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Macwinnerhi, what's the correct way to set the CPU governor to performance on jammy and persist it through reboot?00:50
sarnoldprobably there's a powersave panel in the control panel or something similar00:53
sarnoldit should control this daemon https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/hadess/power-profiles-daemon00:53
kgiiiZDNet is fond of Ubuntu 23.04:  https://www.zdnet.com/article/ubuntu-lunar-lobster-could-be-the-surprise-hit-of-2023/01:01
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_jakhey y'all! I accidentally added a dns server at the system level, and I don't seem to be able to remove it.02:14
rboxhow did you "accidentally" add it?02:14
_jakThe command I used to add it was `systemd-resolve -i $VPN_INTERFACE_NAME --set-dns=$SERVER_IP`, which I thought would set it for the vpn interface only02:14
_jakbut I guess because the interface was just a tun interface it added it to my main ethernet iface, enp5s002:15
rboxso set it back02:15
_jakfrom the man page, I can just do `resolvectl revert enp5s0`, but thats not persistent across reboots02:16
rboxyou said running that command has effected it beteween reboots?02:16
_jakso I have to set it back every time I have to reboot02:16
rboxdid it write it into /etc/systemd/resolved.conf?02:17
sarnoldmay grep -r the IP in /etc/systemd/ and see if you can find it there?02:17
_jakrbox: not really? If I'm reading the manpage for resolvectl correctly, that file is just a stub, and on my system it's pretty much empty. Gimme a sec and I'll show you what I mean02:20
_jaksarnold: nothing there02:20
_jakor rather, it didnt' return any results02:20
_jakthe last time I tried to root this out, I learned that /etc/systemd/resolved.conf points to /run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf, but that file just says that its managed by systemd-resolve, and it points to the loopback resolver that systemd-resolve sets up02:22
rbox /etc/resolv.conf points to the stub02:23
rboxnot resolved.conf02:23
_jakrbox: ah yeah I misspoke, resolved.conf has one heading but a lot of empty fields that are commented out02:27
_jakthis is resolv.conf https://termbin.com/1p2cb02:27
_jakand this is /etc/systemd/resolved.conf https://termbin.com/kwx7a02:28
rboxif some setting is persissting then its somewher ein /etc or /var02:28
_jakyeah that's what I thought too, but I came here after grepping through both of those and coming up essentially nil; looking in /etc just yields the config for the vpn and (if I haven't done a revert) a reference in NetworkManager02:37
_jakand when I grep through /var I just get hits on the vpn config, and systemd-resolve cycling through using and not using $SERVER_IP as a resolver02:39
_jakany clues where I can go to find out more about how systemd-resolve actually works? the manpage kind of sent me in a circle02:39
rboxthe source02:40
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delcfvi am having trouble to run to run systemback and pinguy builder on lubuntu 22.04. I am looking for an alternative app to create live custom iso04:08
arraybolt3delcfv: I think there's instructions for how to do something like that, let me see if I can find them.04:09
arraybolt3delcfv: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization See if that helps.04:09
delcfvgonna do it. thank you04:10
delcfvI've checked it and it is not what I am looking .. this one is same as cubic, you need to configure all the iso. The apps I mentionde (pinguy and systemback) takes like a picture from the current system that is already configured. I configured a lot of things (i.e. wi-fi usb) that I simply dont remember how, and there's a lot of configs I dont want to do again in chroot, I junt wanted to take my already running system and put ir04:16
delcfvinto a live/installer cd04:16
delcfvI was able to install Systemback but , when I try to run it , it says it was unable to get root permissions04:24
arraybolt3Oh. Hmm...04:26
arraybolt3delcfv: Do you have to run it *as* root with sudo?04:26
arraybolt3(Systemback doesn't appear to be in Ubuntu's repos, I don't think.)04:27
delcfvactually I tried to run it through the menu in lxqt04:27
delcfvI installed it using apt04:27
delcfvthe message says "it was not possible to start graphic interface of systemback. uncapable of getting rooot permissions"04:27
delcfvso I click ok an it closes04:28
arraybolt3delcfv: What was the exact command you used to install it? "sudo apt install systemback"?04:28
arraybolt3Yeah it looks like something like that. Try running "sudo systemback" in a terminal to see if that works.04:29
delcfvyes, but beforre I added the repository04:29
delcfvdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/nemh/systemback/ubuntu xenial main"04:29
delcfvsudo systemback04:30
delcfvQStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to '/tmp/runtime-root'04:30
delcfv Unsafe X Window authorization!04:30
delcfv                                                                                                    04:30
delcfv Por favor não use o comando 'sudo'.04:30
delcfv"please dont use sudo command" in the last line04:31
arraybolt3OK well that's not going to work then.04:31
delcfvif I try without sudo, it gives an error dialog claiming about root permission04:31
arraybolt3Sadly it looks like systemback was installed from a third-party repository since it is *not* in the Ubuntu repositories themselves. You may need to ask the systemback developer for help, as he'll actually know how to help. We probably won't.04:32
delcfvok, thank you very much. It seems no  longer have support, so I am already looking for and alternative. PInguy Builder was another try, but could not install due do dependencies errors, and they no longer have support too04:33
arraybolt3I have an idea, if you're interested.04:34
arraybolt3You could set up everything the way you want, then boot from a live USB and shrink down your partition as much as possible.04:35
arraybolt3Then just make a disk image of the start of the hard drive including everything up until a bit past the end of the partition.04:35
arraybolt3Meh, that actually might have problems...04:35
arraybolt3...though you could just take an image of just the partition.04:36
arraybolt3But basically, get a disk image of the set-up-and-shrunk partition, then you can partition a new disk, flash the partition, grow it, grow the filesystem, and have your setup ready to go.04:36
delcfvso I would basically copy everything as is, removing the free space, right? I have separate partitions for / and /home, is this a problem?04:38
arraybolt3Yeah, that's the basic idea.04:39
arraybolt3Separate / and /home partitions may complicate things.04:40
arraybolt3I'm realizing though that even my original idea might have complications requiring extra fiddling to get things to work right. Hmm.04:41
arraybolt3It might not though.04:41
delcfvso here's a suggestion for developers, apparently there's a gap for a new tools that does it on that way.. I was excited when I saw the possibility with those two tools but unfortunately they didnt work04:42
arraybolt3It definitely seems like a cool idea, and while similar things exist for the server world, they could be useful for the desktop world too.04:42
delcfvI am already using Timeshift for system snapshots but itś not the same thing. With a live/installer iso with all my programs, configurations(including wifi usb fix lol) I could reinstall it on the same pc and evenin other pcs04:44
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premkumarcopy and paste is diasble in my new partition07:23
premkumarwhat can i do please help anyone?07:23
arraybolt3To be clear, you can't copy from or paste into any app on your system?07:24
premkumarunable to copy and paste07:24
arraybolt3If that's the case, try using the right ctrl key rather than the left ctrl key, maybe your keyboard is broken?07:24
premkumarno brother copy and paste option in disable07:25
arraybolt3I don't know what you mean by "disabled". There is no setting in Ubuntu to disable copy and paste.07:25
arraybolt3Either your keyboard is broken, or you're trying to do something specific that isn't working as expected, or something is horribly broken.07:25
premkumarcopy and paste option is unable to click07:26
arraybolt3What exactly are you trying to copy? A file?07:26
arraybolt3(Copying and pasting a file works differently from copying and pasting text, for example.)07:26
arraybolt3There has to be more details you can give. "unable to copy and paste" is not enough info - there's too many possible other things involved to know what is wrong (what are you copying? where are you pasting it? what apps are involved? etc.). I need that extra detail in order to be helpful.07:27
premkumari create a new partition in that partition i cannot able to copy and paste07:31
EriC^^premkumar: copy also is disabled? or only paste?07:31
arraybolt3premkumar: Oh. I get it.07:31
arraybolt3You probably have file permissions set wrong. I misunderstood "partition".07:32
arraybolt3premkumar: OK, can you open a terminal? Ctrl+Alt+T will usually do that.07:32
premkumarterminal is open brother07:33
alkisgpremkumar: which program are you using, gparted?07:33
arraybolt3Nice. OK, do you know what folder your partition is in? It may be under /media/<username>.07:33
arraybolt3alkisg: I think he's trying to copy and paste files between two partitions.07:33
arraybolt3If that's the case, this is just a matter of running "chmod 0777" on the folder his partition is mounted into.07:33
premkumaryes arraybolt3 brother07:33
premkumarchmod 0777 how to run07:34
arraybolt3premkumar: OK, so run "cd /media/<your username here>".07:34
premkumarin terminal ?07:35
arraybolt3(Replace <your username here> with your username, and also the quote marks shouldn't be part of the command.)07:35
EriC^^premkumar: inside the folder you're trying to paste in right click -> open in terminal07:36
arraybolt3premkumar: Follow EriC^^'s advice, the way he's saying to do things is easier than what I was suggesting.07:38
premkumariam do this brother not working07:39
alkisgpremkumar: can you run this command inside the terminal, and tell us the output? lsblk -fe7 | nc termbin.com 999907:40
premkumaryes alkisg i type07:50
alkisgpremkumar: OK, tell us the output, e.g. https://termin.com/123407:54
premkumaroutput after lsblk07:56
premkumar       7:0    0  10.5M  1 loop /snap/auto-cpufreq/12407:56
premkumar       7:1    0  72.9M  1 loop /snap/core22/52207:56
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dzhihi all09:54
dzhianyone could recommend a solution better than overlayroot?09:54
snowkidIf I have to make a series of very large temp files on an NVME during an ETL, is it better (for the NVME) to write them all first then delete the set or delete them as I go10:21
snowkidIf theres a better group I can ask this ? in also lmk10:22
M-Ira[m]<snowkid> "If theres a better group I can..." <- This is a kernel-lebel device driver issue, in combination with a filesystem implementation question. I'm afraid #ubuntu:libera.chat is not relevant for that at all.10:30
M-Ira[m]Kernel level, of course.10:30
snowkidpretty sure of that, but you know why not ask the smartest guys on irc10:30
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M-Ira[m]<snowkid> "pretty sure of that, but you..." <- I used to work for a storage company so I understand the question, I doubt most people here would even know the jargon ;)10:46
M-Ira[m]What are you actually trying to do?10:46
snowkidI have to generate about 500 Gigs of json files at 300 Megs a piece, transform them, generate sql files out of them and insert into pg.11:10
snowkidi would do it all in one swath but the data cones in too slow to warrant the risk11:11
Lettiudo $ sudo zpool create ssd1 /dev/sda -> ./dev/sda is in use and contains a unknown filesystem11:36
Lettiudook I will be back11:38
nikolamcan I add to DHCP ethernet interface, another static IP address, in Netplan config?11:47
nikolamI have another interface with 2 static Ip addresses and it workd. But would like to keep the first interface on DHCP for main Ip and add a second one11:48
JohannesWegener[could anybody help me with routing problems11:51
JohannesWegener[I have a tuntap interface and it seems it doesn't want to forward my packets to my upstream device (enp0s1)11:51
JohannesWegener[https://pastebin.com/raw/RsgMtpWc < tcpdump11:53
JohannesWegener[https://pastebin.com/raw/Tvm7PHtQ <- iptables, routing tables and addresses11:55
nikolamwhat 'route' command outputs?11:55
JohannesWegener[see second paste bin for ip r11:56
JohannesWegener[It seems it might be some issue with what I try to setup (open5gs and ueransim) that both need to be on two VMs/inside docker for some reason I don't understand11:59
nikolamsudo sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 ?12:00
JohannesWegener[of course I did set that12:00
maksHello, I'am struggling with permamanent change of my mouse configuration, xinput --set-prop works fine in terminal, but I cannot put in on autostart12:04
maksHello, I'am struggling with permamanent change of my mouse configuration, xinput --set-prop works fine in terminal, but I cannot put in on autostart12:20
delcfvok, so I have not been on IRC by almost 20 years, and I used to have tunned irc apps with many options/buttons and lots of groups. NOw I have QUassel IRC and can see this group only. HOw could I look for and connect to other servers and other groups? I'm a bit lost here12:22
oerheksmaks, create a file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-libinput.conf and put it there?12:25
BluesKajHi all12:30
maks@oerheks i think i've tried this solution but i cannot see this file, somehow it has been deleted12:33
oerheksno, that folder is empty, create that file12:33
oerheks /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ are for manual added conf files12:33
oerheksfrom https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/libinput12:34
maksthanks, I will try this way, I hoped to make it easier by sh script but it doesn't work on new ubuntu12:36
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ptempieri got a bug in ubuntu-drivers-common , tried to ping the devs here : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/1965811  , but it s in a similar bug13:59
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1965811 in software-properties (Ubuntu Jammy) "software-properties-qt does not load driver information" [Critical, Fix Released]13:59
ptempieris it goos enought or should i make a separate bug report  ?14:00
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oerheksptempier, there is a fix, wait for it to be published in software-properties/0.99.2014:05
oerheksalso, you can add yourself to this bugreport. no need for that, AFAIK14:06
ptempierok , thanks14:06
ptempiermy understanding is that this bug/fix is for software-properties-qt, but that there s the same issue in ubuntu-drivers-common14:07
ptempier@oerheks, there's no fix in detect.py in http://launchpadlibrarian.net/592251500/software-properties_0.99.19_0.99.20.diff.gz14:10
oerheksoh, i read it was working14:10
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1965811 in software-properties (Ubuntu Jammy) "software-properties-qt does not load driver information" [Critical, Fix Released]14:11
ptempieryes yes, ut my understanding is that 2 differebt packages have the same error codded in them14:12
oerhekswrite a comment to that bugreport 1965811, to help14:14
oerheksyou are on Jammy, right?14:14
ptempieryes, thats  what i did , that was also my question if it was enought or if i needed a separate bug report14:16
oerheksnope, this will do14:18
Guest86I earlier today installed (and later de-installed) ubuntu 22.10. I encountered a number of bugs such as typing exit in the terminal caused the screen to glitch horribly and I couldn't leave the session. Did I make the mistake of not using 22.04?14:35
tmpm697why images in this link formatted with qcow2 instead of using qcow3? https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/14:35
tmpm697qcow3 format created from like 2016.14:36
tmpm697why still using qcow2? or i missed smth?14:36
ruseris newer == better?14:38
Guest86What's wrong with qcow2? People still use zip despite being as old as MS-DOS.14:39
Guest86Just an example.14:39
tmpm697sound better: https://wiki.qemu.org/Features/Qcow314:39
oerheksThere are three versions of QCOW, though there are only two main ones: qcow and qcow2. The newest qcow3 format is just an extension of qcow2 and tools like qemu-img refer to qcow3 as qcow2, there is no -f qcow3 switch for specifically creating qcow3 images.14:39
oerheksso, qcow2 it is.14:39
tmpm697so if i use latest qcow2, it's qcow3?14:40
tmpm697how can i verify that if qcow3 is supported in my system?14:41
Guest86Anyways. About my issue I had earlier. Is using 22.10 something worth using for production use or daily use? Or should I really be using 22.04?14:41
tmpm697i sticked with 22.04 lts14:41
tmpm697on an vm for testing.14:41
tmpm697and it's qcow2 image vm that why i had my question :v14:42
tmpm697https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/ , official ubuntu cloud images bundle with qcow2 format.14:42
tmpm697is that mean there's no qcow3 format?14:42
oerheksuse qemu-img info to check the image format14:43
oerheksindeed, there are no qcow3 images.14:43
tmpm697yeah i used that against image from https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/, it's qcow214:43
tmpm697i mean how can i know if that version of qemu actuall support qcow3 features in qcow2 format?14:44
Guest86Check the manpage.14:44
tmpm697no qcow3 in `man qemu-system-x86_64`14:45
code105good morning14:49
code105how are you guys14:49
tmpm697evening here :v14:49
code105@tmpm697 Oh really it's evening in Hanoi14:52
tmpm697oh shit =)))14:53
Amber12313Heil Hitler Heil Führer15:39
Amber12313Dear battlemates:15:39
DroneError: You don't have the owner capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.15:39
Amber12313Jews, Freemasons, Slavs and homosexuals are to be exterminated according to the judgment of the People's Court of Munich n. 1/03 of 2023.15:39
Amber12313Whoever delivers them, preferably alive, will be exempt from paying taxes for 5 (five) years.15:39
Amber12313The delivery will be carried out in the extermination camp of Bagno a Ripoli.15:39
arraybolt3!ops | Network policy violating content from Amber1231315:42
ubottuNetwork policy violating content from Amber12313: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant15:42
arraybolt3Meh, I shoulda used #ubuntu-ops probably since the guy already left.15:43
M-Ira[m]<snowkid> "I have to generate about 500..." <- Ohhhh... That kind of etl. Duhh. I was thinking about something else...15:43
M-Ira[m]So the question is about buffing the data and writing only complete blocks (I think 64kb for nvme?) as opposed to many tiny writes? Well, I suppose writing bigger buffered chunks is better for longevity, but it is probably negligible.15:43
krytarikarraybolt3: Indeed, it doesn't help particularly much here when the "emergency" has already passed. >_<15:47
arraybolt3Sorry about that.15:50
webchat93I just purchased a Dell XPS-13 9315 with Ubuntu 20.04 and I can not get my printer Epson ET-2650 to work.15:53
oerheksis it listed in openprinting.org?15:54
webchat93I do not know15:55
arraybolt3webchat93: Does this help? https://epson.com/Support/Printers/All-In-Ones/ET-Series/Epson-ET-2650/s/SPT_C11CF47201?review-filter=Linux15:55
webchat93which of the downloads do i chose there are 2 Deb packages 3 RPM packages and a tar-gz package?16:01
webchat93I installed the LSB package already.16:03
rpittauhello everyone, we just found a discrepancy in the files content for the shim-signed package in ubuntu focal, the version 1.40.9+15.7-0ubuntu1 on https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal-updates/shim-signed has the wrong list of files reported16:03
ioriawebchat93, not a printers expert, but have you tried to simple install printer-driver-escpr from the ubuntu repo ?16:05
snowkidM-Ira[m] I was just trying to be considerate because when amateur users try to use this on their NVMe it will burn up precious readwrite cycles on their HW16:07
snowkidits cool I found #hardware16:07
tomreynwebchat93: i think your chances will be best with the epson-inkjet-printer-escpr_1.7.25-1lsb3.2_amd64.deb package16:09
tomreynwebchat93: though it's possible that a suitable driver is already installed.16:10
webchat93I installed the epson-inkjet-printer-escpr_1.7.25-1lsb3.2_amd64.deb package and it is still not printing16:11
tomreynrpittau: which architecture?16:12
rpittautomreyn: I checked only amd6416:12
tomreynwebchat93: you need to also configure the printer at http://localhost:63116:13
tomreynrpittau: does what you downloaded match the SHA256 checksum at https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal-updates/amd64/shim-signed/download ?16:14
rpittautomreyn: checking16:14
gartralmajor issue: there's a package conflict with DiscoDOS and mono-devel. I'm in a state where I can't remove discodos or install mono-devel. Apt will not continue with apt --fix-broken install. This is ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS16:15
rpittautomreyn: unfortunately I can't verify the checksum at the moment, but I can confirm the version16:17
rpittautomreyn: Get:2 https://mirror.gra1.ovh.opendev.org/ubuntu focal-updates/main amd64 shim-signed amd64 1.40.9+15.7-0ubuntu1 [667 kB]16:17
rpittautomreyn: this is the contet https://pastebin.com/raw/RSbMAMzt16:18
tomreynrpittau: what is the actual problem, the deviation, what did you expect, what did you see instead, which impact does it have? can you sum it up in words?16:20
rpittautomreyn: the impact is that we have scripts that work based on the file list, if that list is wrong kind of breaks our automation unexpectedly, catches us by surprise16:21
tomreynrpittau: you have scripts which retrieve information from packages.ubuntu.com and work based on that? if so, change that.16:22
tomreynthis is a community run site, i would not recommend trusting the information provided there too much to be complete or current.16:23
tomreyn(i don't expect it to provide intentionally wrong information)16:24
rpittautomreyn: I probably expressed myself badly, we don't have automation based on packages.ubuntu.com, but on the content of the package listed there. Anyway, if that source is not to be trusted, would you suggest an alternative?16:24
tomreynrpittau: an installed ubuntu system16:25
tomreynor your local archive mirror16:25
rpittautomreyn: ok, thanks16:26
tomreynrpittau: so your scripts unpack packages, probably using "dpkg -x"? and then?16:26
rpittautomreyn: we download the package, unpack it and copy part of the content in a different location to be used, in this case the signed shimx64.efi file, that changed name unexpectedly in focal, which is an LTS release16:28
tomreynso, i'm now guessing the difference you're talking about is in these two files? ./usr/lib/shim/shimx64.efi.signed.latest ./usr/lib/shim/shimx64.efi.signed.previous16:29
rpittautomreyn: the name of the file was /usr/lib/shim/shimx64.efi.signed, it's become /usr/lib/shim/shimx64.efi.signed.latest16:30
tomreyni see16:31
tomreynand this change took place between when you downloaded the package and when it was installed on the system?16:31
rpittautomreyn: we fixed the CI automation, not a huge change, it was just a big surprise to see the name change happen16:31
rpittauthat's why I asked for a reliable source for the package content16:32
rpittauI guess I can build a script to read the content from the mirror16:32
tomreynthe reliable source of a package content is the package, which should be verified by its checksum, which should be verified by its Release file, which should be verified by its cryptographic signature, which should be verified with its gpgp signing key, which should be verified through a https:// download from ubuntu.com, i think16:33
tomreynrpittau: fortunately, most of those verification steps are carried out by apt automatically16:34
rpittauagain, just not expecting a content change like that in the middle of a stable release lifecycle16:35
tomreynso content of this package changed from one version to the other? that's not too unusual16:35
tomreynif it changed on the same package version, that'd be bad, but i'm not seeing you state so16:36
bn_workhi, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, how does one flush the DNS cache?  neither of the items mentioned on https://vitux.com/how-to-flush-the-dns-cache-on-ubuntu/ exist??16:37
rpittautomreyn: I expect the content of a package to be the same even between versions during a stable distribution lifecycle, but in this case it changed between the same versions16:38
rpittaufrom 1.40.7 to 1.40.916:38
tomreynrpittau: hmm, if the content changed for a versioned package i'd consider this (at least) a bug, and would report it. if contents changed between different versions of this package, i would not be surprised.16:40
rpittautomreyn: alright, thank you for your help16:40
tomreynrpittau: so... i could NOT back this up with references to https://packaging.ubuntu.com - but my understanding of "release stability" is that software remains functionally compatible to the original versions' release, not that the files provided in a package will remain identially named.16:44
tomreynbn_work: resolvectl flush-caches16:45
tomreynbn_work: the systemd-resolve command last existed in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS16:46
bn_workok, thanks16:48
tomreyngartral: both packages are in universe, thus have received only community support so far. this may or may not change in ubuntu pro.16:48
tomreyngartral: if you have apt commands and output generated by it which shows the details of this conflict, maybe we can help you solve this.16:49
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M-Ira[m]<snowkid> "עירא - Ira I was just trying..." <- Makes sense. So what did the #hardware peeps say? 64k writes?17:04
transhumanisthi! can anyone help run down  a problem with 22.10 where it seems to be sucking up 64 gig of ram and about 20 gig of swap space?17:06
ravagetranshumanist: that is 2GB of swap first of all. show the output of "free -m"17:10
ravageor better "free -mh"17:10
peirikPressing the Super key brings up the Activities Overview which displays thumbnails of all open application windows. Is there any way to open a similar overview screen but only with the windows for the currently active/focused application (like the App Expose on Mac)?17:11
transhumanistah , thanks ravage nm miss read it17:12
transhumanistfree -mh    total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available Mem:            62Gi        62Gi        87Mi        69Mi       315Mi       8.0Mi   Swap:          2.0Gi       1.9Gi        85Mi17:13
transhumanistit is using 62 Gi so it seems unless I am miss reading that too17:13
tomreyntranshumanist: what's the output of: cat /proc/version17:14
transhumanistLinux version 5.19.0-35-generic (buildd@lcy02-amd64-014) (x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-12 (Ubuntu 12.2.0-3ubuntu1) 12.2.0, GNU ld (GNU Binutils for Ubuntu) 2.39) #36-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Fri Feb 3 18:36:56 UTC 202317:15
tomreynand this "ramdrive-ram" you deleted, what's this? can you pastebin "vmstat" and "vmstat -s"17:19
transhumanistthat is an old ram drive, it didnt appear in /etc/fstab so not sure why it persists if that is the issue and it was supposed to be 32 gig at the time anyway17:20
transhumanistah wait one more possiblity zram or zswap, I forgot about that hold on17:21
snowkidM-Ira[m] basically not enough to care unless problems arise17:35
transhumanisttomreyn, seems that zram and zswap are not installed so that isnt the culprit17:42
transhumanistgoing to try rebooting one more time and see if it clears the issue perhaps some part of ram drive is still hanging around in memory or something17:42
transhumanistbb in 217:43
Guest15i need help front multi jack. detect headphone but not mic.18:35
oerheksthe jack of your device is multi?18:37
Guest15Windows Work like Multi18:37
oerheksopen terminal; alsamixer # and see if there are sliders down / muted18:37
Guest15plug headset and show me popup `headset or headset with mic`18:38
Guest15oerheks pavucontrol show headphone and mic no detected18:39
oerheksComet Lake  .. seen a lot of issues, is  firmware-sof-signed installed??18:40
Guest15oerheks i can install 20.04.6?18:41
oerheksyes, but why?18:42
Guest15i`ll try thanks18:42
Guest15linux-firmware installed18:47
Guest15firmware-sof-signed dpkg error  '/lib/firmware/intel/sof/sof-bdw.ri have in linux-firmware too18:47
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luna__I just would like to inform you that mate ubuntu, even with the gnome de, will not give me the ability to sign in to my already exsisting discord account that worked on ubuntu vanilla 22.0419:52
leftyfbluna__: that's not how you ask for support19:53
ravageok. noted to /dev/null. have a nice day :)19:53
luna__I thought I was clear that i was not asking for support. I had given up.19:57
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ravagethen please dont write it here. this is a support channel19:57
ravagebye :D19:57
morgan-aceroh I apologize is there hope? -rewise - Does anyone know anything about discord.com )open discord in browser) only giving us the opportunity to register for a new account and not to give a signin page for an existing account?19:58
morgan-acerrelated fact: I quit using the discord-app (in a 22.04 gnome install) because journalctl showed that discord was constantly doing something that made trouble and filled up the journalctl file with refused things.20:00
morgan-acerravage, right that IS where I witnessed the problem.20:01
ravagewhat problem?20:01
morgan-acerThe problem I described above, that of not getting a login page, only getting the new signup page.20:02
ravagei get the login page. i can login.20:02
morgan-acerravage, I should re-mention that this was a mate install, using mate or the gnome de/20:04
ravagei see no relevance here really. your DE should not affect the contents of websites20:05
ravageif you have problems with discord's website you should contact discord20:06
morgan-acerrighon ravage. So you dont understand either.20:06
morgan-acerright on20:06
morgan-acerand I have.20:06
morgan-acer"should not" the most famous set of words....20:07
ravagegreat then20:07
morgan-acerI had a thought during this convo. I shall install the app and see what I get.20:08
morgan-acerThanks for your time and attention.20:08
bn_worktomreyn:  so did they forget to update the text for this in 22.04 LTS?  so is the new method on 22.04+ to check what DNS servers are used to now interact with `resolvectl status`? https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/VvFZmaTD/cat%20%2Fetc%2Fresolv.conf.log20:26
tomreynbn_work: who is "they"?20:27
bn_worktomreyn: I guess whoever updated how DNS resolution now works in Ubuntu?20:28
tomreynbn_work: i mean: what made you think you should be using systemd-resolve rather than resolvctl in the first place?20:28
tomreyni don't know which text you'Re referring to, which documentation or similar20:29
bn_workhttps://vitux.com/how-to-flush-the-dns-cache-on-ubuntu/ ?20:29
tomreynah, you mean some third party website is stating things incorrectly.20:29
tomreynthat does seem to be the case, yes20:30
bn_workalso, in the past /etc/resolv.conf used to just flatly list the DNS servers there (not sure if this is Linode just changing what the default is in their bootstrapped Linode image though)20:30
bn_worktomreyn: I wonder how they got it to work because they claim they did this on 22.0420:32
tomreynso indeed, as explained previously, and as explained in the file you just posted, you can use "resolvectl" to query the configuration of the local dns cache20:32
ravagei see no publish date on that article but https://vitux.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/word-image-70.png shows that they are not able to predict the future20:33
tomreynbn_work: i think this vitux.com website is just providing incorrect information in this article. it's best to work with official documentation when you can.20:33
tomreynbn_work: maybe start with this: ls -l /etc/resolv.conf20:34
tomreynand then read the full comment header of what you posted20:35
tomreynand then maybe refer to these man pages, as needed20:35
bn_workravage: lol20:39
ioriaravage, right20:41
ioriaravage, is from 201820:41
bn_worktomreyn: ah, I guess I misinterpreted your comment the other day to mean `systemd-resolved` isn't even being used anymore (when I guess it was just the command?)20:41
ioriaravage, (on firefox) View page Source20:42
ioriabn_work, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1409726/systemd-resolve-command-not-found-in-ubuntu-22-04-desktop20:44
tomreynbn_work: The information I tried to convey then is: "systemd-resolve" (the command, not the daemon) does no longer (it used to exist in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) exist in Ubuntu 20.04 LTs and later.20:46
MonsieurBonHi. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3rd Gen. Recently my HDMI stopped working. The external monitor is not being detected anymore. The monitor is running fine on HDMI from other laptops. What could be the issue here?20:55
tomreyna bad hdmi cable, a firmware or software change, a hardware failure.20:58
MonsieurBontomreyn, the hdmi cable should not be the issue. It works fine with other laptops running Windows or Ubuntu. Firmware did not change recently. Software change or hardware failure are probably the options, yes. What can I try to do to solve the issue?21:04
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topcat001MonsieurBon: try the Ubuntu ISO's live mode; that should help isolate any software issues.21:12
jhutchinsMonsieurBon: Something you haven't eliminated is the hardware on the laptop.21:18
jhutchinsMonsieurBon: How do you know the monitor is not detected?21:19
MonsieurBontopcat001, jhutchins, I'll give the Ubuntu ISO's live mode a go to eliminate a hardware failure. But can't do that at the moment.21:20
MonsieurBonjhutchins, it's not reacting when plugged in and turned on and it does not show up under Settings -> Displays21:20
jhutchinsMonsieurBon: Ok, that's clear at least.  Yeah, I'd try a live image, which might not have whatever got upgraded and maybe broke.21:23
jhutchinsMonsieurBon: Model names and numbers don't reliably identify the hardware; what chipset is it, and what driver are you running?21:24
MonsieurBonjhutchins, Intel HD Graphics 5500 no special drivers21:25
jhutchinsi915 probably?21:26
MonsieurBonjhutchins, how do I find out?21:27
topcat001lspci -k21:30
jhutchinslsmod would show any kernel level drivers, /var/log/Xorg.0.log if you're running X11, and I imagine Wayland has some kind of log.  (Note that the X log is very noisy.)21:30
MonsieurBonjhutchins, i915, yes21:31
jhutchinstopcat001: I don't think that shows the X drivers, just the kernel level.21:31
jhutchinsOk, well known, no known problems recently.21:32
jhutchinsDoes anything show up with xrandr?21:34
MonsieurBonjhutchins, xrandr: https://pastebin.com/LfJg4NCh21:37
topcat001Since the X driver (DDX) is either "intel" or "modesetting", not i915, I assumed you meant the kernel driver.21:40
topcat001but yes, X log is the easy way to find which DDX is in use21:41
jilocasinevening everyone21:42
octav1awhat do you think about this? https://ubuntuunity.org/download/21:43
leftyfb!ot | octav1a21:43
ubottuoctav1a: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:43
jilocasincan anyone explain how an ubuntu  20.04.5 LTS *server* version suddenly has a dozen or more gnome-shell processes running?21:44
ravagejilocasin: someone, probably you(?) installed desktop packages21:45
jilocasinravage: not me, it's a server that I only access via ssh.21:45
ravageyou can check /var/log/apt/history.log21:45
leftyfbjilocasin: someone installed 1 or more packages that required gnome-shell21:46
jilocasinleftyfb: thanks any idea how I might find out what that package(s) might be?21:47
jilocasinleftyfb: thanks, I found it.21:49
jilocasinleftyfb: according to apt's history, the only think installed today was gnu parallel21:51
leftyfbjilocasin: that file only goes back so far21:52
jilocasinleftyfb: looking at the source for parallel now, no references to gnome anything.  it was just started about an hour ago....21:52
jhutchinsMonsieurBon: Sorry real life... I don't have any actionable suggestions.  Does the laptop not have VGA out?21:52
jilocasinleftyfb: the gnome processes.21:52
leftyfbjilocasin: zgrep Commandline.*install /var/log/apt/history*21:53
MonsieurBonjhutchins, no problem! Nope, no VGA. It has mini DP, but I don't have an adapter right now. I'll try to get one in the office on Friday to see if that works. I'll quickly give the live usb stick a go. I'll be back.21:54
jilocasinleftyfb: nothing there either...21:54
tomreynzgrep -C2 gnome-shell /var/log/apt/history.log*21:54
jilocasintomreyn: ugg lots og gnome there.21:55
leftyfbjilocasin: zgrep " install " /var/log/dpkg*21:56
jhutchinsIt's interesting and possibly significant that xrandr doesn't list the DP.21:56
jilocasinleftyfb: piping that through grep gnome-shell shows that someone did indead install it :/21:57
jilocasinleftyfb: any idea how to find out who did that?21:57
leftyfbjilocasin: look through /var/log/auth* for the date/time in question21:58
tomreynapt-history.log should really say, if it's not rotated out21:58
tomreyn"Requested-By: "21:59
leftyfbtomreyn: that also. But again, matching the file and time21:59
* jilocasin ugggg.... history log in iso date, auth log in Feb 02 00:00:00 format. why do they do this to us.22:06
jilocasinit was a littel bit convoluted, but I do believe I've found the culprit.  thanks everyone for your help.22:08
jhutchinsjilocasin: Care to share your results for those of us in the cheap seats?22:09
MonsieurBonjhutchins, no success with the live USB... But the output from xrandr was a bit different: https://pastebin.com/QXSrf5uF22:11
cryptonectorI thought `apt-get install $pkg` should install all its dependencies, but then why do I get `The following packages have unmet dependencies: $pkg : Depends: $other_pkg but it is not going to be installed`?22:11
jhutchinsMonsieurBon: Ok, yeah, it shows the HDMI and the DP (2ea?).22:12
MonsieurBonjhutchins, so at least in live USB the HDMI is kind of detected, even though the monitor would not show up...22:12
jhutchinsMonsieurBon: But still no display?22:12
MonsieurBonjhutchins, I have on each. No idea why there are two...22:12
jhutchinsMonsieurBon: Did you power off or just reboot to the iso?22:12
MonsieurBonjhutchins, Just reboot. Should I try shut down?22:13
jhutchinsMonsieurBon: I would.  I mean ... "Did you try turning it off and back on again?"22:13
jilocasinit jhutchins: a user back on 20230303 logged in via ssh using a service account and installed gnome on to the server.  searching the dpkg logs and piping through grep let me to the fact that it was installed, marking the exact time, and translating the format in my head I found the compresses auth log for that time.  uncompressing it and looking for the exact time, to the second22:14
jhutchinsProbably no difference, but it doesn't hurt to check.22:14
jilocasinrevealed the account used.22:14
MonsieurBonjhutchins, hehe, I'll give it a go22:14
jhutchinsjilocasin: Is someone now duct taped to their chair?22:15
leftyfbjilocasin: you can use zgrep and zcat instead of having to uncompress the log file(s)22:15
jhutchinszless too.22:15
jilocasinleftyfb: thanks22:16
jilocasinjhutchins: as soon as I can find them, it's after hours here, and only crazies like myself are still working.22:16
tomreyncryptonector: because you are using apt repositories which are not compatible to your ubuntu release22:16
cryptonectortomreyn: It's github actions, using ubuntu-18.04 (yes, I know) and I'm trying to install libcups2-dev22:18
cryptonectorI'm not mokeying with apt repositories at all22:19
jilocasinthe trick now is how do I *cleanly* uninstall gnome from the server without breaking anything.  when I'm on a desktop, I'm a KDE person myself.22:19
tomreyncryptonector: there's probably a github support channel somewhere. i assume they don't use unmodified ubuntu installations, probably ahve a lot of different apt sources setup.22:21
cryptonectortomreyn: aight, thanks22:22
cryptonectorbut, curses at the debian packaging system -- one of the least user-friendly pieces of software22:23
tomreyndo you mean "ncurses"?22:23
cryptonectorif I were trying to draw my cursing on a terminal, I'd use ncurses, but I'm biting my tongue here22:24
MonsieurBonjhutchins, no luck22:24
cryptonectortomreyn: so the problem seems to be this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tiff/+bug/195295722:37
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1952957 in tiff (Ubuntu) "libtiff-dev and libtiff-dev:i386 cannot be installed on ubuntu 18.04" [Undecided, New]22:37
morgan-acerI want to change the password on my keyring in 22.04 and I dont remember the keyring password. Now what? Google gave me lots of inappropriate answers.22:38
EriC^^MonsieurBon: does wiggling the plug help? try to push it downwards or raise it up22:38
leftyfbmorgan-acer: your keyring password is the password you setup when you installed the machine or added the user. Unless you changed it.22:39
MonsieurBonEriC^^, nope, nothing22:39
EriC^^MonsieurBon: nothing in 'sudo dmesg -w' or 'udevadm monitor' when you plug it in?22:40
morgan-aceryes lefty, I changed it. I would not like to erase all the passwords in the keyring.22:40
morgan-acerif possible.22:40
morgan-acerbut wait, there maybe be nothing there. What is stored in the keyring vs what passwords are stored in the browser?22:41
tomreyncryptonector: i386 support is very limited nowadays22:41
leftyfbmorgan-acer: to clarify, you do or do not want to delete the keyring?22:41
cryptonectortomreyn: I see22:41
morgan-acerI am going to google that.  ---  leftyb I would like to do it NOT deleting the keyring (AND I found a page explaining to rm the keyring, log out and log back in to reset the kring to the current paw.)22:42
leftyfbmorgan-acer: the only way you unlock the keyring is by knowing the password22:43
MonsieurBonEriC^^, no, nothing.22:44
morgan-acerleftyfb, so the only way to get the keyring to use my new password is to remove the entire keyring. Will do.22:47
leftyfbmorgan-acer: you will lose your keyring and all the words in it22:47
morgan-aceris there a way to change the password and keep what is in it?22:49
morgan-acergoing to google those as search terms.  ))Otherwise, this:  delete login.keyring file22:49
morgan-acer    rm ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring ((22:49
leftyfbmorgan-acer: only by knowing the original password22:50
morgan-acerdone. next reboot's the charm. Thank you.22:55
Sven_vBhi :) I have two notebooks, both run Ubuntu focal with xfce. I tried to scan a letter with simple-scan. One one of them, the scanned image was just black. on the other, it showed up as expected. where should I start to try and find the difference?23:03
Sven_vBoh, I used the same USB scanner on both.23:03
Sven_vBmaybe the ability to scan was lost with a kernel update. scan works on "Linux *** 5.8.0-44-lowlatency #50~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Wed Feb 10 22:01:27 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux". black page on "Linux *** 5.15.0-48-lowlatency #54~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Sep 2 16:25:18 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux"23:07
dostoyevsky2I have some Dockerfiles that start like `FROM ubuntu:<version>' ... IIUC as per https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=35166317 , those repositories are going to disappear... is there an replacement?23:07
Sven_vBdostoyevsky2, I think this is more of a #docker issue. My glass ball thinks that you should use the docker client to download all the images you need to your own infrastructure and find a way for docker to load them from there. This will also protect you against accidential or scheduled docker hub downtime in the future.23:10
Sven_vBdostoyevsky2, I think there are also cache proxies that act as a docker hub. you can probably configure them to cache the necessary files forever. it's always a good idea to test how your means of production will behave if they are temporarily disconnected from the web.23:12
Sven_vBdostoyevsky2, the blog article linked at top of that thread also lists some workarounds. maybe some work for you.23:22
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