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IrcsomeBot<Rocket Net> Are u open source?01:11
tomreynRocket Net: hi there, did you have a kubuntu support question?01:17
IrcsomeBot<Velosofyy> He wants to know if someone's body is opensrc01:22
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swift110oh ok03:52
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varu3521hello sir,/madam me android application use karne ke liye kiya karna padega06:09
lordievaderGood morning07:01
swift110morning lordievader07:18
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IrcsomeBot<Swift110> How are you?08:02
IrcsomeBot<micha51> Hey, I've switched to Kubuntu lately and I love it. … I'm getting a new laptop soon and would like to export all my system settings and preferences to the new one in order to save time configuration and setting up everything. … I've searched the internet and all I could find was recommendations for backup software, yet none of them wrote explicitly in the description that it backs-up the system's settings. … Is there any softwar08:06
IrcsomeBota recommendation of a script I could write to export all settings (i.e themes, shortcuts, etc..) for the new machine?  … Thanks :)08:06
lordievaderSystemsettings typically go to `/etc/`, rsyncing that over should do the job. Though you do need to be careful about software versions. User config usually resides in `~/.config`.08:09
lordievaderSupposing the hardware is comparable enough you could even opt to go for a disk clone rather than a new install.08:10
IrcsomeBot<micha51> thanks, didn't think of disk cloning.08:13
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> @micha51, That sounds cool08:49
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renoanyone that can help with Vlan?10:35
renoI mean the player :-)10:35
Maik!ask | reno10:41
ubottureno: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:41
Maikalso VLC specific question should be aske here #videolan10:41
renoHi, thanks. So, I'm using Vlan 3 and I can't see the left pane (the one that contain Media Library and the Local Network browser) anyone know why?10:42
renoto clarify, I can see this: https://images.wondershare.com/videoconverter/en/vlc/rotate-video-using-vlc1.jpg10:43
renono left pane with the local network browser like here: https://wiki.videolan.org/images/Basic_playlist_contextual.png10:44
Maikreno: what's that... do you use windows?10:44
renoit's happening in both Windows and Linux10:44
renoat the moment I'm in Linux10:44
Maiksince it's not a kubuntu specific question i told you to ask in #videolan10:45
renoI'm using kubuntu and the videolan channel is a closed channel10:45
renoyou can't join10:45
reno[11:34] *** Channel URL: http://www.videolan.org/10:46
reno[11:34] *** Channel modes: C, no messages from outside, secret, topic protection10:46
Maikreno: well, i just joined the channel10:48
Maikno problems at all10:48
kirvesAxereno, did you try the options in the View menu? :)10:48
renocan you post a message?10:48
lordievaderreno: Looks like the playlist interface (Ctrl + L)10:48
renothis is what I can see:10:49
renoLook, I never ask for help, this is driving me mad10:50
Maikreno i can and just did. Not sure what your issue is in the channel10:50
reno[11:50] [404] reno #videolan Cannot send to nick/channel10:51
renoI have no idea whi I can't10:51
Maikreno you use windows and a linux distro... which linux distro?10:51
renoI can see your message10:51
renomaybe is because I don't use irc regularly?10:51
Maikplease try to answer my previous question10:52
Maikok, thanks10:52
Mamarokreno: do you have a registered nick? Some freenode channels need people to have a registered nickname to be able to join10:53
MaikMamarok: ah, good call. Forgot about that10:54
renooh that might be the issue, as I said I don't use irc often10:54
renoI will do it, anyway, if any of you has any idea why I got that issue please help10:54
Maikjust checked, reno isn't a registered nick10:55
Mamarokre that VLC question: I see no right or left panes here, but you can access the MediA MENU APPARENTLY10:57
Mamarokoops, sorry, need to disable that shift lock10:58
renoyes, but the media menu doesn't have a browser for the local network10:58
renojust to clarify10:58
renoI got a dlna server on my kubuntu, I want to browse the server with VLC10:59
renoI sed to do it years ago10:59
renoMy first idea was that the Linux version had some sort of issue or limitation but I can't see the left pane also on my Windows installation11:00
BluesKajHi all11:06
Mamarokwelll, if he comes back: of course there is Network browser, a local network has as much an address as a distant one, works perfectly fine here11:51
chx777hi... i would like to ask a question please12:08
BluesKajchx777, ok ask12:10
chx777i want to know how to enable flatpak support in kubuntu discover please12:11
chx777i use kubuntu 20.0412:13
BluesKajchx777, install 'Plasma Discover Flatpak backend' and 'Plasma Disvover backend flatpak'12:14
chx777great....i will try to install these 2 package now....thank you12:17
eeoshi everybody! I have a problem with xorg on ubuntu 20.04.1 . It does not detect correctly the external monitor (a Thinkvision P32-u10) so the possible modes are incorrect. I have google as much as possible but I cannot find a solution .... is there a way to reconfigure the xorg?14:17
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ubottuUbuntu uses nvidia-prime to support optimus videocards.14:29
eeosBluesKaj: hi! It is intel HD620 I am afraid ....14:35
BluesKajeeos, I was just checking for someone else on a different chat that doesn't use info bots14:36
BluesKajsorry for the misunderstanding14:37
eeosBluesKaj: :-D14:40
Mamarokeeos: is the Display connected directly or through a docking station?14:59
eeosMamarok: I think I identified the issue .... written in the hardware maintenance manual in font size 8 in one line ....15:18
eeosMamarok: actually I was wrong, that explains only one mode missing15:23
eeosMamarok: the manuale says that 3840x2160x60 only works though thunderblot, because HDMI is 1.4 ....15:24
eeosMamarok: the issue is that most of the correct modes are missing from automatic identification.15:24
eeosMamarok: So the previous line explains one mode missing, but not all the others.15:24
eeosMamarok: I need to be able to reconfigure the xorg, so that all modes are correctly identified.15:27
Mamarokeeos: the KDMI cable is OK? These can sometimes be quite problematic, just runing it around can give some indications15:50
MamarokHDMI, sorry15:50
eeosMamarok: yes, it is .... on windows is detected correctly.16:14
eeosMamarok: i is a a new certified premium cable, tried several.16:14
Mamarokok, just trying to rule it out16:15
eeosMamarok: of course, I did the same.16:15
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eeosMamarok: the interesting thing is that if I use the thunderpbolt port, then xorg works correctly.16:24
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IrcsomeBot<waldbursche> @tomreyn, News from my problem yesterday. Now i have deactivated the baloo-index and Kubuntu is running smoothly again as usual. Baloo used 25% CPU and now everything seems to be back to normal. Is it possible to repair this situation to be able to use the indexing again? The system is updated.20:43
tomreynIrcsomeBot: did you upgrade the bios? did you try cross-testing sata cables? problems like this won't just vanish persistently.21:02
tomreynand it's not just a matter of software21:03
tomreynwaldbursche: ^21:03
tomreyni can't help with Baloo itself, though.21:03
tomreynif it's creating an initial index, this can drive up CPU overhead on the first run (but this would vanish on later runs).21:05
IrcsomeBot<waldbursche> @tomreyn, sata cables are okay. bios-upgrade i must read the help-docs. It's the first time for that i should update bios21:54
tomreyncheck     journalctl -b     for errors again, too (or share it by piping into    nc termbin.com 9999    )21:57
IrcsomeBot<waldbursche> @tomreyn, https://termbin.com/yy7721:58
tomreyn"please specify mtrr_gran_size/mtrr_chunk_size" is still present21:59
tomreyndid you try to fix this, yet (if you'll do the bios upgrade, it makes sense to postpone it)?21:59
IrcsomeBot<waldbursche> Okay22:00
tomreyn"lpc_ich: Resource conflict(s) found affecting gpio_ich" may also be fixed by a bios update22:00
IrcsomeBot<waldbursche> Okay, will try it at weekend. Thank you22:01
tomreyninitializing the Intenso SSD still spew the same "interface fatal error"22:04
tomreynyou also have some file systems which apparently don't get checked automatically, but need a manual file system check.22:07
tomreynsearch for "Please run fsck."22:07
IrcsomeBot<waldbursche> noticed this.22:08
IrcsomeBot<waldbursche> @tomreyn, Done22:08
tomreynwhat's done?22:08
IrcsomeBot<waldbursche> Have check what i have to do. Need live system to do it. Will try at weekend22:10
tomreyncool, good luck then22:17
IrcsomeBot<waldbursche> Thanks for help and see you22:18
tomreynwaldbursche: these were the (still relevant) urls from yesterday, justin case you lost them: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-H97M-HD3-rev-11/support#support-dl-bios and https://github.com/tomreyn/linux_mtrr_size_fix22:18
IrcsomeBot<waldbursche> Thanks. Stored it.22:19
tomreynthis chat is also logged (with some delay) at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2020/10/21/%23kubuntu.html22:19

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