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pleia2meeting in a couple minutes02:59
* philipballew cant wait03:00
epsgo pee now -- we have a very full agenda ;-)03:00
* philipballew laughs :)03:01
pleia2ok, who all is here for the meeting?03:04
pleia2we don't actually have anything on the agenda :)03:04
pleia2so we can just do announcements and whatever other misc stuff people have03:04
pleia2http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california has some upcoming events03:05
pleia2philipballew: how are things with the san diego ubuntu hour?03:05
philipballewNot great actually03:05
pleia2ok, will the planned one for tuesday be happening?03:06
philipballewI have not herd anything from dave, so i will assume no03:06
pleia2alright, can you follow up with him and get it removed from loco.ubuntu.com asap?03:06
philipballewI am not sure what he;s up to. I can see whats up with it. but i dont know whats going on with the thing03:07
philipballewI can remove it probably03:07
pleia2ok, thanks :)03:07
jtatumeasy enough to re-add if needed03:07
* pleia2 nods03:07
* philipballew looks into how to remove03:08
pleia2so the next two events are San Francisco and Mt View Ubuntu Hours, on the 14th and 15th respectively03:08
pleia2I can't go to the one on the 15th because I'll be speaking to a linux class at ITT Tech again that night :)03:08
jtatumyou will be missed of course :)03:09
pleia2I'll miss you guys too! I assume jledbetter will be there?03:09
jtatumi don't think we'll be able to make the 14th. jledbetter is still getting settled in.03:09
* pleia2 nods03:09
pleia2welcome to california jledbetter!03:09
jtatumshe says hello and thank you :)03:09
pleia2nhaines still has the call for Ubucon speakers open, if you want to speak get your submissions to him by the 12th, details here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2011-October/001849.html03:11
pleia2this is the Friday of SCaLE, on January 20th03:11
bkerensapleia2: Do you know how I would submit a patch to Ubuntu for sponsorship?03:12
pleia2and speaking of SCaLE, we have a discount registration code: UBUCO03:12
pleia2and our wiki is coming together here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale10x03:12
pleia2bkerensa: not sure what you mean by that03:13
pleia2anyone else have anything they want to talk about?03:13
epspleia2: Is that a percent-off?03:13
bkerensapleia2: I have a package that I converted to multiarch and I want to have it sponsored03:13
bkerensaoh my bad03:13
pleia2eps: 50%, but if you volunteer at the Ubuntu California booth we get a few free passes, so you'll want to sign up as a volunteer for that03:14
pleia2once we have our booth pack we'll be able to get our volunteers sorted03:15
epsI want to see what's happening with airfares. Right now I'm seeing ~$169 RT SFO-LAX. That's too high.03:15
pleia2anything else? upcoming events? ideas? thoughts? :)03:16
epsIs https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/GameNights still under consideration?03:17
pleia2iheartubuntu is the lead on that and I understand he's been quite busy lately03:18
epsI wasn't terribly enthusiastic ... until I saw this: http://www.lamebook.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/you2.jpg03:18
pleia2ok, I think that's a wrap03:20
pleia2thanks everyone, get your Ubucon submissions to nhaines by the 12th!03:20
jtatumthanks pleia203:20
philipballeweps, sf to la can be done in 6 hours if you need to drive03:28
epsThat's OK. Really.03:29
* philipballew is to used to driving to let it matter anymore03:30
akkWe've always driven it, because who'd want to be in LA without a car?03:32
nhainesakk: it's not very pedestrian friendly.  :)03:32
akkI guess if you're only hanging around LAX and never going anywhere else, it might be okay.03:32
epsI have a TAP card and I know how to use it. :-)03:32
epsAs far as I'm concerned, the only reason to drive is you get to stop at the In-N-Out Burger in Kettleman City.03:35
* akk checks google for public transit from burbank to LAX -- ouch, 2.5-3 hours involving 4 different bus routes03:37
akkReally not a transit-friendly city (not that the bay area is either).03:37
epsLA has rail that actually works. Also Commuter Express buses if you're there at the right time. And don't forget the Flyaway buses.03:39
akkI'd love to be able to take transit to SCALE from Burbank (where my mom lives), so we don't have to do the 1.5-hour drive.03:40
akkBut 3 hours and 4 buses each way really isn't feasible.03:40
akkI guess the trains are good if you happen to be going only along one of their routes.03:40
jbermudesDon't forget that LA Union Station has a direct express bus to LAX which is faster than light rail from downtown to LAX03:44
jbermudesactually you could probably get a shuttle from Bob Hope to LAX03:47
akkLooks like google transit doesn't know about those options.03:47
jbermudesif you can get a ride to Van Nuys then you can take just one shuttle directly to LAX http://www.lawa.org/welcome_lax.aspx?id=469703:51
jbermudesthat would probably be the cheapest and most direct unless you find a shuttle service at Bob Hope Airport03:52
akkInteresting. Any idea what it costs? They don't seem to have price info anywhere (just price to park there, which is reasonable, $4).03:55
jbermudesakk: $7 one way03:57
akkGood deal (compared with parking at the site). I might just see if Mom would be interested in that.03:57
akkAssuming of course they'll drop off at the hotel, but hopefully they would.03:58
akkthough maybe not pick up there03:59
epsAll the area hotels have free shuttles to the airport04:06
jbermudesright. so you'd take a shuttle to LAX, and then from there take a free shuttle to the hotel04:23
epsThere's probably a whole generation of kids who don't understand why that's so amusing.04:35
philipballewakk jbermudes I rode the lax bus from union station last year and it was perfectly acceptable06:14
jbermudesphilipballew: me too06:16
* philipballew has so much in common with jbermudes 06:30
jbermudespublic transit buddies!06:32
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BotenAnnaso I'm trying to write some automation scripts and would love a way to automatically fill out interactive prompts. this has to exist, i'm sure it's something simple, but idk what!18:18
BotenAnnahmm. expect, maybe?18:20
nhainesRedirect a file to stdin.18:22
BotenAnnathat's the other thing I was wondering18:23
BotenAnnalike answers.txt > ./questions.shell ?18:24
akkIt depends on the program -- some have prompts that are hard to automate, some are easy.18:30
akkThere's no way you can run these programs in a mode where they don't ask questions? That's more reliable.18:31
BotenAnnathey're simple installation scripts that ask you things like "do you want to install this" and you have to hit y and type some settings so it shouldn't be so hard18:31
BotenAnnaand unfortunately no, but it's the same questions every time18:31
BotenAnna*hit y or type some settings18:31
akkAs long as they don't change the order of questions in the next version -- that's always the danger with automatically answering prompts.18:31
nhainesYou should modify the source so they use only default settings and smash anything that was there previously without confirmation.18:32
BotenAnnayeah but this is a thing for internal use mainly, so we'll know if that happens18:32
akkLike you set up your script to answer y, 1, y, y, but in the next version they insert a new 3rd question that's "do you want to delete all previous configuration information?"18:32
akkand now you're answering y to that18:32
jtatumecho -e y\ny\nsome setting\ny\n | ./install18:32
nhainesYeah, it should cause dataloss by default.  You know you want to.  :)18:33
nhainesThen when someone complains you can say "Looks like someone didn't read the script comments!"18:33
BotenAnnaanna@anna-desktop:~$ echo -e red\nto seek the grail\n50 mph\n | perl promptomatic.pl18:34
BotenAnnahi what is your favorite color? what is your quest? what is the air speed velocity of an unladen african swallow? the rednto seek the grailn50 mphn swallow, on an adventure  completed her tasks at anna@anna-desktop:~$18:34
BotenAnnanot quite what i expected lol18:34
jtatumlooks like the echo didn't pick up the -e. bash?18:35
jtatumtry two backslashes18:35
jtatumecho -e red\\nblah\\netc\\n | yourprog18:36
BotenAnnahmm seemed to work18:36
BotenAnnahi what is your favorite color? what is your quest? what is the air speed velocity of an unladen african swallow? the red swallow, on an adventure to seek the grail completed her tasks at 50 mphanna@anna-desktop:~$18:36
BotenAnnait smushed it all on one line but the last line is right18:36
BotenAnna(last part?)18:36
nhainesBotenAnna: now just add in the dataloss and you're all set!18:36
BotenAnnaon it 8)18:37
jtatumqa testers fear no data loss :)18:37
BotenAnnai dont often test my code18:37
BotenAnnabut when i do, i do it in production18:37
akklet the users test it for you!18:37
BotenAnnastay thirsty my friends18:37
nhainesI just picked up World of Goo for my Android phone.  Only $2.99 today.18:46
pleia2Ubucon talk proposal submitted \o/20:49
pleia2Gareth: I'm assuming since the notification deadline for scale has passed, not hearing anything means a talk wasn't accepted?20:50
* MarkDude hopes that in NOT the case20:50
Garethpleia2: we slipped the date a bit :)  I believe notifications are still going out.20:51
MarkDudepleia2, I ended up giving out a few of the cds I got from you Lyz20:51
pleia2Gareth: ok, will we get an explicit "no"?20:52
pleia2MarkDude: yay!20:52
MarkDudeIt was a pretty good success, great weekend - that ended by hearing my Grandpa died at the end of the day20:53
MarkDudeNow I have to travel to Utah this weekend for a funeral20:53
Garethpleia2: yeah.  we send out an email letting people know either way.  we're also still evaluating some of the submissions to see if they'll work for the friday sessions.20:53
GarethMarkDude: sorry to hear that :(20:53
MarkDudeNixie admired your meeting up with me on a corner in SF, it looked like a geek drug deal20:54
MarkDudeThx Gareth20:54
* MarkDude met up with Lyz during flashmob on a corner20:54
MarkDudeIt was amusing20:55
pleia2MarkDude: sorry to hear about your grandpa :( *hugs*20:55
Garethswapping Linux cds?  shifty eyes?  scanning around...20:55
MarkDudeWell - he was in lots of pain20:55
* pleia2 nods20:56
* MarkDude had event for another Distro, but still had Ubuntu Swag20:56
MarkDudeBesides, he was in his 90s- lived a full life,20:56
MarkDudeand had a gf up til a few years ago20:56
pleia2well, that's something :)20:56
MarkDudeHe was at peace about his passing20:57
MarkDudeMuch easier to deal with than my Mom, she died way too young20:57
pleia27th anniversary of my father's passing is on wednesday, still not an easy day20:58
MarkDudePlus being so tired from this weekend made it a bit easier, I just sorta was not surprised. I was planning on making a trip next week to see him a last time20:58
* pleia2 nods20:59
MarkDudeIts what it is. Sorta sucks I cant really post anything on FB, since not all relatives know yet21:00
MarkDudeOk, enough depressing stuff :) I wasa able to meetup with my step sister - that I had not seen since we were 1121:02
pleia2heh, wow21:02
MarkDudeWas nice to catch up21:03
MarkDudeA few of the people ended up going for coffee and good Indian food for dinner21:04
MarkDudeShe is 2nd grade teacher, and teaches Palo Alto kids - so she knows a bit about geeks ;)21:04
pleia2I met a cousin of my cousin who is a special ed teacher in oakland recently21:05
MarkDudeIt's neat being able to add members to your family21:05
cyphaseis there any particular way to see if there's anyone near me besides just asking? maybe a map somewhere21:52
nhainesNot really.  We don't track user addresses anywhere, and a lot of users here are anonymous.  And some aren't even from California.21:56
* nhaines stares at bkerensa.21:56
nhainesHmm, in a couple of months I'll be upgrading this server to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.  That's sort of strange to think about.22:09
greg-gnhaines: you don't wait for LTS.1 for your servers? You renegade :)22:15
nhainesgreg-g: This server's just for idling on IRC.  :)22:29
greg-gquite the over powered server :)22:30
nhaines1.5GB disk and 64MB RAM?  Nope.  :)22:30
greg-gok, but how many watts?22:32
nhainesNot my problem.  It's a $5-a-month VPS.  ;)22:32
akkBut ... killing the planet! :)22:32
nhainesakk: but in style!  :)22:33
akkThat counts for something. :)22:33
greg-gnhaines: ah, vps, gotcha23:07
greg-gnhaines: I thought you had some old beige box in the closet from 199723:07
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