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fretegimorning guys16:51
fretegianyone here savvy with vlans?16:51
fretegifor osme reason cant get one to fire up16:51
fretegithats my /etc/network/interfaces16:52
fretegifollowed this guide https://wiki.ubuntu.com/vlan16:52
fretegieno1.13 starts fine16:52
tomreynfretegi: whihc ubuntu release is this? do you know about netplan, systemd-networkd?16:57
mgedminI don't think you need to specify netmask when you put the /24 in the address16:58
tomreynnetplan + systemd-networkd: https://netplan.io/examples/#attaching-vlans-to-network-interfaces16:58
mgedminand the interfaces(5) man page doesn't mention vlan-raw-device, I think it should be able to figure that out from the name16:59
mgedminfretegi: typo in your file: you named it eth1.8 instead of eno1.816:59
mgedmintook me a while to notice!16:59
mgedminhey since when do wiki.ubuntu.com pages no longer show the last modified date?17:00
fretegimgedmin, jesus....17:07
fretegimgedmin, lol great eye thanks!17:07
tomreynmgedmin: wiki.ubuntu.com still shows last modification time + editor for me on the bottom17:08
mgedmintomreyn: what does it say about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/vlan ?17:08
tomreynnothing :(17:09
fretegimgedmin, yea i was wondering about those details myself..  i just put em in there as the guide calls for it.  in fact....  my pihole is on a vlan and the config follows your line of thinking, this device is just more mission critical so figured id follow the guide better17:09
tomreynmgedmin: that's until you click on "info" on the top17:09
mgedminah, I can see it in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/vlan?action=info17:09
mgedminlast updated in 2012, no wonder it doesn't say anything about netplan or systemd-networkd17:10
tomreyn"use iproute2" also seems old ;)17:10
mgedminat least iproute2 is still the current tool at that abstraction level17:13
fretegimgedmin, otherwise config looks fine?17:14
fretegimgedmin, made those changes and not doesnt seem to want to connect to anything... dang it lol17:15
tomreynoh right, iproute2 is fine. i keep mixing those packages up with the commands.17:18
tomreynmgedmin: vlan-raw-device is part of the vlan-interfaces extension to interfaces: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man5/vlan-interfaces.5.html17:20
tomreynbut "This is ignored when the devicename is part of the vlan interface name."17:21
mgedmincool, I thought it might be17:21
tomreynfretegi: do you have the "vlan" package installed (due to deprecation, it moved to universe with 20.04 LTS)?17:23
tomreynyou didn't say which Ubuntu release you're using, though17:24
fretegiah yes good pt17:24
fretegiubuntu 1817:24
tomreynthere's two of those17:24
mgedminbut one is eol, so hopefully not that one17:25
fretegi18.04 haha17:25
fretegiyea still using vlan package17:25
fretegii know i know... this ole dog needs upgrading17:26
tomreyn16.04 lts would, no need to rush it for 18.04, yet17:27
fretegitomreyn, perhaps im misunderstanding how this works17:28
fretegiadding a managed switch to a network17:28
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fretegimanaged switch created 4 vlan networks..  i have a port trunked for vlans 8 & 13.  i want this server to connect to both vlans17:30
fretegiso i created the file saw before.  confirmed on boot that both vlan interfaces come up on the server.  i connect to the switch nothing...17:30
fretegitrying to ping it from a device within the same vlan, so just level 2 routing... nothing..17:30
fretegii mean i need the vlan tags on the server do i not? or is it just asking for an IP on the proper subnet of a particular vlan sufficient?17:32
tomreynfretegi: whether oyu need to configure the vlans on the server depends on how you want to set things up architecturally. you can do so, or you can have the vlan end on the managed switch and then just hand out single vlans on the ports that connect to the server(s).17:35
tomreynyou mentioned link aggregation / port trunking, but this is really a different / separate concept to vlans. you can combine the two.17:36
tomreynwith the current configuration, you're not doing link aggregation, but i assume you're aware of this.17:37
tomreynyou're making vlans 8 and 13 available to the server through the single physical ethernet interface eno117:39
fretegitomreyn, right, the goal here was to have the server connect to 2 dif. vland ( 8 & 13 ) for purposes of different services being offered to the respective vlans and keeping traffic seperate17:39
fretegionly 1 nic on server17:40
fretegithen a trunked interface on the switch for both vlans 8 & 13.  figured the server would 'tag' the traffic per the respective vlan and the switch would handle accordingly.  am i think about this all wrong?17:41
tomreynif you just pass through traffic on the switch without removing the vlan layer, your servers' ip addresses should become available to other resources on these LANs.17:41
fretegiok going into the switch now, cisco sg350 if that matters17:43
tomreynyou're right about the server doing the vlan tagging. with your configuration, if you also added the interface to the vlan using vconfig (and ensured the module is loaded), what is directed towards 192.168.8.* should get vlan tag 8, and what is directed towards 192.168.13.* should get vlan tag 1317:46
fretegitomreyn, ok thanks for confirming17:46
fretegiso im in my switch.. the port im connected ive confirmed is set to trunk and tag traffic from those 2 vlans17:47
fretegithis machine im typing on... is on that vlan 8, via an assigned port on same switch, cant ping server...17:48
freteginow my router is issuing the IP's.  so i suppose if server is not getting IP's i cannot route17:49
tomreyni'm not so familiar with cisco stuff, but assume you don't want to set vlan tagging on the port the server connects to, unless you want the vlan to end there.17:50
tomreyn(which you probably dont want, a vlan just between the server and the switch probably makes not a lot of sense)17:51
fretegisee i was fuzzy about that... so the port that connects the switch to my router is also trunked and tagging traffic and seems to be working fine17:53
tomreynapparently you want "Interface VLAN Mode" = "Trunk" https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/smb/switches/cisco-250-series-smart-switches/smb5306-assign-an-interface-vlan-as-an-access-or-trunk-port-on-a-swi.html17:54
fretegiyea thats what i have, just at the port level not LAG17:56
fretegiim just lost... i dont understand..17:57
fretegiport is trunked...  referencing the correct vlans...  vlans setup on server..nothing on same vlan can talk to server..17:58
tomreynand nothing useful on the logs?17:58
fretegiof what, cant get to server lol17:58
tomreynoh, i assumed you have some means of out of band access17:59
fretegii do just a total pita to setup17:59
tomreynbut if you undo the switch configuration you should be able to access the server and its logs again?17:59
fretegiseems im gonna have to17:59
tomreynthis discusses general configuration for vlan tagging https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/smb/switches/cisco-350-series-managed-switches/smb5827-configure-vlan-interface-settings-on-a-sx350-sg350x-or-sx550.html18:00
fretegisorta, joking that around now actually18:00
fretegiyour a rockstar18:07
fretegitomreyn, so... check this out18:07
fretegitomreyn, so the server connected to port 6 on switch, i trunked and set to tag traffic on vlans 8 & 1318:08
fretegii flip it to untagged for vlan 8, tagged for 13.  now i can ping the vlan 8 tag18:09
fretegivlan 8*18:09
fretegiso question is i have a tagged trunk port connecting to the router... why is that working?18:10
tomreynfretegi: i think you only apply tags on the outer ends of a vlan, not all devices the traffic passes through.18:30
tomreynso if you do it on the server, and the vland expands beyond your switch, then you don't need to do it on the switch18:30
tomreynthat's unless you want to split the traffic there and have it passed through different ports18:31
tomreynthere's also ##networking for your general networking architecture questions18:33
fretegigreat call18:33
fretegiso.... thinking i may not even need a trunk port?18:33
fretegii cant have both vlans untagged...18:33
ikoniahas anyone noticed that https://ubuntu.com/download/server shows 20.10 as LTS18:34
mgedminlol 5-years of guaranteed support no backsies!18:35
tomreynhehe, on the button, right. it does say "including nine months of security and maintenance updates, until July 2021" above it, though.18:36
tomreynscroll down, file a but18:36
ikoniayeah, read that, but the button headline18:37
WobblyBobAnyone here running KVM qemu setup with virtmanager? Im struggling to get RDP connection for windows vms18:54
WobblyBobUsing Ubuntu 18.04 server18:55
tomreynWobblyBob: you shoudn't need to configure this on the virtualization, as long as the vm has network connectivity18:55
WobblyBobI know this is whats confusing me :/18:55
WobblyBobhow can i check what port each vm is using18:58
grendal-primethe ip address should be enough...are you bridging the network interface or nat?18:59
TJ-WobblyBob: what type of network is libvirt using? is it NAT, bridged, routed or something else?18:59
grendal-primeeasyst config on that is to bridge a network interface and then have a dhcp server on the phisical network somewhere...18:59
grendal-primeor after connecting your guest to the bridged adapter set a static ip on the same subnet as your physical network.19:00
grendal-primehas anyone had to set up an apache2 proxy to a wordpress server?19:01
TJ-grendal-prime: reverse proxy?19:02
grendal-primeI have a whole grip of web servers that i can access via virtual hosts...ya referse proxy...anyway they all work fine with like  ops.mydomain.com or dev.mydomai.com  but for some reason the one site that someone wants a wordpress server on...when i try and connect to it..."dev.mydomain.com"  i can see it is usine the ipaddress wich..is internal and of course will not resolve19:03
grendal-primeeventually times out and in the browser windows shows  wich is the ip of the wordpress serer.  Now..i have read that i need ProxyPreserveHost on in the config...but that does not seem to do anything.19:05
grendal-primereally werid part it worked for some time until i tried to log into the admin portion of it...ive tried clearing cache...nothing its really strange19:09
mgedmindoes wordpress know that it's supposed to live at dev.mydomain.com?19:11
grendal-primethats a good question19:11
* mgedmin has never used or configured wordpress, but usually when you do reverse proxying you have to tell the final web server how to generate correct urls to itself19:12
grendal-primei dont know didly dick about word-press to be honest.19:12
grendal-primehmf....i have not had to do that with any of my other web application servers...19:12
grendal-primegood idea though19:12
mgedminthere are possible workarounds on the apache side, but they involve running regexp replaces on the html and just no19:12
mgedminalso, ProxyPassReverse is a lighter form of that that fixes up things like Location: headers on redirects19:13
compdocbeam me up, scottie19:19
grendal-primemgedmin, you mean i need to use one or the other but not both?  like ProxyPassReverse or ProxyPass but not both?19:23
mgedminno, that's not what I mean19:24
mgedminyou use either ProxyPass alone, or ProxyPass + ProxyPassReverse19:24
mgedminbut ideally the backend server knows its public name and you don't need to use ProxyPassReverse19:24
mgedminbesides ProxyPassReverse fixes wrong URLs in headers but doesn't fix them in document bodies19:24
grendal-primegrr...i knew this thing was going to be a pain in the ass19:25
WobblyBobSorry if i missed anything my internets being horrible lol19:29
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grendal-primedude..you were right19:33
grendal-primei need to go get my pelet gun and shoot myself in the foot so i never forget this19:33
grendal-primewordpress i accessed it on its wp-admin and settings->general  change the site urls to whatever you set your domainname (incoluding the subdmain) and whammo IT WORKS!19:35

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