gygi made a javascript screensaver that crashes the computer heh00:19
cartdrigeIs it the one that tries to print the numbers of Elon Musk Mars bank account?00:26
gygno just a bug like uses all the memory over a couple minutes00:27
gygi did it by accident. found one on firefox too like 4 years ago00:28
cartdrigenormally the kernel would kill your program because it uses too much resources.00:30
gygi gurss linux mint doesnt00:30
gygi know ubuntu does though00:31
gygyou used to able to crash chrome by loading too big jpg00:33
gygthey fixed it though00:33
gygused to be able to crash hexchat by sending a bunch of euro doller symbols too00:42
gygkinda funny how much stuff you can crash just by sending too much data00:42
gygi crashed my routher log in too00:43
gygi guess its maybe cause c and c++ language00:43
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cartdrigeyeah hexchat had bugstring crash. but they been fixed.01:00
wildsquidios had one where you could crash the text message by sending 100000 characters or something. the guy got money too for finding it01:06
dob1how can I add memtest86+ to grub menu?01:09
dob1just install it?01:09
murmeldob1: are you on uefi or legacy boot?01:11
dob1murmel: uefi01:11
murmeldob1: memtest86+ doesn't support uefi (for now), you would need to use memtest86 (nonplus) or grab a newer testing version. but honestly not sure how good those testversions are01:12
dob1murmel: ah!01:14
dob1murmel: are you sure?01:15
murmeldob1: just as an extra information memtest86.com is closed source. some people don't like it because of it01:15
murmeldob1: yes01:15
dob1from their page I read  Memtest86+ can be loaded and run either directly by a PC BIOS (legacy or UEFI)01:15
murmeldob1: yes, as that's the new version ;)01:16
dob1murmel: so you were refering to the one that ship with ubuntu01:16
murmeldob1: are you on 22.04?01:17
dob1murmel: yes I am01:17
murmeldob1: which ships v5, which doesn't support uefi01:17
murmelv6 does01:17
dob1got it01:17
dob1I need to create a boot cd then01:18
dob1usb not cd :)01:18
dob1thanks for the infos murmel01:18
murmelbut interesting that they already released v6, didn't notice it01:18
murmeldob1: yw :)01:19
murmeloh roughly a month ago01:19
Bashing-om!info memtester | dob101:33
ubottudob1: memtester (4.5.1-1, kinetic): Utility for testing the memory subsystem. In component universe, is optional. Built by memtester. Size 18 kB / 53 kB01:33
Bashing-om!info memtester jammy | dob101:34
ubottudob1: memtester (4.5.1-1, jammy): Utility for testing the memory subsystem. In component universe, is optional. Built by memtester. Size 18 kB / 53 kB01:34
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sarnoldWaV, leftyfb, heh https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/zaunsd/for_no_reason_today_updates_fd_my_system/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/zavmvl/latest_update_kind_of_hosed_system/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/zawvlv/ubuntu_insists_on_installing_the_oracle_kernel/02:10
WaVsarnold: Wow! Another user who got a orcale kernel installed for no reason. Interesting.02:12
sarnoldWaV: several of them, even02:17
murmelkind of reminds me also about the gcc-12 stuff getting pulled in, as the dependencies got messed up02:19
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WaVI just discovered a bluetooth issue as well, but I'm not sure its related. I had to install bluez and a couple other packages, which I thought I had already previously installed when i first installed 22.04 several months ago but not sure. bluetooth audio wasn't working.02:25
murmelhm, bluez is definitely installed by default02:26
WaVI did install it none-the-less. I just checked my bash_history02:27
WaVOr at least attempt to install it at some point, but if you say its installed by default then it probably didn't do anything.02:29
WaVOh well, I'm going to get some frustration out at the gym, lol. Glad I'm not the only one, but sucks that it's happening.02:31
sarnoldWaV: excellent idea :)02:31
devNulledBah ... I have a script that literally does nothing more than restart the bluetooth drivers on my Linux host... I think it's a situation where the adapters fall asleep. Bluetooth is always finicky because unlike WiFi, it doesn't always make sense to always have it picking up signals etc.04:10
sarnoldsome devices have mechanisms to disable low power mode04:11
devNulledYeah, I know ...04:11
sarnoldjust 'aha', rather04:11
devNulledBut I'm too lazy to manually edit the configs for that and when I do, the updates break them ... so I just have a script that literally is something like systemctl restart ... systemctl ...04:11
devNulledIf I wanted to get super lazy, I could turn it into a cron job, haha04:12
devNulledBut then it would do that while I'm actually using it04:12
Angrysughi good people06:07
Angrysugim looking for all the deb files so that i can archive them for offline usage06:07
Angrysugafter installation though, i have gotten hold of a handful of them06:07
Angrysugi use apt for instance06:07
Angrysuglooking here /var/cache/apt/archives06:08
Angrysugand hardly find any06:08
AngrysugI woud like to know where the deb files for remmina are06:08
Angrysugjust to name a handful06:09
Angrysugdoes anyone have a clue where to look?06:09
Angrysugalso tried ls -l |grepping06:09
Angrysugthey are just not there, mind you, im a new ubuntu user migrating from windows06:10
WaVif they aren't there, you can always apt-get download mypackage1 mypackage206:12
WaVthe directory probably got cleaned06:13
Angrysughmm, thanks WaV06:22
AngrysugDownload is performed unsandboxed as root as file '/var/cache/apt/archives/remmina_1.4.25+dfsg-1_amd64.deb' couldn't be accessed by user06:22
Angrysugi get ^ problem06:22
Angrysughow do i unsandbox myself?06:22
Angrysugi tried downloading remmina via sudo apt-get download and got the above error06:25
rboxdont use sudo06:25
Angrysugah, all right06:26
Angrysugit worked, thanks so much!06:26
Angrysug(why is linux so COMPLICATED on EVERY level... :D )06:27
rboxits not?06:27
murmelAngrysug: it's not complicated, but you are used to windows, which definitely works differently06:27
Angrysug(LAYERS upon LAYERS...this is the 5-6th time im trying to migrate from window sto ubuntu, this time im staying since all the drivers work automatically)06:27
murmelAngrysug: take your time to get adjusted to it. ootb windows puts you as an administrator, which is definitely a nogo in linux06:28
Angrysug(drivers working out of the box is KEY for mass migration to ubuntu/linux)06:28
Angrysugmurmel, yeah, it is just not safe, ive hated windows since day 1... 30 years ago06:29
Guest89a pid file is being deleted when I run cat server.pid | xargs kill, does this mean the process is handling the signal and removing the pid file?06:53
Guest89would it be more idempotent to delete the server.pid myself after the kill06:54
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wifwfrnetwork manager adds default route on connection activation, how to stop this_09:34
Angrysugi traded convenience for safety...for 30 years.09:36
Angrysugnot anymore.09:36
Angrysugthanks for all the help.09:36
igorSometime ago i selected nvidia-driver-520 and after an update i have "continue using a manually installed driver" in an additional drivers settings. And i cannot select another driver anymore. Why is it? Also nvidia-driver-520 has been kept back for some reason after that update.09:38
Guest55Hi All; I want to activate Ubuntu Pro and Live Patch on Ubuntu 20.04 but I am afraid about any problems for my WiFi card which uses a DKMS driver. (https://ubuntu.com/certified/component/760 && https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/rtl8821ce-dkms) any idea or suggestion?10:45
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Guest55(SO SORY but again) >>> Hi All; I want to activate Ubuntu Pro and Live Patch on Ubuntu 20.04 but I am afraid about any problems for my WiFi card which uses a DKMS driver. (https://ubuntu.com/certified/component/760 && https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/rtl8821ce-dkms) any idea or suggestion?11:23
Angrysughas anyone gotten adobe photoshop to work on ubuntu 22?11:39
Angrysugive followed the installation process of adobe on my ubuntu 22.04 lts and it installs fine, problem is that when i try to run it, it wont start11:40
Angrysug(it SEEMS to me that it installs fine)11:41
Angrysughow can one go about to try to troubleshoot where the problem lies?11:41
Angrysug(clean install ubuntu 22.04 lts and then just followed his step by step method and things seemed to install fine)11:41
nedbatI have a github action that uses the deadsnakes ppa to install nightly versions of Python. When deadsnakes removes a version, it finds it in focal-updates instead.  How can I insist that it come from deadsnakes, or to fail the installation?  https://github.com/nedbat/coveragepy/actions/runs/3590447527/jobs/604384982111:47
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Guest55i think old IRC died :)11:59
Guest55(SO SORY but again x2) >>> Hi All; I want to activate Ubuntu Pro and Live Patch on Ubuntu 20.04 but I am afraid about any problems for my WiFi card which uses a DKMS driver. (https://ubuntu.com/certified/component/760 && https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/rtl8821ce-dkms) any idea or suggestion?12:00
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cosmicrajivis dualboot ubuntu 22.04 alongside win11 safe?13:04
cosmicrajivi have a 512 gb nvme ssd out of which 115 gb unallocated is remaining. i wanted to install ubuntu 22.04 in this free space.13:05
cosmicrajivwindows 11 is already installed.13:06
mtnnormally it should be fine. try it and see13:26
mtncosmicrajiv: and of course, you already have your personal data backed up, right?13:26
aaiiHi guys, Do you know any free Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for debian or ubuntu?13:35
devNulledIf anyone knows how to stop the permissions on Software center from regularly breaking, by all means share. I have to edit the configs manually ever month or so to fix it to so that I don't have to open up the GUI with sudo ... And that is not the default behavior. I use this tutorial every time:13:45
devNulledhttps://askubuntu.com/questions/18222/how-to-prevent-system-applications-like-the-software-center-from-asking-for-pa ... And I think this would never happen on Debian.13:45
devNulled... I think the answer might come down to managing the sudoers file which is always risky but if it comes to that I will13:47
webchat93Hi does anybody online and able to give soem help and directions how can i solve one issue, what i have with Authenticator-Two Factor (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/auth-helper/?src=external-github) for one site (geni.com), previous through the terminal done  update na dupgrade, and did't excpect that will be erased, and again13:49
webchat93need to added a same. But every time again when i try, no result. Thx in advance.13:49
devNulledYeah, somebody needs to help that guy more than me. That's a phishing accident waiting to happen.13:50
webchat93devNulled, isa maybe your answer to me? I- realy looking for this above help how can I continue work on the same site13:52
devNulledI guess since I commented I should help. Hold on13:54
devNulledLet me fix my sudoers file. Give me a second. If I make even one error - mess up a single line - it will break the entire system depending on what it is, and I am not a fan of having to drop shells out of my xterm sessions.13:55
devNulledHaha, anyone who is not a noob on here will be in the non-fan camp with that13:55
BluesKajHi all14:03
Guest63I need some help fixing my ubuntu14:25
Guest63When I boot into recovery mode, the terminal is partially overlaying the recovery menu14:25
Guest63and I can see the prompt 'Press enter for maintenance'14:26
Guest63even once I get into a root shell14:26
Guest63what I type isn't correct14:26
Guest63ill type for example 'clear'14:26
Guest63then it would say 'no such command "lear"14:27
Guest63its super random so I'm unable to fix anything from the root shell either14:27
Guest63this is really frustrating, as I did the software upgrade and then it broke14:29
bingJACKPOT... This actually worked, did it.14:38
bingJACKPOTI'll be damned. This is my entrance using HexChat. I must say, so far so good.14:39
bingJACKPOTYet, I misspelled my nick14:39
bingoJACKPOTIt's looking better now14:40
bingoJACKPOTCan someone say something even if it's inane noise so that I know my client is working?14:42
BenCinane noise14:43
bingoJACKPOTGood enough for me. Thanks, BenC... I don't like how this isn't requiring me to authenticate. Hexchat did not ask for my credentials and I don't care if they're stored on my host, I like the authentication ... makes me feel safe.14:44
BluesKajbingoJACKPOT, you'll be safer if you ask for a "cloak" in the #libera chat14:59
Guest63if I do a upgrade, will I lose all my stuff like chrome15:03
BenCI doubt you’ll lose anything. What type of upgrade (version from and to) and how did you install chrome?15:07
webchat93Anybody who can help  with one issue15:12
tomreynGuest63: you can try typing "reset" next time there are issues with input on a terminal15:13
tomreynhi webchat9315:13
tomreyn!ask | webchat9315:13
Guest63Ill try15:13
ubottuwebchat93: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:13
Guest63from what I can see the upgrade broke my system15:14
tomreynGuest63: which upgrade, which system?15:14
Guest63ubuntu 1815:14
Guest63I did just a upgrade using the gui, since my other apps were outdated15:15
Guest63now I'm unable to boot back in15:15
Guest63what I found was some error like this15:15
Guest63"systemd-udev.service:26: executeable path is not absolute"15:16
Guest63I did a grub repair already, didnt help15:16
webchat93I have a issue with https://authenticator.cc/docs/en/quickstart after when i done update and upgrade on last version Ubuntu 22.04.01 LTS, previous was deleted, so again i added and try to use for geni.com with my login and account but no result15:16
ForeverNoob[m]Hi, I seem to vaguely remember that in order to enable setting of full resolution of my Ubuntu 22.04 guest VM (QEMU/KVM/virt-manager), I had to install a bunch of packages, but I can't seem to recall which ones. So what packages do I have to install?15:18
tomreynGuest63: it doesn't seem like anyone else reported getting this error message. i'm wondering whether you maybe had third party software installed which modified udev, and this caused this.15:19
Guest63I got a root shell now, the reset seemed to help a bit, it seems very slow, I can only type like 1 char per 2 seconds15:20
Guest63what should I do to find the error?15:20
tomreynGuest63: systemctl cat systemd-udev.service |& nc termbin.com 999915:21
webchat93Seems that issue cannot be solved in my case?15:22
Guest63nevermind, now the recovery menu just popped up agian15:23
tomreynwebchat93: sorry, i know nothing about this very browser externsion. you can wait and see whether soemone else knows about the issue you're describing, or, maybe a better approach, use any support options its developers offer.15:23
Guest63and now I'm back to being unable to type commands15:24
Guest63it just fills it with nonsense15:24
ForeverNoob[m]@webchat93: Also this sounds like a browser / extension question than one for Ubuntu specifically.15:25
tomreynGuest63: i guess this means your best option is a fresh installation. note that release upgrades should not be done when you have 3rd party software installed through apt / dpkg.15:28
Guest63If I had chome installed before, will I lose all the profile data with it?15:28
ForeverNoob[m]You can back that directory up.15:29
Guest63what about extensions?15:29
webchat93ForeverNoob[m] yes but in Ubuntu need to regulate, i tried couple times but no result, problem is became when i done update/upgrade in terminal and new version installed and after that everthing was deleted and also this extesion.15:30
ForeverNoob[m]IIRC a Chrome profile contains all of those (though check how to back one up on Linux first)15:30
Guest63there must be a way to get a root shell without having to go thru the menu15:31
tomreynchrome is not part of ubuntu (although there can be a snap), so it's not really supported here. but it is probably similar to chromium, so it probably containss all the extensions in the configuration directory in your $HOME15:31
nedbatI have a github action that uses the deadsnakes ppa to install nightly versions of Python. When deadsnakes removes a version, it finds it in focal-updates instead.  How can I insist that it come from deadsnakes, or to fail the installation?  https://github.com/nedbat/coveragepy/actions/runs/3590447527/jobs/604384982115:32
tomreyn!pinning | nedbat15:34
ubottunedbat: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto15:34
ForeverNoob[m]@Guest63: You might want to try one of the TTY after you've finished the boot sequence (by default Ctrl+Alt+F2 (or F3, F4 etc.)15:34
nedbattomreyn: thanks. the examples there show editing /etc files, which I'm not sure I can do in a GitHub Action.  is there a pure apt-get invocation that will limit the installation to just the deadsnakes ppa?15:36
Guest63When I try TTY f2 or any others its just blank screen15:37
tomreynnedbat: there is -t to apt-get, also -o let's you pass any apt configurations to apt on the CLI.15:38
tomreyn(overriding what is configured in files)15:38
ForeverNoob[m]@Guest63: Even after pressing Enter ?15:39
Guest63yes, just a blinking char15:40
Guest63and now the recovery menu just popped up again15:40
Guest63then I'm unable to type commands anymore15:40
tomreynnedbat: i do not know whether you can pass apt preferences (pinning) into apt-get with -o, though15:40
nedbattomreyn: seems like maybe I just need ` -t deadsnakes `?15:41
ForeverNoob[m]@Guest63: What if you just boot normally (so not in recovery)15:41
Guest63it just loads forever15:42
Guest63this issue looks the same more or less15:42
tomreynnedbat: it seems unlikely that this is the release name this PPA would set, but sure, you can try. i suggest also getting help from github, since you are not dealing with a standard ubuntu installation15:43
nedbattomreyn: ok, thanks.15:43
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tomreynGuest63: you can try recovering the system from a live usb / cd: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery#Update_Failure15:49
tomreynon a system with separate boot file system, you may also need to mount that file systemto /mnt/boot and on a efi booting system, you'd also want to mount /boot/efi /mnt/boot/efi15:51
tomreynbut this is a bit complicated, so that's why i suggested reinstalling15:51
ForeverNoob[m]@Guest63: Just an FYI: I've never did an upgrade like that (heard too much horror stories before) - I just backup all of my important data, do a fresh install and then restore that data back.15:53
Guest63I just wanted to update my browsers, but it updated everything15:53
Guest63I really need my browser data to be recoverable15:53
tomreynyou just need to copy it off the disk, most likely15:54
tomreynthen move it back15:54
tomreyn(after install)15:54
Guest63Im gonna keep trying to see if I can boot up the original system16:00
Guest63just to be 100% sure16:00
Guest63if I lose all my browser data, especially the extensions, its rip16:00
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ForeverNoob[m]Is your homedir encrypted? If so, you'll have to look up the instructions to decrypt it first before attempting any kind of backup.16:11
tomreynBlackOps: what makes you say that?16:13
Guest63ForeverNoob[m] no not encrypted16:14
BlackOpsHard pass on honoring that question. Do I have to engage in a discussion or can I make random glib comments and plead ignorance or insanity?16:14
tomreynBlackOps: you are welcome to ask and answer questions on this support channel.16:14
leftyfbBlackOps: #ubuntu-offtopc would be better for random glib comments16:14
BlackOps(I have extremely hardcore thoughts on encrypted but I didn't want to annoy anyone and out of deference to those who wish to stay on topic, I couldn't think of what to type so that came out. The short end of a long story is that I think you should encrypt your whole entire world as if your life depends on it.)16:15
BlackOps*on encryption16:15
leftyfbBlackOps: feel free to discuss your opinions in #ubuntu-offtopic16:16
ForeverNoob[m]Does Ubuntu 18.04 use LUKS for encrypting the /home directories?16:22
oerheksForeverNoob[m], sure16:25
leftyfbForeverNoob[m]: no. Before 18.04 it used to be eCryptfs which was removed as a default installer option in 16.04 I think due to it being buggy and not maintained16:25
oerheksfull disk encryption16:25
leftyfbLUKS only does FDE16:25
leftyfbForeverNoob[m]: I think your only options for only encrypting /home are eCryptfs or EncFS. I only have mildly annoying experience with the former. I would personally only recommend FDE with LUKS.16:27
ForeverNoob[m]What does the default installer option use? I always choose to encrypt home dir during installation.16:28
oerheksdefault = non encryption16:29
leftyfbthe default installer no longer allows you to encrypt only your home directory. Not in any supported release of ubuntu anyway. The only option in the installer is FDE16:29
BlackOpsThe only distinct advantage to not encrypting something is that the files load faster and it's much much quicker to back up or clone16:32
ForeverNoob[m]@BlackOps: And eliminating possible point of failure (in case of lost password etc.)16:33
leftyfbdon't lose your password16:34
BlackOpsBut if you lose your password, you don't want someone to find it16:34
ForeverNoob[m]Not even yourself? :p16:34
leftyfbForeverNoob[m]: the only solution to losing your password is having a backup of the data16:34
BlackOpsYou don't want someone to find photos you took on your honeymoon with your spouse etc... That's no one's damn business.16:34
ForeverNoob[m]True, but I usually encrypt that backup as well :p16:35
mrleewhat's up?16:35
leftyfbmrlee: hello. What can we help you with today?16:35
BlackOpsI can only think of one case where a company overdoes it on privacy but it is off topic: And that's Apple products. And, it's not so much overdoing it, it's that they constantly force you to give permission to the point where the end user is treated like a toddler16:35
BlackOpsYes, encrypting the backup is a must. I do that with Clonezilla16:36
BlackOpsI love Clonezilla16:36
BlackOpsI will never run for president of my country but one day ... if Ubuntu will let me, I will become president of Clonezilla16:38
leftyfbBlackOps: please stay on topic16:38
BlackOpsHas anyone tried running Ubuntu on something like Parallels over the M1 or M2 processors16:39
leftyfbBlackOps: people have tried. But there's no sense in trying to troubleshoot hypotheticals. It's also not officially supported AFAIK16:40
BlackOpsYeah, surely it's been tried many times over ... I just was curious and that was my attempt to remain on topic but I will fall silent again and help whomever needs help if or when I can.16:41
leftyfbBlackOps: again, this isn't a discussion topic. It's for support. I really think you would do well to /join #ubuntu-offtopic16:41
tatsumaruhey guys, I installed ubuntu in a VM without using a local storage (ramdrive only), however when I run apt-get update and upgrade, I hear a lot of hard disk spinning from my PC. why is the hdd spinning if ubuntu is running on ram with no swap?16:50
tatsumaruwhat happens if you run 'apt-get --fix-missing upgrade' any chance this downloads all packages on the repo?17:14
gray233Hi, may I ask a question. I have a very simple bcc script which fails to run on Ubuntu.17:18
gray233~ $ uname -a17:18
gray233Linux gray-Alienware-m15-R6 5.15.0-56-generic #62-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 22 19:54:14 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:18
gray233~ $ lsb_release -a17:18
gray233No LSB modules are available.17:18
gray233Distributor ID:    Ubuntu17:18
Guest63YES IM BACK IN17:47
poisoneLET ME IN17:47
respawnno need for caps17:48
respawnthis is ubuntu help channel if you need help ask here17:48
respawnfor general chat go to #ubuntu-offtopic17:49
poisoneneed for caps17:49
respawnsuit your self and get banned17:49
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eelstreborlast nights update of 20.04 on a laptop messed up the desktop. don't know what caused it. might have something the logs to try to pinpoint the problem but i decided to upgrade it to 22.04 and see if that fixes it. if not i'll have to do a fresh install. i hate it when this happens18:20
alkisgDefine "messed up" :)18:22
alkisgBut yeh I'd go for the 22.04 upgrade too18:22
pjstirling123Hi, I have a DigitalOcean droplet that has gone very wrong while upgrading its OS, I have access to the recovery console and have chroot()ed into the installed OS, and I am getting errors when trying apt:18:25
pjstirling123Setting up debianutils (5.5-1ubuntu2)18:25
pjstirling123mv: can't move '/var/lib/shells.state.tmp' to '/var/lib/shells.state': No such file or directory18:25
pjstirling123It's right that there's no file or directory for either path, but I'm not sure what they should look like18:27
eelstreboralkisg, no menus18:30
tomreynwhich OS is it?18:30
tomreynpjstirling123: ^18:30
alkisgeelstrebor: which DE, GNOME?18:31
eelstreborwallpaper went black also18:31
alkisgI'd check sudo dmesg and sudo journalctl -b -pwarning18:31
pjstirling123Tomreyn: lsb_release -c says jammy18:36
tomreynpjstirling123: so you're apparently saying that you have an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS installation, is this after or before the upgrade? what do apt sources point to?18:38
pjstirling123Tomreyn: apt disc-upgrade gives a "supported-versions: WARNING: Unknown Ubuntu release: 22.04"18:38
tomreynpjstirling123: i'm not familiar with this "supported-versions" script, i dont think this is part of Ubuntu.18:40
tomreynactually there is /usr/share/postgresql-common/supported-versions18:41
tomreyni think you should provide more context18:41
tomreyncan youi show full commands you run and full outputs they generate, on a pastebin, please?18:41
pjstirling123The recovery console doesn't support copy-paste ☹️18:43
tomreyndo you have network access from it?18:43
tomreynping -c 1
tomreynthis will either succeed to transfer a packet or fail, telling you whether you have internet access18:43
pjstirling123Yeah, it has net access18:44
tomreynthen you can pipe output into    |& nc termbin.com 999918:44
alkisgHi ogra! In 22.04, apt purge snap fails with `can't erase /var/snap/firefox/common/host-hunspell/en_CA.dic', read only file system.18:46
alkisgI think that when firefox.snap is purged, it needs to run `snap disconnect firefox:host-hunspell` in its... postrm?18:46
alkisgShould I file a bug about that, and if so where?18:46
tomreynpjstirling123: normally you can just ran, for example:  cat /etc/os-release |& nc termbin.com 999918:46
tomreynpjstirling123: but termbin closes the connection when commands take longer than a second ot 3 to execute. so for longer-runnning commands such as apt-get you may need to redirect output to a file first, then post that:18:48
tomreynsudo apt-get -y update > /tmp/apt 2>&1 && cat /tmp/apt |& nc termbin.com 999918:48
tomreynactually, this would be better:   sudo apt-get -y update &> /tmp/apt; cat /tmp/apt |& nc termbin.com 999918:48
pjstirling123Oki, working on that18:49
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tomreynpjstirling123: that's output from which command?18:55
pjstirling123Apt Dist-upgrade18:55
tomreynpjstirling123: i would run "sudo apt update", then "sudo apt -f install", then "sudo apt upgrade" in this situation. if all of this succeeded, you can run "usdo apt-get dist-upgrade"18:58
pjstirling123Apt update succeeds, apt -f install fails in the same way19:00
tomreynpjstirling123: i guess you could manually    sudo touch /var/lib/shells.state.tmp    which may help this script to succeed19:02
tomreynpjstirling123: i'm not finding this error message on a web search, though19:02
tomreynpjstirling123: no ubuntu package in 20.04 LTS or 22.04 LTS provides the file /var/lib/shells.state (it could be that this file is created post-installation, though)19:05
tomreynpjstirling123: i'm guessing you have third party packages instlled, which can complicate release upgrades, as you are seeing now.19:06
pjstirling123Yeah, I'm not very happy with digital ocean right now19:06
tomreynthis may or may not be a result of the DO image19:07
tomreynapt policy    will show you where your package updates are installed from19:08
tomreynor, better: sudo grep -hEv '^([ ]*#.*)?$' /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*.list} |& nc termbin.com 999919:09
zterm86Hi, I was wondering on some tips to understand where my RAM usage is coming from. I'm running 'free' 'top' 'htop' and the amount free shows 209.7 free, while nothing seems to be running. I'm using Ubuntu Jammy on a 16GB system. This is truly bizarre.19:14
ravagezterm86: https://www.linuxatemyram.com/19:17
Haviszterm86, dont panic :) , most of your ram is probably used as filesystem cache :)19:20
tomreynBrotherhood: hi, do you have an ubuntu support question?19:20
Havisinstalled deborphan package, and it always list docker:all as package that is orphaned, bug/no-bug?19:21
tomreynHavis: not a bug19:22
tomreynunless you're on 18.04 LTS, then it might be19:22
HavisI'm on 22.10amd6419:23
zterm86Thanks, I'll read this. oom_killer was triggering and I never saw my ram go down after stopping numerous programs.19:23
tomreynHavis: https://packages.ubuntu.com/kinetic/docker - note "transitional package"19:23
Haviszterm just install zram-tools and you wont have ram problems :)19:24
tomreyninstead you may have a cpu problem19:25
VIAhi all19:25
VIAi went into recovery mode to check whole file system, but didnt work19:25
VIAit changed some (i htink NTFS) to "Nonwrite"19:25
zterm86Thanks! I'llgive that a try.19:25
Haviszterm86, edit /etc/default/zramswap   uncomment the PERCENT=50 line19:26
VIAso now im geting isssues ... how can i normalize/return this drive back to its normal state ?19:26
tomreynVIA: boot windows19:26
tomreynand do a file system check there19:26
VIAalso checking/repair in recovery movde did not work it claims "coudl not resolve archive.uvuntu.(x, forgot tld)19:26
VIAhas the URL changed and my OS isnt fresh or is it something else19:27
tomreynif you have a wired network connection, you can select the option to enable networking in the recovery menu, and thus have network access19:27
tomreynzhe reason you initially don't have network access from the recovery shell is that the system is not fully started at this point.19:28
VIAid anyone could drop me a hin on how to return my drive(1partition of it) nack to R/W mode thats much appreciated!19:29
mybalzitchsudo mount -o remount,rw /mounted/path/goes/here19:30
mybalzitchbut if its gone ro, it probably did htat for a reason19:30
VIAyes and now19:30
VIAlnx messed up also im a target19:30
VIAand this recovery/fix did not work at alll because the domain "could  not be resolved19:31
oerheksVIA,  why not? ubuntu does not boot from ntfs, so you can use disks to repair. if it is beyond repair, replace disks. or try from windows19:32
VIAnetwowk works fine, 1time "enable ntwrk" took a few seconds, now when i repeat its just a flash and back to menu to fast to read19:32
VIAcnanot windows atm19:32
VIAneed to fix it19:32
VIAi just need to change R/W mode19:32
VIAlet me "google" so i find what my drives are19:32
VIAits a shared partition that should be accessible from any device, hence its NTFS19:33
VIAexfat3 might be an option newer win supports it i think19:33
oerheksbut you claimed ntfs.. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/fix-corrupted-windows-ntfs-filesystem-ubuntu/19:34
oerheksinstall ntfs-3g, and use ntfsfix19:34
WaVyou cant change the partition type without losing data.19:35
VIAwhat i totallly do not understand is the fact that after inspection/repair- or trial thereof, how come the tool does not revert important changes like the master setting of a drive/partition ???19:35
VIAoerheks: i claimed NTFS in which contex? I dont recall pls quote19:35
VIA"i claimed NTFS" ... o_O19:36
tomreynntfsfix is, as its man page says, very limited in what it can do. there is no suitable file system repair tool for ntfs file systems in Ubuntu19:36
VIAi claimed an NTFS partition went from RW to R only which is nothing but an error by design imo19:36
oerheksVIA, no. read back yourself.19:36
tomreynthat's why you probably should not rely on Ubuntu to fix NTFS file systems, and not use them if that's a limitation you cannot live with19:36
VIAmine linux whatever doesnt boot from ntfs obviously19:37
VIAoerheks: making claims dont want to say "accuse of" cause i see no crime, only dumb19:37
VIAgreat job and by19:37
WaVif you still need help you are going about it the wrong way. oerherks is only trying to help you. you are reading too deep into what he said.19:39
tomreynwhen booting up, ubuntu checks whether file systems have the "dirty bit" set or are otherwise looking like they can contain serious file system inconsistencies. if that's the case, it runs a file system check against them to repair that - where that's possible. where that's not possible, it mounts them in read-only mode instead, so that file system corruption cannot get worse, but readable data can be available.19:40
ubuntu-mate-uerwill network-manager-openvpn 1.10.2 be released for kinetic? the OpenVPN 2.6 integration in 1.10.0 is broken and only fixed the version released for lunar19:41
ubuntu-mate-uerthe lunar package seems to work fine for kinetc, but I had to manually install it19:41
oerheksubuntu-mate-uer, this one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-openvpn/+bug/199363419:43
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1993634 in network-manager-openvpn (Ubuntu) "network-manager-openvpn: --cipher option deprecated in OpenVPN 2.6, no option to set suggested --data-ciphers flag instead" [Undecided, Confirmed]19:43
tomreynubuntu-mate-uer: it's more likely to see backported bug fixes in LTS releases, but you can file a bug report nevertheless, and see what happens.19:43
ubuntu-mate-ueroerheks yes that's the bug19:43
ubuntu-mate-uerthe bug is already fixed, just not released to kinetc. or is this a bug in itself?19:44
oerheksi have no clue why it is not backported yet..19:45
ubuntu-mate-uerok thank you, I'll try to comment on that bug19:46
tomreynubuntu-mate-uer: this bug is *not* yet fixed in 22.10, if you were referring to this.19:46
tomreynyou can tag the bug as "affects me" top left19:46
ubuntu-mate-uertomreyn but it's fixed in lunar (23.04?)19:46
tomreynubuntu-mate-uer: probably due to a different upstream version?19:47
ubuntu-mate-uertomreyn yes, lunar uses 1.10.2 which includes the fix19:47
ubuntu-mate-uerkinetc uses 1.10.019:47
tomreyn!info network-manager-openvpn lunar19:47
ubottunetwork-manager-openvpn (1.10.2-1, lunar): network management framework (OpenVPN plugin core). In component main, is optional. Built by network-manager-openvpn. Size 56 kB / 276 kB. (Only available for linux-any.)19:47
tomreynright, different upstream version19:48
tomreynthe issue was probably fixed between these upstream releases19:48
tomreynbut kinetic was released with 1.10.0, so it would require a backported patch which can apply to this version19:49
ubuntu-mate-uerand is kinetic likely to receive that new upstream version? since it's a patch version (1.10.0 vs 1.10.2) not a feature release19:49
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.19:49
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging19:49
tomreynthis "!backports" factoid may be misleading, i was rather referring to !SRU19:50
ubottuStable Release Update information is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates19:50
tomreynjust that does not necessarily happen for non LTS releases.19:51
ubuntu-mate-uerok got it. most likely I'll just stick to the manually installed packed until lunar arrives. will this be automatically resolved when I update my system or will the manually installed package cause issues in the future?19:52
tomreynthat's a matter of spherical glass inspection19:53
tomreynit will probably be ok19:53
morgan-u2situation: chrome quits.(sarnold, I dont know "log lines that look relevant" - I just quit chrome  because it was basically stopped (took minutes to quit) -- re terminal: the audit lines are mostly something DENIED, as well as a lot of lines from discord. There are lines that are blue and lines that are all in white and IDK the difference. Reminder: from journalctl -f19:53
tomreynubuntu-mate-uer: ...for this specific package and version upgrade - please don't generalize this19:54
ubuntu-mate-ueryea sure. I was just curious if a manually installed package always has priority over repository updates19:54
tomreyndepends on version number, default release, apt pinning / preferences19:55
morgan-u2and one line in yellow:  it wont copy.  Dec 03 11:54... : kauditd_printk_skb:  116 callboacks suppressed <-- so I type it hee myself.19:55
ubuntu-mate-ueroh nice, my apt-get upgrade already reports a broken installation with unmet dependencies xD19:55
morgan-u2sarnold,  and one line in yellow:  it wont copy.  Dec 03 11:54... : kauditd_printk_skb:  116 callboacks suppressed <-- so I type it hee myself.19:56
ubuntu-mate-uerwell, works for now19:56
tomreynubuntu-mate-uer: which unresolved deps are there?19:57
morgan-u2LOL I cant get to the end of the journal feed. I think it makes output fate than I can scroll forward. That's a wonder.19:58
ubuntu-mate-uernetwork-manager-openvpn-gnome depends on = 1.10.0 of network-manager-openvpn (I just installed the latter)19:59
ubuntu-mate-uermost likely I could fix it by installing network-manager-openvpn-gnome from lunar, too. But I'm a bit afraid to run into a gnome compatibility issue19:59
morgan-u2wonder? wondergirl here just found the scrollbar and the end. It is a bunch of DENIED.19:59
tomreynubuntu-mate-uer: you could inspect its package description file (in the .deb, in the debian/ directory)20:01
ubuntu-mate-uerwill try :-)20:01
tomreyn...and compare to https://packages.ubuntu.com/kinetic/network-manager-openvpn-gnome20:01
tomreynunfortunately we have no such web page for lunar, yet20:01
morgan-u2Anyone why is the journalctl feed giving a bunch of denied requests from discord, and why cnat I copy it from the terminal window.20:01
tomreynmorgan-u2: discord tends to violate a lot of apparmor restrictions, which is then reported. i can't comment on the second question, but it may berelated to the -f (follow the output) passed to journalctl#20:03
morgan-u2Anyone why is the journalctl feed giving a bunch of denied requests from discord, and why cant I copy it from the terminal window.20:03
tomreyn!patience | morgan-u220:03
ubottumorgan-u2: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/20:03
morgan-u2tomreyn, well I quit that window and started a new one. I am not impatient except I kept seeing details I thought shoud be in there. This is the 2..3 year old questio of what is happening when chrome slows and freezes all opeations on this PC - starting with 20;0420:05
oerheksnobody can tell why, as we dont know what tabs/urls are open?20:06
VIAim late20:06
oerheksplease keep this channel family friendly, VIA20:07
tomreyn!language | VIA20:09
ubottuVIA: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:09
VIAwrong window ubottu20:10
tomreynmorgan-u2: you posted an identical line twice, that's why i triggered the factoid. have you tried reproducing this with a software that's available in ubuntu?20:20
explodesIt has been a while since setting up a VM on ubuntu. Is virtual box still a good easy way to get a windows os running on an ubunutu host?20:24
oerheksno, i would use KVM20:25
explodesis kvm headless only?20:26
explodesI do need graphical20:26
oerheksno, also graphical..20:26
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM20:26
tomreynif you need a user friendly UI, i guess virtualbox is the slightly better of the free options. there are gnome-boxes and virt-manager for KVM, though, which can be ok, too.20:27
explodesThere was a github repo like 5-7 years back that had a CLI for automatically downloading and setting up windows guests for various versions of windows20:27
oerhekstimes have changed20:31
explodesDang 90 days and it just resets20:46
oerheksSo? buy a license..20:47
explodesWell first I need to see if this works; if not I'm going to set up dual booting20:48
explodesI really should just be going taht route anyway20:48
explodesamazing that the windows installer cannot format a harddrive to NTFS for you20:59
explodesSo, I'm installing Windows on 1 of a few harddrives on this machine. I assume I can set up Grub on the primary boot partition later and point grub to the existing ubuntu installation, and the new windows installation?21:02
EriC^^yeah explodes21:04
EriC^^explodes: you'll want to install ubuntu and windows both in the same mode uefi/legacy21:06
explodesI just finished installing windows. Changing the BIOS settings to boot on that disk results in booting to blank black termininal with a blinking 1-char underline.21:07
EriC^^can you boot an ubuntu live usb to troubleshoot?21:10
explodesI can boot into my  exsiting Ubuntu installation just fine21:11
explodesWhat would you have me do?21:11
explodesThe NTFS windows disk is readable just fine, and looks like windows to me21:11
explodes(from ubuntu)21:11
tomreynso, from this channel's point of view, there is no problem, congratulations!21:12
explodesex dee21:12
explodesI did ask the question in ##windows if that would be more appropriate21:12
oerheksexplodes> Dang 90 days and it just resets 🤣21:12
EriC^^explodes: share the output of 'sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999'21:15
BillyHalf Moon Bay maritime station is doing some type of propagation test21:15
Billyon 16.10421:15
explodes Why can't I boot this disk as UEFI? Or change a setting? Is that normal or something I'm doing wrong?21:16
leftyfb!ot | Billy21:16
ubottuBilly: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:16
explodesEriC^^: ok one second21:16
Billyholy crap, wrong channel21:16
Billyi meant to type in the ham radio channel!21:16
explodesGet hammed21:16
explodesEriC^^: https://termbin.com/gazp21:18
explodes/dev/sda is the windows partition21:18
explodes/dev/nvme0n1 ubuntu21:19
jhutchinsBilly: Which channel is the ham radio channel?21:20
EriC^^explodes: yeah windows is not booting, it's using a gpt partition table and no efi partition21:20
EriC^^explodes: you need to install windows in uefi mode21:21
explodesOk, I'll retry the install w/ different settings. Don't know what I chose wrong;21:21
EriC^^explodes: it's a matter of how you boot it, not any settings, you have to boot the installer in that mode21:22
EriC^^use the boot menu to choose 'uefi usb blabla' to boot it21:22
explodesI have Ventoy as the disk to load the windows iso, which is being started in UEFI21:22
EriC^^explodes: aha, try in the installer to make an efi partition and set it to use it21:23
explodesOnly option the install has is a Format option, and now that I had already formatted the drive to NTFS in ubuntu, it is now available21:24
explodesI'll try using their Format tool and reinstalling there21:24
EriC^^explodes: yeah, remove the partition you made i.e. sda1 and leave the partition table blank, then let windows fill in its own efi+ntfs21:25
explodesright right, cool. sounds like this could be it. fingers crossed21:25
EriC^^it'll probably make 3, 1 being some small reserve thing21:25
explodesgod i hate windows21:26
Guest20explodes i dont hate it but the installation proces after installing ubuntu makes me wonder life choices21:27
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explodesEriC^^: https://termbin.com/ffaw21:30
explodesIt is not a UEFI boot disk :/ This past does include the Ventoy flash drive tho21:30
explodesThis paste*21:30
explodesBIOS recognizes the Ventoy drive as UEFI.21:31
explodes/dev/sda1 is still labelled as legacy21:31
EriC^^explodes: yeah, the disk wont be labeled as uefi, you'll(windows) will add it to the motherboard uefi list and point it to the efi partition windows file21:34
explodesHow do I do that if I can't actually boot into windows?21:35
explodesOr do you mean the installer?21:35
EriC^^yeah the installer21:35
EriC^^just delete sda1, boot the usb in uefi mode, in the installer see if it makes an efi partition for you before continuing21:36
explodesI see a setting in the BIOS: "Windows OS Configuration > BIOS UEFI/CSM Mode: CSM"21:36
EriC^^csm means legacy21:36
explodesSo, when I boot the installer (boot the Ventoy drive) it _has_ been booting in UEFI mode (as indicated by a U icon in and UEFI prefix in the BIOS)21:37
explodesMaybe disabling CSM altogether and reinstalling is necessary?21:38
EriC^^yeah, worth a shot21:38
EriC^^still do what i mentioned above21:39
explodesPossible that since "legacy" is detected by the windows installer it doesnt do the UEFI registration step. But I'm just making guesses21:39
alkisgexplodes: did windows install itself to the efi partition? ls -lR /boot/efi | nc termbin.com 999921:40
explodes> see if it makes an efi partition for you before continuing21:40
alkisgWindows reuses the Ubuntu EFI partition normally,it installs itself there21:41
explodesWhen I format the destination, the 250GB drive, it gives no hint that it is efi21:41
alkisgYes, it wouldn't21:41
alkisgIt reuses the existing efi on the other disk21:41
EriC^^explodes: there should be some kind of 'advanced' partitioning menu21:41
explodesalkisg: I am still able to boot to my ubuntu disk normally when I give that drive boot priority. That means windwos didn't destroy my stuff, right?21:41
explodesEriC^^: I am in advanced, it gives no indication21:42
alkisgexplodes: boot ubuntu,run the command I said21:42
alkisgexplodes: I think you just need to tell grub to find windows21:42
EriC^^in any case it's better to let windows have its own efi partition, so its a standalone disk, imho21:42
explodesalkisg: Even if I can't boot directly windows, you're saying that could work?21:42
alkisgWindows won't do that unless you remove the ubuntu disk on installation21:43
alkisg(if I recall correctly, there was an MS article about it)21:43
alkisgexplodes: yes21:43
alkisgIf windows was installed in uefi mode, that is21:43
explodesOk after this reinstall I'll paste the above command21:44
alkisgYou're currently reinstalling windows?21:44
explodesOnly positive experience about installing windows is that it is super fast21:44
explodesalkisg: yes, with CSM disabled21:44
alkisgIf I'm gone, note to set GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false and run update-grub; google that word for more instructions21:44
EriC^^explodes: it should show you a bunch of partitions like so https://www.ctrl.blog/media/image/windows-setup-550mib-esp.png21:44
EriC^^not just 1 single primary21:45
explodesEriC^^: Yep, only shows ONE partition for the destination drive.21:45
EriC^^you could try pressing new and see if you can add an efi partition first and it uses the rest for the ntfs one21:46
explodes"New" is disabled21:46
EriC^^explodes: did you delete all the partitions?21:46
explodesEriC^^: there only was ever one partition on that drive21:47
EriC^^explodes: yeah, i mean try to delete it, then see if the new button appears21:47
explodesI mean, I do see /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft now though21:48
explodesDo you think Grub will just work at this point?21:48
EriC^^yeah, it's as alkisg mentioned, seems windows used the ubuntu efi partition21:48
explodesThat sonavu...21:48
EriC^^yeah it should, but if you ever remove the ubuntu disk it wont boot anymore21:48
explodesGood to know21:49
explodesAny links for setting up grub from my current state?21:49
alkisgexplodes: so now you've reinstalled windows, it shows grub on boot, and you want to add it as an option to the grub menu?21:49
explodesI do not have grub on boot, currently21:50
explodesIt just drops right in to ubuntu21:50
alkisgOK, so hidden grub21:50
explodesWell maybe there is GRUB but it just skips the UI? idk21:50
EriC^^explodes: start with trying 'sudo update-grub' to see if it mentions windows21:50
alkisggrep -i windows /boot/grub/grub.cfg => does that show anything?21:50
alkisgOr what eric said21:50
explodesShould I run `GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false sudo update-grub` or just `sudo update-grub` ?21:51
alkisgIt's like this:21:51
alkisgsudo -i <enter> echo GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false >/etc/default/grub.d/local.cfg <enter> update-grub21:51
alkisgAnd at that point update-grub should mention windows21:52
explodeslooks like it added windows.21:52
explodesis grub automatically unhidden now?21:53
alkisgIt should be; if not, come back for another option :)21:53
explodesSweet. Grub showed up and I'm in windows21:54
explodesThank you both very much21:54
explodesCould I create a partition on my windows disk, copy the EFI stuff over, and update grub to load windows from that partition?21:55
explodesthat way windows and ubuntu are actually independent, save for grub?21:55
explodesnvm nvm that sounds like a pain21:55
alkisgWindows it a bit weird regarding changes, you might need to use bcdedit and rebuild its boot options21:56
alkisgI'd suggest removing the ubuntu disk and reinstalling if the goal is separate disks21:56
EriC^^explodes: just remove the ubuntu disk temporarily and reinstall windows21:56
alkisgAlso note that in uefi you can press f12 and boot windows from the ...bios boot manager, before  getting to grub21:57
explodesand run update-grub, with GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false, and it will Just Work?21:57
alkisgI.e. even before you did the GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false change21:57
alkisgI'm not sure if grub will be able to boot windows from the other efi; at that point you might need to use f12 > bios boot manager all the time, or create a custom grub entry, not sure21:58
EriC^^explodes: you could try to create the efi partition from ubuntu manually on the windowws disk and see if windows uses it instead21:58
alkisgOr do the opposite: remove the ubuntu disk. reinstall windows, tell it to wipe the first disk; it will create an efi partition. Then move ubuntu's grub to the first disk if it's ever needed, as moving ubuntu's grub is a whole lot easier21:59
explodesSo fun. The mobo wifi isn't working and sound is only coming from the subwoofer, not the main speakers22:02
explodesthanks again!!22:23
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morgan-u2<tomreyn> morgan-u2: you posted an identical line twice, <<I added a person's name>>  have you tried reproducing THIS with a software that's available in ubuntu?   - - What was THIS? SOrry I got lost on it.23:58
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