esvverification failed: (0x1a) security violation00:00
esvsomething to do with the MOK, somehow Fedora installs just fine00:00
esvnot sure what setting I moved while trying to do mulltiboot, now Ubuntu 20.04 won't boot even after a fresh install00:01
arraybolt3esv: Tar, I actually know what that bug is.00:08
arraybolt3esv: If you stick around I can try and help with it, but I have to go afk in a bit.00:08
Habbieesv, is secure boot on or off?00:09
esvmust be on00:09
Habbieunderstood - you can't even turn it off just to test?00:10
esvI meant, as of now it should be on, I'd like to have it on at the end but surely can test00:11
esvthe bios settings say: TPM Device: TPM 2.0 (DTPM)>00:11
Habbiei am just asking out of curiosity00:11
Habbieand i hope arraybolt3 has something more useful than my "is this or that" questions00:11
arraybolt3esv: OK, I'm back.00:12
arraybolt3So basically what happened here is that Canonical updated their UEFI Secure Boot signing key.00:12
arraybolt3Basically the update has modified your SBAT UEFI variable and made it so that older versions of GRUB are no longer bootable.00:12
arraybolt3Updates were also released so that Focal would keep working.00:12
esvI just downloaded & burned 22.0400:13
arraybolt3However it sounds like you updated one of your two systems, and one of them is missing the correct boot files.00:13
arraybolt3Or some other similar thing.00:13
arraybolt3So, there's two solutions.00:13
esvyeah, at some point I got it to 22.0400:13
arraybolt3One, we can chroot into both installs and apply all available updates.00:13
arraybolt3That *should* make everything Just Work.00:13
arraybolt3Two, we can disable Secure Boot, update both systems, and then re-enable it.00:14
arraybolt3(Thankfully since you're not trying to boot an old ISO, we won't have to fiddle with the SBAT variable itself, that is a major pain.)00:14
esvso, I just got 22.04 in a usb stick, I can try installing that, seems that it would be a solution00:14
arraybolt322.04.2 should have the updates, and that's probably what you downloaded, so if you are able to just reinstall, that should work.00:15
arraybolt3But if you want to keep your existing installation, just disable Secure Boot, update everything, and re-enable it, that should do the trick I believe.00:15
esvk, I let you know in a minute00:15
esvno, no need to keep the old install00:15
arraybolt3K. Well then everything should be easy from here.00:15
esvI was installing 20.04 because that's was I had in the usb stick00:17
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OrcD3vilFor ubuntu server 22.04.1 the netplan file should be in /etc/netplan correct?03:50
Bashing-omOrcD3vil: Server: config's under /etc/systemd/network/, yes.03:53
OrcD3vilBashing-om nothing under that folder03:54
OrcD3vilBashing-om under /etc/netplan I only have 00-installer-config.yaml03:54
Bashing-omOrcD3vil: Network-manager (desktop) installed then ?03:55
OrcD3vilIts server no GUI03:55
alkisg(nmcli 2>&1; cat /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml) | nc termbin.com 999903:56
OrcD3vilthe  00-installer-config is my netplan file?  Was reading a article and it was saying it should be something else?03:58
alkisgYes, 00-installer is your netplan file, and it's using systemd-networkd as the backend, and ADDITIONALLY you have network-manager installed, but since all nets are already arranged, it manages nothing03:59
OrcD3vilalkisg and Bashing-om thanks trying to figure out how to set static ip, seems there is issue with cockpit where it takes to long to load the networkd or something and althought cockpit VM work it gives error in log and can't update cockpit files via the website04:01
Bashing-omOrcD3vil: I know nothing about cockpit - mut maybe these examples will help: https://blog.ubuntu.com/2017/12/01/ubuntu-bionic-netplan .04:03
OrcD3vilBashing-om ya that shows the filenames I was thinking I would find lol04:04
OrcD3vilThanks i'll check the article out04:04
Apachezwhen you already have lts 22.04 and 22.04.1 is released, do you have to do a new "do-release-upgrade" or is the 22.04 into 22.04.1 taken care by "apt-get dist-upgrade"?04:06
rboxjust a normal upgrade is fine04:08
alkisgApachez: 22.04 to 22.04.1 => by apt-get dist-upgrade. 22.04.1 to 22.04.2 => by apt-get dist-upgrade, but optionally if you want a newer kernel, you can also do apt install linux-generic-hwe-22.0404:08
alkisgdo-release-upgrade => from 22.04 to 24.0404:08
esvI can always test but do you know if I can use LUKS type 2 for disk encryption on 22.04 ?04:09
esvthe tutorial I am using uses pre-20.04 releases and specifies LUKS type 1.04:10
alkisgYes you can04:12
arraybolt3esv: The 22.04 installer should have the option for LUKS built into it (LVM+encryption).04:29
arraybolt3esv: There's an "Advanced options" button in the Installation type screen where you can select to use LVM and then encrypt the installation.04:29
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esvyes, but it wants to use the whole disk, I am trying to have multiple OS there :D04:47
esvI could have been done ions ago, and probably go to sleep early, err on time04:50
esvI guess I'm not using this computer tomorrow, it's midnight and work...04:54
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xantrexHi, What does 'Starring' a file/folder in files?08:21
Lvl4SwordIn the upper-right, there's a section for wireless/volume/power. When pressed, it brings up brightness, volume, etc. When pressing "Power settings" / "Bluetooth settings", etc..  it appears to try and load, but doesn't bring up the settings window. Doesn't seem like anything can bring up that window for some reason.08:29
Lvl4SwordOddly enough, looks like ubuntu-desktop was removed according to /var/log/dpkg.log -- fixed!08:42
ubuntu64_search a flight09:32
ubuntu64_base_O GRUB cub09:33
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theLegen1good evening09:52
tinfoil-hatHi, my dad got a cryptominer on his fresh purchased PC. i am trying to make an ISO of his windows and there for boot into an Linux Live ISO. It's the first time i have to fuarrk around with  TPM SecureBoot and whatnot. i tried the following ISOs (with and without compatibility mode) But all i get is a neverending loading screen. I Disabled secureboot and TPM, if that helps (mint, zorin os und lubuntu)10:35
mastretahi folks10:37
ravagethe ubuntu iso will boot with secure boot enabled10:37
ravageif you want to backup a full hdd try clonezilla10:37
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jimowner, hi11:56
jimare there specific instructions for installing (parts of) kxstudio?11:56
aog42hi guys, do you know if it's possible to use lenovo x1 carbon gen 10 model w/ ubuntu (wwan)11:58
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jimravage, thanks (again, I think)12:08
hexo_hi, when i do snap remove lxd, does it mean that my containers are gone?12:09
ravagealways do backups12:10
hexo_despite removing only service?12:10
hexo_ravage: that is not an answer12:10
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hexo_so please, how is it?12:26
hexo_are they gone or no?12:26
halNot used Linux in decades, but, trying to change bluetooth codec in Pulseaudio. When listing bluetotth codecs on headphones using pactl send-message /card/bluez_card.XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX/bluez list-codecs (replacing XX for mac address of device) I receive fiollowing error "pactl send-message /card/bluez_card.XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX/bluez list-codecs" Any suggestions?12:53
halSorry! Error is: Send message failed: No such entity12:54
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esvby the time I get this custom install going I am going to be so fed up that will not install any additional images here13:10
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esvso, grub2 should be able to work just fine with LUKS type 2 encrypted OS filesystems, correct?13:26
jimesv, are you encrypting your whole disk? or?13:40
esvjust the root and home filesystems13:40
jimand yes, I think it would work: there are luks modules for grub213:40
BluesKajHi all13:41
jimhi blues13:41
esvnot sure if my choice of labels was unfortunate as I picked "rootfs" for the unencrypted volume13:41
BluesKajhi jim13:41
jimwhat's "rootfs" mounted on?13:42
esv the / directory13:43
jimwait, I thought you encrypted that?13:43
jimso let's go back a step...13:43
esvI installed ubuntu 22.04 on a vg called ubuntuvg and the root filesystem in a rootlv lv name, then I encrypted the LV and chose rootfs as the unencrypted device13:44
jimyou asked if grub2 would work on an encrypted setup... and, I think it would, wheter you encrypt / or not... since it's not, you don't need to do the setup step before booting13:45
jimso right now you only have /home encrypted?13:45
spinningCathow to get type of device in ubuntu?13:46
jimspinningCat, what device?13:47
spinningCatai am using laptop13:47
jimok, and you want to know the type of your laptop?13:47
lotuspsychjespinningCat: inxi -F13:48
spinningCatno it is just laptop or desktop13:48
BluesKajspinningCat:  what type of device then ?13:50
CodeMouse92spinningCat: You want to know whether the device you're running the command on is a desktop or a laptop?13:51
spinningCatinxi -F give me what i want13:52
spinningCatactualaly type, brand and serialaa nuambear13:52
CodeMouse92Ah, ok.13:52
spinningCati am writing nodejs13:54
spinningCatthere is no good library that give those informations correctky13:54
spinningCatso i will get the result of command from nodejs i guess it is possible13:54
jarnosI have created a PPA but I forgot how to update it for the public :( Does it require a lot of work to add support for different releases?14:10
ograspinningCat, usually you'd use dmidecode for that info ... but high level tools like inxi might indeed work too (thugh might not be available on all distros)14:15
spinningCatinxi works14:15
ograright, but inxi is very specific and not available everywhere ...14:17
yates_homei'm tryign to build emacs from source which requires makeinfo. apt search makeinfo tells me texi2html is the package that contains makeinfo, but after installing texi2html, i still have no makeinfo.14:17
yates_homewhere do i get makeinfo from?14:17
yates_homewhich package?14:17
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spinningCatnodejs out command result as string14:18
spinningCati need dictionary form14:18
spinningCatcan i produce dictionary form ith inxi command?14:18
ograyates_home, are you sure it said tex2html, not texinfo ? (it should be part of the latter)14:19
yates_homenm is is texinfo14:19
yates_homeogra: yes, i am sure14:19
yates_homei installed texinfo and it works14:19
spinningCatis there a way to get serial number without root priviledge?15:13
leftyfbspinningCat: I don't think so15:21
spinningCatokay I se15:21
ogra$ ls /sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id/*_serial15:22
ograspinningCat, ^^^15:22
ogradirectly frm sysfs, but needs root as well i think ...15:23
leftyfbit does15:23
leftyfbnot to ls them, but to cat them15:23
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maszloGood day channel. I was looking to see if i can get pointers to where i can find settings that could be disabling lock when coming out of suspend. In the Settings ->Privacy -> screen.. the lock is enabled. I think i might have disabled it at some point and not finding how to undo it.15:43
maszloI tried looking around in dconf but not finding where to look15:43
maszloI am running 22.04.215:44
lotuspsychjemaszlo: dconf-editor has a search button now, try searching on keyword15:47
maszlolotuspsychje, do you suggest this is the best way to reenable?  The Settings screen to disable and reenable didnt change anything btw15:49
SnoopJI am experiencing a problem with PulseAudio where my microphone stops working because the volume is adjusted to -0.5 dB. Is there a way I can tell PulseAudio not to automatically adjust this level, or more generally find out what's touching that level?16:21
lotuspsychjemaszlo: you probably need /org/gnome/desktop/screensaver/ubuntu-lock-on-suspend ?16:31
maszlolotuspsychje, weird thing i just found is that i created a new user and some thing happens if i close the notebook it goes to sleep and no lock screen on wake. I checked i do have that ubuntu-lock-on-suspend enabled16:47
maszlolotuspsychje, I dont seem to have a screensaver installed. should i have an option for that?  i do see an option for Lock Screen that does work i think.. it takes me to lightdm login screen and when enter password resumes to the session16:51
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maszloI feel like my no lockscreen might be something from using gnome shell and not ubuntu.  This computer has been used for the last 8 years or so, not exactly a clean config17:15
tomreynmaszlo: so you're not actually using ubuntu then?17:16
SnoopJAh, I think I've learned more about my problem, the "base volume" of my device is the value I am sometimes seeing regressions to. Revised question: Is there a way to tell PulseAudio a new base volume for that device?17:18
arraybolt3tomreyn: I think they mean that it's GNOME Shell's fault, not Ubuntu's. Though I could be wrong.17:23
jhutchinsSnoopJ: There's a #pulseaudio channel on OFTC.net17:25
SnoopJI guess I will need to go ask them, then17:25
jhutchinsSnoopJ: Well, no harm in asking here, but there don't seem to be any responses.17:26
i-garrisonSnoopJ: it normally just works so let's check out on oftc channel17:28
maszlolotuspsychje, I figured it out.  It was something caused from using lightdm rather than gdm3.  i reconfigured gdm3 and things work again17:35
ubuntuI hate17:37
ubuntumy sddddd brokeer17:37
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Guest3725Your balls17:37
Guest3725Balls.com Google nmet17:37
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Guest3725Hello gogles.17:38
Guest3725I am a livesr. Cd17:38
Guest3725HL. FKFEO17:38
Guest3725Can you jlerp ,w wBALS>clm17:40
Guest3725I will fucking die bie17:40
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CastianaAloha. Just a quick question if anyone can assist. I've got a CIFS share that, when mounted, changes the folder size from 4KB to 0. I've got 5 other CIFS shares in the same parent folder without issue. It's just this single one that has the problem. I've tried manually mounting it via the mount command, same thing. I've also remove and re-created18:10
Castianathe share on the other end twice. Same thing. I'm out of ideas. I can still access the data within the share without problem, but none of the applications i'm running will touch it (They all see it as having 0 free space - It's got around 70TB free space).18:10
CastianaShould have said, running Ubuntu Server 22.0418:11
rfmCastiana, I would do an fsck on the file system on the server18:17
CastianaIt's Windows Server 2022, brand new array build and format. Couldn't hurt to chkdsk it I guess!18:18
SnoopJIn case anyone is playing along at home, the resolution of my problem is described here: https://askubuntu.com/a/761104  (although I used `volume = 100` since that's a perfectly fine level for my device)18:22
esvdifferent error \o/ !!18:24
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jhutchinsCastiana: CIFS can be very tricky about symlinks and properties depending on whether you use a trailing slash.  No idea how this applies if you're using a GUI.  Check very carefully exactly how the names are written in each place, and carefully compare the shares defined in your smb.conf19:00
jhutchinsCastiana: testparm is your friend.19:00
jhutchinsOh, wait, served by Windows.  All bets are off then.19:01
jhutchinsCastiana: Sorry.19:01
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esvfinally got my machine to boot XD, the sad thing is next time I have the same issue I will have forgotten all over again20:10
jhutchinsesv: You could write down what you did.  Maybe even post it to a blog.20:18
hiyaCan I install latest kernel on 22.04?20:54
leftyfbhiya: why do you need that?20:55
jhutchinshiya: Of course you can.20:55
jhutchins(Whether it's available as a package, or whether it works are different questions.)20:55
hiyaleftyfb: I am on t16 gen1 and amd graphic crashes and I am having some issues. I have amd 6850u20:57
leftyfb!mainline | hiya I would suggest trying out the mainline kernel20:57
ubottuhiya I would suggest trying out the mainline kernel: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds20:57
hassletimehey all21:09
hassletimehope everyone is well21:09
hassletimearraybolt3, you alive?21:10
arraybolt3hassletime: Define "alive" :P21:18
arraybolt3Yes, I'm fine and available to help at the moment.21:18
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jhutchinsDoes anybody else find the Ookla speed test overly optimistic?21:20
arraybolt3jhutchins: IT seems pretty accurate IME, though to be fair I've not done a ton of work verifying its accuracy - I just know that it gives me an OK idea of my speed.21:22
hassletimearraybolt3, no help needed just saying hello :)21:24
arraybolt3Ah, nice21:27
arraybolt3Glad things are working well!21:27
hassletimeyea mate been flatout lately21:30
jhutchinsI haven't caught any network slowdowns with ookla, but then again I've had pretty good performance since I switched to it.21:53
kuckleheadKind of sucks that ubuntu doesn't have wgetpaste as for some reason I can't install any generic linux images21:53
kuckleheadBut here's something I guess:  cat file.ext | curl -F 'f:1=<-' ix.io]21:55
kuckleheadWrong button: http://ix.io/4ppq21:55
leftyfbkucklehead: ubuntu has pastebinit21:56
sarnoldlast I heard that was pretty broken :(21:56
sarnoldI always | nc termbin.com 999921:56
leftyfbpastebinit just worked for me21:57
kuckleheadSo you want me to re-upload my problem?21:57
kuckleheadI am getting21:57
sarnoldkucklehead: is this system a container or something similar?21:57
sarnoldkucklehead: maybe an openvz instance on an isp?21:57
kuckleheadIt is inside a container because the installation failed installing grub21:58
kuckleheadIt's chrooted21:58
leftyfbkucklehead: do you have /boot bind mounted within the chroot? What about dev, dev/pts, sys, proc21:59
kuckleheadYes, I have everything binded besides /boot which is mounted22:00
kuckleheadInside the container. For example: /mnt/mint/boot22:01
* leftyfb sigh22:01
leftyfbkucklehead: in the chroot, please run this:   ( uname -a  ; cat /etc/os-release ) | nc termbin.com 999922:02
leftyfbkucklehead: you're trying to repair an ubuntu install using an archlinux environment and decided your mount point for this process should be /mnt/mint?22:04
leftyfbalso, zen kernel?22:05
leftyfbthis is openvz?22:05
kuckleheadIs it really an issue to chroot ubuntu with archlinux? I mean if that's the case, I can swap over to my ubuntu machine that's working. Yeah, the one you're currently looking at is on a usb flash drive22:07
kuckleheadAnd no, it isn't openvz as this is my first time hearing that22:08
kuckleheadgimme a sec22:08
kuckleheadWell shoot. It still won't install the kernel22:23
dD__I have a server with two network interfaces.  Currently, I can only ssh if I can enter through ssh through a specific interface.  I'm checking tcpdump and I do see the request, what should I be looking for in order to understand why this is happening?22:34
leftyfbdD__: are both of these interfaces on the same subnet?22:38
ravageIt really sounds like a bad gateway22:45
valued-customerHowdy Y'all.  How can I enter a URL in FF and just go to it, instead of searching for it?  I am stymied as FF insists on searching, and I cannot find a setting that disables search from taking over the address bar.22:46
leftyfbvalued-customer: that is not the default behavior22:46
leftyfbvalued-customer: the default behavior is typing in a proper URL, hitting enter it the page is brought up22:47
valued-customerIt seems unreasonable to me, as well.  But the issue is ongoing even so.22:47
leftyfbvalued-customer: run this in your terminal please:   ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; apt-cache policy firefox ; apt list firefox ) | nc termbin.com 999922:48
dD__leftyfb: no22:49
leftyfbdD__: can is your client on the same subnets?22:50
dD__leftyfb: I'm running the test, my client is in the same subnet that does not work.  My client works if I reach the machine through the other interface using the external IP.  However, since tcpdump does see the incoming request, I don't think it's a routing issue.22:51
ravageif you only see a incoming request thats is exactly what is is. messed up routing or a firewall22:52
ravageor the ssh daemon does not listen on that interface at all22:53
leftyfbdD__: sudo lsof -i :22   # or replace 22 with your configured port22:53
valued-customerI did run the suggested command string minus the parentheses.22:53
leftyfbvalued-customer: you need the parens22:53
leftyfbvalued-customer: please don't alter commands that people here give you to diagnose with22:53
dD__leftyfb: TCP *:ssh (LISTEN)22:54
leftyfb!paste | dD__22:54
ubottudD__: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:54
dD__it was only one line22:54
dD__hope that's ok22:55
leftyfbdD__: got a firewall on the server?22:55
valued-customerI have now done that.22:56
leftyfbvalued-customer: you should get a termbin.com URL as a result. Paste the URL here please22:56
dD__so sudo ufw status will give me inactive22:57
leftyfbdD__: sudo iptables -L -n22:57
dD__one sec22:58
leftyfbvalued-customer: in firefox, in the top bar where it says "Search with Google or enter address"   you're typing in ubuntu.com  and when you hit enter, it's searching google for ubuntu.com and doesn't bring you to ubuntu.com?22:58
valued-customerI am unable to connect to any non-i2p site because I am attempting to use i2p.  However, because the search interrupts all i2p URLs I am also unable to connect to any i2p sites.23:01
arraybolt3valued-customer: Try prefixing it with "https://".23:03
arraybolt3Or http://.23:03
leftyfbvalued-customer: ok, so this is not an issue with a standard install and configuration of ubuntu but instead a custom "i2p" configured system that isn't working the way you expect23:03
dD__leftyfb: only docker rules: https://termbin.com/x7um623:04
valued-customerarraybolt3 I have done that.  FF simply redirects me to the search engine, which is not an i2p domain, and I am unable to connect.23:05
leftyfbdD__: sudo iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT23:05
leftyfbvalued-customer: disable i2p completely, reboot and try again23:06
arraybolt3valued-customer: I'm guessing the website you're trying to access ends in a ".i2p" top-level domain, not a .com or whatever?23:06
arraybolt3That might be causing the issue.23:06
valued-customerarraybolt3 that is correct.23:06
leftyfbvalued-customer: when you type ubuntu.com into the address bar in firefox, does it bring up ubuntu.com ?23:06
dD__done, but still not working23:08
valued-customerleftyfb no, I am presented with an error message that ff cannot connect to ubuntu.com  I assume that restoring the non-proxied configuration will restore the ability to access non-i2p domains, however, I am confident I will still be experiencing the search engine routing.23:09
leftyfbdD__: from the client: sudo nmap -p22 <ip you can't ssh to>23:09
leftyfbvalued-customer: disable the proxy and try again23:09
valued-customerI will disable the i2p proxy and do so23:10
leftyfbdD__: also, can you even ping the ip on the subnet you're trying to ssh to from the client?23:11
dD__leftyfb: it shows as filtered, it also shows as filtered through the IP through which I can reach corectly23:12
dD__leftyfb: yes, answers to ping23:12
leftyfbdD__: if it's filtered, then you have something inbetween blocking it23:13
leftyfbdD__: I would check/disable all firewall on both the server and client to start debugging23:13
leftyfbdD__: also check settings on any routing equipment you might have inbetween23:14
dD__but you'd agree with me that if tcpdump at the server works, it's not a client issue, right?23:14
valued-customerleftyfb  I have disabled the proxy, restarted FF, and entered 'ubuntu.com' into the address bar.  FF returns the error message that it is unable to connect to ubuntu.com and asks if I wish to connect to ubuntu.com, which is a link to ubuntu.com.  Before I began learning about I2p and set up the proxy, clicking such links was how I worked around the interruption of search in the address bar.  Clicking the link will take me to ubuntu.com23:14
dD__by works i mean that tcpdump sees the attempt to access port 2223:14
leftyfbdD__: I try not to make such assumptions23:15
leftyfbvalued-customer: please take a screenshot of this error message with a link23:16
leftyfbvalued-customer: seems to me like you have something very non-standard going on. This is not default behavior23:16
valued-customerIn fact the link did not actually work.  I was returned an error message without a link.  I will repeat the process and supply the requested screenshot.23:17
leftyfbvalued-customer: go to the firefox settings, click on help, then troubleshoot mode. Click restart23:19
jimvalued-customer, I'm curious about a couple things... do you get ping replies when you: ping yehoo.com23:20
valued-customerSorry, I was installing a screenshot extension, and missed the above until after I had closed and restarted FF.  I am confused to report that now FF immediately goes to ubuntu.com when I enter it in the address bar.23:22
leftyfbthat's not confusing at all23:22
leftyfbthat's exactly how it should work23:23
leftyfbvalued-customer: your issue is with this custom "i2p" setup you're playing with. I would suggest asking for help with it in #i2p or #networking23:23
jimso it's all working now?23:23
valued-customerYes, however, I am in the situation of the driver that takes a car to a mechanic to diagnose and repair a problem that disappears at the mechanics shop.23:23
valued-customerleftyfb that makes sense.  thank you for your kind assistance23:24
leftyfbI don't think the issue is intermittent at all. Maybe that was the impression switching between configs and getting mixed up what error you saw on what config. The issue is entirely with this "i2p" stuff23:27
valued-customerleftyfb I didn't miss report errors when switching.23:30
valued-customerI just restored the proxy to i2p, and now entered 'planeta.i2p', hit return, and was able to connect directly to the site.  There is an intermittent problem, that now seems to have been cleared up by installing a screenshot extension.  Anywho, I do appreciate your kind assistance.23:35
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