Peter70tomreyn, why do I want to list configured repositories? How does that relate to PPAs? (This may be a dumb question, but I really don't know.)00:39
Peter70I mean, I just listed configured repositories, and I don't know what to look for in the list.00:40
tomreynPeter70: this can help you identify which PPA's you're using. PPAs are hosted on ppa.launchpad.net00:43
tomreynit should also help you identify third party repositories (i.e. not those hosting ubuntu(studio) itself)00:44
tomreynapt-cache policy | nc termbin.com 9999     if you'd like to share it00:44
Peter70I think my level of familiarity may be misread. For example:  I went to ppa.launchpad.net and had a look around. I have absolutely no idea how that's supposed to help me figure out which PPAs I have to remove before an upgrade or how to do it.00:46
Peter70I may be way too much of a newbie to reasonably expect the help I need from you guys here.00:47
tomreynPeter70: hmm, sorry, maybe let's try something a little easier, if i can get this done right (i'm not very familiar with ubuntustudio myself). see if you can find an application called "Software and Updates".00:49
tomreynIf you can find it, click on the "Other Software" tab00:49
Peter70I can find that, yes.00:50
tomreynthis will list repositories which are not part of ubuntu. one of them should be the "UbuntuStudio Backports PPA" (it may be listed differently, like "http://ppa.launchpad.net/UbuntuStudio/backports ...")00:51
tomreyn<tomreyn> this will list repositories which are not part of ubuntu. one of them should be the "UbuntuStudio Backports PPA" (it may be listed differently, like "http://ppa.launchpad.net/UbuntuStudio/backports ...")00:53
Peter70Crap. I lost the entire conversation because I hit Refresh trying to get that tab back. For some reason now I can't go back to that tab.00:54
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/00:54
Peter70Now I have the tab back. Now what?00:55
Peter70What am I looking for?00:55
tomreynsee what i quoted above00:55
tomreynif you have any ticked, then before upgrading ubuntustudio, it'd be wise to use the "ppa-purge" utility to disable all of these00:56
Peter70This is weird. According to the command on the command line I'm running 18.04, but this says 16.04.00:56
tomreynthis can be an old leftover, it's probably not ticked, so not in use00:56
Peter70There are only two items ticked.00:57
tomreynso less work to be done ;)00:57
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html00:57
tomreyni don't really have followed your conversation, though, and don't really know what your plans are00:58
Peter70I don't know what they are. Let's see if I can type them, because copy and paste doesn't work on those.00:58
tomreynyou can take and post a screenshot00:58
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> He's trying to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10 from 18.10 I believe.00:58
Peter70http://packages.microsoft.com/repos/vscode stable00:58
tomreynthanks Go_Diego_Go00:59
tomreynPeter70: ok. can you confirm what Go_Diego_Go said?00:59
Peter70Those are the two ticked items.00:59
Peter70I want to upgrade from whatever I'm running (16.04 or 18.04, whichever you believe) to 19.04.01:00
tomreynwhat does    lsb_release -ds     report?01:01
tomreyn(run it in a terminal)01:01
Peter70Hang on.01:01
Peter7018.04.04 LTS01:01
Peter70I mean .03 LTS01:01
Peter7018.04.3 LTS.01:02
tomreyn18.04.3 LTS  :)01:02
Peter70So do those two ticked items I quoted present a problem?01:02
Peter70I'm guessing not.01:03
tomreynnot strictly a problem, but it's safer to remove them if you'd like to improve your chances of a flawless upgrade01:03
Peter70Okay. How do I do that?01:03
tomreynthat is, remove them *and* aany packages you installed from them01:04
Peter70Don't know what that means. To me these are just items on a list.01:04
tomreynare you familiar with package management, yet?01:04
tomreynhave you previously used a different operating syste, such as windows or apple Os?01:05
Peter70Windows until like 6 years ago.01:05
tomreynor android on a phone or tab?01:05
Peter70Android on my phone.01:05
tomreynand did you install addiditonal apps there?01:06
Peter70But with Android there's no package management unless you mean installing apps from Google Play.01:06
Peter70Yes, I'm installed apps.01:06
Peter70And I've added apps in Ubuntu. Lots of them.01:06
tomreynthat's what i mean, yes. the process of installing applications from a repository is what you can consider software package management01:07
tomreynandroid and most other proprietory operating systems only have a single central repository where software is offered01:07
Peter70Especially Apple.01:07
tomreynfor ubuntustudio and the other ubuntu flavors there are the 'main' repositories, but you have a lot more to choose from.01:08
Peter70From the terminal only, you mean?01:08
tomreynthey differ in which software they offer, which versions of this software, which ubuntu(studio) version they are compatible with, how (well) this software is maintained, which type of computer they can be used on (ignore this part for now)01:09
Peter70I follow you so far.01:09
tomreyncoming back to the Software & Updates window you're looing at: the first tab, "Ubuntu Software", lets you choose a few things to determine which ubuntu(studio) repositories are best for you, based on location and some of your preferences.01:11
Peter70I imagine you're about to tell me how this relates to removing PPAs.01:11
tomreynthe second tab lists software that is not supported by ubuntu(studio). either it is supported by someone else (the ubuntustudio-backports repository is actually maintained by the ubuntustudio project, so that's an exception to the rule)01:12
Peter70By the second tab you mean Other Software?01:12
tomreynhehe, yes, all the ones ticked on the second tab you want to remove before upgrading01:12
tomreynand you dont just untick them, but you should do a bit more (sorry!)01:12
Peter70Since they're already ticked, do I just click Remove?01:13
tomreynso back to the ppa-purge utility. you can install this using a software package manager01:13
Peter70And will my PC run temporarily without them?01:13
Peter70Wait--install? I thought I was going to REMOVE them.01:13
tomreynyou install one software. this software can be used to manage those "other software" repositories.01:14
Peter70Why not just click on Remove?01:14
Peter70It's so tempting.01:14
tomreynit will identify software you installed from these non-supported repositories and uninstall or downgrade this software to versions which are supported.01:14
tomreynonce that's done, you have a safer, better tested upgrade path01:15
Peter70Okay. So back to Terminal and install ppa-purge?01:15
tomreynyou can freely choose what to do on your system. most people will just ignore what i'm just telling you and start the upgrade nevertheless.01:15
Peter70Well, I'm not most people.01:15
tomreynand sometimes those upgrades fail01:15
Peter70I'm Anomalous Man.01:15
Peter70So how do I install ppa-purge?01:16
tomreynso yes, you can    sudo apt update && sudo apt install ppa-purge01:16
Peter70Hang on a sec.01:16
tomreynif you're more of a graphical interfaces person i can also show you another software you can use for the purpose of managing installed software01:16
Peter70Well, I am, but I've already started the process residing blatantly and conspicuously outside my comfort zone.01:17
tomreynor take a note on it for later: synaptic01:17
Peter70It's running.01:17
Peter70 Done.01:18
Peter70Did that remove the PPAs?01:18
Peter70It doesn't make an announcement.01:18
tomreynahem, sorry, i made a mistake. ppa-purge can only be used to remove (and downgrade packages from) "http://ppa.launchpad.net/..." entries in "Other Software". What you have chosen to install is not that.01:19
tomreynbut you can keep ppa-purge for later, you'll surely need it again at some point01:19
Peter70Did I purge anything or not?01:19
Peter70I can't tell.01:19
tomreynno, you only installed one software package: ppa-purge01:20
Peter70So what do you suggest?01:20
tomreynactually, if the above was the only output, then you didn't even do that01:20
Peter70I didn't tell you all the output. It's Greek to me.01:20
Peter70Why can't I click on Remove?01:21
tomreynso... long talk, but i guess you shuld just disable the tickboxes and remember to reactivate them later.01:21
Peter70Those two things are ticked.01:21
Peter70If I'm removing those two items, how can I reactivate them later? They'll be gone, right?01:21
tomreynclicking on "remove" would fully remove the registration of a software repository off your system (it's not just disabled afterwards)01:22
tomreyninstead, just untick them01:22
Peter70Now you're talking over my head again. No idea what that meant.01:22
Peter70Unticking them doesn't remove them, right?01:23
Peter70I thought I need to remove them.01:23
tomreyncorrect, unticking disables.01:23
tomreynno, don't remove, you'll probably want to re-enable them after upgrading01:23
Peter70Then I completely misunderstood how this works.01:23
Peter70Okay, I"ll untick them.01:23
tomreynthen "close"01:24
Peter70Wait. I'm getting an intuitive danger signal here.01:24
tomreyni can guide you through properly cleaning this up, but i won't be able to explain it01:24
Peter70If I untick those two items, and I making some kind of general change in where I get my software and updates?01:24
Peter70Am I. Not and I.01:24
Peter70I want to be very cautious about global policy changes.01:25
tomreynby unticking those two third party software repositories (google and microsoft vscode) you have prevented the system from receiving software from there for now.01:25
Peter70And why would I need to make such a change just to remove PPAs?01:25
Peter70I think I should understand this rather than just follow instructions piecemeal.01:26
Peter70I understand that asking you to explain all this is asking too much.01:26
tomreynso release upgrades from one ubuntu version to the next are tested before they are enabled for us users. but the tests are only done using standard ubuntu software, not with software from PPAs installed.01:26
Peter70So it's not you--it's me. My gut is telling me I should study up before attempting this.01:26
tomreynsounds good to me, i like the approach.01:27
Peter70I'll be honest--I've understood 20 percent of the content you've given me that tries to explain how this works.01:27
Peter70So I'll thank you, Tom. You've been patient.01:27
tomreynyou didn't have a chance to spend enough time to reqad all of it also01:27
Peter70I read it. I didn't study it.01:28
Peter70I had nothing to relate it to.01:28
Peter70What's the best way to get up to speed on this?01:28
Peter70I mean other than 10 years of experimenting.01:28
tomreynthe best way is really experimenting, occasionally breaking things, getting help repairing them01:29
Peter70I have a strong intuition you didn't learn this stuff without reference materials.01:29
tomreynor repairing yourself if you can ;)01:29
tomreyncertainly not without reference materials01:30
Peter70Then what? What did you use?01:30
tomreynthere is plenty of documtation. all the commands you can type on the terminal are documented in so-called "man pages"01:30
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/01:30
wxlohai. so i'm curious if anyone here has had experience with using deken. it seems like a good idea (package management always does) but who knows?01:30
Peter70Okay. That will get me started. Thanks again, Tom.01:31
tomreynPeter70: but you want to get started exploring the graphical interface first. So maybe start here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio01:31
Peter70The graphical interface for what?01:31
tomreynPeter70: as a reminder, synaptic is the software you can install for software package management01:31
tomreynthe graphical interface of your computer ;)01:32
tomreynanything that's not a black box with text ;)01:32
Peter70I've been using Ubuntu Studio for 7 years.01:32
tomreynoh, ok01:32
tomreynthen i'm surprised you didn't work with the terminal more, yet01:32
Peter70I'm a surprising guy.01:33
tomreynbut i understand not everyone likes to01:33
tomreynand thats fine01:33
Peter70Guess I was more mission-oriented than you.01:33
tomreynafter all there's both, the graphical and the text command world ;)01:33
tomreynfor sure!01:33
Peter70Right. I was into DOS back in the day.01:33
Peter70Wrote some impressive batch files.01:34
Peter70Just never got into it in Linux.01:34
tomreynah, nice, well then the terminal should not be difficult to get a grip on01:34
Peter70Once I put some time into it.01:34
tomreyndos commands are a lot more insane than those on linux01:34
Peter70Well, that's encouraging.01:34
tomreynlike this config.sys highmen emm386 stuff which never made sense01:35
Peter70Gotta run. Thanks again.01:35
tomreyn*most* commands on the linux shell are a lot more logical. See you!01:35
tomreynYou're welcome.01:36
tomreynwxl: "deken"? i never heard of it, and not finding much on the web01:37
tomreynah https://puredata.info/downloads/deken01:37
tomreynis this a non-dead project?01:37
tomreynah here we go https://github.com/pure-data/deken01:38
tomreynuuh tcl01:39
tomreynoh just the plugin, so it's python 2.x, i guess01:39
tomreynand it's python 3, i got it wrong again01:42
wxltomreyn: sorry, rl called. yeah, that's it. i haven't used pd in a while but i don't remember that from when i did. seems interesting is all.01:55
tomreynyes, looks simple, and, for the limited degree i can tell, good.01:56
wxlnot sure why it's not a standard part of any pd metapackage.01:56
tomreyni never used / looked into PD really01:57
wxloh man it's fun01:57
wxli was listening to autechre today and they have made max/msp a core part of their production methods… and it's derived from pd02:01
tomreyni just read so on wikipedia02:01
tomreyni'm also not actually into making computer music at all ;)   but i can see how vidaul programming could be very useful to computer music folks.02:03
studiobot<Yana Suryana> How to dual boot in ubuntu and windows 100 secure boot03:15
tomreyn"windows 100"?03:21
tomreynwhich ubuntu version and variant?03:21
studiobot<reesepolilla> hi Yana  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSVV_EoApdo03:23
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> Just got the notice that the 19.10 version is available, I should be able to upgrade without any major issues, right?03:27
tomreynGo_Diego_Go: there's no guarantee that upgrades will succeed. they usually do, and you can improve the chances that they do, by making the system the upgrades start from one that is similar to those systems the upgrade was previously tested from.15:15
tomreyni.a. purge all PPAs and the packages installed from there (use !ppa-purge), and do the same for third party reposiories (manually).15:16
tomreynjust disabling those repositories is insufficient to achieve this, since the software (and updated versions of software) from there will remain installed and can complicate matters for the apt resolver during upgrades.15:17
tomreynapt-forktracer can https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts/#foreign_packages help you identify packages and package versions which should not be installed (or should be downgraded)15:18
tomreyncan -> and15:31
Matt_u_zeneizeHello, unfortunately, after my latest update (from ubuntustudio 19.04 to 19.10) I get some "delay" on the  monitor: some kind of fuzzy pixoels allover the screen, that makes it impossible to read anything for a few seconds. It didn't happen before. I am using a AMD GPU Ryzen 3 series I find no help in FAQ or community pages. Thank you for your16:24
OvenWerksdoes this also happen when you boot from the 19.10 iso into live mode? Have you done a software update since booting?16:31
* OvenWerks didn't have time for a long conversation anyway...16:40
tomreyn<OvenWerks> does this also happen when you boot from the 19.10 iso into live mode? Have you done a software update since booting?16:44
tomreynMatt_u_zeneize: OvenWerks will need to leave soon, though, or maybe already did. I suggest looking for a bios upgrade. if it still happens then, come back and post your systemd journal (since the latest boot) to a pastebin, repeating the discussion of this problem.16:44
tomreynjournalctl -b | grep 'DMI:'    to get your current bios version and mainboard / computer model16:45
tomreyni also got to leave for an hour or so now.16:46
Matt_u_zeneizethanks a lot! I'll do. P.S. I didn't try a live mode and I tried some updates, hoping to have some fitures, but without success. Bye16:48

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