ruediiAs a note, on a USB drive, it's preferable to override the sector size to 4KB.00:00
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tomreynbl: try hwe (which provides updated kernel and X server)00:16
bltomreyn i'm installing it presently00:16
bltomreyn does the installation replace what exists?00:16
tomreynit does for xorg, not for the kernel.00:17
blso during boot i have to select the kernel but hwe will be used by both00:17
tomreynthe HWE kernel is a higher version than the one you're using now, so grub will default to booting that00:18
tomreynthe previous kernel will, however, remain installed unless you choose to uninstall it and its meta package00:18
blok, thanks00:18
bli want to add some explanation about the behavior...i know it may not really be helpful...00:19
tomreyni'm afraid i need to head to bed, got to work in a few hours00:19
blto switch windowns with my mouse i have to do something like 1) right click in the existing window and then 2) select the window i want to bring to the front/switch focus00:19
bltomreyn thanks again for your help00:20
blif you're on again sometime i'll look you up00:20
bli have a feeling this will persist...00:20
tomreynthis *could* actuaqlly be a matter of how you've setup gnome-shell00:21
tomreynif you install gnome-tweaks and run it, i think there are some settings there which change how windows get and keep focus in relation to mouse movement00:22
blbut it happens with hexchat and the behavior is even there before i start either program00:22
tomreynsee   tweaks -> windows -> window focus00:23
tomreyni'm not sure this matches your description, though00:23
bli don't know if i'm characterizing it entirely correctly but there is definitely something to do with right clicking to get the context menu open then, without selecting anything from the context menu, i can do more stuff00:23
bli'll take a look at gnome-tweaks00:23
tomreynbut give the HWE thing a try first, maybe it's already all you need00:24
tomreynokay, heading out, good luck!00:24
tomreyn(will remain connected, but afk)00:24
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cheaterhi. i have a problem. i run ubuntu 18.04 in a vm, and i have to run it at 200% desktop scale so i can see anything. every time i resize the vm window, or restart the VM, the desktop resets to 100%. how can i make 200% the default?01:17
kevrplease let us know which virtualization software you are using01:18
kevrlinux has multiple container systems and hypervisors available01:19
guiverccheater, kevr's question was to you01:21
cheaterkevr: i'm using vbox.01:21
cheateri don't think it matters which virtualization i'm using though01:21
cheaterguiverc: thanks, irc was in the background01:21
kevryes, it does.01:22
cheaterkevr: ok. well it's vbox :)01:22
cheaterit's on a windows host01:22
guiverccheater, what virtualbox drivers are you using?  there are multiple (default is very low res if none are specified meaning you get what you describe)01:22
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guivercthe change is controlled on the host (windows in your case)01:23
kevrthe guest driver?01:23
cheateri don't know how to answer this question01:23
kevrno worries, asking guiverc01:23
cheateranything else i need to let you know about?01:24
cheateri don't really know how to debug this issue01:25
guiverckevr, "Graphics Controller", I'm not good with virtualbox, but it has multiple options on my Ubuntu host01:25
guivercyou're asking about changing the setting in windows cheater , I can't help there01:25
cheateri'm not01:25
guivercthe VM is stuck to using what the host provides (ie. your host settings of virtualbox; fix is there)01:25
cheaterhere's what i said: " i run ubuntu 18.04 in a vm, and i have to run it at 200% desktop scale so i can see anything. every time i resize the vm window, or restart the VM, the desktop resets to 100%"01:25
cheateri am talking about the setting *inside ubuntu*01:26
cheaterthere's a setting in the "settings" app that sets the desktop scale. it can be either 100% or 200%. it keeps resetting to 100%.01:26
guivercokay, as I understand it cheater , I see it as a HOST virtualization setting; as that's how I've fixed what you describe before, but I stated before I don't use vbox much except in testing where my settings are rarely changed01:27
kevrit's been a while for me on virtualbox, i'm gonna need to setup a vm before i can troubleshoot this at all01:27
oerheksvm issue, not ubuuntu.. Make sure that View|Auto resize guest display is enabled (checked).01:28
kevra windows vm...01:28
kevrWindows 10?01:28
cheaterkevr and guiverc: completely forget about virtualbox. this is a red herring. you are following the wrong track. i'm talking about the usual desktop scaling setting INSIDE the ubuntu system, which is present when you run ubuntu directly on the host.01:28
kevroerheks: i don't think he wants autoresize, though.01:28
kevrhe is setting his scale to 200%, he wants to stick it there01:28
kevrcheater: oh...01:28
oerheksstill a vbox issue to me, ubuntu should resize and keep ratio01:29
cheateryes kevr01:29
kevrso you're not talking about the virtualbox scale at all, you're talking about your desktop scale01:29
cheaterno, i'm not talking about virtualbox scale. i'm talking about desktop scale inside the ubuntu system.01:29
kevrbut.. ubuntu is your host, no?01:29
kevroh, yeah.01:29
kevrso this has nothing to do with virtualbox at all.01:29
kevrmore likely gnome01:30
cheaterit keeps on resetting to 100%01:30
kevrcheater: just font scaling?01:30
kevror is it also scaling like, image sizes of icons and shit01:30
cheateri'm talking about this setting: https://i.imgur.com/Q6Ea4hG.jpg01:31
cheaterit keeps on resetting to 100%01:31
cheateri want it to stay at 200% forever01:31
cheatereven when the resolution changes01:31
kevrcheater: so, is it resetting only when the resolution changes?01:32
kevror when does it happen01:32
cheateror when i reboot01:32
cheaterthat's all01:32
kevrcheater: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1230332/display-setting-reset-after-reboot-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa01:33
kevri'm not sure if this is a serious bug or not, but apparently you can just set it with gsettings01:33
kevryou could technically run that when your gnome starts or something01:33
oerheksdo the scaling from vbox .. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/HiDPI#VirtualBox01:33
kevrjust keep in mind that you set that script up if you do01:33
kevroerheks: he's using a windows guest.01:34
kevrhe's not even talking about his virtual machine01:34
oerheksyes he is..01:34
cheaterkevr: it says the bug is due to fractional scaling. but i don't have fractional scaling turned on.01:34
kevrcheater: i'd say tias01:35
cheaterkevr: i'm using a windows HOST and a ubuntu GUEST.01:35
kevr...alright, yeah, i've just been confused.01:35
cheateroerheks: i don't want to use scaling in vbox. all that does is duplicate the pixels. i want desktop scaling, meaning high-dpi fonts and GUI01:35
cheaterkevr: yeah... quite a bit01:35
cheater$ gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.interface scaling-factor01:36
cheateruint32 001:36
cheateri've set it to 2. let's see what that does.01:36
cheateryep! that fixed it.01:36
cheaterthanks a lot kevr. really appreciated.01:36
cheaterit's funny that the config page that i posted a screenshot of doesn't set this setting01:37
cheateri DID do a diff on my gconf database when changing this setting01:37
kevroh weird.01:37
kevrno problem man, i'm happy it got fixed up. i'm honestly surprised that alone would just fix it in a guest. i'd think there was some deeper integration with vbox/vbox guest utils that needed to be managed for that.01:38
* kevr shrugs01:39
cheaterthanks a lot kevr01:40
cheateryeah there's something called "seamless mode" but i don't have that turned on, i could never get it to work01:41
cheaterand i don't really care for it either01:41
kevrcheater: how is the performance of the ubuntu guest?01:41
kevrjust curious, because quite a while ago i setup a virtualbox setup on a macbook and put debian on there, but when i tried to run it in fullscreen, the performance just tanked even at 1080p.01:42
kevri wonder if they've made things better01:42
cheaterit's pretty good since i changed the driver to VMSVGA and turned on 3D acceleration.01:43
kevrhm. i'll have to give it another shot!01:43
cheateri think VMSVGA is fairly new. there were some other high perf options before it, but they got disabled by some windows update or whatever.01:43
cheaterpersonally i keep all my ubuntu settings inside an ansible playbook, so in case i want to try it out in a new setup, i can just run the setup once non-interactively and it'll be done within 10 minutes.01:44
cheaterall the packages, snaps, stuff i install from source, node js packages, and obviously gsettings etc01:45
cheaterand dot files01:45
* kevr should really setup a dotfiles repo for himself01:55
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mozzarellacan I use a network camera as a webcam?02:35
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NitrousoxideHow can I check if a given package is installed?03:21
NitrousoxideI was given this command but it doesn't seem to work how I'd expect `apt -qq list [pkg]`03:22
Bashing-omNitrousoxide: ' fpkg -l <paxkage> is one way ... "ii" in 1st field is installed.03:27
Bashing-omNitrousoxide: :D03:51
mattflyHow to know this on ubuntu 20.04?04:13
mattflytheres no /etc/network/interfaces... everything i find is too old04:15
oerheksmattfly, correct, use netplan for this; https://askubuntu.com/a/124283604:15
oerheksor the gui/network manager https://www.how2shout.com/linux/assign-multiple-ip-address-to-ubuntu-20-04-single-network-interface-gui/#Add_Multiple_IP_addresses_to_Ubuntu_2004_NIC_using_GUI04:17
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the_actorI have a Proxmox VE box that the boot drive failed in. I had to reinstall Proxmox VE on a new drive. I cant seem to mount the existing LVM2 images to restore the VM hard drives... I keep getting "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/Terabyte-vm--104--disk--1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error." Any ideas?06:37
p0aHello I am using `gpg' on 20.04.2 LTS and `gpg --version' reports libgcrypt 1.8.506:57
p0aThere was a bug introduced in libgcrypt 1.9.0 and I am curious if I ever used that version in my system, how can I check?06:57
nirakarahi i am trying to install Kubuntu 20.04 (latest iso) onto an Dell XPS 9350 which already has debian installed (without UEFI/Secure boot). When i boot from USB often the USB doesnt show up, UEFI or Legacy boot both. I often have to switch usb ports or toggle UEFI/legacy boot to get it to show again. Once i get through to grub, it shows me the splash before dropping to a message saying "no medium for live07:16
nirakaracontainer found"07:16
nirakarai have tried adding `nomodeset` to grub params07:16
summonnerKubuntu is in #kubuntu not this channel nirakara07:19
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nirakarasummonner: i wasn't aware that kubuntu customises the install procedure to such an extent that this would be a kubuntu specific issue...thanks07:36
openfacewhat can i use like rufus for brun images08:07
openfacewith uefi08:08
nirakara*bump* if anyone could help with my install issue above08:13
p0anirakara: have you checked the integrity of your iso?08:17
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nikolamI suppose, "askubuntu.com" is not related to Canonical or it is? If it is not, Why it re-uses ubuntu brand name? If it is, why it is so retarded as the site, to FORCE using googleapis and google.com scripts to display annoying "allow cookie" popup...09:02
p0anikolam: r word is offensive09:04
p0anikolam: AFAIK allow cookie stuff has to do with complex laws (GDPR, etc).09:04
p0aIt is not related to ubuntu, it's Stack Overflow09:05
nikolamp0a, sure it is , so it should be. It is even more offensive to kill every visitor privacy to that site. Being offensive toward objects and sites and machines is not offensive to people and you should not complain if people are not offended nor you.09:08
nikolamp0a, You didn't get it, depending on google for such services of pop-ups is not needed.09:08
nikolamp0a, And if have Ubuntu branding, it is Ubuntu issue, included in the question. It is re-using Ubuntu branding.09:09
rorythat feedback should go to the Stack Exchange developers https://meta.stackexchange.com/09:09
p0anikolam: nominative fair use09:10
rory"There isn't a commercial relationship with SE and Canonical. Ask Ubuntu was first proposed as a community effort and reached enough critical mass to get the support of Canonical. (Things like the theme matching, etc.) "09:12
aienaI would like to use DKMS to build a kernel module on each kernel update can anyone recommend tutorials which I can read to acheieve the same on ubuntu?09:12
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nikolamaiena, itsn't OpenZFS in Ybuntu doing the same thing on kernel update (re-compiling modules). maybe looking at it from inside Ubuntu would clarify how to?09:23
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nikolamthanks rory, seems they are more then aware they are google-dependant https://ibb.co/q1Hs7Y009:52
Koopzdoes tar apply permissions right after extracting a file or does it happen after it extracted all files?10:05
legreffierKoopz: it's an interesting question ! it does upon extracting each file10:07
legreffier /!\ WARNING : in the case of some archives (ie. package files), some right COULD be modified after the extraction (with post-inst scripts and such)10:08
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codecutterjava -agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=*:5005 -jar myjar.jar10:39
codecutterERROR: transport error 202: gethostbyname: unknown host10:39
codecutterERROR: JDWP Transport dt_socket failed to initialize, TRANSPORT_INIT(510)10:39
codecutterJDWP exit error AGENT_ERROR_TRANSPORT_INIT(197): No transports initialized [debugInit.c:750]10:40
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nikolamWhen I open PDF from Thunderbird over ssh -X, before 20.04 it was fast. Now I wait for 15 second for it to open in "Atril" PDF viewer over ssh..10:53
nikolamI am on 20.1010:55
tatertotznikolam: are both computers on the same network/LAN?11:09
tatertotznikolam: if the two computers are NOT on the same network/LAN have you compared everything between the point "A" computer and the point "B" computer?11:11
ash123anyone knows what does this log mean? sender: "gnome-session-b" message: "CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry...." priority: 211:11
codecutterTrying to attach a remote debugger to a reverse proxy server running digital ocean virtual box but I keep gettting Error running 'ProdductionDebug': Unable to open debugger port (my_ip:_5005): java.net.ConnectException "Operation timed out (Connection timed out)"11:12
codecutternot sure if this is a reverse proxy config issue, how do i rule this out?11:12
codecutter 'nc -zvw3 my_ip _my_port' is a success11:12
tomreynash123: that's probably /usr/lib/gnome-session/gnome-session-binary failing to initialize or handle some changes (such as display changes, power management events etc.), usually its connection to the Xorg server has failed. This error message is an exceptionally bad one, but you should find more contextual information in your logs.11:19
codecutterfirewall issue - solved11:20
ash123tomreyn: can you please guide to find more logs? I see these logs only in "logs" application in ubuntu11:20
ash123I have many issues on my laptop with ubuntu 20.04 and amd ryzen 5. e.g. brightness doesn't change, screen freezes randomly, touchpad doesn'y work sometimes, short battery life than windows 1011:22
tomreynash123: the "logs" application would be the right place. you can alternatively view the logs in a temrinal: journalctl -b11:25
tomreynash123: feel free to post those online by sending the output to termbin.com, using:   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999911:26
tomreyndo you know for sure that you actually need all of these workarounds?  pci=noaer iommu=pt ivrs_ioapic[4]=00:14.0 ivrs_ioapic[5]=00:00.2 rcu_nocbs=0-7 processor.max_cstate=1 acpi_backlight=video11:28
tomreynsome of them will also cause decreased performance, and can cause side effects11:28
nikolamtatertotz, It is the same computer, I just do ssh -h localhost , so I can use Thunderbird as another user...11:30
ash123i tried some parameters as my system used to freeze randomly. I dont have a perfect solution yet11:31
tomreynash123: This is a HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15m-bq1xx/83C6, BIOS F.21 04/29/2019   - I also have an HP x360 convertible (Intel based, though), which has a lot of complexity in its embedded controller and firmware. And it benefits a lot from firmware upgrades. but you'Re running a really old one.11:31
ash123so you suggest bios update?11:32
tomreynas a first measure, yes11:32
tomreynthen boot once without all the kernel command line parameters and see whether you're getting better results.11:35
ash123there is only one bios update that i see on hp's website for my laptop and it doesn't give much info.https://support.hp.com/ca-en/drivers/selfservice/swdetails/hp-envy-15m-bq100-x360-convertible-pc/16851057/model/18967057/swItemId/ob-254863-111:35
tomreynright, the changelog only mentions "Provides enhanced security. NOTE: HP strongly recommends transitioning promptly to this updated BIOS version which supersedes all previous releases."11:37
tomreynit's a security update, you should have that, but it will probably not solve any of these problems.11:37
ash123ok. let me try upgrading bios and see. I hope that all the issues get resolved.11:38
tomreynis this a 15m-bq121dx then?11:43
tomreynThat's a Ryzen 5 2500U CPU with Vega 8 graphics, which, I think, is a Zen1+ generation.11:45
tomreynactually Zen1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_Ryzen_processors#Zen_based_211:46
tomreynso this should not require a newer kernel than you already have11:47
ash123what does that mean? I don't have much information on hardware11:48
ash123can you suggest the kernel version to use?11:48
tomreyni'm saying what you have now should be fine.11:48
tomreynonce you finished the bios upgrade, i suggest you boot once without any of the kernel commandline parameters (if you can, or as many removed as possible, especially pci=noaer and iommu=pt) and produce another log, and share that11:52
tomreynbut i need to leave it there for now, need to get some work done.11:52
tomreynif your desktop fails to come up properly without those options but the boot still took place (it did not freeze or reboot immediately without the extra parameters set) then you can just reboot WITH your custom parameters and access the previous' boot's logs using: journalctl -b -111:54
lotuspsychjedidnt follow all, but ryzen often benefits with higher kernels too11:55
tomreynash123 is running Linux 5.8 on a Zen 1 generation laptop with integrated (AMD) graphics. i don't expect it to need a newer kernel, but it's always worth a try.11:58
lotuspsychjeyeah 5.8 sounds a good to go11:59
lotuspsychjemaybe another user test to see if its gnome/user related?11:59
lupulolotuspsychje that is true, the new is always red hat engineers make more efficient the ryzen core thousand from kernel 5.712:08
BluesKajHowdy folks12:43
elias_aWhat is the simplest way of getting audio tone controls or a parametric equalizer to 20.04?13:09
elias_a20.04 does not seem to have any kind of controls by default....13:10
Maikelias_a: maybe search for which are available on Ubuntu and install one13:22
Koopzmind blowing...13:23
BluesKajelias_a, libasound2-plugin-equal, or pulseaudio-equqlizer13:24
BluesKajer, pulseaudio-equalizer13:25
elias_aBluesKaj: TY13:25
Koopzi created an Ubuntu VM on a Hyper-V machine last week and executed a tar xvf of a 45GB backup on Hyper-Vs console instead of connecting via SSH and doing it there... on wednesday. When i checked this morning the command was still running13:26
amosbirdHello. How can I disable ipv6 resolution?13:27
Koopzhit CTRL + C, connected via SSH and ran it from here, it was done within lunch break13:27
Maikamosbird: https://itsfoss.com/disable-ipv6-ubuntu-linux/13:28
agoodmhi, does docker provide any protection if the code inside the container has an out of bounds read vulnerability?13:36
lotuspsychjeit works, we see you g-w114:02
JPSmanI noticed recently an important security update and I was wondering.  Is there a youtube channel that described the latest CVE's?14:04
JPSmanor maybe a blog?14:05
lotuspsychje!usn | JPSman14:05
ubottuJPSman: Please see https://usn.ubuntu.com/ for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.14:05
Tas-sosHow can I understand if I have a problem with the  inodes  of a disk?14:11
lotuspsychjeTas-sos: a question for ##hardware ?14:13
JPSmanMy computer seems to freeze often: How can I view the logs to determine the problem?14:13
lotuspsychjeJPSman: dmesg and journalctl -f in realtime14:14
JPSmanlotuspsychje, what about after I restart ?  same commands only scroll up?14:15
lotuspsychjeJPSman: journalctl -b -1 for a previous boot14:17
Tas-soslotuspsychje: no for software14:19
Tas-sosI run a check from Icinga monitoring system, and for only only one VM ( who running a rsyslog server ) I got once a day the following critical status :14:19
Tas-sosDISK CRITICAL - free space: / 2846 MB (9.96% inode=97%); /var/foo 407641 MB (85.24% inode=100%);14:19
Tas-sosdf results from "critical" VM ==> https://pastebin.com/raw/8DvUKXUw14:19
mlokpcHello on 16.04.2 I see the following issue when I run a ntpq command "ntpq: read: Connection refused" what is the best way to debug this? Thanks14:46
mlokpcI know restarting ntp resolves it but I would like to know what could be the cause14:46
metbsdhow to install 5.10 kernel in ubuntu server14:56
ThinkT510!mainline | metbsd15:07
ubottumetbsd: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds15:07
leftyfbmetbsd: why do you think you need 5.10?15:08
leftyfbmlokpc: maybe look at the ntp logs?15:08
metbsdi heard only 5.10+ support exfat15:09
leftyfbmetbsd: A quick google for "linux kernel exfat" brings up https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-5.7-New-exFAT-Lands15:10
coconutmetbsd, from 5.4 it does support exfat, iirc15:11
iekfkkE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)15:15
leftyfbiekfkk: you probably have unattended-upgrades checking for updates or you didn't complete your last updates.15:15
iekfkkprobably another process is using it after removing lock and lock-frontend same error15:15
iekfkkwhat upgrades hve to do with it15:16
iekfkksudo apt upgrade -y same error15:16
iekfkksoftware updater: waiting for dpkg to exit15:18
iekfkknow software updater is updating;did it kill the process even though i restarted my pc15:20
iekfkksoftware upgrader did it , and now i restarted and now why it's working ?15:24
iekfkkSupgrader did something15:24
fdelacruzdont know if this is the channel15:29
leftyfb!support | fdelacruz15:29
ubottufdelacruz: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com15:29
fdelacruzi just want to ask about the bootup screen in the rp4 installation15:29
leftyfbfdelacruz: rp4?15:31
fdelacruzraspberry pi?15:31
leftyfbfdelacruz: AFAIK, there is no installation screen. You flash a working install image to the microSD card15:31
fdelacruzim talking about the initial screen15:32
fdelacruzbooting up15:32
leftyfbfdelacruz: which version of ubuntu?15:32
fdelacruzin other versions of linux there's a brief multicolor screen15:33
ograthe splash screen is the same across all ubuntus ... it is plymouth on the desktop as well as on the Pi ...15:33
leftyfbfdelacruz: which version of ubuntu?15:33
leftyfbfdelacruz: oh you're talking about the pi firmware15:34
ograthe rainbow screen is a thing of the Pi bootloader ... you can en/disable it in the bootloader config file (config.txt on your first partition of the SD)15:34
leftyfbbefore the OS/kernel is even loaded15:34
ograi dont think we disable it in the Ubuntu images though15:34
fdelacruzleftyfb: 20.04.1 server15:35
fdelacruzogra: that's the thing, ubuntu seems to have disabled it15:35
ogracheck config.txt15:35
ograi dont think we do15:35
ogra(i dont run anything but Ubuntu Core on the tens of Pi's around my house though ... cant really tell anything about server or desktop)15:36
fdelacruzogra: nothing there15:36
ograright, so it isnt disabled15:37
ograthe boot might just be too fast to see it ?15:37
ograpi4 jumps pretty fast from bootloader to kernel15:37
fdelacruzthe big multicolor screen?15:37
ograyes, the rainbow splash15:38
fdelacruzin rasbian and even kali is there a couple of secs15:38
fdelacruzanyways, was just wondering15:38
ograits less than half a second on my Pi4's runing Ubuntu Core here15:38
ograwe definitely dont disable it by default15:39
ogra(i personally asked waveform about it and he refused since it gives some valuable info to the users if anything fails)15:39
fdelacruzi just rebooted15:39
fdelacruzi could see the big rasberry for like half a sec15:40
fdelacruzi thought it was a kernel setting maybe15:41
waveformbig raspberry? oh you mean the screen with the bootloader diagnostics on it? (big raspberry top left, a QR code top right, and a bunch of other text below?)15:42
fdelacruzogra: do you run headless?15:42
fdelacruzwaveform: yes15:42
ograsome headless, some as kiosks15:42
waveformokay - in that case, no we don't disable it, but that's part of the EEPROM bootloader and more recent versions have sped it up considerably so whereas it might've hung around for a second or two before it's not uncommon to not see it at all now15:43
ogra(here is a kiosk one (still experimental) https://people.canonical.com/~ogra/UC20/pi-mediacenter-appliance/ )15:43
fdelacruzbefore that the gpu should do a test15:43
* ogra was suspecting it was a speed thing betwqeen EEPROM and kernel ...15:43
waveform(at least when booting from SD or USB - it tends to stick around quite a bit for net booting)15:43
codecutterso i acidentally deleted this rule in my firewaall how do reenable it?  OpenSSH (v6)               ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6)15:45
Maikcodecutter: not sure but: sudo ufw allow ssh15:47
codecutterIts not the same rule: I see "22/tcp (v6)" instead of "OpenSSH (v6) "15:48
Maikthen i don't know15:49
waveformcodecutter, port 22 is ssh15:50
codecutterthen why is the name diff?15:50
codecuttername = rule15:50
waveformthat I couldn't guess - I only tend to deal with the firewall at the iptables level15:50
fdelacruzwaveform: on all my other dists it sticks around enough to see it well15:52
fdelacruzhere it is definetly disabled15:52
fdelacruzjust it is no obvious where15:52
waveformI can assure you it's not - the only piece of config that affects the EEPROM bootloader is config.txt, and there's nothing in there to silence either the EEPROM diagnostics screen or the start*.elf rainbow screen15:54
mlokpcntpq: read: Connection refused on Xenial 16.04.2 LTS15:54
mlokpcany ideas? NTP itself is running15:54
waveformfdelacruz, one thought does occur - which version of Ubuntu are you running? (sorry if you posted that above - I've not read the full back-scroll)15:56
fdelacruzwaveform: i stand corrected!!15:59
fdelacruzi connected the rasberry to a big screen an I was able to see the rainbow15:59
waveformin older versions (focal and prior) we did include uboot between the start*.elf bootloader and the linux kernel - as that's considerably smaller than the kernel it did tend to make the rainbow screen disappear rather faster than was "usual" on raspbian16:00
pavlosmlokpc: paste the output of "netstat -lap | grep ntp"16:00
waveformbut as far as I was aware that never affected the delay on the EEPROM stage16:00
fdelacruzit is a microsecond16:01
bruxcHey, hoping I could get some clarification. I'm having an issue with my new headset where it switches to mono when I use my microphone. If I switch to stereo, the mic doesn't work. I'm hoping from what I found researching this issue isn't true because there's implication that it's not possible. Any ideas on what to look into would be helpful.16:02
bruxcThanks :)16:02
fdelacruzwoow, i could hard see anything on this small screen i use to test16:02
bruxcCurrently running Ubuntu 20.10 (pop_os) & HS70 bluetooth corsair headset.16:02
fdelacruzthanks a lot guys16:03
fdelacruzmoving right along16:03
leftyfbbruxc: you'll have to seek support from PopOS16:03
bruxcSounds good. Thanks for your direction :)16:03
waveformfdelacruz, no prob:)16:03
mlokpcpavlos: the output is nothing16:08
mlokpcpavlos: tends to happen after rebooting16:10
mlokpcpavlos: however ntp is active (exited)16:13
pavlosmlokpc: there should be an ntpd process running, ps -ef | grep ntpd16:25
pavlosmlokpc: "timedatectl status"   if ntp is off, enable it with "sudo timedatectl set-ntp on"16:29
pavlosmlokpc: see https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/network-ntp16:41
clarkkWhat is everyone's opinion on snap installations? Can they be trusted?17:03
Maik!discuss | clarkk17:04
ubottuclarkk: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!17:04
cart_manHey EVeryone. I am trying to install package -> sudo apt install libhidapi-dev  but it tells me I hold broken packages. When I try and run apt --fix-broken install17:25
cart_manit just does some stuff and then I run my original install again17:25
cart_manand the same thing happens17:25
cart_manWhat am I suppose to do about this?17:25
cart_manThe following packages have unmet dependencies:17:25
cart_manOk so it needs some packages but why does it tell me they wont be installed?17:25
blaklistdcart_man: it depends on the package17:29
blaklistdIf you do some searching, you'll find how to install the dependencies17:30
blaklistdFirst install dependencies, then the package17:30
leftyfbcart_man: what version of ubuntu and why do you need that particular package?17:31
cart_manleftyfb: I think im using 18.xx unless my ubuntu upgraded without my concent.17:33
cart_manI need it for a Rust package that uses USB to copy over binary files17:33
leftyfbcart_man: lsb_release -d17:33
cart_manleftyfb: -> Description:    Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS17:34
tomreyncart_man: if you can run this, it provides some info for examining this problem furthert:  sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo grep -hEv '^([ ]*#.*)?$' /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*.list} 2>&1; sudo apt-get -y update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog && rm /tmp/aptlog17:39
cart_mantomreyn: whow that seems super dangerous on quick glance17:40
tomreynit's not, but you can also cherry pick those commands you think are safe to run.17:41
cart_mantomreyn: -> https://termbin.com/v14j17:42
tomreyncart_man: this contains output from different commands. have a look at the first part, which ends the line before "Package files:"17:44
tomreynthis is the output from "sudo apt update", and attempt to update information on all the apt software package repositories you have configured on this system. you will see several "EXPKEYSIG" message,s which indicate that the GPG key, this apt reposiutory has been signed with, has expired. this usually happens when you have configured third party apt repositories, and those have not received updates in a long time.17:46
tomreynsuch software is then probably not safe to use.17:47
cart_mantomreyn: I can remove everything there accept for Brave browser17:47
tomreyn!ppa-purge | cart_man: Use this to remove software installed from a "personal package archive" (PPA)17:47
ubottucart_man: Use this to remove software installed from a "personal package archive" (PPA): To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html17:47
cart_mantomreyn: BTW ... why will it just not update those then and carry on with the rest? seems crazy that something unrelated gets botched for no reason right?17:48
tomreynit does carry on17:48
tomreynthis is "sudo apt update", not the install command that failed17:49
tomreyn"apt update" does not update packages to the latest version, it updates information on available packages and package versions17:49
cart_mantomreyn: but what if I still want the brave browser though?17:49
cart_mantomreyn: Ohh I see17:50
tomreynthen you will need to find a non-expired gpg signing key for this repository, or use a different repository which provides it.17:50
cart_mantomreyn: what if I remove the PPA but not the software? Will that solve some of my issues? Cause I would DIE if I lose brave at the moment. With all the chached stuff it has17:51
tomreynhttps://brave.com/linux/ seems to have instructions on how to install it. you probably just need to update the gpg signing key, not remove the apt software source17:53
tomreyni.e. you probably just need to run    curl -s https://brave-browser-apt-release.s3.brave.com/brave-core.asc | sudo apt-key --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/brave-browser-release.gpg add -17:54
tomreynyou also have "The repository [..] does not have a Release file." errors - this suggests the respective repository does not provide any packages for your current ubuntu release-17:56
cart_mantomreyn: Ok thanks I ran that one17:56
cart_mantomreyn: btw what do I cherry pick out of this line -> An error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error: https://dl.yarnpkg.com/debian stable InRelease: The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG 23E7166788B63E1E Yarn Packaging <yarn@dan.cx>17:57
cart_manto run the PPA command?17:57
cart_mantomreyn: -> sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:https://dl.yarnpkg.com/debian/stable?17:57
CpAj0hello is possible to enable a daemon that run a custom bash script when a key is pressed? i don't want a shortcut but when any key is pressed should run this script17:59
leftyfbCpAj0: you need to enable a keyboard shortcut to call a custom script18:00
tomreynthis is a 3rd party repository, not a PPA, so you can't use ppa-purge to remove it.    sudo add-apt-repository -r 'deb https://dl.yarnpkg.com/debian stable/main'   should work, but this won't uninstall any packages / package versions18:00
tomreyncart_man: ^18:00
cart_mantomreyn: I will purge all of the packages apart from the brave one so thats fine18:01
tomreynokay, once you're done with this, post the output of the original, long, command, again18:02
cart_mantomreyn: sudo ppa-purge 'deb https://dl.yarnpkg.com/debian stable/main'18:03
cart_manwill that work?18:03
cart_manim confused ... like where does the ppa:  part come?18:03
tomreyn<tomreyn> this is a 3rd party repository, not a PPA, so you can't use ppa-purge to remove it.18:03
tomreynPPAs are always hosted on ppa.launchpad.net18:03
cart_mantomreyn: ohhhhh18:04
CpAj0leftyfb, a shortcut for any key? :)18:04
leftyfbCpAj0: what do you mean exactly?18:06
leftyfbCpAj0: mind you, it would be a key combination. You can't just expect to create a shortcut for the J key and have your computer work properly18:07
CpAj0oh this makes sense18:10
cart_mantomreyn: Ok so I got this now _> https://termbin.com/fub018:10
cart_manI removed both those packages twice18:10
cart_manthe Wine one and the google one18:10
cart_manthey dont seem to go out18:10
cart_mantomreyn: -> sudo add-apt-repository -r 'https://storage.googleapis.com/bazel-apt stable InRelease'18:11
tomreyncart_man: what's the command you ran and the output you got? on a pastebin?18:11
cart_manand-> sudo add-apt-repository -r 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/nesthib/weechat-stable/ubuntu bionic Release'18:11
cart_mantomreyn: the output for both was nothing18:11
tomreynyou can't just copy + paste theoutput from "apt update" there18:12
tomreynuse that of apt policy18:12
tomreynor take the line that's configured in /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*}18:13
tomreyneither should work18:13
donofriowhat is the lsof command to map ports to pids?18:17
cart_mantomreyn:  Ok so I went to /etc/apt/source.list/yarn.list and took the line from there. Ended up like this -> sudo add-apt-repository -r 'https://dl.yarnpkg.com/debian/ stable main' and tried with the deb also. But when I run the big command it still tells me err YARN and Bazel is issues18:22
tomreyncart_man: what was / is the output of     sudo add-apt-repository -r 'https://dl.yarnpkg.com/debian/ stable main'18:27
tomreynuse paste.ubuntu.com18:27
cart_mantomreyn: I swear it doesnt say anything. It just terminates without any cout. Im sorry if I am misunderstanding something here18:31
tomreyncart_man: hmm, okay, sorry, i didn't understand this part. that's strange. can you show the output from the large commandline again?18:32
tomreynthe updated output18:32
cart_mantomreyn: coming up18:32
cart_mantomreyn: -> https://termbin.com/vr9t18:33
tomreyncart_man: sudo add-apt-repository -r -m 'https://dl.yarnpkg.com/debian stable' 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999918:36
cart_mantomreyn: -> https://termbin.com/xqnf18:38
tomreyncart_man: any output here?    sudo add-apt-repository -r 'deb https://dl.yarnpkg.com/debian/ stable main'18:40
cart_mantomreyn: nope18:40
tomreyncart_man: and the repository is still active?18:41
tomreyncart_man: if so, then just remove it manually. it's probably two separate files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/18:42
cart_mantomreyn: So can I remove the folders like yarn.list and yarn.list.saved?18:43
tomreynone set of files in each directory for yarn, and another for bazel18:43
tomreyn/etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.saved are just 'backup' copies anyways, you can safely remove (or keep) them18:44
tomreynyou also want to remove the dl.winehq.org repository18:44
cart_mantomreyn: where?18:45
tomreynand the nesthib/weechat-stable ppa18:45
tomreynfiles in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/18:45
gnUserHi guys, are there slack compatible FOSS clients?18:47
cart_mantomreyn: ok but deleting these folder do remove them from the repository right?18:49
cart_mantomreyn: I mean removes dl.winehq.org repo18:49
tomreyncart_man: "folder", as in "directory"? you shoul dnot remove any directories, just matching files18:49
tomreyndeleting the matching files will remove those repository configurations, so    apt update    will no longer consider software packages available there18:51
cart_mantomreyn: Ok i backed them up so its fine. I can just replace them and then remove the files inside. BTW.... interestingly enough the ones I was trying to remove using apt-rep tool was only in /etc/apt/source.list.d and not in the trusted.gpg.d one18:51
cart_mantomreyn: Oh I see18:51
tomreynif it wasn't in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ then it was probably some line in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg18:52
tomreynif it wasn't in /etc/apt/source.list.d then it was probably some line in /etc/apt/source.list18:52
tomreynif it wasn't in /etc/apt/sources.list.d then it was probably some line in /etc/apt/sources.list   << this rather18:53
tomreynerr, sorry again, /etc/apt/trusted.gpg is a gpg public keyring, not a line-based file, you'd need to use    apt-key list    and    apt-key del <keyid>     to clean it up18:54
cart_mantomreyn: Ok so this is where I am at now -> https://termbin.com/md8w19:01
cart_manlooking better19:01
cart_manappart from the missing deps down in the file19:01
tomreyncart_man: now remove or update the ubuntu release versioned microsoft repository URLs19:02
tomreyne.g.   deb [arch=amd64] https://packages.microsoft.com/ubuntu/19.04/prod disco main19:02
tomreyn+ cosmic19:03
cart_mantomreyn: Using sudo add-apt-repository -r  right?19:04
tomreynwhichever method you succeed with19:04
tomreynadd-apt-repository -r ...   or manual editing19:04
cart_manbut is the Microsoft packaage a problem?19:07
tomreyncart_man: this repositoy, based on the url, provides packages incompatible to your ubuntu release.19:10
cart_mantomreyn: -> https://termbin.com/tivl19:11
cart_manI removed that19:11
tomreynyou are running, or trying to run, more or less, ubuntu 18.04 LTS, from what i can tell19:11
cart_mantomreyn: I really think there should be some PURGE ALL command .... lol this was roughly an hours effort and im still but confused hahaha19:11
tomreynas long as you don't use unsuitable, unsupported third party repositories, you don't run into such problems19:12
tomreynlet's see the   sudo apt --fix-broken install   output now19:12
tomreynactually, you still have this   https://packages.microsoft.com/ubuntu/18.10/prod cosmic/main19:13
tomreynubuntu 18.10 "cosmic" is (or rather, was, it reached end of life ~2 years ago) not ubuntu 18.04 LTS "bionic".19:14
tomreynwe've so far done about 30% of cleaning up this messy configuration you had (and in parts, still have) there19:16
blahboybazThe mouse wheel on my external mouse (I'm on a laptop) stops working after a little while after starting up. What can I do to fix it?19:16
cart_mantomreyn: ok running sudo apt --fix-broken install now19:17
cart_mantomreyn: lol how ouch ok19:18
cart_manok soo is the output now19:18
tomreyn<tomreyn> let's see the   sudo apt --fix-broken install   output now19:19
cart_mantomreyn: ugh soz my bad19:19
tomreynno problem ;)19:19
IarlaIs there a more reliable (even if propriatary) alternative to OBS? I've tried it on two different machines and had varying issues (Nvidia/AMD).19:21
cart_mantomreyn: Ok so its taking ages to run sudo apt --fix-broken install  >> output.txt19:29
tomreyncart_man: probably because it's waiting for you to input something19:29
cart_mantomreyn:  lol19:30
tomreynadding -y will make it assume yes on ALL prompts19:30
tomreynthere is also --assume-no for apt-get (may also work for apt)19:31
cart_mantomreyn: -> https://pastebin.com/rXMidpyT19:32
tomreynwhat ">> somefile" does is to redirect any non-error/warning messages to the given file. if you want to catch both, you need to use "&>" instead19:33
tomreyn... or ">> file 2>&1" for non bash shells19:33
tomreynnow try this: sudo dpkg --purge libnvidia-common-450-server19:35
tomreynif it succeeds, run    sudo apt --fix-broken install    again, and share its output again19:36
cart_mantomryn -> dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove libnvidia-common-450-server which isn't installed19:37
tomreyncart_man: my bad. let's try this instead - note that you may loose your graphics desktop until it's fully fixed, though:    sudo dpkg --purge libnvidia-common-45019:38
cart_mantomreyn: will it be easy to fix though if I lose it?19:40
tomreynan alterantive approach you can try:   sudo apt --fix-broken install libnvidia-common-450-server-    (yes, this trailing dsh is correct)19:41
cart_mantomreyn: problem is I wont be able to talk to you then lol \19:41
tomreyncart_man: yes, it will be easy, as long as you know how to work on a terminal, and can communicate with us here through a different system, or know how to use irrsi.19:41
tomreyn*irssi (weechat may also work)19:42
tomreynctrl-alt-f3..7 switches between virtual temrinals19:43
cart_mantomreyn: -> sudo apt --fix-broken install libnvidia-common-450-server-19:44
cart_manlibnvidia-common-440-server : Depends: libnvidia-common-450-server but it is not going to be installed19:44
tomreynthere's a web chat available at https://webchat.freenode.net/#ubuntu19:45
tomreynokay, try the dpkg command then19:45
tomreynsudo dpkg --purge libnvidia-common-45019:46
tomreynand the alternative should correctly have been    sudo apt --fix-broken install libnvidia-common-450-19:46
tomreyn(my mistake there)19:46
cart_mantomreyn: -> https://pastebin.com/fZc1ipfg19:50
cart_mantomreyn: no worries19:50
cart_manso I can retry that alt though19:50
tomreynthe fastest approach will be    sudo apt purge *nvidia*19:53
tomreynbut this will make graphics use the nouveau, or the vesa fall-back driver19:54
tomreynjust until that's sorte dnad you install it again, though19:55
tomreynjust until that's sorted and you install it again, though  << typos fixed19:55
cart_mantomreyn: Well is there perhaps a way to see if I am actually using the NVIDIA driver? I am under a strange suspicion that I am not actually using that one19:56
cart_mantomreyn: https://pastebin.com/DNXzW8bj20:01
cart_manthere  is something very interesting.20:01
cart_manhow can I be using BOTH at the same time?20:01
cart_mantomreyn: because I am about to run the -> sudo apt purge *nvidia*  command20:02
tomreyncart_man: this may tell:   journalctl -b | grep -C2  'Module class: X.Org Video Driver'20:02
tomreynbut i'm not sure this will work for nvidia20:03
JustTheDoctori am trying to login to my vnc, i keep getting to many auth failure's, before i would just restart the vnc but now it keeps doing it the second it restarts, i'm using TurboVNC can anyone lend a hand?20:04
tomreyncart_man: sudo gpu-manager    should also tell20:04
tomreynJustTheDoctor: you should probably be discussing the Ubuntu version and VNC server you are using.20:06
leftyfbJustTheDoctor: you should contact TurboVNC for support.20:06
tomreynthat, too20:06
leftyfbJustTheDoctor: TurboVNC isn't a supported apt or snap package in ubuntu20:06
JustTheDoctorit does the same with tightvnc also20:06
leftyfbJustTheDoctor: what version of ubuntu?20:06
cart_mantomreyn: -> https://pastebin.com/uY6cUvEN20:07
cart_manohh shit.. seems like nouvuea is blacklisted even20:07
cart_man: /20:07
cart_manintel is loadable20:07
leftyfbJustTheDoctor: nevermind?20:07
JustTheDoctoryea, its deb. not ubuntu20:08
JustTheDoctorto many servers ;(20:08
cart_mantomreyn: Ok I am going to purge Nvidia20:08
cart_manwish me luck20:08
tomreyncart_man: i think blacklisting nouveau is the first thing the proprietary nvidia driver does when installed. but there should stil be vesa.20:13
tomreyni'm just not sure whether a system which is configured for nvidia proprietary drivers can properly fall back to that.20:14
=== ShibaInu is now known as Shibe
cart_mantomreyn: yea what bothers me is how will running sudo apt remove nvidia-* KNOW how to revert those driver settings?20:20
cart_manso just incase... I downloaded the nvidia drivers20:24
tomreyncart_man: "*nvidia*", not "nvidia-*"20:26
tomreynthose packages should reverse the configurations applied when they were installe dby the time they are uninstalled, or purged.20:27
Eickmeyer^ a little more in-depth: There are what are called "mainscripts" that run when a package is installed, upgraded, or removed. There are four: preinst, postinst, prerm, and postrm. Tells the system some specifics to do.20:28
cart_mantomreyn: Ok Ill be back if it all went well20:33
cart_mantomreyn: Ok so I just used sudo dpkg -P $(dpkg -l | grep nvidia-driver | awk '{print $2}')20:52
cart_manand it removed it like suprisingly quickly20:52
cart_manwhat was the purge command you said I should run?20:53
cart_manI also tried this right -> sudo apt install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau    but ot complained of the same broken packages as earlier today lol20:53
cart_manSo im just about to purge it all20:53
cart_mantomreyn: It is still running however. With that driver removed somehow...20:54
tomreyn!irclogs | cart_man21:00
ubottucart_man: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/21:00
tomreynyou'll be running in non-accelerated vesa fallback graphics mode now21:02
tomreynthat, or nouveau21:02
tomreyncart_man: so you could now run   apt list --installed '*nvidia*'    to see what would be removed, then   sudo apt purge '*nvidia*'   to remove it.21:06
cart_mantomreyn: ok so on the first command I get this -> https://pastebin.com/ce3HWw5K21:07
cart_manand then I run the purge command21:08
cart_manand get this21:08
cart_mantomreyn: -> https://pastebin.com/yUpxhLcS21:08
tomreyncart_man: make it    sudo apt purge '*nvidia*' libcuinj64-9.1    then, and repeat adding packages with broken deps to the list of packages to be purged, if needed.21:11
cart_manok that seemd to have been smotth sailing21:13
cart_mantomreyn: it ended with no errors21:13
cart_mantomreyn: I guess if I restart now I would know if I have normal displays going right?21:15
tomreyncart_man: yes, but i think it would be better to actually fix the system first of all.21:18
cart_mantomreyn: ok so whats next?21:18
cart_manif I run apt list --installed '*nvidia*'  it comes back with nothing21:18
tomreynsee whether    sudo apt update && sudo apt --fix-broken install    finishes without erro now21:19
tomreynyou'll need to install a lot of upgrades seeing how you'r currently at 18.04.221:19
cart_mantomreyn: it ended quit quickly that command21:20
cart_mantomreyn: with not errors21:20
tomreynwith a warning, or an error, or none?21:20
tomreynsudo apt full-upgrade -V21:20
cart_mantomreyn: nope no errors... which is great21:21
cart_manok oging to run that update21:21
tomreynand it only took 4 hours! :-)21:21
cart_mantomreyn: hahaha indeed! Thanks allot SERIOUSLY!21:22
cart_manits upgrading 718Megs of stuff so21:22
tomreynthose are the security and bug fixes you haven't had for the past years21:22
cart_mantomreyn: well I live on the edge as you can tell21:23
tomreyn:) i can tell, yes.21:23
tomreyncart_man: and once the upgrades are done, you should install   apt-forktracer   and run it. this will list packages with ( installed ) and ( available ) versions, as well as [ apt sources ] for those. those without [ apt sources ] you should probably apt purge, or find a suitable apt source for, and configure that.21:28
tomreynanother things you should do is to run    dpkg -l | grep ^r     and apt purge the configurations for the packages listed that you no longer need / want to keep.21:30
bugaloois there any channel about shellscript?21:33
coconutbugaloo, yes there is #bash21:34
bugaloothanks coconut21:34
eelstrebori seem to have a software updater - it alerts me to new packages but when i click on upgrade nothing happens - using apt works fine though21:57
rdreelstrebor: what desktop?  GNOME?21:59
cart_mantomreyn: What is forktraces actual name though?>22:02
cart_manI cant seem to install it going atp-get install apt-forktrace22:02
cart_mantomreyn: aso getting a ton of apartment adds.22:03
cart_mananyway Ill be back tomorrow. Bed time. Thanks allot for the help I REALLY Appreciate it allot!22:03
cart_mangood night22:03
eelstreborrdr, i believe it's gnome, it's the default for 20.0422:05
tomreyneelstrebor: are there any warnings or errors when you run    sudo apt update   or   sudo apt upgrade   or    sudo apt full-upgrade   ?22:06
eelstrebortomreyn, no22:13
tomreynthen it's likey that the database this apt daemon thing keeps its state in is broken. i forgot the details. ;-)22:14
pickerPT351Installed Ubuntu 20.04 on a macbook (2011) with faulty AMD graphic card, edited grub to disable the card.22:25
pickerPT351After reboot I get the error: Failed to Set MokListRT: Invalid Parameter22:25
pickerPT351System goes black and I cant do nothing.22:25
pickerPT351After some search looks like the solution its to replace the shimx64.efi  with brubx64.efi22:25
pickerPT351But I don't have enough knowledge to do it in Live Ubuntu mode22:25
rorypickerPT351, from a live session, you can access the full contents of your hard drive in the GUI file manager22:27
rorypickerPT351, it just shows up there in the sidebar.22:27
pickerPT351other locations>computer22:28
pickerPT351boot > dont have the EFI/ubuntu22:30
EriC^^pickerPT351: you can tell the system which file to boot22:31
EriC^^type 'sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 9999'22:31
pickerPT351now i type cp shimx64.efi ?22:33
EriC^^no, paste the link the command gives you22:34
pickerPT351nothing just a ">" after I typed the command you said22:36
EriC^^pickerPT351: are you in the live session?22:37
pickerPT351I cant run the system22:37
EriC^^aha i think you added a ' in the command22:37
Bashing-ompickerPT351: ^ do not include the quoate marks in the command sequence.22:37
EriC^^it's just   sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 999922:37
pickerPT351efibootmgr: command not found22:39
EriC^^pickerPT351: try "ls /sys/firmware/efi"22:40
EriC^^does it list dirs or says not found?22:40
pickerPT351list  dirs22:40
pickerPT351config_table  fw_platform_size  runtime      systab22:41
pickerPT351efivars       fw_vendor         runtime-map  vars22:41
EriC^^pickerPT351: ok, was it ever working? you said it worked and booted normally, then you edited grub to disable the card and it stopped working?22:41
pickerPT351never worked, I edited the grub to instal the system without the MAD graphic card22:42
pickerPT351because its faulty22:42
EriC^^oh ok22:42
EriC^^pickerPT351: i remember mac's needing some extra work to use uefi, have to install some grub 'blessing' package and stuff22:43
EriC^^did you do any of those stuff? or using refind?22:44
pickerPT351no, how can I do that?22:44
pickerPT351Im very noob on this22:44
pickerPT351I just found a topic on askubuntu, about this problem22:45
EriC^^type 'sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999' and paste the link here22:46
pickerPT351in askubunut: they say I must replace grubx64.efi with shmx64.efi22:48
pickerPT351rror: Both the primary and backup GPT tables are corrupt.  Try making a fresh table, and using Parted's rescue feature to recover partitions.22:48
EriC^^pickerPT351: that doesnt sound good22:48
EriC^^do you mind to reinstall ubuntu on this mac?22:49
pickerPT351ok, gona do that!22:50
pickerPT351EriC^^ thanks for your time!22:51
EriC^^pickerPT351: no problem22:52
pirlaHello everyone. I have XUbuntu installed on my PC, but I absolutely need Windows for some tasks which I can't do in Linux. How can I do this without wiping my XUbuntu installation?23:00
sarnoldpirla: could you run windows in a VM? is that good enough?23:06
pirlaSure, thanks. I didn't think about this solution. Thanks a lot!!!23:07
kevrdoes #ubuntu have a pulseaudio.service around for user services?23:10
sarnoldwhat do you mean?23:11
kevrhttps://wiki.debian.org/PulseAudio since debian 8, debian has given out a user-based systemd service for pulseaudio.23:12
kevri can't find that on ubuntu.23:13
kevri understand they are different distributions, so i'm asking in here in case there's anything around that provides this rather than me copying a service file in there myself23:13
sarnold$ dpkg -L pulseaudio | grep /user/23:13
sarnoldit should just be provided by the pulseaudio package23:14
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