tomreynError: which ubuntu version is this? did you install it yourself, or is this a host provided image?00:00
tomreyndo oyu know which virtualization thi sis?00:00
Errorubuntu 18.04 virtualization KVM00:02
tomreynthere's no "networking.service" in 18.04 LTS, though. did you create this yourself?00:02
Errornot sure about the installation part though cos its not mine00:03
Errori havent touched anything without the adding ipv6 in interface00:03
tomreyndoes your host recommend setting network properties via /etc/network/interfaces? this is deprecated in ubuntu00:03
tar_xvfare you using a cloud virtual machine service?00:04
Errori have just https://www.e2enetworks.com/help/knowledge-base/how-to-assign-ipv6-on-ubuntu-server/ followed this00:04
tomreyncan you show the output of   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version_signature,cmdline})00:05
Errorone sec00:06
tar_xvfError: I looked online and found a page that says "Yes, our vps support IPv6 just send us a ticket to request one or more ipv6.", did you open a ticket to get ipv6 enabled already?00:06
goddardany way to compare the current installation with a fresh installation to see what has changed?00:06
goddardseems like it would be a cool program to have00:08
Errortomreyn : https://termbin.com/o9sr00:08
goddardif it doesn't exist00:08
tomreyngoddard: debsums can change changed files which belong to packages00:08
goddardis everything in ubuntu a package?00:08
tomreynError: see https://netplan.io on how to configure networking on Ubuntu Server using the "systemd-networkd" renderer00:08
tomreyngoddard: not everything, but the very most.00:09
goddardhmm okay gotta see if maybe some kind of crazy bash magic script could help with debsums or something00:10
Errortar_xvf : on control panel its show it has ipv6 like /64 so i was thinking i dont need to open a ticket00:10
tomreynsudo debsums -as00:11
JoeLlamaHow many people here have memory leaks?  If I run my PC with 6GB RAM, by the end of the day I am down to 2% and I have to reboot.00:12
tar_xvfcan you run top or htop and see what is consuming the memory?00:13
JoeLlamaThat's 2% of free memory left after all programs have been closed...  I know some of you have noticed this...00:13
Errortomreyn : thanks...should i just install netplan do i have to remove anything?00:14
JoeLlamahi tar_xvf and yes...00:14
JoeLlamamostly I think firefox00:14
tomreynError: do you use this VPS as a server or as a desktop?00:14
JoeLlamatar_xvf how do you tell where the leaks are... you can see how much is being used but you can't tell what is missing after the application is closed.00:14
JoeLlamabut yeah, after I close firefox memory goes missing00:15
JoeLlamaOpera too :.00:15
tomreynError: then netplan and systemd-networkd would be default, yes. i don't know why the image you're using differs from those defaults, though. this is something you should maybe check with the hosting provider00:15
Errormostly for znc though...but somebody just given it to to to fix ipv6 ;( and im flopping big time00:15
JoeLlamahow can we recover memory from a memory leak without rebooting?00:15
JoeLlamawhen I first run lubuntu I have about 83% of my 6 GB00:16
tomreynJoeLlama: by exiting or killing the respective process.00:16
tar_xvfJoeLlama: and the memory doesn't get cleared up after you close firefox? I would have thought that all that memory which is still being used by the application without being free'd would be cleared when you close firefox/opera00:16
JoeLlamathis has become a real problem in recent years00:16
tomreynJoeLlama: "free" memory may be misleading. see linuxatemyram.com00:17
JoeLlamatomreyn unfortunately memory lost from a memory leak does not come back by exiting or killing a process00:17
JoeLlamaat the end of the day with all appliations closed I have 2% of my RAM left00:17
tomreynsee above00:17
JoeLlamaoh ok thanks tomreyn00:17
JoeLlamaI look (:00:17
JoeLlamatomreyn I just know then I run outta ram and it starts swapping things get BAD :(00:18
oerhekssome claim memory leaks with social media pages open00:18
tar_xvfhave you experienced any actual hampered performance when you continued to let the free memory dwindle instead of restarting before it decreases to 0%?00:19
nr0q_radioit's all those embeded JavaScript based bitcoin miners :P00:19
JoeLlamathanks again tomreyn I will check that site out later when my work is done... see, this is why I come to #ubuntu :)00:19
tomreynwith a busy modern web browser and a graphical desktop and maybe other software running, 6 GB RAM can indeed be insufficient these days.00:19
tar_xvfJoeLlama: tldr is the free RAM is used by linux for disk caching, and will immediately be cleared when it is needed without losing performance, so it is not a cause for concern.00:19
JoeLlamaoerheks I don't do social media :/00:20
nr0q_radioI have 80GB in my box00:20
JoeLlama(I have no life)00:20
JoeLlamatar_xvf it only happens when I run outta memory and I start disk swapping then things get bad00:20
JoeLlamaI am wondering if this is a "me" thing or if this is a well known issue... I see lots of users complainging about it00:21
JoeLlamatomreyn yeah true 6 GB is not enough...,  unfortunately, I have about 27 of these computers and 6 GB is the limit set by BIOS00:21
JoeLlamaI think that memory leaks are being ignored as people throw ram at it... like nr0q_radio said... I can only wish nr0q_radio :)00:22
tomreynJoeLlama: sorry to hear that. which hardware is this?00:22
JoeLlamaokay tar_xvf I will keep that in mind00:22
JoeLlamaI have piles of Dell Inspiron 1720's00:23
nr0q_radioI'm actually pretty happy with my OS's performance, I find that if I actually close browser tabs, I can get my memory usage way down00:23
dman777https://dpaste.org/7xRS I want to install nvidia-settings.... but it looks like it wants to bring in gnome desktop. Am I reading the ouput correctly?00:23
JoeLlamamostly with the NVidia GeForce 8600's graphics... right now I cannot use those systems with linux because of an issue with the NVidia drivers.,,,  they are borked I think when 5.11 came out.00:24
JoeLlamawaiting for a fix00:24
JoeLlamathe systems I can use are using Intel Crestline graphics... I think GM96500:24
JoeLlamaI will look dman777 thanks00:24
JoeLlamanr0q_radio yes my memory comes back when I close my browser tabs but not all of it00:25
oerheks8600 .. maybe the 340 driver works on those ancient cards00:25
JoeLlamafrom what I read this is a known issue00:25
tomreynJoeLlama: hmm okthose are really old laptops.00:26
JoeLlamayeah ancient :)00:26
JoeLlamayup yup old old00:26
JoeLlamagot piles of them00:26
JoeLlamanot willing to just toss them I save old computers00:26
oerheksand maybe youtube 3 frames/second00:26
tomreynmaybe you can cluster them ;)00:26
nr0q_radioI have had people try to tell me that a program I'm helping dev has a memory leak but when they close it out, and wait several minutes they are back to where they started, yes the program will use a little more memory as your using it if your constantly adding data for it to kerchunk00:27
JoeLlamawell this is all good information...  I will just keep dancing this mess around00:27
JoeLlamain my (old) world where I went to college to learn programming memory leaks were unacceptable.,. these days it's just part of doing business.00:28
tar_xvf[citation needed] but ok00:28
JoeLlamawhen I write a program all the memory is recovered on exit00:28
tomreynthere are some othe rlinux distros you could consider, which target old computers specifically00:28
JoeLlamayeah I use lubuntu tomreyn I like it a lot00:28
nr0q_radioyeah ours is too, it just takes the OS 4-5min to do it since memory recovery is often a low priority task unless your running in defecit00:28
tomreynJoeLlama: lubuntu is not one of them00:29
JoeLlamaworks really well for most things ,,, even wine for windows emulation works pretty well for me :)00:29
JoeLlamaoh :/00:29
JoeLlamawhat are they tomreyn?00:29
JoeLlamaI still like lubuntu00:29
tomreynlubunt is nice, i'm just saying it's not / no longer a distribution targetting old systems. they changed the desktop environment and require similar specifications as ubuntu and kubuntu now.00:30
JoeLlamaoh yes I understand tomreyn right....00:30
nr0q_radiowould regular ubuntu with xfce or lxde work?00:31
JoeLlamait does not seem to be looking to save very old systems00:31
JoeLlamayeah LXQt here00:31
tomreyni suggest asking for suggestions on #linux00:32
JoeLlamaI think it's a shame to toss a perfectly good computer in the trash... a computer than can work for many years and do it's job properly and fast.00:32
JoeLlamayeah ok tomreyn good idea00:32
nr0q_radioI have a really old Dell D2400 that I need to plug in one last time, drop anything I want off the drive to my NAS and then pack the case full of tannerite and site in my rifle00:32
JoeLlamaI have about 60 laptops here... all old00:32
dman777I have a new Focal server install. I also installed X11 and xinit. https://dpaste.org/MSAA When I go into the X server, there is no cursor. This is on my PC. I am not finding anything (unless I am missing it) about mouse issues00:33
JoeLlamaaw :/00:33
nr0q_radiobut at some point they just aren't worth burning the extra electricity waiting on them to do something that runs in a few seconds on even a 2-3yr old system today00:33
JoeLlamathat's the problem with this world... rip the planet up to get materials to build a computer, use it for three years, get a new one and toss the old one out to the dump.00:33
JoeLlamajust sad imho00:34
JoeLlamaokay I step off my soapbox now00:34
JoeLlamathanks for the help all good information00:34
nr0q_radioand coming from a business perspective, I had a hard time convincing my hire ups that they did get their money out of win95/winNT boxes they bought cheap in the 90s but that it'd be cheaper to replace them before they died and not wait until we were off-the-air for a week waiting on new equipment00:35
JoeLlamamy first "real" computer was an IBM PC cassette interface and 16K motherboard upgradeable to 64K back in '81 or '8200:35
JoeLlamawin95 bites along with win98 and winME but winNT rox :)00:35
nr0q_radiohad a lot of old pre 2k boxes that had been running 24/7 365 since the mid 90s into the mid 2010s00:36
JoeLlamawin95/98/ME were a virus00:36
JoeLlamayeah nr0q_radio even so they did hold up mostly didn't they?00:36
JoeLlamawin95/98/ME you could crash over the internet by sending a packet to port 139 :(  VERY bad TCP/IP stacks00:37
nr0q_radiohad a win95 box that wasn't anything special, running a DOS based control system that the on-air talent interfaced with to pick songs, setup satellite feeds, etc, and a RHEL box underneath it with no user interface that just took commands over a RS422 line from the win box, the linux box did the music/ad playout, was very 90s tech00:37
JoeLlamaWinNT without PnP I could run for years without shutting down00:37
tomreynplease head over to #ubuntu-offtopic for chats - #ubuntu is really just for support00:38
nr0q_radioahh ok, see you there00:38
JoeLlamaokay tomreyn I'm done anyways00:38
JoeLlamaoh ok I go talk there :)00:38
dman777https://dpaste.org/7xRS#L53,57,63 How can I install nvidia-settings without pulling in gnome desktop? I ran sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings --no-install-recommends --no-install-suggests but it still wants to pull in a tone gnome softwar00:40
oerheksdman777, what desktop do you use then? and ubuntu version?00:43
oerheksstettings is a graphical tool, so ...00:44
dman777oerheks: I am using Ubuntu server focal. I am not using a desktop....just X11 server alone atm00:44
oerheksi guess, the answer is no?00:45
dman777sorry, I don't understand exactly what you are asking00:46
dman777oerheks: I installed using Ubuntu Focal ubuntu-20.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso. There is no desktop managers.00:47
GinaloHi. Has anyonw ever ran to an issue where you cant select text on `gedit` nor the terminal using either mouse or keyboard?00:49
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devslash-Every time I run dpkg --configure -a my Ubuntu 20.04 system locks up01:40
devslash-I could use some help I don't know what to do01:41
Bashing-omdevslash-: A place to start troubleshooting is to see what the package manager thinks - what results in the 1st step of ' sudo apt update ' ?01:50
devslash-It updates01:52
devslash-Then says I have 117 packages to upgrade01:52
Bashing-omdevslash-: Now try 2nd ' sudo apt full-upgrade ' :D01:53
devslash-If I do apt upgrade it says dpkg was interrupted01:53
Bashing-omdevslash-: If errors - please pastebin the complete output.01:53
Bashing-om!paste | devslash-01:54
ubottudevslash-: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:54
devslash-It says to run dpkg --configure -a01:54
devslash-Every time that I run that command ubunru locks up01:54
Bashing-omdevslash-: Should ^^ give a list of why .. we need to see that list.01:54
devslash-Doesn't say anything else01:55
Bashing-omdevslash-: Not much help then ,,, let's try ' sudo apt autoclean ; sudo apt autoremove ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo apt -f install ; sudo dpkg -C '.01:58
morganuOOPS CAPS03:08
morganuthe "good ole alt-grab" no longer works.03:09
morganuwhat? (I moved the window to the left and it got smaller.) Works now, I solved MY problem.03:21
Bashing-om!yay | morganu03:22
ubottumorganu: Glad you made it! :-)03:22
morganuthanks... that reteaches me how to use ubottu. The other day I searched online and could not find how to talk politely enough to get him to listen. lol.03:26
Bashing-ommorganu: Talking to google is in fact a deep act of diplomacy.03:31
morganulooking it up myself before asking is a must, just basically polite.03:32
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gruntovcanhi there. any data analystis/marketers using ubuntu, i have some use case questions. plus, do you use ubuntu for your business? are you missing anything?04:37
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gruntovcanhi there. any data analystis/marketers using ubuntu, i have some use case questions. plus, do you use ubuntu for your business? are you missing anything?04:41
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gruntovcanadditionally - how big is your /home partition?04:42
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lotuspsychje!partitioning | gruntovcan04:49
ubottugruntovcan: For help with partitioning a new install see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition | For partitioning programs, see !GParted (recommended) or !PartitionManager. Other partitioning topics include !fstab, !home, and !swap04:49
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crorafHi. Again I have issue with apt (permission error). /var/lib/apt/lists had all owners as root. But every now and then some file gets the owner _apt ? Why is this occuring, and what does it mean?09:24
unimatrix9hello all09:41
unimatrix9i tried to turnoff the updater ( ubuntu 20.04 ) , but it still shows up .. is there a know way to get it off ?09:42
unimatrix9even editing : APT::Periodic::Update-Package-Lists "1";09:43
unimatrix9APT::Periodic::Unattended-Upgrade "1";09:43
unimatrix9does not work somehow..09:44
unimatrix9any tips or insight is welcome since it constantly is breaking my vm machine server boot09:45
leggendag 11 04:46:52 2021 GM to Nov  9 04:46:50 2021 GM10:18
leggenda* * Cipher info:10:18
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linuxuser-123cd Desktop11:32
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fedorafanhello how to copy all files into the same directory with a new suffix for example12:13
tomreynfedorafan: linux file systems and shells have no concept of file suffixes, so it's basically just "renaming the file, based on a pattern".12:18
fedorafanthx someone else also told me a shell script i wanna try thanks12:19
fedorafantomreyn yeah i used something very similar people in another room also told me to use such a script and it seems to work thanks12:25
tomreynplease don't cross-post, though12:26
fedorafantomreyn do you want to forbid me to ask in other rooms too are you serious12:32
fedorafandid i get you right12:32
ThinkT510would you be diligent enough to inform all the rooms you asked when you do find the solution to your issue?12:33
BinarySavior_how can I installed 32 bit compatibility of my nvidia driver to run old games in wine?12:33
fedorafani did so yeah12:33
fedorafanotherwise just forget?12:33
fedorafanhighlight me ask me12:33
fedorafanfocus on your topics here am out now i have enough for now here12:34
* ramblebamble shakes head12:48
BluesKajHi folks12:55
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BinarySaviorokay i figured out my issue. i had two repos from nvidia, one for cuda, and one for regular drivers, apt was prioritizing the cuda repo, and that driver had no i386 candidate, so it was only installing the 64bit version.  I had to disable the cuda repo, uninstall my nvidia drivers, then install again, now I have 32bit compatibility13:44
BinarySaviorso does that mean I wont be able to use cuda & play my old 32 bit games on the same environment?13:45
transhumanistanyone able to tell me where there is good directions for installing multiple instances of ubuntu on wsl2 (older version 16.04 and 14.04?)13:53
KBarBinarySavior: O13:55
KBarI think it's possible to have a package for multiple architectures installed13:55
ramblebambleBinarySavior, running 64bit and Steam installs 32bit libraries, so it is possible, BTW, I am using Arch13:57
BinarySavioryea but 32-bit libs are not available under cuda repo13:57
ramblebamblealso would a VM be an option? seeing that the games are old/er their requirements might not be so dramatic13:58
ramblebambleSo? you don't want to install cuda 32bit anyways13:58
BinarySaviori'm playing diablo 2, it does run in a vm but it's not very fun13:58
BinarySaviorcuda doesn't have 32bit candidate for libnvidia-gl-47013:58
BinarySaviorKBar, yes, if such packages exist13:59
ramblebamblethe libraries are used by the application, so IMHO the application should go out of it's way and load them by itself to talk to the driver13:59
KBarwould be appropriate to quote Linus' words about nvidia14:00
ramblebamblewhy do you want cuda32bit anyways if diabolo is not requiring it14:00
BinarySaviori'm using cuda for other projects, i added the repo to apt and now apt prioritizes the cuda libs over the regular nvidia libs14:00
KBardo you have enough free space?14:01
ramblebambleSo? The other projects use cuda and diabolo/the application you use to run diabolo loads the 32bit libraries, not a big deal, as I said steam does it14:01
transhumanistis there a seperate channel for ubuntu on wsl2?14:01
BinarySaviorso even though i added i386 architecture to apt, it doesn't install the 32bit version because it searches cuda first, it finds the package i want (64bit) but it doesn't have the 32 bit version14:01
KBarone option would be to install ubuntu on a free partition to play older games. for this purpose explicitly14:01
ramblebambleBinarySavior https://askubuntu.com/questions/27362/how-to-only-install-updates-from-a-specific-repository14:02
ramblebambleAlso, I believe there to be an option to change the priority of the repositories14:03
BinarySaviornice, that would have been easier than commenting out the repo in the cuda.list file14:04
KBartranshumanist i dont believe so14:04
transhumanistok thansk14:04
ramblebambleBinarySavior, my memory served me well, see here https://askubuntu.com/questions/135339/assign-highest-priority-to-my-local-repository14:05
beuysWhat is the prefereable Ubuntu version these days? 20.04 LTS or 21.04?14:39
transhumanistI thought they were going to suport ubuntu for like 20 years or something , why is ubuntu 16.04 so broken, sigh14:41
SegaSaturnGBI broke my ubuntu the other day but im new and playing around so :/14:42
beuys21.04 seems to be only supported for 9 months. That sounds pretty crazy. What happens after those 9 months?14:42
kc2bezbeuys: You can upgrade to a newer release.14:44
beuyskc2bez: Via "apt-get dist-upgrade"?14:44
sonicwindbeuys, people who use the non-LTS versions would then typically upgrade to the newest LTS or non-LTS release14:44
kc2bezvia do-release-upgrade beuys beuys14:45
sonicwindif you aren't interested in those, then you should be sticking to the longer supported LTS releases14:45
beuysI think I'll go with 20.04 TLS. I don't want to have to fiddle with it again in just 9 months.14:45
beuysI guess companies all use the TLS version.14:47
daoumilseitekhey there ; i can't start lightdm-settings : "Could not load /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.". Missing package ?14:48
daoumilseitekgoogle doens't help me14:48
Guest5hello. i am having random hangs/freezes when using ubuntu on a 10 year old laptop with atom processor. this issue didnt occur on windows 7. any way to prevent the hangs/freezes?14:48
pycuriousAre there any other alternatives to supervisord to run process groups on ubuntu? I want to run a webserver with multiple processes14:48
beuysI feel better being in one boat with all the enterprise users out there. Rather than with private users who are fine with updates every few months.14:48
sonicwinddaoumilseitek, what version are you using?14:49
daoumilseiteksonicwind: linuxmint (is it allowed there ?) 20 Ulyana14:49
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linuxfreezeshello again.. hello. i am having random hangs/freezes when using ubuntu on a 10 year old laptop with atom processor. this issue didnt occur on windows 7. any way to prevent the hangs/freezes?14:50
BinarySaviorLTS versions of ubuntu are released in april of even years14:50
sonicwinddaoumilseitek, this is for Ubuntu support. I think they send Mint folks elsewhere14:50
BinarySaviore.g. 20.04, 18.04, 16.0414:50
BinarySavioranything else is not LTS14:50
BinarySaviorso 21.04 is not LTS but 22.04 will be LTS14:50
daoumilseiteki asked on #linuxmint, i'll try the official channel14:50
linuxfreezesanyone help me out!14:51
daoumilseiteklinuxfreezes: is it an asus ?14:51
daoumilseitekor acer ?14:51
linuxfreezesit is an acer aspire aod25014:51
linuxfreezesdaoumilseitek acer14:52
linuxfreezessomehow the ssh session works but xfce stops14:52
linuxfreezesand works if i initiate a sudo reboot14:52
daoumilseiteklinuxfreezes: is it a slow freeze or total immediate freeze ?14:52
linuxfreezesbut xfce never works14:52
linuxfreezesan immediate freeze14:53
linuxfreezesusually when opening websites on firefox14:53
daoumilseitekok well it kind of reminds me of my issue, but don't get your hopes up i didn't find a solution14:53
daoumilseitekyep soudns like it14:53
LOOL123Is this channel logged?14:53
linuxfreezesdaoumilseitek then it is bad14:53
linuxfreezesdaoumilseitek yours was an acer?14:53
daoumilseiteklinuxfreezes: the exact issue was never made clear but it had to do with graphics incompatibility14:53
daoumilseitekyes it was14:53
linuxfreezesit sometimes freezes on boot14:54
daoumilseitekeither the driver or hardware was incompatible with graphics system used in firefox14:54
daoumilseitekyes me too14:54
linuxfreezesonly sshing to it from a remote machine works and you can reboot it14:54
daoumilseiteki would have random hard freezes, without even a note in the kernel logs !14:54
LOOL123daoumilseitek me?14:54
LOOL123are you talking to me?14:54
sonicwindLOOL123, https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/14:55
linuxfreezesif it persists i will need to install windows 7 or something again14:55
LOOL123 sonicwind: then yes it is logged?14:55
daoumilseitekafraid so14:55
linuxfreezesdaoumilseitek do you think lxde will fix the issue?14:55
sonicwindLOOL123, yes14:55
daoumilseiteki don't think it's related to xfce14:55
daoumilseitekmore some low level graphics stuff14:55
daoumilseiteki asked about it on mozilla forum, nobody could provide a definitive answer14:56
linuxfreezesis there a way to restart/force restart xfwm4/xfce session from a remote ssh client?14:56
linuxfreezesso that i ssh to it from phone and type a command, hoping that it may restart the gui14:56
linuxfreezeswithout having to reboot14:57
daoumilseitekthere should be, but i think it's the whole graphic system that crashes, not just xfce14:57
daoumilseitekhave you tried killing it14:57
beuysI am dding an iso to a thumb drive with "status=progress" and dd showd "1.5 GB copied" after just a second or so.14:57
linuxfreezesdaoumilseitek hm xfwm4, i can kill it but dont know how to start it (from a ssh client on phone)14:58
linuxfreezesdaoumilseitek with a pgrep and sudo kill -9 pid14:58
linuxfreezesbasically the window hangs from the laptop14:58
daoumilseitekdoesn't it restart by itself ?14:58
linuxfreezesi cant open a terminal14:58
linuxfreezesno it doesnt!14:58
linuxfreezesi will check it again this time14:59
daoumilseitek ask xfce maybe14:59
linuxfreezesperhaps i got a message from the phone that display is not available14:59
linuxfreezesso, it is something that can be started from a windowed GUI14:59
linuxfreezesnot from a terminal remote session14:59
transhumanistdoes that billionare still own ubuntu?15:02
transhumanistshuttlesworth or whatever15:03
KBari dont think he is a billionaire and he is not the owner of ubuntu15:04
KBarhe is the ceo of canonical, the company behind ubuntu15:04
KBarbut ubuntu itself is entirely a community project15:04
beuysWow, they have over 500 employees.15:09
beuysI wonder what they all do.15:09
srvthas why linux mint is better than ubuntu even is a ubuntu distro  dont do what this greedy canonical boys thas all i'gonna say i dont gonna put more pepper to the chatting here15:13
BuzzardBuzzbeing a provider of services for fees is business as usual, not greedy at all15:16
daoumilseitekFTR found the solution : had to add15:18
beuyssrv: Problem with Mint is that it has no security. You can circumvent the screensaver by plugging in (or out) an external monitor.15:18
daoumilseitekto /etc/lightdm/slick-greeter.conf15:18
srvcanonical=red-hat=microsoft= greedy ppl they only want one thin $$$$$$$$$$15:19
daoumilseitekwoops wrong channel15:19
huskeddcanonical ?15:19
huskeddwhy ?15:19
BuzzardBuzzhacks srv into the next galaxy15:20
ograsrv, wrong perspective ... canonical has only recently started making any revenue at all ... for the 15y before mark shuttleworth paid developers from his own pocket to maintain a free stable package archive (and provide security fixes for it) that has enabled linux mint to exist at all15:22
pycuriousI'm trying to run 4 processes for my webserver- systemctl or superviro or something else?15:23
BuzzardBuzztest the ones you know how15:24
BuzzardBuzzthen you know15:24
huskeddhow red-hat make money ?15:25
BuzzardBuzzservices for fees15:26
ograselling software15:26
BuzzardBuzzsoftware with suppport15:26
ogra(they make oney by selling licenses for a closed version of linux)15:26
pycuriousis there a good alternative for ubuntu-liveupdate that is free?15:27
BuzzardBuzznot really15:27
erbremarWorking with ubuntu 21.10: quite stable15:38
beuysSo I booted into the Ubuntu stick. And it gives me no option "install ubuntu". Just "ubuntu / ubuntu (safe graphics) / oem install (for manufacturers)". Which one should I use? Do you install Ubunut after booting it from the thumb drive?15:39
KBarit means you booted with uefi15:40
KBaruse ubuntu15:40
KBardesktop should boot up15:40
KBarthen ubiquity (installer) comes up15:40
beuysKBar: Ok. Booting ... so no txt based installer?15:40
KBarand will give you 2 options:15:40
KBar try or install ubuntu15:40
KBari dont think recent version have the classic text-based debian-installer15:41
beuysOk. Currently it is "checking disks"...15:41
KBarit should not take a long time. if you're not in a hurry, its better to let it run15:42
beuysIs it checking the thumb drive?15:42
erbremarusb stiks are quite slow usually15:43
KBaryes. its checking the filesystem15:43
KBarof your thumb drive (that contains the ISO)15:43
erbremarI preferred an installation process through the cd15:44
KBarcan you fit the standard ISO into a cd tho?15:44
KBarbeuys success?15:49
beuysKBar: So far so good. Looking at the partition manager now.15:50
KBarawesome! good luck15:50
beuysWell, it seems not to be a partition manager.15:50
beuysIt lets me select partitions but not delete/create/resize them.15:51
KBaroh you can15:51
beuysOh yes, I see!15:51
KBaryou just need to select something else15:51
beuysThe "-" button deletes one.15:51
beuysHm... how many MBs are 100GB? 100000?15:52
KBar100 * 1 00015:52
KBar100 00015:52
KBari assume you are coming from debian?15:53
KBaranyway, welcome15:54
beuysYeah, I consider switching because Debian does not patch Chromium anymore.15:55
beuysNot sure if Ubuntus "snaps" approach to tame Chromium is a viable option. I will give it a try.15:55
KBarthats the beauty of Linux, isn't it? try whatever you want. install whatever you like!15:56
transhumanist6 hours to fix ubuntu 16.04 to get python working right, what a mess16:02
ravageYou could have setup a new nice 20.04 system in 1 hour16:04
Mekanecktranshumanist: you know 16.04 is EOL?16:05
ravageI'm sure he pays that billionaire for extended support :D16:06
KBarthat's why he is a billionaire now!16:06
Mekaneckravage: ESM is free for regular users up to 3 machines. Ubuntu Members get it for free upto 50 machines.16:07
ravageYou really know how to ruin a joke16:07
Mekaneckbut here in the channel we don't think of people using ESM in the first place16:07
Mekaneckand this channel is for support not jokes, you can do so in -offtopic ;)16:08
Mekaneckjust saying16:09
erbremarafter installing ubuntu, to install python (through anaconda), you can follow the instructions here: a) https://docs.anaconda.com/anaconda/install/linux/ ;b)https://www.anaconda.com/products/individual#linux : few minutes to get everything working16:12
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pycuriouswhat is the best way to run a process in a loop - if it dies - i want it to be restarted - unless its a Ctrl+c on the keyboard?16:37
ramblebamblepycurious, use a shell-script with a trap16:38
erbremarpycurious: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/696839/how-do-i-write-a-bash-script-to-restart-a-process-if-it-dies16:44
doxacan anyone help me on ssh_config plz16:46
ramblebamblepycurious https://sebsauvage.net/paste/?40a664b2af88ea2d#B9E8wV3XHsjURQcI/FqnI/8kHPyfW0EUVwlla9Ac/18=16:46
=== Milencho_ is now known as Milencho
pycuriouserbremar: Thanks!16:47
=== SuperL4g is now known as SuperLag
ramblebambleerbremar, interesting solution you dug up there, bookmarking that one :)16:50
transhumanistMekaneck: I thought canonical had decided to continue support of ubuntu for 20 years instead of 4 or 8 for LTS versions?16:56
nr0q_radioand somehow I got banned from #debian for asking a question :(16:57
nr0q_radiomaybe I can ask it here if that's ok even though it's go more to do with upstream16:58
srvthey are like that16:58
lotuspsychjenr0q_radio: we can only support ubuntu issues16:58
nr0q_radiook :(16:59
lotuspsychjenr0q_radio: install ubuntu and bypass that :p16:59
lotuspsychjecome to #ubuntu-discuss transhumanist16:59
nr0q_radiowell I don't actually use Debian either, I'm from the dark side of Linux but looking to release a program for Debian/Ubuntu/....16:59
ogranr0q_radio, also, did you consider going to the respective upstream channel or file an issue in the respective upstream bugtracker?17:00
nr0q_radiowell it's a very general question so not really appropos for bugtracker yet17:00
srvthe ethernal battle between good and evil = debian and ubuntu17:00
pycurioushow do i get the latest version of python3 (3.9) on ubuntu 20.04lts?17:01
nr0q_radioI was just wanting to know what the rule is for repacking pre-built binaries .. because well they are a PITA to build17:01
ogranr0q_radio, in ubuntu -> use snaps, this is what they are for ...17:01
nr0q_radiouggh ok, I hate snaps but I guess if that's the only way17:02
ograit's definitely the easiest way17:02
ramblebamblenr0q_radio, well there is also flatpack17:02
ramblebamblebut that is not the ubuntu default17:02
nr0q_radioyup on the Fedora side it was either Flatpack or COPR and I went with COPR17:02
nr0q_radioi was kinda hoping Deb/Ubuntu had their own flavor of a COPR repo17:03
srvthats why to no have problems i run 5 ms in virtual box, linus mint ,linux mint debian edition,solus,fedora35 and solus17:04
srvan forgert voidlinux17:05
nr0q_radiolol I'm doing the same, host is RHEL8, I have F35, Deb11, MacOS, Win10, and several other linux's that my app may find itself on17:05
srvi've writen solus twice17:05
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:05
nr0q_radioso back to ubuntu specifically, the most proper is snaps/flatpack for anything that isn't a pure built from source and pack'd  package17:07
nr0q_radiounless I just host my own repo?17:07
BinarySaviorwhat's the program called commonly used to gather information about filesystem / specific directory17:21
BinarySaviorit's a text-based program, runs in terminal17:22
BinarySaviorit's like 4 letters i think17:22
ramblebamblethere are many what information are you looking for specifically?17:23
BinarySaviorno it displays folder size17:23
ramblebambledf -sh <folder>17:23
ramblebamblesorry dy17:23
ramblebambledu not df17:23
ogradu shows filesystem metadata, df shows physically used blocks ... you can use both if you know the difference and can read the output 😉17:24
BinarySavioryea, du17:24
ramblebambleBut that is 2 letters you sure you have the right one :D17:24
BinarySaviornot positive, but i think it was du17:24
BinarySaviordoes du come native on ubuntu 21.04?17:25
ograon all linux distros i think17:25
BinarySavioriirc i had to install the program i'm trying to think of17:25
ramblebambleI believe it to be in the core-packages of all distros17:25
bankinBinarySavior: ncdu ?17:27
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Mekanecktranshumanist: 10 years with ESM17:31
MekaneckNormal support for 16.04 ended in April. Either clean install a newer version or try to enable ESM if that even is possible.17:34
beuysI installed Ubuntu. How do I become root in the terminal?17:43
beuyshmm.. "sudo su" seems to work.17:44
beuysHow do I create a shortcup for a root terminal so I dont have to run bash as root inside of bash as user?17:44
goddardbeuys:sudo su17:45
beuysgoddard: Yes, that is how I became root. My question now is how to create a short cut for that.17:46
goddardbash script17:46
goddardchmod +x myscript.sh17:46
beuysgoddard: But how do I add it to this area that pops up when I type F1 and start typing?17:46
goddardwhat is F1?17:47
beuysgoddard: A key17:47
goddardi don't know what you are referring to17:47
=== Nokaji_ is now known as Nokaji
beuysgoddard: The way I start the terminal is: I hit F1 then type "term" and hit enter.17:47
beuysgoddard: How do you start it?17:47
goddardctrl + alt + t17:48
beuysgoddard: I see. But how do you start applications that do not have a key combo?17:49
goddardmany different ways17:49
goddardmeta key17:49
goddardthen type the name17:49
beuysgoddard: Yeah, meta key and F1 do the same.17:49
goddardmeta / opt / start key17:50
goddardif you want to have a menu item17:50
beuysgoddard: And my question is how I get to a point where I hit F1 then start typing roo.. and get suggested a root terminal.17:50
goddardyou need a .desktop file17:50
beuysAh, that thingy.17:50
goddardthen make that .desktop file reference your bash script17:50
beuysYeah. That is a Gnome thing I guess. I fiddled with it before.17:50
goddardi think it is a standard for linux desktop17:51
beuysWhat is a safe way to copy everything inside a directory to another? "cp -r src dest"? or will that lose dotfiles or something?17:55
ramblebamblebeuys, depending on what is in there(e.g. symlinks) you might want to add "-a" or go with rsync right away17:56
ramblebamblethe command itself should copy dot-files over as well17:57
=== blackest_mamba_ is now known as blackest_mamba
ramblebamblesince it works on the directory and not the directories content17:57
ramblebamblee.g. cp -ra src/* dst does not copy dot-files17:58
beuysHmmm... I think there are no simlinks.17:58
BinarySaviorhi, the output of fdisk -l contains this: https://bpa.st/YY6Q17:58
ramblebambleoh and do not forget "-p" for preserving ownership17:59
beuysramblebamble: -ap?17:59
BinarySaviorif i want to mount the filesystem on that disk, should i be looking at sda3 or sda5?17:59
ramblebamblebeuys ahh sorry -p is not needed and neither is -r it is all implied in "-a"18:00
ramblebamblejust opened the manpages18:00
ramblebamble-a --> -d -R --preserve=all18:01
beuysI copied it via "cp -r" now. Do you think I lost anything?18:01
ramblebambleonly meta-data like ownership, timesstamps, symlinks if you have any in the source,18:02
beuystimestamps get lost?18:02
ramblebambleBinarySavior, /dev/sda3 and 5 seem to be independent disks18:02
ramblebamblebeuys,well not lost, updated to the time of the copy operation18:03
ramblebambleon the destination that is18:03
BinarySaviorramblebamble, i don't see how that's possible, as the entire disk os only 960G18:03
beuysramblebamble: Hmm.. that is bad. Then I will redo it with "cp -a src dest"18:04
ramblebambleBinarySavior, you are right, the star and end-sectors are overlapping, that is definitely not good18:04
beuysSo "cp -a" is the ultimate fine way to make a good copy?18:04
ramblebambletry mounting either one of them in read only mode18:04
ramblebamblebeuys, what is the purpose for that copy? backup?18:05
beuysramblebamble: Copy my projects from old disk to new disk.18:05
ramblebambleok, then "-a" will do18:06
beuysLets hope for the best :)18:07
ramblebambleyeah but please don't cross post next time around beuys, I am also in linux, cross posting is considered bad form18:08
beuysramblebamble: Sorry man.18:08
ramblebambleno problem, just saying ;)18:08
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nualahow to further debug random wifi disrupts. I can assure router is online (other device habe no issue). dmesg outputs nothing after successful authentification. after random(5,120+) minutes connection is lost19:02
=== Roedy- is now known as Roedy
alex_nice , is this ubuntu irc ?19:10
=== grantbow_ is now known as grantbow
ash_mIs there a signal I can trap before the system suspends/sleeps?19:49
ash_mSIGTSTP apparently19:50
Lumpio-How about.... I just don't20:12
Lumpio-why are you so shit, snap20:12
nr0q_radio^ is the reason I hate snaps and refuse to use them20:17
ogranr0q_radio, because they tell you that they want to apply a security fix befre doing it ?20:18
nr0q_radiono because either they don't work when you need them to, trash up the file system with loop mounts and half the time conflict with packages that are available via the system's native package manager on top of popping endless streams of annoying messages on the gui20:21
nr0q_radioI tried the snap of OBS studio and it had stuff in it that broke my OS so I ended up just building OBS Studio from source doe at that point20:22
ogranr0q_radio, did you fine any bugs about either of these issues (if so can you give a bug number ?)20:22
* ogra has never had any snap interfering with any deb installed app (and it would technically be really hard to do)20:22
ograi use OBS happily here all the time from the snap and i know a lot others that do ...20:23
ograin what way did it break your OS ? (note that snaps are completey decoubled from the OS, they normally can not even see files that you did not manually permit them to see)20:24
=== eggbean_ is now known as eggben
=== eggben is now known as eggbean
nr0q_radioI'm not fully sure, just knew that I installed OBS studio from snap, got a kernel panic and system never booted again after that, theory is that it tried to replace some system lib with a newer one then I had20:26
ograthat cant happen20:27
ograwould have been good to file a bug and attach all logs ...20:27
nr0q_radioif i ever dare to reproduce it i'll do that20:27
coraxxI've just got a Asus ZenBook 13 ... how do I adjust the brightness ... or rather how do I just the brightness control to work ?20:39
morganuusing bash, how can I find the freespace and usedspace on my hd?20:39
morganucoraxx did you already google it?20:39
nr0q_radio`df -h` shows disk usage20:40
nr0q_radiothe -h makes it "human" readable20:40
coraxxmorganu: yup ... it tells me several thing ... for one use kernel 5.8 or newer ...20:40
morganuit is definitely a workaround.20:41
coraxxmorganu: ... and the support pages talk about kernel paramters (acpi_backlight=vendor etc) ...nothing works20:41
morganuPlease read it. It isnt about those. It is hidden in Power options. so says the result of my lucky fingers and DDgo20:42
morganueg  I was having issues where my Zenbook was overriding the brightness level I wanted based on the room lighting. Even though it was turned up, it would sometimes still go dark.20:42
morganuTo fix that, uncheck “Change brightness automatically when lighting changes”.20:42
morganuI’m not sure why Zenbooks are shipped with such a dark display and I have no clue why the ASUS Support representative was unable to assist me. But, the good news is the brightness level of my Zenbook is now the same as my desktop and Chromebook.20:43
coraxxmorganu: uhmm..the link you've sent seems to be about Microsoft Windows ?20:43
morganucoraxx, I think you might look and see if there are similar things in Ubuntu.20:44
coraxxmorganu: yes ...found the similar function in ubuntu ...however my screen is to bright ...and nothing I do changes the brightness.20:44
morganume, I dont know how to do a bash command to give me the used and unused parts of my hard drive (size of)20:45
coraxxmorganu: use "df"20:45
morganuOh you have the opposite problem from the guy in the answer I found.20:45
morganuOK now I can see if my pocket drive has enough room.20:46
morganucoraxx, is there a place where you can see "a percent max for "display brightness"?20:47
coraxxmorganu: not in the gui ...but with CLI commands I can look at the /sys/proc parameters ...(which I have checked)20:48
morganuhave you installed "ubuntu tweaks" ?  That will give you more options.20:49
coraxxmorganu: on the laptop there are two different brightness controllers ... one for the keyboard backlight ...and one for the screen ...one is produced by Intel and the other is produced by Asus20:49
morganufn-f5 and turns it sown and fn-f6 tturns it up --- on an asus gaming laptop. try that?20:50
coraxxmorganu: Ubuntu tweak wont help as (I suspect) the problem is deeper ...on kernel or kernel-module level20:50
coraxxmorganu: the fn-F4 and fn-F5 functions work ...and it shows the procentage decrease and increase ...but it still doesn't change the brightness.20:51
morganuthat was 5..6 but hmmm.20:52
morganuwell if it is kernel it is hopeless. So there is no place that controls max screen% hmm20:53
coraxxmorganu: yes there is /sys/proc ... but it doesn't work20:54
coraxxmorganu: https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/71dDQ3WVY4S._AC_SL1500_.jpg20:54
morganu https://askubuntu.com/questions/1261190/cant-change-screen-brightness-on-ubuntu-20-04-always-display-maximum-brightnes20:54
coraxxcoraxx: ...just so you can see the F4 and F5 keys20:54
morganuoh sorry.20:55
morganuAnd here is one that says the FN brightness keys only work AFTER you do --blabla--  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1049681/ubuntu-18-04-cannot-change-display-brightness-or-wake-from-sleep-on-asus-rog-lap20:56
coraxxmorganu: yes ..that the one I've got ..the "upgrade your kernel" ...and as I had a 5.4 I upgraded it to 5.11 ... that at least gave me control of the keyboard backlight ...screen doesn't work.20:56
coraxxmorganu: my kets work fine20:56
coraxxmorganu: *kets = keys20:57
morganuwell, you see what I have been doing. Knowing_nothing + google_fu(in_progress) -leads-to-> things to try.21:08
morganuI am just a person who come here.. right now my chrome or ff cannot handle having a lot of table. It freezes at least every 2 days so I prophalactically do >killall chrome -9 and restart chrome to keep going. -- also I have SIMM problems still undetermined (old 2017 dell half-height)21:10
morganutable should read tabs21:10
morganuOk I will run memtest86+ overnight tonight.21:12
morganumy answer. https://askubuntu.com/questions/591488/how-do-i-run-memtest8621:13
tomreynmorganu: you won't have this option if you're uefi booting, though: https://askubuntu.com/questions/917961/can-i-boot-memtest86-if-im-using-uefi#answers21:24
morganutomreyn, thanks. I will see if I am. It is a dell but I x'ed windows.21:25
tomreynecho -n 'This system booted via: '; [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS21:25
morganucan I just turn it off in the bios?21:25
morganuresponse: This system booted via: BIOS21:26
tomreynyou can, but this would leave you with an unbootable system21:26
tomreynok, so nothing to do, just reboot after installing the memtest86+ package21:26
tomreyn(and select it from the grub menu)21:27
morganuI thought the memtest86+ comes with 20,04... oh thanks.  will tha apt install do it?21:27
tomreynactually you're probably right in that it's already installed.21:28
morganuyep. it is21:28
morganubut checking told me there were packages to upgrade.21:29
morganuCant it be automatic, she whines.21:29
morganuso many details. ah tonight I will get a deep look at my memory.21:30
morganuI wanted to do that before I take the chips out and clean up the connections and change the slots.21:30
morganu<-lazy bum has been putting it off. --.. OK TY very much.21:31
tomreynit's the first thing i do on any newly acquired computer21:31
BinarySaviorhi, i'm trying to mount a new hd i had laying around22:10
BinarySaviori just want to see what's on it in case i have somehting important22:10
BinarySaviorfor some reason it was in raid configuration with only 1 total hd22:10
BinarySaviorbut i'm having trouble mounting it, i'm getting "unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'."22:10
NoBugButFeatureBinarySavior: You need to install a LVM program.  Maybe even have the drive unmounted.22:10
BinarySaviorWhat do you mean maybe have the drive unmounted?22:11
NoBugButFeatureIs it mounted right now?  If so, unmount it.22:11
BinarySaviorthe mount failed, but mdadm is running (not sure what that does but I think it simulates being in raid configuation)22:12
NoBugButFeatureThat's right.  But if you unmount it, then you can try "sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/sdc /mountpoint -o remount"22:12
TJ-BinarySavior: the md0 isn't a file-system, as your output shows "LVM2_member" is is an LVM PV22:12
TJ-BinarySavior: "sudo pvs" may confirm it is an LVM PV22:12
NoBugButFeatureTJ-: I'm not positive he has a filesystem on it though.22:12
=== agvantibo_ is now known as agvantibo
TJ-BinarySavior: if you confirm it is a PV, then check if the PV is a member of a Volume Group (VG) with "sudo vgs"22:13
NoBugButFeatureBinarySavior: You could try mounting your drive manually with: "sudo mount /dev/sdc /media/drive -t ext4 -o remount"22:13
BinarySaviorthis is the disk description from fdisk -l22:13
TJ-NoBugButFeature: STOP IT - NOW22:13
NoBugButFeatureThe point is that maybe your filesystem is just damaged.22:13
BinarySavioryea the filesystem is weird, there's two overlapping partitions22:14
TJ-BinarySavior: follow the instructions I'm giving you to identify if you can access anything on md022:14
BinarySaviorTJ-, okay22:14
BinarySaviorTJ-, I don't have vgs22:15
BinarySaviorwhat package is that?22:15
TJ-BinarySavior: you need to install "sudo apt install lvm2"22:15
BinarySavioroh okay22:15
TJ-BinarySavior: that explains why it didn't auto-discover the LVs22:16
TJ-BinarySavior: when lvm is installed the kernel/udev will auto-discover and create the device-mapper nodes22:16
BinarySaviorhttps://bpa.st/VP7Q -> vgs22:16
TJ-BinarySavior: good; now activate it if possible with "sudo vgchange -ay vg1000"22:17
TJ-BinarySavior: at this point "lvdisplay" may list any Logical Volumes (LVs) in it22:17
NoBugButFeatureDoes anyone know if it's possible to have a Windows 10 LTSB as the default Ubuntu boot option?22:17
TJ-BinarySavior: LVs are like partitions - they will likely contain the file-systems22:18
TJ-BinarySavior: try "lsblk -f" now and you may see a bunch of LVs with file-systems within22:18
NoBugButFeatureI'd rather not burn another Windows 10 ISO, it was annoying when I tried to do that last time.22:18
BinarySavioryes, i see the vg1000-lv22:19
NoBugButFeatureI can always re-set grub if I have to.22:19
BinarySaviorunder md022:19
BinarySavioroh it says diskstation, that means this was part of my Synology NAS at one point22:20
NoBugButFeatureIf anyone knows anything about my Windows 10 question, please reply.22:20
TJ-BinarySavior: if 'lsblk' revealed file-systems, those are the nodes you can mount22:20
nisaNoBugButFeature: you could just modify your /boot/grub/grub.cfg but I am unsure for how long modifications last there.22:22
NoBugButFeaturenisa, this channel is public so you could do that.22:22
nisa(At least I tried to help)22:22
BinarySaviorforgive me, my brain is dense, having trouble mounting that node: https://bpa.st/6PAA22:25
BinarySaviorwhops i didn't even put a destination on there22:25
TortillaSandwichso I am trying to install ubuntu on my main machine on a spare drive, i7 9700k with a nvidia 3080, I can get to grub and select "*ubuntu22:30
NoBugButFeaturenisa, so your question is?22:30
TortillaSandwich" or other options22:30
TortillaSandwichbut it doesn't starts to boot, then my display goes to "No singal" and shuts off22:30
NoBugButFeaturenisa, it's still the same question. You could modify the grub.cfg or put GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text in the grub file itself.22:30
TortillaSandwichthe machine says on, but the OS itself never boots.22:30
TortillaSandwichany ideas?22:30
nisaNoBugButFeature: that's what I was asking you to try but seems you are too dumb to understand. Please leave until you have learned how to communicate properly. Thanks.22:31
NoBugButFeatureTortillaSandwich, what do you see before it tries to boot?22:31
TortillaSandwichbrief terminal output, then graphical glitch, then nothing22:31
TortillaSandwichsgx disabled by bios22:32
nisawhat's your graphics?22:32
NoBugButFeatureNisa, I'm here to help. I'm sure we can figure this out. You obviously have no idea how to communicate.22:32
TortillaSandwichvmx outside txt disabled by bios22:32
NoBugButFeatureTortillaSandwich, oh22:32
TortillaSandwichit's a nvidia 3080ti22:32
NoBugButFeatureWhat about the text mode? What happens? What is there?22:32
TortillaSandwichwhat is thext mode? oem?22:32
NoBugButFeatureWhat is there? *what* text?22:32
nisaLike what does it say there Ig22:32
TortillaSandwichi tried to move to text mdoe but control alt f1-f7 doesn't switch to a TTY terminal22:32
TortillaSandwichunless im missing a change in command22:32
nisaI mean like, that's a good point. Could you try to capture what it says what it shows that text?22:33
NoBugButFeatureDo you know what your bios is in?22:33
nisabefore graphics glitch22:33
nisaalso TortillaSandwich could you try booting on integrated graphics?22:34
TortillaSandwichi dont have integrated22:34
nisaNo spare graphics card either?22:34
TortillaSandwichgot a 2070 super around but i dont think that'll play a huge difference, and it'll be a pain to access it22:34
nisawell alright22:34
NoBugButFeatureI'm having a ton of trouble getting to the console. Are you booting through grub?22:34
TortillaSandwichNoBugButFeature:  i dont get what you're asking, but its Asus's UEFI bios 2.20.127122:35
NoBugButFeatureThat's fine22:35
TortillaSandwichi'lltry safe graphics mode22:36
TortillaSandwichok it seemd fine with that, it just went to an ROG-themed ubuntu splash screen22:36
TortillaSandwichthat booted... but im a bit worried now lol22:36
nisaTortillaSandwich: which graphics drivers are installed?22:38
nisaSo it seems like it gets past grub which really calms me22:38
NoBugButFeatureWhat version of Ubuntu are you booting with?22:38
BinarySaviorokay i figured it out, i just had to mount /dev/vg1000/lv22:41
TortillaSandwichso it didnt work either way lol... now its stuck on "error fsycning/closing /dev/sdc1: input/output error"22:41
TortillaSandwichafter i was setting my partitions up22:41
NoBugButFeatureAre you booting from the live CD?22:41
TortillaSandwichusb drive, no cd rom here22:41
TortillaSandwichi get a retry and ignore button, clickingeither does nothing22:41
nisaTortillaSandwich: ohhh I thought you had already installed it22:42
NoBugButFeatureSo how did you install Ubuntu?22:42
nr0q_radiobooting from a live image on a USB22:42
nisaNoBugButFeature: he did not22:42
NoBugButFeatureI would use a CD.22:42
NoBugButFeatureUSB does not work with UEFI Secure Boot.22:42
nr0q_radiounless he doesn't have a CD drive then that's not an option22:42
nisaThat's always worked for me?22:42
NoBugButFeaturenisa, yes it has. It did not with my BIOS, but that was due to a bug in the BIOS.22:42
TortillaSandwichnisa:  nope, i was trying to get there and now it wont generate a partition table22:43
nr0q_radioI've booted USB with secure UEFI, it's a pain sometimes but is doable22:43
oerheksupdate your bios perhaps?22:43
TortillaSandwichbios is at latest22:43
TortillaSandwichdid that during a recent hardware change22:43
NoBugButFeaturenisa, you should not use USB for Ubuntu. Always use a CD.22:43
nisaTortillaSandwich: that I/O error sounds suspiciosly... like either bad SATA or harddrive22:43
NoBugButFeaturenisa, in BIOS, turn off Secure Boot.22:43
nr0q_radioyup I'd check that you have the latest bios, and check that your drive is identified correctly in the BIOS22:43
oerhekssome machines need some steps to trust a new EFI instance... or simple disable fastboot22:44
nr0q_radiohe's obviously booting from the USB correctly but now can't access the the disks, sound not like a UEFI secure boot issue anymore and more like there's other problems22:44
nisathis ^22:45
nr0q_radioI'd check that the bios is seeing the your disk in your machine, and if there are any SMART errors reported22:45
NoBugButFeaturenisa, if you have a DVD, instead of CD, try it.22:46
TortillaSandwichwell it sees the disks jsut fine22:46
NoBugButFeatureTortillaSandwich, in BIOS, turn off Secure Boot.22:46
TortillaSandwichthe drive is fine, came back clear, its an SSD that's about a year old22:46
TortillaSandwichalright one second22:46
TortillaSandwichfwiw windows sees it fine, and can read-write to it.22:47
NoBugButFeaturenisa, if the drive works fine but you're getting UEFI warning then it's something else you need to look for.22:47
nisaTortillaSandwich: also check if the sata cable is in correctly22:47
TortillaSandwichits there, ubuntu saw it and idetified its existing partition table22:47
TortillaSandwichoddly enough my bios is greyed out on asecure boot22:48
nisaTortillaSandwich:  Can you try installing something like Debian first, just to see if it makes a difference?22:49
NoBugButFeaturenisa, I'm not exactly sure what he's trying to do but UEFI shouldnt allow him to boot if it doesn't detect any other OS.22:49
nisaNoBugButFeature: shut up, don't give advice on stuff you have no idea about.22:50
NoBugButFeaturenisa, yes it does and you need to understand that.22:50
nr0q_radioNoBugButFeature it's not a UEFI issue, if it were the live USB image wouldn't be booting22:50
NoBugButFeaturenr0q_radio, yes it is a UEFI issue. He said it boots, so that implies it isn't.22:50
nr0q_radiothat logic makes no sense22:51
BinarySaviori'm trying to delete partitions on a disk, i'm getting an error, i think it's because i ran mdadm --assemble on the partition that i'm trying to delete22:51
nisanr0q_radio:  It's this "I am always right" logic22:52
NoBugButFeatureand yes it is a UEFI issue. He's trying to install Ubuntu but the installer doesn't see the partition it says there is on the disk.22:52
nr0q_radiothat sounds like a driver issue22:52
TortillaSandwichok, i got rid of the pk key for now22:53
TortillaSandwichsecure boot is disabled for the time being. I'll see if this makes a difference22:53
nisawell, who knows.22:53
NoBugButFeaturenr0q_radio, it isn't. I've tried several Ubuntu live images and they all run fine on this disk.22:53
TortillaSandwichi guess the key question becomes, can secureboot be renabled once this is done?22:53
nr0q_radioit's worth a try, I think it's an un-needed rabit hole as the kernel in Ubuntu is signed to work with secure boot22:53
nisaTortillaSandwich: yes it can22:54
NoBugButFeatureI've tested the boot loader itself and it all works great22:54
TortillaSandwichnisa:  ok that worked22:58
nisaTortillaSandwich: what worked?22:58
TortillaSandwichdiabling secure boot22:58
NoBugButFeatureand it even detects this disk during installation22:59
TortillaSandwichdrive partition tables wrote, install is moving22:59
NoBugButFeatureand it even installed Grub correctly as well.22:59
TortillaSandwichOS is nearly installed but then I will need to restore PK and enable secure boot because my windows partition is bitlockered22:59
NoBugButFeaturehowever, upon booting the installation of Ubuntu it simply hangs.22:59
nisaLet's not hope that22:59
TortillaSandwichI havent installed ubuntu outside an AWS instance for years now23:00
BinarySaviorTJ-,  how can I deactivate after running the "sudo vchange -ay vg1000"23:00
TortillaSandwichand of course those are basically click > deploy23:00
NoBugButFeatureI suspect that perhaps it has something to do with the size of the disk, being a 32GB SSD.23:00
nisanr0q_radio: no matter how weird this guy is, he found the reason for why it does not install lol, in fact it WAS UEFI lmao23:00
nr0q_radioa very strange UEFI bug, because it shouldn't behave that way23:00
nr0q_radioi installed all the linux's on everything here with secure boot still enabled23:01
TortillaSandwichnr0q_radio:  dual-booted with windows and Bitlocker?23:01
NoBugButFeatureSo, has anyone run into this issue, where the install hangs upon booting?23:01
TortillaSandwichi suspect that could have played a problem23:01
nr0q_radioMy wife's laptop is dual booted with windows, no bit locker but I didn't have to change anything in the bios to make it work23:02
NoBugButFeatureYes, I agree with you, but since he is running Windows I am not sure if he has the same problem.23:02
nr0q_radiojust plugged in a flash drive, booted and installed23:02
TortillaSandwichnr0q_radio:  it booted, but it didnt do so happily23:02
TortillaSandwichim first time booting now23:03
TortillaSandwichso now that ubuntu is sintalled, back to no signal23:03
TortillaSandwichand display shut off23:03
NoBugButFeatureI think he has a dead connection.23:03
nisaTortillaSandwich: his prophecy went true that it wouldn't boot :-(23:04
TortillaSandwichdisk activity is working and lighting up, but no display output23:04
TortillaSandwichany way to drop to TTY1 and interact with console?23:04
TortillaSandwichused to be control alt F1-F623:04
NoBugButFeatureDo you have a live CD?23:04
nisaYou could try booting with nomodeset23:04
NoBugButFeatureWhat's that?23:04
nisaNoBugButFeature: disables graphics drivers23:05
TortillaSandwichyeah it graphically glitches and fails to boot23:05
TortillaSandwichwell boots but fials to gender graphics23:05
TortillaSandwichlets look at recovery mode23:05
TortillaSandwichok, recovery mode loads23:05
TortillaSandwichgotta figure out whats wrong with the nvidia drivers23:06
NoBugButFeatureTortillaSandwich, Try removing them and installing the latest Nvidia drivers.23:06
nisaThat sometimes helped for me too, yeah23:06
nisaJust remove nvidia* and install from website23:06
NoBugButFeatureThat should remove the old drivers, and the new ones should work fine.23:06
TortillaSandwichduring setup initramfs-tools failed23:08
TortillaSandwichand trying to reinstall it just results in "post-installaction script subprocess returned error exit status 1"23:08
nisaTortillaSandwich: hmm... what if you just reboot now?23:10
TortillaSandwichrebooting now wont fix the broken graphics issue23:10
nisaActually, I would just try using plain noveau for now23:11
nisaPerformance will be terrible but at least it should work23:12
NoBugButFeatureIf you don't mind using nouveau, then you don't really have much choice.23:12
TortillaSandwichmaybe its just best to keep this machine free of linux sadly lol23:13
NoBugButFeatureIf you wanna try some other methods, I've got a few pages here that tell you how to do it: https://askubuntu.com/questions/564881/how-to-install-nvidia-drivers-on-ubuntu-16-0423:13
TortillaSandwichidk im gonna try and fix a couple things and see ifi can make this work23:14
TortillaSandwichit for sure doesnt like the 3080ti by default config23:14
NoBugButFeatureYeah, the settings for the nouveau driver can be found here: http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/108505/en-us23:14
nisaTortillaSandwich: what if you remove that windows installation completely and try installing without it?23:14
NoBugButFeatureTortillaSandwich, try installing the nvidia drivers by uninstalling all the other video drivers first23:14
TortillaSandwichnisa:  probably not gonna happen23:14
NoBugButFeatureOr just install them, that's probably a better idea23:14
nisaTortillaSandwich: I think this will work23:15
NoBugButFeatureTortillaSandwich, the nouveau driver is a good start for you because it will actually run (but you won't be able to use any advanced features)23:15
TortillaSandwichi dont think windows is the issue here, it's that ubuntu cant seemingly call on the proper graphics output23:15
nisawell yeah try noveau then23:17
oerheksdriver ppa and HWE, if it is a recent GPU23:18
TortillaSandwichyeah im trying to force remove the nvidia stuff that was installed by default, if i can boot with the oss driver thats fine, once im in I can tinker with the official driver configs23:21
TortillaSandwichsee what its doing23:21
=== Kon- is now known as Kon
TortillaSandwichok this is promising...23:25
TortillaSandwichalright guys, im booted with nvidia drivers and dual display23:25
NoBugButFeatureTortillaSandwich, good!23:25
TortillaSandwichbeautiful, displays are up and working too23:26
nisahow we both wrote exactly the same in the same moment23:28
TortillaSandwichnow i gotta getsecureboot back on, make sure windows cna load, and reenable bitlocker23:28
nisalet's see...23:29
sybaritennisa: was that a coincidence? That's pretty groovy23:29
oerheksbitlocker usually thakes the whole drive23:29
NoBugButFeatureI'd love if it worked23:29
NoBugButFeatureI just want to use ubuntu23:29
TortillaSandwichthey arent on the same drives23:29
TortillaSandwichmy windows partition is on a Evo 980 NVME23:29
TortillaSandwichubuntu is on a 512GB SSD23:29
TortillaSandwichthen my storages are split out over two 4tb non-bitlockered SSD's23:30
oerheksthen you need to change boot EFI every time in bios, i guess23:30
NoBugButFeatureThen your computer is retarded?23:30
TortillaSandwichoerheks:  ubuntu should play fine with secure boot when its not in a USB state, yes?23:30
NoBugButFeatureCan't you just keep going to boot options?23:30
TortillaSandwichit should go right to boot options, yes23:31
oerheksTortillaSandwich, there is only one way to find out23:31
oerheksit should, i mean23:31
TortillaSandwichwindows just loaded fine, so im gonna go flip on secureboot and test ubuntu23:31
nr0q_radioubuntu (at least a current version) should place fine with secure boot23:32
TortillaSandwichsecureboot is reenabled23:33
TortillaSandwichtesting now23:33
TortillaSandwichyup ubuntu loaded fine23:33
nisaTortillaSandwich: Whooooooooo23:39
NoBugButFeatureIf it didn't work he would've said that23:39
nisaI didn't claim it hadn23:39
nisa't worked23:40
TortillaSandwichI am on the device for Weechat now too :)23:54
TortillaSandwichgood stuff, thanks for the patience with my install.23:54
NoBugButFeatureIf your going to install Linux on your PC I would suggest a small partition like 1 GB or 2GB at most. This is your System, all of your files and apps23:54
nisaand seperate home, right?23:56
nisaI don't like that concept23:56
nr0q_radioI do that here, https://imgur.com/a/ZQI6a0423:59

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