Will83Good evening all, wondering to see if it would be possible to remove personally identifying information from Launchpad, specifically my name from a deleted account, e.g. in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/63381308:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 633813 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "unable to select different alert sounds with sound preferences" [Low,Fix released]08:40
Will83Looking to sanitize google search for personally identifying information08:42
skyroveRRHey guys, which ARM boards are being used for compiling packages? https://launchpad.net/builders/bos02-arm64-003 shows only the status of the machine, I was unable to find the hardware and the software specs. It would be nice to know that. Anyone? :)11:17
cjwatsonskyroveRR: They're currently arm64 OpenStack instances running on HPE Moonshot m400 cartridges11:20
cjwatsonskyroveRR: (But the details of that aren't guaranteed)11:21
skyroveRRcjwatson: thank you :)11:21
RikMillscjwatson: I have an imported repo (for a recipe) which was switched today from importing from git://anongit.kde.org to the new KDE gitlab repo at https://invent.kde.org/14:17
RikMillscan I force a similar one to update? I cannot edit the imported url on it14:18
RikMillse.g. failing https://code.launchpad.net/~rikmills/+git/labplot-upstream14:18
cjwatsonRikMills: I think we have work in progress to let you edit those, and I changed a bunch of them earlier today when I noticed failure emails14:29
cjwatsonRikMills: What's the new URL in this case?  I believe I skipped this one because the https:// version of the old anongit URL didn't redirect14:29
cjwatson(It redirects in many other cases, and I've been updating the ones that do)14:30
cjwatsonRikMills: Is it https://invent.kde.org/education/labplot ?14:30
RikMillscjwatson: https://invent.kde.org/education/labplot.git14:30
cjwatsonRikMills: updated14:31
RikMillsthank you!14:31
cjwatsonhappy to help14:31

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