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LocutusOfBorgjuliank, hello, you there?09:38
LocutusOfBorgI tried to upgrade an Ubuntu 20.04 installation and got this09:38
juliankLocutusOfBorg: yes09:38
LocutusOfBorgI'm pinging you because looks suspiciusly related to 187207709:39
juliankthat's suboptimal09:39
LocutusOfBorgbut I have a recent grub09:39
juliankLocutusOfBorg: new disk?09:39
LocutusOfBorgmmm that usb key is not connected09:39
LocutusOfBorgit was probably connected when the system was installed09:39
juliankit should have prompted you for the missing disk, though09:40
LocutusOfBorgI run apt-get dist-upgrade, no graphics09:40
LocutusOfBorgoh well there is a grub in proposed...09:41
juliankWell it's a debconf prompt09:43
xnoxi would try dpkg-reconfigure..... but not sure on which package =)09:43
LocutusOfBorgI tried dpkg-reconfigure, and failed, as well as the one in proposed09:44
LocutusOfBorgI even tried a grub-install09:45
LocutusOfBorgsudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-efi-amd64-signed09:45
LocutusOfBorgfails because not fully installed09:45
LocutusOfBorgsudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc does something09:47
LocutusOfBorgand dpkg-reconfigure on every grub-package seems to do mostly nothing09:47
juliankgotta dpkg --configure -a I assume09:48
juliankwell dpkg --configure grub-efi-amd64-signed09:48
LocutusOfBorgfails with that error09:48
juliankSet set -x to /var/lib/dpkg/grub-efi-amd64-signed.postinst and /usr/lib/grub/grub-multi-install and run it again09:49
LocutusOfBorgsorry for LANG09:49
juliankand attach a dump of debconf-get-selections | grep grub-efi09:49
juliankxnox: I wish we were using UUIDs for grub disks rather than the physical ids :/09:50
juliankSuch that I can copy my disk to a new one and it still works09:50
juliankbut I just copied the existing code rather than trying to improve it :)09:51
juliankLocutusOfBorg: It seems to me like you have no ESPs on that system09:52
LocutusOfBorgI don't even know what esp is09:52
juliankThe EFI system partition09:52
juliankINPUT critical grub-efi/install_devices_disks_changed09:53
juliankis skipped09:53
juliankbut then it also had no choices09:53
juliankone of the partition types should be 0xef09:54
julianka FAT partition09:54
juliankI think what you have here is a weird system with a wrong ESP09:54
juliankLike, it's a FAT partition that contains ESP contents09:54
juliankbut it has the wrong partition type in the partition table09:55
julianksome systems can boot from those09:55
LocutusOfBorghere my mount https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DkZT39kVqh/09:55
cjwatsonjuliank: disks don't have useful UUIDs - filesystems do09:55
LocutusOfBorgI have a /boot/efi09:56
juliankcjwatson: hmm yes, for ESPs UUIDs would work, but I copied code that installed to disks/partitions09:56
juliankLocutusOfBorg: Yes, so you selected that USB stick at one point during upgrading, and that ESP mounted to /boot/efi was migrated to the debconf database too09:56
juliankBut it's not actually a proper ESP09:57
cjwatsonThat code was specifically designed for BIOS09:57
juliankcjwatson: I'm not sure how much it matters, though, because who copies their entire ESP?09:57
LocutusOfBorgjuliank, I did a upgrade and dist-upgrade without touching anything... do you have an hotfix?09:57
juliankLocutusOfBorg: Open fdisk, and change the paritition type of /dev/sda1 from 0xb to 0xef09:58
juliank0xb is 32-bit FAT, 0xef is ESP (which is also 32-bit FAT, well technically a subset, but who cares)09:59
LocutusOfBorgwell, it worked!!!10:00
LocutusOfBorglooks like it prompted me for the change and only one selection was available10:00
LocutusOfBorgnow, let me add some background10:00
LocutusOfBorgwe use systemback to install systems easily10:00
juliankcjwatson: I guess debconf skips multichoice questions with no choices?10:00
LocutusOfBorgso that might have broken with 20.04 even if really tested10:00
juliankxnox: So ... I guess we also need to show any VFAT partition on the system, not just proper ESPs10:01
juliankxnox: Because clearly LocutusOfBorg's system booted from that ESP despite it having the wrong partition type in the partition table10:02
juliankwhich raises more questions10:03
juliankThere are hidden 32-bit, hidden 16-bit, and of course 16-bit FAT partitions10:03
juliankand some more strange partition types10:03
julianki found this list https://thestarman.pcministry.com/asm/mbr/PartTypes.htm10:03
juliankMaybe we need to look at the file system10:04
juliankrather than the partition10:04
juliankAt least, if that's been a choice previously, it should be shown10:04
juliankLocutusOfBorg: Could you put the data into a bug report?10:06
juliankthis clearly needs fixing10:06
cjwatsonjuliank: Uh, I don't remember.  Do you need me to dig?10:06
juliankcjwatson: Nah, i was just curious a bit10:07
cjwatson"Unlike select lists, multiselect questions are visible if there is just one choice."10:07
cjwatsonsay the docs10:07
juliankright, we had no choices at all here which is not a useful choice to have :D10:07
juliankBut that means I miss a prompt for systems that have no suitable partition10:08
cjwatsonThey're actually visible if there are zero choices, which seems to me to be a possible bug10:08
juliankLike "Your system does not have a suitable EFI system partition. Cannot continue."10:08
juliankIt should ask the _empty question10:08
cjwatsonOh of course, multiselect obviously has to be visible with one choice because multiselect is more like a set of checkboxes than a radio button or whatever10:09
juliankSo I need to see why the code never prompted grub-efi/install_devices_empty despite there being no disks found10:09
LocutusOfBorgjuliank, against which package?10:18
LocutusOfBorggrub2 right?10:18
juliankLocutusOfBorg: grub210:18
LocutusOfBorgack, affecting groovy and focal10:18
LocutusOfBorgI'll point this link to the bug report10:19
juliankLocutusOfBorg: Helpfully it's the first discussion today, even :D10:21
LocutusOfBorgit is :D10:21
LocutusOfBorgLP: #189946210:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1899462 in grub2 (Ubuntu Groovy) "grub2, cannot upgrade due to EFI partition type mismatch" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189946210:25
juliankLocutusOfBorg: thanks10:31
LocutusOfBorgthanks to you for the great help!10:31
LocutusOfBorgI admit this seems a serious bug to me, it prevents upgrades...10:31
juliankIt affects a few people10:33
juliankBut it's obviously not a problem for most10:33
LocutusOfBorgI don't know if the system was still bootable after this "incomplete upgrade"10:33
LocutusOfBorgthis is why I just set up high severity10:33
juliankIt probably was, yes10:33
LocutusOfBorgoh this is less worrysome then :P10:33
juliankThe EFI binaries are single binaries, they don't need external modules, and will continue to work if not updated10:34
juliankWell, except the new shim does not trust old grubs10:34
juliankold grubs were revoked10:34
seb128bdmurray, hey, did you have any chance to poke at the retracers issue on 20.10?15:01
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bdmurrayseb128: A little bit and then I discovered an issue with the Launchpad retracers which I sorted out. I'll look more at the Error Tracker ones today.15:15
seb128bdmurray, thanks15:25
seb128bdmurray, do buckets with a failed retrace get stucked on the status until someone reset them or something or do they keep trying to retrace new reports until they get a successful backtrace?15:27
bdmurrayseb128: They keep retrying for 20.10 as of last week or so - I'd missed that.15:29
bdmurrayseb128: I do see a lot more "Create" links on the errors.ubuntu.com page for 20.1015:31
seb128bdmurray, right, still not for the top of the list though, still somewhat weird15:32
bdmurrayyeah, gnome-shell has quite a few failures15:34

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