Eickmeyertomreyn, krytarik: Just looking at the logs, I saw about 2-3 different violations by Hash. Basically being disruptive and disrespectful, which I'd consider a CoC violation, and repeatedly going off-topic.18:45
tewardEickmeyer: mind sharing with me?18:46
tewardbecause i'm curious18:46
tomreynthey've shown a rough edge in the past18:46
Eickmeyerteward: Sure, my logs were local, but I'll get you something.18:46
tewardEickmeyer: find the same logs on the irc logs page, problem solved.18:46
Eickmeyerteward: Exactly, but ERR:TakesAMoment18:47
tomreynnormally you can just do https://ubuntu.com/search?q=hash but this is a difficult nickname18:47
tomreynworks well for this repeat offender https://ubuntu.com/search?q=tomreyn18:48
Eickmeyerteward: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2021/02/21/%23ubuntu.html search for Hash as a nick.18:48
EickmeyerThat's only yesterday.18:49
EickmeyerBasically, if it were me, one more violation by this person and that's grounds for a ban.18:49
EickmeyerEspecially since they've been warned multiple times.18:49
tewardmy 2 cents18:54
tewardyes they should be smacked for the violations of CoC18:54
tewardbut at the same time they WERE attempting to help18:54
tewardso I'd say a quiet not a ban18:54
tewardif only because bans are... well, more 'final'18:54
tewardthis IS, however, an IRCC / IRC Moderator level decision ;)18:54
teward(not CC)18:54
teward(just making a point of WHY we have delegated permissions :)_18:55
elhave they been talked to about it yet?18:57
Eickmeyerel: In channel.18:57
Eickmeyerteward: I agree, I was just making friendly suggestions. :)18:57
elhrm istr hash being someone specific too18:57
ellet me look a bit18:58
* Eickmeyer has his friendly IRC OP hat on, not his CC hat, to be clear18:58
eloh. right. it's Stoned19:00
Eickmeyerel: Oh! Isn't that an evasion then?19:00
elidk are they curently in the ban list?19:00
EickmeyerStoned has definitely been warned several times in several different channels.19:01
eldoesn't seem they have an account ban in #ubuntu unless there's an interim nick i forgot about19:01
EickmeyerWell, if it's Stoned and they changed their nick, then they definitely either a) know better, or b) have been told.19:02
elhe is banned from -ot though19:02
Eickmeyer^ That19:02
Eickmeyer's right.19:02
elso yeah he's not goign to change. i'd just go for removal the next time they dumb19:02
EickmeyerExactly what I was suggesting.19:02
EickmeyerI knew that MO looked familiar.19:03
elpreviously chown and chmod in #ubuntu-offtopic19:04
EickmeyerPattern of poor behavior.19:05
hggdhfor the record, I have quieted Apachez (but ubottu did not ask me for reasons)20:23
hggdhugh. Incomplete record -- they were quieted in #u20:23

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