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Dopecould anybody help me out? i dual booted win 10 and linux mint cinn and disabled secure boot but everytime i restart my computer and windows loads and not the grub. my bios is in UEFI mode and my disk says its GPT and i used rufus to flash the iso onto a flash drive but the grub WONT load but windows does01:06
Dopeprobably in the wrong spot01:07
Bashing-om!mint | Dope01:09
ubottuDope: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official !flavors. Derivatives and other distributions use different software repositories and other software. Please use their dedicated support venues, such as: Linux Mint: #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org, Pop!_OS: https://support.system76.com/ , Kali Linux: #kali-linux on irc.oftc.net, LXLE: https://lxle.net/support-options/01:09
Dopelinux mint cinn is ubuntu is it not?01:10
akikDope: you could try using easyuefi to change the order to use ubuntu as default01:10
akikDope: easyuefi in windows01:10
Dopeill check it out01:10
akikand by ubuntu i mean mint :)01:10
Habbieand/or see if your BIOS has a boot menu (hitting esc before windows starts might get you a menu - otherwise perhaps f9 or f12)01:11
akiki just used easyuefi today when i encrypted both windows and ubuntu01:11
Habbiei looked at easybcd earlier this week but did not want to register01:11
Dopeit wont show ubuntu in boot witn i hit f12 but i do see it in boot manager ive even tried moving it up the order but windows still loads01:12
akikDope: just try easyuefi. i'm pretty sure that'll help01:13
akikDope: it changes the uefi boot order01:13
Dopei have virtual bcd installed thats how i deleted the only boot entries because everytime i rebbot there is a new HDD: entry01:13
Dopehaad to delete them all01:14
Dopeim looing it up now01:14
akikafter that you can use efibootmgr in ubuntu (mint)01:16
Dopeanykinda app thats free? or maybe some cmds in command prompt?01:17
akikDope: you could try bcdedit01:17
HabbieWindows comes with bcdedit, but i had trouble finding good docs01:17
Dopebecause im guessing the free trial wont let ya do anything01:18
akikDope: yes it does01:18
Habbiemy understanding is that both easyuefi and easybcd are quite useful in their free versions01:18
EriC^^Dope: which laptop do you have?01:18
akikDope: here's the windows command to do it: bcdedit /set "{bootmgr}" path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi01:18
Dopeill get it01:18
akikDope: no guarantees though. it didn't work with windows encrypted with veracrypt01:19
EriC^^you can fix this from ubuntu01:19
Dopeok thanks01:19
Dopei tried from ubuntu with boot-repair and it didnt work01:20
EriC^^Dope: are you booted into the os right now?01:20
Dopeif i hit f12 at boot it shows ubuntu and i can boot into it01:20
Dopeno im on win 10  at the moment01:21
Habbiei think EriC^^ was asking about the hardware01:21
EriC^^Dope: yeah it really depends alot on the laptop make01:22
Habbiei've had the pleasure of dealing with UEFI in a few different BIOSes over the last month and Lenovo came out as the winner here01:23
Habbie(the loser was HP, although to be fair, these machines were a lot older than the Lenovo)01:23
EriC^^yup hp is pretty darn crappy with uefi/ubuntu01:23
akikHabbie: acer's is ***t01:23
Habbieakik, saw that when i was reading about rEFInd i think :)01:23
xxyhow to type math symbol from keyboard?01:34
akiki have trouble using nvidia 920m optimus with fedora (xid kernel errors). i read that bumblebee would still exist in ubuntu. would that help in my case?01:39
sarnoldyeah it looks like bumblebee is still available https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bumblebee01:40
sarnoldnvidia is pretty agressive about dropping support for their older cards, I don't know how to find out which cards they still support, which ones not, etc01:41
akik920m is supposed to work with nvidia-47001:41
akikin win10 it still works01:43
sarnoldxxy: I don't know of the *best* way, but I know you can use the "compose key" to type fancier chars .. I really don't know much about it, but https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/22037/7064 was specifically about math01:44
akikwhich is weird01:44
akikbut i guess the windows driver gets more testing as it can't be difficult to install01:47
sarnoldthat, and the vastly larger windows desktop userbase, vastly larger windows gaming userbase, etc01:48
akiknow i use i915/intel in fedora01:49
sarnoldyeah, I've had pretty good success with i915, except for a few months when there were some brutal memory consumption problems01:49
akikdo i need to use modesetting for both i915 and nvidia-drm?01:50
akiki.e. i915.modeset=1 nvidia-drm.modeset=101:50
akiki'm thinking maybe i have some wrong configuration01:51
akikplaying a video with mpv resulted in high cpu usage01:53
akikand with intel, only 7%01:53
Bashing-omakik: Does  /var/log/gpu-manager.log indicate a happy state ?01:56
akikBashing-om: i can't test/see now because i uninstalled it because it didn't work :(01:57
akikBashing-om: what should i look for?01:57
Bashing-omakik: driver not loaded ?01:58
akikBashing-om: yes the nvidia* drivers loaded01:58
akikkernel modules01:58
Bashing-omakik: ^ from Found "/dev/dri/card0" ??02:02
Bashing-om!paste | akik02:03
ubottuakik: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:03
akiki can try again but it takes some time and it's a bit late02:03
akikmaybe not today any more02:03
Bashing-omakik: Whenever, we are here to help.02:04
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dingHi all. I have a VM with a pretty small /boot volume (~200MB) and the small size is causing me headaches. I've added a 1GB disk, replicated the contents, and configured it to be the new /boot in /etc/fstab. However, this approach broke the system and I had to revert to a snapshot I had taken. Any pointers?03:57
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nb-bending: you need to change efi or mbr to point to it04:33
akikBashing-om: i decided to skip sleep (who needs that) and installed ubuntu and nvidia-470. it seems to work at first04:33
nb-bending: you can probably do that with grub-install04:33
nb-bending: or efibootmgr04:34
dingnb-ben: Just run grub-install? How do I do that if I can't boot properly?04:34
nb-bending: ubuntu live usb04:34
nb-bending: there are many tutorials that walk you through recovering a system in that way, find one you like :p04:35
akikBashing-om: i can see that i get different fps from glxgears if i run "vblank_mode=0 glxgears" or "__NV_PRIME_RENDER_OFFLOAD=1 __GLX_VENDOR_LIBRARY_NAME=nvidia __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=0 glxgears" so i think accessing the nvidia 920m works04:35
dingnb-bin: Can't really do a live usb. It's a VM.04:35
nb-bending: you can just load the live iso then, even easier04:35
nb-benhmm, on a vm you probably also have better options than this04:36
Bashing-omakik: What shows for drivers ' sudo lshw -C display ' ?04:37
akikBashing-om: https://dpaste.com/2Q7V62L5204:39
Bashing-omakik: checking ^ .04:39
akiknow i got a weird timeout when the gui hanged04:40
akikbut no errors in dmesg04:40
dingnb-bin: Thanks. Will try what you suggest.04:40
Bashing-omakik: Nect we look at what is installed. Pastenin ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia '.04:43
nb-bending: wait, so it is booting..04:49
nb-bending: scratch what I just said, I assumed it didn't boot04:49
nb-benor is it only after you reverted to the snapshot where the boot drive is small?04:50
akikBashing-om: https://dpaste.com/24XZPRAEV04:50
akikBashing-om: still no nvidia xid errors in dmesg04:52
Bashing-omakik: How bout we swap drivers - you show driver-470 // Nvidia recemmends 430: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/149138/en-us/.04:52
akikBashing-om: the nvidia kernel module in fedora said 470 would work04:53
akikBashing-om: and it's working for now (nvidia-470)04:53
Bashing-omakik: Any errors ~/.xsession-errors shown ?04:56
akikBashing-om: no04:57
akikbut my wifi device is now acting up (losing its ipv4 address)04:57
akikBashing-om: do you know of a some kind of benchmark app that i could use?05:04
akiknot too heavy as this is an older graphics device05:05
akikBashing-om: thanks for helping out05:06
Bashing-omakik: for graphics bechmarking- not off the top of my head :(05:08
Bashing-omakik: Any abnormalities in .local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log ?05:09
akiki'll try glmark205:09
akikBashing-om: loooks like it writes the log into /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:10
akikthe file in my home is older05:10
akikBashing-om: this is Xorg.0.log: https://termbin.com/fl43605:11
akiki don't see any obvious problem there05:12
Bashing-omakik: reading ^.05:12
akikglmark2 runs nicely05:15
akiknow it crashed05:16
akikbut still dmesg doesn't show nvidia errors05:17
akiknow i got those nvidia xid errors :P05:23
GentoonHello everyone.05:25
akikmaybe the problem comes from me trying to enable hw acceleration in firefox05:26
lotuspsychjewelcome Gentoon05:27
akiki now have webgl water and webgl aquarium running simultaneously05:27
Gentoonlotuspsychje tgx05:31
lotuspsychjewhat can we do for you Gentoon05:31
Bashing-omakik: Well - well // What have we for boot parameters ' cat /proc/cmdline ' ? 2) "AIGLX: Suspending AIGLX clients for VT switch" No idea what this means and 3) "systemd-logind: got pause ..." afain no ideas.05:35
GentoonOh I am setting up an old Phenom X4 desktop I just dusted off from my garage and installing Ubuntu Server on it. I am going to probably run into some issues setting up the FAT32 1TB drive I threw in it, I haven't used Linux in 10 years let one fstab. I want to use it for DLNA media streaming to my smart TVs and also use it as a lil file storage on my Lan kinda deal.05:35
GentoonHaven't had any probs so far but wanted to be setup for support when my Google Foo fails my old brain.05:36
akikBashing-om: i'll continue testing and report back if i can't make it work reliably05:36
GentoonEspecially with the DLNA stuff I've never set that up before.05:36
akiknow again a timeout i can't explan05:37
lotuspsychjeGentoon: you might wanna talk to the #ubuntu-server experts on that one maybe05:37
GentoonOkay I will for sure, thx.05:37
akik[  231.638914] NVRM: Xid (PCI:0000:01:00): 8, pid=2155, Channel 0000001a05:37
akik(gpu stopped processing error)05:37
Bashing-omakik: ACPI issues ??? >> cat /proc/cmdline .05:39
akikBashing-om: i added those acpi_osi= parameters: BOOT_IMAGE=/@/boot/vmlinuz-5.15.0-60-generic root=UUID=3ef3285b-431d-453c-9cf1-c121f9c032ca ro rootflags=subvol=@ acpi_osi=! "acpi_osi=Windows 2015" net.ifnames=0 threadirqs pci=msi,noaer libata.force=noncq,3.0G libata.atapi_passthru16=0 nohz=off05:40
akikmaybe it's time to test an older version05:40
akikthe v430 driver doesn't show in software & updates but it shows in  apt05:44
Bashing-om!info nvidia-driver-43005:46
ubottunvidia-driver-430 (440.100-0ubuntu1, kinetic): Transitional package for nvidia-driver-440. In component restricted, is optional. Built by nvidia-graphics-drivers-440. Size 8 kB / 20 kB. (Only available for amd64.)05:46
akikcan i just downgrade it with apt?05:46
Bashing-omakik: Yeah - seems to redirect to the 440 version.05:47
akikBashing-om: what's the apt command? just apt install nvidia-driver-430 ?05:47
GentoonSeems the server room is a little dead. Just looking for an easy solution to setup my new Linux server for easy file sharing on my LAN. I know Samba is the goto but I'd love to hear some alternatives?05:50
GentoonI'll be sharing to Windows and Android devices only.05:51
jhutchinsGentoon: You have samba and nfs.05:58
jhutchinsBeyond that, you get into iSCSI and various abuses like sshfs.05:58
akikapt just installed those nvidia-430 packages but it didn't make the system use it05:59
jhutchinsSamba has the advantage of being easier to cope with different user IDs owning the files.05:59
jhutchinsNFS is great if you have centralized authentication.  If you want to share to windows, you don't really have a choice, samba.06:00
akikdo i need to trigger dkms to build the module?06:00
jhutchinsakik: TIAS06:01
akikjhutchins: what's tias?06:01
jhutchinsakik: Do you have access to a search engine like Google?06:01
akikjhutchins: yes06:02
akiki had to add nvidia-dkms-430 to the mix06:04
akiknow it's running a build06:04
jhutchinsakik: This is meant in good humor.06:04
akikstrange that that didn't come as an dependency06:05
akikargh. using nvidia-470 again but i removed that06:05
jhutchinsakik: DKMS is _supposed_ to run when it's installed, and is supposed to detect if it needs to run each time you boot.06:05
jhutchinsIt doesn't always work.06:05
akikhow do i block installing nvidia-470 ?06:06
Bashing-omakik: sleep aids are taking effect - O must run off and leave you. but -- to install a new driver one first purges the old - then disable secure boot ( as the driver os 3rd party) - then install as ' sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' such that the kernel chooses the best fit.06:06
jhutchinsakik: If you're messing with different sources for nvidia, follow the nvidia instructions exactly, and be sure to remove all traces of any other version of the driver.06:06
akikmy command was "apt install nvidia-driver-430 xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-430 nvidia-dkms-430"06:07
akikjhutchins: i'm just using the ubuntu repos06:07
akikok i'll try ubuntu-drivers autoinstall06:08
Bashing-omakik: 1st ' sudo apt remove --purge nvidia-* ' .06:09
Bashing-omakik: gone :(06:10
akikbye and thanks06:10
Bashing-omakik: :D06:10
akikubuntu-drivers autoinstall is trying to install v470 :D06:13
akikand so is "apt install nvidia-driver-430 xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-430 nvidia-dkms-430"06:13
akikdo i need to apt hold all of those packages?06:16
akikor is apt hold only for already installed packages?06:17
akikand why is my ipv4 address going missing from my wifi device06:19
akika new distro, a new set of problems06:20
akikhelmi 18 08:17:58 akik-Aspire-F5-572G avahi-daemon[656]: Withdrawing address record for on wlan0.06:22
akikoh that's just for avahi mdns, not for the ip address on wlan006:23
akiki used apt-mark hold for all those 470 version packages. still apt tries to install that version06:40
Sven_vBhi :) can I use Ubuntu focal to write my newly downloaded Windows 11 ISO onto a USB thumb drive? what program should I use? when I just dd the ISO onto the drive, the target notebook skips it and boots from disk, even though USB boot is higher in the list in the UEFI setup utility.06:41
Sven_vBGRUB sees a readme.txt on the drive which says it's a drive in UDF format and I need a BIOS that supports UDF. so I guess the ISO is only for optical media and needs to be modified somehow for a thumb drive.06:42
lotuspsychj3Sven_vB: woeusb or the unofficial tool ventoy06:44
Sven_vBlotuspsychj3, thanks!06:52
alkisglotuspsychj3: thanks for woeusb, this function is very valuable! https://github.com/WoeUSB/WoeUSB/blob/master/sbin/woeusb#L171707:46
lotuspsychj3welcome alkisg did you try the git or snap?07:47
alkisglotuspsychj3: none! But I'll copy the function to https://github.com/alkisg/liveusb :D07:54
akikalkisg: you can do the same thing with one fat32 partition and one ntfs partition07:58
akikalkisg: i.e. you can copy the big file on ntfs07:59
alkisgakik: yeah but it makes partitioning harder; ventoy correctly followed that logic, and created the small vfat/esp partition at the end of the disk and the big ntfs one in front; but it's no longer a simple dd anymore08:02
akikalkisg: i don't remember dd working for windows isos08:09
boarwo92you need woeusb or something to burn them down a stick or whatnot.08:10
alkisgakik: no I was talking about ventoy/liveusb/woeusb08:11
alkisgNot about dd'ing windows iso08:11
cjphaunrhi, any idea why mv is 2-3 times slower than dd, cp and rsync when moving a 1GB file? dd, cp and rsync take between 7 and 9 seconds, mv takes over 20 seconds. the destination is a smb/cifs mount.08:23
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akiksudo prime-select nvidia might have resolved my nvidia xid error issue09:23
akikfirefox still doesn't use hw acceleration but i can live with it09:23
akiknow to test mpv09:26
akikno it's using too much cpu09:31
akiksays it's using [gpu] but process load is 70%09:32
Guest10how does one view yesterdays messages09:39
guivercGuest10, yesterday's messages is a little vague; irclogs are available online if that's what you're asking  ; https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/09:44
Guest10guiverc , thank you.  That is what I was looking for.09:46
neocube 10:02
Guest10I followed the following steps to create a new user on linux ubuntu 20.04 and was able to log in as a normal user with ssh keys using putty on my windows machine over to my server.10:03
Guest10However I  now see two home directories, one for my sudo user and one for my normal user.  What's worst is that if I log in as normal user, I see both home as well.  Although I can only access my own home folder.  Not sure if I missed a step somewhere but I assumed, only users should see their own account when using the command ls /home10:03
Guest10Here is a paste/bin link to the steps: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3PJCvh3QmK/10:03
alkisgGuest10: ls /home ==> lists ALL user directories. But you can only ENTER your own.10:04
Guest10I see.  Is there any good resources on adding different types of users and learning how to jail them. For example, where did you learn this. Was it simply by doing.  If so, how does one know what is expected behavior and what is not.10:08
alkisgGuest10: there are thousands of linux books around, and millions of man pages. I think if you define what you mean by "jailing" in your case, we'd be able to advice better10:14
alkisgI.e. what do you want your ssh users to be able to do? Just file sharing? Run programs? With disk/cpu quotas?10:14
lotuspsychj3maybe guest10 wants to keep his users /home seperate so they cant see each others files?10:16
akiknow i'm testing with nvidia-driver-390. that at least installed the correct version10:22
Guest10I am trying to learning how to setup a LAMP server for some very basic websites - all for learning purposes.  I was going to try and setup some users with access to the www-data directory via sftp. I assumed they needed ssh logins as security measure. Its been frustrating because I am trying to learn best practices and figured there would be a ton10:25
Guest10of resources on LAMP but mostly its about securing the server or installing the software but very little on, how to setup your users correctly for web development. At least I have not found any.10:25
lotuspsychj3!lamp & Guest10 start here10:25
ubottulotuspsychj3: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:25
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.10:25
akikhah i can't just win10:27
akik(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)10:28
lotuspsychj3welcome heisenberg2510:32
ji10drahey guys, I want to block a specific program from accessing network. Can someone help me10:37
Guest10thanks lotuspsychj3 , its similar to other reads I've come across but will give it a proper read.10:37
l0tuspsychj3can we help you Guest37210:49
akikdon't know what i did, but now i'm running nvidia-driver-39010:55
akikmaybe prime-select nvidia fixed it10:55
l0tuspsychj3akik: optimus cards always needs to select performance mode vs powersaving mode10:56
akikl0tuspsychj3: nvidia-settings shows now performance mode10:58
akikbut mpv is still using about 60% cpu10:58
akiki'll guess i'll monitor the situation10:58
l0tuspsychj3akik: wich desktop/ubuntu release are you on?10:58
akikwoah. pressing i in mpv shows hwdec: vaapi-copy10:58
akikprogress i guess10:59
akikl0tuspsychj3: ubuntu 20.04 and gnome10:59
akikit's strange that using the i915/intel setup and mpv only uses 7% cpu11:00
l0tuspsychj3sounds logical to me akik11:01
l0tuspsychj3performance/more graphics, more cpu?11:01
akikbut it should use hw acceleration and be at least on the same level than i915/intel11:02
fooman2011Hello, I have a strange problem. I have 2 deb files. "one.deb" from internet, and "two.deb" built by myself. "two.deb" depends on "one.deb". "one.deb" creates a "/etc/one" folder. "two.deb" adds a new file "/etc/one/filefromtwo". The problem is about the permissions on file "/etc/one/filefromtwo". Inside "two.deb" it is marked as "755 root myuser". If I manually install one.deb then manually install two.deb, the file permission is "75511:13
fooman2011root myuser" which is correct. But if I install from a local repo two.deb, apt also install one.deb (because two.deb depends on one.deb) and then the result is incorrect, permissions are "755 root root"11:13
cluelesspersonI just restarted ubuntu, and now my mouse stutters/lags a lot11:15
Guest10In reading the following resource: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP11:18
Guest10I came across this statement and wondering if my understanding of the issue is correct - see: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cgBsDGF8sb/11:18
Guest10The reason for the 500 server error is becuase multiple users uploaded/created files inside docroot.  In order to fix the error, the file permissions along with the file/folder ownership need to be reset to the same user and group.  Wouldn't this mean that it would be a continuos problem?  I'm guessing I'm misunderstanding something but unsure what11:18
Guest10it is.11:18
cluelesspersontesting testing dsagdiadhiaofhdiafdhoa11:21
cluelesspersonkeyboard doesn't seem laggy11:21
cluelesspersonscrolling is laggy11:21
cluelesspersonmouse movements are laggy11:21
cluelesspersonscrolling, with message updates are laggy11:22
cluelesspersonopened  the power menu, everything becomes worse11:22
cluelesspersonstill present after restarting11:25
akikl0tuspsychj3: do you mean that optimus works bad if using the switchable mode?11:53
akikor just performance vs powersave11:55
cluelessperson22.04.2   added intel_iommu=off to CMDLINE in grub11:55
WeeBeyFriends. Have you heard the good  news? After 13 months of having this Razor laptop it can finally go to suspend and wake up without a problem! yay Kernel 6.1.x.13:13
karolinaI used system monitor on top of my bar and by accident i misclicked its lengts to maximum since this my main account is frozen, is there any way to reset this setting from terminal ?13:21
karolinaor do i have to entirly uninstall its package?13:21
karolinaor is it better to just use timeshift backup and not bother?13:23
karolinalast backup is on december so would be probably better if i restored setting somehow13:25
karolinaok i just removed the package i will see does it work13:28
karolinasee you later guys i thought maybe somone will know how to restart settings from command line without removing it13:28
karolinaif it wont work i will be back :)13:29
karolinahave a good day13:29
karolinaremoving system monitro didnt work13:38
karolinato my surprise13:38
karolinaany other ideas aside of using december backup i can do?13:39
karolinaok i removed lgnome shell appindicator maybe that will work13:45
karolinaif it didnt i will be back13:45
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yolo_what's the 22.04 realtime release thing? what's it for? first it won't support nvidia driver, second realtime in general hurts throughput which does not help server or desktop(unless you're an audio guy)15:27
yolo_realtime makes sense for embedded, robotics platform however15:27
armadefuego1I think there are plenty of _soft realtime_ situations that are neither server, nor desktop. and not _hard realtime_.15:29
leftyfbyolo_: feel free to discuss in #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic15:31
yolo_optimized for low-latency requirements demanded by the industrial, telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and defense sectors.time-sensitive applications, such as robotics, automation, industrial PCs,human-machine interfaces, and other Industry 4.0 workloads and use cases.15:37
yolo_so it's for embedded system, nice15:37
leftyfbyolo_: feel free to discuss in #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic. This is not a support question15:38
yolo_got it, just want to close the question I asked, done here15:38
yolo_thought this is for general discussion, as the name did not say ubuntu-support :)15:38
leftyfbno, that is what #ubuntu-discuss and #ubuntu-offtopic are for15:39
leftyfbyolo_: and you've been told this before15:40
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AustinAixbonjour a tous, hello everyone17:45
AustinAixquestion about a pc I get today: Packard Bell cpu 2600+; 1,6Ghz, 2G° ram, 40G°DD. What linux do I can install (lubuntu??)17:45
alkisgAustinAix: do you know the exact model of the cpu?17:49
jhutchinsAustinAix: Ubuntu is a good distribution to start with.  Once you get the feel of it, you may want to explore different desktop environments on Ubuntu (kubuntu, lubuntu, etc.).17:53
AustinAixPB Easynote E6116 , may be AMD17:54
jhutchinsAustinAix: Be patient, stick to the defaults.17:54
jhutchinsAustinAix: Fortunately Linux doesn't care much what hardware it runs on.17:54
jhutchinsAustinAix: If you have any problems with specific devices, we can often help.17:55
alkisg2GB won't be enough for gnome17:55
alkisgAnd if the cpu is 32bit, they'll have more issues...17:55
alkisgAustinAix: if you can locate the exact cpu model, we'll be able to offer better advice17:56
jhutchinsalkisg: Are you sure 2G isn't plenty?17:56
AustinAixAmd Sempron 2600, 1,6Ghz17:56
alkisgjhutchins: I'm not running gnome, but last time I checked, it didn't operate properly with 2 GB RAM, even before starting a browser17:57
AustinAix1,18 G°ram (under WinXp)17:57
alkisgI'd use Lubuntu 18.04 on that. I think it will be able to boot e.g. kubuntu/xfce/mate 22.04, but without leaving enough ram to run other programs, much less a browser...17:58
alkisgWith 253 cpu passmark score, you might want to consider upgrading your hardware...17:58
alkisgEven an rpi4 will be faster than that17:58
AustinAixI will see in my stock if I have again some ram I can use in it !17:59
alkisgIf you can put 4 GB RAM, then go for 22.04 64bit instead17:59
AustinAixI leave right now, thanks for your help...18:00
jhutchinsI think there are a lot of older machines with 2G RAM that are still reliably running default Ubuntu installs.  Whether they're on the current release I don't know, but I'm skeptical that a 2G system isn't perfectly functional.18:09
jhutchinsTo the "buy new hardware" crowd all I can say it that sometimes it's not an option, and sometimes older, "obsolete" hardware is the ideal introduction to the efficiencies of Linux.18:10
jhutchinsI do see that https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements says 4G is the new minimum.18:11
jhutchinsThat's really too bad, there are a lot of 2G dinosaurs out there.18:12
leftyfbjhutchins: I'm pretty sure that processor is 32bit. It has less to do with the amount of memory and more to do with a deprecated architecture18:13
dawn15web browsers especially will require RAM and good enough CPU. cause if you cptr has 2GB or less the CPU will be old too, so will be the graphic hardware to render this or that, no high res or 4k.18:14
dawn15install ubuntu in text mode and play space invaders is the only solution. the GNU version of it ofc.18:14
leftyfbeither way, this is OT here18:15
jhutchinsleftyfb: Archetecture is an issue as well.  I believe there are some dedicated projects that still support it.18:15
leftyfbjhutchins: except Ubuntu isn't one of them18:15
leftyfbjhutchins: not beyond 18.04 which will be EOL in a couple months18:16
jhutchinsI guess I'm reminicing about a time when Linux ran on everything.  Then again, I couldn't run a GUI on my first Linux system until I upgraded the hardware.18:16
jhutchinsleftyfb: I believe hardware requirements are topical, although we got a little loose there.  Sorry.18:18
FurretUberHi, some time ago I came here asking for support for AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, as it had no way to control turbo or frequencies. I updated the kernel today it's working now, thank you18:22
dawn15Check lubuntu or xubuntu if you have a computer < 2GB RAM, it works well for many tasks, but not for the web or hd video etc.18:25
oerheksless than 2 gb is way below the 64 bit specs.18:27
oerheksspecially when you use a browser18:27
xMopxone of my ubuntu machines kernel panicked this morning. I don't have a proper log but I snapped a picture of what was on the display. Is any of the information shown useful for figuring out what could be wrong? It looks vaguely hardware interrupt-related but i really don't know much about that. Panic pic: https://i.imgur.com/yyAQZfE.jpg18:32
oerheksjournalctrl would show the same? hard to say what is bugging your install.18:34
xMopxjournalctl doesn't have it, just normal activity and then a reboot18:35
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oerheksjournalctl -p err -b # would show errors.18:41
dawn15xMopx, if it often happens, get a full log and post it on the ubuntu bug tracker.18:42
xMopxoerheks: that retrieves a few lines that don't look super interesting. 'Firmware init done' type stuff. Worth pasting?18:43
jhutchinsDoes Ubuntu offer a method of keeping a file synchronised between two locations/computers?18:43
xMopxdawn15: i'd be happy to turn on whatever logging would help. It sounds like ubuntu saves these by default? I just dont know how to retrieve it18:44
jhutchinsxMopx: Unfortunately logging is one of the first systems to fail in a crash.18:45
jhutchinsxMopx: Your best bet is to look at whatever the last successful task was and try to guess what it tried to do next.18:45
xMopxthere's a picture of some of what the last panic dumped onto the monitor in my picture above. unfortunately, i dont know how to interpret it18:46
oerheksjhutchins, watch or iwatch https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jammy/man1/iwatch.1.html18:46
jhutchinsoerheks: Thx.18:50
xMopxis this a good idea to set up? It sounds like the only way to get a traceback for such an issue https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/CrashdumpRecipe18:51
FurretUberI had success getting logs from panics using netconsole some time ago, I'm not sure this is still good practice, however18:52
xMopxthanks, netconsole looks like a good idea. Ill set that up too18:53
moha`E: There were unauthenticated packages and -y was used without --allow-unauthenticated` --> Why I get this error during installing stuff with `apt -y install <pkg a> <pkg b> <pkg etc>`?18:54
oerheksmoha, pastebin the full output please?18:55
xMopxFurretUber: you mentioned a Ryzen 7 5800H earlier, what kind of issues were you seeing? The issue i'm complaining about is on a Ryzen 9 5900HX and I also see a recent linux-firmware updating pending 👀18:56
leftyfbmoha: ( sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ) | nc termbin.com 999918:56
oerheksseems like  you added a repo without key, or self build packages18:56
xMopxjust turbo issues or did it screw with the OS at all?18:56
mohaI'm going to install some packages from a mirrored repository for mariadb; I just bypassed the key signing!18:57
mohaSo, it's the reason18:57
FurretUberxMopx, I was unable to set CPU frequencies beyond 400 MHz and 4,4 GHz, so the computer was either sluggish or 95°C+18:58
FurretUberI had no stability issues18:59
FurretUberAnd now it seems just fine, too18:59
xMopxgotcha, that's another thing for me to look into. thanks!19:00
Guest38hello guys, i was tring to list active rdp users with the command: sudo xrdp-sesadmin -u=root -c=list; but i got the following error: [error] trans_connect() error xrdp; the error is not registered in xrdp.log or xrdp-sesman.log files. anybody have any idea about this?19:03
GentoonHello, I created a samba share at /home/myuser/smbshr but it the user I setup doesn't have permissions to create new directories. Is chmod 777 the way to go, seems a little nuclear? Or do I need to make a group that user can belong to and give that group full permissions for that dir?19:52
GentoonI am terrible with permissions stuff19:52
bmGentoon: you can either set the user as the owner or set a group that the user belongs to19:53
bmchmod 777 is rarely a good idea19:53
GentoonHow do I set the user as the owner of the directory?19:56
oerhekshttps://superuser.com/questions/1706929/samba-server-permissions gives a clue about folder permissions19:57
oerheksor our full docs https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/samba-share-access-control19:57
GentoonThis isn't a samba issue at the moment just a basic Linux user permission issue. The user can't even create directories in that directory in a terminal. Just looking to make that happen without something as dumb as chmod 777 someone mentioned changing the ownership of the directory. Was asking how to do that is it chown?20:02
bmWindows Explorer is a total garbage compared to Nautilus when trying to do any serious work with files and directories20:12
bmAnd I bet Nautilus isn't even considered that good20:12
mybalzitchnautilus is aweful with how it handles webdav stuff20:17
bmmybalzitch: I don't even know what that is20:18
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cbreakI haven't found an actually good file manager on linux, they all have various shortcommings20:41
cbreakI use kde, so dolphin's the primary one. It's ok, but doesn't support miller columns, so keyboard shortcuts aren't so useful :(20:41
cbreakranger's nicer UI wise, but it's a command line app, so graphically, lacking20:41
dawn15try #ubuntu-discuss or #linux maybe.20:46
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akiki couldn't make prime-select intel work (glx wouldn't work after boot) but installing nvidia-driver-390 makes it the default for glxinfo21:29
akikat least my trusty 7 year old laptop will work21:29
akiki put ubuntu on the same btrfs file system than fedora, just in different subvolumes21:31
akikso fedora is in boot root and ubuntu in @ @home21:31
akikthe installer doesn't help in that, you just need to select the btrfs file system and not format it21:32
akikit creates those @ and @home automatically21:32
WeeBeySilly question. Is there any sense in installing Ubuntu Server and then installing gnome 43 and using the machine as an every day computer? are there any gains of any sort? :p21:47
cbreakakik: I did something similar with zfs, different OSes (well, just different ubuntu versions for now) on a single pool21:54
cbreakhad to use debootstrap to do that though21:55
cbreakWeeBey: you can do that. A coworker uses the server installers, and then only installs the bare minimum, like X1121:55
cbreakno DE at all, other than i3 or what ever else minimal thing he fancies at the moment21:56
cbreakif you want to micro-manage, that might be fun for you21:56
AavarWhen I boot my machine and bring up the boot selector (press F12 on my computer) it shows Ubuntu, debian, windows and fedora. I only use Ubuntu and WIndows. THe other options are onlye there because I have testes these distros years ago. How can I get rid of them?21:59
akikAavar: you can use efibootmgr to remove those entries22:00
WeeBeycbreak, oh interesting.22:00
akikAavar: if f12 is the uefi menu22:00
akikAavar: but check efibootmgr -v22:01
Aavarakik: I think I have removed Fedora, but I believe the debian entry is a legacy boot option. Can I delete that one some how too?22:09
rboxAavar: efibootmgr22:15
Aavarakik: actually... more important. I can't remove the fedora option. I can remove it (sudo efibootmgr --delete-bootnum --bootnum 0) but it appears after reboot again. any clue why?22:19
AavarI removed the files from /boot/ and now it works. Thank you :)22:27
FurretUberI'm having a problem with multiple snaps, but with Firefox it's the most prominent. It keeps pestering me to close Firefox to update the snap23:06
FurretUberBut then, I have to close Firefox to start the download, it's not ready to install or anything23:07
cbreakFurretUber: that's normal23:07
cbreaksnaps are not well designed I think23:07
FurretUberWasn't this supposed to have the new snap already downloaded, so just closing and opening Firefox would have it updated?23:07
cbreakI end up typing `snap refresh` manually every time it annoys me too much to click that stupid warning away23:08
cbreak(only works when ff is not running, otherwise it just lies, and claims there's no update, even though it just spewed an update reminder at me a few moments ago)23:08
FurretUberIt seems like everything is ready for a seamless update, but instead it's super pesky23:08
cbreakif you want seamless updates, apt is much better at that :/23:09
cbreakor the way it works on MacOS with sparkle23:09
FurretUberIn all the 4 days Firefox is warning me, it had multiple chances to update in the background, if that worked23:10
FurretUberTrue, unattended-upgrades is better23:10
oerheksif those updates include a kernel, reboot?23:10
FurretUberThat's the thing. I did two reboots in the 4 days window since Firefox started complaining, it did update the kernel, but not Firefox23:11
FurretUberAnd this is probably because snaps don't download in the background, or it's disabled23:12
FurretUberUnlike apt with unattended-upgrades23:12
cbreakoerheks: not sure if normal ubuntu does it, but kubuntu has a menu bar / status bar reminder icon that discretely reminds me to reboot once in a while...23:14
cbreakbut the updating itself, and especially the downloading of the update, happens in the background23:14
cbreak(with apt)23:14
FurretUberIs there a bug report or some forum about this snap limitation? I see this as a potential improvement for snap23:14
oerheksIndeed, so after boot updates check and snaps too. so i do not get it why his snaps complaints for 4 days.l23:15
cbreakwith snap I'm not so sure about either, because something for sure takes a whole lot of time when firefox is forced to update, even thought it should be trivial23:15
cbreakOriginally, I thought snaps had isolated images of the whole application, and would just mount it23:16
cbreakbut if that were the case, then why do updates take so long? And why can they only start when the program isn't running?23:16
oerhekssnaps check themselves before first start too, unless updates just happened23:16
cbreakI don't think that's the case, I've had it too that I got the FF update nagging box, then I terminated FF, and started it again, and no update23:17
cbreakunless you mean "first start ever", or maybe "first start after a boot" or so23:17
cbreakbut certainly, the first start after an update reminder doesn't actually cause the update to be installed. at least not with firefox23:18
FurretUberI found a forum thread from 2021. So this problem is old: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/download-snap-updates-without-applying-it-until-next-startup-or-application-launch-like-offline-updates/26768/923:22
cbreakapparently, android, an other linux distro, can update the whole OS that way: It clones the existing system, applies updates to the clone, and then reboots into the clone. And if it worked, throws away the original.23:29
cbreakeverything other than the reboot happens in the background.23:29
cbreakthat's the way snap updates should work too.23:29
SunCreature1U block origin is interfearing with CloudFlare checks... so cloudflare'd sites wont load23:29
jhutchinscbreak: You're welcome to write a snap installer that will do that.23:31
cbreakI don't like snaps enough to do that :P23:32

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