ESphynxhi, my imports are strangely starting to fail, perhaps related to something that changes with ", branch=" ?10:19
ESphynxe.g. http://launchpadlibrarian.net/592718690/jerstlouis-ecere-ppaPrecise.log10:19
cjwatsonIt's possible that the ,branch thing no longer works quite the same way with https:// rather than git://10:28
ESphynxah.. that change was also done automatically?10:28
ESphynx(to https)10:28
cjwatsonIn bulk, yeah10:28
cjwatsonSince github turned off git://10:29
cjwatsonIs it terribly urgent, since this branch hasn't changed since 2016 it seems?10:29
ESphynxcjwatson: that branch is for the packaging10:29
ESphynxprobably will need to update it when fixing up / updating the pacakging... terribly urgent -- no it's not10:30
ESphynxthank you for the explanations :) so I can wait and hope that this gets magically fixed in the future like it magically broke? ;)10:31
cjwatsonOdd, running "brz branch https://github.com/ecere/sdk.git,branch=ppa%2Fprecise" locally works fine10:33
cjwatsonI think it would be worth a bug report on https://bugs.launchpad.net/lp-codeimport10:33
cjwatsonOtherwise we'll forget!10:33
ESphynxshould I file one?10:34
cjwatsonYes please10:34
ESphynxcan I include your comments there10:35
cjwatson<cjwatson@xenial-lp-codeimport ~/src/canonical/lp-codeimport/lp-codeimport (master=)>$ env/bin/bzr branch https://github.com/ecere/sdk.git,branch=ppa%2Fprecise10:35
cjwatsonbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "https://github.com/ecere/sdk.git,branch=ppa%2Fprecise/".10:35
cjwatsonOf course10:35
ESphynxyes  https://github.com/ecere/sdk.git,branch=ppa%252Fprecise/  returns Not Found10:35
ESphynxsame for  https://github.com/ecere/ecere-sdk.git,branch=ppa%252Fprecise/10:36
cjwatsonThe ,branch is a magic bzr/brz thing, don't expect it to work in a browser10:37
ESphynxright oK wasn't sure about taht...  https://github.com/ecere/ecere-sdk/tree/ppa/precise -- the branch is there10:37
cjwatsonYeah, you can't pass that URL to bzr though10:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1966196 in Launchpad code imports "Issues with ,branch option in import since change to https" [Undecided, New]10:38
cjwatsonIt's conceivable this will be fixed when we finish the upgrade to breezy, I guess10:38
ESphynxthank you!10:38
ESphynxwhile I am here, I am a bit puzzled by some recent build errors... e.g. https://launchpadlibrarian.net/592143019/buildlog_ubuntu-jammy-amd64.ecere-sdk_202203211213+4443~ubuntu22.04.1_BUILDING.txt.gz10:40
ESphynxerrors in OpenSSL header files: /usr/include/openssl/core_dispatch.h:77:233: error: not enough parameters10:40
cjwatsonSounds most likely to be an incompatibility with OpenSSL 310:40
ESphynxas well as another error possibly related to FreeType on Trusty, but ONLY on AMD64... https://launchpadlibrarian.net/592142458/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-amd64.ecere-sdk_202203211213+4443~ubuntu14.04.1_BUILDING.txt.gz10:41
cjwatsonI doubt the error is actually in the OpenSSL header files, more likely something like a #define that no longer works in combination with them10:41
cjwatsonIn general LP developers can't help with build failures like this that are about the particular software being built rather than about the infrastructure10:42
cjwatsonYou should be able to reproduce them locally using sbuild10:42
ESphynxright, thanks... I am finding little time to do that sort of stuff recently, some packaging help would be useful. maybe some #ubuntu channel would be a better place to ask :)10:43
cjwatsonThis sort of thing used to be my speciality but after seven years working on LP I'm getting a little rusty on it :)10:44
cjwatsonReproducing things locally is nearly always the sensible first step though, since then you can introspect more easily10:44
ESphynxah, well if you ever find some spare time and want to get unrusty contributions would be much welcome :P  sadly for me reproducing things locally means way too much setup time, not to mention already running out of space :P10:45
cjwatsonDo you really need to still support things on trusty?10:46
ESphynxwell we have been supporting as many versions as possible since the start of the project :)10:47
cjwatsonIt's well into super-extended-maintenance territory which is basically for extremely slow corporates who take years to upgrade10:47
cjwatsonIt might be worth considering whether that's a sensible use of time if you aren't being paid £££ for it10:47
ESphynxmy philosophy is that maintenance should be infinite :P10:47
ESphynxi realize that contradicts the attitude these days, as well as my own lack of time :P10:47
cjwatsonWell, it's up to you of course, but it will only get harder10:48
ESphynxbut yes, "software should just work and keep working forever" is very much in our project's DNA :P10:49
ESphynxat some point I hope to get to it, but maybe by then Launchpad won't support it anymore ;)10:50
ESphynxjammy (the OpenSSL) one is probably the first thing to get to though :)10:50

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