bray90820In nautilus whenever I try to connect to my samba server and I type in smb:// the text turns red and I can't connect00:43
bray90820Sorry that was not suppose to be emojis00:46
magic_ninjaanyone know where I can find the usbhid kernel module parameters00:59
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nikolamI think that bottom-left icon inside Mozilla Thunderbird application, somehow gets "stucked" in "offline mode", after switching from offline to online mode for Thunderbird. (I am using thunderbird & over ssh -X session )01:46
tomreynmagic_ninja: for every kernel module, you can run: modinfo -p MODULENAME01:57
always_expressinhey everyone02:30
always_expressini want to get ubuntu on my system02:30
always_expressinbut i'm scared i'll lose access to my files on windows02:30
always_expressinwhat should I do?02:30
truexfan81put ubuntu on a seperate drive02:31
rjwiii Or use Virtual Box ...02:31
always_expressinwdym by drive02:32
always_expressinand what is a virtual box02:32
always_expressinare you talking about oracle's virtual box02:32
always_expressinhow will that help me get ubuntu02:33
always_expressinim a noob btw02:33
truexfan81by drive i mean you have windows on one hard drive or ssd, and linux on another one, this way they don't mess with each other02:33
always_expressinis there a way to see your drives02:35
always_expressinon windows02:35
rjwiiialways_expressin: yes ... oracle ... it's like a virtual computer ... you load Ubuntu on the virtual computer ... save as can be ...02:35
rjwiiialways_expressin: yes ... you can mount your windows drives in the virtual machine ... will even let you drag & drop between them ...02:36
rjwiiialways_expressin: Just don't forget to load the extensions on both vbox & the guest OS ...02:37
rjwiiialways_expressin: search youtube for videos ...02:38
Bashing-om!dualboot | always_expressin02:52
ubottualways_expressin: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:52
always_expressinubottu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5QyjHIYwTQ&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=It%27sFOSS-LinuxBlog02:53
always_expressinis this good02:53
Bashing-omalways_expressin: Can not say about Youtube ^ as I have no audio on this work station.02:55
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magic_ninja@tomreyn, thanks a lot04:02
magic_ninjaWhat I'm looking at is a USB receiver. Particularly the Logitech Unifying receiver. I'm trying to see how the kernel sees this kind of device. I see the receiver, and the attached keyboard and mouse.04:04
b100shi2all; sorry for asking it once more; just in case, does anyone know how to get a version of software inside a ubuntu package since package version and soft version my differ?04:30
lotuspsychjemagic_ninja: journalctl -f and plug out/back in your device to see04:41
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guivercb100s, apt, dpkg & package tools work with package versions.. the package version is set by the packager (builder of the package).  tools can peek inside, but they'll only provide what packager put there.  packagers can choose whichever standard they like to an extent (to get it into a Ubuntu repos the versioning will need to make sense), but what you're asking is a link between two very different things04:57
b100sguiverc, thank you! Do you think it is a reasonable thing to check before install package?05:01
guivercprobably obvious, but package maintainers do try & have package version make sense.. as much as is possible (they have to comply with distro release systems too!). If you want to know, use cli tools to query package to packages.ubuntu.com; you'll find links to changelogs & a ton of other info05:03
guivercme, I don't see the need to check; but your reasons may differ to mine05:04
* guiverc clarifies, I was answering for my own needs, if working in corporate/enterprise environment I follow policies which are usually stricter and my answer would likely be different\05:05
daregapHey, so I just updated ubuntu manually via terminal by using "apt update" and "apt upgrade". I noticed that during the latter command it built initramfs image 3 times. Is this planned this way? Shouldn't the update-initramfs only run once at the end of the update process?05:08
b100sguiverc, what I want to say is - we install a package not because of package but because of a software in it. In most cases we do not care about version, so lates one is ok. In some cases we need some specific version. What would you recommend in such case?05:08
lotuspsychjedaregap: initram will go over all your kernel list, ubuntu has now auto kernel cleanup built-in from time to time05:11
lotuspsychjedaregap: sudo apt autoremove to cleanup manually05:11
guivercb100s, I'll provide https://askubuntu.com/questions/92019/how-to-install-specific-ubuntu-packages-with-exact-version (didn't find exactly what I wanted sorry), their are pros & cons to using specific version (security etc) so I'll suggest doing your homework before using older packages (will backported-security-fixes not being included in it be an issue for your organization etc)05:13
guivercs/their/there etc sorry for typos05:13
b100sguiverc, the link which you gave to me is about package version, not software version packaged into package. Isn't it?05:14
guivercyep.. couldn't find anything that matched what you are asking for... but package tools work on package versions.. if you want specific software version, i believe you'll have to find the package that contains it yourself as not all packages use the same versioning standard05:16
* guiverc is giving my own opinion 05:16
b100sguiverc, yes, that is exactly the essence of my question : ) I.e. how to find a package version which matches a software version packaged in it?05:19
guivercI've given all I can offer, ie. packages.ubuntu.com/changelog or like tools as what comes to mind05:24
magic_ninja@lotuspsychje, thank you. I have xhci_hcd, which seems to be the mobo's usb3 controller05:33
magic_ninjaI see hidev0 and hidraw0 which both seem to be a stream05:34
magic_ninjaguiverc, the package version IS the software version.05:36
b100smagic_ninja, not always the package version matches a software version packaged in it05:37
guivercmagic_ninja, where possible yes it is, but it's not always the case, and I'd thus not trust/rely on it05:39
magic_ninjab100s, that's what I'm saying.05:40
magic_ninjaguiverc, do you have an example of where that isnt' the case?05:40
guivercno; it is for maybe 95+% of packages, but due to a few odd ones, even if only short-term out-of-sync, it's not a rule I'd like to rely on  (my opinion from experience)05:41
magic_ninjamaybe if you are on a development branch of the OS, you could have conflicts, yes05:41
magic_ninjaEven in that case though, the package version is the version of the software. I've never seen a case where you can have version x.y of software and a package version of w.z05:42
magic_ninjathere must be some miscommunication there05:44
javi404how can I adjust my underscan/overscan ?05:46
javi404need to fine tune it for cheap hdmi displays05:46
javi404there has to be some tools05:46
Maikafaik 20.04.1 still uses xorg by default, there's a reason for it :)05:53
b100smagic_ninja, what about the 4.3.1-2build1 package? What screen it has inside?05:58
magic_ninjathat's just a number06:02
magic_ninjawhat is the actual package name?06:02
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magic_ninjafor instance, here is a url to the screen package in focal (i'm assuming that is the one you wanted) : https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/screen06:06
magic_ninjaYou can see all the package info and the included files on that link06:06
magic_ninjaIf you look here, you will see that the latest release of GNU Screen is 4.8.0, just as the package: https://savannah.gnu.org/projects/screen06:07
aderchoxwhy don't we give the execute permission to anyone (not even the web server) when setting the permission for a web project's root directory ?06:51
pamperedmenialHello, I am trying to get my Kubuntu 19.04 back to it's original software repositories, as it cannot download packages, no matter if I try Polish or global sources in Muon package manager07:07
pamperedmenialCan I somehow easily revert it back to the original repos?07:09
lotuspsychjepamperedmenial: 19.04 is end of life, please install a supported ubuntu version from the repos07:11
EriC^^!eolupgrade | pamperedmenial07:12
ubottupamperedmenial: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:12
pamperedmeniallotuspsychje , ubottu, thank you07:17
lotuspsychjepamperedmenial: we advice upgrading ubuntu releases, before they go eol, as they can brake/and or bring security issues along, see !usn07:17
pamperedmenialI am looking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases and trying to decide which distribution (version) would be the most appropriate for me, which would be the most popular choice as of today?07:26
ThinkT510pamperedmenial: an LTS release is usually a good choice if you don't want to worry about upgrading releases every 9 months.07:28
pamperedmenialok I see on the kubuntu page it's 20.04.1 - can I just upgrade my outdated 19.04 to it?07:28
ThinkT510pamperedmenial: no, see what EriC^^ posted. You'd need to go sequencially 19.04 -> 19.10 -> 20.0407:29
ThinkT510pamperedmenial: better to just install fresh07:29
pamperedmenialThanks ThinkT51007:31
pamperedmenialAnd thx EriC^^ downloading Kubuntu 20.04.1 ISO have a good day guys07:38
mra90I try to read a memory area of a PCI device which I obtained from lspci -vvv using dd and here supprise dd says bad address!07:39
apwmra90, you are supprised the kernel doesn't want you to read out device memory?  i am not supprised07:40
mra90it doesn't say permission denied07:41
mra90it says bad address07:41
mra90like out of range right?07:41
mra90I have verified if kernel was compiled with the option allowing for read in /dev/mem07:41
mra90and yes it was07:41
apwif dd is using mmap, i would expect memory related errors07:41
apwnormally memory in /dev/mem is not readable if it is in use by a device07:41
apwbut you may have also missed, is /dev/mem not in kernel virtual addresses, so you need to account for that to use physical addresses07:42
mra90the same method works on other platforms07:43
apwother platforms in terms of the same or different architectures07:43
mra90same architecture but differnet CPUs07:44
mra90like intel apollo lake it was working07:44
mra90but on WHL it is not07:44
mra90looks like plpci is laying to me? :|07:44
apwwell i would confirm that device is not binding to something; pretty sure it is not any longer permitted to read from a device which is bound07:45
apwas that tends to lead to exploding bound drivers07:45
mra90apw,: as I said in that case it would say ::permission denied" rather07:46
apwyou sure about that?07:46
mra90I have noticed that the address is indeed strange07:46
mra90I mean its two digits longer than in the case of other platforms07:47
apwdd might be using mmap, and if so, errors are different07:47
mra90apw, /dev/mem is physical memory07:49
apw/* Can we access it for direct reading/writing? Must be RAM: */07:51
apwit actually is limited to the end of ram ...07:51
apwso if the device is mapped after the end of memory it might nto be accessible07:52
apwusing /dev/mem07:52
mra90so what should I use instead?07:52
apwand it would indeed return EFAULT which is 'Bad Address' in human07:53
mra90where have you seen/confirmed thhat?07:54
mra90apw, do you happen to know where might be that pci device listed?07:57
mra90so maybe instead of reading /dev/mem I could read that device file07:57
apwmra90, in the source for /dev/mem driver.  it uses valid_phys_addr_range whcih bounds the drop by the address of high_memory07:58
mra90apw, ok good finding07:59
mra90how about readding that device meory directly from its memory?08:00
apwand just confirmed that is set at the end of the last memory region listed as memory in the e82008:03
mra90apw, sorry e820?08:05
apwi am not sure if that implies your e820 is sad, or if the limit needs to be the higher of memory and device mappings; but it is not that currently08:05
apwthe preceived wisdom on a quick google is you are doing what people think will work; but the layout you have is either just never going to work with /dev/mem as programmed (ie it is buggy) or your e820 is buggy08:06
apwi don't have enough information to know which08:06
mra90apw, ok so I ma going back to me previous question now08:07
mra90if not /dev/mem then what should i use to read that device memory?08:07
apwi am not aware of any other way to read it, you may be stuck08:08
mra90apw, how can that be this device must be enumerated somewhere08:09
mra90after all lspci lists its memory08:09
apwi am sure it is enumerated at the location listed in lspci08:09
apwand that /dev/mem is defined to give you ram, which it isn't listed as08:10
mra90there is sth wrong here look08:10
apwso you can't get to it with taht interface08:10
mra90This device has some shared memory with the host\08:10
mra90called host memory window08:10
mra90and we put there traces like logs08:10
apwi am sure it does, and i am sure it is mapped into iomem08:11
mra90and host is able to read that! I can read these logs08:11
apwand in the other platforms you have it happens to be mapped lower than the end of ram so it happens to work08:11
mra90that might be08:11
apwand in this new platform it is mapped beyond the nominal end of ram, and is not accessible via /dev/mem08:11
mra90but still kernel knows how to talk with this memory08:11
apwyes, it does i am sure08:12
apwand that doesn't tell you anything about whether you can get to it from userspac08:12
apwwithout a device driver for it08:12
mra90okay I will try to play with kernel then08:12
mra90to maybe expose that memory into user spacee08:12
mra90what do you think?08:13
apwthere are likely other options to start trying first; like if this is an efi platform08:15
apwyou can ask it to include the efi memmap ... which can be longer than the e820 (bios form of the memmap) can represent08:15
mra90apww, any idea how to ask?08:16
apwadd_efi_memmap kernel command line parameter does that08:16
mra90apw, sure I can try08:17
mra90howw to get to kernel command line?08:17
apwnormally that is in the control of your bootloader08:17
apwlikely grub2 if you are on efi08:17
apwi think you mash F1 or escape to get that to pop a meny08:18
mra90apw, I try to cat what parameters it does have at the moment08:19
mra90by cat /proc/cmdline08:19
mra90should it reveal the current size of /dev/mem?08:19
mra90ok I will try to get into that cmdline now08:20
apwi suspect it won't help; i syspec to use /dev/mem you'd need to fix its range check08:21
apwwhich would be fun in the extreme08:21
mra90apw, should I run dd_efi_memmap from grub?08:22
mra90because it says "can't find command"08:22
apwmra90, no it is a kernel command line parmeter, needs adding to the kernel commandline bit of the boot record08:23
mra90apw, hmm I dunno how to get there08:24
mra90I rebooted and get into grub cmd08:24
apwthat is well documented on the internets08:24
mra90I thought so but it doesn't appear to be the case08:26
mra90they say how to obtain kernel params08:26
mra90but not how to enter its cmdline08:26
apwnormally you get the menu up with some mashing of keys, from the menu you select the entry you want to boot, and hit e to change it; and add the parameter in the kernel line08:30
sine0stupid question.. cli, how can i tell if im 64 or 3208:53
doev... hat sich erledigt.08:55
Maiksine0: lscpu08:55
doevoh, sorry wrong channel08:55
Maikdoev: sure, no problem08:56
sine0thanks Maik08:57
doevsine0: uname -a08:57
sine0found it08:57
doevsine0: your question is not clear. Do you mean your CPU or OS?08:58
Maikdoev: sine0 already found it08:58
Maiksine0: yw08:58
mra90apw, thanks for the dicussion, I will let you know what I managed to achieve09:10
gebbionewhat should i look for to establish why nautilus (folder) has crashed09:23
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EriC^gebbione: you might find info in /var/log/syslog09:44
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ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents09:46
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oft_gegong!ubuntu for windows09:50
ubottuoft_gegong: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:50
lotuspsychje!msgthebot > oft_gegong09:52
ubottuoft_gegong, please see my private message09:52
mra90apw, I have exported that memory and it works!10:02
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BluesKajHi all10:15
b100smagic_ninja, I see. When I run `dpkg -l | grep -i screen` I see the: "ii screen 4.3.1-2build1 amd64". However the `screen -v` gives: "Screen version 4.03.01 (GNU) 28-Jun-15". I'm on 16.04. Let me try to find a link this package10:38
dongsI've added >> GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="vga=normal nofb nomodeset video=vesafb:off i915.modeset=0" << to /etc/default/grub, i=ve ran grub-update, and cat /proc/cmdline confirms those lines were added to boot. Yet machine still boots into framebuffer console with unreadable text. WhAT Do.10:39
b100smagic_ninja, here we are https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/screen , it's10:40
b100sit seems to have different package version and software version, or am I wrong?10:41
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EriC^^b100s: same here, also 16.0410:47
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gebbionewhere are fonts installed in ubuntu? the UX installer fails when i press install10:57
kajetanHi, I'm experiencing an annoying issue on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS. Basically when the screen is still, like when you are looking at a text editor or something "static" I can easly spot kind of wave noise in the background, like the one you can see when the monitor is not synced. As soon I move the mouse, it stops and starts again after few seconds.10:57
kajetanI'm on a laptop, LCD screen then. Refresh is set to 60Hz and is the same suggested by xrandr. Any idea?10:58
gebbioneis /usr/local/share/fonts a good place to put the files?10:58
Taggnostr2guiverc, jeremy31, lotuspsychje: thanks for helping me the other day, I now successfully upgraded from 19.04 to 20.0411:33
kajetanis someone experiencing a similar issue or is it a know issue that I missed, maybe?11:55
lotuspsychjekajetan: wave noise, as in screen flickering?12:13
summonnerkajetan, I had exactly the same. I reverted to 18 and it went away12:13
summonnerlotuspsychje, it's like a random snow effect but flicking in and out. any time you add more windows, at least for me, the effect would compound until the screen was unreadable. switching to tty2 and back again temporarily reduced the snow12:15
lotuspsychjesummonner: wich graphics was that?12:16
summonnerNvidia 360M12:17
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kajetanlotuspsychje: sort of flickering, yes. looks like when a camera capture an old CRT screen12:29
lotuspsychjekajetan: wich brand of computer?12:30
kajetanDell, but the (in)famous adaptive backlight thing is disabled in BIOS12:31
kajetanand in Windows I do not have this issue12:31
kajetanthe laptop has an Intel and an NVidia but I disabled the NVidia12:31
lotuspsychjekajetan: makes me think of an earlier clevo bug i had with a realtek/ intel bug, booting into desktop also made the screen flicker, i had to temp fix with a kernel param12:33
kajetanlotuspsychje: it is really annoying, especially when working in dark; changing backlight does not changes the results - I read about the backlight PWM and tried to tune it does not works as well12:37
lotuspsychjekajetan: bug #1838644 and answer #28 fixed it temp for my case, not sure this is your situation12:38
ubottubug 1838644 in linux-hwe (Ubuntu) "Booting into desktop results in flickering" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/183864412:38
kajetanlotuspsychje: I'll give it a try on next reboot; however this is changing c-state for the whole machine, I guess12:44
lotuspsychjekajetan: yeah, the parameter is not ideal, a temp workaround, still i had to use this a certain time on my brand12:45
lotuspsychjekajetan: worth a try testing purpose12:45
kajetanlotuspsychje: yeah, don't think it is going to be harmful12:46
magic_ninjait could be a typo. There doesn't seem to be a release with that version: http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/screen.git13:38
dongswhy is it impossible to blacklist ptrfs and i915 modules14:11
dongsi dont need them14:11
EriC^^dongs: something else is probably using them if you're blacklisting then they keep appearing14:14
dongshow can i see what.14:15
hggdhdongs: lsmod | grep -E "(i915|ptrfs)"14:16
dongs(it was btrfs) yeah, i know, the moduels are there but they're NOT in use14:17
dongsi915 in particular.14:17
dongsi915                 1986560  0 < not used, and a bunch of other drm/etc related stuff is loaded but once I unload 915 its also all becomes unused.14:18
jellyhow much space does a full ubuntu mirror take?14:26
jpdsjelly: Loads: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors14:27
jeremy31dongs: I think the 0 means there aren't any modules that depend on ot14:37
dongsno, that means its currently not in use.14:37
dongswhich means I can unload it.14:37
dongswhich puzzles me why its loaded in teh first place.14:37
dongsi did run update-initramfs -u which is supposedly a prerequisite for this but i915 still loads.14:38
jeremy31Check others in lsmod results14:38
jeremy31dongs: Intel video?  Or is i915 in /etc/modules14:39
dongs /etc/modules is blank.14:39
dongsi915 is in blacklist.conf.14:40
jellyjpds, that page seems to have numbers from 2017, which might be a bit out of date14:40
minallHello Ubuntu Community!, is the SSL certificate for the Ubuntu download expired?, or is it me?14:42
apwminall, you'd need to indicate the url you are referring to14:42
oerheksminall, cdimage site?14:42
minallhttps://mirror.espoch.edu.ec/ubuntu-releases/20.04.1/ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso, one of my nearest mirror sites the page takes me when I press the 'download Ubuntu' buttom14:44
oerheksExpires OnThursday, July 2, 2020 at 6:07:17 AM ...14:45
oerheksit is an EDU mirror, contact the administrator?14:46
oerhekswe do control https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ ..14:46
oerheksi think due to corona, such certificates are not renewed, no personel active?14:47
jpdsjelly: Probably uses more now14:52
jellyyes.  Which is why I asked.14:52
atralheavenI ran "find . -type f -exec rm {} \;" in a wrong directory, it took few seconds, and then asked me if I want to delete a write-protected file. my question is: has rm removed everything until that file before asking me about removing it, or it first checks all files and asks about permission stuff and then starts removing?14:54
geirhaatralheaven: it has likely deleted lots of files14:55
atralheaventhere are a lot of files there and I can't tell if some of them are deleted, but I can see that not all files are removed14:56
geirhaif you were lucky, the write-protected file was the first file that matched the filter14:56
atralheaventhat was my home directory...14:56
geirhabut any files it found before that, and passed to that rm, would be silently deleted14:57
gildartsHope you have a backup.14:58
atralheavenI have a backup from about 40 days ago14:58
lotuspsychjephotorec to the data rescue14:59
geirhait'll be hard to predict what files it managed to delete as find iterates the files in arbitrary order; it doesn't sort like ls and shell globs do14:59
atralheavenlotuspsychje: does photorec recover files with their parent directory structure?15:00
geirhabut it will do breadth first by default. So if the write-protected file was in the current directory, it hasn't removed any files in other directories15:01
EriC^^no atralheaven , but testdisk can possibly show you the deleted files and structure, although it might not be able to get them back15:01
EriC^^if the files are important to you, you better stop using the filesystem and boot a live usb and do your work on getting them back from there15:02
atralheavengeirha: well, I ran the command in ~/ and the write-protected file was ./.ssh/id_rsa15:03
geirhathen it must've removed all regular files in ~/ first15:03
atralheavenbut there ar emany files that are still there15:04
atralheavenhow can I compare the structure of two directories (all their subdirs and files) ?15:05
atralheaventree and then diff? or is there a better way15:06
geirhaHm. ok, I see the order isn't quite as I assmued15:06
geirhadiffing the outputs of tree would give a good indication, yes15:06
atralheavenI did a "cp -R --attributes-only . dirs/" before running find and rm, so I have a copy of all dirs and files (but without their contents)15:08
atralheavenbut the copy iteself might be affected by find rm15:08
atralheavenoh I can check the size of home dir15:09
atralheavenI've lost about 2g of 14g, could be worse15:09
atralheaventhank you all15:10
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fayti1703I need some help crossgrading a laptop with 18.04 from i386/i686 to amd64 -- basic bootup from a 64-bit kernel (used 4.15.0-112-generic) into `emergency.target` works fine, but once `udevadm` tries to `trigger --action=add` `LNXVIDEO:00` as part of the `systemd-udev-trigger.service`, the system reboots without warning. Did some `netconsole`ing already, kernel log around that isn't helping much.15:28
oerheksfayti1703, never got that working, i386 to amd64 .. reinstall is the best option15:31
kenperkinslotuspsychje: was it you who helped me with kernal module for amdgpu on my ryzen7 laptop?16:23
kenperkinsI'm trying to figure out if my gpu drivers are loaded or not, and I don't think they are16:31
oerheksdid you install headers before installing?16:31
oerhekssudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r)16:32
tomreyn"UNCLAIMED" suggests no driver supporting this hardware is loaded.16:32
tomreynyou wouldn't need headers to use amdgpu, though16:33
kenperkinssays the headers are already at the correct version16:33
kenperkinsoerheks: the gpu is built into the cpu, so in that regard, I just installed the OS16:34
tomreynis this a fresh default installation? or have modification sbeen made? which? installation of what exactly?16:35
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.16:35
kenperkinsfresh default installation, 20.04.116:36
kenperkinsamd 4700u renoir cpu/gpu16:36
tomreyndo you get any graphical output?16:36
kenperkinsyea, it's a laptop16:38
oerheksthis test is using kernel 5.7 https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Ryzen-7-4700U-Daily-Driver16:38
tomreynso you have a graphical desktop, but not accelerated.16:38
oerheksnext groovy gives 5.8 ??16:39
kenperkins@tomreyn that's what I'm speculating/wondering16:39
oerhekstoo new hardware, i guess16:39
tomreyni think we went over this some days ago16:40
kenperkinsyea someone helped me with an amdgpu kernel module, but I don't remember who16:40
tomreynwhat's your goal now?16:40
kenperkinsI had to reinstall, so I need to figure out how to re-do that, to see if it makes it accelerated16:40
tomreynthe /topic points to channel logs16:41
tomreynyou can just re-read them16:41
kenperkinsnone of the topic links seem to have logs?16:42
tomreyn!irclogs | kenperkins16:42
ubottukenperkins: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/16:42
kenperkins@tomreyn perfect found them, thanks!16:44
tomreyni think i had suggested "oibaf" ppa, alternatively the groovy kernel via linux-generic-hwe.20.04-edge from focal-proposed16:44
tomreynalternatively mainline kernel using (unsupported) https://github.com/pimlie/ubuntu-mainline-kernel.sh16:45
Smultzhi there, quick question - when adding a new hdd as a data drive, is it better to use a primary or extended partition, or doesn't it matter?16:45
kenperkinsok rebooting after testing the kernel module16:46
tomreynSmultz: personally, i'd want to use gpt partition tables nowadays instead of dos/mbr ones, which you are referring to.16:46
tomreynSmultz: if you'd need to use mbr/dos, though, i'd say "it doesn't really matter".16:46
oerheksextended is what you need if you want more than 4 partitions om MBR, GPT has no issue there.16:47
Smultzfair enough - just gonna have the drive acting as a data slave, so special partitions required16:47
tomreynyou could even use the raw disk without partition table16:50
kenperkinsOK I think this means I have a driver now installed? https://termbin.com/qofw16:51
kenperkinsso the only game I have installed is minecraft, but it's getting ~110+ fps so that must mean it's not software17:02
tomreynhmm, that's not exactly much17:04
tomreyni'd test with glxgears first, though17:04
kenperkinsok, I'll do that17:04
gebbioneany idea what is going on here ? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3NJG66ggVS/17:05
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kenperkinstomreyn: and how to tell for sure? it's ~60fps with glxgears17:06
kenperkinsI have a second duplicate laptop, I'll test it without the amdgpu kernel module17:06
tomreynkenperkins: see above for a test on 18.04 LTS with a (dedicated) AMD RX 58017:09
oerheksgebbione, is your hdd mounted RO ?17:09
kenperkinsperfect; mine says `accelerated: yes` so I'm sure that's good17:09
gebbionei no17:09
gebbioneit looks like it is a problem somewhere with snap while installing gimp17:09
tomreynkenperkins: first run is with framerate synchronization to the monitor, which is what i think you were doing, and then without.17:09
kenperkinsah, command line flag?17:10
gebbionei m trying to follow what is written here https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/gimp-broken/17958/317:10
kenperkins@tomreyn there's no obvious flag for disabling sync17:10
tomreynkenperkins: environment option. you could set it globally, but normally you only want to lift the synchronization for single applications, i.e. games or other 3d heavy stuff.17:10
kenperkinsah, I didn't realize that's how you do it17:11
oerheksgebbione, "snap-discard-ns fixed it" ?17:11
kenperkinsyea, 2000 fps17:12
kenperkinswith vsync off17:12
gebbioneoerheks, kinda ... at least i was able to remove it. I need to install it again and see if i can use printers from it. I was not able to give it permissions to use printers17:12
oerheksgebbione, indeed, the snap version cannot connect to printers. ( just tested)17:15
oerheksreinstall with the --classic option might fix this17:15
oerheksthere is no 'permissions' tab in softwarecenter> installed > gimp > permissions17:16
gebbionei reinstalled with snap and now after editing the printing permissions (there is a permission button next to the installation screen in ubuntu software when selected) it works17:16
oerheksah oke, in 20.04?17:17
oerheksoh, i have 2 versions now, 2.10 and 2.28 ..17:18
oerheksgebbione, yes, i see it too.17:18
oerheksit is a nasty hidden feature :-(17:19
kenperkinsok, so on laptop 2, without amdgpu kernel module, I get errors using glxgears or glxinfo: https://termbin.com/pw1q17:21
tomreynwhat is laptop 2 running, does it have X running on X window :1?17:25
kenperkinsthey are identical configuration hardware identical installation 20.04.1 installs17:26
kenperkinsonly difference  (atm) is one has the amdgpu kernel module17:26
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kenperkinsyep, and laptop without amdgpu gets 5fps in minecraft17:26
tomreynso software rendering is slower than hardware rendering. doh.17:27
kenperkinsyea, but I'm confirming that was indeed the issue since i have identical devices17:28
kenperkinsexcellent, thank you so much @tomreyn @oerheks17:31
kenperkinsok, next problem, hardware/software brightness controls for the display don't work17:31
spectrezhI have had a ubuntu server for a while running docker with unifi-controller. recently I updated it and now I can not connect to my unifi controller WebGUI at all. UFW is turned off.. logs show docker seems running.. ANyone knows what changed last months with ubuntu to brake this? I even tried a completly new VM from scratch with same problem.17:36
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kenperkinsthis is similar, but not exactly right17:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1829641 in lxqt-config (Ubuntu) "brightness keys on laptop don't dim the backlight" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:40
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kenperkinsdef looks like there's a bug in the acer_wmi module17:58
kenperkinsmaybe not, but this one is exact I think https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/188146218:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1881462 in linux (Ubuntu) "Brightness settings don't work on Lenovo Ideapad 5 15ARE05" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:13
kenperkinsgenius! the 5.8.9 kernel fixed that issue18:27
tatertotzspectrezh: the Unifi controller is sensitive to java versions, it also has logs ...19:07
tatertotzspectrezh: with that having been said, be careful "updating"19:08
tatertotzspectrezh: if you get a java update version Unifi doesn't like...you're hosed19:08
spectrezhthanks I solved it19:08
KowAre there any music players for Linux with full library support that do not suck? (music players that suck: Clementine, Rhythmbox, Banshee, Amarok, VLC - terrible library support)?19:08
kenperkinsnot sure that's ubuntu related @tatertotz @spectrezh but I've been running unifi via docker for 2 years, no major issues19:08
KowClementine is super buggy - specifically with it's library features. Banshee hasn't been maintained for darn near 10 years. Rhythmbox is too limited like vlc. amarok is pretty much dead19:09
KowI am not installing Kodi just to play music19:10
KowWinamp had good library support 25 years ago. Apparently linux still hasn't caught up.19:10
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oerheksKow, clementine is great with huge collections.19:19
oerheksso, use the one you like most, none of them 'suck'19:19
KowI consider anything that doesn't work as designed to suck. I guess this is too high a bar for Linux music players19:20
KowAnd the fact I see a lot of unanswered requests on their forums for a new release, going back to 2017... indicates to me Clementine is dead too. So I guess music players on Linux are a thing of the past19:21
oerhekssnapcraft gives 1.4 rc19:23
Kowhttps://github.com/clementine-player/clementine/issues/1509 that bug is 7 years old and still open! yikes ok Clementine is dead19:24
oerheksrandom bugreport that is fixed already19:25
oerheksgood luck!!19:25
tuxakadjsebstrawberry is an excellent fork of clementine19:29
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plujonI just did do-release-upgrade to upgrade to 18.04 LTS on a digitalocean droplet , and I notice uname -a indicates Linux 3.13.0-57 .  Is there some way to ask dkpg why it didn't use a newer linux kernel?20:26
sarnoldplujon: hold on...20:31
sarnoldplujon: https://www.digitalocean.com/docs/droplets/how-to/kernel/20:31
plujonsarnold: Ah, thanks!  I'll look that over...20:32
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bilb_onowhen you make an ssh port forward using the command line, how long does it last? Just until you ctrl+c? or until you restart the computer?20:55
oerheksuntil you restart the ssh service, i guess20:56
leftyfbbilb_ono: how are you forwarding the port?20:57
kajetanHi, I'm still face my issue, even after intel_idle.max_cstate=4; basically when the screen is still as it is while reading text (I mean there is no even a blinking cursor), the LCD of my laptop starts to have a sort of wave noise in the background. If I move the mouse, it disappear for few seconds, then it restarts as soon the screen is still20:59
kajetanagain. Any idea?20:59
bilb_onoleftyfb ssh -N -L 5432:remote_address:5432 <tunnel host>20:59
leftyfbbilb_ono: the tunnel is there until you close out that ssh session21:00
bilb_onoleftyfb: how do you “close out21:00
leftyfbexit ?21:00
bilb_onodo you have to execute a close command?21:00
bilb_onoor just like ctrl+c on the terminal window21:00
leftyfboh, right, -N. Yeah, CTRL+C21:01
bilb_onoleftyfb: so to keep it open, I would put it in my ssh_config file21:01
bilb_onoand then it would be there… whenever I start my comp?21:02
leftyfbbilb_ono: look into autossh21:03
bilb_onook thanks21:03
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Kali_YugaHello I made a bootable USB for someone, and I started the USB to check for errors (yes I did a md5sum to) but now there is another partition called "writable" on that stick, Idk why.. https://www1.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=4819631821:22
Kali_Yugadoes it matter? should I just leave it, why is it there?21:23
oerheksdepends, how did you create the usb, with what tool?21:23
Kali_Yugaoerheks: I just used dd if= of= command21:24
oerheksmkusb gives an option for a persistent part, so you indeed see 2 usb instances.21:24
oerheksno, that is not possible, with just dd.21:24
Kali_Yugaoerheks: well, I did just sudo dd that's it and then started the stick clicked on "try kubuntu"21:25
Kali_Yugaoerheks: sudo dd if=/home/user/Downloads/kubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdc status=progress21:25
oerheksdid you select sda/sdb/sdc or sda1/sdb1/sdc1 soemthng?21:25
Kali_Yugaoerheks: /dev/sdc listed in lsblk21:26
oerhekswhat happens when you start in live mode, what does the 2nd icon give when opening?21:26
oerheksunusual, dd should not create 2 parts.21:26
Kali_Yugaoerheks: No, now I'm in my OS again, not running live21:27
Kali_Yugaoerheks: after coming back from live I plugged it in again and it showed the 2 parts after starting it in "try kubuntu" live session... before it wasn't there21:28
Kali_Yugaoerheks: in "writable" it shows "install-logs-2020-09-140"21:29
Kali_Yugaoerheks: did you understand any of what I'm trying to say?21:30
oerheksI have no answer to this..21:30
oerheksKali_Yuga, yes, i believe you.21:31
EriC^^Kali_Yuga: how did you make the usb? dd? which iso?21:31
EriC^^also pastebin 'sudo parted -ls'21:31
oerheksi cannot find any clue why there would be 2 'drives' visable21:31
oerheksi could understand if you used /dev/sdc121:31
Kali_YugaEriC^^: kubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd6421:31
Kali_Yugaoerheks: No I used sdc, I made sure21:32
Kali_Yugaoerheks: I actually copied the command that I used from my history21:32
EriC^^Kali_Yuga: pastebin parted21:33
EriC^^Kali_Yuga: what's the problem you're having anyways?21:34
Kali_YugaEriC^^: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ddwhnVdHNX/21:36
oerheksno usb there..21:36
Kali_YugaEriC^^: yes it's an encrypted HDD, The USB is the 8053MB21:37
Kali_Yugaoerheks: yes the VendorCo ProductCode (scsi) should be the USB drive21:37
EriC^^odd, no partition table or partitions21:37
Kali_YugaEriC^^: Well I just see it in my folders that it shows a second partition after I "tried out kubuntu"21:38
EriC^^Kali_Yuga: if you mount this "writable" partition, does it show up in "mount" output?21:38
EriC^^Kali_Yuga: try mounting those in folders, and see the output of mount for what's mounted21:39
Kali_YugaEriC^^: I think so I'll paste the output21:39
kajetando you maybe know if there is any gnome specific optimization when the screen is still? this flickering is really eye-killer21:42
Kali_YugaEriC^^: All the way on the bottom: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Rm6pRJZnnd/21:42
EriC^^Kali_Yuga: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/casper/+bug/187206521:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1872065 in casper (Ubuntu) "'writable' should not be introduced as a new label for persistence partition in Ubuntu 20.04" [Undecided,Opinion]21:43
EriC^^seems that it's related to persistence21:43
Kali_YugaEriC^^: So it's a bug??21:44
EriC^^no it's just the persistence partition i guess21:45
oerheks... weird.. but oke, i am still on 18.0421:45
Kali_YugaEriC^^: So it's normal?21:45
oerheksand then, why sdc3.. not sdc2?21:45
Kali_Yugaoerheks: don't ask me21:45
EriC^^Kali_Yuga: i'd guess so21:46
Kali_YugaEriC^^: Okay as long as it doesn't create any issues21:47
Kali_YugaEriC^^: I'll just leave as is.. was just wondering21:49
oerhekssuch feature should be mentioned in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes/Kubuntu21:51
oerheksthanks Kali_Yuga for sharing21:51
Kali_Yugaoerheks: Oh you're welcome, I was wondering myself that's why I ask. Thanks for the help21:53
EriC^^Kali_Yuga: the partition is used to store all your personal data21:59
Kali_YugaEriC^^: Oh, okay I didn't save anything just booted the stick once and then it was there.. it did save a log on it22:01
Kali_YugaEriC^^: but thanks for your help, at least I know it's okay22:02
EriC^^Kali_Yuga: no problem22:11
davido_I'm interested in learning about the path that bug reports take through https://launchpad.net/ubuntu. I'm aware of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Bug%20statuses and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses/ , and even https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Triage ... I guess I'm asking if a flow chart exists.22:23
davido_Nevermind for now.22:26
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blazeme8hi i'm having trouble getting sata working on an x570-based motherboard22:49
blazeme8I can see the controller in `lspci` and it says it's using the "ahci" kernel driver for it22:49
blazeme8but nothing happens when I connect a drive. There's a separate sata controller on the board that the drive works fine with.22:49
blazeme8ubuntu 20.04, i'm fairly up to date22:50
truexfan81with some exceptions23:40
truexfan81cough libplacebo cough even the ancient open suse leap is more up to date on that one23:41
Kali_Yugahow do you mount a persistence disk from google? https://www1.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=1451782023:56

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