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stevecoh1OK, I've somehow screwed myself.  I was trying to change the hostname of my computer, which I think I did correctly.  I have set up a static ip network connection with my router and this was working before I changed hostname.  Now I cannot connect to router.  The only way I'm connecting here is via my iphone hotspot.  When attempting to edit network connection using network setup app, all the settings are greyed out and I can no00:53
stevecoh1longer make changes.  What the h did I do and how do I fix it.00:53
Bashing-om!patience | stevecoh100:55
ubottustevecoh1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/00:55
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.00:58
oerheks1check if you *did* do it correctly00:58
oerheks1else, flush the leases in your router?00:58
stevecoh1Wow, I've screwed this up so totally.  I edited /etc/hosts and simply deleted the old hostname which I no longer remember.  Grrr.  So, Flush the leases in my router?  How do I do that?01:01
Bashing-omstevecoh1: ^^ another thought - a server ? is the file /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg a factor ?01:01
oerheks1stevecoh1, so,.. you did it not in 2 places.01:01
stevecoh1Bashing-om: I don't think so.01:02
stevecoh1oerhoeks1:  Actually, no, I did make the same change in both /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname01:03
Bashing-omstevecoh1: does the file /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg exists to remove the "think so" - good to always be sure :D the /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname are fixable.01:03
geosmileusis youtube down? I cant seem to play anything on youtube01:03
stevecoh1But did not retain the old name.01:03
oerheks1geosmileus, there are sites to check that01:04
Bashing-omstevecoh1: Is OK not to . lemme paste my files for ya.01:04
stevecoh1$ ls -l /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg01:05
stevecoh1ls: cannot access '/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg': No such file or directory01:05
stevecoh1so I think I have to do this lease flushing thing but have no idea how to do that.01:06
guivercremind me please, what can I `cat` to show install date01:07
oerheks1ls -lt /var/log/installer01:08
oerheks1or the (mtime) of a file that was created during the installation and is unlikely to have been modified since. A good candidate is /etc/hostname; other candidates are /etc/hosts, /etc/papersize, /etc/popularity-contest.conf.01:08
guivercthanks oerheks1 :)  you confirmed what I suspected (from directory timestamps)  appreciated :)01:09
Bashing-omstevecoh1: My files for comparison to yours: https://termbin.com/9job ; https://termbin.com/d8wa .01:10
oerheks1creation of the folder /mnt/ is more secure01:10
stevecoh1oerhoeks1: can you provide more detail on your suggestion for flushing the leases?01:12
oerheks1That depends on your router, dunno01:15
devslashis there a way to mount google drive as a mount path in linux on a computer without a UI ?01:51
kgzs@devslash rclone and FUSE could likely achieve that01:53
devslashrclone doesnt work01:54
devslashi got an error on googles side trying to authenticate it01:54
kgzsDid you create an app specific password?01:54
devslashno it doesnt use one01:54
devslashit opens up a link where you authenticate the app when already logged in01:55
DumbNameI can run systemctl --host username@ status servicename then enter the password and I get the status of servicename on a remote host, I can also stop/start/etc....01:56
DumbNameto include the password too, which this being an internal network isn't an issue for security.01:56
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_jakhey y'all! I'm running a script in a udev rule, and I need to see the output from `xinput list`: I've tried using my non-root users XAUTHORITY file, and I've tried setting DISPLAY to ":0" but I'm still seeing an empty list02:23
_jakcan anyone intuit what the problem is?02:23
isapgswellhi everyone02:40
isapgswelli tested profile nvidia on demand and nouveau driver this occur both02:40
isapgswellbad support external monitor (hdmi)02:40
isapgswellany idea?02:40
isapgswellmy gpu is nvidia 106002:40
isapgswell6gb vram02:41
isapgswellprime profile nvidia on demand02:43
isapgswelland nouveau driver02:43
ttytwisterGuys, thanks for helping with dual-OS installation problem. Everything works now. Ubuntu runs by default, and through the BIOS I can choose to run Windows02:53
ttytwisterI think I won't do anything with grub until something is broken.02:54
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random1Hey is their a way for when I lock my screen for a screen saver to pop up? Was curious if  anyone knew of such a  setting/program. Using ubuntu 20.0403:50
lotuspsychjerandom1: xscreensaver gives you a screensaver03:55
random1lotuspsychje: Thank you. It seems 80% of the screensavers on the selection is not available. Any idea how to update it ?04:01
lotuspsychjerandom1: you will need to download also the xscreensaver data and gl packs, depending of wich screensaver you want04:01
random1lotuspsychje: Any good sources for the full pack? want to download them all at once04:02
lotuspsychjerandom1: data, data-extra, gl, gl-extra and youl be good04:03
lotuspsychjerandom1: after installation you create a new startup command with: xscreensaver -nosplash and reboot04:03
random1this will set it so when i lock screen that it pops up ?04:04
random1lotuspscyhje: I am curious why does it say "Error no response to command" when i try some of the screensavers04:11
random1lotuspsychje: paticularly the new ones i just installed with the data packs04:11
lotuspsychjerandom1: no, dont think you can combine the lock with the screensaver, you can set a password on xscreensaver though04:11
random1lotuspsychje: that is sufficient enough. Curious though why its giving me an error. Do I have to reboot?04:12
random1after installation you create a new startup command with: xscreensaver -nosplash and reboot04:13
lotuspsychjerandom1: yes reboot plz04:13
random1i didnt create the startup yet04:13
random1does that cause it to run in the background ?04:13
random1upon boot04:14
lotuspsychjerandom1: did you add a startup item & reboot?04:15
lotuspsychjerandom1: ?04:16
random1lotuspsychje: i did add that startup item but I am curious what is the purpose of it? just want to know for knowledge sake04:16
random1'nosplash' im assuming causes it to run in the background ?04:17
lotuspsychjerandom1: nosplash means it doesnt startup with the xscreensaver startup window, it hides it04:17
random1lotuspsychje: perfect. assumed that was it. time to reboot04:18
devslashis anyone familiar with a cloud based storage that I can mount in Linux besides google drive04:23
random1Screensavers now work :)04:25
random1Thank you04:25
lotuspsychjewelcome random104:28
random1lotuspsychje: It works on the startup as well. I am curious where is the password function? Can't seem to find it04:29
lotuspsychjerandom1: hmm, cant seem to find it neither, thought i saw that under the advanced tab before..04:31
random1lotuspsychje: perhaps there is a lockscreen program. Then it will go to screensaver after i lockscreen04:33
random1lotuspsychje: not your normal Ctrl L lockscreen04:33
lotuspsychjerandom1: i only use the saver myself, never lockscreen, you will have to experiment a bit with it04:34
random1lotuspsychje: does it ask u for a password?04:34
lotuspsychjerandom1: no, cant find it neither04:34
random1lotuspsychje: :/04:35
lotuspsychjerandom1: try the option 'lock screen after...minutes'04:37
random1lotuspsychje: trying it now04:37
random1lotuspsychje: didn;t do anything04:39
lotuspsychjerandom1: try combining it with your screenlock in powersettings, see if you can override xscreensaver?04:40
random1lotuspsychje: let me see.. hmm04:42
ledenirandom1:you should have option in screensaver preference05:02
random1are you familiar with 'xtrlock' ?05:10
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TuxCrazywould it be safe to install this package using the deb file provided here? https://github.com/johannesjo/super-productivity/releases06:31
TuxCrazyor should we stick to either the snap package or the appimage provided.06:32
matsamanTuxCrazy: no particular reason a snap package would be any more safe if it's also from upstream06:40
matsamanimagine the same is true for appimage06:41
guivercI would trust a snap more (unless it's classic confinement) as it'll have a more restricted view to your fs/file-system06:41
TuxCrazyguiverc, snap better than appimage?06:42
guivercit'll depend where you keep your files, most of mine aren't in $HOME06:42
TuxCrazyguiverc, which files?06:43
guivercTuxCrazy, what OS are you using?  appimage isn't default for Ubuntu06:43
TuxCrazyguiverc, I use multiple distros. Ubuntu Mate and MX Linux. I use Windows also.06:44
guivercthe files comment was b/c of matsaman comment, snaps do have pretty free access to $HOME even if normal confinement06:44
guivercMX Linux & windows are off-topic here06:44
TuxCrazyguiverc, ok. What about Ubuntu Mate?06:44
guivercUbuntu-MATE is an official flavor which is why I didn't mention it (it's on-topic)06:44
TuxCrazybtw, which flavor of Ubuntu 20.04 is most suitable for a machine with just 4 GB RAM?06:45
guivercI'm less familiar with appimage as I rarely use it (not default in Ubuntu or flavors of Ubuntu, nor Debian)06:45
matsamanTuxCrazy: whichever06:45
TuxCrazyguiverc, ok06:46
guivercTuxCrazy, it'll depend how you'll use, your apps (are they GTK3, Qt5 etc) so you're not wasting memory; PLUS of course your tastes (only you can decide what you like)06:46
TuxCrazywhen will Ubuntu Deepin be added as an official flavor of Ubuntu?06:46
TuxCrazyand also Ubuntu Cinnamon.06:46
matsamanwhen someone wants to waste the time to make a whole distro that's just Ubuntu with one of those DEs preinstalled & preconfigured?06:47
TuxCrazyguiverc, but, Ubuntu Gnome, Kubuntu will be a bit heavy on this laptop.06:47
guivercwhen they (their community/devs) apply & meet the requirements for official status, the Ubuntu Cinnamon is making steps towards it I understand and it may occur next year06:47
matsamanTuxCrazy: that's not necessarily true06:47
matsaman4GB is plenty of RAM06:48
guivercKubuntu is actually very light (using Qt5), it's heavy rep was early Qt4 - ie. long long ago06:48
matsamanespecially for Unix systems, whose GUIs aren't piles of crap06:48
matsamanand the Qt4 era spanned systems with much less RAM, truly06:48
TuxCrazybtw, why did they think it necessary to create Ubuntu Cinnamon when Mint was already available?06:48
matsamanless than 4GB, that is06:48
matsamanMint is a separate distro, unaffiliated with Canonical, IIRC06:49
matsamanthat is, there is no Ubuntu Mint. Mint is its own thing06:49
TuxCrazybut, is Mint not based on Ubuntu? is it so much similar to Ubuntu. is it not?06:49
matsamanI believe it was originally based on Ubuntu, not sure at this point06:49
guivercA Ubuntu Cinnamon will be adjustment free (ie. runtime 'hacks' to use foreign packages... Ubuntu Cinnamon will be adjustment free as it won't be using a foreign (Ubuntu) packages)06:49
TuxCrazyguiverc, could you please elaborate on it?06:50
TuxCrazyI am a casual end user.06:50
guivercIt would take resources for Mint to create all the packages currently available in Ubuntu archives, so they use Ubuntu packages and adjust in real time (they call it adjustments) to tweak them on their machine.. it's an understandable hack but opens security door etc.. instead of grabbing the code, editing it, compiling & packaging it for ...06:51
matsamananyway you can use any DE and wm from any version of any distro, pretty much06:51
matsamanyou can change DE/wm every day if you want06:52
guivercTuxCrazy, there is nothing sinister in it; it saves them tons of time & I perfectly understand the use of adjustments (their lower-security model also is easier to use/cheaper resource wise), but as a user I can pick which security model I like06:55
TuxCrazyguiverc, Mint is less secure as compared to Ubuntu?06:58
matsamanI would say Mint has fewer eyes to dedicate to security06:59
matsamanthan Ubuntu, which has fewer than Debian06:59
matsamanUbuntu draws from Debian, and Mint from Ubuntu & Debian06:59
matsamanso it's hard to say, you'd have to get into response times and delays from upstreams and that06:59
guivercThey have made different security options, you can adjust Mint yourself to almost get to Ubuntu's choice (by default it's a fair bit lower), except for the adjustments choice (there is no way around that)07:00
matsamanI prefer non-derivate distros myself07:00
guivercs/security options/security choices/07:00
guivercMany Ubuntu packages are from upstream (GitHub) & not Debian; many of my Ubuntu packages (on this system) are actually later than my Debian Bullseye/Sid system, but of course that's not all packages (as many come from Debian sid)07:02
TuxCrazythanks a lot for all this info.07:03
spandexVortexI'am new here07:03
guivercTuxCrazy, everything has pros & cons... in the end it's what is best for you, your use of it etc.07:03
spandexVortexTuxCrazy: Hello there!07:03
guivercspandexVortex, If you have a Ubuntu support question, please just ask it (try and keep to a single line & be patient, people respond as they can)07:03
TuxCrazyspandexVortex, hi..07:03
guivercspandexVortex, no need to apologize... you haven't asked a question yet... but people do other things & look at this when they can, reply as they can..07:05
TuxCrazyhave a great day.07:05
spandexVortexWhat's up with the unattended upgrade in ubuntu 18.4 server version. It restricts from installing other packages.07:06
Deano59waveform: (or anyone else) does Ubuntu get packages/kernels from Debian testing?08:00
guivercYes & No Deano5908:04
guivercMany packages in my Lubuntu system are ahead of my Debian Bullseye/Sid system, but of course that won't apply to all.08:04
Deano59guiverc: it's just on the Pi forum, there's a dude saying debian testing got kernel 5.9 so Ubuntu should have it soon. not sure how true that is...08:05
guiverc(it'll vary on release, I'm using development or hirsute which is currently equivalent to groovy)08:05
Deano59thanks. :)08:05
guivercYes true, my Debian system got 5.9 yesterday; my Ubuntu hasn't, but Ubuntu has been frozen for aehile due groovy release..08:05
Deano59you're testing for bugs?08:06
Deano59with Ubuntu?08:06
guivercDeano59, yes, associated with a flavor so it's useful being on development cycle..08:06
Deano59nice :) found many?08:07
guivercmy flavor is ahead of Debian, as we grab from upstream (GitHub) not Debian... won't apply to all packages as heaps does come from debian sid (some debian testing)08:07
Bebefhi everyone! o/08:39
lotuspsychjewelcome Bebef08:40
lotuspsychjewhat can we do for you today Bebef08:43
BebefCan anyone tell me how I can manage my machines/tokens registered in the Canonical livepatch service? All I can find is the page to generate tokens, but nothing else...08:46
Bebefhi lotuspsychje08:46
qwertuttytyHow do I change the rights of a 600 file through the console?08:51
Bebefqwertuttyty: chmod08:51
johnny_|_Hi. I'm running a bash script with cron. Bash script executes couple of docker containers one by one. It works when I execute it from the shell however it exits when run with cron before even the first container finishes. https://paste.debian.net/hidden/951f40ea/08:53
lotuspsychjeBebef: you might wanna checkout the #ubuntu-server channel, though more active during weekdays08:54
mgedminjohnny_|_: cron sends emails on script errors, do you have any in /var/mail/?08:59
mgedminsystemd units might be more convenient to debug, you could see what the script did in journalctl09:00
qwertuttytyi know, but that's not works sudo chmod 600 /media/NAME/NAME/FILE. How it Right?09:00
mgedminwell, if the rights already are 600, and you're changining them to 600, then it's not really a change, is it?09:00
mgedminwhat do you want to achieve?09:01
qwertuttyty755 need 60009:02
mgedminjohnny_|_: also, docker run --rm is synchronous, so docker wait seems unnecessary, the container is already stopped and removed at that point09:02
mgedminqwertuttyty: if /media/NAME/NAME is formatted as VFAT, then you can't set arbitrary file permissions on it09:03
mgedminNTFS, I'm not sure09:03
mgedminwell then09:04
Bebeflotuspsychje: Okay, thanks for the hint :)09:06
qwertuttytyntfs via NTFS-3G do not need. 755 is not critical to me09:15
qwertuttytyntfs 777 can not create file sudo fallocate -l 128M /media/NAME/NAME/FILE.09:28
qwertuttytyerror in console with FILE=0 Mb09:29
qwertuttytyok 755 with fat3209:29
irgendwer4711hi, where is kernel-package in Groovy?09:34
lotuspsychje!info kernel-package groovy09:36
ubottuPackage kernel-package does not exist in groovy09:36
lotuspsychje!info kernel-package09:36
ubottukernel-package (source: kernel-package): utility for building Linux kernel related Debian packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 13.018+nmu2 (focal), package size 237 kB, installed size 1710 kB09:36
lotuspsychjeirgendwer4711: away so it seems09:37
irgendwer4711very strange09:38
irgendwer4711config files are still there09:48
lotuspsychjeirgendwer4711: are you trying to do something?09:48
irgendwer4711build kernel09:48
lotuspsychjeirgendwer4711: use the !mainline kernels on ubuntu for testing purposes09:49
irgendwer4711kernel is there, but make-kpkg not any more09:49
lotuspsychjeirgendwer4711: maybe the #ubuntu-kernel or #ubuntu-release crew know more of the 'why'09:50
irgendwer4711in debian its missing too09:52
irgendwer4711seems to be deprecated now: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=96037709:55
ubottuDebian bug 960377 in ftp.debian.org "RM: Kernel-package -- ROM; upstream discontinued, obsolete, better options exist" [Normal,Open]09:55
dirtwashanyone here using maas? the documentation is faulty and I cant even get it started to start testing it10:14
lotuspsychje!maas | dirtwash10:17
ubottudirtwash: Metal as a Service is a dynamic server provisioning service for scalability. See more about it at https://maas.ubuntu.com.10:17
dirtwashlotuspsychje: their documentation is faulty, hence im asking if somene here uses it10:19
dirtwashim supposed to evaluate it and so far its already garbage10:20
lotuspsychjedirtwash: file a maas !bug if you found something that doesnt work by default10:21
lotuspsychjedirtwash: check also the existing bugs first; https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bugs?orderby=importance&start=010:21
dirtwashtheir people getting paid for this, I am not, not my job10:22
DarkTrickI have an micro SD card (NTFS, 256GB), works fine on windows, but on ubuntu I can't use it. dmesg shows many "blk_update_request: I/O error, dev mmcblk0, sector 0 op 0x0" errors10:47
DarkTrickAny ideas how to tackle the problem?10:48
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: did you try format with gparted (if you dont need data on it)11:13
DarkTricklotuspsychje, yes I tried gparted. It shows "Input/output error during read on /dev/mmcblk0"11:14
mgedminhm so if the same card works on a different os, then it's not a problem with the card11:15
mgedminit may be a problem with the linux driver for the card reader11:15
mgedmindo you know what kind of a reader it is?  it should show up on lspci or lsusb or lshw11:15
DarkTrickmgedmin, lspci shows this: "SD Host controller: O2 Micro, Inc. SD/MMC Card Reader Controller (rev 01)"11:19
mgedminlspci -nn will also show you the [XXXX:XXXX] vendor/device identifiers11:19
DarkTrickKernel module sdhci_pci11:19
DarkTrickmgedmin, SD Host controller [0805]: O2 Micro, Inc. SD/MMC Card Reader Controller [1217:8520] (rev 01)11:20
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: can you journalctl -f and plug out/back in the sd to see errors on it?11:20
DarkTricklotuspsychje, https://pastebin.com/DgM2khPM11:22
jlas9Hi, regards. Where is the support for the wifi driver 8821ce in the new release 20.10?. In the releases 20.04 and previous was easily added with the dkms tools... Any clues?. Thanks in advance.11:23
DarkTrickI already tried searching for that stuff, but results always refer to sda and broken hardware11:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1239938 in HWE Next trusty "duplicate for #1251116 No cardreader support for O2 Micro, Inc. Device [1217:8520]" [High,Fix released]11:23
mgedminfix released, interesting11:23
DarkTrickmgedmin, judging from error messages, this looks like something different?11:24
mgedminthere's also https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10923111:25
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 109231 in MMC/SD "1217:8520 [Dell Latitude E7450] O2 Micro, SD/MMC Card Reader doesn't work" [Normal,New]11:25
dreamscapehello everyone. I know this post is based on the MATE version but I'm getting desperate at this point and i hope someone can help me? https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/graphics-card-nvidia-gt-1030-wont-work-on-lenovo-pc-ubuntu/22911/511:25
DarkTrickmgedmin, but... I can tell, that other cards actually work on the same reader11:26
mgedminand _this_ card works fine on another OS on the same laptop?11:26
DarkTrickI used an old 256MB card for testing and used a couple 8GB cards for raspi initializations - no problem11:26
lotuspsychjejlas9: can you pastebin your dmesg please11:26
DarkTrickmgedmin, yes11:26
DarkTrickI have a parallel Win 10 installation11:27
DarkTricksame card, same reader11:27
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: could be partition table issue on the sd too11:27
mgedminnah, it's a read error11:27
DarkTricklotuspsychje, I reformatted the card under Win with NTFS11:28
lotuspsychjehmm ok11:28
mgedminDarkTrick: I think you need to get hold of people more familiar with the SD card reader, which means filing a bug and hoping11:28
DarkTrickmgedmin, what package would I file it against?11:28
lotuspsychjedreamscape: wich driver versions show on; ubuntu-drivers list please?11:29
mgedminDarkTrick: the kernel11:29
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: aka; ubuntu-bug linux11:29
mgedminin addition to the journal entries for read errors it may be useful to find the journal entries from early boot when the hardware was detected and the driver loaded11:30
lotuspsychjegood idea mgedmin11:31
dreamscapelotuspsychje I installed the propitiatory Nvidia driver but all i had was the option to switch GPU's for power saving but the problem was i could only switch to intel which i was already using. All documented here it's a really odd issue https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/graphics-card-nvidia-gt-1030-wont-work-on-lenovo-pc-ubuntu/22911/511:31
jlas9lotuspsychje: i don't know what is pastebin.11:31
lotuspsychje!paste | jlas911:31
ubottujlas9: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:31
jlas9Hi, regards. Where is the support for the wifi driver 8821ce in the new release 20.10?. In the releases 20.04 and previous was easily added with the dkms tools... Any clues?. Thanks in advance.11:31
lotuspsychjedreamscape: please check right now; ubuntu-drivers list please?11:32
jlas9dreamscape: i wiil. Thanks.11:32
lotuspsychje!pm | dreamscape11:33
ubottudreamscape: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.11:33
dreamscapeHow do i access the drivers list?11:33
dreamscapebare in mind i can't run this machine with the card in now. so im only using intel11:34
dreamscapeif i use nvidia it gets stuck on the boot screen but the OS does load as i can hear sounds11:34
jeremy31jlas9: https://github.com/tomaspinho/rtl8821ce might help11:35
BluesKajHi all11:35
jlas9jeremy31: very kind11:35
dreamscapeIt acts like the Intel GPU is being used (as it did before) but now it doesnt work when i plug in the cable only the Nvidia card works.11:35
lotuspsychjedreamscape: are you on irc with another machine, is that what you say?11:35
dreamscapeNo I'm on IRC with the machine in question i dont have any other machines i can use my phone. one moment11:35
lotuspsychjedreamscape: from a terminal; ubuntu-drivers list11:36
dreamscapeImbooted in with the card now os has loaded but i have just the boot screen11:39
dreamscapeAlt ctrl f2 doesnt give me a terminal11:39
DarkTrickmgedmin, "in addition to the journal entries for read errors it may be useful to find the journal entries from early boot when the hardware was detected and the driver loaded": Where would I search? dmesg output? syslog?11:40
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | dreamscape11:40
ubottudreamscape: Systems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.11:40
lotuspsychje!dmesg | DarkTrick11:41
ubottuDarkTrick: dmesg is a console command which outputs the kernel ring buffer - an important log for diagnosing problems in  Linux. Often when something errors with hardware it will result in additional lines reported which can be seen by running dmesg in a console.11:41
dreamscapeI tried but i couldnt get to the grub menu. Its shift at boot correct?11:41
lotuspsychjedreamscape: holding shift at boot or ESC, in some cases the machine need a grub delay/menu tweak11:42
dreamscapeOk im at the grub terminal11:43
dreamscapeWhat do i type here?11:45
mgedminDarkTrick: journalctl -b 0 will show you the log starting from the last boot, search for 'mmc0' and look for surrounding entries11:46
DarkTrickmgedmin, "last boot" means the boot I'm into right now, right?11:47
lotuspsychjedreamscape: after quiet splash add nomodeset and boot it11:49
dreamscapeYeah how do i edit that file im currently at grub>11:49
dreamscapeShift doesnt work this is the only menu i get11:50
lotuspsychjepress 'e' to edit11:50
dreamscapeSays cant find command 'e'.11:50
DarkTrickAnyway, I think I got something11:51
dreamscapeIm at a terminal not the grub menu. I cant access the menu11:51
dreamscapeSome sort of grub terminal11:51
DarkTrickmgedmin, can you take a look if anything here contains information? https://pastebin.com/GWHgiSC311:52
DarkTrickMaybe this line? "mmc0: SDHCI controller on PCI [0000:03:00.0] using ADMA"11:52
dreamscapelotuspsychje im using UEFI so shift wont work11:54
mgedminyeah, everything that mentions sdhci or mmc011:54
lotuspsychjedreamscape: are you in a tty?11:55
dreamscapeI think so yes11:55
lotuspsychjedreamscape: ubuntu-drivers list11:55
dreamscapeIt says minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, tab lists possible command completions11:56
dreamscapeIts not a terminal is some sort of grub command line thing11:57
dreamscapeIt has grub>11:57
jlas9jeremy31: solved the problem with wifi driver rtl8821ce. Download the last Git version and do a dkms-install did the work ok. Thanks you (and the others guys who helped) very much!!!.11:57
lotuspsychjedreamscape: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters read please12:02
dreamscapelotuspsychje tried nomodeset and im getting the same issue12:04
lotuspsychjedreamscape: what issue12:05
dreamscapeOS boots but nvidia card is stuck at the boot screen12:05
dreamscapelotuspsychje https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/graphics-card-nvidia-gt-1030-wont-work-on-lenovo-pc-ubuntu/22911/512:07
dreamscapeThis explains the problem in detail12:07
lotuspsychjedreamscape: secureboot and fastoot disabled?12:07
DarkTricklotuspsychje, mgedmin: Thank you both for the support! I managed to file a bug and hope for the best :)12:08
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: thank you to file bug #190140112:09
ubottubug 1901401 in linux (Ubuntu) "SD card does not work on linux, but window (O2Micro)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/190140112:09
dreamscapelotuspsychje secureboot disabled no option for fast boot12:10
dreamscapeIv tried resetting the bios and all sorts.12:10
lotuspsychjedreamscape: legacy or uefi boot?12:10
lotuspsychjedreamscape: try legacy as a test please12:11
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: so both fossa & groovy suffer it correct?12:12
DarkTricklotuspsychje, yes12:12
dreamscapeSays no operating system found. I will need to reinstall or try live usb under legacy lotuspsychje ?12:12
lotuspsychjedreamscape: yeah try legacy from a live12:13
dreamscapeI just have a flashing cursor os had loaded i can hear sounds. Same issue12:15
jeffrey_fI've updated to 20.10 but how do I get my google contacts into thunderbird.  It seems that the addon is no longer supported. (gcontactsync)12:18
rotaercI'm a newer of irc. I want to know how to query the history chat log12:20
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: a lot of these; sdhci-pci 0000:03:00.0: error -84 requesting status12:21
lotuspsychje!logs | rotaerc12:22
ubotturotaerc: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/12:22
dreamscapelotuspsychje im out of ideas... Any ideas from you?12:27
lotuspsychjedreamscape: flashing cursor means uefi settings not correct yet, doublecheck secureboot and fastboot12:30
dreamscapeThis was under legacy boot12:30
dreamscapeSecure boot disabled12:30
lotuspsychjedreamscape: some machines have other settings that can block, some bios changes need a reboot too12:31
dreamscapeI dusabled a security chip option in the bios and now it boots!! Trying to install nvidia drivers now. lotuspsychje12:37
lotuspsychjedreamscape: good luck!12:38
dreamscapeTgm security chip or something like that12:38
dreamscapeThanks for the help12:38
lotuspsychjewelcome dreamscape12:38
DarkTricklotuspsychje, I did not understand the intend of your last message. I overposted the errors?12:40
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: no sorry, i was reading your dmesg from your bug ID and that error spams a lot in your dmesg12:41
dreamscapelotuspsychje installed the drivers now its doing the same thing again... What the hell?12:46
lotuspsychjedreamscape: wich driver version did you install?12:47
dreamscape440.0 or something12:47
dreamscapeThe latest propriatory, tested drivers12:47
lotuspsychjedreamscape: what gives; ubuntu-drivers list ?12:47
dreamscapeI cant access it anymore12:48
dreamscapeIm stuck out of the os again12:48
dreamscapeUnless i use intel graphics which defeats the purpose12:48
lotuspsychjedreamscape: did you clean install and install 440 yourself?12:49
lotuspsychjedreamscape: 440 wasnt active by default after install?12:49
dreamscapeIt does on my older lenovo it installs them during setup12:50
dreamscapeOs install i mean12:50
dreamscapeIl try another fresh install if it doesnt work i think il have to send the new machine back :(12:51
dusterror mounting file system /dev/sdb7 at /media/user/temp_rpool: unknown filesystem type 'zfs_member' (udisk-error-quark, 0) ... how can i mount it and get access to my files? its super important as there are all my mails!12:58
asdfghhello everybody13:11
asdfghi have ubuntu 20.04 and i just have bought a canon pixma mg3650s13:11
asdfghi have configured the printer via smartphone13:12
asdfghnow it is using wireless13:12
asdfghfrom settings/printer i see the printer in my ubuntu!13:12
asdfghi did not add anything...it is recognized13:12
asdfghwow....but the problem is when i try to print13:12
asdfghi can see the printer but does not print13:12
asdfghwhat should i install13:12
Deano59why does opening "chromium --use-gl=egl" give this in terminal? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KpxnYVnRfF/13:15
asdfghthe scanner works perfectly...that's awesome13:15
mgedmindust: I suspect you need to use a different command to mount zfs volumes, but I'm not myself familiar with zfs13:29
dreamscapelotuspsychje any ideas before i send it back? :(13:30
Deano59asdfgh: wait, if someone knows they'll answer.13:30
dustmgedmin, thx... thats the gnome disk utility13:30
asdfghDeano59, ok, the strange thing is...ok this printer is connected to wifi....the connection is not a problem because i can scan document....but i cannot print..13:32
asdfghvery strange13:32
asdfghi need to find a log or something to understand what happened13:32
asdfghas i wrote i havent installed anything on ubuntu 20.0413:32
asdfghnothing related to this Canon13:32
mgedmindust: I find it plausible that gnome-disks doesn't know what to do with zfs13:36
mgedminafter all it's not a standard linux filesystem13:36
dustit is in ubuntu... no?13:36
dustits also the problem in nautilus13:37
dustis a general problem with zfs in ubuntu13:37
mgedmindust: maybe https://askubuntu.com/questions/123126/how-do-i-mount-a-zfs-pool can help?13:37
mgedmindust: also https://frommelmak.com/how-to-mount-a-zfs-drive-in-linux.html13:39
dustmgedmin, thx did find that too not sure if its still valid as its from long ago and since then ubuntu adopted zfs as root fs13:39
mgedminwell, it's an option, not the default root fs13:40
mgedminand apparently ubuntu didn't do the work to make mounting zvfs volumes in nautilus or gnome-disks work?13:40
mgedminI don't know, as I said I've never used zfs13:41
mgedmin(directly, that is, I think lxd uses zfs on some image files in my ext4 / behind the curtains)13:42
dustto make zfs as possible root fs and then not integrate it accordingly... hoped they fixed such with 20.1013:42
dustbut the upgrade from 20.04 on zfs to 20.10 failed so needed a complete new install on another disk13:43
dustat 20.10 didnt use zfs because of bad experience but still need my data from 20.04 zfs... deja dub dosnt backup snaps...13:45
dreamscapeIs there a hot key to enable or switch hybrid graphics in ubuntu13:45
asdfghwhat are the drivers to connect to lan printer?13:54
ThinkT510each printer will require their own driver13:56
ThinkT510CUPS comes with many drivers13:56
mgedminthe modern thing is called 'driverless printing' and I'm not sure how it works exactly13:56
mgedminbut in theory things should just work13:57
mgedminexcept, you know, printers13:57
JakethepythonHello room, i have an issue that my laptop wifi keeps picking up and dropping on the laptop i don't seem to have this issue on other computers13:59
Jakethepythoni am running 20.413:59
jeremy31Jakethepython: see https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2354328&p=13614520&#post1361452014:00
JakethepythonThank you14:02
luna_j nuug14:02
luna_j nuug14:02
asdfghThinkT510, mgedmin i do not know i have Canon PIXMA MG3650S I did not install anything on ubuntu 20.04 but on settings/printers i see that printer....this printer in configuired on wireless network...the funny thing is that i see the printer as i wrote, i can scan documents but i cannot print.14:02
mgedminyeah, so printer autodiscovery works great14:03
mgedminhave you checked all the basic things like correct paper size?  my office hp laserjet fails to print if I print us letter because it has a4 paper loaded14:03
mgedmin(I have to walk there and push a button on the printer to tell it that it's fine to resize)14:04
asdfghmgedmin, yes because i can print with smartphone14:05
dreamscapelotuspsychje Ok I've managed to get to my desktop finally using my Nvidia card by setting the nomodeset option in grub BUT if i install the Nvidia drivers i get what i had before the BIOS logo displayed only and the OS has booted as i can hear sounds.14:05
asdfghthe printer is working, via canon app i can print14:05
dreamscapelotuspsychje Do i need to install the drivers and then set nomodeset again in grub?? Or is there an issue with the drivers?14:06
mgedminasdfgh: file a bug against cups?14:07
asdfghmgedmin, i do not know , is there a log i can check? i simply see printing...but...no signal form printer14:07
mgedminI dunno, maybe journalctl?  maybe there's something in /var/log/cups/?14:08
dreamscapelotuspsychje here is the ubuntu-driver list https://pastebin.com/iNA14TzS14:09
asdfghmgedmin, https://bpa.st/H2XQ14:10
mgedminah!  yes, that's definitely pertinent14:11
mgedmindo file a bug with ubuntu-bug cups14:11
mgedminmention the model of the printer and include these log entries14:11
asdfghmgedmin, wait before file a bug...i shopul dunderstand if i need to install something else14:18
asdfghas i said i did not install anything for printer14:18
asdfghso i suppose i need specific packages to install14:18
mgedminyou should not need to install anything, afaiu14:20
mgedminok, you should not need to install anything _if your printer supports driverless printing_14:20
dreamscapehttps://i.postimg.cc/2yMkYx5f/Screenshot-at-2020-10-25-14-19-19.png what is the difference between the Nvidia driver metapackage or the Nvidia Server Driver? I've always used the metapackage but maybe i need the server???14:21
dreamscapeoriginal issue here: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/graphics-card-nvidia-gt-1030-wont-work-on-lenovo-pc-ubuntu/22911/514:21
dreamscapeplease someone help14:21
lotuspsychjedreamscape: try 43514:22
mgedminasdfgh: it looks like for you the process gets stuck in step 3 of https://openprinting.github.io/driverless/02-workflow/14:22
dreamscapelotuspsychje ok, will this reset my nomodeset I've set in grub? or do i need to turn it off?14:22
dreamscapebecause last time i tried i got locked out and i have to reinstall the OS every time i try this14:23
lotuspsychjedreamscape: nomodeset is just a boot option to bypass black screens and be able to install your nvidia driver14:23
dreamscapeok, so when the nvidia driver is installed i should remove this option from grub?14:24
lotuspsychjedreamscape: yes14:24
dreamscapethanks i will try it now14:24
lotuspsychjedreamscape: (if you added it permanently)14:24
dreamscapeyes i did14:24
asdfghmgedmin, i am seeing that page14:25
asdfghone moment14:25
dreamscapelotuspsychje just curious, what is the difference between the server and metapackage drivers?14:25
dreamscapelotuspsychje this is new... I've just had this come up https://pastebin.com/EgN8QAkH14:30
dreamscapelotuspsychje didnt work14:39
dreamscapeNow stuck out of the OS with just my bios logo displayed14:39
dreamscapeLiterally been on this for a day now14:41
lotuspsychjedreamscape: stuck where exactly?14:42
dreamscapeThe bios logo comes up, grey screen (normal for MATE) then i get the lenovo bios logo again normally then i see a mouse and gui but now i see just the bios logo14:43
lotuspsychjedreamscape: try pressing F1 at booting to switch to textboot, see if you can grab errors14:44
dreamscapeThe machine is in the OS. Alt f2 gives me a 1 second look at my terminal login then just a blinking cursor14:44
lotuspsychjedreamscape: did you change uefi settings again?14:44
lotuspsychjedreamscape: pastebin your dmesg and dpkg log when you get in your system please14:45
dreamscapeBios hot key is same as text boot its impossible to get to text boot14:45
lotuspsychjedreamscape: F1 after POST loading, when you see the mate logo boot14:47
dreamscapeOk im at the menu, ubuntu14:48
dreamscapeAdvanced options for ubuntu14:48
dreamscapeUefi firmware settings14:48
dreamscapeIf i press c for command line it takes me to grub>14:49
dreamscapeOk iv got it but its huge and im not in the os so cant pastebin14:53
lotuspsychje!pastebinit | dreamscape14:54
ubottudreamscape: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit14:54
dreamscapeIm not in the os im in pure terminal14:54
dreamscapeNo browser14:55
dreamscapeOh wait ok14:55
Deano59dreamscape: you don't need a browser.14:55
dreamscapeNo network where i am14:55
Deano59then out of luck.14:55
ThinkT510take a picture14:58
tomreyndreamscape: can you boot to graphical mode at all? and do you have an ethernet connection, or can you set one up? or just wireless?14:59
dreamscapeNo i cant i have ethernet plugged in but its not working14:59
tomreynif you can bring this system online in some other mode, posting your logs will be easier15:01
dreamscapelotuspsychje here is my dmesg best i can do right now15:01
dreamscapeI cant15:01
tomreynso it can't get online at all?15:02
dreamscapeNo i cant boot into gui or terminal with this card in but without the card in it wint show anything15:02
dreamscapeBlow the images up they are full size. Should be readable sorry its all i can do15:03
tomreynhmm, so booting with !nomodeset seemed to get you to a gui previously. but you'd not have networking then?15:03
tomreynor are you saying !nomodeset doesn't get you to the desktop anymore?15:04
dreamscapeNo... It did when i had no nvidia drivers. Right now im in diagnostics from boot menu15:04
dreamscapeNope it doesnt after nvidia drivers15:04
dreamscapeIv tried editing grub already both with and without nomodeset if nvidia drivers are on i get just my bios logo even though im in the os15:05
Deano59how can I get rid of this? it's very annoying. sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu: Name or service not known=15:05
Deano59network = on. doing my head in. :D15:06
tomreyndreamscape: i see. "NVRM: ... RMInitAdapter failed" at https://i.postimg.cc/WTngdHCR/IMG-20201025-145731703.jpg doesn't look good. can you double check that the graphics card is physically seated properly on the pcie lane?15:06
tomreynand on the right lane(s), too15:07
tomreyni'd also suggest disabling secure boot if that's an option you have on the bios.15:07
* mgedmin remains happy with his decision to avoid nvidia video hardware in his laptops15:07
Deano59mgedmin: me too! too much hassle.15:08
dreamscapeIts seated perfectly its been in and out over 20 times with this issue  so shouldnt be that15:08
tomreynso you just verified it?15:08
dreamscapeBy looking at it yes or do you mean by some other m15:08
tomreynvisual inspection is a good start, i'd also push it into the slot once more on both top ends while the system is powered down.15:10
dreamscapeIv also tried secure boot on and off legacy boot everything15:10
dreamscapeOk il try it15:10
dreamscapeTried it same issue15:12
tomreynnvidia driver 435.21 (Aug 25, 2019) was loaded. and it seems to fail to identify the nvidia card.15:12
dreamscapeIts definetly seated correctly15:12
tomreynok, good. once powered up again, does     lspci -knnv | grep -A3 VGA     list the graphics card? and how?15:13
dreamscapeHaving trouble getting into the recovery mode15:14
tomreynyou had a root shell previously, what's different this time? or is it just a matter of timing things right?15:15
dreamscapeOk one moment. My bios key is the same key so timing is hard15:15
tomreyni see15:16
dreamscapeIt says grep A3 no such file or directory15:16
mgedminI think you can hold down Shift to get a grub menu, instead of hitting Esc at just the right time15:16
tomreyndreamscape: you didn't type it properly, needs to be exactly as above15:17
tomreyn| is a "pipe" character15:17
dreamscapeGot it15:17
tomreynoh and there's a hyphon before A315:17
tomreynok, let's see another screenie15:18
][o4|-o_5o_PYckirestarting the snapstore process will lead to what ?15:21
tomreyndreamscape: lspci -knnvd 10de:1d0115:22
tomreynand another screenie please15:22
dreamscapeThanks for your help with this by the way15:24
tomreynyou're welcome. so it seems to be properly detected by the system / kernel, but not properly initialzed by the nvidia driver.15:24
tomreynin bios, see if you have 'Advanced chipset settings' -> 'Aperture size', or any kind of memory allocation, or a value in M / MB?15:24
tomreynalso see if you can disable "secure boot"15:25
dreamscapeInteresting.. there is a newer 450 driver but i tried that with the same result15:25
dreamscapeOk secure boot disabled no memory allocation though sadly. I have pci e settings...? ASPM support15:27
dreamscapeX1 slot speed and x16 slot speed both set to auto15:27
tomreynASPM support should be enabled, but it probably is15:28
dreamscapeIt is i think yes15:28
tomreyncan you remember which changes you have made on the bios so far?15:28
dreamscapeIts reset so nothing only secure boot which i just did15:29
dreamscapeBut iv tried all sorts over the past day15:29
tomreynokay, let's boot again then, to text mode.15:29
tomreynhow did you install the nvidia drivers last time?15:29
tomreyni mean the one you have currently15:30
dreamscapeIn the gui. The card works on x.org drivers15:30
dreamscapeBut is sluggish as hell15:30
tomreyndid you download it from nvidia.com or did you use something in ubuntu to install it?15:30
dreamscapeIn ubuntu the additional drivers15:31
tomreynokay, when you're back to the text terminal, install the latest driver using   ubuntu-drivers autoinstall15:31
tomreynand tell us what it did, which driver was installed15:32
tomreynactually it's just   ubuntu-drivers install15:32
tomreynoh nice, bios screens15:33
dreamscapeThats my bios not sure if you can spot anything15:33
dreamscapeLimited.. :/15:33
murthyWill youtube-dl be removed from downstream?15:33
lotuspsychjetomreyn: his ubuntu-drivers from earlier: https://pastebin.com/iNA14TzS15:33
murthyalso did ubuntu receive any takedown notification?15:33
dreamscapeThanks lotuspsychje15:34
dreamscapetomreyn i cant do drivers as i have no network in recovery mode15:35
tomreynmurthy: i doubt anyone on this (mostly volunteer) *support* channel can answer these questions15:35
tomreynlotuspsychje: thanks15:36
murthytomreyn: shall I ask on ubuntu-dev?15:36
murthytomreyn: shall I ask on ubuntu-devel?15:36
dreamscapeIts trying to pull down the 450.80.02 driver15:37
dreamscapeBut no internet15:37
tomreynmurthy: i cannopt answer this where it fits there.15:37
tomreyndreamscape: oh ok, i see15:37
dyeplexerI have a lot of held back packages that were from ubuntu 18.04 when I upgraded to 20.04. These can be listed with `apt list | grep bionic`.15:37
dyeplexerHow do make them switch to the offcial 20.04 repository version without doing it manually each time?15:37
tomreyndreamscape: can you remind me what you said about the ethernet? it's not working at all?15:38
dreamscapeIts not working in recovery mode i cant get to the normal os or terminal15:38
dreamscapeUnless i can remove my nvidia drivers? Or reinstall the os again15:39
dreamscapeI have internet inside the os no problem15:39
tomreyndreamscape: okay, so remove the nvidia drivers, then boot to the graphical interface, then configure your network there, then install alöl the pending ubuntu updates, then install the latest nvidia drivers, then reboot, and tell us what happens.15:40
dreamscapeIv done that previously same issue15:40
dreamscapeIv done about 9 os installs trying this15:41
dreamscapeHow do you remove the nvidia drivers from the command line?15:41
tomreyndpkg -l *nvidia*    and then   apt purge PACKAGE1 PACKAGE2 ...    those packages listed with "ii"15:42
dreamscapeSays error need a action option15:44
tomreynWas the nvidia graphics card part of this computer, or was it sold seperately?15:44
Deano59wondering that also murthy...15:44
murthyya many people are wondering too15:44
catman370account facebook on15:45
mgedmindyeplexer: sudo apt full-upgrade should upgrade them to 20.04 versions15:45
murthyDeano59: I have also asked in #ubuntu-devel, hope someone replies15:45
tomreyndreamscape: can you show which command you ran?15:46
dreamscapeDpkg -|*nvidia*15:46
tomreyndreamscape: this pipe is a lower case L15:47
dreamscapeOh oops15:47
tomreynor shoul be, and you need a space after that15:47
dreamscapeDpkg error:unknown option -*15:48
tomreynthis time you omitted the l15:48
tomreynif you like, you can install a proper irc client, which will probably default to a much more readable monotype font15:48
dyeplexermgedmin: wait, I think all of these are PPA packages15:48
chakravantiwhy does ubuntu explicitly laack the ability to read any other linux hard drive it was installed to?15:48
dyeplexerthat's why they show up as [installed, local]15:48
dyeplexerI'll try adding the ppas again15:49
tomreyndreamscape: okay, you know what to do, right15:51
dreamscapeNo i dont15:51
dreamscapePurge which ones?15:51
tomreyndreamscape: all of the ones with 'ii'15:51
tomreyndreamscape: i can craft you a command to do this so you have less to type15:52
tomreyndreamscape: in the meantime you can install a proper irc client15:52
dreamscapeI cant im using my phone no access to other pcs15:52
tomreynoh ok15:52
tomreynso try this instead:   apt purge '.*nvidia.*'15:53
tomreynno typos please ;)15:53
dreamscapeNow i have a >_ blinking cursor15:54
dreamscapeNow unable to locate package .*nvidia*.15:54
chakravantiwhy does ubuntu block you from reading your own hard drive?15:55
Deano59chakravanti: it doesn't...15:56
chakravantii'm trying to get my old stuff off my old hard drive into the new system but i cant cuz ubunut refuses to read it15:56
dreamscape.*nvidia.* I meant15:56
tomreyndreamscape: the command you ran is?15:56
leftyfbchakravanti: error messages would help15:56
dreamscapeApt purge '.*nvidia.*'15:57
murthychakravanti: This happened after you updated?15:57
tomreyndreamscape: hmm weird, looks fine (other than the upper case 'A' in 'Apt')15:57
dreamscapeThats just my phone15:58
dreamscapeA reinstall might be faster15:58
tomreyndreamscape: as you prefer.15:58
tomreynyou couls also just reboot to graphical mode and do it there15:58
tomreyn(as i suggested earlier)15:59
tomreynactually, didn'T suggest  this order, sorry15:59
chakravantimurthy yes15:59
leftyfbmurthy: I'm going to guess it's an NTFS drive from a Windows installation that wasn't just down properly and not is complaining about mounting an enclean filesystem15:59
chakravantithe problem is that i get no error messages at all15:59
leftyfbchakravanti: what version of ubuntu is this?15:59
dreamscapetomreyn can i pm you?15:59
murthyleftyfb: I had a similar problem after after the update16:00
leftyfbchakravanti: what filesystem is the drive you're trying to read?16:00
tomreyndreamscape: i prefer talking here.16:00
chakravantiLVM encryption16:00
tomreyndreamscape: it enables peer review16:00
murthyI will tell you what happened to your both leftyfb and chakravanti, if you feel that is the same issue, try the solution16:00
dreamscapeWhat is the plan after reinstall?16:00
leftyfbchakravanti: and what happens when you try to decrypt the volume?16:00
dreamscapeBecause iv tried the 450 drivers already16:01
chakravantiit asks for the password with the popup16:01
murthywhen I was upgrading from 20.04 to 20.10, on of my ext drive was mounted with the name DATA2 like "/media/<username/DATA2"16:01
leftyfbchakravanti: and when you type in the correct popup? Also, it's best if you use the commandline for these things so we can see error messages16:01
murthychakravanti: ya same thing16:01
murthychakravanti: I will tell you wait16:02
tomreyndreamscape: my hope is that the newer + recommended nvidia drivers will at least be able to identify your graphics card, and just not work for some other reason. it's also possible that disabling secure boot was all that was needed to make them work.16:02
murthychakravanti: can you try something for me?16:02
leftyfbmurthy: we have yet to establish what the issue is16:02
murthychakravanti: can you unmount all the drives?16:02
dreamscapeTried it with secure boot on and off on 450 drivers16:03
chakravantihow do you tell the terminal to load a USB?16:03
murthyleftyfb: I know what I am doing is the proper procedure, but let me try16:03
leftyfbchakravanti: what happens when you type in the correct password?16:03
chakravantiit disappears from the nautilus16:03
leftyfbmurthy: you do not know until you know what the actual issue is16:03
leftyfbchakravanti: ok, can you try decrypting using the commandline?16:03
dreamscapeIts odd because the 450 drivers see my card fine on my old lenovo which is just a older version of this pc16:03
murthyleftyfb: Its permission issue16:03
dreamscapeSo its not the card16:03
chakravantinot sure what the command is but I'm down to larn more of terminal at all points16:04
murthyleftyfb: when you unmount the drive, for me that DATA2 dir is suppose to disapper16:04
tomreyndreamscape: i'd also like to see a complete system log, which will only work when you have internet access16:04
murthybut It didn't happen16:04
murthyI tried chown and it didn't work16:04
leftyfbmurthy: we have yet to establish the issue16:04
murthyreproduction? I am not helping16:04
Deano59leftyfb: you like repeating yourself, eh. :D16:04
leftyfbchakravanti: sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdXX newmountname # replace with your partition location and what name you'd like it mount as16:05
tomreyndreamscape: i'm also wondering whether the hardware is just not compatible, i.e. this graphics card and this computer.16:05
murthyso... what did help for me is, I unmounted all the drives and deleted the folder that had the name of the mount point16:05
murthyfor me that was DATA216:05
murthyand that did it16:05
dreamscapetomreyn maybe but it works perfectly on windows16:06
mgedminhmm didn't I have to manually apt install some packages to make luks work?16:06
Deano59dreamscape: use windows then.16:06
tomreyndreamscape: oh, so you tried this graphics car don this computer on windows, and it worked there?16:06
dreamscapeI hate windows with a passion16:06
Deano59me too.16:06
dreamscapeIts a ubuntu issue16:06
mgedminchakravanti: do you have the libblockdev-crypto2 package installed?16:06
tomreynDeano59: i don't think that's what we should recommend as a workaround here. ;)16:06
mgedminbut no, that was https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udisks2/+bug/1757321, and it's "fix released"16:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1757321 in udisks2 (Ubuntu) "udisks2 must depend on libblockdev-crypto2 and libblockdev-mdraid2 instead of suggests [Can't mount encrypted USB drive after upgrade to bionic]" [High,Fix released]16:07
Deano59tomreyn: you're on a boat that's sinking and there's no help. just give up. :D16:08
leftyfbDeano59: can we help you with something?16:08
Deano59leftyfb: ?16:08
chakravantiDevice /dev/sdb1 is not a valid LUKS device.16:09
murthychakravanti: did you try?16:09
murthychakravanti: Did you try unmounting all the drives?16:10
chakravantii don't think that works16:10
murthychakravanti: You mean you are not able to unmount?16:10
chakravantihow would i unmount the drive I running off?16:10
leftyfbmurthy: please stop. We have already established that your issue is not the issue here16:10
murthyleftyfb: ok16:10
tomreyndreamscape: so what will you do? purge all nvidia packages and get us a full system log, or reinstall, somethnig else?16:11
leftyfbchakravanti: lsblk -o +type /dev/sdb116:11
leftyfbchakravanti: please pastebin the output16:11
Deano59how can I stop this from doing what it does after running a command with sudo? sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu: Name or service not known16:12
tomreyndreamscape: it's possible that you'll be able to boot to graphical mode when booting with the    pcie_aspm=off     !kernelparm16:12
tomreynbut i'm just guessing, it'd be better to see a full log16:13
leftyfbDeano59: fix your hosts file16:13
Deano59leftyfb: nothing wrong with my hosts file.16:13
dreamscapeOk tomreyn just reinstalling16:13
dreamscapeThough once i install any nvidia drivers my only option will be recovery again16:14
tomreyndreamscape: then dont16:14
tomreynat least not until networking is enabled16:14
tomreynand configured16:15
leftyfbchakravanti: sudo parted /dev/sdb16:15
dreamscapeNetwork will work fine once im in the gui again.16:15
tomreyndreamscape: normally, when you have ethernet networking and dhcp, networking would also work fine from the recovery (after selecting the otion to enable it there)=16:16
tomreyndreamscape: so i'm unsure why it didn't work for you. we can try to find out about this after you reinstalled16:17
leftyfbchakravanti: sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb16:17
tomreyndreamscape: but please don't install nvidia drivers for now16:17
chakravanticommand not found :/16:18
chakravantioh wait never mind16:18
dreamscapetomreyn getting the issue from a fresh install now...16:19
tomreyndreamscape: did you install nvidia drivers?16:21
dreamscapeAh wait im in now16:21
tomreyndreamscape: what does it mean to "be in"?16:21
dreamscapeThe gui of the os on x.org drivers16:22
dreamscapeWith nomodeset in grub16:22
tomreynso nomodeset was needed even though nvidia proprietary drivers are not installed?16:22
leftyfbchakravanti: looks to me like there's nothing on that drive other than an EFI boot partition and a 3.7G unformatted partition16:23
tomreynokay, do you have networking?16:23
tomreyninternet access?16:23
chakravantithere was an installtion of ubuntu that ran out of data on the hard rive and refuses to boot16:23
tomreyndreamscape: please post the url returned by   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999916:24
chakravantiand now it's really eliminated?  from what.  this is why i hate ubuntu.16:24
leftyfbchakravanti: oh wait, you said LVM. Try: sudo pvscan16:24
dreamscapeI need to go on the pc hang on16:24
dreamscapetomreyn ok, what was the command again sorry16:25
dreamscapeim on the pc now16:25
tomreyn<tomreyn> dreamscape: please post the url returned by   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999916:25
tomreynit may be better to be logged in here with two irc clients, just in case16:26
dreamscapeI know but i only have one registered with freenode16:26
tomreyndreamscape: you can have multiple users (with different nickanmes) logged in to the same account, but i don't want to guide on this now (ask in #freenode for thie later)16:27
tomreyndreamscape: the url you posted returns a "not found" message16:27
dreamscapeworks for me?16:28
leftyfbchakravanti: sudo luksOpen /dev/mapper/sda3_crypt newmountname # replace namemountname with what name you'd like you mount it as16:28
tomreyn*this* one works, yes16:28
tomreyndreamscape: now run:    sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade    and fdo another reboot. first without nomodeset, then (if you need to), with it16:29
tomreyndreamscape: i'll read your log in the meantime16:29
chakravantisudo: luksOpen: command not found16:29
leftyfbchakravanti: sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/mapper/sda3_crypt newmountname # replace namemountname with what name you'd like you mount it as16:30
chakravantigot it16:30
chakravantiDevice /dev/mapper/sda3_crypt is not a valid LUKS device.16:30
chakravantialso: Device /dev/mapper/sdb2_crypt doesn't exist or access denied.16:32
leftyfbchakravanti: ok, sudo vgscan16:33
leftyfbchakravanti: then sudo lvdisplay16:33
dreamscapetomreyn rebooting will be back16:36
leftyfbchakravanti: is your current drive LVM encrypted?16:36
mgedminoh, could be a naming clash16:39
mgedmintwo unrelated volume groups both named 'vgbuntu'16:39
mgedminit's annoying; it's why I started naming my volume groups by hostname back when I used lvm everywhere16:39
leftyfbmgedmin: yeah, though this is all created during the ubuntu install. I forget if it asks you about naming during that process16:40
chakravantiit doesnt16:40
leftyfbchakravanti: you can try booting an ubuntu live usb while your current OS drive is unplugged. Then try recovering using the tools I posted above.16:40
mgedminnope, I had to manually `vgrename ubuntu-gnome-vg platonas` on this laptop here that I installed from ubuntu-gnome 16.04 lts media16:41
dreamscapetomreyn im back, nomodeset was needed again16:41
dreamscapeall updated though16:41
leftyfbchakravanti: I would not suggest renaming the volume group unless you have a backup first16:41
mgedminah, and then fix up fstab and grub.cfg after the rename, it was a whole fun adventure16:42
chakravantithey ARE the backup :/16:42
tomreyndreamscape: your log says "secure boot is enabled" - didn't you say you disabled it in bios?16:42
dreamscapeit was yes... hmm.. i can double check16:43
tomreynplease do, also double check that aspm is enabled16:43
dreamscapewill do16:43
leftyfbchakravanti: no, a backup means you have multiple copies. This drive was the main/only bootable copy you had. I would suggest booting to live usb with your current OS drive physically unplugged and copying the data from this "backup" drive elsewhere.16:43
Deano59leftyfb: my hosts file is fine. still happens... :D16:44
leftyfbDeano59: does your hosts file match your hostname? Did you recently change your hostname?16:45
Deano59not changed it, no leftyfb but; https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rGVdnFsRWH/16:46
leftyfbDeano59: you do not have a valid hosts file. You're missing the entry for your hostname16:47
Deano59leftyfb: hm, what do I put?16:47
leftyfb127.0.1.1 ubuntu16:47
Deano59you mean but yes, thanks; working.16:48
leftyfbDeano59: no,
Deano59that's wrong.16:48
leftyfbDeano59: no, it's not16:48
Deano59yes it is. read it again. I added ubuntu and it's working. yours misses a 0 and adds a 1 :D16:49
ograbut you now broke localhost16:49
ograyou need two lines there16:49
leftyfbDeano59:, not
ogra127.0.0.1 localhost16:49
leftyfbDeano59: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=31609916:50
ubottuDebian bug 316099 in netcfg "Please give system hostname IP address" [Normal,Fixed]16:50
ogra127.0.1.1 <your actual hostname>16:50
Deano59ogra: 2 lines?16:50
Deano59what other line apart from the one leftyfb said?16:50
ograogra@acheron:~$ head -2 /etc/hosts16:50
dreamscapetomreyn I'm back16:51
dreamscapesecure boot disabled now16:51
dreamscapethe other thingyou said is enabled too16:51
tomreyndreamscape: so secure boot was previously enabled in bios?16:51
Deano59thanks ogra :)16:52
tomreyndreamscape: okay, but booting withioout nomodeset still failed?16:52
tomreyndreamscape: please post:   journalctl -b -1 | nc termbin.com 999916:52
dreamscapeit's a nightmare isn't it.. i'm begging this machine to work it's so fast.16:52
tomreyndreamscape: then, please post:   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999916:52
dreamscapebtw, termbin is awesome.16:54
waltmanI'd like to send some praise to whoever did the desktop wallpaper for 20.10. Excellent job this time around!16:54
tomreyndreamscape: okay, so i can now compare your two logs from the current (with "nomodeset", secure boot disabled) and previous boot (without "nomodeset", secure boot disabled). this will take a couple more minutes.16:57
ograwaltman, if you put it there it will be seen by the right people: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/groovy-gorilla-mascot-wallpapers/1867016:57
dreamscapeno problem take your time, thanks again for all this help. if we get this machine working i will be so happy as its so much faster than my older lenovo16:57
AbuMaiaHi folks. I have a 500gb drive that's almost full, that I'm preparing to replace with a 1tb ssd. My current install is all on one partition. When I copy everything over to the new drive, I would like to put /home on its own partition. Is there a good walkthrough somewhere that will help me do this?17:02
leftyfbAbuMaia: lookup rsync for copying file structures17:05
EriC^^AbuMaia: you might find this helpful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving17:06
tomreyndreamscape: which hardware did you have previously?17:07
dreamscapeon the old pc?17:07
dreamscapeits the same CPU just older (Pentium J 2900 vs Pentum 5005) 8gb DDR3 ram instead of the 4gb DDR4 i have here, exact same SSD. same brand (lenovo)17:08
tomreyndreamscape: so, when you booted without "nomodeset", the open source "nouveau" driver loaded, as expected, and it ran into errors. which is not entirely unexpected either. with "nomodeset", there are no such errors, because nouveau does not load, but also graphics are unaccelerated.17:08
dreamscapealso has SATA 3 vs SATA 217:09
tomreyndreamscape: yes, that's nice.17:09
dreamscapeits basically a newer version of the same machine pretty much17:09
dreamscapeyes, as it is the graphics are poor. its running at full res though but yeah... no good as is.17:10
tomreynis there a chance that you never tried the proprietary nvidia driver without having secure boot diabled?17:10
dreamscapeno i definetly tried this. I've been tinkering for literally a day now. i've tried all sorts of combinations.17:10
tomreyneither way, i think you should install the recommended (by ubuntu) proprietary nvidia driver now. you will most likely end up on the text interface again, but you should be able to get networking wroking, and we should be able to get another log with those drivers running, and secure boot diabled. a log i have not seen before.17:12
dreamscapeI even tried Ubuntu 18 same issue17:12
dreamscapeok, shall i install from drivers from the nvidia site or just like idid before with addtional drivers?17:13
tomreyndreamscape: nvidia drivers as offered by ubuntu17:14
dreamscapeok the latest 450 driver?17:14
tomreyn"you should install the recommended (by ubuntu) proprietary nvidia driver now"17:14
tomreyni assume that's the 450 driver17:15
dreamscapeits the latest, propriatary and tested driver.17:16
dreamscapeit works on the other machine17:16
dreamscapehow do i get networking working in recovery17:18
tomreyndreamscape: you select the option which offers to enable networking17:18
dreamscapehmmm... im not sure if it has that17:19
dreamscapenever seen it but i can try17:19
dreamscapejust installing the drivers.17:19
tomreynyou'd select "network" here to enable the ethernet connection https://i.stack.imgur.com/RRKur.png17:20
tomreynthen "root" as i guess you did before17:20
dreamscapeohhh ok17:21
dreamscapeit's installed the driver, hasn't even asked to reboot haha17:21
dreamscapebut i will.. so will be back17:21
dreamscapeDidnt work tomreyn but im in recovery now with network17:26
tomreyndreamscape: good, can you post another log please17:31
tomreyndreamscape: journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999917:31
tomreynyour exact model sells for 240 pounds on ebay (new). i'm wondering about the price to see which (better) alternatives there can be.17:34
dreamscapeDont worry if this doesnt work i will just use my old one17:36
tomreyndreamscape: oh, sorry, i requested the wrong log, let's try again:  journalctl -b -1 | nc termbin.com 999917:36
dreamscape.com sorry17:37
tomreynone character missing after the /17:37
tomreynactually not, its fine17:37
dreamscapeThats what it gave me. Il make another17:37
tomreynbut this is also nomodeset17:38
dreamscapeIt shouldnt be?17:38
tomreynso at 17:33:00 you booted with nomodeset, also at 17:33:5017:39
dreamscapeOh, yeah i tried it. Currently its off17:39
dreamscapeI was trying with the new driver17:39
tomreyndreamscape: maybe it was the last but two:  journalctl -b -2 | nc termbin.com 999917:40
tomreynalso nomodeset17:41
tomreynyou can also run journalctl --list-boots   to see when you last booted17:41
tomreyndreamscape: let's try this (much to type, but it seems the best approach):    for id in $(seq 0 9); do echo -n "$id  "; journalctl -b -$id | grep 'Command line'; echo; done17:46
dreamscapeThats my last boot17:47
dreamscapeWait no... Erm..17:47
tomreynthen look for the first line which does *not* have "nomodeset", and tell me the number given at the start of this line17:48
dreamscapeSynax error17:49
dreamscapeIm giving up17:50
tomreynonly if you typed it wrong17:50
tomreynyour other option would be to reboot again, exactly two times. once normally, once with the recovery option17:50
dreamscapeI have no idea which ones are which17:50
tomreynyou know the grub menu, right?17:51
dreamscapeCant access it17:51
tomreynyou can't access the grub menu? didn't you do that earlier?17:51
dreamscapeNever have been able to. Shift does nothing17:51
tomreynhow would you have access the terminal then?17:52
tomreynhow would you have booted to the terminal then?17:52
tomreyni'm qouting (2nd line of output": "Oct 25 17:51:27 j-ideacentre-310S-08IGM kernel: Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-5.4.0-52-generic root=UUID=7085142f-bcb6-4d91-b325-15236d93c92b ro recovery nomodeset dis_ucode_ldr"17:53
dreamscapeThen its recovery doing it17:53
dreamscapeNot grub17:53
dreamscapeAnd it wont boot without it17:54
tomreynwhen you select the "recovery" option from grub, it will include "nomodeset" by default"17:54
tomreynbut then you just said you can't access the grub menu at all17:54
tomreynwhich makes no sense17:54
dreamscapeIm getting confused17:54
dreamscapeHammer for this pc... Its highly tempting17:55
dreamscapeThose are my 2 latest boots so if its got nomodeset in it i cant turn it off because the machine wont boot17:56
dreamscapeJust does the issue again17:56
tomreynthat's what i want to happen, though17:56
dreamscapeOh so you can see the error? Right ok sorry17:56
tomreynjust do a normal, unmodified boot, lkeep it running as long as it wiull. then reboot to recovery.17:57
dreamscapeOk sorry iv been at this for a entire day now my head isnt with it.17:57
dreamscapeDoing a unmodded boot now17:58
tomreyn;-) ok17:58
tomreyndreamscape: thanks, that's the right one.18:02
dreamscapeOk thanks18:05
tomreynso we're stuck with these two messages:18:06
tomreynkernel: NVRM: GPU 0000:01:00.0: RmInitAdapter failed! (0x26:0xffff:1266)18:06
tomreynkernel: NVRM: GPU 0000:01:00.0: rm_init_adapter failed, device minor number 018:06
tomreyn<tomreyn> dreamscape: it's possible that you'll be able to boot to graphical mode when booting with the    pcie_aspm=off     !kernelparm18:06
tomreyn!kernelparm | dreamscape18:06
ubottudreamscape: To add a one-time or permanent kernel boot parameter see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters18:06
dreamscapeOk i will give it a try18:06
dreamscapeI can turn that off in the bios18:08
dreamscapeWould that be better/easier18:09
tomreyndreamscape: i think the bios option is for disabing ASPM in general, not just for pcie18:12
tomreynwe can still consider the bios change after you tried booting with this kernel option set18:13
dreamscapeJust tried it, same issue18:13
dreamscapeAspm is under pci e settings in the bios18:13
dreamscapeSame issue when disabled in the bios too18:15
tomreynokay, so this must be unrelated18:16
tomreynwe also have this error message, which i'm not familiar about - may be unrelated:18:16
tomreynOct 25 17:57:17 j-ideacentre-310S-08IGM kernel: Invalid pltconfig, ensure IPC1 device is enabled in BIOS18:17
dreamscapeNot sure what that is18:17
tomreynit's irrelevant according to https://patchwork.kernel.org/project/platform-driver-x86/patch/20180903180415.31575-4-rajneesh.bhardwaj@linux.intel.com/18:19
dreamscapeOk good news i guess.. this is so strange18:19
tomreyndreamscape: i can't seem to find good bug reports on this issue. you could file some, but i understand you will need to return the hardware by tomorrow. so i don't think this is worth sinking more time into.18:23
dreamscapeThats what i was thinking18:24
dreamscapeReally sad... The machine is so fast... But i guess its got to go back :(18:24
dreamscapetomreyn as a last ditch effort maybe my original post may shed some light18:27
tomreyndreamscape: we can move to #ubuntu-offtopic, and i'll look for alternatives if you can tell me your budget for computer + graphics card.18:27
tomreynit would also be interesting to see whether you can boot fine with a default ubuntu installation18:28
tomreynactually, no, this wouldn't make a difference, i think18:28
dreamscapeIts ok i still have my old pc. Il stick with it as it works. Just means no gigabit lan, ddr3, sata 2 :(18:29
tomreyndefault ubuntu uses the "gdm" login manager rather than "lightdm" one ubuntu mate uses, which can make a difference. but not in your case, because "RmInitAdapter failed! " occurs before the display manager loads18:30
dreamscapeSlower cpu too cant do 1080p youtube which was what i wanted18:30
dreamscapeI see, yeah i love the MATE GUI too not too keen on normal ubuntu18:31
tomreyndreamscape: the hardware discussion would be off topic here so that's why i'm suggesting #ubuntu-offtopic18:32
dreamscapeThanks for your help today18:33
tomreynthere's also ##hardware if you'd like more suggestions18:33
tomreynyou're welcome.18:33
tomreyni think you would have a good, and much better, experience with a current integrated amd platform18:34
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tomreyndreamscape: other volunteers pointed out that the power supply this computer provides may well be insuffcient to power this graphics card18:40
dreamscapeNot true, iv used the same psu on my other pc for years with no issues18:41
dreamscapeCpu is only 10w18:41
dreamscapeGpu is 30w under load18:41
tomreyndreamscape: so you are no using the PSU the system came with?18:41
dreamscapeYes i am18:41
tomreynbecusase thats just 65W18:41
dreamscapeIt works perfectly. The power supply for both machines are the same18:42
dreamscapeCpu wattage and gpu wattage are the same both have ssd's18:42
dreamscapeIv gamed doom eternal on my old one and it was perfect. Its not a power issue thats for certain18:43
tomreynwell, it's a very narrow calculation. but this is more of a ##hardware topic18:43
dreamscapeMy old pc is back up now running fine.18:44
tomreyni'm not saying it IS this, just meant to point it out as a possible source of problems.18:44
tomreyngood :)18:44
dreamscape10w cpu 4watt max ssd 30 watt max gpu mainboard say 8 watts loads if room still18:45
dreamscapeYeah i understand. But the same machine just older has run since 2016 sometimes playing heavy games and video encoding its been fine for years. Its had a 710 gpu and 1030 gpu all perfect. I know what you are saying but its honestly fine. Its so low power this stuff which is why i buy it.18:47
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ldshHi, after upgrades, the structure of /sys/class/hwmon/ seems to change (for instance, seems like my temperature sensors moved from hwmon1 to hwmon2. Is there a logic behind these numbers and possibility to have a more robust way to reference them?19:26
sumagnai was writing a C program when i came upon this weird thing.19:32
sumagnai was using sizeof(h) where h is an unsigned char * variable.19:32
sumagnai noticed that even if there is more than 8 characters in it, it still shows sizeof(h) is 8.19:33
tomreynsumagna: and this related to ubuntu how?19:33
sumagnawhat is happening here? Can anyone please explain this?19:33
sumagnatomreyn: i dont know but thought that i can ask here.19:34
sumagnaif you know a better place to ask, can you tell me?19:34
tomreyni guess a C programming related channe would be better19:34
sumagnayou know one?19:35
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"19:35
ldsh##C ?19:35
mgedminsumagna: unsigne char * is a pointer, pointers are 8 bytes on 64-bit systems19:36
sumagnathanks for that19:36
sumagnamgedmin: thanks for that.19:36
sumagnahow can i get the real length of it though?19:36
mgedminask in a C-related programming channel, they'll tell you about strlen()19:36
CoJaBoSo, I'm trying to get hibernate/resume working on my other laptop. Finally got it to hibernate properly, but now I'm trying to get resume working. I've added this to kernel command line resume=UUID=[theUUID of the swap partition] resumedelay=10 resumewait19:40
CoJaBoWhen it goes to resume, I see the message about waiting 10 seconds, then it shows some USB stuff, then it just hangs. Should it be printing any status messages at this point, or how do I know what is going wrong?19:40
CoJaBo(also asked this in linux, but I don't think there's anyone there right now)19:41
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deadmundHelp, I was trying to setup pihole on my Ubuntu 18.04.5 install and it wasn't working.  I decided to uninstall it (using this command: sudo rm -rf /etc/.pihole /etc/pihole /opt/pihole /usr/bin/pihole-FTL /usr/local/bin/pihole /var/www/html/admin) and now I have no networking on my machine.  I am comfortable on the command line.  It seems like network-manager is gone.20:00
tomreyndeadmund: if you combine the "rm" command is with these options it becomes very dangerous, and just mistying a single character can result in the system being completely deleted.20:04
tomreyni assume this (or similar) is what happened20:04
tomreynyou will probably need to reinstall20:04
deadmundtomreyn: yeah thanks,20:05
deadmundtomreyn: how do I setup networking on command line ubuntu?20:05
tomreynon a desktop? nmcli20:05
deadmundtomreyn: yeah, it was a desktop install.  I don't have nmcli installed20:05
deadmundtomreyn: I'm also missing ifup and ifdown20:06
tomreyn<tomreyn> you will probably need to reinstall20:06
deadmundtomreyn: I do have ip route, route, ifconfig and a few select others20:06
tomreyndid you see what i wrote?20:06
deadmundtomreyn: It seems that you don't know how to do what I'm asking.  So you're suggesting I re-install.  I would like to see if someone can actually help me get out of the spot I'm in so I can learn a little bit about Linux networking configuration on the command line.20:08
CoJaBoAnyone happen to know anything about linux hibernate?20:08
mgedmindeadmund: wifi or etherner?20:08
CoJaBoBest I can determine from the source is the hang is happening because of resumewait, and the resume= device never appears. But I can't figure out why it never appears :/20:09
mgedmindeadmund: do you have an /etc/network/interfaces?  is ifupdown installed?20:09
MrMobiusanyone know why resolution defaults back to 800x600 after restart in VirtualBox?20:11
fwef64Hi, I just installed 20.10 and when choosing a font for the gnome-terminal it randomly picks width and style for me and won't let me choose differently. E.g. when I search for ubuntu mono I can only see bold+italic but can't choose nothing else.20:40
fwef64Here's a screenshot of what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/Y6oXDA4 Anyone knows why this happens?20:42
mgedminweird, let me try20:44
mgedminyeah, I can reproduce!20:44
mgedminfile a bug20:44
mgedminsame thing happens with several other fonts (bitstream vera sans mono, freemono, courier new, tlwg mono)20:45
fwef64I have no idea how. Can someone point me to the bugzilla or whateve tool ubuntu uses to keep track of bugs?20:45
mgedminubuntu-bug gnome-terminal20:45
mgedmin(it's a command-line tool that collects information about the installed package version etc and opens a browser window to enter the bug report)20:46
fwef64great, thanks20:46
mgedminfwef64: it's already been reported!  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-terminal/+bug/190072920:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1900729 in gnome-terminal (Ubuntu) "gnome-terminal font settings show only italic version of ubuntu mono" [Low,Confirmed]20:50
fwef64mgedmin: Too late, I've already mine. But thanks for confirming for me and teaching me how to file bug reports!20:52
mgedminas a workaround you could probably use dconf-editor to change the font20:52
danielbIs there a command-line option or something to enable creation of zfs zpools and datasets during a custom partition configuration? (I'm only seeing xfs and ext4 in the server .iso)20:54
danielb(In 20.10, sorry)20:54
mgedminno idea, but you can get a root shell on tty2 on the server installer, and presumably do whatever you want there20:57
danielbI'll give that a shot.20:59
javi404I'm starting to feel like Ubuntu 20.04.1 is not ready for prime time.21:01
javi404gparted doesn't work out of the box, because reasons.21:02
javi404and now I can't log into my desktop after an update21:02
javi404probably because of whatever I did to make gparted work.21:02
javi404should have just booted from a gparted iso21:02
spinningCati have many html files i want to merge them into one big html file how can i do that?21:03
EriC^^javi404: sudo chown -R ${USER}: ~/21:04
danielbjavi404, apt install gparted is all I have to do to get gparted working21:04
EriC^^javi404: run that after logging into tty2 (ctrl+alt+f2), you probably ran sudo gparted and messed up your home dir permissions21:04
danielbspinningCat, cat *.html > all_html :D21:04
spinningCatis that simple?21:05
danielbProbably not what you want, but might be worth a shot. :) Maybe a quick script that reads the <body> sections of all files and concats them into a new html file?21:05
EriC^^javi404: run sudo -H gparted if you want to run any gui apps with sudo21:05
mgedminuse gnome-disks instead of gparted21:09
mgedmingui code shouldn't run as root21:10
spinningCatcat ignore some files weirdly21:14
danielbspinningCat, maybe try with `ls` first and make sure your glob is hitting the files you want. (Maybe some end with .htm and others .html?)21:18
spinningCatall of them end with .html and it is like image01.html, image02.html ...21:19
danielbspinningCat, maybe there's an error in the way you're checking if cat is missing some files.21:21
spinningCatcould be21:22
spinningCathow can i make sure it gets every file?21:22
danielbspinningCat, one method would be to run du -s image[0-9][0-9].html to get the total file size in bytes, then compare that to the size of the concatenated file. Shoudl be the same.21:23
spinningCatcani give one of [0-9] optional21:26
spinningCati have 95 html file each of them 4kb21:27
spinningCatand the result is 36kb21:27
spinningCatit must be 360kb or something21:27
spinningCatso probably cat miss some of files21:28
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EriC^^spinningCat: what command are you running?21:32
spinningCatcat *.html > file.html21:32
EriC^^are there any .HTML files maybe?21:33
danielbspinningCat, try: du --total *.html to get the total in bytes, then du file.html to compare.21:33
danielb(I said -s earlier, but it should have been --total)21:33
spinningCatdanielb,  html files total is 380kb21:34
mgedminif you du *.html, that includes file.html; if you then cat *.html > file.html, that truncates file.html before cat sees it21:34
spinningCatthe size of file is 36kb21:34
mgedminok, the difference is not 50% so it's not that21:35
spinningCatactually i checked before creating that html21:35
mgedminany html files with filenames starting with a dash, that cat might interpret as command-line options?21:36
mgedmindoes cat ./*.html > file.html help?21:36
spinningCatlet me see21:36
EriC^^spinningCat: does find -name '*.html' -exec cat {} >> file.html \;    help?21:36
EriC^^maybe there are some *.HTML or *.htm files?21:37
spinningCatguess i understand the issue21:38
spinningCatthe problem is some of files ends with one digit like img1, img221:39
spinningCatand there is img10, img2021:39
spinningCatcat read like img1, img10... img2, img2021:40
spinningCati will change it img01, img0221:40
spinningCathopefully it will solve the problem21:40
spinningCati nailed it thanks for contribution21:45
KonI failed to upgrade from up-to-date Bionic to Focal. The attempt aborted with "pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.'22:34
KonErrors on python-minimal and libpython-stdlib22:35
KonIn the apt log, 67 breaks22:35
KonMost pertaining to Python2 or Qt4, it seems22:35
KonIsn't that the major change in Focal? I'm surprised the script is having issues dealing with those22:36
KonThere are 32 held packages. Mostly prefering to hold "rather than change libavcodec58"22:39
KonOf course Bionic is on libavcodec5722:40
KonOh interesting. In that case, the 64-bit library was held back because of the 32-bit22:41
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tomreynKon: remove your third party packages (those are generally unsupported) before upgrading.22:53
tomreynapt-forktracer can help you identify what's left to be removed afterwards22:54
Kontomreyn: I'm looking through the apt log now and all of the breaks are on very standard libs from the Ubuntu repo22:55
KonAnd the packages being held due to the broken packages, likewise22:56
tomreynsearch for "Foreign:"22:56
tomreynin the dist-upgrade log22:57
KonOh there's loads. It thinks half my KDE packages are foreign22:57
KonYes, I see fwupdate-signed, gcc-6-base, even my Python 3 installations, many native Kubuntu libraries are all in the foreign category22:59
KonYet these all come from the Ubuntu repos22:59
tomreynin those very versions?22:59
tomreynpython installation*s*?23:00
KonYes, I haven't installed any extra gccs. The Python 3.6 is the one that came with the system. The Python 3.7 appeared in bionic-updates, and so on23:00
KonIs this because I have multilib?23:01
KonWait I'm blind. The "Obsolete" category was inline with the Foreign category23:02
tomreynoh right there are both python-3.6 and -3.7 on bionic23:02
tomreyni think that if "dpkg --print-foreign-architectures" only prints i386 you'll be fine23:04
tomreyngcc-multilib itself shouldn't be a problem, i guess.23:05
Kontomreyn: Tracking it down manually through the log, looks like every problem I've traced so far comes back to 32-bit libavcodec23:12
KonIt started a chain cascade that really breaks just about everything from plasma-workspace to akondai to wine23:12
=== auosun9 is now known as auosun
KonStill not sure about those Python 2 errors in the main log. Don't seem to appear in the apt log at all23:13
tomreyni won't be able to comment on the artwork without seeing it23:13
mgedminthis sounds more unpleasant than my usual upgrade snafus23:14
Kontomreyn: mgedmin: main.log https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/55zKKHF9ks/ apt.log https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/38rDm9XfTp/23:22
KonSeems kdepim is a problem as well. Still trying to see if it's connected to avcodec somehow, but doubt it23:22
tomreynoh, got to go now, good luck23:22
KonBut between those two, that covers all the held packages23:22
Konlol Alright, take care23:22
KonThe 32-bit lib can be removed easily enough. Broken PIM is another story23:23
KonOh good, that all does trace back to libavcodecs as well23:24
KonMeeting point of those two is Qt5 Web Engine widgets23:24
mgedmin!info libavcodec58 bionic23:27
ubottuPackage libavcodec58 does not exist in bionic23:27
mgedminso, the system you're trying to upgrade is not a pure ubuntu, but a mix with some 3rd-party repos23:27
mgedminit's a good idea to ppa-purge those before attempting ubuntu release upgrades23:28
mgedminhm, focal has libavcodec5823:28
mgedminah, I see libavcodec58 was MarkInstall'ed because audacity depends on it23:29
mgedminand then it decided to delete it?  no, I don't think I understand that log23:30
Konmgedmin: the 64-bit version of libavcodec58 failed to install because the 32-bit version was broken and listed as a dependency of it's 64-bit twin23:31
KonAnd there is no 32-bit version in Focal23:32
KonActually, there is23:33
KonThat's not good23:33
mgedminisn't there?  I see an i386 version in https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/libavcodec5823:33
KonYes, you're right23:33
mgedminbut libavcodec-extra58:amd64 conflicts with libavcodec58:i386?23:34
mgedminwell, libavcodec-extra58 Provides: libavcodec58 and Conflicts: libavcodec5823:35
Konmgedmin: Seems to be it23:35
mgedminis apt not smart enough to install libavcodec-extra58:i386 to satisfy the need for libavcodec:i386?23:35
KonThat would be quite frustrating indeed23:35
mgedminit may be best to file a release upgrade bug and have actual qualified people look at the logs23:35
KonI just "downgraded" to libavcodec57 because I very much doubt I need the OpenCORE codec provided by -extra23:38
KonI think I'll attempt another go23:38
mgedminat least the failure is early in the PreUpgrade state, and not with half of your system upgraded and half not23:41
Konmgedmin: Yep, you were exactly right. Line 1809-181223:41
KonBroken libavcodec-extra58:amd64 Conflicts on libavcodec58:i38623:41
davido_20.10: "Errors were encountered while processing: acpi-call-dkms"23:45
mgedminwhat's in /var/lib/dkms/acpi-call/1.1.0/build/make.log ?23:46
davido_(that paste was for mgedmin)23:48
mgedmininteresting, both of those files exist in /usr/src/linux-headers-5.8.0-25-generic/ on my 20.10 system23:49
mgedmindo you have linux-headers-generic installed?23:49
davido_dpkg --list |grep linux-headers finds ii linux-headers-generic ...
davido_I wonder if a reinstall of that package would be useufl.23:50
mgedmindpkg --verify linux-headers-$(uname -r)23:51
mgedminor check if the files exist with ls, maybe the dkms error is lying and the real problem is something else?23:52
davido_Want me to paste the output into ubuntu paste?23:52
mgedminoh, you get output?  for me dpkg --verify exits silently with status code 023:52
mgedminthat doesn't look good23:54
davido_I suspect there may have been a conflict with virtualbox. I've since removed that application for now, to reduce moving parts.23:54
mgedminyeah, apt install --reinstall linux-headers-$(uname -r) should fix this23:54
mgedminI wonder how one's supposed to interpret that dpkg --verify output23:54
mgedminI think I'll stick with debsums23:54
davido_runing that now.23:55
mgedminthat's the output of which command?23:57
davido_Of your apt install --reinstall suggestion.23:57
davido_Also, this may be of interest: https://stackoverflow.com/a/62070219/71644323:57
mgedminah, since acpi-call-dkms is installed but not configured so apt retries configuring it23:58
mgedminso restoring the kernel headers didn't fix the problem23:58
davido_seems so.23:58
mgedminis the build log showing the same error?23:58
mgedmin(/what/was/the/path/make.log, I mean)23:59
mgedminalso, is dpkg --verify still complaining about linux-headers?23:59

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