GeekSquidActionParsnip: meco: if desktop version... no longer supported see !eol00:00
GeekSquid!eol | meco00:00
ubottumeco: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:00
ActionParsnipGeekSquid: it is, until April 201100:00
ActionParsnipmeco: then run:  sudo sh -c 'echo "deb http://archive.getdeb.net/ubuntu hardy-getdeb games" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/getdeb.list'00:00
GeekSquidActionParsnip: whoops, I got my dates messed up00:00
ActionParsnipGeekSquid: np man ;)00:01
shawn146|ubuntustill can't get into drive00:01
ActionParsnipmeco: it may not support hardy, its an unofficial repo so its up to them which release they support00:01
shawn146|ubuntui can goa s far as /media/os00:01
ActionParsnipshawn146|ubuntu: its a partition, not a drive00:01
p_resshawn146|ubuntu: Did you try with Nautilus?00:02
shawn146|ubuntui can with no problem00:02
shawn146|ubuntubut i need CLI it says00:02
p_resshawn146|ubuntu: So what's the problem?00:02
shawn146|ubuntufor the permissions00:02
ActionParsnipshawn146|ubuntu: can you give a pastebin of the output of:   mount     thanks00:02
navatwoSo I am having issues installing the UNR on my new netbook. I have the flash drive created but when I boot off it, it asks for my language, I pick install then it goes to a blank screen with the white cursor flashing. :(00:02
GeekSquidshawn146|ubuntu: gksudo nautilus /media00:02
ActionParsnipnavatwo: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?00:02
p_resshawn146|ubuntu: If you launch Nautilus with gksu you have root access as it is.00:02
mecoI'm not sure what someone just tried to explain to me...00:02
onlyplayragzguys you think it s  a good idea to upgrade a live server via command line?00:02
Danielc1234_hi all just installed ftp apt-get install vsftpd, but when using cuteftp, I can browse and see files/folders, but will not let me edit, copy or paste. Permissions, however I am logging in as my user with full permissions. Any ideas?00:03
navatwoActionParsnip: yes00:03
ActionParsniponlyplayragz: sure, if its beneficial00:03
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onlyplayragzi mean00:03
onlyplayragzdist upgrade00:03
ActionParsnipnavatwo: www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup.html00:03
onlyplayragzfrom hardy to maverik00:03
ActionParsniponlyplayragz: you can upgrade from hardy to Lucid, then to maverick00:04
GeekSquidshawn146|ubuntu: case sensitivity cd /media/OS/windows00:04
onlyplayragzseems risky though00:04
ActionParsniponlyplayragz: personally I recommend keeping servers in the LTS00:04
GeekSquidshawn146|ubuntu: OS00:04
p_resonlyplayragz: Why not leave Hardy on it.00:04
Guest92214Hi all! i got a Problem: i want to use mp3blaster; in order to add files in mp3blaster. i need to press F!; but when i press F1 GNOME Terminal Manuel opens up and mp3blaster does not get the input... any suggestions on how to solve that issue?!00:04
ActionParsniponlyplayragz: installing regular updates is equally risky00:04
onlyplayragzi m just asking00:04
shawn146|ubuntuubuntu@ubuntu:/media/OS$ cd /media/OS/windows00:04
shawn146|ubuntubash: cd: /media/OS/windows: No such file or directory00:04
mecoI'm typing 'urban' in the Synaptic search field, and I only get to hits: 'gramofile' and 'gzrt'00:05
GeekSquidshawn146|ubuntu: type ls00:05
ActionParsnipp_res: lucid is supported longer00:05
onlyplayragzi tried on a test server and it screwed everything ;)00:05
p_resActionParsnip: But he wants Maverick?00:05
p_resshawn146|ubuntu: It00:05
p_resshawn146|ubuntu: Are you using tab completion?00:05
navatwoActionParsnip: its a netbook, thus has no separate gpu. It does not load the installer00:05
shawn146|ubuntuls lists the folders and files?00:06
GeekSquidshawn146|ubuntu: do you see windows there?00:06
dannyLopezhow cai i see the manager of the sound?00:06
ActionParsnipnavatwo: the guide shows how to add the nomodeset option you need00:06
ActionParsnipmeco: http://www.urbanterror.info/docs/texts/110/   has a normal lazy download you can use00:06
p_resshawn146|ubuntu: You must have your commadn wrong somewhere.00:06
ActionParsnipp_res: true, but i advised lucid ;)00:06
The_RufusTHAT'S IT, i'm installing the OS for a 4TH time00:06
shawn146|ubuntui got in00:06
shawn146|ubuntuls helps thanks00:06
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p_resActionParsnip: Well that's would be better than Maverick for a server.00:07
ActionParsnipp_res: totally00:07
p_resshawn146|ubuntu: Well done!00:07
dannyLopezhow can i see the manager of the sound?00:07
ActionParsnip!sound | dannyLopez00:07
ubottudannyLopez: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.00:07
p_resdannyLopez: Little sound icon in gnome-panel.00:07
shawn146|ubuntui can't get into System3200:07
ActionParsnipshawn146|ubuntu: linux is VERY case sensitive, so if it's SYSTEM32, it is different to System3200:08
shawn146|ubuntuit says System32 in the ls00:08
GeekSquidshawn146|ubuntu: try cd Sy"TABkey"00:08
shawn146|ubuntubut when i type in ls System32 it says no such file or directory00:08
dannyLopezActionParsnip: but i need know if the maneger is alsa o pulse00:08
ActionParsnipdannyLopez: in a default Ubuntu, it's pulse00:09
ActionParsnipshawn146|ubuntu: use tab to complete00:09
p_resdannyLopez: Unless you changed it, it's Pulse.00:09
peytoniumnitrateanyone here use irssi?00:09
Guest92214peytoniumnitrate: me00:09
p_respeytoniumnitrate: Nope.00:09
dannyLopezok TKS00:09
ActionParsnippeytoniumnitrate: sometimes00:09
p_resdannyLopez: ;-)00:09
soreaupeytoniumnitrate: #irssi00:09
peytoniumnitratei downloaded a theme how do i apply it?00:09
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shawn146|ubuntuI am getting /s System\ Volume\ Information/00:09
dannyLopezp_res: what is the better? alsa or pulse?00:10
p_resdannyLopez: I prefer Pulse.00:10
ActionParsnippeytoniumnitrate: right click desktop -> change background image, themes tab00:10
ActionParsnipdannyLopez: they are just different, neither is outright better00:10
p_resdannyLopez: I use it with 4.0 audio adn it's great.00:10
GeekSquidshawn146|ubuntu: seems like you still need to get into the windows directory before you can get to system3200:10
shawn146|ubuntui am in Windows00:10
GeekSquidshawn146|ubuntu: screenshot after fullscreen ls00:11
kn100peytoniumnitrate, where did you get this theme from?00:11
SupertankerHmm, while I'm here, here's an odd problem: Every once in awhile, OpenOffice will take a *VERY* long time to start--the progress bar on the splash screen reaches 100% but it sits there, two-five minutes or so, then finally pops up my document. But if I open subsequent documents they open right up00:11
SupertankerAny idea what this is?00:11
peytoniumnitratei got it from irssi site00:11
SupertankerKilling one of the soffice processes (forgot which, sorry) mwhile the splash screen is stuck has it pop up immediately with my document00:11
ActionParsnipSupertanker: http://www.zolved.com/synapse/view_content/28209/How_to_make_OpenOffice_run_faster_in_Ubuntu00:11
kn100peytoniumnitrate, are you sure it's an ubuntu theme then?00:11
NFsiherpeytoniumnitrate: sorry never used any skins00:12
peytoniumnitrateno its a irssi theme00:12
IdleOnepeytoniumnitrate: #irssi can help you with irssi themes00:12
XiaolinDraconisJordan_U, got time for a nother question?00:12
aimioomg i'm going crazy, so simple but yet so damn hard i have no idea why it's not working.. (damn headphone jack)..00:12
DrEdD^^hi guys00:12
ActionParsnipSupertanker: can help, the thing making mot difference is stopping the java stuff00:12
quidnuncHow do I get progress indication when doing automatically-triggered fsck on boot?00:12
piraccan anyone help me with hp dv4-1125nr mic not working?00:12
DrEdD^^can somebody please try
shawn146|ubuntuwow the channel floods fast00:12
DrEdD^^ its my vnc server i have problem setting my router from outisde and can't try it alone :)00:12
piraccan anyone help me with hp dv4-1125nr mic not working? 10.1000:12
kn100Holy...It's unbelievable in here00:12
DrEdD^^tell me if you get answer00:12
ubottuvesa is the default video driver if X can't find a better one. Also see !x00:12
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:13
shawnboyMy "Open With" context menu no longer shows "Other". How do I associate certain files with a particular other application?00:13
KM0201pirac: well, do you know what your sound device is?00:13
ActionParsnipkn100: it is the official channel of the fastest growing Linux distro....what did you expect00:13
NFsiherpeytoniumnitrate: sorry never used any skins00:13
NFsiherHi all! i got a Problem: i want to use mp3blaster; in order to add files in mp3blaster. i need to press F!; but when i press F1 GNOME Terminal Manuel opens up and mp3blaster does not get the input... any suggestions on how to solve that issue?!00:13
jkochHow can I tell if my computer is using vesa or picking up my intel video driver?00:13
adrian_kxXlib:  extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":0.0".00:13
adrian_kxanyone managed to fix this error00:14
kn100ActionParsnip, there's _got_ to be a better way of providing support over irc than this00:14
ActionParsnipjkoch: sudo lshw -C display     and read00:14
SupertankerActionParsnip, thanks, I'll take a look at that. It does it in Windows too sometimes, funnily enough00:14
ActionParsnipkn100: its worked pretty well for the last 4 years I've used ubuntu and the 10 I've used Linux00:14
jkochActionParsnip: it says "PCI (sysfs)"00:15
ActionParsnipkn100: there is also the ubuntu forums and launchpad where you can post questions00:15
ActionParsnipjkoch: give it time00:15
GeekSquidDrEdD^^: that works ... RealVNC Server running, waiting for password ... but the applet loads00:15
XiaolinDraconissome of you may remember i am making a usb emergency boot stick00:15
kn100I know, it's just insane how fast irc is scrolling ActionParsnip heh00:15
ActionParsnipkn100: you'll learn how to read it00:15
DrEdD^^ GeekSquid thank you very much00:15
piracKM0201 no im not actually sure, how do i check?00:15
shawn146|ubuntui gave you the fullscreen thingy you asked for00:15
p_resshawn146|ubuntu: Perhaps Windows hides the directory for some reason?00:15
XiaolinDraconisi installed grub2 and tiny core a an fat16 partition and it went without a hitch00:15
KM0201pirac: it should be listed in lspci00:15
Starcraftmazterhello, i've just disabled my ati prop. driver due to problems with dual head displays, and how it doesnt show up in hardware drivers. What could be the reason for this?00:16
jkochActionParsnip: it shows that it is the intel driver, but my video is still a bit laggy to the point where i can't even watch a video on youtube00:16
kn100ActionParsnip, I've always thought a very basic yahoo answers type system would be a good way of providing support00:16
XiaolinDraconishowever i started over and reformatted to ext4 and now grub tells me to load the kernel first00:16
nit-witXiaolinDraconis, to boot what I just logged on.00:16
shawn146|ubuntui can get into the folder with nautilus00:16
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p_resshawn146|ubuntu: I don't use W7 so I dunno. I always preferred XP because there's no hiding business.00:16
ActionParsnipjkoch: you may need an xorg.conf file to define better settings, if you websearch the product line you will find guides00:16
kn100There's an idea for something for me to develop.00:16
The_RufusOK, WTF? It seems I can't have more than 4 partitions in my RAID array00:16
langvannrooks: have you ever experienced serious lag?00:16
XiaolinDraconisnit-wit, ur on TC?00:16
shawnboyCaon anyone point me in direction for file associations?00:16
ActionParsnipkn100: thats how the launchpad questions work00:16
The_Rufusanyone aware of such a limitiation?00:16
jkochActionParsnip: kk. thank you for your help00:16
IdleOnekn100: a good thing to do in a channel this large with so much text going by is not to add more unnecessarily00:17
shawn146|ubuntuit shouldn't be hidden, nautilus allows me to get in00:17
p_resI have to go. Good luck shawn146|ubuntu00:17
aeon-ltdThe_Rufus: primary?00:17
GeekSquidshawn146|ubuntu: you arnt in windows you did "ls Windows" now do cd Windows then cd Sys....00:17
KM0201shawn146: system/pref/preferred apps00:17
kn100IdleOne, heh, probably, last thing I'm going to say is ActionParsnip but launchpad is horribly user unfriendly00:17
nit-witXiaolinDraconis, TC?00:17
shawn146|ubuntuohh! lol00:17
XiaolinDraconisnit-wit, tiny core00:17
pirac00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller00:17
langvannrooks: Not sure why, but somethings it seems like everything just hangs for a while, and i have extreme lag for like, a minute or so. and then everything starts working again.00:17
Guest90396Hi. I keep all my photos on an external USB hard-drive that I take with me from computer to computer. Can Shotwell manage to use drive even if it is USB and external without me having to tell Shotwell about it each time/00:17
The_Rufusaeon-ltd: primary what?00:17
XiaolinDraconisnit-wit, you meant usb?00:17
aeon-ltdThe_Rufus: primary partitions?00:17
The_Rufusnot sure how that would work in a raid array00:18
KM0201pirac: and what doesn't work? i have that on my laptop, and it works fine00:18
shawn146|ubuntuhow do i do number 7? http://twitteling.com/2010/06/reset-windows-7-passwords-with-linux-ubuntu/00:18
ActionParsnipkn100: i'd say not, look at the karma awarded by users whom have recieved help: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+topcontributors00:18
shawn146|ubuntuerr step 700:18
shawnboyWow, super busy tonight. I'll relieve some pressure by leaving.00:18
ActionParsnipkn100: how is the forum any different to yahoo answers?00:18
nit-witXiaolinDraconis, I saw that after  posted, so grub2 is not booting TC00:19
piracthe mic isnt picking up any volume and or its not showing an input device00:19
kn100ActionParsnip, I did not say yahoo answers exactly00:19
p_resshawn146|ubuntu: You get my PM?00:19
soreaupirac: Try running alsamixer in a terminal?00:19
XiaolinDraconisnit-wit, it did a lil bit ago but i was on fat16 part00:19
ActionParsnipkn100: either way, suppport is rolling nicely for everyone else00:19
shawn146|ubuntuah yes p_res00:19
KM0201pirac: go to system/pref/sound and click the "Input Tab"  Try changing optinos in "Connector" and see if you can get the mic to register.00:20
p_resshawn146|ubuntu: Cheers mate. ;-)00:20
kn100ActionParsnip, What I envision is a very basic page with something along the lines of "So you're having a Ubuntu problem, please describe it below" <textbox> <submit button> - user then sent to an ajax page that essentially loads solutions as people answer the question, and on the other side is a searchable page that anyone else can go to and answer these questions00:20
rookslangvann, check dmesg, see if there are some anomalies such as setting interface up and down on its own, it might be result of bad cable00:20
shawn146|ubuntubut what for?00:20
rookslangvann, or loose ethernet plug00:20
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piraci think i may have it, but going to reboot, brb00:21
nit-witXiaolinDraconis, does TC come with gru2 or grub-legacy, is it a full install or the thumb loaded00:21
nit-witISO loaded00:22
GeekSquidshawn146|ubuntu: there really is a better way to access and edit SAM... use this http://www.pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/00:22
The_Rufushow the hell can I create an extended partition in a raid array?00:22
shcherbakkn100: you mean more readable launchpad?00:22
langvannrooks: Dec 31 01:03:46 langvann-desktop pulseaudio[1668]: ratelimit.c: 1 events suppressed00:22
langvannOnly thing i could find00:22
shawn146|ubuntuok i did chntpw -l SAM00:22
shawn146|ubuntuwhat do i do next?00:22
kn100shcherbak, more readable, much simpler, not as scary looking, and cross project00:22
langvannprobably a result of the music having issues playing00:22
kn100shcherbak, would probably tie it in to the ubuntu one accounts if that's possible00:23
langvannrooks: I'm gonna go buy a new ethernet card. The one i have I suspect is broken.00:23
XiaolinDraconisnit-wit, i extracted the zip file and made my own grub.cfg00:23
kn100shcherbak, and it would be the kind of thing that's linked in the 'help' menu of programs, just a 1 purpose system for getting support for anything00:23
nawkwanSo I'm about to create a USB drive using the Universal USB Installer as described on the official Ubuntu websiute00:23
rookslangvann, could be, for my setup i got two gigabit intel cards since my motherboards dont work well00:23
XiaolinDraconisnit-wit, i sudo installed grub then extracted the iso and made a menu entry for it00:24
nit-witXiaolinDraconis, you might try the bootscript to look at it00:24
kn100shcherbak, also we could build up a large db of questions and answers and compare every question asked to that db and try to provide automated answers based on that00:24
langvannrooks: Two? for load balancing?00:24
XiaolinDraconisnit-wit, bootscript?00:24
rookslangvann, but i think dmesg would be full of warrnings if its the cards, maybe you have something with cable, like its bend too hard00:24
nawkwanSo when I further read about Persistence on http://www.pendrivelinux.com/what-is-persistent-linux/00:25
rookslangvann, one for server, one for desktop, i did such setup like in 2006 when such things were new, and gigabit switches were $$$$$00:25
shaggy3I have a simple question, I have spent weeks setting up my server, now that everything is working on it, I am wanting to create a image of the HDD and burn it to CD/DVD (depending what is needed) is there a way I can do this in ubuntu 10.10 server?00:25
nawkwanIt says that "Typically a separate Persistent storage space (persistent overlay) is used in conjunction with a compressed Live Linux OS."00:25
nit-witXiaolinDraconis, it is for install mainly but it will tell you where the mbr is looking etc.http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/00:25
grendal_primeanyone ever set up squid to auth against radius?00:25
kn100shaggy3, http://packratstudios.com/index.php/2008/04/20/how-to-setup-clonezilla-on-linux-ubuntu-quick-start-guide/00:26
shawn146|ubuntuok how do i untar a .tar.bz2 to a diff partition00:26
shawn146|ubuntumesk something?00:26
shaggy3kn100: thank you00:26
kn100shaggy3, not sure how well that would work exactly but it looks like what you want00:27
nit-witXiaolinDraconis,  would do a full install of puppy linux it would be much easier and is grub200:27
XiaolinDraconisnit-wit, its a 512MB stick space is needed00:27
XiaolinDraconisnit-wit, i know puppy is only 100mb but tc is 10x smaller00:27
nit-witXiaolinDraconis, I understand puppy only 128MIB00:28
kn100shaggy3, http://geekyprojects.com/cloning/setup-a-clonezilla-server-on-ubuntu/ < seems more up to date00:28
mitzedhi all  can anyone giveme a hand00:28
nawkwanJust curious, does it mean the the user changes are in actuality kept separate?00:28
mitzedhow can i run  a program like vpnc and others  automatically at startup with a desktop user account non in a admin account00:28
XiaolinDraconisnit-wit, crap i gotta get off the pc been here for 6 hrs someone else needs a run at it00:28
nawkwanif you're nice enough, please pm me with the answer/insights on this00:29
GeekSquidmitzed: firstly , have patience .... secondly ... System>Preferences>Startup Applications00:32
mitzedi get something like this: you dont have privileges00:34
JameswstubbsDoes it ask you to enter a password?00:34
JameswstubbsAre you entering the correct password for the current user?00:35
aillhi guys I am trying to remove a default /home partition my web host gave me, I just want it to be part of regular "/" could anyone tell me how to do this?00:35
mitzedbut  when i put the correct  pass00:35
mitzedit promp me  with a message00:36
smwaill, why would you do that?00:36
aillbecause i find having 20 partitions eating up space silly and it will restrict me later im sure00:36
mitzedthat this account user dont hve  sufficient privileges00:37
JameswstubbsAill would a symlink do? Ln /home / ?00:37
smwaill, for servers, it makes sense to separate stuff.00:37
Gartralaill, theres a HUGE security risk in making your /home at / are you absolutly SURE you want to do that?00:37
smwGartral, he does not want too do that00:37
Jameswstubbsmitzed: You could try using root00:38
smwhe wants it part of the / partition00:38
shawn146|ubuntui think i may have done it00:38
JameswstubbsSudo passwd root00:38
shawn146|ubuntuusing sudo chntpw SAM00:38
smwaill, I am just telling you it is a bad idea and pretty much impossible without direct access with a live cd00:38
shawn146|ubuntuand using 1 and y00:38
matematikaaditaill: you can use parted, gparted, fdisk00:38
JameswstubbsOr sudo passwd user00:39
ubottuWe do not support setting a root password. Please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.00:39
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:39
GeekSquidaill: webhost? ... I think you are confused ... your /home/username partition on a webhost is where you store your data... everything else you don't have privlidges to write to00:39
mitzedjameswtubbs i hve the root account activated  how  can i do it in  the terminal?00:39
aillits a dedicated server00:39
shawn146|ubuntuhow do you unzip a .tar.bz2 to a diff disk/partition?00:39
shawn146|ubuntuusing sudo in terminal00:39
Jameswstubbsmitzed: Iv just been told off for discussing it :p00:40
Jameswstubbsshawn146 mount /dev/device /mnt/placetomount00:41
smwaill, you would need to use a live cd to do it00:41
GeekSquidaill: I don't see how putting /home on / does you any good, still confusing ... please explain exactly what you are trying to do.... /home and / are not partitions.. they are folders under the root00:41
shawn146|ubuntuits already mounted00:41
shawn146|ubuntui have no problem with mounting00:41
smwaill, or do something far too difficult to make sense...00:41
JameswstubbsBzip -x nameofbzip00:41
smwaill, it is about as difficult as installing a new distro00:41
rwwshawn146|ubuntu: cd /path/to/destination; sudo tar -jxf /path/to/file.tar.bz200:41
aillthere is /home mounted eating up 200GB, I dont want it, I want that space assigned to regular "/"00:42
aillbut my idiot web host cant follow basic instructions00:42
ailland i cant be arsed waiting 24 hours for a fix00:42
smwaill, waiting 24 hours is the only method. Sorry00:42
shawn146|ubuntulike i want to extract icewm-image-Mongo-08.07.08.tar.bz2 to d84b00:42
GeekSquidaill: to do what you want... you'll need physical access to the machine, or you will have to have an idoit do the job00:42
adstatMy Ubuntu is being Lame00:44
adstatAny ideas why Ubuntu 10.10 wont connect to Win 7 shared computer?00:44
rwwadstat: Are you using 10.10 or 11.04?00:45
GeekSquidshawn146|ubuntu: we really cannot support that kind of install.... again sudo apt-get install icewm  ...00:45
adstati verified earlier00:45
shawn146|ubuntui don't want to isntall it in ubuntu00:45
piercedwaterCan anyone help me with this error I am getting when trying to rsync from Mac OS X -> Ubuntu 10.10 USB Drive NTFS-3G? http://paste.ubuntu.com/548962/00:46
shawn146|ubuntui need to untar it into the partition00:46
adstatBut i was confused previously because when i go to "System - About Ubuntu" it says 11.0400:46
shawn146|ubuntuit is a linux distro itself00:46
adstatBut i just cant' get this sharing to work00:46
adstatJoan Rivers is BACK!!00:48
pixelatedadstat, wow, i was just talking to my wife about that issue of she thinking she has 11.04 on her laptop...00:48
GeekSquidpiercedwater: filename convention ... Apple Talks Like This ..... Linux/ \Escapes/ \Like/ \This And\ Windows\ Escapes\ Like \This ..... and spaces in files are a problem between os's especially when working with NTFS ... if it was an ext3/4 drive you wouldn't have the problem00:49
pixelatedadstat, also as to your problem of win7 and connecting, my wife had alot of problems connecting to my file/print server (running ubuntu) on her laptop (running 7), and she has decided to go back to using ubuntu again...00:50
piercedwaterGeekSquid: So either I rename the files or I switch to ext3/4?00:50
GeekSquidpiercedwater: yep00:50
GeekSquidpiercedwater: or use itunes home sharing to share the files across the machines00:51
piercedwaternot terrible, but annoying none the less00:51
piercedwaternah, i have a different setup :P00:51
piercedwaterthanks though, you saved me alot of pain lol00:51
adstatpixelated, my server is Win 700:52
zhangxuekuimine is linux00:52
pixelatedadstat, yeah i see that, we had the opposite problem, server being linux, client being 7...00:52
shawn146|ubuntuhow do i get into filesystem d84b3300-f872-40dd-85f6-44a5e7be21cc from terminal?00:53
pixelatedalso had issues accessing the server in vista too, but XP has no problems...00:53
pixelatedshawn146|ubuntu, is it mounted?00:53
shawn146|ubuntualways mounted00:54
pixelateddo you know where its mounted?00:54
TWILisawesomeis it safe to have two apt-get installs running at the same time?00:54
shawn146|ubuntuor sdd200:54
skorvany ideas in how to solve the "the requested url couldnot be retrived" after squid00:54
aeon-ltdTWILisawesome: no, thats why a lock file is generated to prevent this00:54
skorvi'm out of ideas00:54
pixelatedshawn146|ubuntu, try 'blkid' it will show where your UUID's are mounted00:54
TWILisawesomethanks aeon-ltd00:54
GeekSquidTWILisawesome: we love TWIT!!!00:55
TWILisawesomeyes you do, and so do I00:55
JamesWStubbsWhats Twit?00:55
GeekSquidThis Week In Tech ... http://twit.tv00:56
shawn146|ubuntuits not doing anything00:56
Jordan_Usudo mount /dev/disk/by-uuid/d84b3300-f872-40dd-85f6-44a5e7be21cc /mnt/00:56
Jordan_Ushawn146|ubuntu: ^^00:56
Scutumhello, Im trying to get my girlfriend to switch to linux, what would be the most recommendable user friendly easy to use version?00:56
JamesWStubbsQuick question, going to get an Dual core AMD processor tommorow, is there any foreseeable problems with it and Ubuntu/Linux Distros in general00:56
shawn146|ubuntusudo mount /dev/disk/by-uuid/d84b3300-f872-40dd-85f6-44a5e7be21cc /mnt/00:57
pixelatedScutum, my wife uses ubuntu00:57
shawn146|ubuntudidn't copy00:57
shawn146|ubuntumount: special device /dev/disk/by-uuid/d84b3300-f872-40dd-85f6-44a5e7be21cc does not exist00:57
Scutumpixelated, she like nice cute stuff would kubuntu be a better option?00:57
GeekSquidJamesWStubbs: I have 2 in front of me, and that question depends on a lot of things, but, you are just buying the processor, or a computer?00:58
pixelatedScutum, could be, kde has alot of sugary widgets last timei looked at it...00:58
Jordan_Ushawn146|ubuntu: Then you probably don't have any device containing a filesystem with that UUID. Where did you get that UUID from?00:58
shawn146|ubuntuoh just had to replace f with 500:58
shawn146|ubuntuon the id00:58
JamesWStubbsScutum , I've been told PCLinuxOS is supposed to be easy to adjust to, but Ubuntu would also be nice00:59
JamesWStubbsGeekSquid I'm buying a laptop00:59
JamesWStubbsIt includes the AMD64 and a ATI graphics card00:59
KM0201JamesWStubbs: it's all a matter of opinion, personally, I hate PCLOS01:00
shawn146|ubuntustudio 17?01:00
GeekSquidJamesWStubbs: I have 2 in front of me .... Reccommend Lenovo .... Compaq has problems01:00
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GartralI can't get ubuntu-one to syncronize with the cloud server, it says i have no internet connection01:00
jkochHow can I switch to the vesa video driver instead of the one that doesn't work right for my video card?01:00
JamesWStubbsKM0201 I havn't used it, just what I've been told, my first distro was Backtrack3, then I started using Debian as my everyday OS01:00
ScutumJamesWStubbs, u think kubuntu would be a better option?01:00
JamesWStubbsKDE is good, it's arguably pretty heavy, but It has a similar user experience to Windows in some respects01:01
KM0201JamesWStubbs: well.. it's easy to try a live CD i guess.. while I do think it's a halfway decent newb distro.. i hate it.01:01
pixelatedScutum, if you have room install both gnome and kde, and let her try both...01:01
KM0201JamesWStubbs: honestly, i'd rather use OpenSuse than PCLinuxOS.. but again, its all opinion01:02
JamesWStubbsKM0201 I've done a quick google search on it (as you do), It does have a E17 version available, might be worth having a look at01:02
Scutumpixelated, thanks01:02
juniourin dual boot can i use two oter version of ubuntu01:02
JamesWStubbsjuniour yes01:02
GartralI can't get ubuntu-one to syncronize with the cloud server, it says i have no internet connection01:03
pixelatedjuniour, yes but i wouldnt do this for having KDE and GNOME...01:03
juniourjamesWStubbs can i install both through wubi01:04
JamesWStubbsjuniour I wouldn't think so, I believe wubi uses a virtual hard disk and uses MBR as it's bootloader01:04
JamesWStubbsjumbers But installing from DVD,using the installer application would take you through partitioning01:05
judgepgHi Folks, can anyone tell me if its possible to install Ubuntu Server without an internet connection?  Seems like the installer is prompting to specify a network connection to grab the latest packages.01:05
sharkoderafter lost /boot partition, i booted and chrooted from a live cd and installed grub2, linux and kernel, but i can't start anyway the system imo because of wrong resolution, i dunno. what should  i do ?01:05
luxurymodeHey all, I'm new to Ubuntu/Linux. Is there an easy to way to have apps load up automatically on startup and to have them go to a specific spot on the screen, etc - sort of like a workspace?01:05
judgepgUbuntu 10.10 Server01:05
JamesWStubbssharkoder Do you use a dedicated graphics card?01:06
Doinkleluxurymode, you can add startups but as for certain workspaces im not sure01:06
JamesWStubbsluxurymode gscripter might be able to do it01:06
luxurymodeDoinkle: ok thanks01:06
luxurymodeJamesWStubbs: ok i'll check it out01:06
=== WinstonSmith_ is now known as WinstonSmith
Doinkleluxurymode, system > prefs > startup01:07
ZykoticK9luxurymode, System / Preferences / Startup Applications -- for putting them on a particular workspace, i don't think so.  Enjoy Ubuntu.01:07
juniourjamesWstubbs can i install older version of ubuntu in usb01:07
luxurymodeI just want things like xchat to open up and go to right monitor, terminal on right monitor, etc.01:07
sharkoderJamesWStubbs: i have an integrated nvidia card. i removed nvidia related packages but still no luck even replacing x.conf with failsafe one01:07
ZykoticK9sharkoder, have you tried without an xorg.conf?01:07
sharkoderjust removing it?01:07
Doinkleluxurymode, in startup, goto options.  it has an option to remember which apps, test it to see if it remembers location01:08
JamesWStubbssharkoder, you could mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.backup01:08
ZykoticK9sharkoder, correct - video "should" auto detect01:08
adstatWhen should i run Ubuntu on my Phone?01:08
luxurymodeDoinkle: isnt that just for logging in and out? no rebooting?01:08
JamesWStubbssharkoder xorg should automatically set up xorg.conf using vesa then01:08
Doinkleluxurymode, i never tested it but i dont see why a reboot vs a logout would matter01:08
JamesWStubbsadstat for ettercap :)01:08
sharkoderZykoticK9: i will try now01:08
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
chelzhow would one, with NetworkManager, have different automatic static IP settings based on which physical ethernet network i'm plugged into?01:08
luxurymodeDoinkle: right. as i said, still new to linux so not sure what the command is for, say, xchat. not familiar with file sys yet..01:09
sharkoderJamesWStubbs: i generated several times a new xorg, tried failsafe one, tried new one01:09
Blue11chelz: that's usually done by the router01:09
JamesWStubbschelz you could do it with the ifconfig from the terminal or set up /etc/interfaces using a text editor01:09
ZykoticK9chelz, i doubt that is possible - how would the ethernet card know which network you where on?01:09
Blue11chelz: called "static dhcp reservation" based on the mac address01:09
chelzZykoticK9: mac of the gateay maybe01:09
JamesWStubbschelz as Blue11 said it would need to be set up on the router aswell01:10
chelzBlue11: whenever i've done static ip stuff on a dhcp network, i just set the static ip then it kind of works01:10
luxurymodeDoinkle: is it usr/bin/xchat?01:10
chelzi just make sure to set static ips that the router won't give out01:10
chelzi was afraid i'd have to mess with /etc/interfaces ;/01:10
Doinkleluxurymode, hint: right click on the applications bar, edit menus, then goto properties of the applications for clues. :)01:10
ZykoticK9luxurymode, it would need to start from a / so /usr/bin/xchat for example01:10
Blue11chelz: static dhcp reservation is based on the mac address of the port connectiing to it - it sees that mac address on the network, and automagically gives it the same ip address everytime - it's what makes port forwarding work.01:11
JamesWStubbsBlue11 The interface would still need to request the Ip though won't it?01:11
chelzBlue11: ah that does sound pretty nice. i don't think my router supports that though01:11
juniouri hve memory card of 2gb can i install ubuntu in that01:11
luxurymodeDoinkle: thanks. looks like command is just "xchat." Does that make sense?01:11
Blue11JamesWStubbs: sure it does a dhcp request, but the router knows when it sees that mac adress it gets this particular ip address01:12
bastidrazorjuniour: yes01:12
Doinkleluxurymode, yes thats correct.. the reason is because xchat is in your environment path01:12
JamesWStubbsjuniour what phone is it?01:12
shawn146|ubuntuerror: unabled to locate folder or directly by terminal01:12
Blue11chelz: what kind of router do you have?01:12
Doinkleluxurymode, for reference, type env |more in a shell01:12
ZykoticK9juniour, 2GB is going to be close to useless01:12
luxurymodeDoinkle: right, figured. thanks so much01:12
chelzBlue11: Comcast Business IP Gateway SMC 801401:12
JamesWStubbsjuniour n900 by anychance?01:12
ZykoticK9juniour, if it would fit - you'd better start with Minimal01:13
Doinkleluxurymode, AlT-F2 is handy to know too.  it parses what is in your path01:13
Blue11chelz: okay so running open-wrt or dd-wrt is not an option -01:13
pixelatedchelz, that will do it...01:13
shawn146|ubuntukernal panic: terminal stress malfunction01:13
chelzBlue11: i'm working on it01:13
luxurymodeDoinkle: oh ok didnt realize ALT-F2 does path only01:13
chelzpixelated: it will?01:13
chelzeh i'll look back through the settings01:13
Blue11chelz: that sound more like a cable modem and not a router, but I am not fam. with that.01:13
pixelatedchelz, yes, i have it at work, and set up like that...01:13
juniourzykotick9 can i do it na01:13
sharkoderZykoticK9: I tried to boot without any xorg.conf - no changes, i just have some random pixels on the top side of the screen. if i change to tty1 i get a black screen. it doesn't even start in recovery mode01:14
pixelatedBlue11, it is both01:14
ZykoticK9juniour, personally i highly doubt it01:14
chelzpixelated: ah alright. good to hear.01:14
JamesWStubbsjuniour What nokia phone is it?01:14
shawn146|ubuntuerror: unable to find device in CLI01:14
ZykoticK9sharkoder, i have no idea man.  best of luck.01:14
juniourzykotick9 let me try it01:14
luxurymodewhy is it so friggin impossible to get the resize icon to show up when hovering over the corner of a window?!01:14
Blue11pixelated: it might be worth investing in a router that can run open-wrt or dd-wrt.  I run dd-wrt on a linksys wrt54gl -- about $5001:14
juniourjamesWstubbs nokia 513001:15
ZykoticK9juniour, even with 4GB on my origional EEEs it was basically to small for ubuntu (especially once you start installing updates)01:15
chelzpixelated, Blue11 would "STATIC ROUTING" sound like it would work? it says: "Static Routes allow the users to manually add static routes to create specific paths to the destined networks" then wants a name, destination ip, subnet mask, and gateway ip01:15
Blue11pixelated: the stock software from linksys would NOT do dhcp reserativion makeing port forwarding useless01:15
JamesWStubbsjuniour There's no linux kernel for it unfortunatly, so it's a no go01:15
sharkoderZykoticK9: what can u suggest me or where to write, i need to have access to my box asap without reinstalling the system :(01:15
Blue11chelz: might work01:16
pixelatedBlue11, the company i work for is in financial investment, so we have another firewall/router behind that, as the info on our localnet is peoples financial data, which get people pissed, and the SEC doing an** probes when data goes off the grid...01:16
ZykoticK9sharkoder, LiveCD then chroot into the parition?01:16
Doinklesharkoder, try the forums01:16
dob_never try to install 10.04 on a gpt partitioned system with raid. This will never boot...01:16
luxurymodeDoinkle: gonna reboot and see if it keeps window config. brb01:16
sharkoderi did it already. i reinstalled in this way the grub2 and installed the linux and linux-kernel packages. but i need to start it the normal way01:16
shawn146|ubuntuuuid d84b3300-5872-40dd-85f6-44a5e7be21cc; terminal panic mode active; awaiting support protocol01:17
Blue11pixelated: i believe that's known as a catch-22 situation01:17
shawn146|ubuntugahh i give up01:18
pixelatedBlue11, no, its a situation where you just lube up and wait for it, as it will eventually come... maybe not today, or tomorrow, but it will :'/01:18
Blue11pixelated: oh like the u.s. government does01:18
luxurymodeDoinkle: it remembered the basic config!01:18
Doinkleluxurymode, good to know.01:19
Jordan_Usharkoder: Have you tried passing the "nomodeset" kernel parameter?01:19
pixelatedBlue11, SEC makes the government look tame...01:19
shawn146|ubuntu /unmute shawn146|ubuntu01:19
Blue11pixelated: priv. message ok?01:19
sharkoderjordan_U: how to do this?01:19
pixelatedBlue11, sure01:19
sharkoderJordan_U: is this done by editing grub boot command?01:20
mecoI installed tuxracer using Synaptic. Now I cannot find it in the Games menu. Shouldn't it be there?01:20
swim_hey everybody!!  I installed 10.04 on an old Toshiba Satellite 1735.  I figured install would pick-up the ethernet drivers, but it turns out that it wasn't ethernet, prob dial-up..  does anybody here have an experience using usb-ethernet adapters??01:21
sharkodermeco: try alt+f2 and write tuxracer there01:21
Jordan_Usharkoder: Hold shift during boot to get the grub menu, press 'e' to edit the first menu entry, then add " nomodeset" at the end of the "linux" line, after "quiet splash". Then press ctrl+X to execute the modified entry and boot.01:21
MadDog1Hi, I've been trying to upgrade from 9.10 to 10.4 (still have a lot to catch up on >_>) and apt keeps giving me the error "E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on mountall".01:21
MadDog1After searching around a bit I've found some mention in the forums, but I haven't been able to find a working solution. Does anyone know what might be going on here, or what I might be able to do to fix it?01:21
sharkoderJordan_U: ok, i'm trying it right now.01:22
craigbass1976I leave for a day and the place is wrecked....  My wife has caused my battery meter to disappear, and I can't find it to put it back in the panel.  Anyone?01:23
JamesWStubbscraigbass1976 right-click add to panel?01:24
Mackbethi, all i jusy installed a game with wine, when trying to open up the game is asking me the cd, cd is in and don't load01:24
JamesWStubbscraigbass1976 or get used to using the acpi command in terminal xD01:24
JamesWStubbsMackbet what game?01:24
shawn146|ubuntublood sweat and tears trying to get into the device with terminal01:24
bastidrazor!appdb | Mackbet ::check the database:01:25
ubottuMackbet ::check the database:: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:25
craigbass1976JamesWStubbs, ah hahaha.  I don't see it in the list of things I can add to the panel01:25
MackbetS.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl01:25
mecosharkoder: I got an error message01:25
MadDog1craigbass1976:  system-> preferences -> power management -> general -> notification area ?01:25
swim_does anybody have any experience using usb-ethernet adapters or wifi adapters with ubuntu??01:26
aeon-ltdswim_: a little with wifi, but with usb i assume its the same, as in load a module01:26
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craigbass1976MadDog1, thanks.  I'm changing my password I think...01:26
ZykoticK9swim_, i use a usb wireless from time to time - i pretty much just plug it in an it works though.01:27
JamesWStubbsMackbet Have you followed these instructions? http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=737701:27
sharkoderJordan_U: nomodeset has no effect. also when i boot in recovery mode i got this errors:01:27
sharkoderFATAL: Error inserting uvesafb (/lib/modules/2.6.32-24-generic/kernel/drivers/video/uvesafb.ko): Uknown symbol in module. or unkown parameter (see dmesg). also i got some fsck messages that seems to e irrelevant01:27
swim_aeon-ltd and Zykotick9 ever have problems with drivers??  ubuntu detects it well??01:27
Mackbetoh thx just viewing now01:27
ZykoticK9sharkoder, was this caused by trying to change plymouth resolution?01:27
skoozjust installed Ubuntu 10.10  on another computer.  type my user name and pass and comes back asking for pass word again slowly. reinstalled it got it logged in safe mode one time can get it to run using the CD.01:27
=== ZNC_shookees is now known as shookees
ZykoticK9swim_, in my case, it's always just worked OOTB (_really_ depends on hardware being used)01:28
JamesWStubbsswim_ When it's not insterted enter ifconfig 0a01:28
JamesWStubbsswim_ When it's not insterted enter ifconfig -a01:28
sharkoderi played with it earlier, and it was working. the current cause of my actual problems is lost /boot partition, reinstalled grub linux packet and kernel01:29
JamesWStubbsthen when it is inserted try again, see if there's a new interface that shows up01:29
swim_what are you using?? Zykotick9??01:29
Blue11skooz: a couple ways to recover but first are you certain of password/userid?01:29
ZykoticK9swim_, i don't use it often (it's just for emergencies) but it's a Broadcom WG111v201:30
skoozyes i am certain01:30
Blue11skooz: private message ok?01:30
MadDog1Having problems with upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04, anyone know what the apt error "E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on mountall" is about or how to resolve it? :)01:30
skoozyes plz01:30
antoniuswill i be able to read/write my hfs+ hd in latest ubuntu release?01:31
GeekSquidantonius: yes... there is a package that provides support for it01:32
nasserDoes anyone know if there's a gtk theme similar to this one: http://leonardomdq.deviantart.com/art/Simple-Lucid-163950448#/d2vvxd201:33
nasserThanks a lot! :)01:33
antoniusGeekSquid: wouldn't know that name of that packarge would ya?  I'm having trouble finding that...01:33
antoniuslooks like hfsplus has read/write with journaling disabled...hmmm01:34
ZykoticK9sharkoder, sorry man - i have no ideas for ya.  Best of luck.01:34
nasserDoes anyone know if there's a gtk theme similar to this one: http://leonardomdq.deviantart.com/art/Simple-Lucid-163950448#/d2vvxd2?01:34
nasserDoes anyone know if there's a gtk theme similar to this one: http://leonardomdq.deviantart.com/art/Simple-Lucid-163950448#/d2vvxd2 ?01:34
nassersorry for sending twice my message!01:35
sharkodernasser: browse gnome-look.org .  i have seen smth similar there. try the top downloaded / rated01:36
GeekSquidantonius: hfsplus, hfsprogs and hfsutils , you shouldn't have a problem writing to it... but you will have to set device permissions in fstab if you want it to be easily accessable all the time01:36
nassersharkoder: by the way, have u seen the icone theme LaText 2? i can't find it anywhere01:36
antoniusGeekSquid: thx!01:37
sharkodernasser: i dunno01:37
luxurymodehow do you install these themes btw? couldnt figure out how to install themes not already built in01:37
nassersharkoder: i dunno? i do not? :s01:38
sharkodernasser: i don't know :P01:38
dorbinHello folks! I am hoping to get a quickie-help-fix: I am fixing a GRUB2 error15 by running chroot and dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc. Then i get a blue screen which asks me to verify a command line extracted from the legacy GRUB menu.lst -- the problem is that this line is blank -- should I leave it blank or type something clever in it ??01:39
nassersharkoder: ;) i'm not english so i'm not used to talking using abbreviations!01:39
Jordan_Udorbin: Leave it blank.01:40
Dazza71anyone help with vbox issue ?01:40
=== shentino is now known as shentino_
ionwind_im block01:40
MackbetNope don't work01:40
ZykoticK9!anyone | Dazza7101:40
ubottuDazza71: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:40
ionwind_i cant goo true with this testdisk01:41
JamesWStubbsZykoticK9 BURNED!01:41
Dazza71ok i cant get my usb drive to show up when i am in vbox01:41
Jordan_Uionwind_: Is english your first language?01:41
ZykoticK9Dazza71, are you using the VBox direct from Oracle or the one in the ubuntu repository?01:41
dorbinJordan_U: should I install GRUB on / or /boot ??01:41
ionwind_no español01:42
ZykoticK9Dazza71, the Ubuntu one - VBox-OSE doesn't support USB01:42
ionwind_can u spanish??01:42
Jordan_Udorbin: Neither, you shouldn't install grub to a partition.01:42
Dazza71i think its oracle version01:42
ZykoticK9Dazza71, how did you install it?01:42
Dazza71from website01:42
Jordan_Udorbin: Install to the mbr, like "sda" and *not* to a partition like "sda1".01:42
dorbinJordan_U: that's what I meant - I have a root partition (/) and a boot partition (/boot)01:42
dorbinJordan_U: OK01:43
MadDog1Encountering errors when upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04; what's the apt error "E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on mountall" about, or how should I go about resolving it? :)01:43
ZykoticK9Dazza71, ya - that's the PUEL (or somthing) version then - that should support USB.  There is a USB icon in the bottom of the VBox window - if you mouse click on it does it give an option to mount the USB drive?01:43
dorbinJordan_U: But then why have a seperate /boot partition??01:43
JamesWStubbsMadDog1 Use fuser to find out which process is using a mounted disk, then use killall or top to kill the pid of that process01:44
luxurymodeHow do i install icon theme? I ran command for PPA repo, but dont see any changes...01:44
Jordan_Udorbin: A separate /boot partition is primarily used as a way of working around a type of BIOS bug.01:44
Dazza71it shows my usb drive in the settings but soon as i start my vbox no usb drive is available01:44
ZykoticK9Dazza71, what about at the bottom of the vbox window (that has your Ubuntu VM running inside it?)01:45
MackbetThe game is already installed ready to start, when i launch it the application told me to put in the cd, cd is in but don't load01:45
JamesWStubbsDazza71 There's a menu called devices i think so, devices>removablestorage>Usbdevice>enable01:45
xangualuxurymode: you drag the icon theme to the appearence window01:45
dorbinJordan_U: Well - it worked like a charm. THank you for your help.01:45
GeekSquidluxurymode: adding a ppa makes the ppa available to apt-get ... use apt-get update to get the repos into cache, then search for icons in aptitude01:45
JamesWStubbsDazza71 I think that's the way it is anyway, been a while since I used it01:45
Jordan_Udorbin: You're welcome.01:45
skorvhey youz guyz.... anyway to make squid not to cash specific ip?01:45
MadDog1I'm not really sure how to go about doing that... running "sudo fuser -am /dev/disk/by-uuid/b10c2cb7-a97d-42f5-b183-efd0249ed06" outputs only "/dev/disk/by-uuid/b10c2cb7-a97d-42f5-b183-efd0249ed068:" , for instance. :|01:46
GeekSquid!es | ionwind01:46
ubottuionwind: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:46
MackbetThere are other ways to intall application from cd?01:47
ionwind_ya lo hice y estan mas cayados que aqui :(01:47
GeekSquidMackbet: what application?01:47
Dazza71is virtualbox ose better than oracle version then ?01:48
MackbetIt's a game "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl"01:48
ZykoticK9Dazza71, it doesn't support USB... other then that - very similar01:48
mecoI just tried playing both tuxracer and urban terror, but neither worked very well. Tux played at about 2FPS and was extremely jerky and quite unresponsive. Urban terror had big black flickering squares of various sizes and positions popping up all of the time. I suppose that means my PC isn't equipped to play such games?01:49
GeekSquidionwind: excepto estos ladrones sólo hablan Inglés ... translate.google.com es mi amigo01:49
ZykoticK9meco, gaming is more dependent on what graphics card you have then CPU really.  Do you know what graphics card you have?01:49
wersi'm going to dual boot this new 128gb MacBook Air with Ubuntu. what Ubuntu partition size would you recommend? is /home partition still logical on a Mac?01:50
Dazza71can I access files from the unbuntu side via vbox ?01:50
mecoZykoticK9: No, but it's sure to be an old cheap one.01:50
ZykoticK9meco, from a terminal "lspci | grep -i vga" would tell you.01:50
luxurymodeGeekSquid: awesome. thanks a lot01:50
mecoZykoticK9:  Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01)01:51
ZykoticK9meco, intel graphics aren't ideal for gaming i'm affraid ;)01:51
mecoZykoticK9: I'll just stick to playing Facebook games then.. Oh well!01:52
GeekSquidMackbet: you cannot install a windows game into linux natively, and chances are it will not run in WINE either... Linux isn't really ready for gaming... we are getting there and in the next couple of years things will change, but for now you'll need a windows machine to run/install it01:52
quentusrex_Anyone know of a way to get a cdrom to automatically boot with an ssh server?01:52
quentusrex_I have an old computer with no working graphics port, and I'm trying to boot it as a headless server01:53
mecoGeekSquid: Do you foresee a huge wave of Linux gaming initatives in a few years then?01:53
setar_hi all01:54
JamesWStubbsmeco due to the increasing ammount of mobile platforms using a linux kernel and the increase in mobile phone gaming, it probably will happen soon01:54
Mackbetanyway i had to migrate the cd content in a folder to install it because i couldn't tick on "allow to execute as a program"01:55
mecoThat's exciting...01:55
setar_i have a problem in new kernel compile. everybody can help me?01:55
JamesWStubbsmeco Just my two cents01:55
GeekSquidmeco: yes, but it is still in its infancy01:55
GeekSquidquentusrex_: SLAMPP maybe ... http://slampp.abangadek.com/info/ ... you could turn on the ssh server via http01:56
setar_ i have a problem in new kernel compile. everybody can help me?01:56
GeekSquidsetar_ your question would be more appropriate for #kernel or #ubuntu-kernel01:57
GartralI can't get ubuntu-one to syncronize with the cloud server, it says i have no internet connection01:57
setar_tnx GeekSquid01:57
ZykoticK9Gartral, you might want to ask in the #ubuntuone channel01:58
GeekSquidGartral: strange, is it trying to use the wrong eth? or perhaps you should reinstall ubuntu-one01:58
Mackbetthere is a task on ubuntu like "task manager on windows" to terminate stucked application?02:00
ZykoticK9Mackbet, kill and killall from terminal - or xkill for GUI (not as good BTW)02:01
GeekSquidMackbet: top or System>Admin>System Monitor02:01
Gartralok new question guys, i got a newer touchpad than what ubuntu's default drivers can support.. what can i do?02:03
AntiquaMackbet, or try htop02:03
tintumonrs0832:r u here?02:03
GeekSquidtintumon: nope, not in the room02:04
tintumonwhat about the xchat02:05
GeekSquidtintumon: this is ubuntu support, doesnt matter what client you are using .... please speak in complete sentences, this is not SMS02:06
MadDog1Rather stuck here. I'm trying to resolve the error from apt "E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on mountall. Running mountall manually the problem seems to be in the swap; using swapon/swapoff has no effect on the error.02:08
MadDog1I don't know how to use lsof or fuser to see what might be causing problems, though I have tried "sudo fuser -am /dev/disk/by-uuid/b10c2cb7-a97d-42f5-b183-efd0249ed06" and "sudo fuser -am /dev/sda5"; both just output the name followed by a colon, I'm not sure if that means anything important.02:08
peytoniumnitratehow do you make windows more transparent??02:09
peytoniumnitrateon ubuntu 10.402:09
GeekSquidpeytoniumnitrate: install compizconfig-settings-manager and enable extra desktop effects in System>Prefs>Appearence ... then run CompizConfig Settings Manager from System>Preferences .... then ask in #compiz02:11
subz3r0GeekSquid, im on that too atm. maybe you can tell me where i can raise the time ?02:13
subz3r0i mean for the random effects, not for the effects i can add by my own02:13
chrisA1Hello again.02:15
chrisA1Trying to get the Ubuntu LiveCD to run. It dies on 'Setting sensors limits' without saying Failed or OK.02:15
skraitohi all02:15
tintumonwhat is the advantage of html5 webtool kit02:15
chrisA1Is there some way to turn off that part of the LiveCD?02:16
skraitohi tintumon02:16
skraitowhats up02:16
tintumonits a bad mrng without sms offer02:16
tintumonskriato: did u c silsila in youtube02:17
skraitobrb tintunmon02:17
GeekSquidsubz3r0: like i said before .... ask in #compiz --- which is specific to the program02:18
GeekSquid!offtopic | tintumon02:18
ubottutintumon: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:18
Noiawhats the quickest way to install LAMP?02:19
Kennenhello everybody.02:19
GeekSquidNoia: install tasksel .... then sudo tasksel install lamp-server02:20
NoiaGeekSquid, genius02:20
GeekSquidNoia: actually I am about 3 or 4 IQ points above that02:20
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chrisA1Hm. New data points: selecting all the alternative options (noacpi etc) gets it to say OK, but then it freezes after that. Also apparently this machine only has 512M of ram.02:24
GeekSquidchrisA1: have you tested the disk?02:24
chrisA1Yeah, it's good.02:24
chrisA1Though lemme check again, just to be thorough...02:24
GeekSquidchrisA1: laptp[?02:24
cody_Hey, Is the Klamav update supposed to take a long time and the scan supposed to take under a minute?02:25
chrisA1No, just an old cheap Intel mobo and case for like $75.02:25
cody_the only thing it says it "Hint: The Database directory must be writable for UID 1000 or GID 1000"02:26
smwcody_, it means the OS won't let it read the file. You need to change the owner or the permissions.02:27
GeekSquidchrisA1: there are lots of options, (text commands) that can be entered at boottime that are not part of the F6, but "cheap" of course doesn't always mean it will work with linux... another point, you might try an older version, as it might support the board better... other than that IDK02:27
cody_hmmm, kk02:28
cody_how do I fix that? it hasn't created a Virus Database yet02:28
cody_at least I don't think so02:28
suxsHello everyone. I'm having issues installing ubuntu and windows xp on the same machine. I don't want to reinstall windows, I tried installing ubuntu 5 times and I still can't boot to ubuntu. Any ideas?02:29
GeekSquidcody_: are you running the update as sudo?02:29
PoshepocketI've downloaded dropbox installation package/file thingy. How do I install it? seems as if sudo apt-get doesn't work?02:29
cody_how do I do that?02:29
GeekSquid!sudo |cody_02:29
ubottucody_: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo02:29
KM0201suxs: thats extremely unusual... what are you doing?02:29
cody_ah, kk02:29
xanguaPoshepocket: followed the instructions at dropbox site¿02:29
icarus-csuxs, did you tell ubuntu to install boot loader to MBR ?02:30
PoshepocketMy "broadband" is so slow right now it's not broadband.02:30
shawn146|ubuntuyay got into the folder02:30
chrisA1GeekSquid: Okay, thanks... 2 minutes googling for boot options got me nowhere, suggestions?02:32
GeekSquidPoshepocket: are you running torrents?02:32
Poshepocketgeeknik, I'm not.02:32
GeekSquidchrisA1: reccommend dsl ... damnsmalllinux.org .. with that kind of ram,02:32
peytoniumnitratedo you know how to make terminal transperant?02:33
GeekSquidPoshepocket: Poshepocket install etherape and you will be able to see exactly what is eating up your network02:33
chrisA1GeekSquid: Ah, fair point. Thanks.02:33
Poshepocketgeeknik, apt-get?02:33
GeekSquidPoshepocket: sudo apt-get install etherape02:33
xanguapeytoniumnitrate: edit>preferences02:34
aeon-ltdpeytoniumnitrate: use a terminal that supports it, or use compiz02:34
peytoniumnitratei got it!!02:35
peytoniumnitratethank you!02:35
peytoniumnitrategeek do you know about gentoo02:36
xanguapeytoniumnitrate:  /join #gentoo02:37
GeekSquidpeytoniumnitrate: that would be offtopic .. and no, not really, it is a linux varient #gentoo would be the place to go02:37
PoshepocketGeekSquid, so how do I use EtherApe? What's if for?02:38
peytoniumnitratei didnt know this channel was strict02:38
GeekSquidPoshepocket: once installed run as "gksudo etherape" select your capture device i.e. eth0 eth1 or wlan0 .... and you will see what it does02:39
lbokenhi all i install a ubuntu 10.10 ona pc as server (mysql,icecast,ftp,apache,file sharing server ect) on the pc i have 2 hdd 120gig  and a 250 gigi would like to know what would be the best partitionning (what hd to install my os, and all that where to mount also the swap configuration )02:40
w0bb1ymy hdd partitioing setup is /boot = ext4, 150M, /root = lvm, 5G, tmp = lvm, 2G, swap = 4G02:43
w0bb1ysometimes I also separate var and var/log onto lvm "partitions" also02:43
w0bb1ythat way you can use the lvm to resize and juggle disk space if you start to run low anywhere02:43
lbokenw0bb1y what is lvm?  cause i dont see that option  in the formating02:45
w0bb1yLogical Volume Management...... you need to setup the partitions as LVM partitions02:46
w0bb1ybut in a pinch you can use the same sizes for raw partitions02:46
ZykoticK9lboken, lvm is used by default in Fedora, but non-standard in Ubuntu world.  I'm not saying that w0bb1y's suggest is bad in any way - just that it's non-standard.02:47
w0bb1ylvm is an install option only on the alternative install cd I see now....02:47
lbokenah ok i dont have the  that option  so i can use it lol i dont ahve the alternative install cd02:48
w0bb1ylvm allows you to resize the partitions and re-allocate space available on hard drives02:48
w0bb1yif you are not using lvm then I would set boot=150M, root=5-15G, tmp=2G var=2-5G and the rest for home or where your main data storage will be (eg /var/www )02:49
rinku_kokiriwhy does my vlc have a pagan satan hat on it?02:49
rinku_kokirii wish to have this effin satan hat removed from my vlc player02:49
lbokenk thanks w0bb1y02:49
w0bb1ynp ....02:49
ZykoticK9rinku_kokiri, are you using ubuntu-se by any chance?02:50
rinku_kokirii doubt it02:50
rinku_kokirii'm using ubuntu desktop02:50
rinku_kokiribut i installed vlc like day before yesterday02:50
ZykoticK9rinku_kokiri, ok just checkin'.  I have no idea - i don't use VLC much.02:51
rinku_kokiriand it's got the dumb christmas satan hat on it02:51
xanguarinku_kokiri: stop that02:51
trismrinku_kokiri: it's just an easter egg for the holiday season, it'll go away eventually, or you could compile it out02:51
tintumonis there anybody02:51
icarus-clboken, what's good with LVM is that you could join volume on different hard drives as ONE big partition02:51
rinku_kokiriaah so i'm forced to celebrate the pagan holidays02:51
rinku_kokirithanks a lot ubuntu02:51
ZykoticK9rinku_kokiri, santa - not satan I take it?02:52
lbokenw0bb1y does it mather whish hd as wat fonction on it? like should i put swap, boot and root on the hd1 and the  var and the rest of  the data space on my other hd? or  my swap would be better if its on the 250 instead of 12002:52
w0bb1ymaybe not .... http://www.av1611.org/othpubls/santa.html02:52
Jezekalright im trying to generate an openssl key02:52
Jezekbut when i enter in the command it just shows a > and a blinking cursor02:53
ZykoticK9lboken, unless you have a specific reason to use multiple partitions - i'd recommend against it.02:53
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w0bb1yonly really requirement (as far as I am concerned) is that boot and root(/) of the first drive in the system02:53
bonhofferis there an undelete in ubuntu?02:53
lbokenZykoticK9 i have 2 hd so i have to use multiple partitions at least 2 lol02:54
bonhofferi just removed a directory i didn't want to02:54
ZykoticK9Jezek, there is a problem with your command - it's not complete.  You can use Ctrl+c to close the > prompt.02:54
icarus-clboken, i would use LVM to join both hard drives. and partition with it. that way you could have a big continuous partition for data (250GB + (120GB - OS size) )02:54
ZykoticK9lboken, that's true - but separate boot tmp is really not required - adds a lot of complexity02:54
Jezeki copied code here02:54
w0bb1yit adds some complexity and is a saviour when an errant process fills tmp or var/log I found02:55
w0bb1ynothing worse than var/log filling up or tmp and other services failiing02:55
ZykoticK9Jezek, you could try typing "eof" which should finish the command - but i still think there is an issue02:55
icarus-clboken, if you use LVM, you could make a 370GB 'partition'  out of your 250GB & 120GB hard disks.  but separating OS & data on different partitions is a good idea.02:56
Jezekoh nvm02:56
Jezekupdated openssl and now it works02:56
lbokenicarus-c i dont have lvm option on the installation02:56
ermiBRhi people02:58
lbokenso the data is mainly on var and on home isnt that right ? icarus or w0bb1y02:58
icarus-clboken, anywhere you want it02:58
w0bb1yyes... var and home represent data02:58
w0bb1ygenerally speaking02:58
grpaceHello.  I'm having great problems getting MySQL to connect.  I keep getting the mysqld.sock error.  Could I get some help ?02:59
lbokenok thanks so ill put var and home on my biger hd and the rest on the first, thanks for your help guys02:59
icarus-cwell but /var  also includes log file, cache, and many other stuff02:59
lbokenyes but then its the one who vary the size the most still   so it a good idea to have it on the biger disk03:00
icarus-clboken, if you ask me. i would make one partition on the big hard disk,  and mount -t bind  to proper place on the OS03:00
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rusivigrpace: may want to redirect to #mysql03:00
w0bb1ygrpace ... type ps ax | grep mysql and see if the server it running03:00
icarus-clboken, say on the big hard disk, you have one partition, containing 2 folders "home" & "var"     then you mount -t bind these 2 folders back to /home  & /var03:00
w0bb1yit sound like the mysqld process is not running03:01
Dwade09where is the trash icons hidden at?03:01
icarus-clboken, that way you don't have to split 2 partitions and resize them like hell when you need to adjust partition size03:01
DaemonikWhere is the equivalent of grub.conf??03:01
lbokenhow do i do the -t bind? i just dont format it yet and when ubuntu is installed i do that part?03:02
ZykoticK9Dwade09, if you currently don't see a Trash on your panel, then right click - add to panel - Trash.03:02
bonhofferis there a way to undelete a directory?03:02
grpacew0bbly:  I get:  6433 pts/0    T      0:00 start mysql.  It's supposed to be starting on boot.03:02
bonhofferlooking at foremost . . . et03:02
Dwade09ZykoticK9,  no i want to change the icon of the trashcan, the empty icon and the full icon.03:02
icarus-clboken, let ubuntu install on the small hard disk first. after installation, then work on the big hard disk and do the binding03:02
w0bb1ylooks like it is trying to start and has not yet started03:02
ZykoticK9Dwade09, ahh.  I have no idea.03:03
lbokenk thanks that what ill do03:03
icarus-clboken, since ubuntu installer is lacking of customization options03:03
icarus-clboken, unless you use the alternative installer03:03
w0bb1ymine shows ...  1611 ?        Ssl    9:05 /usr/sbin/mysqld03:03
kingcheese26anyone know of a place to get ceni?03:03
lbokenno i use thenormal installator03:03
w0bb1ythe start mysql usually runs as the process to start the mysql server03:03
R0b0t1Ello. I recently did the distribution upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04, and when booting, I get "Cannot find symbol grub_puts_". Note I must boot through rEFIt to get to GRUB.03:04
icarus-clboken, but the OS would use less than 20GB i suppose so you should still have spare ~100GB on the small disk :P03:04
grpacew0bbly:  The mysqld.sock file doesn't exist on the system.  Both Webmin and phpMyAdmin fails.  I've Googled the heck out of it and none of the suggestions I've found seem to work.03:05
w0bb1ydid you try doing a service mysql stop... and then service mysql start ?03:05
icarus-cgrpace, do you have mysql running?03:05
ZykoticK9!webmin > grpace03:05
ubottugrpace, please see my private message03:05
lbokenyeah i know its just that since i have that much disk on that pc and all my connector are used on my other  i have to keep the 2 disk there  so that why on my laptop ill install less space (cause on that one i want to use both linus and still windows03:05
w0bb1yalso there is a log file for mysql usually in /var/log/mysql/error.log that might indicate the problem03:06
w0bb1yI have also had similar problems when moving mysql data directory around that seems to be related to app_armour03:06
w0bb1yand even though I have resolved those issues in the past with app_armour I don't know what in the end resolved the problem03:07
R0b0t1Ello. I recently did the distribution upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04, and when booting, I get "Cannot find symbol grub_puts_". Note I must boot through rEFIt to get to GRUB.03:08
Dwade09ZykoticK9,  thanks anyways.03:10
R0b0t1Ello. I recently did the distribution upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04, and when booting, I get "Cannot find symbol grub_puts_". Note I must boot through rEFIt to get to GRUB. I believe I can fix this from my Mac partition if I could find a way to find the name of my kernel, but meh03:11
comulenthi all03:11
grpacew0bbly: I'm seeing InnoDB errors: InnoDB: The error means mysqld does not have the access rights to the directory. File name ./ibdata103:11
grpaceAlso seeing Plugin FEDERATED is disabled.03:12
w0bb1ycheck the ownership on the directory /var/lib/mysql and see if there are any files in there not owned by "mysql"03:13
MoMowhat is the vnc package i want if I want to VNC from a windows box and control a live session on a unbuntu screen?03:15
grpacew0bbly: 3 sub-dirs, 5 files, all appear owned by mysql.03:15
grpaceI see the ibdata1 file there.03:15
w0bb1yis the partition that the mysql files on out of disk space ?03:16
grpacew0bbly: No... about 27% used.03:17
w0bb1yweird !03:17
w0bb1yis there any data in the inoodb tables in  your mysql server03:17
wasabi_i've been looking for this but still no go. how do you load raid drivers during ubuntu server setup?03:18
grpaceHaven't gotten to setting up tables, yet.03:18
wasabi_ubuntu 10.10 doesn't seem to recognize the highpoint r2640 raid card03:18
grpaceAlso, on the ibdata1 file, I can clearly see owner read/write privileges.03:18
grpacew0bbly:  There's also another error showing: /usr/sbin/mysqld: Can't find file: './mysql/plugin.frm' (errno: 13) [ERROR] Can't open the mysql.plugin table. Please run mysql_upgrade to create it.03:20
w0bb1yhave you run mysql_upgrade ?03:21
=== breadcrumb_ is now known as breadcrumb
grpaceNo.  Wasn't sure about that one.  It's a fresh instll.03:21
w0bb1yif it is a fresh install then something major has gone wrong during the install03:22
w0bb1yif there is not data in the innodb tables in your mysql server you coudl try removing the innodb files (ibdata and iblog)03:23
w0bb1yand then restart mysql and let it recreate them03:23
w0bb1ybut this will be bad if there is data in any innodb tables in the server03:23
grpacew0bbly:  just tried mysql_upgrade...  More errors: Looking for 'mysql' as: mysql Looking for 'mysqlcheck' as: mysqlcheck. mysql_upgrade: Can't create/write to file 'sqlIiwRSW' (Errcode: 13). FATAL ERROR: Failed to create temporary file for defaults.03:24
w0bb1ydid you "sudo su -" before running the update script ?03:25
grpacew0bbly: No.  I'll try that.03:26
w0bb1yok... that might be it03:26
WillowRabbitserver irc.anthrochat.org03:26
w0bb1yalso if the disks are "slowish" it may take a little time for mysql to create the innodb tables and the server will not be able to be connected to until after the innodb tables are created03:27
grpacew0bbly: tried it.  Got error: 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) when trying to connect. FATAL ERROR: Upgrade failed.03:27
grpaceBasically, right back to the same error.03:28
lbokennow i get somthing wierd i used the cd to try my wireless card on ubuntu it worked fine but was on the wrong pc so i installed it on the other and installed ubuntu  now once installed the wireless card isnt even reconised03:28
VanDykeubuntudroid :P03:30
w0bb1yis there any data in the server at all ?03:30
w0bb1ymysql server that is ?03:30
comulenthey guys.... may i please ask for a bit of help? I'm having trouble with a netbook Ive just installed 10.10 onto. The bluetooth adapter is not being recognised....03:31
icarus-clboken, what is the output of "lspci |grep Network  "03:31
comulentactually, gtg! BRB in 15 mins... sorry lol03:31
grpacew0bbly:  Likely the only data (if any) would be the initial root account and password.  It keeps referring to the .sock file which doesn't exist. *Many* messages on the web had the same issue.03:32
wolfricis there anyway to download all the man pages for software i don't have installed?03:32
w0bb1yok... you could try the lazy route... uninstall and re-install03:32
=== lucas_ is now known as lucasallan
w0bb1yor a dirty hack to blow away the /var/lib/mysql/* and let mysql think that it is starting for the first time03:33
icarus-cwolfric, google "man foobah "   :)03:33
feanorI need a command to change to english keyboard layout, and asap03:33
sacarlsonMoMo: the default that is already installed in ubuntu called vino-server03:33
grpacew0bbly: I think it's down to that.  However, I have it setup as an upstart job.03:33
subz3r0feanor, google.03:33
icarus-cwolfric, where foobah is the program you are looking for03:33
w0bb1yyou can still stop and start the mysql from the command line (as root)03:34
wolfricicarus-c: right but i said download03:34
w0bb1yjust stop the service (although it is not running) then blow away the files in /var/lib/mysql03:34
w0bb1yand all the directories under there too03:34
wolfricicarus-c: I want the whole collection of man pages so if i don't have access to the internet and want to look up a program i havne't got installed, it's there03:34
w0bb1ythen do a "service mysql start"03:34
grpacew0bbly: OK.  I'll try the uninstall/reinstall route.  Thanks for all your help !!03:35
w0bb1ythat should trick it to recreate all the initial files03:35
w0bb1yno problem03:35
lbokenwhen i type with grep Network i have nothing showing i tryed lspci and it only sees my wired network card not my wireless wish is a d-link03:35
=== Guest13997 is now known as vlad
GeekSquidwolfric: sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop ... then sudo rm -f /var/lib/mysql03:35
icarus-clboken, or is is a USB wireless adapter? in that case  lsusb03:35
telugehey guys i need a ventrillo client for linux any ideas?03:35
wolfricGeekSquid: wrong person?03:35
lbokenno its a pci network03:36
lbokenpci wireless network card03:36
StrangeCharmi'm having difficulty connecting to a wifi network with WPA2 personal, using the network manager applet. when i attempt to connect, the icon changes to the 'trying to connect' icon, then 30s later prompts me for a the network password, though the password field is already populated. if i hit connect, the process just repeats03:37
icarus-cteluge, run the windows version on wine maybe03:37
icarus-cteluge, http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=216903:37
subz3r0StrangeCharm, are you sure you set the pass correctly?03:37
subz3r0StrangeCharm, and if the other options fit?03:38
GeekSquidteluge: www.mangler.org is a linux native ventrilo client03:38
telugei love u squid03:38
sacarlsonw0bb1y: maybe have him try complete purge and install03:38
subz3r0its gettin warmer in here ... :D03:38
lbokenicarus-c: ill try somthing ill remove the card and put it back see if it work then ill retry with just the live cd03:38
StrangeCharmsubz3r0, pretty darn sure. it worked a few days ago, and i verified the password field on the router. there's only one option to pick, and that's security type, where i select wpa2 personal03:38
sacarlsonw0bb1y: but sounds like it will be stuck on remove anyway03:38
w0bb1ysacarlson ... it should be ok on the remove03:39
subz3r0StrangeCharm, did you change anything or did anything got updated?03:39
soapcontainerfor anyone interested, this is the correct and easiest way to install steam on ubuntu: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=54003903:40
StrangeCharmsubz3r0, not that i recall. i don't remember making any configuration changes03:40
telugeone last question... how do i unpack and install a .deb or do i jus make it executable and double click it?03:40
subz3r0StrangeCharm, try it with a other pass. like 123 just for testing purposes03:40
StrangeCharmsubz3r0, all right, i'll try that03:41
subz3r0StrangeCharm,  just to make sure its no conversion issue or what so ever03:41
subz3r0teluge, just click on it03:42
GeekSquidteluge: .deb is not executible ... it is opened/installed with sudo dpkg -i package.deb03:42
subz3r0or this way... :)03:42
telugethanks it's working i love you guys...03:42
sacarlsonteluge: I've just double clicked them if I downloaded a deb file03:42
StrangeCharmsubz3r0, nope, seems not to have worked03:43
lbokenicarus-c finaly it was the card was not well pluged it seems cause now its work fine thanksfor your help03:43
lbokennow ill log out of this pc to go on my ubuntu so if i need to give info it will be alot easier03:44
iLinuxhow to bypass sudo password?03:44
subz3r0StrangeCharm, had a look on var/log?03:44
subz3r0iLinux, sudo -s03:45
StrangeCharmsubz3r0, cunning, let me see03:45
iLinuxsubz3r0, bypass forever?03:45
subz3r0iLinux,  but BE carefull what you doing"03:45
subz3r0iLinux, no03:45
subz3r0iLinux,  just untill you close the terminal03:45
FreezingColdHow much would getting connected with canarie cost?03:45
subz3r0iLinux,  its NOT a good idea what you want to do. but its your decision03:46
subz3r0iLinux, i highly recommend you to not do that03:46
w0bb1yiLinux.... you need to update the sudoers file (cmd: sudo visudo ) and make the line "%adm ALL=(ALL) ALL" be "%adm ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL"03:46
lexinerusIn the movie "Social Network" Mark Zuckerberg use linux, i can see his desktop enviroment is KDE, OMG!03:46
subz3r0who gives a f... about that crappy movie?03:46
w0bb1ybut I agree with subz3ro0.....03:47
subz3r0wondering how this movie got such a good rating on imdb. just ridiculous03:47
iLinuxw0bbly: it'll bypass whatever we do? (like administrative tasks, apt-get)03:47
subz3r0iLinux, yes.03:47
StrangeCharmsubz3r0, i'm not sure how to interpret this. can i pastebin you?03:48
iLinuxi think i changed my mind03:48
subz3r0just paste the link, coze im about to go to bed03:48
w0bb1yiLinux... yes... but them rm -rf / becomes an issue :)03:48
subz3r0~5 am here03:48
subz3r0im sure anyone else will help you03:48
VanDykesudo rm -rf /03:48
iLinuxw0bbly: what do you mean become an issue?03:48
* VanDyke quits: dumb move executed03:48
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!03:48
subz3r0VanDyke, rm -rf / is lovely, dont show him this trick.03:49
GeekSquid !danger | iLinux w0bb1y * we do not say that command in here03:49
ubottuiLinux w0bb1y * we do not say that command in here: please see above03:49
subz3r0sorry folks03:49
w0bb1yif you type it by mistake it will just happen...... there will be no second chance when you are asked for the passowrd03:49
VanDykesubz3r0, haha03:49
iLinuxsorry, what's that command meaning?03:49
iLinuxi dont understand03:49
subz3r0it shows you some naked boobies03:50
subz3r0ok enuff for now03:50
w0bb1ythat command will delete the entire OS and all data and everything03:50
VanDykeand pussy03:50
VanDykelotsa pussy03:50
GeekSquidiLinux: that command deletes everything, including all my boobies03:50
iLinuxwhat the...03:50
SymphoniiieSalut, est-ce qu'il y a des français, j'ai besoin d'aide pour installer un logiciel sous Ubuntu03:50
subz3r0GeekSquid, haha03:50
furbalhello all03:50
GeekSquid!fr | Symphoniiie03:50
nit-witiLinux, it will wipe your HD03:50
ubottuSymphoniiie: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.03:50
subz3r0hello you03:50
furbalgot installed ubuntu03:50
wasabi_can you mount an ubuntu server image in a desktop live session and install it?03:50
SymphoniiieSorry, Bye ^^03:51
iLinuxnit-wit:  wipe your HD?03:51
furbalbut then, the os doesnt appear on startup]03:51
subz3r0iLinux, and you are really sure u want to get rid of the sudo command ? even if you dont know what rm -rf means?03:51
StrangeCharmsubz3r0, http://pastebin.com/6GEHzuXk03:51
GeekSquid!vbox | wasabi_03:51
ubottuwasabi_: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox03:51
Doinklewasabi_, to where?03:51
iLinuxsubz3r0: no i have changed my mind03:51
nit-witiLinux, the command that generated the danger right03:51
subz3r0StrangeCharm, sorry dude, im going to bed in some secs03:52
subz3r0~5am here03:52
subz3r0need to get up in 4 hours :/03:52
wasabi_okay so i have a raid card that ubuntu installer doesn't recognize. i'm trying to install it onto an ssd. my motherboard doesn't support ahci so the ssd doesn't work. so i'm trying to load the raid card drivers in a live session so that ubuntu server installation will recognize the raid card and harddrive03:52
StrangeCharmno problem03:52
lbokenhi again  now im back on ubuntu  pc :-)03:53
w0bb1ywelcome back lboken03:53
R00teRwhere are you from subz3r003:53
=== Prodego|away is now known as administrivia
subz3r0R00teR, .de03:54
R00teRand work tomorrow?03:54
subz3r0StrangeCharm, just had a short look on it, is the mac filter turned on?03:55
Doinkle!topic | R00teR03:55
ubottuR00teR: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic03:55
R0b0t1Ello. I recently did the distribution upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04, and when booting, I get "Cannot find symbol grub_puts_". Note I must boot through rEFIt to get to GRUB.03:55
iLinuxubuntu 11.04 alpha 1, is it available?03:56
R00teRubottu, ?03:56
GeekSquid!ubuntu+1 | iLinux03:56
ubottuiLinux: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04 - Natty is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+103:56
AbhiJitiLinux, yes03:56
GeekSquid!guidelines | R00teR03:57
ubottuR00teR: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:57
lwizardlok what is wrong with this command ? gconftool-2 - set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/panel_main_menu - type string "Super_L"  ? I am trying to get the menu to open with the windows key03:57
pksadiqAbhiJit: are you a bot? don't you have your exams? ;)03:57
R00teRabout what?03:57
icarus-clwizardl, it is --set and --type03:58
GeekSquidR00teR: This is a support channel, the topic is Ubuntu support ... please read and understand the guidelines before coming here...03:58
icarus-c!cn | lc03:58
ubottulc: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:58
lwizardlicarus-c,  thank you03:58
subz3r0if you wanna flirt with me, pm me ;)03:59
DoinkleR00teR, take offtopic to #ubuntu-offtopic03:59
subz3r0back to topic ...03:59
StrangeCharmi'm having trouble connecting to a wireless network using the network manager applet in 10.10. the network used wpa2 personal, but i disabled security to debug, and the problem persists. i had no trouble connecting yesterday, but today, the applet just shows the 'trying to connect' icon perpetually. a syslog except is at http://pastebin.com/6GEHzuXk03:59
tareqhelo me03:59
tareqhelp me03:59
icarus-ctareq, not until you ask your question04:00
tareq>>>>>>>>>>>>> i am new  , some body help me <<<<<<<<<<<<<,,04:00
StrangeCharm!ask | tareq04:00
ubottutareq: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:00
lchelp you what04:00
R00teRi understand this but i dont understand why you say that04:00
lbokenStrangeCharm:  first if you ahve another pc test to see if its not the router cause some time you need to reset the router to connect to it  that might help  i would test that first see if its help you since yesterday it was working fine04:00
GeekSquidR00teR: you are offtopic and have been sence you came in, If you continue to make offtopic statements I will have to request that you be removed, YES I can do that!!!04:01
rwwGeekSquid: don't be bossy, please :(04:02
subz3r0R00teR, they want to have the channel as clean as possible. so only ubuntu related stuff should be discussed in here. thats it04:02
lbokenStrangeCharm: if you dont ahve another pc to try the wireless from then try to reset your router ( unplug it count to 15 then plug it back   90% of the  time that a op cant connect to the net that what happen04:02
StrangeCharmlboken, i have other machines that can connect fine, and i already tried both soft and hard resetting the router04:03
GeekSquidrww: sorry, O:-) .04:03
shing`On my system, randomly all 4 cores spike to about 70/80% usage on conky, top shows nothing is taking anywhere close to that amount of cpu, yet my computer is sluggish...anyone know whats going on?04:03
lbokenk then ill lets the pro help you further more04:04
shing`It happens about once every 1-2 days, and lasts for about a minute, and then everything is back to normal.04:04
subz3r0GeekSquid got an overdoze titties today ;)04:04
Doinkleshing`, disk usage?04:04
nosy_hello everyone04:04
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.04:05
shing`Doinkle: ah...not monitoring that...how can I check that at a command line next time this happens?04:05
GeekSquidshing`: ps aux will output an instant of what is going on04:06
shing`GeekSquid: But thats the thing, when this happens, nothing has that high cpu usage percent04:07
shing`or is top and ps aux different?04:07
GeekSquidshing`: ps aux prints one time, and you see every process, whereas top only shows the top ... try it04:08
rugwirohello!everyone i want to install a remote access in my ubuntu so that i can access windows system.can anyone help me??04:08
shing`Alright, I'll try that next time, thanks!04:08
pksadiq!ssh | rugwiro04:10
ubotturugwiro: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)04:10
icarus-crugwiro, you mean you want to access windows from ubuntu or access ubuntu from windows ?04:10
Doinklerugwiro, ubuntu has a client installed already04:10
GeekSquidrugwiro: tsclient in linux is the remote desktop app that access's windows systems. ... if you have a terminal server running on your windows machine XPpro or WinVista/7 ultimate04:10
rugwiroaccess ubuntu from windows04:10
pksadiqhow can I increase the number of tty ?04:11
breadcrumbrugwiro, putty is a very good SSH/telnet client for windows04:11
pksadiqrugwiro: if you need only file sharing use samba04:11
ubottuPuTTY is an !SSH client for Windows. Please see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage and downloads. See also !scp (Secure CoPy)04:11
GeekSquidrugwiro: install RealVNC or UltraVNC in windows ... and setup remote desktop with System>Preferences>Remote Desktop04:11
rugwiroook let me try04:11
breadcrumboh ok didnt know he meant graphical04:11
R0b0t1I attempted to boot the LiveCD for 10.10 on my Intel Mac. Booting the CD from within rEFIt simply does not work, and running the EFI script from within the rEFIt boot menu produces a kernel panic. Will versions 10 and up simply just not run on Macs?04:12
Gneapksadiq: look at /etc/init/04:13
pksadiqGnea: k, let me check04:13
Gneapksadiq: each tty has its own tty#.conf04:13
GeekSquidR0b0t1: skip rEFIt ... push and hold C with the live disk in the drive while doing a hard restart of the mac04:13
pksadiqGnea: init.d folder?04:13
Gneapksadiq: no, /etc/init/04:13
pksadiqGnea:  let me check04:14
comulenthi there everyone04:15
comulentmay i ask for a bit of help please?04:15
Gnea!ask | comulent04:15
ubottucomulent: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:15
comulenti've just installed ubuntu 10.10, netbook edition, on a gateway VR4604:16
comulenthaving trouble getting the bluetooth adapter being recognised04:16
Gneawhat bluetooth adapter?04:16
comulentit's builtin04:16
comulentone sec, i'll try to find the specs04:17
Gneadoes it show up in lspci or lsusb?04:17
Doinklecomulent, does lsusb list it?04:17
comulenti have no idea how to check that04:17
Gneacomulent: open a terminal and type: lspci  or  lsusb04:17
comulenti'm completely new to linux, i'm afraid....04:17
=== Jzero88 is now known as hitek88
Doinkledont be afraid04:17
Gneacomulent: ah, you can find the terminal under Accessories04:17
Doinkleor hit CTRL-ALT T04:17
GeekSquidcomulent: open a terminal Accessories>Terminal ... type lspci <enter> and lsusb <enter>04:18
Gneayes :)04:18
comulenthaha awesome. ctrl alt T wins!04:18
R0b0t1GeekSquid: Well, that was a waste of time. The CD won't boot normally at all, it prints "\t1.\n\t2.\nChoose how to boot the CD:"04:18
R0b0t1And won't let me type anything.04:18
R0b0t1I'm assuming it kernel panicked behind the scenes.04:19
GneaR0b0t1: is the cd drive light blinking?04:19
R0b0t1I don't have a CD drive light, but no, it stops spinning.04:19
GeekSquidR0b0t1: sounds like a bad disk04:19
R0b0t1Fine, I'll burn another one, but the first one passed the verify.04:20
comulentnot seeing it under lspci or lsusb....04:20
comulentthis means i need to find the driver for the device, right?04:20
GneaR0b0t1: make sure you can read the new disk as its contents with the system you burn it with before trying to boot04:20
GeekSquidcomulent: not exactly04:20
GneaR0b0t1: you know, pop it in and open it as a folder04:20
Gneacomulent: er, it means that linux isn't seeing it at all04:21
Gneacomulent: is there a button that you can press to turn bluetooth on/off?04:21
pksadiqcomulent: I had to disconnect the device first time and reconnect to get the bt recognized04:21
comulentno hardware button im afraid =/04:21
pksadiqcomulent: try to remove and connect again04:22
Gneacomulent: you're *sure* that it came with the bt module physically installed?04:22
Gneapksadiq: he said it's builtin04:22
comulentpksadiq: it's in the laptop.... like physically inside it,,., can't uplug it04:22
Steve973I'm trying to boot the installation CD for 10.10 on a USB dvd drive.  when it boots, it tells me ERROR: No configuration file found04:22
Steve973what's going on?04:22
comulentyeah, it's got a light for it and a fn button for it... fn+F3 but it doesn't activate04:22
GeekSquidcomulent: I think your best option would be to buy a usb bt device that is known to work with mainline kernels04:22
comulenteverything else does,. volume, brightness, etc04:23
Gneacomulent: what you need to do is press fn+f3 *once*, then check lspci and lsusb04:23
pksadiqcomulent: k, sorry04:23
comulentGeekSquid: wow.... that's a bit of an annoyance04:23
comulentgnea: ok... i'll try that04:23
Gneacomulent: remember, everytime you press it, you're turning it on or off. if it's off, linux might not see it.04:24
comulentGnea: yeah, i figured that. i tried it just once, and it;s still not showing04:25
comulentunless it has a super cryptic name04:25
Gneacomulent: another option is to check dmesg, which spits out a ton of kernel messages that tells you exactly what's going on with the hardware04:25
comulentBus 006 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub04:25
comulentBus 005 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub04:25
comulentBus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub04:25
comulentBus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub04:25
comulentBus 002 Device 002: ID 04f2:b175 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd04:25
FloodBot4comulent: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:25
Gneacomulent: to make it easier you should use pastebin04:25
comulentBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub04:25
Gnea!pastebinit | comulent04:25
ubottucomulent: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com04:25
=== ThickTits is now known as johzephine
comulentoops. i did bad... sorry for flooding04:26
Gneacomulent: yeah, install pastebinit and run the commands through that04:26
ajuhai all, While am trying to create the custom configure file for mod_jk For connecting apache2 and tomcat504:26
Gneano problem04:26
ajugot an error04:26
ajucreate the custom configure file04:26
Gneacomulent: heh, I was trying to tell you that before you hit the paste :)04:26
ajuconfigure.in:19: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_PROG_LD04:27
comulentlol.... yeah,, sorry.04:27
comulentyou guys are awesome for helping out, though. just thought id mention that'04:27
plc90210I just installed ubuntu on my laptop but now i can't get the internet to work04:27
plc90210can someone plz help me?04:28
Gneathat's what we're here for04:28
Gneaplc90210: how are you trying to connect?04:28
plc90210I'm following the instructions on this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:28
plc90210I'm following the steps under "Installing STA drivers --> STA - Internet access04:29
GeekSquidaju: perhaps ask in #apache04:29
coz_plc90210,   are you stuck at some point?04:30
plc90210because I know my laptop has the BCM4311 model04:30
alifguys, anyone know a fast program download??04:30
comulentby the way guys. i just checked the gateway website.... my notebook/netbook has a broadcom bluetooth device04:30
coz_alif,  program for what?04:30
Doinklealif, ???04:30
plc90210yeah, when I type in the command 'sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source', it says its unable to locate the package04:31
GeekSquidplc90210: 32 or 64 bit OS? I haven't gotten any 64bit system to work with the broadcom devices?04:31
coz_plc90210,   did you use the cd  as a package source?04:31
alifprogram download..04:31
plc90210I'm not sure, it's a pretty old laptop (Lenovo 3000 C200)04:31
Gneacomulent: well, see if you can get pastebinit installed and run it through dmesg04:32
HandyGandyAnyone on now use graphics tablets?04:32
coz_plc90210,   ok open system/administration/synatpic package manager04:32
HandyGandyActually I wanted to know the state of drivers in general.04:32
plc90210coz_ yeah, I downloaded it from the ubuntu site04:32
coz_plc90210,  you downloaded the .deb package for that?04:32
GeekSquidplc90210: please type uname -a and paste the output here04:32
alifdownload program, who is know, so i can download too fast04:32
pksadiq!find bcmwl-kernel-source04:32
ubottuFound: bcmwl-kernel-source04:32
Doinklealif, you make little sense to us04:33
GeekSquidalif: what is your default language?04:33
plc90210coz_: I'm not sure, actually my cousin gave me the cd, and he burned it from the website04:33
BluefeverQuick question. I turned off my computer about 2 hours ago, and just turned it on again, and at startup Ubuntu said it was checking the disk for errors. It never does this, and I can't think of anything that would have caused it. Is this some kind of routine thing every so many startups?04:33
coz_plc90210,  ah ok did you open synaptic package manager?04:34
DoinkleBluefever, i believe so04:34
coz_plc90210,  ok click  "Settings"  then "Repositories"04:34
ZykoticK9Bluefever, every 30 mounts or X many days it auto checks04:34
coz_plc90210,   second tab "Other Software"  make sure all are ticked04:34
Bluefever@Doinkle. O.K. thanks guys appreciate it! :D04:34
coz_plc90210,   close out of the  repository dialog and hit the RELOAD   button04:35
R0b0t1GeekSquid: No, still get the same error. I'm just going to burn another 9.10 disk04:35
plc90210I got some error after clicking reload04:35
coz_plc90210,  what is the error?04:35
plc90210its a bunch of lines, most starting with "W:: Failed to fetch" and then some links to the ubuntu website04:36
GeekSquidplc90210:  you will need to hardwire to the network for anything to work, if wireless is not working04:36
coz_plc90210,  is the error sitll visible?04:37
alifguys, what's the name of the software to download?? so i download quickly...04:37
GeekSquidalif: what is your native language?04:37
GeekSquid!in | alif04:38
ubottualif: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India04:38
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia04:38
comulenthey guys. i've installed pastebinit, but i think i'm doing it wrong... and i'm feeling a little more hopeless the more i try this =P04:38
coz_plc90210,   let me see if I can download that package hold on04:38
comulenti've tried dmesg pastebinit -b04:38
Gneacomulent: like this:  dmesg | pastebinit04:38
comulentand it says invalid option04:38
Gneacomulent: that's a pipe, btw: shift + \04:38
alifokey, thank04:38
comulentUsage: dmesg [-c] [-n level] [-r] [-s bufsize]04:38
comulentof course!04:38
Gneacomulent: that's the nice thing about unix/linux: you can take the output of one command and pass it directly to another command04:39
comulentyeah, that's sexy04:40
Gneaso, if it works right, it should just output a URL04:40
coz_plc90210,   i have that package hold on I will put on dropbox04:41
comulentworking on it04:42
comulentthis is tricky but fun to learn.04:42
GeekSquidcomulent: in terminal Ctrl-Shift-C to copy04:42
coz_plc90210,   are you still here?04:43
coz_plc90210,    ok see if you can download this   http://www.speedyshare.com/files/25984214/bcmwl-kernel-source_5.60.48.36_bdcom-0ubuntu3_i386.deb04:43
comulentGeekSquid: it seems that when i try dmesg | pastebinit, it just returns the line and i'm in pastebinit. but i don't know how to exit it04:43
pksadiqcoz_: the same file is in ubuntu repo, I think that link is faster and better04:44
comulentalso, when i just run dmesg by itself, there's so much data that i can't scroll up to the beginning.04:44
FloodBot4linux_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:44
Gnea!cn | linux_04:44
ubottulinux_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:44
rwwlinux_: something we can help you with?04:44
plc90210coz_: sorry, could you post the link again?04:44
econAnyone think they could help me with editing a config file?04:44
coz_plc90210,      http://www.speedyshare.com/files/25984214/bcmwl-kernel-source_5.60.48.36_bdcom-0ubuntu3_i386.deb04:45
secretary_linuxecon: which config file?04:45
coz_plc90210,   just right click that and "open with browser"   if you are using xchat04:45
GeekSquidcomulent : you should get a line that says http://pastebin.ca/numbers .. and a prompt04:46
econits for privoxy. I've never edited a config file before, so this might be a really newb question but i'm reading the documentation on how to set it up here   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Privoxy04:46
econand in the part where he says to jump to line 661 or whatever, I don't see any actual line numbers/don't know how to jump anywhere. all I see are the # comments talking about the config file04:47
Gneacomulent: you just need to wait for it to do its thing04:47
coz_econ,  is this opened in a text editor?04:47
Gneacomulent: if it hasn't returned to the prompt, it's still trying to talk to the server04:47
GeekSquidecon: if you type gksudo gedit /path/to/config/file you will see the line numbers in the bottom row04:48
plc90210coz_: ok, I downloaded the file to my usb04:48
econcoz, i'm looking at this in the terminal04:48
comulentGeekSquid: Success!!  http://paste.ubuntu.com/548995/04:48
coz_plc90210,   ok  you should just have to  open a terminal ...cd to the location of that deb package     sudo dpkg -i  nameofpackage.deb04:48
econgeeksquid, ok thanks, I'll try that04:49
plc90210coz_: right now, i'm using my other laptop, not the laptop with ubuntu04:50
coz_plc90210,  ah ok04:50
plc90210i don't have internet on the ubuntu laptop04:50
comulentGeekSquid: lsusb -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/548997/        lspci -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/548998/04:51
coz_plc90210,   oh yeah  sorry ...didnt even cross my mind04:51
coz_plc90210,   just move that from the usb drive onto the desktop of ubuntu then  install it04:51
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comulentGeekSquid:  you were absolutely right. i thought i had hung or was just waiting for a further input. it was just taking a bit of time to post it i now realize.04:52
plc90210another problem, I put the usb in to my laptop (with ubuntu, but it's not showing up on the desktop04:52
GeekSquidcomulent: something on your usb bus is causing a problem, I cannot see a complete dmesg, just the errors from USB, ... what is plugged into usb?04:52
comulentlspci and lsusb were a lot quicker than dmesg04:52
plc90210nvm, it showed up now04:53
comulenti'm charging my android phone, it's just set to charge though, so it shouldn't even come up as a device if it's just drawing power.04:53
comulenti'll unplug it anyway04:53
GeekSquidcomulent: try a dmesg without the android plugged in04:54
plc90210coz_: should I open the package with software center or archive manager or something else?04:54
coz_plc90210,  is it on the desktop of ubuntu?04:54
Gneacomulent: maybe like this:  cat /var/log/dmesg | pastebinit04:54
coz_plc90210,   open a terminal04:55
comulentokay guys, thanks. i'll try that.04:55
econGeekSquid, ok I can see the line numbers now, they opened in another window. The thing is though, this whole thing just seems to be instructions about how the config file works, not the actual config file. I don't know if I'm missing something or the author skipped a step without explaining it. Once again I'm looking here  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Privoxy04:55
coz_plc90210,   in that terminal type       cd  Desktop    make sure it is an upper case "D"04:55
coz_plc90210,   now  type      sudo  dpkg -i  and the first three letters of the package name then hit "tab"  tocomplete  the name04:56
coz_plc90210,   then hit enter04:56
zetherooseems to me that whenever Flash is used the browser, no matter which one, starts crapping itself big time ... :(04:56
comulentwhoops. i did it without the URL i used before. Got a different domain now -> http://pastebin.com/CcwffxF204:57
coz_zetheroo,  even in firefox?04:57
jkochDoes anyone know when the intel intergrated graphics won't be so laggy?04:57
coz_zetheroo,  is this 32 or 64 bit?04:57
zetheroocoz_: especially in FF04:57
GeekSquidecon: and I quote "    This howto  explains how to get Privoxy going. Although the config file is 1075  lines, its worth noting that 1022 of them are comments, and 38 are  blank! (And we only edit 1!!) "04:57
coz_zetheroo,  oooo04:57
plc90210I hit enter and typed my password, and now it says "dpkg: status database area is locked by another process"04:57
zetheroocoz_: both ... I have this issue in 32 and 64 bit systems04:57
coz_zetheroo,  is it an extreme lag or just a slight jerky behavior when watching video ?04:58
coz_zetheroo,  also is this a desktop or laptop?04:58
GeekSquidcomulent: now that that works ... what are we trying to fix... Please ask your origional question again, my memory is fried and filled with a ton of use less junk04:58
Flavius_Julius_Jclose other package managers04:58
jkochzetheroo: what graphics card do you have. i'm having the same problem..04:58
apetrescuWhat's the best option for someone on Maverick who wants to run a 2.6.37 kernel? Should I compile it myself, is there a PPA for it somewhere, a canonical .deb people use, etc?04:59
comulentGeekSquid: hahah that's cool mate. I've got a problem with my Bluetooth adapter not being recognised. All i want is my little bluetooth USB mouse to play nice and actually work.04:59
zetheroocoz_:  the whole browser starts freezing up ... not just the video04:59
zetheroocoz_: laptop and desktop04:59
zetheroojkoch: nvidia04:59
coz_zetheroo,  oo    and is the nvidia built in on the desktop as well?04:59
econGeekSquid, ohhhh, I see. For some reason I thought all the actual lines would be at the end of the comments not interlaced, or at least would stand out more, so I missed them and thought it was all comments. Thank you!04:59
coz_zetheroo,   you may want to go into the bios and allow more memory for video  if that is possible on either ot both systems05:00
plc90210coz_: it returned an error saying "dkms is not installed"05:00
zetheroocoz_: with FF it will go grey (not responding) for a while and then come back to life ... only to be very glitchy and jittery05:00
coz_plc90210,   oooo05:00
comulentGeekSquid: When I run the Bluetooth preferences, it says that I don't have any adapters plugged in.05:00
plc90210how do i install dkms?05:00
coz_plc90210,   hold on05:00
jkochcoz_: i did that and it didn't help me and i have the same problem as him05:00
zetheroocoz_: Laptop is Intel and Desktop is nvidia05:00
coz_plc90210,  which video card on that system?05:01
zetheroocoz_: I highly doubt it's a video memory issue ... both systems have ample05:01
GeekSquidcomulent: try the fn key  thing and run lspci again05:01
coz_plc90210,  well you can try   sudo apt-get install dkms05:01
jkochzetheroo: is your laptop the dell inspiron 110005:01
zetheroo jkoch: laptop is not a dell05:01
coz_plc90210,  is it possible to hard wire that to the internet at all?05:02
zetheroo jkoch: is your browser also greying out?05:02
coz_zetheroo,  give me a link to a site you are watching flash on05:02
jkochzetheroo: yes. i have the inspiron 1100 dell laptop with a celeron processor and the intel 82845G intergrated graphics.05:02
zetheroo jkoch: do you have the dwhelper plugin installed?05:03
jkochcoz_: the flash lag is on any website, can't even watch on youtube.05:03
zetheroocoz_: go to Youtube ;)05:03
timboyanyone know how to use the ubuntu SSO from login.ubuntu.com as an openid?05:03
coz_zetheroo,  ok I am on youtube05:03
jkochzetheroo: no? what is the dwhelper05:03
zetheroojkoch: ok .. it's just an addon that allows you to download Flash video content05:04
zetheroojkoch: I was wondering if that was maybe the issue ... but obviously it's not05:04
plc90210coz_: I don't know which video card is on the system; I tried to hard wire it, but it's still not connecting05:04
coz_plc90210,    in terminal    lspci | grep -i vga     will tell you the video card05:04
zetheroojkoch: the thing is that this happens for me in FF, Chrome and Opera ... so it cannot be a browser issue05:04
comulentGeekSquid: http://paste.ubuntu.com/548999/05:04
jkochzetheroo: nope. i'm on a fresh install. i noticed that i can watch any other kind of video besides flash, but the whole operating system seems to have a little video lag as well05:05
ericinohioever since i upgraded to lucid, my fonts in browser windows don't render correctly - half of some letters are gone...anyone know where to look for a fix, having a hard time googling the issue and getting anywhere05:05
zetheroojkoch: which leaves me to believe the Flash is the culprit05:05
zetheroojkoch: what version of Flash are you using?05:05
jkochthe newest one from adobe.com05:05
coz_zetheroo,   mm if that addon is responsible try adding      video downloadhelper   << written just like that  for firefox05:05
plc90210coz_: "Intel corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)"05:06
zetheroocoz_: that's the one I have installed ;)05:06
wasabi_if i compile a raid card kernel module and place it in the /lib/modules/'uname-r'/drivers/scsi folder, does it matter what the file name is for the .ko file?05:06
coz_zetheroo,  oh ok I use that here with no issues05:06
luxurymodehey all. sometimes when i hover over a menu item and it should open a sub menu after a sec...it doesnt. sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt. have to move away from that item and back to get it to work. or just click it. any idea how to fix?05:06
jkochzetheroo: sounds like plc90210 has the same problem lol05:06
comulentbrb - afk - have to take a phone call =/05:07
zetheroojkoch: really? ... hmm05:07
zetheroo jkoch: whats you Flash version?05:07
joeyeyeCan someone help with grub2 and restoring a winxp partition ?05:07
jkochcoz_: it's gotta have something to do with the intergrated intel graphics and linux in general. i've found a thousand forum posts about it all over the interwebz05:07
zetheroo jkoch: mine is
coz_jkoch,   I agree05:08
coz_luxurymode,   you can speed that up  to 0  delay   but I am not sure that is the issue05:08
onelinerjoeyeye have you tried duso dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc  ?05:09
plc90210coz_: i tried installing dkms by typing "sudo apt-get install dkms" and it returned an error saying "Package dkms is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source."05:09
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/05:09
onelinersudo not duso :)05:09
coz_plc90210,   do you have the original install cd in the cdplayer>?05:09
joeyeyeoneliner, I just want to walk through the steps with someone first - can you help ?05:10
coz_plc90210,  you may have to use that  as a source for the packages  although I dont know if all of t hem are on the cd05:10
plc90210coz_: no I took it out, i still have it with me though05:10
coz_plc90210,  ok stick it in the cd player and open synaptic package manager....actually it should ask if you want to use the cd as a source05:10
joeyeyeI have /dev/sda, with /dev/sda1 for ubuntu, and want to restore a clonezilla image to /dev/sda2 with winxp05:11
onelinerwell that would fire the reconfiguration of grub, simply accept without making changes, it should then at the end find your lost xp os and include it in the boot options next time you restart05:11
onelinerway over my head :D05:11
joeyeyewill it also create the mbr for xp ?05:11
coz_luxurymode,  as I said if you want  I can help you set the delay on the menus  to   "0"05:11
coz_luxurymode,  or not as extreme  like say  "1" or so05:11
onelineri thought you wanted to recover an already installed os05:11
coz_plc90210,   did you check that cd for errors?05:12
joeyeyeoneliner, not exactly, my XP is coming from a clonezilla image I made earlier05:12
wasabi_if i compile a raid card kernel module and place it in the /lib/modules/'uname-r'/drivers/scsi folder, does it matter what the file name is for the .ko file?05:12
plc90210how do i check it for errors?05:12
coz_plc90210,   well you would have to reboot with the cd  and when  you see the accessibility logo and keyboard logo at the bottom of the screen  hit Enter  to get a menu...there you will see  check cd for errors or integrity05:13
coz_plc90210,  I am assuming this is a live cd ...yes?05:13
ubnoob<Colin969: I just logged in, what system do you have?05:13
plc90210I opened up synaptic package manager after putting the cd in and it said I have "1 broken package"05:14
coz_plc90210,  ok under the  file or  edit menu is  a listing for  "Fix broken package"   my guess is that it will remove  that file you installed hoever05:14
comulentok i'm back now. GeekSquid: forgot to mention i'm also trying Bluetooth Manager (BlueZ) and it can't run, says: BlueZ daemon is not running, blueman-manager cannot continue.05:14
plc90210what do you know... its the bcmwl-kernel-source that's the broken package05:15
GeekSquidcomulent: I am calling it a night, I hope I have helped some05:15
onelinerjoeyeye i guess you could try placing the clone uncompressed in an ntfs partitioned drive and then let grub it on the reconfigure step,.. is the clone from the same box? else prepare for driver issues05:15
comulenthey guys... my task bar on the side has gone blank. does anyone know how I can restart it without rebooting? I'm using netbook 10.1005:16
jkochzetheroo: if you do the pop out youtube player you can at least watch videos, not full screen but without skipping05:16
comulentthat's a separate issue, by the way :P05:16
coz_plc90210,  yeah I guessed that would be removed  because all of the dpenedencies have not been met05:16
zetheroojkoch: honestly never tried that ...05:16
GeekSquidcomulent: pkill gnome-panel will reset it05:16
coz_plc90210,   I would run the live cd  ...hit enter when you see those logos  and check cd integrity05:17
jkochzetheroo: try it. i just saw it on a forum and tried it and it worked for me05:17
plc90210coz_: so i should reboot with the cd inside?05:17
coz_plc90210,   yes05:17
coz_plc90210,   I assume this is also  ubuntu 10.10 .. yes?05:18
coz_plc90210,  ok  you should see those logos  at the bottom of the screen at some point  at which time hit Enter  to get to the menu05:19
R0b0t1Hello, I just used this article to try to fix a problem I was having: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/05/fix-symbol-grubputs-not-found-when.html Sadly, it didn't work. What now?05:19
zetheroojkoch: it plays  ... though not as smooth as it should be05:19
coz_plc90210,   I have to break here...I will try to return  a bit later.... I know many here are more capable than I am for helping with this issue05:19
plc90210coz_: ok, thanks for the help05:19
jkochzetheroo: agreed, but it's better than the intense skipping it usually does on the full site. it's better than nothing for now.05:19
R0b0t1Not I'm on a Mac which must use rEFIt, so *shrug*05:20
plc90210so I hit enter when the logo at the bottom of the screen came up and it took me to the language options05:20
comulentpeople seem to be disconnecting a lot a the moment...... where did my Geeksquid go? I like him/her.05:21
zetheroojkoch: better ... but for me at least it's not as good as it once was (before some random update... who knows)05:21
plc90210anyone know what should i do next?05:21
jammeranyone know how to get CI media reader working lucid?05:22
comulentmy panel is still blank. I tried   pkill gnome-panel05:22
jkochzetheroo: so this is a recent thing to happen? i haven't used ubuntu since version 6.04 i think and that was with a different laptop. i picked a bad computer and time to use ubuntu again huh/05:23
pksadiqcomulent: did you delete something from panel?05:23
pksadiq!panel | comulent05:23
R0b0t1Hello, I just used this article to try to fix a problem I was having: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/05/fix-symbol-grubputs-not-found-when.html Sadly, it didn't work. What now?05:24
zetheroojkoch: a few months ago Flash was working perfectly for me :P05:24
jkochzetheroo: how about desktop effects? will it let you enable em?05:24
zetheroojkoch: I have been using Ubuntu on all my machines full-time since 200605:24
R0b0t1Oh well, just tried something. Everyone cross your fingers for me.05:24
zetheroojkoch: yes, desktop effects are good to go as well ...05:24
jkochzetheroo: hmmm it won't let me enable em05:25
zetheroojkoch: ubuntu 10.10?05:26
zetheroojkoch: intel gfx05:26
chrisA1Ubuntu Server 10.10 installed cleanly, and the 3rd-party realtek driver worked.05:26
jkochzetheroo: yes sir05:26
comulentpksadiq: yep. removed the link to firefox after i installed chrome05:26
chrisA1So wlan0 shows in both ifconfig and iwconfig, and it's paired with our wireless router, but pinging through it still doesn't work. Any ideas on how to debug this?05:27
zetheroojkoch: how old/new is the system?05:27
nawkI'm having trouble creating a bootable Ubuntu Live Distro on my USB thumb drive05:27
nawkI've tried both the Universal USB Installer and UltraISO05:27
pksadiqcomulent: I think you did something wrong, if nothing is shown in the pannel, you can add it manually by right clicking > add to panel > select notification area,   and something like that05:27
nawkboth failed to boot05:27
jkochzetheroo: it's pretty old. celeron processor, and i upgraded it to 1gb of ram05:28
comulentpksadiq: !panel | cromulent gives me an error message. bash !panel: event not found05:28
pksadiq!resetpanel | comulent05:28
ubottucomulent: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »05:28
apetrescuWhat's the best option for someone on Maverick who wants to run a 2.6.37 kernel? Should I compile it myself, is there a PPA for it somewhere, a canonical .deb people use, etc?05:28
zetheroojkoch: hmmm ... I recall having issues with older intel hardware in trying to run desktop effects ...05:28
ohzieHey guys. Has anyone(successfully) played with hotswapping express cards?05:29
zetheroojkoch: my older systems (IBM Thinkpads) have ATI gfx ... (5+ years old) and they run desktop effects ...05:29
jkochzetheroo: the effects don't bother me as much as the general usability of the computer.05:29
iflemanawk try the USBcreator that is on the livecd05:29
comulentubottu:  LOL ---> gnome-panel: no process found.    Perhaps I've killed it and it's just not running. This would probably explain why i can't right click on it huh? =)05:30
zetheroojkoch: how is it going otherwise?05:30
jkochzetheroo: i used to run desktop effects on a computer i found in the garbage with intergrated ati graphics and 128mb of ram with a pentium 1 processor lolol05:30
ohziejkoch: Can I poke you in a PM? I like fiddling with older computers with driver problems.05:31
jkochohzie: sure05:31
nawkiflema: I don't have a optical drive which is why I'm resorting to burning the iso to my USB drive.  I must say that I've had success burning bootable OS Installers on USB thumb drives05:31
nawkin the past05:32
zetheroojkoch: yeah ... the older ATI hardware worked pretty well ... I remember running Beryl and the likes very nicely on them05:32
WhatWhereAmIhey, does anybody know why the numpad on my keyboard is moving my mouse around instead of typing numbers?05:33
iflemanawk is see/hear alot about 'unetbootin' or something similar re. USB05:33
zetherooWhatWhereAmI: no idea sorry ... have you Googled the issue?05:33
Gnurduxhas anyone else ever seen something like this nasty seam: http://imagebin.org/12987205:34
KM0201WhatWhereAmI: system/pref/keyboard preferences.. .click "Mouse keys" tab... and uncheck that box05:34
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:34
manbranumpad is just arrows keys unless you have numlock on05:34
KM0201WhatWhereAmI: that has to be one of the dumbest options to have enabled by default, i've ever seen05:34
comulentubottu: What's the name of the program that's the side panel in the Netbook 10.10 (unity?)05:34
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:34
KM0201manbra: no.. if you have the numlock key on, and you have that option enabled, no matter what, it controls the mouse cursor05:35
comulentwow. now guess who feels silly. I'm stepping out for a smoke :P05:35
WhatWhereAmIKM0201, is that seriously the default?05:35
nawkUniversal USB Installer appears to be the one recommended by the Official Ubuntu Download page, but I find that it doesn't do what it says. e.g. After I've selected the option to format the USB Drive, after the program is day, nothing was formatted, i.e. my existing files on the drive remained05:35
KM0201WhatWhereAmI: sure is.. i ahve no idea why, but it is.05:35
WhatWhereAmIKM0201, when did that happen?05:35
=== johzephine is now known as thicktits
KM0201WhatWhereAmI: i noticed it when i installed 10.04...05:35
KM0201the it happened again when i installed 10.1005:35
nawkiflema: actually, I do have access to Ubuntu, since my laptop is running that.  Have you had success with USBCreator?05:36
KM0201WhatWhereAmI: but recently, i installed 10.10 on a friends computer, and it wasn't enabled by default.05:36
WhatWhereAmIthat's nuts.05:36
iflemanawk yes, many times05:36
plc90210I tried to install dkms using the terminal and got an error saying its not a debian format archive05:36
KM0201WhatWhereAmI: i totally agree..05:37
KM0201WhatWhereAmI: i take ti that fixed your prob05:37
chrisA1No ideas on troubleshooting wifi?05:37
KM0201chrisA1: whats your device?05:37
plc90210I used the command "sudo dpkg -i", do i need to use some other command to install different kinds of files?05:37
WhatWhereAmIKM0201, yes it did.05:37
KM0201np.. stupid isn't it?05:37
pksadiqplc90210: is it a tar archive?05:38
KM0201WhatWhereAmI: i almost bought a new keyboard first tim around, cuz i thought it was my keyboard.05:38
nawkokay I'll try that05:38
ZykoticK9I'd like to disable compiz's shadow effect for a single application (gkrellm in my case) does anyone know if this is possible?05:38
WhatWhereAmIhah, i have tried two.05:38
plc90210pksadiq: its format is "rpm", whatever that is...05:38
chrisA1KM0201: realtek RTL-8185.05:38
pksadiq!rpm | plc9021005:38
ubottuplc90210: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)05:38
plc90210anyone know where i can download dkms in deb format?05:39
KM0201chrisA1: 32 or 64bit?05:39
KM0201plc90210: it's in the repos isnt it?.. i'm almost positive it is05:39
KM0201!info dkms05:39
ubottudkms (source: dkms): Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework. In component main, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 69 kB, installed size 476 kB05:39
=== Fireblasto is now known as Fire
franciscosomeone know how to send pidgin & exaile to systray and not to close when click on 'x' under xfce??????05:39
pksadiq!find dkms | plc9021005:39
ubottuplc90210: Found: backfire-dkms, batman-adv-dkms, batmand-gateway-dkms, blcr-dkms, dahdi-dkms, iscsitarget-dkms, ndiswrapper-dkms, openafs-modules-dkms, openswan-modules-dkms, oss4-dkms (and 6 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=dkms&searchon=names&suite=maverick&section=all05:39
KM0201skunked ya.. :)05:39
chrisA1KM0201: 32-bit.05:39
pksadiqplc90210: I think dkms is something related to kernal modules ,05:40
ZykoticK9pksadiq, it is05:40
iflemanawk you could also try a manual format of the thumbdrive if all else fails05:40
plc90210pksadiq: yeah i'm trying to install the bcwl-kernel-source package but i need the dkms package first05:42
pksadiqplc90210: did you download bcwl-kernel-source package?05:43
berserkerxiiihey guys, how can i shut down from the command line?05:43
ZykoticK9berserkerxiii, "sudo shutdown -h now"05:44
plc90210pksadiq: yeah, and i tried to install it but i got an error saying that i need the dkms package05:44
berserkerxiiik thanks05:44
berserkerxiiinight guys05:45
francisco<ZykoticK9> how to progarm aurto shutdown?05:45
pksadiqgo to google and search for bcwl-kernel-source  site:packages.ubuntu.com                             and select the appropriating and there you can see the dependencies, from that download what all are needed05:45
R00teRI updated ubuntu lucid and now I cant watch videos on youtube, any help? i use firefox and i have in "about:plugins" shockwave on...05:45
ZykoticK9francisco, i have no idea what "auto shutdown" would mean.05:46
pksadiqR00teR: which lucid ? 32 bit or 64 bit?05:46
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
WhatWhereAmIZykoticK9, i would recommend poweroff instead of shutdown05:46
pksadiq!flash | R00teR05:46
ubottuR00teR: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash05:46
ubottuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/05:47
ZykoticK9WhatWhereAmI, really?  why?  shutdown is the standard unix/linux command.05:47
R00teRyes but i also intalled flash05:47
R00teRand do nothing05:47
KM0201chrisA1: it seems to be a common problem... most suggest to compile the driver from realtek05:48
WhatWhereAmIZykoticK9, also, you're supposed to be able to regex match windows to shadow in the window decoration compiz plugin, but i can't seem to get it to work.05:48
WhatWhereAmIZykoticK9, just because it's simpler, sudo poweroff05:48
chrisA1KM0201: yeah, I did, that's how I got this far. <.<05:48
KM0201chrisA1: well why didn't you mention that05:48
KM0201chrisA1: and what happened when you compiled the driver?05:48
ZykoticK9WhatWhereAmI, ya - yesterday i tried somthing like !(gkrellm) or similar forget the exact syntax05:49
WhatWhereAmIwhat's the window you're trying to match?05:49
ZykoticK9WhatWhereAmI, gkrellm05:49
WhatWhereAmIyou can match by title and window id and junk05:49
GryllidaIs ``poweroff'' same as ``halt''?05:50
ZykoticK9WhatWhereAmI, do you know how I could find out what the window id is?05:50
ZykoticK9Gryllida, yes05:50
chrisA1KM0201: sorry, I should've been clearer. It installed correctly, with no error messages, and 'sudo ifconfig wlan0 up' started working. As opposed to causing the entire system to freeze.05:50
WhatWhereAmIZykoticK9, you could try using the "grab" functionality in the compiz manager, which you can access by hitting the plus next to the shadow field.05:51
WhatWhereAmIbut it only KINDA works...05:51
chrisA1KM0201: And now it comes up in ifconfig, and pairs successfully with our router, but 'ping -I wlan0 <anything>' returns destination unreachable.05:51
emdoes ubuntu-restricted-extras include the w32codecs ?05:51
KM0201em: yes05:51
KM0201chrisA1: i really have no idea on that05:52
ozzynotwood_hello room, would anybody like to help me with editing a .conf file?05:52
chrisA1KM0201: okay, fair 'nuff, thanks for trying. Back to google for me.05:52
chrisA1'night all.05:52
ResQueCould i please have some help with this command "X :12.0 vt12 2>&1 >/dev/null &". i understand the "x :12.0" is the screen which to run x on and that everything after the second ">" just dumps the output no where. but what is the "vt12 2" and the ">&1" doing. I have already read the x man pages and i am still confused. thanks05:53
Random832ResQue: 2>&1 makes the error output go the same place as the regular output05:54
Random832ResQue: and vt12 specifies which alt-Fkey it goes on05:55
franciscohttp://www.youtube.com/html5 try it better than flash plaeyr!05:55
nawkiflema: man, something is really weird.  I try to locate/select by clicking the "other" option, but after selection of the iso in the "open" dialog window, the image selection is not reflected, i.e., nothing selected05:56
ZykoticK9WhatWhereAmI, thank you.  When I used the grab it came up Gkrellm and not gkrellm, used the ! and now I don't have a shadow.  Thanks man.05:56
WhatWhereAmIZykoticK9, np05:56
iLinuxcan we bypass sudo password? I'm tired of it.05:57
knoppiesIf I delete a symbolic link as sudo, does it delete the directory it links to? it seems to have on my PC.05:57
WhatWhereAmIiLinux, yeah, technically05:57
knoppiesI cant loose that data.05:57
iLinuxWhatWhereAmI, technically?05:57
WhatWhereAmIknoppies, what was the command you used?05:57
ZykoticK9iLinux, bad idea - you shouldn't have to use sudo that often05:57
WhatWhereAmIiLinux, in that it's probably not a good idea.05:58
knoppiesrm www05:58
knoppiesWhatWhereAmI, sudo rm www05:58
knoppiesI think05:58
WhatWhereAmIknoppies, it shouldn't05:58
rwwknoppies: that wouldn't remove the target of a symlink05:58
nawkI'm really going to jump to my Laptop (Ubuntu) to try usbcreator-gtk05:58
knoppiesrww, WhatWhereAmI, I also tried to chgrp the sym link, that is when my directory (the target) seemed to disappear.05:59
* iLinux is away: iLinux The Ubuntu Revolution. Working: [ON] - OFF06:00
nit-witanybody on here with a hp mini 110 and knows the per-session key prompt for the boot menu06:00
WhatWhereAmIknoppies, did you chgrp recursively?06:00
keith-so unity that is on the netbook version is going to become the default?06:00
knoppiesWhatWhereAmI, yes.06:00
rwwubottu: tell iLinux about away06:00
=== joel is now known as Guest69138
ZykoticK9keith-, yes06:00
ubottuiLinux, please see my private message06:00
knoppiesWhatWhereAmI, no. My bad. I did not.06:00
keith-that is just fantastic. this is a nice setup. much better than the gnome 3 preview i've seen06:01
ohzieHey guys how do you switch xorg drivers? This guy is using 'vesa' and he needs to be using 'intel' and 10.10 doesn't have a conf file by default? :(06:01
iLinuxrww: I have already use that command06:01
iLinux./away <r>06:01
rwwiLinux: then your client is misconfigured. Please tell it not to echo away messages to the channel.06:01
WhatWhereAmIknoppies, then it should not have affected the target06:01
knoppiesWhatWhereAmI, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/549003/ The first ls, www works. the second ls, www is gone.06:01
ohzierww: But he has to let us know about the ubuntu revolution06:02
knoppiesWhatWhereAmI, the sudo rm www, I have not hit enter yet, so it hasn't done that.06:02
iLinuxohzie: It's ok. I have some misconfiguration.06:02
iLinuxback to topic.06:03
knoppiesWhatWhereAmI, I found it again. I had cleared the name in the propeties dialog, so it wasn't showing under ls or nautilus. Problem solved.06:03
WhatWhereAmIgood, because i have no idea what you're talking about.06:04
knoppiesWhatWhereAmI, nor do I.06:04
acu_ what this means  --- I am a bit confused about the root - I wanted www-data to be owner and everything (able to write etc) drwxr-xr-x 13 www-data root  4096 Dec 25 11:24 myfolder06:05
acu_I want to change FROM  drwxr-xr-x 13 www-data root  4096 Dec 25 11:24 myfolder  TO drwxr-xr-x 5 www-data www-data 4096 Jun 12  2010 myfolder (how can I do that ?06:06
iLinuxwhat is the kernel for ubuntu lucid?06:07
rwwacu_: sudo chgrp www-data myfolder06:07
acu_got chown - what exactly I shoul do06:07
rwwI think the syntax to do it with chown is "sudo chown :www-data myfolder"06:07
Besogonacu_, I don't know what chgrp do (chown owner:goup foulder)06:08
ZykoticK9iLinux, 2.6.32-27-generic06:08
knoppiesBesogon, it changes the group of the permissions of your file/folder06:09
iLinuxZykoticK9: 2.6.32-27-generic ? In my ubuntu is 2.6.32-21-generic. No problem with kernel huh?06:10
acu_so I should do both chown and chgrp ?06:10
rwwacu_: no, they do the same thing06:10
rwwpick one and roll with it06:10
Guest69138you could, but chown can do both06:11
acu_chown did not - it just changed the owner not the group06:11
ZykoticK9iLinux, i may have a kernel update waiting?  I don't understand your "No problem with kernel huh?" statement.06:11
Besogonacu_, If you need change only group use chgrp, but if you need change the owner too use chown06:11
Guest69138there are 2 parameters separated by a ":"06:12
ubottuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/06:12
plc90210whenever i try to install the bcmwl-kernel source package, I get an error saying i must run a dkms build for kernel 2.6.35-22-generic (i686) first... what does this mean?06:12
rwwacu_: it does if you use the syntax I gave you.06:12
ZykoticK9acu_, as Guest69138 pointed out - use "chown user:group file_to_alter"06:12
guineapigI keep getting asked for a password while downloading torrents because one of the trackers resolves to and I have a webserver on that box.  What ip should I redirect the lookup to in hosts?06:12
werscan OS X and Ubuntu nicely share a partition? if so, what format?06:12
emare you sure that the w32codcs are in ubuntu-restircted-extras ?06:13
ZykoticK9wers, fat is probably the easiers - i don't think mac writes to ntfs by default.  and the EXTs are probably out.06:13
KM0201em: they should be.. what file format are you trying to play?06:13
=== thicktits is now known as johzephine
Guest69138acu  - If your still stuck try doing a google on how to + chown.  That should give you some examples06:14
ZykoticK9em, w32codecs is actually a separate medibuntu package non-free-codecs i think.06:14
wersZykoticK9: great. would it be fine if I use that shared fat partition as my /home?06:14
acu_rww: got it done - thanks - chgrp - thank you ZykoticK9  AND Besogon06:14
rwwKM0201: They're not, actually.06:14
KM0201em: just double click on an .avi, and it will tell you it needs to download a  package.. and let it do it.. it probably is a gstreamer plugin06:14
KM0201rww: yeah, i just realized that.06:14
ZykoticK9wers, for /home not a good idea at all!  you'll run into problems.  make a separate shared partition.06:15
wersZykoticK9: ok. I'll just have a shared media partition (fat)06:15
plc90210whenever i try to install the bcmwl-kernel-source package, I get an error saying i "must run a dkms build for kernel 2.6.35-22-generic (i686) first"... what does this mean?06:16
wersZykoticK9: how about sharing config files between Ubuntu and OS X? like .firefox? Is there a way to do that?06:16
KM0201plc90210: is the machine connected to the internet.06:16
ZykoticK9wers, i HIGHLY doubt that would work - but might be possible.06:17
KM0201oh ok.06:17
shawnboyI can't get key-based ssh to work. Can anyone help?06:17
KM0201plc90210: look here under "no internet access" it looks like it's ont he CD, if you have it handy.. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:17
shawnboyI created rsa key pair, then uploaded .pub to remote machine's .ssh/authorized_keys06:18
wersZykoticK9: ok great. thanks!06:18
ZykoticK9wers, glad to help06:18
shawnboyit still asks for my password06:18
jkochwho was helping me with my problem before? my computer restarted for some reason06:19
plc90210KM0201: but if it's on the cd, shouldn't it have installed when I installed ubuntu?06:19
KM0201plc90210: not necessarily.06:19
nawkOut of curiosity, what happens if I do "sudo apt-get install packagefoo", and there are multiple packages named "packagefoo" from several different repos?06:20
KM0201plc90210: it's an optional package...06:20
nawkwill apt-get get into a conniption?06:21
MoMowhat is the vnc package i want if I want to VNC from a windows box and control a live session on a unbuntu screen?06:21
KM0201plc90210: it's a lot easier if you can cable it to a router for about 2min06:21
plc90210KM0201: I did, still no internet...06:21
nawkor will it simply/gently ask me (with instructions on how to specify) from which repo I want "packagefoo" froom?06:21
KM0201plc90210: really?..thats interesting06:21
KM0201plc90210: what broadcom device do you have, if you don't mind me asking?06:22
Maahesum, anyone know how to use the aptitude ncurses program? I'm trying to sort packages by their current state flag, but after reading the manual I still am not sure how to go about this (Yes I have to use the ncurses program, I lost X)06:22
plc90210its a really old laptop...06:22
KM0201plc90210: why don't you just use b43?06:23
zetherooBROADCOM ... the joys06:23
KM0201plc90210: i actually set that device up the other day w/ the b43 driver, and it worked fine06:23
plc90210how do i set up the b43?06:23
KM0201plc90210: it's on that same page i gave you the link to.. just scroll down the the "b43" driver.. it's listed to support the 4311.. but if you've already started w/ the STA, might as well finish w/ it06:24
KM0201plc90210: did you install from cd?06:25
plc90210KM0201: when it says "something is located on the ubuntu install media under /pool/main/..." what is it referring to?06:26
plc90210how do i access it from the cd06:26
KM0201plc90210: do you have an ubuntu live CD, or did you install from USB, or what?06:26
plc90210i burned it on a cd from the website and used the cd06:26
KM0201plc90210: ok, "used the cd".. did you use wubi, or did you boot the cd and install?06:27
plc90210boot the cd and install06:27
KM0201put the cd in the drive..06:27
plc90210i did06:27
smoke_yeah men06:28
KM0201plc90210: ok, do you see an icon on your desktop that say s"ubuntu 10.xx " or something like that?06:28
KM0201plc90210: ok, double click it06:28
plc90210done, next?06:28
KM0201plc90210: before you go much further, did you install the bmcwl-kernel-source ?06:28
KM0201like it say above?06:29
plc90210tried to, but the installation failed, i have it downloaded on the desktop though06:29
KM0201plc90210: ok.. do this.06:29
KM0201plc90210: go to system/admin/synaptic package manager06:30
KM0201plc90210: ok... now click settings/repositories06:30
KM0201plc90210: on the first tab under settings/repositories.. make sure at the bottom the "Use CD" box is checked.06:30
secretary_linuxI recently changed the network layout on and around our main server. For some reason now the server is still able to reach itself as one of its old IP addresses. That address, for that matter that entire subnet, is not listed in /etc/network/interfaces, ifconfig, route, or arp. When I ssh to it I'm getting the same signature so I know it's the same box. How can I track down this phantom IP address?06:30
KM0201plc90210: after you've checked that box... click close, make sure the cd is in the drive, and click "reload"06:31
KM0201plc90210: you'll get errors because it can't et on the internet, but i'm not concerned about that just yet06:31
plc90210yep, i got an error after clicking reload06:32
KM0201plc90210: thats fine.. thats because you're not oonline06:32
KM0201plc90210: now, make sure the cd is in the drive06:32
KM0201and in the upper right06:32
plc90210it is06:32
KM0201do a search for bcmwl06:32
KM0201and you should see th e"kernel source" package there, right?06:32
iLinuxCan I Participate in ubuntu?06:32
plc90210i see it06:33
KM0201plc90210: does it show installed?(green dot beside it?)06:33
KM0201iLinux: i don't see why not06:33
KM0201plc90210: right click that package and choose "mark for installation"06:33
ResQueis it safe to allow any user to start an X session. i think by default only root can start xsession and the GDM service starts it for you. but i want to start another one on a different virtual terminal so i can start a remote x session06:33
KM0201plc90210: you might get a message that it wants to "mark" some other dependencies...06:33
plc90210it won't let me click mark for installation06:33
KM0201it won't let you click it?06:34
plc90210it will only let me click mark for upgrade, removal, complete removal or properties06:34
plc90210yeah, it won't let me click it, it's blacked out06:34
KM0201plc90210: if its "mark for upgrade or removal"... then it's already installed06:34
KM0201there's no green dot beside it?06:35
zetherooI am getting this odd message every time I load up FF : A username and password are being requested by http://localhost:46269. The site says: "bookmarkable-user-auth"06:35
zetheroohow can I stop this ?06:35
plc90210no, there's a grey square with an exclamation mark beside it06:35
plc90210and the ubuntu logo06:35
KM0201plc90210: did you try to install it from that package you downloaded?06:36
zetherooanother thing I am wondering is ... why is it that instead of a Ubuntu splash screen while Ubuntu is loading all I see is a black screen?06:36
KM0201zetheroo: shuttleworth hates splash screens06:36
bonjoyeehow to recover individual mpeg files deleted from a sony handycam?06:36
plc90210yeah, it returned an error saying i need to installed dkms of kernel i686 or something like that06:36
tioxzetheroo: Might be Plymouth being a douche. Try reinstalling it.06:36
KM0201plc90210: ok.. right click that, and choose "mark for removal06:37
zetherooKM0201: humph06:37
zetherootiox: reinstalling what exactly?06:37
tioxWhat version of Firefox?06:37
tioxUbuntu. Sorry, late.06:37
KM0201plc90210: now click Apply if you didn't already, and let it uninstall06:37
iflemazetheroo i find the proprietary drivers dont work... anything else is fine06:37
tioxI can hardly think. Anyway, try reinstalling Plymouth if you use the more current versions of Ubuntu.06:38
zetherooiflema: so depending on the gfx driver one uses you may or may not see a Ubuntu loading screen?06:38
plc90210KM0201: ok, it's uninstalled06:39
zetherootiox: 10.1006:39
KM0201plc90210: ok... now.. .again, make sure cd is in the drive06:39
KM0201and right click it06:39
KM0201and "mark for insallation"06:39
tioxYeah, Plymouth is used as the boot splash screen. Before, I think it was xsplash, but don't take my word on that.06:39
iflemazetheroo in my experience yes... non proprietary drivers work just fine.06:39
plc90210right click the cd icon, and click mark for installation? "mark for installation" isn't an option06:40
tioxI was asking in antoher channel about the user defined session. What is that about, and how can I take advantage of it?06:40
zetherooiflema: I'll test that out right now ... I have a laptop with Intel gfx ...06:40
KM0201plc90210: the cd icon?.. where'd you get that... right click bcmwl-kernel-source06:40
KM0201in synaptic06:40
plc90210ok, next?06:41
KM0201plc90210: basically what we did was remove that broke ass package you installed, and now that we've added the cd repository.. you'll reinstall it, and it should pull everything off the cd for you.06:41
zetherootiox: isn't that where you save the state of your session as it is and then have the ability to boot back into it?06:41
KM0201plc90210: after you click mark for installation, click apply..06:41
tioxI am not sure, why i was asking.06:41
tioxBecause I would like to be able to change in gconf what I use as my "Panel" for the user defined session, and keep the Ubuntu Desktop Session as something in case something goes catastrophically wrong.06:42
plc90210ok, done06:42
KM0201plc90210: ok, now just to make sure it went ok06:42
KM0201in the upper right06:42
KM0201do a search for "fakeroot" and make sure it sinstalled06:42
dexikiixhey all, its been a while since i used ubby, can someone tell me a quick way to get the close/min/max buttons over to the right side of the title bar?06:42
tioxdexikiix: Couple ways.06:43
plc90210that's broken too... i'll fix it06:43
tioxInstall Emerald and use that instead of GTK. Alternatively...06:43
KM0201go ahead and fix that one06:43
tioxPress alt+F2 and type in gconf-editor06:43
plc90210and patch too right?06:43
KM0201plc90210: same way we did before, remove it, mark for installation, and rreinstall06:43
KM0201plc90210: yes06:43
tioxAre you there, dexikiix06:43
KM0201plc90210: patch, fakeroot and dkms06:44
glitchdheres a question for all the linux genius's in here..06:44
dexikiixtiox: yes i was looking through gconf-editor06:44
tioxOkay, now let me figure out where to go...06:44
plc90210patch and dkms had a green dot next to them so i guess they were installed correctly06:45
tioxLook under apps/metacity and find general.06:45
KM0201plc90210: ok...06:45
plc90210ok... next step...06:45
zetheroo iflema: just booted into my Intel gfx laptop ... no Ubuntu boot screen either06:45
KM0201and fakeroot is now installed correctly?06:45
glitchdIs there a way to make a direct copy of how my system is now, so that when i do mess it up, and i will, trust me, i can just restore it to the working state instead of having to reinstall then find all the stuff i want again??06:45
dexikiixtiox: i didnt think people still used emerald :p or was that just compiz people don't use?06:45
tioxClick that, there is something called Button Layout.06:45
plc90210yeah, fakeroot is now installed correctly06:45
KM0201plc90210: ok go ahead adn close synaptic06:45
tioxReplace the current entry with menu:minimize,maximize,close06:45
KM0201plc90210: then go to system/admin/additional drivers06:45
KM0201and you should see the STA driver there06:46
=== bazyli is now known as bazyli-
tioxdexikiix: Did you follow along?06:46
plc90210ok i see it06:46
dexikiixtiox: yes, so far it switched but has not moved to the right side :p06:46
KM0201plc90210: highlight it.. and click activate06:46
=== bazyli- is now known as bazyli-away
KM0201plc90210: then you'll probably have to restart06:47
tioxIt should work immediately.06:47
glitchdKM0201, look at u helpin everyone i see..lol06:47
dexikiixtiox: right now those buttons are at top left, and i'd prefer top right06:47
tioxI know.06:47
KM0201glitchd: i always help in here...06:47
tioxUnder general, you found button_layout right?06:47
plc90210KM0201: there is no activate button06:47
dexikiixtiox: yes06:47
glitchdKM0201, i noticed, i was commending u, not taking a stab.06:47
KM0201plc90210: at the bottom.. you don't see "acctivate"06:47
KM0201glitchd: oh ok..lol06:47
plc90210only help, close, and remove06:48
KM0201plc90210: do you have the STA driver highlighted?06:48
glitchdKM0201, u have helped me on a number of occations06:48
iLinux hello 06:48
tioxHang on a sec then...06:48
zetherooreinstalled plymouth but no luck still06:48
tioxOkay them, try opening terminal, use command gtk-window-decorator --replace06:48
glitchdKM0201, heres a question for ya06:48
KM0201plc90210: try restarting... see if when you come back, you can activate that driver06:48
ox3aI want to remove Gnome environment and installing kde just customizing ubuntu 10.10. Can anyone suggest me please?06:49
glitchdKM0201, do u know if there is a way to make a backup of my os, so that when i mess it up, and i will, i can just restore it to the working state that it was in before?06:49
iLinuxox3a, just change with kubuntu06:49
glitchdKM0201, packages and all?06:49
tioxox3a: Better off installking kubuntu. But if you still want to give it a shot, just choose to install the KDE environment from synaptic.06:49
glitchdKM0201, i ask this because i have had to reinstall like 4 times in the past 2 days06:49
tioxThem, log off, and log back into your account with the KDE environment.06:49
KM0201glitchd: only way i know of to do it, would be to clone the drive.. but that would be a huge pain...06:49
dexikiixtiox: still on left side, just took out some theming06:50
KM0201not to mention, take a lot of space.06:50
tioxThis is odd...06:50
glitchdKM0201, yes, and that is not what i want to do06:50
bullgard4ox3a: Please install the KDE meta-package. After finishing you can remove GNOME packages step-by-step.06:50
tioxOkay, dexikiix, I am going to link you to a theme./06:50
KM0201glitchd: i assume you're asking for something like 'restore points' w/ the Redmond OS's06:50
glitchdKM0201, i just want to take like a snapshot of the os in the working state06:50
ox3atiox, and how to remove complete gnome?06:50
glitchdKM0201, im in ubuntu 10.0406:50
KM0201glitchd: i'm not saying there isn't... but not that i know of.06:50
glitchdKM0201, and i am just tired of setting up the same shit over and over again06:50
tioxox3a: Install Kubuntu. It'll be way easier than dealing with the removal of Gnome.06:51
glitchdKM0201, can u point me in the direction of a possible answer maybe?06:51
tioxGrab a Kubuntu CD image and burn the ISO to CD, boot from CD to check out KDE.06:51
nawkiflema: is usb-creator a utility specifically for creating Ubuntu Startup Disks, or any other Distro LiveUSB?06:51
glitchdKM0201, i dont care about the downloads or any of that, just the os system06:51
glitchdcan i maybe burn it to a dvd or somthing?06:51
ox3atiox, actually i do not have much idea about kbuntu that if i miss anything in kubuntu06:51
KM0201glitchd: honestly the best way to do that, would probably be to have /home on a separate partition...06:52
tioxdexikiix: Go here: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ambiance_R+%28Ambiance+Right+Side%29?content=12392706:52
tioxDownload that theme.06:52
glitchdKM0201, how would that help?06:52
bullgard4ox3a: tiox has given you not a good advice. Too much effort.06:52
KM0201glitchd: that would save all of your configuration files, etc..06:52
tioxbullgard4: What you are talking about takes too much effort! P06:52
dexikiixtiox: btw, the right side of my windows is now populated by some empty boxes and the window menu06:52
frobisherox3a look at pinguyos06:53
bullgard4tiox: What you suggested.06:53
KM0201plc90210: any luck?06:53
ox3afrobisher, ?06:53
Maahesum, anyone know how to use the aptitude ncurses program? I'm trying to sort packages by their current state flag, but after reading the manual I still am not sure how to go about this (Yes I have to use the ncurses program, I lost X)06:53
tioxTry button layout again, except, be sure the only thing in there is menu:minimize,maximize,close dexikiix06:53
ox3afrobisher, pakage is it?06:53
tioxbullgard4: It's not terribly much effort if you did this for Ubuntu already.06:54
glitchddexikiix, sounds like the wrong words are in the gconf setting for the button layout06:54
glitchdtiox, sry didnt see u answered the before i did06:54
dexikiixglitchd: let me check for typos06:54
plc90210i should have taken the cd out before restarting...06:54
bullgard4tiox: I disagree.06:54
KM0201plc90210: lol06:54
ox3atiox, any different ubuntu 10.10 and kubuntu 10.10?06:54
glitchddexikiix, menu:minimize,maximize,close06:54
frobisherox3a PingutOS is a preconfigered ubuntu clone06:54
glitchddexikiix, thats what it should say exactly06:55
plc90210i'll just turn it off, take the cd out, and turn it back on06:55
glitchddexikiix, that is if u want the buttons on the right side of the window06:55
dexikiixah, somehow missed the word "menu" and just had the stuff after06:55
KM0201plc90210: it's not code red critical.. no need to go crazy..06:55
dexikiixworks properly now, thank you tiox glitchd06:55
tioxbullgard4: If you are looking to try out the KDE environment for Ubuntu, best way is with kubuntu. Go to kubuntu.com, download the ISO file. Pop a CD-R into your CD burner, burn the ISO onto disk, reboot with CD in the drive, choose to boot from CD with your boot manager, or through your BIOS, change boot order to have CD run first.06:55
glitchdKM0201, could i do that with a os that is installed already? or would i have to reinstall again?06:56
tioxUbuntu makes this so easy to do.06:56
nawkMy USB flash drive still cannot boot after I've tried using usbcreator.06:56
shawnboywhy am I still being prompted for a password even after putting rsa keys in place for ssh?06:56
ox3atiox, and will i get everything of ubuntu in kubuntu?06:56
KM0201glitchd: ah... honestly, i don't put home on a separate partition, but i *believe* you would have to reinstall and repartition your drive06:56
glitchddexikiix, np06:56
nawkit's stuck at the "SYSLINUX 3.63 Debian-2008-07-15 ...." message06:56
tioxox3a: Not entirely. But a lot of things for Ubuntu are gnome-specific.06:56
tioxA lot of things for kubuntu are KDE-specific.06:57
glitchdKM0201, ughh:(  ill just wait till i screw this install up to do that06:57
shawnboyglitchd: you can move to sep home partition without reinstalling06:57
glitchdKM0201, thank you tho06:57
glitchdshawnboy, do tell..06:57
KM0201ah see, maybe you don't hae to reinstall06:57
tioxBut you can install (temporarily) live whatever you want to play with using KDE's package manager, which I am not entirely sure what it is.06:57
tioxCan somenone confirm what it is forme?06:57
shawnboywell, you could google for it, or I have reproduced others' work on my personal blog.06:58
ox3atiox, yeah but such will i miss such as server,database,networking software?06:58
tioxdexikiix: If you clicked my gnome-look link, you'll want to then extract the theme somewhere. Assume desktop in this case...06:58
KM0201tiox: if you want kubuntu support, try #kubuntu06:58
harrypotterhey guys,any good games in ubuntu?06:58
KM0201harrypotter: not really06:58
KM0201!games | harrypotter06:58
ubottuharrypotter: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/06:58
Gneatiox: pretty sure kubuntu uses adept06:59
ox3aKM0201, kubuntu not support for ubuntu?06:59
KM0201i think so06:59
tioxThen, after that extract Ambiance_R, launch terminal, type in sudo mv ~/Desktop/Ambiance_R /usr/share/themes06:59
KM0201ox3a: no, they're different... #kubuntu for kubuntu, #xubuntu for xubuntu, and so on06:59
Gneaox3a: no, they are mutually exclusive as far as operational values are concerned. many tasks between them are in parrallel, but it can be rare06:59
KM0201plc90210: any joy?06:59
plc90210KM0201: yeah, the driver's now activated07:00
KM0201plc90210: well, thas good07:00
KM0201can you see wireless networks07:00
tioxox3a: It's your best bet to try out kubuntu for the best KDE experience. Some applications in Ubuntu will break using Gnome apps unless there are KDE-supported Gnome applications.07:00
KM0201plc90210: well sing the hallelujah chorus07:00
plc90210now the pain of trying to connect to the wireless network begins07:00
KM0201plc90210: that should be fairly simple.07:01
KM0201plc90210: why do you think that would be difficult?07:01
ox3atiox, i am worry if i miss very nice tools of ubuntu in kubuntu. Will it?07:01
Gneatiox, ox3a: actually, you can run many KDE applications just fine in Ubuntu, as it will automatically install kde library support for them. the applications that will likely fail are those requiring the K environment to be running07:01
tioxox3a: We're just trying to say, you are better off trying Kubuntu for Ubuntu+KDE so you don't break Ubuntu trying to remove Gnome in favor for KDE.07:01
XiaolinDraconisim trying to make a rescue/emergency bootable usb stick07:01
* KM0201 thinks KDE is pretty close to a Linux virus07:02
plc90210KM0201: it's a really old laptop that's had issues with this in the past07:02
KM0201plc90210: uh.. ok07:02
tioxAnd, beside that, you can install the KDE environement and pick it from your login screen.07:02
GneaKM0201: less so than gnome, IMHO ;)07:02
TULeGiT... wtf07:02
XiaolinDraconisthe first time i tried it worked just fine07:02
KM0201Gnea: elitist!.. :)07:02
ox3aKM0201, kde is more fast07:02
GneaKM0201: hey now, I prefer E17 :)07:02
KM0201ox3a: i guess thats in the eye of the beholder... i hate KDE... it is WAY slower on my systems than gnome07:02
XiaolinDraconisbut i erased it so i could make it a ext4 fs and it didnt work07:03
KM0201ox3a: not to mention it looks like my 6yr old broke out his crayola's to design it07:03
XiaolinDraconisso i erased it again and went back to fat16 and it still wont work07:03
tioxKM0201: If hsi PC can run it, don't knock it yet.07:03
Gneaox3a: actually, XFCE and E17 beat KDE and Gnome as far as speed, memory usage and optimization are concerned07:03
ox3aKM0201, OK07:03
KM0201tiox: i hate it...07:03
XiaolinDraconisim following the exact same steps as before07:03
KM0201Gnome is fine, really like lxde07:03
tioxI should try XFCE some time.07:03
Gneayou can run E17 on a 486 and even earlier Pentium I and II systems these days, can't say the same for gnome or kde07:04
KM0201xfce is ok... but honestly, w/ xfce4(at least on ubuntu) it is just as bloated as gnome.07:04
ox3atiox, Will i able to install all tools of ubuntu in kubuntu?07:04
shcherbakKM0201: i have designed t-shits with slogan Renove your Xservers! Can reband it for you... deKDE yourselfs07:04
tioxox3a: Some, maybe. Like Firefox.07:04
ox3atiox, ok07:04
KM0201shcherbak: lol, clever07:05
Gneaheh, firefox doesn't require gnome07:05
tioxConfirm this one people: If he installs the KDE environment, he can still use his GNome tools right?07:05
Gneatiox: there are KDE tools he can use in place of them07:05
KM0201and they'd probably be more efficient07:05
tioxBut, he wants to know if he can still use all of the tools he's grown use to using Gnome.07:05
Gneait depends on the tool07:06
XiaolinDraconisox3a, most of the tools are there. and if you want a really bloated system you can run gnome and kde at the same time07:06
tioxI think he can, since e17 was pretty nice with using some Gnome things.07:06
Gneahaving a list would be a more efficient way of asking, otherwise he'll need to dive in and try07:06
KM0201plc90210: so what problem are you having connecting to networks?07:06
Gneatiox: indeed, but even then it's not going to run gnome applets and such07:06
plc90210it can't connect to my home network07:07
tioxox3a: Just download Kubuntu from kubuntu.com, burn it to CD and boot from CD.07:07
KM0201plc90210: can you log into your router, and set it to broadcast for a few minutes?07:07
XiaolinDraconisox3a, or use grubs ability to boot from iso07:07
tioxWith KDE, you do have to change how you use your machine quite a bit.07:07
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, actually i am trying to make it own distro and i was used kde for long term07:07
tioxXiaolinDraconis: Let's not confuse him. I always use my PC's ability to boot before system POST.07:07
GneaI've always thought of switching GUIs as a way of learning how to use the OS better07:08
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, In kde menu editing is very easy07:08
KM0201plc90210: when you say it "can't connect to your network".. what exactly do you mean?07:08
plc90210well I can identify it and am able to try to connect to it and it tries to connect for a while, but then it says it disconnected07:08
XiaolinDraconisox3a, its a real nice setup i havent used it for long tho just a couple days07:08
GneaI've used Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu and all are fairly well put together07:09
KM0201plc90210: ok....07:09
XiaolinDraconisox3a, i like the way it looks and feels07:09
KM0201plc90210: can you log into your router?07:09
plc90210... how do i do that?07:09
KM0201192.168.1.1 usually07:09
KM0201try disabling security, and see if you can connect07:09
[thor]or 0.107:09
XiaolinDraconisox3a, i downloaded the kde desktop package from repos and made a new user to log into kde session with07:09
tioxox3a: I find Gnome menu editing very easy too. Can you explain why you want to make the switch?07:10
shawnboywhy isn't passwordless ssh working for me?07:10
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, what will be the best for me (already tiox told about kubuntu)?07:11
Gneashawnboy: probably because you're not doing it right07:11
shawnboythanks Gnea07:11
XiaolinDraconisox3a, depends on what you like07:12
Gneashawnboy: so what method are you trying to use?07:12
XiaolinDraconisox3a, i would say since you already know gnome then stick with it07:12
shawnboyi've done it before but it's not working this time, Gnea.07:12
XiaolinDraconisox3a, i waited a year before trying kde07:13
shawnboyGnea: I have openssh-server installed... generated keys.07:13
Gneashawnboy: you'll need to be more specific than that, please.07:13
XiaolinDraconisox3a, i wanted to get comfortable with my new desktop07:13
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, I like ubuntu all package but problem is i do not like gnom envro07:13
shawnboyGnea: then put the pub key in the remote machines authorized_keys file under .ssh07:13
XiaolinDraconisox3a, what dont you like about it?07:13
tioxox3a also needs to be more specific with what applications for Gnome he wants to carry over into KDE.07:13
Gneashawnboy: sounds right..07:13
shawnboyGnea: shouldn't that be it?07:13
Gneashawnboy: it should be. did you follow this tutorial? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3070907:14
tioxAs i said before, install the KDE environment. Do NOT remove Gnome, since the login window is a part of the Gnome environment.07:14
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, actually i am using kde since 4 years07:14
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, Now it very fun for me07:15
tioxIf you remove GDM, you'll need to specify from TTY your login, and what environment to log into. Meaning, you'll pretty much be booting into a terminal.07:15
shawnboyGnea: I'll look at it. I did exactly what I said, nothing more nothing less. I'll look at that link, though. thanks.07:15
shcherbaktiox: gdm can be replaced too, with kdm (for frustrated)07:15
Gneatiox: don't forget, the kubuntu-desktop will actually install kdm07:15
XiaolinDraconisi installed kdm and still use gnome session07:15
XiaolinDraconisyeah it came with the package07:16
XiaolinDraconiskinda a pain to switch back n forth tho07:16
Gneashawnboy: yeah, never know if maybe there was a small step missed, I've done that before07:16
ox3atiox, can you tell me  about uck?07:16
tioxSo, he can install the KDE environment, uninstall GDM, log in using K's login screen and using adept, remove all things Gnome?07:16
* tiox scratches his head07:16
Gneain theory07:16
XiaolinDraconisdont forget to switch to kdm first tho07:16
ox3atiox, yea all thing07:16
dexikiixhey im back... may have seen this coming, but i need help w/ flash, im 64-bit07:17
shcherbaktiox: it is a bit messy, but yes07:17
tioxHuh. Well, as I said ox3a, and I will breathlessly advocate this method.07:17
Gnea!flash | dexikiix07:17
ubottudexikiix: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash07:17
tioxBurn kubuntu to disk and try it out.07:17
XiaolinDraconishe said he used it for 4 years07:17
tioxWell... I missed that.07:18
=== squishy is now known as SquishyNotHere
XiaolinDraconisox3a, have you tried lxde07:18
ox3atiox, there is a option for kde env (Just i wanna customize my ubuntu)07:18
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, no07:18
tioxSo yeah. Try installing the KDE environment and switch to KDM, log in with it and kill Gnome off.07:18
XiaolinDraconisox3a, it uses half the resources as kde and gnome07:19
shcherbakox3a: go for awesome, wired, but less than xmonad07:19
tioxBut, mind you, kubuntu is preconfigured with all the K apps you'll want, and you can install what's missing later.07:19
XiaolinDraconisox3a, do you just want to make your gnome look better?07:19
=== chris_osx is now known as chris_openbsd
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, tiox will it any harm for operating sys if i install only kdm?07:20
tioxI feel a few of us should invite ox3a into a special ad-hoc channel so we can offset his questioning away from here, and allow others to ask questions without being lost in a flurry of stuff to him07:20
shawnboyGnea: I'm back. thanks for help.07:20
shawnboyGnea: things are working in ssh again ... passwordless.07:21
tioxox3a: Nope.07:21
tioxJust do it right.07:21
tioxI cannot help you with this because I have no interest in replacing with K, nor have I ever replaced Gnome with K07:21
shawnboynow, does ANYONE have FreeNX working?07:21
XiaolinDraconisox3a, nope im using kdm now cause i found an awesome theme for it07:22
XiaolinDraconisox3a, http://img10.imageshack.us/i/screenshotmni.png/07:22
KM0201shawn146: whats freenx?07:22
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX07:22
shawnboyKM0201: you mean shawnboy? FreeNX is remote desktop app that actually works.07:22
KM0201for soem reason i'm ok here in IRC, and I'm playing online poker w/o issue, and i'm chatting w/ Pidgin.. by my web browser isn't wrking.. go figure07:22
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, kdm?(very nice)07:23
XiaolinDraconisuncheck work offline.... lol07:23
XiaolinDraconisox3a, kdm is the login screen07:23
XiaolinDraconisox3a, thats a gnome session07:23
KM0201XiaolinDraconis: i wish it were that easy07:23
tioxJust mind, if you remove Gnome, you'll also take out some Gnome-related apps, and things will get broken along the way, whatever may reside on your system that REQUIRED Gnome after removal07:23
shawnboythe Ubuntu documentation is a little lacking. i did it all, but don't know how to set it up, administer it, or connect.07:23
XiaolinDraconisox3a, tiox is absolutely right dont remove gnome that way07:24
tioxXiaolinDraconis: I was just using some generic common sense. I was not entirely sure if I was right or not, but I was pretty sure of what I was saying.07:25
ox3atiox, I was made a iso file after installed kde in ubuntu(and i also added my 1.5 gb compiled software)But i was took 2.5 gb and remastersys did not make it properly07:26
=== bazyli-away is now known as bazyli
[thor]is it possible to download all of the packages of an Ubuntu Software Center category ( Games, for example ) as .deb files using the CLI ?07:26
tioxYou should just be able to, in the GNome environment anyway, open up burn:///, put the ISo in the burn dir and choose to write to disk.07:27
XiaolinDraconisox3a, its hard to get remastersys to make a good size disk07:27
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC . The Ubuntu EeePC Channel is #ubuntu-eeepc , main EeePC discussion in #eeepc07:27
XiaolinDraconisox3a, remastersys makes a new live iso based on your installed desktop07:27
tioxBrasero should ne able to handle the rest.07:27
XiaolinDraconishe's not being very clear what he actually wants07:28
* KM0201 hates brasero07:28
VoaHello Happy new year07:28
Voatest 1  2 307:28
Maahesum, anyone know how to use the aptitude ncurses program? I'm trying to sort packages by their current state flag, but after reading the manual I still am not sure how to go about this (Yes I have to use the ncurses program, I lost X)07:28
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, Yeah i also wanting to make a installable iso from my installed system07:28
Maahes[thor]: yes with aptitude, its pretty easy07:28
XiaolinDraconishappy (almost) new year07:28
shawnboynobody has experience with FreeNX?07:29
KM0201shawnboy: got experience w/ FreeNas... nothing w/ FreeNX though..lol07:29
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, But remastersys does not work properly perhaps if the size is big07:29
cryptodirahi folks, toshiba satellite, amd chipset 64 bit, triple core phenom, ubuntu 10.04 only.... problem: screen brightness keys work both up and down, but invoking them causes one of the cores to go to 100% requiring a reboot to fix.... anyone have a solution to the core maxing out?07:29
XiaolinDraconisox3a, make a new partition and install a fresh copy07:29
XiaolinDraconisox3a, and remastersys works just fine07:29
OrmieI have a problem about My EEE PC07:30
m_Happy New Year.. XiaolinDraconis :) Since i dont know how long i will be here online07:30
tioxXiaolinDraconis: Forget that, I want him to burn an ISO and try from CD first, so he doesn't end up breaking GRUB.07:30
tioxUNless, he already did, and I am too fracking tired.07:30
XiaolinDraconisgotta break sme eggs to make an omelet07:30
MaahesXiaolinDraconis: question, will remastersys make a new install capable of being installed as a live USB? I.e., compressed read only kernel, busybox, loading things up into ram instead on the disk.07:31
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, mkdir?07:31
OrmieTotal Hard disk Capacity 4.0 GB Used: 2.6 GB FREE: 908 MB!!! And it reports low disk space07:31
XiaolinDraconisMaahes, if you can make a bootable iso off your livecd then yeah07:31
MaahesOrmie: That's low disk space, I can generate 130mb's in logs every few days07:32
XiaolinDraconisMaahes, i mean bootable usb from the livecd07:32
OrmieMaahes: How??07:32
XiaolinDraconisox3a, what are you asking?07:32
MaahesOrmie: 20+IRC channels on all the time07:32
tioxOrmie: Try using another USB drive and symlink to it. I don't know the finer details, so ask help about symlinking another drive here.07:33
tioxIt just means you'd need two USB ports every time you boot into Ubuntu.07:33
tioxOther than that...07:33
MaahesAlso, if you don't watch it, a week or so of watching a lot of multimedia on your install will use up a lot of space07:33
XiaolinDraconisOrmie, google about moving home folder to new partition07:33
sacarlsonMaahes: is it an eeepc?07:33
tioxMaune you can clone your current filesystem onto a larger one in the future.07:33
tioxI ran Ubuntu on an 8GB USB drive with no problem.07:34
Maahesand then you download a few pdf's, some source packages, and soon you have like 200mb's left07:34
XiaolinDraconisMaahes, delete the tmp every now n again07:34
Maahessacarlson: no.07:34
tioxI have a funny question...07:35
sacarlsonMaahes: I dought in your case but the eeepc had hiden partition so you could do full recover to factory spec07:35
chris_openbsdwhat do you think is faster on an intel atom cpu? 32 bit or 64 bit ubuntu?07:35
tioxThe ubuntu webpage still supplies 10.10 up front, yet, I have11.04?07:35
XiaolinDraconistiox, i heard that was a mistake its not really 11.0407:36
tioxShouldn't Canonical always keep the latest version on the front page?07:36
XiaolinDraconistiox, just says it is07:36
MaahesXiaolinDraconis: it's not in /tmp/ and the program you want to use is logrotate07:36
tiox"You are using Ubuntu 11.04 - the Natty Narwhal - released in April 2011 and supported until October 2012."07:36
ZykoticK9tiox, you could have 11.04 installed, it's the current development release07:36
Inf0deli'm actually nervous about them dropping gnome07:36
Inf0delon the next release07:36
voidmagedoes maverick use xi2?07:36
KM0201ZykoticK9: no, for some reason, ubuntu 10.10 says that in about ubuntu07:37
OrmieXiaolinDraconis: I don't have money to buy an At Home External 80 GB Seagate SATA USB 2.0 External Hard disk :( I spend too much on 1 EEE Computer) And this is holidays  so i don't go to work and earn some money :(07:37
tioxThey are?07:37
tioxUbuntu shouldn't be dropping Gnome...07:37
Inf0delwhy not?07:37
KM0201tiox: that won't happenanytime soon07:37
MaahesInf0del: eh? No they're not. just Ubiquity will be used by default and not Gnome Shell07:37
ZykoticK9Inf0del, there is a "use classic" as a login choice for the old gnome ;)07:37
OrmieFor the Extra Space07:37
ZykoticK9KM0201, it already has07:37
gobbetiox: that's bug07:37
KM0201ZykoticK9: what, dropping gnome?07:37
ZykoticK9KM0201, yup07:37
ox3atiox, there is a package "kde-full". Will it do?07:37
gobbetiox: some packets trigger documentation to change version to 11.0407:38
KM0201ZykoticK9: how do you figure?07:38
tioxSure will.07:38
MaahesIt's not dropped gnome07:38
MaahesIt still uses all gnome services in the background07:38
ZykoticK9KM0201, they're switching Ubuntu-Desktop to use Unity07:38
XiaolinDraconisox3a, yes that installs kde but after you download and install it make  a new user07:38
Maahesand many default gnome programs07:38
KM0201ZykoticK9: you mean that horrible looking netbook OS07:38
Inf0del<3 gnome07:38
tioxKM0201: Will Ubuntu Desktop Edition on my system still use Gnome?07:38
ZykoticK9KM0201, yup07:39
MaahesZykoticK9: that's not "dropping gnome" that's not using 1 program that's in the gnome standard base, almost every gnome distro around does this.07:39
KM0201ZykoticK9: eh, i dont see that happening07:39
ZykoticK9KM0201, it already has - try 11.0407:39
MaahesKM0201: no he's right about Ubiquity being on by default in the next release.07:39
Inf0delbelieve it07:39
XiaolinDraconisi just read it will still have gnome-panel you just have to start the service yourself07:39
KM0201ZykoticK9: i'm sure it can be disabled.07:39
gobbeKM0201: of course, it's linux07:39
ZykoticK9KM0201, there is a "classic" login option07:39
gobbeKM0201: you can do what ever you want07:39
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, You mean , I should make a new user after finishing install kde-full ?07:40
Maahesyes it can be disabled. You can run Gnome Shell too, if you like, or not run either (which is what I do)07:40
XiaolinDraconisox3a, yes07:40
tioxGod dammit... so they're going to change what loads as panel?07:40
KM0201ZykoticK9: i realy don't care, i use debian.. but i think that would bea bad move on ubuntus part.07:40
tioxIf that is the case, then it's a simple gconf edit for me.07:40
XiaolinDraconisox3a, use a new user to login to kde session07:40
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, I see07:40
XiaolinDraconisox3a, if you dont it change all your default apps to kde stuff when you switch back07:41
tioxHold on. I want people to explain this one to me.07:41
tioxWhen I upgrade Ubuntu, what's gonna happen?07:41
nawkCan someone please help me my problem with the Ubuntu USB Startup Disk?07:41
Maahestiox: eh, ui stuff doesn't bother me as much, its that the internals of ubuntu keep changing pretty fast, makes it hard to remember how to do things (like for instance when there's no more xorg.conf, etc.07:41
Inf0delyur gonna get ubuntu's netbook interface07:41
nawkafter making the startup disk (the ubuntu liveusb)07:41
ZykoticK9tiox, i doubt upgrades have been considered/tested much - but the default interface will be Unity07:41
Maahesnawk: state your problem07:41
tioxBut everything else will still be Gnome, right?07:42
XiaolinDraconistiox, you lose gnome panel and get that unity stuff and it doesnt have panel applets or anything good07:42
ZykoticK9tiox, ya07:42
tioxSo it's a gconf edit.07:42
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, And if i use remastersys in new user then will the remastersys work fine(Very important making a my personal distro ubuntu base)07:42
Franoculatorok, got a problem.  Rebooted my PC, and everything in /home is as it was on October 27.  ext4 partition.07:42
MaahesUnity is just an interface, it has nothing to do specifically with the gnome-desktop specification07:42
FranoculatorI have the data backed up, that's not a problem.07:42
Franoculatorbut what the hell happened to my disk?07:42
XiaolinDraconisox3a, no because it will be too big07:42
tioxI certainly hope it's JUST that. But the update should make the interface change an option.07:42
nawkIt fails to boot, it is stuck at the "SYSLINUX 3.63 Debian-2008-07-15 EBIOS..."07:42
supaplexhow can I pin only kernel images/headers/etc from maverick on karmic?  I tried using -10 as the preference for a=maverick, but aptitude safe-upgrade shows it's going to try upgrading 400mb of packages. (not what I expect; no kernel* specifics in preferences yet)07:43
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, So?07:43
Maahestiox: it does "use classic" also it's pretty easy to uninstall07:43
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, way?07:43
XiaolinDraconisox3a, you need to do that with a virtual machine or make a new partition and install a second ubuntu07:43
nawkMaahes, following that it's got a message saying "Unknown keyword in configuration file."07:43
Maahessupaplex: I recommend using synaptic's interace.07:43
tioxBecause I have AWN set up how I want it.07:43
nawkthat's all07:44
Franoculatordammit I'm freaking out here.07:44
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, Can explain what to do after making new partition?07:44
XiaolinDraconistiox, u should keep AWN when u upgrade that should stay the same07:44
Maaheswell it means one of your boot files is corrupted, did you just make this usb-install?07:44
nawkMaahes yes, I used usbcreator07:45
XiaolinDraconisox3a, install a new ubuntu just like you did when u first installed it. only this time choose the empty partition07:45
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, i have 1.5 gb downloaded software to add(and need set these as default for every install time)07:45
XiaolinDraconisox3a, you have to burn that to a bootable dvd07:45
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, Yeah I installed it today07:45
Maahesnawk: I can't comment on that, I use the pendrive linux creator. I recommend checking the md5 sum of your image to see if it matches the online md5 sum, and then reinstalling07:45
supaplexMaahes: and I can be that specific with synaptic? I want the majority of the system to remain with karmic for now, but this laptop has serious dain brammage if it's not running at least 2.6.35 and acpi=copy_dsdt cmdline for the kernel.07:46
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, thats why i am trying to remove all the package without kde07:46
XiaolinDraconisox3a, i recommend you try VMware Player07:46
nawkMaahes: how do I check the md5 sum of the downloaded iso?07:46
supaplexnawk: md5sum spiffy.iso07:47
Maahessupaplex: you go and do a force version (it gives you a drop down menu), then once you've forced versions, after that, pin them all07:47
Maahesthere's an md5 program installed in ubuntu by default isn't there?07:47
chris_openbsdnawk: md5 <file>07:47
XiaolinDraconisox3a, it lets you boot up a fake hdd and install to that. all you need is to download the kde iso and use it with VMware Player07:47
Maahesnawk: you should have a program called md5sum on your computer, if not install it07:48
dhanijeremyhas anyone here used Guitar Rig?07:48
chris_openbsdnawk: or openssl md5 <file>07:48
Maahesand all you do is run it from the command line ~%md5sum /path/to/image07:48
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, If i install kubuntu then it wont be hug size?07:48
XiaolinDraconisMaahes, i use a script pack i got off gnome-look.org it lets you right click and create or compare md5's07:48
nawkchris_openbsd, it appears md5sum is from the 'coreutils' package07:49
MaahesXiaolinDraconis: if you can link him to that, that would work too.07:49
XiaolinDraconisox3a, google about installing kde in VMware player07:49
chris_openbsdnawk: you should have the openssl command07:49
MaahesI thought coreutils was installed by default? eh.07:50
chris_openbsdnawk: openssl md5 test.iso07:50
Franoculatoranybody have any advice?  Did I just get screwed by ext4?07:50
ox3aXiaolinDraconis, But i don't have the vmware software/os07:50
XiaolinDraconisox3a, then get it its very useful for trying new OS and testing software07:52
XiaolinDraconisnawk, i think this is the script pack i am referring to  http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Nautilus+Scripts+Pack?content=9033007:52
nawkMaahes, chris_openbsd the md5sum generated matches the one published on online07:57
chris_openbsdnawk: gratulations07:57
chris_openbsddid you use openssl?07:57
k_Good Morning07:57
chris_openbsdgood morning07:58
mitzedgoo morning07:58
k_Happy new Year :p07:58
mitzed not alredy K_07:59
nawkchris_openbsd, yes.  As Maahes mentioned, one of the boot files is probably corrupted. But the thing is I've tried to create a Ubuntu LiveUSB using many different tools including usb-creator.  I guess my last try would be pendrive linux07:59
k_I am Brzilian not speak english very good07:59
dhanijeremyi need help please...08:01
Maahesnawk: I've heard that people having trouble with the ubuntu methods frankly most often have better luck with pendrive-linux's installer08:01
mitzedwhat you need dhanijeremy08:01
Maahesk_: Welcome, though if you prefer there is an ubuntu in spanish, and one in portuguese as well08:01
jimblahtelnet towel.blinkenlights.nl  star wars in a terminal in ascii08:01
dhanijeremymitzed: i'm trying to run IMVU on ubuntu..08:01
nawkMaahes is it in the repo?08:01
dexikiixcan someone tell me how to stop these popups in the top right from coming up with every IM?08:01
Maahesnawk: no, its a windows program08:01
Maahesdexikiix: aptitude uninstall notify-osd08:02
mitzedwhat is imvu08:02
k_maahes: thank you :)08:02
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.08:02
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.08:03
dexikiixMaahes: i don't want it gone completely, just not EVERY TIME i get an IM08:03
dhanijeremymitzed: I installed it via Playonlinux and managed to run the program but it froze after a while.. how do i fix this?08:03
dexikiixMaahes: maybe only on new windows or something? im on pidgin btw08:03
nawkMaahes you don't mean the Universal USB Installer program do you?:08:03
Maahesdexikiix: then reinstall notification after you remove it, and libnotify, notifcation daemon is customizeable, notify-osd is not08:03
Maahesnawk: Yes.08:03
dexikiixMaahes: thanks08:03
k_Obrigado ubottu :)08:05
dexikiixMaahes: "unknown command uninstall"?08:05
nawkMaahes: that is the worst one I've come across.  You know that there is a checkbox which you could select to format the drive?  It doesn't format the drive even after i've checked/selected it.08:05
nawkits so weird08:05
mitzedpls wait  a moment dhanijeremy08:05
Inf0delnot uninstall08:05
dhanijeremymitzed: okay08:05
dexikiixthanks Inf0del08:06
Inf0del*tips hat*08:08
dexikiixInf0del: do you happen to know how to customize this notification?08:08
Maahesdexikiix: oh command is remove, I was meaning "uninstall it with synaptic (which is an aptitude front end)08:09
glickhi is there an off topic japanese  ubuntu chanel?08:10
dexikiixMaahes: thats okay, how do i customize this new one?08:11
mitzeddhanijeremy  u installed it from  ubuntu softwre center?08:11
voidmagehow do i know if ubuntu is using xinput2?08:12
Maahesdexikiix: for that I have to tell you to either read the man page or do some google searching (I think there's a gtk app that allows you to customize notifications) cause I dunno08:12
Inf0delmay i paste links in the main?08:12
KM0201Inf0del: so long as they are relevant08:12
MaahesInf0del: so long as they're not offensive, and you're not advertising08:12
glickis there a ubuntu offtopic japanese channel?08:12
Inf0deldexikiix, https://launchpad.net/indicator-applet08:12
KM0201glick i don't think so08:12
Inf0delthat might help you08:12
MaahesIndicator applet doesn't do what he wants to do08:13
Maahesthe thing he's having an issue with is notify-osd08:13
Inf0delmy bad08:13
Maahesubuntu insisting on notify osd shows you can produce a mountain of garbage data and drive it behind a bad idea.08:14
nawkMaahes, normally when you use Universal USB Installer, do you check the "We will format X:\Drive as Fat32" option?08:14
Maahesnawk: I run via pendrive linux, I've tried formatting in things other than FAT32, and have not had much success.08:15
Maahespendrive does FAT32 only.08:15
Inf0deldexikiix, https://launchpad.net/notify-osd08:15
dhanijeremymitzed: no, actually it's for windows and i ran it through wine08:16
nawkpendrive linux is not a program is it?08:16
dexikiixInf0del: i just removed notify-osd lmao08:16
Inf0delit pests me too08:17
wersIs fat 32 the best type for a shared partition between OS X and Ubuntu?08:17
mitzedwhich is the program dhanijeremy08:17
mitzedu're trying run08:18
ZeiPHow can I backup Gmail messages via IMAP on Ubuntu? Getmail and Fetchmail work otherwise, but I haven't found a way to tell them not to mark all the messages read.08:19
dhanijeremymitzed: imvu client, i managed to run it but it froze after a random time.08:19
Inf0delgoogle gadgets might do it for you08:19
mitzedyou're  running the newest version of wine?08:22
sgo11Hi, new to ubuntu. How to configure fonts preference list? what is the default preference list? how to make CJK fonts display correctly in terminal and browser? thanks. With default installation, CJK fonts in terminal and browser look very ugly. thanks.08:22
dhanijeremymaybe due to the config but i'm not sure08:23
nawkit finally works now08:23
Gryllidasgo11 : system -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Fonts ?08:24
Gryllidamuzikguy: Hey.08:24
Inf0delsgo11, ..open terminal,edit profile preferences...unclick default font and pick one08:24
sgo11Gryllida, sorry, I think that is not the answer. It will set one font in one category. I would like to setup fonts preference list. eg: english fonts use...., if not english fonts, use CJK fonts etc...08:25
spectrahpHello. This error "Unable to lock the administration directory": does this mean I can only install 1 thing at a time in ubuntu???08:25
KM0201spectrahp: yup08:25
pookyI'm trying to get a better understanding of zend_db_table_abstract, I created a model.php which has all my tables and definitions, and I've placed it in a folder called models in my application directory, how do I make it accessible to other controllers?08:26
spectrahpKM0201: isn't that slightly unacceptable?08:26
KM0201spectrahp: or can't instal while doing updates, etc.08:26
sgo11Inf0del, sorry, I can not follow you... not sure what to do.08:26
KM0201spectrahp: actually, i think it makes a lot of sense....08:26
spectrahpKM0201: I don't understand. To me it is only an inconvenience08:26
Inf0delpooky..set yur file permissions?08:26
KM0201spectrahp: you can install multiple apps at once, but you can only have 1 process running root at a time.08:26
spectrahpKM0201: What is the advantage/reason for only having 1 process running root at a time08:27
pookyInf0del: huh? I can manually include it in my bootstrap, but that doesn't "feel right", could you maybe suggest the appropriate way to load it? Or is that OK?08:27
jimblahI already don't like unity, look for gubuntu08:27
pookyoh crap08:27
KM0201spectrahp: so if you run sudo apt-get install wine pidgin banshee gnomebaker etc.. all those programs will install... but if you try to install all those, then open another terminal, and install more stuff.. no joy, gotta wait for it to finish.08:27
pookyhaha, I'm in the wrong channel! so sorry.08:27
KM0201spectrahp: i can't really tell you what the advantage/disadvantage is... but to me, it makes sense08:28
rtoohello. I08:28
spectrahpKM0201: Ok, thanks. I understand why it happens (technically) but no good reason I can see.08:28
KM0201spectrahp: well to my knowledge, every distro does it... so i'm sure there's a good reason08:29
rtooI installed Ubuntu vie installer for windows to root.disk file but it failed to add the ubuntu entry into grub. ther is only the windows entry which is the ntldr again08:30
rtoowhat should it look like? I have no idea08:30
mitzedrtoo like this  _._....................08:32
zgrhi all, i want to get network over firewire between my gentoo pc and ubuntu laptop08:33
rtoohuh? what is that root.disk file method called so I can google it08:33
zgrboth have firewire0 interface running gentoo has ip and ubuntu but i can't ping them host unreachable08:34
Inf0delzgr, are they on the same subnet?08:38
zgralso i have errors/dropped RX packets on ubuntu laptop08:38
zgrInf0del: yes08:38
Inf0delno firewalls08:39
Inf0delfaulty switch08:39
zgrInf0del: this means port isn't working?08:39
Inf0delcould be08:40
zgrany way to check?08:40
Inf0deltest on another prt08:40
zgrI have only one 4pin firewire port on laptop :(08:41
gobbeswitch to ethernet ;)08:41
zgr:D i'll but I have no cable for the moment08:42
gobbehmmh..cable costs about nothing08:42
gobbeyou are using more money by wasting your time trying to conf firewire-ethernet08:43
zgrok thank you for help :)08:43
mgolischwhats the advantage of that?08:43
mgolischevery comp nowadays has gbit ethernet08:44
supaplexfglrx on 2.6.35 is not playing nice tonight. make.log at https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B9C_aaCX9CyJNzEzZWM3YmMtNzBkYi00NGNmLWEyYTItNDhhNjUyOGI3MzZm&hl=en   any suggestions welcome. apt-file says 2.6.35-22-generic has no linux/autoconf.h08:47
gremmachookI have a problem with my ubuntu, specifically Compiz, the windows take some time to appear once they are minimized, I have the latest fglrx installed. My graphics card is ATI Radeon HD Mobility 3400 series08:49
gremmachookIt takes about 3 seconds or so.08:49
p3rrorhello i got this error message08:49
p3rror(parse_card) cannot find card '0'08:49
p3rrorwhen i run aplay -l08:49
p3rrori see: card 2: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: AD198x Analog [AD198x Analog]08:50
Dwade09can someone help me with this error? http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=62932&p=361839#p36183908:50
p3rrorplease can you tell why the card is not indexed as default08:50
KrishnanduHi, I can't run aplay and arecord as non-root user, it says permission denied, i can only run these commands as root, what to do??08:51
cryogenfxgeetings. can anyone tell me why i need to enter the keyring password 3-5 times consecutively upon every login? (10.10)08:52
gremmachookany ideas?08:52
=== matthew is now known as Guest8647
supaplexhumm nm. fglrx > fglrx-kernel-source. is this normal? (maverick is pinned at priority 99) open: 7765; closed: 4992; defer: 0; conflict: 6708:52
nawkchris_openbsd, Maahes it appears I cannot copy/move/remove any files under the filesystem after I'm in the LiveUSB environment08:53
supaplexp3rror: what does it show? (pastebin it with context)08:53
p3rrorsupaplex, http://pastebin.com/HuX98ULB08:54
alfredHi guys, how to switch back to gnome and remove the KDE?08:55
alfredI tried sudo aptitude remove kubuntu-desktop  but didn t help08:55
llutz!puregnome > alfred08:55
ubottualfred, please see my private message08:55
p3rrorsupaplex, http://pastebin.com/jvvVAeTQ08:55
alfredthank you I will try it08:56
supaplexp3rror: strace aplay -l gives me a clue, that it's related to /dev/snd/  I have /dev/snd/controlC008:59
pavankumarlhow to create live usb with persistent storage08:59
brianmunkI have wondered if I download a source myself thats allready in the repository but in an older version, is there anyway to find out with what flags it was compiled, so when I compile my downloaded source it will match the ubuntu distobution as best as possible?09:00
nawkwhat is a good cpu temperature monitoring tool?09:01
alfredI need again the link where to remove kubuntu and back to Gnome09:02
pksadiq!info usb-creator-gtk | pavankumarl09:02
ubottupavankumarl: usb-creator-gtk (source: usb-creator): create a startup disk using a CD or disc image (for GNOME). In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.25 (maverick), package size 36 kB, installed size 240 kB09:02
alfredubottu, I need the link again, how to delete KDE and back to GNOME09:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:02
pksadiqalfred: have you installed KDE in Gnome?09:03
pavankumarlpksadiq: it dosen't recognise iso images other than ubuntu.iso09:03
alfredpksadiq, yes09:03
nawkpavankumarl, I spent the last 3 hours getting in creating a live usb.  I've had a lot of problems with usb-creator09:03
pksadiqpavankumarl: use unetbootin09:03
nit-witalfred, playing around left column http://pastebin.com/HuX98ULB09:03
alfredI had ubuntu, now I want back09:03
nawkpavankumarl, try Universal USB Installer09:03
p3rrorsupaplex, any idea09:04
pksadiqalfred: and so at the login you will have the choise to select wither KDE or Gnome or what ever installed09:04
pavankumarlpksadiq: unibootin doesn't have persistent memory creation option, does it?09:04
nit-witalfred, here sorry http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/index09:04
alfredpksadiq, I want to delete for ever any trace of kde09:04
alfredor is there a way how to back my system to 24 hours ago ?09:05
pksadiqpavankumarl: pavankumarl I havent yet used unetbootin in ubuntu, but I think each distro like puppy has their own installer to make it persistant09:05
pksadiq!find | kubuntu-desktop09:06
ubottukubuntu-desktop: Search for a package or a file: !find <term/file>09:06
ubottukubuntu-desktop is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, jaunty, jaunty-backports, jaunty-proposed, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, partner, stable, testing, unstable09:06
pksadiq!find kubuntu-desktop09:06
ubottuFound: kubuntu-desktop09:06
WhatWhereAmIStartup Disk Creator does persistent storage, doesn't it?09:06
pksadiqalfred: i think sudo dpkg -r kubuntu-desktop09:06
nit-witpksadiq, look at the link I gave alfred09:06
glitchdhas anyone ever removed the wrong kernel and basically broke their system?09:06
alfrednit-wit, I looked there but too long09:06
pavankumarlpksadiq: I installed it before coming to irc, it don't have persistent storage creation option09:06
bastidrazorWhatWhereAmI: yes, in the past i've had to run it with gksudo to get the option for persistant09:07
pksadiqnit-wit: k, didn't noticed, sorry09:07
pksadiqpavankumarl: this is ubuntu support channel, any way which is the distro?09:07
nit-witalfred, that is what you will have to do if you want to remove kde or any desktop09:07
WhatWhereAmIbastidrazor, weird.09:07
glitchdif anyone is listening, i found fix for the problem of "removed the wrong kernel and now cant boot"09:08
pavankumarlpksadiq: fedora, want to create for my friend as he is not well aware of these things09:08
nit-witalfred, pretty painless as well try looking at the history in synaptic and then marking each package to remove09:08
glitchdBoot from CD09:08
glitchdStart a terminal, and change to root user.09:08
glitchdsudo su < enter>09:08
glitchdLet's mount root partition,09:08
FloodBot2glitchd: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:08
glitchdmkdir /mnt/temp < enter>09:08
alfrednit-wit, thank you I will try09:09
nawkpavankumarl, When I tried to create a "Startup Disk" using usb-creator, much of the boot files are corrupted (or at least its not booting)09:09
nawkpavankumarl, try Universal USB Installer09:09
pavankumarlok, I'll try now and will get back to u, thanks09:10
alfrednit-wit in Synaptic, do I search for all KDE related and delete them all ?09:10
mgolischits usualy that syslinux was not setup properly or the generated config file is wrong09:10
mgolischi allways had to hand edit that stuff to get it working09:10
mgolischwith both that usb-creator thing and unetbootin09:11
greenIThi, does anyone know how i can use gfire with empathy?09:11
alfredpksadiq, I am going to delete the KDE from synaptic09:11
alfreddo I delete what ever including "kde" letters ?09:11
glitchddoes anyone want to know how to fix removing the wrong kernel and breaking you system??09:11
WhatWhereAmIglitchd, you can't just chose a different kernel from grub?09:12
SoMeNaMeglitchd: Thought you just found the solution....09:12
* supaplex cheers on fglrx (2:8.780-0ubuntu2)09:12
glitchdWhatWhereAmI, not always09:12
glitchdSoMeNaMe, i did find the solution09:12
glitchdSoMeNaMe, and no, its not reinstalling either09:12
SoMeNaMeglitchd: Oh ! How about some more details /09:13
SoMeNaMeglitchd: background info ?09:13
glitchdi posted it in here nd got flagged a minute ago09:13
wersneed grub help. I'm adding the "nomodeset" boot parameter. after appending the text, how do I proceed to booting with the new parameter/09:13
pksadiqalfred: but you must not be using kde when uninstalling it09:13
alfredpksadiq, I am not Gnome09:14
SoMeNaMeglitchd: Use pastebin !09:14
pksadiqwers I think CTRL +X09:14
alfredbut I do not want my system offers me the option of KDE, I want it to login automatically as Gnome09:14
glitchdSoMeNaMe, http://pastie.org/141927609:14
werspksadiq, thanks. will try09:14
DiverdudeHello. Is it possible to include tif figures in latex? When i try it i get the error: Cannot determine size of graphic in media/fig6.tif (no BoundingBox)09:14
alfredpksadiq,  I installed the V3.3 of OpenOffice, but now it is back to 3.2 after the KDE problem09:15
greenIThow can i use gfire with empathy?09:15
SoMeNaMeglitchd: That's your solution to the prob, ryt ?09:15
pksadiqalfred: back to 3.2 :O , I don't think it's because of KDE09:16
glitchdthats what i found detailing my exact problem the other day, says its the fix09:16
glitchdSoMeNaMe, thats what i found detailing my exact problem the other day, says its the fix09:16
glitchdSoMeNaMe, although, i found it a couple of days to late, i already reinstalled so i cant try it out09:16
alfredpksadiq, I see openoffice.org 3.3 in my synaptic but it doesn't offer me the choice to install it, only to coplete remove09:17
alfredpksadiq, do you know how can I activate that ?09:17
SoMeNaMeglitchd: Umm... Yes, but can you post your problem in detail ?09:17
pksadiqalfred: try to update your list09:17
alfredpksadiq,  how to update ? by reload ?09:18
MadRobotHi all.09:18
pksadiqalfred: yes09:19
alfredpksadiq,  still the same situation09:19
KrishnanduHi, I can't run aplay and arecord as non-root user, it says permission denied, i can only run these commands as root, what to do??09:19
pksadiqalfred: might be sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm09:20
=== M8R0 is now known as ttxx
alfredpksadiq,  it is set to gnome in the x server09:21
pksadiqalfred: did you try  sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm        ?09:22
=== vxcvxcv is now known as DaZ
alfredpksadiq,  Yes, and it is already set up to gnome over kde09:22
alfredI just re confirmed it09:23
alfredpksadiq,  anyway, now I am downloading again this OOO 3.309:23
alfredpksadiq,  I will re install it manually09:23
glitchdso i lost the keyboard shortcuts to go back, forward and up in nautilus, and in webbrowsers. anyone know how to fix this?09:26
glitchdi already looked in keyboard shortcuts and found nothing09:26
krylmy system is always overloaded, is there a possibility that my computer is infected ? (others peoples can use it sometime)09:26
=== hlj is now known as Jalumar
denndaHow do I mount my HFS+ partition so that my user account (without elevated privileges) has access to folders that're protected by the HFS+ settings? e.g. /Users/dennda/Music (owner is '501' and group 'dialout'...? in osx that's dennda:staff I think)09:26
krylI check for normal processus and everything is ok with ps ...09:26
cptbloodcant it be chmod'ed?09:27
Inf0delopen nautilus in terminal09:27
Inf0delgo to view...09:27
Inf0deladd the toolbar09:27
gobbedennda: you need to have same ID's in your server also09:27
gobbedennda: then you can use it like you wanted09:27
gobbedennda: so you either change ID's in OSX or in Ubuntu09:28
denndagobbe: 'server'? This is a macbook where I installed ubuntu alongside OSX09:30
denndagobbe: I'm not sure why it's showing this weird owner/group, and i'm not sure if it's wise to change that09:31
denndagobbe: at least it's mounted like this already: /dev/sda2 on /media/Macintosh HD type hfsplus (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)09:31
gobbedennda: well, it's because ID's don't match between OSX and Ubuntu09:31
glitchdanyone know how to reactivat the nautilus keyboard shortcuts along with the Internet navigation keyboard shortcuts?09:31
trojankinghello all, i need help to install FLOCK browser filetype is tar.bz209:32
cptbloodtrojanking: http://www.brunolinux.com/03-Installing_Software/Tar_Unpacking_Packages.html09:32
denndagobbe: yeah my user id in ubuntu is 1000 and in osx apparently it is 501... now i *could* set permissions in osx so that the 'dialout' group ('staff' on osx) has access as desired, but then everybody on osx can read those files09:33
gobbedennda: you need to change uid and gid09:33
gobbedennda: if you want it work just out of the box09:33
denndagobbe: i think uid should be enough since the user has the highest privileges anyway09:33
gobbedennda: well if you just have one user09:34
gobbedennda: then uid is enough09:34
denndagobbe: the thing is that i'm not sure if there are any services on osx or ubuntu that rely on those specific ids09:34
gobbedennda: what was the user id in osx?09:34
denndagobbe: 50109:34
denndagobbe: as reported by nautilus09:35
gobbedennda: there's no user with id 501 in ubuntu by default09:35
gobbedennda: so you could just change your ubuntu-users id to 50109:35
FrozenKnightGaah, I did a booboo. If I for example chose to open a shell script file with gedit, but want to return to the old way of handling them (Run in Terminal, Display, Run) what do I need to do?09:35
gobbedennda: system->administration->users and groups or editing /etc/passwd by hand09:35
Nexxusim trying to download a torrent on transmission but when it starts to download it crashes how do i fix this?09:36
denndagobbe: i thought you do that with usermod -u?09:36
denndagobbe: you can't change the user id of a user that's logged in via the gnome tools ;)09:36
gobbedennda: well usermod is ok for that09:36
FrozenKnightNexxus: do you really want to use transmission?09:36
gobbedennda: well, i don't know what users id you are changing so that's why i gave options ;)09:36
gobbedennda: usermod is quite safe for that09:36
NexxusFrozenKnight: not really what is a better client09:36
FrozenKnightNexxus: you could use uTorrent :) I like it better don't know why :)09:37
trojankingcptblood, thanks i have done it but it didn't show up on the application menu i cant find the software i installed09:37
denndagobbe: but in essence usermod just changes /etc/passwd?09:37
denndaand does *nothing* else?09:37
gobbedennda: well, depends what do you do with it :)09:37
SoMeNaMeglitchd: Your keyboard shortcuts stopped working or never worked ?09:37
ckrailoNexxus, i like deluge since it runs on linux, mac, win...09:37
denndagobbe: if I do something like usermod -u 123 user; obviously :P09:37
NexxusFrozenKnight: alright ill give that a go what ports should be open for torrenting09:37
FrozenKnightNexxus: It's lightweight, it's under 100kb, it is available only for windows, but with wine it works perfect for me.09:37
FrozenKnightNexxus: you should have at least one that you assign to the client program.09:38
glitchdSoMeNaMe, they stopped working, when i installed like yesterday, they worked in nautilus and the browser, now they work in neither09:38
FrozenKnightutorrent for example can choose a random port or have one set.09:38
gobbedennda: just safe thing do to09:38
gobbedennda: that's is safe thing to do09:38
gobbedennda: don't know what i'm writing :-D09:38
trojankinghello all plz i installed a file $ tar -jxvf flock-2.6.1.en-US.linux-i686.tar.bz209:39
trojanking cant find it in my application menu any help pls?09:39
pksadiq!torrent | Nexxus09:39
FrozenKnightI've got a question. How do I get back to the "Run in Terminal, Display, Run" dialog in case I chose another program by mistake for *.sh files.09:39
ubottuNexxus: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P09:39
denndaok i think i just found a use case for having a root account. how the heck am I supposed to change a user's settings if you need to be logged in (as root) to do that, when the only account on the system is that particular user and you can't edit his settings cause he's logged in09:39
FreaksHi. Without trolling, I'd like to know the best Linux softwares for daily use.09:39
FrozenKnightWhoah... so many options.09:40
Nexxusdamn lol09:40
denndai mean i could reboot into a root shell, but i am not sure at all if that has proper access to all the functions i need then09:40
SoMeNaMeglitchd: You reinstalled ?09:40
gobbetrojanking: tar doesn't install anything09:40
gobbetrojanking: tar just extracts files from archive09:40
trojankinghmm so what do i do gobbe09:40
glitchdSoMeNaMe, oh man, i have reinstalled like 3 times in the last week out of my own ignorance and messing up my install09:41
denndaok let me try this09:41
jbatistahi i have two questions09:41
jbatistafirst one has to do with gnome-about-me09:41
NexxusFrozenKnight: thanks09:41
Freaksmusic, videos, internet, P2P, burning, science, maths...09:41
jbatistais there a way to change the user's full name?09:41
gobbetrojanking: after tar you should have directory with files and there should be installation instructions09:41
gobbetrojanking: or binary installation executable or something09:41
jbatista(other than manually editing /etc/passwd ?)09:41
=== Gryllida is now known as G26
gobbejbatista: users and groups09:42
gobbejbatista: from system->administration09:42
gobbeand about me09:42
gobbeabout me doesn't give option to change name09:42
jbatistagobbe: yep that's right :)09:42
trojankinggobbe, i saw readme file but no instruction in there09:42
jbatistagobbe: that's why i'm asking ;)09:42
jbatistagobbe: bug?09:43
FrozenKnightSo, any way to rollback the "always open with this" option for a filetype?09:43
WhatWhereAmIwhat's a good way to generate white noise in ubuntu?09:43
trojankinggobbe, the instruction is saying i should go to Flock website09:43
WhatWhereAmIFrozenFire, right-click on the file, go Properties, Open With tab.09:43
jbatistaWhatWhereAmI: maybe audacity? i think it has a White Noise plugin or menu option09:43
expahmetplssssssssssssss helppppppppppppppppp09:44
gobbetrojanking: so what did your tar archive contain then?09:44
FrozenKnightWhatWhereAmI: MilkyTracker also has this :)09:44
jbatistaWhatWhereAmI: I don't know of any way to do it in the command line (scripting) though, if that's what you're looking for09:44
pksadiqjbatista: try  chfn    in terminal09:44
trojankinggobbe, list of files? should i upload screenshot or how do i tell u plz09:45
FrozenKnightHow do I reach the filetype options in ubuntu?09:45
WhatWhereAmIjbatista, I did, you could cat a data file directly into the audio device, but I don't know how to do that with PulseAudio now and everything09:45
gobbetrojanking: where did you get this tar-package?09:45
jbatistapksadiq: yes, it works (as long as I don't use non-ASCII characters)09:45
denndagobbe: ok i did it via a root shell (great user experience, by the way) and it seems to be working so far... not sure if there are any long-term side-effects09:45
DoinkleFrozenKnight, you mean associations?09:45
trojankingfrom flock.com09:45
FrozenKnightDoinkle: yes09:45
pksadiqtrojanking: is there a file named configure ?09:45
denndagobbe: first thing i noticed is that gdm seems to store default user to log in by ID, cause i had to manually enter my username... :)09:46
FrozenKnightDoinkle: I have accidently assigned sh with gedit09:46
FrozenKnightI want the old dialog back09:46
DoinkleFrozenKnight, i only know how to change that stuff with ubuntu tweaj09:46
gobbedennda: oh really, quite interesting09:46
jbatistaWhatWhereAmI: I remember something like cat /dev/random >/dev/dsp  but it would keep looping (you'd have to do Ctrl+C at some point)09:46
zgrI have trouble with my hp dv6500 series laptop, after i clicked disable touch pad button above it,  it isn’t working now09:46
WhatWhereAmIFrozenKnight, right-click on the file, go Properties, Open With tab.09:46
gobbedennda: i haven't noticed that because i use always option that user needs to type username09:46
Doinkleif u dont have that app, install it and you will see the area09:46
DoinkleWhatWhereAmI is right tho09:47
WhatWhereAmIjbatista, yeah, i want to do some sensory deprivation09:47
denndagobbe: yeah i didn't change this, it's the default nowadays apparently09:47
gobbedennda: yes, feature that i hate :)09:47
WhatWhereAmIjbatista, /dev/dsp doesn't exist with pulseaudio installed and junk09:47
gobbedennda: i'm used to method where user needs to know his userid :D09:47
zgrbut touchpad works in gdm, when gnomes loads cursor hangs and i can use only usb mouse09:47
denndaanyway; anybody aware how good HFS+ support in ubuntu is? can i safely store/read my data from/to an HFS+ partition in ubuntu (e.g. i don't want to maintain two 'Downloads' folders)?09:48
trojankingpksadiq, gobbe, i have folders like chrome,components etc and files09:48
AnxiousNutI have a problem! Whenever i try updating my lucid machine it gives a 404 Not found error when trying to fetch ppa.launchpad.net lucid/main packages! It's been almost a week and nothing has been resolved! any ideas?09:48
pksadiqtrojanking: is there any folder like lib  , usr, etc?09:48
FrozenKnightWhatWhereAmI: yeah, I've reached that, tried to reset the option and it opens with "Text Editor" of course this would be OK, but earlier it used some sort of dialog, with Run in Terminal, Display, Run options.09:49
FrozenKnightAlso deleting all options doesn't work :/09:49
pksadiqtrojanking: I believe that there will be a file named README or atleast configure09:49
SmartConstructorhow to get DVD drives detected in Maverick meerkat09:49
trojankingpksadiq here is the url to view http://paste.ubuntu.com/549024/09:49
denndais there a graphical user interface to set up auto-mounting for a partition?09:49
SmartConstructorcan any one help on this?09:49
WhatWhereAmIFrozenKnight, oh yeah, whenever you double-click on a script it should ask you if you wanna open it in an editor or run it09:49
jbatistapksadiq , gobbe : I've seen CentOS's gnome-about-me allowing the change of username,09:49
jbatistapksaqid , gobbe : but I'm not sure if that's a CentOS "feature" or a Ubuntu "bug"09:50
FrozenKnightWhatWhereAmI: Nevermind I understood why :D09:50
SmartConstructori have mount manager installed09:50
gobbejbatista: i think it's feature there09:50
FrozenKnightWhatWhereAmI: it works normally, I just hadn't inserted the header for that specific file :D09:50
jbatistagobbe : OK09:50
pksadiqjbatista: I hope  this would be fixed soon, if it's a bug, check in launchpad if reported09:50
pksadiq!tab | jbatista09:50
ubottujbatista: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.09:50
WhatWhereAmIFrozenKnight, ah, so it probably didn't recognize it as a script or something09:50
FrozenKnightyeah :D09:51
ghostlineshi all I'm having a problem with wordpress on ubuntu 10.10 for some reason my theme only shows up when I use my internal lan IP address. If i use my external IP or domain name the theme never works. Any idea's how I could solve this?09:51
trojankingpksadiq, this is what is in readme file http://paste.ubuntu.com/549025/09:51
jbatistapksadiq : btw I'm on Lucid, not sure if Maverick or Natty have fixed that09:51
gobbetrojanking: there's no way to install it to application menu, you need to run it from the directory09:51
gobbetrojanking: there's run-mozilla.sh09:51
gobbetrojanking: so just run it from terminal09:51
gobbetrojanking: or add entry to application menu by hand09:52
FrozenKnightWhatWhereAmI: it also has to have the execut bit set.09:52
trojankinggobbe so what do i do now09:52
WhatWhereAmIFrozenKnight, oh yeah, of course09:52
gobbetrojanking: there's flock/run-mozilla.sh, run that09:52
jbatistaanother problem: it seems that apport is broken09:52
jbatistaand I don't know where to look at09:53
gobbetrojanking: i have no idea how flock should work, you should ask it from vendor09:53
trojankinggobbe i started using ubuntu 2days ago i am d biggest fool when it comes to ubuntu :D09:53
pksadiqtrojanking: whY?09:53
jbatistaapport-bug on the console prints:09:53
jbatistaCould not import module, is a package upgrade in progress? Error: No module named restfulclient.errors09:53
sacarlsonghostlines: i"m going to guess it's eather a dns problem or appache2 config thing09:53
trojankinggobbe no problem which browser apart from flock can i use to brows09:53
pksadiqtrojanking: try ls -alR and see any file is marked with green color09:54
trojankinggobbe, i have opera but i need two more browsers to add to it09:54
ghostlinesnotice sacarlson cool, I'm going to look into that real strange though cuz I do have access, thx09:55
sacarlsonghostlines: I guess it could also be a proxy cache or just the cache in the browser09:55
pksadiqtrojanking: I think ./flock-bin run's the program09:55
trojankingnothing worked09:57
trojankingpksadiq, no such file or directory was what i got09:57
pksadiqtrojanking: did you run ./flock-bin from the folder flock in terminal ?09:57
gobbepaste a screenshot09:58
trojankingpksadiq, no such file or directory was what i got09:58
gobbeit should run09:58
pksadiqtrojanking: what does you get ls -ah flock-b*  ?09:58
denndagobbe: ok so i can access the files normally now, but i can't write to the device. it tells me "Read-only file system" even tho it's mounted with rw09:59
gobbedennda: hmmh. i'm not sure that is it possible to mount hfs+ to ubuntu with rw09:59
stjohnmedranoHappy New Year Linux Users!09:59
trojankingpksadiq, how do i get the screenshot i took?10:00
gobbedennda: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=2346494#post2346494 at least says that it should be possible10:01
denndagobbe: google tells me that I have to turn off journaling apparently10:01
pksadiqstjohnmedrano: it's you to decide whether it's happy or sad, it is the time for you to look back a year and see what you have done, because you wasted a year, and got a year closer to your Death10:01
gobbedennda: yes, that's what the form also tells10:01
trojankingpksadiq, ls: cannot access flock-b: No such file or directory10:01
denndanow what would that mean exactly...10:01
gobbetrojanking: flock-bin10:02
gobbetrojanking: not flock-b10:02
pksadiqtrojanking: try find  flock-bin   ? and post the one line here10:02
Tetsuo55hi im experiencing some wierd behaviour, the laptop batter icon tells me the battery is full, but when i unplug it tells me the battery is emtpy, and that the computer will hibernate10:02
pksadiqtrojanking: try find | grep flock-bin   ? and post the one line here10:02
loquitusHas anybody got bluray playback working reasonably well in Maverick?10:02
stjohnmedranopksadiq: death is inevitable, we should learn from our past, what is more important how we deal with it.10:03
trojankingpksadiq, ./flock/flock-bin10:03
stjohnmedranodennada: try to chmod 70010:03
pksadiqtrojanking: ok, so now run ./flock/flock-bin     in terminal say the output10:04
Tetsuo55my question would be how can i reset the battery charging tool so it accurately detects the state of the battery?10:05
trojankingpksadiq, ./flock/flock-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libjemalloc.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory10:05
stjohnmedranodennda: i think your permission is r-x only, you should change it to 755 or 700 : try chmod 700 device path10:05
denndastjohnmedrano: no; that's not the problem as we already pointed out. i do have write.10:06
denndawrite permissions i mean10:06
pksadiqtrojanking: and so what does ./flock/flock-browser   do?10:06
trojankingpksadiq, no worries, its complicated for me, do u know any browser i can use? that is a .deb file? i think its better to find easier browser than waste time with dificult styf10:06
denndaanyway thanks, i'll leave it at that10:07
=== shookees is now known as ZNC_shookees
ubottuBrowsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)10:07
pksadiq!chrome | trojanking10:08
trojankingbash: !chrome: event not found10:08
gobbetrojanking: i believe that there should be somekind of installation instructions or installer, you should ask from vendor that how you can intsall it10:09
pksadiq!info chromium-browser | trojanking10:09
ubottutrojanking: chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 8.0.552.224~r68599-0ubuntu0.10.10.1 (maverick), package size 14340 kB, installed size 49380 kB10:09
jbatista!info apport | jbatista10:10
pksadiqtrojanking: in terminal type sudo apt-get install chromium-browser    to install google chrome10:10
ubottujbatista: apport (source: apport): automatically generate crash reports for debugging. In component main, is optional. Version 1.14.1-0ubuntu8 (maverick), package size 54 kB, installed size 440 kB10:10
PhilTghostlines: say more about config what is wordpress server, where is client, WAN, LAN connections etc10:10
rgb247hello, I have a problem with my ubuntu10:11
rgb247how can I set dual monitor ?10:12
rgb247anyone here?10:13
trojankinghello all, what are the real benefits of ubuntu to other OS cos it took me just 24hrs to be able to do anything with my MAC windows i learnt a long time... pls what is special about linux10:15
mattsmith123markf: hi10:16
mattsmith123markf, hello10:16
sacarlsontrojanking: security with freedom10:16
SpownCyaoo a tutti!!10:17
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:17
rgb247anyone can help me with my problem?10:17
rgb247how can I set dual monitors on ubuntu?10:18
jhonwhich is what?10:18
jhonDo you have propertiary drivers installed?10:18
rgb247 I don't know10:18
trojankingsacarlson what is secruity about anf freedom about10:18
jhonrgb247> Do you have an NVIDIA or ATI card?10:18
rgb247jhon can you teach me to install the best drivers for me and set dual boot?10:18
rgb247jhon: NVIDIA GAINWARD 260 is my graphic card10:19
jhonrgb247> Look at private10:20
SaladFingers1This is the support channel, right?10:23
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sacarlsontrojanking: see pm10:24
=== burak is now known as Guest29770
shawnboyAre there negative consequences to installing ia32-libs on a 64-bit Ubuntu system?10:27
shawnboyI think I need ia32-libs for tsmuxer to work properly in PS3 Media Server10:28
rwwshawnboy: no10:28
rww(I use it for various things, works fine.)10:28
jg47hmdo you know how to change pointer icon?10:28
shawnboyrww: so what needs them uses them, otherwise no big deal having them installed and available?10:28
ddraiganyone able to help a newb with some basic stuff?  I want to mount a network folder on boot.10:28
rwwshawnboy: correct10:28
shawnboyrww: thank you very much.10:28
pksadiqshawnboy: never, many packages depends on ia32libs10:28
shawnboycool, pksadiq. I'm off to install them now.10:29
jg47hmdo you know how to change pointer icon???10:29
Tito0096Can someone help me, I am trying to remove fglrx, and keep the open source ati drivers10:29
Tito0096when I do10:29
RoasterCan any 1 help with instaling intel IPW2200 drivers work on Ubuntu but i am running gnacktrack any help welcome10:29
markfDoes anyone here know how i could get 'pstack' for 10.04 64bit? Only appears to exist for 32bit.... i don't mind compiling from source if i have to just i can't even find that to download .... probably because its more a Redhat thing?10:29
Tito0096remove fglrx i get a black screen at login10:29
shawnboyTito0096: aptitude remove fglrx10:29
shawnboyTito0096: actually go to synaptics package manager and search on fglrx10:30
Tito0096i did that10:30
Tito0096when i boot10:30
jg47hmguys do you know how to change pointer icon?10:30
shawnboyremove the ones that are installed. reboot10:30
Tito0096i get a black screen at login10:30
Tito0096and I do have the other driver installed10:30
Tito0096i dont know why it doesnt work though10:30
shawnboyTito0096: scratching my head. Lucid?10:31
Soldrurcan't Xubuntu see NTFS partitions?10:31
hatseflatshi everyone10:31
shawnboyTito0096: well, I'm sorry but I'm afraid you've tapped the bottom of my shallow pool of knowledge on this one.10:31
Tito0096thanks for the help10:32
shawnboyTito0096: I tried. Hopefully someone else here will know... Anyone?10:32
abhinav_singhi have multiple .tar.gz files in my directory..how to extract all of them in one go?10:32
rwwTito0096: you may also need to edit or remove fglrx additions to /etc/X11/xorg.conf or /etc/xorg.conf or wherever it is now.10:32
shawnboygoodnight all.10:32
Roasterhow do you install linux drivers10:32
=== CripperZ-away is now known as CripperZ
rwwI think fglrx still creates and adds to it.10:32
Tito0096what would i edit it too?10:32
jbatistaRoaster drivers for what hardware?10:33
rwwTito0096: I'd probably just remove it. Xorg usually autodetects instead these days.10:33
Tito0096oh okay10:33
SlyUkMorning all :)10:33
rwwI may be wrong and it's already removed.10:33
Roasteripw 2200 i have the linux drivers jst need to make & install10:33
hatseflatsQuick question; I'm on a hardy local development server (so I can't muck around 'till it works) and I want to upgrade vim to 7.3, but that version is not in the repositories, where do I look for instructions to upgrade only that package, and not upgrade the whole box (I'm too much afraid a shitstorm of things will break, our sysadmins are not... what you'd say, with a lot of clue)10:33
Tito0096rww So uninstall fglrx then edit  /etc/X11/xorg.conf?10:34
Tito0096what if I get a black screen at boot?10:34
Tito0096even though i ahve the correct driver installed10:34
rwwTito0096: dunno. I haven't used fglrx in a few years :(10:35
rwwcan't stand the thing, it's a huge hassle10:35
Tito0096rww: I am trying to get rid of it lol10:35
SlyUkIm needing some guidance. I am wanting to install ubuntu to a 8gig usb stick and have that as the bootable os. So i can just plug it in/out whenever i want to boot into it. I know how to get the iso on the usb to install from but i dont know how to install to and use that as and when.10:35
Tito0096but something is retardedly messed up on my system10:35
MayankHello, i am trying to install package - libbusiness-isbn-perl , by doing apt-get install , it says unable to locate package. when i run apt-get update, i get some errors in fetching. like - W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/maverick-security/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages.bz2  Sub-process /bin/bzip2 returned an error code (2) , how can i fix them?10:36
jbatistaRoaster if you already have the source, doesn't it install already?10:37
=== CripperZ is now known as CripperZ-away
jbatistaRoaster did you install the kernel source?10:37
Tito0096rww: delete the .conf?10:38
Aihetleosguys do you know any high quality movie player???10:38
rwwTito0096: sure, or move it to xorg.conf.backup or something.10:39
hatseflatsAihetleos: mplayer10:39
mgolischmplayer > *10:39
Tito0096rww: okay10:39
Aihetleos<hatseflats> it is high quality?10:39
mgolischwhat does high quality movie player mean anyways?10:39
RoasterJbatista i am running gnacktrack & the drivers have not loaded i run Ubuntu no probs, i have used modprobe etc & it see's the card when i try to bring the card up it will not recog, i found the drivers but need to install but am a new to terminal so the Make install bit has me lost10:40
jbatistaRoaster usually driver compilation requires that you install the kernel source, because the drivers compile against the kernel source10:41
jbatistaRoaster only then might the driver kernel module get installed10:41
=== ZNC_shookees is now known as shookees
Roasteri have updated the Kernel10:41
gobbeRoaster: this channel is only for ubuntu-support10:42
jbatistaRoaster from source?10:42
RoasterGnacktrack is Ubuntu ?10:42
jacktimI was wondering if there was any way from either a linux machine that is not connected to the internet, or from a windows machine that is, to download a debian package and all of its requirements (streamlined into one package or collection of packages) without individually hunting down each package, the required packages for those packages and so on and so forth?10:42
hatseflatsoh well10:43
jbatistaRoaster gnutrack doesn't seem to be in the repository, so it seems the answer is no10:43
jacktimOr from the linux machine, creating an executable that will run in windows to get all the files in a list.10:44
RoasterCheers for you help mite sw bk & Vm cheers again10:44
jhonjacktim you can install cygwin on a windows machine10:44
findedshe there10:44
jhonand then give a command to download a package with all its dependencies10:44
=== CripperZ-away is now known as CripperZ
jhonbut not install10:44
jacktimNot an option I am afraid. I'm running ubuntu native on one machine, and the windows machines do not belong to me.10:45
=== npoBaJl is now known as npoBaJl-away
werstrying to do this http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10065168&postcount=69       but I get  http://paste.ubuntu.com/549040/ . what do I do?10:45
=== superduper is now known as WeThePeople
gobbeRoaster: gnutrack is not ubuntu, it's based on ubuntu10:45
gobbeRoaster: so #gnutrack or something else is supportchannel for that10:45
trojankingis there server to meet hackers and crackers?10:45
Roastergnacktrack comb of ubuntu & backtrack10:46
jhonjacktim> so you have no install privilidges on the windows machine10:46
jacktimI could install... I have privilidges... not permission... lol.10:46
rwwRoaster: Gnacktrack is not supported here.10:46
RoasterOk guys i get the hint l8trs10:47
gobbeRoaster: yes, like you told. It's combination, and it's not same thing. So it's not supported here10:47
jhonmy suggestion is this ... Create a persistent bootable pendrive and get to the windows box and boot it up from a pendrive10:47
trojankinganyone from morocco or india message me pleasee10:47
jhonand do what you need10:47
jhontake the packages with you back on the pendrive10:48
jhonno install involved10:48
jacktimAlso not an available option... Nerts.10:48
=== jason is now known as Guest41502
Tito0096rww: awesome I got someone in #radeon to link me to a very awesome guide10:49
Tito0096and it worked10:49
Tito0096i think10:49
rwwTito0096: what's the link?10:49
jacktimNot to mention that I wouldn't know where to find the packages on the pen drive after that... <_< Thanks anyway Jhon.10:50
=== RichiH_27c3 is now known as RichiH
Tito0096^ the correct link10:52
WeThePeoplerww, can i pm you10:54
rwwWeThePeople: I don't do support in PM10:54
WeThePeoplerww, its not support related10:55
rwwWeThePeople: then yes10:55
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m3asmiLAMP don't show errors if I forget ';'11:01
WhatWhereAmIanybody know what to do about padsp being all crackly?11:02
ShruikhanHallo at all11:05
ShruikhanI want install in dual boot ubuntu and kubuntu by doing a separate installation of the two os.es11:05
ShruikhanI know how to do all the process, but my doubt is regarding a partition.11:05
ShruikhanI usually use 4 partition /boot / swap /home.11:05
ShruikhanNow, i consider to install ubuntu by using this partitioning system, and after i'll install kubuntu. For Kubuntu i'll share home by a different user account11:05
FloodBot2Shruikhan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:05
Shruikhanand swap but what about the boot partition?11:05
Mayankhello i am trying to dpkg -i libbusiness-isbn-data-perl_20081208-1_all.deb i get an error - subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 211:06
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ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »11:06
ShruikhanHallo at all. I want install in dual boot ubuntu and kubuntu by doing a separate installation of the two os.es11:07
ShruikhanI know how to do all the process, but my doubt is regarding a partition.I usually use 4 partition /boot / swap /home. Now, i consider to install ubuntu by using this partitioning system, and after i'll install kubuntu. For Kubuntu i'll share home by a different user account11:07
Shruikhanand swap but what about the boot partition?think to share that partition by mountig /boot of kubuntu on that11:07
FloodBot2Shruikhan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:07
MayankDr_Wills: was that for me?11:07
red2kicMayank: Not likely. He just came in. Self-indulged.11:07
Dr_WillisMayank:  it was for me. :) my settings are messed up11:08
Dr_WillisShruikhan:  you do realize you can just install kubuntu-desktop over ubuntu, and select what desktop to use at the GDM login screen.11:08
Mayankred2kic: ok! but any suggestions for solving an error - subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 211:08
Mayankwhile dpkg - i a package?11:08
Dr_WillisShruikhan:  the 2 installs could share the same /home/ also. but that might cause a few issues. if you added 2 users to each,  and just used one for kde, and one for gnome. that would avoid most issues11:09
Dr_WillisShruikhan:  but honestly - i dont see the point in 2 seperate installs11:09
ShruikhanDr_Willis, i know that way. What i want i try as separate as possible from ubuntu the kubuntu system.11:09
paccezDr_Willis, in that way you would have all kde software in ubuntu and all gnome software in kubuntu...11:09
ShruikhanI know.11:09
Dr_WillisI find kde and gnome apps to handy to keep them seperated..11:10
MayankDr_Wills: ok! :) but any suggestions for solving an error - subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 2 while doing dpkg -i <package_name>11:10
Dr_WillisShruikhan:  the use of a /boot/ is a bit unneeded these days also.11:10
Dr_WillisMayank:  not really. fixing apt breakage - can be a real pain.11:10
Shruikhanthe fact is that i reached a perfect state of the art of my ubuntu installation11:10
MayankDr_Wills: ok :(11:11
Dr_WillisShruikhan:  with that 'logic' then why do you even want to bother with kde..11:11
red2kicShruikhan: You're on a computer?11:11
Callum__happy new year to everyone =P in NZ here it's new years already11:11
Shruikhanbecause i have a poerful notebook and i don't give a chance to kde since kde 4.011:11
Dr_Willisif you want to test out kde. you could just use a live cd.11:12
Dr_Willisor virtualbox. - KDE is very well done in 10.10 - i use it on my laptop.11:12
Dr_Willislearning all the little tricks and tips of using kde - is the hard part.11:12
red2kicShruikhan: Install KDE + GNOME on one machine and share them?11:12
Shruikhanknow i tried the live cd and all works fine but i don't want to be annoyed by the problems about gdm or kdm and all about the processes of the desktop environment that loads automaticall11:12
red2kicShruikhan: Use Kubuntu LiveDisc (or if you want persistent mode, install it to USB).11:13
Dr_WillisShruikhan:  i dont really notice any of kde loading automatically on my mixxed system. Gnome+KDE+Lubuntu11:13
paccezShruikhan, why don't you just install kubuntu as another OS? Just like installing Windows with Ubuntu11:13
Dr_WillisSo you have your options.. do what you want. :) i guess.11:14
Dr_Willispaccez:  that can have its own issues.11:14
Dr_Willis'safest' do a full install to a 8+GB flash drive.. perhaps..11:14
Dr_Willisactually safest may be to use it in virtualbox.11:15
Dr_Willisthat way its easy to 'remove' if you decide tonot use kde.11:15
Shruikhanhum... this way is useful but i can't see how system performs kubuntu because the hdd in my laptop is 7200rpm so a different class of speed11:17
iceswordnew year is coming11:17
iceswordhi everyone11:17
stefan___hi icesword11:17
iceswordHappy new year!11:17
stefan___happy new year too11:17
iceswordstefan___, hey11:18
x-2000happy new yer indeed...11:18
stefan___icesword, do you go party tonight?11:18
red2kicAbout 18 minutes too late or 42 minutes too early. I can't decide. :(11:18
lamalexDoes anyone know what daemon handles brightness/volume hotkeys?11:18
iceswordstefan___, nope11:19
lamalexis it gnome-settings-daemon11:19
iceswordstefan___, yourself11:19
stefan___every year the same11:19
stefan___yes i go tonight,11:19
brosI am having an audio problem. Googling it reveals that users have a third device (one configured for HDMI). I do not have this. May I please get some help debugging this problem?11:19
stefan___just because my girlfriend wants to..11:19
iceswordstefan___, enjoy the night11:20
stefan___i would prefere to stay @ home but..11:20
stefan___thanks,.. you too11:20
stefan___just a question..11:20
brosI have a Core i3 processor which has an onboard graphics processor. My motherboard has HDMI output. I would like for audio to be output through HDMI.11:20
stefan___im new to irssi..11:20
jhon<bros> : so it doesnt work?11:20
Dr_Willisbros:  hdmi audio out is known to be problematic for many devices/chipsets.11:20
brosjhon: No. aplay -l doesn't list the HDMI device at all.11:20
brosDr_Willis: googling reveals that mine works, or is known to work.11:21
stefan___and could you tell me, how i can write eg to you so that you know, that i am talking to you?11:21
brosH55 chipset, Core i3 processor, Intel brand motherboard11:21
KrishnanduHi, I installed k3b and it shows this http://fpaste.org/J91k/ on startup, I already have libmad installed11:21
jhonbros: Sounds like the chipset is not properly recognized11:22
jhonyou probably need to download a linux driver for it, compile it and modprobe it11:22
brosjhon: do I need to do that despite audio working through 3.5mm?11:23
red2kicbros: Run "alsamixer" -- See if anything are muted.11:24
broshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/549047/ a better paste11:24
Dr_Willisstefan___:  use the tab key, and the first few chars of a nick11:24
Dr_Willis!tab | stefan___11:24
ubottustefan___: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.11:24
LewisCawteHow do I add a custom menu onto my panel. In the interface, the custom menu is the Ubuntu default. I want just another menu that I can move around called "Favourites"11:25
sresu_Can rsync/grsync make changes in destination backup folder if original source is changed. For example, if a folder is cut-pasted inside another folder in the source, will it make that changes as well. I want to have backup of files/folders in a similar way they are till date, as far as I remeber rsync can do this. Is it possible to achieve that?11:25
red2kicLewisCawte: Bookmarks? To reserve a list of popular ("favourites") folders?11:26
LewisCawtered2kic: nope. The default doesn't meet the bill I'm afraid, I need a completely new menu bar for my panel11:26
brosIt looks like I am missing the alsa codec?11:27
red2kicLewisCawte: Drawer applet, perhaps?11:27
jhonbros: PulseAudio is currently the audio server in Linux11:27
jhonbros: Alsa used to be used, but they ve switched around 9.0411:28
red2kicLewisCawte: Since I don't know what you want to put in there. You can add apps, folders, etc in the drawer.11:28
sresu_Can rsync/grsync make changes in destination backup folder if original source is changed. For example, if a folder is cut-pasted inside another folder in the source, will it make that changes as well. I want to have backup of files/folders in a similar way they are till date, as far as I remeber rsync can do this. Is it possible to achieve that?11:28
Adman65anyone have any exp with the Xonar STX? I can see mixer levels going on, but can't get any sound out of the equipment11:28
brosjhon: That changes everything. Does PulseAudio use ALSA as a backend?11:29
jhonAdman65: I have a Xonar D2: Works out of the box11:29
jhonbros: Yes, that appears to be the case, I personally hate PulseAudio, never managed to get proper 5.1 surround sound working, ALSA was way better11:30
LewisCawtered2kic: it won't let me add text to the bit on the panel, I've tried drawer's before ;(11:30
brosI honestly think I am using alsa11:30
bullgard4Rhythmox 0.13.1 shows two columns named »Title« with different content. The left Title column includes only natural number entries. What is its function?11:30
Adman65jhon, well the D2 is a different card. I can't figure out where the problem is since everything seems like it should be working11:30
bs123are there any good portable documents available for a newbie to ubuntu?11:30
Dr_Willisthe kernel uses alsa. that is then used by Pulse audio.11:30
jhonyea, but pulse is so tied into the system, you cant actually remove it without crippling the distro11:31
Dr_WillisEvery time i see someont try to 'remove pulse' they soon do a reinstall.. :)11:31
jhonthey say OSS V4 works really well11:32
gobbesresu_: rsync can be used to keep your backup 1:1 copy of your current disk, it can move folders etc11:32
gobbesresu_: rsync -az --delete (but keep in mind that it will also delete all files that you have deleted in your current original place)11:32
brosjhon: I am missing this from my aplay -l output: card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 3: INTEL HDMI [INTEL HDMI]11:33
sresu_gobbe: Well, I want exact copy of two drives/partition till date. I'm using grsync11:33
monokromeHey. Does anybody know what's wrong with this? http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/11:33
Dr_Willis!info fsarchiver11:34
ubottufsarchiver (source: fsarchiver): file system archiver. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.10-1build1 (maverick), package size 86 kB, installed size 268 kB11:34
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.11:34
Dr_Willismonokrome:  its past end of life for starters.. time to upgrade.11:34
Dr_Willismonokrome:  so all packages would have been moved to the 'archive' servers. whatever they are called.. i forget11:35
monokromeI thought Jaunty was 10.1011:35
monokromeBut that's lucid11:35
* monokrome facepalm11:35
monokromeThank you, Dr_Willis11:35
jhonbros: Seems to me you need to look at what is the controller called for the HDMI, and get a driver for that11:36
jhonbros: mine uses Nvidia11:36
=== root is now known as Guest88297
rwwGuest88297: don't advertise here.11:37
brosjhon: I just tried to install a Realtek driver and now no sound works at all. How may I uninstall it/reinstall the working packages?11:37
Guest88297tuhadi ma di jai ho11:37
gobbesresu_: i'm using rsync to have exact copy of my server in second server11:37
Utopiahhi #ubuntu, trying to fix grub out of an updated Wubi install but grub rescue has no loopback/initrd/linux commands as described in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 of course to make it fun the laptop has no CD and the only USB HD I have is too large to get formatted, idea?11:38
Guest88297tere server de aisi de taisi11:38
gobbesresu_: rsync -az --delete /src/dir secondserver:/src/dir11:38
jhonjhon: Did you install it from the package manager, or you downloaded and compiled?11:38
rww!en | Guest8829711:38
ubottuGuest88297: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList11:38
jhonbros: did you use package manager or downloaded and compiled manually?11:39
sresu_gobbe: You said that  ' it will also delete all files that you have deleted in your current original place' - I don't think that happens..11:40
sresu_gobbe: I've once made a big mistake using rsync/dd that I'm trying not to use CLI though at times I work with it on my other drives where mistakes can be ignored. Have you tried grsync?11:40
bs123bros what motherboard?11:40
bullgard4Rhythmox 0.13.1 shows two columns named »Title« with different content. The left Title column includes only natural number entries. What is its function?11:42
oqbo1 question how i go to the cdrom monted on the desk sing the terminal in ubuntu?11:43
bs123bros anyhow...some motherboards have an option in the bios11:43
Tito0096How can I add a partition so I can install a small install of xp?11:44
Dr_Willisoqbo:  it in /media/ somewhere.11:44
Dr_Willisoqbo:  cd /media/cdrom (or some other name)11:44
Dr_WillisTito0096:  gparted can resize partitions.11:44
oqboi did 'cd /media/cdrom0'   but dowant works11:44
gobbesresu_: well, if i delete folder from my server, it will be deleted also from destination11:44
gobbesresu_: but you need to use --delete11:44
gobbesresu_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/549052/ i'm having like that11:44
Tito0096Dr_Willis: no data loss?11:44
sresu_Tito0096: gparted/fdisk can be used for that11:44
jhonbullgard4: is it a CD rip? some Audio CD s when ripped without CDDB the number titles dont appear correctly11:45
jhononly as numbers instead of titles11:45
Tito0096How can I add a partition to empty space in ext4 with out loosing data?11:46
sresu_gobbe: What if w/o using --delete? Have you ever tried grsync? I'm asking that because the parameters you would be suggesting need not be same for what it takes by default on clicking an action11:46
jhonTito0096: You use a Live CD or Pendrive to boot the system, then using Gparted you shrink the partition, that will give you free space which allows to create new partitions11:47
Dr_WillisTito0096:  always make backups...11:47
royale1223i get this error while trying to copy evolution contacts "This address book cannot be opened.  Please check that the path /home/binoy/.evolution/addressbook/local/1293527560.2865.7@binoy-pc exists and that permissions are set to access it."11:47
bullgard4jhon: Yes, the natural numbers in the left-hand Title column  seem to appear only in entries from CD rips. Still, why do have two columns with different contents the same headline?11:47
root__guest88297 init11:47
Dr_WillisTito0096:  it can resize with no loss. but a power failure duiring resize = bad.11:48
sresu_gobbe: So you have made a script for that. Okay.11:48
Tito0096Hmmm How can I edit grub to allow a windows xp install11:48
bullgard4!grub | Tito009611:48
ubottuTito0096: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.11:48
lamalexDoes anyone know what daemon handles screen brightness keys?11:48
sresu_Tito0096: You are installing after Ubuntu/*nix?11:48
sresu_windows after11:49
brosAfter install 10.10 with an SSD, do I need to configure any extra options?11:49
Tito0096sresu_ Windows 7 on a spare partition11:49
bullgard4lamalex: This depends on hardware.11:49
lamalexbullgard4, what? really?11:49
jhonTito0096: make sure you boot from another device, Gparted cannot resize partitions while they are used, they have to be unmounted first, not sure if you can unmount a partition while you booted from it11:49
sresu_Tito0096: You should see what bullgard4 suggested11:50
Dr_Williswindows7 can be weird in how it wants to install. it tries to use  a boot type partition. and a normal parttion11:50
Tito0096sresu_: its a spare drive11:50
Tito0096so i can do it11:50
lamalexbullgard4, so I know pommed is for macbooks, but what does it for other hardware?11:50
royale1223i get this error while trying to copy evolution contacts "This address book cannot be opened.  Please check that the path /home/binoy/.evolution/addressbook/local/1293527560.2865.7@binoy-pc exists and that permissions are set to access it."11:50
lamalexit's not just gnome-settings-deamon or gnome-power-manager?11:50
jhonTito0096: Also make sure if you are installing Windows on a different harddrive, that you unplug the linux drive first, Windows just loves screwing up GRUB11:52
brosAfter install 10.10 with an SSD, do I need to configure any extra options?11:52
Tito0096jhon: oh yes I know that lol11:52
bullgard4lamalex: The screen brightness keys will be controlled by different programs depending on the specific hardware. So you better state your hardware or google for your specific computer type.11:52
gobbesresu_: u need to use --delete, without that it wont delete files11:53
sresu_gobbe: Oh.. that would not move files etc11:53
gobbesresu_: i have tested grsync but i'm more familiar with cli tools11:53
gobbesresu_: well, it will. It will sync new directory and delete old one11:53
sresu_gobbe: Likewise11:54
jhonTito0096: also after install when back on the linux box, use an update initramfs or reinstall a kernel from package manager thats the simplest way of grub Autoupdate11:54
gobbesresu_: like the link i gave, theres a shellscript that i use for keeping in sync my two servers11:54
Tito0096jhon: will do11:54
gobbesresu_: so if you change one website, let's say www.something.com to www.somethingnew.com, it will be changed also in my second server11:54
sresu_gobbe: hey, can I talk to you in private for a moment?11:55
lamalexbullgard4, I'm on a macbook pro11:55
Dwade09anyone in here wana help me with this post its from using wine http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=62932&p=361905#p36190511:55
gobbesresu_: yes11:56
lamalexbullgard4, 13"11:56
jhonDwade09: Which WINE version are you using?11:56
bullgard4lamalex: Right. But I myself do not know this machine.11:56
Dwade09jhon,  wine 1.2.111:57
lamalexbullgard4, what are some examples of the daemons that handle them11:57
jhonDwade09: That is ancient, update to 1.3.911:57
jhonto start with11:57
Dwade09jhon,  how do i update it in the terminal?11:57
jhonDwade09: did you add the wine source to the repo list?11:58
Dr_Willis!wine | Dwade0911:58
ubottuDwade09: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu11:58
Dwade09jhon,  no, i just done it through package manager11:58
jhonDwade09: then first you have to add the wine source to the list, update and then install11:59
jhonwill help ya in private11:59
SN4K3How do u uninstall gnome ? because I installed openbox and I like it better?11:59
jhonSN4K3: Sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop12:00
Dr_WillisSN4K3:  best to just leave gnome installed...12:00
jhonthats the agressive way12:00
Dr_WillisSN4K3:  select openbox at the gdm screen. and use openbox.12:00
SN4K3thnx jhon12:00
jhondont do it tho12:00
jhonUbuntu is BASED on Gnome12:01
jhonif you remove it, it may seriously cripple the whole thing12:01
Dr_Willisgnome = the whole desktop + support ttools.. openbox = just a window manager.12:01
bullgard4lamalex: acpid12:01
SN4K3Dr_Willis, I want to remove gnome cuz i want to install it on a low performace system12:01
Dr_WillisSN4K3:  just selecting openbox at the login screen will be enough.12:01
Dr_WillisSN4K3:  go ahead and try to remove gnome.. you will proberly be putting it back on real fast...12:01
SN4K3lol k ill take ur advice12:02
jhonindeed :)12:02
lamalexbullgard4, I think I found my real answer, gnome-power-manager does screen brightness and hotkey handling12:02
Dr_Willisassuming that removing gnome - dosent break your networking....12:02
Dr_Willisand you wouldbe able to reinstall gnome..12:02
jhonif you are using WICD manager12:02
jhoninstead of gnome-network manager12:02
jhonthen no12:02
jhonif you are using the second one ... yes ... you are screwed12:03
SN4K3wat window manager or desktop environment do u guys use ?12:03
SN4K3and yes i use wicd !12:03
Dr_WillisSN4K3:  most of us are using GNome i imagine.12:03
Dr_WillisIf you have a low end box. check out Lubuntu12:03
jhonThere are a lot of managers out there12:04
jhonGnome uses moderate resources, but pretty much complete12:04
jhonKDE is a resrouce hog12:04
jhonXFCE is relatively light12:04
SN4K3i actually wanted to install it on "prehistoric" computer :P12:04
tsimpsonjhon: KDE and Gnome are about equal in resource usage actually12:05
Dr_WillisSN4K3:  state the specs...12:05
jhonNot really12:05
jhonKDE uses 1 GB ram12:05
SN4K3old one?12:05
jhongnome uses 512 MB12:05
tsimpsonjhon: heh, no it doesn't12:05
Dr_WillisSN4K3:  I have a Timex Sinclare 1000, thats OLD.... :)12:05
jhoni wouldnt call that even12:05
Dr_Willisjhon:  benchmarks ive seen. put the 2 about the same...12:05
Dr_Willisbut that was a year ago.12:06
jhonyou have other options ofc12:06
Dr_WillisLubuntu won the 'resource' battle. but that was with an old version of Lubuntu also.12:06
jhonFluxbox is very low tech, but uses minimum resources12:06
jhonIceVM looks like Windows 95, but only uses a couple MB of ram12:07
SN4K3my new system is gr8 but im pretty much a minimalist12:07
Dr_Willisfluxbox is just a window manager.. so of course it uses less resources then a full 'desktop'12:07
donqianyone here knows where can i get a CC to fill my skype account ?12:07
donqianyone here knows where can i get a CC to fill my skype account ?12:08
Dr_WillisThers dozens+ of Old window maangers still around that use very few resources..becuse when they were written..  they were 'hogs' and now pc's have grown greately.12:08
Dr_Willisdonqi:  go to the bank and get one?12:08
SN4K3my gnome setup uses below 400Mb and my openbox uses below 200MB12:08
Dr_WillisSN4K3:  and wmii and jwm proberly use even less...12:09
SN4K3is ubuntu minimal install worth ?12:09
Dr_WillisSN4K3:  depedns on your needs.12:09
jhonIf you wanna run Liunx on a 48612:09
Dr_WillisI dont see much point in going 'minimal' when you have  a machine with the powar to do  other things12:09
jhonI suggest using DSL Linux12:09
SN4K3mostly i want performance to play games using wine :P12:10
iwantoknowis it possible to set failsave graphic mode as default boot option?12:10
Dr_WillisSN4K3:  i doubt if the desktop ussage will matter that much then past a certin point.12:10
jhonSN4K3: Gnome is just good for that12:11
Linux_Galoreactually i remember reading about a proper distro (not dsl) aimed at users who either collect or like to use old hardware12:11
Linux_Galorethey even still use the 2.4 kernel tree12:11
Dr_WillisLinux_Galore:  theres a puppy variant that just came out for that target. but puppy is not always 'proper'12:11
SN4K3so arch and other minimal install systems wont give u that much of a boost?12:11
Dr_WillisSN4K3:  doubtfull..12:12
Linux_Galorethe problem with the 2.6 kernel is support for a pile of old hardware has been dropped12:12
iwantoknowhi can i ask for your help? Is it possible to set failsave graphic mode as default boot option?12:12
Dr_Willisiwantoknow:  ive never noticed that feature, or what the option wouldbe on the grub line to enable it.. if you neew the option. it would be possible to add custom grub entries12:13
jhonSN4K3: I run EVE and WC III from Wine, and they work great from gnome12:13
SN4K3jhon, k12:13
SN4K3jhon, tried cod4?12:13
sresu_Which package finds reading and writing speed of HDD?12:14
r00t4rd3ddonqi, http://wikileaks.ch/cable/2010/02/10ABUDHABI103.html12:14
trojankingwhen i click ubuntu software center nothing comes up i only see Starting Up Ubuntu Software Center.... please help12:14
Dr_Willistrojanking:  try update/upgradeing from a terminal.12:15
jhonpretty much says it all12:15
Dr_Willistrojanking:  terminal -> 'sudo apt-get update' 'sudo apt-get upgrade'12:15
SN4K3jhon, lol no i mean do u like fps games?12:16
donqianyone here knows where can i get a CreditCard to fill my skype account ?12:16
donqianyone here knows where can i get a CreditCard to fill my skype account ?12:16
donqianyone here knows where can i get a CreditCard to fill my skype account ?12:16
FloodBot2donqi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:16
SN4K3donqi, try some other channel this is ubuntu12:17
jhonSN4K3: Not much of a fan of FPS games, except for a few Legacy games, more of a strategy, RPG, and Micromanagement guy12:17
SN4K3jhon, starcraft?12:17
r00t4rd3daka farmville12:17
=== julie is now known as biblio
iwantoknowDr_Willis, I have recently done upgrade from10.04 to 10.10 ubuntu. And I get CLI, but if I go through recovery mode I am able to get graphical interface. Is there file where I can set default video mode or something?12:17
Dr_WillisFarmville =  barely a game. :)12:17
Dr_Willisiwantoknow:   whats yoru video chipset?12:18
jhonSN4K3: Used to play SC 1 with BW in Lan, havent played it for ages tho12:18
brosI would like to once and for all settle the conflicting information about SSDs.12:18
SN4K3i used to play starcraft but mostly got my a** kicked :P12:18
Raydiationhi i changed my graficscard from geforce gt 9600 to amd radeon 5850 and now i dont get a gui any more when i boot12:18
Raydiationnvidia driver is already uninstalled12:18
Dr_Willisbros:  but new ones keep comming out :)  seen  some uber tiny ones due out soon.12:19
brosWhat file system should I use for my SSD? Journaled, non-journaled?12:19
brosDr_Willis: more about the configuration options with them12:19
SN4K3i had like a win to loose ratio of 1:512:19
brosIs TRIM automatically enabled or does discard have to be added as a mount option?12:19
brosShould I really set noatime? What about nodiratime?12:19
SN4K3anyone here tried to install photoshop cs5 in wine?12:19
brosShould I disable swap? Mount /tmp into RAM? What else can I mount into RAM?12:19
nostrohey there people. can anyone tell me if UTOUCH was really implemented in 10.10 maverick?12:19
Dr_Willisbros:  from  what ive heard. ext4  works. and  with newer drives. those options are not needed.. but you proberly should reserch your specific drive.12:19
Raydiationafter booting the display enters sleep mode12:19
trojankingDr_Willis, http://paste.ubuntu.com/549064/12:20
SN4K3heard it works great with a few tweaks12:20
Dr_Willisbros:  I dont see much need to dosable swap.12:20
brosDr_Willis: from what I read, TRIM doesn't work with ext4/journaled12:20
Dr_Willisbros:  i thought i read where its allready there in newer kenels. but this was 5mo ago.12:20
Dr_Willisbros:  but that may of been for btrfs..  i cant keep up12:21
ShruikhanHad someone success activating the notebook subwoofer??12:21
Dr_Willistrojanking:  did you do like it suggests --> You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these.12:21
Raydiationis the radeon 5850 supported?12:21
Dr_Willistrojanking:  or youmay want to remove skype for now. then reinstall it later12:21
Dr_Willisbros:  checking wikipedia --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid-state_drive#Linux_systems12:23
SN4K3Almost forgot12:24
SN4K3Happy New Year to Everyone12:24
alfredI need a help with copying a folder from my older laptop to the new one, the problem is I do not know the exact form of "path " in both computer (I am using remote view SSH)12:25
nostrocan anyone tell me if UTOUCH was really implemented in 10.10 maverick?12:25
gobbealfred: pwd will tell path12:25
alfredgobbe, the program psw is currently not installed.12:26
alfredthat s what Iget12:26
gobbenot psw12:26
Dr_Willispwd = 'print working directory' shows where you are 'at'12:26
alfredgobbe :)12:26
alfredgobbe you are right12:26
sriniSANE: error during io core 9. what does mean how to solve it?12:27
Dr_Willissrini:  check the ubuntu forums yet?12:29
ubumanhow come autoraise isn't working on this live cd?12:29
* ubuman fricking hates click to focus!12:29
tristan3199us1is anyone here familiar with windows librarys, im looking for a window manager or file manager that has librarys that include mutiple directories in one spot.. anything like that available??12:29
sriniDr_Willis :  I checked. But i dont get ans12:30
rumpe1tristan3199us1, multiple dirs in one spot?12:30
WhatWhereAmItristan3199us1, yeah, i have no idea what you're talking about.12:31
ubumanrumpe1 yeah I didn't want to ask12:31
rumpe1perhaps he means something like F3 in nautilus ^^12:31
jhontristan3199us1: if you are looking for a file manager that does everything Krusader is the closest one12:31
jhontristan3199us1: its a TC clone12:32
Dr_Willistristan3199us1:  its not clear what youa re looking for excactly.12:32
=== iLinux is now known as ibuntu
ubumanI like xfm12:32
ubumanit is a lot like windows explorer12:32
tristan3199us1rumpe1:  yes i use different downloaders that download to different locations on the disk.. with windows i could see like twelve directories in the same window as one12:32
trojankingplease where are my screenshot saved12:32
iwantoknowDr_Willis, the card is NVidia GeForce Go7600, but I suppose the card is partly broken. When I used to run 10.04 ubuntu at launching ubuntu used to notice that graphic will be in low mode. But now after upgrade I need to go through all these Grub option to get low graphic mode..12:32
tristan3199us1ill try.. it replaces nautilus??12:32
trojankingi took a screenshot and dont know where to see it12:32
Dr_Willistristan3199us1:  you want to duplicate teh windows7 libraries feature then is what you are saying.12:32
ubumantrojanking checked your home directory?12:33
tristan3199us1yes dr willis12:33
Dr_Willistristan3199us1:  i think theres some 'fuse' tools that could sort of emulate that effect.12:33
tristan3199us1im not the best at saying what i need..12:33
Dr_WillisI saw some fuse fs. that could  'overlay' several differnt directories. onto one single directory. then all file managers/tools would work with it.12:33
tristan3199us1im newish to linux.. do i sudo apt-get fuse12:34
ubumanI've mounted stuff in the same place man does that cause problems!12:34
Dr_WillisYou would proberly want to go to the fuse homepage and read up on fuse.12:34
tristan3199us1thanks dr12:34
Dr_Willistristan3199us1:  Fuse is a very powerfull   thing.t hat has dozens of 'special' filesystems12:34
ubottuFUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a !kernel driver that allows non-root users to create their own filesystems. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_in_Userspace for more on FUSE.  Some examples of filesystems that use FUSE are !ntfs-3g, sshfs and isofs. A full list of Filesystems that use FUSE is here:  http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FileSystems12:34
iwantoknowDr_Willis, the card is NVidia GeForce Go7600, but I suppose the card is partly broken. When I used to run 10.04 ubuntu at launching ubuntu used to notice that graphic will be in low mode. But now after upgrade I need to go through all these Grub option to get low graphic mode..12:34
alfredgobbe, but I need to specify the user... look at this command (btw, I am trying to move files from alfred@alfred-laptop o alfred@james)12:35
jhontristan3199us1: if I understand what your saying you want different directories to be shown from the same directory12:35
ubumananyhow how do I get windows to autoraise in the live CD I been to windows under system > Preferences and changed it there but it doesn't work!12:35
jhontristan3199us1: in that case all you have to do is set up some symbolic links12:35
tristan3199us1jhon: yes12:35
tristan3199us1is this simple??12:36
Dr_Willisiwantoknow:  try the nomodeset option, perhaps.. or reinstall the nvidia drivers.. I never upgrade normally. i do clean isntalls. and i know formy nvidia systems i have to use 'nomodeset' to boot/install initially, untill i get the nvidia drivers installed.12:36
ubumantristan3199us1 can you type ln -s ?12:36
m4knot able to install mysql on 10.04 after doing apt-get install it fetches the packages and stops after "Setting up mysql-server-5.1 (5.1.41-3ubuntu12.8) .."12:36
jhontristan3199us1: you create 1 folder, and fill it with symbolic links pointing to different directories12:36
zs1otb-hi, I've upgraded to 10.04. My movie player and VLC plays audio but no video in any format. I have installed libdvdcss2 etc. but still no video..12:36
Dr_Willisa directory of soft links is not 'quiet' the same as how win7's library works.12:37
ubumanDr_Willis well that is a comfort12:37
tristan3199us1so in terminal type LN -s12:37
ubumantristan3199us1 no12:37
ubumantristan3199us1 linux like all grown up OSes is case sensitive12:37
zs1otb-hi, I've upgraded to 10.04. My movie player and VLC plays audio but no video in any format. I have installed libdvdcss2 etc. but still no video..12:38
Dr_Willis!info unionfs-fuse12:38
ubottuunionfs-fuse (source: unionfs-fuse): Fuse implementation of unionfs. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.23.hg.20090611-1 (maverick), package size 26 kB, installed size 116 kB12:38
tristan3199us1lol.. i know.. just checking it was accually an Ln not In12:38
Dr_Willistristan3199us1:  unionfs-fuse sort of does what you want. but it willneed some configiraton12:38
tristan3199us1dr_willis: thanks, in progress now..12:39
zs1otb-hi, I've upgraded to 10.04. My movie player and VLC plays audio but no video in any format. I have installed libdvdcss2 etc. but still no video.. anybody with some ideas?12:39
kohlrakanyone know how to find an IME for chinese with a dictionary editor for it?12:39
ubumanzs1otb- doesn't mplayer have a built in cracker these days?12:39
zs1otb-does not seem like it no12:39
kohlraki see12:40
kohlrak!cn | kohlrak12:40
ubottukohlrak, please see my private message12:40
ubumanman this is driving me nuts I'm getting focus follows mouse but the windows just aren't raising12:41
Dr_Williszs1otb-:  you mean  avi and other files dont play either? run vlc from terminal, look for error messages12:41
tristan3199us1dr_willis: run install-sh?12:41
Dr_Willistristan3199us1:  hmm?12:41
onelinerok so my motherboard has six sound jacks, how could i use em all? the standard sound driver seems to only care for two (1 in 1 out)12:41
zs1otb-let me see quickly12:41
ubumanoneliner ha ha12:41
tristan3199us1i downloaded the fuse package. and have 30 files..12:42
Dr_Willisoneliner:  if you have actual 7.1+ sound out. it proberly would use more of the ports.12:42
Dr_Willistristan3199us1:  sudo apt-get install unionfs-fuse and check its docs/man page.. ive neer used  that specific fuse fs.12:42
Dr_Willistristan3199us1:  ive NO idea where you came up with 'run install-sh' from...12:43
ubumanDr_Willis common in readmes12:43
tristan3199us1sorry.. i downloaded some tar.gz it was one of the files..12:43
tristan3199us1im still quite new12:43
ubumantristan3199us1 chmod +x install-sh && ./install-sh12:43
zs1otb-<Dr_Willis> No video but audio on avi.. running vlc from terminal. It used to wrok in 9.10 but after upgrade to 10.04 no video12:44
Dr_Willisubuman:  cant recall EVER seeing a install-sh in anything ive ever used in the many years ive used linux.12:44
ubumanDr_Willis do more what can I tell you?12:44
tristan3199us1ubuman: i dont speak linux yet.. im learning.. take it easy on me.. lol.. should i type that in terminal and what does it do.12:44
ubumanDr_Willis I have plenty of times12:45
Dr_Willisperhaps a install.sh  :) but no -sh12:45
ubumantristan3199us1 chmod changes the file mode +x makes a file exetutable ./ is because CWD isn't on your path by default12:45
Dr_Willistristan3199us1:  you are doing it totally wrong.12:45
tristan3199us1click the link dr-willis gave me and you get a compressed file with a install-sh file as one of the thirty.. i just noticed that one becase it says install..12:46
Dr_Willistristan3199us1:  use the package manager tool to install the unionfs-fuse package.12:46
Dr_Willistristan3199us1: ---------------------->    sudo apt-get install unionfs-fuse and check its docs/man page.. ive neer used  that specific fuse fs.12:46
tristan3199us1i got it..12:46
Dr_Willisquick google on unionfs-fuse found -> http://community.livejournal.com/linux/1854385.html12:46
NastXhi, is there a possibility to install xfce-notifyd with kdebase-runtime12:47
zs1otb-<Dr_Willis> any idea of waht to do with the video problem on 10.0412:47
ubumantristan3199us1 if you are really new do srick with your distribution's package manager for a bit though12:47
tristan3199us1in progress.. im embarrased by the way.. i dont mean to be computer illiterate.. it just happend..12:47
onelinerany apps to dinamically asign function to jacks on soundboard? or is it more like a mix and swap kinda thing for configuration?12:47
Linux_GaloreNastX: just install xubuntu then add the kde stuff you want12:47
kohlrak!jp | kohlrak12:47
ubottukohlrak, please see my private message12:48
tristan3199us1fuse installing.. checking docs now.. thanks willis12:48
Dr_Williszs1otb-:  for my nvidia systems. i use the nomodeset option at times. thats about it. then i install the nvidia drivers and they work.12:48
ubumanwell 10.10 live cd is broken windoss don't autoraise right12:48
TopGearJust installed "crossover-games-sources-9.2.0 ". But what should I do now, to install, let's say, GTA SA?12:48
zsharonI have xfce 4.6.2 installed through apt, but there's a feature in 4.7 that I'd like to have.  I'd prefer not compile something from source for a minor feature, though.  How much of a pain will it probably be if I do so?  The component I want is xfce4-panel, so can I just compile/install that from source without disturbing the rest of xfce?12:48
ubumanTopGear get a quake engine called darkplaces and retro game man!12:49
tristan3199us1so i guess a shell script is not like a windows bat file..12:49
NastXLinux_Galore, no if i install an kde based app my xfce-notifyd breaks btw kdebase-runtime delivers a notification-daemon that uninstalls xfce-notifyd12:49
TopGearubuman: nah, mta sa rulez :p12:49
zs1otb-<Dr_Willis> nvidia drivers, instaal from the command line?12:49
ubumanTopGear I don't know you ever seen darkplaces run quoth?12:49
Dr_WillisTopGear:  well if you were using the normal wine, you would pop in the cd of the game and use 'wine /media/DVDdiskname/installername.exe'12:49
NastXLinux_Galore,  in #kde they said that this notification-daemon is not from them12:49
Dr_Williszs1otb-:  sudo apt-get install nvidia-current, or try 'sudo jockey-text'12:49
TopGearDr_Willis: I know, but I love to do it the hard way, to learn more ;)12:50
Dr_Willistristan3199us1:  a shell script can be any of several dozen languages in linux.12:50
ubumanTopGear there is always arch for that12:50
Dr_Willistristan3199us1:  windows.bat = dos commands.12:50
Linux_GaloreNastX: ouch12:50
NastXso i came here (-;12:51
tristan3199us1i see.. thank you.. if i bug with dumb questions tell me..12:51
TopGearubuman: I know. Ruined my pc. Oracle VirtualBOX decided to use my own /root for the Arch VM!12:51
ubumanTopGear those arch loons really have to put down the crack pipeQ12:51
kohlrak!cn | kohlrak12:51
ubottukohlrak, please see my private message12:51
kohlraksorry, it won't let me test in a private message =p12:52
zs1otb-<Dr_Willis> busy installing, will let you know12:52
rwwubuman: Keep the distro rivalries out of here, please ;P12:52
Linux_GaloreNastX: when I am doing stuff like that I usually run the install under separate virtual machines to avoid those conflicts12:52
ubumanrww what rivalries?12:52
Dr_Williswe all know that ubuntu is the besestest!12:53
NastXLinux_Galore, ? i am just using apt to install xfce-notifyd and then it says i want to remove kdebase-runtime(and all kde based apps) and this keeps bugging me12:53
ubumanDr_Willis well.. I'd have to give that award to Ubuntu's big daddy12:53
NastXand i dont want to have a vbox for k3b and kopete12:54
onelinermix&match 7.1 right out of the box!12:54
zsharonNastX: If those kde apps aren't immediately essential, why don't you try going ahead with removing them when prompted, then try to reinstall them?12:55
ubumanzsharon that's just silly12:55
NastXthen it tries to remove xfce-notifyd because of the install of kdebase-runtime12:55
zsharonubuman, do you have a better idea?12:55
ubumanzsharon there is a way to tell deb not to remove packages12:56
zsharonubuman, then how about you enlighten NastX? :)12:56
onelineri have to say, 10.10 is such a huge improvement on hardware detection, now if only i could youtube running smoothly,.. (hint :) )12:56
ubumanzsharon no my yob mon12:56
Tito0096can someone help me edit grub12:56
NastXubuman, yes there us but thats very ugly12:56
Dr_Willisoneliner:  send the hint to adobe..12:56
Tito0096to allow Windows 7 to boot from it?12:57
tristan3199us1why does my firefox now say Namoroka12:57
Dr_Willisoneliner:  you do realize that youtube can use HTML5 now for most videos?12:57
zsharonubuman, I see, your job is to naysay, not to help.  Okay.12:57
NastXwith ubuntu 10.04 it worked but 10.10 not12:57
Dr_Willistristan3199us1:  thats the codename for the beta version i think.12:57
onelinerDr_Willis: how do i tell the browser to try the html5 page?12:57
TopGearah, it's "wineloader nameofthegame.exe"12:57
ubumanzsharon my grandma always used to say God helps those who help themselves12:57
Dr_Willis  --->  youtube.com/html512:58
ubumanzsharon all I came in to do was to tall yo uall that 10.10 live CD has a bug in it12:58
Tito0096Dr_Willis: how would I edit grub to allow Windows 7 to boot from it12:58
Dr_WillisTito0096:  sudo update-grub  'should' see and add a windw7 entry. or make one in /etc/grub.d/40_custom that boots the windows system12:59
sahili'm having a problem with my OS12:59
Tito0096Dr_Willis thanks12:59
sahilI'm unable to mount my hard disk12:59
ActionParsnipsahil: you don't mount disks12:59
ubumanActionParsnip he doesn't?13:00
hihihi100_yes, blender looks scary...13:00
sahilwell, the problem is that I had my PC running on ubuntu13:00
sahilit malfunctioned and now it doesn't work13:00
sahilso i tried backing up all my data by running it using a tiny linux distro13:00
sahilwhen I try to access it through the live cd ... it says "unable to mount"13:01
ohirsahil: tiny does not have ext413:01
ubumansahil run fsck on it?13:01
sahili ran dsl13:01
zsharonwhat exact command did you use?13:01
ActionParsnipubuman: no, you mount partitions, not disks13:01
NastXso can someboby else help me?13:01
Dr_Willissahil:  you can install ext4 support in tiny core linux. i belive13:01
ubumanActionParsnip usually but you can mount disks as well or haven't you seen them shiny ones yet called CDs?13:02
dmdevotee-ubuntuhi!. can somebody help me? the "close", "maximize" and "minimize" buttons dissapeared on every window. (ubuntu 10.10)13:02
ActionParsnipubuman: even if a partition occupys 100% of the disk, you still mount the partition13:02
sahilbut how do I install stuff in live cd13:02
ubumanActionParsnip depends yo ucan set it up to just mount the disk13:02
sahili even used slitaz13:02
ubumanActionParsnip I done it on usb sticks13:02
sahilit doesnt let me access the hard drives13:02
ActionParsnipubuman: usb disks contain partitions, you mount the partition on the usb device13:03
sahilwhen i used open suse live CD ... it didnt show the hard disks13:03
ohirsahil get ubuntu live on usb pen13:03
ubumanActionParsnip don't transfer your inadequecies onto me13:03
Liaf|portablehi @all13:03
ActionParsnipdmdevotee-ubuntu: press ALT+F2 and run:  metacity --replace13:03
sahilcan I somehow get ubuntu live DVD to work through a thumb drive?13:03
rww!usb | sahil13:04
ubottusahil: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:04
ubumansahil I'm here now I used unetbootin to do it13:04
ActionParsnipubuman: next time you mount a usb device, run:  mount    you will see it is  /dev/sdb1  or something like that, /dev/sdb  is the disk, /dev/sdb1  is the first primary partition13:04
dmdevotee-ubuntuactionparsnip alt + f2 does nothing for me13:04
ActionParsnipdmdevotee-ubuntu: or try it in a terminal13:04
rgb247I need some help13:04
ActionParsniprgb247: wassup?13:04
ubumanActionParsnip don't try to teach me because obviously I know more than you do13:04
Dr_Willissahil:  that ounds more like the HD may have failed.13:04
rgb247I want to start to learn C#13:04
zsharonActionParsnip: Don't feed the troll....13:04
rgb247I need an compilator/IDE13:05
rajul_buy yourself a book rgb24713:05
ActionParsnipubuman: maybe in some aras, in this case you are incorrect13:05
dmdevotee-ubuntuactionparsinp thanks! it worked!13:05
ActionParsnip!ide | rgb24713:05
ubotturgb247: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator13:05
rajul_rgb247: and install MonoDevelop13:05
sahilI'll try to do what you said13:05
ohirdmdevotee-ubuntu: system->preferences->look n feel and chose default theme13:05
ActionParsnipdmdevotee-ubuntu: np, seems your system is having issue with compiz. Are you using an nvidia video chip?13:05
sahilwill get back to you if any problem occurs13:05
onelineralways do what he says, or else!13:05
sahilthanks for now13:05
rgb247I installed monodevelop by typing : apt-get install mono-devel13:05
rgb247I readed from mono-project.com13:05
rgb247and now? what's next?13:05
rgb247how can I compile something?13:06
Dr_Willisread some tutorials on using mono perhaps?13:06
zakwilsonI'm looking for a bluetooth stereo headset that works well with Ubuntu, for music, gaming and skype calls. Anybody have experience with one they'd like to share?13:06
ActionParsniprgb247: could ask in the mono channel too13:06
ActionParsnip!hcl | zakwilson13:06
ubottuzakwilson: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection13:06
dmdevotee-ubuntuactionparnip yes i installed compiz fusion and have a nvidia gpu13:06
rgb247mono have a channel here? on irc.freenode.net ?13:06
lindowhello evryone13:06
trojankingplease i cant run sypanic packgage13:06
ubumanrgb247 devel lets you build against a package you want the source13:06
gobbergb247: http://monodevelop.com/Documentation what about using google13:06
zsharonzakwilson: I'd also look on ubuntuforums.org13:06
dmdevotee-ubuntuactionparsnip yes i installed compiz fusion and have a nvidia gpu13:07
rgb247thanks you13:07
zakwilsonActionParsnip: thanks, that covers the "works" bit. I'd still like to hear from anybody who uses such a device for input on sound quality, ergonomics, etc...13:07
ubumanI wonder if that compiz is running?13:07
ActionParsnipdmdevotee-ubuntu: you may need some options in xorg.conf to define some extra options. I'd also ask in #compiz13:07
trojankingPlease help my Ubuntu is confused, I cant see any Synaptic Packager Opened, But the Idiot Ubuntu says its runing13:07
ubumantrojanking heh!13:08
trojankingubuman, yes am serious its really crazy13:08
ActionParsnipdmdevotee-ubuntu: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=649480  the missing thing is called the window decorator. You could also try installing emerald too13:08
dmdevotee-ubuntuactionparsnip thanks! i would do that because i installed compiz to have windows in cascade and that stuff13:08
jhontrojanking: kill the process and restart it13:08
Dr_Willis!fixapt | trojanking13:08
ubottutrojanking: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »13:08
ubumantrojanking could be a stale lock file or something13:08
trojankingubottu, thanks i have tried it nothing happenned13:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:09
ubumantrojanking ubottu, is a bot13:10
zakwilsonActually, the HCL doesn't have a category appropriate for bluetooth headsets, and doesn't seem to mention them under a couple other categories that seemed appropriate.13:10
sahilhey if i use lubuntu will I be able to access my HDD13:10
Dr_Willissahil:  most disrtos can access ext4 fs's - Unless theres an actual issue with your hard drive dieing.13:10
trojankingPlease help my Ubuntu is confused, I cant see any Synaptic Packager Opened, But the Idiot Ubuntu says its runing13:10
nostrohas anyone seen a ubuntu tablet before?13:10
Dr_Willis!fixapt | trojanking13:11
ubottutrojanking: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »13:11
sahilso.. if there is an actual issue..13:11
trojankingI have tried the command how can i kill it13:11
sahilwhat do i Do13:11
ubumanis ext4 so wonked that ext2 can't access it?13:11
ubumanglad i don't use that nonsense if thats the case!13:11
trojankingwhat do i do13:11
Dr_Willissahil:  boot a ubuntu/variant live cd. see if it can see it.. check dmesg output for errors. try mounting it by hand...13:11
trojankingjust past that in terminla?13:11
Dr_Willistrojanking:  you 'try this in a terminal......' yes....13:11
sahiltry mouting it by hand?????13:11
ubumanI didn't like ext4 because it spawned so many processes13:11
sahilmost of the distros can "see" the HDD... but cant access it13:12
trojankingDr_Willis, this is what my only stupid ubuntu says -bash: !fixapt: event not found13:12
sahilmounting issues..13:12
Dr_Willis trojanking  read what the thing says..   you use the  <<STUFF IN HERE >>  not the whole line.13:12
Dr_Willisbtween the << >>13:13
ubumansahil I've only been in here a little while and you're not the only one with filesystem access issues and ext4 I've seen13:13
Dr_Willissahil:  try to mount it by hand. see if any error messages show up.13:13
ubumanfor that reason alone I wouldn't use the fs for anything important13:13
trojankingyes that is what i did Dr_Willis13:14
=== xin is now known as Xin
vinux4 what13:14
Xinanyone here?13:14
rgb247I have a new question13:14
Dr_WillisXin:  1300+ people here...13:14
skorvhi i have this problem as discribed here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76838913:14
rgb247does MonoDevelop works with ubuntu 10.10 ?13:14
ubumanwow i have a remarkably low load average for ubuntu13:14
skorvthe answer is "You have to setup Shares in Ubuntu and made that drive a share. Then you have to have Samba installed to access the drive, using your smb password to do it"13:15
skorvok i know what samba is13:15
onelinerDr_Willis: so i downloaded the bz2 file for firefox4, how should i work around installing?13:15
skorvbut the 1st step i'm kind of clueless13:15
gobbergb247: yest it does13:15
iLinuxhow to remove ubuntu from your OS? coz my friend want to remove it.13:15
Xini want to open a html source code and get a particular line from it. I cant use grep. Help??! PLease13:16
skorvwhat does it meen "setup Shares"13:16
jhonILinux: running rm fs as root should pretty much do it:)13:16
rs0832Xin, use gedit13:16
iLinuxjohn: i don't have any root users.13:16
Xini want to automate it :/13:16
ubumaniLinux dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda*13:16
trojan_spikeiLinux, whats it dual boot with?13:16
Xinther are lots of files13:16
Xini am programming a shell script13:16
Dr_Willisoneliner:  if its the binary.. extract it to a dir.. cd into th dir.. run the binary.. no need to 'install'13:17
ActionParsnipXin: try:  head -n linenum filename.html | tail -n 113:17
iLinuxtrojan_spike: Win713:17
trojankinghow do i get pidgin for ubuntu 1013:17
rs0832Xin, ah ok13:17
ActionParsniptrojanking: sudo apt-get install pidgin13:17
Xinhow do i store it in a txt file?13:17
skorvsudo apt-get pidgin (i guess)13:17
skorvforgot the install d'oh!13:17
rs0832trojanking, did you finally manage to set up your connection?13:17
trojan_spikeiLinux, and u just want to completely remove the ubuntu OS?? or just some software?13:17
me__pls tell me how can i list installed apps in my ubuntu in terminal13:18
ActionParsnipXin: on the end add:   > filename     and it will output the line to the filename13:18
iLinuxtrojan_spike: completely the OS (my friend asks me to remove ubuntu OS from his comp.)13:18
ActionParsnipme__: dpkg -l | less13:18
ubumanme__ dpkg -l | grep ii13:18
XinActionParsnip, thanks13:18
zsharoniLinux: Is it installed by Wubi?13:18
skorvthe answer is "You have to setup Shares in Ubuntu and made that drive a share. Then you have to have Samba installed to access the drive, using your smb password to do it"13:18
iLinuxzsharon: Yup.13:18
ubumanActionParsnip doesn't dpkg -l just spit out every package?13:18
rgb247and MonoDevelop for ubuntu 10.10 you've downloaded from badgerports.org ?13:18
NastXyeah cool found a workaround for ubuntu13:19
NastXwith the beta archive of kde it works13:19
skorvsetup shares in ubuntu13:19
skorvhow do i do that13:19
iLinuxzsharon: yes. with wubi13:19
zsharoniLinux: I've never used Wubi, but I'd guess that you go to Add/Remove programs and remove it like any other software.13:19
ActionParsnipubuman: yes, that was what was requested with: "how can i list installed apps in my ubuntu in terminal"  wouldn't you say?13:19
rwwiLinux: boot into Windows, run the uninstaller from Windows' Control Panel.13:19
dmdevotee-ubuntuactionparsnip : hi again! i have a problem with "metacity --replace". i can't close terminal cause it would cancel a process. when i close it, buttons go again13:19
ActionParsnipskorv: sudo apt-get install samba    then use nautilus.13:19
ubumanActionParsnip no they asked for what was installed13:19
ActionParsnipubuman: yes, that will list installed packages13:20
trojan_spikerww, hes away,, plus window commends need to be kept in PM or #windows13:20
iLinuxdmdvotee-ubuntu: does it has: emerald --replace or compiz --replace in the Startup Applications?13:20
ActionParsnipdmdevotee-ubuntu: thats because the terminal is the parent, if you can do it in an ALT+F2 dialogue it will be ok13:20
rwwtrojan_spike: Instructions for removing Wubi are on-topic for this channel.13:20
ubumanActionParsnip hmm maybe it is different in debian13:21
skorvok... if i need further help i'll come back13:21
trojan_spikerww, is it wubi tho?? thats pretty straight forward to uninstall.. i think its full installed13:21
me__how can i list currently running apps in terminal13:21
ActionParsnipubuman: who cares, this is ubuntu support13:21
ubumanme__ ps aux13:21
NastXLinux_Galore, it has something to do with the changes that the (k)ubuntu devs did to kde, with the beta ppa of kde it works13:21
rwwtrojan_spike: Considering that he specifically said it was, I'm going to go with 'yes'.13:21
ActionParsnipme__: ps -ef | less13:21
ubumanActionParsnip I do I'm only running an ubuntu live CD at the moment13:21
trojan_spikerww, :)13:22
ActionParsnipubuman: well this is Ubuntu support, so what debian does is moot13:22
trojan_spikerww, my appols13:22
ubumanActionParsnip well ubuntu does use debian's package management system so there is some overlap13:22
zsharonrww: I think he means that iLinux may have installed ubuntu, as in the permanent version, via wubi.  But, now removing it should be done by deleting the partition.  Unless iLinux speaks up, we may never know.....13:22
ActionParsnipubuman: maybe but its still of no value, this is ubuntu support13:23
trojankingplease how can i install skype for ubuntu 10.1013:23
trojan_spikezsharon, it just an uninstall with wubi13:23
me__ActionParsnip: wat happen if i not type less????13:23
rwwzsharon: Wubi installs Ubuntu as a file inside the Windows partition. There is no way to do a 'permanent' install via Wubi.13:23
ActionParsniptrojanking: add the partnet repo (enable it in software centre) and then install as you would any other app13:23
iLinuxhow come...13:23
rgb247trojan_spike: visit skype.com, you can download a linux version from there13:23
zsharonOkay.  As I said, I've never used it.  I was under the impression that Wubi has several install options.13:24
ActionParsnipme__: it will just scroll, less lets you view the output at your leisure (use cursor to scroll up and down)13:24
iLinuxok, ok, i have installed ubuntu via wubi in my friend's comp. But it says before install. "Restart your computer."13:24
trojankinghow do i add the parnet repo and enable it in software centre13:24
iLinuxstill in windows13:24
rwwubottu: partner | trojan_spike13:24
ubottutrojan_spike: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »13:24
rwweep, mistab13:24
ActionParsnipiLinux: yes, it reboots to continue the install13:24
rwwtrojanking: see ubottu's last13:24
me__ActionParsnip: ok nd how can i list apps dat r running from the time my lappi started to that moment13:25
ActionParsniptrojanking: in software centre, edit -> sources13:25
ActionParsnipme__: how do you mean?13:25
ubumanme__ trhere is command history less ~/.bash_history13:26
wyclifis backing up /home directory13:26
iLinuxsorry, wubi is on-topic right. I just think i must join win32 channel help.13:26
ubumanme__ b ut that won't show you everything that ran13:26
me__ActionParsnip: i mean i want to list all the currently running apps in order of which started earlier than other just after my booting?13:26
ActionParsnipme__: hmm, likeorder by start time...13:27
trojan_spikerww, why i sending me that?13:27
iLinuxit's difficult huh removing ubuntu13:27
ubumanme__ ps aux will show you everything running now pstree will too13:27
rwwtrojan_spike: I mistabbed, sorry13:27
me__ActionParsnip: yup13:27
trojankingmy software center dont show up when i click it13:28
zsharoniLinux: This is the correct channel for your question.  You should look to see if there's a wubi channel though.13:28
me__ubuman: thnks !!!!!!it workd13:28
zsharoniLinux: I guess I should say that this is *a* correct channel.13:29
powerinsideAnyone know of some way that can force my distro to upgrade to 10.10?13:29
ActionParsnipme__: man ps    may show how you can order the output of the command13:29
ActionParsnippowerinside: from which release?13:29
ubumanpowerinside you can edit your /etc/sources.list file13:29
powerinsideActionParsnip: from 10.04 kubuntu13:29
rwwubuman: editing sources.list to upgrade is not a supported method13:29
zsharonpowerinside:  by default, synatptic won't show new releases since it's LTS.13:30
ActionParsnippowerinside: no need to force anything at all the13:30
rwwubottu: upgrade | powerinside13:30
ubottupowerinside: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade13:30
ActionParsnip!upgrade | powerinside13:30
ubumanrww shame it can work well13:30
ActionParsnippowerinside: use the server upgrade, its way easier imo13:30
trojan_spikepowerinside, u must be on LTS,, in update-manager// settings // >release upgrade option>> change that to normal release13:30
zsharonpowerinside:  I've forgotten exactly how I did it, but there's an option to show the new release.13:30
ActionParsnippowerinside: the guide shows what file to edit to make the OS expect normal upgrades rather than sticking to LTS releases13:31
raarit's in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades, Prompt=normal13:31
trojankingActionParsnip, i tried to run software center it failed and i tried all this commands still failed help http://paste.ubuntu.com/549086/13:31
raarno 'install'13:32
ubumanwhat is a command to list users I want to know why i have 11 users going now13:32
raarapt-get update; apt-get upgrade; apt-get dist-upgrade13:32
rwwubuman: because the command you're using counts each open terminal as a new user13:32
zsharonubuman: w13:32
ubumanI find 11 users troubling13:32
Tito0096Dr_Willis whats the command to update grub again?13:32
trojanking i tried to run software center it failed and i tried all this commands still failed help http://paste.ubuntu.com/549086/13:33
ZvrkHappy New Year13:33
raartrojanking: no 'install'13:33
ubumanrww that is odd I run terminals and don't end up with a bunch of different users13:33
raartrojanking: apt-get update; apt-get upgrade; apt-get dist-upgrade13:33
Demolitiohey guys.... interesting problem here... directly after re-formatting, I am no longer able to connect wirelessly to my router. It decides to disconnect itself after 2 minutes of attempting to connect.13:33
ActionParsnipubuman: awk -F: '{print $1}' /etc/passwd13:33
DemolitioI am able to set up/access the network on other machines, and my Windows partition on this machine can also access it. Any ideas?13:33
trojankingraar type everything13:33
rwwubuman: if you run the 'w' command everyone else told you about, you'll see what I mean ;)13:33
Dr_WillisTito0096:  tat would be 'update-grub' :)13:34
Tito0096oh okay thanks :)13:34
ActionParsniptrojanking: try:  sudo apt-get upgrade13:34
ActionParsniptrojanking: sudo apt-get install upgrade   won't work13:34
ubumanrww I did then commented that I've run terminals in the past and not ended up with them each counted as a user login13:34
jhonDemolitio: What is the signal strength?13:34
Tito0096Dr_Willis: its not finding the Windows partition13:34
ubumanrww though i must say pverall the live CD runs better than an install I've seen both13:34
ActionParsnipDemolitio: do you mean the files on other machines?13:35
Dr_WillisTito0096:  perhaps check the forums. Its always seen mine here.13:35
XinHow do i grep only part of line??13:35
Demolitio@jhon: full strength. I'm less than 15 feet away from it right now.13:35
ActionParsnipDemolitio: or do you share the network on the windows pc13:35
Dr_WillisTito0096:  could be somthing odd with how your system is partioned. It normally adds 3 different windows parittions here.13:35
ubumanXin ^ has something to do with it13:35
Tito0096Dr_Willis: as a matter afact windows screwed up grub, so i had to unl=plug the 2ndary drive to boot into ubuntu13:35
trojankingActionParsnip, this is the result http://paste.ubuntu.com/549090/13:35
Dr_WillisTito0096:  you did plug it back in?13:35
=== shookees is now known as ZNC_shookees
Tito0096Dr_Willis: yup13:35
DemolitioActionparsnip: forget files... I just can't connect wirelessly, period.13:36
trojankingActionParsnip, so will it work now? i mean software center13:36
Dr_WillisTito0096:  with 2 hd's i let windows keep its MBR on its own hd.. and linux on Its own.. i then use the bios menus to pick what os to boot.13:36
ActionParsnipDemolitio: can you ping your router?13:36
Dr_WillisTito0096:  so if grub dosent see windows. i just boot the win hd directly13:36
jhonTito0096 --> Go to synaptic and type in kernel into search box13:36
ActionParsniptrojanking: run: sudo apt-get update    first13:36
ActionParsniptrojanking: you can also test after that by running:  sudo apt-get --reinstall install nano13:37
jhonTito0096: then locate linux-image-2.6.35-22-generic13:37
jhonLinux kernel image for version 2.6.35 on x86/x86_64 r similar13:37
Tito0096Dr_Willis: How do I do a "device refresh" on ubuntu?13:37
DemolitioJhon: Full Strength.13:37
ActionParsniptrojanking: if both go smooth then you are in business13:37
trojankingall went smooth13:37
jhonand select mark for reinstall13:37
Dr_WillisTito0096:  cant say that ive ever had to do that.. never noticeds a way to do that.13:37
ActionParsniptrojanking: then all is well13:37
trojankingbut still Software Center Dont come up13:37
Xinanyone help? How do i grep part of line? how do i use cut command13:37
ubumantrojanking I like to just keep /home on its own partition then no matter w3hat I'm covered13:38
Tito0096Dr_Willis: because windows boots instead of linux13:38
Tito0096Dr_Willis: even though its a secoundary drive13:38
Dr_WillisXin:   start with 'man cut' ?  for complex things - you may want to use awk or sed. (or both)13:38
ActionParsniptrojanking: run:   sudo apt-get --reinstall install software-center   then retry it. I dont use software centre myself13:38
Dr_WillisTito0096:  tell teh bios to boot the other hd first perhaps?13:38
Xinthhnx dr.13:38
tzenrickVideo Problem:  Thinkpad r50e, broken LCD, video is cloning to external monitor just fine, can't set resolution due to not seeing 2 separate monitors.  Any ideas13:38
Tito0096Dr_Willis: doesnt listen haha13:39
trojan_spikeTito0096, what does ur grub say?13:39
trojankingActionParsnip, its installing or downloading now13:39
ubumanTito0096 can't you put a boot manager onto your MBR?13:39
lindow sudo apt-get13:39
=== Hekos is now known as hekos
me__i hav problems regarding connecting my airtel datacard carrying bsnl sim in it in connecting net from it?13:40
jhonTito0096: reinstalling the kernel will do an autoscan and will update grub entries accordingly13:40
trojan_spikeTito0096, are u able to get instal your ubuntu OS?? or are u on a live cd?13:40
trojan_spikeTito0096, into i mean13:40
Tito0096I have ubuntu installed13:40
ubumanjhon I think they may have 2 HDDs and linux has the mbr on one but windows has the mbr on the other13:40
Tito0096I wanted to game, so i made a spare partition on my 2ndary drive and installed Windows on it13:41
trojankingActionParsnip, thanks but i got thisn http://paste.ubuntu.com/549093/13:41
Tito0096Windows takes priority on boot13:41
trojan_spikeTito0096, and are u in it now?? in the installed ubuntu?13:41
jhonwell in that case, I d add the windows entry manually to grub.cfg13:41
jhonbut thats just me:)13:41
trojankingstill it didn't come up13:41
trojan_spikejhon, ::) yes,, thats you13:41
me__how can i list virus in my ubuntu13:41
Dr_Willis better to put it in /etc/grub.d/40_custom13:41
Tito0096How lol13:42
Tito0096I cant read the drive right now for some reason13:42
ubumantrojanking OK you installed linux tghen installed windows right? have you tried to put the ubuntu install media back in and done a repair?13:42
Tito0096even though i plugged it back in13:42
ubumanoh that is for Tito009613:43
trojankingubuman, i had windows b4, i just wanted to try ubuntu13:43
ubumanwhen is microsoft going to realize that they're not the only OS on the planet?13:43
k4r4mb4How can I check what shells are available on the system?13:43
trojankingubuman, now software center still cant come up13:44
Dr_Willisk4r4mb4:  chsh command i think is one way to see what  is there13:44
rwwk4r4mb4: cat /etc/shells13:44
juktrojanking: you on stable?13:44
ubumantrojanking I'm on a live image in a usb pen right now myself13:44
Dr_Willisnot everything in   /etc/shells    is installed.. those are just allowable user shells13:44
dhruvasagarHappy New Year to All!!!13:45
Tito0096Dr_Willis: how would i make ubuntu detect the drive again13:45
ubumantrojanking ubuntu    3684 20.5  1.3 158684 45996 ?        Sl   13:44   0:03 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/software-center13:45
k4r4mb4rww thanks13:45
rwwDr_Willis: ah, good point13:45
rwwk4r4mb4: I was wrong, actually. Listen to Dr_Willis instead ;)13:45
Dr_WillisTito0096:  see if sudo fdisk -l   shows it...13:45
iwantoknowhi how can I remove duplicate recourse lists?13:46
iwantoknowsorry source list13:46
trojankingubuman, i dont understand13:46
prabhuhow to install backtrack os13:47
MayankHello whenever i am trying to install a package with dpkg - i iam getting an error - subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 213:47
MayankErrors were encountered while processing:13:47
MayankI am on Ubuntu server 10.1013:47
ActionParsniptrojanking: you can run: sudo apt-get --purge autoremove   if you want to get rid of those packages which are no longer needed.13:47
Tito0096Dr_Willis: Nope13:47
Tito0096Unless i restart13:47
ubumantrojanking you mentioned the program so I decided to run it here13:47
Tito0096and that will make Windows load13:47
rwwprabhu: Backtrack isn't supported in this channel. Try #backtrack-linux.13:47
ubumanthis wouldn't be half bad if my windows autoraised13:47
iwantoknowhow can i remove duplicate source.lsit entries?13:47
prabhurww:thank you13:47
juktrojanking: what is your lsb_release13:47
ActionParsnipiwantoknow: edit the file13:47
k4r4mb4How can I check what shell I'm using atm13:48
Dr_WillisTito0096:  if 'sudo fdisk -l' is not showing the hd with the windowas setup. well you need to reboot/check cables/bios settings13:48
Tito0096I unplugged it then plugged it back in to make ubuntu boot lol13:48
Tito0096it hanged a bit13:48
Dr_Willisiwantoknow:  sources.list is just a text file.. edit it. remove dupes.13:48
Tito0096then it went and did its thing13:48
ubumanheh i looked under utilities but Ubuntu gives me the option of hiding 6688 technical items out of a total of 668913:49
Dr_WillisTito0096:  you are refering to a USB hard drive?13:49
ubumangotta lub Ubuntu!13:49
Dr_WillisTito0096:  you are hot-plugging in sata hard drives?13:49
Tito0096lol yeah13:49
Tito0096i know13:49
iwantoknowI am sorry, could you tell me the comand to edit it? thanks alot13:49
Tito0096but it was the only way to get ubuntu to boot13:49
Dr_WillisTito0096:  thats one way to blow stuff up i guess...13:49
* Tito0096 gasps13:49
Dr_Willisiwantoknow:  with any text editopr you like.13:49
ubumanTito0096 why can't you boot off a CD or USB stick?13:50
Dr_Willisiwantoknow:  sudo nano /path/to/file13:50
=== CripperZ-away is now known as CripperZ
iwantoknowthanks i will figure out13:50
Tito0096On a live cd I cant boot into the live cd ubuntu system13:50
Tito0096it black screens13:50
Dr_WillisTito0096:  for nvidia cards i have to use the 'nomodeset' option on the live cd.13:51
ubumanDr_Willis ubuntu really ought to work on that gotcha13:51
ActionParsnipiwantoknow: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list13:51
Tito0096Dr_Willis: thats what i used to get ubuntu to boot out of the black screen13:51
Dr_Willisubuman:  its a plymouth/neauvu driver issue from what ive read.13:52
trojankingActionParsnip, see result pls http://paste.ubuntu.com/549095/13:52
iwantoknowthanks alot13:52
trojankingis there a school to go and learn linux... windows is easy13:52
ActionParsniptrojanking: linux is easy too13:53
Dr_Willistrojanking:  you have allready learned windows.. thats what makes it easy.. many things in windows are very HARD for total beginers to learn13:53
trojankingjust to fix a problem i have gotten 1million command that dont solve d problem13:53
Dr_Willistrojanking:  theres books/guides/docs all over the place for linux.13:53
zsharonI'm thinking of building xfce4-panel from GIT.  Do I need to uninstall it via apt first?13:53
red2kictrojanking: You grew up using Windows. ;)13:53
trojankingtry and error wastes my time13:53
ActionParsniptrojanking: do you have updates running or software centre open?13:53
Dr_Willistrojanking:  vs windows  where you try 1000 differnt thigns/clicks/menus/reg entries.. that dont fix the problem.13:53
trojankingi didn't grow with mac13:53
ubumanDr_Willis well a lot of docs are awfully out of date these days13:53
trojankingless than 24hours i cud learn everything with mac13:53
Dr_WillisEverything is out of date eventually....13:53
trojankingit never opened13:53
jhontrojanking: just start getting your system up to date, fixing stuff13:53
trojankingi head wants to burst13:54
jhonthat will bring you up to speed13:54
ActionParsnipubuman: many are wikis, so you can update them yourself13:54
trojankingi feel like formatting d drive and stick to windows and mac13:54
ubumanDr_Willis like I've udev issues and what I've seen out there on the topic is a mess13:54
Dr_Willistrojanking:  but you would gladly spend 20+ hrs learning how to use a new cellphone...13:54
me__how can i install kubuntu and i hav installed ubuntu??????? any method from terminal is prefferd13:54
Tito0096Dr_Willis: where could I access the settings on a live cd?13:54
=== iLinux is now known as iLinux[0FF]
trojankingcellphone takes me 1hr to look13:54
jhonme__ : sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop13:54
ActionParsnipme__: or sudo apt-get install kde-core13:55
trojankingi want to install skype yahoo messenger all that13:55
ubumanActionParsnip I'm noit a kernel coder and I've never seen the stuff work13:55
stealthcsudoku apt-get install13:55
raartrojanking: apt-get install skype; apt-get install pidgin13:55
ubumanActionParsnip which is why I'm in an ubuntu live CD right now in fact so I can compare and contrast13:55
trojankingi need to go to go to command line and type apt-get and all that13:55
ActionParsnipubuman: well if you do, update the wiki for others to use ;)13:55
me__jhon: how much tym will it take to install13:55
me__ActionParsnip: how much tym will it take13:55
ActionParsnipubuman: whats your issue with udev?13:55
ubumanActionParsnip nah I'll go off and play Quake13:55
trojankingskype didn't work13:55
red2kictrojanking: Can you fix a car?13:55
red2kictrojanking: But do you want to?13:56
ubumanActionParsnip in squeeze its not making my symblinks in /dev13:56
ActionParsnipme__: depends how fast your connection is and the speed / type of your storage13:56
jhonme__: depends on your internet connection, if you have fast broadband 600 megs will be downloaded fast13:56
ubumanActionParsnip though they're all here in 10.10 live and i want to find out why13:56
trojankingi dont want to fix a car13:56
red2kictrojanking: Okay, then stick with Windows + Mac.13:56
ActionParsnipubuman: squeeze is offtopic here13:56
ubumanActionParsnip not for me it ain't13:56
ActionParsnipubuman: ask in #debian to see why13:56
ubumanActionParsnip they've no idea13:56
raarred2kic: I think the old rule 'if your vcr blinks on13:56
trojankingu may not belive me red2kic13:57
raarred2kic: I think the old rule 'if your vcr blinks on "00:00", you shouldn't use linex' applies :)13:57
red2kicraar: I rip it out. VCR is outdated technology. :)13:57
ActionParsnipubuman: then if you need that functionality then debian seems to not be the tool for the job13:57
trojankingwhen i wanted to use windows i learn it my self d first time in my life13:57
ubumanActionParsnip oh you think ubuntu is not without its issues?13:57
ActionParsnipred2kic: still works though13:57
dj100500êó âñåì13:57
ActionParsnipubuman: i never said that did I13:57
Dr_WillisInteresting artical - 'too hard is no excuse' ---> http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/locutus/its-too-hard-is-no-excuse-4330413:57
ubumanActionParsnip believe me I'd rather fix this than everything I'd have to fix in ubuntu13:57
trojankingi was snicking into an office to on pc and the first day i turned on a desktop i used paid to draw a lad13:57
rwwubuman: Debian is offtopic for this channel, regardless of whether you happen to be using it.13:57
jhontrojanking: if your completely new to Linux first 2-3 months will be a pain, you ll bash your head in the wall a couple times, but if you keep using it you ll get better at it13:57
ActionParsnipubuman: dont put words in my mouth13:57
trojankingthat is13:58
red2kicActionParsnip: Ya. Where can I get latest Harry Potter movie on VCR tape? :(13:58
ubumanrww right now I'm in ubuntu 10.10 live13:58
trojankingjhon, u just said the answer13:58
rwwubuman: Congratulations. Quit bringing up Debian.13:58
ActionParsnipubuman: if you need a particular functionality and the distro you have doesnt do it then it may be time to change13:58
dj100500unban me pleas on #ubuntu-ru13:58
ubumanrww well I'm in 10.10 live to find out some info to configure something in my regular distro I normally run13:58
ActionParsnipred2kic: if you have tapes and a tape player, you can watch the tapes. Just because its old doesn't mean it stops working suddenly13:59
rwwdj100500: ask in #ubuntu-irc for LoCo channel issues13:59
aaaaaddashey, how could i add route from 192.168.0.* to router?13:59
ActionParsnipubuman: you can chroot from Ubuntu liveCD to installed OSes to fix them13:59
ubumanActionParsnip well ubuntu won't play sound in quake at all13:59
trojankingjhon, 1month will be a stress to learn something, bcos i want to learn with all my time but this will keep table away from my food, because i use windows to make money13:59
Dr_Willisgiven how old Quake I is.. im suprised it works at all..14:00
ubumanActionParsnip has something to do with pulse audiop and not making /dev/dsp14:00
ActionParsnipubuman: the first quake? How are you running it? how did you install it>14:00
jhontrojanking: took me 2-3 months while doing IBO14:00
Dr_WillisThere are redone/udated versions of the quake engine i recall.14:00
ubumanActionParsnip how does it matter?14:00
ubumanActionParsnip same way i install it in any other distro14:00
k4r4mb4how to find out what shell I'm using atm?14:00
trojan_spikeActionParsnip, wine runs it14:00
Dr_Willisk4r4mb4:  echo $SHELL  i think14:00
trojankingjhon, u see14:00
Dr_Willisk4r4mb4:  most likely you are using Bash14:00
ActionParsnipubuman: if you compiled it then its a world different to if youused someone precompiled package etc, why not just answer the question???14:00
jhontrojanking: if you have the whole day to yourself, forum reading, wikireading, etc, 2 week s enough14:00
scotty^happy new year everyone14:01
ubumanActionParsnip it works in that other unmentionable distro BTW14:01
k4r4mb4there are no bash conf files in home dir14:01
k4r4mb4I doubt I'm using bash14:01
trojan_spikety scotty^ u too14:01
raarred2kic: ok ok, perhaps the rule is a bit old... haven't really heard it mentioned since slackware 814:01
Dr_Willisk4r4mb4:   if you are using Ubuntu. you are using bash...14:01
ActionParsnipubuman: the method of install in Ubuntu will most likely be hugely different from the method in gentoo14:01
ubumanActionParsnip I install it a half a dozen different ways there is more than one engine for the game now you know?14:01
raarred2kic: still I think it's a good indicator :)14:01
Dr_Willis$ echo $SHELL14:01
ubumanActionParsnip nah old quake you're building it to run today14:01
ActionParsnipubuman: so, how was it installed?14:01
=== _dj100500 is now known as dj1OO5OO
k4r4mb4Thank Dr_Willis14:02
ubumanActionParsnip the more intelligent question to ask would be what engine do you use14:02
k4r4mb4I'm using sh14:02
k4r4mb4Does anyone know how to enable autocomplete in this sh shell?14:02
ubumanActionParsnip because original quake ain't running on no modern distro today no way hno how14:02
ActionParsnipubuman: I give up, youo failed to answer basic questions so I wont waste anymore time14:02
ubumanActionParsnip I already did you just failed to comprehend it14:03
=== CripperZ is now known as CripperZ-away
ActionParsnip!away > CripperZ-away14:03
ubottuCripperZ-away, please see my private message14:03
k4r4mb4chsh gives one only sh shell as a option.I assume only sh shell is installed14:03
_dj100500на русском ктонить говорит?14:03
rww!ru | _dj10050014:04
ubottu_dj100500: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke14:04
parolangDoes anyone know how to bring the internet back up from the commandline?  The start/restart commands don't seem to work for me.14:04
andrewaxfala em ingles criatura!14:04
_dj100500мя там почемут забанили(((((((14:04
BluesKajparolang,rtherenet or wifi ?14:05
andrewaxГоворите английском языке!14:05
rww_dj100500: change your client's ident/GECOS string. "root" is banned from that channel.14:05
Dr_Willisk4r4mb4:  you run the /etc/bash_completion  script14:05
Dr_Willisk4r4mb4:  its ran as prt of the normal bash init scripts14:05
_dj100500my eng so shity14:05
ActionParsnipparolang: sudo service networking stop; sudo service networking start; sudo dhclient3 eth0    is one example14:05
parolangandrewax: Is that RUssian?14:05
yeikmorning everybody14:05
iwantoknowis there video configuration file where i can set video modes?14:05
k4r4mb4How to run that script?14:05
Dr_Willisk4r4mb4:  'sh' is normally the system shell.. user shell is normally bash14:05
ubuman_dj100500 it not so bad14:05
k4r4mb4I tried chsh -s bash gives me not such shell14:06
Dr_Willisk4r4mb4:  bash completion wont work in sh. only bash..    try '. /etc/bash_completion'14:06
ActionParsnipiwantoknow: you can use xrandr or /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:06
Dr_Willisk4r4mb4:  what os did you install ?14:06
andrewaxseems. At least I was able to translate on google translator14:06
_dj100500how to install ubunu whis out cd or dvd i sit from live usb and i want save fucking windows14:06
parolangActionParsnip: See...like I type status networking and it tells me: networking stop/waiting.  It tells me this when internet is up and running, and when it isn't.14:06
gstigerhey gibt es sowas wie hier auch auf deutsch14:06
IdleOne!language | _dj10050014:06
ubottu_dj100500: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:06
Dr_Willisk4r4mb4:  then you goofed up spmting badly.. bash is incluided by default14:06
scotty^@iwantoknow - the is xorg.conf, but it's usually not needed these days.14:06
ubuman_dj100500 I use usb drive14:06
Dr_Willisk4r4mb4:  sudo apt-get install bash    perhaps.14:07
k4r4mb4what was the command to check the os verions in shell14:07
ubuman_dj100500 http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/14:07
k4r4mb4I can not use root14:07
ActionParsnipparolang: mine says stop/waiting too, on this system I am typing to you on14:07
IdleOnek4r4mb4: lsb_release -a14:07
ActionParsnipk4r4mb4: lsb_release -a; uname -a14:07
parolangActionParsnip: And when I hit start networking when internet isn't running, all it tells me, again, is networking stop/waiting.14:07
_dj100500can i install ubuntu whis out dvd or cd14:07
Dr_Willisk4r4mb4:  so you are on a desktop machine, running ubuntu 10.10? or som,e otjher weird way?14:07
Dr_Willis!install | _dj10050014:08
ubottu_dj100500: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate14:08
ActionParsnip_dj100500: you can use usb14:08
parolangActionParsnip: So I've been having to reboot to get internet working again.14:08
BluesKajparolang, sudo dhclient14:08
andrewaxguys, how is now that issue on processor overheating from ubuntu 10.10 kernel?14:08
ubumanparolang pump usually fixes that for me14:08
ActionParsnipparolang: try rmmodding the interface driver, then reload it back in then restart networking14:08
k4r4mb4maybe it is a gnu-linux, not ubuntu14:08
k4r4mb4but it says ubuntu as well14:08
IdleOne!usb | _dj10050014:09
ubottu_dj100500: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:09
_dj100500apps compielid for mono can run or .net?14:09
k4r4mb4Description:    Ubuntu 10.10 release maverick14:09
k4r4mb4it is a ubuntu14:09
andrewax@k4r4mb4 cat /etc/issue14:09
ubumank4r4mb4 same ubuntu I am running14:10
Demolitiook, I've managed to connect to my wireless network now by changing the broadcast channel from auto to chan 6..... now I have a new problem.14:10
DemolitioI can't appear to connect to the router when the AC cord on the laptop is unplugged? what the!?!?14:10
k4r4mb4Ubuntu 10.10 \n \l14:10
parolangubuman: Pump is a command?14:10
BluesKajparolang, or sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart14:10
_dj100500on usb bt :(14:10
ubumanparolang it causes dhcp to get an IP14:10
parolangBluesKaj: That's what I used to use on Debian, but it tells me to use the upstart/service commands :/14:11
ubumanparolang but I have had a lot of issues with avahi and networkmanager14:11
andrewaxservice servicename start ?14:11
andrewax/etc/init.d/service start ?14:11
BluesKajparolang, yeah, but it still works14:11