tomreyndid you try unmanaged-devices=interface-name:p2p-dev-wlp2s0 according to NetworkManager.conf(5) ?00:09
Mibixtomreyn what was that command you wanted me to run to purge the old 3rd party apps?00:09
Mibixsabnzbd is still on as a service but not in apt-get00:10
tomreynin case it's no longer in your scrollback there's irc logs00:10
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/00:10
tomreynSven_vB: the DEVICE SECTION paragraph looks more suitable actually00:11
Sven_vBtomreyn, I'll try that, thanks!00:20
Sven_vBI even tried that a few weeks ago, unfortunately I didn't save the results. :|00:21
Sven_vBah I remember now, I didn't like that approach because I'd have to modify a central file instead of using a drop-in file.00:24
Sven_vBI'll try anyway, just to complete my lab notes.00:25
tomreynSven_vB: there's /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/00:26
Sven_vBoh, right! thanks! :)00:27
Sven_vBit actually worked! finally! :-))00:29
Mibixso did mysql change service names or something when updating to 20.0400:48
Mibixsudo apt-get install mysql cant locate the package00:57
tomreyni don't think there ever was a package named "mysql", was there?00:58
tomreynyou probably want either mysql-client" or "mysql-server" or both. those may be versioend, too00:58
Mibixyou are right tomreyn its mysql-server01:04
Mibixbut i cant get it to start anymore grrr01:05
InteloMy usb web cam's light just turned onn. I am not using any app to share video. How can I check whats doing this?01:07
rk4so if gnome is in snap in 20.04, what is this package - 'gnome (1:3.30+2) [universe]', is it packaged in both traditional apt-getable form /and/ snap?01:09
Mibixheh tomreyn here is the log if you have any ideas :D https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rFB2p6KWMy/01:11
Mibixunknown variable 'query_cache_type=1'01:12
tomreynrk4: i think you're mistaken about gnome(-shell) moving to snap, if you were referring to the default ubuntu desktop environment.01:14
tomreynMibix: mysql options can change across versions, that's what release notes and migration guides are good for01:15
Firefishylibapache2-mod-svn in ubuntu 18.04 segfaults because an H2 security update to apache2 package triggers this bug: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?view=revision&revision=1845204 Fixed in debian: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=93603401:27
ubottuDebian bug 936034 in libapache2-mod-svn "broken http2 in apache2 2.4.25-3+deb9u8 for mod_dav_svn on stretch?" [Normal,Fixed]01:27
FirefishyAlso described here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache/+bug/187146301:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1871463 in apache (Ubuntu) "Accessing Subversion Repository with Webbrowser leads to Segmentation fault" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:29
FirefishySegfaults started happening sometime around apache2 (2.4.29-1ubuntu4.10)01:31
FirefishyFix is to apply patch to subversion from here: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?view=revision&revision=184520401:32
FirefishyFeel free to point me somewhere better.01:33
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conjohi guys testing hexchat in cli can anyone ping back please01:56
Bashing-omping conjo01:57
conjothanks man01:57
rk4tomreyn: interesting, i had thought the gnome snap in https://www.howtogeek.com/670084/what-you-need-to-know-about-snaps-on-ubuntu-20.04/ in the screenshot was the gnome DE02:01
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bumblefuzzso, I just set up a new server02:21
rk4high five!02:21
bumblefuzzand made the ssh login key only02:21
rk4is this story going to end with 'i cant login'02:21
bumblefuzzquite the opposite02:21
bumblefuzzI moved the key pair on my client machine02:22
bumblefuzzand tried to log in and it worked02:22
rk4is there more02:22
CarlFKguess #2: I can't sudo02:22
rk4well my story time!02:22
bumblefuzzno, I still have the key pair02:22
rk4i setup a server, set sshd to allow key only logins, and then i tried to login and it worked :)02:23
bumblefuzzI should only be able to log into the remote host with the correct key pa02:23
rk4keep going02:23
bumblefuzzbut if I moved the key pair to a different folder, why is it still able to log in?02:23
rk4is it stored in an ssh-agent or similar construct02:23
CarlFKum.. you don't move "pair"02:23
bumblefuzzthe key pair on my client is not in the .ssh folder02:24
CarlFKkeep your private key on the client you are logging in from.02:24
bumblefuzzI have 2 files, the private and public keys, stored in ~/.ssh02:24
CarlFKthere is a .ssh on both the client and the server02:25
bumblefuzzI have the public key in the ~/.ssh folder on the server02:25
bumblefuzzbut it must be checked against the private key in the ~/.ssh folder on my client, correct?02:26
CarlFKgood.  that should let you log in.  (but not sudo, which you might care about)02:26
bumblefuzzbut ONLY if I have the key pair in the ~/.ssh folder on my client02:26
bumblefuzzif I move the key pair on the client, it should not log in, correct?02:26
rk4well, isn't it also in the ssh-agent process..02:26
CarlFKna, you don't need the public key on your client02:26
bumblefuzzI don't know02:27
rk4pass lots of -v options to your ssh command and see what it says02:27
bumblefuzzI moved the key pair to a different folder, expecting it not to log in... and it logged in02:27
rk4my guess is its grabbing the key from the agent02:27
rk4another possibility is connection multiplexing, but agent is more likely02:28
CarlFKbtw - check out ssh-copy-id and ssh-import-id - little scripts that take care of moving public keys around02:28
bumblefuzzI don't actually want to move the keys02:29
bumblefuzzI was just trying to check the config02:29
bumblefuzzif you change the password, its easy to tell if the password is changed02:30
bumblefuzzbut if it's key login, it just logs in... so, I can't tell if I just configured it wrong or if it's using the correct key02:30
rk4ssh -v -v -v and pastebin what it says...02:31
rk4censor the sensitive bits, if there are any02:32
bumblefuzzfound this: Will attempt key: user@archibald RSA SHA256:blahblahblah agent02:32
bumblefuzzit seems to look in the folder and not find the key though02:32
bumblefuzzthen that attempt pops up02:33
rk4what does 'ssh-add -l' say02:33
bumblefuzzit lists the key from above02:34
bumblefuzzis that the agent?02:34
rk4see 'man ssh-add' and look for the -l option, then also see 'man ssh-agent'02:37
bumblefuzzok, it's using the agent02:38
bumblefuzzeven with the files in the correct location02:38
bumblefuzzit's still using the agent02:38
rk4you could kill the agent, flush the agent of identities, or pass ssh a flag to not use the agent02:38
rk4that will help demonstrate the hypothesis that the agent is why the file location isn't mattering02:39
bumblefuzzI've always just used 'ssh user@' to connect02:40
bumblefuzzI don't really know that much about using ssh other than that02:40
bumblefuzzI just started making sure the file permissions on host and client are set correctly02:40
bumblefuzzwhat else should I worry about for good practices?02:40
rk4'good practices' are mostly just opinions, 2FA might be appropriate, i use firewall rules extensively to limit who can reach sshd at all02:42
bumblefuzzyeah, I use static IP's and set ufw to allow only the admin IP to port 2202:43
GBGamesI'm using Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS. My router has a static IP for my desktop, and I have a docker container that I want to address using a different hostname. I setup my router so that the hostname points to my desktop's IP currently, but I plan to change it in the future. Everything works mostly fine, except when I reboot my Ubuntu machine. My network settings say that I'm using "Wired connection 1" which shows  a DNS address that matches the02:50
GBGames router, but when I try to reference the hostname, I see "Could not resolve host: gbinfra"02:50
GBGamesIf I click on "eth0", then click back to "Wired connection 1", suddenly gbinfra is accessible. I am not sure what to look for to figure out how to get it to work upon a reboot, though. Any ideas?02:51
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rk4GBGames: only 1: you could not use nm for eth003:49
felixihow do i find out which package a file belongs to?03:55
matsamanfelixi: dpkg -S, or apt-file if not already installed03:56
feliximatsaman: thanks ;)03:57
VoxelHey all :) Is the `Version:` static per processor in dmidecode?04:14
Ether_ManHey so I want to make an install from liveusb. I want to install on ZFS, but I don't want to split boot and root, nor do I want a swap partition. (or an efi partition if that can be avoided but I'm kind of guessing it's not). Using the installer's default for full disk, I get all of these, but doing a manual partition setup, I don't even see ZFS in the dropdown. Can it only be used with that default layout?05:17
wyoungEther_Man: You might want to check if grub supports booting off zfs05:21
Ether_Manwyoung: It works to boot when selecting to use the whole disk as zfs with the default layout...05:21
Ether_ManI just don't want to have 3 gig boot partition where 50 megs is being used... Nor do I want a 3gig swap partition. I'm really limited on space on this thing and I really can't afford such waste on it.05:22
Ether_ManGuess I'll try with btrfs instead. That also supports compression after all05:33
rk4yeah about btrfs and compression...05:35
Ether_ManWhat about it?05:37
rk4ZFS was buggy for a number of years too in Solaris, so it's par for the course in complex software05:39
Ether_ManThe only warning there for compress is outdated and applied to multidisk setups, not single disk. Besides, I don't particularly care about any data on there as such. It's all just temporary anyway so unless it's bad enough that I have to reinstall every day or week or so... It's fine.05:40
rk4ah, fair enough05:43
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DarkTrickIs there a way to see which component consumes shortcuts?06:07
DarkTrickHm... the actual problem magically disappeared06:13
monojamoon|Hi guys! Want to install Ubuntu 18.04.5! What is the minimum size of the flash drive required?06:19
monojamoon|Is it 4GB?06:19
mozzarellawhat is the file of teh iso file?06:21
monojamoon|Is it fair to assume that the expansion would not go beyond 4GB?06:25
EriC^monojamoon|: expansion?06:36
EriC^monojamoon|: ah you mean like if its decompressed or something?06:37
EriC^monojamoon|: it'll be same size as iso no decompression and stuff06:37
monojamoon|Understood! Thanks06:40
EriC^monojamoon|: no problem06:53
DarkTrickmonojamoon|, Though I would advice you to go on at least 4GB or better 8GB. Otherwise you get in trouble as soon as you update stuff07:12
DarkTrickalso, installation might become a hassle - depending on your knowledge07:13
lotuspsychjemonojamoon|: ubuntu asks 8GB free space minimum on your harddisk too these days07:16
monojamoon|So over 8GB if am running Ubuntu from the USB stick. 4GB and above if I am just installing the OS onto my system. Did I get it right?07:19
lotuspsychjemonojamoon|: your usb stick reccomended 4GB and your harddisk 8GB+07:20
monojamoon|Got it!07:20
conjohow would i make a aa-genprof for a .sh file07:43
conjo"sudo aa-genprof example.sh"07:43
conjois sh classified as a program or a file07:44
pedrocrUbuntu 20.04 is stuck at the spinning boot animation for a long time07:58
pedrocrif it was doing fsck shouldn't it be giving me a % or at least allow me to switch to a console?07:59
conjois it an old pc wait a while07:59
lotuspsychjepedrocr: did you try F1 to switch to textboot yet?07:59
conjohi lotuspsychje how are ya07:59
lotuspsychjeconjo: good tnx08:00
pedrocrlotuspsychje: I've pressed ESC, space, Enter, F1, Alt-F1, etc with no change08:03
lotuspsychjepedrocr: what kind of pc is this?08:04
pedrocrlotuspsychje: Lenovo X23008:04
lotuspsychjepedrocr: maybe try a lubuntu08:05
pedrocrthis computer has been running fine for months, this is not the first install08:06
lotuspsychjepedrocr: can you still enter grub?08:07
pedrocrlotuspsychje: probably, just need to force it off again08:07
pedrocrbut if it's doing fsck I just need to let it finish08:07
pedrocrI just find it strange I can't get to a text boot somehow08:08
KeetzHow do I fix snaps not installing because of xz compression in ubuntu 20.04? https://pasteboard.co/JuOSBC3.png08:40
oerheksKeetz, interesting, file a bugreport?08:45
Keetzoerheks, i haven't yet08:45
KeetzI tried completely purging snapd and the software center... Now i re-installed snapd but can't install the snap-store because the problem still exists08:46
KeetzUnfortunately 20.04 Gnome has been so frustrating for me :/ gnome-shell crashing after every screen lock... alsa/pulseaudio constantly screws up my audio and only allows playing through HDMI instead of my audio port... And now snaps stopped working out of the blue because of filesystem compression08:54
TJ-Keetz: re: Pulseaudio - that is not usually PA's fault; the default audio sink is ALSA device index 0, and in your case I'd bet that the HDMI audio sink is index 0. There are well-proven cofig changes to deal with that.08:56
KeetzTJ-, i don't think that it is just defaulting to HDMI, it simply ONLY allows HDMI, even though I was just listening through my headphones... This usually also happens after a suspend or lock08:57
TJ-Keetz: as for Gnome; use an alternate Desktop Environment - I dumped Gnome 10 years ago becauce it dumbs down and obscures or obstructs functionality in many areas. I use XFCE4 (xubuntu-desktop)08:57
TJ-Keetz: ahhh... if suspend/resume then that is more than likely due to a faulty ACPI firmware of the PC itself, for which there is a workaround that often helps, acpi_osi (where we have Linux pretend to be Windows). Workaround here: https://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html08:58
KeetzTJ-, interesting09:00
KeetzGonna be interesting to see if that fixes my audio issue, thanks TJ-09:03
TJ-Keetz: if not, then next step is to compare the kernel log from a cold (power -ff) boot and after a resume from suspend to identify potential clues09:04
Kelarwhat is this: Starting pkgProblemResolver with broken count: 009:12
Kelarduring apt-get09:12
-Kelar:#ubuntu- ?09:13
DynamicFailHi. I am running Ubuntu in WSL. I had a terminal process running in VScode and then had to restart VScode and the terminal window was closed. Is there a way to re-attach to that window so I could close the processes that were being run?09:25
lotuspsychje!ubuwin | DynamicFail09:26
ubottuDynamicFail: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide09:26
DynamicFaillotuspsychje I am already runnning ubuntu on WSL09:27
lotuspsychjeDynamicFail: i know, but we have seperate channels for it, as you might find more likeminded volunteers for help on your case09:27
Deyaa12:10 PM <Deyaa> What is gonna happen if I redirect up of google.com to webproxy in my pc hosts file?10:13
GBGamesrk4: Do you mean that at boot eth0 isn't using network-manager, but when I toggle back and forth with network-manager, eth0 is now getting changed and therefore using the settings there?11:24
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luna_Translated the new AD and ZFS Strings that will land in Ubuntu 20.10 Installer11:50
flying_sausagesyo anyone knows what happened to the Wireguard PPA? What about Xen or Bionic support now? is it in repos?11:58
rk4GBGames: i mean you could try managing eth0 through /etc/network/interfaces11:58
BluesKajHi all12:00
oerheksall you need is wireguard-tools, IIRC12:01
oerheks!info wireguard-tools12:02
ubottuwireguard-tools (source: wireguard): fast, modern, secure kernel VPN tunnel (userland utilities). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.20200513-1~20.04.2 (focal), package size 81 kB, installed size 319 kB12:02
oerheks* as it is in the kernel since 5.412:02
dropheaderssince 5.6 but backported to 5.412:44
BluesKaja few vpn services have the wireguard option now12:45
pressure679Is there a Linux OS for smartphones? And if so is there a tutorial to install it unto a smartphone?13:03
oerheksthere is ubuntu touch, join #ubports for that13:03
wyoungpressure679: Yes, it's called Android13:04
pressure679wyoung: Not Android.13:05
oerheksignore the joker13:05
wyoungoerheks: Who?13:05
wyoungI was being serious, are you saying I am incorrect?  That Android isn't a Linux OS?13:06
pressure679oerherks: I read on the ubuntu website ubuntu touch only supports a small range of devices? - It seems some have managed to install it unto other devices and installed some drivers by themselves through GitHub. I can do it though, right?13:06
pressure679wyoung: Android just doesn't have the Debian software repository.13:06
hggdhwyoung: this is the Ubuntu support channel, not Android13:06
oerhekspressure679, number of devices is growing, see that channel for support13:06
wyoungpressure679: That wasn't your question though13:07
wyounghggdh: So why did pressure679 ask an off topic question for?13:07
hggdhwyoung: just let it rest, please13:07
pressure679wyoung: You're ok, I meant not Android though.13:07
wyoungpressure679: OK, there was a ubuntu based phone OS based on some QT web XML soemthing or otherm, but it was a flopo13:08
wyounghggdh: Sure mate13:08
pressure679Thanks for the answers.13:10
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LordDoskiashello i'm on ubuntu 20.04 and my microphone stopped working - it's detected by ubuntu and i can change its options but when i try oone of the online sites to record my voice i don't hear anything13:32
LordDoskiasand it used to work like an hour ago o_O13:32
bparkerany idea what would make random keyboard keys not register (sometimes have to hit it twice) besides a bad keyboard/cable ?13:34
bparkerapparently it was just the current terminal(s) I had open for some reason... reopening new tabs fixed the issue in gnome-terminal.13:38
wedrYou can do a screen capture while a context menu is open in Ubuntu 18.04, but for some reason, in Ubuntu 20.04, you can't do a screen capture like that anymore. Anyone knows why?13:40
wedrok, just gotta use the Gnome Screenshot tool.13:46
wedrIt has a delay capturing13:46
wedrNoooo, you can't capture context menus???13:49
pizzaiolowedr not a perfect capture but you could try using gnome-screenshot -a for an area screenshot13:59
pizzaiolodont recall the exact shortcut but it's listed in the keyboard shortcuts settings13:59
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wedrYeah, it's (Fn + PrtSc) for the screen capture,  or CTRL+(ScreenCapture), CTRL+ALT+(ScreenCapture), CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+(ScreenCapture). It's just somehow, if a context menu is active in any application, you can't invoke the commands.14:03
pentest1337is there a channel for ubuntu offtopic14:59
TJ-!offtopic | pentest133714:59
ubottupentest1337: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:59
MacGregorI notice in the Files app (Nautilus?) in Ubuntu 20.04. When I move a file to the Trash there is a popup that appears letting me know that I moved a file to the Trash. Is there a way to prevent that popup?15:25
oerhekssee preferences, tab behavior > ask before emptying the trash15:26
MacGregoroerheks: I followed your advice and the popup still shows15:29
MacGregoroerheks: I think that is for asking if you want to "empty the trash" rather than moving a file to the trash15:29
oerheksoh right15:30
oerheksyou mean that little popup on top?15:31
MacGregorYes, just below the titlebar. The popup goes away after a bit but I want to suppress the popup altogether15:32
oerheksthere is no setting for that, not even with dconf editor, this is  a hack > https://askubuntu.com/questions/1217969/remove-undo-deleted-popup-in-ubuntu15:33
oerheksadded the line .app-notification { padding: 0; margin: -80px 0 0 0; opacity: 0;}15:33
MacGregoroerheks: Oh, never thought about doing it through CSS, nice idea. Thank you15:34
MacGregorI write my own web pages/sites so CSS is easy15:34
ledenMacGregor: 'select file' + delete will send file direct to trash15:35
ioriaMacGregor, you know how the 'gsettings' cmd ?15:37
tomreynMacGregor: the css approach will prevent *any* notifications from any application. is this what you want (I assume not)?15:37
ioriaMacGregor, you know how 'to use' the 'gsettings' cmd ?15:37
MacGregortomreyn: Yeah, just thought about that, not a good idea methinks15:37
MacGregorleden: Yes, that still shows the popup though15:38
ioriaMacGregor,  there are 2 settings :  org.gnome.nautilus.preferences  org.gnome.gedit.plugins.filebrowser.nautilus  must be set to 'false'15:38
MacGregorioria: I haven't used that command in a while but willing to learn if it does what I want15:38
oerheksgsettings on cli, or install dconf-editor15:39
ioriaMacGregor,  clse nautilus; gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences confirm-trash false ; gsettings set org.gnome.gedit.plugins.filebrowser.nautilus confirm-trash false    ; open again nautilus15:39
tomreynMacGregor: from what i read online, there's no way to suppress specific notifications such as the one you mentioned, yet.15:40
oerheksgood spot, ioria , could not find it on askubuntu15:40
MacGregorOohhh, dconf editor.. I like! Found some other nice things there like "always use location entry" - this keeps me from having to CTRL+L in Nautilus15:43
MacGregorioria: confirm-trash only asks if you want to empty the trash.15:45
MacGregortomreyn: That's what I was afraid of. Will have to change my habits and thoughts, no problem. Thank you15:45
MacGregordconf-editor is quite handy15:46
MacGregorI'm assuming we no longer need gconf-editor, I think that was for gnome 2.x15:47
oerheksit still works, for gnome315:47
MacGregorAh, ok15:48
MacGregorI'm loving Ubuntu 20.0415:48
MacGregortomreyn: Also, that CSS change is theme-specific15:52
MacGregorNot doing that as it acts as you said15:52
aldaekIs there an ideal driver for the Sound Blaster Audigy 2?16:13
egrainis snap the way you are supposed to install stuff now?16:21
striveI use snap as a backup in case apt doesn't have the package I need.16:22
MacGregoregrain: I use apt, I'm not using snap until it's actually required system-wide16:22
egrainwell, let's say i'm a girl and i like to click on icons. would i install it via snap even though i didn't know what snap even was when using ubuntu 20.04?16:23
MacGregorIf apt doesn't have the package I need I'll change apps before I use snap16:23
egrainso snap is amazing. i get it.16:24
nascentmindHi. Why doesn't Ubuntu fonts have all the different weights of a font. For eg Inconsolata has many font weights but there is only 2-3 weights of that font.16:24
MacGregorWell, snap won't harm the system.. or it wouldn't be included. I've just been using Linux since 1999 and I see snap as a newcomer that needs more research before I switch16:25
egraindidn't answer my question though. anyway, doesn't work anymore anyway. "unable to install inkscape. cannot perform the following tasks:"16:26
MacGregoregrain: I installed inkscape with apt on Ubuntu 20.04 - no issues16:27
egraini didn't know you set snap traps for girls.16:27
egrainif i had installed it, i would have used apt-get.16:27
egrainshe didn't know. now it freezes.16:27
MacGregorapt-get should work too16:27
egrainwell, now she can't reinstall it actually.16:27
MacGregorRemove the snap package and use apt-get install inkscape?16:28
nopnotmeI have an issue when running any *apt* commands. I was originally trying to install nodejs on a Ubuntu 16.04 server that I only use via ssh, however I am getting an error using apt now regarding grub-common versions: https://pastebin.com/UwFi9fdF16:33
lotuspsychjenopnotme: you might wanna try #ubuntu-server for likeminded volunteers16:43
nopnotmeokay thank you16:44
kur1jWe have a server that has an LTE module in it that stays connected to our VPN so we can access it. However, when it is docked and in range of WiFi we would like to have it use the WiFi connection (since its a lot faster). We have both connected, however the routes get all screwy (default route is the LTE device) is there a recommended way of17:24
kur1jflipflopping them?17:24
pavlosnopnotme: do you have synaptic on the server? it can fix broken pkgs17:26
t432sudo rm -r  /opt/tomcat/logs/*17:41
t432sudo ls -l /opt/tomcat/logs/*17:41
t432ls: cannot access '/opt/tomcat/logs/*': No such file or directory17:41
pgndGiven likelihood (?) that apt* in Ubu is same/similar to that in UbuServer ...17:42
pgndRunning regular maintenance today on an otherwise stable Ubu bionic server, 'apt update' FAILs with: "UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xc9 in position 4: invalid continuation byteError in sys.excepthook:"17:42
pgnddetail -> https://pastebin.com/raw/PVegTn9217:42
pgndWhat do we do in order to workaround/fix that^ in the context of apt updates?17:42
t432that should be `sudo ls -l /opt/tomcat/logs/`17:42
t432total 391217:43
t432-rw-r----- 1 tomcat tomcat  412894 Sep 13 21:48 catalina.2020-09-13.log17:43
t432files are not removed17:43
t432sudo rm -r /opt/tomcat/logs/*17:43
t432rm: cannot remove '/opt/tomcat/logs/*': No such file or directory17:43
specterSo if I have an issue with a repo package not installing due to it needing a perl package not supplied in Focal, is that  bug report to the ubuntu team or the package team?17:44
lotuspsychjespecter: repo package as in external added ppa?17:45
fradwhere could I ask questions like this? the front cover of my notebook cracked and I don't find a new cover for my model. I'm thinking about glueing or scotch taping it. Should I? If not,what should I do?17:45
pavlosnopnotme: I meant aptitude (works in terminal), synaptic needs X17:46
specterlotuspsychje: No, from official ubuntu repos17:46
lotuspsychjespecter: ask in this channel first, and attack a pastebin of your apt error please17:46
lotuspsychjeattach :p17:46
specterWell it's just one line. Actually it installs, apparently, but will not run.17:49
specterirssi: error while loading shared libraries: libperl.so.5.26: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:49
specterChecking Focal, perl is now 5.30 and 5.26 isn't available.17:49
=== akem_ is now known as akem
specterMy workaround was to compile myself, and as it has built in perl support, it runs (using it now). But I'd like to report it, just not sure who to report to.17:52
joaquinito01can someone help me with windows 7?18:18
lotuspsychjejoaquinito01: in ##windows18:18
matsamanjoaquinito01: dual booting?18:19
joaquinito01i need a help with windows 718:19
Texasjoaquinito01: Stop trolling.18:19
joaquinito01ur a troll18:19
DanDevWhat is the best option to play win games on ubunutu? Wine/PlayOnLinux?18:25
mgedminsteam and games that support linux natively18:26
mgedminalthough I've also had some success with playonlinux18:26
mgedmin(but also some failures)18:26
mgedmin(also, sorry, missed the word "win" in your question)18:27
matsamanDanDev: I'd check appdb.winehq.org first, yes18:27
specterDanDev: Lutris is a thing.18:36
DanDevspecter: That's awesome. Thanks18:39
paCannot initiate the connection to ppa.launchpad.net:8018:54
pais launchpad down?18:54
tomreyn$ nc -vvz 8018:56
tomreynConnection to 80 port [tcp/http] succeeded!18:56
tomreynpa: firewalled? proxy-walled? proxy-derouted? does ppa.lauchpad.net resolve to the same ip address for you?18:58
patomreyn, 8018:59
paproxy nothing i suppose18:59
jpdspa: It's on your end, works fine for me18:59
tomreyntry a traceroute from where it fails19:00
pastops there19:00
tomreynthat's the last but one hop on my route, too19:01
pahmm.. what could it be?19:01
tomreynblacklisting, i'd guess. i assume #ubuntu-mirrors or (actually more likely) #canonical-sysadmin may be able to look into it for you.19:01
patrying thanks19:01
tomreynread channel topics first19:02
patraceroute still fails but apt now works19:19
tomreynipv4/ipv6 ?19:20
pa(i think/hope)19:21
tomreynsometimes you'll see one of them working, the other not, this could cause the result you just reported.19:22
weretav1aAfter switching to nvidia driver, I get no desktop on boot. I was able to get desktop back by restoring a backup of an old xorg.conf but I believe I need to generate a new xorg.conf to properly use the driver. Is there some way to generate a new one automatically?19:56
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. See `man xorg.conf` for file structure and syntax. For Ubuntu-specific documentation and more information, see also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config19:57
weretav1aWell if I just delete it that does not get me a desktop either. What is the up to date way to not use Xorg.conf (believe me, I would love to not deal with it)19:59
weretav1aare there many places I need to search and destroy these files so that the automatic configuration can work?20:01
matsamanweretav1a: if you dpkg -L the nvidia driver package, sometimes it comes with a script to crap out xorg.conf contents20:04
matsamandpkg -L nvidiawhatevs | grep -i bin20:04
weretav1amatsaman: to understand, so we want there to still exist an xorg.conf file somewhere on the system, in general, or not?20:10
weretav1ado we want*20:10
matsamanweretav1a: so for most devices everything "just works" without making your own config20:12
matsamanfor the minority that don't 'just work', you put configs in a place other than xorg.conf20:12
matsamanIIRC you can still use xorg.conf if you want, though20:13
matsamanbut if you can find nvidia's config generator script, you should be able to put its output in either location, most likely20:13
weretav1aI don't want, unless that's the only way.20:13
matsamanwell if you have the config generator, and it can make you a config that allows your X to work, that would be a pretty simple path forward20:13
matsamanotherwise I would try nouveau first, instead of nvidia's own proprietary driver, unless you have some reason to do otherwise20:14
weretav1athe system manufacturer only claims to support proprietary20:14
matsamansure, but does the system manufacturer claim to support the OS you're using?20:15
weretav1aI see in /etc/X11 the xorg.conf and some backups I made, I don't currently see xorg.conf.d there, is this located somewhere else?20:15
matsamanyes they're different locations20:15
weretav1ayes, it is a "system76", which is Linux specific, from what i'm told ;p20:15
matsaman/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ maybe20:15
matsamandoesn't really matter, you're getting support from #ubuntu, not system7620:16
weretav1ais there some list of every possible place that X is going to search for these files?20:16
matsamannouveau will generally be less trouble, if it doesn't utterly fail to be compatible20:16
matsamanI'm sure there's a list somewhere, but those should be the only two places of note20:16
weretav1ayeah theres a whole bunch of them in that folder20:17
weretav1awhich I never touched20:17
matsamanprobably came with Ubuntu, then20:18
weretav1ashould I try to rename everything .conf.bak?20:18
matsamanweretav1a: probably not, but you can if you want20:22
matsamanweretav1a: worst that will happen is something to do with X will change its behavior/break20:22
matsamanyou would only have to put them back and restart X to restore it20:22
codecutter'/etc/systemd/system/myapp.service:4: Failed to add dependency on network.target[Service], ignoring: I20:51
codecutter'/etc/systemd/system/myapp.service:5: Unknown lvalue 'User' in section 'Unit'20:51
Mr_xhi everyone20:52
Mr_x<genii> !xorgconf  <<--- genii that u use eggdrop for this20:52
Mr_xcan i know which one tcl u use20:53
Mr_xi want to use on my chan20:53
Mr_xhi zerocode20:53
Mr_xdo u know which one tcl use for that20:54
zerocodeand dev20:54
Mr_x2,5 <<-- u mean named of tcl?20:55
TJ-Mr_x: ubottu is a custom 'bot not eggdrop20:55
Mr_xtj- mean not use tcl?20:56
TJ-Mr_x: it's based on SupyBot - see http://ubottu.com/20:56
Mr_xok TJ- thanks20:57
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. See `man xorg.conf` for file structure and syntax. For Ubuntu-specific documentation and more information, see also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config20:58
Mr_xi see..20:59
codecutteris this init script valid? https://pastebin.com/KsSi7BGC21:01
codecutteri seem to be getting a few errors21:01
TJ-codecutter: no21:03
codecuttercan correct it an pastebin it?21:03
TJ-codecutter: error message tells you the problem(s)21:03
codecuttercan you*21:03
TJ-codecutter: After=network.target[Service] <----   you've got a section header on the end of the value. "Unknown lvalue 'User' in section 'Unit'" "User=" is not valid in "[Unit]" section. Look again, you'll see it was in the "[Service]" section on the previous line that you messed up21:08
codecutterTJ: still error https://pastebin.com/Pxb3X3NC21:15
codecuttersame error Failed to add dependency on network.target[Service], ignoring: Invalid argument21:18
codecutterdo i need to refresh?21:18
codecutterTJ ^21:19
TJ-codecutter: if you edit a unit file you have to do "systemctl daemon-reload"21:20
CoJaBoWhen doing manual setup with a UEFI partition (I don't want to repartition the whole thing, as it has data on it already), do I need to format the EFI System Partition in some way? The installer shows an error about VFAT, and then hangs formatting the / partition...21:20
CoJaBoI googled this, and most of what comes up is "you should never format it", but it didn't exist before so it's already blank..21:20
CoJaBo(I'm installing Kubuntu, but I assume it ought to be the same)21:20
codecutterTJ: I did that. https://pastebin.com/FWKfUp4P21:21
TJ-codecutter: the error message is pretty explicit - fix the file21:22
codecutteri did https://pastebin.com/KsSi7BGC21:23
Woetit says "Unknown lvalue 'User' in section 'Unit'" and "Unknown lvalue 'Type' in section 'Unit'"21:23
Woetso why do you still have User and Type in [Unit]?21:23
codecutterTJ: wrong pastebin https://pastebin.com/Pxb3X3NC21:24
Woetso what is the new error message?21:24
codecutter https://pastebin.com/FWKfUp4P21:24
Woeteither your time is very wrong or that error message is from 21 minutes ago21:25
TJ-last report was at 21:01 - what time is it now?21:25
codecutterwell, that the output when i 'sudo service projectx status`21:26
Woetso try starting it again.21:27
Woetor whatever you did last time to trigger the error.21:27
codecutterit was status21:27
codecutterbut start is okay (so far)21:27
Woetthat doesn't trigger the error21:27
Woetit tells you the error.21:27
codecutterseems fine (according to logs)21:28
codecutterwould the service start on boot?21:29
CoJaBo"The creation of swap space in partition #1 of LVM VG system-vg, LV swap failed."21:29
CoJaBo..ok, that's just because it's mounted.. weird21:31
CoJaBoTime to restart again <_<21:31
CoJaBoI think my issues might've been that I DID need to format it first, but when the installer failed the first time, it left stuff in a messy state21:35
Mibixupgrading broke my smb too :(21:46
Mibixweird if the computer had credentials store it let them in21:46
CoJaBoaaaand it crashed. wtf21:54
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CoJaBoI hit this. damnit  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glibc/+bug/187126822:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1871268 in apt (Ubuntu) "Installation fails when "Install Third-Party Drivers" is selected" [High,In progress]22:01
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shepherd_Hi, I'm trying to change the name of one of my outputs in xinput. The one called Weida Hitech Weida Hitech. Is this possible? Thanks! https://paste.centos.org/view/46558f3f23:36
shepherd_On of my inputs xD'*23:36

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