Robert74What is the most appropriate way to run a 32-bit application on a 64-bit-Ubuntu?00:04
tomreynRobert74: if you're referring to ix86/x86_64 platforms then the easiest way would be to use a release which supports all the dependencies your software has. the amount of available i386 packages and libraries decreased with ubuntu 19.10.00:12
pragmaticenigmaRobert74, What application are you trying to run?00:13
Robert74Does that mean there's no way to run an i386-app if it doesn't have the needed dependencies in the package list?00:13
pragmaticenigmaRobert74, It would help to know what the application you are trying to run is?00:14
Robert74I'm trying to run FreeArc and to install GuitarPro...00:14
Robert74I've tried to install dependencies for FreeArc, here is the output... https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sNjfFNYB2g/00:14
tomreynRobert74: i have a feeling we discussed this same topic the other day, am i wrong?00:14
Robert74Oh, really, we did00:14
tomreynso what's different now that you're asking again?00:15
Robert74I dunno, but I feel ashamed a bit00:15
tomreyngood, i don't lkike to repeat myself. ;-P but keep asking if you haven't found your answers, yet00:16
tomreynRobert74: for reference, here's our past chat from #xubuntu: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Hdtr74YPGQ/00:19
Robert74yeah... I've heard about Docker but I don't know how it works... I don't know how works snapd as well... but it gives me hope even if I received the answer00:20
ubottuLXD is a tool for more easily managing !lxc containers. https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/lxd.html and https://linuxcontainers.org/00:21
ubottuLXC containers can be used to run isolated Linux systems with less overhead than a VM. https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/lxc.html and https://linuxcontainers.org/00:21
tomreyn^ better than docker IMO00:22
Robert74oh, thank you, I'll check it out00:22
ubottuSnaps are containerised software packages similar to flatpaks or appimage. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io00:22
zzzoCan I manually remove an entry from /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow? I have 2 users with the same name, but different ids. I don't see a way to delete a user by uid alone.. Any ideas? REF: https://paste.ee/p/4wkfr00:35
rfm_zzzo, the "vipw" command is for editing /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow safely00:37
zzzoahh, yeah of course. Thanks, rfm_.00:38
tripelbI have an hp laptop with raytheon wifi hardware and 18.04. i need to replace the wifo drovera. My google-fu has fled. Thus I am asking  HLEP M3!!00:40
tripelbLink me or give me search terms.00:40
tomreynwhat's a "wifo drovera"?00:41
LaurentDumontGoogling your HP model and "wifi drivers ubuntu 18.04" is probably a good first bet.00:42
LaurentDumontIf you have a common model, someone probably has done the work.00:42
tomreynadd "linux OR debian OR ubuntu"00:42
LaurentDumontI think there is a generic iwl-wifi driver that covers a large amount wifi chips.00:43
LaurentDumontBut it's worth checking around first.00:43
tomreyndo you know the PCI vendor and device id, as printed in suqare brackets by    lspci -nn | grep -i net    ?00:43
tomreyn* square00:43
tomreyntripelb: last time you asked the same question, you didn't respond to replies and requests for further information. will it differ today?00:45
CoJaBoIs there anyway to fix permissions without clobbering mtime?00:46
CoJaBoI'm even having issues with MOVING files changing mtime; is that even supposed to happen? :/00:46
CoJaBoI think I just need a general way to backup and restore mtimes; is there a way to do such a thing?00:46
tomreynthere is tie of last access, time of data change, time of status change. moving files around should not change data00:48
tomreyn* tiMe of00:48
tomreynyou can manually set the time of data change using touch -t.00:49
tomreynsee also touch(1) about -t and --time00:50
tomreyngenerally, when doing file operations such as copying and moving as the root user you'll prevent changing modification time. but many of those commands also provide options to keep them unmodified.00:51
CoJaBotomreyn: I have over a million files to migrate; I need a way to do this en masse00:53
tomreyne.g.    cp -p    or    cp --preserve=timestamps   or    rsync -t   or    rsync --times00:54
CoJaBoThe mtime changes sometimes when moving files even when using rsync with the -a option00:54
tomreynwhich file systems are you moving on / across?00:54
CoJaBoI can defer moving them for now, but the permissions are effed, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to fix that without nuking the mtimes00:55
CoJaBotomreyn: tmpfs, sshfs, zfs, ext3, ext4, and ntfs00:55
tomreynwell, the move between which of these introduces the timestamp change? and which commands and options are you using when moving?00:56
CoJaBoI've tried mv, cp, tar, and rsync; there doesn't seem to be a clear pattern about when mtimes will change and when they won't00:57
CoJaBoThe most urgent issue is the permissions00:57
tomreynokay, name one example command line which caused a permission change00:58
CoJaBomv folder /mnt/newdrive/00:58
CoJaBoNot permission change, but mtime change00:58
tomreynyou just said "The most urgent issue is the permissions"00:59
CoJaBoI also need to change the permissions without changing mtime00:59
CoJaBoThe program that manages this files cares a LOT about mtimes00:59
CoJaBoI will probably hit issues with mtime resolution at some point, but for now I just need to change permissions without setting mtime to the current time01:00
CoJaBoI may just have to run everything as root again, but I was really, really not wanting to do that :/01:03
tomreynchanging permissions means changing the files status timestamp, but not changing the files modification timestamp.01:03
CoJaBoMaybe I can't change that either01:04
CoJaBoOr maybe it's that instead of mtime it's using; I don't really know for sure :/01:04
tomreynmake sure you know what you're targetting first of all.01:05
tomreyntry experimenting on a file system which supports unix ACLs first of all, such as (by default) /tmp01:06
CoJaBoIs there a way to set the "files status timestamp" to a specific value?01:06
tomreyni already told you, see above.01:06
CoJaBoI missed it I think; which command was it?01:06
CoJaBoWhat option of touch?01:07
tomreynis your irc client unable to scroll then?01:07
CoJaBotomreyn: I do not see anything but touch -t suggested, nor anything in the manpage saying anything about this01:09
CoJaBoI think it it ctime I need to preserve. Tho I can't verify this without a way to set ctime to some value and see what happens01:12
CoJaBoLooks like it is indeed ctime. Well that sucks :/01:16
CoJaBoLooks like the only way to change that is to set the system time, which seems insane..01:17
pragmaticenigmaCoJaBo, If you are looking to move files around while preserving all their attributes, you should maybe look at rsync.01:21
OerHeksnot sure why  -p same as --preserve=mode,ownership,timestamps would change mtime, or ctime..01:21
tomreynit wouldn't01:21
tomreyntar, or preserving attributes with option flags generally works.01:22
OerHeksit must be something funny like from a fat32 partition or something01:22
pragmaticenigmadifferent file system would make sense why the attributes aren't preserved. but I use rsync all the time between a ext4 and fat32 drive. I can preserve them that way... I don't know about mv or cp01:23
ritchie77is there any server related channels ?01:24
pragmaticenigmaritchie77, #ubuntu-server ... or ask your question here and perhaps someone might have a more specific channel to direct you towards if they can't answer it here01:25
tripelbtomreyn: i am sorry. I used a phone and aomething distracted me last time. I had the list of commands on a card. As you remember I chocked on the last one.  --- I will include my hp model. That may be the missing link. Thanks LaurentDumont01:25
ritchie77hey thanks a lot :01:26
tripelbNow I am using an irc client that will do loga01:26
ritchie77so my question is : i have a little problem during 18.04 installation - its a simple LAMP server with php 7.4  and apache201:27
ritchie77all is done according to some guides i found online01:27
ritchie77idk if i can post urls here01:27
ritchie77but the point is : on my "server laptop" i can reach my localhost by domain01:27
ritchie77and by ip01:28
ritchie77but i cant reach from my windows mashine by domain (only by ip)01:28
ritchie77is there anything i missed ?01:28
ritchie77hosts are edited01:28
tomreyn!irclogs | tripelb: not striclty needed01:29
ubottutripelb: not striclty needed: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/01:29
ritchie77static ip is set up (also into the router assigment)01:29
ritchie77any advices?01:30
pragmaticenigmaritchie77, did you enable the firewall to allow connections to port 80 on your laptop?01:30
rfm_ritchie77 said they could get from windows->server if they used ip, so it can't be firewall01:31
ritchie77i can access it by ip01:32
tomreynright, it has to be a resolver issue01:32
rfm_ritchie77, did you edit the host file on the windows box (not that I remember where windows keeps it..._01:32
ritchie77no sir rfm_01:32
ritchie77should i ? :D01:32
CoJaBopragmaticenigma: It turns out ctime is super low level, and can only be changed with debugfs01:34
CoJaBoSo this is going to suck. A lot :/01:35
tomreynritchie77: if you want the http client (on windows) to send http requests which contain the hostname which apache httpd on ubuntu has a "servername" for then you will need to make the OS the http client runs on be able to resolve this same hostname to the ubuntu systems' ip address.01:35
ritchie77i dont get the whole situation at this moment01:37
ritchie77thank for your answers btw01:38
ritchie77im editing hosts on the windows mashine atm01:38
ritchie77but i dont even get why its not "autovisible"01:38
ritchie77i will not be able to access to this server from my phone "local wifi" for example?01:39
ritchie77i dont get how it works.01:39
tomreyndepends on how you configured your network(s), we don't really know01:39
ritchie77are you guys discord users?01:40
tomreynwe are irc users01:40
ritchie77oki doki01:40
ritchie77so i just followed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrLAx27Npns01:41
ritchie77and i stopper on php install . : thats enought for me01:42
ritchie77my conf :01:44
ritchie77<VirtualHost *:80>ServerName www.bitchie.comServerAdmin admin@bitchie.comDocumentRoot /var/www/bitchieErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/error.logCustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/access.log combined</VirtualHost># vim: syntax=apache ts=4 sw=4 sts=4 sr noet01:44
ritchie77my hosts :01:44
ritchie77127.0.0.1 localhost192.168.1.77 bitchie.com127.0.1.1 homelan# The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts::1     ip6-localhost ip6-loopbackfe00::0 ip6-localnetff00::0 ip6-mcastprefixff02::1 ip6-allnodesff02::2 ip6-allrouters01:44
ritchie77my server has a static ip pointing to
ritchie77and i have this rule set up on my router01:45
ritchie77im getting creazy bois , i swear01:46
lotuspsychje!paste | ritchie7701:49
ubotturitchie77: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:49
ritchie77oh sorry01:49
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ritchie77so , nothing to do here01:55
ritchie77thnx for an effort bois01:55
lotuspsychjepatience ritchie7701:56
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roliacolehow do i find the name of the pkg that installed ssh file02:23
ducasseroliacole: dpkg -S /path/to/file02:26
qihI downloaded & installed the latest Ubuntu Desktop 19.10, what is it called?03:25
qihI had Lubuntu Latest but wanted the full functionality of the 'real' Ubuntu but I am having some sound oddities.03:25
roliacoleducasse: thx but i can't ssh because server on pc has ufw installed blocking connections03:33
roliacoleis there a guide for ssh over lan on ufw doing bad things to block03:33
roliacoleufw unblock port 22 what's the command03:33
Robert74What can go wrong if I just installed only one package (libgmp3c2:i386) from the package list of Ubuntu 12.04?03:43
Robert74What might be the worst thing?03:43
tomreynmixing packages from different releases (especially !EOL ones) is not supported here. some reasons: high probability of package dependency conflicts (i.e. broken apt), introducing security vulnerabilities.03:50
tomreynif you're lucky, "it doesn't work", if you're less lucky, "it works" and you get motivated to continue using it.03:52
Robert74If apt didn't show any errors and everything works fine (even FreeArc works at last because of libgmp3c2:i386) then... does it mean I might suffer ONLY from security vulnerabilities?03:52
pragmaticenigmaRobert74, it's hard to know what can happen. Most notibly is that if the 12.04 server your using is shut down, apt will likely encounter issues. When you're leveraging an end-of-life server, you're not only unable to receive support here, but you are at risk for an instable system.03:56
pragmaticenigmaRobert74, What is FreeArc... because the references that I see for it refer to a file compression tool.03:56
Robert74It is a file compression tool.03:56
pragmaticenigmawhy are you trying to instal it from 12.04 server?03:57
pragmaticenigmaRobert74, What purpose do you need it for?03:57
Robert74because it was not present on the present-day package lists03:57
Robert74It is considered the best compression tool nowadays that is why I needed it03:58
pragmaticenigmaRobert74, There is a reason for that... it's no longer maintained or developed. So it is not considered the best compression tool. That would be your own opinion.03:59
Robert74no, there are some researchs, like here: maximumcompression.com; the authors of this site compared lots of compression tools, so... FreeArc performed better than WinRAR, for example.04:00
pragmaticenigmaRobert74, That site was last updated in 2011... almost a decade ago04:01
Robert74anyway... I tried it on my own, I compared it packing my project (2,79 GB) and *.ZIP was 2,47 GB, *.7Z was 1,86 GB, but *.ARC was 0,98 and it had been packed two times faster than 7zip...04:04
pragmaticenigmaRobert74, Understand that from here on in, you've been told it's not supported, and continuing to run it is at your own risk. Also, based on the project home page several issues exist with FreeArc that will remain unresolved. Including memory heap overflows, a serious memory leak, and an off-by-one error leading to data corruption.04:08
pragmaticenigmaRobert74, I would encourage you to consider doing some new research and find a tool that meets your needs better. If only because the performance of more contemporary compressors can make use of the multithreaded/multiprocessor environments of newer CPUs.04:09
parakovsky_any scenarios where I can't expand system partition? I've booted from USB and I can see unallocated space but I can't expand system partition anyways.04:30
Bashing-omparakovsky_: What file system partitioning? One can not mess with an "extended" partition until its logical partions are deleted.04:32
parakovsky_Bashing-om: ext404:33
parakovsky_Bashing-om: it's just that google said that it's possible to extend system partition but apparently it's not always the case04:34
parakovsky_Bashing-om: file system partition is the one Ubuntu installed on for example04:34
Bashing-omparakovsky_: Show in a paste bin site ' sudo parted -l ' so we see what you are working with.04:34
parakovsky_Bashing-om: https://0bin.net/paste/Wsn7uD-gpMkHW3+G#NOfKGodlhD2eM9yG9rk3AknheHkRuGrVKAXs1P7P1xs04:35
LaurentDumontI don't think that "system partition" is a thing though. You should be able to change most partitions sizes.04:35
parakovsky_I am interested in expanding from 120 GB drive.04:35
parakovsky_It's the one system installed at04:35
parakovsky_Currently Ubuntu occupies only half of it04:36
parakovsky_The rest is unallocated04:36
LaurentDumontYour Grub is 60GB?04:36
parakovsky_No it's not04:36
parakovsky_it's 1 mb04:36
LaurentDumontAh, I see.04:36
LaurentDumontI'm not too sure in that case. You have your swap taking the beginning of your drive, then free space between the swap and the grub04:37
parakovsky_yeah I think that's that04:37
parakovsky_what can I do about it?04:37
LaurentDumontI'm not familiar enough with disk operations of that kind from the CMD line.04:39
LaurentDumontBut Gparted from a live CD should let you move the partitions around04:40
LaurentDumontSo that way you could have your grub, swap, and extend the / from the rest.04:40
parakovsky_It's not I've tried.04:40
LaurentDumontIn that case, sorry I'm not too sure myself.04:42
LaurentDumontIf Gparted can't, maybe CLI could?04:42
LaurentDumontBut that's probably what gparted does in the background so I'm a bit surprised.04:42
tomreynparakovsky_: i would also expect gparted to be able to handle this. you'd need to move the bios_grub partition (sda2) to the start of the unallocated space (after partition 1) first, then resize the ext4 partition (sda3) to maximum size (towards the front).04:49
tomreynparakovsky_: if i had to do so on a temrinal i'd probably remove partition2 (the bios-grub partition) and re-create it  with the same size right after the swap partition, then re-run grub.install /dev/sda. then boot the system from a live iso and delete partition 3 on what used to be sda. and recreate it as starting from behind the bios_grub one, then resize the file system on it. but i'm not sure the last step would really work since i'm not04:55
tomreynsure it would still find the file system. all of this needs to be done while none of these file systems are mounted.04:55
tomreyn...and only after  ensuring your backups are complete and recent and restorable.04:55
parakovsky_that's too hard04:59
parakovsky_so the problem is the sequence, ok I got it.05:00
fullstackanyone ever use AutoKey AutoKey-gtk? When I setup a key it just freezes my keyboard05:38
tripelbRe vlc in 18.04 o puy on a library disc.. open disc and I get a chose_ language screen and there is not more. Any ideas?05:41
FaTaL_Ghello! I what I hope is a simple question. "resolv.conf" for ubuntu (I'm running 18.04); where should it be located? I have an NXDOMAIN error I googled, and I'm reading a number of answers that indicate /etc/resolv.conf should be a symlink (but it isn't), and that it should symlink to /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf; then others said DO NOT do that, it bypasses the kernel checking of domains......06:01
ryuo... kernel checking of domains? since when does the kernel act as a DNS server?06:04
FaTaL_Gwell, using resolv06:04
FaTaL_Gryuo, heres the q&a that got me looking and wondering, and even moreso, why on earth do I have 3 resolv.conf's that were all edited today (*not by me*):  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1058750/new-alert-keeps-showing-up-server-returned-error-nxdomain-mitigating-potential06:05
jayjoive been having bluetooth problems, now I have a new pair of headphones (so I know they work) that I'm unable to connect to my ubuntu machine, but I know it works (via other devices). lsusb gives me `Broadcom Corp. BCM20702A0 Bluetooth 4.0` . Do I need additional drivers to get this working correctly? Ubuntu 19.1006:05
jayjonothing in dmesg though06:06
FaTaL_Gthe accepted answer, has a comment stating its not the right answer, and then another poster noted not to make the change, (hermann klein's post), which is what got me wondering.... why I have more than one "active" resolv.conf06:07
tomreynread systemd-resolved(8).06:09
amazoniantoadCan someone help me try and get my wifi working on my laptop? Fresh install. I tried dropping a driver file in /lib/firmware and rebooting but it didn't work. Currently using an external wifi module06:11
tomreynjayjo: if you'd like to inspect this from a temrinal (so as to get proper warnings / error messages), you may want to use the hcitool and hciconfig commands (package "bluez") as well as the bt-device and bt-audio commands (package "bluez-tools")06:14
tomreyni'm afraid that's pretty much all i know about bluetooth.06:14
FaTaL_Gtomreyn,ryuo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/d6C9HNwTSd/   ... understood, but why would they all be edited at different times all today?06:14
tomreynamazoniantoad: identify the PCI ID first of all.  lspci -knn | grep -EA3 '(Network|Ethernet) controller' | nc termbin.com 999906:15
FaTaL_Gthats what raised an eye and got me wondering. Maybe via apt-get update / upgrade etc it touched them. I'll have to look again on a reboot.06:15
amazoniantoadtomreyn, https://termbin.com/nekmw06:16
tomreynFaTaL_G: you have or had installed the "resolvconf" package, i guess, mabye this added to it.06:18
tomreynamazoniantoad: which ubuntu versio is this?   lsb_release -ds06:19
FaTaL_Gthanks tomreyn. It makes sense06:19
amazoniantoadtomreyn, Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS06:20
tomreynamazoniantoad: so you run the HWE kernel, i.e.     unamr -r     reports somethign about 5.0.0-37?06:22
Orcs53Hi guys! I have a question is anyone is available. Cheers06:22
tomreyn* uname -r06:22
amazoniantoadtomreyn, yes06:23
tomreynamazoniantoad: can you     sudo apt update && sudo apt install linux-generic-hwe-18.04-edge && sudo update-pciids     and reboot?06:24
Orcs53I am trying to setup a remote desktop solution on Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS, I have tried Gnome's inbuilt VNC option with no success, I have also tried TigerVNC again with no success. I plan to connect using RealVNC on Android, and do this via SSH port forwarding. I am seeking any advice on good solutions on how to setup a remote desktop to phone06:24
Orcs53solution. Also, the use of VNC is not necessary, it is the first thing that came to mind, and I am open to other options.06:24
amazoniantoadtomreyn, I'll reboot when this gets done installing and come back and contact you06:25
tomreynamazoniantoad: this would get you kernel 5.3 (5.1 is needed for the Intel "Killer" Wifi), and update your PCI device ionformation (just for convenience)06:25
amazoniantoadOh I see06:25
amazoniantoadSo my kernel was too old06:25
Orcs53The problem I faced using Gnome's inbuilt VNC is when connecting from the RealVNC app an error prompt along the lines of authentication option unavailable. In the case of TigerVNC, any remote connections caused the systemd service to crash.06:26
amazoniantoadtomreyn, rebooting now06:27
Orcs53I am keen to setup a solution which starts a boot and doesn't require any intervention on the server PC for a client to connect. Any advice would be appreciated!06:28
amazoniantoadtomreyn, it's working now, thanks06:28
tomreynamazoniantoad: very well, you're welcome. this must be a rather new computer, so you may want to go over the warnings and errors reported by    journalctl -b -p306:31
FaTaL_Gtomreyn, I think my question just got trickier. Granted, this system used to be 14, 16, etc. Its not a "clean install of 18" I built it as a router. so I have indeed installed resolvconf, but reading these posts, it says resolvconf is only needed/used for "older" setups and newer Ubuntu uses stub-resolv.conf..... Can you direct me to any explanation on the need for one over the other?06:32
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tomreynOrcs53: vnc would be the default solution, i'd say, but i haven't done it on 18.04 myself, especially not with this epcific android client. another option would be to give x2go a try.06:33
FaTaL_GIm just trying to ensure it doesn't have a dependency to networkmanager (since I dont use it)... I'll keep googling06:34
Orcs53tomreyn, Thanks for your response. I agree, VNC is the ideal solution for me, due to the abundance of cross-platform clients. But, as noted, I am having issues getting a solution working.06:37
tomreynFaTaL_G: i couldn't point you to such a writeup, but i would also suggest not to use resolvconf but to use systemd-networkd, i.e. have the symlink at /etc/resolv.conf point to ../run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf and optionally use netplan for network confguration (rendering the systemd-networkd configuration)06:37
tomreynOrcs53: There are cross platform client and server implementations for VNC (as there are for x2go). the difficulties you may face with vnc are usually around requring a password prompt (not all implementations support it, and you may not actually need it on the server side if you have a single human user on this computer and are connecting through SSH anyways, allowing VNC access to localhost only.06:40
tomreyndifferent VNC (RFB) protocol versions can also pose problems.06:41
tomreyni'm not sure this is relevant to you, so take it as an example: last time i needed to connect from a windows system to ubuntu running vino, i needed to disable the password prompt on the vino server (using "vino-preferences") and needed to use tighvnc-viewer on the windows system.06:43
tomreynthis is years ago, though06:43
FaTaL_Gtomreyn, I'll give it a whack.... I do use BIND, so this wiki seems to imply BIND needs resolvconf (although this is talking about openresolv 'subscribers')06:45
FaTaL_GIm not using netplan or network manager, just interfaces, bind, hostapd06:45
tomreynOrcs53: asctually that's wrong, what I needed to do was to actually set a password, since the tightvnc client would not be able to handle the "New connections must ask for access" login variant.06:46
tomreynFaTaL_G: you run bind on the computer itself?06:47
tomreynFaTaL_G: as a cache or authoritative?06:48
FaTaL_Gtomreyn, to intercept blacklisted names just to /dev/null known ad sites and bad hosts06:50
tomreynok, does it cache recursive lookups, though?06:51
FaTaL_Gfor the clients. Thus, the primary DNS. I dont want the clients to use external dns (like ISP or whatever)06:51
FaTaL_Gtomreyn, I'd have to say no. ugh, that would get ugly (data size and staleness wise)... I didn't set it up to cache06:52
FaTaL_Gtomreyn, so my clients (with default ipv4 setup and gettng "dhcp" addresses from the router, get a dns address of (which is the router... ubuntu)06:54
tomreynso then you *may* want to continue to use a local (dns client) cache. and have systemd-resolve query the local bind instance through that cache.06:54
FaTaL_Gso that machine is pretending to be authoritive (but its looking up all requests)06:54
tomreynyou may want it to do caching in this scenario from a privacy point of view.06:56
FaTaL_Ggood point06:56
FaTaL_Gugh... data06:56
tomreynanother option would be to look into these modern resolver options, DoH, DoT and dnscrypt.06:58
FaTaL_Gtomreyn, indeed. Yea, there's going to be a overhead hit... but hey... my i5 router with e1000 cards can handle it over the $400 arm linksys/netgear/2005-era procs :D07:14
FaTaL_Gof course it is NOT an #ubuntu question to answer (but if anyone has an opinion to share), I'll need to of course trust the dns provider (do I use verizon, google, free, or paid!)07:17
tomreynif you run a real cache yourself it'll talk to the authoritative NS itself, and should be able to talk to them via DNSSEC (most of the time) which means you don't need to trust intermediaries so much. if you prefer to just run a forwarding proxy you can pick whomever you trust the most. there are some lists of open and non censoring and (claiming to be) privacy friendly public dns caches out there.07:20
tomreynof the big ones, i think quad9 and cloudflare state they don't keep / share your data.07:21
FaTaL_Gcool. I'll look into itsome tomorrow. I'll reboot tonight and ensure the resolv is at least behaving ;) thanks for the guidance07:23
FaTaL_Gstill trying to fix that issue where I have to ifup after a reboot sometimes and thats been the case for a few years now. hahaha. I'll get there.07:24
tomreyngood luck, you're welcome. maybe look for more specific channels for more optinion (!alis may help)07:24
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"07:25
FaTaL_Glol, tired.....07:26
CarlFKhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/all/sidedoor/filelist  shows /etc/sidedoor/config  but I don't see that.  I may have deleted it.  how do I re-install so that it puts it in place?07:37
CarlFKsudo apt reinstall sidedoor - did stuff, but no config file07:39
CarlFKpurge.. install, now it is there.  good.07:42
Orcs53Ok, I think I have found the issue that is stopping from connecting from the VNC Android app, apparently the Gnome Screen Sharing program (i.e. Vino) has encryption enabled by default, which is unsupported by many clients. I have read that setting "gsettings set org.gnome.Vino require-encryption" to "false" will allow connections. I have set this08:00
Orcs53setting to "false", but it is not persistent, any ideas on how to make this change persistent through restarts?08:00
lotuspsychjeOrcs53: did you find the setting in dconf-editor?08:01
Orcs53lotuspsychje, I have been setting it via the command line, and haven't tried dconf-editor yet? Should I try it? Is changes in dconf editor persistent?08:02
lotuspsychjeOrcs53: i think you should try yeah08:03
Orcs53Is there anyway to set it using dconf on the command line? Or, must you use the editor?08:04
lotuspsychjeOrcs53: the way you described before is the cli way, gsettings set..08:06
ws2k3OerHeks:  ur around?08:24
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
lotuspsychjews2k3: is it going to be about 14.04?08:26
ws2k3lotuspsychje: hmm let me think about this realy hard. but since you ask it. no :D08:26
lotuspsychjejust ask your question into the channel then08:26
ws2k3i think ctrl is mappen to the windows key or vice versa. but how can i check if that is the case08:27
ws2k3lotuspsychje: 18.04.03 without kidding :D:D08:28
EriC^^ws2k3: "xmodmap -pke"08:29
EriC^^or type "xev" in a terminal and see what it says when you press the buttons08:29
ws2k3EriC^^:  what exacly should i be looking for?08:38
ws2k3EriC^^:  cause currently super + c does cansel stuff. but ctrl + c does not cansel stuff. so im not quite sure what going on now08:41
EriC^^ws2k3: xmodmap -pke | grep " 37"08:48
ws2k3EriC^^:  keycode  37 = Super_L NoSymbol Super_L08:49
EriC^^ws2k3: ah it seems ctrl is set to super08:54
EriC^^ws2k3: to confirm, type "xev" in a terminal, then hold ctrl, it should say keycode xxxx (Super_L) or ctrl_l08:55
EriC^^keycode is like the physical button id, and super_l or ctrl_l is what it's binded to08:56
ws2k3EriC^^: it seems super is mappen to ctrl and ctrl is mapped to super08:56
ws2k3EriC^^:  any way to reset this?08:57
EriC^^ws2k3: it used to be xmodmap before but it's deprecated, the new tool/method is xkb i think08:57
ducassexkbcomp and setxkbmap, yes08:57
EriC^^for xmodmap it used to be like xmodmap -e "keycode 37=Ctrl_L"08:58
ducasseyou can still use xmodmap, but if anything calls an xkb tool your changes will be reset08:58
ikkuranusI added an smb share to the fstab but it never seems to use the credentials I have specified.08:59
ikkuranusany suggestions? I made sure the credentials file is owned by root and has 600 for permissions09:12
EriC^^ws2k3: https://askubuntu.com/questions/254424/how-can-i-change-what-keys-on-my-keyboard-do-how-can-i-create-custom-keyboard/706210#70621009:15
EriC^^ws2k3: basically add "key <LCTL> {        [ Control_L             ]       };" to the mappings, sudo rm -rf /var/lib/xkb/*, then restart x session09:15
EriC^^same for super button09:16
EriC^^key <LWIN> {        [ Super_L               ]       };09:16
EriC^^mappings file is /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc , i think you want to put it at the bottom of the list to override the earlier ones09:18
EriC^^ws2k3: ^09:18
Orcs53Hi guys! For anyone whom can help me with Ubuntu and VNC. After posting a few questions here I've had some success with Gnome Screen Sharing (i.e. Vino), and managed to disable the encryption (which stops most clients from connecting) using dconf-editor as suggested. I've found that Screen Sharing isn't the solution I am looking for. As, I'd like09:26
Orcs53VNC to start at boot time, and for new connections to a desktop environment that is different to the environment on the host computers monitor. I have TigerVNC installed, and I believe this can do what I want. But, I've had some issues getting the TigerVNC working. Can anyone provide advice on getting TigerVNC working on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?09:26
ikkuranusif anyone with a suggestion to my above problem send me a pm as I gotta get some sleep09:26
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
akkonraddo you know any calendar app that does not look like something designed in 80s?09:42
freakynlakkonrad: you mean something that screws you over by showing 8 or 9 days on a row (or any number that isn't equal to the number of days in a week)?09:55
ws2k3EriC^^: im a bit confused how i should setup my keymapping. im used to work on mac. so i want to use super +c and super + v for copy and paste in ubuntu. but ctrl should still be ctrl cause i need ctrl + c to cansel tasks in terminal10:00
EriC^^ws2k3: ok, then add "key <LWIN> {        [ Control_L               ]       };" to the end of the keys in the file /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/pc10:02
EriC^^also same for right super if you want it too, RWIN and Control_R10:02
ducassethat will take you back to how you started out10:03
EriC^^ws2k3: ducasse right, also make sure that "key <LCTL> {        [ Control_L               ]       };" is also there so ctrl is still mapped to control, same for right control RCTL Control_L10:05
ducassethen you lose super entirely10:06
akkonradfreakynl, no, I men something that looks more like google calendar, not like microsoft word 9710:09
akkonradI used gnome calendar which I find very nice, but just wondering if you know anything that looks nicer10:10
lotuspsychjeakkonrad: apt-cache search calendar, try a few, live dangerous10:10
freakynlakkonrad: I use the calendar (in the digital clock) from KDE, but only to see what day it is, how many days till a certain date, weeknumbers etc. My appointments all go into google calendar (private) or outlook web access (business). Without knowing what you're looking for it's really hard to advise something. You share nothing about required functionality.10:17
freakynlalso note that looks usually aren't a high priority on linux, being functional comes first10:18
akkonradsorry freakynl, I'm looking for something to integrate with all my google accounts (I have few of them) and to see my week/day details10:19
indoorcatwhat a good midi to abc or xml conversion? can't find anything in software store and this link ---> http://abcnotation.com/software#linux the website are dated and I am have trouble installing the files, not sure if it's the linux file or not, wanted to install EasyABC13:13
quazimodohi all13:34
quazimodoI'm a little confused, 18.04 comes with systemd-resolvd which caches DNS records, but does NetworkManager also run a dnsmasq?13:34
quazimodoi vaguely recall networkmanager runnig a light version of dnsmasq for caching13:35
ioriaquazimodo, afair, NM uses dnsmasq-base (not dnsmasq) for DHCP services  and this has no interference with systemd-resolved13:43
quazimodoioria: networkmanager needs dnsqmasq-base in order to communicate with the networks DHCP server ?13:46
ioriawhen when sharing an internet connection, yes13:47
quazimododo you mean when setting my ubuntu machine to be a gateway/nat ?13:48
quazimodoi disconnected :/13:59
quazimodoseparately, systemd-resolvd simply caches DNS results, so if we point our /etc/resolv.conf to then it should query the local dns, which then may have a cache miss. How does NetworkManager tell systemd-resolvd what name servers to use?14:00
quazimodobasically all's well when I turn on expressvpn, which points resolv.conf to it's own DNS, but when I turn off expressvpn then I can't get any dns resolution at all14:02
BluesKajHiyas all14:20
pizzadudeis this the fedora irc?14:36
eamonnmrLol no14:41
lotuspsychje_welcome ru^215:05
ru^2sorry for my english, but i have trouble with my laptop trying to install linux on it (the same thing happend with all distributions) : the hard drive wich is a pci express drive is completely invisible.. the devices begin with sda wich is the usb live.15:11
EriC^^ru^2: did you try changing the mode of the hdd in the bios? raid to ahci etc15:12
ru^2i try15:14
ru^2i have ahci and "Intel RST Premium With intel optane system acceleration", i switch to ahci, now it show an encrypted volume and many paritions , thanks15:19
EriC^^ru^2: great! no problem15:20
ru^2i'm wondering do you know if there is a difference in performance betwin the two modes ?15:20
EriC^^no idea, i think ahci is slightly better, not sure though15:21
ru^2ok :)15:22
rndunningHello! Is this a channel where I can get help with an Ubuntu issue I haven't been able to find an answer for online?16:16
rndunningLinux Mint*16:16
wbrawner_workrndunning people here would probably be able to help but you'd likely get better help from ##linuxmint16:18
rndunningOkay, thank you!16:18
wbrawner_workI shouldn't say better, but more specific16:18
non-sensei'm trying to run a vncserver in the guest-session (16.04). i've added a line that starts the server in /etc/guest-session/auto.sh but doesn't appear to be working. where can I find the guest-session logsfor this?17:18
non-sense*run a vncserver on login17:19
non-senseI have another line in there that launches kodi and that's working17:19
roliacoleubuntu splits headers and docs in which files17:46
hggdhroliacole: it will depend on the (source) package, but usually there will be a -dev version for it. Docs are usually included with the bin package17:49
roliacolewhere are docs stored17:51
hggdhroliacole: it will really depend on the package. What are you looking for?17:53
hggdh(I am discarding /usr/share/doc/ for the moment)17:53
kinghatif i run rsync on a dir and then run it again, does it just scan for whats new or does it run everything again?17:54
compdockinghat, thats an option17:57
compdocyou can make it do either17:58
roliacolewhy is ubuntu packages small when compared to rolling release17:59
kinghatah the checksum flag17:59
roliacolethey say debian based embed the dev , libs, docs in shared way where17:59
=== SIa_ is now known as SIa
ryuoroliacole: development files are never largely not packaged with the shared libraries.18:22
roliacoleryuo: but arch too has shared libs18:26
ryuoroliacole: yes, but headers and static libraries do not have to be in the same package.18:27
ryuoroliacole: i don't see why this is so hard to understand. ARCH chooses to include them for convenience but Debian/Ubuntu put them in separate packages.18:27
ryuothe reasons for why is largely due to differences in how they build packages.18:28
FevixI've installed VLC but every time I open the Properties window to set VLC as the default for mp4 files, the Files window crashes out.18:45
sixwheeledbeastyour likely missing ubuntu-restricted-extras18:48
FevixIt doesn't let me click anything. 1: Navigate to mp4 file. 2: Right click > Properties. 3: Properties window shows for a moment, then crashes without user interaction18:48
FevixI've already installed it18:48
FevixI can view MP4 files on Imgur (INstalling restricted extras was necessary got that18:49
Fevixgot -> for18:50
kinghati guess rsync is supposed to only copy new or changed files by default18:51
sixwheeledbeasti believe so --help is your friend18:54
FevixSolution was to restart machine.18:56
FevixProooooobably should have tried that first18:56
roliacolewhy does ubuntu 's server always work... but arch 's don't18:56
roliacolethey use a CDN?18:57
roliacolebut what about individual mirrors18:57
CarlFKdmesg shows [63755.986447] printk: Suspending console(s) (use no_console_suspend to debug) ... how do I use no_console_suspend ?19:05
CarlFKor.. how do I turn off suspending ?19:06
CarlFKI need to pass this as a kernel param - no_console_suspend=1  - /etc/something grub?19:19
geniiCarlFK: Yep, /etc/default/grub file, add to the line which has GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=    ( with a space after the last option in there, and before the closing quotaion marks), after you save the file run sudo update-grub19:33
cluelesspersonQuestion, it seems that GVFS isn't mounting samba shares in /run/user/1000/gvfs/<mount>   ?19:36
cluelesspersonIt seems that nautilus is merely browsing the share, not mounting it19:37
cluelesspersonhow can I change this behavior?19:37
FaTaL_Gafter boot, I see in dmesg: "ACPI BIOS Error (bug): Could not resolve [\_SB.PCI0.SAT0.PRT0._GTF.DSSP], AE_NOT_FOUND (20181213/psargs-330)" how can I determine cause&fix??19:45
CarlFKgenii: default. right.  thanks.19:48
zutatgood evening. does ubuntu currently support hybrid graphics out of the box/19:53
sixwheeledbeastas in duel cards you switch between? not that I am aware20:04
zutatsixwheeledbeast: exactly20:05
sixwheeledbeastzutat:  quick wiki search points to here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics20:07
sixwheeledbeastmaybe a little outdated20:09
zutatsixwheeledbeast: my favorite was this one https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/HybridGraphics20:11
sixwheeledbeastyer 14.0420:11
zutatbut yes, it looks like there is no "real" hybrid graphics support yet20:12
sixwheeledbeastThe only multi gpu setup I have heard of has been IOMMU passthrough.20:14
zutati'm actually trying to find a nice 15" laptop that is well supported. graphics are the problem20:16
sixwheeledbeastdell, system76 ?20:21
zutatsixwheeledbeast: system76 laptops are not something one would really use, quality-wise, and the 15" xps has hybrid graphics20:25
pragmaticenigmazutat: Ubuntu, as well as other distros, provide packages that support laptops with hybrid graphics. The stability and realibilty have improved, but there are still issues that come up. There isn't one brand or another that anyone could recommend. This channel is more focused on supporting individuals already running Ubuntu and helping them resolve issues, such as graphics drivers. It's really up to you to find hardware forums20:31
pragmaticenigmathat are more focused on compatibility between linux and various hardware manufactures. You can try #ubuntu-offtopic or ##hardware to see if people there have familiarity or suggestions on brands to focus on or stay away from.20:31
mattflysudo dpkg --list | egrep -i --color 'linux-image|linux-headers' | wc -l  shows that i have 72 kernels20:37
mattflyhow to get rid of those? apt autoremove doesnt solve that20:37
mguyzutat: Renovo!20:37
mattflyi dont mean all of those but to keep just the one im running now.. of course20:38
pragmaticenigmamattfly, I'm not 100% certain, but I don't think that's how you determine which packages are actually installed20:40
mattflyhow to get rid of older kernels20:40
mattflyinside lib/modules i still have 4.14.41-0.....generic20:41
hggdhmattfly: dpkg -l linux\*-generic | grep ^ii20:41
pragmaticenigmamattfly, what hggdh just posted will return the packages that are actually in state "installed"20:42
tomreynzutat: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PRIME this should work on ubuntu just fine20:43
tomreynnote how DRI PRIME (for open source drivers) != NVIDIA PRIME (for NVIDIA proprietary drivers and some other driver)20:45
mattflyeh did i miss something20:49
pragmaticenigmamattfly: dpkg -l linux\*-generic | grep ^ii20:49
pragmaticenigmaThat will return the packages that are actually installed on your machine20:50
pragmaticenigmamattfly, do you have extra PPAs installed on your machine? Did you manually install those kernels? What version of Ubuntu are you running?20:51
mattfly18.04, i might have other ppas but not for installing kernels20:51
pragmaticenigmamattfly, You enable HWE or anything?20:52
tomreynapt-mark showauto | grep ^linux-20:53
tomreynyour versioned ^linux-(image|headers)-.* packages should all be set to automatically installed if you want the mechanism which automatically removed them to work20:54
hggdhI think autoremove will remove the older kernels. So 'sudo apt -s --purge autoremove' should show kernel packages being selected (the -s will simulate execution, not actually do anything)20:55
tomreyni.e.    apt-mark showmanual | grep ^linux-    should not list versioned linux image and header packages (other than hwe-$UBUNTU_VERSION)20:55
GrimSleeplessHappy holidays everyone!21:05
GrimSleeplessAnyone knows where I could find information on apt api? I am looking to create a python package to interact with apt21:06
pragmaticenigmaGrimSleepless, "apt" is an application, there is no api. Also, if you are planning on creating automation scripts, focus your efforts on "apt-get" as it's more appropriate for automation tasks. Also, for assistance with developement, you might want to check out #ubuntu-app-devel for development topics please21:09
GrimSleeplesspragmaticenigma:  Thank you, I will ask over there21:10
tomreynthere's python-apt*21:11
tomreynor python3-apt* rather21:11
GrimSleeplesstomreyn:  Thank! I know, I have tried it. The project seems to be using outdated technologies/modules. I am trying to use the module within venv which doesn't work well and make it more complicated than it should be :)21:13
tomreynaptdeaemon is in regular use, and i think the python3 apt bindings are, too, so i don't think it can be outdated. i can't comment on the quality, though.21:16
tomreynGrimSleepless: ^21:16
pragmaticenigmatomreyn, the project pages that I'm able to find haven't been touched in several years. I don't know where the project lives anymore, but all roads lead to the same statement "Unstable" listed on them21:17
tomreynpragmaticenigma: which project do you mean there?21:17
jwki removed nginx files and im trying re install it , but the files doesn't come again21:18
jwki used21:18
jwkapt-get remove nginx && apt-get install nginx21:18
jwkthe files still not back21:18
jwknginx folder is deleted permanent21:18
GrimSleeplesstomreyn:  yeah, our team decided not to use aptdeamon. I am going to keep searching.21:21
pragmaticenigmajwk, try "apt-get --reinstall install nginx"21:21
jwkworked thanks21:22
tomreynGrimSleepless: #ubuntu-app-devel indeed seems like the more appropriate place to me.21:23
pragmaticenigmajwk, In the future, make copies of the configuration files before you edit them. And always use apt to remove and install with. It's not a good idea to manually delete things that were installed with the package manager21:23
tomreynGrimSleepless: good luck!21:23
jwkpragmaticenigma: got another problem now , the nginx file is empty21:24
jwkthe default configs are not there21:24
tomreynjwk: looks like you'Re getting help in #debian with it now?21:26
tomreynalso in ##linux21:27
GrimSleeplesstomreyn:  thanks! :)21:28
k0d3g3arare there any general new feature lists for 20.04 published anywhere?21:57
amazoniantoadwhen I try to boot into ubuntu, after installing xen, I get the following error: can't find hwmatch. Can anyone help me resolve this?21:59
Bashing-om!20.04 | k0d3g3ar21:59
ubottuk0d3g3ar: Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) will be the 32nd release of Ubuntu, scheduled for April 2020 ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseSchedule ). It will be a long-term support release. Join #ubuntu+1 for support and questions.21:59
chucaraHi. I'm in dire need of additional disk space. Anyone here with a good suggestion on finding the stuff that can be deleted? I tried ncdu, but it appear to follow symlinks, and only accounts for 25% of my total usage?22:01
ryuochucara: how old is the installation?22:02
chucararyuo: 18.04 LTS, been running for years22:02
chucara(And upgraded now and again, naturally)22:03
ryuochucara: best place to start is removing old kernels. those stay around indefinitely if not explicitly removed.22:03
ryuotry: apt autoremove --purge -y22:03
ryuothat will remove anything the system thinks is safe to remove.22:03
KNERDchucara: This will tel you the largest 20 files on your drive    -->   du -a / | sort -n -r | head -n 2022:03
ryuopackge wise22:03
chucararyuo: I thought I had it set to auto prune. But sudo dpkg --list | egrep -i --color 'linux-image|linux-headers' | wc -l22:04
KNERDmany times those log files can acculate a lot of space on drives22:05
EriC^^chucara: sudo apt-get clean22:05
ryuoremoving old kernels is just what I'd start with.22:05
ryuothey're generally a waste of space if you're running fine on current one.22:05
KNERDaren;t old kernels rather on a seperate partition?22:05
Bashing-omchucara: In addition, one can also clean out the cache ' sudo apt clean '.22:06
ryuothey never specified their layout so i don't know.22:06
chucararyuo: I already did a clean earlier, it removed 110ish MB. I do still wonder why the above command lists 10622:06
ryuothe default setup often puts everything on one partition.22:06
ryuochucara: what command?22:06
chucararyuo: sudo dpkg --list | egrep -i --color 'linux-image|linux-headers' | wc -l22:06
EriC^^chucara: paste it's output minus the | wc -l22:06
EriC^^(in a pastebin)22:07
KNERDi think it puts the /boot in a seperate partition for default22:07
zutati like the filelight tool for finding out there the space went22:07
EriC^^only on lvm installs KNERD22:07
chucaraI can say firsthand that /boot gets full of old kernels :)  To the point where apt can't remove anything22:08
ryuothat makes no sense.22:08
ryuoremoval should not require extra space.22:08
chucararyuo: No, but with 0B free, there is a lot of things that don't exactly work as intended :)22:09
ryuoI'd start with removing some old log files then.22:09
EriC^^chucara: can you pastebin "df -h"22:09
ryuothen trying to use apt to remove some of those.22:09
ryuowow this is the worst i've seen in a long time.22:10
ryuotry using autoremove first.22:10
EriC^^chucara: btw those packages in dpkg's output aren't anything to worry about, they're "rc" (package configs) remaining only22:10
chucaraEriC^^: Ok thanks, just seemed like a lot22:10
amazoniantoadCan anyone help me with this error? I don't get why I'm getting this hwmatch error. ;_;22:10
EriC^^what error amazoniantoad22:11
chucaraDisk space: https://pastebin.com/ZGXF54sw22:11
ryuochucara: there's still some you can delete22:11
amazoniantoadEriC^^, I installed xen and when I try to boot into it I get this error, "error: cant find hwmatch"22:11
Bashing-omchucara: ' dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' | xargs sudo dpkg -P ' While there is no built in way to remove all of your configuration information from your removed packages you can remove all configuration data from every removed package. To purge all removed but not yet purged packages, where The state is rc, the package is removed, but the config files are not removed...22:11
amazoniantoadI am able to work around it by just booting directly into ubuntu, but that isn't actually fixing the issue22:11
EriC^^chucara: yeah, looks like there is a separate /boot partition, i wonder what's filling up "/" though22:12
EriC^^chucara: can you pastebin "du -sh /* | sort -h" might take a while though22:13
tomreynamazoniantoad: which ubuntu version, and show the error message in context22:13
chucaraEriC^^: Yeah, I really need to upgrade the drive soon, but until then I just need to clear down to around 10% so that elasticsearch will work again :D22:13
EriC^^*sudo du -sh /* | sort -h chucara22:13
KNERDthat is why i mentioend this command-->   du -a / | sort -n -r | head -n 20  Which will show the 20 largest files, you can modify to show more22:13
EriC^^did du have an option to not go beyond the filesystem? like find has22:14
chucaraKNERD: It just finished now because it started traversing my mounts on my NAS. :/  All top 20 files are stored there :p22:14
ryuochucara: check how much is in your Downloads folder. that can also hold a lot of stuff you don't need to keep.22:14
EriC^^thanks tomreyn22:14
amazoniantoadtomreyn, Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS the error message I cannot copy because it shows up only when I try to boot into xen. but the message simply says, "cannot find hwmatch"22:14
chucararyuo: This is Ubuntu server that I use headless.. I assume I won't have such a folder then.22:15
tomreynEriC^^: you'Re very welcome ;)22:15
EriC^^chucara: type "sudo du -sxh /* | sort -h"22:15
ryuochucara: I see.22:15
KNERDoh, traversing NAS.? hmmm.. I can you do things like /home or /var22:15
EriC^^tomreyn: :)22:15
chucaraKNERD: Not sure I follow you. I meant that it started looking in my mounts, which are of course not local to that machine, and it returned the results from another machine.22:15
ryuochucara: you can free up maybe a gigabyte if you remove all the remaining kernels that aren't the running one.22:15
KNERDchucara: Instead of du -a /| sort -n -r | head -n 20 , you can do lile ->  du -a /var | sort -n -r | head -n 20  or du -a /home| sort -n -r | head -n 2022:16
tomreynamazoniantoad: i can only find one web page about "cant find hwmatch", none about "cannot find hwmatch"22:17
tomreynamazoniantoad: it seems to be related to grub22:17
ryuochucara: do you need some advice on how to remove those?22:17
tomreynspecifically grub's hwmatch.mod module22:17
chucaraI think logs and tmp folders are pretty big, but I don't know how much I can just delete22:17
amazoniantoadtomreyn, maybe I'm misquoting then. I am recalling the error from last night.22:17
ryuochucara: /tmp is normally cleaned automatically.22:18
chucararyuo: Ok, let me just regroup here. Poor system is running a du and ncdu at the same time.. Might be a little while22:18
KNERDchucara: /home/ and /var tend to be bigest offender areas of disk space. You cna normally delete all the old log files22:18
EriC^^amazoniantoad: how are you booting grub? legacy? uefi? maybe switch the booting method22:19
tomreynamazoniantoad: the only package providing this file on 18.04.3 is grub-pc-bin, creating /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/hwmatch.mod22:19
ryuochucara, try this first: apt purge -y linux-{image,modules,modules-extra}-4.15.0-6222:20
amazoniantoadEriC^^, uefi22:20
EriC^^perhaps you're running uefi, but booting in legacy and it has a grub there but no i386-pc modules dir22:20
ryuochucara: ok...22:20
amazoniantoadEriC^^, I see22:20
EriC^^amazoniantoad: oh, so same for both xen and barebone?22:20
chucararyuo: Hmm ok.. The biggest sinners appear to be docker containers and volumes. Maybe I need to check exactly what those are first.22:20
ryuochucara: i would remove the extra kernel packages first. what I gave you will get you started.22:20
chucara(In /var, that is)22:20
ryuochucara: it's maintenance that you should do anyway from time to time.22:21
amazoniantoadEriC^^, no no I'm not sure what xen is doing. but this computer only allows for uefi. The bios does not support legacy mode22:21
amazoniantoadtomreyn, interesting22:21
ryuochucara: that'll give you a fair bit of space back.22:21
ryuochucara: just change the number string at the end to the kernel you're wanting to remove.22:21
ryuoit's what i use for cleaning up old kernels on my server.22:22
EriC^^amazoniantoad: i see, try to boot xen explicitly in uefi mode22:22
amazoniantoadEriC^^, how?22:22
KNERDryuo: He has already shown us a paste where the kernels are in seperate /boot parititon22:22
ryuoKNERD: so? the kernel isn't stored just on /boot.22:23
ryuopart of it resides in /lib22:23
EriC^^amazoniantoad: tbh i've never used xen but i think this might help https://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Xen_EFI#Booting_Xen_under_EFI_platform22:23
tomreynamazoniantoad: it's been a whiole that i used xen, i guess it may be installing grub-pc-bin to bootstrap VMs, not sure. have you considere dusing kvm instead, it seems to be the preferred option for many use cases nowadays.22:23
amazoniantoadtomreyn, i'll look into kvm22:24
amazoniantoadThanks guys22:24
KNERDryuo: the compiled kernels are, but not the source22:24
KNERDbut true, there could be a symbolic link to his main partition22:24
ryuoKNERD: and the compiled kernel modules are in /lib. removing the unused kernels would free up space on both.22:25
EriC^^there are only 3 installed kernels, the rest are merely the leftover configs22:25
KNERDyes, true. thanks for pointing that out22:25
EriC^^"ii" at the start means installed, "rc" means it's been removed, but not "purged" so the configs remain22:26
chucaradocker volumes free 2GB, images not that much. That helped a little. Running the scan on /var again. I'm following your discussion on kernel and reading back to figure out what to do :D22:26
EriC^^chucara: any output on "sudo du -sxh /* | sort -h" ?22:27
chucaraEriC^^: Lost that in a clear.. Running it again :D22:28
KNERDchucara: Maybe it's time to pull out Clonezilla and use it on a new larger drive?22:28
tomreynamazoniantoad: so after much searching i can now tell you that the original erro message would have been "can't find command hwmatch". *this one* has many search result son the web, which points out the importance on getting the exact error message before you start investigating (or have others investigate) a problem.22:28
chucaraKNERD: I'm about to pull the trigger on a Ryzen. I already have 2x2TB NVMe disk in store, but they don't fit in my aging motherboard22:29
chucaraKNERD: Suffice to say that my usage has outgrown this machine in pretty much every way22:30
KNERDYeah, I just bought a WD Black edition, and 3500k read and write speed22:30
rktaI have a /etc/apt/preferences file with permission 600, if I do a aptitude search as non-root user I get a segfault on bionic. Is this a known issue or should I file a bug?22:30
tomreynamazoniantoad: so this can be bug 184056022:30
ubottubug 1840560 in grub2-signed (Ubuntu) ""error: can't find command hwmatch" during grub" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184056022:30
chucaraOk, /var is 80GB, with 40GB in /aufs/diff for docker and 25GB in containers22:31
chucaraGuess I really am close to the ceiling22:31
tomreyn!aptitude | rkta22:32
ubotturkta: Like apt and apt-get, aptitude is a terminal frontend for Ubuntu's package management system. Unlike the others, it is not recommended in Ubuntu because its behavior differs significantly from other Ubuntu package management tools and can cause issues.22:32
chucaraWith /8GiB in tmp, 1.5GiB in /logs22:32
rktatomreyn: What is the recommended tool for the command line?22:32
ryuochucara: i would start with removing old kernel packages. those are ones you can afford to lose without problem.22:32
tomreynrkta: apt or apt-get nowadays22:33
ryuochucara: this should also be safe command to clean up logs: find /var/log -type f -name '*.gz' -delete22:33
EriC^^chucara: restarting should clear the 8gb in /tmp22:33
ryuochucara: it will delete all the archived logs.22:34
pragmaticenigmarkta, For package management from the command line, it is recommended that you use apt22:34
tomreynrkta: i would think that setting the preferences fiel to 600 is incorrect, too, though.22:35
chucararyuo: Apologies for my ignorance, but is there a difference between kernel images and packages? (I've already understood that there is also 'configs')22:35
rktatomreyn: That maybe, but segfaulting is always incorrect22:36
ryuochucara: every package potentially has configuration data that is saved for if the package is later reinstalled.22:36
rktaapt doesn't crash btw22:36
ryuochucara: but a 'purge' will remove that as well. it's a complete removal of the packag.e22:36
tomreynrkta: i agree. you could file a bug against aptitude on this if there's none, yet22:36
KNERDchucara: Using command "sudo find /tmp -type f -atime +10 -delete" will clean up the /tmp for anything older than 10 days.22:36
KNERDI fyou want to clean that up22:37
chucararyuo: Ok, but if I run "apt-mark showauto 'linux-image-.*'" and only see three images, are we will talking about the same?22:37
ryuochucara: i've never used that command, so I don't know. I was going off your previous dpkg list.22:38
chucararyuo: Ok - they more or less show the same thing now. 4.15.9-62, 70, 7222:39
chucararyuo 4.15.0 of course22:40
ryuoso try this: apt purge -y linux-{image,modules,modules-extra}-4.15.0-6222:40
EriC^^hold on..22:40
chucararyuo: But 62 is my current version22:40
ryuowhat now?22:40
ryuochucara: it is? seriously? i was expecting you to be on 72 not 62.22:40
EriC^^chucara: if you want to clean up that dpkg list, run   dpkg -l | awk '$1 == "rc" && $2 ~ /linux/ {print $2}' | sudo xargs apt-get purge -y22:40
ryuochucara: check what uname says22:41
ryuochucara: uname -a22:41
ryuoi mean22:41
chucararyuo: My current dkpg list: https://pastebin.com/8Nq2xwKK22:41
ryuochucara: so what version does uname say?22:42
chucararyuo: Linux ubuntu 4.15.0-62-generic #69-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep 4 20:55:53 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux22:42
ryuolet me guess. you haven't rebooted in a long time.22:42
ryuoyour system should be running -72 if you have.22:42
chucararyuo: I only reboot for power outages :D22:42
ryuowell no wonder...22:42
ryuoit's a good idea to reboot before going much further.22:43
chucararyuo: It's a server... 107 days uptime22:43
KNERDyeah, a lot of file cleanup is done during rebootsd22:43
ryuoso? i reboot mine at least once a month.22:43
ryuoit helps ensure security updates get applied.22:43
ryuoparticularly kernel ones22:44
chucaraHohum.. I didn't actually think that was necessary on ubuntu.22:45
ryuowell. most system updates will try to tell you a reboot is now required.22:45
ryuoif one does require it.22:46
chucaraThough. I must admit I haven't really done it on my windows server either :)22:46
tomreynnot as much if you use canonical livepatch22:46
ryuoparticularly when you login.22:46
tomreyn...or a similar live kernel patching service. but if you don't you should plan regular reboots.22:46
ryuoat least once a month given how often kernel updates can be.22:47
chucaraWell.. Today I learned :D22:47
ryuothat should mostly solve  your space issue...22:47
ryuoafter reboot you can remove the 2 older kernel packages and clean up logs22:47
tomreyn(and even if you do live kernel patching you still want to plan for regular reboots)22:47
chucaraIt's just a hobby server, it's not mission critical. Biggest problem is remembering to do so22:48
tomreynif it's got internet access then its critical that you handle it responsibly, so it doesn't get compromised and doesn't run ddos attacks against others-22:49
chucaraIt is open on port 443 indeed22:50
chucaraProblem is a extremely rarely interact directly with the machine22:51
tomreynyou can even automatie those reboots, look at the unattended-upgrades package22:52
chucaraHmm. "Failed deactivating swap /dev/mappter/ubuntu--vg-swap_1" It's been shutting down for 8 mins now22:53
chucaratomreyn: Good point, I will look into that22:53
chucaraOk, let's like a mission accomplished. Thanks a lot for the help guys. Both in terms of disk space and upgrade advice :D22:58
chucaraI assume this is good starting point for me assuming I want to avoid breaking changes: https://help.ubuntu.com/18.04/serverguide/automatic-updates.html23:01
tomreynchucara: you're welcome. if you prefer manual reboots, however, "needrestart" and "apt-listchanges" can help23:01
tomreynthe manual you found explains how to automate installation of updates, but not reboots.23:02
chucaratomreyn: Naah. As long as I can schedule it at night. The most important thing I have running is my smarthome system. If I have 95% confidence that it will come up again in less than 10 minutes, I'm good.23:03
KNERDI recall years ago, I had  Windows 2000 Server running with MS SQL server . While I used it only for local stuff, it still had internet access and it caught that  MS SQL Server malware floating around somehow23:05
chucaratomreyn: Is there a smarter way to do the reboots than a cronjob with reboot 0 ?23:05
tomreynchucara: did you look at the unattended-upgrades configuration file, yet?23:05
chucaraKNERD: Really, I have no excuse not to patch my system. I'm just a lot more interested in the software development side of things and operations :D23:06
KNERDchucara: yeah, that is what I was doing with all that, then I got a notice from my local ISP about complaints at my IP address23:07
chucaratomreyn: This one? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticSecurityUpdates23:08
swift110hey all23:08
chucaraKNERD: Windows Server 2016 is a lot more naggy, but again. I hardly ever remote desktop in, so it doesn't help much23:08
tomreynchucara: this is a web page which is part of the ubuntu help pages (generated by a wiki software)23:09
OerHeksbug #1849257 Firefox audio not playing via bluetooth23:11
ubottubug 1849257 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Firefox audio not playing via bluetooth" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184925723:11
chucaratomreyn: Ah *file*, sorry. No, I'm just patching a few systems now that you struck my guilty conscience :)23:11
jeremy31OerHeks: only affects Firefox is a good thing23:12
tomreynchucara: i'm glad i prompted this action. about the configuration file - it enables you to trigger the reboot after upgrades at a given time of day.23:13
OerHeksjeremy31, bug fixed itself23:14
OerHeksthose are the best ones23:14
chucaratomreyn: See the problem is that I need to remember all these things for when I get a new server. I really need to script this somewhere I can just run again23:15
jeremy31OerHeks: weird things happen with bluetooth, the BT audio is even stranger23:15
ikkuranusI have a smb mount in fstab but it's not using the credentials file I provided. Can someone help me diagnose this?23:16
tomreynchucara: maybe you need to keep some documentation for yourself, or want to look into configuration deployment (ansible, puppet, salt, etc.).23:16
sondreI made some mistakes and now I cannot login to my system23:18
tomreynhi sondre. i assume you have some more details?23:19
sondreI installed rocm-dkms makeing errors to the point I cannot login *blank screen23:19
sondreI-m now in a root shell in recovery mode and I believe I removed everthing23:19
sondrerocm rock-dkms amdgpu etc..23:20
sondrewhat can I do to install the ubuntu driver for rx58023:20
sondreand log in again_23:20
tomreynthere's no "rocm-dkms" package on ubuntu that i can find23:20
sondreno, there-s not23:20
sondreadded a source to the apt list a while ago23:21
tomreynAMD Radeon RX580 is supported by Ubuntu 18.04 and later out of the box.23:21
sondrenow I messed things up manually23:21
sondretomreyn rebooting doesn-t solve the issue23:21
chucaratomreyn: Ok, now fully patch. Didn't do much for diskspace, but I'm at 9% now which is close enough. Shouldn't I try to follow the tutorial in the link?23:21
sondrewhat can I check to understad better_23:22
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html23:22
tomreynsondre: journalctl -b    shows your system log. to get support with the 3rd party software you installed, head over to their support channel, if any.23:22
sondretomreyn dmesg reports and amdgpu error vgacon disables amdgpu kernle modsetting23:22
tomreynif you would like to reinstall we ca help, too.23:23
sondre[drm:amdgpu_init [amdgpu]] *ERROR* VGACON disables amdgpu kernel modsetting23:23
sondretomreyn I actually would love not to make a new installation23:24
tomreynsondre: that's best prevented by not using unsupported software.23:25
sondreI-ve started testing those on KVM vms but this time I was too superficial23:25
tomreynchucara: the wiki page is a good start, but following it wont reboot the system. which is why i'm suggesting you take a closer look at the unattended-upgrades configuration file. it's not too long.23:27
sondretomreyn  there anything I can do to make sure the card uses the ubuntu driver?23:27
tomreynsondre: i could tell you if you were running a supported system, to get support with the 3rd party software you installed, head over to their support channel, if any.23:29
sondreI removed all the packages23:29
sondrefrom third party23:30
tatertotsyou can always reinstall...it only takes 8 minutes or so23:31
sondreit-s not the reinstall part that takes time..23:31
tatertotstry not to make the same mistakes the second, third , forth time around23:31
sondreif I boot in recovery mode the check dkpg command doesn-t find anything wrong23:32
sondreand the system is updated23:33
sondrelspci finds the card23:33
sondreany suggestions as where to check to try to solve the issue?23:37
tatertotsif you were keeping notes or a diary of sorts of system changes..you'd know which action(s) you took that "screwed the pooch" and you could avoid doing that in the future...if you weren't taking notes or anything you'll probably be in the same or similar boat again in the near future23:37
sondretatertots I have notes.. Installed packages from two non ubuntu sources, messed up the system, removed those packages, apt and dkpg are now ok, booting I have a blank screen after the password to uncrypt and mount the filesystem23:38
=== PowaBanga_ is now known as PowaBanga
sondreI have access to the system via root shell in recovery mode and I-d like to understand how *(if) I can recover23:39
tatertotsdo you have connectivity? can you ping google.com from recovery?23:40
tatertotswould you like to share your logs so you can get suggestions23:41
tatertotssudo apt install sosreport inxi23:42
tatertotswhen done ..just say so23:42
tatertotsinxi -Fxxprzc0|nc termbin.com 999923:43
tatertotsshare url/link here23:43
tatertotsif you do not get a url/link...say so23:43
sondrebut looing at this information I can-t find nything strange23:44
tatertotssudo sosreport23:45
tatertotsyour first name=son lastname=dre23:45
tatertotspress enter repeatedly until it starts23:45
sondrea part from the n/a in the driver for the card23:45
tatertotslet me know when done23:45
tatertotsyou're not done...focus23:46
sondreI-m looking at the archive.. a lot of information to send..23:50
tatertotsyou'd need a removable media / flash drive to copy it to if you wanted to proceed23:51
tatertotsif not you can continue looking23:51
sondrewhat kind of possible sensitive data could be in it?23:51
tatertotsyou encrypted your system right?...so nothing to worry about23:52
=== Snetry is now known as Sentry
sondreI have the report in this system now23:53
tatertotsthe compressed tar..or something you extracted23:54
sondrethe tar.xz23:54
tatertotsupload to https://filebin.net and share url/link here23:55
KNERDAre there any guides to building the OS yourself?23:57
KNERDi am not finding anything23:57
OerHeksnot an ubuntu support issue, KNERD23:59
broberthi guys, are there any good parental control apps shipping with ubuntu?23:59
sondretatertots do you mind if I send you the url?23:59
KNERDOerHeks: Well, I am lookingf for support to build it :-)23:59

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