mybalzitchhopefully ubuntu-bug provides useful info00:07
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rangelComo faço para personalizar o lubuntu 22,0402:07
EriC^^!sp | rangel02:08
EriC^^!es | rangel02:08
ubotturangel: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:08
leftyfb!pt | rangel02:09
ubotturangel: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.02:09
leftyfbEriC^^: Portuguese, not Spanish :)02:09
EriC^^ah :)02:10
leftyfbrangel: there's also #lubuntu02:10
Peppi^from ubuntu can I access a windows file system on the network and copy files from it to the ubuntu machine?02:18
leftyfbPeppi^: yes02:19
Peppi^leftyfb, nice... how would I go about doing that? I assume I need to get something?02:20
leftyfbPeppi^: https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/nautilus-connect.html.en02:20
leftyfbPeppi^: https://itsubuntu.com/mount-windows-share-on-ubuntu-distro/02:21
leftyfbPeppi^: https://www.c-sharpcorner.com/article/how-to-share-files-between-ubuntu-and-windows-10/02:21
leftyfbthe last one is probably best/easiest02:21
leftyfbPeppi^: I typed: "access windows share from ubuntu" into google02:21
Peppi^leftyfb, ahh thanks for both then02:22
Peppi^going to reboot02:23
plt2I am using VMWare work station. How can I load the current version of Ubuntu?02:34
leftyfbplt2: just like you do with installing any other OS02:34
leftyfbplt2: https://www.makeuseof.com/install-ubuntu-on-vmware-workstation/  first result on google for "vmware workstation install ubuntu"02:35
plt2It's having some issues. Should I be using the netinstall for the full dvd where I can let the installer do everything including install grub for me?02:36
leftyfbplt2: there is no netinstall for the most recent version of ubuntu02:36
plt2This is going to be fun.02:41
plt2Cool 6 gb02:41
plt2The LTS release is coded different?02:43
sarnoldnot really; it just has more people using it, so more bug reports, so more bug fixes, and of course longer support02:44
kuckleheadOkay, I have some corrupted packages on my ubuntu machine and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the package which didn't work. I am getting this error and I followed this guide to fix it: https://phoenixnap.com/kb/fix-sub-process-usr-bin-dpkg-returned-error-code-1 It fixed one of my ubuntu installations but did not fix the ubuntu that is installed on my flash drive for some reason. The broken ubuntu machine is chrooted and everything is02:45
kuckleheadmounted correctly. I have no idea how to fix it02:45
leftyfbkucklehead: reinstall and restore from backup02:46
plt2I am running Ubuntu on my own dedicated server being hosting at a data center 2TB HD, 256 GB of memory and up to 1GB internet connection.02:48
kuckleheadAh, it's you from last time. I would if I had such a thing for my usb ubuntu but I don't. I was told to reinstall it. I do believe that the corruption is from dpkg.... I mean I could rip the dpkg out eventually but that'll just kill it I believe so02:48
leftyfbkucklehead: you have an install of ubuntu on a usb flash drive and you have no other machine you can backup to? It's a flash drive, I can't imagine it's all that big02:49
plt2I do not the habbit of just rupping things out with out asking folkes because could makes things worse if you do that.02:50
leftyfbplt2: do you need help with something?02:50
plt2I am waiting for the download then I will ask if I run in to any issues.02:50
leftyfbplt2: ok, feel free to chat in #ubuntu-offtopic. This channel is primarily for support issues02:51
alkisgkucklehead: the `sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code` depends on the package that produced it. Pastebin the whole terminal output so that we can see the exact error message.02:52
kuckleheadalkisg, what is the command you suggest running to output what you seek?02:55
alkisgkucklehead: you reported the error above; you sent the link. What command did you run to get that error.02:56
kuckleheadapt-get install linux-generic02:56
alkisgIf you don't know how to reproduce it now, just try: apt full-upgrade02:56
alkisgOK, try that then02:56
kuckleheadbase-files package is being held back and there's nothing to upgrade besides that package02:57
plt2If I am using the LTS release should I select for the version Ubuntu 64 BIt or Ubuntu?02:57
alkisgSelect ALL the terminal output, from the time you ran the command up to the error. Go to some pastebin, e.g. paste.debian.net. Paste the output there. Send us the URL here.02:58
kuckleheadah crap I forgot how to use the pastebin again lol02:59
kuckleheadOh nvm I am thinking wgetpaste03:00
kuckleheadIt's gonna take a couple minutes...03:05
plt2Exception 0xc0000005 (access violation) has occurred.03:05
kuckleheadIs that a pointer?03:06
sarnoldprobably not, I bet that's an enum in the kernel sources03:07
plt2That is not good.03:07
plt2Are you asking me that question?03:07
kuckleheadYeah I was. I though it was a pointer of something03:09
plt2I posted the entire error message on pastebin03:09
leftyfbplt2: that's an error with vmware on Windows. Nothing to do with linux. Please seek support from vmware or Microsoft. Maybe try #windows03:09
plt2Some of the version of linux run fine on Wmware03:10
kuckleheadhttps://pastebin.com/DrRdncdi ta-da03:11
sarnoldkucklehead: wow, i've never seen that one before. nice job. what's in dmesg?03:13
kuckleheadThank you :D. And uh, I don't think that would matter as I am running it in chroot03:13
kuckleheadIt doesn't even have a kernel too boot off of or anything03:14
sarnoldah, so you probably shouldn't even have kernels in the chroot, it can't boot anyway03:14
alkisgkucklehead: what's the output of this? sudo lsblk --fs | nc termbin.com 999903:16
kuckleheadYeah pretty much. I've been trying to install a kernel for almost two days03:16
Loperavage, ogra: ok thanks, because my use-case is a weak 1-vcore 2.5ghz VPS that was terribly slow at DKMS compiling the ZFS kernel modules, I'm wondering if I use Ubuntu instead, the ZFS modules come pre-compiled? So the ZFS kernel modules are packaged with the kernel apt packages?03:18
Lope(I was using Debian)03:19
alkisgkucklehead: you've booted from linux mint and you want to install a boot loaded into the ubuntu installation?03:19
Lope(Debian only has reluctant support for ZFS whereas Ubuntu's support is more enthusiastic)03:20
kuckleheadNo, I installed linux mint onto the usb flash drive. I already have ubuntu that's working on my ssd. What's not working is the linux mint which literally uses jammy repos. All I want is a init too boot off of for my linux mint mate03:22
alkisgkucklehead: unfortunately mint isn't on-topic on this channel03:23
kuckleheadSeriously? Well shoot. I thought it would be even when linux mint is almost ubuntu jammy. It literally has everything for jammy and like one or two repos of linux mint lol03:24
alkisgkucklehead: there are small differences, that are enough to BREAK a system if you follow ubuntu's advice on mint03:25
rboxyou know what they say... almost doesn't count03:26
kuckleheadHm, now you mention it like that. It makes sense. Sorry for wasting everyone's time03:27
kuckleheadThanks again :-)03:27
pltViolation error could be a lot of things but I know centos loads fine on Wmare03:29
pltThis is the log file https://pastebin.com/SBeeLH1b03:30
kuckleheadActually. What you gentlemen recommend burning ubuntu.iso to a usb flash stick? Etcher or the dd command. And if you use the dd command would it cause problems for the installation?03:31
arraybolt3kucklehead: Etcher and dd should have identical results. Both just write the ISO straight to the USB stick.03:33
arraybolt3(As opposed to copying it onto a filesystem on the USB stick.)03:33
arraybolt3kucklehead: Personally I'd use Etcher because it verifies that the ISO was written correctly after it finishes, and I've had an incorrect flash mess me up in the past.03:34
arraybolt3With dd, you either don't get verification, or you have to verify it yourself which is doable but rather complicated. Etcher just does it automatically.03:34
kuckleheadarraybolt3, you have convinced me to use Etcher instead of dd. Not gonna lie, I am seriously thinking on swapping back to ubuntu if things don't work out03:36
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pltHave you every tried loading Ubuntu on VMware?04:06
grymaybe; why do you ask?04:08
hiyaGuys, my laptop is ThinkPad T16 Gen1, it has a 86Wh battery, I use it with Ubuntu 22.10 + Power save profile on all the time, I only use Firefox + Telegram + Terminal [not connected to anything remote]04:40
hiyaHow many hours of battery backup should I get?04:40
hiyaAlso, I have notice gnome says low power mode activated once the battery is < 20%, how to use it all the time?04:40
gryit depends on battery health, right?04:41
hiya100%, brand new laptop04:41
lolokbatteries wear out over time, if you want to know for sure, you have to test it04:41
hiyaCapacity = 100%04:41
grydo you have dconf-editor ?04:41
hiyaI can install04:42
hiyaI have dconf package04:42
gryorg-> gnome-> settings-daemon-> plugins-> power04:42
hiyaok what to do there?04:43
grydoes it have percentage-low setting?04:43
hiyaWhich I use all the time? So is it not using it until it is low?04:44
gryand that's the only setting that it's got there?04:44
hiyagry: https://share.riseup.net/#bJzd2BFLoCgpXYP2Ajc9mw this is what I see there04:45
grythanks; this looks unrelated; does it scroll down, or this is it?04:47
hiyaThat is it sir04:47
gryoh... okay. do you have a "/var/lib/power-profiles-daemon/state.ini" file?04:48
hiyaYes, output= [State] Driver=platform_profile Profile=power-saver04:49
gryit means it is started in power saver mode after reboot, you can also activate it with "powerprofilesctl set power-saver", according to https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/hadess/power-profiles-daemon04:51
hiyagry: how can I check my current power use in watts using software? Or is it not possible? When I first got the laptop a couple of weeks ago, after my 8h shift, I use to have 50-60% battery left. Now it is 35% left. something is eating more battery, and yet I didn't change anything, it use to go up to 16+hours on battery and now can barely touch 12h04:52
grytry powerstat, powertop04:54
hiyaok I would, how many hours is excepted from 86Wh battery on power-save profiel?05:04
hiyagry: I give up man :( I think my battery was just performing like a Macbook when it first came, now it is 12.5h05:18
hiyaI wanted to beat Macbooks with AMD laptop + Ubuntu05:18
maumhow can I write a file in mounted usb drive on Ubuntu? I mounted it to /mnt/e folder , but when I try to write a file, the error permission denied occur05:45
maumchmod -R 777 also permission denied even though root account05:45
evulishi've installed ubuntu 22.04 in hyperv.. how do i change the default desktop environment? i'm logging in via xrdp and then it goes straight to gnome.05:47
rboxyouc an't chmod if its not a unix filesystem05:47
maumthe Ubuntu os is installed in windows 10 wsl05:47
maumI could see files in usb drive but cannot be writing05:48
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gryhiya, in powerstat or powertop, it will show which apps are the most power consuming. often a rather power consuming is the screen/display and reducing its brightness may help.06:20
gryhiya, there is an app to pause windows if they are minimized. would those help you?06:21
cosmicrajivhow to upgrade nvidia drivers in ubuntu 22.04?06:31
Musumusucosmicrajiv: Additional Drivers thing in application tab worked for me or manually via sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt install nvidia-driver-***07:25
MusumusuI am running my main display via xorg on amdgpu, is it possible to run another desktop on secondary nvidia gpu?07:25
lolokwhat youre looking for is called multiseat or multihead and yes its possible but its not trivial07:31
Musumusulolok: I have an issue where I cannot run dxvk properly as it tries to use the wrong (nvidia one) vulkan ICD when I run my main session/desktop on amdgpu. I can manually specify the corrent one but it is not possible in some cases. The current idea is to run nvidia display to run heavier stuff. Do you know if there is a better option?07:34
lolokprimus or bumblebee may work07:35
arraybolt3I think Bumblebee is deprecated, just fyi.07:35
hiyagry: I have a low powered displa. Maybe Ubuntu started detecting it as a normal display now?07:43
hiyagry: my laptop's LCD is low powered one07:44
hiyagry: https://www.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comments/10wqyh9/battery_life_of_t14s_gen_3_amd_is_impressive_it/07:46
hiyaIt is this good07:46
gryhiya, maybe #hardware could assist. as a random question, try to boot from a live cd, maybe various distros, to test.07:46
MusumusuBoth Primus and Bumblebee don't seem very alive, sad.07:47
alkisgMusumusu: essentially you just need an udev rules file to separate your hardware into two seats; I've written code for that e.g. https://github.com/ltsp/ltsp/blob/main/ltsp/client/init/55-multiseat.sh#L27 but unfortunately no how-tos :D07:48
alkisg# cat /etc/udev/rules.d/72-ltsp-seats.rules07:50
alkisgTAG=="seat", DEVPATH=="/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:01.0/0000:01:00.0*", ENV{ID_SEAT}="seat-1"07:50
alkisgTAG=="seat", DEVPATH=="*/usb?/?-?/?-?.[1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19]/*", ENV{ID_SEAT}="seat-1"07:50
Musumusualkisg: I don't understand it at all :D I would love to just figure out why the wrong VK_ICD is used and how to fix that. Oh, and can a seat be dynamically closed to release gpu?07:50
alkisg...so essentially a file like that ^ one07:50
alkisgThen half your usb ports plus one GPU would be "seat-1", and the rest would be "seat0"07:51
hiyagry: alkisg can refresh rate of the display affect battery?07:52
alkisghiya: when people see a question they can comment on, they do, no need to ping random people here :)07:52
gryhiya: yes, higher refresh rates use more battery07:52
hiyaalkisg: sorry boss07:52
Musumusualkisg: Maybe it is not what I am looking for. I want that to be available on a single display/monitor and switching between them, is it possible with seats?07:52
hiyagry: What is ideal refresh rate in modern laptops?07:53
hiyaor default refresh rate07:53
gryhiya: 60 frames per second probably07:53
MusumusuBet it is still 60 now.07:53
hiyamine is also set to 60 only07:53
gryhiya: it is a hardware question, i am not very good at hardware07:53
hiyaBut the option goes down to 4807:54
hiyaLet me check the old laptop07:54
alkisgMusumusu: two seats mean two different logins by two different accounts, so no, not what you're after :)07:54
MusumusuNever imagined that the hardest part of switching to linux would be some weird obscure issue with vulkan.07:55
Aliekezihi, the default version of python on Ubuntu-22.04 is python-2 ?08:33
Aliekezion my computer, when I start something with python it will use python2 but I would like to know if it was the default behavior or not08:34
gryno, maybe, i think, it is python 3 now by default08:34
alkisgThe default for the python command in 22.04 is command not found08:35
alkisgPython programs use #!/usr/bin/python3 on top of them, not plain python08:35
SteelRoseHi guys! is there any way to easily convert M$ .xlsx files to CSV? Thanks!08:55
SteelRosexls2csv does not support newer formats08:56
SteelRosenevermind... there's a newer tool called xlsx2csv :-)08:59
geirhathere's also visidata09:00
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kek_so ubuntu people, please help me understand this. I updated system (unsure about this). I installed docker. systemd failed to start docker service. I reboot, still failed. I then updated the system again. Now it could start. How does that make sense?09:13
kek_might dc in a minute :(09:15
MusumusuSomething might've failed to update at first, I had something similar with my nv drivers once new version released.09:16
kek_hmm ok I'll try it from scratch and see if I can reproduce that.09:18
mangakahi guys09:33
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alkisgDo flatpaks create a ~/flatpak folder for app sandboxing, similar to ~/snap? So e.g. if I install firefox, will I need to migrate my profile from ~/.mozilla to ~/.flatpak/mozilla?09:50
SteelRosegeirha: I didn't know of visidata... thanks for the hint. However, I need to covert formats and there's no need to visualize the contents09:51
geirhait can view and edit xlsx and csv, and can also convert between them09:52
SteelRosegeirha: yep... I just read the man page :-)09:58
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SircleWhat will  tor-instance-create do? if the port is same (9050), then whats the difference?11:00
Sircleref https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/en/man8/tor-instance-create.8.html11:01
Nadia1995Buongiorno a tutti, avrei bisogno di una mano da qualcuno che conosce ubuntu. Ho provato a installare ubuntu 22.04 LTS da pennetta USB ma arrivo ad un punto che mi chiede che tipo di installazione voglio fare, in pratica mi chiede di fare la partizione ma non compare nulla su quella finestra. Non posso andare avanti e non posso fare modifiche11:07
Nadia1995perchè va in crash e devo quindi annullare completamente l'installazione. Ho un pc portatile acer con sistema operativo windows 10 ma nativo windows 7. L'ho comprato con all'interno già Windows 10. Il problema che riscontro è "Nessun file system di root..." ma come dicevo non mi compare nulla per poter partizionare. Il boot del bios è11:07
Nadia1995abilitato. Qualcuno ha avuto questo mio stesso problema ed è riuscito a risolvere? Se sì, come?11:07
jarnosCan anyone mention a PPA for 20.04 that causes a soname bump for a library?11:52
ravageit is called "upgrade to 22.04"12:00
bhechingerOk, really odd networking behavior going on here. I setup a VM for OPNsense on my desktop. I cannot get it to reliably use the bridge interfaces. There are 4 other VMs that are using the same exact bridge interfaces just fine. As things stand now on the "external" interface I am not getting DHCP from the router/gateway. On the "internal" interface I can ping out from the VM, but pinging the VM results in a 95% packet loss.12:00
bhechingerI have a NUC running the same config that works fine. Both machines are 22.04.12:05
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esvhey folks, is there a command to display packager and copyright info of an installed package?13:29
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leftyfbesv: apt info <package>13:31
jhutchinsesv: Not always available, but supposed to be.13:31
BluesKajHi all13:42
hiyaFor some reason powertop --auto-tune didn't help me with battery even a second, it is same as yesterday without it.13:48
hiyaI think gnome's power profiles are already good enough13:48
IglooHi folks! Something is setting my keyboard to be the "extd" variant, which gives my ` key behaviour I don't want. I've tried XKBVARIANT="basic" in /etc/default/keyboard, Option "XkbVariant" "basic" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf and running "setxkbmap gb basic" in .xsession, but nothing makes any difference. Does anyone know where I need to change it please? (On Ubuntu 22.04.2)14:16
jhutchinsIgloo: Maybe "basic" isn't the right keyword.  Have you looked in the logs?14:17
IglooIf I run `setxkbmap gb basic` (or `setxkbmap gb`) after X has started then it works14:18
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Igloo(I got the name "basic" from /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/gb)14:23
IglooThe logs say [   662.525] (**) Option "xkb_variant" "basic"   but "setxkbmap -print -verbose 10" says "variant:    extd" once X has started14:24
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alkisgIgloo: `sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration` will help you properly set up /etc/default/keyboard via dialogs without manually editing that file14:29
alkisgThat will then work in console and in plain xorg; but gnome isn't plain xorg, it has its own keyboard layout software, and it's even possible that ibus is running on top of all, setting its own layout14:29
alkisgSo start with that ^ command, then reboot, and if it still doesn't work, you'll need to open the gnome keyboard settings dialog14:30
IglooI'm not running gnome; I exec sawfish in .xsession14:31
alkisgIgloo: ok, then try that ^14:34
IglooI just tried rebooting and it didn't help14:34
alkisgSo, after rebooting, what's the output of this? (cat /etc/default/keyboard; setxkbmap -query ) | nc termbin.com 999914:35
alkisgIgloo: ok, now terminate all your xorg sessions etc (for example if you're using lightdm, run systemctl stop lightdm), then login as root, then run: xinit14:41
alkisgIn the xterm that will open, run` setxkbmap -query`. Does extd still appear there?14:41
IglooHmm, I have some sort of graphical login on terminal 2, but I can't work out what it is to turn it off14:47
IglooOK, if I xinit -- :1, then that shows "basic" as the variant14:49
Igloo(ctrl-alt-Fn is also very unreliable for me, for some reason?)14:50
alkisgIn general things are more stable when you're using a proper display manager14:50
alkisgIt sounds like something in your login process is to blame. I'd run a sudo grep -w extd /etc; grep -w extd ~ and see if I can pinpoint it14:51
alkisg*add a -r there, sudo grep -rw extd /etc; grep -rw extd ~14:51
IglooI have no idea what I'm using. I assume that it's whatever ubuntu installed, but it doesn't seem to have a program name on it, and I don't see anything that looks like a dm running14:52
alkisgcat /etc/X11/default-display-manager14:53
alkisgIf you installed ubuntu gnome, that would then be gdm14:53
alkisgIf you installed kubuntu, it would be sddm. Or for other flavors, lightdm.14:54
IglooAh, slim14:54
alkisg...what ubuntu .iso did you use while installing ubuntu?14:54
IglooIt was a long time ago. It was the normal ubuntu one, though (I may have switched to slim myself at some point)14:55
alkisgls /usr/share/xsessions | nc termbin.com 999914:56
IglooThere's nothing in /etc, incidentally. I'm looking in .* in ~, but that's taking a long time and I don't expect it's going to find anything14:56
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alkisgLooks like gnome with a few additional window managers14:58
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alkisgAfter logging in, try env | grep ^XDG | nc termbin.com 999914:59
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alkisgAfter using your normal login method, i.e. slim15:02
IglooThat was after startx (having stopped slim), but exhibited the same problem15:03
IglooIf I put "setxkbmap -query > q1" in .xsession, then q1 says basic, so something must be changing it after that15:04
IglooWhat's a simple window manager I can test with?15:05
vltIgloo: openbox15:06
alkisgRun an xterm from .xsession, then manually run the rest of your commands from there and check setxkbmap -query after each one of them15:07
alkisg(a blocking xterm, without &)15:07
IglooSame thing happens with openbox. And if my .xsession just runs xterm, then the same thing happens there too15:11
alkisgSo at the point where you put `setxkbmap -query > q1`, if you replace that with `xterm`, and you run `setxkbmap -query` inside xterm, the problem has already happened?15:12
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alkisgThat sounds very strange, I'm not aware of any concurrently running programs at that point15:14
alkisgTry with another user, to see if it's a specific problem with your account, or with all the users in the system15:14
IglooOK, I wrapped setxkbmap, and something is running it with -layout gb -variant extd -option -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp15:14
alkisgYou can add a `(echo $PPID; ps faux) > q1` in the wrapper to discover the parent process15:15
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IglooOK, it's /usr/libexec/ibus-ui-gtk315:16
alkisgSo it's the first thing I said, and it's even possible that ibus is running on top of all, setting its own layout :D15:17
IglooAha, looks like I can change it in ibus-setup15:17
* alkisg just replaces ibus with a custom fake-ibus.deb, generated with equivs...15:18
IglooOK, I've put everything back, rebooted, and it all seems to be working properly now. Thanks for all your help!15:21
jhutchins!info ibus15:33
ubottuibus (1.5.27-2, kinetic): Intelligent Input Bus - core. In component main, is optional. Built by ibus. Size 297 kB / 1,275 kB15:33
jhutchins... because we need another I/O layer.15:38
mordantI have ubuntu server setup, and I see some folders in /tmp/; .X11-unix, .XIM-unix, couple of lock files: .X1025-lock -- does this mean an Xorg instance was run?15:39
jhutchinsmordant: Who else has had access to the computer?15:40
mordantjust me15:40
tomreynmordant: it sounds like you ran some X server on it then, yes15:44
mordantWell I am almost positive that I myself didn't do that; so is it possible that the server was compromised? It was back in November. Not a production machine so I don't watch it closely, but I don't even know where to start checking on this15:45
tomreynin /var/log/apt/15:46
mordanttomreyn, thanks for the help first off. Taking a look, all I see in /var/log/apt/ are apt logs, as expected. What am I missing?15:49
tomreynmordant: you seem to be missing information about when or why xserver-xorg or a different X server was installed. the files in this directory could provide this (if unaltered)15:50
mordantah, ok, thank you15:50
jhutchinsOne wonders if the installer ran an X session.15:51
ograwhy would it (the server installer surely does not)15:52
ograbut if someone runs i.e. "ssh -X ..." or "ssh -Y ..." it will create a socket for the X proxy ssh uses15:52
ogra(IIRC at least)15:52
ogra... or if you have X forwarding enabled in putty ...15:53
mordantno forwarding setup15:53
ioria systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service  ->  /lib/tmpfiles.d/x11.conf15:54
ograthat woud explain the sockets, but not the lock file15:56
tomreynps $(cat /tmp/.X1025-lock)15:57
tomreynstat /tmp/.X1025-lock | nc termbin.com 999915:58
tomreynmordant: ^ you can run these, too15:59
mordantps states it was from gnome-shell. stat: https://termbin.com/l7i516:00
tomreynthe first would see whether a process with the same process id this lock file was created for is still running, and what it is. the second would post info on the lock file online and post a url to that so you could share it with us.16:00
tomreynps only knows about running processes, not processes that were running16:01
tomreyn(with the exception of zombies, i guess)16:01
tomreyni.e. you seem to be running gnome-shell right now16:02
tomreynwhich probably means you have it installed16:02
tomreynwhich probably means you have an X server installed + running, too16:02
ioriaor Xwayland16:02
mordantonly ever accessed the server via ssh, i dont know what or why would be running gnome-shell16:03
mordantwhich makes me worried now16:03
gnucodehey ubuntu people!  I'm helping out a friend today set up his Talos II.  thanks for getting ubuntu to work on power9!16:03
mordantbut it does seem to be running right now16:03
jhutchinsmordant: Did you perhaps run ssh from within Gnome (shell) on another system?16:05
tomreyngnucode: there's a channel dedicated to that around here, if i recall correctly. just in case you're not aware of it, yet.16:05
tomreynthat *hardware*16:05
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»16:06
mordantjhutchins, no, definitely not; I'm worried that it was compromised16:07
tomreynsee what's in apt history log for 2022-11-0116:07
jhutchinsMaybe the auth.log16:08
tomreynzgrep 'Start-Date: 2022-11-01' /var/log/apt/history.log*16:09
mordanttomreyn, nothing came back for that16:10
mordantjhutchins, logs don't go back that far16:10
tomreynjournalctl --since 2022-11-0116:11
mordant'logs begin at 2022-11-30', damn16:12
mordantI did reboot this machine just a few weeks ago, guess I should check if gnome is set to start on boot16:13
mordantwhat is that, gdm?16:14
jhutchinsmordant: *dm16:14
tomreynthe gnome display manager16:14
mordantthat's the service that would be enabled for it, correct?16:15
ograyes, it is the login screen16:17
ogra(the graphical one)16:17
tomreynmost people who would wonder whether their system was compromised would know what gdm is, why don't you?16:18
Nadia1995hey everyone, there is some italian ubuntus client?16:19
mordantI do, I'm saying that's what the service is, just was relaying the info16:19
tomreynNadia1995: what do you mean by "italian ubuntus client"?16:20
arraybolt3Nadia1995: There's an Italian Ubuntu IRC channel.16:20
arraybolt3!it | Nadia199516:20
ubottuNadia1995: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:20
lord_fauntleroywhat's the most modern web browser packaged for power9 in ubuntu?16:39
gnucodejhutchins, i will try it. thanks.16:43
jhutchinsgnucode: Um, that's sarcastic.  Mosaic is the oldest "web browser" I can remember.16:44
gnucodejhutchins, I did a snap install mosaic...then tried to run it...I am getting a linking error.  :)16:45
jhutchinsgnucode: Unable to find discoball?16:49
gnucodejhutchins, what is doscoball?16:49
tomreynqutebrowser could be an option16:53
PauletHi, anybody's here?17:20
PauletCool ! I have a very basic question, but cannot find the answer. Hope someone could help me.17:21
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:22
PauletI have a text file with a list of files and I'm looking for the command which can remove all the files listed. Something like "user$ rm /files_listed_here.txt17:24
PauletOkay ubottu, sorry for the mistake. Also sorry for my expression, english is not my native language.17:25
PauletMore exactly, I want to do this with shred. How to complete correctly this command ? user$ sudo shred -z -u -v '/user/list_of_files'17:28
Athlon64gnome software saying it can't find service file related to fwupd so i tried to install it but it seems I cannot?17:35
jhutchinsPaulet: Bash for loop?  For foo in `cat file` rm $foo   That's off the top of my head, I always have to tweak the syntax.17:35
jhutchinsPaulet: ubottu is our brain-dead bot.17:36
Athlon64nvm solved my own problem, which i caused by removing source for focal-proposed, which i removed cuz of another error, but restored it and all is well17:41
Pauletthank for your answer jhutchins. I'm not very familiar with programmation and command line and after some quick search, I don't understand well how to combine cat with rm. I have differents files listed in a document called 'test'. I type "rm cat /home/user/test" but it didn't work. Neither with coma. Could you give me an exemple of the command17:50
Pauletline with the correct syntax?17:50
jhutchinsPaulet: Actually, I think you can do something like rm < `cat file` - note the backward ticks - but I'm not sure about that.17:55
jhutchinsThe for loop needs comma-seperated for,do,done I think.17:55
jhutchinsBeen a while.17:55
jhutchinsPaulet: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/bash-for-loop/17:56
A_Dragonfor ...; do some_command; done17:56
A_Dragonor just for ...; command if you use zsh17:56
jhutchinsPaulet: https://ryanstutorials.net/bash-scripting-tutorial/bash-loops.php#for17:57
jhutchinsI guess you don't need the "cat".17:58
jhutchins(Often true in bash)17:58
jhutchinsA_Dragon: Yeah, that's right, semi-colon instead of linebreak for one-liners.17:59
A_Dragongenerally for xxx; do\nsome_command\ndone is the nice-looking form17:59
jhutchinsThere was some reason I was using bash loops a lot for a while, but they haven't come up for some time now.18:00
Pauletgoddamn, I must be too stupid for that. I will ask a collegue when back to work and find another solution. Thank you a lot for your help and documentation, I will read that but the vocabulary is too technic for me... Will also try to find a traduction of theses documentation. Thanks you again and have a good afternoom18:02
A_Dragonwhat exactly do you want to do?18:02
PauletI'm trying to shred or rm ~100 document listed by fslint in a text document (i'm on ubuntu)18:03
A_Dragonwhats the output of fslint look like?\18:04
Pauletit look like a basic text document. I open it with gedit18:05
jhutchinsPaulet: What's your native language?18:08
Pauletlol french18:08
jhutchinsPaulet: Google translate?18:08
jhutchins(My French is limited to wine labels.)18:08
PauletHaha, it's all you need ^^. For google translate, I used it a little, but some expressions like "foo" or "..;" didn't really make sens without programmation basis18:11
PauletI have to go. Have a good night all18:15
devslashI've already asked this in #windows but I thoguht that I'd ask here. I've got Ubuntu running in WSL2 but networking does not work. I have tried all of the solutions I can find online and nothing works18:54
it-32se qualcuno ha voglia di darci un occhiata :(18:56
it-32e magari suggerirmi una soluzione18:56
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)19:00
jhutchinsit-32: Not to be un-friendly, but not many here understand Italian.19:00
ogradevslash, try in ##windows-wsl19:26
zteamHello, any way to revert Kodi to v19 on Ubuntu 22.11 again?19:31
weedmiccheers - is it true that if an url starts with "https://", that the line itself is encrypted so it can contain a password or token?19:39
ravageeverything but the SNI (hostname) should be encrypted on a https connection yes19:43
jhutchins!info kodi20:02
ubottukodi (2:20.0~alpha2+dfsg1-1build1, kinetic): Open Source Home Theatre (executable binaries). In component universe, is optional. Built by kodi. Size 24 kB / 121 kB20:02
jhutchinszteam: Possibly purge & re-install.  Linux package managers usually don't do regression (RH being an exception).20:03
zteam<jhutchin, I know, that's exactly why I'm asking, some addons I use refueses to work properly with Kodi 2020:04
Zevv_hi folks; where would I find the old-versions archive for lucid on 32 bit arm, my original url was http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports, which is of course long gone20:36
ogra!eol | Zevv_20:46
ubottuZevv_: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:46
ograZevv_, see the last wiki link, the archive mentioned there should have arm as well20:47
Zevv_thanks, hmm i wasn't able to find the armel pkgs yet, let me check that again20:49
ioria but if you really want it ,maybe here Zevv_ http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/ports/releases/lucid/20:49
Zevv_i found a 13 year old embedded box on the attic of my parents20:50
Zevv_that still seems to update solar panel stuff to somewhere on the internet20:50
Zevv_i'd like to have it tunnel to my house, in case stuff breaks down. but Im waaaay to laze to spend the time to update this20:50
Zevv_i don't even know what hardware it runs on anymore20:50
Zevv_so all I want is to install openvpn20:51
Zevv_hm the armel img might have the proper .debs on board, let me get and unpack that20:53
ioriajust check the manifest20:53
Zevv_too late, found it already20:56
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Zevv_thanks people, got it up and running21:07
jhutchinsZevv_: Are you sure it's not running embedded DOS 3.5?21:42
Roeyhow do I set the font size for GTK apps so that it is larger?  how do I make the mouse cursor larger in Firefox?  I've already set KDE to have a larger mouse cursor, but for some reason Fx does not respect this21:46
Roey(using KDE Desktop here)21:46
tomreynthe best place to get help with that is usually in #kubuntu21:47
tomreynwhich is probably why you also asked there right before you asked here21:48
Habbie(which is frowned upon in many channels)21:48
RoeyI sure did.21:49
Roeytomreyn: ^21:49
tomreynyes, i can tell21:49
tomreynplease don't cross-post though21:50
devslashCan you guys help out with Ubuntu in WSL21:50
Roeytomreyn: do you know the answer to my question?21:50
leftyfbdevslash: try #windows-wsl21:50
devslashI have been idling there all day but there's no activity21:51
tomreyndevslash: is your question WSL specific?21:51
leftyfbtomreyn: not networking, so yes21:51
leftyfbit's very specific to WSL21:52
tomreyni see21:52
sarnolddevslash: if it's been an hour or so since you asked your question you can usually ask it again without folks getting too upset at you21:54
devslashI would but no one has said a word since I asked about 5 hours ago21:54
devslashI'd be repeating myself if I asked again21:54
sarnoldyes, that's exactly what I'm suggesting :)21:54
sarnoldfolks starting work, back from lunch, etc21:55
Habbiedevslash, i read a lot more than i write in here, and i'm certain i'm not the only one21:55
Habbiethis is not (much) a social channel, so it can be entirely quiet until a -question- is asked :)21:55
sarnoldfeel free to preface the question with "sarnold said I should ask again because it's been more than hour" if it helps you feel better :)21:56
Habbie(but otherwise, don't hilight people ;) )21:56
devslashnah its ok. I dont need to use you as a scapegoat21:56
sarnolddevslash: you can of course ask here, too, but a lot of the folks here have never seen wsl, so it's a different group..21:57
devslashall right21:58
leftyfbthe lack of networking is also very specific to Windows21:58
devslashI installed XMing which is an X Server for Windows and set the DISPLAY var to my workstation (Windows) IP address as export display=MYIP:0.021:58
devslashwhen I run a GUI based app it just hangs as if the app is running but it doesnt actually open21:59
Habbiedoes -other- networking work?21:59
devslashwell I cant ping but curl works21:59
devslashand I can do apt get , apt update etc21:59
Habbiecan you 'telnet MYIP 6000'?21:59
leftyfbdevslash: you ping from Windows?22:00
Habbiedevslash, to be very clear, this is not a situation I would normally describe plainly as "networking does not work"22:00
jhutchinsPing replies are often disabled.22:00
devslashwell thats not really my concern anymore22:00
devslashleftyfb, I can ping my WSL instance from windows and vice versa22:00
devslashI also did a test where I closed xming in Windows and when I run an app the same thing happens22:01
devslashit seems that wsl isnt communicating with XMing22:01
Hack5190G;day chaps.  I'd like to rollback the kernel in a ubuntu install.  Unfortunately the previous kernel is NOT listed in GURB.  Is there perhaps a guide available on this?22:01
leftyfbdevslash: please take xming/forwarded Windows out of the debugging22:01
devslashwhat do you mean22:02
devslashthats the issue that I am trying to resolve22:02
leftyfbdevslash: can you ping/curl from the Ubuntu terminal?22:02
devslashping no, curl yes22:02
Habbieleftyfb, apt-get etc work too, devslash said just before22:02
sarnolddevslash: I'd try debugging with nc -l on the windows, nc on the linux; then swap the two roles, and test that out; make sure that tcp networking between windows and linux works okay22:02
tomreynHack5190: that's unuauly, normally you'd always see the latest two listed22:02
devslashyep I did apt upgrade and apt update22:02
sarnolddevslash: I wouldn't be surprised if xming is listening on or something and can't talk to the linux as a result22:03
devslashit is22:03
devslashthe xmings logs showed that22:03
leftyfbdevslash: from the ubuntu terminal running within ubuntu, not over xming/ssh forwarding22:03
Hack5190tomreyn i agree - thats why i mention that it's not there....22:03
devslashleftyfb, there is no terminal in wsl22:03
devslashits all shell based22:03
devslashyou dont have a full x windows based ubuntu22:04
tomreynHack5190: which ones are installed now?  apt list --installed linux-image\*22:04
leftyfbdevslash: you open Ubuntu in Windows, it opens a tty to ubuntu22:04
tomreyn!paste | Hack519022:04
ubottuHack5190: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:04
devslashyea ok. I have an ubuntu shell open22:04
leftyfbdevslash: not over xming/ssh22:04
devslashi dont think we are talking about the same thing22:04
devslashdo you know what XMing is22:05
tomreynHack5190: you can also pipe output into    |& nc termbin.com 9999     and then post the url and tell us which command you ran22:05
devslashXMing is a Windows app that acts as a Windows based XServer so you can open GUI apps from WSL22:05
leftyfbdevslash: https://ubunlog.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Neofetch-en-Windows-10.png22:05
leftyfbdevslash: you open "Ubuntu" on Windows and it opens a window that looks like this22:06
Hack5190i'll have to boot the system to get that info.  does the process differ depending on what version is currently in use?22:06
devslashno it does not22:06
devslashthat is a full ubuntu installation. might be running in a VM but thats not what I am using22:06
tomreynHack5190: which process exactly?22:06
Hack5190sorry tomreyn - the process of rolling back the kernel to a previous version22:07
devslashleftyfb, I am talking about WSL Windows Subsystem for Linux where I have installed Ubuntu which runs as a shell only22:08
HabbieWSL2, right?22:08
tomreynHack5190: ah, right, that's what you asked originally. so you won't be able to boot a kernel which is not installed. and to install a kernel version that was once installed you will either need to be able to still download it or still have it in your local package cache.22:08
tomreynHack5190: so it kind of depends on which kernel version you're meannig to boot there, and on which ubuntu release.22:09
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tomreynHack5190: you can also connect here from that system using either an installed IRC client or the webchat. or you could connect from your phone / other device.22:10
wantomClient: HexChat 2.16.1 • OS: Ubuntu "kinetic" 22.10 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570T CPU @ 2.90GHz (798MHz) • Memory: Physical: 7.5 GiB Total (4.1 GiB Free) Swap: 2.0 GiB Total (835.0 MiB Free) • Storage: 104.2 GB / 388.9 GB (284.8 GB Free) • VGA: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller @ Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor22:11
wantom DRAM Controller • Uptime: 3h 14m 38s22:11
leftyfbdevslash: https://imgur.com/QdIcfuY   this is WSL 2.0 running on Windows 10 on my Windows machine I just booted up22:11
tomreynwantom: please don't do that, thanks.22:11
Hack5190tomreyn the output of "apt list --installed linux-image\*" displays 2.  One is [installed,automatic] and the other is [installed].  The non-automatic is the old one that I want to use.22:12
leftyfbdevslash: with a default install of Ubuntu (at least 20.04) on WSL 2.0 on Windows 10, networking works out of the box22:12
tomreynHack5190: so that's still installed. and if you grep your grub.cfg for that old version, you don't see it?22:12
tomreyngrep -F 'some.old-version' /boot/grub/grub.cfg22:13
Hack5190tomreyn i didn't grep, i checked it @ boot.  let me grep...22:13
devslashleftyfb, are you able to ping an ip from wsl that is on the host or public internet22:13
tomreynHack5190: you did check the "Advanced" submenu at boot, too, right?22:14
leftyfbdevslash: yes, because that all just works out of the box. I can't say the same about opening apps/tty's over xming or some other X forwarding in Windows22:14
devslashI dunno. ping doesnt work for me but curl does so I guess YMMV22:15
devslashand I dont know that this is the issue22:15
leftyfbdevslash: open the ubuntu app like I suggested22:15
devslashI did22:15
devslashsame difference22:15
leftyfbxming is disabled?22:15
devslashI shuit off the app22:16
devslashand it doesnt complain22:16
devslashthat tells me that its not even communicating with XMing22:16
leftyfbthen maybe wip and reinstall ubuntu22:16
leftyfbor better yet, wipe and reinstall WSL222:16
tomreynor better yet, install ubuntu22:17
Hack5190tomreyn grep -F does return multiple strings with the old kernel name22:17
tomreyn<tomreyn> Hack5190: you did check the "Advanced" submenu at boot, too, right?22:18
leftyfbdevslash: good luck. Your issue is very likely not related to Ubuntu and very likely related to WSL/Windows22:18
Hack5190tomreyn i thought i checked advanced - but allow me to reboot that system and double check22:18
tomreynHack5190: permission granted ;-)22:19
Hack5190tomreyn its not there :(   only the (unwanted) kernel and (unwanted) kernel recovery mode22:20
tomreynHack5190: so which ubuntu release is this, and whichh kernel versions are we talking about?22:20
Hack5190tomreyn let me boot and confirm.  while its booting - is it possible to vi grub.cfg to display the second kernel?22:21
tomreynHack5190: there's an editor in grub, but it's per menu entry. not vi though22:22
tomreynyou'd press 'e'22:22
tomreyni'm not aware of a way to view the unparsed grub.cfg from grub.22:23
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tomreynoh there is. you can "cat" a file grom grub cli22:24
tomreynto access grub cli, you'd just press escape22:24
sarnoldgood luck figuring out how to reference the file22:25
sarnoldI detest grub's (hd0,p1) or whatever it is syntax22:26
sarnoldI get it but I hate it :L)22:26
tomreyni'm not a huge fan either. especially the () special characters22:26
sarnoldthose upset me more than they should :)22:26
tomreynand it really should have some tree-like device menu22:27
tomreynwhen things are more difficult than in dos, you're not doing it right22:27
tomreynbut at least it's somewhat small and little code, that's a value, too22:28
Hack5190tomreyn i booted into grub and pressed e - viewing the file i see no reference to the old kernel.  is this the only option to edit (add) the desired kernel?  vi would be a whole lot easier to use ;)22:28
tomreynHack5190: you can add whatever you like from the booted system, by editing grub.cfg (but that'll be overwritten soon), or by editing grub_custom.cfg22:29
tomreynHack5190: you could also do this editing from a usb booted live system, of course.22:30
tomreynbut you haven't even told us which ubuntu release you're working with, so i'm a bit hesitant to spend more time on this.22:31
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Hack5190tomreyn sorry - work call.   recently boot times got very long.  pressing ESC at boot I see "**ERROR** PPS state mismatch".  some web searching indicated this was a kernel bug.  however (while on my work call) i looked at grub.cfg on a clonezilla B/U from Apr-2022 and its the same version kernel.  i don't think replacing the kernel isn't going to help...22:42
Hack5190i don't think replacing the kernel **IS** going to help... 22:42
Hack5190tomreyn ran a diff of the 2 files - no difference :(22:44
tomreynHack5190: which ubuntu release is this?22:45
Hack5190tomreyn its 4.16.18-galliumos4  -  a ubuntu spin off designed for chromebooks  -  no longer actively supported22:47
leftyfbtomreyn: worth it! ;)22:48
arraybolt3Hack5190: Does normal Ubuntu not work on your device?22:49
arraybolt3(Unofficial derivatives like GalliumOS aren't supported here since the developers may have changes applied that we don't know about and aren't prepared to help with.)22:49
Hack5190arraybolt3 i understand and appreciate tomreyn teaching me about grub.    straight ubuntu may work, i chose galliumos because it contains code to support many of the chromebooks hardware.  i've tweaked and modified it n the 2+ years I've been using it and hate to start over.   for now i'll just have to live with the slow boot up ;)22:52
tomreynHack5190: you could try getting help in #linux or another channel which is not specific to a different distribution than the one you're using.22:55
Hack5190i may try that, thank again for your help.22:57
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josh_is anyone active here?23:29
josh_is anyone active23:30
josh_im new to irc23:30
Bleeder001Did anyone from here managed to install AMD PRO drivers for Ubuntu 22.04 and have GPU support in Davinci Resolve, Blender and the likes?23:40
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Bleeder001Anyone here?23:54

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