pycuriousCanonical has a k8s implementation - how does one scale those pods on different cloud providers? Does anyone here use that product?00:15
beweesCan I run a kernel >=5.13 in 21.04 relatively stable? I think beta for 21.10 is not out yet01:21
beweesAh found daily builds for 21.10: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/01:22
tomreyn!mainline | bewees01:22
ubottubewees: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds01:22
beweesThanks I try that tomreyn01:22
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tomreynbut note this is only meant for testing. why do you need th enewer kernel?01:23
leftyfb!ubuntu+1 | bewees01:23
ubottubewees: Impish Indri is the codename for Ubuntu 21.10. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.01:23
beweestomreyn: My Laptop uses Intel 11th generation with Iris igpu and in 5.10 adjusting the backlight is working only for newer kernel versions01:24
beweestomreyn: So you would recommend to better use 21.04 with the mainline kernel rather than 21.10 testing images?01:25
tomreynbewees: "in 5.10 [a kernel version] adjusting the backlight is working only for newer kernel versions"? i'm not sure i understand01:27
tomreynhirsute (Ubuntu 21.04) comes with kernel version 5.1101:28
tomreyngenerally speaking, if you have hardware functionality you strictly depend on, and which is too new to be supported on any ubuntu release but supported by newer kernel versions, then you could use a script to keep running the latest mainline kernels until there is support for it in ubuntu.01:30
tomreynthis isn't supported, but probably the best approach in this (rather rare) situation.01:31
beweestomreyn: I see, I will try that. I tried 21.04 already, thus 5.11 seems to not have my required drivers either01:32
beweesUntil October this should be doable, then I can upgrade to 21.1001:32
pycuriousis anyone using k8s from canonical in production here?01:34
leftyfbpycurious: try #ubuntu-server or contact Canonical for any of their commercial products01:34
tomreynbewees: there is https://github.com/pimlie/ubuntu-mainline-kernel.sh (but i think this one does not verify gpg signatures) and https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts#wget_kernel_mainlinesh (which was really written by TJ, and can verify gpg signatures)01:37
beweesThankd tomreyn I will try this tomorrow, very late here already 😊01:41
tomreyni assume those will still be there tomorrow, this should be fine. ;-)01:46
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pycuriousis there a command line way to start and stop recording the screen in ubuntu? Then write a mp4 or mov file as output?03:24
matsamanpycurious: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Capture/Desktop03:25
pycuriousmatsaman: Thanks - that is what i was looking for03:27
* SnoopJ likes SimpleScreenRecorder, too03:35
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blahboybazCan not remove a printer in 20.04. It keeps automatically adding back as soon as I remove it. I've tried looking for information online but what I'm finding looks like a bunch of long-winded jibberish! Is there a simple solution that allows me to get rid of this offending printer that I don't even own?04:32
blahboybazI don't even know who's printer it is - I just want it gone04:32
noarbsome printers announce themselves on the network and can be auto-discovered (via avahi/bonjour)04:34
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blahboybaznoarb: I thought I had it with an edit to some line in some cups config file (something I found in a forum post). The only thing that changed is I don't get a pop up revealing that it was added back (but it is still actually being added back)04:45
blahboybazI really don't want some strangers printer on my laptop04:45
blahboybazSo am I forced to have some printer on my machine? What happens if I uninstall cups? Probably a bunch of other stuff is dependend on it and the system breaks? Or if I get a printer later that I want to use I can't because I don't have cups on my machine? If I reinstall it to use my own printer later then it just installs that strangers printer again like - ha ha! gotcha again! right?04:50
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noarbblahboybaz: https://askubuntu.com/a/463392 did you edit your configuration when the service was not running?05:33
alkisgblahboybaz: start printing this line on this printer, until it goes away: "PLEASE DISABLE YOUR PRINTER SHARING" :P :D05:57
alkisg(and yeah I agree with you that it should be possible to blacklist some network printers)05:58
alkisgblahboybaz: for workarounds, see: https://wiki.debian.org/CUPSDriverlessPrinting#CUPS_2.2.4_and_the_GTK_Print_Dialog06:02
TJ-blahboybaz: if your system is discovering the remote printer its on your network(s). Find out its IP addresses and then figure out how it is reachable. "avahi-browse -art" and look for the 'host' entry for the print06:03
dob1if I am not using gnome I am not able to run the software update gui, it doesn't ask for my password. What I have to install? I just installed policykit-1-gnome06:46
audiobirbI'm trying to use a self-signed cert to add ssl to a website hosted with nginx. but i'm getting a permissions error. i created the ssl certificate with openssl and it put it in a folder i cant even access with sudo for security purposes. but the nginx configuration file cant even access it either. i've no clue what to do. here is the permissions error: https://pastebin.com/YM6fdMvY06:54
alkisgdob1: which desktop environment are you using? Each one has its own software update gui06:56
dob1alkisg, i307:20
alkisgAh, you mean no desktop environment at all, just a window manager?07:21
dob1alkisg, yes07:22
alkisgEh, that will have missing bits indeed :)07:22
dob1it's not just software update, every software that asks for authorization doesn't work because I doesn't ask for my password to continue07:23
dob1*it doesn't07:23
alkisgSo pkexec bash has the same issue?07:24
dob1alkisg, pkexec bash asks for my password but it fails too07:27
dob1Error executing command as another user: Not authorized07:28
alkisgdob1:  Well, these are my polkit/policykit related packages on Ubuntu MATE 20.04; see if some of them help: https://termbin.com/rpkw07:28
alkisgBut in general, you might be better off installing a desktop environment, even lubuntu, to satisfy all the dependencies; then run your i3 instead07:29
dob1alkisg, I installed ubuntu so I have gnome, I could use gnome. After the installation I installed i307:30
alkisgHmm, but you're using a custom session, you didn't just change the window manager, right?07:30
alkisgIs dbus even running in your setup?07:31
dob1alkisg, I am using i3 alone, not ask wm for an existing de07:31
dob1it is07:31
alkisgHow about this one? root         941  0.0  0.0 241556 11092 ?        Ssl  08:06   0:01 /usr/lib/policykit-1/polkitd --no-debug07:31
alkisgAnd, there should also be an authentication agent, although mine is from mate:07:32
alkisgalkisg      2545  0.0  0.2 728428 42888 ?        Sl   08:07   0:00          _ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/polkit-mate/polkit-mate-authentication-agent-107:32
dob1it's running07:32
dob1alkisg, the second one it's not running07:32
alkisgWhat's the output of `grep -ri authent /etc/xdg/autostart` ?07:33
alkisgThere should be a gnome polkit authentication agent  there07:33
alkisgIt'll probably also have an only-run-in: gnome entry in the desktop file, and that would be why it won't launch in your custom session07:34
dob1alkisg, it's this https://paste.debian.net/hidden/0df7fe48/07:35
alkisgTry to run it manually: /usr/lib/policykit-1-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-107:35
alkisgThen try again: pkexec bash07:35
ducassei don't those are started with i3 unless you use dex07:36
dob1alkisg, if I run the one you suggested and then pkexec bash will ask for a graphical password and it works07:37
dob1what is dex?07:37
ducasseit runs .desktop files, but can also handle autostart xdg items07:37
alkisgducasse: I've no idea about i3, you think it doesn't run /etc/xdg/autostart at all? Because that one wouldn't run anyway, I bet it has a OnlyShowIn=GNOME or something in it...07:38
alkisgdob1: anyway, just put that command in your session script07:38
dob1alkisg, ok thanks. I will try!07:41
ducassedob1: you can also use lxpolkit if you don't want the gnome agent07:43
dob1ducasse, but it's for lxde07:44
ducassedoesn't matter, it's just a small polkit agent07:45
dob1ok I installed it07:45
ducassei use it where i don't want gnome deps07:46
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ice9apt autoremove doesn't remove old kernels, any idea?08:35
alkisgice9: you can remove them manually. List them with e.g. `dpkg -l 'linux*' | grep -v ^un` and put the ones that you don't need in an `apt purge xxx` command08:53
blombergwhen i run protonvpn app it says for current version of gtk3 it needs ubuntu 20.04 not 18.04 which i have?? so how can i get the latest version09:11
Mekaneckice9 alkisg doesn't Ubuntu remove old kernels itself? At least i have been told that a while ago.09:12
alkisgMekaneck: it does but only for a couple of the most recent kernels; if they're left over, it no longer tries to delete them09:12
blomberggtk3.24 or higher09:13
Mekaneckalkisg: ah, ok. Thanks.09:13
blombergwhat's cmd to check my gtk version09:13
lotuspsychjeblomberg: apt policy your-package-here09:30
blombergapt policy gtk3-09:33
blomberggtk3-engines-breeze  gtk3-engines-unico   gtk3-engines-xfce    gtk3-im-libthai      gtk3-nocsd09:33
blomberglotuspsychje: can i get new version of gtk3.24 or higher on ubuntu 18.0409:33
lotuspsychjeblomberg: apt policy libgtk-3-009:36
lotuspsychjeblomberg: its usualy not a good idea to mix packages across several ubuntu releases09:37
lotuspsychjeblomberg: best to stick on package versions meant specific for your ubuntu release09:37
lotuspsychjeblomberg: there are some workarounds on that with !pinning !backports !snaps and proposed09:38
beweesHow secure Ubuntu save their infrastructure keys and is Ubuntu obligated to share them with governmental juridictions?09:39
blombergok then' i will update , but let's hope it doesn't break my install09:40
blombergi feel there is risk09:40
lotuspsychjeblomberg: update what?09:41
blombergto 20.04 from 18.0409:41
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lotuspsychjeblomberg: make a good backup of your files, then upgrade safe09:42
lotuspsychje!discuss | bewees try here09:43
ubottubewees try here: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!09:43
beweesThanks lotus09:44
blomberglotuspsychje: what's this "safe"09:56
jellyhi, I need to resurrect a 12.04.1 installation and possibly install additional packages to make it boot on different hw (with lvm); where do I find repos for precise, or better, the exact point release of precise, today?10:00
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oldgalileoHowdy! Would it be possible to downgrade the systemd version alone on Ubuntu 18.04.5?10:08
ledeni[m]jelly -->http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/ & http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/precise/10:23
guivercjelly, Ubuntu 12.04 is EOL; and thus not supported here.  12.04 ESM was available, but I think even that has ended11:24
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Mekaneckguiverc: yep, you're right. 14.04 and 16.04 are the ones with ESM now iirc.11:37
HelmholtzHow difficult is it to maintain a PPA for a Go app?11:50
HelmholtzIs it like a GitHub Action? Can I ssh into a box and build the package?11:50
goddardHelmholtz: why not just use flatpak or appimage?12:01
goddard1 package for all linux users rather than just ubuntu12:02
goddardi like appimage personally, but people seem to like flatpak as well12:02
Helmholtzgoddard, yeah I also use them but there is this PPA, I was wondering how hard is maintaining one12:02
goddardi haven't created a PPA so couldn't tell you, but I believe launchpad uses bzr.12:04
Guest62my laptop sound isn't as loud as it used to be on windows12:04
Guest62any idea how to fix it?12:04
goddardGuest62: allow the volumn have "over-amplification"12:05
Guest62goddard how can i do that12:06
goddardits in gnome settings under sound12:06
Guest62i'm using kubuntu12:07
goddardi dont remember for plasma12:07
goddardit has the same thing though i think12:07
Guest62i can't find it12:08
Guest62also my windows key won't open start menu anymore12:12
HelmholtzHow to see how a PPA is built?12:13
Helmholtz.dsc ?12:13
MekaneckGuest62: then re-asign the key to it12:13
Guest62Mekaneck with what command12:13
Mekaneckno command needed12:14
Mekaneckrightclick on the menu button and select Configure Application Launcher Guest6212:15
Mekaneckthen go to Keyboard Shortcuts12:15
Guest62it's showing "none"12:15
Guest62but when i click on it12:15
Guest62and then click my windows key12:15
Guest62it shows meta12:16
Guest62and wants me to clickk another key12:16
Mekanecktry ALT + F112:16
Guest62it seems like it own't allow only one key to open the start menu12:16
Mekaneckthen the windows key should work again12:16
Guest62thank you a lot <312:17
Mekaneckyou're welcome12:17
hajonnesHi, I have a hard time finding things in the repository. e.g. I found only snap gimp, I used apt install gimp and it worked. Also I want to install intellij and synaptic does not show it when searching but Ubuntu Software finds it easy. what is wrong?12:24
sharperguyHi. Is there a way I can use iptables or something else to create a simulated network delay, to a specific process only?12:28
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tarzeau_hajonnes: synaptic was long replaced by something else, doesn't exist anymore12:32
tarzeau_hajonnes: intellij is not packaged, mabye as snap or flatpak, otherwise you have to take care of it yourself12:32
hajonnestarzeau_what should I use instead of synaptic. I like to see packages and so on?12:33
tarzeau_packages.ubuntu.com in browser? or gnome-software or what it is called12:34
* tarzeau_ prefers apt-cache search12:34
hajonnestarzeau_, yes I saw that now. it is snap. need to find and install it the real way I think.12:34
hajonnestarzeau_, Will try apt-cache search.12:40
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hajonneshow can I find the icon file of a program? @ubuntu 20.0412:52
=== register is now known as pizzaburger
tarzeau_look for the desktop file, then inside that file Icon= then list the pkg for that name12:53
tarzeau_usually it's a .png12:53
merpnderpAnyone know of a good RDP client for windows?12:56
tomreynmerpnderp: try a windows channel such as #windows12:57
merpnderptomreyn: I need a linux RDP client.12:57
merpnderp#windows wouldn't know about those.12:58
pizzaburgerHello all! Having troubles booting into Ubuntu 20.10. After I unclock the disk "keystore-rpool" I get this message: [1.779286] psmouse serio1: synaptics: Ubavle to query device: -512:58
leftyfbmerpnderp: remmina is an RDP client for linux12:58
merpnderpI need a linux RDP client so that I can RDP into a windows machine.12:58
merpnderpthanks leftyfb12:58
tomreynmerpnderp: okay, you asked for "a good RDP client for windows", that's why ;)12:58
leftyfbmerpnderp: ubuntu has a software stop that you can search for applications. Just like on your phone.12:59
merpnderptomreyn: yeah, I realized I was very unclear there :P12:59
merpnderpleftyfb: Yeah, I looked through it but couldn't really compare which ones were better.12:59
merpnderpPlus I haven't been in the linux world for 10 years, so its hard to know which packages have good reputations.12:59
leftyfbmerpnderp: you install them and try them out. This isn't the place for software opinions. Try #ubuntu-offtopic for that13:00
tomreyntarzeau_ / hajonnes: looks like synaptic is still available (from universe) with growing version numbers until the latest stable release13:02
tomreynpersonally, if i needed something graphical for package management (luckily i don't), i would still very much prefer it to "ubuntu-software", just because it lists all the packages, and i can tell what's provided by apt vs snap13:03
tomreyn(but i'd also recommend using "apt" in a terminal)13:04
jellyledeni[m], thank you!13:07
pizzaburgerThe message also reads: You are in emergency mode. After logging in, type "journalctl -xb" to view system logs, "systemctl reboot" to reboot, "systemctl default" or "exit" to boot into default mode. Press enter for maintenance (or press Control-D to continue):"13:07
pizzaburgerYesterday I pressed ctrl+D on that message in it got to the login screen and all was fine. Today I can't even do that anymore. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Thanks!13:08
hajonnestomreyn, Yes I agree. I do not like sofware center now prefers snap. I do not find any way to change it also. But it is strange that I do not find apt gimp in sofware center and I can install it using apt.13:09
tomreynhajonnes: i have little experience with software center, so can't exactly comment as to why only the snap would show there. i know that at some point both snap and apt packages going by the same name would show there. maybe this has changed since.13:11
tomreyn!20.10 | pizzaburger13:12
ubottupizzaburger: Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla) was the 33rd release of Ubuntu, support ended July 22nd, 2021. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2021-June/000269.html13:12
tomreynpizzaburger: this could be a physically broken disk. boot from an ubuntu installer/live system and run smartctl -x against the disk13:14
tomreynis this a hdd or ssd?13:15
pizzaburgertomreyn: ssd13:15
tomreynokay, then my theory is less likely to be correct. but try it nevertheless.13:16
pizzaburgertomreyn: ok, gimme a sec to make a bootable USB13:17
pizzaburgerYour theory is scary13:17
tomreynpizzaburger: shouldn't be, if you have backups?13:17
pizzaburgertomreyn: about that...13:18
pizzaburgerI can't make a live USB from an already live USB, can I?13:19
pizzaburgerI can, awesome!13:19
tomreynso is this not actually an ssd but just a usb stick then, flash memory?13:20
pizzaburgerNo, it's SSD on my laptopt, I'm just trying to make a bootable USB for it to test that "smartctl -x" command from an already live Ubuntu from a different laptop.13:21
pizzaburgerAlso, I wouldn't be able to unlock the drive if it was broken, correct?13:29
pizzaburgerWhen I do ctrl+D on that message it gives me: "Failed to start default target: Transaction for graphical.target/start is destructive (emergency.target has 'start' job queued, but 'stop is included in transaction)."13:30
tomreyni have not seen this message before13:35
tomreynapparently this can be a result of file system inconsistencies (which can be the result of a decaying disk)13:36
tomreyn(or of using btrfs)13:37
Guest46tomreyn: is there any method of booting to my desktop and at least backing up my data? Decaying disk sounds interesting, the laptop is 3 years old.13:40
=== Guest46 is now known as pizzaburger
pizzaburgertomreyn: got that bootable USB. Should I still try to run that "smartctl -x" command?13:42
tomreynpizzaburger: it is just one theory, there can be other reasons. you likely have a broken file system on / now. if the file system isn't that broken you could still have booted to recovery, but from what i understand that's no longer so. so you need to boot off a working live system and repair from there.13:43
pizzaburgertomreyn: Thanks for the insight! Any pointers on where should I start with the repair?13:44
tomreynyes, do the smartctl -x (or just -a) against the disk you normally boot off first. review it, or have it reviewed here (pastebin). then, if it looks ok, run fsck against then normal installations' root file system.13:44
tomreynpizzaburger: note that you have two major problems here: no (complete, current, proven restorable) backups, EOL system (we would not normally support you here with this). make sure you fix both of those as soon as you can.13:47
pizzaburgertomreyn: roger that.13:47
tomreyn!smart | pizzaburger13:48
ubottupizzaburger: smart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools13:48
pizzaburgertomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CBczsSrVHt/a13:50
pizzaburgertomreyn: could you please review the output?13:51
tomreynpizzaburger: " The Paste you are looking for does not currently exist. "13:52
tomreynlooks like you meant https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CBczsSrVHt/13:52
tomreynpizzaburger: i'm not really able to interpret this other than by "SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED" - i've not worked much with nvme's, yet.13:55
tomreynbut based on that message, you can probably go ahead and (try to) repair the file system and backup your data13:55
tomreyn"Unsafe Shutdowns: 174" - that's plenty, try to prevent this in the future.13:56
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key13:57
pizzaburgertomreyn: awesome, thanks! Will keep the unsafe shutdown in mind, but those are all cases when I had this problem earlier. So I'm just running "fsck" in ubuntu@ubuntu dir, right? Or should I mount that /dev/nvme0n1p5 disk first?14:01
tomreynpizzaburger: whenever you can, run fsck against file systems which are not mounted14:03
tomreyni don't know which device you need to check14:04
pizzaburgertomreyn: so "fsck /dev/nvme0n1p5" - that's the Solaris Root partition14:04
tomreyn"Solaris Root partition"?14:05
tomreynthis channel is about ubuntu linux14:05
pizzaburgerI'm viewing the disks in "Disks"14:05
tomreyndo you use zfs in addition to btrfs?14:06
pizzaburgerHave 5 volumes: partition1 (BIOS Boot), Filesystem (EFI system), Partition 3 (linux swap), bpool (solaris boot), rpool (Solaris Root)14:06
tomreynhmm i guess i lack experience with btrfs then. indeed, something on either bpool or rpool may be what you need to check.14:08
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pizzaburgertomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rPNSFts7Kh/14:11
=== shinobi is now known as FKAShinobi
pizzaburgerI assume that's not what I'm looking for14:11
tomreynpizzaburger: not according to the wiki page i posted above (which is from 2015)14:13
tomreyni suggest to read up on it ot to wait for someone who is experienced with btrfs.14:13
pizzaburgerOk, so I'm doing "btrfs check --repair <device>" on the root volume, and not any other volume on my disk, correct? The root one being the biggest (507 GB out of 512 GB)14:15
tomreynabout "Will keep the unsafe shutdown in mind, but those are all cases when I had this problem earlier" - note that file system corruption doesn't neccessarily go away by itself. especially if it remains, you need to actively try to fix it and not just ignore the error.14:16
pizzaburgertomreyn: Duly noted.14:16
tomreynnow is a good time (since the system is not live) to ensure that all file systems are in good shape.14:17
tomreynhow you'll do this for btrfs, i'm afraid i do not know.14:17
pizzaburgertomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ny29nPFvkd/14:18
tomreynpizzaburger: see above14:19
tomreynpizzaburger: i think i brought up btrfs here, mixing this up with a chat i had in #ubuntu-server. what you have there is probably zfs, not btrfs14:21
marcoagpintowhy has my VM installed hours ago crashed?14:21
marcoagpintoI deleted and reinstalled it because "videos" app was crashing all the time14:21
tomreynpizzaburger: i also can't help you fix zfs, though14:21
tomreynmarcoagpinto: then it won't be possible to find out now.14:22
marcoagpintobut this screenshot is from the one I installed today14:22
marcoagpintoit crashed while I was browsing with Firefox14:22
jellymarcoagpinto, virtualbox can be unstable every now and then.  You could try hyper-v or esxi for the host14:23
jellyor kvm14:23
marcoagpintoI don't have Windows 10 Pro, so no hyper-v :(14:23
tomreynmarcoagpinto: okay, so this error is about virtualbox guest additions.14:23
jellymarcoagpinto, in any case, you'll want to look at logs on the host side for reasons for crash14:24
marcoagpintotomreyn: is that good?14:24
tomreynmarcoagpinto: it means the failing software is not part of ubuntu14:24
alkisgIt's saying that you didn't install gcc so it can't compile the additions14:25
alkisgYou don't need to compile them, just install them from the ubuntu repositories14:25
marcoagpintoI didn't install gcc, only pearl14:25
nibjcpearl best progrem14:26
marcoagpintoif I do: sudo apt-get install gcc14:26
marcoagpintowill the crash be gone for good?14:26
mohaby "enable -now" we can enable a service  and start it: systemctl enable --now something.service14:26
mohais there any trick to restart and get the status of service one after the other in one systemctl command?14:26
tomreynmarcoagpinto: to provide the very file the error message discusses you'd need to install libgcc1 - but you may actually need mor ethan just that to make VirtualBox Guest Additions work. they do provide documentation. the easiest approach may be to sudo apt install build-essential14:28
marcoagpintogcc is already the newest version (4:9.3.0-1ubuntu2).14:29
marcoagpintoThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:14:29
marcoagpinto  chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra gstreamer1.0-vaapi14:29
marcoagpinto  libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0 libva-wayland214:29
alzghHello, sorry if this question is out of scope or obvious. If I want to investigate/read the source of a GNU tool on Ubuntu, say `factor` from coreutils, where/how can I find the source on Ubuntu repos? Is it better to investigate it on Ubuntu repos or go to GNU upstream?14:29
tomreyn!paste | marcoagpinto14:29
ubottumarcoagpinto: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:29
marcoagpintoahhh... sorry about the multiplelines14:29
marcoagpintotomreyn: sudo apt install build-essential ? I am about to run it14:30
tomreynmoha: not that i know of, but this should be easy to script14:30
marcoagpintolet me reboot the VM14:31
hajonnesI'm trying to build a .desktop file. when I execute it I get error but when I start the program directly without the .desktop file I get no error.14:31
hajonneserror log https://pastebin.com/65xvvuPS14:33
hajonnes.desktop file https://pastebin.com/R7u85wUQ14:34
hajonneswhat could be the problem? I have a .ini file that I think is not engaging when using the .desktop file but I'm not sure.14:36
tomreynhajonnes: you may want / need to specify Path=14:36
varaindemianhow can I install python3 32-bit on ubuntu 18.04/20.04 64-bit?14:36
hajonnestomreyn, ok the path to the directory where the execution should take place?14:37
tomreynhajonnes: yes, that's what i mean. i hope PAth= is correct, i haven't verified this14:38
hajonnestomreyn, I'll check it out. Thanks for your help! :)14:39
tomreynhajonnes: it is correct according to https://specifications.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/desktop-entry-spec-latest.html#recognized-keys14:40
tomreynalso note that package desktop-file-utils provides the command desktop-file-validate14:41
hajonnestomreyn, thanks a lot. I did not find that. :)14:41
tomreynyou're welcome14:42
tomreynpizzaburger: so i think what you need to do is to recover a zfs pool. you should be able to read up on how to do this online.14:42
pizzaburgertomreyn: Yeah, I encrypted the drive with ZSF.14:43
tomreynencryption, too?14:43
SnoopJvaraindemian, you can install the i386 architecture version of the package (i.e. `python3:i386`), or you could build your own (I like using pyenv for this)14:43
pizzaburgertomreyn: Was a brand new way to encrypt when 20.10 launched.14:43
tomreynpizzaburger: and certainly marked as "experimental"?14:43
pizzaburgertomreyn: can't recall, but would say no. Would they include experimental features as default options?14:44
tomreynnot as default, but as experimental features, yes14:45
pizzaburgertomreyn: ok, googling on how to recover a zfs pool. Thanks!14:47
hajonnestomreyn, the desktop-file-validate say "Encoding=" is deprecated, could I just remove it then?14:49
varaindemianSnoopJ: installed it with sudo apt python3:i386 how can I see that this is what it uses?14:49
hajonnestomreyn, I think it is ok.14:50
tomreynhajonnes: yes14:53
tomreynvaraindemian: dpkg -L python3:i386 | grep -E '^(/usr)/s?bin/'   should list executables provided by the package you installed14:58
hajonneshow can I copy or write a path in to nautilus?14:59
SnoopJvaraindemian, I'm not sure, I've never done multi-arch, don't even know if you can have multiple arch versions of the same package installed simultaneously.14:59
SnoopJI wouldn't recommend trying it even if it's possible, dist-packages is basically designed to explode15:00
tomreynhajonnes: Ctrl-L15:00
tomreyn(lower case L)15:00
tomreynhajonnes: btw. it's called GNOME Files now (in case you'll try to find documentation)15:02
matsamanwhich you won't be able to with a name like 'files' =)15:02
hajonnestomreyn, ok thank you! :) Do you know how to get the icon for a program when I build the .desktop. When I start the program the icon gets engaged and shows (at least before I created the .desktop file) can I somhow see what the program is using. I have tried to search for -iname xmind.ico, png, jpg, swg. but no luck15:09
hajonnesxmind being the program name.15:09
hajonnestomreyn, found some versions of icons. but still, is it possible to see what xmind is using?15:14
wonko[m]what is libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0 and why is it being installed?15:19
wonko[m] * what is `libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0` and why is it being installed?15:19
SnoopJto the first question: 'GStreamer libraries from the "bad" set' https://packages.ubuntu.com/hirsute/libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0 the base/good/bad/ugly division is from gstreamer itself apparently: https://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/documentation/additional/splitup.html15:24
SnoopJto the second: dunno, we can't see what command you issued15:24
wonko[m]apt update/apt upgrade15:25
wonko[m]removed that with dpkg, now it's happening somewhere else:15:25
wonko[m]dpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/avldrums.lv2-data_5%3a0.4.1_all.deb (--unpack):15:25
wonko[m] trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/lv2/avldrums.lv2/Black_Pearl_4_LV2.sf2', which is also in package avldrums.lv2-soundfont 0.4.2~repack1-1```15:25
* wonko[m] sighs15:25
SnoopJwonko[m], can you paste the output of `apt show libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0` ?15:30
SnoopJthe -dmo4 bit in the version of the installed package makes me wonder if you've gotten the installed version of that package from some other repository and Weird Stuff is afoot15:31
SnoopJah, and so it is15:31
wonko[m]what the hell is madlinux?15:31
SnoopJwonko[m], so as to the "why," that's because apt sees the package in the Ubuntu repositories and wants to upgrade to it15:32
wonko[m]I remove the madlinux source15:32
wonko[m]things are much happier now15:32
wonko[m]Ok, not better (but apt is happy)15:36
wonko[m]Autoremove just broke X15:37
SnoopJoh boy15:37
wonko[m]Yeah, something important got removed and a bunch of very important dependencies went with it15:38
wonko[m]Is there a way to find out what packages should be installed by default?15:38
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ioriawonko[m], you can check the manifest ( e.g. http://releases.ubuntu.com/20.04/ ) but usually some packages are removed after the install15:41
Guest46Hello, if anyone has any experience recovering ZFS pools I'd very much appreciate some pointers. Can't boot to Ubuntu 20.10 desktop after unlocking my drive. Thanks!15:43
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ioriawonko[m], or you can try to reinstall the ubuntu-desktop pkg: sudo apt  install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop^   (note the caret); but before hat i'd check the sanity of the system , meaning purge external sources15:43
wonko[m]Would that be the same meta package name for studio?15:44
ioriai don't think so...15:45
ioriai guess is xfce415:45
wonko[m]Let me ask ovenwerks15:45
wonko[m]I'm on 21.04 so plasma15:46
wonko[m]That should have been obvious. 🤣15:49
BluesKajHi all15:53
alzghis there a way one can go through Ubuntu's source without downloading the source repositories? Like through a web frontend.15:56
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manuelshi i have ubuntu server 64 bit on my pi. 64 bit is mandatory for docker aarch64 images. therefore I cant use bluezalso from the raspbian repos. is there a way to make the pi a bluetooth a2dp sink?15:58
tarzeau_alzgh: debian has that, not sure with ubuntu (but since they sync it, it's pretty much the same, but not exactly)15:58
alzghDebian, is good enough for me.15:59
tarzeau_manin_: there's a way to install arm64 debian on it, but dunno if ubuntu has arm64 images for raspberry yet15:59
tarzeau_alzgh: example link to browser a source pkg: https://sources.debian.org/src/pt2-clone/1.27+ds-1/16:00
alzghJust found this refrence on the front page:16:00
alzghthanks tarzeau_16:01
tarzeau_alzgh: wait until you find engrish.com and r/engrish :)16:01
alzghO, man. I cant work until I check that :D16:02
gloomyHey :-) Is there something similar to gparted but slightly more beginner friendly (ideally something that can check that the current configuration is sensible and identify problems)?16:07
TJ-gloomy: you're describing gparted :)16:07
ioriagloomy, you can try gnome-disks16:07
GremsTerminal emulators: Which ones allow me to limit the number of tabs/windows that are open at the same time, the easiest? E.g. setting the limit at 10, and when I attempt to open #11, this one is immediately closed. (bash- and UTF-8-support are pretty much mandatory)16:09
pizzaburgertomreyn: is there a way to access the drive from a live Ubuntu boot in order to scrape the data? Considering I can unlock the drive.16:11
pizzaburgerReading on recovering ZFS pools but that's way over my head.16:11
MerrittFresh install of Kubuntu 21.04, splash screen is blank / black while booting until the desktop loads. Not too familiar with.. plymouth I think? All the wikis / articles I found seem outdated and unreliable.16:29
wonko[m]All fixed, thanks guys!16:31
pizzaburgerGot to importing the zpools but can't figure out how to recover them: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2sppCt3F38/. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!17:02
mybalzitchsudo zpool import -f bpool rpool17:02
pizzaburgermybalzitch: Thanks! Seems the commands worked, trying to reboot to see whether I still have the same error.17:06
pizzaburgerNope, still at "psmouse serio1: synaptics: unable to qquery device: -5" error after unlocking drive.17:09
logranrunrunning ubuntu 20.04, it looks like the ondrive support is integrated into the system. how do I access it. I can see in the control pannel under online accounts I am signed into Microsoft17:13
logranrunOneDrive I mean17:13
logranrunso on the control pannel it has "Online Accounts". It looks like google drive is integrated into the file explorer. I am trying to figure out how one drive works since there is a microsoft option, but I don't see the drive mounted anywhere17:21
rfmlogranrun, I installed the "onedrive" package to use it. I seem to remember something about it not working on 20.04, though (I built it from source there.)  On 21.04 it works OK except a compiler bug makes it dump core on exit.  Setting it up is a bit complicated too, read the docs17:26
logranrunrfm, I am familiar with the ondrive executible17:32
logranrunbut it seems something is built into 20.0417:32
logranrunI ahave been searching and it doesn't seem like anyone else knows what it does either17:33
rfmlogranrun, I suspect the Microsoft account in settings is for mail and calendar...17:33
logranrunIf you click on it, it seems to support mail and documents17:34
mconI seem to remember Ubuntu has facilities to run processes in a container mimicking an older version (I need to run in 16.04) but I cannot remember details. Can someone point me in the right direction?17:36
logranrunmaybe it is just broken in this release or soemthing17:36
logranrunfound something in the manual that says to use a documents app, not sure what that means17:37
oldgalileomcon: Pretty sure it's `adapt`?17:37
logranrunguess i am stuck with onedrive, the down side to that was you basically have to keep a mirror of the onedrive stored locally I think, or at least the part you use17:38
ioriai think he's looking for debootstrap and schroot17:39
ioriamcon,  ^ unless you want to install a vm or lxc17:41
mconoldgalileo: No, AFAIK "adapt" makes some old software run in the current distribution. My need is the reverse: I have a build environment (not part of ubuntu distribution) expecting to run under Ubuntu 16.04. It generally works also with current (20.04), but in certain instances fails (e.g.: while compiling some selinux packages).17:42
mconCurrent "solution" is to run in a VirtualBox VM, but that is very heavy.17:42
mconI seem to recall there's some Hypervisor expecially tuned to run older Ubuntu releases and that Ubuntu maintains a series of "ready-to-use images. Did I dream?17:44
hajonneswhere can I find infromation about my system, e.g. what firewall is installed @ubuntu 20.0417:45
rfmmcon, are you thinking of multipass * http://multipass.run )?  Only question is does it have a 16.04 image..17:46
ioriamcon, https://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/Programmazione/DebootstrapChroot17:49
toddchajonnes: none I recommend ufw if yu want one17:50
hajonnestoddc I was thinking of installing firewalld https://firewalld.org/ and wonder if that is frontend of something. It seems that I have ufw installed but inactive.17:50
mconioria: I think lxc was the thing I had in mind. I will look also ay proposed alternatives. THANKS!17:51
hajonnestoddc though going in to "ubuntu software" it seams I have no marking of ufw being installed and there it says that I can install it.. strange?17:51
toddchajonnes: https://www.configserverfirewall.com/ufw-ubuntu-firewall/ubuntu-check-firewall-status-ufw/17:52
tomreynhajonnes: since the xmind 'executable' is a likely a .jar file (a java archive, actually a zip archive), there's a good chance you'll find an icon sized image file in it. idally, icons and logos should be in SVG format, but several other formats (such as those you mentioned) will work, too. the .Desktop file can point to an image file you placed on disk. common locations to store such files are /usr/share/icons/ and ~/.local/share/icons/17:59
tomreynpizzaburger: i do not know how to recover ZFS pools. chances are someone else here (or in #linux) will know.17:59
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tomreynhello carnophage2, and welcome to ubuntu (volunteer) support.18:22
tomreynlogranrun: from what i remember, there are two usable onedrive clients available for Linux. Both of which do not immediately provide a GUI (but i think they describe ways to integrate with existing GUIs, such as GNOME Files / Nautilus). The one that's in Ubuntu (also available in never releases from a PPA), and another one. At least the first one is configurable. While it defaults to the 'full mirror' approach you discussed, later versions can18:29
tomreynalso run in the 'only access over the network' (and maybe also the 'only mirror what's regularly used') approach. The second implementation actually defaults to this approach.18:29
carnophage2hey tom18:30
carnophage2i want to set it up18:31
carnophage2where hexchat starts when i turn on my vm18:31
carnophage2i run ubuntu18:31
carnophage2i added hexchat in the startup programs18:31
carnophage2and it still doesn't start up when i turn on the vm18:31
carnophage2am i missing an argument or something?18:31
carnophage2for command i just have "hexchat"18:31
tomreynlogranrun: first implementation (in ubuntu) and installationa nd configuration details (scroll down) https://github.com/abraunegg/onedrive --- second implementation: https://github.com/skilion/onedrive18:33
tomreyn!enter | carnophage218:33
ubottucarnophage2: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.18:33
tomreyncarnophage2: is there a ~/.config/autostart/*exchat*.desktop  file?18:35
tomreyncarnophage2: the easiest approach for configurring applications you want to autostart is to install GNOME Tweaks ("Tweaks"), run it, go to "Startup Applications" and select the application you want to start.18:36
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pizzaburgertomreyn: Thanks!18:39
pizzaburgerHow do I view all the messages from this chat room? Is there an archive?18:39
tomreyn!irclogs | pizzaburger18:40
ubottupizzaburger: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/18:40
hajonnesI do not find the keyboard layout I want in the settings but it is installed. I can activate it by "setxkbmap eu". How do I make it permanent and how do I select it from the gui @ubutntu 20.0418:40
carnophage2ubottu ok i did not know.18:40
tomreynMerritt: if this is a Kubuntu specific issue (it could be, and I assume it is also "nvidia" driver specific), you may want to ask about it in #kubuntu instead.18:42
tomreynhajonnes: this is euskalherria, right?18:44
hajonnestomreyn, no it is eurokey https://eurkey.steffen.bruentjen.eu/download.html18:50
hajonnessorry eurkey18:50
hajonnesunder "Choose your installation"18:51
tomreyni would not strictly expect this to be already packaged18:52
tomreyn...in ubuntu18:52
tomreynand, at least in ISO-639-1, "eu" is definitely short for "euskal" (basque)18:54
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hajonnestomreyn, it is packed in ubuntu. but since it is US keyboard with altGr to make special characters I tried to find it under US. Do you know where it is stored, I tried to search for euskara but could not find anything.19:06
tomreynhajonnes: you're saying it's packaged, then you'll know the package name? you can show all the files in a deb package using    dpkg -L <packagename>    and this may hint on how to select it on the GUI.19:09
hajonnestomreyn, I'm not sure, "setxkbmap eu" results in the eurkey keyboard layout. So it must exist in some package. it also says on the homepage that it is included in xkeyboard-config 2.12 and newer. But I do not know more than that.19:22
SayonaHi, I need some help with VLC on ubuntu, I have two separate windows for display + another one for control.. how I can to be only one windows when I start vlc?19:39
LiblxHello, I have closed all apps and terminals using my external drive but I still can't diconnect it safely. Is there a way to find the process using the drive?19:54
kodiak_fphilisophical question.  Better to place /boot on LVM or on a raw partition?  I see pros and cons19:56
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TJ-anyone else noticed that dhclient doesn't send its hostname despite the /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf "send host-name = gethostname();" ?20:09
SimplarCan I use legacy Unity from Ubuntu 14.04?20:20
leftyfbSimplar: no, nothing from Ubuntu 14.04 is supported any longer. There is still a maintained Unity project AFAIK though so you should be able to use that20:25
SimplarWhat would you recommend by the way in place of unity?20:25
tomreyn!info ubuntu-unity-desktop20:26
ubottuubuntu-unity-desktop (0.3, hirsute): The Ubuntu Unity desktop system. In component universe, is optional. Built by ubuntu-unity-meta. Size 4 kB / 8 kB. (Only available for amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el.)20:26
leftyfbSimplar: I would recommend gnome shell which is the default in ubuntu20:27
tomreynit only has community support, though. the default and most supported desktop would be ubuntu-desktop (based on the gnome shell)20:27
leftyfbSimplar: free free to ask for more opinions in #ubuntu-offtopic20:27
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Lutinhi guys... I'm wondering what resoved uses by default as its (forward) DNS servers... it seems to use my local ISP's ones but I don't see them define anywhere22:07
toddcLutin: if we assume you are using default dhcp service DNS is confiured in you router all traffic goes from laptop to router then to the internet and external dns22:14
toddcLutin: you can overide any of those settings22:15
Lutintoddc true...  indeed... can resolved use the rootservers ?22:16
Lutintoddc yeah I know but didn't thought of DHCP :)22:16
toddcLutin: if you change your laptop to say google DNS you will not find other local computers on your network so normally we set DNS at the router level22:20
Lutintoddc yeah but this is a public VPS... that's why22:20
toddcLutin: I like to set all my computers/servers to static IP and gateways routes ect then I do not need dhcp service --more stable22:23
Lutintoddc yeah I agree but this is pretty solid22:23
Lutintoddc I wonder how I can make resolved use the rootservers22:24
toddcedit /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml to your liking22:25
TJ-Lutin: you should never use the root servers as resolver22:26
LutinTJ- why not ? what do you think a real resolver uses ?22:26
Lutintoddc I was hoping that resolved had those servers in hardcoded22:27
toddcLutin:   https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/network-configuration   no --  I agree with TJ- I avoid it/always used a local DNS that forwards to a external22:30
TJ-root servers provide hints but they're not intended for recursive resolving for clients22:31
TJ-If it is a VPS then using the ISP's recursive resolvers, or a public service like Cloudflare, Quad9, or similar, is the best option22:32
Lutintoddc not when you are not in control of the DNS servers... powerdns recursor can fix it also22:32
LutinTJ- hints ?22:33
TJ-use bind as a recursive resolver then it's all yours, no forwarder22:43
hajonnesis there a place where I can put a setxkbmap command that gets executed on startup? .xinitrc does not work. I think gnome is overriding a lot of stuff.22:48
noarbin order to print to a CUPS ubuntu server from a separate CUPS service running on both, or is there a smaller client available?22:55
noarbsorry, kind of gibberish. If an ubuntu server is running CUPs and has a printer attached and shareable, is the full CUPS suite required on clients to print to that server?22:56
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BinarySaviorwhen i get a crash "The application APPNAME has closed unexpectedly" where does it log all the details?23:14
BinarySaviori would like to attach it to a bug report23:14
Lutinwould it be possible to install bind and make it listen only on localhost ?23:39

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