tomreynnelgin: you're welcome00:00
sadsadHi where can you download old versions of ubuntu - but not https://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ I first want to confirm that they are legit...?00:02
EriC^^rdz: nothing about the touchpad getting it to work after suspending? did you try the acpi_osi stuff?00:02
ravagesadsad, that is the only legit old release page00:03
leftyfbsadsad: the answer is https://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/00:03
leftyfbsadsad: that is the only official location of the completely unsupported releases of ubuntu00:03
sadsadi hope they are legit ....00:03
leftyfbsadsad: they're literally on ubuntu.com, how much more "legit" do you want?00:03
sadsadok thank you'll check and make sure on the wayback machine00:06
sadsadI hope i can trust the wayback machine :)00:07
ravagei have no idea what you are talking about00:07
leftyfbsadsad: I don't understand. You want official releases of ubuntu. How in the world would those not be from an ubuntu.com URL? What would you consider more legiy?00:08
leftyfbsadsad: also, why do you want end of life/completely unsupported releases of ubuntu?00:08
sadsadi'm afraid there may be viruses in new releases....00:09
tomreynand what makes you think so?00:10
tomreynby the way, like every ubuntu release, all of these are cryptographically signed00:10
tomreyn(if indirectly, their checksums are)00:10
sadsadvery impressive keep it up!00:10
tomreynsadsad: are you just trolling then?00:11
leftyfbsadsad: just install the latest LTS release. Do not install unsupported release. There is absolutely no reason you should believe there are viruses in any release of ubuntu.00:11
sadsadwell i have to run00:12
sadsadbeen a pleasure00:12
rdzEriC^^: re acpi_osi: yeah, I tried it with 'Windows 2015', but it didn't affect the touchpad thing00:13
tomreynrdz: your bios is up to date, right?00:15
EriC^^rdz: just to be clear you used acpi_osi=! "acpi_osi=Windows 2015" ?00:16
rdzEriC^^: yeah, exactly00:20
rdzdidn't test any other values referring to older Windows versions00:20
rdzthe script wrote it to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX, but modern grub versions seem to use GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT, so I copied it to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT00:22
rdzand I rebooted and verified with 'cat /proc/cmdline' that configuration was actually used00:22
rrdhHello, I am on a arm64 machine and trying to download for x86_64 but can not find how to do so... I thought there was a download page that allowed you to choose a different arch than the host machine?01:00
arraybolt3rrdh: Trying to download what? An individual package?01:01
arraybolt3I couldn't tell if he was going for a package or an ISO.01:02
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nm__rrdh: if you mean isos for ubuntu try going to releases.ubuntu.com and choose the version you need from there01:18
sarnoldnm__: rrdh left a few seconds after asking01:32
Habbiei see the ubuntu.com server download page has a decent "Alternative downloads" page01:33
Habbieand the desktop download page is.. just terrible01:34
Habbiei am now downloading an ISO and i do not have the words to explain that this is not what i wanted01:34
Habbiei would in fact go so far as to call it hostile01:36
Habbie-4.5 gigabytes- somebody might accidentally pull by visiting a web page01:37
arraybolt3Habbie: There's alternative download links on the desktop download page?01:37
arraybolt3And I'm not experiencing what you're mentioning.01:37
HabbieThank you for downloading Ubuntu Desktop01:37
HabbieYour download should start automatically.01:37
arraybolt3Habbie: Oh. I clicked a different button.01:38
arraybolt3There are convenient direct download links there, but the actual desktop download *page* is https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop01:38
arraybolt3The "Ubuntu Desktop >" link at the top takes you there.01:38
Habbiei see it01:38
Habbiefor server, the green button still has the alternatives option01:39
arraybolt3Hmm... yeah I can see how that's somewhat bad UX.01:39
Habbiein fact the alternatives on "Ubuntu Desktop >" are bad too01:39
arraybolt3(Funny thing, I remember being annoyed that I couldn't figure out how to download Server for a bit in the past :P)01:39
Habbiebut at least they don't accidentally ship 4.5 GB01:40
arraybolt3Back when Multipass was what they advertised by default.01:40
Habbieyou mean the "Mac and Windows" link under Download -> Server :)01:40
Habbiealso there's something wrong with ubuntu.com where i often have to click a link twice before anything happens01:41
arraybolt3Heh, sadly no I don't. There was a time where the green Get Ubuntu Server button showed you Multipass first and you had to figure out the right button to press to get the direct download link.01:41
Habbieoh even worse01:41
sarnoldHabbie: yeah I hate those automatic downloads so much01:41
Habbiei don't like hating on free things01:41
Habbiebut almost all of this is terrible01:42
Habbiesarnold, that you agree means a lot to me :)01:42
sarnold<3  :D01:42
arraybolt3If it was at least consistent that would be nice :P01:42
guivercHabbie, i often just navigate cdimage.ubuntu.com & find what I want from there... no automatic downloads there (that i've noticed anyway)01:42
arraybolt3Maybe we can poke some people to fix that, since that just seems wrong.01:42
sarnoldarraybolt3: any chance you've got the energy / motivation to file a bug report? :)01:43
Habbieguiverc, yep!01:43
Habbiei would be happy to +1/comment on a bug report01:43
arraybolt3Energy and motivation, sure. Time... I'm fixing a critical regression in Lubuntu atm.01:43
arraybolt3But I can try latter and ping you and Habbie.01:43
Habbiei'll be here :)01:43
sarnoldarraybolt3: heh, I'm familiar with that :) yeah your regression makes sense to focus on, this has been an annoyance for a while01:44
sarnoldarraybolt3: thanks :D01:44
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blahboybazDoes anyone know more about the ubuntu docekr images?  https://hub.docker.com/_/ubuntu  Stupid quesion.. those images do not have a front end / gui do they? So are they the server version?03:43
rboxits not03:44
rboxand they dont03:44
sarnoldI've never really thought of 'desktop docker' things ..03:44
sarnoldthey're more likely 'cloud images' than 'server images' but that's the right spirit, yeah03:44
blahboybazsarnold: rbox: so its cli only03:47
rboxits docker03:47
rboxnot a VM03:47
blahboybazI can't imagine anything else but I have to ask rather than assume03:47
rboxdocker is for running 1 single application03:48
blahboybazuhh yeah.. I'm working on that too03:48
blahboybazLet me put it this way.. while I've never actually been to hell - I'm sure the experience is just like this (trying to get goig w/ docker)03:49
blahboybaznot really.. joking03:49
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sarnoldblahboybaz: if you need a "who system but as a container and not as a vm", maybe you want lxd instead of docker? I have to be honest I have no idea if it can do gui things either ;) but I think chromebook people use lxd to provide 'linux' systems..03:55
blahboybazsarnold: I'm not looking for gui I just wanted to confirm that what I'm looking at did not contain additional bloat that I don't want. I know how stupid of a q it was but I've lwerned that with anything in computer science it's bettern not to assume anything03:58
sarnoldblahboybaz: ah in that case you might like to look around for the manifest, I think those are published nearby, showing the packages that are included03:59
blahboybazsarnold: like this? https://hub.docker.com/layers/library/ubuntu/focal-20230126/images/sha256-bffb6799d706144f263f4b91e1226745ffb5643ea0ea89c2f709208e8d70c999?context=explore04:00
blahboybazthat's a mainifest?04:00
sarnoldblahboybaz: I don't know my way around docker hub, I was thikning more like this: http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/jammy/current/jammy-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk-kvm.manifest04:01
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audioi can't install/reinstall python-pkg-resources nor python-gobject-2, both of which are causing error, which I think have to do with the fact that they are using python2 instead of python3. can anyone help?06:16
audiothese are apt packages06:16
morgan-u2Please, what program do i use to convert a jpg to a png - and what is The Usual size of a scanned file of a printed text page - I dont know what units to use. In scanning it is 300 dots per inch but how does that translate to a png?06:18
sarnoldaudio: hmm, the source package that builds python-pkg-resources still exists in newer releases https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-setuptools06:18
morgan-u2(I took a photo and want to email it as a png)06:18
audiosarnold, i'll post the traceback.06:19
audiosarnold, https://dpaste.org/EZzVF06:19
sarnoldmorgan-u2: convert foo.jpg foo.png06:19
morgan-u2I dont know how to do that.06:19
morgan-u2I will google it06:20
audiosarnold, and here's the traceback for trying to remove gyp: https://dpaste.org/jkYMn -- don't know if it's relevant06:20
sarnoldmorgan-u2: that's the literal command line, using imagemagick06:20
audiosarnold, is imagemagick installed by default on ubuntu?06:21
sarnoldaudio: no06:21
morgan-u2does mogrify need to use imagemagic?06:21
audioIIRC imagemagick is not easy for beginners to get set up06:21
sarnoldaudio: it's horrible insecure, i'd scream horribly if someone tried to make it a default installed tool :)06:21
morgan-u2wont one of the defoult programs do it?06:22
audiosarnold, ok. do you have an answer to my question?06:22
audiomorgan-u2, google "convert jpg to png online"06:22
sarnoldmorgan-u2: none that I know of; imagemagick, graphicsmagick, the gimp, those are the tools that come to mind most immediately06:22
audiothere are so many sites that do this06:22
sarnold98% of them just call into imagemagick :) and I wonder how many of them are 'secure'...06:22
audiotheres one that starts with a z, zam-something, i forgot06:22
audiosarnold, hi. can you help me with my problem?06:24
sarnoldaudio: this is gross :( i'm not sure what the best thing to do is :( my 22.04 system doesn't have pyclean at all ..06:24
sarnoldI mean, it's available in python2-minimal: /usr/bin/pyclean06:24
audiowhat the heck is pyclean06:24
sarnold .. but I don't know if that will actually run a python2 interpreter or not06:24
audiooh wow06:24
sarnoldaudio: that's the program that's failing06:24
morgan-u2sarnold is pixels 1200 -- is that 1200 per inch?   ((looks like I guessed well and shotwell can do it))  -- once I closed chrome, lol06:24
sarnoldthat's probably 1200 total06:25
morgan-u2you cant export 1200 pixels alone ... I will see if 300 sorks. Thanks.06:27
sarnoldaudio: so... this is one of the grosser things I've suggested today: you could edit the /var/lib/dpkg/info/gyp.prerm file and change it from #!/usr/bin/whatever   to #!/bin/bash  and on the next line, exit 006:30
sarnoldaudio: that'll just immediately exit and skip whatever cleanup that script was going to do06:30
sarnoldaudio: and that cleanup might be important, or it might be stuff you don't care about. I'm not sure. but it'll probably help you get rid of gyp :)06:30
audiosarnold, can i not do the same for python-pkg-resources?06:32
audiosarnold, hello?06:34
sarnoldaudio: yeah, you should be able to do the same06:38
audiosarnold, now im getting this: https://dpaste.org/QUaad06:41
sarnoldaudio: can you pastebin that /var/lib/dpkg/info/python-pkg-resources.prerm06:45
sarnoldI can't find a copy of it anywhere06:45
audiosarnold, https://dpaste.org/ereUB06:49
sarnoldthat's even simpler than I expected06:50
sarnoldaudio: so, I think dpkg --purge --force-remove-reinstreq python-pkg-resources  will probably do it -- found via https://askubuntu.com/a/170808/3381206:52
audiosarnold, thanks! this set of instructions worked for pygobject too!06:56
audiosarnold, howd you get so good with ubuntu?06:56
sarnoldaudio: I started with debian around 1999 give or take :)06:57
audiooh wow, nice06:57
sarnoldbefore that, I tried slackware, caldera, redhat, suse, corel, probably one or two others, and then when I found debian it all felt so much friendlier .. then when ubuntu integrated proactive security features into debian, that was basically my cue to switch from debian to ubuntu06:59
audiosarnold, sorry if i seem irritable. just frustrated and trying to accomplish one thing and it has been error after error07:13
audiosarnold, i am trying to run this script: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/geeks-r-us/anbox-playstore-installer/master/install-playstore.sh07:13
audiobut i'm getting "/var/lib/anbox/rootfs-overlay07:14
audioOverlay no enabled ! Please check error messages!07:14
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sarnoldaudio: no worries :)07:26
sarnoldaudio: that's an *involved* script, there's a lot of stuff in there that's not at all obvious what it does, or why07:27
audiosarnold, so it is one of the steps in getting android apps working on linux, after installing anbox07:27
audiothis is the step that installs the play store for linux07:27
sarnoldaudio: does 'sudo snap set anbox rootfs-overlay.enable=true'  give you any errors or anything?07:28
audiosarnold, no07:28
sarnoldokay.. hmm07:28
sarnoldaudio: overlayfs is a very touchy thing, it only works on some filesystems .. I kind of expected that to say it'd been replaced or something07:28
audioto be fair07:29
audioi had a typo and it still had no errors07:29
audio"sudo snap set anbox rootfs-overlay.enable=tru"07:29
sarnoldso I was too hpeful :)07:29
audiothe typo is at the end07:29
audioluna, i know. i tried that and still no errors07:30
lunaoh sorry not really catching up being tired and sick and translating the Weather app for UBports07:31
audiosarnold, do you have any suggestions?07:34
audiosarnold, i'm trying to install this app on my linux computer: https://www.haptic.ro/defence-against-unwanted-audio-tracking-by-acoustic-cookies/07:34
audioacoustic cookie firewall07:34
sarnoldwell that's clever07:35
sarnoldlol why can't I copy-paste that link ..07:35
audiosarnold, idk. here's another link https://www.eurekalert.org/news-releases/590297#.WwngSMxBXsk.reddit07:37
audiosame app info07:37
audioultrasound firewall*07:37
sarnoldheh the gitlab site link requires immediate account .. but they've also put it up on https://github.com/fhstp/SoniControl07:37
audiorequires immediate account?07:38
sarnoldtrying to visit the git.nwt.,... link redirects to https://git.nwt.fhstp.ac.at/users/sign_in07:39
audiowell, i'm trying to install anbox and the play store on my linux computer so i can install that app07:41
audioand that ./install-playstore script is one of the last steps07:41
audiofollowing this tutorial ^07:41
audiosarnold, any suggestions?07:46
sarnoldaudio: most of that guide looks like it makes sense, but I don't know why you're getting the overlay error07:48
sarnoldaudio: you might like to try #anbox here?07:48
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michael93what should i do about this error? https://dpaste.org/2NXZB09:41
michael93sarnold, are you still online? im audio09:41
sarnoldmichael93: heh you've got excellent timing, I was ten seconds from logging off :)09:42
sarnoldmichael93: I'm not sure what to suggest; that packages doesn't exist on my archive mirror.. maybe that script is just *so* old ..09:43
michael93its not09:43
michael93its from anbox cloud09:43
sarnoldmichael93: just make sure the linux-modules-extra package that corresponds to your running kernel is installed09:44
michael93sarnold, how do i do that? `sudo apt install linux-modules-extra` gave no results09:45
michael93no still novice with linux09:45
michael93i'm* , not no09:45
michael93sarnold, were you about to sign off to go to bed?09:48
sarnoldmichael93: heh yeah09:48
sarnoldmichael93: dpkg -l 'linux*' | grep '^ii'   -- note the versions you've got -- then apt-cache search linux-modules-extra   and look for the versions that you're running09:49
sarnoldmichael93: and you might need to unteach that script those specific version numbers, it looked big on specific version numbers, in a way that might not be helpful four years later09:50
michael93sarnold, https://dpaste.org/W86Em09:51
michael93Snetry-, sorry, you can go to bed09:55
michael93i'll try something else09:55
sarnoldmichael93: *wow* whatr a weird set of stuff... yeah I'm way too tired to figure out where the heck all these things came from :)09:57
sarnoldmichael93: have fun, gn8 :)09:57
tomreynmichael93: can you run:  apt policy | nc termbin.com 999909:59
tomreynthat should give you a url you can post here10:00
tomreynalso   lsb_release -ds | nc termbin.com 999910:00
PeGaSuShello. any idea why I ended up with Chromium installed on my pc after `apt update && apt dist-upgrade` when I didn't installed it directly?10:49
lotuspsychjePeGaSuS: you mean those chromium codecs?10:50
PeGaSuSlotuspsychje: apparently it installed the chromium-browser package when I've never had it installed (or I don't remember having it installed).. the codecs I kinda understand..10:52
lotuspsychjePeGaSuS: pastebin your dpkg logs so volunteers can help see whats happening in there10:52
PeGaSuSlotuspsychje: I'm at a loss there.. where do I find those logs?10:53
lotuspsychjePeGaSuS: /var/log/10:53
lotuspsychjethey will show what have been install/updated last10:54
PeGaSuSapparently I must have installed the chromium browser because it updated into a snap.. I just really don't remember doing it..11:00
alkisgPeGaSuS: grep chrom /var/log/apt/history.log11:03
PeGaSuSthat command only gave me: https://0bin.xyz/?6b3e93f5d5d3be82#6GbJMLzppfcbSXF5ovGuJvt2Y3yywzpJ2Ay2h2HbgBo611:05
PeGaSuSmost likely I installed the package myself to test something that was being buggy in Chrome and I forgot about it..11:08
alkisgPeGaSuS: that's an upgrade; it means you installed it before that; you can search deeper with: zgrep "Install:.*chrom" /var/log/apt/history.log.*.gz11:12
alkisgtrying again in case matrix translated the asterisks into italics: zgrep "Install:.*chrom" /var/log/apt/history.log.*.gz11:12
PeGaSuSyeah, it appears there.. I really don't remember installing it, but I must have installed it when I had issues with Chrome11:15
webchat62Hi, I installed Ubuntu a few days back on my dell laptop. Once the laptop goes into suspend state (either by itself or by myself suspending it thorugh the suspend option) it takes more than 60 seconds for it to resume...11:31
tomreynwebchat62: is it an old laptop? which ubuntu version are you running? do you see any error messages on screen when you hit escape during resume?11:32
webchat62its a new laptop which came with windows 11 home. Dell Inspiron. Ubuntu version installed:22.0411:33
webchat62I have dual boot and windows works fine.. sleep and waking up is instant11:34
webchat62I have Zorin OS installed as well.. and have the same issue with Zorin as I have with Ubutnu11:34
webchat62Zoring is based on Ubuntu.. Hence might be having the same issue?11:35
webchat62Tried Fedora as well... to validate that its not due to its being Ubuntu based... and see the same issue with Fedora11:35
webchat62Looked at other forums and found this one which si the same issue as mine...11:36
-ubottu:#ubuntu- bugzilla.kernel.org bug 216773 in Power Management "PM: resume devices took 60.044 seconds || Dell Inspiron 14 5425" [Normal, Assigned]11:36
tomreynit will be a bios / uefi incompatibility with linux. do a bios update. if it still happens then, go through the process again, hit escape during resume and check for errors or warnings on screen (be ready to take a photo), then post the url returned by   sudo journalctl -kb | nc termbin.com 999911:37
tomreynis this also the same device as yours?11:38
webchat62I also have the same model : Dell Inspiron 14 542511:38
webchat62And I have tried updating the bios already11:39
webchat62still the same issue11:39
tomreyntried, or successfully did?11:39
tomreynjournalctl -b | grep DMI:    tells which model and bios version you have11:39
webchat62sorry.. I updated the BIOS and I have the latest BIOS now.. and still have the same issue11:39
webchat62will be restarting and will post to termbin.com.. an will be back in a few mins11:42
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webchat62Hi, I have restarted and need to run the journalctl command.. Can I please get the command to share the results11:48
tomreynsudo journalctl -kb | nc termbin.com 999911:49
webchat62I am the one who had the issue where for me Ubuntu takes more than 60 seconds to wakeup from suspend11:49
tomreyn!irclogs | webchat6211:49
ubottuwebchat62: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/11:49
tomreyn(those logs have a 30m or 1h delay, though)11:50
tomreynwhat happens if you don't boot with:    acpi_osi=! "acpi_osi=Windows 2015" acpi_backlight=vendor mem_sleep_default=deep11:52
webchat62will try now11:54
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tomreynwebchat62: the previous log you posted (5.19.0-32-generic #33~22.04.1-Ubuntu) is a successful boot, without problems (although there is an issue with excahnging information on the the embedded controller via ACPI, which might be relevant). it does not cover a suspend / resume cycle, though - did you actually suspend and resume before posting the log?12:03
webchat62I have tried it again12:04
webchat621. Updated to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=""12:04
tomreynthat's got a "PM: suspend entry (s2idle)" now, good12:04
webchat622. restart12:04
webchat623. After restart.. Suspend12:05
webchat624. press any key on the keboard to initiate wakeup12:05
webchat62Took about 60 seconds to wakeup12:05
tomreynokay, thanks for summing this up. your issue here is with the amdgpu graphics driver, not the NVME12:06
tomreynyou have again booted with      acpi_osi=! "acpi_osi=Windows 2015" acpi_backlight=vendor     though12:06
tomreynafter editing /etc/default/grub you need to run    sudo update-grub    to apply changes12:07
webchat62These are the parameter in the /etc/default/grub file12:07
webchat62GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR="`lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Debian`"12:07
webchat62GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"12:07
tomreynwebchat62: please do not paste into the channel12:08
tomreynyou're currently muted, but drone will unmute you shortly12:08
webchat62I have updated the grub and restarted.. then suspend and then awake.. see the same issue12:17
tomreynwebchat62: :/ see line 3 of your log12:17
tomreynalso "nouveau.blacklist=1" probably makes no sense since you don't seem to have nvidia hardware12:18
webchat62I did remove it from the /etc/default/grub file and then also ran grub update.. and restarted after that..12:19
webchat62GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX is currently set to "" in the grub file12:20
webchat62should i try grub udpate again and provide the logs again?12:20
webchat62or is there another file i need to update?12:20
tomreynif you run   cat /proc/cmdline     you can see how this currently acive kernel was booted12:20
webchat62would you know how I can fix it?12:21
tomreyni'm not sure, since you seem to say that you did run    sudo update-grub     and that this had removed the extra kernel command line arguments off your /boot/grub/grub.cfg - but you still booted with those command line arguments set12:22
tomreynso that's a bit inconclusive12:23
tomreyni can comment on what we have so far, though12:23
webchat62let me validate and try again12:24
tomreynwiththe current configuration (kernel command line, specifically) there are issues with both the amdgpu kernel module resuming properly and with the NVME12:24
tomreyni previously said there was no issue with the NVME, but there are actually those as well, just not leading to a kerneloops12:24
tomreynwhen you search your logs for "cut here" you'll notice the amdgpu (your graphics chipset driver) kernel oops12:25
tomreynthis happens after "PM: suspend entry (s2idle)"12:26
tomreynright below the amdgpu kernel oops you'll notice the nvme timeouts12:26
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tomreynhi Guest143612:27
tomreynwebchat62: kernel bugzilla id 216773 does discuss the nvme timeout issue, and a patch by hans de goede for it12:28
tomreyni haven't read the full bug report but it looked like this patch should have entered newer kernel releases. so i'd suggest also testing with a HWE / HWE-edge kernel or !mainline12:29
tomreynhopefully the amdgpu issue will also be solved there, or one of those may actually be a follow-up issue of theother.12:30
webchat62I have the latest kernel that I can get with Ubuntu 22.04.. is there a way to upgrade to the latest kernel with Ubuntu 22.04?12:31
webchat625.19.0.32-generic is what I have12:31
tomreynwebchat62: hmm no, doesn't seem like it, not through apt. but you can do this:12:38
tomreyn!mainline | webchat6212:38
ubottuwebchat62: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds12:38
tomreynnote these are unsupported, so use them for testing only12:40
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tomreynwebchat62: i'm going to have to leave it there for now, but maybe we can have another look into it later. i think you already have all the info you need to continue examining this situation on your own, though (but i understand that's not easy and may need more support)12:44
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webchat62No issues. Thanks for the help so far...12:44
webchat62learnt a few thing already :)12:45
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tomreyn:) good luck12:45
webchat62one last question though.. assuming there is a .patch file... how can I ru nthe path file?12:46
tomreynit needs to be applied to the kernel source code, which then needs to be compiled, packaged, and the kernel package installed on your system.12:47
tomreynpatches are also kernel version specific, or can be, soyou won#t be able to apply them to any version you choose12:48
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webchat62not my cup of tea then :).. atleast for now12:48
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webchat62Hi, Another query/problem for the day/night :)12:55
webchat62I have Ubuntu 11.04 installed with as the kernel (uname -a)12:56
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mbufHow can I install python3.7 on Ubuntu 22.10? ppa:deadsnakes does not have python3.7. Source: https://sourcedigit.com/23647-how-to-install-python-3-7-in-ubuntu-linux/12:56
webchat62I need to upgrade to the latest kernel (6.2.1). I have been able to install 6.2.1 and have restarted after the install.. but it seems uname -a still returns
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ograwebchat62, ter is no supported 6.2 build yet, but an "apt install linux-oem-22.04c" will get you 6.113:02
webchat62let me try13:03
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vkvcan we talk about wsl here ? have a lot of questions ! can discuss13:22
ograthere is a specific wsl channel somewhere13:23
ubottuWindows 10 and newer have a feature called "Windows Subsystem for Linux", which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide13:23
ograhrm, not in the factoid13:23
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»13:24
ogravkv, ah, the channel name is ##windows-wsl13:25
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BluesKajHi all14:08
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Lopeis there some ubuntu zfs package that avoids the need for ZFS DKMS meaning I won't need to compile the kernel modules?15:51
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ravageevery ubuntu kernel has zfs support16:01
jhutchinsLope: If you're not up to compiling kernel modules maybe ZFS isn't something you should mess with.16:01
theZoMBiEwget -qO- https://repos.influxdata.com/influxdb.key | apt-key add -16:05
Exterminadorany ideas why snapd won't autocomplete commands like `snap install certb` which should be autocompleted to `snap install certbot`?16:05
theZoMBiEand its telling me that apt-key is depreciated. how do i add this key?16:05
deadromany way to backup an 18.04 LTS headless machine to an ISO that's good for bare metal restore from *within*, while running? assuming I got disk space and/or separate partition16:06
ExterminadorI'm really puzzleed how it autocompletes in other machines but not in my new one16:10
ograExterminador, sounds like some bug to me ...16:11
ExterminadorI do auto bash autocompletion and whatnot16:12
ogra"ubuntu-bug snapd" is the command ...16:12
jhutchinsExterminador: If it's just snapd, there might be a snap bash-completion file that's not installed.16:13
Exterminadoronly snapd isn't autocompleting.. other commands like `apt upd` are properly autocompleted16:13
ograwell, that file should come with the snapd deb package ... which you should have installed in all ubuntus ... looks more like some race condition to me (works on all other machines but not this one etc )16:14
ograLope, like ravage said, there is no need to compile anything, zfs is included in all ubuntu kernel packages since 2018 and will not go away16:16
ExterminadorI've tried to delete, reinstall with no luck16:20
jhutchinsExterminador: Do you understand how autocompletion works?  Do you know how separate files provide support for various applications?16:25
Exterminadorjhutchins: snap autocompletion file seems to be inside `/usr/share/bash-completion/completions/` folder.16:27
jhutchinsExterminador: Permissions OK?  Not corrupt?16:29
Exterminadorseems ok to me? -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2.5K Dec  1 09:52 /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/snap16:29
ograExterminador, is the machine you see this issue wit properly on the network ? IIRC snapd needs to do a store query to do the actual completion for things not installed16:30
Exterminadorogra: if I can install packages I assume it has proper connectivity.. also I can access to it via SSH..16:32
ExterminadorI'm kinda confused too.. it's a weird behaviour..16:38
ograis your user by chance using some exotic non-bash shell  ?16:39
ogra(i know there is completion support for fish and zsh too, but not for i.e. ksh and others)16:39
Exterminadornope.. default shell shipped by Ubuntu16:45
ograthen there is really no reason it should not work16:46
ExterminadorI also have coreI guess I'll need to live with that for now16:50
Exterminadorforgot a dot and a space over there16:51
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RegniwekimI need some help getting a Bluetooth dongle working with Ubuntu 22.04.2. As far as I can tell, the service is running, and the dongle is connected because if I unplug the bluetooth settings menu tells me to plug in a dongle. However, I can't get it to connect to any of the devices I have. I started with a PS4 controller, then tried my phone, and17:09
Regniwekimthen my PC. None of the devices ever detects the Ubuntu machine even though it says scanning in the settings.17:09
jhutchinsRegniwekim: Maybe the Ubuntu machine needs to detect the other device.17:12
RegniwekimThe Ubuntu machine isn't detecting anything at all. All my other devices are seeing each other just fine though.17:13
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PersiaPeleHi i'm masturbating so hard right now17:58
TaZeRcool, ubuntu is great for that17:58
PersiaPeleYeah TaZeR17:59
TaZeRsay my name!17:59
PersiaPeleUbuntu is private bby17:59
TaZeRhold on let me quickly install ubuntu so i can join you in masturbating17:59
TaZeRis there a torrent for this sexy edition?18:00
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RegniwekimTurns out the BT adapter I was using isn't compatible with Linux. Weird. Time to find a new adapter.18:23
ReZaTRegniwekim: whats the model of the adapter? just wondering18:24
ReZaTsometimes theres ways to make them work18:24
Regniwekiminsignia ns-pa3bt5a2b2218:24
RegniwekimI tried every solution I could find, eventually found a post from a few months ago by someone with the same adapter who also couldn't get it to work. Turns out it actually says its not compatible on the back of the packaging18:25
ReZaTwhere you able to determine the bt chipset the adapter uses?18:26
ReZaToh well i guess its not such an expensive item :p18:27
ReZaTi like these types: https://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Bluetooth-Adapter-Compatible-Windows/dp/B0BN5GRQ2G18:28
ReZaTworks with everything and is designed by a company thats open about drivers etc18:29
RegniwekimI've got an older BT 4 dongle that I'm going to try. I just need it for a PS4 controller, so I'm hoping that works.18:29
RegniwekimI have no idea how to determine exactly which chipset it uses, but I barely have any idea what I'm doing with Linux lol18:30
tomreyn"lsusb" will tell you about usb connected devices18:31
tomreyn(such as a BT dongle)18:31
RegniwekimIt showed it in there, and all it said was realtek bluetooth radio18:31
RegniwekimIt didn't specify chipset18:31
tomreynbut the usb vendor and device id, which *can* help looking that up (but doesn't have to)18:32
RegniwekimI can't remember what the id said. If this older dongle doesn't work, I'll pull that up again.18:33
RegniwekimAyy, the old adapter works just fine18:44
jhutchinsRealtek.  When you only care about cost, not function.19:09
BarnabasDKjhutchins, some truth to that19:23
BarnabasDKallthough, for home use, they are ok19:23
BarnabasDKdon't expect them to get anywhere near the spec transfer rate though :-P19:28
MusumusuTrying to use wine with dxvk and when using stuff like Lutris or Bottles I receive "wine: Unhandled page fault on execute access to 00007F1FF2FFA280 at address 00007F1FF2FFA280" error. Without any launcher I can replicate the error via  "VK_ICD_FILENAMES=/usr/share/vulkan/icd.d/nvidia_icd.json wine game.exe" but omitting it or using "VK_ICD_FILENAMES=/usr/share/vulkan/icd.d/radeon_icd.i686.json" instead causes no error.19:31
MusumusuUbuntu LTS
MusumusuI am at loss to what the issue is, any idea what to do here?19:31
jhutchinsMusumusu: Wine is known to have problems with Wayland.  There are some patches currently being tested with the up-stream kernels, but for now use X if you want Wine.19:35
Musumusujhutchins: in inxi -Fxxz output I have the line "Display: x11 server: X.Org v: compositor: gnome-shell driver: X:19:38
Musumusu    loaded: amdgpu gpu: amdgpu display-ID: :1 screens: 1" so I assume the wayland is not used? On the login screen I select "Ubuntu" and not "Ubuntu on Wayland" as well, having nvidia gpu seems to prefer xorg by default too.19:38
BarnabasDKMusumusu, try to do ps -ef | grep X and/or ps -ef | grep ayland to see what x server is running when you login19:43
BarnabasDKnote that the login screen probably uses wayland19:43
BarnabasDKthat is - GDM has its own server19:44
weedmicmy safenet etoken with openconnect works fine for all my files in firefox, except - when I got to https://nloutlook.nl.jonkheer.com/owa/#path=/mail - it asks me to login, instead of just opening up (like it does in windows with the same key).  Any ideas on what to do would be helpful.19:46
weedmicI have already tried prostpect mail, but it doesn't seem to be able to let me install a security module (and point to the etoken).  Thunerbird allows the loading of the token, but doesn't seem to actually do anything.  I think one must changet it to imap and smtp (which I'm not doing/up to).19:48
MusumusuBarnabasDK: https://paste.linux.chat/?ab46f04ab5f452a8#62exkxfZu3846ftTaqv5Ym3j6ovutfCUP287wtUAVkK4 from the output I think it is Xorg running?19:50
BarnabasDKsince the output fron the grep on ayland (Xwayland) gives you nothing - you are obviously on good old Xorg19:55
BarnabasDKI think chances of making wine work on Wayland are slim at best19:56
BarnabasDKso you should be good there19:56
BarnabasDKthat does not make it super easy though19:57
BarnabasDKhave you tried the PlayOnLinux package?19:57
BarnabasDKmaybe I am late to the chat19:57
BarnabasDKPlayOnLinux = a meta system managing versions of wine and config in relation to the programs (and games) that use tem19:58
BarnabasDKI have had reasonable success with that - for example running guildwars 2 on linux - appaling frame rate, but it is not super important in that game19:59
MusumusuBarnabasDK: I assume it has the same problem as Lutris or Bottles as far as I can tell the do about the same thing. The error I can repeat in both bottles and lutris whether I install native or flatpak.20:00
MusumusuAlso if I disable one of the gpus - it seems to be working fine.20:00
BarnabasDKah - two gpus :-)20:01
MusumusuI have amd ipgu and nvidia dgpu and I do want to use both.20:01
BarnabasDKdont know the inner workings of Xorg, but I am sure someone here does20:01
BarnabasDKcan you run double (sli?) type setups with Xorg20:01
BarnabasDKand wine20:01
MusumusuBeen at this point for a few days asking stuff everywhere but no answers are coming in. Oh, I am not trying to run them in SLI, I just want xorg running on igpu and running heavy stuff on dgpu whenever I need.20:02
BarnabasDKMusumusu, Linux is not frequently used for heavy gaming of windows (direct x) games20:03
BarnabasDK.. which I assume is the goal20:03
BarnabasDKif it is opengl it should be alot easier20:03
BarnabasDKmaybe even native?20:04
BarnabasDKdon't know the titles you mention20:04
weedmicre:  my question, i think the problem was that ubuntu used snap version of  prospect mail, and i could  find no way to load the full version.20:04
MusumusuBarnabasDK: I am actually trying to move from Windows and considering for the test I could run Death Stranding DX12 on Linux through wine fine I don't think it would be that much of a problem. For the worst cases I can use VM with dgpu passthrough. The only thing left for me to completely move is solving the current issue.20:05
BarnabasDKMusumusu, I salute your efford and hope you succeed, but to my experience, I use windows for just one purpose, that is bootstrapping my games - which it does quite perfectly20:06
BarnabasDKmaybe I am being a grinch but I doubt you will succeed with newer titles on wine20:06
BarnabasDKusually it works with older windows dx titles20:07
BarnabasDKso more of a retro gaming thing20:07
BarnabasDK.. which is why I mentioned guild wars 220:08
MusumusuI don't quite care for the most new titles or online with anticheat games and Death Stranding kinda proves it that most should work fine. I suspect I could just run VM with passthrough for every game but it sounds like a major pain, I want to be able to play non-demanding stuff native-ish.20:08
BarnabasDKalso that would be slow a*f20:09
BarnabasDKWine is sort of native20:09
BarnabasDKI often wonder if it would be easier for linux users to try to run the apple version of a game20:10
BarnabasDKthan the windows one20:10
BarnabasDKif it exists20:11
BarnabasDKand here I have no knowledge at all20:11
MusumusuThere are not that many apple versions of the games, apple is not really known for gaming. I hear about gaming on apple even less than Linux.20:13
BarnabasDKMaybe an effect of the steam platform20:13
BarnabasDKto be honest - I moved to Playstation as my main gaming platform to try to evade the cheating - enter cross platform gaming - and we are back where we started20:14
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BarnabasDKBut I still need my occasional fix on pc gaming20:15
BarnabasDKif that is a term20:15
MusumusuConsole gaming is not really for my place or my money, lol.20:15
BarnabasDKnah - I hear you20:16
BarnabasDKexpensive games20:16
BarnabasDKeventhough the hw is cheaper20:16
BarnabasDKpaid nidicolous amount for my ps520:17
BarnabasDKfin scabbers20:17
BarnabasDKmaybe a channel for this kind of thing would be in place?20:19
BarnabasDK# ubuntu-gaming?20:19
MusumusuBarnabasDK: There are several linux gaming communities but they cannot help me too. They seem quite established, since Valve got onto proton stuff got much better.20:25
BarnabasDKI am sure - but I am not on those20:28
BarnabasDKso if it is help in a capacity with relations to Canonical this way20:28
BarnabasDKit probably has to take place here20:28
BarnabasDKppl can correct me20:29
BarnabasDKor maybe the web enabled forums20:29
BarnabasDKdo not spend much time there20:29
BarnabasDKjust for kicks, I dont know if this will help or if I missed it20:31
BarnabasDKyour hw was nvidia? - so are you trying via the oss driver or the closed source one?20:32
BarnabasDKMusumusu, I get it - you also seem quite well informed and having tried a few solutions, just realize - there may not be one20:34
MusumusuBarnabasDK: I do agree that sometimes there is no solution but this just seems so mundane. It is not like I am trying to run Visual Studio in wine.20:35
BarnabasDKVisual studio requires 3d accell today?20:38
* BarnabasDK being a linux native since 200020:39
BarnabasDKwhat if all you need is to write a simple batch job :-)20:40
mybalzitchuse edlin20:40
BarnabasDKforget it - beside the point20:40
BarnabasDKI apologize20:41
MusumusuVisual Stidop uses too much of windows stuff to be properly used in wine I mean.20:41
BarnabasDKthink it is natively available for linux20:42
BarnabasDKor visual studio code is20:42
BarnabasDKI am a fervent user of Idea20:43
BarnabasDKfor all kinds of coding20:43
BarnabasDKsarnold, nice20:45
BarnabasDKused to be very anti MS but not so much anymore - they make some really nice things for the OSS community today20:47
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dob1"The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY AA16FCBCA621E701"23:10
dob1why there is this problem?23:11
dob1ah, it's not from ubuntu23:11
leftyfbdob1: https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform/issues/3262223:12
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 32622 in hashicorp/terraform "GPG error : The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY AA16FCBCA621E701" [Open]23:12
sarnoldhttps://discuss.hashicorp.com/t/hcsec-2023-01-hashicorp-response-to-circleci-security-alert/48842/2 looks likely related23:12
jsebeandob1: post the full log/console output to a paste if you can and you still have issue with this23:13
jsebeanthat github link should help though23:14
dob1I am reading it23:14
dob1but it's still an open issue23:15
jsebeanwell i have no idea if it's related, but if it is, solution is posted in that thread ;)23:15
dob1I used this https://developer.hashicorp.com/vagrant/downloads23:17
dob1it seems ok23:18
mybalzitchlol, got an email in gmail, goa-daemon crashed, and firefox now refuses to load gmail.com23:52
mybalzitchoh and resolved crashed too23:53

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