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xboxbmlhey all.. i have what many may call a stupid question.. i am a bit new to linux.. but here goes.. i have a PC with multiple drives in it, 1 drive is windows 10 and i installed ubuntu on another, so i can dual boot.. i'm wondering, could linux ever arbitrarily wreck my windows drive?00:24
oerhekstheoretically yes00:25
sarnoldin practice the riskiest part is the installation step, and that's not usually a big deal00:26
xboxbmlhow could that happen?00:26
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ravagenot arbitrarily. usually its the users fault00:27
oerhekscreating a live usb, and select the wrong drive :-D00:27
xboxbml@ravage-that's what i was kinda thinking.. I have ubuntu 21.04 on a spinner and win10 on ssd.. i just started the upgrade process from 21.04 to 21.1000:30
xboxbmli popped the ssd cable off just in case..00:31
sarnoldback when I did 'dual boot' that's what I did, too :) it strongly encouraged me to stick to one os, hehe00:32
xboxbmlyeah, i'm still pretty tied to my mac/apple stuff.. pretty engrained in apple ecosystem.. lots of money invested in movies/music.. i'm trying to see if i can run iTunes on linux successfully enough so that i can watch those movies.. i got it running inside a vm on my mac but it's a black screen. i'm hoping to be more successful on a real physical machine with an actual graphics card..00:36
xboxbmlplus trying to get familiar with linux itself.. so last year i had loaded ubuntu on an old spinner i had laying around and thru it into my house pc..00:37
xboxbmlanyone else actually get itunes to work in ubuntu?00:38
ravagegoogle says it runs in wine. but i have no idea about watching movies. DRM is always a b*tch00:44
oerheksthere are tons of better music programms00:44
ravagefound https://snapcraft.io/apple-music-for-linux but i dont own anything apple00:47
ravagebut maybe it lets you at least listen to the music you "own" :)00:48
oerheks!info aac00:50
ubottuPackage aac does not exist in impish00:50
oerheks!info aac-enc00:51
ubottuaac-enc (2.0.1-1, impish): Fraunhofer FDK AAC Codec Library - frontend binary. In component multiverse, is optional. Built by fdk-aac. Size 865 kB / 897 kB00:51
oerheksyou want this package on your music station for apple stuff..00:51
xboxbmlyeah i had gotten it to install and run with Wine on my vm.. but like i said, black screen.. non-fenctional00:53
mike18_hi, i have a docker which gets stopped or killed by jenkins - how can i figure out what how it was stopped or killed? is there a way to see it in the terminal somehow?01:25
sarnolddoes jenkins keep logs?01:26
oerheksmike18_,  why crossposting?01:27
mike18_i dont have access to jenkins logs01:27
mike18_i would like to know if SIGTERM or SIGKILL is sent01:27
mike18_or something else01:27
mike18_can i see that soemhow?01:28
oerheksthen ask your administrator?01:28
mike18_oerheks: could be one option01:28
mike18_cant i figure out from terminal?01:28
sarnoldif you can't see jenkins logs it's pretty unlikely you'll be able to figure *that* out, unless you've got access to the docker logs, and it logs why it exits01:28
oerheksyour only option, i guess.01:28
mike18_you mean docker logs pid ?01:28
sarnoldhopefully it logs *something* when it exits01:29
mike18_i called that before docker logs pid -f : Error response from daemon: configured logging driver does not support reading01:29
mike18_got that issue :)01:29
sarnoldanother thing to talk to your admin about, heh01:29
mike18_sarnold: are you sure jenkins logs would store that?01:30
mike18_i never looked at jenkins logs to be honest01:30
sarnoldmike18_: I'd sure hope it logs aspects of lifecycle management; if not, then I hope it's just a quick log level change or something01:30
mike18_and if its doesnt store that01:31
mike18_there is no way to get the command whcih killed the docker run?01:31
mike18_or stopped01:31
sarnoldthen you'd bust out execsnoop or killsnoop-bpfcc01:32
sarnoldor other low-level observability tools01:32
mike18_tought you can get some kernel logs01:32
oerhekswhy the hard way?01:32
sarnoldkernel doesn't log kills01:32
mike18_SIGKILL or SIGTERM01:32
sarnoldthose can happen tens of thousands of times per second01:32
oerheksthis seems not related to ubutnu at all01:32
mike18_or see docker history01:33
mike18_what caused the docker to exit01:33
maryoHow the nameserver search order will travel in Ubuntu? I have 3 nameservers configured in Ubuntu 20.04. The first nameserver doesn't return any answer to the search query, so then the request will goto the secondary nameserver right? But its not happening..02:42
wezmaryo: Depends, I believe the second and third ones are used if the first one doesn't answer at all.  However a NX record is an answer.02:44
maryowez, I hop the A record is the answer right?02:45
wezmaryo: "By default, the nameservers are used in listed order with a 5-second timeout before moving to the next entry."  There is a config setting to round robbin what's in /etc/resolv.conf.  If you are using network manager, there is probably an option in that too.02:47
wezmaryo: If the DNS server doesn't respond then the next one is queried. If the DNS server does respond but the answer is NX (non-existent domain) then that is the answer, the next DNS server isn't querried.02:48
maryowez, Ah thanks that clarifies. May I know where this 5-second timeout is configured ? I am using ubuntu container image.. So not sure, what it uses.02:51
wezmaryo: ummmmm, /etc/resolv.conf usually. If there is an entry for then that means a proxy is being used, like network manager or whatever its service is called.02:52
wezmaryo: Typing in `man resolv.conf` will shed some light on it.02:53
maryowez, thank you so much02:53
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maryowez, one last question. Incase If I wanted to test whether the timeout that I set in /etc/resolv.conf is working properly.. I hope if the request doesn't go via glibc resolver library then we can't verify this.. Any better ways?03:05
HashHow do you change the DNS server in ubuntu 20.04?05:09
mohain the LinuxMint forum I read somewhere: "You don't need a swap partition with LM19.x, it will use a swap file."; What about Ubuntu? Shouldn't we create a swap partition any more?05:10
guivercmoha, Ubuntu can use swapfiles & swap partitions; or either one05:14
mohawhich one is recommended?05:17
mohaby not creating a swap partition, does it automatically use sawpfile?05:18
Bashing-ommoha: Affirmed - if a swap partition does not exist, the installer will create a swap file in latest Ubuntu releases.05:22
matsamanmoha: the only real difference is that a swap partition is really expendable partition space in a pinch05:31
matsamanwhich shouldn't happen much05:32
tomreyn!ot | ONEONEONE05:35
ubottuONEONEONE: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:35
tomreynHash: on a desktop, network manager manages network connections, and its GUI lets you set the resolver to use for each connection.05:42
mohato auto-expand the sda3 (on a fresh installation, keeping default partitioning setting), may you take a glance at these 10 lines; do you find something risky, unnecessary or lack of a command?06:14
moha----> https://p.teknik.io/7iuyx06:14
tomreynmoha: you might not want to rescan all devices, but just the relevant one in line 10. if you still want to loop, this is more simple: for path in /sys/class/scsi_device/*/device/rescan; do echo echo 1 > $path; done06:26
tomreynmoha: you might not want to rescan all devices, but just the relevant one in line 10. if you still want to loop, this is more simple: for path in /sys/class/scsi_device/*/device/rescan; do echo 1 > $path; done06:27
tomreynthe latter actually06:27
tomreynyou also lack error handling, obviously06:27
tomreyngenerally speaking, a better place for help with bash scripting is probably #bash06:28
xu-irc33wppl cant see my ip yeah?06:50
tomreynxu-irc33w: we can see an ip address for you. we can't know for sure whether that's yours or that of a system you tunnel through. but this is not really an ubuntu support question - head over to #libera for help with irc and to learn how to get a cloak.06:52
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GekkoAfter a recent update on Ubuntu 20.04 and enrolling a vmware MOK key, I ended up in a state where my ubuntu no longer boots. Before decrypting my hard drive, the MOK enrolling utility should start, but instead I get a screen that appears to print things from pe.c, sbat.c, and mok.c, likely related to some kind of problem with enrolling my MOK key. This goes on for about 10 mins, then the boot08:19
Gekkorepeats to the same result. The system is currently inaccessible. I have the ability to boot a live USB stick - do I need to remove some files from the hard drive to skip this problematic MOK key? Here's a video that shows what's going on - the best I can do at this time https://plantmonster.net/ubuntu_shim.mp408:19
marchellogetting error when trying to run apt-get upgrade, full text is here: https://pastebin.com/UaDReMm3 -- please advise; also related error with grub-legacy-ec2 -- please see https://pastebin.com/1gaEvfZB08:19
alkisgGekko: does it boot if you temporarily disable secure boot?08:22
GekkoI'll try08:22
alkisgmarchello: I've never used grub-legacy-ec2, but it sounds to me like it was removed but not purge. What's the output of `dpkg -l | grep grub-legacy-ec2` ?08:23
marchelloalkisg: $ sudo dpkg -l | grep grub-legacy-ec2 -- empty output08:24
Gekkonope. with secure boot disabled, I now get a blue screen from the MOK utility that says "secure boot not enabled", then the repeat of the prints from the video08:25
alkisgmarchello: and the output of this? `dpkg -S /etc/kernel/postinst.d/x-grub-legacy-ec2`08:25
GekkoI think I know what might be behind this - before booting, I ran "mokutil --set-verbosity" because I was debugging something else. Maybe the prints come from that, and that is somehow preventing the boot08:28
Gekko"set-verbosity true" I mean08:28
marchelloalkisg: sudo dpkg -S /etc/kernel/postinst.d/x-grub-legacy-ec2 - dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /etc/kernel/postinst.d/x-grub-legacy-ec208:30
alkisgmarchello: eh, it sounds to me like some bad uninstallation or upgrade left it there; just move it elsewhere initially, `mv /etc/kernel/postinst.d/x-grub-legacy-ec2 /var/backups/`, and later if you see that the problem is fixed, just delete it08:30
marchelloalkisg: now getting on apt-get upgrade: W: APT had planned for dpkg to do more than it reported back (20 vs 24). Affected packages: linux-image-4.15.0-171-generic:amd6408:33
alkisgTry it once more; if it still says it, you have held packages08:35
iomari891greetings, how to downgrade from 21.10 to 21.04?08:45
tomreyniomari891: release downgrades are unsupported / effectively not possible08:46
tomreynwhy would you want / need to?08:46
tomreyn21.04 is EOL08:46
tomreynGekko: that would explain why it's so verbose - i've never seen such output before08:54
GekkoI'm currently preparing a live USB. going to try mounting the file system to it, chroot to it, reverse the mokutil verbose step, see what happens08:55
Gekkoif that fails, figure out how to remove the new keys from being enrolled08:55
tomreynGekko: in case it helps, there's somewhat extensive documentation on ubuntu's secureboot implementation at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI/SecureBoot - unfortunately the "MokManager" page this page seems to link to does not exist. but see the links on the top of the page, too.09:03
tomreynalso this might be useful https://askubuntu.com/questions/1050070/mokmanager-does-not-start-on-reboot09:04
Gekkouseful. maybe I can boot to something like EFI shell and try manually launching mokmanager with some cmd params or whatever09:06
alkisgGekko: you could also write https://github.com/alkisg/liveusb (a few MB) in a liveusb, which will give you signed grub, which you can use to type "set root=(hd0,msdos1); configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg" and boot from your disk, instead of a usb09:09
GekkoI'll keep that as an option, thanks09:10
Gekkolooks like the issue is with the verbose output. I booted ubuntu from live USB, and the bundled mokmanager started and properly enrolle the key (onto the USB)09:14
Gekkosince the live USB mokmanager has verbose disabled09:15
Gekkoand it worked: live usb -> mount -> chroot -> set-verbosity false -> reboot -> works09:25
iomari891tomreyn: sorry for the late reply. A colleague just upgraded to 21.10 and now he's having issues so he wanted to  go back to 21.04. But I convinced him to solve his problem without trying to downgrade.10:49
anotheryouHi, my machine wont boot, says "ACPI BIOS Error (bug): A_AML_BUFFER_LIMIT". Any ideas?10:51
anotheryouBackstory: My laptop crashed (tried to run an installer through wine) before. Full messages: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/QStSgfU0/Full%20Messages (OCR text, missing some underscores here and there). Happens after I unlock the drive with the encryption password and leaves me at a commandline with (initramfs).10:51
tomreyniomari891: that sounds like the right approach to take. your collegue could come here if he has specific questions11:02
tomreynanotheryou: those ACPI errors could be unrelated to the problem where the system fails to boot. what is this installer you ran through wine, what was it supposed to do, how did it "crash"?11:05
anotheryou@tomreyn it was some hopefully undemanding installer for a business tool. At ~10% installer progress the whole laptop just froze and I hard-reset it.11:11
anotheryou@tomreyn to be precise I tried it with "bottles" instead of just wine11:11
SqaureAnyone know if there are alternative to Spotify or Slack clients? I have have a 5yo old laptop running 18.04 LTS and these apps are absolute resource hoggers there11:11
anotheryou@Sqaure you tried browser? is a tad better sometimes11:13
lotuspsychjeSqaure: you might start a topic in #ubuntu-discuss if you like11:14
Sqaureoh sorry. Its OT?11:14
hansOpen Tibia?11:14
Sqaurehans, that was hard to google. You dont happen to have an URL to it?11:16
tomreynanotheryou: okay, hopefully you didn't run it with sudo so then it shouldnt have been able to cause this anyways. look into a cmos reset or bios update.11:17
anotheryoutomreyn: no sudo :). resets I can try. but weird it worked before11:19
anotheryouthank you :)11:19
dreamonHello. my thinkpad dont recognice some key stroke anymore since a few Minutes. Using external keyboard works normally11:22
tomreynanotheryou: i can think of three causes: something you did or that was applied as an update caused your initramfs to break, the unclean shutdown somehow casued your cmos to get corrupt (though that seems unlikely), there is a hardware problem (ACPI messages point to GPU, but this could also be caused by a broken disk or even RAM)11:22
dreamonexample space dont work.11:23
tomreynanotheryou: something else you can try is to actually bring up the grub menu and boot into an earlier kernel11:23
anotheryoutomreyn: is bios reset and cmos reset the same?11:24
tomreynanotheryou: not exactly, but can be good enough.11:25
tomreynanotheryou: try booting into the other kernel first, though11:26
dreamonspace, p, s=(pops up screenshot,k, 4=standby...really strange11:27
anotheryou@tomreyn older kernel with recovery mode shows another error and drops me to (initramfs) again. The error is about corruption on the root file system... It recommends running fsck manually. I guess that I do now?11:30
anotheryou@tomreyn fsck and accepting all fixes worked :)))) thanks so much!11:32
hansSquare: nvm that thing, but check out Pidgin11:33
hansmhm https://github.com/dylex/slack-libpurple11:34
anotheryouis it just time of day or is the ubuntu irc less frequented these days? I remember it being the busiest channel on freenode a few years ago12:38
semitonesanotheryou: it has been less busy for years, even on freenode, but I remember those busy times12:40
anotheryouI see :)12:41
anotheryousemitones: I used to be able to equal my karma easily even as a noob. Ask a question, answer a question :)12:42
semitonesSame ! I never stopped being a noob though. Have you also joined #ubuntu-offtopic ?12:43
RaimondRajHow To Install And Configure Sendmail On Ubuntu12:51
ravageyou install it with apt. i dont think there is a lot of Ubuntu specific configuration. so just read up on configuring sendmail12:58
BluesKajHi all13:00
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eoli3nwhat will be the deployment method for 22.04 release ?13:40
eoli3npreseed still ?13:40
Maikeoli3n: maybe best to ask in #ubuntu-next13:42
Maikno problem13:43
xnoxlukenow:  heya14:46
marchelloHi all, sorry for repeating, lost connection and can't see previous replies: getting error when trying to run apt-get upgrade, full text is here: https://pastebin.com/UaDReMm3 -- please advise; also related error with grub-legacy-ec2 -- please see https://pastebin.com/1gaEvfZB15:39
tomreyn!irclogs | marchello15:40
ubottumarchello: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/15:40
tomreynmarchello: i assume this is an AWS EC2 instance running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?15:42
tomreynCan you show    sudo apt update   output as well15:43
tomreynalso   apt policy   after that15:43
marchellotomreyn: it's vps, but no it's not aws ec2 instance and that's why I don't really understand why I have this package missing15:49
marchellotomreyn: sudo apt update output: https://pastebin.com/DCpFafLM15:51
RaimondRajFailed to restart php7.4-fpm.service: Unit php7.4-fpm.service not found.15:51
RaimondRajany idea guy15:52
tomreynmarchello: i suspect that the hosting company decided to use Ubuntu AWS cloud images, which may have been a bad choice, because they're AWS specific (and there are generic ones).15:52
marchellotomreyn: sudo apt policy output: https://pastebin.com/XVxdGMsv15:52
tomreynmarchello: what does this return?   apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 999915:54
tomreynmarchello: also    cat /etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 999915:57
tomreynmarchello: also, what's the output of     dpkg -S /etc/kernel/postinst.d/x-grub-legacy-ec216:00
jchittumif it's based on an "official" Ubuntu cloud image, you can also provide build info: `cat /etc/cloud/build.info`16:01
tomreynmarchello: my guess is that /etc/kernel/postinst.d/x-grub-legacy-ec2 is a leftover file, and should not actually be there anymore. if running 'dpkg -S' against it shows that no package is known for it, it should be save to move it out of the way.16:02
marchellotomreyn: sudo apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 9999 -- WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.16:02
tomreynmarchello: there should have been another line of output, though16:02
tomreynunless your firewall blocked the outbound connection to termbin.com:9999 (TCP)16:02
marchellotomreyn: sudo dpkg -S /etc/kernel/postinst.d/x-grub-legacy-ec2 -- dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /etc/kernel/postinst.d/x-grub-legacy-ec216:03
tomreynso move it out of the way16:03
tomreynyou might actually want to get support from your hosting provider there, because i don't know which virtualization they use, how your VPS is supposed to boot, and why this file exists when it's not from an installed package16:04
jchittummarchello: if it's based on an ubuntu cloud image from cloud-images.ubuntu.com, it will grub-legacy-ec2 installed by default for various "legacy" reasons. you can check official Ubuntu manifests by going to $VERSION/$SERIAL/ such as : http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/bionic/20220315/16:06
jchittumif the image is based on an official Ubuntu image, there will be a serial in `/etc/cloud/build.info` that gives a serial date. hopefully they're using "release" images, and you can check there16:06
jchittumas for upgrades, generally speaking, a kvm based cloud-image should still smoothly apply an upgrade. that being said, I can check more thoroughly from an Ubuntu perspective with the output of `build.info` so I can grab the kvm image directly and try16:07
tomreynjchittum: the above info would be quite useful to have documented somewhere publically, do you happen to know whether it is?16:11
marchellotomreyn: thank you, now it's all good16:16
jchittumIt is not publicly documented anywhere. There's very little public documentation on the differences between cloud images and Server. We're working on it, but we're fighting a losing battle on our backlog to keep up.16:16
tomreynjchittum: that's what i assumed, both of it. :-/ thanks for letting me know.16:17
jchittumhttps://ubuntu.com/server/docs/cloud-images/introduction : that's what's available now16:17
jchittumI (we, Canonical) are working to add a lot more documentation. But, unfortunately, historically we didn't publish a lot of information, and just stated "it's like Ubuntu Server." that's missing a lot of the story though :/16:18
tomreynyes, and it's been a while16:18
tomreynbut i understand that cloud images are primarily for commercial use16:19
BinarySavioris it better to install cargo via npm or via apt?16:19
tomreynmarchello: you should also    sudo dpkg --configure --all    and     sudo apt -f install    and    sudo apt upgrade    and   sudo apt full-upgrade16:20
BinarySaviorwith context: setting up environment for element-desktop  the README.md does not have instructions for installing dependencies yet, it's on the TODO list https://github.com/vector-im/element-desktop/blob/develop/docs/native-node-modules.md16:20
jchittumBinarySavior: do you mean cargo as in the rust-lang package manager?16:20
BinarySaviorjchittum, i believe that's it.  I'm wlaking in the dark blind here, not familiar with developing in javascript, i'm starting with this project to learn16:21
tomreynmarchello: and, in the end, to test whether this system is actually still bootable now that the x-grub-legacy-ec2 hook is no longer present - you might want to reboot, too, possibly after re-building the initramfs and grub-install, too16:21
BinarySaviorthe docs for this project are not helpful with setting up the dev environment16:21
jchittumBinarySavior: if it's for rust-lang, then npm is definitely the most wrong answer. Either use the rust-lang stack provided by Ubuntu (rustc and cargo) or from upstream (https://www.rust-lang.org/tools/install)16:24
BinarySaviorjchittum, nice, i made the right choice :D16:24
BinarySaviorpure dumb luck16:24
tomreynmarchello: can you show us what's in    /etc/cloud/build.info    and tell us which hosting provider this is? that's just nice to get a better understanding of why you may have ended up in this unfortunate situation to begin with16:24
jchittumBinarySavior: However, there is an NPM package called cargo: https://www.npmjs.com/package/cargo16:25
BinarySaviorI did sudo apt install libyadayada-dev but now when I type history I do not see it listed there16:28
BinarySaviorI'm trying to make notes so I can help udpate the README.md on this project with setting up dependencies16:29
tomreynyou probably had a leading blank space on that line16:29
BinarySaviorI was going to use `history` as a reference on what I did but I'm not seeing my sudo apt install command16:29
tomreynanother option for 'recording' what you're doing there is to use "script", or "asciinema"16:30
tomreynthat way you'd also preserve context (input + outputs)16:31
BinarySaviorthanks tomreyn16:34
marchellotomreyn: sudo dpkg --configure --all return error about unknown option --all, so I ran sudo dpkg --configure -a, there was no output16:37
marchellotomreyn: sudo apt -f install -- 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.16:37
marchellotomreyn: sudo apt upgrade -- 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.16:38
tomreynmarchello: sorry, it's    sudo dpkg --configure -a    not what i wrote16:38
marchellotomreyn: sudo apt full-upgrade -- 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.16:39
tomreynmarchello: but i guess you'll be fine then. you didn't report back what    apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 9999     returned other than a warning, though16:39
tomreynnor /etc/cloud/build.info16:40
tomreyn(bbl, having a shower)16:41
ecdheI have a TV for a monitor.  When my pc idles for 5 minutes, the screen goes blank, but my TV doesn't turn off like a monitor would.  I'd like to make my computer send a command to the TV to turn it off whenever the screen goes blank, and to turn it back on whenever it wakes up.  Are these events something I can detect with DBUS in ubuntu?  I've been reading on DBUS but haven't found a reference of events16:43
ecdhethat Ubuntu supports16:43
ograecdhe, thats not a software issue but something your graphics card would have to support ... to turn on a TV you'd need to send a CEC signal down the HDMI cable, apart from the raspberry pi i personally do not know any GPU that supports this ...16:47
ograyou could perhaps apply a hardware hack like https://www.pulse-eight.com/p/104/usb-hdmi-cec-adapter to send CEC commands with libcec4 to your TV16:49
ecdheogra, I was going to use an IR led to send the "power" signal to the TV.  I just need to be able able to trigger this behavior when Ubuntu Desktop is in the appropriate state.16:49
leftyfbecdhe: https://askubuntu.com/a/1339494/115131116:50
leftyfbecdhe: if the screen is connected via HDMI, and the TV supports CEC, you can use cec-ctl to send a signal to the TV16:51
ograah, right, IR will surely work too if you have a free line of sight16:51
ecdheThanks ogra, leftyfb16:58
loganrunhow do I start mysql-server17:13
leftyfbloganrun: what version of ubuntu are you running and how did you install mysql-server?17:15
leftyfbloganrun: which set of instructions are you following to install and setup your mysql server?17:16
loganrunthe sudo mysql_secure_installation fiails17:17
leftyfbloganrun: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-mysql-on-ubuntu-20-04#:~:text=If%20MySQL%20isn%E2%80%99t%20running17:18
loganrunError: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)17:18
loganrunok but the statement I mentioned fails17:18
loganrunstep 117:18
jhutchinsloganrun: Did you check for relase-specific documentation in /usr/share/doc/ ?17:20
loganrundon't see anything17:23
lotuspsychjejhutchins: !lamp17:43
jhutchinsThat would also be a useful factoid.17:44
jhutchinsIs ubottu open to updates, or does it require special permissions?17:53
lotuspsychje!lamp | jhutchins17:53
ubottujhutchins: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.17:53
lotuspsychjejhutchins: ubottu can accept factoid changes/request that will forward the suggest to the ops17:54
marchellohi all, getting "read-only filesystem" after reboot17:56
marchellocould you please remind, what is preffered way of sharing screenshots?17:57
leftyfbmarchello: run dmesg -T     # and look for I/O or drive errors17:57
leftyfbmarchello: imgur.com is popular17:57
marchelloleftyfb: read-only filesystem error screenshot -- https://imgur.com/a/McIQKt118:00
loganrunthis is driving me crazy why won't mysql start18:01
marchelloleftyfb: I can access my vps only through provider's console, but not from outside18:01
leftyfbloganrun: is this on a VPN or some hosting provider?18:01
leftyfbloganrun: sorry, VPS18:01
loganrunno it is my local system18:03
marchelloleftyfb: dmesg -T output -- https://imgur.com/a/KFYVZcl18:05
marchelloleftyfb: not sure how exactly do I grep for only I/O or drive errors18:05
leftyfbmarchello: try dmesg -l err or dmesh -l warn18:06
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leftyfbsorry, typo in dmesg18:07
lotuspsychjewelcome mkusu18:10
mkusuim using linux mint 2.0 from vm but i am going to install it to 512 mb ram machine is it ok?18:11
leftyfb!mint | mkusu18:11
ubottumkusu: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)18:11
marchelloleftyfb: dmesg -l err output -- https://imgur.com/a/6LGfB5D18:12
leftyfbmarchello: maybe try an fsck on your filesystem(s) out of band18:13
mkususo its ubuntu 6.1018:14
marchelloleftyfb: ... and this is dmesg -l warn output -- https://imgur.com/a/S24NUrA18:14
leftyfbmkusu: We cannot provide support for Linux Distributions which are based on Ubuntu (like Mint), nor can we provide support for releases of Ubuntu which went End of Life 14 years ago.18:16
mkusuubuntu is awsome18:17
marchelloleftyfb: sudo fsck output -- https://imgur.com/a/c11Mq7618:17
leftyfbmkusu: then install a current release of ubuntu18:17
mkusuim in irc and firefox at same time and it only uses 160 mb of ram18:18
leftyfbmarchello: you're supposed to run fsck out of band, as in, not while the OS is running. Also, you should show the commands you are running and the entire output18:18
mkusuleftyfb i cant install a newer version because i dont have hardware that is capacle of running newer version18:19
leftyfbmkusu: sorry, but we cannot support Ubuntu 6.10 nor Linux Mint here18:19
marchelloleftyfb: the command was just "sudo fsck", that was entire output; also I don't understand what exactly do you mean by running it while the OS is not running, because it's remote vps and I don't have physical access there18:20
leftyfbmarchello: you might have to contact your VPS provider to figure out why your filesystem is read-only then18:21
marchelloleftyfb: contacting my VPS provider makes sense, thanks18:22
mkusualright goodbye for now i will join again if i can download it to an old machine18:22
Pat0sMax0sMaxim0Looking for ubuntu offtopic18:41
lotuspsychje!chat | Pat0sMax0sMaxim018:41
ubottuPat0sMax0sMaxim0: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:41
sarnold#ubuntu-offtopic ?18:41
Pat0sMax0sMaxim0I will not register18:42
Pat0sMax0sMaxim0but thanks18:42
* genii wonders how long until they realize they have to register to join to join the channel and return18:48
c355E3BIs there an upgrade path for moving off of needing the `libzfs2linux` for Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 22.04?20:06
Maikc355E3B: 22.04 isn't even Beta yet and still under heavy development. Try asking in #ubuntu-next.20:09
c355E3BThanks Maik20:10
Maikno problem :)20:10
kenperkinsI recently installed a new USB-C Power Delivery outlet supplying 60w to each port, but my Thinkpad running 20.04.1 is stuck "estimating" and doesn't appear to be charging. Is there a command I can run to show current power delivery?20:45
leftyfbkenperkins: maybe check your BIOS to see if there's info in the power tab20:49
impermanencedespite my packages being on the same version when I go to upgrade they each start complaining about the following:20:50
leftyfbimpermanence: you'll need to contact Canonical for ESM support20:52
impermanenceyou really think I can't resolve this by changing "some numbers" on "some things"?20:52
ahasenackwhat does "apt-cache policy libssl-dev" say?20:52
geniiOne says esm1 and one says esm220:52
impermanenceyeah I was just looking at that one sec20:52
ahasenackmaybe libssl-dev you have installed isn't available in the repositories anymore, and --reinstall can't fix it20:52
impermanenceone sec I can post the cache policy for both packages20:53
kenperkinsis there a command to show current charging status?20:55
leftyfbkenperkins: upower -i $(upower -e | grep 'BAT') | grep -E "state|to\ full|percentage"20:56
kenperkinsI hate usb-c; so many cables that do or don't work in different situations20:57
leftyfbkenperkins: upower -i $(upower -e | grep 'BAT')    might give you more info20:57
tomreynimpermanence: you should probably run   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade    first of all. and make sure you don't actually have held packages getting in the way.20:58
tomreynalso, none of these commands should print warnings or errors20:58
impermanencetomreyn: none of which commands?21:00
impermanence(and thanks a lot)21:00
leftyfbimpermanence: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:00
tomreynimpermanence: all of those i just posted21:01
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Maximalistapt list --installed22:23
Niklas__Ehttps://pastebin.com/2XRCWsJR   I thinks it might be trouble with fastcgi (need to use php7.4)22:25
Niklas__Eafter I screwed up the mysql I reinstalled mysql and nextcloud, but  dont work so good, now I get it very slow and it keeps hanging22:26
ednashi want to mount something manually, but want the mount directory to be automatically removed23:46
ednashwill mounting in /tmp do this for me?23:46
ednashany pitfalls if i mount in /tmp/externalhdd?23:46
sarnoldwhat does it mean for the mount directory to be automatically removed?23:46
ednashif i create a directory under /mnt, it tends to stick around unles i `rmdir` it23:47
wezIs that an issue ednash ?23:47
wezDirectories don't make up much storage23:47
ednashit's just clutter23:47
ednashany pitfalls mounting in /tmp/subdir instead of mount?23:48
ednashinstead of /mnt/ i mean23:48
oerheksmanually in /media/23:48
sarnoldednash: so you just basically want the directory to go away on the next reboot?23:48
wez /tmp has the sticky bit enabled, generally.  Shouldn't be an issue, depends what user you are doing it as23:48
ednashi mounted a bitlocker encrypted drive on /tmp/bitlocker, seemed to work23:48
ograednash, udisksctl mount -b /dev/sdXY23:49
ednashcool thanks23:49
ograednash, that will automatically mount it in /media and remove the path on unmount23:49
ednashthat's cool thanks ogra23:50
sarnoldogra: oh neat23:50

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