Wild_Manguiverc, that is not really an appropriate place for those comments to me, thank I should trash them or what?00:01
Wild_Manguiverc, never I see it is on reference to Call for nominations, so I guess it is okay there, I thought it was tot he uwn00:08
Wild_ManBut still do not think the comments need to be visible00:09
guivercWild_Man, I personally wouldn't publish (public), very little gets published, but I personally don't mind them sitting in queue (others may disagree; it's rarely empty as I tend to trash/spam only obvious spam).  I guessed it related to council stuff but didn't look. I agree it wasn't the place for them.00:16
Wild_ManBashing-om, apologies I was late again, I just got in when guiverc messaged me and my sister drove in from out of state and she just walked in the door as I did00:17
Wild_Manguiverc, thanks for the information, I did trash them00:17
guivercack & :)00:17
Bashing-omWild_Man: In this instance - not a problem - we now do issue 661 and you will get another chance :P00:19
guivercI have an email from jose Wild_Man ; I dpon't see one from oogle calendar ; thanks jose00:53
josetry going to calendar.google.com00:54
guivercnow i see it...00:54
Wild_ManVery much appreciated jose00:54
guivercsorry jose , i didn't recognize the name (email from you)00:54
josenp, all good00:55
Wild_Manguiverc, are you able to see the calendar? I get a page that is basically blank00:56
guivercWild_Man, if I move to a date, eg. dec 16, I see Ubuntu Membership Board Meeting listed..00:57
Wild_ManOn the google calendar that we can edit or just the calendar that everyone can see? I am talking about the calendar everyone can see, I see a blank page00:59
guivercI have an EDIT EVENT option for that meeting, I won't test, but it's acting like I have RW permissions.01:00
Wild_Manguiverc, what do you see here: https://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/fridge/01:01
guivercthat page is blank, I was looking via https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/r/day/2020/12/16 [rest I redacted; I hope that will work for you]01:03
Wild_Manguiverc, that is where the calendar is supposed to be correct, it seems to be missing?01:05
guivercokay... yeah it doesn't look right, and should. I'm not a big user of fridge calendar so can't help much sorry Wild_Man01:07
Wild_Manguiverc, just wondering, I do not look at it regularly either, I was hoping it was just my browsers01:08
Wild_ManI have to take a shower01:08
guivercjose, can you please look at link in Wild_Man's question, ie. https://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/fridge/  it's appearing empty01:09
joseuse calendar.google.com to update it, please01:09
joselet me double check if the one in there is correctly linked01:09
guivercI was going to.. should it appear 'empty?' was the intended question01:10
joseit's not empty01:10
joseI'm looking at it right now01:10
guivercokay.. maybe it's Wild_Man & my browser, I'll explore some more.. thanks jose01:11
josenp, make sure you don't have any adblockers or are filtering out any content01:11
josebut I see stuffs in there01:11
Wild_ManIt is empty on two different browsers on my laptop01:11
guivercI for sure have filters & the like...01:11
Wild_ManI turned all that off before asking if guiverc could see the page01:12
joseit works in HTTP but not in HTTPS01:12
Wild_ManI can usually see the calendar so I do not know what is going on but I will figure it out01:12
joseI just asked IS to force HTTPS on the site but that would break some stuff. Let me send them these details01:13
guivercYEP, thanks jose ... changing https:// to http:// & it fillss01:13
josecould be because the calendar is linked through http01:13
Wild_ManThe forum has security issues for several issues now because not everything is HTTPS01:13
joseyep the calendars are an iframe of http01:14
joselet me attempt to fix that real quick01:14
josetry now?01:15
joseworking for me now on https01:15
Wild_ManI am glad that's the issue, I new I only looked at the calendar in the edit mode and did not change anything01:15
guivercyep. https:// now working for me jose01:15
Wild_Manjose, that worked01:15
josethat was a quick one :)01:15
guivercthanks jose01:15
Wild_ManThanks jose01:15
Wild_ManNow I am going to shower bbl01:16
josethe HTTPS force hasn't been held off01:16
joseI didn't put anything in that ticket01:16
krytenBashing-om: Ehm, since the relevant section already says "Upcoming Meetings and Events", and I've yesterday discovered the Release calendar, what do you think about from now on including any impending release-related events in the list too?  Between the two, depending on at which point in the release cycle we are, I figure the latter is even more interesting than ever the same meeting ...01:50
kryten... dates.. >_<01:50
Bashing-omkryten: Whatever we can find to add to the newsletter - I am all for it . Give me the link again and I will note to make the addition.01:53
krytenhttp://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/ubuntu-release-calendar/ - I only yesterday discovered it in the site's navbar (i.e. it's not even on the calendars page)01:55
krytenAnd I'm guessing someone from the release team maintains it - because upcoming 21.04 dates are definitely in there.01:56
Bashing-omkryten: Getting a balnk calendar both http and https :(01:59
krytenHahaha, on <http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/>, it's actually the last icon row at the bottom, where one initially thinks the previous row is duplicated - but no, it's just that the actual calendar and any discription is missing. XD02:01
guivercBashing-om, you've possibly locked down your browser.. oogle stuff needs to be allowed for it to work02:01
Bashing-omguiverc: Well maybe deeper - as the http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/ link works as expected.02:05
guivercBashing-om, I loaded http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/ubuntu-release-calendar/ into various browsers I have installed, no issues (opera, web browser (gnome), tor, chromium, firefox, falkon..  no issues for me02:12
Bashing-omguiverc: Yukkie then on me and mine - I have disabled adblocking for the Fridge - still loads a blank calendar.02:18
guivercbrowsers are often a pain..  i don't know enough about, pages etc, nor wanted to know so don't learn..  you could try a *live* system to verify it's not your network/connection & your PC setup maybe02:21
Bashing-omguiverc: Is a thought - will try live when I quit the day's session.02:26
guivercack... yeah rebooting is a horrific thought sorry; all I came up with02:27
Bashing-omguiverc: I also have other fish to burn when this session is over :D02:28
guiverc:)  but won't you enjoy your fish dinner if you don't burn it02:29
krytenBashing-om: Could be you are looking at the Fridge calendar through the 'ubuntu-news.org' domain and have therefore disabled whatever for it - but not for 'fridge.ubuntu.com' yet which we've linked you to now.02:38
Bashing-omkryten: Still no difference - blank - when disabled for the domain :(02:51
krytenhttps://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/embed?src=ab54tjqqlaol3rdnksieju8mcc@group.calendar.google.com&ctz=Etc/GMT - and how about this one at least?02:56
Bashing-omRebooting into differnt system(s) now anyway - see what I can discover.02:57
Bashing-omkryten: guiverc: Nope - I am unable to load the ubuntu-release-calendar - tried 2 other installed systems with different browsers and 3 live DVDs.03:54
guiverc:(  i'm blank sorry, no ideas  (not really unusual I think for me)03:55
Bashing-omguiverc: I am all for including - but as I can not see - Chris as you where you can work it in on my Saturday ?03:59
guivercyep. happy to, but as it's not my habit, reminders maybe worthwhile!04:01
Bashing-omguiverc: I generally see you my Friday eve - I can prompt at that time ?04:02
guivercyep.. my sat  (late sat is when I usually do summaries)04:04
Bashing-omguiverc: Also keep in mind that the fridge-calendar is in UTC, as the release-calendar is CST we will have to either convert or note the difference.04:04
guivercyeah.. aware of that.. google calendar shows your/my local so I may check times there04:05
krytenAh, because the link in the iframe of the calendar page says "ctz=America/New_York" indeed.04:13
krytenAlso, I was thinking about just copying the events from the release calendar to the Fridge one - this way we'd not only have everything in one place for making up the UWN issue, but subscribing to the calendar might actually be useful for some people then (like for myself)04:16
Wild_ManThat sounds like a plan, it will also remain in the release calendar as well04:29
krytenYeah, as I said, would only be copying then.04:34
Wild_ManThat's what I thought just clarifying, thanks04:36
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guivercI got a PM yesterday (I failed to notice sorry) about fridge migration.. I assume others got it & a response was achieved t0mb022:13
guivercfridge posts are mostly release based (new, point releases, EOL etc) + UWN (weekly, my tuesday morn; ~rather late monday UST/UTC times ... other adhoc stuff (Ubuntu Community Council has had a few of late)22:18
guiverct0mb0, ^22:18
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krytenguiverc: I didn't get a PM fwiw.22:43
guivercthanks kryten, i hoped you were PMd, it's you I would have referred anyway (after my 2nd line ^ maybe)22:44
krytenWell, I'm guessing you are more prominent, since you are doing most Fridge posts. >_<22:45

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