head_victimNew x-server fail?00:04
iktthey haven't uploaded the new stuff yet00:16
blahdeblahikt: Can you email me your address for the sticker mailout?00:17
blahdeblahikt: Or do you already have some from open day?00:17
ikti'm in adelaide :)00:18
ikti don't have any :s00:18
blahdeblahikt: I thought you were coming to LCA00:19
iktmy broke ass ain't going anywhere :P00:19
Phlostenfind a photocopier, scan, send broke ass wherever you want...00:20
blahdeblahikt: Well, email me your address and the stickers will be yours00:20
blahdeblahAnyone know if Karl Bowden is on IRC?00:21
iktlol Phlosten 00:21
Phlostenblahdeblah, are those stickers from Canonical?00:21
blahdeblahPhlosten: Yep - going to the post office today00:21
Phlostenwasnt sure whether they were official or just ordered from somewhere else00:22
blahdeblahCanonical sent them to us for open day - see mailing list, and thank head_victim00:22
iktoh yeah00:23
Phlostenwas going to catch up on mailing list reading tomorrow00:23
Phlostenbeen a really chaotic week, kinda expected after being away for 10 days00:23
Phlostenpeople are getting annoyed at me telling them to go away00:24
blahdeblahPeople.  They get like that.00:24
Phlostentaking a hint from Carol from Google, getting people to realise not everything is an 'emergency'00:25
head_victimHah that was a good talk that one00:25
ikthead has a ton of cd's he wants to get rid of, would it be possible to merge the stickers with the cds ?00:25
Phlostenneed to follow up with some cookies00:25
iktspeak of the devil :P00:25
head_victimikt: we have more CDs than stickers but blahdeblah is merging the 2 with some business cards as well perhaps00:26
blahdeblahikt: I took a box of 100 CDs from head_victim, and am sending them out as the envelope for the stickers00:26
iktok sweet00:27
head_victimSomehow in the confusion we had 3 different sets of varying number of CDs sent to the LCA Open Day. Some to me and 2 lots to the LCA people00:27
blahdeblahhead_victim: Any 64-bit CDs in that?00:27
head_victimNah they are ALL 32 bit 10.10 desktops00:28
head_victimI checked them :/00:28
head_victimYeah, made me double take yesterday as I installed it on the wife's PC alongside Windows7 and I forgot it was only 32 bit and wondering why a 64bit application refused to run.00:33
head_victimThat's what I get for being lazy and not burning my own disk and just using that one I guess00:33
blahdeblahhead_victim: Just emailed you a CD request.00:51
head_victimblahdeblah: cool, I'm sending some down south to jellyware for computerbank and luv as well now00:52
blahdeblahLast call for stickers!  If you haven't got me your snail mail address yet - please do so right now.01:22
blahdeblahikt: This means you!  :-)01:22
iktlol ok02:01
iktoh sorry02:01
ikti just went out02:01
iktblahdeblah, 02:01
blahdeblahjust in time, ikt02:01
blahdeblahI just finished the LAST lot of CDs & stickers before heading off...02:01
ikti didn't get your email02:01
Phlostenis today over yet? oh wait, damn, not yet :S02:02
Phlostenshould hack around with Ubuntu, that will be more fun02:02
iktwhere can you find the humidity ?02:05
iktanyone have a weather site02:05
blahdeblahikt: http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDQ60901/IDQ60901.94576.shtml02:05
blahdeblahThat's Brisbane - should be a link on the page for your part of Oz02:05
iktyours says rel hum is like 60%02:07
iktours is the same02:07
iktare you covered in sweat?02:07
blahdeblahThis is the closest one to me: http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDQ60901/IDQ60901.94576.shtml02:07
blahdeblahOur rel hum is more like 75%02:07
blahdeblahActually, i would have guessed 90%, but apparently i'm not that good a judge...02:08
blahdeblah(Although, the Redlands observations were 3 hours ago...)02:09
blahdeblahMozzarella cheese is the bomb.02:52
blahdeblah(Just in case you guys weren't aware.)02:53
blahdeblah ;-)02:53
head_victimhah "sudo apt-get ingest mozzarella-cheese"02:53
sagacihead_victim: are you getting that kernel panic?03:19
head_victimsagaci: nah I don't have any alphas installed yet03:53
blahdeblahalphas are for people with loads of spare time on their hands.  :-)03:55
head_victimWell I normally boot up some VMs for alphas but just haven't gotten there this release yet :/03:56
iktthis is probably the most unstable alpha I have seen in a while03:59
iktwhich is good because stable alphas are boring!03:59
blahdeblahhead_victim: VMs aren't much of a test - even Windoze runs well in VMs03:59
sagaciyeah, I always try to install alphas onto my laptop but this one won't even boot, already a bug filed under high importance. Hopefully it's fixed soon.04:03
sagacibrb, tryin kubuntu alpha04:03
Phlostenrunning alphas in a VM are a good test, need to make sure it works well under VMs too04:07
head_victimI use alphas mainly just to test out the programs I've always used to make sure the bugs that are going to affect me get reported.04:32
iktjust got my course timetable and you guessed it05:02
ikttuesday 6:30-9:3005:02
Phlostenikt, i didnt guess it05:06
Phlostenikt, what are you studying?05:06
iktcert 3 in it05:07
Phlostenimagine a room full of potential IT techs at 6:30am......more redbull!!05:11
blahdeblahhead_victim: I just found out that our local library is doing an IT expo in March.  I volunteered to help out, give free sessions, etc. and they said they don't accept any volunteer help.  :-(  I then asked if they would take some free CDs, stickers, and posters to give out, explaining that Ubuntu was a free alternative to Windows and Mac.  The librarian's response "that's ambitious!"05:14
blahdeblahI told her, no, it's not ambitious - it already works.  I couldn't believe she hadn't heard of Linux at all.05:15
blahdeblahJust shows how bug #1 is so true05:15
lubotu2Launchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105:15
Phlostenblahdeblah, go to the local council and find someone there who is not so closed minded05:16
blahdeblahI thought librarians were supposed to be subversive freedom fighters disguised as nerds, but it seems this one is just a slave of the status quo.  ;-(05:16
Phlosteni know the guy that does the IT systems for library here, he is FOSS friendly05:17
Phlostenblahdeblah, there is some extra ammunition now, legislation that requires government departments to consider open source software when making IT decisions05:19
Phlostensomeone was talking about it in lightning talks at LCA05:19
blahdeblahPhlosten: yeah, i was there.05:20
blahdeblahBut this is not their IT decision - it's just a free public expo05:20
Phlostenbut, it is a good thing to bring up for those that are unaware of alternatives05:20
blahdeblahWhy do you think i was there offering to help?  ;-)05:21
Phlostenyou need to take a big stick next time, the Stick of Understanding(tm)05:21
blahdeblahI prefer the Carrot of Freedom (tm)05:22
hot_wheelzhi guys05:25
hot_wheelzhow we doing?05:25
iktand you hot_wheelz ?05:30
head_victimblahdeblah: what day in march?05:30
blahdeblah8-26, mostly just 1 workshop per day05:31
head_victimAhh ok, well would we be allowed to run a Ubuntu workshop?05:31
blahdeblahhead_victim: It's in Redlands, not Brisbane.05:31
head_victimIt's ok, I have a car ;)05:31
blahdeblahNo, that's what i already asked.05:31
head_victimAh ok so they're running it all?05:32
head_victimAh bummer05:32
blahdeblahNot even a whiff of volunteer possibilities.05:32
blahdeblahMaybe they've had too many problems with pushy people in the past05:32
head_victimI was going to offer to help you out for a day of stuff if we could line it up with a day off05:33
hot_wheelzi have a dvb driver and would like to see if it can be included who can i talk to to about this?...Thx 05:33
ikta dvb driver? wouldn't that go into the kernel?05:36
iktcan you link the driver?05:37
head_victimUsually yes, not sure about the "non free" ones though05:37
hot_wheelzhead_victim can i send to you to take a look?05:39
head_victimI wouldn't know what to do with it to be honest, I'm asking around though. So what I'm understanding is that you have a driver that is currently not available in Ubuntu. You want it included so that it's available to all and so that you don't have to compile it yourself each time, correct?05:40
blahdeblahhead_victim: Got any stickers left?  I'm down to 6 sheets after sending out that batch today.05:41
head_victimIf it's a kernel module you'll need to get it into the linux kernel (not just Ubuntu) and if it's application code you'll need to look at MTU (masters of the universe) type people to help you out.05:43
head_victimblahdeblah: not sure actually, I'll have to check the box.05:43
head_victimhot_wheelz: as for the MOTU https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted is a good place to start.05:44
hot_wheelzu talkin to me head_victim?05:45
head_victimYep :D05:45
blahdeblahI reckon hot_wheelz is better off trying to get the driver in the mainline kernel, so that all distros get it.05:45
hot_wheelzcool thx mate05:46
blahdeblahNot sure how to do it.  Make sure it's published on a git server somewhere would be a good start though.  Then announce on lkml mailing list maybe?05:46
blahdeblahIt's like i'm psychic! ;-)05:46
hot_wheelzi would like to see it in 11.04 if possible05:49
blahdeblahhot_wheelz: Pretty unlikely, i would guess.05:50
head_victimSo is it something you've created or something you've found. If it's something you've found I would consult the people who wrote it.05:50
blahdeblahhot_wheelz: You could also chat to the folks in #ubuntu-kernel or #ubuntu-devel and see what they have to say about it.05:51
hot_wheelzhead_victim can i send to you to take a look?05:56
head_victimI wouldn't know what I was looking at sorry.05:56
head_victimI'm not really a developer05:57
blahdeblahhot_wheelz: Is this your code, or someone else's?05:57
hot_wheelzmy bad i didn't mean to reprint that comment05:57
hot_wheelzthis is the card i'm talking about http://digitalnow.com.au/product_pages/Quad.html05:58
head_victimDo you have drivers or are you seeking drivers?05:58
hot_wheelzit's a leadtek device05:59
hot_wheelzi have05:59
head_victimIf you wrote them then I'd suggest going to #ubuntu-kernel or #ubuntu-devel like blahdeblah suggest, if you didn't write them then you will need to take it up with the people who wrote the drivers. I have had dealings with that company in the past and not had much luck at all.06:01
iktthere are potential legal issues06:01
iktwhich may explain why they're not in already06:01
head_victimikt: everything I've ever seen from that company (including I device I bought and then threw away) has been heavily proprietry, just barely working under windows and completely failing under linux.06:02
iktthat would fully explain why it's not in the kernel already06:02
head_victimFrom what I can work out they just import chinese stuff and rebadge it.06:03
head_victimWell that's what my device looked like.06:03
head_victimhot_wheelz: you will need to contact renura to take this further. If it is not your driver (as in you didn't write it) then there will be licensing issues that need to be resolved to allow it into the kernel properly.06:04
hot_wheelzso ur say they import and rebadge right?06:06
head_victimI can't be sure I do not work for them. The device I bought was pretty poorly constructed though.06:06
hot_wheelzwhat device was that?06:07
head_victimI went out and bought a 40 dollar usb HDTV dongle instead and plugged it in and it just worked. So I threw that other one away.06:09
jferblahdeblah, are you there?06:10
jferi got your recent email06:10
hot_wheelzok i have a http://www.digitalnow.com.au/product_pages/TinyTwin.html (same without DAB+)06:10
head_victimThey will have different hardware inside them though.06:11
blahdeblahjfer: Direct, or list?06:11
jferlist. i got some stickers at the Open Day but if you got any of the domed stickers i wouldn't mind you sending me some.06:11
blahdeblahjfer: Too late.  No domed stickers, and i didn't think to check who got them at the open day.  :0\06:12
head_victimNah there were no domed stickers at the open day.06:12
jferi don't think that you have sent me any anyway06:12
hot_wheelzi would have thought they would be indentical with the addition of the DAB+ tuner no?06:12
head_victimhot_wheelz: I doubt it but anything is possible.06:12
jferi haven't given you my address after all06:13
head_victimjfer: it's ok we put a tracking device in your bag ;)06:13
hot_wheelzthanks anyway guys good talking to you06:13
head_victimno worries hot_wheelz sorry we couldn't be of more assistance.06:14
blahdeblahjfer: Well, we've got no worries then!  :-)06:21
dylanioophi all i need a usb wifi card that works out of the box anyone got any ideas of brands i can get and where i can get them from?10:33
dylanioopsporry what was that link?10:36
dylanioopi need a cheep one what i can get form like harve norman or dick smith or somthing10:37
head_victimAh ok, I"d just google what's available and see which one works10:37
dylanioopgerr stupid irc client10:38
dylanioopcan i get it again thanks?10:39
dylanioopcan i get that linkl a10:42
dylanioopagain 10:42
MaxEeePsychodylanioop:  http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/420697/usb-wifi-dongle-that-works-in-ubuntu10:44
dylanioopany one know if a dlink one would work?10:47
MaxEeePsychodylanioop: DSE sells WN111, but you have to make sure its the version 2 with Atheros ar9001u, if you have a laptop you should be able to go into the store and test it there and then on the bench..10:47
MaxEeePsychono, not recommended by that link10:50
MaxEeePsychothe DWA-131 and DWA-125 that dse sells are the 2 that are not recommended10:51
dylanioopdse is dick smith electronics?10:53
blahdeblahfar out the wiki is slow tonight10:55
dylanioopwhat about linksys?10:56
blahdeblahhead_victim: What did you do with the wiki structure?  I can't for the life of me work out how to edit it.10:59
MaxEeePsychohmm, the WUSB600N isn't in the list, the WUSB300N is, requires a hack, but between the 2, the company may have changed chip-set11:00
MaxEeePsychosorry, it is in the list https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsLinksys#WUSB600N11:01
head_victimblahdeblah: I haven't changed anything that would stop you editing it, what page?11:03
blahdeblahI just can't work out how to do it - i hit edit and all i see is an include directive.11:03
head_victimHahaha which page? Did I link the wrong one?11:03
head_victimI might have linked the one of the 10 pages required to do the team reports "correctly" :/ 11:04
head_victimIt's a very convoluted process that I'm only just understanding now but still not sure why they've asked us to do it like they have.11:04
head_victimThat's probably the one you want?11:04
dylanioopso maxeeepsycho do you have a recomendation of one what will work?11:05
blahdeblahhead_victim: where's the list for this month that you put in?11:05
blahdeblahit's freaking slow, too11:05
head_victimThat's "this month" the one that's finishing, for February which is still a work in progress look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/TeamReports/11/February11:06
head_victimYeah apparently there is "an upgrade" at some stage that will make it happen quicker. Also some of the searches they want in the team reports stuff "to make it easier" slows it down a lot as well. 11:07
head_victimdylanioop: have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported as well11:07
head_victimI filed a bug because all I ever get these days is 500 internal server errors whenever I save anything11:08
head_victimBug 701495 is ming11:08
lubotu2Launchpad bug 701495 in Ubuntu Website "wiki.ubuntu.com 500 internal server error (dup-of: 668530)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70149511:08
lubotu2Launchpad bug 668530 in Ubuntu Website "Wiki - 500 Internal Server Error" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66853011:08
head_victimBug 668530 is the main one11:09
carybEvening lads11:13
caryb& Ladies11:13
MaxEeePsychohmm, dylanioop, this http://www.techbuy.com.au/p/62461/NETWORK_WIRELESS_ADAPTERS_-_USB/Linksys/WUSB54GC-AS.asp should do it11:15
dylanioopwhat sort of speeds do you ou get from g?11:16
dylanioopahyeah thats plenty fast enough considering my internet is only like 1MB/s11:22
MaxEeePsychoyeah, it'll cover it11:23
head_victimblahdeblah: thanks for the edit, at least it proves someone reads my random emails to the list :)11:25
iktI read them head_victim  :D11:51
iktI skim them :/11:51
sagaciI just saved it as a file then did a head and tail11:54
head_victimYay so I'm not just talking to myself11:54
blahdeblahsagaci: very generous of you11:55
sagaciI like to get the most out of my command line11:57
blahdeblahhead_victim: Got any posters left?12:03
head_victimWell those 4 posters that were used are all laminated so they are reusable (and I have them all here)12:04
sagaciPoster size?12:07
head_victimA1 - A312:08
sagaciNew branding?12:08
head_victimYeah, 2 of the ones elky made and 2 others I found on spreadubuntu.org12:10
head_victimCan be seen https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/LCA2011Brisbane/Photos12:10
sagaciAre they au specific12:12
sagaciSymbian phone = web browser sucks12:14
blahdeblahhead_victim: If i can, i might come and get the small one from the left of the stand12:17
head_victimsagaci: some are some aren't12:22
head_victimThe business card you got, well think that at size A1 and A212:23
head_victimThe other 2 are not AU specific.12:23
head_victimblahdeblah: cool, as long as it comes back when you're finished no problems at all12:23
sagaciAh nice. I'll go check them out on a real comp soon12:23
blahdeblahhead_victim: Do you know how we can get some good quality printouts of that "your free alternative" brochure that i could give to my local library?12:34
head_victimI have a laser printer, but it's black and white only12:43
head_victimThere's no real "cheap" alternative though unless you know someone with a colour laser12:43
head_victimI could just buy a bunch of A5 paper and hit print12:44
head_victimYay, half the CDs I have here are sitting packed up and ready to be posted tomorrow12:45
head_victimI've offered some to the flood relief and some to Humbug/The edge so I'll wait to see what they say before trying to palm off more, don't want to offer stuff and have nothing left.12:46
blahdeblahCan you keep 25 or so aside for me?12:47
head_victimSure mate, no worries.12:48
head_victimDo you still have many left to post out if people are still looking?12:51
blahdeblahAbout 2012:51
head_victimOk cool, just I'm starting to get low if Humbug and the Flood IT people both take me up12:52
blahdeblahI've got access to an A3 colour copier but i was hoping for something with a bit more bling. 12:54
blahdeblahWhen you got those business cards printed, did they give you prices for larger card printing?12:54
head_victimThat's who I went through.13:01
iktjust have to say virtual snapshots are the best thing ever13:19
blahdeblahikt: Amen!  That's how i back up my server - pause the VM, take an LVM snapshot, then resume.  Takes less than a minute to do all my backups.13:19
iktbtw head_victim you're a sexy man13:20
iktlove your beard13:20
blahdeblahI for one love the look on jfer's face in the last slide.13:21
iktya :)13:23
iktso good13:23
iktwish I could have been there :(13:25
sagaciYeah, the posters look good13:26
sagaciDon't like ubuntu in uppercase13:27
dkg7791oops wron place13:28
sagaciWho did the dotty australia13:30
iktsagaci, according to this:13:43
ikt2006-07-12 21:38:2930770-Matthew VermeulenATTNEW: ubuntu-au.png13:44
iktdon't know if it was him though13:44
sagaciAh ok thanks13:46
head_victimikt: thanks, I think?14:07
sagaciSleep, oh here i come14:24
head_victimNIght mate14:24
head_victimblahdeblah: I complete misunderstood you last night, I thought you were asking about flyers to hand out to people to leave at the library. Have a look at http://www.officeworks.com.au/retail/content/copying-and-printing?siteAware=true because that's where I got the posters done22:35
blahdeblahhead_victim: I was talking about flyers - i'd just like them to look better than if they come off a colour laser22:36
head_victimAh fair enough, when I looked at flyers they seemed pretty expensive actually22:37
blahdeblahSomething like the gloss papers on that page at Officeworks would probably be OK - i only want about 10 sheets22:41
head_victimMorning sagaci 22:44
head_victimblahdeblah: ah ok, well they're the 2 places i found, let me know if you found anywhere cheaper :) 22:44
cafuegoblahdeblah: there's a nice place here in melb, but i doubt that's highly useful ;-)22:50
head_victimIf you're only doing 10 postage will be bugger all so might be worth looking into it if is pretty good.22:50
cafuegoi try to use them exclusively - they're docsoncall.com.au22:51
cafuegoThey for instance did the lca2008 postcards22:51
sagacilovely saturday morning23:58

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