hamitronshauno: I'd be getting 4 less cd00:00
popeynow, where are those booklets!00:00
popeygood question!00:00
hamitronshauno: I guess no goodies, but a range of version cd would be better00:00
czajkowskiand you can give the bag to whoever wants it00:00
shaunosurprised they don't sell any of the books.  my head wants to think they'd make a decent bundle pack thingie00:00
hamitron32/64bit, live+alt cd00:00
czajkowskipopey: thank you for storing the stuff never said thanks! my manner!00:01
hamitron4 cd in 1 pack = win00:01
shaunoI think coming as a bunch of options would ruin the "this is easy" thing they're trying to sell00:01
czajkowskiI'll bring you back an irish breakie roll,00:01
* popey wanders off to look for things00:01
hamitronshauno: make it "collectors edition for geek"00:01
shaunoheh, the store say they're not shipping natty until early may.  I wonder how often they update those =x00:02
hamitronin a tin box00:02
shaunohm, reminds me, I meant to take another bash at grub-efi and try writing some of it down this time00:04
hamitronthey do offer it00:04
hamitronjust not the version I want00:05
shaunoyou mean they don't still sell 8.06?  *gasp*00:05
hamitronbe nice to have 32+64 bit as well00:05
shaunoor is that too new :p00:05
hamitronI only want the latest LTS00:05
hamitroncutting edge me00:06
shaunoI'm just hoping ubuntu gets over it's ugly teenage years before the next lts.  else I'm likely back to debian :/00:07
BigRedSwait, you use debian and regard ubuntu as ugly?00:08
hamitronI'm giving it real consideration, packing my own stuff00:08
hamitronif I choose everything myself, I have nobody to moan at00:08
BigRedSah, lfs!00:08
hamitronI'd certainly use lfs for reference00:09
shaunoBigRedS: I more mean as an awkward stage it's going thru, more than actual aesthetics00:09
BigRedSAh, we're back to me being an edge-case :)00:10
hamitronkinda like MS with Windows Vista? ;)00:11
BigRedSnot really, it's only aesthetic here00:11
BigRedSand it's optional, just default00:11
BigRedSmore like 2k to XP from a UI perspective00:12
hamitronthat too00:12
BigRedSish. I wasn't very aware of that one :)00:12
hamitronI jumped from windows 2000 to windows 700:12
hamitronI really found the UI a huge leap00:12
hamitronstill feel lost tbh00:13
BigRedSI find 7 way easier than XP00:13
BigRedSI think. I don't do very much with 700:13
hamitronI just don't do much00:14
hamitronnot finding anything easy00:14
hamitronLXDE is pretty good00:15
hamitronbut that is just 1 thing00:15
BigRedSI got annoyed with lxde and went back to just editing the files myself...00:15
BigRedSit felt so thrown together00:15
hamitronyou use something like fluxbox?00:16
BigRedSnot at the minute, but lxde's just openbox00:16
hamitronI've found lxde to just work00:16
hamitronso not really given it much thought00:17
BigRedSand I keep going back to *box and then get bored of making it work how I want it to and going back to gnome :)00:17
hamitronGnome kills my machines00:17
BigRedSah yeah. New laptops rock :)00:17
hamitronI can run Gnome fine, but lack memory for firefox00:17
hamitronso lxde just gives me a little more free memory, so I am not "as short"00:18
hamitronstill short ofc ;/00:18
BigRedSah yeah. XFCE's not the lightweight gnome it used to be, either :(00:18
hamitronfluxbox is good for sure00:19
shaunowhen you start using stuff like firefox & OOo, worrying about how much ram your DE uses becomes fairly pointless00:19
hamitronbut I don't want to have to tweak something00:19
hamitronshauno: just firefox00:19
hamitronfirefox runs fine on 512Mb RAM, if there isn't much else there00:20
hamitronand I don't go crazy on tabs00:20
hamitronI do curse firefox too though, but gotta have a web browser00:20
hamitronI value the application more than the DE00:21
BigRedSMm, firefox does seem to do alright on low memory, it just does use a bunch if it's available00:22
* BigRedS notices the time00:22
BigRedSsleepytime I think... night all!00:23
hamitronnn BR00:23
shaunowas just thinking about the time too.  just finished dinner & I'm still starving.  I shouldn't have waited until everything was closed :/00:23
BigRedShah, yeah, I keep making that mistake. Cannot get used to things closing in the countryside, having grown up in London00:25
Azelphuris there any way to use ffmpeg to amplify the volume on a video?00:25
hamitronAzelphur: there will be00:26
shaunogood lord.  running VMs off the ssd is blistering.  me likey!00:48
hamitronI want 4Gb of my RAM back :/00:51
hamitronlent it to a temp rig for bitcoin mining00:51
shaunoheh.  one born every minute ;)00:52
hamitronI could put up with it before this heat00:52
hamitronbut now I'm just getting impatient00:53
popeyright, stuff this! bed00:53
popeynn chaps00:53
shaunowhat's responsible for the bubble notification things top-right?00:54
shaunoor more importantly, how do I make them stop00:54
popeyask ali123400:54
popeyhe's the expert and making them FOAD00:55
shaunoali1234: help!  I have fire.  I want to burn them.  where do I aim?00:55
shaunois there any way to dismiss them atleast? they disappear if I go near them.  but come back again :/00:57
ali1234bubble notifications?02:05
ali1234shauno: you mean the notify-osd?02:05
shaunoyeah.  popups top-right that tell me downloads have finished & such02:06
shaunoI can't decide whether they're too different to what I'm used to.  or if they really are as idiotic as they feel02:07
ali1234dunno how to get rid of them02:08
ali1234i don't see them very often due to a bug in unity02:08
ali1234which renders them outside the visible screen area02:08
shaunoI'm just using classic.  it has a few things irk me, but unity has few things that don't02:09
ali1234well bug is probably in libnofity or compiz actually02:11
shaunowell that was easier than I expected.  found /usr/lib/notify-osd/notify-osd, chmod 000 & kill it02:24
shaunoI really don't like that there's no way to dismiss them.  I'd rather not get messages at all, than have them behave that daft02:25
AlanBellmorning all07:23
AlanBellhttp://bugs.developers.facebook.net/show_bug.cgi?id=18701 wow08:07
lubotu3`bugs.developers.facebook.net bug 18701 in General "Application 107648075065 disappeared" [-,New]08:07
AlanBellfacebook delete the photos of all kde users08:07
DJonesAlanBell: I saw that mentioned on twitter last night08:12
ali1234not just kde users08:14
ali1234they've autobanned a large number of apps08:15
MartijnVdSspammy apps, I  guess?08:16
ali1234MartijnVdS: it depends on your perspective08:17
ali1234what seems to have happened is as follows:08:17
ali1234users use a perfectly legit app to upload their photos08:17
MartijnVdStheir "friends" mark those apps as spammy08:17
ali1234then they post them on their wall and their friends wall08:17
ali1234then the friends mark it as spam08:17
MartijnVdSthen the app gets banned08:17
ali1234so all the users of the app review it highly08:17
ali1234and everyone else hates it08:17
ali1234this is of course completely unfixable for facebook08:18
ali1234it's a fundamental reason why i don't use the site08:18
MartijnVdSali1234: unless they also add "More of this!" in addition to "Spammy"08:18
MartijnVdSthere is always a way08:18
ali1234that won't help08:19
ali1234people will still click "spam" on everything they don't like08:19
ali1234what they should actually do instead of blocking the app08:19
ali1234is suggest you unfriend the person who uses it08:19
ali1234but of course if they do that rapidly everyone will have no friends08:19
ali1234and the site will implode08:19
MartijnVdSThere are 2 options.. "Block" and "Mark as spam"08:19
ali1234but there you go08:19
MartijnVdS(as in "Don't allow this app to post on my wall")08:20
ali1234yes, that's what they are no wusing as feedback08:20
ali1234if you block an app that is "bad user feedback" and it's why the apps have been banned08:20
MartijnVdSali1234: then what is "Mark as spam"?08:21
MartijnVdSali1234: (a separate option!)08:21
ali1234i suspect most people just click them both08:21
ali1234i know i do08:21
MartijnVdSspam implies block08:21
ali1234well there you go then08:21
ali1234when twitter started sending me suggestions in tweets the first thing i did was report the user for spamming08:22
ali1234i didn't even realise it was an official twitter service08:22
ali1234it just looked like some random joker sending me garbage08:22
ali1234so i reported em08:22
MartijnVdStwitter sends suggestions?08:22
MartijnVdSnever seen that08:23
ali1234i only saw it once08:23
ali1234then i instantly reported and blocked it08:23
ali1234because just blocking it isn't enough08:23
MartijnVdSali1234: btw, Facebook also has positive feedback -- "Like"08:25
ali1234why would i want to encourage them?08:25
MartijnVdSyour choice ;)08:25
ali1234when i heard about the facebook thing the first thing i thought of was "great. i will now go and report all the annoying apps in facebook" so i logged in... and they are all already gone :o08:28
ali1234so i am OK with this08:29
ali1234i hope they don't come back08:29
daubersWas wondering why gedit wasn't installed for a moment, then realised I was using the wrong box :(08:44
selinuxiumMorning all!   o/08:47
MooDoomorning all08:52
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:54
MooDooyay my blog post made UWN :)(08:56
MooDooubuntu weekly news08:56
bigcalmI see08:56
MooDoohow is everyone today?09:00
dwatkinsenjoying amusing videos of people who love cats ;) how's everyone else09:01
MooDootired lol09:03
bigcalmJust used the sd card reader in the revo. How wonderfully useful that is09:03
* bigcalm likes things that *just work*09:03
=== hoover_ is now known as hoover
bigcalmHowdy hoover09:04
dwatkinsbigcalm: seconded09:04
wintellectMornin all09:07
MooDooanother quiet tuesday09:15
selinuxiumHey hippychick, long time, no chat...09:45
* selinuxium is much more awake than yesterday...09:46
popeymorning all09:53
diploMorning all09:53
bigcalmHi popey09:54
MooDoomorning popey09:57
* AlanBell sees people signing up to http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/1032/detail/09:57
selinuxiummorning  o/09:58
* selinuxium cannot attend Geeknic... :( Doing an office move that weekend..09:58
MooDoobooo to office moves10:04
MooDoonot that i can make it anyway lol10:04
* MooDoo prods czajkowski seeing as davmor2 is away this week 10:05
MooDoohi all just a reminder about the team meeting tonight....8pm :)10:07
MooDooAlanBell, in ubuntu-meeting?10:08
popey#ubuntu-uk-meeting I think you mean?10:08
AlanBelldaubers: I picked 10AM for the library thing, think that is OK?10:09
MooDoopopey, thanks was just checking as it's not in the email.10:09
gordbah, i can't go to the ubuntu-ie thing :( team dinner at the same time10:10
MooDooAlanBell, shared on my facebook page :)10:14
AlanBelljolly good10:15
AlanBellI still don't really get facebook10:15
MooDooAlanBell, good stay well clear of it :)10:16
daubersAlanBell: Sounds good, should just be as the cheap trains kick in10:17
* daubers has the easiest office move ever coming up!10:17
daubersStep one, acquire sledgehammer, step too, put sledgehammer through wall, step 3, step through hole10:18
daubersstupid fingers10:18
AlanBelldo we need a facebook page or something?10:18
czajkowskigord: poor planning the ubuntu-ie thing has been schculed and blogged !10:18
daubersa what book page?10:18
czajkowskigord: go afterwards and meet the folks from tog.ie10:19
AlanBellI think me posting things is sub-optimal as I am a bit of a billy-no-mates10:19
* daubers just misread the bbc news home page and thought there was a "geek" union10:20
czajkowskiAlanBell: sup10:22
MooDooAlanBell, ubuntu-uk facebook page?10:23
AlanBellyeah, I don't know10:23
MooDooAlanBell, it's easy enough to do :)10:23
AlanBellI know there is an ubuntu page somewhere with 400,000 fans or something10:23
AlanBellI created that event, and found 14 people to send it to, which feels a bit pointless10:24
MooDooAlanBell, https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php10:24
popeyAlanBell: ask jono to share via the ubuntu page10:24
MooDoocreate it there10:24
popeydo we need a page?10:25
AlanBellpopey: share the facebook event I created or the loco directory page?10:25
MooDoopopey, probably not, just another place for news10:25
popeyAlanBell: the event, which contains a link to the loco directory10:25
MooDooAlanBell, are you sending a reminder out about the meeting?10:35
AlanBellyup . . .10:35
daubers"All are welcome" except Vogons10:44
daubersFeels like my office has more and more vogons every day :( stupid paper work10:44
MooDoodaubers, shush i'm drinking my pangalacticgargleblaster andwant to do it in peace :)10:45
* MooDoo just hopes vogons were in hitch hikers lol10:46
daubersMooDoo: They were10:46
MooDoodaithif, thought so, just had a brain freeze :)10:46
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:56
MooDoobrobostigon, morning :)10:56
brobostigonMooDoo: morning :)10:57
popeyI still don't get what "Digital Dogging" is that TheOpenSourcerer mentioned this morning10:59
brobostigonmaybe some activity in virtual, like second life ?11:00
popeyI don't have TheOpenSourcerer down as a Second Life kinda guy11:01
popeyhe's more of a First Life dude11:01
brobostigonmaybe by some method, machines virtually dogging eachother?11:03
AlanBellit involves beer11:03
brobostigonusing an arduino to brew beer?11:06
AlanBellyou are over complicating things11:06
dauberspopey: That phrase made me reach for the mind bleach11:07
* brobostigon shakes fist at stupid telephone sales people.11:09
daubers\o/ New phone day today11:09
brobostigongood luck daubers :)11:10
geek1dgeetings fellow penguins11:16
MooDoogeek1d, greeting :)11:16
brobostigonAlanBell: sharing of beer meetups, over mobile.11:18
AlanBellit involves going to a pub and drinking most of it. Quite simple.11:19
* BigRedS appears to have focussed this window at the right sort of time11:19
brobostigoni was overthinking it.11:19
geek1dMooDoo, :)11:20
* AlanBell is getting slightly annoyed at LibreOffice windows randomly crashing and vanishing11:20
geek1danything intresting going on in the ubuntu-uk channel!11:20
MooDoogeek1d, always :) we're here :)11:21
popeyAnyone got any news we should cover on the podcast?11:21
popeywe're pre-recording tonight for next week11:21
popey(no live show)11:21
AlanBellbooks and butties11:21
MooDoopopey, progress of oggcamp?  well it's not news but would be interesting11:21
popeygot that11:21
popeyyup. oggcamp update too11:22
MooDoopopey, ubuntu-uk call to arms for the loco renewal?11:22
MooDooclutchinbg at straws here :)11:22
popeydo we have a date for re-approval meeting yet?11:23
popeyIt's not on the loco council agenda11:23
popeyis it stil "some time before oneiric"?11:23
AlanBellit is some time before oneiric, I would like it to be the next loco-council meeting I don't intend to add it to the agenda until there is something worth looking at11:24
* AlanBell prepares documents to present at the Home Office tomorrow11:24
* brobostigon noticed, we dont seem to have an autism/aspergers group.11:26
BigRedSshould we have one?11:27
brobostigonmaybe, just an idea11:27
AlanBellfreenode does, #wrongplanet11:27
brobostigonyes,but that is outside,not within ubuntu's community.11:28
dauberspopey: I keep meaning to drop the podcast an email about your "accessible server" thing the other episode11:32
* popey hands carl__ a "/" and a "j", "o", "i" and finally an "s"11:32
popeydaubers: DO IT!11:32
popeydo it now!11:32
dauberspopey: i.e. that is how I get my wages paid :)11:33
popeywe now have an area set aside for the welsh on the minecraft map11:35
popeyzoom out and note how far away it is from the rest of the map11:35
AlanBellit is a bit too flat and dry11:36
dauberspopulations about right though11:36
dogmatic69_how many sheep are there in that section?11:37
popeyI hear it's good for mining11:38
popey"Breaking news: RMS is attending in Vienna"11:39
popeybah, wrong channel11:39
dauberspopey: Lots of coal?11:45
bigcalmHumm, I'm near Telford12:18
andylockranok.. massively confused12:27
andylockranjust went to download the 11.04 torrent12:27
andylockranclicked download12:27
andylockrantransmission opened12:27
andylockran10 seconds later it was downloaded12:28
andylockran685 mb12:28
AlanBelldid you already have it?12:29
andylockranAlanBell: not that I know of12:30
andylockranand I saw the progress bar jumping up pretty fastr12:30
JGJonesPurely on a off-chance anyone might have actually done so - have one tried using jabber-terminal from here: https://code.google.com/p/jabber-terminal/12:30
andylockranunless it identified the same iso someplace else on my system12:30
andylockrani.e. spotlight is torrent aware12:30
andylockranI attempted download it through unetbootin directly a few days back.. but it stopped at 181MB12:31
andylockran(that was home, rather than the office connection).12:31
MooDoowell i'm not getting a 10 second download but 900KB/s aint bad12:32
JGJonesA question regarding screen - With screen - you use Ctrl-A etc to pass commands to screen- but what if I'm using an app that also make use of CTRL-A too - how do I pass that to the app instead of screen (hope the question make sense?)?12:45
hooveryou can remap the esc key JGJones12:48
JGJoneshmm I'm actually using byobu - so it's using the function keys instead12:48
hooverbyobu is just a spiced up screen with a cool init file ;-)12:49
AlanBellhmm. not raining. That means I have to go to the school sports day12:49
hooveryou can change the control char with the -e option12:49
brobostigonhave fun AlanBell :)12:50
MooDooAlanBell, went to my nephews last week....what fun ;)12:50
* AlanBell gets set for the humiliating dads race12:51
JGJonesAlanBell, it's a bonus  you get to run in the father's run! (and don't end up with an inflammed knee like I did)...it's not cool for the kids to see their father hobbling off in front of the whole school12:51
popeyAlanBell: in the rain?12:51
popeyraining here12:51
AlanBellno rain here12:51
AlanBellthey don't actually let the dads run, it is generally some kind of hopping with a beanbag between your knees thing12:51
AlanBellI would actually be up for a proper 100M race12:52
MooDooAlanBell, my son ran, well he ran up the lanes with the big kids, sneaked onto the track lol 2.5 years old lol bless12:52
JGJonesAlanBell, ah...beanbag between knees :D My kid's school's a proper run, but think it's more like 70m12:54
JGJoneshoover, ta - have remapped the esc key, that fixed it.12:55
LaneyJGJones: C-a a12:58
JGJonesLaney, so if using say...minicom - this would mean in screen I would need to go Ctrl-A a z to do Ctrl-A Z for minicom?12:59
Laneysounds right13:00
JGJonesah...that works too13:01
JGJonesta Laney although mapping esc key make it go quicker13:01
JGJones(1 less button to press)13:01
=== midoubleko_ is now known as midoubleko
JGJonesWould any hardware modem "just works" with Ubuntu? (not a winmodem)13:04
JGJoneseven if via USB if no serial port available?13:04
ali1234JGJones: should do, yeah13:05
ali1234using minicom inside screen is going to get confusing13:05
ali1234jabber-terminal should make screen unnecessary anyway13:07
AlanBellgreat, cycled to the school, now pouring down13:07
JGJonesali1234, I've got that installed but doesn't seem to work for me - it logs on to the jabber...but...after that...no idea and it ends in an error anyway.13:08
MattJJabber \o/13:08
JGJonesand finally - minicom does use CTRL-A etc for menus - how would you pass that in jabber? :)13:09
ali1234well you don't *have* to use minicom13:09
ali1234you might be better of using something simpler like cu13:09
JGJonestrue...but first...would need to get jabber-terminal working anyway.13:09
JGJonesyou got it working?13:09
ali1234i will dig out the old modem and try it13:09
dwatkinsjabber-terminal? whatever next...? ;)13:10
ali1234i remember putting those modem in a box the other day......13:10
dwatkinsserial graphics13:10
directhexit's halfway through 2011, and minecraft still ships a broken lwjgl?13:19
dutchieLightWeight Java Game Library13:20
BigRedSI suppose it's all relative...13:22
DanielRMI can't think of a pithy comment to continue the chain.13:22
* AlanBell is soaking13:24
ali1234what exactly is broken about it?13:25
ali1234does anyone else get the thing where keys get stuck? is that what's broken about it?13:25
directhexali1234, everyone on linux gets that, yes13:26
directhexali1234, and yes, that's one of the two major flaws in the shipped version of lwjgl13:26
ali1234JGJones: did you compile jabber-terminal from source?13:27
popey12:51:19 < popey> AlanBell: in the rain?13:28
popeywas my hint that it was likely to rain :D13:28
AlanBellyes, I know13:28
popeyGood good.13:28
AlanBellbut I would be even more of a failure if I hadn't turned up13:29
ali1234you've got to love these none helpful error messages: http://paste.ubuntu.com/634253/13:29
ali1234it's dying because no ~/.jabber-terminal.com13:30
=== DanielRM^2 is now known as DanielRM
ali1234but i had to strace it to find that out13:30
ali1234ok so there doesn't appear to be anywhere to enter the server..13:40
ali1234MattJ: got a minute to answer dumb questions about jabber?13:46
MattJJabber away13:46
ali1234ever used libgloox?13:46
ali1234so, Client has three constructors13:47
ali1234the code i'm using uses the second one, which uses a JID, and doesn't take a server ID13:47
ali1234so how does it know what server to connect to?13:47
ali1234does it just use the part of your jabber ID after the @?13:47
ali1234cs that won't work for gmail13:47
MattJYes it will, it uses SRV records to find which host to connect to13:48
ali1234hmm. well, it doesn't work in practice13:48
MattJwhich is the correct way to do it13:48
ali1234so the problem must be somewhere else13:48
ali1234how can i get some debugging out of this thing?13:48
MattJThe only time I've seen it fail is with broken home routers, which don't support SRV records13:48
MattJThankfully they're not very common, but they're /too/ common13:48
ali1234oh Azelphur was talking about SRV records the other day...13:49
ali1234so how do i check that?13:49
MartijnVdSali1234: dig -t SRV some_hostname13:49
ali1234um... and then how do i know if it worked?13:49
ali1234i did dig -t SRV gmail.com (the part of my ID after the @) but i don't see "talk.google.com" anywhere in that output13:50
MattJali1234: Try: dig +short +ttlid srv _xmpp-client._tcp.gmail.com.13:50
czajkowskihello thunder!13:50
ali1234ok *that* worked13:50
ali1234i dont use my router's dns anyway13:50
MattJRight, that's what gloox should do when you give a gmail.com JID13:51
MooDooczajkowski, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo13:52
ali1234ok, so it just starts up... and then nothing happens. i don't see the user come online13:52
MattJali1234: sent presence?13:52
ali1234dunno, i didn't write the code13:52
ali1234i'm just trying to make it work :)13:52
MattJwhich code is it?13:52
hoovercheers all13:53
ali1234it appears to hang at a DNS query13:53
ali1234oh no13:54
ali1234port 5222 - connect just hangs13:54
MattJWhich host is it connecting to?13:55
ali1234whch has no reverse dns13:55
ali1234and it timed out13:55
MattJLooks like gmail.com13:56
ali1234it's none of the servers returned by the SRV13:58
ali1234yeha, it's gmail.com13:58
ali1234soooo..... what does this mean?13:58
MattJHmm, what version of gloox do you have?13:59
ali1234the one that's in natty13:59
MattJjabber-terminal doesn't want to build with mine :/14:00
MattJHmm, ok14:00
ali1234!info libgloox814:00
lubotu3`libgloox8 (source: gloox): C++ jabber/xmpp library. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1ubuntu2 (natty), package size 437 kB, installed size 1184 kB14:00
ali1234can i sidestep this for now by just manually specifying the server using the other Client constructor?14:01
MattJYeah, you can try14:02
MattJlibgloox8 won't work here, and I don't feel like compiling gloox from source right now14:03
MattJCurious why it won't work, but my gloox hacking days are long past :)14:05
ali1234ok so the version of gloox in natty doesn't have the constructors that take separate args14:07
ali1234ok, gotta set everything manually14:09
czajkowskiMooDoo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDl7S22fihk14:09
MooDooczajkowski, ah lol don't ii feel silly :)14:11
MooDooczajkowski, i never got to see davmor2 so i'm guessing i will end up meeting you first ;) lol14:21
andylockranguys, regexp (never been that good with it)14:31
andylockranI want to match a line that ends with $ or &14:32
andylockranany reference someone could point me toward14:32
jpdsandylockran: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0596520689/14:33
* MartijnVdS overcooks some regular expressions14:34
shaunothe sky's on fire.  it's the endtimes!14:35
MooDooshauno, not again :)14:37
* popey pokes hippychick with a stick14:39
MooDoohowdy danfish14:43
danfishshauno: reminds me of the saying we had where I grew up "Red Sky in morning, sailor's warning, red sky at night, the kids have set the mill on fire"14:45
danfishlo MooDoo14:45
brobostigonafternoonings danfish14:47
* MooDoo is a gibbering wreck under the desk.....#scaredofthunderandlightning14:48
daubers\o/ New Phone!14:49
brobostigondaubers: which ?14:49
danfishMooDoo: it's only angry sky magic - a small goat sacrifice should appease the relevant gods ;)14:49
selinuxiumdaubers, which one?14:49
daubersGalaxy S II14:49
danfishooohh - shiny :)14:50
danfishhave you rooted it yet?14:50
selinuxiumdaubers, and...?14:50
daubers'tis very swanky14:50
* selinuxium is waiting for delivery of my S II14:50
daubers\o/ Need to start mucking around with the SDK now14:51
directhexandroid :(14:57
MooDoodanfish, i rooted my desire last week :)14:57
daubers\o/ Need to start mucking around with the SDK nowb3C38EbE14:58
daubersStupid computer14:58
MooDoomoo indeed15:04
=== issyl0 is now known as Guest73699
danfishMooDoo: have you changed the ROM?15:04
MooDoodanfish, followed the instructions on the cyanogen site.....15:05
=== Guest73699 is now known as issyl0
TheOpenSourcererOooh - A new and possibly interesting IM client from Mozilla: http://trunk.planet.mozillamessaging.com/ Not tried it yet though...15:05
directhexstill waiting for pre3. should have been announced by now though i think :/15:06
TheOpenSourcererI like the idea of Twitter and IRC in the same app. Might cause all sorts of weird cross-postings ;-)15:07
directhexinstantbird was terrible last i looked. xul is an awful platform for app development15:07
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, smuxi is an irc client which also support twitterings. you should use that.15:07
popeyanyone tried that?15:08
popeyi note twitter.com/conscioususer uses it15:08
TheOpenSourcererLove the name popey - I am rather happy and pleased with Hotot for the time being.15:09
selinuxiumI also love the name!15:09
selinuxiumMooDoo, you got an SII too?15:10
TheOpenSourcererThis is "a good thing" http://www.computing.co.uk/ctg/news/2082169/governments-technology-adviser-source-enthusiast15:10
MooDooseeker, no just the desire15:10
MooDooselinuxium, oops, no just got the desire15:10
selinuxiumMooDoo, Okay... Is there a ROM for the SII already? /me goes googling..15:11
MooDooselinuxium, can only find one for the S not the SII15:12
TheOpenSourcererBlimey: "There are now over 500,000 Android devices activated every day, and it's growing at 4.4% w/w"15:13
directhexi don't want another android phone :/15:13
MattJdirecthex: what would you get instead?15:13
directhexMattJ, i'm eagerly awaiting the pre 315:14
selinuxiumTheOpenSourcerer, No wonder Apple are trying every avenue of litigation...15:17
Xeiтут на каком языке переписываются ???15:18
TheOpenSourcererOooh Russian.15:18
Xeirus ????15:18
Xeior eng ????15:18
selinuxiumXei, Eng15:19
TheOpenSourcererThis is Ubuntu UK (en_GB)15:19
jpds!ru | Xei15:19
lubotu3`Xei: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke15:19
Xeilubotu3`: спасибочки за совет15:20
selinuxiumjpds, You lurking... :)15:20
jpdsэто было легко.15:20
KrisWillisHi guys, I've just swapped out 6GB of RAM for 12GB, and I can no longer get back into my OS, it just appears to freeze after the splash screen - I have a Windows 7 partition on the disk too that reboots after the splash screen - Any ideas?15:21
jpdsselinuxium: As always.15:21
KrisWillisI have just successfully booted into a live CD ok, though15:21
KrisWillisand system monitor can see my new 12GB15:21
KrisWillisI ran memtest for 15 mins while downloading / burning the live CD, and that didn't find anything in admitidly a small amount of time15:24
jpdsKrisWillis: Bad memory?15:25
jpdsOh wait, reread the last few lines. ;)15:26
KrisWillisYeah, I have three monitors and 4 workspaces full of crap open most of the time, MattJ - my 6 was always getting full15:26
AlanBellwe have a server running cheerfully on 24GB15:26
popeyi have a box with 4GB RAM that takes 8 hours to find an error in memtest15:27
MattJAlanBell: server, sure15:27
KrisWillisHmmm, after about an hour of rebooting, booting into live CDs, failing to boot into Win 7 - My Ubuntu partition has just managed to boot15:28
KrisWillisI wonder if it was a fuke... Rebooting...15:28
ujjainWhat do lollipops have to do with signs?15:28
hamitronthey look similar?15:29
ujjain"At first I didn't beleive my dad stole from his work as a lollipop man, but all the signs were there".15:29
KrisWillisWhat *dont* they have to do with signs?!15:29
ujjainalollipop is something you lick?15:29
daubers0Dw&ved=0CDUQ9QEwAQ&dur=240 <- lollipop man15:29
jpdsujjain: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Lollipop_man15:30
ujjainohhh, that's a lollipop man, I get it :D15:30
TheOpenSourcererdaubers: Every heard of bt.ly ;-)15:30
KrisWillisJust rebooted fine back into 10.10 - Maybe it was just having some teething issues with the new RAM :S15:30
TheOpenSourcererKrisWillis: Your Win7 partition has been analysing and deciding the best way to fill up the 12GB with useless data.15:31
jpdsTheOpenSourcerer: You support Libya?15:31
ujjainlol, I don't get any of these jokes15:31
KrisWillisTheOpenSourcerer: You're probably right - Just trying to boot back into that one now - Not too bothered about it though, I only rarely boot into Win7 to play Starcraft II15:32
hamitronWindows_Installation: Con...fused, can't compute route to slowdown15:32
xapelIf I install Ubuntu over windows, will it keep any files? If so, which ones?15:32
AlanBellxapel: no, they will all be removed, unless you ask it to install alongside15:33
hamitronKrisWillis: doesn't starcraft 2 work on wine?15:33
KrisWillishamitron: No idea - my 3 monitors need Xinerama to work properly, so I get no 3D support anyway...15:34
directhexxapel, you can either *replace* windows, which means no files at all are kept, or install *alongside* windows, at which point windows is kept in its entireity and you can select to boot it from a menu at boot time15:34
hamitronKrisWillis: ok :/15:34
xapeldirecthex, AlanBell: Hi guys, I am quite familiar with dual boot. I seem to remember that the Ubuntu installer does keep files from My Documents if you install over Windows. Maybe it is for Wubi only, or perhaps it is only experimental.15:37
AlanBellit can keep /home if you install it over linux but if installing over windows it has to make a whole new filesystem15:38
MooDooxapel, wubi would install along side windows but not need a seperate partition15:38
asaakihas anyone had any permission issues even though they're working as "root"?15:38
asaakii just installed ubuntu 11.0415:38
xapelAlanBell, ok thanks.15:39
popeyasaaki: can you be more specific?15:40
asaakii'm trying to install a few tools15:40
asaakibut when i say "sudo make"15:40
asaakior ./configure15:40
asaakii get "Permission denied"15:40
asaakii used wubi for ubuntu 11.04 on 64-bit windows machine15:41
TheOpenSourcererasaaki: You shouldn't build code as root.15:41
TheOpenSourcerer"sudo make install" yes.15:41
TheOpenSourcerersudo make or sudo ./configure no.15:41
asaakik i'll try as another user...15:41
TheOpenSourcererBut that isn't the issue you are suffering from.15:42
TheOpenSourcererJust some advice.15:42
popeyyou're probably getting permission denied because you did "sudo tar zxvf foo.tgz"15:42
popeywhich unpacked it and made it all owned by root15:42
TheOpenSourcererThe normal route to build something from source is ./configure, make, make install15:42
TheOpenSourcererYes, popey is right.15:43
AlanBellbut first, is there a packaged version you can use?15:43
asaakiyes i know that15:43
asaaki's the normal way to do it15:43
TheOpenSourcererthe only command you should use as root is make install.15:43
popeyasaaki: what are you building?15:43
asaakiactually the tools i got give instructions15:43
TheOpenSourcererwhich will put the binaries in (hopefully) sane places.15:43
asaakii'm building SRILM (for speech recognition)15:44
asaakihere are the build instructions:15:44
popeydont paste them here15:44
popeyif you have a link, sure, do that15:44
popeybut not the whole text15:44
popeyor stick them in http://paste.ubuntu.com/15:45
asaakik not pasting the whole text, but the sequence is this: 1. unpack, 2. set a varialbe in Makefile.PL, 3. make World15:45
asaakiGNU make is required... when i use the command "make", is that what I'm using?15:46
popeyare you doing this on Ubuntu?15:46
TheOpenSourcererHave you installed the package build-essential ?15:46
asaakii just searched for build-essential in Ubuntu Software Center, and yes it's installed15:47
asaakihere's a link to what I'm trying to build: http://www.speech.sri.com/projects/srilm/download.html15:48
AlanBellasaaki: are you doing research into srilm?15:48
asaakibut that's just one of the tools, i have permission denied problems in the other tools as well, eg. ./configure gives "Permission denied"15:48
asaakiAlanBell, i'm researching using the tool, yes15:48
AlanBellok, there are some recognition libraries in the repos already15:49
TheOpenSourcererDo you have the C shell installed? csh/tcsh?15:49
TheOpenSourcererSee the next thread http://www.speech.sri.com/pipermail/srilm-user/2010q2/000871.html15:50
asaakithanks TheOpenSourcerer, but yes I've seen that link, and I do have csh/tcsh installed, when i type "which csh" i get a path15:50
asaakiand i installed them myself too15:50
TheOpenSourcererwhere are you trying to run ./configure?15:50
TheOpenSourcererWhich directory? And what is that directory's perms/owner15:51
asaakii'm trying to run it for this tool: http://chasen.org/~taku/software/yamcha/15:52
TheOpenSourcerer"Where" not what. i.e. /home/asaaki/srilm or whatever15:53
asaakiall the tools are in /home/nlp/15:53
asaakiso i try /home/nlp/yamcha-0.33$ ./configure15:54
AlanBellare you logged in as "nlp"?15:54
asaakii'm logged in as asaaki15:54
TheOpenSourcererwhat does ls -l /home/nlp say?15:54
lubotu3`pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com15:54
asaakii did ls -l /home/nlp, and i think i have all permissions, because for each folder i get : drwx------ 1115:55
asaakii believe that's all the rights?15:55
asaakibut for the yamcha folder, i get : drwxr-xr-x 13 asaaki15:56
asaakii did chmod 777 on yamcha15:56
BigRedSwell, as long as you're the user who owns that directory you've full rights, but nobody else has any15:56
asaakithat's fine, i'm the only user on this machine15:56
asaakiok i just did sudo chmod 777 on every single folder15:57
* selinuxium cringes..15:58
asaakium... to get all the possible rights so i can just build something?15:58
asaakii mean everything in /home/nlp, but still no luck15:58
AlanBellI would do sudo chown -R asaaki: /home/nlp15:58
TheOpenSourcererpaste the output of ls -l when you are in /home/nlp/yamcha15:59
TheOpenSourcererIt might be that your files are not read/write or owned or executable...15:59
asaakiokay i just did what AlanBell said, chown15:59
TheOpenSourcererUse the http://paste.ubuntu.com16:00
asaakithe output of ls -l on yamcha is kind of long16:00
asaakiokay! i just pasted: http://paste.ubuntu.com/634345/16:01
MooDooasaaki, pipe it to pastebinit16:01
MooDooahi'm too slow :)16:01
TheOpenSourcererNone of the files that need to be are executable.16:01
JGJonesali1234, No I didn't complie jabber-terminal from source myself - is that what you're doing?16:01
TheOpenSourcerer-rw------- 1 asaaki asaaki 733171 2005-09-03 03:33 configure16:01
AlanBellthat has totally not been made 77716:02
asaakiwhat does it take to give them permissions?16:02
TheOpenSourcererI would unpack the tarball again.16:02
TheOpenSourcereronly some files need to be executable.16:02
TheOpenSourcerernot all.16:02
TheOpenSourcererYour files are chmod 600 which is unusual16:03
popeythe tarbal should unpack fine with the right perms16:03
popeyif done in the right place with no messing with chmod/chown16:03
TheOpenSourcerer(16:02:14) TheOpenSourcerer: I would unpack the tarball again.16:03
asaakiokay :) trying16:04
popeyalso, not sudo16:04
asaakiok i just found the tarball again... kind of not that used to ubuntu..16:08
asaakiyamcha's configuring now! :)16:08
asaakii suppose i should do the same for the rest16:09
ujjainI worked in produce, which wasn't exactly rocket salad. < What does this mean?16:11
MartijnVdSujjain: it's a pun16:11
jpdsujjain: http://forum.koohii.com/viewtopic.php?pid=6132#p613216:11
MartijnVdSujjain: (rocket science and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocket_(vegetable)16:12
MartijnVdSjpds: also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Chaos :)16:13
MartijnVdSjpds: (http://www.spellingsociety.org/journals/j17/caos.php -- written by a Dutchman :P)16:13
ujjainuh, is produce dirty?16:14
* jpds notes that he's not flying.16:14
jpdsujjain: No.16:14
ujjainI am confused, ^^ rocket science != rocket vegetable, on a farm,16:14
popeyoh dear16:14
popeyok, "It's not rocket science" is a quip16:14
MartijnVdSujjain: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/produce#Noun --> meaning 316:14
directhexujjain, something very complicated is described as "rocket science"16:14
popeyone used to say "It's not hard!"16:14
popey"rocket salad" is something you eat, so could be considered "produce"16:15
directhexujjain, something easy is "not rocket science"16:15
popeywhere "produce" is the aisle in the supermarket where you find salad16:15
popeyujjain: see also "it's not brain surgery"16:15
MartijnVdSpopey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THNPmhBl-8I ?16:15
ujjainright, I get it's not rocket science, brain surgury, htose require a big learning process16:16
TheOpenSourcererAnd they wonder why it's so hard to get a computer to do proper speech...16:16
popeyujjain: it's humour16:16
bigcalmpopey: was16:16
popeyand now that we are explaining it, it is becoming less and less funny16:16
popeywell, yes16:16
MartijnVdSbigcalm: until we started butchering it? :)16:16
bigcalmLanguage is a bugger16:16
MartijnVdSbigcalm: in the Ender's Game sense? :P16:17
TheOpenSourcererBut watching the explanation is rather funny from where I'm sitting :-D16:17
ujjainthanks :)16:17
jussiyou know, chicken ramen + mango chutney isnt that bad...16:17
=== lhavelun1 is now known as lhavelund
bigcalmjussi: Sharwoods?16:17
ujjainI worked in a sweat shop, it was so-so. < how about this one?16:17
jussierr, maybe that was intended for elsewhere... but meh, works here as well16:18
popeyramen == supernoodels16:18
ujjainI don't get it either.16:18
popeyujjain: so sounds like sew16:18
jussibigcalm: no16:18
popeysewing being something you do in a sweatshop16:18
bigcalmjussi: ah well :)16:18
ujjainahh, I get it16:18
MooDoopopey, captain picard to his seemstress......make it sew :)16:18
jussibigcalm: Im not UK based ;)16:18
bigcalmjussi: fair enough16:19
MartijnVdSMooDoo: and to his girlfriend: Engage!16:19
popeymade me smile16:19
ujjainlink not working for me.16:20
ujjain"works now, refresh16:20
jpdspopey: Believers going to believe.16:20
popeyi want that haters gonna hate animation with that please16:21
popeymake it so jpds16:21
popeychop chop16:21
TheOpenSourcererpopey: Did you see this one? http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2011/06/dear_emma_b.php16:23
popeyooo a picture of Mr Gumby!16:23
ujjainI have a last one I don't get. I used to be a pantel horse, but I quit while I was ahead"16:24
ujjainSome play on panty hose maybe? :P16:24
BigRedSno, panto horse16:24
BigRedSas in a pantomime, they're made up of two people, one is the head end, the other the back end16:24
BigRedSit's a pun on 'ahead' versus 'a head'16:24
ujjainahhhh hehe t16:25
ujjainthanks :p16:25
BigRedShaha, no probs16:27
jpdspopey: I'm sorry, I don't have PhotoShop.16:29
popey\o/ podcast recording night16:42
popeyno live show16:42
MooDooyou ought to stream it via bambuser one night :)16:44
AlanBellhttp://www.computerweekly.com/blogs/public-sector/2011/06/uk-shakes-dust-off-open-source.html stuff I am doing tomorrow has been leaked to the press O_o16:48
MartijnVdSmust be important then, if it's being leaked :)16:48
MooDooleaked = deliberatly passed on right?16:49
AlanBellyeah, but not by me16:51
AlanBelldon't expect articles about "the wet-ink proposal" when I just printed it out16:52
Azelphurwhen you put a hard drive into a different computer, the network interface names get borked (like eth0 becomes eth1) any idea how to fix it?16:54
MartijnVdSAzelphur: in /etc/udev/rules.d/ there's "70-persistent-net.rules"16:56
MartijnVdSAzelphur: remove that and it'll reset itself16:56
Azelphurty, that's what I was looking for :)16:56
MartijnVdSAzelphur: it gets written by a persistent-net.rules file in /etc/udev/16:56
asaakihi guys, i unpacked the tarballs again and everything's working fine and dandy, at least as far as permissions are concerned17:00
asaakiBUT, during some builds I'm getting this: cc1plus: error: CPU you selected does not support x86-64 instruction set17:00
asaakii downloaded the i386 iso17:00
asaakiwouldn't that be the right one? i'm on a 64-bit windows machine and got ubuntu from wubi17:01
MartijnVdSIndeed, that wouldn't be the right iso17:03
asaakino? oh dear... which one then17:04
MartijnVdSFor 64-bit support  you need the 64-bit version of Ubuntu17:04
asaakiis that i686?17:04
MartijnVdS"amd64" it's called (but it works on intel 64-bit CPUs as well)17:04
asaakii did "uname -a", and got this:17:04
asaakiLinux ubuntu 2.6.38-8-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:31:24 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:05
MartijnVdShm, that's the right one17:05
MartijnVdSasaaki: what does "lsb_release -a" say?17:05
MartijnVdSasaaki: (please use a pastebin)17:05
asaakidoesn't say a lot: http://pastebin.com/BZQKYBkX17:08
MartijnVdSmine says something about architecture17:08
MartijnVdSlet me think..17:08
MartijnVdSasaaki: file /bin/ls17:09
asaaki/bin/ls: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, stripped17:09
MartijnVdSso you're already running the 64-bit version of Ubuntu17:10
MartijnVdSwhat are you trying to do, that gives that error?17:10
asaakii actually had to edit a makefile according to my platform... hold on let me paste that17:11
MartijnVdSno earlier17:11
MartijnVdSwhat are you trying to do :)17:11
MartijnVdS("bigger picture")17:11
MartijnVdSI didn't see your earlier questions/answers17:12
asaakioh... i've been trying to build some tools on ubuntu17:12
asaakiearlier there were problems with permissions17:12
asaakibut you guys helped out so that's out of the way17:12
asaakibut now in building, i have to modify a makefile for one of the tools according to my machine17:13
MartijnVdSasaaki: what kind of tools?17:14
asaakispeech recognition and language model research stuff17:14
MartijnVdSbigcalm_: calm! :)17:14
asaakithe tool i'm trying to build right now is: http://www.speech.sri.com/projects/srilm/download.html17:14
asaakii just pasted the file that i edited (to be used in building) over here: http://pastebin.com/Djk8HXSk17:15
MartijnVdSasaaki: so you made a common/Makefile.machine.i686 or something?17:15
asaakibut maybe i've got some variables wrong?17:15
asaakiyeah that's the one - i just pasted Makefile.machine.i386-ubuntu17:16
Multivitamin_guys, what was the word you put in after slash to change your nickname?17:16
MartijnVdSMultivitamin_: /nick17:16
Multivitamin_thanks: )17:16
MartijnVdSasaaki: why must they make it so hard :)17:16
asaakiMartijVdS: wish i knew17:17
MartijnVdSasaaki: I think you need the "i686-linux" one, and use the "make MACHINE_TYPE=i686-m64 World" command line17:17
asaakiMartijnVdS: k thanks! i'll try17:17
MartijnVdSasaaki: just guessing from the INSTALL file here :)17:17
asaakiMartijnVdS: why yes! i thought i shouldn't be using that since what i downloaded was i38617:20
asaakibut this is building! :D17:20
asaakiMartijnVdS: it stops at this though: /usr/include/gnu/stubs.h:7:27: fatal error: gnu/stubs-32.h: No such file or directory17:21
asaaki"which gnu" gives nothing, but gnu doesn't seem to be anything that i can sudo get-apt install either17:22
MartijnVdSasaaki: it might be compiling for 32 bits, or you don't have headers installed17:24
MartijnVdSasaaki: install "apt-file", run "apt-file update", then "apt-file search gnu/stubs-32.h"17:24
MartijnVdSthat should show you which package it's in17:24
MartijnVdS(if any)17:24
MartijnVdScould happen more than once, headers for different libraries are in different packages17:25
MartijnVdSbut eventually you should be able to finish the compile17:25
asaakiso you're saying i might have to do apt-file with every missing .h ?17:26
asaakiah ok17:27
MartijnVdSand depending on how many dependencies they have, that could take a while17:27
asaakiyep, it's half past midnight here :)17:27
MartijnVdSooh, so you have the entire night to get it right ;)17:27
asaakiindeed i do :)17:28
* MartijnVdS is waiting for a thunderstorm to hit17:30
bigcalm[tablet]Vm are still being pants. So now have tablet tethered to phone for a bit of fun17:50
* bigcalm[tablet] smells coffee17:50
BigRedSvm being pants is a constant, I'd not expect it to change any time soon17:52
bigcalm[tablet]Well, my connection justcame back. Doubt it will stay though17:53
MartijnVdSanyone interested in 2x 256MB PC2100 sticks of RAM?17:54
bigcalm[tablet]Smooth off the edges and make yourself some keyfobs17:56
* shauno looks @ hamitron 17:56
MartijnVdSbigcalm[tablet]: these are HUGE17:57
MartijnVdSbigcalm[tablet]: if you've played Sam & Max (the old 90s video game one), you'll know the size :)17:57
asaakiokay apt-file update does take a while. after apparently receiving the full 18.3 M, it doesn't stop, it just keeps at it, so i Ctrl+C to stop it and ran apt-file search, but nothing happens18:02
bigcalm[tablet]Cant say that I have sadly18:02
bigcalm[tablet]asaaki: there will be a lock file you will have to remove as you intrupted apt18:03
asaakioh...how can i unlock it? also, however long does the apt work? i guess it also depends on my connection, which is slow18:04
MartijnVdSbigcalm[tablet]: no that'll be fine18:05
MartijnVdSasaaki: youll have to re-run apt-file update18:05
MartijnVdSasaaki: it takes a while to finish18:05
MartijnVdSbut it will, eventually, finish18:05
asaakiwhat does it do though, once it's run18:05
bigcalm[tablet]Oh bugger, it has gone 6pm. Late for dog walking18:05
MartijnVdSasaaki: it downloads a list of all files in all packages18:06
MartijnVdSasaaki: and puts them in an internal database for easy searching18:06
asaakihow can i know when it's finished, because it seems to finish 18.3 M, and then start on another cycle18:06
vikfreezecan anyone give me some help with samba shares?18:06
MartijnVdSasaaki: it downloads one "Contents" file for each part of /etc/apt/sources.list18:06
MartijnVdSasaaki: some larger, some smaller18:06
MartijnVdSasaaki: could be 10-20 files18:07
MartijnVdSon a "normal" install18:07
asaakioh okay i get it18:07
vikfreezedoes anyone here have any experience with samba on lucid?18:12
MartijnVdSvikfreeze: client or server?18:14
vikfreezein my case both18:14
MartijnVdSit's not very different from samba on other versions18:15
MartijnVdSdo you have a specific problem?18:15
vikfreezei have a client and a host but no matthere what config the mount has no write permissions18:15
vikfreezei can mount the share but any write operation is denied even sudo operations18:16
MartijnVdSvikfreeze: and does the user you're using have write access on the server side?18:16
MartijnVdSin the directory you're trying to write to?18:16
vikfreezepermission on the system are correct18:16
vikfreezei even made everything 777 still nothing18:17
MartijnVdSdon't make everything 77718:17
MartijnVdSthat's not useful18:17
MartijnVdSI have no idea, you might get a quicker answer if you ask on a samba-specific channel18:18
TheOpenSourcerervikfreeze: does the user exist in smbpasswd? Or are you trying to browse/mount as a guest?18:19
vikfreezemabe im doing something wrong here, i have the server witch mounts the local resource on witch the user homes are located and shares it via samba witch is configured with ldap18:19
* TheOpenSourcerer runs away at the sight of ldap.18:19
vikfreezeeverything works fine on the server but not in the mounts, more specificaly write denial only ocures in the mounted directory, the rest of the system is fine18:20
asaakiMartijnVdS: thanks! finally a successful build (i hope! haven't tested yet). but i found this, quicker search in place of apt-file http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages#search_contents18:48
asaakiMartijnVdS: so i'm getting some sleep now :)18:49
AlanBellasaaki: would be interested to know how you get on with speech recognition18:56
asaakiAlanBell: sure. do you work in anything related?18:58
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Myrtti                   *sigh*19:46
* popey hugs Myrtti 19:50
hamitronshauno: ?19:51
hamitrongood looking am I not? ;)19:51
MooDooevening all19:52
AlanBellevening all20:00
MooDoohi alan20:00
AlanBellmeeting about to start in #ubuntu-uk-meeting20:02
brobostigonoh,yes, minute.20:02
dimas_could someone tell me how to add a repository in synaptic?21:04
brobostigondimas_: software sources.21:05
dimas_brobostigon yes but i dont understand how the git thing works21:06
dimas_or is it something different?21:06
brobostigondimas_: you need to use git, to download from a gitrepo, asprosumablythe stuff inthe git repo needs to be compiled from source.21:07
lubotu3`git is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)21:07
brobostigonie, you need a/the git cient, to download from git repo.21:07
brobostigonyou cant use it, edirectly as apt repo.21:08
dimas_is it possible that the repo miss a data?21:08
brobostigoni dont understand youre question.21:08
dimas_i did tryed to install the application from the source project page and in the middle i get a error saying i am missing a file21:09
dimas_donwloading from a git21:09
brobostigonwhat did it say was missing?21:10
dimas_wow...i dont remember anymore but it has to be to an automaking or something like that21:10
brobostigoni cant really tell you, how to complete it, unless you can tellme what is/was missing. did you have allthe build tools, like gcc etc ?21:11
dimas_i just fallow the instructions on the page...they tell the dependencies that i need to install21:12
brobostigon!info build-essential21:13
lubotu3`build-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.5ubuntu1 (natty), package size 5 kB, installed size 48 kB21:13
dimas_brobostigon i am just trying to install a radio station for my girlfriend and now i look like a moron..lol21:14
dimas_could you help me with this?21:15
dimas_i am trying to install idjc21:15
brobostigondimas_: what is the software tou are trying to compile ?21:15
brobostigonok, minute.21:15
dimas_idjc-0.8.4 come with ubuntu 11.04 but i am having problems to connect to the jack server...http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1792197&highlight=idjc+unable+connect+jack+server21:16
brobostigonit is there inthe repos.21:17
brobostigonsudo apt-get install idjc21:17
brobostigoni knownothing, about jack, not aclue, i cant help with that one.21:18
dimas_brobostigon thank you21:23
brobostigondimas_: i would wait eround, there are people here, who do know about jack.21:23
brobostigonwithin, androids service manegement, is google messaging service, inclusive of the mms service ?21:33
AlanBellif people would like to like that that would be good22:01
AlanBell25 people and it can have a vanity URL which is apparantly quite the thing to have22:01
brunogirinthat's 2 of us so far, just 23 to go!22:07
oopsiesi seemed to have installed, but there are no users, how can I create a user if I have no access rights? lol22:22
AlanBelloopsies: normally you create a user as part of the install process22:23
oopsiesobviously, but i missed it out somehow22:23
oopsiescan I create users using passwd file, or would that be too easy?22:24
AlanBelldid you just go through the desktop install?22:25
AlanBellor the alternate CD or server or something22:25
oopsiesnetwork install22:26
AlanBellok, do you think it completed?22:28
AlanBellyou can use adduser to create a user if you can get in as root22:28
oopsiesi get to a login screen, so i think its well enough, there are just no users22:28
AlanBellwhich you can do from the grub menu if you can get there22:28
oopsiesthere are no root by default, surely22:29
AlanBellwhen you boot if you hold shift you can get to the grub menu22:29
AlanBellif you pick a recovery kernel option it will go to another menu22:29
AlanBellfrom there you can drop to a single user root shell22:29
AlanBelland then you can "adduser oopsies"22:30
AlanBelland create yourself22:30
oopsiessure thing, I forgot about that actually :)22:30
oopsieshaha I need a spank22:30
AlanBelldo ls /home/ first to see if it created your home dir22:30
AlanBello/ Rafz22:31
oopsiesAlanBell: yes :) cheers22:31
=== john_420 is now known as Rafz^
* Rafz^ pats self on back22:35
Rafz^managed to figure out how to get here without using browser!22:35
brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.22:37
oopsiesnight night22:38
brobostigonnight oopsies22:38

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