ninjarockstarjsdHello friends. I'm trying to setup disk encryption on an external drive that I want auto-mounted on system start.00:39
ninjarockstarjsdThe main computer drive is already encrypted with LUKS and requires a password to start up. Is what I'm trying to do possible to do securely?00:39
ninjarockstarjsdI found this answer on SO, but one of the comment said it isn't secure at all. https://askubuntu.com/a/709653   is that true?00:40
oerheksautomount on system start, that is hard. better automount on user login.00:41
sarnoldecryptfs is pretty much unmaintained, so that specific answer isn't fantastic00:41
ninjarockstarjsdsarnold, which answer are you referring to?00:44
sarnoldninjarockstarjsd: the answer you linked directly00:45
oerheksautomount without password input is not secure, indeed.00:45
sarnoldbut using the same password for two devices is probably possible00:46
ninjarockstarjsdIs it possible to enter it only once and have both unlocked?00:46
oerheksno. unless you write a script to do so.00:47
sarnoldhttps://unix.stackexchange.com/a/392286/7064 maybe?00:47
ramblebambleninjarockstarjsd, as oerheks said script and use a keyfile00:47
sarnoldcryptsetup: /lib/cryptsetup/scripts/decrypt_keyctl00:48
oerheksuse a 2fa device like yubikey?00:49
EriC^^ninjarockstarjsd: what are you trying to achieve exactly00:49
ramblebamblesarnolds, but that encrypts on sartup not on login00:49
EriC^^or protect against00:49
oerhekson startup is a bad idea, and hard to do.00:49
ninjarockstarjsdI'm setting up a home media/nas server as a general storage for all my stuff00:49
oerheksand why, you cannot access it while booting.00:49
oerheksit does not save you time either.00:50
EriC^^ninjarockstarjsd: if someone steals the main os, he'd need the pass to decrypt it and further decrypt the ext hdd, so its safe i guess to just put the password of the ext hdd inside it to automount it00:50
EriC^^is security would be hinged on the main os's pass00:51
ninjarockstarjsdThe reason why I wanted to mount it at boot is because I'm setting up my various media server stuff as service and start at boot. And they'd need access to the external drive00:51
EriC^^yeah that makes sense00:52
ninjarockstarjsdCan't I configure whatever decrypts my main OS HD to also decrypt my external drive given that they'd share the same password?00:53
EriC^^ninjarockstarjsd: ultimately you want to protect against theft and accessing the data right? in case they steal the main pc+ext hdd, they couldnt access it without decrypting the main os first00:53
sarnoldninjarockstarjsd: did you try /lib/cryptsetup/scripts/decrypt_keyctl from cryptsetup yet?00:54
EriC^^so putting the ext hdd's pass in plaintext on it to automount it shouldnt be an issue00:54
ninjarockstarjsdsarnold Ohh I wasn't familiar with what that is. I'll look it up now00:54
EriC^^it's redundant00:57
sarnoldmaybe; I just know that a stackexchange answer suggested it'd solve the problem :)00:58
ninjarockstarjsdSo if that's the case, why don't I just use the Disk utility's Unlock on Startup options?01:01
ninjarockstarjsdSince my main OS won't be decrypted without me entering password anyway, that password isn't stored in plaintext, right?01:01
EriC^^i'd think the unlock at startup thing is stored in plaintext, could be wrong01:02
ninjarockstarjsdI can test it out real quick01:02
EriC^^one very edge case advantage to using the initial password to decrypt both would be if they somehow thought to see the ext hdd password before stealing/turning off the pc01:04
EriC^^or someone you know did that before stealing, who usually has access to the pc and knows its encrypted01:05
kenperkinsok, coming back to my thinkpad X1 performance issues; I think I've narrowed it down to scaling problems with the cpu. I'm considering flattening it and going from 20.04 to 21.10. Better to flatten and go via live usb or inplace?01:31
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oerhekskenperkins, is there any option used to overclock that x1?01:31
kenperkinsI'm not quite sure what you mean by overclock in this context oerheks; like bios or software config?01:32
oerheksyes, in your bios01:32
kenperkinsI haven't looked at bios, will boot into it momentarily01:32
kenperkinsbut I was seeing conflicting power profile info between locations, I think it's software01:33
kenperkinswhen I forced the min frequency with cpufreq-set it did go above 1600, but it doesn't do it on it' sown01:34
ninjarockstarjsdkenperkins have you tried     sudo cpupower frequency-set -g performance  ?01:38
ninjarockstarjsdSeems to work for me01:38
ninjarockstarjsdBut I never had any performance issues with my thinkpad x1,   I just use that to switch between powersave mode and performance mode01:39
kenperkins1 minute; debating dinner with wife xD01:41
sarnoldooh ooh pick pizza pick pizza!01:41
kenperkinsjust had pizza01:45
kperkinshere's a quick look at what's wrong01:48
kperkinsgoing to run the cpupower command now01:48
kenperkinsfailed, need to install kernel specific packages sec01:51
kenperkinsok succeded01:52
kenperkinswell the command that is, so now running `stress -c 6 -t 60` and lscpu | grep MHz doesn't show anything over 160001:53
kenperkinsmost are down at 110001:53
sarnoldhow about processor temps? anything in dmesg? these cute little machines often have pretty poor thermals01:54
ninjarockstarjsdI set up LUKS on an external drive, but when I unplug it, my boot up time is close to 5 minutes LOL01:55
kenperkinssensors doesn't show any cpu above 5801:55
kenperkinsI'll re-run during stress to confirm01:56
ninjarockstarjsdI'm hitting 3Ghz just fine with the performance mode command01:56
sarnoldninjarockstarjsd: ouch :)01:57
kenperkinsok, 2 minute stress on 6 cores, heat not above 62c, fastest core at 160001:59
kenperkins(plugged in)01:59
ninjarockstarjsdWhich CPU do you have? And what's the advertised speed on it?01:59
ninjarockstarjsdThe Thinkpad X1 comes in a few different ones02:00
kenperkins10710u, max should be 4.7 on one, 3.9 on all 602:00
ninjarockstarjsdAre you sure it's not a BIOS thing?  maybe turning off power-stepping there will help performance?02:01
kenperkinsdouble checking now02:01
ninjarockstarjsdit might be called frequency stepping too02:02
kenperkinsI don't see anything re: speed in bios, there's almost nothing for cpu config02:05
ninjarockstarjsdSorry, I'm out of ideas then :(02:05
kenperkinsthe only cpu config setting in bios, that I see, is hyper threading, which is enabled02:06
kenperkinsfound it02:12
kenperkinsI had a tuned-adm profile that was overriding the other profiles02:13
sarnoldwhat tool?02:13
kenperkinsI ran `tuned-adm off`02:14
kenperkinsbut I still can't seem to get above 3900MHz, but that's way better than 1600 max02:14
kenperkinsyea, and the power reflects it on sensors, up to 71c on the package and core 102:14
kenperkinsI bet it's throttled a bit02:15
sarnoldthanks, I've never heard of tuned before02:15
kenperkinsit's opaque to me how tuned-adm, cpufreq-set -g govenor, etc, interoperate02:15
kenperkinssorry this one02:16
kenperkinsstill feel like I should go fresh and upgrade to 21.10 (is 22.04 going to be LTS I think?)02:17
kenperkinsnot till april or so tho right02:18
sarnoldyeah, probably late april02:18
kenperkinsno reason to rush to 21.10 if the frequency issue is addressed, might as well wait for 22.0402:19
Bashing-omkenperkins: There is thought: Call for testing: preliminary 20.04.4 release candidate images ready! -> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2022-February/005317.html .02:19
kenperkinsplus gives me time to finish my bootstrap ubuntu ansible02:19
kenperkins@sarnold, I must have installed this at some point and don't remember; probably brekaing my machine in the process: https://tuned-project.org/02:22
kenperkinsit's always user error, amiright? ;)02:23
sarnoldkenperkins: it certainly does explain why you were having uncommon problems ;) hehe02:23
kenperkinshere's a more appropriate question; out of the box, how does performance management work on laptops? should it "do the right thing" when you plug in to power?02:25
kenperkinsmy biggest mistake on this damn thinkpad was getting the 4k screen02:33
PCBuilderWhat size of Thinkpad? Because I'd personally love a 4k screen on my 14" daily driver instead of 1080p.02:34
kenperkinsIt's the X1, so 12? idk remember exactly02:35
PCBuilderThe X1 is 14" unless they've changed that.02:35
kenperkinsah, yes, it's that then02:35
sarnoldhah yeah, I did my setup on my x1 4k with the debootstrap method and the font was *so* tiny, I managed to make , vs . typo in /etc/crypttab when setting it up, and it took me forever to find that02:35
kenperkinsyea I have the config in the boot menu to make it easier to see grub too02:36
kenperkinsfirst thing I did02:36
sarnoldoooh? I can't read that at all :)02:36
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kenperkinssarnold, do you nnot have "GRUB_GFXMODE=1366x768" or what not in your /etc/default/grub?02:39
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PCBuilderSomewhat odd question, but was there an ongoing troll raid going on recently? I help run a large-ish SubReddit and Discord and received a very angry report that someone was spamming using our custom URL and wanted to check things out and talk to any OPs about helping with the situation (as the same troll or troll group is targeting us as well but02:42
PCBuilderseems to have started switching to targeting others and attaching our URL to the posts). And the person who contact me claimed there was an active raid - but things seem quiet so they might have been lying.02:42
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oerheksPCBuilder, how is that related to ubuntu support?02:42
oerhekstry #ubuntu-ops maybe?02:43
PCBuilder"if you join #ubuntu on libera which is currently being raided you can see your idiocacy" <-- This was the last message the person reporting the issue sent.02:43
mishathey're trying to get you to do the trolling for them02:44
PCBuilderI figured it might be a false report, hence asking. This is the ideal outcome.02:45
PCBuilderThanks for confirming that.02:46
sarnoldkenperkins: sweet! I'll have to fiddle with that, thanks :D02:46
donniehello everyone. hows your night going.02:48
donnieis there an easy way to connect to a windows share with ubuntu?02:48
sarnoldPCBuilder: heh yeah that doesn't sound familiar, but I lost scrollback beyond a dozen hours ago or something02:48
oerheksdonnie, what windows share? samba?02:49
sarnolddonnie: smbclient on the command line, mount cifs via the kernel, and both kde and gnome have things built into their "virtualized filesystem" framework things, so using their explorer.exe clones or their applications would work easy enough02:49
donnieok. it's doing an update now but i froze the file window. have to wait until the update is done so i dont break anything. lol02:51
donniethanks for the info. will that do it on startup or will i have to? doesn't really matter if it wont. it's only a quick connection anyway02:52
donnieis there a task manager like windows that i can kill the running process02:52
spammysystem monitor02:53
spammyright click kill02:53
donniecool thanks.02:53
donniehaven't played around with that too much.02:53
donnieI work in IT so I know windows much better. more businesses use it.02:54
Persuadertomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/TfVrpGrzQz/02:55
PersuaderAll I found were these logs.02:55
donniesystem monitor doesnt seem to want to open either. must be the update. i'll hae to wait. thanks for the info though02:55
spammyyeah good to reboot or use liveupdate when updating02:56
PCBuilderWouldn't it be easier to end the process using sudo -kill?02:57
donnieyea i seen live update when i installed ubuntu this time. Clean install when i switched over from mint. is that reliable?02:57
PCBuilderThough I guess that lacks the GUI element and is less user friendly.02:57
donnieI'm fine with both really pcbuilder.02:58
donnieI dont mind terminal either02:58
sarnoldxkill can be handy if you don't know which process you want gone, but do know which window you want gone02:58
sarnoldit's not nearly as powerful as kill, but it sometimes does the trick :)02:58
donnieis that an application sarnold02:59
donniecan you tag people in this chat so they see your response?02:59
oerheksjust type their name will do03:00
sarnolddonnie: most clients let you type a few letters and hit tab to complete the rest03:00
donnieyep that worked. easier to keep that chat straight that way03:01
sarnolddonnie: x11-utils: /usr/bin/xkill03:01
donnienot found in my terminal. I just put the whole thing in that you send though03:02
sarnolddonnie: then sudo apt install x11-utils -- then start something like xeyes, so you can kill it with xkill :)03:03
donnielol. ok. will do.03:03
donniethanks again guys for the info and patients. i'm sure i'll be back multiple times03:04
sarnoldcool :)03:05
donnieyep. just tried it. that would come in handy. works perfectly. closed my terminal though. lol03:05
ninjarockstarjsdI have an external HDD connected via USB, but for some reason, I can't get it to mount unless I log in using the GUI. It gets mounted fine when I few it with nautilus.03:43
ninjarockstarjsdIt seems to completely ignore the /etc/fstab file. It will only get mounted at the location specified in the /etc/fstab file when I log in using the GUI03:44
ninjarockstarjsdThis is the /etc/fstab line for this drive:03:44
ninjarockstarjsdUUID=XYZZZZZZ    /mount/extern1    ext4    nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show    0    103:44
matsamanUSB isn't always available super early03:46
oerheksdoes /mount/extern1 exist? why not use /mnt/ ?03:46
matsamanyou know what all those mount options are for?03:46
ninjarockstarjsdmatsaman I only know what the nofail option does :D03:46
ninjarockstarjsdoerheks  I'd be fine with using /mnt,  i was just following a guide on the web03:47
oerheksweird guide then..03:47
ninjarockstarjsdand yes /mount/extern1 does exist03:47
oerhekschange nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show to 'defaults' and try again?03:47
ninjarockstarjsdI can change it to /mnt if that's the right place03:48
ninjarockstarjsdDoes defaults include nofail?   I didn't have it connected earlier and my boot time was more than 5 minutes03:48
matsamanninjarockstarjsd: as long as the dir path exists03:48
ninjarockstarjsdUsing "defaults" didn't make a difference03:51
ninjarockstarjsdAny other ideas to try?03:54
matsamanyou just want it mounted by the time you log in?03:54
ninjarockstarjsdWell, it's for a home NAS/Media server, so ideally, I don't want to have to log in03:55
matsamanwell you might have to give us real information then03:56
ninjarockstarjsdSure, what info would be helpful?03:56
matsamanwhat happens when you try to mount it from a terminal?03:56
ninjarockstarjsdI haven't tried that yet03:57
ninjarockstarjsdLooking up how to do that03:57
matsamanninjarockstarjsd: mount /dev/whatever /mount/extern103:58
ninjarockstarjsdIt doesn't like that it's encrypted:     unknown filesystem type type 'crypto_LUKS'04:00
ninjarockstarjsdBut the drive gets unlocked already during bootup with a password prompt04:00
matsamanwhat makes you think it's unlocked before you open it in the file manager04:04
ninjarockstarjsdBecause it forces me to enter the encryption password when I start up04:05
matsamanis that what you want?04:06
ninjarockstarjsdhow can I test that it's decrypted without mounting it?04:06
ninjarockstarjsdYeah, decrypt at startup, and auto-mount. That way my services can start automatically after I decrypt04:06
ninjarockstarjsdWhen I specify the mount type  (-t)   it complains that /dev/sdb is already mounted or mount point busy..04:07
ninjarockstarjsdto clarify, I set the type to ext4 when it gave me that error04:09
ninjarockstarjsdFigured it out04:10
ninjarockstarjsdthe decrypted drive is at /dev/mapper for some reason.... extremely intuitive04:11
spammyof course, it has to map somewhere04:15
spammycan't map over /dev/sdb04:15
rm-rfPlease help! I was just, umm, doing my thing and I saw this video.Yeah, so this guy told me to run rm -rf / ... now all my stuff is gone!04:20
rm-rfI heard that with mechanical drives thingys don't permanently delete; is that truth?04:20
oerhekssome guy?04:21
ninjarockstarjsdtroll be trollin'04:21
oerhekshaha, we do  not care about trolls04:21
rm-rfI'm not a full-time troll though. And, seriously, outright harassment isn't OK.04:23
rm-rfTrolling isn't what it used to be. It used to be little more than little pranks. Now it's devolved into criminal shit.04:23
oerhekswe do understand you are lonely, that is oke04:23
rm-rfI'd say my technical jokes are safe from that04:23
rm-rfI was lonely until I found you04:24
rm-rfI thought all I needed was Debian and her cousins then I saw you as my shining star. And we all shine on ... like the John Lennon song.04:24
oerheksanyway,  rm -rf /  does not work on ubuntu04:24
ninjarockstarjsdI got a dumb question.    /etc/fstab wants a UUID=XXXYYYZZ,   but my drive is   in /dev/mapper/...     how do I format that for /etc/fstab?04:24
ninjarockstarjsdI tried replacing the UUID=...   with the /dev/mapper/... path, but it doesn't get mounted04:24
rm-rfWell, no, it doesn't work without a warning. Correct04:24
rm-rfBut you could set your system up to ignore those warnings. Thing is, if you know how to manually bypass warnings or eradicate them, you are probabbly wise enough to not run rm -rf / in the first place.04:25
spammyrm -rf rm-rf04:25
rm-rfThat looks super mean. spammy just said that I should go down a blackhole. I thought this was about community and acceptance.04:26
rm-rfI feel unsafe now04:26
rm-rfHe wants to delete me for good. I assume he means Secure Erase!04:26
rm-rfAnd I'm all made up of SSD cells. No turning back.04:26
oerheksrm-rf, google for fork-bomb, that is much more fun, non-destructive04:28
ninjarockstarjsdwill also put you on some lists :}04:28
ninjarockstarjsdGentlemen, I've done it. I've mastered Linux. I can now book with an encrypted external drive04:30
carnophage2how did you do it?04:33
ninjarockstarjsdwith sweat and tears04:34
carnophage2encrypt the os with dm-crypt or whatever, then have it set up to decrypt it once that's open?04:34
carnophage2either way, way to go.  when you finally get over the frustration, comprehension is like mmmm that's the stuff.04:34
ninjarockstarjsdSince I have a main drive which uses LUKS and and external one also and they both use the same encryption password, I used this method to only input password once:04:35
ninjarockstarjsdThen I had to figure out where the unencrypted drive actually lives so I can mount it somewhere useful for use. This took forever, because I wasn't sure why it wasn't mounting04:35
oerheks"Unfortunately, this currently doesn't work on Debian systems using systemd" makes me happy04:36
ninjarockstarjsdi had to use the hack it mentions there04:36
oerheksjust use a simple 2fa usb thingy like jubykey04:37
ninjarockstarjsdOhhh I didn't know that was a possibility04:38
ninjarockstarjsdI just might do that04:38
ninjarockstarjsdI wish more websites supported ubikey type 2fa04:39
matsamanI wish fewer everythings required MFA04:40
ninjarockstarjsdi loath getting SMS on my phone that then I have to type on my computer04:40
matsamanyup, it's idiotic04:40
ninjarockstarjsdor even more annoying is the  time-based ones where if you're close ot the end of the window, you just sit there and wait for it to change before you can enter it into your computer04:41
matsamanit's like a punishment for people who don't write their four-char passwords down on postits on their front doors04:41
rm-rfYes, how does the forkbomb thingy work?04:54
rm-rfIs that the stuff that makes other stuff toast? Wooo-weeee!04:54
spammyfork, then fork again, and again, and again....04:54
rm-rfFork you ... and sell you on Github to China04:54
oerheksit just fills your RAM04:54
oerheksno worry04:55
spammyfork until you can fork no more04:55
rm-rfWe're assuming the guy who prefers to go by rm -rf /* hasn't tried such things?04:55
oerheksspoon it04:55
oerheksrm-rf, tell the truth; you are that guy04:55
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rm-rfI am which guy again?04:59
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ninjarockstarjsdIs NFS extremely unstable for anyone else?  I mounted an NFS drive within the same LAN and tried transfering a 5GB file, and nautilus keeps freezing or crashing05:59
matsamanNFS is constantly complained about iME06:00
ninjarockstarjsdWhat's IME?06:01
matsamanin my experience06:01
ninjarockstarjsdIs samba more stable?06:01
ninjarockstarjsdI was told NFS is faster and better in an all Linux environment06:01
matsamandunno, samba is Windows nonsense though06:01
matsamanI usually use sshfs06:02
matsamanyou can disable encryption if you want06:02
ninjarockstarjsdLooking into sshfs, thanks06:03
rfmninjarockstarjsd, I have had no problem with NFS for many decades; How are you mounting the remote fs?  If it's via the nautilus gui it might be going thru some gvfs/fuse thing; real kernel nfs via mount (or /etc/fstab) might work better06:09
ninjarockstarjsdI'm mounting with just the mount command06:11
ninjarockstarjsdI disabled network on my NFS server for a second, and my nautilus on my nfs client computer became very unstable and crashed. Even after restarting, I wasn't able to open it up again because I had a mount in my home dir06:13
ninjarockstarjsdI had to do a umount -f  to get it working again06:13
ninjarockstarjsdI'm testing it again, and it's fine. Just a really bad first impression06:13
rfmninjarockstarjsd, certainly if you have your home dir on nfs and stop the server it will be bad (we used to run that way at Sun)06:15
ninjarockstarjsdohh no, my home directory isn't on NFS, i just had a mount within my home directory06:15
ninjarockstarjsdI think I can mitigate it with using a soft mount06:16
rfmninjarockstarjsd, soft mounts are ok if they are read only06:16
rfmninjarockstarjsd, I do that for stuff in my $PATH06:16
ninjarockstarjsdReading up on it now, and it could lead to data lose :|06:17
alkisgA hard mount would mean that you would be able to restart your nfs server, and the client (e.g. nautilus) would continue writing the file from where it left off. Sometimes that's desired, e.g. for rootfs and /home, sometimes not06:19
rfmninjarockstarjsd, I think the best advice is, don't stop or reboot your file server if you're not in a spot where you can reboot the clients...06:23
ninjarockstarjsdI will try06:27
fooGah, getting this issue: #6 26.38 E: Unable to locate package postgresql-dev -> any two cents?06:31
PersuaderI ran it again on my Ubuntu today. Ubuntu still shows no package upgrade and LivePatch doesn't work, is there any solution?06:32
PersuaderMy package hasn't been upgraded for a long time. I think there might be a security issue06:34
alkisgPersuader: which one is "my package"?06:45
Persuaderalkisg:  It's all the packages on my system.06:47
alkisgPersuader: what's the output of `sudo apt update | nc termbin.com 9999` ?06:47
PersuaderLet me try.06:48
Persuaderalkisg: The terminal says no Release file was found06:52
alkisgPersuader: did it show a termbin.com/qwer URL? Paste it here06:53
Persuaderalkisg: https://termbin.com/2e5n06:53
PersuaderI checked the APT log records before and found no useful information.06:55
alkisgPersuader: you're missing some sources; run `software-properties-gtk` and enable the updates for universe etc06:55
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Persuaderalkisg: I've always turned these options on, using the default Settings. But I can't open the livepatch, before can be open06:58
alkisgI'm not using livepatch, I'm just saying about the apt sources.list, you're missing things from there06:59
PersuaderWell, I haven't found any missing options yet07:03
PowaBangahi everybody07:06
PowaBangai have a problem with find07:06
PowaBanga find $PWD -type f -name 'Backup files *.zip' exec unzip {} \;07:06
PowaBangafind: paths must precede expression: `exec'07:06
PowaBangawhen i writte the "exec...", find crash .... why ?07:07
DoYouKnowhow do I make a bootable ubuntu usb on freebsd?07:18
DoYouKnowcan I use dd?07:19
DoYouKnowI tried with the ubuntu-20.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso07:19
DoYouKnowand it didn't work07:19
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Persuaderalkisg: When I just re-tested the update address of the package, the computer gave me several urls that could not be connected normally. I removed these urls, and now the update has been successful07:34
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mhmdHi, If I add "IP Name" to resolve.conf file on server A, and put IP of server A in server B resolve.conf as nameserver, shouldn't I be able to ping server A by its name from server B?09:43
ubotturesolvconf is a set of scripts that's used to manage /etc/resolv.conf in 12.04 and later, for more information please see: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html#name-resolution09:44
ducassemhmd: if i understand you correctly, you might be confusing /etc/hosts with resolv.conf09:46
mhmdoh right09:47
ducasseyou put individual name lookups in hosts09:48
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Guest1736hey guys11:08
kostkon_Guest1736 hi11:09
Guest1736u using anonymous os?11:09
Guest1736kostkon_ do u use Anonymous OS?11:11
kostkon_no I don't, ghost of past Guest173611:13
jsbachHi folks, i am getting a network interface error on SUSPEND with my laptop using a dock station, resulting not being able to use the wired network connection on suspend. 'e1000e 0000:00:1f.6 enp0s31f6: NIC Link is Down'12:22
jsbachI am using a .13.0-28-generic #31~20.04.1-Ubuntu Kernel for x86_6412:23
jsbach5.13.0-28-generic #31~20.04.1-Ubuntu Kernel for x86_6412:23
jsbachany ideas?12:25
donniein ubuntu 20.04. the option isn't there for me12:38
donniecan you use fingerprint login in ubuntu 20.04? the option isn't there for me12:38
BlackMagehow names the default panel in lxqt?12:42
BlackMagei need to restart it, because the language choose hanged himself12:45
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BlackMagehow names the config of lxqt-panel?12:49
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frost-coreHey does anybody know about the missing set-default-plymouth-theme command? i need it12:53
frost-coreim seeing no help so far, i have another question i need an anwser to13:03
frost-coreHow do i host an irc channel in Ubuntu 20.04.3?13:03
BlackMagehmpf properly a bug in ibus?13:13
BlackMagei have a bug13:14
BlackMagethe menu icon by ibus-daemon remains in lxqt-panel13:15
BlackMagei mean the language choose at the icon in lxqt-panel13:16
BlackMagei have only one language installed, i have lxqt-panel and ibus-daemon installed13:19
* alkisg removes ibus as it's too problematic...13:20
tomreynjsbach: try a bios update on the laptop and a firmware upgrade on the dock station13:29
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BlackMagehmpf, lxqt-panel is compiled with old Qt5DBus lib?13:40
ioriaBlackMage, what you mean  by  'old' ?13:43
BlackMagei cant compile the newest lxqt-panel, because of old Qt5DBus, 5.15.0 is needed, but 5.12.8 is available13:46
ikoniaI guess the first question is why do you want the later lxqt-pannel version ?13:47
ioria!info libqt5dbus513:48
ubottulibqt5dbus5 (5.15.2+dfsg-12ubuntu1.1, impish): Qt 5 D-Bus module. In component universe, is optional. Built by qtbase-opensource-src. Size 218 kB / 791 kB13:48
koffeinfriedhofBlackMage: Qt5.12 is out of support, you need to upgrade it.13:48
BlackMagea bug with ibus-daemon13:48
ikoniaBlackMage: I didn't think ibus-daemon was part of the lxqt pannel ?13:50
ioriaBlackMage,  5.15 is available in impish13:50
BlackMagebut the language chooser has a bug with ibus-daemon13:54
ikoniaBlackMage: would it not be better to fix that bug ? rather than upgrade to version miss-match components ?13:56
BlackMagewhen i click on the button the language choose opens and due a bug the language choose doesnt close13:59
BluesKajHi folks14:00
BlackMageit has to do with ibus-daemon, but dont ask me how14:00
BlackMagewhen i kill ibus-daemon and restart it, then language choose left14:02
BlackMageand why Xterm uses not ibus-daemon?14:02
BlackMage(that saves me)14:03
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BlackMagebut that was good, otherwise I would have had to do it on a virtual console (i.e. kill and restart the ibus daemon)14:06
BlackMagei think something hang at the ibus-daemon14:07
BlackMageor a deadlock at the call at lxqt-panel, idk14:08
trafficjamwhat's the generic name for a non-root user for deploying software?14:08
trafficjame.g. i have a vps and i want to run a webserver, but not as root14:09
tomreyndeploy != run14:09
tomreynthere is none. you could say "restricted user for running a webserver"14:09
jsbachtomreyn, thanks. That will do i guess: UEFI: 1.43 / ECP: 1.35 (Fix) Fixed an issue where system may hang up if ThinkPad USB Universal Type-C dock with USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter is attached.14:33
jsbachtomreyn, how do i figure out which uefi or ecp am i running?14:34
tomreynjsbach: journalctl -b | grep DMI:    for the UEFI version, EC you'll need to check from the setup tool pre-boot14:35
jsbachtomreyn, great thanks. I am running out of the box  BIOS N34ET41W (1.41 ) 07/08/202114:37
tomreynsome thinkpad UEFIs can be upgraded via LVFS / fwupd14:37
jsbachtomreyn, i also have snapd showing me that i could update from 0.1.41 to 0.1,4714:38
jsbachi am using traditionally apt-get maangement, i don't truly understand why snap software management is also offered.14:39
tomreynjsbach: i don't see how that's related to snapd, but generally installing software updates is - most of the time - a good thing14:39
tomreyncurrent ubuntu releases provide snap(d) as a secondary package management system in addition to apt/dpkg14:41
jsbachtomreyn, does that mean that apt is going to be deprecated sometime?14:42
jsbachso, using snap parallel to the apt would not cause any problems at the moment.14:42
tomreynunder some conditions, snap can be useful for software which exposes a greater attack surface (such as web browsers and email clients on a desktop computer) and where packaging the software as .deb's would take more effort.14:44
tomreynusing apt and snap in parallel should not cause problems14:44
jsbachtomreyn, thanks for the security info. wouldn't have noticed14:45
tomreyni do not know whether apt will be deprecated in ubuntu sometime. at some time snap packages were preferred in ubuntu GUI package manegment applications, you could say ti was the case then.14:45
jsbachok, i'll just take the chance and update the uefi and ecp through snap and see what happens14:46
tomreynso far, the majority of software is still installed, by default, via apt (and with the current state of the snap ecosystem, i like it that way)14:47
tomreynjsbach: good luck with the upgrades. out of interest, does it list both uefi and ecp upgrades seperately?14:48
ice9I understand that HWE provides the latest possible kernel with patches right? so how "linux-image-generic-hwe-20.04" is the latest package in ubuntu 21.10?14:49
tomreynice9: what do you mean by "the latest package"?14:50
tomreynand yes, HWE provides the latest supported (with security and bug fix patches applied) kernel package version on LTS releases14:51
tomreyn(althrough there is usually also linux-image-generic-hwe-yy.mm-edge - but that's not really supported)14:52
tomreyn21.10 is not an LTS release14:53
tomreynice9: some more info on the kernel series: https://gist.github.com/tomreyn/8d7675840d7bc7389b32e4d8887ca44914:54
Guest9898Hi guys, can I create a paste without creating an account and logging in or are sites like pastebin.com allowed?14:59
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EriC^^Guest9898: yeah just head over to http://paste.ubuntu.com14:59
coconutGuest1566, all pastebins are allowed here afaik14:59
ice9tomreyn, you mean that HWE is intended for LTS releases but for others, it's already using a recent kernel?14:59
Alex948EriC^^The problem is that I'm being asked to signup/login to create a paste there15:00
EriC^^uf that's new15:00
EriC^^you could use any other pastebin service, no issues with that15:01
Alex948Thank you!15:01
tomreynice9: i mean that HWE is for LTS releases, right. non-LTS (9-month lifetime) releases only have the general availability kernels, they don't usually get upgrades (but updates), and their version may and often will differ from an LTS releases' HWE version.15:05
tomreynAlex948: some other pastebin-like services such as the debian pastebin and termbin.com still work fine, and don't involve ads, massive javascript or tracking.15:06
ice9since ubuntu is based on debian, why ubuntu doesn't offer to place grub on separate device during installation like debian does?15:09
ograi does if you pick setups that require it ..15:10
tomreynit does when you do manual partitioning. it just may not do what it says it does.15:11
Alex948tomreyn: Awesome, I'll use the Debian one then15:12
Alex948I want to make the switch from Windows 10 to Ubuntu Desktop 20.04.3-amd64 as a daily driver. I need my entire drive to be encrypted, including the home, boot, tmp and swap directories. I want to make so that if my device / hard drive was to be stolen, they would not be able to read any data without entering the passwords at boot time. Even if they15:14
Alex948removed the hard drive, it should resist being attacked from outside programs. I followed the guide on the official Ubuntu docs to achieve this ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_2019 ). Unfortunately, I don't trust my own skills enough, so I'd love to have a quick sanity check. Can anybody tell me if I have achieved my15:14
Alex948goal or if I missed something? With this setup, can I be 100% sure that ANY data written ANYWHERE will be encrypted by LUKS, no matter if its personal files, RAM written to swap, hibernation images and temporary files? Logs: https://paste.debian.net/hidden/92baedfb15:14
leftyfbAlex948: cat /etc/os-release | nc termbin.com 9999     # I find this way easier15:14
leftyfbAlex948: yes, you should be good15:15
Alex948leftyfb: I'll be honest, I still find the filesystem quite confusing, the way mounting works etc. I'm sure there are some obscure / hidden directories where tmp files will be saved, for example during browsing. How can I be sure that I've redirected everything into the encrypted partition?15:19
Alex948The way LUKS works just FEELS too easy. Like, is this REALLY secure?15:19
leftyfbAlex948: your only block storage filesystems are on sda. Every partition is part of the LUKS volume. You're good15:20
EriC^^Alex948: yeah, if you encrypt the whole disk using luks, whenever the pc is turned off, all data can't be accessed, including the temp files which are saved in /home/user/.cache15:20
donniethis is going to be a pretty open ended question but any cool things I should try with linux. Just switched from windows to try something new. Switched back and forth a bit so not really new but not and expert either. I work in IT but thats all windows for the most part. mac every now and then but very seldom15:21
leftyfb!discuss | donnie15:21
ubottudonnie: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!15:21
donniethanks leftyfb. Didnt' knwo that existed. is that in the chat channels?15:22
MitachoHey, guys! I'm here again. Can anyone help me to understand the problem with my microphone on Linux ? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1393594/usb-microphone-does-not-work-on-ubuntu-21-1015:22
Alex948leftyfb: EriC^^: Awesome, thanks! Also, the official Ubuntu installer has an option to enable encryption. I believe it offers to do a "full format", so that the entire drive will be written with "random" noise. I don't think I have done that with the guide linked above. Should I do that? Also, are there any specific things I need to keep in mind15:23
Alex948with NVME SSDs and LUKS encryption? Does TRIM leak any information this way?15:23
leftyfbAlex948: no and no15:23
Alex948leftyfb: Can I ask, why not? :)  I want to understand why thats not necessary in this case15:25
ice9ogra, tomreyn you can do it with manual partitioning (fully manual) but in debian it's fully automated, you just specify the external device15:28
Alex948Also, I'm wondering about the way decryption works. When I start the system, I get asked to unblock the boot drive (I belive this is done by GRUB). After that, Ubuntu can start and it asks me to unlock the main sda5 drive. But then I get another prompt by Ubuntu also asking me to unlock the /x2fboot (LUKS_BOOT) drive. Why is that necessary?15:29
Alex948So I have to enter bootpassword, datapassword, bootpassword15:29
tomreynice9: i'm not familiar with this very option in debian, or don't understand which one you're referring to, but there can definitely be features that debians' installer supports and ubuntu's doesn't, and (maybe more of that) vice versa.15:30
leftyfbAlex948: doesn't sound like it was setup properly then. The installer should setup an encrypted volume and stick all partitions in it including swap. As opposed to multiple separate encrypted partitions/volumes15:31
leftyfbAlex948: I'm not sure why you encrypted /boot. That's probably part of the problem. You do not need to encrypt your /boot and when you do it probably causes LUKS/installer to create the LUKS boot so you have a way to boot in order to decrypt the rest of the OS15:32
Alex948leftyfb: It was a deliberate decision to have /boot encrypted with a one password and the rest of the data (including swap) with a different password, so it doesn't surprise me that I have to enter multiple passwords. But I would have assumed that /boot is for GRUB (first password) and the rest of Ubuntu only needs the main data drive (second15:32
Alex948I was under the assumption that encrypting /boot would provide more security because the kernel cannot be tempered with15:33
Alex948(evil maid attack)15:34
tomreynnot while the crypto container is not opened, right15:34
tomreynof course, the firmware could still be manipulated15:34
alkisgAlex948: how would ubuntu write to /boot if you don't unlock it?15:34
alkisgIt needs to write new kernels etc there15:34
leftyfbAlex948: if someone has physical access to your machine, you lose. Either way, I think we're beyond ubuntu support here. "How does this work" should probably be in #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss15:35
ograice9, AFAIK it picks it when you use LVM or FDE ...15:35
Alex948alkisg: Ah okay, I didn't know Ubuntu needs to actively read/write /boot, I though that only for some kind of loader and from there on the rest of the data will be on the other drive15:35
tomreynAlex948: i think the how-to you mentioned discusses how to chain-decrypt crypto containers, so that you only need to enter a passphrase once.15:36
donnieis there a way to get itunes to work with ubuntu? is wine the only way? or is there a different program i can use in the place of it15:36
leftyfbdonnie: no15:36
Alex948tomreyn: Yes, I think it does it with keyfiles. I wanted to specifically stick with two passwords in this case though15:37
EriC^^Alex948: you can add /boot into the main encrypted fs, and not use a plaintext /boot partition15:37
EriC^^you just need to add a variable to /etc/default/grub after moving the stuff to "/boot" (in the main fs)15:38
EriC^^then you only need one password15:38
tomreynAlex948: note that the efi system partition, if you're uefi booting, will still have to be unencrypted, though.15:38
tomreynalso the efi parameter / variable store15:38
EriC^^Alex948: "GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y" in /etc/default/grub then 'sudo update-grub'15:39
Alex948The problem is that I actually cannot use a very secure password in the GRUB prompt. This is because the GRUB prompt only works with US keyboard layouts and the layout of my keyboard is different. So I cannot enter my really strong password there. When Ubuntu boots up and shows its prompt it actually remembers my locale default keymap so I can15:39
Alex948enter all kinds of characters correctly. So the GRUB /boot password is a relatively simple one, just to prevent other people from tinkering with the /boot15:39
donnieleftyfb: so wine is my only option then? or a different computer for that. lol15:39
Alex948GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y is added during the official guide ( linked above)15:39
leftyfbdonnie: different computer15:40
donnieyea i agree. that would be the least headache. I seem to remember trying wine before and it didnt work right at all.15:40
leftyfbAlex948: you made your system needlessly complicated and are asking why your system is complicated15:40
Alex948leftyfb: I said in the beginning that my experience is very limited and that this is the reason why I'M following the guide I linked. If you have any other guides that seems more appropriate for what I want to do (protect all data from being read without entering password at boot time), I'd love to read them! As I said, I'm asking for advice15:43
Alex948because I don't know exactly what I'm doing, only following advice found on the internet. Maybe you can tell me whats "needlessly" complicated?15:43
matt92HI there15:43
KBarmatt92: hi and welcome. Please, ask your questions!15:44
leftyfbAlex948: my advice, don't bother encrypting /boot. Let the installer create just the single encrypted volume with your OS and swap in it and only have 1 passwor15:44
matt92I have an issue when I use my private ssh keys. I get an error message 'Permission denied (publickey).' when  I use my private keys in other DEs but in gnome they work fine. How do I fix this so I can use my private ssh keys in other DEs?15:44
Alex948leftyfb: OK, by installer do you mean the official Ubuntu Graphical installer? If so, does the installer ask where to place the swap partition? I don't remember15:45
tomreynmatt92: on the other DEs, access the private keys as the same user you do when running gnome15:45
leftyfbmatt92: DE's do not care about file permissions of ssh private keys. Your key should be set to 060015:46
matt92Yep I'm using the same user. I think it might have something to do with the gnome-keyring perhaps?15:46
donnieAlex948: From my IT experience you cant have completely secure and convenient at the same time. you gotta be somewhere in the middle. I might be wrong on that and linux may have something i'm not aware of but i'm look at it from the IT standpoint15:46
leftyfbAlex948: I haven't used the GUI installer for this. I use the legacy server installer15:46
leftyfbmatt92: gnome keyring doesn't get used in other DE's by default15:47
Alex948donnie: I agree. I'm not a terrorist, so I don't need protection from the NSA/CIA. I just want protection from somebody stealing the drive and easily mounting it / attacking it with hashcat and an RTX 3060 for a while.15:47
tomreynmatt92: it might. you can see which ssh keys the ssh client reads, and from where, and which authentication methods it attempts when you pass mutiples of -v to the ssh command.15:48
leftyfbAlex948: if your machine is stolen, consider it compromised. Wipe it and re-install. The point of the encryption is to prevent your private date being leaked. Again, we are beyond Ubuntu support at this point. Feel free to discuss further in #security15:49
tomreynAlex948: the ubuntu desktop installer offers the setup leftyfb mentioned (unencrypted /boot, everything else ubuntu-ish (not the ESP) encrypted).15:50
donnieAlex948: yea i agree. thats a whole other thing if people are stealing your drives15:50
tomreynAlex948: swap is a file, not partition, by default on newer ubuntu releases15:50
Alex948leftyfb: Got it. I guess if somebody had the access to manipulate the /boot / kernel I have already lost. That makes sense. So to summarize: Your advice would be to leave the setup as it is because it encrypts all relevant locations and files (tmp, swap, data), but to leave the /boot unencrypted  and just use one password for the main LUKS drive?15:50
leftyfbAlex948: if you were to do it again, yes15:51
Alex948Awesome, I'll give that try. Thanks for your time!15:51
Alex948tomreyn: I replied to your last message in #security in case you didn't see it16:04
tomreynAlex948: we can definitely discuss anything regarding the ubuntu installer here, too.16:09
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matt92Hi there, turns out you were right. The permissions of the keys were incorrect. Also when I log into gnome the ssh keys 'disappear' from the .ssh directory while logging into other DEs they appear in the .ssh directory so it was clear to me gnome is managing them in some way. I googled what the correct permissions were and setup an 'config' file in16:12
matt92the ssh directory and the issue is fixed. Thought I'd mention the fix here for the benefit of people reading the logs16:12
lantech19446I have an ubuntu server that is a 120G ssd + 2Tib I've identified that the 2Tib is configured to 2 separate disks identified in /dev by sdb and sdc I can't figure out for the life of me how to access them.16:15
lantech19446they wouldn't show up in /dev if they weren't already mounted right?16:18
leftyfblantech19446: run: lsblk16:35
lantech19446leftyfb: I did that's how I know that the 2 storage disks are labeled as sdb and sdc and then I checked to make sure they appear in /dev16:36
leftyfblantech19446: to answer your question, the device files for the drives will always be there regardless of the device is mounted or even partitioned16:36
lantech19446I can't even cd into them16:37
leftyfblantech19446: did you mount them?16:37
leftyfblantech19446: does lsblk show partitions or just the drives?16:37
lantech19446just the drives16:37
leftyfbIf there’s no partitions then you need to partition and format them16:38
lantech19446ok makes sense, I just figured I must be overlooking something because why wouldn't they have partitioned them but I guess it's so I can do as I please with the server16:39
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BlackMagecan i make a xorg.conf?17:07
BlackMagein ubuntu 20.04?17:07
oerheksput a custom one in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ folder17:09
BlackMageexist no /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?17:10
oerheksindeed, that would be generated from the ones in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/17:10
BlackMagewhere i enable at best the LCD Brightness Control?17:15
BlackMagefor keyboard17:15
BlackMageand other function keys17:16
MaikBlackMage: did you google for it?17:18
oerheksbrightness control depends on what videocard, *hint*17:25
oerheksand ehm... you better bing than google17:26
BlackMageno, no the backlight from the internal keyboad17:28
oerhekswithout proper info, we don't know where to look for17:28
oerhekshow would *you* answer such Q?17:28
BlackMageand the display brightness work also not17:29
BlackMageonly volume control do work17:29
BlackMageso no other function keys work17:30
oerheksoke, do we need to ask what hardware exactly?17:32
BlackMagebios version MBP91.88Z.00DA.B00.1804091930, Apple MacBook Pro 13" - A1278 - Mid 201217:35
coconutFirefox keeps going wrong with my mouse(does not work at all anymore), when firefox will get updated to 97.0.1?17:43
coconutThis only happens on one tab though17:44
Maikcoconut: the snap version is already at 97.0.117:45
coconutMaik, i use the ubuntu repo from another distro on this laptop17:45
Maikand as you know it will take a bit of time before the deb version gets updated17:45
Maikfrom another distro?17:46
Maikyou know that's not supported here, you're on your own and at own risk of doing so17:46
coconutMaik, yes, and i can ask the other distro off course, but still canonical updates the repo17:46
coconutso that's why i ask here(and yes i know)17:46
Maikwhat's the PPA from?17:47
coconutMaik, you ask me?17:48
Maikor the repo as you call it17:48
coconutMaik, https://termbin.com/47e817:49
oerheksso you have 97 already?17:50
coconutyes but not the latest 97.0.117:50
coconutfrom yeserday i believe17:51
oerheksi do not have .0.1 either, just wait for it?17:51
Maikthe deb will take some more time, especially since they move FF over to snap as default now17:52
Maikcoconut: so you run 21.10?17:52
coconutah, ok... something i should have respect for seeing i have another distro17:53
coconutyes(pop!_os 21.10)17:53
Maikyeah well, Pop OS is not supported here, you should have asked them imho17:54
Maikbut we've been trough the FF question before so you'd have known the answer to why it's not updated yet already17:55
Maikiirc you asked a similar question months ago or last year somewhere17:56
coconutMaik, i know it takes a few days with firefox but when the browser does not work well, then i should just ask for a newer version seeing it is buggy17:57
coconuti can not do that off course, but still it is better to show it, i guess17:57
Maikthen switch to the snap version, that way you get updates faster17:57
Maikyou can't ask for a new version here, it's not up to us but the maintainers17:58
MaikFirefox, as said before, is going to be snap only from 22.04 on17:58
coconuttrue, but still if users do not report about problems ubuntu does not get feedback...17:59
coconutMaik, oh then pop os will get into problems with that i guess, and have to ppa firefox if they want to keep it a deb?18:00
Maikcoconut: problems should be reported on launchpad18:00
Maikabout a PPA you should ask the Pop OS guys18:01
coconutMaik, yes i should indeed kick me in the but for that, but i really don't like launchpad really.18:01
coconuti will18:01
coconutthanks Maik18:01
Maiknp :)18:01
dirtcastleThe emacs-snapshot packages are now built with this support: http://emacs.secretsauce.net18:03
dirtcastlecan i use this on ubuntu18:04
oerheksdirtcastle, maybe, but that guide is wonky; sudo apt-key add -   ## is depreciated to add the key18:05
dirtcastleI'm new to ubuntu apt totally18:05
oerhekswget -O- <https://example.com/key/repo-key.gpg> | gpg --dearmor | sudo tee /usr/share/keyrings/<myrepository>-archive-keyring.gpg18:06
oerheksgood luck!18:06
dirtcastleyup! thanks for ur time!18:06
flingwhich ubuntu release has 5.10?18:07
oerheks5.10 what?18:07
fling5.10 kernel18:07
oerhekssome EOL version, too lazy to look up18:08
oerheks21.04 used to have 5.10, EOL18:09
flingis it focal?18:09
leftyfbfling: why do you think you need 5.10?18:10
ubottuUbuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) was the 34th release of Ubuntu, support ended on January 20, 2022. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2022-January/000276.html18:10
flingleftyfb: to see what cgroups patches are not yet upstreamed into 5.1018:10
leftyfbfling: why 5.10?18:10
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Focal (Focal Fossa 20.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.18:11
leftyfbfling: 5.13 is the latest LTS kernel for focal18:11
alkisgNo, focal (20.04) had 5.4, 5.8, 5.11 and 5.13. It never had 5.10.18:12
alkisgExcept for the OEM kernels: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=linux-image-5.1018:12
ubottuUbuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish) will be the 36th release of Ubuntu, scheduled for release April 2022 (https://ubottu.com/y/jj). Join #ubuntu-next for support and questions.18:16
jhutchinsWhen do they usually freeze the kernel?18:19
Maikjhutchins: kernel freeze for 22.04 is on April 7th18:20
shibbolethdebian installer?18:21
leftyfbshibboleth: maybe try a full question with context18:21
shibbolethwill the deb installer be an option?18:22
oerhekskernel freeze.. there is a time table for that .. hard to find on google, bing is better18:22
Kilroywhat is a kernel freeze?18:22
leftyfb!22.04 | shibboleth18:22
ubottushibboleth: Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish) will be the 36th release of Ubuntu, scheduled for release April 2022 (https://ubottu.com/y/jj). Join #ubuntu-next for support and questions.18:22
Maikshibboleth: ask in #ubuntu-next18:22
MaikKilroy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelFreeze18:23
Maikyou could have googled that18:23
leftyfbKilroy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeze_(software_engineering)18:23
Kilroythank you leftyfb18:24
BlackMagehmpf pommed doesnt work correctly18:39
BlackMagewhen fnmode = 1 , on f1 its print only A when function is used18:41
BlackMageand when fnmode = 2, the function is executed and its print A18:43
BlackMagewhy the letter A is printed?18:43
MaikBlackMage: do you actually have a Ubuntu support question?18:44
solifugusMy Ubuntu sound stopped working.. even after a reboot..  through browser or games or anything.  The volume from the speaker icon in the top right corner is fully up...  any ideas?18:45
solifugusThis is a system76 computer..18:45
KBarWhich version of Ubuntu? What kind of hardware?18:46
=== Starmina_ is now known as Starmina
Maikrunning Ubuntu? Because Systems76 usually ships with POP OS solifugus18:46
BlackMageMaik: So should I contact the pommed developers directly about this?18:46
MaikBlackMage: your in a Ubuntu support channel, so....18:47
Maikor ask in #linux18:47
Maiksolifugus: what is it now that's installed, Ubuntu or POP OS?18:49
Maikunless we know for sure what they are running we shouldn't provide any further support18:52
oerheksthose tips are universal, AFAIL18:52
Maikif they use Pop OS they should ask them18:52
oerheksremoving ~/.config/pulse often works18:53
Maikbut since they refuse to answer as of yet, they're on their own18:53
KBaroerheks: maybe move it somewhere else or rename it?18:54
jsbach_anyone having problems with networking at usb-c type docking station with new thinkpads? The network interface of docking station doesn't show up after resume. Annoying.19:02
ice9every time I wake up the laptop from suspend, the screen keeps off until it crash and I have to hard reset; here is a journal output https://termbin.com/mlmk19:02
jsbach_using 5.13.0-30-generic #33~20.04.1-Ubuntu Kernel with the latest UEFI and ECP updates. And the latest displaylink driver19:03
ice9sorry not suspend but unlock the desktop19:04
frostso i wanna remove system reserved from windows19:08
frostas i dont need it since i removed windows19:08
frostbut i dont know how to, and idk how to make a partiton the top one19:08
=== frost is now known as frost-core
BlackMageohh, hmm19:13
jhutchinsfrost: Rather than "system" I think you mean "storage", as in disk space, correct?19:13
frost-corejhutchins : im tryna delete system reserved from windows19:15
frost-coresince windows broke19:15
jhutchinsAlgeria!  That's a new oen.19:15
jhutchinsYou can use the space for storage as it is, just mount it as an ntfs filesystem.19:16
jhutchinsIf you format it as a Linux filesystem it's a little more compatible, but you do risk damaging your working Linux partition if you make a mistake.19:17
Guest75invite me to #programming19:17
MaikGuest75: wrong channel19:17
jhutchinsfrost-core: You can theoretically expand an existing partition, but that is more complicated an also risky.19:18
jhutchinsGuest75: You probably need to be a registered user.19:18
Guest75Maik: there is no wrong channel19:18
Guest75#programming does not need acc19:18
BlackMagehmm, LUL, only in QTerminal i have the bug19:18
MaikGuest75:  you are ASKING in the wrong channel19:19
Guest75Maik: there is no WRONG channel to ask to join other channel19:19
MaikGuest75: if you don't have a Ubuntu support question then please move along19:19
Maikbecause that's what this channel is about, Ubuntu support19:20
MaikGuest75: try asking in #libera19:20
goodfellahi. why i can't see the packet tracer upgrade for version 8.1.1 ?19:23
frost-corethis is what im telling you, so for example, we have /dev/sda1, and /dev/sda2, i wanna make /dev/sda2 the top partition19:25
goodfellai did apt-get update19:25
frost-coregoodfella : this is ubuntu, a stable distro19:26
frost-coreso you wont get always the latest and greatest19:27
goodfellai find it hard to belive that debian have newer version packages that ubuntu has19:27
goodfellamy instructor using debian and hes has version 8.1.119:27
goodfellabut maybe he he manually download it from cisco19:27
Maikgoodfella: which version of ubuntu19:27
frost-coreprobably because he uses debian 1119:27
jhutchinsgoodfella: Version 8.1.1 of what?19:28
Maikjhutchins: as he stated: packet tracer19:28
goodfellapacket tracer19:28
jhutchinsfrost-core: Turn your computer over.19:28
Maikgoodfella: again... which version of ubuntu19:29
frost-corejhutchins : why?, i wanna just make the partition the top one19:29
Maikfrost-core: you can't19:29
Maikfrost-core: and again it doesn't seem to be a ubuntu related question19:30
frost-corebut, i just wanna know about how to move a partition19:30
KBargoodfella: it's a proprietary software that's not even in the repositories?19:30
goodfellathe latest LTS19:30
jhutchinsfrost-core: "top" doesn't actually mean anything in this context.  You can probably make it _do_ what you have in mind though.19:30
goodfellaKBar: it came installed by defautl19:30
Maikgoodfella: 20.04 is older and uses older packages than Debian 1119:30
KBargoodfella: ok. What's the name of the package?19:31
Maikpacket tracer does not come installed by default19:31
frost-corejhutchins : i wanna make the partition /dev/sda2 to /dev/sda119:31
goodfellait is19:31
Maikit's not on default goodfella19:31
shadow255frost-core: then you'll need to change physical connections in the hardware19:32
Maiki ran ubuntu 20.04 before and never saw it being installed19:32
jhutchinsfrost-core: The only way I know of doing that is to back the data up to another device and restore it to the other partition.19:32
KBargoodfella: there is no such package in any of the repositories. you can only download it from here after enrolling to their online courses and finishing it: https://www.netacad.com/courses/packet-tracer19:32
goodfella2ok thanks19:32
MarcAndersenWhat is the last ubuntu version where there is a cd image at less than 700 mb availavle?19:44
shibbolethearly/mid xenial19:45
MarcAndersenSo there is nothing later than 16.04 as cd?19:46
shibbolethafaik even initial bionic required a dvd for size. there may be netinst images though. the bare essentials to install from a network repo19:48
InteloMy OS is bloated. I remember I changed hardware (the whole pc) but used the same sdd that had ubuntu installed in it. I guess xorg and drivers of hardware might have been causing the freezing and crashing and slow speed. What can I do here please?19:49
MarcAndersenthe smallest 16.04 I can find is 1.4g.19:53
jhutchinsIntelo: The first thing would be to find the logs for the suspected components and see if they say anything useful.20:03
Chunkyzhow can I find out what *speed* my ethernet controller is capable of? atm it's 1000 because it's got a 1gbps ethernet cable in. do you think it could hand more? i5-6500T....20:04
jhutchinsIntelo: Then you would try eliminating specific items one at a time.20:04
Intelojhutchins were would be logs found?20:05
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/20:05
jhutchinsIntelo: It's usually a good idea to go through the hardware and cables on the motherboard and re-seat all of the connections20:05
oerhekswrong factoid20:05
oerhekswhat does this mean; "My OS is bloated."20:06
ubottujournalctl is a command for viewing logs collected by systemd-journald. E.g. "journalctl -f" reports system messages as they are logged until you press Ctrl+C. See the journalctl !man page for other options.20:06
Chunkyzit doesn't say anything about ethernet here: https://www.intel.co.uk/content/www/uk/en/products/sku/88183/intel-core-i56500t-processor-6m-cache-up-to-3-10-ghz/specifications.html20:06
jhutchinsIntelo: dmesg is noisy but has most of the hardware initialization logs.20:06
jhutchinsChunkyz: ethtool <interface> will show you capabilities and what the current connection is using.20:07
jhutchins!info ethtool20:07
Chunkyzjhutchins, current connection yeah, I want to know if it'll do more if I plug in a fast ethernet cable.20:07
ubottuethtool (1:5.9-1build1, impish): display or change Ethernet device settings. In component main, is optional. Built by ethtool. Size 191 kB / 584 kB. (Only available for linux-any.)20:07
jhutchinsChunkyz: Cables are not likely to make a difference unless you have some ragged Cat4 or something.20:08
Chunkyzidk which I have.20:08
oerheks1000 mbit will not go faster, if your adapter and router only supports up to 1000 mbit20:08
jhutchinsChunkyz: The cable is usually stamped with a label.20:08
Chunkyznot this one.20:08
Chunkyzoerheks, yeah that's what I'm asking.20:09
jhutchinsChunkyz: Ok, how many wires?20:09
ChunkyzI think this is the fastest: 1000baseT/Full20:10
jhutchinsLook at the clear connector and count the wires.  It's most likely 8, 4 pairs.  That's Cat5 or Cat6.20:10
oerhekskick off other users to get full internet speed :-D20:10
jhutchinsChunkyz: That's about as fast as you'll get on consumer grade gear these days.20:10
jhutchins10G is still expensive.20:11
ice9every time I unlock the screen of the laptop, the screen keeps off until the system freeze and I have to hard reset; here is a journal output from previous boot: https://termbin.com/mlmk20:11
Intelojhutchins did the hardware thing though20:11
Chunkyzit's got 4 wires on the connector. :-)20:12
Intelojhutchins https://termbin.com/mld4z20:12
Chunkyzthanks, TIL. now I know what to look out for.20:12
jhutchinsIntelo: See that joiurnalctl factoid ubottu posted, look in /var/log/, try dmesg | less (as root, so sudo).20:13
Chunkyzlast question, if my ISP says my speed is 1gbps, and my ethenet controller/cable is 1gbps... what sort of download speed should I expect? using Ubuntu 21.1020:13
jhutchinsChunkyz: It depends on hardware.  Spinning disks won't usually do 1G, but a system with an SSD should get 800-900 Mb/Sec.20:14
oerheks1 gbps is raw, with overhead..20:14
oerheksso, your actual speed is something less than that20:14
jhutchinsGoogle will hit 900+.20:14
Chunkyzusing an SSD.20:15
jhutchinsChunkyz: speedtest-cli20:15
oerheksssd has nothing to do with that20:15
Chunkyzthanks, I'm getting more or less expected speed then. :-)20:15
Chunkyzjhutchins, that's not very accurate though. thanks though. :-)20:16
jhutchinsoerheks: I can demonstrate a difference in speedtest results for an SSD vs. a spinning rust drive, about 300Mb/Sec.20:16
jhutchinsChunkyz: In my experience the speedtest cli results are pretty close to real world downloads.20:17
oerheksjhutchins, that is new to me, what does storage have to do with internet speed?20:17
jhutchinsoerheks: Assuming that the test is passing more data than the RAM cache can hold, it apparently causes a lag when writing to the disk.20:18
Chunkyzjhutchins, yeah it's always been bad here.20:18
jhutchinsChunkyz: Who's your provider?20:18
Chunkyzvirgin media, UK.20:19
jhutchinsIf they're like Google, they won't guarantee minimum performance.20:19
Chunkyzthey do, they say 500mbps is the minimum I should get. I get around 900mbps give or take.20:19
ChunkyzI know it's correct now :-)20:20
jhutchinsoerheks: At 1G speeds, older hardware can be a factor.20:20
jhutchinsChunkyz: That's really very good performance in the real world.20:20
oerheksmeh, doubtfull that a ssd infuences speed of a gigabit adapter speed20:20
jhutchinsChunkyz: At that speed, your sources will be the limiting factor (ie. Ubuntu mirror servers).20:21
jhutchinsoerheks: Doubt all you want, real world test says otherwise.20:21
jhutchinsPeople won't believe me when I say I can demonstrate LVM overhead loads either.20:22
cbreakspeedtest as in network speed test?20:29
cbreakthat obviously is not influenced by your storage, since the data downloaded for that wouldn't be stored persistently in the first place20:30
triplebhow do I make detailed list view be the default (instead of tiny icons) in this directory program. -- 20.08 I am using PCManFM 1.3.1 because "long ago right here in #ubuntu" I followed and did something that smashed the regular one and no one could/would tell me how to restore it.20:34
tomreynwe're eman, aren't we?20:36
tomreynmean also20:36
jhutchinscbreak: Perhaps theoretically, but I did a side-by-side comparison and saw the difference.  Test, swap drives, test.20:36
triplebno my point was that I am not using a wierd program on purpose and would love to put the regular one back but I dont know how to do that tomreyn20:37
* tripleb treats here as a jokfree place, goes to #ubuntu-offtopic to joke around.20:37
triplebto all the helpers here Respect.20:38
tomreyntripleb: have you tried running nautilus from a terminal window to see whether it reports any errors? have you tried resetting nautilus' configuration in gesettings or in ~/.config?20:38
triplebmean emen mnea amen20:38
triplebI keep explaining, I dont have nautilus afaik. I will try but I dontknow how to 1. run nautilus from a terminal window or 1. set a config.. I dont know gesetwty ngs or ~/.config  AND would love to learn how to do these things. I keep meaning to "learn bash" but get lost in the pond.20:40
jhutchinscbreak: Do you have the ability to test this with a 1G or better network and equivalent drives?  A high perforamnce rust drive with good caching might not show it.20:41
tomreynnautilus, later called '(gnome) files', would be gnomes default file manager20:41
triplebnow I am looking at lshw because I am trying to figure out what this little thing is that fits in the usb slot which is why I am running a directory program. Then the program says nada about anything in a slot. tomreyn20:41
jhutchinstripleb: lsusb20:41
jhutchinstripleb: Also dmesg while you connect/disconnect it.20:42
jhutchinstripleb: dmesg -w20:43
cbreakjhutchins: you want to compare how a hard disk and an ssd compare when they're not being used?20:44
Intelojhutchins  sudo cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log  https://termbin.com/oebv20:45
Intelosudo cat /var/log/syslog   https://termbin.com/v1zd20:45
Intelosudo cat /var/log/boot.log  https://termbin.com/v41o20:45
Intelosudo dmesg  https://termbin.com/k7fz20:45
triplebjhutchins, ah yes lsusb ... a year or so gap and I forget so much. I ened to remember the meaning and diff of > and | in a bash line. (Just used the wrong one and, oops no file exists.)20:46
oerheksfrom dmesg; you use brave browser, if you kill it, and restart, are you issues gone? i told you in #linux yesterday some browsers on some pages give trouble... mostly because of the multiple tabs open20:47
oerheks 0.642115] [drm] BIOS signature incorrect 0 020:48
oerheks 30.216904] ccp 0000:08:00.2: psp: unable to access the device: you might be running a broken BIOS.20:48
oerhekscheck for bios update, or do a reset?20:48
oerheksBIOS 1407 04/01/2020 looks kinda old20:50
ice9is there any way to install chromium from deb, not snap?20:51
Maikice9: no20:51
Maikand why chromium? it a borked browser anyway since the ripped out the sync stuff and other features20:52
tomreynworks well for me20:54
oerheksIntelo, https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/TUF-Gaming/TUF-GAMING-X570-PLUS/HelpDesk_BIOS/20:55
oerhekstime to update, i remember they said this in #linux too20:55
tomreynIntelo: you suspended, then returned from suspend. if the system only got slow after return from suspend, then that's another good reason to upgrade bios20:56
tomreynthere's also a quirk being applied to your usb root hub, this could also hint on reduced performance - for usb devices20:57
lavaballhow can i add user something actions in the file manager? i can't find a menu or anything. usually it shows up when i press alt. well, elsewhere it does at least.20:59
oerheks!info nautilus-scripts-manager21:00
ubottunautilus-scripts-manager (2.0-1.1, impish): simple tool for nautilus scripts management. In component universe, is optional. Built by nautilus-scripts-manager. Size 25 kB / 161 kB21:00
triplebdoing lsusb does nothing much. Even my camera is listed as  a root hub.21:00
oerhekslavaball, install nautilus, more detailes software center, lots of nautilus extentions21:00
lavaballmeh. i'm not amused.21:01
lavaballthank you though.21:01
Intelooerheks despite brave, the system is still bloated21:01
Intelooerheks broken bios.. i wonder21:02
oerheksyou wonder?21:02
triplebjhutchins, now reading re kernel ring buffer, re dmesg - - learning. thanks21:03
lavaballscripts? i just want to add an extra button so i can extract files, which only shows up when i click on an extractable file ...21:03
oerheks which only shows up when i click on an extractable file ... that is by design21:04
lavaballi don't even know wherer to look up the syntax.21:05
lavaballoption doesn't show up for winmail.dat file. i need to run tnef on it.21:05
jhutchinsIntelo: Default installs area meant to support a broad range of users and use cases.  If your objective is a minimal system, start with a minimal install and proceed to review every installed package for manual removal.21:05
jhutchinsIntelo: Don't let someone else choose your packages and then complain about their choices.21:06
oerheksjhutchins, we solved his issue; bios update21:06
Intelooerheks the top bios update is beta. so not doing it. doing the second last version. of 2021. Question: if electricity goes off during update, will I loos anything?21:06
oerheksIntelo,  maybe21:07
jhutchinsoerheks: I was referencing his complaint of "bloat".21:07
Intelotomreyn despite suspend, the system is bloated anyway. but good point21:07
oerheksoh, people that use bloat i take not serious21:07
Intelooerheks yes browsers are my main daily drivers but system is bloated anyway21:07
Intelotomreyn quirk?21:07
tomreynIntelo: yes21:08
oerheksasus always puts the latest ryzen in 'beta' to avoid lawsuits21:08
Intelojhutchins ok, I want to start reviewing from drivers, xorg reconfigure etc. as said in message I suspect this:21:09
InteloMy OS is bloated. I remember I changed hardware (the whole pc) but used the same sdd that had ubuntu installed in it. I guess xorg and drivers of hardware might have been causing the freezing and crashing and slow speed. What can I do here please?21:09
cbreakif your OS is bloated, use the server installer image, not the desktop21:09
cbreakyou can install those without X or any other such junk21:09
oerheksIntelo, you got your fix, so repeating your issue is invalid21:09
Intelocbreak but ultimately I would need X. so server + X or desktop LTS is same. no?21:10
cbreakthere are only two solutions to having a bloated system: remove stuff, or don't add it in the first place21:10
cbreakIntelo: no21:10
Intelooerheks repeating for  jhutchins to get context21:10
cbreakif you think X is bloated, then you don't need it21:11
cbreakif you want X, then X is not bloat, but useful21:11
Intelooerheks . Question: if electricity goes off during update, will I loos anything?21:11
Intelocbreak I think 'my' x is bloated :)21:11
cbreakUbuntu uses precompiled binaries.21:11
cbreakyours is the same as everyone elses21:11
Intelo'x' are bloated anyway. (get it?:)   )21:11
Intelocbreak no. to give you context, here is what I believe:21:12
cbreakalso: don't lose power during bios updates. Sometimes there are ways to recover from such an incident, but sometimes there aren't.21:12
InteloMy OS is bloated. I remember I changed hardware (the whole pc) but used the same sdd that had ubuntu installed in it. I guess xorg and drivers of hardware might have been causing the freezing and crashing and slow speed.21:12
cbreakthat has nothing to do with bloat.21:12
Intelocbreak I have to think. I have no UPS21:12
jhutchinsIntelo: If you think your system is bloated (due to packages YOU installed), review each installed package and the reason it's installed, and remove it if it doesn't meet your needs.21:13
jhutchinsIntelo: Complaining here does nothing constructive.21:13
Intelocbreak so gui / haardware drivers won't influence21:13
Intelojhutchins ok, I will remove unwanted ones.21:13
cbreakthat's just having possibly mismatched / outdated drivers21:13
Intelobut iirce, there were some xorg issues too. so can I just reconfigure/ reinstall xorg? I have xfce and awesomewm21:13
oerhekslolz @ Intelo .. yes that would help; ignore the bios update answer21:14
Intelojhutchins no one is complaining. Its how people perceive it. discussion vs complain21:14
Intelooerheks am.. ok I though bios was important?21:14
oerheksIntelo, or ask in the other channel21:14
Intelooerheks I am good with answers here21:15
Intelooerheks how to reinstall/ reconfigure x21:15
Inteloif that would be help ful l too21:15
InteloI thought using ssd of another system with installed ubuntu (in different hardware) was the biggest catastrophy21:16
Inteloand I don't have any clue how to get out of it without reinstalling the whole OS21:17
InteloWas I feeling correct?21:17
Inteloor it just doesn't matter?21:17
oerheksnot your ubuntu, but your bios is bloated.21:18
Intelook. installing bios. I hope I don't loose the motherboard by power outage21:22
Intelooerheks ^21:22
oerheksthat, is beyond our responsibility21:30
Intelooerheks of course it is beyond.21:33
oerheksfor some years now; if a bios update borks, one can always reverse21:33
oerheksthere is space for 2 or more updates21:33
Intelooerheks tomaw jhutchins cbreak FYI just sharing I did a 50 tab of youtube movies running at same time on  google chrome and then on brave test separately after that. On my linux (same hardware), it got frozen. On freebsd (same hardware but on a mere  usb 2), it wen okaish (no froze but a bit slow), gradually got ok.21:37
tomreyni'm glad you didn't hilight me on that21:38
Intelotomreyn lol ok21:40
InteloI just noticed that brave on linux catched up. didn't crashed21:40
Inteloso freebsd and linux got same performance of chromium and brave respectively os these os21:41
Intelotomaw nevermind21:41
Guest57Hi, after a recent update playing dvds ripped to file from vlc no longer works. This is the terminal output when I try: https://termbin.com/ojbh21:41
Guest57vlc just crashes after the output shown there21:42
tomreynGuest57: which ubuntu version are you running, which vlc version is installed?21:42
tomreynlsb_release -ds && apt list --installed vlc21:43
Guest57tomreyn, Ubuntu 20.04, and vlc
Guest57I tried purge removing vlc and reinstalling both through apt and now from snap21:44
tomreynGuest57: try purging mesa-va-drivers21:45
Guest57will do, tomreyn21:46
tomreynGuest57: you may need to restart X afterwards21:46
Guest57no luck tomreyn21:49
cthulchuhey hey folks! gonna install Ubuntu on my old laptop. Need it for devops cuz devops on windows is... terrible. So! I21:51
tomreynGuest57: do you get a prompt to submit a crash report?21:51
liveacousticI'm sorry to ask here but is my cloak working?21:51
Guest57I have been, would you like to see one?21:51
cthulchuI'm already using Ubuntu with Gnome on an older laptop (mostly to host bots and watch movies). And I like Gnome, but it's too simple21:51
tomreynliveacoustic: it is, but #libera and related channels would be a better place to ask21:51
cthulchuI tried KDE, but it seems way overengineered.21:51
cthulchuwhat UI would you suggest for me to try21:52
tomreynGuest57: yes, a full, submitted, and analyzed one. you may need to share your machine-id for that,t hough21:53
tomreynGuest57: you said you have vlc package version 20.04 should have though. is the system up to date?21:54
oerhekssnaps give 3.0.16 or 4.0 https://snapcraft.io/vlc21:56
Guest57tomreyn, sorry, it is indeed checking with apt --installed like you said before21:56
cthulchugonna try Chrome OS. Looks like it's Gentoo-based, and it's unix-based just like Ubuntu, so should be comfy.21:57
oerhekscthulchu, normally devops want to keep it simple.21:57
Guest57and having switched back to the apt version21:57
cthulchuoerheks, yeah, great point21:57
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours21:57
oerheksthere is choise ...21:58
Guest57tomreyn, sorry I was busy for a moment, I have files in /var/crash ending in .crash, .upload, and .uploaded. You want one of each of these?22:09
tomreynGuest57: if you don't mind, just send me the contents of /etc/machine-id in a private message.22:10
oerheksxdg-open https://errors.ubuntu.com/user/$(sudo cat /var/lib/whoopsie/whoopsie-id)22:11
oerheksthis line gives your online crash reports22:11
tomreynoh right not machine-id, oops22:11
oerhekstomreyn, +1, in PM, for safety22:11
oerheksnice blog, popey22:12
tomreynhttps://raw.githubusercontent.com/tomreyn/scripts/master/whoopsie_reports but it does pretty much what oerheks just wrote22:12
Guest57well I can't send messages with creating an account with nickserv22:13
Guest57at least not to you, tomreyn =P22:13
oerheksboot ubuntu :-D https://twitter.com/popey/status/149498744368628122222:13
oerhekscreating an account is not expensive22:14
Guest57indeed. I will set things up22:14
tomreynGuest57: just do what oerheks said,    xdg-open https://errors.ubuntu.com/user/$(sudo cat /var/lib/whoopsie/whoopsie-id)    then look for the latest matching report, and copy the url of that here22:14
tomreynthat should not be much of a privacy issue22:15
Guest57Okay, it may take a moment as I am chatting on one machine, working on another with no ssh set up between22:16
Guest57I seem to be getting 404? I will just give you a termbin of the whoopsie-id if that will help. I am not super concerned about the privacy of this machine22:19
tomreyni don't see a 404, but a message saying "No errors have been reported from this system"22:21
oerheksi see 3 reports, but have no access https://errors.ubuntu.com/user/1d39abc7380e4f57794f91a70437233abeade5786f3298d87ed8cc652c8e71c028f98ce1e1e7fe55d09cceb27fa715155c82fcac874ed2c91b08bc5f426598c422:22
Guest57that is odd... apparently some were reported before ( I am not the one who uses this machine ). I did clear the /var/crash directory since I kept getting prompts about system problems22:22
tomreynoh i got the url wrong22:22
Guest57ah good22:23
Guest57but I generated and reported another since clearing if you end up needing that information for the most recent report22:23
tomreynit will take some time to be processed ont he server22:24
tomreynthere are 44 reports on this so far. which is very, very little22:28
oerheksi would suggest install the snap version22:29
Guest57oerheks, I already tried that with the same result22:29
tomreynGuest57: have you tried deleting ~/.config/vlc/22:29
oerhekson what videocard?22:30
oerheksand have you installed HWE kernel?22:30
tomreynGA kernel22:30
Guest57tried moving .config/vlc, same result22:31
Guest57I can try a different kernel22:31
tomreynthis seems to be limited to systems with both nouveau and radeon drivers active22:31
Guest57video card according to lshw is a radeon HD 345022:31
Guest57hard to imagine nouveau would be active, it has never had an nvidia card in it22:32
Guest57doesn't show up in lsmod22:32
oerheksuh oh22:32
oerhekshd 34xx is below specs of openraden22:32
oerheksminimum 4xxxx22:32
tomreynGuest57: oh that's not your report i was seeing nouveau active in, right22:33
Guest57lol. Hmm. New issue introduced by new drivers in the update probably, then? And I am SOL because I have an old card?22:33
tomreynr600 should be fine still, i don'T see why not22:33
oerheksyes. i am afraid you should look for a higher card.22:33
tomreynwhy is this?22:34
tomreynradeon(4) lists "RV620/RV635 Radeon HD 3410/3430/3450/3470/3650/3670" as supported, at least on my 18.04 system here22:35
oerheksNot sure why, i ran ito this issue more than once..22:36
tomreynhttps://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/en/man4/radeon.4.html also22:36
oerhekscurrently i do RV71022:37
Guest57Hmm. I mean vlc seems to be complaining about audio issues, not video though. Still think that's what is causing this?22:37
Guest57Replacing the card isn't a problem if that is the issue, though22:37
cthulchuoooh, Gnome is no longer the default?22:40
cthulchunow it's mate!22:40
cthulchuGonna try it out :)22:40
oerheksubuntu-desktop is gnome22:40
leftyfbcthulchu: only if you download Ubuntu Mate22:40
Guest57well, I may drop back in later oerheks, tomreyn. I think I need to leave this bug squashing for a later time. My actual nick is Minus_One, I just am not at my desktop where my SASL password is stored, so I may come back with that name22:40
Guest57thanks for looking at my issue22:40
tomreynGuest57: so it's really gallium drivers for nouveau where vlc is crashing. my guess is it's using this code for VA API acceleration, though your three submitted crashes don't mention VA. the first line of the stack trace is: #0  0x<redacted> in PUSH_DATA (push=<redacted>, data=<optimized out>) at ../src/gallium/drivers/nouveau/nouveau_winsys.h:3822:45
tomreynoh i'm too slow22:45
tomreynif Guest57 returns and can run vlc without parameters fine, they should go to menu tools -> input / codecs -> hardware-accelerated decoding and remember what it is set to, then set it to "disable" (first) or (later) one of the other values and see whether that helps. need to restart vlc after each change.22:53
cthulchubtw, Google Flex OS doesn't work :)23:02
oerhekstotally offtopic here23:03
Maikcthulchu: ubuntu still uses gnome as default desktop23:03
cthulchuyeah, I saw23:03
cthulchugonna try Mate though23:03
Maiknot sure where you get the nonsense from it was MATE as default23:03
cthulchuin the description of the Mate distro23:04
cthulchuit implies that Mate is the successor23:04
oerheks"mate distro' .. it is just a desktop, not a distro23:05
cthulchuI don't really care23:05
Maikcthulchu: get your facts straight23:05
cthulchuthere: https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours23:05
cthulchuUbuntu MATE is the continuation of the GNOME 2 desktop which was Ubuntu’s default desktop until October 2010.23:06
cthulchuget your facts straight, honestly23:06
cthulchudon't confuse people with conflicting messaging23:06
Maikcthulchu: sigh23:11
Maiknot Ubuntu MATE but MATE itself is a continuation of the GNOME 2 desktop23:12
MaikUbuntu MATE IS the distro, MATE IS the desktop23:13
Maikcthulchu: omg to you too23:13
cthulchuI don't care23:13
Maikthen move on23:13
cthulchuI did23:13
Maikyou need help with Ubuntu?23:13
Maikif not move it to offtopic then23:13
cthulchudude, stop it. I have nothing to move23:14
Maikthen stop filling the support channel with your cruft23:14
cthulchuI don't know what you're talking about23:14
Maikand ignore it is then23:15
tomreyncan you *two* please drop it. just think fo something else, both of you. thanks.23:15
intelooerheks I upgraded bios23:25
inteloto latest non beta version23:25
oerheksoke :-)23:26
intelobtw, I read that asus has ASUS CrashFree BIOS 323:29
intelothat means my bios can't get crashed23:29
oerheksyes, you can reverse a borked update23:29
inteloI mean, is it a norm in modern MBs23:29
intelooh ok23:29
oerheksit has space for more than one update23:29
intelowhats the next step do you advise to make the system rock solid as possible oerheks ?23:29
oerhekstest it now?23:30
intelooerheks btw, I updated via internet the first time. It didn't do the latest. then I did via usb23:30
oerheksnot sure you need any tweaks with ryzen23:30
intelooerheks same test? youtube? 50 tabs?23:30
intelotweeks? just that my ram showed 2600MHz and I did it 3200 manually in bios23:30
intelonothing else23:30
inteloI guess.23:30
cbreakthat sounds dumb.23:31
intelocbreak the bios part?23:31
intelodon't know..23:31
cbreakoverclocking is one if the many things you shouldn't do when you want stability23:31
cbreakbecause it'll for sure not help with that at all23:31
inteloMy ram is 320023:31
cbreakif you want stability, then you get proper ram23:32
cbreaknot those shitty non-ecc gamer modules23:32
intelocbreak my ram "is" 3200 actually23:33
oerheksindeed, not all mobo's overclocking works well with linux23:33
cbreakintelo: it claims it23:34
inteloits not overclock. the speed normal is 32k23:34
cbreakbut it's still overclocking23:34
cbreakand it's still likely without ECC23:34
inteloisn't this not really 3200MHz? Crucial Ballistix BL8G32C16U4B 8GB 3200MHz23:35
inteloI have slighly different one but same thing23:35
=== OurRoyalGabe_ is now known as OurRoyalGabe
cbreakthere's a reason normal memory profiles don't go to that frequency: Because it's out of spec23:35
cbreakthe manufacturers can claim that frequency works, and maybe they even tested it for those modules23:36
inteloso this is overclockign? not real speed?23:36
cbreakobviously it's overclocking23:36
cbreakbut that doesn't mean that it will work in all systems23:36
intelowhat is the normal speed?23:36
cbreakbecause the overclocked frequency has to work along all the involved hardware23:36
inteloso should I keep it 2600 in bios or 3200?23:36
cbreakthe ram, the memory controller, the wires / traces along the path, ...23:36
cbreakyour choice. Do you care about stability or ram frequency?23:37
cbreakdo you have stability problems?23:37
cbreaklike random crashes or freezes?23:37
inteloyes I have problems23:37
inteloevery week23:38
cbreakso... disable that stuff23:38
cbreakeven if only to see if that improves your issues.23:38
intelook, I should put it on "auto" option? that results in 2600MHz23:38
intelooerheks cbreak coming to software part. How can I further optimize? where to start?23:38
intelooerheks after bios, i feel  change. minor but I do23:41
inteloa good one23:41
oerhekssure there are blogs and pages with tweaks23:42
jhutchinsintelo: Optimize for what?23:43
intelojhutchins speed and stablility23:47
intelojhutchins surely it has to do with UI and drivers.23:47
intelojhutchins  I do  not see any thing else (configs included in above 2 things)23:47
intelojhutchins I am rebooting if there is nothign specific23:49
inteloyou want to tell23:49
intelook thank you. will be back.23:50

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