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NatSocSiDis there a way to configure "needrestart" to automatically restart the services that need to be restarted after an apt upgrade?03:01
NatSocSiDnevermind, just found how :)03:03
wingarmacHi everyone !10:21
wingarmacI'm a private Ubuntu server 22.04 LTS user and I've put my webserver online. I would like advice on how to secure my web server with OpenSSL. SO far it seems very expensive for my personal needs.10:24
wingarmacI would like that people that visites my page do not have security messages to display the page. Can someone help ?10:25
JanCsee https://letsencrypt.org/10:25
wingarmacWAW, that was easy ! Thanks a lot JanC10:33
wingarmacShould I disable the virtual host on port 80 to prevent users going on http:// ?10:34
wingarmacI've had to change the http:// to https:// on my smartphone so it applies. Any advice on this?10:36
wingarmacIt's rather complicated to explain this to a user that doesn't know the difference between those two. At top of that most browser hide it automaticaly and show the url without it.10:38
wingarmacIf he didn't visit the site, will he be redirected automatically to https ?10:38
wingarmacI need another outside PC to test it. I do not have one right now.10:39
joshaspinallyou will want to configure the site to automatically forward from http:// to https://10:46
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wingarmacjoshaspinall That's right.11:26
wingarmacjoshaspinall Any clue how to ?11:27
joshaspinallit very much depends on your configuration, specifically which web server you have chosen (apache, nginx, other)11:29
joshaspinalla quick web search of your chosen server should give you what you need11:29
wingarmacjoshaspinall What do you mean with "A quick web search" ? I use Appache212:14
wingarmacjoshaspinall You mean I'll find the answer on the web ? I'll do that of course. I was just wondering if someone could redirect me to the right information on the web. There are so much sort of explanations I often get lost on what's the right procedure.12:16
wingarmacLike for this SSL, I tried it by default on Ubuntu with what I did found on there supported websites, but I got turning arround with the creation of the key files. It's with the procedure on letsencrypt.org you did recommend me that I could solve it finally12:18
wingarmacI do understand that those examples on the web are made to have a general idea of what we have to setup as a company or enterprise, but it makes it difficult to find what I need precisely as a single home user. I did not need all those complicated settings, rather the simple basics for a little public home server.12:23
wingarmacjoshaspinall I would like to thank you again, for the information provided so far. It's a nice feeling to be able to find a descent help. I would also like to thank again the other guy that did help me with BIND again, but he's on the Belgian channel of Ubuntu probably.12:28
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wingarmacjoshaspinall I would also like to access my webmin in SSL from anywhere12:36
tomreyneven though it is you personal webserver at home in a small setting, as soon as you open it to the internet, it is subject to constant attacks and therefore you need to make sure it is setup properly.12:39
tomreynit's difficult to provide a works-for-all http -> https redirect configuration, it may need to be adjusted based on which virtual hosts it is meant to apply to (and which not), and the remaining configuration may need changng if you did not previously have a https vhost.12:42
tomreyngenerally speaking, the first time you introduce https, you want to enable namebased virtual hosts (may already be soe), change the http (port 80) virtualhost to a port 443 virtualhost, and add a new port 80 virtualhost which just does the redirect12:43
tomreynhttps://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/httpd/redirectssl - use the "Redirect" approach, not mod_rewrite, since rewriting increases server load and should not be necessary most of the time.12:46
wingarmactomreyn I've followed the instruction on letsencrypt.org and it has made a copy of the existing port 80 virtual host to 443 on it's own.13:00
wingarmacI could see a virtual host has been added with the same domain name in the appache's configuration13:01
wingarmacI'm using Webmin to setup my server: https://ibb.co/mRq71Zw13:03
wingarmacI changed the server name, with the server's computer name for the virtual host in the html folder. Can I apply this to the public_html virtual host on port 80 to prevent the opening of http:// instead of https:// ?13:07
wingarmacby default, the virtualhost with root on html, could be openend with both, the name or the IP. I've tried to open it with IP instead of name and it still works. So I presume it will not work this way neider for the virtual hosts with public_html as root.13:10
wingarmactomreyn The server contains only itself. I've no private data of importance on it for the time I need to learn how and be able to secure it. So I do not worry much about the attacks. Maybe I'll learn something from it two.13:13
wingarmacI presume their's no pooint to be the target of such attacks in my case. i've nothing precious to hide or protect.13:14
wingarmacsorry for my usage of English. I've learned it by helping people in call centers I've been working. So I make lot's of mistakes I guess.13:15
wingarmactomreyn I can see this redirection needs another url as target. What if I would like the (www.)mydomain.org to be opened as https?  13:24
wingarmacI need to inverse the setting by creating the home.mydomain.org to redirect to mydomain.org is it ?13:25
wingarmacI've read the security advice on http://www.av-comparatives.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/avc_linux_2015_en.pdf for Linux systems. But these points are obvious to me. Before I had my server only local, so I had the desktop running on it. So it was a risk when I use GUI programs like a browser. But now it's running alone on a separate computer. This should be lots safer I presume.13:36
wingarmacI get noticed by webmin when an update is possible. This helps me maintaining my server up to date. At top of that Ubuntu Pro free subscription is active on it.13:38
tomreynwingarmac: sounds good for starters, i guess if you go through cis_level1_server hardening ( https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/comply-with-cis-or-disa-stig-on-ubuntu ) and enable automatic updates you should be good.15:13
tomreynregarding how to configure apache httpd using webmin i cannot comment, since i haven't used webmin for many years and don't know what it actually does to the configuration files.15:14
wingarmacI'm trying to setup LDAP for this time. It seems ... complicated: I try to follow these steps : https://fabianlee.org/2017/02/21/apache2-enable-ldap-authentication-and-ssl-termination-for-ubuntu/15:14
tomreynif you want to learn server maintenance it'll be better to use it manually, editing configurations on your own15:15
wingarmacYou're right. But a little motivation, by seeing it works is still welcome. I'll surely reinstall my server many times before I'll now how to handle it.15:16
wingarmacI've time to go for detailed instructions, but you're right it should be at some point.15:16
tomreynoh i don't want to demotivate you, keep going! :)15:17
wingarmacThanks !15:17
tomreynldap auth is probably not the first thing i'd recommend setting up, it can involve a high learning curve.15:17
tomreyn"high" -> "steep"15:18
wingarmacThere are lots of settings I've to work on. At top of that I'll also need to try editing my website on my own. Like you can see I just made a page with Google Slides15:18
wingarmacI've 3 options in Webmin for user management: MySQL, PostgreSQL, and LDAP15:19
wingarmacthe only that seem to have SSL in these shown options is LDAP15:19
wingarmacThat's why I did select it.15:20
wingarmacI also presuled it would be the worst to configure. Secure = complicated in many situations15:21
wingarmacpresumed ...15:21
JanCyou don't need SSL internally on the server15:21
wingarmacI would need to access it worldwide. And later I need it to be avaible to user that connects trough a link on my page so my server gets there dynamic IP to simplifie the maintenance of those.15:22
wingarmacthese people do not intend to use a terminal. It scares them of. That's why they trust me to do that for them.15:23
JanCthe users don't need to connect directly to the database server, I would hope15:24
JanCthey would connect to the web server, and then the web server talks to the database15:24
wingarmacI'm not sure I know exactly what is needed ot not at this point. You certainly now better as I do15:24
wingarmacThe idea is to get their dynamic IP, with this link, so I can connect to their computer. I need to now how to apply SSL on their PC's too.15:25
wingarmacOr something like that I can only presume15:26
wingarmacIt's only a concept. I do not yet now what can or not and how to set it up.15:26
tomreynhmm it's a bit unclear what you're actually trying to achieve now, maybe focus on describing that as a first step.15:27
wingarmacI would like to be able to maintain from home, all installs I made for others how agree.15:27
wingarmacWith the use of webmin, if possible15:28
wingarmacOn a secured way of course15:28
tomreynwhat kind of "installs" do you make for others?15:28
wingarmacLinux: Ubuntu or Cinnamon, they can choose the environment15:29
wingarmacI present them both. Apple user like ubuntu desktop, Windows user prefer Cinnamon15:29
tomreynso you are setting up and  maintaining / servicing, remotely, desktop / laptop computers for others?15:29
wingarmacFriends and neighbours, yes !15:30
wingarmacI do this for free, as an hobby, and to help people that do not have money for IT support15:30
tomreynthere are these graphical remote management softwares for this purpose, such as anydesk, teamviewer, rustdesk15:31
wingarmacNow I still need a ride to get over there. It would be nice if I could. without Teamviewer on Windows (in the past).15:32
tomreynyou could use those, or you could use ssh15:32
wingarmacNope, I want my own choice. Webmin seems perfect.15:32
tomreyni don't think webmin is meant for managing a fleet of remote desktops, but my information may be outdated15:33
wingarmacI do not want to wait for user interaction when the PC needs reboot, ander other trouble of these kinds15:33
wingarmacYou are right I think. But Webmin do not provide a domain name and an IP.15:33
wingarmacthis is my part of the job to make it do so15:33
wingarmacEven if I've to setup a VPN for it15:34
wingarmacthe VPN will be set up on my server if I need to15:34
wingarmacI'm not affraid of complicated. And I've plenty of time ;)15:35
wingarmacI think it can be done, don't you ?15:35
JanCyou can make those systems automatically SSH into your server with a reverse tunnel; no need for interaction then...  :)15:37
wingarmacThat's the kind of relevant information I like !15:37
tomreynyou could configure your friends' systems to automatically connect to your vpn server, and then manage them over ssh or - maybe - webmin. you could alternatively (or additionally) configure them to connect to a reverse ssh tunnel15:37
wingarmactomreyn would that not cause them to have to remain connected? They should be connected to my network if they do not need maintenance15:38
wingarmacI would like they get a maximum of privacy. 15:39
tomreynto be reachable by you, they would need to remain connected to you15:39
wingarmacThat's not the case of teamviewer15:39
JanCespecially if they are behind a NAT15:39
wingarmacThey make it happen with a user account connection. I would rather like a link they should click15:40
wingarmacIn theory I'm sure this make sense. But in practice It will be difficult to set up, because It's not made for it.15:41
JanCused to be possible with empathy+remmina IIRC15:41
wingarmacRDP was my first search, but it's under Microsoft license so it seems. I've tested it to get my USB webcam see whats happening home. But it was only a LAN test.15:43
JanCempathy + remmina + ssh-contact15:43
wingarmacthese options makes me see their desktop. I do not need that. I just need to be able to update packages and get to the terminal to fix broken packages and eventualy configure it this way. This would satisfy me.15:45
wingarmacJanC would this make it possible ? empathy + remmina + ssh-contact - Remina is for RDP, that's what I did use with the VLC and the USB webcam15:46
JanCRemmina can do several different protocols15:46
wingarmacI've not tested it on the other protocols yet. I've seen it tough. It was used on Linux to apply some kind of remote session.15:47
wingarmacRemina is for pure control. Webmin gives me a general view of the computer status. If I choose. I still prefer my configuration. It will also help me understand the mechanics of websites and SSL.15:48
wingarmacWhat are the 2 others you've specified? what are their purpose ? empathy and ssh-contact ? Are those variants of Remmina or plugins to open Remmina secure remotly ?15:50
tomreyndesktops and laptops don't usually run websites. it's a bit unclear where you see the rleation between the scenario you describe (remotely manage users computers) and "using webmin"15:50
wingarmacI can install webmin on their system ? What's the problem with that ?15:51
wingarmacIf it is secured so I'm the only that can open the webmin on their computers, what's the proble ?15:52
tomreynyou could install webmin on every one of their systems, and only make that available from it will consume resources there while it's running, but probably not too many. you would still need an ssh server or similar way to connect to the system securely15:52
tomreynhttps://netbird.io/ or https://www.netmaker.io/ are a way to build a mesh (wireguard) vpn across mutliple locations and behind nat15:53
wingarmacyes. I think so. That's where I want to go ... 15:53
tomreynbut those may too too much complexity for now15:53
tomreynso maybe just start with the ssh reverse tunnel approach and webmin installed on their systems15:54
wingarmacfirst things first, my pages need to work like intend to and my own server or PC should be remotly available on internet on a secured way.15:54
tomreynthat seems like a separate project15:55
wingarmacIf I can understand how to apply that on every install, I can concider the installation on client PC's15:55
wingarmacYes, learning how it works15:55
wingarmacbefore proposing the service, you need to now you can set it up on a trusty way, Isn't it?15:56
tomreynyes, but this shouldn't include a remotely accessible website15:56
tomreynat least i would not recommend making webmin available on the internet15:57
wingarmacThe website should provide a link to identify the distant computer on my network and request a connection15:57
wingarmacIt's like a login and password, but I would like it uses the MAC address to identify the computer and it's settings and save the IP to be able to connect with webmin on it15:57
tomreynhmm i'm not aware of an existing software for this purpose, there may well be one, but you'll need to search for it, i guess, or write it yourself.15:58
wingarmacMy identification would already be on the computer as the installer of the system.15:58
tomreynMAC addresses are only available on a LAN, not a WAN, not routed15:59
wingarmacYou meen I can't see the mac address of a remote computer on the web ?15:59
tomreynalso, they're easily changed, non-unique and thus pretty weak identifiers16:00
wingarmacI'll use other settings I've made localy to lay the link. It would not be the only information.16:00
wingarmacit would be some kind of check of the variables, if they are met, I save the IP as a compuer avaible on webmin16:01
tomreynfirst think about the network structure / architecture you'll need, understand NAT and the difficulties it causes, how to work around it, then design your network and application architecture, including the endpoint authentication you have in mind. this will be a very complex system, the way you describe it. not a good first project at all.16:03
wingarmacMy first contact with my ISP concerning my request for subscription change, was: "You don't have a company, so you can't have a pro subscription" But finally I've been able to get it. Because this person didn't know how, did not meen it was not possible.16:04
tomreynwas that to get a fixed ip address?16:04
wingarmacSame thing here. I think it's logic. I do test until I proof myself I can't. Then  I confirm it doesn't work. At least for me.16:05
wingarmacyes, on a cheaper way. Residential it was more money. at top of that, now I've the same package, but it has 15Gb mobile data instead of 5GB. The same subscription residential is total: 130€/month. With the current subscription : 100€/month16:06
wingarmacI'm glad I made me angry some times on the phone to get it ;)16:07
tomreynsheesh, that's a lot of money for so little data.16:08
wingarmacwithout the IP I was paying 79€, and it just had an incease to 81€ on my last bill16:08
wingarmacIf you ask support, then it gets ugly everywhere16:09
wingarmacrealy ugly for a private user16:09
tomreynanyways, i'm not in .be, can't recommend anything. maybe lotuspsychj3 can recommend something cheaper. but we're off topic now.16:09
wingarmacthese companies gladly ask 1000€/year just for support and lots of options you do not even matter. And if you try to explain why you use it and that you can't offerd what they want, they close ythe phone!16:10
wingarmacor the chat16:10
wingarmacthey don't care what we need, they just want to sell16:11
wingarmacI hate these ways of handling people16:11
tomreynyes, telecoms are a pain. now let's get back to the channel topic, which is ubuntu server16:11
wingarmacyou're right!16:12
wingarmacwell I think my brain needs a pause. I've my ideas crumbling. So I will take a nap. Cheers to all of you ! And many thanks for all your suggestions !16:14
tomreynyou're welcome :)16:14
JanCI find it a lot easier (and cheaper) to keep my dynamic IP & have my servers as a VPS somewhere...  :)16:22
tomreynif that somewhere is where a connect back shell connects, then a mesh vpn can make sense16:31
JanCand https://www.edpnet.be/ has more reasonably priced internet/mobile than what wingarmac seems to have16:35
JanCpossibly combined with streaming TV from TV Vlaanderen/Télésat if you need that16:39
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wingarmacJanC Do you know about the Belgian ISP marked ? Proximus is grown out of Belgacom, that was the Belgian RTT before that, a company that was the gouvernements ownership. But due to privaticing of all the companies of the gouvernement, Belgacom has bought all the existing lines that where already build in all the country.18:08
wingarmacSince then, no ISP has his own lines, they all rent it to Proximus, and have to do higher prices, or use other type of connection, or limited network coverage to some parts of the country18:09
wingarmacthat's how they monoplised this marked in Belgium. The only ISP that has an equivalent of quality here is Telent, but there coverage stop s in the Dutch side of Belgium18:10
JanCBelgacom/Proximus always owned the copper lines, they didn't have to buy them18:10
wingarmacIt was from RTT, not Belgacom, they bought RTT, with their lines of course18:10
wingarmacWe are in a such small country, that no other providers have the rights to build more lines. (Or it's to expensive to do so)18:11
JanCRTT is just the old name of Belgacom18:11
wingarmacSame thing with Wifi and mobile antennas18:11
JanCbefore it was a private company18:11
wingarmacit was RTT, ownership of the Belgian gouvernement, like for the trains and other civil services18:12
wingarmacNow they've been all privaticed18:12
JanCRTT became Belgacom when the government converted it from a government agency to a private company18:12
wingarmaci was still a litlle guy when this all happend18:13
JanCand when you look at edpnet (or Scarlet, which is owned by Proximus) you can see they have all cheaper contracts than Proximus itself18:14
wingarmacYes, let's say the gave it t a politic that could do whatever the benefits with it, instead of being from the state and continue entering money to the country, now its the investors that take it all18:14
wingarmacBig shit in my opinion.18:14
JanCProximus is >50% government owned still18:14
wingarmacNow Belgian gouvernement is complaining they do not have money, but I'm not wondering why18:15
wingarmaci do not now the details, only what I could see from the journal and how it felt for people going trough those changes18:16
wingarmacI've been working a few month also for Belgacom Skynet when I was 18. 18:16
wingarmacThat was my first experience in Call center for IT Support18:16
JanCanyway, I pointed out there are cheaper contracts, it's your choice to make...   :)18:17
wingarmacI'm now oevr the 40 ;) 18:17
wingarmaclong time ago ...18:17
wingarmacCheaper doesn't often mean good, that's what I was suggesting18:18
wingarmacLike you say, it's the choice of the contractor, but he should knwo all the versions of the subject to be able to take a concient choice18:19
wingarmacfor technology, the best of all here to me is Proximus (even if I had prefered there where more choices)18:20
JanCbased on my experience, edpnet is no worse than Proximus or Telenet18:20
wingarmacI do not yet know. Have you a subscription, or ever had one there?18:20
JanCin fact, the FITZ!Box routers from edpnet are a lot better than the B-Boxes18:21
JanCI have edpnet, yes18:21
wingarmacI've never heard about this provider before. Maybe there are changes on the marked because of this opening of the frontiers18:21
wingarmacThey could let in other type of connections from neighbors. It's interresting. i'll take a closer look later to this ...18:22
JanCedpnet have been around since 199918:22
wingarmacTo be honest, with what I knew, and what people I have been trough with their subscriptions on other providers as Telenet and Proximus, I had no reason to look to the others.18:24
JanCthey have to rent copper pairs (for DSL) or fiber from Proximus, of course18:24
wingarmacMaybe it's time to do so.18:24
wingarmacThat's the big matter. Do you realy think Proximus will rent their best lines to concurence? They will rent those old lines they do not maintain probably. that's for the trust I have in those companies ...18:26
wingarmacSame thing with their servers when I was young and made free subscriptions for Scarlet. Scarlet was made of those old servers and lines.18:26
JanCit's just whatever line comes to your house, it's not like they are going to replace them when you choose another provider (that would be horribly expensive)18:27
wingarmacwhat about DNS, mail and other servers. Do you realy think they where the same ?18:27
wingarmacYou don't become the most rich company by helping your concurrence.18:28
JanCedpnet/Scarlet/etc. rent the lines between your house & the DSLAM (or the equivalent for the fiber)18:28
JanCtheir servers have nothing to do with Proximus18:29
wingarmaci do not now of a Belgian cheep subscription for internet that works great. 18:29
JanCedpnet works as good or as bad as a Proximus line in the same house works18:30
wingarmacI only see people complaining, about its not working, or at proximus, about its to expensive18:30
wingarmacWhy not, if you have one and you seem to trust it. It's worth a try I think.18:31
wingarmacjust now, I will not change on your words. I'm sure you understand that. @top of that, I have no normal subscription, you shouldn't compare with the prices I've mentioned. But rather look what you need.18:32
wingarmacAnd decide for yourself.18:33
JanCwhat's "not normal" about it?18:33
wingarmacI have a pro subscription. Not residential18:33
JanCso, like this: https://www.edpnet.be/en/business/internet.html18:33
JanCI doubt you really need that, but...18:34
wingarmacI've the 3th one+fixed IP of 30€/month https://www.proximus.be/fr/id_cb_all_businessflex_packs/independants-et-petites-entreprises/all-businessflex-packs.html18:34
wingarmacfor total of approximately 100€/month18:35
JanCis that DSL? what speeds?18:37
wingarmacI had the same pack for residentials before, but with the biggest internet (79€/month) and no IP at that time18:37
wingarmacFiber in street18:37
JanCwhy do you need the pro anyway?18:38
wingarmacI do not understand why neider18:38
wingarmac79€/monthe was the price for my residential pack on 12/2022. In januari it has augmented to 89€/month. if I took the IP, I was over the 100€/month18:39
wingarmacNow I pay 100€/month for all my needs, and at top of that I've 15Gb mobile data instead of 5Gb18:40
wingarmacNot interesting ?18:40
wingarmacAgain, do not ask me why it is so ... because I do not know how they decide their prices18:41
JanCas I said before: I would run my servers as a VPS somewhere & not pay for fixed IP at home18:41
wingarmacYou do it right for your purpose, I do it right for mine.18:41
JanCbut you can get what you have now for less than what Proximus asks...18:41
wingarmacnot sure of that18:42
wingarmaccheaper doesn't mean it's the same at all18:42
wingarmacI'll not taking the risk18:42
wingarmacI trust in Proximus their tech18:43
wingarmacEven if I dislike their commercial practices18:43
wingarmacI trust in those guys of the pro IT services. They do their job verry well. The only problem is that their commercial do not respect people and take them for ignorant ones.18:44
JanCe.g. Pro internet including fixed IP & service contract is €65.95 at edpnet, mobile with 15GB data would be maybe €20 extra18:45
wingarmac(Maybe they are thinking right for most people, but that doesn't excuse these ways18:45
wingarmacCan I get everywhere internet, what about coverage? Is it all belgium ?18:46
JanCbut I still don't really understand why you need fixed IP  :)18:46
wingarmacMy hotspot works allmost everywhere in Belgium18:46
wingarmacIt's only for my personnaly. You don't choose your car only because its cheep or its options because you need those. But because you wanna try and see. Same thing here.18:47
wingarmacIt's like a new toy to play with18:47
JanCI'd rather play with stuff that is worth its money  :)18:48
wingarmacDo you knwo how much money we spend to distraction ? Netflix, GForceNow, Youtube, ... if you take this away, you could do the same18:48
JanCI spend €0 on all of those  :P18:48
wingarmacThe "worth" depends on the "I like" or "I wish" for each of us. Not the I need.18:49
wingarmacThe "I need" is only for those that can't afford what they realy would like.18:50
JanCokay, so why do you wish/like a fixed IP at home?  :)18:50
wingarmacTo probe it, test what ever I can do without (only legaly) Study and test18:50
wingarmacMaking my PC available this way, and setup my computer for once in my life like proffessionals do18:51
wingarmacThis experience, was a child's dream I had.18:51
wingarmacDo you understand ?18:51
JanCI'm pretty sure most professionals run their servers in the cloud nowadays  ;)18:51
wingarmacYour right again, that doesn't change my own dreams18:51
wingarmacWhen I was 15, there where no clouds18:52
wingarmacI was using a 56K modem18:52
wingarmacverry expensive to pay/min18:53
wingarmacand oh so slow !18:53
wingarmacIt was a pain in my a ...18:53
wingarmacNow i've my own server running on its public IP, I feel like a child again18:54
wingarmacPS: I'm no pro at all18:55
wingarmacI'm a private18:55
JanCI run my own (virtual) server(s) at a hosting company  :)18:55
wingarmacHow old are you if I might ask ?18:55
wingarmacYou probably grown up with more evoluated techs as I did because you're younder. Or you studied informatics somehow, what I did not, and do not know as much as you do.18:56
wingarmacyounger or wiser ?18:57
wingarmacor both maybe ?18:57
JanCI'm old enough to remember dial-up back when modems weren't 56kbaud yet  :)18:57
wingarmacAnd what about your knowledge, how did you acquire it ?18:58
wingarmacself-taught or studies ?18:58
lotuspsychj3wingarmac: im currently on scarlet.be a 70/10 vdsl2 line for 32 euro18:58
alkisgwingarmac: I didn't read the whole conversation, but if you want to make your home server available, you can use your-hostname.duckdns.org with dynamic IPs18:58
JanClotuspsychj3: and I'm sure it works as fast as Proximus on the same line  :)18:58
JanCfor a lot less18:59
wingarmachttps://postimg.cc/4nckMNdR DynDNS in my router. Those are services compatible to use with Proximus, so you don't need a fixed IP19:01
wingarmacI do not care. I've what I wanted. I would like to provide myself ;)19:01
wingarmacnot to depend of another service.19:02
lotuspsychj3JanC: i used to be on proximus too, where i payed 160 euro for business line19:02
JanCIMO the only reason to get pro/business contracts is if you need same-day repairs & such for business reasons19:04
wingarmaclotuspsychj3 And, what was your experience of it? What was included in your package ?19:04
JanCor if you need a full symmetric fiber, of course19:04
wingarmacYou haven't with the subscription I have. This is only for verry big enterprises you get that, and its with least lines and such19:04
lotuspsychj3well its too long ago to still be valid for now, speeds were also not yet like now19:05
wingarmacAt least at Proximus for what I know19:05
wingarmacThey do provide some advice like illustrated on their website, but I do not trust it neider https://www.proximus.be/fr/id_catb_business_booster/independants-et-petites-entreprises/marketing-digital.html19:07
wingarmacI do not need all this crap. So I did not look closer19:07
wingarmacProbably usefull for a company. It's not my case at all19:09
wingarmacI'm just a fan of computers that want to test a new toy. There's no need to do the same as I do19:10
wingarmacI'm not an example to follow at all.19:11
wingarmacNo need to look after a reason19:11
wingarmacIt's rather a choice as a reasoning. I have no financial interest. So why compare with me. I do not earn money with it.19:13
wingarmacI just play my game. "I did it my way !"19:13
wingarmacI also had to face my last curtain at some point.19:14
wingarmacNow I'm always at home and have plenty of time.19:14
wingarmacSo I can test everything I like !!!19:15
wingarmacLinux is a perfect mach to do so ! So lets talk Ubuntu again !19:16
wingarmacIn a first place I thought it could be lots easier to setup this IP, but I didn't consider the routing to the IP of the router. In the past It was possible even here to connect directly.19:18
wingarmacI thought I could setup this public IP direct in the system. I've learned a lot these few days.19:18
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wingarmacHi again ! I wonder if somebody can help with this command on LDAP: https://docs.thoughtspot.com/software/latest/ldap-test I've changed the information with my settings, but the command is wrong, or I used it on a wrong way. This line return is confusing.21:42
wingarmacIt results in ldapsearch: unrecognized option -21:43
wingarmacEven if I put the all command on the same line it gives an error21:44
wingarmacI would like to check if it's running and see what's going wrong somehow21:44
wingarmacWhen I tried to access the web server from outside the LAN (on LAN no access to domain yet), it's prompting for a user and pasword. I did pass this, but the page isn't displayed anymore. 21:46
wingarmacSo I presume there is something wrong with the LDAP installation and setup21:46
wingarmacWith this command I could see its running without errors: apache2ctl configtest                                                                                                                                                                                     22:11
wingarmac[Sat Feb 04 22:08:25.741524 2023] [ldap:debug] [pid 43512:tid 140170150332288] util_ldap.c(2630): AH01311: LDAP: Setting referral chasing Off22:11
wingarmacSyntax OK22:11
wingarmacBut when I try this I get: nc -v wingarmac.org 63622:13
wingarmacnc: connect to wingarmac.org ( port 636 (tcp) failed: Connection refused22:13
sdezielwingarmac: maybe poke the private IP of the LDAP server instead of your public IP?23:10

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