sarnoldjohnjbogle1: any relation to vanguard? :)00:01
mattgyverEvening all, upgarded to 19.10 and holding the mouse buton gives me a visual indicator; any idea on how to disable this?00:34
eipip1e0_The Git User’s Manual[1]               <== dont know how to man it00:44
AlexMaxI'm in a bind.  Somehow, half the packages on my system have become dependant on libllvm8 installed from a third party repository, and I can't figure out how to uninstall it without it taking half my system with it.00:45
sarnoldAlexMax: an apt policy libllvm8  should show you the versions available00:46
AlexMaxokay, how do i revert to the ubuntu version?00:47
AlexMaxI found the proper one00:47
sarnoldAlexMax: with those version numbers you ought to be able to do something like apt install libllvm8=verfromubuntu libllvm8=verfromelsewhere-    -- I'm *hoping* the - will work to tell apt to uninstall that other one00:47
AlexMaxoh I didn't even need the minus00:48
AlexMaxThe following packages will be DOWNGRADED: libllvm800:48
sarnoldvery handy00:48
AlexMaxsarnold: if this works, thank you very much00:49
sarnoldAlexMax: if this doesn't do it, you can probably use the ppa-purge package to do the job. it's a bit of a blunt instrument though00:50
AlexMaxsarnold: It worked!  I can install steam again, finally!00:51
sarnoldAlexMax: yay :)00:51
AlexMaxsarnold: Thank you so much for your help.00:52
sarnoldAlexMax: you're welcome, have fun :)00:52
AlexMaxI really wish that apt was smart enough to automatically know to downgrade it.00:52
sarnoldAlexMax: it *might* be; there's a chance apt install libllvmv8/bionic   would have done it too00:53
jjgalvez6500I've set my screen to goto sleep after 1 min, but it never goes to sleep, what should I I be checking to troubleshoot this00:53
sarnoldAlexMax: the apt forktracer tool is handy for spotting some simmilar situations, but I don't think this one00:53
sarnoldjjgalvez6500: xset q  will show you the current dpms settings00:54
jjgalvez6500sarnold, the screen saver section says Screen Saver:00:57
jjgalvez6500  prefer blanking:  yes    allow exposures:  yes00:57
jjgalvez6500  timeout:  0    cycle:  000:57
sarnoldjjgalvez6500: look further down, that's for putting a pretty animation onthe screen00:57
sarnoldjjgalvez6500: if you want the monitor to sleep, that's dpms00:58
[Polybius]im trying to download the ricochet-im on ubuntu but i cant find the package anywhere, any help?00:58
[Polybius]locate only finds two png files00:58
sarnold[Polybius]: try apt install ricochet-im00:59
jjgalvez6500sarnold, at this point i'd be happy if it just went blank which it isn't even doing00:59
[Polybius]is that a joke?00:59
jjgalvez6500basically it never goes blank00:59
sarnold[Polybius]: no, that's the name of the package http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cdj4NwGHRn/00:59
sarnoldjjgalvez6500: what's the dpms settings look like?01:00
[Polybius]i have already installed ricochet-im. and double checked it to confirm01:00
jjgalvez6500sarnold, DPMS (Energy Star):01:00
jjgalvez6500  Standby: 0    Suspend: 0    Off: 001:00
jjgalvez6500  DPMS is Enabled01:00
jjgalvez6500  Monitor is On01:00
sarnold[Polybius]: success?01:00
sarnoldjjgalvez6500: try these commands, one at a time, to see which ones your monitor responds to: xset dpms force standby ; xset dpms force suspend ; xset dpms force off01:02
[Polybius]pool/universe/r/ricochet-im/ no such directory pool01:02
jjgalvez6500sarnold, neither command did anything01:05
[Polybius]closest thing i have to a universe directory that i can see is ubuntu-bionic-universe and its the child of a "icons" dir.01:05
[Polybius]like a pseudo path01:06
sarnold[Polybius]: what are you trying to do? the package is indeed on the mirrors, if your mirror doesn't have it, then that might be worth fixing: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/r/ricochet-im/ -- but you said you already had it installed?01:06
sarnoldjjgalvez6500: hmm. if none of those commands worked maybe your monitor doesn't do DPMS :(01:06
[Polybius]define a mirror for me.01:06
minimecjjgalvez6500: Arw you using the default ubuntu gnome desktop? In that case try the key combination Super+L01:07
jjgalvez6500sarnold, how about how do I at least get the screen to blank so it locks the screen, right now its not even locking the screen01:07
sarnold[Polybius]: ubuntu packages are distributed on 'the archive servers' -- there's only a handful of them in the united states and united kingdom, so it's quite common for people to use a "local mirror" run by someone close by; those archive mirrors usually copy all the new packages every now and then..01:08
[Polybius]18.0.4 i assume, im not very familier with what the gnome project is01:08
sarnoldjjgalvez6500: depends upon what desktop environment you're using, if any01:08
sarnoldjjgalvez6500: I lock my screen by manually running i3lock when I leave, but that wouldn't work well with gnome, for example01:09
[Polybius]ookay so i should be able to get the mirror from that link01:09
sarnold[Polybius]: yes but I'm starting to suspect when you said you wanted to download ricochet-im that you might have meant something other than "how do I install ricochet-im"01:09
jjgalvez6500sarnold, I can lock it manually, but it won't timeout01:11
[Polybius]at that moment i was trying to find it. apt install ricochet-im was sucessful so i assumed if i atleast found the file that i could figure it out from there01:11
[Polybius]amd64 is the link i need im assuming01:11
sarnold[Polybius]: yeah most people have an amd64 machine01:12
GrovoskyOerHeks: I went to the dollar store for a 25ft stereo extension cable. The hell with bluetooth.01:14
[Polybius]ahh i have it. big help thanks01:14
sarnoldGrovosky: hah :)01:15
sarnoldI've thought that many times..01:15
jjgalvez6500its like the system is never idle so the idle timeer never gets triggered01:15
sarnoldjjgalvez6500: hmm. I don't know how to get the system to report 'idle' time01:19
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jjgalvez6500sarnold, found the offending program Riot was keeping it from going idle, not sure what it was doing but killing the process fixed the issue01:37
sarnoldjjgalvez6500: woo!01:37
sarnoldjjgalvez6500: sucks, but nice :D01:38
sarnoldjjgalvez6500: thanks for reporting back, it's always nice to hear :)01:38
sarnoldtime for me to go start the weekend01:38
jjgalvez6500me too thanks for the help01:39
kandinskiI'm trying to play an unmaintained 32bit game (https://www.locomalito.com/juegos/EFMB_linux.tar.gz) on 19.10, and running 'ldd runner | grep "not found"' on the executable gives me this https://termbin.com/umwo. I've already installed lib32z1, and I have about 15 more lines that resolve to existing files. What should I install to get these libraries onboard?01:39
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kandinskiin particular, libssl is not to be found01:41
kandinskiI have already managed to install the :i386 versions of the other two01:41
lotuspsychjemaybe Ben64 knows ^^he's our game wizard01:44
kandinskiThanks, lotuspsychje. I keep googling but to no avail.01:44
murthyIts been two days since ubuntu 19.10 release and I haven't received the update yet01:56
johnjbogle1@sarnold: none02:03
johnjbogle1@sarnold: i wish! :)02:04
johnjbogle1So my issue is that my ubuntu/unity is bricked. I was updating my ubuntu to the new version (at the direction of a linux expert friend), and it caused a bunch of problems.02:11
Fallenourhey guys, do you recommend snap or Apt for deployments for lxd?02:15
lotuspsychjemurthy: final was just released, updates are all new?02:16
murthylotuspsychje: final?02:16
murthysystem is up to date02:16
lotuspsychjemurthy: sounds logic after a new release?02:17
murthya day could be logic, but two days?02:17
murthymy distro is Kubuntu02:17
lotuspsychjemurthy: updates comes when needed, its not so weird 2 days without..02:18
kesel65Hi people, n00b here with Ubuntu. Having issue with the most basic of things... the downloaded ISO image is not readable. I've tried multiple browsers, restarted machine, not sure what else to do. system is up to date, all browsers are up to date. Not sure if this is even the right place to get this question answered as I can't get it downloaded on02:19
kesel65a MacBook Pro. Not sure if I should be hitting up Apple02:19
murthylotuspsychje: are you talking about regular package updates or distro update?02:20
murthyI mean new release?02:21
lotuspsychjemurthy: you are on 19.10?02:21
johnjbogle1I was getting help from tomreyn and a few others, several days ago, but I had to log off before I could finish doing their various suggestions and instructions, and haven't been back online since then several days ago. But basically I was told to upgrade to the dev version to try to fix a problem I was having with the wifi on my machine not working -not detecting/displaying nearby open wifi connections, and the headphone jack not working. But now,02:21
johnjbogle1the speakers aren't even working either. So zero audio from headphones plugged in (tried multiple headsets), and zero audio from laptop speakers. I was using Unity as my main DE, and had Ubuntu and Ubuntu-Wayland, but now all I'm able to use is U.Wayland. When I try to log into Unity, I get a white/gray error page. I can reply later with exactly what it says, but its something like critical or fatal error.02:21
murthylotuspsychje: I am on 19.0402:21
lotuspsychjemurthy: next time, you need to mention that in your question, you want to upgrade...02:22
lotuspsychje!upgrade | murthy02:22
murthylotuspsychje: ok02:22
murthylotuspsychje: I am using quassel client with the core. I can't see the bot's message, only a desktop notificaiton of "!upgrade | murthy" did you make a typo?02:24
Mistah_Miaoujohnjbogle1, just throwing that out there but I too had issues w/ my audio (changing of profiles whenever my machine was going in standby mode). Installing "pavucontrol" and disabling one of the two profiles finally fixed it for me. Maybe you'll want to give that a shot.02:24
Mistah_MiaouPS: am running 19.1002:25
lotuspsychjemurthy: factoids are not working atm02:25
murthyoh ok02:25
murthylotuspsychje: I followed this article for upgrade https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EoanUpgrades/Kubuntu02:26
kesel65Sorry guys, tried disconnecting my lan and doing over wifi... not having much success yet02:28
johnjbogle1Thanks, I'll put that in my notes to try later, but for now my main priority is: #1, fix my Unity DE. #2, fix the wifi not working. and then #3, fix audio not working.02:29
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kesel65so what does one do when trying to download a clean copy of Ubuntu and it keeps saying it's unreadable once it's downloaded? I am following the starter guides02:34
SpeedrunnerG55how do i undo the changes done by sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop?02:39
Ascavasaionsudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop possibly?02:40
kandinskiI want to instal libssl1.0.0 and libcrypto1.0.0 in 19.10 eoan from the archives of bionic or cosmic02:53
kandinskiwhat is the word I should be googling to find out how to do this safely? Is it "pinning"?02:53
* johnjbogle1 waves hello03:10
Fallenouron 18.04 LTS, how do I do the equivalent of service networking restart to bounce the network stack so the hostname will change to the new one I set it to without restarting the system03:19
cocofhi, for a linux sys dirs what is a standard permission?03:21
Fallenourdepends on the service @cocof , but 644 is common for web services.03:21
cocofis there no a single common permission?03:22
cocoffor example when I install ubuntu by default what is it?03:22
cocofFallenour: ?03:24
Fallenour@cocof, again, typically its 644 for most things as a strong recommendation, unless its security related, then 64003:25
FallenourId recommend playign with it though, and seeing if something like a service you need breaks, and adjust accordingly.03:25
FallenourDude you guys have got to be shitting me @canonical, you want me to use a YAML file to RESTART A SERVICE?! Id have to BUILD a YAML file just to use netplan just so I could bounce it, all to restart my network stack because of a hostname. Thisis why people are going to redhat in troves, or SUSE. You guys need to put Init.d back, and leave it be.03:31
ManouchehriSo I have a vendor Ubuntu ISO, how can I figure out what packages are pre-installed?03:33
Fallenouryou change the manifest file @Manouchehri03:33
Fallenourits on the ISO03:33
ManouchehriFallenour: bto.xml?03:35
FallenourManouchehri, a default one is typically called manifest, but a vendor could have done anything, I couldnt say for sure. Search for package names that are common, like openssh-server, itll likely find it in the manifest file. Id recommend locate command.03:36
Fallenourdoes nayone know how to restart the network stack without rebooting for 18.04LTS?03:37
Manouchehrisudo systemctl restart networking # maybe?03:38
FallenourIm trying to change the dns name, and Ive tried changing /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts, but it still doesnt work03:38
FallenourI also tried systemctl restart networking.service, systemctl restart networking, and service networking restart, to no avail.03:38
johnjbogle1Here is the error I get when trying to log into Ubuntu-Unity: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12YlrVOmodB8TUrnnvKJLdlvm8vmqcX0x/view?usp=sharing03:41
Bashing-omFallenour: This: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-change-hostname-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux help ? Is this a server where /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg is a factor ?03:43
Fallenourtried that already03:44
Fallenourtrying cloud.cfg now. Not sure why anyone thought that adding YET ANOTHER inherited hostname config was a good idea03:45
Fallenourthisis the 4th time ive had to bring down CI/CD processes for prod just so I can change a damn hostname, this is so far beyond so not cool, its not even luke warm. Im rating this shit show as a morbid Iraqi Desert Hot Mess.03:45
jeloumeHi people, after the login screen I can't do anything it's like it's frozzen03:57
jeloumethis is the log of my Xorg.0.log03:58
Bashing-omjeloume: Log indicates can not load a prefered driver; Does the system see the hardware: lspci -k | grep -iEA5 'vga|3d'  ?04:02
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Bashing-omjeloume: Hummm ,,, is right >> "Kernel driver in use: i915" Kernel thinks the driver is loaded, What shows from the gpu manager: ' cat /var/log/gpu-manager.log ' ?04:07
jeloumeI don't know there is any way to fix with sth that I've in this new user? I'm on the same computer04:09
Bashing-omjeloume: Intel graphics is not ib my experience range; However I can see no harm in trying the modeset driver: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/1568604/comments/26104:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1568604 in xf86-video-intel "Mouse cursor lost when unlocking with Intel graphics" [Medium,Confirmed]04:16
Bashing-omnot in my*04:16
Bashing-omjeloume: Your ups means that alternate user account has no issues ?04:17
jeloumeI create a new user from the terminal04:18
jeloumeand there is no problem here, but I would like to go back my old one because I installed all my things there04:18
jeloumeanyway I should do that on my terminal? about purge ?04:19
Bashing-omjeloume: Yukkie - then there is a config issue within "your" account. I may be of little help, what desktop are you using ?04:20
Bashing-omjeloume: Not a driver issue so purging video-intel will not prove effective :(04:21
jeloumeit all about my computer04:21
jeloumeI found someone who solved it and said "I created the xorg file (X -configure) then i changed intel to vesa under Monitor section."04:28
Bashing-omjeloume: :) Gnome. Any hints when from the defective account you run ; sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-session gdm3 . No errors then reboot to see the effect.04:28
jeloumeokey, I'm gonna try it04:29
Bashing-omjeloume: vesa is the fallback driver ..04:29
jeloumeHi again, I still have the same issue :(04:35
Bashing-omjeloume: :( any hints in the ~/.xsession-errors file ?04:39
jeloumelet me a minute I'm gonna see it04:40
jeloumehttps://pastebin.com/rcxzKQeS I can't recognize if there is any hints xD04:42
Bashing-omjeloume: "server already running" - will take one with greater knowledge than I to find that other instance.04:42
jeloumeI think that happened when I tried to write `X -configure`04:45
jeloumebecause I read from another post someone who said that he did it and something else I could solve it xD but nothing happens with me u.u It return that error04:46
jeloumeI think it's because of that the message04:48
jeloumeis it possible that if I do `  sudo apt-get install --reinstall xorg` I can solve sth? e.e04:50
Bashing-omjeloume: OK - that config file use is depreciated. what shows ' ls -al /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/*.conf ' - consider removing the config file ?04:51
jeloumeI was thinking of removing `.XAuthority`04:53
jeloumeyou mean if I consider to remove xorg.conf.d?04:54
Bashing-omjeloume: Tes - but as the file does not exist there, what about '/etc/X11/xorg.conf ' ?04:55
jeloumeI won't have any problem if I delete it?04:57
jeloume`ls: cannot access '/etc/X11/xorg.conf': No such file or directory`04:59
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Bashing-omjeloume: Well that file is no longer created by default - DKMS does all the discovery now. Maybe read the file and understand what is set there.05:00
Bashing-omjeloume: Sorry - misunderstood that the file existed :(05:01
jeloumeon .Xauthority? Just I see something like cookies05:01
jeloumeI think I didn't have before xorg just I installed because I found as solution to solve this05:03
Bashing-omjeloume: the .Xauthority gives "you" access rights to the desktop. So far as I am aware that file is valid.05:05
Bashing-omjeloume: You can quicly check with ' ls -al .ICEauthority .Xauthority ' that "you" are the owner and group assignments.05:07
jeloumeit could be that I can't login because of sth of that? or is another thing?05:08
Bashing-omjeloume: I am out of ideas - I do not have the Gnome desktop experience :(05:09
jeloumeI was thinking of download archlinux xd05:09
jeloumeis it better?05:09
jeloumenothing nothing xd05:10
jeloumeit's channel #ubuntu and I mentioned another distro it could be? u.u05:10
Bashing-omjeloume: Similar " -rw------- 1 sysop sysop 9892 Oct 17 20:35 .ICEauthority ; -rw------- 1 sysop sysop   54 Oct 17 20:35 .Xauthority" where I am sysop ?05:10
Bashing-omjeloume: That does indicate that "you" are authorized to access the desktop - but have not rebooted since the 15th.05:24
jeloumebecause I couldn't access to that account05:26
jeloumeI'll try to reboot again05:28
jeloumelet see what happens xd05:28
Bashing-omjeloume: If you reboot and at the login screen execute ' ctl+alt+F2 ' can you log into the system on the virtual terminal ?05:29
jeloumeon the terminal yes05:29
jeloumebut not on the desktop05:29
yelofupgrade to 19.10, irq 18: nobody cared, irq 17: nobody cared, and xorg crashes putting me back to login.  trying to determine if I should go back to 18.04.05:41
jeloumeif I log in with tty05:48
jeloumethere is no problem05:48
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Bashing-omjeloume: As said there is a config issue in your user account; but I do not have the gnome experience to find it :(05:52
jeloumedon't worry xd05:52
Bashing-omjeloume: Me worry is how I do learn this operating system :P I am all eyes for another to come along and show us the way :)05:53
jeloumewhich is the difference between to use gnome, ldm, and kde?05:58
yelofgnome, ldm, kde are different desktop environments.  the menus, windows and panels will appear slightly differently.05:59
Bashing-omjeloume: Differnt environments, different installed apps.06:00
jeloumeis it possible if I make a Vagrant file with all my new configuration I mean packages, config, etc.. I later I import all what I did on a my physical machine?06:02
jeloumebecause I don't want to install all again xD06:02
jeloumeI mean now I must do it, but in the near future is it possible?06:02
Bashing-omjeloume: sure: see ' apt show debfoster '.06:02
jeloumeomg I think there is sth wrong with my ubuntu Xd I open a new terminal but they appear on another tty06:03
jeloumeis it ok?06:04
Bashing-omjeloume: there are 8 ttys available.06:04
jeloumeyes but I mean I'm on tty3 and I press alt+ctrl+t but my new terminal not apeear here it opens when I press Alt+ctrl+F206:05
jeloumewhen I usually press this shortcut my new terminal usually often in the same desktop not in other one06:05
jeloumeI thought it's strange06:06
Bashing-omjeloume: Ouch - looks as if the display manager is where the config error "might" be.06:07
jeloumeyeah that was what I wanted to say xd06:07
jeloume:p  but I'm not so good with this XD06:08
jeloumeand I can't access to my root user from gnome desktop when I installed i3wm06:10
jeloumeI tried to avoid i3wm in the login screen but nothing happens06:10
jeloumeI think I made a mistake XD06:11
jeloumeI'm gonna sleep thanks for your help xD it's too late here06:12
jeloumebye guys06:12
SpookanGood morning!06:22
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mvvvvHi ! When the update from 19.04 to 19.10 will be available ?07:31
Bashing-ommvvvv: In a few days; if impatient one can force the upgrade now :D07:36
mvvvvok thx07:36
xeronatewhich package contains windres? I can't find it08:14
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Guest5636I've got a problem with xorgs ( I guess ). I was using egpu and everything was fine till it wasn't. Now I am at a point when egpu is unplugged, nvidia drivers purged yet still can't switch to native 1366x768 of a laptop scrren.08:18
Guest5636Any suggestion how to fix it? Reinstall Xorgs?08:18
tatertotsGuest5636: do you have the same challenges when booted to LiveCD/LiveUSB?08:27
Guest5636tatertots: nah, all was good before I installed nvidia drivers and rebooted like 3 times.08:28
ducasseGuest5636: is the nouveau module loaded?08:48
Guest5636ducasse: don't see it in lsmod.08:59
ducasseGuest5636: check that it's not blacklisted09:00
Guest5636ducasse: nope.09:05
Guest5636It isn't.09:05
ducasseweird, i'm rapidly eunning out of ideas09:06
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Guest5636ducasse: thanks for the input. Managed to set it from xrandr.09:11
ckopnI have luse sound in my bluetooth phones. When I open bluetooth settings it cames back.  I had no that problem in 19.0409:13
xdunal3306_1Hi All.. Anyone having issues upgrading to 19.10 - Ive tried the terminal command "sudo do-release-upgrade -c -d", it tells me "New Release 19.10 available and to do the same command again to upgrade to it.. I do this and it says "No new release found".09:33
xdunal3306_1Hi All.. Anyone having issues upgrading to 19.10 - Ive tried the terminal command "sudo do-release-upgrade -c -d", it tells me "New Release 19.10 available and to do the same command again to upgrade to it.. I do this and it says "No new release found".09:42
nikolamI wonder why in GIMP, (Xubuntu 19.04) , every single tool is now grayed-out and not functioning?09:50
nikolamWhen I select, say, renticular selection tool or press R, tool is selcted and functioning, but not when I press button for the tool in Gimp toolbox09:55
nikolamI think some chnages in Ubuntu updates broke GIMP toolbox. Can anyone confirm this behavior?09:55
minimecnikolam: I cannot confirm that. Are you talking about gimp in 19.10? If you did an uppgrade from 19.04 to 19.10, maybe delete or rename .config/GIMP once to start the software with a clean configuration.10:08
nikolamminimec, This is 19.04 as I know, haven't yet offered upgrade to 19.10 by itself.10:17
nikolamok, will check that after reboot, thanks10:17
swattoHello all - does anyone know how I can get rid of the extra keypress required to login to my machine from the lockscreen, I understand it is a security feature but would like it if I could just walk up to my machine and swipe my fingerprint straight away without needing to press a space to show the login prompt11:29
netcrashHello, I'm using openbox and used arandr to place the position of 3 monitors , now I'm only on the laptop , how can I disable the xrandr setting?12:11
tomreynnetcrash: it's not clear what you mean by "now i'm only on the laptop", how's this different from the previous situation?12:14
tomreynarandr is mostly just a frontend to xrandr, you can use either to change configurations.12:15
minimecnetcrash: If you are lucky, 'xrandr --auto' does the trick.12:16
netcrashminimec: thank you, that solved it12:19
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Elexcruelhello gaes13:11
ubottuIt's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.13:19
spinningcatis there a software for gow your GUP is hanging?13:33
BluesKajHi folks13:35
cocofwhat do I use to connect ubuntu to smart tv?13:35
cocofsomething simple that works via wifi13:36
spinningcati need to check what is the situtation of my GPU?13:36
spinningcatis it well or will it be dead soom13:36
spinningcati dont think smart tv use ubuntu as OS13:36
cocofE: Unable to locate package miracas13:36
spinningcatthat package is not in repo cocof13:37
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SimounetHi there, can I lock the screen settings? I have 2 screens and when I log in, one of them is at the wrong refresh rate and it's the main one.14:39
ducasseSimounet: you can put an xrandr call to configure them correctly in ~/.xsessionrc14:40
tomreynif you're using X you can also fix the settings in xorg.conf14:40
Simounetducasse: I would like to do this once and for all my users.14:41
Simounettomreyn: From /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d?14:41
ducasseSimounet: then you need to use /etc/X11/xorg.conf or /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d14:42
tomreynno. there's an xorg.conf location in each users' $HOME and the system wide (but i think this is only used when running X as root) in /etc/Xorg14:42
tomreynno. there's an xorg.conf location in each users' $HOME and the system wide (but i think this is only used when running X as root) in /etc/X1114:43
SimounetI don't have any of these files on /etc/X11.14:43
Simounet$ ls /etc/X11/14:43
Simounetapp-defaults  cursors  default-display-manager  fonts  rgb.txt  xinit  xkb  Xreset  Xreset.d  Xresources  Xsession  Xsession.d  Xsession.options  xsm  XvMCConfig  Xwrapper.config14:43
samba35i am not able to login to system with tty i am able to login14:44
samba35gui mode not working ,it again ask for passwd again and again14:44
tomreyn~/.local/share/xorg/ is the per user configuration location, i think14:44
tomreynSimounet: ^14:44
Simounettomreyn: I would like to lock it once and for all.14:44
Simounettomreyn: I have only log files into my user folder14:45
tomreynSimounet: see the xorg.conf(5) for the different configuration file (xorg.conf) locations which Xorg searches depending on how it was started14:45
tomreyna missing file does not mean that, would one exist, it would not be used.14:46
waltmanI just updated to from 19.04 to 19.10 and my DNS is no longer working. I'm not sure where I should be looking to try to fix it.14:46
Simounettomreyn: I'll check that. Thanks!14:46
lotuspsychjewaltman: desktop or server?14:46
lotuspsychjecome join at #ubuntu-server mate14:46
Simounettomreyn: Can I print my current xorg.conf to copy/paste it into the /etc/X11 folder?14:47
tomreynSimounet: while Xorg is *not* running (e.g. recovery, or the systemd target for single user mode whose name i keep forgetting) you can run Xorg --configure > xorg.conf to have it dumped after autoconfiguration.14:49
Simounettomreyn: But I can't dump my actual configuration?14:49
tomreynsamba35: your first sentence is lacking logic.14:50
tomreynsamba35: which graphical desktop are you using, which ubuntu version are you running, what may have happened causing this situation?14:50
tomreynSimounet: maybe xrandr can, but i would not know how.14:51
tomreynsamba35: okay, gdm3 is your graphical login manager, and then you login to gnome-shell / mutter / the default ubuntu desktop?14:52
Simounettomreyn: Ok, thanks for you help.14:52
samba35sorry i did not get your quastion14:53
waltmanI'm confused -- is the dns setup different for desktop and server?14:53
samba35how to reconfigure desktop14:53
samba35or fix login issuse?14:53
samba35tomreyn, sorry honeslty i did not get your point14:54
tomreynsamba35: i'm asking questions to understand how you approach fixing the situation you're describing. if you could answer the remining questions we can maybe make progress there.15:00
samba35can you please tell me how we should make move ahead15:03
tomreyn<tomreyn> samba35: okay, gdm3 is your graphical login manager, and then you login to gnome-shell / mutter / the default ubuntu desktop?15:04
samba35no ubuntu server15:04
tomreyn<tomreyn> ... what may have happened causing this situation?15:04
samba35i was ask to ask quastion in ubuntu desktop15:04
EYI want to change the keyboard layout used when entering the crypto passphrase when Ubuntu boots. Where do I do that?15:04
samba35if i boot with .65 kernel i system screen is blank15:05
samba35but i am able to boot with .58 kernel verion15:05
tomreynsamba35: but you get to the graphical login on both kernels?15:08
samba35no i am only to get gui login screen with 4.15.58 kernel15:08
samba35with .65 kernel system goes blank while boot15:09
kadirosamba35> for blank try to boot by removing 'quiet splash' in grub and see what happen15:09
samba35i have press e and edit boot menu right15:14
samba35but i dont see this words here15:14
tomreynlook for the "linux" line, go to the end of it15:15
kadirowhat do you see samba3515:15
tomreynthose words may be wrapped and may only become visible when you go to the very end of this line.15:16
samba35/boot/vmlinux-4.15.0-65-generic root =UUID=xxx SOME NUMBER  ro15:16
samba35it that you are asking ?15:16
kadiroIt's weird to have a blank boot even without the quiet splash15:17
sealancoHi! Can someone help me enable the wifi interface? After updating to Eoan I lost that interface. I got a TP-Link USB Wireless Adapter. I already installed the drivers and I can see it in lsusb but the interface doesn't show up with Network Manager...15:18
kadiromay be it is related to the gpu or something similar15:18
kadirosamba35> are you sure there are a space between root and = ?15:19
kadirobecause it must be something like root=UUID=xxxxxxxxxx15:20
samba35ok let me check just now try to in rescuse mode15:20
samba35hang on cloud-init15:22
kadirohmm that's a progress15:23
kadiroI suppose the that service is to blame15:23
samba35now screen flicker15:24
samba35but no progress15:24
samba35should i hard reboot ?15:24
kadirosamba35> ah, what do you mean by it flicker15:24
samba35screen is flickering15:25
kadirosamba35> ok you can hard reboot15:25
waltmanOK, the good folks at #ubuntu-server have sent me back over here. After updating to 19.10 I no longer have any DNS servers.15:26
waltmanI'm at a loss to figure out what changed. I might have a conflict between how desktop and server deal with networking, but I'm honestly completely lost now.15:26
samba35hmm boot to normal mode while pressing shif and /or down arrow key :)15:26
waltmanresolve.conf says "nameserver". /etc/network/interfaces has "iface enp3s0 inet dhcp". I don't understand why it's not picking up the nameserver from dhcp anymore.15:28
samba35yes no space in between15:28
kadirosamba35> can you see the boot message now?15:28
samba35quite splash ?15:29
waltmanIs there somewhere I can just hardwire Comcast's nameservers?15:29
samba35now i have boot with .58 verion where i get gui for login15:29
waltmansystemd-resolve --status isn't showing any nameservers15:29
OerHekswaltman, so you installed a desktop on a server?15:29
waltmanI think so, yeah. It was 3 years ago. I don't remember exactly what I did.15:30
samba35muliple  entry of started user manger with UID 12515:30
OerHekswhat desktop exactly, as it might rule networking15:30
OerHeksoh, go find out then..15:30
samba35remove and create slice  with gdm15:30
waltmanHow can I find out?15:30
kadirosamba35> try to see a different menu in grub file between 58 and 6515:30
OerHekslazy user :-P15:30
OerHekswaltman,  seriously ?15:30
ioriawaltman, start with : cat /var/log/installer/media-info15:31
waltmanUbuntu-Server 16.10 "Yakkety Yak" - Release amd64 (20161012.1)15:32
ioriawaltman, so it should be preserved the old network config15:32
ioriawaltman, ls /etc/netpla15:32
ioriawaltman, ls /etc/netplan15:32
waltmanThat's empty15:33
ioriawaltman, cat /etc/network/interface | nc termbin.com 999915:33
ioriawaltman, cat /etc/network/interfaces | nc termbin.com 999915:33
waltmanThat doesn't work because it can't lookup termbin.com15:34
waltmanI don't have dns!15:34
ioriawaltman, paste the  /etc/network/interfaces  content on paste.ubuntu.com15:34
minimecsealanco: You say that you had to install a driver... Are you talking about 'firmware' or do you need Ndiswrapper to make your wifi device work?15:34
ioriawaltman, or   cat   /etc/network/interfaces  | nc 999915:35
samba35is there any way to check after boot15:36
samba35i am with tty mode now15:36
ioriawaltman,   ps -A | grep -i net  | nc 999915:36
samba35any log or any command to perform15:36
kadirosamba35> something like: journalctl -b15:38
ioriawaltman,  if you use the interfaces file, you should not use Network-manager; so domyou want to use /e/n/i or networkManager ?15:38
waltmanWhat's e/n/i?15:38
samba35yes i am doing that with  |grep -i fatal15:38
ioriawaltman,  usually, desktop users use NM, server users /e/n/i15:39
samba35it say xio fatal io error 11 (resource temporily unavailable)15:39
waltmanThe folks on -server suggested NM, so that sounds like a good plan.15:39
samba35 on server ":0"15:39
samba35what i should serarch for ?15:40
ioriawaltman,  ok, comment with hash '#' these line : auto enp3s0   iface enp3s0 inet dhcp15:40
waltmanThat's it?15:40
ioriawaltman, then open nm-connection-editor15:40
waltmanDo I need to do that with sudo?15:42
ioriawaltman, nope; click on '+'   below15:42
ioriawaltman, and configure the interface you want15:43
sealancominimec, I'm not sure I tried this driver: https://github.com/zebulon2/rtl8812au-driver-5.2.2015:43
kadirosamba35> that's out of my idea as it appear the kernel just crash cause by some libs15:43
sealancominimec, and I also tried the official Eoan package: rtl8812au-dkms_4.3.8.12175.20140902+dfsg-0ubuntu12_all.deb15:44
sealancominimec, I can see it with lsusb15:44
samba35how to refix /reinstall ?15:44
waltmanioria: Everything seems OK there.15:45
jeremy31sealanco: what result from terminal for>  mokutil --sb-state15:45
ioriawaltman, you did set it  manual or automatic15:45
waltmanI don't see the setting you're referring to. There's already an ethernet connection there.15:46
waltmanOh, I see. Automatic.15:47
waltmanThe MTU?15:47
ioriawaltman,   ip a  | nc 999915:47
sealancojeremy31, I don't have mokutil, wait.15:47
minimecsealanco: No. lsusb will only show the plugged devices, but not their working state. You can once try to unplug/plug the Wifi device and run 'dmesg'. The last few lines should indicate how the wifi adapter was recognized by the system. You can then also run 'iwconfig' once to see is there is a wireless device present.15:47
jeremy31sealanco: don't bother installing, it will just say EFI variables not supported15:48
minimecsealanco: Anyway... if there is a dirver package available in eoan, I would try to use that one.15:48
ioriawaltman, ls -l /etc/resolv.conf15:49
sealancominimec, dmesg says 'New USB device found' among other things and iwconfig doesn't show a wifi interface.15:50
minimecsealanco: If you followed the compile instructions correctly, you should be able to run 'sudo dkms remove -m rtl8812au -v 5.2.20 --all' to properly remove the compiled driver, as explained in the github page you posted before.15:50
waltmanlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 29 Dec 27  2016 /etc/resolv.conf -> ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf15:50
ioriawaltman, check if resolvconf is installed crrectly : dpkg -l resolvconf15:51
minimecsealanco: Ok. So the device is not recognized correctly. Can you give me the USB identification 'number' for the device, listed in lsusb? (--> similar 1e4e:701f)15:52
waltmanlooks like it15:52
ioriawaltman, sudo grep -i DNS  /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/*15:53
nbusronehi , is it safe to remove by purge the nvidia driver from dpkg ? https://pastebin.com/2cnGCCGd15:53
nbusronehow do I backup the config files incase of problem occur ?15:53
sealancominimec, 2357:011515:54
waltmanioria: dns-search=15:54
ioriawaltman, reboot15:54
hellerzhi guys, I'm trying to install gnome-icon-theme-full with apt-get but I got an error "E: Package 'gnome-icon-theme-full' has no installation candidate" , does it included in other package or something?15:55
OerHekshellerz, easy to find where ... https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/gnome-icon-theme-full15:56
jeremy31sealanco: try https://github.com/cilynx/rtl88x2BU_WiFi_linux_v5.3.1_27678.20180430_COEX20180427-595915:56
samba35 ok thanks let me try some thing else15:56
waltmanioria: It worked! Thanks!15:58
waltmanSo after all that the only change was just commenting out those 2 lines in /etc/networking/interfaces ?15:59
nbusrone1hi , is it safe to remove by purge the nvidia driver from dpkg ? https://pastebin.com/2cnG15:59
nbusrone1<nbusrone> how do I backup the config files incase of problem occur ? where is the config file location ?15:59
minimecsealanco: What is the current state? So you have compiled the driver right? Do you also have the ubuntu driver package installed? Did you reboot after having compiled the driver, or did you do a 'sudo modprobe 8812au' after compilation?16:00
ioriawaltman, ok, np16:00
ioriawaltman, yes16:00
lotuspsychjenbusrone1: whats your ubuntu version, whats your graphics card chipset and whats your end goal please?16:00
hellerzOerHeks thank you16:02
jeremy31minimec: It isn't rtl8812au, it is rtl8822bu, https://github.com/cilynx/rtl88x2BU_WiFi_linux_v5.3.1_27678.20180430_COEX20180427-5959/blob/eece0638c546cd303da518c505cbe93513595030/os_dep/linux/usb_intf.c#L24016:02
hellerzPackage gnome-icon-theme-full is a virtual package provided by:16:02
hellerzgnome-icon-theme 3.12.0-1ubuntu3 [Not candidate version]16:02
katronixHi all, just installed Ubuntu 19.10, and I've made the changes needed to ssh into one of my web servers without a password successfully but sshfs still requires it even when telling it to use the same key. any suggestions?16:03
minimecjeremy31: He posted me a link on github for the rtl8812au...!?! https://github.com/zebulon2/rtl8812au-driver-5.2.2016:04
sealancojeremy31, thanks a lot! It's working now!16:04
sealancominimec, installing from the link jeremy31 provided solved the problem. Thanks!16:04
minimecjeremy31: sealanco: Cool.16:05
sealancojeremy31, how did you figure that out?16:05
jeremy31sealanco: I did a search on the USB ID16:05
jeremy312357 makes it a TP Link16:05
sealancoOh, okay! Thanks again!16:06
tomreynnbusrone1: i wouldn't recommend using wajig anymore, it's been last updated in 2014, is community maintained, and much has changed since 2014.16:09
katronixis 19.10 officially released? or is it still in testing?16:13
lotuspsychje!19.10 | katronix16:13
ubottukatronix: Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) is the 31st release of Ubuntu, supported until July 2020. Release notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EoanErmine/ReleaseNotes16:13
lotuspsychjeits out16:14
OerHeksiso is out, upgrade path not16:14
katronixokay was curious it seems to be slow and I've had some streaming audio issues16:14
lotuspsychjekatronix: slow system or slow upgrade proces, and wich command did you use to upgrade?16:15
OerHeksubuntu-bug fix my impatience16:15
katronixI installed it fresh16:16
lotuspsychjekatronix: ok, and whats slow exactly?16:16
katronixweb seems to be slow, even after changing name servers16:17
katronixI've also noticed that sshfs can't seem to use the id_rsa file to mount without a password, even though ssh has no issues16:19
lotuspsychjekatronix: wifi or ethernet?16:23
lotuspsychjekatronix: can you: journalctl -f and disable wifi and re-enable and pastebin the whole output please16:24
katronixyeah will have to reconnect to irc16:24
nbusrone1tomreyn : Using dpkg-query https://pastebin.com/b8ABwCG616:24
lotuspsychjesure katronix we will be still here16:25
tomreynnbusrone1: much better. i'd be interested in your answers to the other questions which were asked as well. and please note we generally prefer using paste.ubuntu.com or another pastebin which does not depend on javascript, nor restricts use of tor, nor requires watching ads.16:28
katronixlotuspsychje, https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/DtgbFXfDCF/16:28
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic eoan16:31
ubottuPackage linux-image-generic does not exist in eoan16:31
nbusrone1lotuspsychje : old version 14.04 , chipset is https://pastebin.com/fiB0twDr .Goal to free up the space of the hard disk.The total of 1GB.16:31
tomreyn!14.04 | nbusrone116:33
ubottunbusrone1: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 25th, 2019. Paid support (ESM) is available. See also !esm, !eol, !eolupgrade16:33
katronixwould "systemd-resolved[1099]: Server returned error NXDOMAIN, mitigating potential DNS violation DVE-2018-0001, retrying transaction with reduced feature level UDP." mean there is an issue with the dns I'm suing?16:33
lotuspsychjenbusrone1: have you signed up for ESM ?16:33
katronixerr using16:33
lotuspsychjekatronix: there's a bunch of iwlwifi errors in there too16:33
nbusrone1tomreyn  :Thanks , will use paste.ubuntu.com16:34
nbusrone1lotuspsychje: Nope, didn't sign for ESM. I know it expired. I plan to update it but I need to free up some space first.16:35
lotuspsychjenbusrone1: see what tomreyn adviced, we cannot support eol versions im sorry16:35
katronixlotuspsychje, was curious if perhaps I should downgrade to the previous version maybe my system isn't cutting edge enough lol16:36
lotuspsychjekatronix: downgrade version of what, to wich?16:36
nbusrone1lotuspsychje : hm ? how about simple guide to backup the config files on nvidia ?16:36
lotuspsychjenbusrone1: at this point we can only advice you to install a supported version from this channels topic16:37
katronixlotuspsychje, perhaps to 18.04.3 LTS16:37
OerHeksnbusrone1, what is the use, old ubuntu, old drivers, you would not go back16:37
lotuspsychjekatronix: lets try to investigate the root cause of your issue first16:37
OerHeksnewer ubuntu and nvidia handle xorg differently16:38
katronixlotuspsychje, sure thing, what do you suggest?16:38
lotuspsychjekatronix: im not sure yet, there's a lot of errors & whoopsies in your journal log16:38
lotuspsychjekatronix: this was a clean install you said right? did you change any network config after install?16:39
katronixI just told it how to log into my wifi16:40
lotuspsychjekatronix: updated system to latest also?16:40
katronixthere were no updates as of yesterday16:40
nbusrone1lotuspsychje , OerHeks :   just wanted to backup free up space and upgrade. Any guide line to backup on eol version ?16:44
lotuspsychjenbusrone1: upgrading from 14.04 is really not a good idea16:45
OerHeksdd the partitions to an other drive?16:45
OerHeksuseless request, really16:45
lotuspsychjekatronix: can you check firmware version of iwlwifi: sudo lshw -C network please16:45
katronixlotuspsychje, https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/z7VjPcvgNn/16:47
jeremy31katronix: paste iwconfig results16:47
nbusrone1lotuspsychje : Ok , then is it safe to resize partition on ssd to install a new 18.04 ?16:48
lotuspsychjekatronix: wich computer brand is this?16:48
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
katronixjeremy31, https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/4rc9zTMMHn/16:48
nbusrone1lotuspsychje : Anyway will google for help , will report back after successfully backup16:48
katronixlotuspsychje, its a CyberPower computer largely just generic parts as far as I can tell16:49
jeremy31katronix: run     sudo sed -i 's/wifi.powersave = 3/wifi.powersave = 2/' /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf && systemctl restart network-manager.service16:49
jeremy31That should disable wifi power management and restart Network Manager16:50
jeremy31katronix: see if it performs better16:51
=== not_phunyguy is now known as phunyguy
katronixI guess its normal that the wifi indicator in the upper right corner now shows a ?16:56
lotuspsychjekatronix: does your wifi perform better nown you feel?16:58
katronixit does seem better yes16:59
lotuspsychjeok lets hope that ruled out some bug17:00
katronixcan I get help with the sshfs issue now?17:00
lotuspsychjekatronix: we usually focus on ubuntu related issues, if you feel its related, ask in the channel17:00
katronixI can ssh to a box without needing a password, but sshfs still prompts for a password17:01
lotuspsychjekatronix: can this help you? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS17:03
ioriakatronix, the exact line you're using  to mount ?17:04
katronixsudo sshfs -p 1973 -o allow_other,IdentityFile=~/.ssh/id_rsa <remote_user>@<remote_host>:/ host17:06
ioriakatronix, use abolute path, not ~17:07
katronixioria, that fixed it, thanks!17:07
entropygaincan I upgrade to the nightly build for Ubuntu through terminal? Really I am trying to up the kernel version17:38
entropygainI see some deb files here: https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v5.0/17:38
entropygainbut the current kernel I am on seems to be ahead of this one?17:38
entropygainLinux 5.0.0-29-generic17:38
mmystichi, I have deinstalled the 5.0.0-32 kernel. Because I want to use the 31. But Now I have a linux-image-unsigned-5.0.0-32-generic installed ??? why ?17:40
mmysticAlso I have marked as hold the linux-image-5.0.0-31-generic because I dont want future kernle upgrade... is that ok ?17:41
mmysticI used apt-mark hold name_package17:42
ducassemmystic: i think you need to hold linux-image-generic to avoid upgrades, but this could be a security issue17:43
mmysticducasse: ok, yeah, I've deinstalled again the unsigned and the update/upgrade and seems everything is ok17:44
doug16kis it normal to see several "Failed to dump process list, ignoring: No such file or directory" interspersed in a racy manner (right in the middle of sentences) in the output of `systemctl status '*'`?17:44
doug16kOct 18 15:48:33 dFailed to dump process list, ignoring: No such file or directory<newline>oug-dt systemd[1]: Starting Permit User Sessions...17:46
doug16khostname is doug-dt17:46
mmysticdoug16k: here with systemctl status '*' I see the status of all services17:47
doug16kso do I. can you press / and type Failed to dump and hit enter. any instances of that text?17:47
mmysticI haven't any "Failed to dump.."17:49
mmysticonly a "failed to load.." about mdraid because I haven't any lvm or raid17:49
doug16kI get 27 of them17:50
doug16kinjected right in the middle of things17:50
doug16kthis prints 27 of them: systemctl status '*' 1>/dev/null17:51
doug16ksystemctl status '*' 2>&1 1>/dev/null |wc -l17:53
mmysticI don't how to help u... do u have full access to proc ? I mean the process list is got by the /proc  fold17:53
doug16kyou weren't running as root when you tried it right?17:53
mmysticNo, I was root17:54
doug16ksame thing if I run as root though17:54
doug16kthanks though, at least I know it is abnormal now17:54
mmysticif I run it as normal user I have some more failed... for example I have 5 of thermald[799]: Zone update failed: unable to bind17:56
doug16klooks like I'm not the only one though: https://github.com/systemd/systemd/pull/3385#issuecomment-22248988418:02
doug16kcouple of posts later an example of the racy behaviour I see18:02
blb4393can I skip disco upgrade when upgrading from 18.04 to 19.10 using do-release-upgrade?18:17
yerhello everyone18:19
yeranyone have a clue why the 'sudo' group works as expected on 16.04 but on my recently upgraded to 18.04.03 LTS computer(s) it does not?18:20
yerall computers are openldap auth, my user is in the ldap group sudo, and the 14.04 and 16.04 machines allow my user to sudo, but 18.04 does not. tried both clean install and upgrade.18:21
OerHeksblb4393, no you need to go through 18.10 and 19.04 first18:22
blb4393so, then, what does KeyError: 'suite' means? https://pastebin.com/7BGwkn6018:22
bodomHi there, any ideas on why do-release-upgrade does not find any new release? I'm on 19.04 and condifured for prompt=normal18:24
blb4393or if I edit /etc/apt/sources.list to use 19.10 and then apt update && apt upgrade will this work?18:24
OerHeksbodom, upgrade path is not released, just the isos18:25
bodomOerHeks: ty18:25
OerHeks https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EoanErmine/ReleaseNotes18:26
OerHeksthere is a -c -d suggestion in there, use at your own risc18:26
yerbodom, why would you want to go from a .04 release to a .10?18:27
yerif u dont mind me asking18:27
OerHekshe is not on a .04 LTS release18:27
OerHeksyou will find lots of people walk in here, asking about upgrading to 19.10, released yesterday18:28
blb439319th - 17th is not yesterday, is it?18:28
bodomOerHeks: sorry, i couldn't find any answer on google18:28
BliepoI have a question about ffmpeg, not sure if this is the right place for it. Basically I have an IP cam that has an RTSP stream and I want to save it to disk (that part I figured out), but also steam it again from that server18:39
aleksandrdvorkinTo install the Ubuntu 19-10 onto RaspberryPi is it a good idea?18:40
OerHekswhen we have fixed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1848703 ... https://askubuntu.com/questions/1181841/so-how-do-we-install-ubuntu-19-10-on-a-raspberry-pi-418:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1848703 in Ubuntu "Raspberry Pi 4 - USB Bus not detecting any devices" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:44
aleksandrdvorkingoogle says Ubuntu19-10 is supported by RasberryPI418:48
aleksandrdvorkinbut it says something about Ubuntu mate for the previous version of RaspberryPi18:49
aleksandrdvorkinso i am thinking formatting and putting the Ubuntu19-10-amd64-desktop.iso onto SDcard will boot on Raspberrypi18:51
OerHekssee that bugreport, bad idea18:52
aleksandrdvorkinok so then not yet18:53
aleksandrdvorkinso Raspbean is the best for RaspberryPi currently?18:53
kamdI wouldn't use it for anything other than Oh look it boots18:53
blb4393so I ask again - would 'sed -i s/bionic/eoan/ /etc/apt/sources.list' be enough to upgrade manually?18:56
OerHeksthat is not recommended, or supported.18:56
coz_blb4393, ^^^^^18:57
blb4393well, do-release-upgrade doesn't work for me18:57
OerHeksoh keep asking and ignore answers18:57
OerHeksupgrade path is not released yet18:57
blb4393what does this mean?18:57
OerHeksone can do a fresh install, or wait.18:59
blb4393no, what does this mean technically?18:59
kamdit means mircrosft didn't release it yet.19:00
daxdo-release-upgrade checks the file https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release (in this case) to see what ubuntu versions are available. that file will have eoan added to it once the release team is happy that there aren't any serious bugs flushed out by new installations19:00
ioriablb4393, how 'is not working ' for you ?19:01
zzlatevhey guys, can you help me with something. I need some kind of script that downloads any pictures from web server.19:02
zzlatevIs it possible?19:02
tomreynzzlatev: this sounds more like a scripting / programming question than an ubuntu support issue. i suggest you pick a scripting / programming language, then ask on their support channel.19:04
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"19:04
zzlatevtomreyn, thank you :)19:07
tomreynyou're welcome.19:10
hans_if i want to create a disabled account, is this the way to go about it? adduser --expiredate 1970-01-0119:29
tomreynhans_: this would be an expired account. you may want --disabled-login and / or --shell=/bin/false or --shell=/usr/sbin/nologin19:45
jeloumeHi guys, yesterday I asked about if I could become my configuration from a Vagrant file into a my physical machine20:01
jeloumebut I don't remember what tool gave me about it :(  because it was so late.. Could someone tell what I should do if I want to do it?20:02
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/20:02
tomreynjeloume: ^ would this help?20:03
jeloumeyes thx a lot I'll see it, thanks! :D20:03
waltmansupertuxkart seems to have forgotten my settings in 19.10. Is there some trick to get it to read the old file, or is this a bug I should report.20:30
tomreynwaltman: maybe the was a change of the storage format between disco's 0.9.3-2 and eoans' 1.0-3. or the location changed (such as from ~/.supertuxkart to ~/.config/supertuxkart)?20:33
tomreyns/ the / there /20:34
tomreynthey have a (for a game) rather active irc channel at #supertuxkart, too20:34
waltmantomreyn: the old config was in ~/.config/supertuxkart/0.8.2/ . New one is config-0.10/20:34
waltmanThanks, I'll try there.20:35
tomreyni assume this supports the change of storage format theory20:35
waltmantomreyn: Well, the manpage says it should be stored in ~/.supertuxkart, so clearly the package maintainer has changed at least that...20:37
OerHeksfrom apt or snap?20:42
Chunkyzsorry to sound like a newb... when was 19.10 released? and is it an LTS release?20:51
OerHeks19.10 is released, just not the upgrade path yet.20:52
Chunkyzyeah but when20:52
Chunkyzwhen was it released?20:52
waltmanwhat do you mean by "the upgrade path"?20:52
OerHekswhen, just wait and see.20:53
ChunkyzI know 19.10 is out, I'm asking what date was it out. hence my question: "sorry to sound like a newb... when was 19.10 released? and is it an LTS release?"20:54
OerHekswget -qO- http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release | grep -q '^Dist: eoan$' && echo 'Upgrade to 19.10 is now available!' || echo 'Upgrade to 19.10 is not available, yet.'20:54
waltmanIt's not an LTS. That'll be 20.04.20:54
zzlatevtomreyn, can you help me with something? I have no notifications on hexchat on ubuntu 18.20:54
Chunkyzthanks waltman :) do you know the date it was officially released? 19.10?20:55
bpromptChunkyz:    LTS releases occur only on "even years" and on "april", so the last one was on 18.04 and the next  one will be on 20.0420:55
OerHeksThursday, always Thursday20:55
gambl0rewhat does mkdir -p option mean?20:55
ChunkyzOerHeks, what?20:55
Chunkyzbprompt, thanks!20:55
waltmanIt was released on Thursday 2019-10-1720:56
bpromptgambl0re:   make parents, so if you provide a tree of nonexistent directories as the target, -p will create them20:56
Chunkyzthank you!20:56
tomreyn!yy.mm | zzlatev20:56
waltmanChunkyz: All the release dates are in /usr/share/distro-info/ubuntu.csv20:56
ubottuzzlatev: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle20:56
tomreynzzlatev: i'm not sure i can help there, though. i'm not seeing any either.20:57
Chunkyzthanks again. :)20:57
gambl0reif i did mkdir -p /usr/local/bin/test/folder. if folder name "test" didnt exist, it would create it?20:57
bpromptgambl0re: yes20:57
gambl0reoh thanks20:57
zzlatevtomreyn, like pop-up or any kind of sound?20:58
zzlatevthis is weird :)20:58
zzlatevthank you anyway, tomreyn20:58
OerHekshexchat and popups? never seen that20:58
tomreynzzlatev: turns out i had notifications disabled also. can you type tomreyn: again20:58
OerHeksbut hexchat can do make a sound, in settings20:59
zzlatevOerHeks, just for example20:59
tomreynzzlatev: yeah no luck there. maybe ask in #hexchat, too.20:59
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zzlatevOK, thanks again :)20:59
waltmananother problem I'm having is that after switching to the snap of Chromium it remembers by bookmarks and pinned tabs, but has forgotten all my passwords.21:01
waltmanNot exactly a smooth upgrade this time21:02
OerHekswaltman, did you logout/login after snap install?21:04
waltmanOerHeks: It happened automatically as part of the do-release-upgrade process and then it took me 2 hours to get my network working again.21:05
waltmanlogout/login to what?21:06
OerHeksoh, you did not mention do release upgrade21:07
waltmanWhy is that relevant?21:09
OerHeksfirst you had a tuxcart problem, not that important, but now a snap that does not hold passwords over do-release-upgrade, maybe worth a bugreport21:14
waltmanAgreed. But where do I open the bug report for Chromium if it's not longer a .deb?21:20
tomreynthe bug tracking has been optimized out21:26
waltmanWhat does that mean?21:27
waltmanIn particular, does it mean I can report the bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium ?21:28
tomreynhttps://snapcraft.io/chromium links to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bugs?field.tag=snap for "Contact Cannoical"21:28
waltmanThanks. I'd have never thought to look there.21:30
waltmanThis seems to be my bug -- https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bug/184862121:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1848621 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "[snap] lost all passwords on 19.10 when chromium-browser deb was replaced by a snap" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:30
waltmanAnd the fix they suggest there worked!21:33
OerHekswaltman, confirm it, that helps :-)21:33
FareHi. I'm trying to cross-install ubuntu on removable media for a chromebook. It looks like it's trying to use lvm before cryptsetup rather than the other way around. How do I make sure the initramfs does the cryptsetup first?22:49
tomreynFare: so how are you installing then? using debootstrap or something else? if you do the partitioning / block device layers yourself, you'll just need to make sure you create those in the desired order, and finally update-initramfs and update-grub and grub-install (that is, no a "normal" platform, i have no clue about chromebooks)22:52
tomreynthe last i read about chromebooks is that they're so well locked that you can't really install bare metal.22:53
aleksandrdvorkinhi can anyone suggest what progam can i use to resize images22:56
catalasehow often can i curl checkip.amazonaws before they get pissed... is 1x a minute ok?22:57
Faretomreyn, cryptsetup, vgchange, mount, mount --bind, debootstrap, chroot22:59
Farealeksandrdvorkin, from the command line, the imagemagick suite is your friend.23:00
Faretomreyn, the chromebook aspect was I believe covered by a few things in /etc/modules, the rest should be a "normal" PC. I get to the splash screen with its complaining that it can't see the lvm volume (presumably because it failed at the cryptsetup step, because I failed to configure it somehow)23:01
FareApart from /etc/crypttab, what do you need to convince ubuntu to decrypt my lvm partition?23:03
aleksandrdvorkinhow do i start23:03
aleksandrdvorkinimagemagick says unknow command and i just sudo apt installed it23:03
Farealeksandrdvorkin, <catalase> how often can i curl checkip.amazonaws before they get pissed... is 1x a minute ok?23:03
Farealeksandrdvorkin, https://duckduckgo.com/?q=imagemagick+resize+image&ia=web23:03
Fareapt-get install imagemagick23:03
ManouchehriHow can I boot with all my disks as ro?23:09
ManouchehriI tried doing single usermode, they’re still getting remounted as rw.23:09
ManouchehriNever mind, got it.23:10
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tomreynFare: sorry, got distracted there. so you have partition -> luks -> LVM2 PV / VG -> LVM2 LVs, right? and probably those are uefi booting, so you also have an efi system partition (or are rather reusing the existing one)?23:15
tomreynhow about ubuntu's /boot, is this unencrypted on an LV (so on top of encryption, LVM)?23:16
aleksandrdvorkincan i get the link on the imagemagick somehow it wont start from command line23:22
aleksandrdvorkinimagemagick doesnt start from command line but is installed23:26
tomreynaleksandrdvorkin: if you want to know which files a package PACKAGNAME provides, you can run: dpkg -L PACKAGENAME23:27
tomreynexecutable files will be in "bin" or "sbin" or "games" directories.23:28
aleksandrdvorkinwell the dpkg -L imagemagick returns files in usr/share but nothing in /usr/bin23:30
aleksandrdvorkinaleksandrdvorkin@aleksandrdvorkin-VirtualBox:/usr/bin$ imagemagick23:32
aleksandrdvorkinimagemagick: command not found23:32
pytech@aleksandrdvorkin: There is no imagemagick command23:33
aleksandrdvorkinwell i understand its just that i was able to install it with sudo apt install imagemagick23:33
aleksandrdvorkinso i thought it starts with the same commmand23:34
pytechit's a suit of different tools23:34
pytechlike "convert" - try running that command it should work now23:34
OerHeksGtumb, https://vitux.com/popular-tools-for-easily-cropping-and-resizing-images-in-ubuntu/23:35
tomreyn"apt depends imagemagick" would like the other packages which "imagemagick" depends on, some of which may also contain the executables you're looking for23:35
tomreyns like / list /23:35
pytechThere is everything imagemagick contains: https://imagemagick.org/script/command-line-tools.php23:36
daniel_gI can't play my Youtube purchases in Firefox. Is there a way to check which codecs I have installed and which ones are available so that I can install the proper ones?23:56
daniel_gOh, and I'm running Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS btw23:56
tomreynwhat happens when you try to play it back?23:57
daniel_gI get an error saying that my browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.23:57
ibrumfieldis there a 19.10 channel?23:58
daniel_gThen, it gives a link to an HTML5 FAQ23:58
tomreynibrumfield: here's fine23:58
daniel_gBut the faq basically says that everything should work according to my browser version23:58
tomreyndaniel_g: most likely all you'll need it widevine which firefox should offer installing when it runs into such DRM protected content23:58
tomreynmaybe you have a couple too many extensions blocking this prompt23:59
daniel_gtomreyn: yeah, it asked if i wanted to install drm software and i said yes. still no luck23:59
daniel_gi am running ublock origin23:59
daniel_gi guess i can try disabling that23:59
ibrumfieldis there an x server patch thats somewhat easy to use nvidia on demand?23:59
daniel_gtomreyn: still no luck after disabling ublock23:59

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