hyperknotIt seems that oom-killer didn't work properly, afterwards there as so many lines that many services like collectd cannot allocate memory00:01
sarnoldgood news though if you've got collectd on this system you probably have *good* visibility on what went wrong, whever it is that it sent the stats :)00:04
hyperknotI don't know where to see it. The memory part is easy, I just started a process which uses too much memory and it doesn't have swap enabled (ask Google why).00:04
hyperknotBut still, oom-killer should take care of such situations.00:05
sarnoldit should; not having swap will make it harder for the kernel to handle though00:05
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kruphello! i am getting a python Traceback when trying to netplan apply a static ip address, i am met with a python traceback that looks like its having a time trying to mess with the loopback device: https://0x0.st/zYvh.txt00:28
sarnoldkrup: can you run (as root) udevadm test-buildin net_setup_link /sys/class/net/lo   ?00:30
krupUnknown operation test-buildin.00:30
krupis the output i receive00:31
krupudevadm test-builtin net_setup_link /sys/class/net/lo succeeds00:31
krupi believe there is a type00:32
sarnoldkrup: aw crud that's my fault, sorry00:34
sarnoldI *knew* I should have copy-pasted it but I figured this would be quicker. heh.00:34
sarnoldkrup: bugger though I was hoping that the command would fail and tell us why it failed :?)00:34
krupone sec it does complain00:35
krupnet_setup_link fails: No such file or directory00:36
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_divzeroHeya, I'm having a brain-fart - on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS it seems like libi2c is missing? Can install libi2c-dev but seems to only contain headers and no .so or .a? Googling seems to come up blank!00:43
sarnold_divzero: heh that's about what that looks like https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/i2c-tools/3.1.1-100:46
sarnoldthe binary package is in the bionic release https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/i2c-tools/4.0-200:47
sarnold    - Add a libi2c0 package containing the new shared library. -- from the 4.0-1 changelog -- https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/i2c-tools/+changelog00:47
_divzerosarnold: That's just the userland tools not the library files needed by i2c-dev the rest is in libi2c000:48
_divzeroyep, that - but that's not in xenial00:48
_divzerowhich is plain weird00:48
dr`venomUnder settings > background, I've set an image to be both background and lockscreen. Yet, when I have to login at startup I still get a violet (purple) background that looks low rez. Is there a way to change that through GUI app?00:49
_divzerosarnold, is it possible to graft that back in on xenial? I thought that wasn't possible with ubuntu?00:50
sarnold_divzero: you could use requestbackport from the ubuntu-dev-tools package to shove the bionic package into a ppa and built it for xenial -- it might work great, it might not work well at all. but it should be easy enough to try...00:51
_divzerosarnold: Thanks - I was assuming I was missing something and that it should be present?? There are all sorts of packages that use libi2c such as lm-sensors so thought it would be there? Seems bonkers for i2c-dev to have the header but not the library..00:55
sarnold_divzero: yeah; I don't know much about libi2c, it's possible it weas header-files-only or similar before then00:56
_divzerosarnold: Ah... maybe was inlines before then, good point, I shall check!00:58
Lib-anybody have any ideas why my ubuntu install might be borked? tried to do a fresh install on a UEFI system. don't know much about UEFI, except what i've read in the last 12 hours. can't seem to get an .efi file generated to point my bios at when creating a boot option. boot-repair log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/kTKYxMXQXw/01:03
sarnoldLib-: which disk did you expect to boot to?01:06
Lib-i had made n1p6 as a fat32 partition, as some guides had suggested for UEFI systems. n1p1 was mounted to "/" and sda1 was mounted to "/home"01:07
sarnoldLib-: I don't know an awful lot about booting, but I'm a bit surprised the nvme drive is a DOS-partition style and not GPT partition style01:09
sarnoldLib-: I wouldn't be surprised if UEFI booting goes way better to GPT than to DOS01:09
oerhekswhat drive is the bios set to boot? that drive should contain the uefi partition, fat32..01:11
Lib-it seems to not boot from a "drive", but rather from a "boot option", which is configured from within the bios by navigating to and selecting an .efi file. i have been unable to create a "boot option" for the ubuntu installation because i can't seem to generate an .efi file during the course of ubuntu installtion or grub installation.01:13
Lib-and thank you both for your engagement.01:14
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Lib-sarnold: bios is able to find and navigate the fat32 partition and only that partition (despite having several ext4 partitions)01:17
sarnoldLib-: oh weird. uh.01:17
sarnoldLib-: here's the efi things I've got in my system's efi filesystem http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sTb47Jpv3X/01:18
Lib-sarnold: yeahhh... that's what i need... :{01:19
sarnoldLib-: I *think* the shim64.efi is the one you'd want if you've got secure boot enabled; grub64.efi perhaps if you don't have secureboot enabled01:19
sarnoldLib-: try the installer again and check the logs before rebooting?01:20
sarnoldmaybe it'll report an error about what happened to keep the efis from being unpacked correctly01:20
Lib-sarnold: i will give that a shot when i get in tomorrow.01:20
k_szeIs it possible to create an encrypted, growable ext4 disk image, e.g. in a exFAT partition on an external USB HDD?01:21
k_sze(actually, growable is not requirement)01:23
k_szeI need it to be encrypted and writable though.01:24
oerheksi think it is hard to do, exfat is not posix01:26
k_szeoerheks, if I create a disk image that's like a file in the exFAT fs, shouldn't it be agnostic?01:27
k_szethink like a .dmg file in the macOS world.01:28
oerheksI think only LVM can do this01:30
pragmaticenigmak_sze: Currently there are no methods that support the resizing of an encrypted volume/image file. At least not on it's own. Those that do offer the functionality simply create a new volume/image file that is the targetted size, copy everything into the new volume and then delete the old volume/image file01:30
k_szeLooks like VeraCrypt may do the job? It's not libre, but it seems to do what I want?01:32
pragmaticenigmak_sze: That particular application is doing exactly what I just mentioned01:33
k_szepragmaticenigma, I actually don't need the growing/resizing part. I just need it to be writable.01:33
k_sze(and encrypted)01:33
sarnoldmixing exfat ext4 and encryption sounds like a really frustrating experience01:35
sarnoldwhy do you need so many layers?01:36
pragmaticenigma!info cryptmount | k_sze, this is about the closest thing that I can find that is built in01:36
ubottuk_sze, this is about the closest thing that I can find that is built in: cryptmount (source: cryptmount): Management of encrypted file systems. In component universe, is extra. Version 5.3.1-1 (eoan), package size 84 kB, installed size 224 kB (Only available for linux-any)01:36
k_szesarnold, the external USB HDD is the company's. It's already got other stuff backed up on it. So I want to create an encrypted writable disk image, formatted as ext4, so I can preserve ownership and permissions when I rsync my home dir into it.01:37
k_sze(the external USB HDD is already formatted as exFAT)01:38
sarnoldk_sze: can you even mount the thing writably on linux?01:38
pragmaticenigmak_sze: the host file system doesn't matter, you can create an image file in any file system you desire01:38
sarnoldwell, it *might*01:38
sarnoldI heard there's an exfat fuse implementation01:39
sarnoldbut I have no idea if it has write support01:39
pragmaticenigmasarnold: I don't think your understanding what I'm saying.01:39
k_szesarnold, ubuntu has non-free packages for mounting exfat writably as FUSE.01:39
sarnoldand nesting ext4 in losetup in luks in extfat in fuse sounds like the world's most brittle thing ever :)01:39
pragmaticenigmait's not nesting01:39
k_szesarnold, as far as the exFAT fs is concerned it just sees a really big multi GB file.01:40
pragmaticenigmaexfat drive would simply have a binary file on it. another application, that can read said file can read it and mount it onto the host os01:40
pragmaticenigmaI do this all the time with VeraCrypt... My USB drives are all exFat or NTFS... I have image files on them for Veracrypt that ext401:41
sarnolddon't stress it. this sounds brittle.01:41
tomreynhow about shrinking the existing partition on it and create another which then serves as a cryptsetup-luks encrypted storage?01:41
pragmaticenigmaUSB drives don't always support partitioning01:41
sarnoldthat'd be far more reliable -- but then you lose the free backups from work01:41
tomreyni guess this partition could also be a veracrypt managed one01:43
tomreynwell, not also, but alternatively01:43
k_szeIt's fine. I'm going the VeraCrypt disk image route.01:43
k_szeThat way the disk image can also be copied anywhere I like.01:43
pragmaticenigmaSounds like a good plan if your in a hurry to get this done. I would encourage you to continue reading up on FOSS alternatives to get a better understanding of how all of it works01:45
tomreynexfat *may* actually get into the kernel https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/opensource/2019/08/28/exfat-linux-kernel/01:45
tomreynthe kernel that matters, that is, linux01:46
k_szeit would really be awesome if MS made exFAT libre.01:46
_divzerosarnold: You were dead on - older ones use a load of inlines in the header, doh!01:47
pragmaticenigmak_sze: One small item to consider. If the drive is the property of your employer, remember they can request that drive at anytime and may not allow you to pull your data off of it before they take it away01:47
sarnold_divzero: woo :D01:47
k_szepragmaticenigma, that's fine. I'm only making the backup because this company laptop needs to be RMA'ed.01:47
pragmaticenigmaah, I see01:48
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leonardusI can't boot into Ubuntu. this is what I get https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/tvmrXVgM/IMG_20191030_224749__01.jpg02:48
leonardusI switched to Ubuntu so my linux install wouldn't suddenly be breaking on me all the time and now I can't even boot into the desktop.02:49
sarnoldleonardus: if another reboot doesn't fix it, I think boot into a rescue mode and look through the logs02:55
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ghostofbabbageHi there ..03:43
ghostofbabbagebye ...03:45
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warsoulThe following packages have been kept back:05:01
warsoul  linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic05:01
warsoul0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded.05:01
warsouli typed apt-get upgrade05:01
warsouland got this msg05:01
doug16kuse `apt dist-upgrade` to let it install those05:02
warsouldoug16k thanks05:03
sirriffsalothpHey guys, ran into an odd problem last night... my lovely self-built machine just suddenly powered off and wouldn't boot again. Turned out if I umplugged the PSU-plugs from my graphics card, it can boot again. Further experimentation shows that it will boot with the left PSU plug in the GPU, but not the right, and the right seems to be for the fans as they're not running. If I have ONLY the fan-psu-plug plugged in, the system won't boot... any06:25
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zeon219hello all08:12
hyperanalysisgood morning!08:18
quarkmasterHey everyone, after upgrade to 19.10 from 19.04, it seems my `apt-file` no longer works as expected. Eg: `apt-file list gettext` returns nothing. Digging into the apt cache files looks like the `Contents` file for the main ubuntu repos somehow seem to be missing. However `ubuntu-updates`, `ubuntu-security` repos seem to be there as expected.08:32
quarkmasterAny thoughts on how to fix this?08:32
quarkmasterI've tried purging and reinstalling `apt-file` and doesn't seem to work08:33
hyperanalysisI'll be honest, I've always had some sort of trouble with upgrading - I generally take the point of view now that upgrade time is wipe and clean-reinstall time.08:34
quarkmasterhyperanalysis: true, but I find that I don't always have the time to do this every 6 months, one would think that after so many years, it's reasonably stable :( .. I also found that `gettext` and `mlocate` package was removed during the upgrade, which I don't exactly understand why. `mlocate` is very surprising considering it provides `locate`08:35
quarkmasterwhich is a standard unix command.08:35
hyperanalysisOne would think so, but yet... lol08:37
hyperanalysisI muck around with my distros so much by the time an upgrade is available I've probably got a list of niggling issues which a wipe is far more efficient than tracking down the problems, so I just keep backups and resign myself to clean installs - sorry I know that's not really helping you, just making an observation. =)08:38
quarkmasterhyperanalysis: I know, make sense. I used to do that :)  .. But trying to brave myself and get on board the upgrade train cautiously now.08:40
quarkmasterAnyhow, would love it someone can point me in the right direction. `apt-file` issue seem to be rather straightforward that the main repos are missing their `Contents` file. Keen to know if this is a bug somewhere or just a config mishap during the upgrade.08:41
EriC^^quarkmaster: what main repo are you using?08:49
quarkmasterEric^^: `deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu eoan main universe restricted multiverse`08:55
quarkmasterAnd also `deb-src` for the same.08:55
quarkmasterThose are the two line from my `/etc/apt/sources.list`08:56
quarkmasterThen follows of course, the similar ones for `eoan-updates`, `eoan-security` and `eoan-backports`.. all of these seem to have their `Contents` file in the cache, and subsequently those show on the `apt-file` list (only the files that were updated)08:57
quarkmasterFor instance, looks like there is an update for `apport-gtk` after the release, and as such `apt-file list apport-gtk` will show only the files that came as a part of `eoan-updates` not the full list since that's a part of the main `Contents` which isn't there09:00
quarkmaster^^ anyone?09:12
MJCDwhat package would I need if a fairly standard usb hdd appears, but fails to be read?09:23
MJCDits ntfs09:23
quarkmasterzeon219: Hey everyone, after upgrade to 19.10 from 19.04, it seems my `apt-file` no longer works as expected. Eg: `apt-file list gettext` returns nothing. Digging into the apt cache files looks like the `Contents` file for the main ubuntu repos somehow seem to be missing. However `ubuntu-updates`, `ubuntu-security` repos seem to be there as09:23
quarkmasterexpected.Any thoughts on how to fix this? I've tried purging and reinstalling `apt-file` and doesn't seem to work09:23
MJCDquarkmaster, have you done the obvious09:25
MJCDie sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade09:25
MJCDyour cache will have been cleared on update09:25
quarkmasterMJCD: Done many a times, cache cleared, etc09:25
MJCDwhat about your sources.list09:26
MJCDhave you enabled all the repo's including src09:26
MJCDalso how did you upgrade09:26
MJCDif you say you replaced the distro name in sources.list and ran upgrade; you're probably screwed :P09:27
quarkmasterMJCD: Probably this will help, instead of reposting: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/latest/%23ubuntu.html#t08:3209:27
MJCDso i'll take that to mean it wasn't a clean install09:27
MJCDdo that. keep your data on a separate partition to your system so it always persists09:28
quarkmasterMJCD: No, no. nothing unsual, it's all usual means. Had a stable standard installation upgraded through the gtk widget when it popped up the notification to upgrade09:28
MJCDif you run the standard software tool whatever that is in your thing09:28
MJCDwhat does that do/say09:28
quarkmasterMJCD: I feel like you're walking me (who's a tech architect) through a serious to tech support, have you unplugged your cord thingy.. I appreciate your help, but please read the logs to get the right context. :)09:30
MJCDquarkmaster, oh well then mr techmaster09:32
MJCDguess you don't need anyone :309:33
MJCDor maybe the solution is the same regardless of how knowledgeable you are09:33
MJCDyou just don't like it09:33
MJCDand yet it's largely true of every version change of every OS everywhere09:34
MJCDwith auto-updating key system components from userspace being problematic09:34
zeon219when i clean install 16.04 in a pc the very first time i logon ubuntu suggest to upgrade to 18.04. When i accepting the proccess, it starts but after a while stops and nothing happens. On every other reboot never suggest such upgrade again. Any clue why that happens?09:50
MJCDzeon219, it might be <unknown to the rather simplistic updaters> incompatible in some way09:51
MJCDironically once again i'd recommend if you want to upgrade, put your user folders/data on a separate partition always and then you can just consistently fresh install09:52
MJCDpower outage09:53
zeon219i have no user data yet since is fresh install on 16.04. Yes i can live with fresh 18.04 fresh install. And yes i have my /home dir in separate disk09:54
TaggnostrI have a (k)ubuntu 19.04 machine and whenever I connect an external drive, the system can see it, but can't mount it09:54
Taggnostrthis is the error I get when I click on the drive in dolphin: An error occurred while accessing 'TOSHIBA EXT', the system responded: The requested operation has failed: Error mounting /dev/sdd2 at /media/user/TOSHIBA EXT: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdd2, missing codepage or helper program, or other error09:55
Taggnostrthe drive works fine on other machines09:56
Taggnostronce I managed to mount another drive by fiddling manually with `mount`, so it seems to me there's something wrong in the default settings used to mount external drives, but I'm not sure where to look09:57
Taggnostrdo you have any idea what might be the problem, and how to debug/fix it?09:57
EriC^^Taggnostr: what's the filesystem of the partition?10:05
EriC^^Taggnostr: sudo blkid /dev/sdd210:05
TaggnostrTYPE="ntfs" PTTYPE="atari"10:08
TaggnostrEriC^^, this is a disk I just bought, I haven't formatted it10:08
EriC^^Taggnostr: try from a terminal "sudo mount /dev/sdd2 /mnt"10:08
EriC^^Taggnostr: that's pretty odd, since it has 2 partitions10:09
Taggnostrthe command worked fine, but then I got a popup in the tray saying that the filesystem at /mnt is not responding10:09
Taggnostrdolphin says "Could not enter folder /mnt." and cd: /mnt: Permission denied10:10
EriC^^Taggnostr: what about "sudo ls /mnt"10:10
Taggnostrthat works10:10
EriC^^seems working fine, must be some filemanager issue of not being able to mount it, as you said options and whatnot10:11
EriC^^Taggnostr: sudo umount /mnt10:11
EriC^^Taggnostr: you could try using the program "Disks" and see what settings it's using for the system mount10:12
Taggnostriirc it used to work, so something might got messed up at some point (maybe during an update)10:12
TaggnostrEriC^^, can I apt-get that?10:20
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EriC^^Taggnostr: it should be already installed10:20
EriC^^Taggnostr: try "gnome-disks" in the terminal10:21
Taggnostrif I write "disks" in the menu it brings up kde partition manager10:21
EriC^^that's probably what you want10:21
EriC^^click on the partition and look for any options or settings icons etc10:22
EriC^^maybe rightclick10:22
TaggnostrNo support tools were found for file systems currently present on hard disks in this computer:10:22
TaggnostrPartition File System Support Tools URL10:22
Taggnostr/dev/sdd2 ntfs        ntfs-3g http://www.tuxera.com/community/ntfs-3g-download/10:22
TaggnostrAs long as the support tools for these file systems are not installed you will not be able to modify them.10:22
Taggnostrthis came up as soon as I opened the partition manager10:23
Taggnostrlooks like I'm missing some package for ntfs10:23
Taggnostr`sudo apt install ntfs-3g` fixed the problem \o/10:25
Taggnostrthanks EriC^^10:25
Taggnostrthe hd seems to have two partitions, one is 128MB unknown type, the rest is ntfs10:26
ElvanorHello, does someone know how to make (on Linux) an Ubuntu bootable USB stick with UEFI only?10:26
ElvanorBefore I used unetbootin but it seems this tool has problem with UEFI.10:26
Taggnostris there any reason to keep it ntfs, or should I reformat it to ext4 or something else?10:26
ElvanorI tried just copying the contents of the ISO to the stick but it does not work. The GRUB bootloader starts but after the system does not find any "live media"10:27
TaggnostrElvanor, maybe check etcher, not sure if it works with UEFI, but that's what I used lately10:27
moritzdietzYou can also just use dd10:28
moritzdietzstackoverflow is full with questions like these10:28
ElvanorTaggnostr: etcher does not seem available on gentoo but I can compile it10:29
EriC^^Taggnostr: ntfs is good if you're going to be using it windows or other os at some point10:32
EriC^^i'd leave it ntfs, who knows10:32
TaggnostrEriC^^, I don't think I will use it on windows (I don't have any windows machine, and I'm not planning to attach it to foreign machines) -- is there any other advantage in using different filesystems (e.g. faster reading/writing)?10:33
MJCDwhat's the dang package again for ubuntu to have ntfs support10:34
moritzdietzIt indeed does make a difference10:34
EriC^^Taggnostr: i have no idea tbh, supposedly ext is better at not fragmenting (i think)10:34
moritzdietzTaggnostr: you should check google for "linux filesystem comparisons"10:34
EriC^^MJCD: ntfs-3g ?10:35
moritzdietzIf you only use linux you should be very safe with ext410:35
MJCDEriC^^, nice, thx10:35
MJCDmoritzdietz, it's for a recovery :P10:35
moritzdietzMJCD: I was talking to someone else :P10:35
MJCDah haha10:35
MJCDthanks all10:36
Taggnostryesterday I was copying some 300GB of data from another machine that was running 18.04 and it took like 8 hours (but it might be due to some unrelated problem)10:37
moritzdietzWell it depends if it was from USB or not etc10:37
moritzdietzand what kind of data it was10:37
EriC^^8 hours is excessive10:38
EriC^^that's like 11mb/s, was it via wifi or something?10:38
MJCDlol and i'm back10:38
moritzdietzIf the source is a slow USB drive then it could be it10:38
MJCDso i'm running from a live cd (for recovery of files from ntfs as I said)10:38
moritzdietzbut without more info it's hard to say10:38
MJCDhow do I mount the internal hdd10:39
MJCD(sorry, no expert at this stuff)10:39
Taggnostrit was from the internal disk of my laptop to an external drive, via usb 310:39
MJCDafter installing ntfs-3g I did `mount -a`10:39
moritzdietzwell writing to an external drive *can* be slow10:39
MJCDslow isn't a real issue lol10:40
MJCDit performs how it performs10:40
moritzdietzI am not talking to you :D10:40
MJCDI was addressing Taggnostr10:40
EriC^^Taggnostr: something definitely wrong there, maybe check "dmesg" for clues if you ever get the chance again10:40
moritzdietzMJCD: ah well ok10:40
Taggnostrbut as I said, that machine had some issue, the ram was filling up quickly and then it was start lagging10:41
TaggnostrI had the same issue on this machine with an older linux (18.xx) and the problem disappeared once I switched to 19.0410:41
TaggnostrI could format the disk to ext4, then try to copy the 300GB again :)10:42
EriC^^Taggnostr: i see, sounds like some memory leak10:47
EriC^^Taggnostr: "ps aux | sort -k4" should show which processes are using the memory10:49
Taggnostrit was stopping at some point though10:49
Taggnostrit would fill up quickly all the 16GB of ram and then used some 300MB of swap and stopped growing10:50
Taggnostrnow I updated it to 19.10 and the problem should be gone10:50
EriC^^sounds good10:51
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MJCDI am following this10:52
MJCDbut I can't find the internal drives /dev/sd*10:52
MJCDI have tried them all10:53
MJCD1 mounts but isn't the internal disk at all lol10:53
MJCDsda1 appears to be the windows PE partition10:55
MJCDsda3 mounts but only has System Information or something10:55
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MJCDso its because I have to mount it as root11:01
MJCDI can work with it using the shell11:01
MJCDbut even running exo-open --launch FileManager (standard xubuntu file manager) as su11:02
MJCDit still cannot access the folder lol11:02
MJCDgod I love linux11:02
BluesKaj'Morning all11:02
SimonNLgood afternoon11:03
MJCDlike how does that even happen11:03
MJCDthe file manager even says "be careful you're running as root"11:04
MJCDyet still nerf's me lol11:04
MJCDloool wtf mannnn11:05
MJCDcp -r /media/disk/folder1 /media/usb/11:05
MJCD"cannot create symbolic link"11:05
MJCDwell that's good given windows/ntfs doesn't even have those11:05
MJCDcan you copy my backups now11:05
MJCDaaand there's no cp option to just ignore symlinks11:07
MJCDso usable11:07
aienaI was just using time along with bash to measure how long rsync processes take with fully syned drives. I got this output https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/d7xgNhgDSZ/ it seems like it takes about 68 minutes just to check. I am curious about how to interpret the additional info after that what are those pagefaults things?11:30
aienatime doesnt seem to generate the cpu usage oputput on a normal shell command call so wonder the source of that extra info11:30
MJCDso i'm having to copy each folder of ONLY files out manually11:31
MJCDsuch a joke11:31
MJCDthanks for the 0 help lol11:32
aienaMJCD what happened?11:32
aienalol he left so sad11:33
lapionhow can i get systemd-resolve to honor the /etc/hosts file ?11:45
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aienalapion this https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/6224 may help11:58
aienajust read through the comments11:58
lapionaiena, it's not local addresses that I added to to the hosts file12:00
aienato be honest I am not knowledgeable enough to help you12:01
aienabut please hang around12:01
lapionWhy is the /etc/hosts file being ignored by ubuntu when resolving addresses ?12:03
pragmaticenigmalapion: Please post the contents of your hosts file to https://paste.ubuntu.com/12:03
aienai dont think its ignored12:03
BluesKajlapion,  what did you change in /etc/hosts ?12:03
pragmaticenigmalapion: when you ahve posted the file, then send us the link so we can look at it12:04
lapionpragmaticenigma, BluesKaj, aiena try inserting; c.com into your hosts file12:07
lapionc.com should be forwarded to google.com12:08
pragmaticenigmalapion: Please do what I asked... I think you have something setup incorrectly in your file.12:08
pragmaticenigmaI just tested mine with pointing www.bing.com to googles IP address and it worked12:08
Kats99Failed to execute command "@@BINARY@@ %u" when i click on vmware icon in the systems tab of xfce12:10
Kats99it doesnt open12:10
Kats99but it opens when i type vmplayer in terminal12:10
aienaKats99 looks like a shortcut problem maybe ask in xubuntu or #xfce12:11
Kats99ok thanks12:11
mceierlapion: you're using wrong order - swap ip with the name...12:11
=== Mekely is now known as MekelySpooky
lapionmceier, thank you that's it12:13
=== herb_ is now known as herb
adantehey folks, having trouble with the ubuntu 19.10 livecd freezing on me after a while (with the try ubuntu option). I've tried booting safemode and nomodeset but still seems to freeze12:51
adantei'm pretty out of the loop but just wondering if any known issues with 19.1012:52
adante(up until about a day ago I was happily using 17.04 - tried a do-release-upgrade and it stopped booting so figured i'd try to update it)12:52
pragmaticenigmaHow long are you running the Live session for, before it crashes out?12:52
adantesystem is a hp n36l with nvidia g210 graphics added12:53
adantepragmaticenigma: anywhere from 10-25 minutes it seems12:53
adantei've removed all other hdd's to try to isolate issues and it's just booting off usb at the moment. next step is probably removing gfx card but that's a pita i was hoping to avoid12:55
adantealso fwiw once it freezes (usually on the unity desktop, it is completely frozen/cursor doesn't move/keyboard leds do not light up)  the computer seems pingable on lan12:55
aportieradante: the system specs seem kinda low for stock Ubuntu, have you tried any flavors with a lighter desktop experience?12:56
aportierGnome can be a resource hog12:57
adanteaportier thanks for the suggestion. 17.04 was running okay but i guess it has been a while since then. i'll take a look at some of the other flavours13:05
aportierI can recommend Lubuntu and Ubuntu Mate, I have used both on older hardware and preform very well. You might also try opening an SSH session to the box before it crashes and running top, see if it is running out of resources before the crash. I suspect that is what is happening.13:08
B|ack0pwhat is the best "paint" alternative app for linux?13:12
B|ack0pi wanna crop/select/cut image13:12
B|ack0pmake selection13:12
B|ack0pgimp is photoshop like isnt it?13:13
pragmaticenigmaB|ack0p: As you have been told before, please use #ubuntu-offtopic for software recommendations. Asking about what program to use or is the best is not a support question.13:13
BrokenLinuxesgrafx2 reminds me of of my beautiful retired amigas13:14
B|ack0ppragmaticenigma: ok13:14
tarzeauBrokenLinuxes: then you should also check out protracker, hivelytracker and fasttracker213:14
BrokenLinuxestarzeau oh wow, good stuff there13:15
tarzeauBrokenLinuxes: pushover also existed on amiga right? there's a version on ubuntu now! and ballerburg (atari)13:15
pragmaticenigmaBrokenLinuxes, tarzeau: Please remember to keep this to support. If you'd like to chat, please head over to #ubuntu-offtopic13:16
B|ack0ppragmaticenigma: why so strict?13:17
=== fotato is now known as bootato
BrokenLinuxespragmaticenigma o713:17
pragmaticenigmaB|ack0p: People come here looking for assistance. If they see random chat, they may feel they can't ask about their support question.13:18
B|ack0pi understand but i just asked a simple question linux/ubuntu based13:19
B|ack0pnot kernel but it is still about linux/ubuntu13:19
B|ack0pi feel anxious asking here recently because all the time i am getting a warning13:20
B|ack0pofftopic or suggestion ..etc13:20
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pragmaticenigmaB|ack0p: Take a look at the room topic if confused, or here is what each room is for: #ubuntu - Support online, help with application/system crashes, configuration issues, things that prevent you from completing your task. #ubuntu-discuss - discussion about ubuntu and its operation, how to do a task, system optimizations. #ubuntu-offtopic - For anything not part of the previous two rooms, including application recommendations,13:27
pragmaticenigmapolling for suggestions, system tweaking, idle chat with community members.13:27
B|ack0ppragmaticenigma: ok sorry13:28
B|ack0panother question and i think this is ubuntu related :p13:29
B|ack0pi just received error reporting popup about update notifier13:29
B|ack0ptitle is update notifier at top bar13:30
B|ack0pupdate-notifier *13:30
B|ack0pbut it is a popup window saying "system program problem detected"13:31
B|ack0pno details13:31
B|ack0pthis is 2nd popup i faced in few mins.. first one pops up after i login to ubuntu.. this is after a while about 10-15 mins later probably13:31
ioriaB|ack0p, yo ucan paste :    ls -al /var/crash | pastebinit13:32
B|ack0pioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CsqDJhHNGF/13:33
ioriaB|ack0p, what's you release and kernel ?13:33
B|ack0pioria: Linux uthink-x601s 5.0.0-32-generic #34~18.04.2-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 10 10:36:02 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:33
B|ack0platest 18.0413:34
B|ack0psuppose to be 18.04.3 why does it show 18.04.2 ?13:34
ioriaB|ack0p,    sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade13:35
B|ack0pioria: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.13:36
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ioriaB|ack0p,   you can reove the content of /var/crash and reboot13:36
B|ack0pioria: how to remove?13:37
B|ack0psudo rm /var/crash ?13:37
ioriaB|ack0p,   you don't know how to remove a file ?13:37
B|ack0pi dont usually use terminal for that13:37
ioriaB|ack0p,  sudo rm -rif /var/crash/*13:37
B|ack0pioria: thx13:38
B|ack0pall clean and fresh crash folder now :p13:38
ioriaB|ack0p,  reboot13:38
B|ack0pno error report so far13:41
ioriaB|ack0p,  test it for a little time; those were  big crashes13:43
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ubukingwhen is13:58
ubukingubuntu 20.04 there????? release ???????????????????????????????????????13:59
lotuspsychjeubuking: in #ubuntu+113:59
BrokenLinuxesQuestion, will the command "apt-get install linux-headers-generic" ever install headers not needed for the currently running system?14:05
BrokenLinuxeswhen i run that, it's wanting to install headers much different from the current uname -r output14:06
lotuspsychjeBrokenLinuxes: wich ubuntu version are you on, and what are you trying to do please?14:08
BrokenLinuxes14.04.5, having issues with an install of an application during the build and insert driver phase14:09
lotuspsychjeBrokenLinuxes: 14.04 is end of life, do you pay for ESM support?14:09
BrokenLinuxesi know this is an unsupported version but this application install is part of my migration and upgrade process14:09
BrokenLinuxeslotuspsychje no, HWE ran out april 2019 on that one14:09
BrokenLinuxesran fine on 7 similar servers14:10
lotuspsychje!eolupgrade | BrokenLinuxes14:11
ubottuBrokenLinuxes: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:11
lotuspsychjeBrokenLinuxes: please understand upgrading from an eol version can have security risks, see !usn aswell14:12
lotuspsychjeBrokenLinuxes: more reccomended is backup your data, and clean install a supported ubuntu version from the channels topic14:13
BrokenLinuxesthat's what i'm in the midst of doing, upgrading to a supported release14:14
octav1aWhat difference any is there to having no partitions and using /dev/sda as the filesystem vs one huge partition /dev/sda1?14:48
octav1awhat difference if any*14:48
akkI don't know on older pre-UEFI systems, but doesn't UEFI insist on a small boot partition of its own?14:51
crypt0krakenoctav1a: having no partitions at all is possible but unusual, and may confuse you and others in the future, for the insignificant gain of not having to store a partition table14:54
crypt0krakenoctav1a: the partition table is a few KiB at most14:54
octav1aidk, it was that way when I got there (huge raid5 data block on a development machine) so I was kind of wondering why14:55
octav1abut besides the fact that it initially was strange to me, no technical gotchas I guess?14:56
crypt0krakenoctav1a: well, I *think* it makes it impossible to repartition without wiping everything first, but if you don't need to repartition, then there's no problem14:58
dolanbatarpartition table is a few bytes at most14:59
dolanbatarunless you have GPT14:59
octav1aok, nice. I am continually finding new strange things that are supported in linux. Definitely better than the alternative15:00
dolanbatar64 bytes, first sector15:00
dolanbatarfirst 446 bytes are boot record15:00
dolanbatarboot loader, first stage15:00
crypt0krakenoctav1a: probably also be careful with automatic partion management software and operating system installers and the like15:01
crypt0krakenoctav1a: they might interpret your partitionless drive as empty and format it/wipe it or something15:01
dolanbatarrepartitioning doesnt touch your data, unless you use LVM or format some partition15:02
dolanbatari.e. you have 3 partitions, wipe partition table15:02
dolanbatarthen recreate exactly the same partition table15:02
dolanbatarand your data are still there, untouched15:02
dolanbatarthis way I've found a file on my flash drive last week, when i've recreated third partition15:03
Squarismis there some way you can make "non-sticky" notifications remain in the notification list?15:08
SquarismOr if it those with expiry time = now15:09
Kats99hey guys im unable to connect my phone to my computer. i tried jmtpfs too but not working..it shows input output error15:26
tatertotsusually you'd need a USB cable of some sort to connect a phone to a pc15:28
akkKats99: I've never had much luck with any of the mtp filesystems, I gave up and just use adb for all communication with android.15:34
=== [b0b] is now known as b0b
Kats99was that a joke?15:35
Kats99i need to transfer an iso from my phone to my laptop..will that work in adb15:36
akkyes, I use adb for all file transfers.15:36
akkBut an iso? I don't think I've ever used an iso on android, is this something it's supposed to install or something?15:37
BluesKajKats99, ubuntu must have an equivalent to kdeconnect15:37
tomreynhi Kats99, so you have an android phone? and which ubuntu version and desktop?15:37
Kats99umm i use xfce15:37
Kats99well not ubuntu...debian15:37
Kats99the debian channel got no answers15:37
tomreynoh, well this channel is about ubuntu, thus the name15:38
* lotuspsychje facepalms15:38
Kats99but it;s the same regardless15:38
pragmaticenigmaKats99: It is not the same... use the #debian channel for debian questions15:38
tomreynit's not. please try again on #debian or on ##linux15:38
pragmaticenigma!debian | Kats9915:38
ubottuKats99: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian - !Repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!15:38
m4d-d0xdoes anyone know how can i put the ubuntu dock on another monitor if i have multiple?15:59
m4d-d0xi could phisically move them, but i guess there is a better way to do that.16:00
Seveasm4d-d0x: the settings app has a tab for the dock where you can set that16:09
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banisterfiendhi has anyone here setup an openvpn split tunnel in linux using cgroups etc? i want to be able to choose which apps go over the vpn. i think i've got something wrong with my iptables setup though16:13
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magic_ninja_workhow do I determine which graphics driver I'm using?17:29
magic_ninja_workI'm supposed to be using nvidia, but I keep getting my IGP reported back.17:29
magic_ninja_workBoth are being detected.17:29
EriC^^magic_ninja_work: sudo lshw -c video17:29
magic_ninja_workIt is still showing both17:30
magic_ninja_workdriver i915 and driver nvidia17:31
ioriamagic_ninja_work, and what's the problem ?17:31
magic_ninja_workWhich driver am I running on?17:31
ioriamagic_ninja_work, glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"17:31
magic_ninja_workmy 960M is what that returns.17:32
ioriamagic_ninja_work, you're on your nvidia then17:32
magic_ninja_workanyone know a good tlp gui?17:34
saorI dont but im genuinely curious why17:41
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=== angrywombat is now known as justache
kwhat4Hi, does anyone know of an unofficial, but up-to-date, PPA for PHP with ZTS support?18:04
pragmaticenigmakwhat4: PPAs are use at your own risk and not supported in this channel18:04
pragmaticenigmakwhat4: You can try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic18:04
kwhat4Is there a supported PHP ZTS?18:05
pragmaticenigmakwhat4: there are no packages in the official Ubuntu repositories that I can find that enable ZTS support.18:06
oerheksone can try ppa:ondrej/php-zts, you beter build php with zts support yourself18:07
oerheksoh, that ppa is old18:07
kwhat4ppa:ondrej is super old/eol... maybe if Zend was concerned with people updating PHP they would have better packaging support.18:07
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)18:09
kwhat4compiling myself is going to be receipt for never updating.18:09
* kwhat4 feels like infrastructure management has taken several steps back in the last few years.18:10
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AlexPortableUbuntu supports autorotate for my device, but when I tilt the device to the right, my screen will be upside down, and when I tilt my screen to the left, the screen is still upside down. How do I invert this and fix it?18:18
pragmaticenigma!touch | AlexPortable18:19
ubottuAlexPortable: Information about the mobile port of the Ubuntu platform (formely Ubuntu Touch) for Phone and Tablet is available here: https://ubports.com/. Support and discussion in #ubports18:19
lordcirthAlexPortable, so, it does rotate, just the wrong angle?18:19
AlexPortableyep, it's upside down every time18:20
AlexPortablewhen i rotate the device to the right, the screen turns to the orientation which would be good if you would turn it to the right18:20
AlexPortablepragmaticenigma: I'm on Ubuntu 19.10, not on Ubuntu Touch18:20
pragmaticenigmaAlexPortable: What you're describing isn't a feature of Ubuntu... the feature your describing is maintained on the link and channel indicated18:21
AlexPortableoh it certainly is18:21
AlexPortableHere is how to turn it off: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1035209/how-to-turn-off-screen-rotation-in-ubuntu-18-04-lts18:22
lordcirthWhy wouldn't screen rotation be supported?18:23
oerheksshake that device, or swirl it?18:24
oerhekssome girometers do not work properly below 10'C18:24
AlexPortableWell it works properly, it just turns it the wrong way around18:24
AlexPortablebasically if i put the device on it's right side, i would have to put my head upside down to view it, and also when i put it on the left side18:25
shredsHi! why "FastCGI Apache module isn’t available in Ubuntu’s repository" why do we need to wget it? any proper way to install it on a production server with apt updates, etc?18:25
lordcirthshreds, what Ubuntu version?18:26
shredsFYI: I'm talking about the `libapache2-mod-fastcgi` package18:26
shreds18.03 LTS18:26
Phruis`so i am trying to upgrade to 19.10 and it looks like it stalled out on "setting up gvfs-common"18:26
Phruis`what should i do?18:26
shreds@lordcirth maybe I'm just dumb but apt tells me: "Package libapache2-mod-fastcgi is not available, but is referred to by another package."18:26
shredsoh just noticed I don't have non-free in my sources.list!!!18:27
shredsmight be it18:27
lordcirthshreds, after a quick search, you might need multiverse18:27
shredsI have these: deb http://us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ bionic multiverse & deb http://us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ bionic-updates multiverse18:28
oerheks there is no need to install the libapache2-mod-fastcgi package. https://askubuntu.com/a/108219618:28
shreds@oerheks oh really wow this is not clear at all18:28
lordcirthThat's using php-fpm instead?18:28
oerhekslordcirth, jups18:29
shredsthere's lots of website and guides telling to install it still no wonder I was looking for it18:29
lordcirthWill that be identical?18:29
shredsso to use fastcgi/php-fpm I don't need it?18:29
oerheksno, less traffic than the fastcgi module18:29
lordcirthI'm also seeing that "libapache2-mod-fcgid" is an alternative?18:29
shredsonly apache2 and php-fpm needs to be installed and nothing else? that's the first time I read this, it's been a few years I haven't played with apache hehe18:30
shredsyeah I noticed `libapache2-mod-fcgid`18:30
AlexPortableany suggestion how i can calibrate what screen orientation to apply where?18:34
=== tolkienring is now known as Telvana
sarnoldAlexPortable: xrandr can rotate things, I think it's per-screen, but never tried it myself18:37
AlexPortablehow do i configure it when to autorotate?18:43
sprinklesIs it possible to update an apt package past the mainline version that's available for my lsb-release?18:44
sarnoldAlexPortable: the autorandr package can run xrandr on specific conditions, it may be useful to you18:45
sprinklesSay Ubuntu 19 has the correct version of the package I want, but I'm running Ubuntu 16.04, which doesn't. Is my only options to compile the package myself or upgrade to Ubuntu 16, or is there some middle ground where I can still use apt?18:45
sarnoldAlexPortable: your desktop environment may have other mechanisms too18:45
AlexPortableI use gnome18:45
sarnoldsprinkles: the requestbackport tool from ubuntu-dev-tools can rebuild newer packages on your system or in a ppa; it may be able to do the trick for you18:46
sarnoldsprinkles: depending upon what you're trying to do, it might work fine, or it might be a horrible idea.18:46
=== gender is now known as dax
sprinklessarnold: understood. It probably largely varies on (1) How different the package's packaging expectations have evolved over time, and (2) how unhappy the package's upgraded dependencies are going to make your installation. Thanks for the keyword though, I'm going to read about this.18:54
sarnoldsprinkles: yeah; for example, upgrading glibc would lead you into a situation where we'd probably tell you to just reinstall from scratch to fix the mess :) but mutt or iozone wouldn't be likely to break anything .. and there's a lot of middle ground..18:56
saorsprinkles: Technically you can add the 19 sources to your apt list and upgrade that application but its likely to fuck stuff up18:56
ubottuit is usually a very bad idea to mix packages from different releases (or Linux distributions), and it is completely unsupported18:57
kwhat4Is there someplace I can find the official PHP packaging materials for Ubuntu?19:00
oerhekslaunchpad source php ..19:00
kwhat4oerheks is this what I am looking for https://launchpad.net/debian/+source/php519:03
oerheksno, take the ubuntu tour https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php7.219:05
oerheks7.3 is disco and up, iirc19:06
kwhat4oerheks thanks, I am on 18.0419:07
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Guest97113I've got a problem with nvidia drivers. Despite being blacklisted they keep getting loaded. Any idea what is responsible for this?19:09
sarnoldGuest97113: iirc nvidia's got a program that loads them explicitely. look around for an nvidia module loading program of some sort19:11
Guest97113sarnold: found a service and I disabled it as well.19:13
sarnoldGuest97113: nice nice, do you still have the name of the service handy?19:15
=== ben_r_ is now known as ben_r
indoorcatI have a issue installing my printer driver19:21
indoorcatI got the driver from a website with a little help19:21
indoorcatI extracted and install.sh the installer in terminal19:22
indoorcatwhere is pph file?19:22
indoorcati can't get this printer to work19:22
indoorcatsamsung m202019:22
indoorcatlike i said i have the driver and installed19:22
indoorcatbut cups is asking for a pph file and so is the printer setup19:23
indoorcati can't find the driver in the database19:23
indoorcatplease help19:23
indoorcattextbook nightmare19:23
sarnoldpph or ppd?19:23
indoorcatdeleted my windows dual boot by accident19:23
lordcirthindoorcat, please keep your sentences on fewer lines, if possible. Thanks19:23
indoorcattheres a ppd folder and it is locked but no ppd file in the folder19:23
indoorcatif anyone could help me it would be appreciated please, I am in new territory here and it is frustrating the heck out of me, my dual boot is gone and I just want my printer to work19:25
Guest97113sarnold: nvidia-persistenced.service, nevertheless disabeling hasn't changed anything.19:26
sarnoldGuest97113: they still load on reboot?19:26
sarnoldindoorcat: so, where are you stuck? you said you downloaded a driver, didn't it include a ppd?19:27
indoorcatsarnold, not to my knowledge, I did a hard drive search and only found a locked ppd folder19:29
akkindoorcat: What do you mean by "locked"?19:29
akkWhen I google samsung m2020 linux I see lots of hits, and it looks like people are generally getting it working.19:30
akk(But CUPS configuration is nondeterministic so who knows what it'll do on any given system and time?)19:31
indoorcatone sec19:31
indoorcatthe folder has a lock on it, I can open it19:34
indoorcatubuntu 19.0419:34
indoorcatthere's nothing in it19:34
indoorcatsorry for typing short sentences, but it is the folder of the extracted driver19:35
EriC^indoorcat: type "ls -ld /path/to/dir"19:35
indoorcatnothing happends19:36
indoorcatgives an error19:37
indoorcatplease help19:37
akk"gives an error" is not very specific (and is also not "nothing")19:38
indoorcats: cannot access '/path/to/dir': No such file or directory19:38
Guest97113sarnold: unfortunatelly.19:38
indoorcatls: cannot access '/path/to/dir': No such file or directory19:38
akkindoorcat: EriC^ meant the path to where you extracted the driver, not actually typing "/path/to/dir"19:40
* IaMnEwHeRe *holds tummy and laughs and cries from pain*19:41
indoorcatI am sorry I have medication I take for mental illness I feel everyone is playing a joke on me or persecuting me, I know this is a simple task but unfortunatly I am stuck, I downloaded and installed the instal.sh file19:41
IaMnEwHeReindoorcat, just an FYI, no one cares about your medication, makes you sound like a troll19:41
IaMnEwHeReif you are at that level, why do you use linux in the first place? stick with WIN19:42
akkConfiguring printers in Linux is no job for a newbie, unfortunately.19:43
IaMnEwHeReyes, and I cannot remember the last time I have configured or let alone used one :D19:44
indoorcatdr-xr-xr-x 2 indoorcat indoorcat 4096 Oct 30 21:55 .19:46
indoorcatI want to go to lambda bootcamp, i'm sick of living off disability19:47
indoorcati can learn19:47
akkIaMnEwHeRe: I added two printers a couple weeks ago, took several tries each, then when I went to print to one of them day before yesterday, it had disappeared and I had to start all over again. :(19:48
indoorcati did ls -ld in the ppd directory19:48
indoorcatdoes that help?19:48
akkand never did get it working right this time around, tried three permutation of name and driver and one of them printed 1-sided okay, but not 2-sided.19:49
akkRan out of time and gave up.19:49
IaMnEwHeRehmm luckily I am not devOps for DesktopMachines :D19:49
indoorcatcan someone help? I did ls -ld in the ppd directory19:50
indoorcatEriC^: you there?19:55
vltindoorcat: Can you summarize what you did so far? What did you download and how? What exactly did you do after? ...19:57
sarnoldindoorcat: you just have to see things from the other side of the screen once in a while.. we don't know what you've done, what errors you've got, etc. this may help http://rurounijones.github.io/blog/2009/03/17/how-to-ask-for-help-on-irc/20:06
* IaMnEwHeRe thinks there is a troll afot20:07
timvisherI have 2 for the most part identical Ubuntu 16.04 servers. On one I can install the nginx repositories and install `apt-get -qq 'nginx=1.10.2-1~xenial'` fine following the instructions here (https://www.nginx.com/resources/wiki/start/topics/tutorials/install/). On the other I get the error `E: There were unauthenticated packages and -y was used without --allow-unauthenticated`. Does anyone have any tips about what to look at while20:16
timvisherdebugging that?20:16
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
leftyfbtimvisher: from what I can tell, only 1.10.3 is available in 16.0420:18
renn0xtk9I don't manage to get any udev rules to work . This one for instance https://pastebin.com/JEpmEdBz is aimed to writing a date in to a file when mu keyboard is plugged but does not work20:20
renn0xtk9what am I doing wrong20:20
timvisherleftyfb: Interesting. On both boxes it looks available to me. https://gist.github.com/timvisher/1b9dc5613268b2870ce994f56af00bbf20:22
leftyfbtimvisher: sorry, but we cannot support 3rd party repositories here (nginx.org)20:23
leftyfbtimvisher: I would recommend removing those repos and installing 1.10.3 from the official Ubuntu repo20:23
indoorcatIaMnEwHeRe i'm not a troll, stop being an ass20:24
indoorcati need my printer working20:24
timvisherleftyfb: Got it. Thank you. :)20:24
ioriarenn0xtk9,    try   ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="usb_device", SYSFS{idVendor}=="045e", SYSFS{idProduct}=="074b", RUN+="/bin/date >/home/max/test.txt"20:26
renn0xtk9ioria: hmm still did not work20:28
* IaMnEwHeRe puts on a hat20:29
indoorcatwhere would the ppd being after installing the driver?20:31
indoorcatcan somone help?20:31
ioriarenn0xtk9, let's try a generic one :    SUBSYSTEM=="input", SUBSYSTEMS=="usb"  ,  ACTION=="add",  RUN+="/bin/date >/home/max/test.txt"20:35
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renn0xtk9ioria: still nothing20:37
indoorcathttps://ibb.co/XWZfGw5 there is my locked ppd folder with 0 items in the folder, please help20:38
indoorcatneed printer to work please20:39
indoorcatcan someone help?20:39
indoorcatthe channel is pathetic20:40
indoorcatnobody helps20:40
leftyfb!patience | indoorcat20:41
ubottuindoorcat: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/20:41
ioriarenn0xtk9,    can you try to put the cmd in a script and call it from the udev rule ?20:42
leftyfbindoorcat: this channel is run by volunteers doing this on their free time.20:42
oerheksno clue what samsung driver/guide you follow, indoorcat20:51
oerheksthe latest is on https://www.bchemnet.com/suldr/index.html20:51
ph88my scanner manufacturer doesn't seem to offer driver downloads for linux. Is there any way i can make my scanner work under linux anyway ? https://plustek.com/in/products/flatbed-scanners/opticpro-a320/20:53
doug16kindoorcat, have you tried sudo ls ppd from that directory in terminal?20:54
IaMnEwHeReph88, no experience with scanners, BUT, you could try starting a VM and forward the USB-port to have the VM interface with it20:55
doug16kindoorcat, "locked" usually means you don't have permission, probably created by another user like root20:55
IaMnEwHeReinside the VM you will have to run windows, but it is rather complicated approach to get a scan20:55
doug16kindoorcat, do you want to remove the lock on it?20:56
pragmaticenigmaph88: Some scanners do not require drivers, typically scanner marked as TWAIN compatible will work with the SANE libraries without much trouble. Check out this link for more information and help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo20:57
likemindeadAnyone using F2FS as their file system with 19.10?20:58
likemindeadI've just got my first SSD & thinking about going with F2FS.20:58
pragmaticenigmalikemindead: For suggestions and polls, please ask your question in #ubuntu-offtopic20:58
tomreynph88: this scanner is "TWAIN Compliant" according to its specifications (on the page you linked to)20:59
IaMnEwHeRepragmaticenigma, didn't know the SANE stuff thx20:59
pragmaticenigmadang likemindead left already... was going to mention that ubuntu doesn't play nice with f2fs, selinux isn't compatible21:01
tomreynpragmaticenigma: try #xubuntu21:02
IaMnEwHeRewhy would you use a flash filesystem anyways? sounds like s.th. for mobile devices21:02
pragmaticenigmaIaMnEwHeRe: Flash memory is what is used in SSD drives, a flash filesystem is optimized to reduce wearing out the memory cells used to store data, and handles the file system journal more appropriately21:05
IaMnEwHeReyes but I never had issues with that and I ran full-disc-encryption on a laptop that is now 5 years old and it serves a friend of mine rather well21:06
IaMnEwHeRebut maybe it becomes an issue when dealing with servers21:07
IaMnEwHeRelooks like I missed a development and will do some reading on that, thx21:07
pragmaticenigmaIaMnEwHeRe: It's been resolved through other methods. TRIM helps a lot, and there are better approaches. f2fs looks to be about 6 years old and frequency of topics after Ubuntu 14.04 are almost nill21:08
IaMnEwHeReyaey looks like I missed the right development21:08
* IaMnEwHeRe relaxes in chair21:09
daxpeople keep asking about f2fs recently, i'm assuming some "zomg performance" blog brought it up or something21:10
IaMnEwHeRehow much performance do people need on their own machines? nothing is more performant than serving programms from ram-discs, *go discless* let's see when we see requests21:11
webstrandI've mounted a readonly filesystem on /var/www. Unfortunately, this blocks installation of packages that want to put files in that directory, such as nginx-common21:13
webstrandcp: cannot create regular file '/var/www/html/index.nginx-debian.html': Read-only file system21:13
webstrandIs there any way I can tell dpkg to ignore /var/www and never put anything there?21:13
TJ-webstrand: Sort of, if you know in advance what the target files will be, using dpkg-divert21:14
daxyou're probably better off mounting under /var/www/somethingelse/ and having your httpd look there instead of /var/www/21:14
webstrandIt's an application that I have no control over, it wants all of /var/www21:14
webstranddpkg-divert looks like it'll do what I need it to21:18
TJ-webstrand: best way would be to put an overlayfs in place to allow dpkg to succeed, then run a script over the overlay, e.g. "find topdir -type f | while read f; do dpkg-divert --divert /path/to/new/location/file --rename /path/to/original/location/file; done  "21:18
webstrandI'll have to check if the kernel has overlayfs, it's a container at the mercy of the host's kernel21:19
TJ-ahhh, containers would limit that in most cases21:20
TJ-webstrand: maybe some combination of dpkg --instdir=dir and/or --root=dir21:22
webstrandI'll take a look, thanks!21:22
webstrandThe kernel doesn't have overlayfs or unionfs21:23
TJ-webstrand: effectively you'd install using --instdir=/tmp/newpkg/  then copy all but the files in /tmp/newpk/var/www/ into the real root file-system21:23
TJ-webstrand: and the icing would be to *then* run the "find /tmp/newpkg/ -type f .... dpkg-divert ... " script on what remains21:24
IaMnEwHeRewebstrand TJ- then why does firejail work?21:24
IaMnEwHeRethere I have access to a FS and can write to it read from it and some parts not modify it21:24
webstrandit could be using system call filtering?21:25
webstrandWhich, in this scenario, would be like using a sledge to drive finishing nails21:25
IaMnEwHeRenope it reads in the manpages "mount filesystem overlay on top of the current filesystem...21:26
IaMnEwHeReOverlayFS support is required in LInux Kernel21:26
IaMnEwHeReOverlayFS was officially introduced in Linux Kernel Version 3.1821:26
IaMnEwHeReso what version of linux u running?21:27
TJ-firejail is SUID and requires access to core kernel seccomp/bpf/cgroup/namespace facilities21:28
IaMnEwHeReyes, so, there is an application he has no controle over using /var/www, to me it looks like a valid case for a sandbox/container21:29
IaMnEwHeReor maybe I am missing s.th. I dunno anyways gotta go hope you get your problems sorted21:29
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parrotloverhey, is there a way to build ubuntu from source?22:02
parrotloverI don't want to use Gentoo because it's a rolling release distro22:03
parrotloverI want to build it for gen 9 xeon so it's super fast22:04
oerheksyou can, but will find not much gain against prebuild packages22:05
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)22:05
parrotloveroerheks, AVX512 which is only in xeon's, adds about 12% performance22:05
sarnoldoh man that sounds cool22:06
sarnoldI've wondered before what it would look like to do an ubuntu rebuild aimed at newer processors22:07
TJ-parrotlover: for applications that can take advantage of the extension, and wider registers22:07
oerhekscosmic and higher? https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libmkl-avx51222:07
parrotloverI am going to have custom ubuntu with native optimizations, the question really is do I need to apt-get source/apt-get build-dep every package I need or can I automate it22:09
sarnoldparrotlover: we've certainly got tooling in place to do large transitions by rebuilding the whoile archive with eg new toolchain or toolchain options, with output like https://people.canonical.com/~doko/ftbfs-report/test-rebuild-20190614-eoan.html22:11
sarnoldparrotlover: but those all are built around our build services22:11
parrotloveroh, cool22:11
sarnoldparrotlover: I'm not sure if this tooling is published anywhere, but even if it were, standing up enough buildfarm/launchpad to make it work would probably be quite an undertaking. a bit of scripting around sbuild / schroot / to rebuild eg gcc and then glibc and then go from there would probably be faster to do by hand..22:12
gbellinozhas anybody successfully used CUPS from a client machine *without* cupsd running? SO answer claims that you can just set up /etc/cups/client.conf (tomreyn this is towards setting CUPS up "properly" so I can upgrade it without fear, yesterday's convo).22:12
TJ-parrotlover: you realise that when you enable using AVX512 heavily, the CPU looses the ability to do much turbo-boost of the clocks and can end up being much slower overall?22:16
parrotloveryes, but the turbo boost on this cpu is only 500mhz22:17
sarnoldis that a problem in the clear linux community?22:17
parrotloverI just need AVX512 for 512bit floating points22:18
parrotloverright now I use them in software which is way slower than losing turbo22:19
parrotlovermost of my performance bottlenecking is CUDA22:20
sarnoldparrotlover: hmm.. if you're doing floating point ops in those things, would you even want eg glibc to use those same registers for memcpy and memcmp and the like? if every process is stomping on them, would your floating point ops benefit or suffer?22:21
parrotloversarnold, well right now it takes over 500 clock cycles to do one operation on 512 bit float22:23
parrotloverso i think it will be of benefit22:24
sarnoldparrotlover: hmm... did you compile *your* code with avx-512 support?22:26
parrotloversarnold, I don't have this set up yet22:27
parrotloverI also don't have the hardware yet, because at this level of system you can't just buy the parts from newegg or amazon22:28
parrotloveractually... I'm going to compare gentoo to ubuntu on my old supercomputer22:28
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JawshOk im getting frustrated22:50
Jawshwho has experience with Hetzner22:50
disidoes  a module on PYTHONPATH take precedence over one in site-packages?22:53
disiugh, wrong chan sry22:53
oerheksJawsh, in #hetzner maybe?22:54
aleksandrdvorkinhi can someone tell me why cannt i pair my wirless bluetooth headphone the Blootooth in settings says Plugn in a dongle to use Bluetooth my wireless headphones didnt come with dongle23:02
aleksandrdvorkinits a Macbook 2017 running virtualbox Ubuntu19-10 and it has bluetooth spe headphones paird in MacOS23:03
sarnoldare you sure your computer has bluetooth?23:03
aleksandrdvorkinthey paired and connected on the same Macbook on its native OS23:03
jeremy31aleksandrdvorkin: post URL from terminal for   (lsusb && dmesg | grep -i 'blue|firm') | nc termbin.com 999923:04
sarnoldso... you want to pair the headphones in an ubuntu guest but an os x host is already using the controller?23:04
aleksandrdvorkini can unpair them in MacOS23:04
aleksandrdvorkinit that will help23:05
jeremy31aleksandrdvorkin: If you have Broadcom wifi, the bluetooth likely needs firmware23:05
aleksandrdvorkinjeremy31 i am not sure which wifi i have23:06
aleksandrdvorkinhow can i check23:06
jeremy31aleksandrdvorkin: post URL from terminal for   (lsusb && dmesg | grep -i 'blue|firm') | nc termbin.com 999923:06
sarnoldaleksandrdvorkin: you'll probably need to find some way to do a hardware passthrough of your device in virtualbox so that linux can manage it entirely; this may or may not be possible, it might be worth talking with virtualbox support folks about it23:07
aleksandrdvorkinjeremy31 ok23:09
pragmaticenigmaaleksandrdvorkin: The issue is not ubuntu, but the VM manager that you are using. Make sure you read the documentation and find out how to set up your host OS (MacOS) to playback the sound generated from the VM.23:10
StrontiumMy laptop has been running an encrypted ZFS root drive on Ubuntu for years.  Yesterday I upgraded from 18.10 to 19.04 without any major issues and was able to reboot and use the system fine.  I then immediately upgraded again to 19.10 and now i get errors with grub complaining it can't 'get canonical path of' my root pool.23:11
StrontiumWhich caused the kernel, grub and freindly-recovery to fail to install properly.23:12
StrontiumMy fear now is, if i reboot this system it will be dead.  So what changed between 19.04 and 19.10?  What do i do to allow grub to probe my root pool properly?  My pool is on an encrypted LUKS volume.23:13
pragmaticenigmaaleksandrdvorkin: You will not see the bluetooth headphones listed in Ubuntu, that requires a whole extra level of complexity. Make sure that Ubuntu has a sound device, you can check through the control panel under the sound settings icon23:13
pragmaticenigmaaleksandrdvorkin: The sound device will depend on the VM software and its ability to tell Ubuntu it has sound capability. For help with the sound settings of the VM you will need to contact the support channels for the VM software you are using.23:15
aleksandrdvorkinjeremy31 here you go23:16
StrontiumOuch, it looks like the Upgrade just removed zfs from my install.  Gee thats freaking hostile.  I just tried to run zpool and nope, its not there.  It was there before the upgrade.23:16
jeremy31aleksandrdvorkin: post termbin URL23:16
aleksandrdvorkinthats worng23:17
jeremy31aleksandrdvorkin:  you might have to enable USB passthrough if you are using Ubuntu in a VM23:18
aleksandrdvorkinjeremy31 how23:19
FurretUberIs there a recommended procedure for an (X/L/etc)Ubuntu 18.04 desktop install that uses less than 3 GB of storage space?23:20
sarnoldStrontium: ugh :( can you file a bug report on do-release-upgrade?23:20
Strontiumsarnold: sure can, my immediate concern however, is getting back to a bootable state.23:21
sarnoldStrontium: is the machine running? pool mounted?23:22
sarnoldhmm.. new kernel or old kernel?23:22
Strontiumsarnold: Linux version 5.0.0-32-generic23:23
Strontiumits the kernel from 19.04 now, because I haven't rebooted since doing do-release-upgrade23:23
sarnoldStrontium: good choice23:23
sarnoldStrontium: is zfs in lsmod output?23:24
Strontiumi just did sudo apt install zfsutils-linux zfs-initramfs zfs-zed and that got me the zpool command back.  Grub no longer complains, the only complaint I get now is from cryptsetup making the initramfs23:24
Strontiumsarnold: yes zfs is in lsmod23:25
sarnoldStrontium: ah nice then you're way ahead of me :)23:25
aleksandrdvorkinwell audio works fine with wired headphones23:26
Strontiumsarnold: I have seen cryptsetup complaints before, because my drives are LUKS encrypted.  Ubuntu changed something in 18.10 that caused that situation to lead to no LUKS support in the initramfs.23:27
jeremy31aleksandrdvorkin: I don't use VM's at all,  but I have read about allowing a guest OS to have control of USB devices23:27
Strontiumso i just need to confirm the initramfs has luks support in it, and I "should" be ok.23:28
sarnoldStrontium: hmm. I see *warnings* from .. cryptsetup? something similar, every time initrds are rebuild.. and rlaager's guide says to ignore those warnings..23:28
TJ-Strontium: is /boot/ in the LUKS container? if so, is it using LUKS v2 or v1 ?23:28
sarnoldStrontium: (I'm still on disco, not eoan)23:28
Strontiumsarnold: TJ-: My /boot is unencrypted ext423:29
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Vashyhi all, is there an easy way to downgrade a version for an application installed through apt? I have brave-browser installed at the newest version but it's crashing constantly - I want to see if it was the version update that's causing it by downgrading23:29
TJ-Strontium: what is the error cryptsetup reports?23:29
sarnoldVashy: apt policy should show you the versions available, and apt install packanem=specific-version-number should do the job23:30
Strontiumupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.3.0-19-generic23:30
Strontiumcryptsetup: ERROR: Couldn't resolve device ge40-ssd-pool/ROOT/ubuntu23:30
Strontiumcryptsetup: WARNING: Couldn't determine root device23:30
TJ-Strontium: ahhh, that narrows it down23:31
Vashysarnold, what's the command to find available versions? I tried `apt search brave-browser` but it just shows the newest version23:31
StrontiumIt seems like its a warning I can ignore, and it also isn't updating my current kernels initramfs, so in theory I should be able to fall back to 5.0 if it fails to boot.23:31
Vashythe -a flag it seems23:31
sarnoldVashy: apt policy brave-browser perhaps?>23:32
TJ-Strontium: the error will originate from /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptroot --- reviewing that shell script might and matching the error texts might help you pinpoint the issue (and find/report a bug)23:33
sarnoldStrontium: "WARNING: Couldn't determine root device"  is probably expected; the other looks very troubling23:33
Vashycool that worked sarnold thanks for the help!23:33
sarnoldVashy: nice23:34
Strontiumsarnold: I agree it looks troubling, LUKS and ZFS works well together, but the supporting tools get confused.23:37
indoorcatwhat program do you use in ubuntu to make bootable usb sticks? none of mine are being read by my computer, like if I hook up my external disk drive and hit f12 while booting I have the option to boot from the disk drive or the usb or whatever, the one i made using window with rufus , for usb, it worked but none of mine are being read23:42
indoorcatis there a program to make bootable usb drives in ubuntu?23:42
sarnoldI always use dd, but then I'm always writing iso images that were intended to work on usb sticks to them23:43
parrotloverindoorcat, unetbootin, and you can even use it (ubuntu only feature) to make filesystem changes persistant by giving it a partition for file changes and additions23:43
parrotloverunetbootin is the tits23:43
oerheksunebootin is not our best suggestion, rufus, or mkusb, depends on what os you prepare the usb23:47
Strontiumsarnold: ok, i just ls'd the contents of the 5.0 and 5.3 initramfs.  They both have my crypttab in them, and cryptsetup, etc.  So it appears the warning and error are just scary noise.  The only way to know for sure is try and reboot.23:48
StrontiumWhich i will do now.23:49
StrontiumAssuming that works, i will come back and then file that bug report about do-release-upgrade23:49
sarnoldman he's been gone for a while :(23:52
tme520Hi folks23:52
sarnoldStrontium: woo, I was getting worried23:52
sarnoldhow'd it go?23:53
sarnoldhi tme52023:53
Strontiumsarnold: no problem.  Much faster reboot too it seems.23:53
StrontiumJust a scarry warning.  The issue was the do-release-upgrade uninstalled my zfs user land for some reason.23:53
Strontiumapt installing it after the do-release-upgrade and before a reboot fixed it23:54
Strontiumwill file a bug report now, just in case someone else gets the same issue down the road.23:54
sarnoldthank you thank you :)23:54
Strontiumsarnold: thanks for the help.23:54
sarnoldStrontium: heh, you were way ahead of me, hehe23:55
sarnoldit was all you..23:55
Strontiumsarnold: maybe, but having someone to talk it through with is very very helpful.23:55
sarnoldso true23:56
sarnoldif apt would have installed a userland that couldn't talk to the kernel implementation through /dev/zfs whatever the interface is... that would have been a real annoyance to deal with..23:57
sarnoldthe 0.7.x vs 0.8.x different had me worried23:57
Strontiumsarnold: yes, that would have.  At that point though I would have made a bootable USB and done it with a chroot.23:58
StrontiumI have had to do that dance before.23:58
sarnoldoof rather23:58
sarnoldI sure hope the zfs in root in the installer means these kinds of things will eventually be much less pressing23:58
sarnoldor surprising23:58
sarnoldI can't english any more ;)23:58
StrontiumZFS is awesome, i have used it for years now.  Its great that its getting official love in ubuntu now.23:59
Strontiumsarnold: yes me too.  I just need to remeber to do snapshots before upgrading :)23:59
sarnoldI've used it for data for a few years, but zfs on root is really new for me23:59

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