisher )01:34
Sven_vB(probably upstream website: https://n0where.net/ghost-phisher )01:35
naribiai built a new pc, msi mpg x570 gaming edge wifi mobo, amd rysen 5, and a 250gb ssd, i am trying to install ubuntu 18.04 via usb stick, and both the usb and the ubuntu i had already on the ssd get stuck in a loop, it is unable to load and im wondering if anyone can help me01:41
naribiakeeps going back to grub menu after ubuntu loading screen (for both usb and ssd)01:41
naribiamy only guess right now is that it is some kind of uefi settings i need to change01:42
naribiait is in ahci mode01:42
OerHeksnaribia, step 1: check the mobo vendor for bios updates, step 2; i think you need the UEFI manual01:42
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:42
naribiai just updated the mobo01:42
Bashing-omnaribia: Ryzen had some issues that AMD putout patches that some manufactueres implimented - Kernel 5.3 (19.10) has improved the support a lot.01:46
naribiaubuntu 19.10?01:47
OerHeksyes, now in beta, release in a few weeks01:48
OerHekshttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ 19.10 as updated today01:49
OerHeksit exceeds 2 gb usb sticks :-(01:49
naribiaalright, I'll give that a try01:49
* OerHeks is going to miss the red friend of 2 gb imagination, used since 200901:50
Sven_vBguess I'll have to look for a more lightweight live CD soon then, so I can debootstrap Ubuntu from there.01:55
Sven_vBactually, can I boot the ubuntu server install image 1) with casper persistence? 2) into a just shell?01:59
Sven_vB*just a02:00
Sven_vBdash is fine, too02:00
Sven_vBis there a way to download just the initramfs + kernel of the current beta live CD?02:05
lordcirth__Sven_vB, #ubuntu+102:05
lordcirth__dak0, hi02:09
Sven_vBin xenial and bionic, is casper persistence limited to the livecd kernel or can I boot the installed versions with casper-rw overlayed?02:09
dak0Anyone here has  GNC 1 amd gpu?02:12
OerHeksSven_vB, livecd has no persistence, this article tells you what to do, to get it https://askubuntu.com/questions/1051543/how-to-make-a-live-ubuntu-18-04-usb-with-a-persistent-storage-of-more-than-4gb02:14
OerHeksor something like this https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/03/create-persistent-storage-live-usb-with.html02:14
Sven_vBOerHeks, right, sorry. I meant a live CD booted with "persistence" kernel param while there is a suitable casper-rw file on another ext3 partition that is available at boot time.02:15
lordcirth__dak0, please ask your actual question02:15
OerHeksSven_vB, interesting, never heard of such option exists02:16
OerHeksany url i can read?02:16
Sven_vBactually now that I reread your reaction and my question, I makes me doubt whether I use the original live CD kernel.02:17
OerHeksearly wubi installers asked for permission to write a /tmp file as swap, iirc02:18
grydak0, maybe; why do you ask?02:19
naribiaubuntu 19.10 gives me the same problem, stuck in a loop of ubuntu trying to load and the grub menu02:20
Bashing-omnaribia: What graphic's card do you have ?02:22
naribiaBashing-om: rx 58002:22
fairuzGood day people02:22
Bashing-omnaribia: No other thoughts as that AMD card's driver is in the kernel and should "just work" :(02:27
Sven_vBsince https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD/Persistence only mentions "kernel" those few times, it seems indeed the live CD kernel does ship with persistence by default.02:28
OerHeksno, there is no persistence part on the iso.02:30
Sven_vBfor me it's a mystery why then it won't offer people a little GUI to create a casper-rw on theit existing FAT/NTFS/whatever supported partition, and next time they boot their live CD, offer to boot with persistence. GRUB is mighty enough to detect casper-rw files and adjust its menu.02:30
OerHeksthat would be silly, on dvd02:30
OerHeksit is all manual, as your url says too02:30
Sven_vBI'm talking about kernel support. not whether Ubuntu exposes it to users by default.02:30
Sven_vBeven that URL mentions you can store casper-rw on a harddisk02:31
OerHeksoh i see, the kernel-module itself02:31
Sven_vByeah. whether we expose it to end users is a matter of user-friendliness. that's not my current concern. :)02:31
Sven_vBI mean SuperGrub can easily be modified to enhance Ubuntu with all of the above, so now that I verified my original question was valid, let's focus on whether the installed kernel can use casper. meanwhile I found a spare machine so I guess I'll just boot it and try.02:34
k_szeI have this newish Dell Inspiron 14 5000 laptop. I installed Ubuntu 18.04 on it and the CPUs and the fan seem to be running at max speed even though the computer is mostly idling.02:36
k_szeHow do I fix that?02:36
k_szeDo I use Ubuntu Studio Controls??02:38
Sven_vBfans running doesn't necessarily mean CPUs are runnig max. however, if they are, it might be a good reason to have the fans run as well. :)02:38
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.02:40
Sven_vBon bionic, my "persistence" argument seems to have been ignored. now installing package "casper", my initrd is rebuilt, so I guess I didn't have persistence support until now.02:41
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Sven_vBoh of course, it needs squashfs or similar to boot from. yeah. I forgot that detail.03:01
Sven_vBso it seems it's not as easy as I had hoped, to add a casper-rw overlay to a regular, installed Ubuntu.03:01
hiphop-openboxanyone use flatpak to install discord?03:03
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OerHeksno, use snap.03:05
naribiawhat does "ahci controller unavailable" mean?03:17
Bashing-ombaraba: AHCI: Advanced Host Controller Interface - required for newer hardwares - ensure you have it enabled in bios.03:26
Bashing-omnaribia: ^^ sorry baraba - not paying attention againtomy tabbing.03:27
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naribiaBashing-om: it is enabled, i am unable to boot ubuntu, keeps saying ahci controller unavailable (among other things)03:28
Bashing-omnaribia: Sorry - I have no direct Ryzen experience :(03:30
k_szeOerHeks, I did use lm-sensors to get the CPU temperatures and fan speed.03:34
k_szeActually, something doesn't feel right about all of this.03:35
k_szethe CPU is an Intel i7-8565U (a mobile chip), lscpu says it's running at 700 MHz, but I have air conditioning around 26 degrees celcius and the CPU temperatures are still around 65 degrees celsius.03:36
k_szemeanwhile, the fan is running at 5.7k RPM03:36
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tomreynGusj: your post at https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rTtFm6rs6v/ says you upgraded the BIOS from version 1.10 to 1.40. The latest version is 1.50 (select "Windows 10" OS, "Drivers & Updates" tab, "BIOS" filter at https://support.dynabook.com/support/modelHome?freeText=1200007943&osId=3333785 - a direct link is https://support.dynabook.com/support/viewContentDetail?contentId=4006302&pf=true ). i suggest you try this one instead, and retest without any04:02
tomreynextra kernel parameters. if, after testing, it seems that the earlier bios version (1.10) worked better, consider downgrading to that.04:02
tomreynGusj: while on v1.50, try at least booting the ubuntu 18.04.*3* installer in both uefi and CSM modes.04:04
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Gusjtomreyn: Hi tom, When I tried updating to 1.50 I downloaded it and it gave me always an error, that the bios was wrong for the machine, even though I downloaded it several times from the toshiba and the dyna... website with the exact model of my laptop04:07
tomreynother than that, also consider selling this laptop and replacing it by another pre-owned one which has better linux compatibility (lenovo T and P series can be a good choice).04:07
tomreynGusj: were you already running bios 1.40 then?04:07
Gusjtomreyn: tried UEFI boot and CSM and the reuslt is the same04:07
tomreynthe upgrade from 1.40 to 1.50 may work while the upgrade from 1.10 to 1.50 did not.04:09
Gusjtomreyn: no at first 1.10 and I installed 1.30, then 1,.40 with 1.50 I always got that error that it was the wrong bios for my machine somehting liek that and it excited the install04:09
tomreynhttps://content.us.dynabook.com/content/support/downloads/scjev150.exe is the direct download. it contains an iso file you can write to a usb stick and boot from.04:09
Gusjtomreyn: no I did not upgrade from 1.10 to 1.50, I went from .10 to .30, and then .40, the same order sas they appear on that toshiba page04:10
tomreynok, and you installed it using the iso, or using windows?04:10
Gusjtomreyn: using windows04:10
Gusjtomreyn: the 1.50 gave me that error04:10
tomreynhmm, i don't know what else to try. you could file a bug against ubuntu, and then file another upstream (against linux). but really the main issue seems to be the buggy firmware.04:12
tomreynit IS a regression though if it worked fine on earlier linux versions - did it?04:12
Gusjtomreyn: I livedbooted Ubuntu 16.04 and it had the same problem...04:14
tomreynGusj: so linux never actually worked well on this system?04:15
Gusjtomreyn: NO not that I have seen04:15
tomreynGusj: so then i'd say consider replacing the laptop, it's the most promising option for you.04:16
Gusjtomreyn: Booted now without any kernel params, nd the keyboard is worse, no change of brigthness with FN key and wifi off/on and the numlock light stays ON which means it is frozen, when it has the kernel params that I wourked out at least I know it is not frozen04:16
Gusjtomreyn: Tenagra says that this has nothing to do with the ACPI errors I se while it is booting.. do you agree that this does not have to do with ACPI, he says that because I have the correct functionality with USB mouse and trackpad04:18
Gusjtomreyn: Those lines with ACPI bios error (bug) and the other ACPI error lines keep outputting themnselves on each TTY04:19
naribiawindows was able to install on the hardware04:20
naribiadidn't complain about anything04:20
naribiaI'm not sure what is needed for ubuntu to work04:20
naribiatried both 18.04 and 19.1004:21
naribiahere's some more info from a picture if it helps anyone: https://imgur.com/a/IzyICoW04:26
tomreynGusj: you have ACPI errors about LPCB ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low_Pin_Count ), which can translate periphals such as keyboard and touchpad conected via lagecy bus.04:27
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tomreynGusj: so your internal keyboard and trackpad seem to be connected via this legacy bus whereas usb devices connect very differently, which is why they still work.04:30
tomreynGusj: you could modify kernel printk to not have those errors written to the terminal, but this is just a way of hiding them.04:30
ubottuIf your !tty is full of error messages, you can raise the kernel logging daemons' log level above the default of 4 (KERN_WARNING), e.g. by running "echo 7 | sudo tee -a /proc/sys/kernel/printk". More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelDebuggingTricks#printk_is_your_friend04:30
porygon-zis there a way to close my laptop without having the battery completely drain out?04:33
gryyes, hibernate it04:33
porygon-zi have ubuntu and i know on windows if u close the lid on the laptop it doesnt drain as much as it does on linux by default04:33
grynot 'u'; 'you'04:33
gryafter you hibernate, your laptop uses zero energy04:34
porygon-zgry: but does it save everything in the state it was last in?04:34
porygon-zlike all of my applications that are opened and stuff04:34
gryyes, it does04:35
porygon-zgry: where could i set it so when i close the lid it hibernates by default?04:35
gryit saves this information on your hard drive, and reads it from there the next time you start04:35
porygon-zsomewhere in settings im assuming04:35
grylook for power management settings04:36
porygon-zgry: im there but i actually dont see anything for hibernation04:36
gryplease upload a screenshot to www.imgur.com (keep the delete link, since you'll need to remove it after we finish talking)04:38
OerHeksgnome-tweak-tool gives suspend option when laptop lid is closed04:38
porygon-z^ that's what im prob missing04:38
porygon-zone sec ill get it real quick04:38
grythank you, OerHeks04:39
OerHeks!info gnome-tweak-tool04:39
ubottugnome-tweak-tool (source: gnome-tweaks): adjust advanced settings for GNOME - transitional package. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.28.1-1 (bionic), package size 1 kB, installed size 12 kB04:39
Gusjtomreyn: Thank you Tom trying to understand, this is so strange because the keyboard works partially, I do not understand how the kernel can see kybd and trackpad, assign Irq and then have it work partially or almost none at all04:39
tomreynGusj: i don't claim to understand the details either. you could try debugging those failing acpi calls https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Reference/ACPITricksAndTips and maybe that'd get you somewhere, but i've never done it myself. TJ- may have another suggestion when you meet him aroun dhere (he's not around now).04:43
porygon-zOerHeks: i still dont see where the power management stuff would be04:43
huggybear404desktop sharing ubuntu server 19.04, when I try turn on it just turn off and not show network, remote login is on and work with ssh04:43
Gusjtomreyn: Thank you, yes he was helping me but had to go and have not seen him since, but will explain a bit when I see him of what we have done today...04:45
porygon-zdoes anyone know where i can go in ubuntu in order to turn on hibernation when i close my laptop lid?04:45
Gusjtomreyn: this is not for now as I want to wait for TJ, but if nothing else works, your solution of !printk to stops those errors from printing to the TTY, when I do '!printk' it tells me 'event not foun'04:45
gryporygon-z, did you find it in gnome-tweak-tool ?04:46
porygon-zgry: yes but i do not see the option anywhere04:46
gryporygon-z, https://i.stack.imgur.com/xRBQd.jpg04:47
porygon-zgry: okay so the issue was i needed GNOME tweaks instead of Unity Tweak Tool04:48
porygon-zbut in power settings it only gives me the option to suspend04:48
tomreynGusj: when i typed "!printk" here is was just to point out that you can type this word here all by itself and get more help on it from ubottu, the channel's IRC bot.04:49
gryporygon-z: suspend is very similar, but the laptop drains battery a little. to keep power in the RAM04:49
porygon-zneed all the battery i can get04:49
gryporygon-z: what was the previous setting there?04:49
porygon-zgry: wdym04:50
Gusjtomreyn: ok ok sorry, I opened the link from the bot, don't really understand how I could do that, I put one of those commands in the grub?04:50
porygon-zdude there's literally no option for hibernation on ubuntu 18.04 XD04:51
Akami_ChannelHello. I just installed Ubuntu on a USB and for some reason it is extremely slow, likely because when I test the i/o to that USB drive, it comes out at 2 MB per 3.46 seconds. Any idea how to troubleshoot this?04:51
gryporygon-z: what was the value of this setting when you opened the gnome-tweaks-tool window?04:51
porygon-zit's like hidden somewhere in the realm of hardness04:51
tomreyn!printk | Gusj this04:51
ubottuGusj this: If your !tty is full of error messages, you can raise the kernel logging daemons' log level above the default of 4 (KERN_WARNING), e.g. by running "echo 7 | sudo tee -a /proc/sys/kernel/printk". More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelDebuggingTricks#printk_is_your_friend04:51
porygon-zgry: there was no menu that told me anything about power settings in unity tweak tool04:52
gryi asked about gnome tweak, not unity tweak04:52
porygon-zgry: the only thing i saw was an option for suspending on close, but that was in GNOME tweaks.04:52
grywas it selected?04:52
gryhmm. when you click at the right top and see the pop-up. click the power icon. does it have hibernate button there?04:53
Gusjtomreyn: Thank you Tom, IF I do that command, I will still get the error msgs in the boot log, is this correct?04:53
tomreynGusj: yes, that's correct, it's just a way to no longer have your TTY full of error messgaes04:54
gryporygon-z, i don't know why it is missing, i am new here; please wait for someone else to help you out04:54
porygon-zgry: https://imgur.com/a/VoZaZYw04:54
porygon-zits all good lol04:55
gryporygon-z, i guess you could follow http://tipsonubuntu.com/2018/04/28/change-lid-close-action-ubuntu-18-04-lts/ , but this is not official04:56
porygon-zgry: ive tried that in the past i feel like04:57
porygon-zim almost too lazy to try it again lol04:57
porygon-zthe fact that you have to modify that file just to turn on hibernation is stupid. it probably just isnt supported idk04:57
gryif it doesn't work today, someone here can help you debug it04:57
porygon-zlol they will literally fully convert me to ubuntu if they do04:58
Gusjtomreyn: Thank you04:58
porygon-zthe only reason i do not primarily use linux on my laptop is because of the hibernation shit not working04:58
porygon-zi use windows and then i have an external ssd that has my ubuntu on it XD04:59
Akami_Channelporygon-z: new to the conversation here, what action do you want on lid close? You want it to hibernate or to do nothing?05:00
Akami_Channeland I presume that this stuff is not working?: http://tipsonubuntu.com/2016/10/24/ubuntu-16-10-auto-shutdown-hibernate-lid-closed/05:02
Gusjtomreyn: Tom I did 'echo 7 | sudo tee -a /proc/sys/kernel/printk' and rebooted, and the kernel error ACPI erro msgs still print/output into the TTYs05:02
porygon-zgry: https://askubuntu.com/questions/66723/how-do-i-modify-the-options-for-the-power-button i think i found something useful05:03
porygon-zill let you know if this works05:03
Gusjtomreyn: The ACPI Error: AE_NOT_FOUND errors...05:03
porygon-zgry: doesnt seem to work. i feel like it might have to do with my version of ubuntu05:05
porygon-zi have 18.0405:05
tomreynGusj: 7 would enable *all* debug messages to go to the console rather than less.05:06
tomreynGusj: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Printk05:07
Gusjtomreyn: I am confused, the bot msg says "If your !tty is full of error messages, you can raise the kernel logging daemons' log level above the default of 4"05:07
tomreynsee the "logging levels" section there05:07
Gusjtomreyn: if it is 7 it is above 4, let me see05:07
tomreynGusj: you're right, this messga eis nonsense, sorry about it, my mistake, since i set it.05:08
Gusjtomreyn: no prob..05:09
tomreynGusj: set it to 3, then decrease until it's gone.05:09
tomreynGusj: once you came up with a good value, you can edit the printk option in /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf to make it permanent (applies after reboot)05:10
Gusjtomreyn: ok done, It said to uncomment the line, and the first value was 3, the lines is "kernel.printk = 3 4 1 3' I just reboot, I do not have to update somehting?05:13
Gusjtomreyn: I rebotted and it is good Tom, thank you..05:16
Gusjtomreyn: I have saved all of your help in a note file to go back to it... and understand it better...05:17
tomreynGusj: you actually need to set those values to something which makes sense for your needs. which means you first of all need to understand what makes sense. you should only change the console_loglevel, that's the first value.05:18
Gusjtomreyn: Yes and that value is 3, should I comment out all the other numbers or leave them as the default that were there?05:19
Gusjtomreyn: Did not change anything, just uncommented the line, the first value was already 3,05:20
tomreynGusj: yes, but by setting all those four values you also explicitly set the other values. some more documentation is here (search for printk): https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/admin-guide/sysctl/kernel.html05:21
tomreynGusj: on my system, the default kernel.printk according to "cat /proc/sys/kernel/printk" is "4 4 1 7". if that's the same on your system and you only want to change the console_printk setting (first parameter) then you'd change the sysctl setting to "3 4 1 7"05:23
Gusjtomreyn: ok thank you I got it Tom, will comment it out and boot to see what is my default..05:24
Gusjtomreyn: Tom do you recommend an educational source, spoecific youtube video, YT channel, to help me get acquainted with Ubuntu, linux etc.. ?05:25
tomreynGusj: if you reboot now, then the values you set in /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf will be what is returned by "cat /proc/sys/kernel/printk". however, if you run "cat /proc/sys/kernel/printk" now you'll get to see what is the current default on your system (and this current default should be the base of any modifications oyu make in /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf)05:27
Gusjtomreyn: Tom I typed the comm and got this===> cat: /proc/sys/kernel/printk: No such file or directory05:28
tomreynGusj: does    findmnt /proc    return anything?05:30
Gusjtomreyn: I apologize Tom my mistake, yes the same values that came back were the defaults that were on the 99-sysctl.conf file05:32
tomreynGusj: okay, no problem. so you're set for now?05:33
Gusjtomreyn: yes, will wait to see if I can speak with TJ- if you see him please say that I have not stopped working with you and tenagra, etc etc trying to find a solution.. with no luck he will remember me I think05:33
Rembodoes tzdata patch on Ubuntu 18 require reboot?05:34
tomreynGusj: just ping him again next time you're both online.05:34
tomreyn!YY.MM | Rembo05:35
ubottuRembo: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle05:35
tomreynRembo: also clarify what you mean by "tzdata patch"05:35
Gusjtomreyn: Yes I will, thank you very much for helping me Tom, I really appreciate it.. :)05:36
RemboUbuntu 18.04.3 LTS \n \l05:36
tomreynGusj: you're welcome, even though i could not really help you much. good luck.05:36
Rembotomreyn ?05:37
tomreynRembo ?05:37
Rembotomreyn, i want to know if tzdata patch require reboot after patching it on Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 LTS \n \l05:41
tomreyn<tomreyn> Rembo: also clarify what you mean by "tzdata patch"05:42
tomreyndid you install an update for the tzdata database? did you patch the kernel to modify how it handle tzdata? did you modify tzdata user space utilities?05:43
Remboit is a normal patch nothing custom05:47
tomreynRembo: if you are referring to a software / package update which was installed on your computer while using apt / a graphical software updater then you do not need to reboot to apply the changes.05:51
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MJCD_what the heck... Why does installing php7.2 install apache07:03
MJCD_I already have nginx :/07:03
MJCD_its messed a whole bunch of stuff up trying to force apache on07:04
MJCD_that's super stupid07:04
tatertotzyou can always put things back as they need to be07:07
MJCD_if I wanted apache I would install apache tho07:08
MJCD_it's in no way a direct requirement of php, 7 or otherwise07:08
geirhafrom  apt show php7.2:  Depends: libapache2-mod-php7.2 | php7.2-fpm | php7.2-cgi, php7.2-common07:10
geirhaso it depends on php7.2-common and one of libapache2-mod-php7.2, php7.2-fpm or php7.2-cgi07:11
geirhaI guess if it finds none of the three it defaults to the apache one07:11
geirhaso if you had done for example   apt install php7.2 php7.2-fpm    it shouldn't include apache207:12
MJCD_not only should all of those be available07:26
MJCD_but its not just trying to do a lib07:26
MJCD_its trying to get apache actually running07:27
MJCD_like... no07:27
MJCD_just do literally nothing07:27
renn0xtk9is there any way I can sync Music from ubunt to Android SD card ?07:34
tatertotzjust transfer your music files to the SDcard07:36
akemhpI guess he wants to transfer new files only.07:37
akemhpIn both ways possibly.07:37
renn0xtk9tatertotz: that would be an option, but it means every time I change a playlist on my computer, I need to shutdown my phone. extract the sd card, put it in the card reader and back ...07:39
ponyriderrenn0xtk9: why dont you network share whatever device it is?07:40
renn0xtk9ponyrider: yeah how to is basically my question ^^07:40
ponyriderrenn0xtk9: well what time of device is it? like a phone?07:41
renn0xtk9I have tried to install som SSH server like this http://www.galexander.org/software/simplesshd/ on the Andrdoi (it is a huawei phone) But google basically lock access to the SD-Card to anything that does not use Anrdroid API07:41
renn0xtk9Back In the days I had a Nokia N900 phone, it was such a dream ^^ even X forwarding used to work :p07:42
ponyriderjust set up samba?07:42
akemhprenn0xtk9, You can try "lan drive" smb server on your phone, then connect to it with Nautilus or Nemo file manager with smb://phoneip:1445 IIRC. But it's a bit slow here.07:43
humpledwhy no usb?07:43
akemhpYeah USB too :)07:43
ponyrideryou could root your phone and use adb over wifi07:44
akemhpYou need to set file permission in phone settings applications.07:44
renn0xtk9by USB it seems to use libmtp07:44
renn0xtk9and that is totally unstable07:44
humpledugh i thought mtp had gone away07:45
renn0xtk9humpled: what can I use else?07:45
ponyrideryou could email each song to yourself ;p07:46
ponyriderput it on your google drive07:46
humpledas akemhp points out, there are several servers available on the play store, don't know why google should have a problem with ssh in particular07:46
renn0xtk9humpled they lock access to SD-card  it is a well known issue07:47
exportrenn0xtk9: so why does it have an sdcard?07:48
exportrenn0xtk9: at this point it seems like your phone is the real problem here lol07:48
renn0xtk9export: since KitKat they have put restricition on sd card usage07:48
renn0xtk9only apps using android api can access sd card07:49
renn0xtk9my theory is they do it on purpose, at the tedmeand of phone maker07:49
exportrenn0xtk9: so a filemanager can access the sdcard?07:49
renn0xtk9why would you buy a phone with 128 GB internal if you can habe 128 GB sd card07:49
exportor an ssh server with sftp support?07:49
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:49
lotuspsychjeplz keep ontopic and ubuntu related issues only07:50
renn0xtk9export: ssh server would create files on the sdcard via POSIX call , which are locked07:50
renn0xtk9the trick would be an Anrdoid app that mimic an Ssh server but that create files via Android API07:50
exportlotuspsychje: well in the case they are capable of getting a working ssh server on the phone then ubuntu support is still on topic, just further away from ubuntu slightly, but i could care less so fine.07:50
renn0xtk9that  would be one option, and my question is basically if someone knows about such thing07:51
exportrenn0xtk9: i can test on my phone07:51
ducasserenn0xtk9: have you tried asking in #android?07:53
MJCD_you can literally get an ssh server app from the store07:55
renn0xtk9regarding usb , I connect my phone, I can browse the SD card and in the browser it has a path like that mtp:/Honor 9 Lite/Samsung-Speicherkarte/08:00
renn0xtk9how can I copy a given file over ther08:01
ducasserenn0xtk9: can't you just drag or copy/paste them in the file manager?08:05
ducassei've done that before08:06
renn0xtk9ducasse: I would to that If I would not be lazy08:06
renn0xtk9but if I have ubuntu, isn't it to script everything after all ?08:07
ducasserenn0xtk9: you want to do it from the cli?08:08
renn0xtk9ducasse: exactly08:09
renn0xtk9never mind this is what I said about the mtp stuff08:10
renn0xtk92 minuts I am connected08:10
renn0xtk9and it died again08:10
renn0xtk9I cannot browse it in the browser08:10
renn0xtk9back in the days there were smartphone that you could connect as Mass usb storage08:10
renn0xtk9some guy had to come with this idea of mtp ... .08:10
renn0xtk9and since then it never worked anymore .08:11
renn0xtk9ducasse do you know of anyway at least to copy over cli>?08:17
ducasserenn0xtk9: iirc gvfs should make mtp-mounted devices available under /run somewhere08:18
borw3Hello guys, I been hearing rumours that Ubuntu will go ahead implementing more apps that user installs via apt-get as snaps going ahead. Is this true?08:20
zambacan someone help me troubleshoot high load on a ubuntu system?08:21
zambai'm at load average at around 4.. 12% cpu utilization, 0.5 in I/O wait time08:21
borw3Highload on what? RAM or ?08:21
borw3Thats not bad.08:22
ducasseborw3: we don't really know about that, we're just volunteers08:23
mgedminzamba: atop and dstat are nice tools for seeing what's going on08:25
mgedminhtop has nicer ui but doesn't show as much as atop08:25
zmagiiborw3: what would that mean, practically?08:29
zmagiii install everything via apt-get in any case08:30
borw3More ugly apps, due to snaps.08:30
akemhpWe'll probably get more and more snaps, yes.08:31
borw3For example if you apt-get install chromium, you get the chromium snap08:32
zmagiiwtf are snaps08:32
ubottuSnaps are containerised software packages similar to flatpaks or appimage. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io08:32
tatertotzthat's pretty fancy...08:33
ikarus987i am working chown and chmod - is chown usefull if i had many users ony my computer ? because right now i have only myself as user and a group that i created and there is nobody in that group except me, so my question is chown is good to use if i had multiple users correct ?08:34
chl_does anyone know if its possible to use option 43 or option 125 in a class in isc-dhcp? Can't seem to find any documentation on it08:34
Triffid_Hunterikarus987: plenty of daemons have their own user account.. what are you trying to achieve though? Your question doesn't really make sense08:36
zmagiichown is useful for me if i don't remember the numbers for chmod. but then again, maybe i should remember the numbers for chmod.08:36
zmagiicontainers are a euphimism for pretending to use less resources and ending up using more resources08:37
ikarus987triffid_hunter what i am saying is chmown is change user  correct ?, whats the point of changing user when you are the only user on the pc08:37
zmagiiand serverless/functions are a euphimism for pretending to use even less resources and ending up using even more resources08:37
ikarus987i just started linux yesterday :< so i am just playing with moving files and giving them permission08:38
mgedminikarus987: security/isolation: so your irc proxy cannot (by accident or after being broken into) read/modify your web server's files08:38
zmagiibut in principle, containers and functions (functional isolation) sound good and maybe some clever people use them to save time and money?08:39
ikarus987mgedmin this is just a virtualbox08:39
ikarus987but i am curious anyways, what you mean ?08:40
leeyaahow to disable prompts for do-release-upgrade ? it seems like even if i use do-release-upgrade -p -f DistUpgradeViewNonInteractive it STILL has prompts...08:40
leeyaafirst prompt is at Configuration file '/etc/ntp.conf08:40
leeyaaafaik it is a bug, but how the heck to go around it ?08:40
leeyaaim upgrading from xenial to bionic08:41
ikarus987could someone plz confirm if chown command is useful if you have multiple users? otherwise if you are the only only person using the pc then chmod is good for now08:43
ducasseikarus987: of course chown is useful08:44
ikarus987so for me its not usefull08:45
ikarus987unless i create multiple users on that pc08:45
ikarus987correct ?08:45
ducasseikarus987: it is if you want to assign permissions to a daemon (system service) for example08:46
ikarus987thx another thing to google08:46
ducasseikarus987: it's not just for human users08:47
ikarus987so an owner can ebe a program08:48
leeyaaok that explains it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/179619308:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1796193 in apt (Ubuntu Disco) "DistUpgradeViewNonInteractive crashes / requires interaction" [Undecided,New]08:48
leeyaaany idea how to workaround this bug ?08:48
ducasseikarus987: absolutely, and it often is08:49
ducasse!permissions | ikarus987 read this08:50
ubottuikarus987 read this: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions08:50
ikarus987thanks alot08:51
ducasseikarus987: also this - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/File_permissions_and_attributes#Changing_ownership08:52
mgedminleeyaa: didn't you say yesterday in #ansible that you found a workaround for this?08:52
leeyaamgedmin i thought so lol08:52
leeyaait worked on a few systems, but they had no ntp conf08:52
leeyaacurrently i am trying on a system where i manually deleted ntp config08:53
leeyaasee how that goes08:53
leeyaanope now it got stuck at /etc/sysctl.conf08:56
mgedminleeyaa: did you see that comment about a 5 second sleep before it gives the automated answer?08:56
mgedminalso how come --force-confold didn't help???08:56
leeyaai think i didnt use --force-confold on this system08:57
leeyaagoing to try on next08:57
leeyaai need to upgrade like 300 vms08:57
mgedminthat sounds fun!08:59
leeyaai will check it out after lunch break09:00
mgedminI always thought people who had hundreds of VMs treated them as disposable and would just create new ones using some kind of automation09:00
leeyaamgedmin i cant just recreate our db vms09:01
leeyaathat will take more time09:01
leeyaaeven with automation.09:01
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isomarigreetings, how do I fix "configure: error: Your OpenSSL installation is misconfigured or missing" when I have openssl, libxml2 and libxml2-dev already installed09:15
Guest_8Hello, can someone help me, how do I see a log of this chat as I had help already that I want to go back and look at09:19
ducasse!log | Guest_809:20
ubottuGuest_8: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/09:20
Guest_8!log | Guest_809:23
ubottuGuest_8, please see my private message09:23
Guest_8which log is for here? is it #ubtunu+109:25
EriC^Guest_8: #ubuntu09:26
ducasseshould be called #ubuntu09:26
Guest_8I can't see that in the list09:27
EriC^should #ubuntu.txt09:27
Guest_8ah i have it thank09:28
Guest_8which file do I need to point ecryptfs-recover-private at to recover my home dir?09:29
Guest_8I did manage to do this, but have not been able to do so again09:29
EriC^Guest_8: iirc /home/youruser/.ecryptfs/private or similar09:31
Guest_8ok with that i get an error saying09:33
Guest_8Error: Unwrapping passphrase and inserting into the user session keyring failed [-5]Info: Check the system log for more information from libecryptfs09:33
rud0lfGuest_8: i had similar problem09:34
rud0lflet me find it on my disk09:34
rud0lfdo a "keyctl link @u @s"09:34
rud0lfi'm not sure how this reflects the system vault09:35
tomreynGuest_8: are you really asking for support with recovering your same ecryptfs here for the third time in three days? :(09:36
Guest_8yes sorry, I have managed to do it now09:37
tomreyndo take notes this time, please (remember, i suggested it last time you asked, too).09:38
Guest_8for some reason it doesnt let me recover it with the login phrase only the mount phrase09:38
Guest_8I still can't boot though09:38
Guest_8Can i not delete things now the directory is mounted in tmp/some_name09:40
tomreynGuest_8: you can't boot? what happens when you try?09:41
tomreynyou can backup the contents of your home directory, remove the ecryptfs, then move them back in place09:42
Guest_8when I boot it stalls, ususally when there is text on the screen saying [ok] starting display manager (or something)09:44
tomreynso this should be a separate issue. once you've backed up your data and removed the ecryptfs (http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/disco/en/man1/ecryptfs-setup-private.1.html -> ecryptfs-setup-private --undo), boot to recovery and post the output of     journalctl -b -1 | nc termbin.com 9999     this should post the last system log from when you last booted this system (i.e. where it booted normally and got stuck)09:47
tomreyn!recovery | Guest_809:48
ubottuGuest_8: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode09:48
Guest_8thanks tom09:51
Guest_8I will now backup the data on an external hdd and try those steps09:51
tomreynthe easiest way to backup is to create a tarball.09:52
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup, !borg, and !cloning09:52
multifractalI'm trying to transfer some files from laptop A (16.04) to laptop B (18.04). But A is not able to create or copy files onto my NTFS external usb drive, wheras B is able to create files on it. What's wrong with A?09:55
herbert__I am having a problem with enabling sddm with sysctl:09:56
herbert__Synchronizing state of sddm.service with SysV service script with /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install. Executing: /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install enable sddm. The unit files have no installation config (WantedBy, RequiredBy, Also, Alias settings in the [Install] section, and DefaultInstance for template units). This means they are not meant to be09:56
herbert__enabled using systemctl.09:56
humpledmaybe package ntfs-3g is needed multifractal09:56
herbert__Why can't I enable it?09:56
exportsysctl and systemctl is different.09:57
herbert__i meant systemctl09:57
exportherbert__: oh okay.09:57
exportmultifractal: have you determined if read AND write is possible with the current kernel configuration?09:57
Guest_8i have an externall hdd connected and i thought I would backup using this command  cp -r * /media/ubuntu/data09:59
Guest_8i am getting some errors though, is this an issue or should i ignore it09:59
Guest_8cp: cannot create symbolic link '/media/ubuntu/data/ben/Link to Philip K. Dick (All Chaptered)': Operation not permittedcp: cannot create symbolic link '/media/ubuntu/data/ben/Link to William Gibson (All Chaptered)': Operation not permittedcp: cannot create symbolic link '/media/ubuntu/data/cheat.sh/share/firstpage.txt': Operation not permitted09:59
multifractalhumpled: package is present export: how is that determiend?10:02
mgedminGuest_8: how is the external HDD formatted?  e.g. NTFS or VFAT do not support symlinks10:02
Guest_8I thnk FAT10:03
mgedminGuest_8: if you want your backup to be complete, you'll have to use tar instead of cp (or reformat the external HDD as ext4)10:03
Guest_8i think i will reformat then thanks10:03
mgedminthe more annoying parts are NTFS/VFAT not allowing : in file names (<-- why I reformatted my external HDD to ext4)10:03
eypoGuest_8: better use cp -a instead of just cp -r10:06
=== BrianG61UK_ is now known as BrianG61UK
yhm12345My ubuntu (in docker) has no modprobe command . how can i fix it? Direct apt-get does not seem to work.11:06
humpledwhereis modprobe11:07
tomreyn!info kmod11:09
ubottukmod (source: kmod): tools for managing Linux kernel modules. In component main, is important. Version 24-1ubuntu3.2 (bionic), package size 95 kB, installed size 259 kB11:09
tomreynyhm12345: your "ubuntu (in docker)" ism probably not a standard ubuntu installation as we'd support it here11:09
yhm12345but how can i install it >_<11:10
yhm12345oh,i get it11:11
tomreynubuntu? you can download it at https://ubuntu.com/download11:11
yhm12345tomreyn: thank you.11:11
yhm12345ubottu: thank you too11:11
ubottuyhm12345: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:11
tomreynyou're welcome11:11
tdsyhm12345: if you need extra modules in a container, you'll need to load them on the host11:14
lovetolearnwould like to put Tor Expert Bundle on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS11:20
BluesKajHey folks11:20
tomreyn!ppa | lovetolearn11:20
ubottulovetolearn: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge11:20
lovetolearnvery interesting. will revisit after i rest up11:23
lovetolearnlater guys. thanks for the help.11:23
robertparkerxCan someone maybe help me? I've installed ftp-upload and I'm trying to use it but get errors.11:23
tomreynnot like this, no11:24
robertparkerxftp-upload: error storing wp_d2rak.tar.gz (421 [Net::FTP] Connection closed) send() on closed socket GEN0 at /usr/share/perl/5.22/Net/FTP.pm line 509. ftp-upload: error logging out from (421 [Net::FTP] Connection closed)11:24
tomreynrobertparkerx: looks like a lost connection due to network issues.11:26
tomreynalso ftp is a terrible protocol which you shouldn't be using in 2019 if you have a choice.11:27
robertparkerxIt was a backup plan11:27
robertparkerxWe were using rsync and ssh11:27
geirhawhy the downgrade?11:30
robertparkerxconnection issues xD11:35
tomreynyou prefer ftp over rsync due to unstable network links?11:36
robertparkerxNo I just had to find a solution11:37
robertparkerxI don't prefer it at all.11:37
robertparkerxI'm using the local addresses and downloading onto RDP and then back onto live.11:38
tomreynbittorrent can be another way to get large blobs across unstable links.11:41
geirhaand zsync11:42
Vooloois there a way to reduce the amount of times I have to type in my password? If I just typed it in big chances are that it is me again 10 minutes later12:20
CheezVooloo: you can change the timeout settings in sudoers.conf - use visudo to edit it. bearing in mind that you should only be using sudo infrequently (except perhaps when first setting a computer up) and the timeouts are where they are for your own security, it's not really advised to change it. http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man5/sudoers.5.html12:24
BluesKajVooloo, or scroll down to "Never Ask for a Password" here, https://www.howtogeek.com/116757/8-ways-to-tweak-and-configure-sudo-on-ubuntu/12:27
VoolooCheez: does that affect the gui too?12:29
CheezI do not know, I don't use a gui I'm afraid.12:33
tomreynit depends the gui where sudo is used, which is hardly so nowadays. more likely, policy kit is used there, where the timeout is hardcoded to 5 minutes (at least upstream, i'm not sure about ubuntu).12:37
KOLANICH /usr/bin/ld: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu//libpthread.so.0: undefined reference to `__libc_vfork@GLIBC_PRIVATE'12:58
KOLANICHhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libc/+filebug oopss12:58
KOLANICHso report here12:58
KOLANICHit also breaks qtcreator https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtcreator/+bug/184622212:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1846222 in qtcreator (Ubuntu) "__libc_vfork not found in libpthread.so.0 for clangbackend" [Undecided,New]12:59
KOLANICHanyone alive here?13:06
tomreyn!crosspost | KOLANICH13:07
ubottuKOLANICH: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.13:07
porygon-zanyone know how to conserve battery on a laptop that has ubuntu 18.04? i close the laptop lid while batery is at 100% and i wake up to find it at 36% :(13:10
tomreynput it on AC while you sleep13:11
porygon-ztomreyn: how13:11
tomreyntake power plug. user power plug with outlet in wall.13:12
tomreynor just power if off while you sleep.13:13
porygon-ztomreyn: that's a shit solution lol13:13
porygon-zwhat's the point of a laptop if i need to keep it plugged in all the time?13:13
tomreynnot all the time, just while you're asleep. but this is just about how you use your laptop, not really an ubuntu support question. unless your battery is young and it draws more power while suspended than you expect?13:15
porygon-ztomreyn: no my battery lasts a very long time on windows.13:16
porygon-zjust have problems with ubuntu13:16
tomreynwhile reunning off battery, or while suspended to ram?13:16
porygon-zwhen i close my laptop lid and it suspends13:18
tomreyntry this: reboot, boot to desktop, login, suspend, wait a minute, return from suspend, post the systemd journal:   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999913:20
tomreynporygon-z: actually, before oyu do this, make sure the system is fully updated, including the bios.13:21
tomreyn!crosspost | porygon-z13:24
ubottuporygon-z: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.13:24
porygon-zsorry im back now lol13:29
cluelesspersonI have universal access turned off13:54
cluelesspersonbut the built in on screen keyboard keeps popping up13:55
cluelesspersonhow do I kill this madness?13:55
mgedmincluelessperson: what does gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.a11y.applications screen-keyboard-enabled say?14:05
Kim^JHi all. I'm running "sudo -u root sudo -l -U otheruser" on two (AFAIK) identical machines. Machine A works, but machine B just returns rc=1.14:15
Kim^JIf I run "sudo -u root sudo -l -U root" it works on both machines.14:15
Kim^Jotheruser exists on both machines and has sudo on both machines.14:15
Kim^JHas anyone seen this before or know where to begin debugging it?14:17
Kim^JIf I simply run "sudo -l -U otheruser" as otheruser, then it works on both machines.14:18
Kim^J(But that's not how Ansible runs stuff.)14:18
Kim^JSame version of sudo on both machines and same version of Ubuntu.14:20
mgedminKim^J: does running 'sudo -l -U root' as otheruse produce identical output on both machines?14:20
Kim^Jmgedmin: Nope, it works on machine A, but not B.14:20
Kim^JSo... Something on machine B prevents listing sudo privs on other users than themselves.14:21
mgedmincompare /etc/sudoers and /etc/sudoers.d/*14:22
mgedminnormally there's a 'root ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL' in /etc/sudoers, I suspect it may be missing on machine B?14:22
Kim^Jmgedmin: They are near identical. One has defaults maxseq=200 and both have a "user can run command via sudo" specs for two different users.14:23
Kim^Jroot ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL is present in both14:23
* mgedmin is out of ideas14:27
Kim^JYeah, me too.14:28
Sven_vBit's strange that it returns 1 w/o any error message.14:49
Sven_vBtry adding --non-interactive to ensure it's not about unplanned interaction attempts.14:51
Kim^JSven_vB: Then it just says sudo: a password is required on both14:55
Sven_vByou could strace it to try and infer a reason from what it tried to do shortly before exiting 114:57
dedekatingpermisi ganteng15:01
kenperkinsop delivers: i asked a few days ago how to find out what an icon on the top bar belongs to, and some folks gave me tips to file a comment on the gnome bug tracker: https://github.com/ubuntu/gnome-shell-extension-appindicator/issues/191. Turns out it's Quassel's status update icon :)15:16
cluelesspersonmgedmin, it says "false"15:17
cluelesspersonmgedmin, also, it's not reliably popping up, just pops up sometimes.   hard to reproduce.15:18
ExeciNhi people. How can I make a service in wsl? I'm on ubuntu 19.04. I figured out that the system didn't use systemd (after I wrote my unit file)15:19
* mgedmin scratches head15:19
lordcirth!wsl | ExeciN15:19
ubottuExeciN: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide15:19
cluelesspersonmgedmin, yeah, I'm confused too.  I don't know how it works either.15:23
cluelesspersonExeciN, EW, WSL15:23
cluelesspersonI see WSL as microsoft trying to edge in on the linux market15:24
ExeciNI see WSL as WSL15:24
cluelesspersonJust look at the name.  "Windows Subsystem" (for Linux)15:24
cluelesspersonit's meant to put linux second.15:24
lordcirthcluelessperson, regardless, not really support related.15:25
ExeciNPID 1 is /init Is it safe to assume service scripts should go to /etc/init.d/ ?15:29
lordcirthExeciN, WSL is still not supported here, try #ubuntu-on-windows15:31
ExeciNI already asked there. Anyway, I'm talking about an official ubuntu download ( https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/disco/current/disco-server-cloudimg-amd64-wsl.rootfs.tar.gz )15:35
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lordcirthIt's official, but not supported on this channel.15:39
ExeciNah ok15:40
lordcirthWSL is a very different beast, and most people here won't be able to help you with it15:40
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Guest_8Hi I have moved my home directory to a fresh ubuntu install. I havent done this before, how do I make any installed programs usable like before if they were installed in the home dir15:57
rud0lfi don't think any of program is installed into home dir16:01
rud0lfthey keep their configs there often tho16:02
Guest_8ok so how  about things like thunderbird, can i tell thunderbird to look for my data somewhere16:03
rud0lfhmmm now that i think of some may go into $HOME/.local16:03
rud0lfGuest_8: thunderbird and many other programs will just look for their configs in your home dir16:04
rud0lfso if you copied it there ,it's all good16:04
=== Burek is now known as Guest13035
Guest_8oh because it doesnt seem to see that it is mine16:05
=== BurekzFinezt is now known as Burek
Guest_8it hasnt loaded the old accounts i had set up16:05
tmagerFor thunderbird specifically, could it be loading the wrong profile?16:07
Guest_8I guess so I dont know16:07
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apawlHi. How can I make my machine stop swapping? I don't need a swap and accidentally created one that seems to be thrashing.16:21
apawlCan I "turn off" swap is what I'm asking, I guess.16:23
leftyfbapawl: https://serverfault.com/a/684792 first result on google for "ubuntu disable swap"16:23
apawlWill give that a shot. Thanks.16:24
emanoelopesHello, How can I execute an deb file from samba shared directory?16:30
leftyfbemanoelopes: what do you get when you try?16:31
emanoelopesleftyfb file not found. But the file is there.16:33
emanoelopesThe scenario: i'm running an script from a samba directory and i put an deb file on that directory to complete the last pass of my installations steps.16:34
leftyfbemanoelopes: how are you trying to open it?16:35
leonardusucdavis.edu mirror for 18.04.2 is 40416:35
emanoelopessorry, sudo dpkg -i package.deb16:35
leonardusURL: http://mirror.cse.ucdavis.edu/releases.ubuntu.com/18.04.3/ubuntu-18.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso16:35
emanoelopesi put the file at the same directory of the script. Should I copy the deb file to my computer?16:37
=== Etua_ is now known as Etua
emanoelopesHow can I run deb file from remote samba share?16:44
Sven_vBemanoelopes, usually .deb files are program packages. you'd usually install them, using sudo dpkg -i some_package.deb16:45
Sven_vBemanoelopes, it might be safer to first copy them, in case network is shaky.16:45
emanoelopesSven_vB how to copy from a shell script. This deb file is the last line.16:46
Sven_vBI'd like to see the entire shell script. can you paste it on https://paste.ubuntu.com/?16:48
Sven_vBwell, if it's less than 800 lines :)16:49
Sven_vBotherwise it's probably a shell-wrapped installer blob16:49
Sven_vBhowever, in general, how to copy depends on the kind of source description. if it's a regular file path on a mounted file system, you can use the "cp" command. for URLs, curl or wget may help.16:51
Sven_vBfor UNCs, smbclient or smbfs16:52
johnjayis alt-` used by most people or do you remap that to alt-tab (switch app)16:53
Sven_vBjohnjay, which keyboard layout?16:53
johnjaySven_vB: idk, whatever the default is when installing ubuntu16:53
johnjayalt-tab switches apps but *not* windows inside an app. like firefox windows16:54
Sven_vBemanoelopes, what's that script even supposed to do? it's not very well-made.16:55
johnjaySven_vB: i'm in settings but i don't see keyboard layout as an option16:55
Sven_vBjohnjay, oh ic it's probably about Unity. no idea about that. :) you can select other window managers if you prefer.16:56
johnjayhow do I tell what window manager I'm using?16:56
=== gry_ is now known as gry
Sven_vBjohnjay, if you don't know, it's likely Unity.16:56
kenperkinsok so my usb webcam has stopped working today; what should I use to figure out why? dmesg? how do I figure out what device id it is?16:57
Sven_vBjohnjay, you could also install "wmctrl" then ask it "wmctrl -m" and it will show info about your WM.16:57
Sven_vBkenperkins, tail -f syslog, then plug it in, see what it's detected as.16:58
Sven_vBerr, /var/log/syslog unless you happen to be in /var/log.16:58
emanoelopesSven_vB I tried: smbclient '\\server-ip\directory' --user=username --command='sudo dpkg -i mongodb-org-server_4.2.0_amd64.deb'16:59
johnjaySven_vB: ok thanks. i tried changing input language to English UK in the Region & Language setting but that doesn't change the keyboard layout16:59
Sven_vBemanoelopes, that won't work. you need to copy the file so it is a regular local file. then run your command locally on the local version of the file.17:00
kenperkins@Sven_vB this kind of thing? "event25 - HD Pro Webcam C920: is tagged by udev as: Keyboard"17:01
kenperkinsthere's quite a bit more, unplugging it and plugging it back in resolved it17:01
Sven_vBkenperkins, yes looks good17:01
Sven_vBkenperkins, nice!17:01
kenperkinsbut now I want to know why it keeps stop working17:01
Sven_vBkenperkins, could be some physical influence like heat, vibration, cosmic rays, that made the internal electronics fall over their feet so they needed to be powercycled.17:02
emanoelopesSven_vB thanks, I'll try to copy that deb file.17:02
Sven_vBdoes it happen regularly, even reproducibly? like it's never detected at startup if it was already connected at startup time?17:03
kenperkinsit hadn't happened since I installed ubuntu a week+ ago, and I've used it multiple times a day since then for work calls17:04
kenperkinstoday, it has crashed 2+ times (requiring unplug/replug)17:04
Sven_vByou could also check the syslog next time it crashes, maybe there is some anomaly just moments before the crash.17:05
kenperkinsyep, i'll keep them tailing for now17:05
kenperkinsmostly, didn't know the right place to watch17:05
kenperkins(tailing dmesg as well)17:05
Sven_vBuse -F then so tail will follow on rotation17:05
kenperkinsoh that's smart :)17:06
Sven_vBthe even smarter way would be systemd tools, I think something like journalctl --follow17:06
Sven_vByou could also check which kernel modules drive the cam, and test whether removing them and adding them back fixes the problem as well. in that case it will be likely it's a driver problem, not hardware.17:09
Sven_vBin case of hardware problem, consider checking USB power supply stability.17:10
Sven_vBI had a setup once where thumbdrives were reset each time I connected the pointer device because the peak was just a tiny bit too much for the USB port that had to power all devices on a USB hub.17:11
jrgilmanhey I'm getting a ton of "Temporary failure in name resolution" on 19.04 suddenly17:16
jrgilmanIt's gone from once every so often to consistently happening17:16
Sven_vBjrgilman, looks like you need better name servers17:23
jrgilmanI don't believe this is a dns issue17:24
jrgilmanwell on the DNS side17:24
jrgilmanreboot fixed it for now i guess17:26
ash_worksidoes anyone know how to properly use the whois command?17:29
ash_worksiI want to resolve IPs to ASNs17:29
cluelesspersonhrm, ubuntu 19.10's bluetooth fails to pair with airpods17:32
ash_worksireally want to resolve a hostnames CIDRs17:32
ash_worksiwhich I can do with peval 'as...'17:33
ash_worksibut I'd like to get them from a hostname like `google.com`17:33
ash_worksibut I don't understand the format of the whois queries17:33
sarnoldash_worksi: where are you stuck?17:34
ash_worksisarnold: I mean like `whois -h whois.cymru -- -v "$(dig +short "${host}")"` will show the ASN17:37
ash_worksibut I was hoping to get JUST the asn17:37
ash_worksiand then pass that to `whois -h whois.radb.net -- -i origin "AS${asn}"` to get the associated CIDRs17:38
ash_worksisarnold: it just feels like if I knew how to really create the queries (I don't right now, I just rip them off of SO) then I could just pass an IP and get all the CIDRs... or at least get the ASN alone without all the other jazz that comes with it17:40
sarnoldash_worksi: ahhhhh. I see. I've always heard that after all the whois databases were split up among the different authorities that they report things in different formats.. I've never tried automating these things, I've only ever read the full output :(17:41
ash_worksisarnold: this is true; in fact the query format is also different17:41
ash_worksisarnold: for example, the same flag for cymru doesn't work on radb17:41
ash_worksibut really I don't know the syntax for performing queries at all17:42
sarnoldash_worksi: hmm. can you pop into #powerdns on irc.oftc.net? :) I'm curious about this now, and that group feels quite likely to know how to help you :)17:43
ash_worksioo, I can get rid of the header with `-f`17:44
ash_worksisarnold: in a bit17:44
ash_worksiI think I might be on to something17:44
=== BurekF is now known as Burek
texlaUbuntu 18.04.3 The synaptic package manager has quit opening after typing password the screen reverts to the background..Added the button to the panel still no opening of synaptic18:05
lordcirth_texla, does it print any errors when started from the command line?18:08
texlalordcirth_, No protocol specified18:13
texlaUnable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused18:13
texla(synaptic:5608): Gtk-WARNING **: 13:12:54.395: cannot open display: :018:13
lordcirth_texla, that sounds a lot like you tried to open synaptic on a machine with no x server...18:14
lordcirth_texla, you sure that terminal was a local one, not ssh?18:14
texlalordcirth_, This is local and has worked for quite a long period of time18:15
iffraffHi, I have three different gpu's on my laptop, and I think the machine gets confused ast to whch one to use at startup because  most of the time when I try to login I get stuck in a loop where it tries to login then just refreshes the login page.  i.e. no error message18:16
lordcirth_texla, what does 'echo $DISPLAY' print?18:16
iffrafftrying to reboot is like playing three card monty.  I just keep trying and eventually I get in18:16
lordcirth_iffraff, why do you have 3 GPUs, what are they, and which one do you want to use on startup?18:17
iffraffso, i have a laptop with onboard intel and descrete nvidia, but they wont run two 4k external monitors so I have a egup running amd over thunder wire.18:18
iffraffWHat I want is to use the egpu whenever it's plugged in.18:18
texlalordcirth_, echo $display ..shows a blank18:19
lordcirth_texla, not $display , $DISPLAY18:20
lordcirth_shells are case-sensitive18:20
texlalordcirth_, :018:21
lordcirth_texla, that's interesting, because mine is ":0.0". Try 'DISPLAY=":0.0" synaptic'18:22
lordcirth_texla, alternatively, can you launch other graphical programs from this same terminal?18:22
iffrafflordcirth_: thoughts on my login nightmare?18:24
lordcirth_iffraff, nope, sorry. Never used multiple GPUs18:25
iffraffok, thx is there another group you might suggest?18:26
lordcirth_Here is fine; someone else should know18:26
texlalordcirth_, $DISPLAY=":0.0" synaptic18:27
texla:0=:0.0: command not found18:27
texla updates and firefox and others working18:27
lordcirth_texla, you put a $ on DISPLAY18:28
iffraffwhat do you suggest, I often find that once one person answers there's no one else around.  should I just repost in a little bit?  like 20 minutes18:28
lordcirth_iffraff, 30min or so, and with all the relevant info on one line18:28
iffraffwell, it doesn't exactly fit on one line, but maybe at one time?18:29
lordcirth_One message, that is.18:29
texlalordcirth_, Gtk-Message: 13:29:23.609: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged.18:30
lordcirth_texla, that's generic spam, that's normal18:30
lordcirth_texla, what's your uptime?18:30
iffraffthx lordcirth_18:31
texlalordcirth_, Approximately 30 minutes opened updates and downloaded opened firefox and facebook then tried to open synaptic18:33
lordcirth_texla, were there a bunch of updates?18:33
lordcirth_If there were kernel or graphics updates, it would be best to reboot.18:34
texlalordcirth_, no 1.1 mb18:34
texlalordcirth_, no kernel updates not sure about graphics will try to rebooting18:36
super_kozaHi! I need help installing Nvidia driver and Cuda for my 970 on Ubuntu 18.04.18:50
super_kozaI was following this link: https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-installation-guide-linux/index.html18:51
highfiv3rI've installed 19.04 minimal - how can I install the default applications that comes with the normal experience?18:51
ioriahighfiv3r, install ubuntu-desktop18:52
super_kozaI purged all cuda and nvidia packages and then proceeded with package manager installation as shown: https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-installation-guide-linux/index.html#ubuntu-installation18:52
super_kozaEverything finished OK, without errors, so I went ahead and restarted the PC.18:53
highfiv3rioria, its installed - reinstall? I want the calendar, contacts etc adding to this installation18:54
ioriahighfiv3r, and you don't have the calendar in the top bar ?18:58
super_kozaSo, I can access nvidia-smi, but I can't access nvcc.18:59
super_kozaWhy the hell it didn't install the toolkit?18:59
highfiv3rioria, I have that, gnome desktop. But I chose the minimal desktop install but looking to add the default gnome applications from the other install option18:59
highfiv3rI thought there would be an easy install 'group' for these apps but can't find anything online19:00
ioriahighfiv3r, the meta-package is 'ubuntu-desktop' .... is , for example, Totem installed ?19:02
ioriahighfiv3r, dpkg -l | grep totem19:03
ioriahighfiv3r, what's the output ?19:04
ioriahighfiv3r, sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop19:04
highfiv3rI tried re installing the meta-package to no effect19:04
tiazI have a need to (temporarily) set my system date into the future. However, when I use date -s, it acts as though it has set the time, but if I run date without arguments immediately after that it shows the correct time rather than the one I need it to be.19:04
tiazI'm using bionic, and ntp is not installed. Can anyone advise what is doing this?19:04
lordcirth_tiaz, probably systemd-timesyncd19:05
highfiv3rioria, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SZhwBtcdys/19:05
tiazlordcirth_: ah, good spot, thank you19:06
ioriahighfiv3r, dpkg -l | grep gnome-shell19:11
highfiv3rioria, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/w5NrBpXRqV/19:12
tomreynhighfiv3r: you may want (but check the output before you confirm, and yes the ^ is no typo): sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop^19:14
highfiv3rtomreyn, yep spot on19:15
highfiv3rthanks both for your time19:16
texlaUbuntu 18.04.3 Why does synaptic package manager open in gnome xorg but not in gnome ?19:16
tomreynyou're welcome.19:16
highfiv3rioria, ^19:16
tomreyntexla: what's "gnome xorg" vs "gnome"?19:17
texlatomreyn, de's19:18
ioriatexla, maybe you mean wayland19:18
texlaioria, at login I can choose between gnome,gnome classic.gnome xorg when I choose gnome synaptic will not open after password it changes to background19:21
ioriatexla, if you run it from terminal ?19:21
texlaiora same problem19:22
ioriatexla, ok, but what's the output ?19:22
texlaiora cannot find file19:23
nmrhis it possible to use wide-dhcpv6-client along side isc-dhcp-clinet?19:25
lordcirth_nmrh, why would you want to run 2 DHCP clients?19:25
nmrhpd to subnet a 6019:26
nmrhwide-dhcpv6 will do this19:26
nmrhisc-dhcp idk...19:26
nmrhstill need a ipv4 address...19:26
=== ben_r_ is now known as ben_r
nmrhi can't seem to get isc-dhcp to stop picking up an ipv6 address...19:27
nmrhor does wide-dhcpv6-client support ipv4 as well?19:32
iffraffHi, has anyone experience their mouse just dropping something you just copies in random places of an open text file?19:44
iffraffI'm seriously looking my mind.19:44
iffraffat first I thought it was my ide, ( text editor ) but then I saw it drop into the cli, so I think it's something ... bigger19:45
lordcirth_iffraff, sounds like your mouse is randomly middle-clicking19:47
lordcirth_That can happen as switches wear out19:48
iffrafflordcirth_: hmmm, well, I guess I can buy that. simpler than some government conspiracy I was leaning towards.  Thanks for the tip19:50
VoolooSo how do I stop ubuntu from locking my screen when in fullscreen mode on anything?19:51
JimBuntuVooloo, system settings -> brightness & lock - depends on exact Ubuntu version... or so you mean ONLY when in fullscreen ?19:53
VoolooOnly fullscreen 18.0419:53
nmrhfunny, i removed isc-dhcp-client (broke my internet connection), set a static address in /etc/network/interfaces, brought up the interface and it came up with an ipv6 address19:56
nmrhis the ipv6 address cached someplace?19:57
diskinis "Block third-party cookies" enabled in Chrome for Ubuntu by default?19:58
SkyriderGreetings everyone19:58
SkyriderI'm trying to run ssh-copy-id, and at the end when its asking for the user password.. Getting /bin/sh: No such file or directory19:59
SkyriderWhen I check my echo path, getting: /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games20:00
lordcirth_Skyrider, o_O are both sides Ubuntu?20:00
Skyriderboth sides? :p I can't run this command locally on the same machine?20:00
lordcirth_Skyrider, well, you could. Are you?20:01
SkyriderI am20:01
lordcirth_So you are running 'ssh-copy-id localhost'?20:01
Skyrideruser@ip actually.20:01
lordcirth_Skyrider, if you just use 'ssh' instead of 'ssh-copy-id', do you get a shell?20:02
SkyriderGetting the lovely welcome message, /bin/sh: No such file or directory and then connection xxx closed20:03
lordcirth_Skyrider, ok, and are you ssh'ing to and from the same user? Is it a normal user? Not root or a system user?20:03
SkyriderJust a normal user, though with its own custom directory and locked into that directory.20:04
lordcirth_"locked into" how?20:05
SkyriderUsing ChrootDirectory20:06
lordcirth_If you prevented the user from accessing /bin, well then it's not being to be able to access /bin/sh, is it?20:06
SkyriderI assume its best to move the files manually then?20:06
lordcirth_The keys? That might be easiest.20:07
Skyriderkk ^_^20:07
lordcirth_But that still won't get you a shell20:07
SkyriderIts a web content user, no shell needed.20:08
lordcirth_What's the ssh for, then?20:08
SkyriderMerely to copy over the keys the easy way.20:09
SkyriderThanks btw :)20:10
lordcirth_no problem20:10
SkyriderAppears to work now :D20:28
SkyriderFilezilla doesn't seem to accept ed25519 though.. shame.20:28
ikarus987hi i have a folder on desktop i went into that folder using terminal and in there i see a file called file.txt  so i did " mv file.txt Desktop"  my file is gone but it is not on desktop, where did it go ?20:33
free_speechprobably the file.txt is now just called "Desktop" (renamed) and is in your folder?20:36
ikarus987hmm hold on actually i do already have a file called Desktop beside that file.txt in that folder20:37
ikarus987gonna remove it20:37
ikarus987and try it again20:37
free_speechmv file.txt ~/Desktop20:37
ikarus987ahh lol20:38
ikarus987i am renaming it20:38
ikarus987free_speech then why i get error when i do20:39
ikarus987mv file.txt file2.txt20:39
ikarus987says no such file directory20:39
ikarus987if wanna rename that20:40
free_speechno error-message just says "error" ...20:41
ikarus987... how is this is a rename command "mv file.txt Desktop" and this is not "mv file.txt file1.txt"20:42
ikarus987when i do the second command i get no such directory20:42
ubottuPlease try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.20:42
leftyfbikarus987: that's because there is no such file or directory20:43
ikarus987man this community is not for dummies20:43
leftyfbikarus987: "mv file.txt Desktop" moves the file called file.txt to a file called "Desktop" in the same directory because you did not specify a path20:43
ikarus987could someone please post me an article about this mv command20:43
leftyfbikarus987: I just explained it to you20:44
leftyfbikarus987: mv will move files. To other locations or other filenames20:44
ikarus987leftyfb it renamed it20:45
ikarus987my file is now called Desktop20:45
free_speechof course there is no such file or directory ... you try to rename a file.txt (which is already renamed to "Desktop", hence why "file.txt" does not exist anymore)20:45
ikarus987when i do that20:45
leftyfbikarus987: yup, which is exactly what I explained above20:45
leftyfbikarus987: mv Desktop ~/Desktop/file.txt20:46
leftyfbikarus987: that should fix your issue20:46
ikarus987i am so dumb20:46
ikarus987:( sorry20:46
tomreynthere's also     mv --help     and "man mv" if you have package man-db installed20:47
ikarus987see how dumb i am, i am network engineer and yet ask stupid questions and i cant promise i will stop being this stupid20:47
leftyfbikarus987: It's pretty simple. mv will move files. To other locations or other filenames(also other filenames in other locations)20:47
ikarus987leftyb thx so there is no such thing as rename20:50
ikarus987in linux mv is used20:50
ikarus987for moving and renaming20:51
leftyfbikarus987: there is. But unless you need it for some crazy bulk renaming, it's not necessary. mv works just fine20:51
dabbillI have a Ubuntu 18.04.3 VM. After a reboot I have to ssh in with password before keybased login will work. Is this expected?21:35
OerHeksyes, this is by design, you can setup the ssh server with key auth, then set passwordless, and fiddle with root access.21:37
dabbillI have key auth setup on 15 other VMs and never have to use password21:39
dabbillJust this one box after every reboot I have to login with password before key login will work, and key login continues to work till next reboot21:39
tomreyndabbill: how did you install this one? how were the others installed? how did you configure your ssh authentication keys on this VM?21:46
dabbilltomreyn: these are all VMs running on Proxmox at my house. I installed all of them, and did the SSH key setup my self21:46
tomreynyou answered several questions, but none of those i asked21:47
dabbilltomreyn: I think I found the issue21:48
dabbillI think I setup encryption on my home folder for this instance21:48
dabbillthere is a .Private mount point21:48
vladoskido you thing that this bug will be fixed soon? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-calendar/+bug/173162821:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1731628 in gnome-calendar (Ubuntu) "Cannot add caldav calendar" [Low,Confirmed]21:48
vladoskiand why it is flagged as "low"?21:49
OerHeksvladoski, as nobody wants to fix it, https://www.reddit.com/r/gnome/comments/ck000w/whats_the_status_of_caldavcarddav_support/21:53
tomreynvladoski: i don't think the developers of this gnome component have migrated existing open bug reports on their bugzilla.gnome.org bug tracker, which they are retiring, to their gitlab.gnome.org bug tracker, yet. maybe they never will. and it is my impression some of the projects don't handle bugs on the bugzilla anymore. so you may need to recreate those bug reports on gitlab (and update references) instead.21:56
tomreyni'm not sure whether gnome-online-accounts is the correct project there (it can be), but those would go to https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-online-accounts/issues21:58
tomreyn!ecryptfs | dabbill22:03
ubottudabbill: EcryptFS is a file system encryption. It is deprecated since Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, see bug 1756840 for details. Use full disk encryption (dmcrypt-luks) instead.22:03
SkyriderThat's odd..22:09
SkyriderusePAM is causing Job for ssh.service failed because the control process exited with error code.22:09
tomreynSkyrider: it will probably stop seeming odd when you investigate it more thoroughly. e.g. systemctl status ssh.service22:12
SkyriderDoesn't really provide any real info22:17
Skyrideris "UsePAM yes" still something 18.04 uses?22:18
SkyriderCan you use UsePAM in a match?22:22
tomreynthe man page tells22:23
SkyriderSo which makes me wonder  that every time I attempt to use usepam inside a match, the job fails to start.22:25
tomreynso did you read it?22:27
SkyriderAnd seeing I am setting up google authenticator, can I set up a custom directory? Rather than /home/user/.google_authenticator -> Move to a root owned directory, but user directory chowned to the user.22:27
SkyriderAnd yes, I have.22:29
tomreynhmm, my 18.04's sshd_config(5) lists supported directives in a Match block, and UsePAM is not one of them.22:30
SkyriderDoesn't matter where I place UsePAM yes though, sshd just fails to start.22:31
SkyriderJournal doesn't provide much data either.. just ssh.service: Start request repeated too quickly., failed with result exit code, failed to start xxxxxxxxxx shell server.22:31
SkyriderOnce I remove UsePAM yes, it works just fine22:31
rud0lfSkyrider: you can make .google_authenticator 60022:32
rud0lfor 40022:32
SkyriderI could.. but how does the system know where to look for the auth files?22:32
SkyriderI assume by default, home directory of the user.22:32
tomreynand     sysstemctl start ssh; systemctl status ssh    outputs what (post to https://paste.ubuntu.com)?22:33
tomreyntypo fixed:   systemctl start ssh; systemctl status ssh22:34
tomreynSkyrider: post this:   systemctl reset-failed ssh.service; systemctl start ssh; systemctl status ssh22:37
rud0lfSkyrider: i had this on raspberry before22:37
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
Skyriderhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/93ShRSGC7s/ ?22:41
tomreynhmm yes that's not very helpful. you may need to run sshd -d manually22:43
Skyridersshd re-exec requires execution with an absolute path22:43
tomreynare you connected via ssh or do you have out of band access?22:44
Skyriderconnected, but found it.. used /usr/sbin/sshd -d instead22:45
SkyriderDirective 'UsePAM' is not allowed within a Match block22:45
tomreynwell i told you that 15 minutes ago22:46
SkyriderAnd I think I know what went wrong now.22:46
SkyriderI added the UsePAm at the bottom of the file, assuming it was outside the match block.22:46
SkyriderBut if I look up, the last match still adds usepam inside the block.22:47
tomreynsee also the -T option to sshd if such happens again.22:47
SkyriderWhat ends a match block exactly?22:47
tomreyn\x0A\x0A i'd say,22:48
tomreyneither this or the next non-indented line.22:52
SkyriderGot it, thanks :D22:58
SkyriderCan I use Multi-Factor on users that only have a simply password?22:58
SkyriderAnd with that, I mean. Got it enabled on 1 user, but I can't login on my main one anymore that doesn't have one.22:58
Skyrider**simple password.. why do I often mistype that.22:59
SkyriderAs I can't seem to figure it out23:06
SkyriderGuess I'll switch to key usage on my main rather than password. As using PAM doesn't like normal passwods23:28
ikarus987man i just started playing around with linux, and my question is23:39
ikarus987do you guys really remember all those terminal commands23:40
ikarus987or do you just google them23:40
sarnoldikarus987: when I first started out, I spent a lot of time reading manpages23:41
sarnoldit's hard to say what exactly I know and don't know, but it really wouldn't surprise me if it's in the millions of facts about tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of commands, programs, functions, manpages, etc etc23:42
ikarus987right now, i am like this23:45
ikarus987"ok i kinda remember the command to do this" and then i just google for that command to refresh how it takes arguements23:46
sarnoldyeah, I spent a LOT of time at that stage23:46
ikarus987i see23:47
sarnoldwhen I started I even wanted a full-text index of the whole filesystem because I could remember small fragments of config files I might want to change, but couldn't recall where that config file was stored23:47
sarnoldand I used locate a few hundred times a day :)23:47
ikarus987i see23:49
ikarus987is 3month enough to call my self "i know linux ?"23:50
ikarus987because i am gonna be grinding it23:50
ryuoikarus987: it's possible to remember them, but the majority are not even words. they're extremely short phrases.23:50
ikarus987for the next 3 month everyday23:50
ryuols, rm, cp, etc23:50
ikarus987and then there are those23:50
ryuoi don't even know all the unix commands, just the ones I actually use23:50
ryuothere's some esoteric ones like cal or cmp.23:51
sarnoldheh I use cal every few days, cmp never23:51
ikarus987like that find command23:51
ryuoi've used cmp before as a poor mans checker, but yea. checksums are generally superior for checking identical files.23:52
ryuoikarus987: i'd see what is packages with coreutils and go from there. it's the package providing most of the baseline commands.23:52
ryuoup next.. util-linux also has some that are linux specfici.23:53
ryuofor a more official source of general unix, you'd be better off reading the official posix docs.23:55
ryuodistro manpages will detail any GNU extensions or so.23:55
ryuoikarus987: https://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/idx/utilities.html23:57
sarnoldI'm *very* happy debian's got the posix manpages packaged too23:57
ryuoincidently some of these are actually shell builtins...23:58
ryuoe.g,. cd23:59
sarnold!package manpages-posix-dev23:59

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