grendal-primesee i like cron mail. it means the system is still up.00:07
grendal-primeLike that homer simpson alarm  that runs all the time ...until something breaks!00:08
grendal-primeits funny but if i dont hear something from my phone at least every couple of hours....well more than likely there is a comms outage, or someone fell in a ditch.00:27
grendal-primesarnold, if i want root to be able to use this do i put the .msmtprc  in the /root dir?00:34
sarnoldgrendal-prime: I'm not sure; that might work for 'user' processes, but may not work for daemons; you'd have to test to know, I think00:35
grendal-primeok i dont see anything on setting for systemwide00:35
lordievaderGood morning06:20
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keithzgHmm is there any official documentation on switching from 32-bit to 64-bit? My google-fu seems to be failing me.07:21
lordievaderMost things nowadays are already 64-bits, otherwise multi-lib is still a thing.07:22
keithzgmgedmin: so that's a no, then :P09:03
keithzglordievader: Yeah, got a buncha service VMs I inhereted at my work. Wanting to upgrade to 20.04 but `do-release-upgrade` goes "uhh you look all 32-bit, sorry, we can't let you in, them's the rules"09:05
mgedmindepends on your goals?  solve an interesting technical puzzle? go for it!  have a working 64-bit OS?  clean reinstall09:05
lordievaderkeithzg: Ah, I see. I'd follow mgedmin advice, clean reinstall.09:06
keithzgIf I wanted to be clean-reinstalling all the time I'd be over in Arch or such, heh. Just figured this would be a handled use-case, oh well!09:06
mgedminnot worth the effort09:07
lordievaderOr migrate the service to a new vm if you want to lower the downtime.09:07
keithzgThe uptime only needs to be from about 8AM to 5PM, and frankly that's pushing it, everyone seems to be done for the day by mid-afternoon really ;)09:08
keithzgOh and tomorrow's even Friday! Half the staff doesn't actually work on Fridays. It's, uhh, a pretty laid-back place in many ways I must admit.09:10
lordievaderErr, today is Friday09:16
keithzgWell, okay, technically (currently 03:17 here in Edmonton, Alberta)09:17
noonedeadpunkhey everyone! was wondering if we should expect victoria packages in UCA for bionic or not?11:12
fricklernoonedeadpunk: afaict no, those should only appear for focal12:11
fricklerjamespage: coreycb: please correct me if I'm wrong with that12:11
fricklerhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/OpenStack/CloudArchive kind of implicitly confirms it12:14
fricklerah, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OpenStack/VersionTracking is more explicit. Victoria will be released as part of 20.10 and then backported to 20.04 in the UCA as the latest LTS.12:15
noonedeadpunkfrickler: well, I hoped that doc just wasn;t updated :p12:17
noonedeadpunkfrickler: thanks for answering, just need to double check to plan futher steps:)12:18
fricklerthe good thing is you can upgrade to ussuri on bionic, then upgrade to focal as a second step, then to victoria. that's what we did earlier with xenial->bionic and queens12:29
noonedeadpunkfrickler: well yeah, was trying to understand that plan:)12:48
WobblyBobHey guys, does anyone here know how to fix ntopng catergory list errors?13:50
WobblyBobalso how to migrate data for ntopng13:50
WobblyBobUbuntu server 18.0413:50
jayjoI'm working on using kvm+qemu to virtualize pfsense and use the first two NICs on the machine dedicated to the VM with bridging. I wasn't able to get the serial installation to work (it was mentioned because the memstick installer is supposed to be written to disk first - can I use `dd` to write this to a writable qcow2 disk image, and boot from there? Not sure why that would not work.) I've tested14:06
jayjosome VNC solutions on my desktop and connected on the LAN to get a feel for it. When I use VNC with KVM, does the VM run a VNC server itself, or does KVM do something at the host layer and then intercept it from the VM and forward it to a VNC server that the KVM host is running?14:06
jayjoThe VNC options are command line arguments to virt-install, so I suspect that the host is running its own dedicated VNC server and intercepts visual traffic14:08
WobblyBobCan any one help me fix ntopng Category list errors14:17
tomreynWobblyBob: by "fix ntopng Category list errors", i assume you are referring to what you think is a bug? if so, have you reported this bug, yet?14:26
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:27
WobblyBobtomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9gQYKKrgqw/14:27
tomreynthat's not a bug report14:27
tomreynis https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/ntopng what you're using?14:29
WobblyBobtomreyn: how can i find the bug report? also i thought it may have been something i had configured incorectly14:29
tomreynit can be a misconfiguration. i'm unable to tell because the only detail i and anyeone else here has been provided so far is "ntopng category list errors". maybe describe the unexpected bahviour more closely, and confirm what you're using the ubuntu 18.04 ntopng package, or discuss what else you're using.14:31
tomreynremember, we can't watch over your shoulder, so it's important to discuss what you're seeing on screen when looking for assistence here.14:32
tomreynyou also posted some logs, but it's not clear what's wrong there.14:33
WobblyBobok i will find logs and version information and send shortly14:34
tomreynbugs on the ubuntu package can be reported using    ubuntu-bug ntopng14:35
tomreynhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ntopng/+bugs lists bugs which have been reported previously, and are open14:35
WobblyBobrunning ubuntu-bug ntopng shows there are no bugs or crash reports to display14:36
tomreynnote that this package is probably inherited from debian, and, being in the 'universe' pocket, just receives community support14:36
tomreyndebian bug reports are listed at https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?pkg=ntopng14:37
tomreynfirst of all, you really eneed to describe what seems to be the problem.14:38
WobblyBobIm running Ubuntu Server 18.04 - ntopng version 4.1.201009 (11725) - Enterprise L Edition - its saying in the alerts that the name resolution failed for the category lists downloads14:40
tomreynWobblyBob: that's not a software which is part of ubuntu, or supported here.14:41
WobblyBobnot a problem thank you14:41
tomreyn"name resolution failed" usually points to dns / resolver issues14:41
grendal-primeok im going bonkers with this smarthost deal15:25
grendal-primei aparently need to use msmtp but aparently it is not good to set it as the system default?15:26
sdezielgrendal-prime: it is my system default mta. What problem do you have with it?15:27
sdezielalso, you don't *need to* use it, you can do what you please. It's just that msmtp(-mta) is a good implementation IMHO, better than ssmtp15:28
grendal-primeok, i have ntopng installed on my router..it makes spotting whacky network behavior a no brainer...but i need for it to send me an email when any of the alerts are triggered15:28
WobblyBobare there any alternatives for ntopng for ubuntu 20 as ntopng having starting up issues and isnt ready for 2015:30
tomreyn!yy.mm | WobblyBob15:30
ubottuWobblyBob: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle15:30
sdezielgrendal-prime: that's the description of you goal so that's good. I see no incompatibility with your goal and using msmtp-mta to have those alerts sent out15:30
WobblyBobUbuntu 20.04.01 LTS15:31
sdezielgrendal-prime: I take it that those alerts are not sent, right?15:32
tomreynWobblyBob: did you actually try the ntopng package that's in ubuntu?15:33
hwpplayer1hi Ubuntu! I'll give feedback today or tomorrow i'm encrypting my second disk ssd samsung15:34
grendal-primesorry sdeziel  was trying to look something up15:35
grendal-primefor whatever reason i cant find the alert configure section section that talkes about email alerts15:36
grendal-primeWobblyBob, i thought you were using 18.04?15:36
sdezielgrendal-prime: OK, so correct me if I'm wrong but that doesn't directly relate to you switching from ssmtp to msmtp-mta, right?15:37
grendal-primethere is a procedure there for installing on 20.0415:41
grendal-primeyou will need to add a repo i think but its pretty standard one15:41
grendal-primeand sdeziel yes it does.  For whatever reason i cant get ntopng to email using sendmail15:42
grendal-primeor ...mail...it has to have a smtp server that will relay, and i want it to use a gmail-smarthost configuration15:42
sdezielgrendal-prime: have you tried my suggestion from yesterday?15:47
WobblyBobdisconnected and lost previous chat logs anyone know of a working ubuntu 20.04.01 LTS ntopng alternative15:48
grendal-primesdeziel, i couldnt seem to get it to work with config in root dir...i dont see how to make it system wide.15:51
grendal-primeThis endpoint is designed to send emails to the administrator when an alert occurs. Ntopng only supports sending emails to a SMTP server without authentication. Since ntopng does not authenticate with the SMTP server, the server may reject the email. For this reason, it is suggested to setup a local mail server (e.g. postfix) and use it as the email forwarder to the actual mail server.15:56
grendal-primeit just does not use any mta but a smtp server aparently ...i cant just configure something for sendmail and have it use that.15:57
sdezielgrendal-prime: have you installed the package msmtp-mta?16:02
grendal-primedoing that now16:04
grendal-primeonce done with this do i need to setup gmail as a smart host or can i just send it directly from the msmtp on my server?  if so that seems like a bad thing to have available16:06
grendal-primeim going to reboot router..(ran updates...brb)16:08
grendal-primethat was werid16:18
grendal-primegrrr people and their phones.  You know what i have been telling EVERYONE 5g is a scam for the last 3 years.16:34
grendal-primeand now all this crazy stuff about how it causes cancer...hell it cant even penetrate your skin how can it cause cancer? Its the safest wavelength ever cause its totally ineffective!16:36
grendal-primeSunlight is more dangerous because unlike 5G sunlight is REAL!16:37
grendal-primesdeziel, ok its installed and ive chased off all the time spounges on my calendar for the next few hours.16:41
sdezielgrendal-prime: please confirm /usr/sbin/sendmail does point to msmtp's mta. `ll` should show you this: /usr/sbin/sendmail -> ../bin/msmtp*16:42
sdezielgrendal-prime: OK, now since you want it to be your system default MTA, you'll need to create /etc/msmtprc and put your config in there. This is where you configure it to relay through Gmail16:50
grendal-primeok what goes in that file?16:57
sdezielgrendal-prime: see `man msmtp`16:59
grendal-primegrr grendal kicks rock around driveway16:59
sdezielgrendal-prime: basically create a "account default" and put the creds for your Gmail account17:00
sdezielgrendal-prime: here's an example (completely untested) https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/g9XQ6RskCy/17:03
sdezielI probably got the host wrong as I don't use Gmail myself17:03
grendal-primeyou have a lemur?17:06
grendal-primeIve had one for over 7 years.  It finally croaked 2 days ago (the hard drive)  Im going to rebuild it again next week17:07
grendal-primeI love that thing..its like a box of legos...everything just pops off and snaps back on.17:08
sdezielI regret buying mine, worst build quality I've seen for a laptop of this price17:09
grendal-primething i use now is a panasonic cf-31 i517:09
grendal-primeya lemur is not the toughest box17:09
grendal-primeMine is i5, in 7 years i have replaced the cooling fan and the keyboard.17:10
sdezielgrendal-prime: once happy with the config, you can test it with the usual invocation of the sendmail command17:15
sdezielgrendal-prime: and once it's working, you'll be able to have your SMTP listener (no auth, not TLS) by running: sudo systemctl enable --now msmtpd17:16
WobblyBobanyone know how to solve keyboard not working in ANY vncviewer17:31
WobblyBobim using ubuntu 18.0417:32
WobblyBobubuntu 18.04 for host and ubuntu 20.04.01 to connect with vnc viewer17:32
tomreyn!irclogs | WobblyBob17:52
ubottuWobblyBob: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/17:52
tomreynby the vnc question, i assume you're referring to a view of the guest systems' video console, provided by the virtualization software you're using, via vnc.17:55
WobblyBobtomreyn: back sorry let me read17:56
WobblyBobyes this is correct17:56
WobblyBobmouse works keyboard doesnt17:56
grendal-primesorry work...something down,  verizion connection i think...(i stopped getting my17:57
grendal-primecron emails...clearly something was wrong)17:57
tomreynWobblyBob: are you passing through the keyboard to the guest, though?17:57
tomreynWobblyBob: which virtualization is this?17:57
grendal-primewhat do you have for keyboard mapping for the client17:58
WobblyBobtomreyn: A little bit confused, so i have virt manager running a new windows 10 install. the keyboard works within the vnc into the server hosting the vms then when i start the vm the keyboard will not work within that instance within the vnc session on the host17:58
tomreyngrendal-prime: so you were serious about monitoring systems by e-mail messages?17:58
WobblyBobgrendal-prime: is it spice?17:58
grendal-primeare you using spice or vnc?17:59
grendal-primetomreyn, yes, thats how our network monitoring system does it...everything else as well...very wide range network,lots of routers with ntop on them18:00
WobblyBobgrendal-prime: so within Virt-manager theres the option for usb input ive selected spice from default to see if that worked but it doesnt. sorry if im a tad confused as to which things do what18:00
tomreyngrendal-prime: i would *very* much recommend changing that to a proper monitoring system if you can have any say in that. it'll make your life much better.18:01
WobblyBobadd spice redirection that was what i changed18:01
tomreyn...that is, once everything' setup.18:02
grendal-primemy clients that run spice just have Generic PS2 Keyboard under keyboard18:04
WobblyBobgrendal-prime: i think if i rdp windows to windows ill be able to complete what i need too... can you give me a guide on setting up the ports for each vm and how to connect. slightly different from what im used to i used the oracle virtualbox prior to this18:05
tomreynsame with vnc18:05
tomreynit'll depend on how you configured networking. rdp port is 3389/tcp18:07
sdezielmodern rdp also uses 3389/udp ... dunno if the linux clients support it though </nitpick>18:10
grendal-primeI just use the virtmanager interface...by default it handles all that and i just double click on the vm..it launches virt viewer and whammo bobs your uncle18:10
tewardsdeziel: linux *clients* as in Remmina?  They support 3389/tcp but it's glitchy if you NAT it like you have to do in VMware.18:11
teward(observed on attempts to NAT RDP in a multi-hop way)18:11
sdezielteward: modern rdp uses 3389/tcp and then 3389/udp IIRC18:12
tewardi've gotten modern RDP working purely on 3389/tcp but *shrugs*18:13
compdocvpn's help with all that18:13
tewardthose're all Windows backends18:13
tewardand yes, VPNs help with making things fun instead of multinatting to VMs18:13
tewardunless the VMs are bridged to the same network and have independent IPs, otherwise NAT breaks stuff18:13
tewardbut I digress :P18:13
grendal-primebut...i am doing that from a linux workstation and it connects  via ssh to libvirt.18:14
grendal-primemost of my kvm-hosts are not anywhere in my physical reach so i use ssh18:16
tomreynsdeziel: thanks for pointing this out, i didn'T realize they do udp as well.18:23
sdezieltomreyn: I have yet to tcpdump a remmina session to check if it uses it though18:23
tomreynhttps://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/16164.rds-2012-which-ports-are-used-during-deployment.aspx says UDP, too. but... microsoft documentation.18:25
tomreynapparently UDP is an "intelligent transport" https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/windowsserver/2012/05/08/windows-server-2012-remote-desktop-services-rds/18:27
tomreynthat's for windows server 2012, though. for server 2020 they'll probably call it "smart transport".18:28
sdezielthis will probably switch to QUIC at some point ;)18:31
grendal-primeok sdeziel found something on this...19:43
grendal-primebut...its complaining about a gpg file needed for the root user19:43
grendal-primesendmail: cannot read output of 'gpg --no-tty -q -d ~/.msmtp-gmail.gpg'19:44
sdezielgrendal-prime: you are definitely not using the config I proposed so I don't know...19:44
grendal-primei get the same message with the config you gave me19:47
grendal-primegpg: can't open '/root/.msmtp-gmail.gpg': No such file or directory19:47
sdezielgrendal-prime: that's hard to believe19:48
grendal-primedo i need to restart msmtp service?19:48
grendal-primedoes not appear to be one19:49
sdezielmsmtpd is the daemon19:50
grendal-primeFailed to restart msmtpd.service: Unit msmtpd.service not found.19:51
sdezielgrendal-prime: are you on Ubuntu 20.04?19:51
sdezielthat's why, the msmtpd.service is only available on 20.04 and later19:53
sdezielgrendal-prime: I needed to do a backport for a client so if you trust me, you can use it from this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~sdeziel.info/+archive/ubuntu/infra?field.series_filter=bionic19:55
grendal-primehmm trust you?....i didnt bring any protection....this has usually not worked in my favor in the past....19:56
grendal-primeLETS DO IT!!19:56
sarnoldoh wow :) such luck :)19:58
grendal-primeHell... i run my routers in permiscuouse mode all the time anyway!19:58
tewardmsmtpd... is that about the same as me spinning an aiosmtpd server from Python command line...? o.O19:59
grendal-primewait...we are spining off topic here, we need to focus on MY needs...(Im starting to feel like sheldon on BBT)20:01
sdezielgrendal-prime: my backport won't solve the gpg thingy though20:10
sdezielfor that, you'll have to share the /etc/msmtprc file via pastebin. Make sure to obfuscate any user/password/email addresses in there20:10
grendal-primedamn it i was looking at gettting frisky with that ppa20:10
sdezielyou'll need the PPA if you want a SMTP listener based on msmtp-mta20:11
sdezielit won't magically fix the config problem20:12
grendal-primeI remember when people could do magic fixes like that...those were the good ol days.20:12
grendal-primea little ot but interesting enough...ive been waiting for this artcle for about 10 years....20:13
grendal-primei think im going to just set up exim with a smart host configureation. Ive done it before. i remember it not being that big of a deal.20:15
grendal-primeill bounce back once its running20:15
grendal-primei got it done with this21:27
grendal-primewell i mean..i got it to...send with mail at this point..i need to test from ntopng21:28
grendal-primethat was a bit more envolved than i wanted to get but it is the method that gmail allows even with insecure apps turned off.21:28

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