jedijfrunbing late for meeting00:06
jedijfanyone here for meeting?00:07
Sidewinder1GeekyAdam, My kids both played WOW, unfortunately not on *nix boxes..00:07
rmg51I'm here meeting or no meeting ;-)00:10
jedijfwe will start at8:3000:10
rmg51sounds like wishful thinking00:14
jedijfwe can have at release party too00:19
* mikedep333 wonders what the meeting is about00:21
rmg51you have to wait 6 min to find out :-D00:24
jedijfmikedep333: do you subscribe to the mailing list?00:31
jedijfwanted to have an irc meeting about pa re-approval application00:32
jedijf'approved' LoCo teams get Official CDs and Extra resources encourage more participation therefore, Being able to administer their resources is paramount, making sure that the team has what they need to promote ubuntu locally .00:34
mikedep333jedijf, reading now00:34
jedijfmikedep333: i linked up the pertinent info00:34
jedijfwould really like to get some activity outside of the philly region00:35
mikedep333jedijf, sorry, I just moved back to the philly region!00:35
jedijfmove back00:35
mikedep333I visit there often enough.00:36
mikedep333State College that is.00:36
jedijfwhere is there?00:36
mikedep333well, not that often00:36
jedijfwe'll have to take what we can get and build from there00:36
jedijfi reached out to CPLUG which is going through some leadership change, so hopefully that will spur something00:37
mikedep333jedijf, I'd love to help, but I'm very busy with work and personal matters as of late00:37
mikedep333I haven't even gone to a PLUG meeting since I got back here.00:37
jedijfmaybe the release party for a few minutes00:38
* mikedep333 noticed some last minute major additions by canonical to oneiric00:41
mikedep333like ubuntu-one-client-gnome 2.000:41
mikedep333by additions I mean updates, but still00:41
rmg51let them get it all out of their systems before the release date00:45
jedijfthe rc should've dropped today, i've been too busy to check00:45
jedijfok meeting over00:50
jedijfrmg51: can you look thru the re-approval app and see if you can link up photos or blogs or anything to the recent events00:51
jedijfor any events that are missed00:51
jedijfwe stink at photos and blogs since lyz left, but there still may be something00:52
rmg51I can never remember our events :-/00:56
rmg51is there a reason the Pa lan party isn't listed anywhere?01:06
jedijfthe bevilaqua one?01:07
rmg51and none of our release parties are on the application01:09
rmg51for that matter you didn't list any events past 200701:12
rmg51the application has nothing listed past Girls Inc01:15
pleia2so who is coming to the plug north meeting on tuesday? :)01:17
GeekyAdamI'm not playing WoW on linux.01:19
GeekyAdamHowever, Sidewinder isn't here, so, nevermind.01:19
GeekyAdamalso, if it matters to anyone, I'm up in Erie, not Philly.01:19
GeekyAdambut im just one man01:19
GeekyAdamand by man i mean measly excuse for a 27 year old.01:19
* GeekyAdam waves at MobileTurkey.01:26
jedijfrmg51: wrong one, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PennsylvaniaTeam/ReapprovalApplication01:29
MobileTurkeyjedijf: dude the protest was totally cool01:29
MobileTurkeyrather JonathanD ^01:29
rmg51jedijf: that one looks better01:31
rmg51I followed the link on the wiki01:31
MobileTurkeyrmg51I am in the prohotos!01:31
MobileTurkeyplaying guitar01:31
rmg51MobileTurkey: you are mentioned in the article01:31
MobileTurkeyholy shit01:32
MobileTurkey<not 20 had to say that or they wouldn't let me be reported)01:32
MobileTurkeythe reporters are idiots01:32
MobileTurkeythat was at 83001:32
MobileTurkeybefore anyone got there01:32
MobileTurkeythey show up, leave and thats it01:32
rmg51MobileTurkey: when did you grow the beard?01:39
MobileTurkeyno what01:39
MobileTurkeythats not me01:39
MobileTurkeythere are a few guys with guitars01:39
rmg51I'm not finding the photos with you01:40
MobileTurkeyphoto six01:41
MobileTurkeywith sign01:41
MobileTurkeyvideo: protest music playing guiitar01:41
MobileTurkeyrmg51: yes that, the gallery, photo six01:43
rmg51looking on philly.com01:43
MobileTurkeya few videos as well01:44
rmg51the links I posted take you to the start of the photos01:44
MobileTurkeyI've seen them all01:45
MobileTurkeyrmg51: i have been watching closely01:45
jedijfwhere's the new lappy01:45
jedijfthat's what i want to see01:45
MobileTurkeyin my bad01:45
MobileTurkeycharging my phome...01:45
MobileTurkeyit was awesome to use01:45
MobileTurkeyjedijf: was to busy playing music01:46
rmg51when you said "playing the guitar" I passed by the one of you just standing there01:46
MobileTurkeyyeah  I don't think there are may of me playing guitar in photo on that sight01:51
MobileTurkeymore photos to come01:51
MobileTurkeyall the peoples photos01:51
MobileTurkeynot the news01:51
MobileTurkeyflicker is where its all at02:03
GeekyAdamso for that Philly Release Party, just curious, what kind of stuff do you do? everyone just sits down and installs 11.10 and chit-chats?02:08
MobileTurkeyGeekyAdam: drunken raves02:10
* MobileTurkey hides from pleia2 02:11
=== Sadin-afk is now known as Sadin
Sadinpleia2 guess who i just met :O02:16
Sadinand i wish i could goto the release party but only with a learners permit i cant drive to philly and hang with a bunch of drinking ubuntu addicts :D02:17
* GeekyAdam eyes up CrunchBang for the first time.02:18
SadinArchLinux if anything other then ubuntu or fedora imo02:19
GeekyAdami feel like Arch is the most-opposite distro from Ubuntu. Ubuntu = user-friendly, easy to use...Arch=bare minimum, for linux experts02:20
waltmanGeekyAdam: By the time most people reach the expert stage of Linux, they're tired of having to do everything by hand :)02:29
pleia2Sadin: who?02:33
pleia2waltman: +102:34
Sadinpleia2 MarkDude :O02:35
pleia2Sadin: haha, oh, for certain values of "met" :)02:35
pleia2he's all over the place02:35
Sadini joined the fedora design team02:35
Sadinand hes in our irc all the time02:36
* pleia2 nods02:36
Sadinthe ubuntu design team as much as i love ubuntu was very... un open and unresonsive to new comers02:37
SadinWHICH REMINDS me i need to order another ubuntu lanyard for my buddy when i get my hoodie02:37
pleia2Sadin: sadly, they've actually *improved&02:38
pleia2you should have seen them before :)02:38
Sadinpleia2 so ive been told lol :P02:38
=== IdleOne is now known as pangolin
rmg51morning JonathanD09:39
JonathanDHey rmg5109:40
InHisNameMorning some more10:23
JonathanDStill more morning.10:23
InHisNamebut only for 7 more minutes10:24
InHisNameTHEN it will get NOISY10:24
InHisNameThe still-ness will be broken by a 6 & 8 y/o waking up.10:25
JonathanDMine are up.10:30
rmg51Teddy went back to sleep :-D10:30
rmg51all is quite here10:31
InHisNameToo quiet here too, gonna have to go make some noise to wake them up soon.10:31
InHisNameSeems they are taking up new habit of trying to sleep in more.10:53
InHisNamekids off to school now, all VERY quiet again.12:31
jedijfsadin, give up on the webiste redesign and jump to fedora.......12:41
InHisNamewhat does a website redesign have to do with jumping to fedora ?12:45
knightzeroMorning all!13:28
InHisNamehowdy, knightzero13:29

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