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* yofel hugs jelmer00:51
yofelthanks for fixing the bzr memory bug!00:51
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wildfireI'm uploading to a ppa (lp.net/~wildfire/+archive/yate) - and the first email I had back indicated an error (I uploaded a binary rather than source) but my subsequent uploads have not resulted in any email back at all. Any hints on how to debug / what to do next?04:58
lifelessthere is a wiki page04:59
lifelesswgrant: wants the ppa upload debug page?04:59
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wgrantwildfire: The problem is that your OpenPGP key is not registered with your Launchpad account.05:01
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persiaFor those of you who have listened to me complain about bzr being slow with launchpad, and helped me find ways to make it less incredibly painful, I just want to let you know that I've been using git today against a variety of hosts, and find that I miss bzr's ability to get source in a timely fashion.  Thanks for all the work to make it faster!05:35
lifelesspersia: nice05:41
MostAwesomeDudeHowdy. I'm havin' fun with PPAs.05:42
MostAwesomeDudeI have two source packages with strange licenses. One is PD, and another is MIT/X11. What's the appropriate license to pick for those?05:42
wgrantMostAwesomeDude: Pikcing for what?05:44
MostAwesomeDudeOut of the choices, BSD is pretty close, but I didn't want to "round up" to the next license.05:45
lifelessMostAwesomeDude: for both, you need to include the licence inline05:46
wgrantFor debian/copyright you can paste the license text there.. you don't have to select one from common-licenses.05:46
MostAwesomeDudeOh, okay.05:46
lifelessneither PD nor MIT/X11 are in common-licenses05:46
MostAwesomeDudeOkay. And of course both of those are PPA-friendly, right? I figure that MIT's fine, but I wasn't sure about PD.05:47
* persia murmurs vaguely about the meaning of "public domain" in France05:51
micahgby the way, where can I report bugs about the wiki on dev.launchpad.net (rendering, not content)05:52
wgrantAs persia says, the global status of PD is, uh, not optimal.05:52
wgrantBut it is generally considered OK for PPAs.05:52
MostAwesomeDudeI'm well-aware that PD is a legally dubious thing in many countries, but I can't really change it.05:54
persiaIndeed.  It's often worth a gentle discussion with upstream.  In most cases, ISC or WTFPL is considered an acceptable dual-licensing arrangement for works released "into the public domain".05:56
persiaBut nothing that can be actively done when receiving the work05:56
persia(although, technically, I suppose one could relicense public domain works if one added "front matter" and then claimed copyright on the compound work, but that gets messy and jurisdiction dependent, and is mostly useless anyway)05:58
MostAwesomeDudeI *am* upstream for this package, these days, but I don't want to relicense until after I've finished some significant restructuring work.05:58
persiaAh, that's even better :)  If you're thinking PD, I recommend investigating ISC and WTFPL: one of those two is sure to meet your goals.05:59
MostAwesomeDudeI'm familiar with ISC. It would be just fine.05:59
MostAwesomeDudeThe other package should stay MIT/X11, since it follows the original spirit. :305:59
MostAwesomeDudeWoot, success! Thanks, guys. Now to dh_make the other one.06:11
MostAwesomeDudeHm. What's the correct section for an app written in Python, but that is a server? Should its package name start with "python-"?06:23
poolienormally python-* is just for libraries06:23
MostAwesomeDudeAh. Well, the name "bravo" appears unused, so I'll roll with that. It should just go with all the servers, then?06:24
lifelessif its important by other python code on the system, python-*; if it also has a front end script, consider two binary packages.06:24
wildfirewgrant: how do you know this?06:29
wildfirewgrant: https://launchpad.net/~wildfire - has my key listed already06:29
wgrantwildfire: I checked the upload processor's log file.06:30
wildfirewgrant: hmm06:30
wgrantYou signed the package with 7BFB2396B1F1454F82EAACEF1C9FDFB760260AF706:30
wildfireok, I'll try again - and ensure I've selected the right key06:31
pooliehello wildfire06:31
wildfirepoolie: hey martin06:31
wildfireback in Sydney?06:31
poolieyes; you?06:32
wildfireyup, leave on Tuesday06:34
wildfirehave been back for a few weeks actually06:34
poolieoh, ok06:37
pooliewe could have lunch or something if you have time06:37
wildfirehmm - what are you up to tomorrow?06:37
wildfirewgrant: seems to be accepted now - thanks for checking06:37
wgrantwildfire: Great.06:38
wildfirepoolie: I'm meeting malcolm at the red oak tomorrow06:40
MostAwesomeDudeWoot, success! Thanks, guys.06:59
tjaaltonmorning! i've got an issue with the launchpad list email going to the preferred email account though I've set a list to use another account07:13
janimowhat is the "List commented bugs" link showing in a user's LP bug page?08:16
janimoI'd like to clean up my bugs list to only contain things I am currently interested in, but old open bugs which I did not open or are subscibed too are stil shown to me08:16
persiaThe list commented bugs contains all the bugs you ever touched: it's non-editable.08:18
persiaYou can change subscription for bugs to which you are directly subscribed, and change structural subscriptions (e.g. package subscriptions) for packages that no longer interest you.08:18
janimopersia, I am sure I have touched more than 82 bugs, hence the list looks almost random08:18
janimopersia, I have no package subs, but I still get xfce/xubuntu related bugs there08:19
janimohmm I guess it only shows open bugs08:19
janimothats's why it is 8208:19
janimoalso if I open a bug, then an also affects link is set, then even if mine is close in ubuntu, the bug is shown until that other project (which may not be actively maitained) fixes it too08:20
persiaYes, there's no way to make the bug go away until all tasks are closed unless you intentionally unsubscribe.08:21
persiaWhich gets annoying in the case of structural subscriptions.08:22
janimopersia, but I am not subscribed directly08:22
persiaCommented Bugs shows only 66 for me, but maybe I can't see some of yours :)08:22
janimothat is why I feel I cannot make these go away at all08:22
* persia picks bug 65556 at random08:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 65556 in thunar "wrong text on Bulk Rename" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6555608:23
janimopersia, right only 6608:23
janimothose make up the bulk of all related bugs. I was on that poage and misquted the number08:23
* janimo would love to have overlooked a way to get rid of the unwanted bugs08:25
persiaHrm.  I've no idea for the sample bug I picked.  I can't see how or why you are subscribed.08:27
janimopersia, unfortunatley it is the same for many of those bugs - at one point I was subscribed to all xfce/xubuntu ones08:27
janimoshall I ask on the lp ml?08:27
persiaSomeone more knowledgeable will probably comment soon.08:28
persiaIf nobody does, prod the help contact next time one is listed in the /topic (there is one listed for some random 40 hours each week, depending on timezones).08:29
persiaIf that doesn't work, or you don't want to wait, file an answer at answers.launchpad.net/launchpad08:29
janimopersia, ok thank you08:30
persiaGood luck.08:30
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janimobac, hi13:04
bachi JanC13:05
bacsorry janc, hi janimo13:05
janimobac, do you have scrollback? If not I'll paste here my questin again :)13:05
* bac looks13:05
janimoluckily the channle was quiet since I had written13:06
bacjanimo: what is your LP id?13:08
janimobac, I have since made a few bugs invalid, and unsubscribed from those I could, but still there are a few (xfce mostly) I can't do anyting about13:09
bacjanimo: so you are getting mail for the bugs listed in "List commented bugs" even though you are not subscribed?13:11
janimobac, I don;think I get mails, some are not touched by anyone for 2-3 years13:12
janimobut they show up in my default bug page, making the ones that I care about harder to locate13:12
bacjanimo: ok, so your "List related bugs" shows old bugs you commented on but are no longer interested in.  is that right?13:13
janimothe default page https://bugs.launchpad.net/~jani13:14
janimoif the default page would be list subscribed or assigned it would be a good workaround13:14
bacjanimo: the "list related bugs" is a superset of all of the other bug lists, like subscribed, commented, etc13:16
bacjanimo: it is the default shown for an individual, ATM and is not configurable13:16
janimobac, so what I see is notmal behaviour? ok then13:16
janimothank you13:16
bacso, i think if it isn't showing the info you need, you'll need to select the list you are interested in, such as 'subscribed' or 'reported'13:17
janimoI would have expected the default to be a smaller set - assigned for instance13:17
bacjanimo: you can make a strong argument for that!13:17
bacjanimo: please open a bug if you think the behavior is wrong or confusing.13:19
janimoI will (although I unsubed from about 4-5 LP bugs I opened in the past 5 years since there was no action on them)13:21
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janimobac, filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/71309213:25
bacjanimo: my squad is doing a big rework of how subscriptions work, so look for more control in the future.13:27
janimobac, great13:27
janimoany cleaning and pruning of the bug lists help13:27
* janimo grumbles at also-affects which creates duplicates and sticks along even if in the original project there's a Fix released13:28
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shadeslayercan someone unset the bzr branch from https://code.launchpad.net/libktorrent/trunk17:36
shadeslayerhttps://code.launchpad.net/~neon/libktorrent/master is the new trunk17:37
jelmershadeslayer: hi17:43
shadeslayerjelmer: omg ... i need to buy you a beer dude17:43
jelmershadeslayer: heh17:43
jelmershadeslayer: are you going to be at FOSDEM ? >-)17:43
shadeslayerno seriously ... :P17:43
shadeslayertoo far :(17:43
shadeslayerjelmer: why didn't you come to UDS N?17:44
jelmershadeslayer: I was at a different conference at the time.17:44
jelmershadeslayer: Whereabouts are you based?17:44
shadeslayerjelmer: Gurgaon, India17:44
shadeslayerjelmer: thanks to you fixing that mem bug, we can automate more builds, instead of having to upload them manually ;)17:50
yofelwell, now we only have 2 recipes that don't work for LP reasons, well, one works randomly17:51
shadeslayerjelmer: https://code.launchpad.net/~neon/ktorrent/master << same thing for ktorrent too18:03
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bcurtiswx_just running an idea by to ya'll.  How hard would it be to see the bug status and importance in bug e-mails.  I see this being important, as if i'm reading through a backlog of bug mail, if I notice a response of a bug thats already in a triaged state and I see the response adds nothing I can just delete the email.  This way I don't have to go into the bug report to check this out19:27
brovhow much time will take a review of SVN import ?19:29
bcurtiswx_for example as well, i get bug mail from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/papyon/+bug/631428 where empathy is in an invalid state and other packages have been assigned.  these type of bug mails i can ignore and don't want to load the launchpad page for it19:30
brov(I registered a branch and trying to import from SVN and it says 'pending review')19:30
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maxbbrov: There's no set schedule, however, if you mention you're waiting in here, it tends to happen quickly. If you don't, it can take several days19:52
* maxb reviews brov's import19:52
brovok, thanks19:52
maxbbrov: The url needs to be one to a specific branch in the svn repo, not the repo root. I guess you want the trunk?19:53
brovI'd like to add /branch/Rewrite as well, but wiki says it's not possible atm :D19:54
maxbit does?19:54
brova sec19:54
maxbActually, bzr-svn may have problems understanding that it's a branch, because it's named wrongly19:54
maxbStandard svn convention says it should be /branches/ not /branch/19:54
brov"At the moment the service is restricted to tracking only the main branch of each project. "19:55
brovwell, if it is possible then I could (in theory) give it a direct url to that branch, right?19:56
maxbYes, but it may not understand what to do with it19:56
brovhmm, renaming 'branch' to 'branches' will do the job? :D19:57
brovwill it be imported as well?19:57
maxbIt should, and will assist people who are used to the standard conventions too.19:57
brovok, renaming that folder then19:58
brovmaxb: ok, renamed20:06
maxbI have rewritten the sentence that said "At the moment the service is restricted to tracking only the main branch of each project. "20:07
shadeslayercould someone set https://code.launchpad.net/ktorrent/trunk to point to https://code.launchpad.net/~neon/ktorrent/master20:10
shadeslayerso that i can delete https://code.launchpad.net/~neon/ktorrent/trunk20:10
maxbbrov: Unfortunately there's a problem with importing from SourceForge at the moment, because they seem to be using an invalid or odd SSL certificate20:11
shadeslayeroh perfect for my test case ^^20:12
brovwell, they use *.svn.sourceforge.net20:12
shadeslayermaxb: just for the imports?20:12
shadeslayeror the whole site?20:12
maxbbrov: you will need to individually request the import of the branch too, if you want it20:12
brovnot *.svn.sf.net20:12
brovso that's why I gave full url20:12
maxbshadeslayer: imports. svn does not like the certificate20:12
shadeslayerok ... night all ... cya tomorrow20:13
brovmaxb: can I request just /branches ?20:13
maxbno, only actual branches. - so, /branches/Rewrite20:13
brovrequesting then20:14
brovok, requested20:16
brovI'm wondering if it will work with svn:// style url...20:16
brovit seems that sf does not support svnserve ...20:19
brovmaxb: their cert _seems_ to be ok...20:24
lifelessbrov: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/sourceforge/ticket/1713420:27
brovwell, yeah20:28
brovI forgot I imported it some time ago:D20:28
brovmaxb: can you change the url scheme to http:// and try again?20:37
maxbI did, it failed.20:37
maxbSF have very low timeouts on their http non-ssl connections which break the imports that way too20:38
brovso shitty sf :P20:40
brovcan't you import their cert manually? at least until they will fix it20:41
brovanyway, thanks for an assistance, maxb20:52
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brovmaxb: still around?21:21
brovthe other member of the project asked sf staff about it21:22
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brovand sf has certs updated21:22
brov(at least they said so)21:23
maxbDoesn't look like it to me21:23
brov<burley-sf> you should have launchpad fix it21:25
brov<burley-sf> we updated certs21:25
maxbbrov: "updated" can mean many things. Apparently here it does not mean "fixed"21:29
maxbWhere is this conversation going on?21:29
brovon freenode21:29
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lifelessfrontline support & its the weekend21:38
lifelessI rather suspect sourceforge had their hand forced by the attack21:39
lifelessand testing they might normally have done got skipped/fastttracked21:39
brovwell, that guy was right saying that could be done on lp end21:40
brovbut... they must update their end as well21:40
smokexit is rediculous to have to work around it21:41
lifelessso, it would be insecure to accept certs that the ssl stack is rejecting21:41
lifelessI don't think we'll do that, not as a general policy21:41
smokexoh we have channels here btw brov :)21:41
brovone more thing like this dumb answer21:42
smokexour group isn't officially registered with freenode though21:42
brovand I'm moving our project to lp21:42
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